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Blog Holiday Pause and Rewind: Reality Check Ahead


  1. These videos reduce one to tears for this child. The truth of her disappearance, there for us all to see.

    Kate and Gerry McCann ARE guilty of a crime against this child, and her twin siblings. Maybe other crimes too against Madeleine. They have not been truthful we know - that in itself is a crime against the child. What of any others....?

    In the early days I always gave them the benefit of the doubt, but they lost that when the lies unfolded. They lied and it was for a reason. They may not have killed Madeleine, but they have certainly not been truthful as to what happened the evening the child was reported missing. In doing so they are as guilty in my book as whomever is responsible directly for her disappearance. They are without question hiding information, and without question have deliberately mislead the world in their interviews, tv documentaries and in the stories they have instructed Clarence Mitchell and the dodgy PI's to distribute.

    It truly beggars belief that to-date they have received so much protection here in the UK, and that they have the absolute arrogance and gall to spin the lies and tales which they have.

    To watch the guilty faces of Kate and Gerry McCann in the second video and listen to Gerry McCann spew about 'dining in the garden' and being 50 metres away makes you want to physically throttle this despicable pair. Never once have they shown a thought for this child since Kate declared Madeleine to have 'been taken.'

    How could any parent of a missing child - sit there, knowing what they were saying was NOT THE TRUTH - it makes me sick to my stomach. God help the twins in their care.

    Their only concern so far it seems has been to save their own skins. As for their despicable friends, one day, and hopefully soon one of them will fold- most likely Jane Tanner - so no doubt they will try and keep her out of the public eye.

    I would love Sandra Felguiras to have ten minutes with Tanner (or for that matter any of the others - Rachel Oldfield too, not so stable)and she would crumble. Too much information out in the open now and Tanner would trip herself up without question.

    The Paynes who in my opinion are up to their necks in it - will stick with the McCann's to the bitter end.

    Gerry if interrogated properly now, I believe too would 'crack' not in the same pathetic way Tanner would - but his quick temper, his achilles heel, will let him down. He loses the place all too easily, making him vulnerable under pressure if interrogated/questioned by police.

    I think if this case was now re-opened the police would be in a much stronger position and the group of friends much more vulnerable, now that their lies/contradictory police statements have been exposed to the world, they will all trip each other up if they had to explain.

    They may not all have been initially involved, I'm sure some of them were not, but I am equally sure that they ALL now know what became of Madeleine. They would be fools with the information available, to have watched their friends the McCann's, on tv interview spin as they have, not to know or at least have their suspicions.

    As for Kate McCann? She is the one to watch. She is not the weak and feable person she portrays - afterall it was her who REFUSED to answer questions to help the police find her daughter, and it was her who made sure she DID NOT take part in the reconstruction for their self made documentary.

    She is no fool. She is as hard as nails and as common as muck! She has acted the part of the broken mother, wearing the drab cardies and flat shoes on Oprah and all other tv interviews. Only occasionally does she lose it when she pulls one of those ridiculous faces or rolls her eyes to the sky. She has played her trump card - religion - and some have fallen for it.

  2. We know she has lied, it is proven in her statements and documentaries. She knows she has, she knows her husband and friends have too. If this woman had an ounce of religious belief she would not have done so. If she cared for her missing child, she would not have done so.
    She is a hypocrite in all ways.
    This woman will never fold - she's tougher than the the whole group of friends together. They could drag this monster of a woman kicking and screaming to Portugal and she will not divulge the truth of not only the night she alerted others that Madeleine was missing, but of what took place on any night of that holiday.
    One day hopefully soon there will be justice for this child, because to-date the McCann's have made a mockery of the legal system in both Portual and the UK and as far as I am concerned, giving the world the 'two finger salute.'
    They have so far gotten away with murder, in that they are calling the shots with their PI's, they are calling the shots with the press, manipulating what does and does not get printed, shaping the stories as Clarence Mitchell said, with no British Reporter daring to ask them the relevant questions, or if one gets close to asking something 'intrusive' the McCann's dodge it by anwering as though asked something completely different. What astonishes me, is that the person interviewing, NEVER presses them on this and takes it back to the original question asked.
    This case needs re-opened with the McCann's adhering to the law. Never have I heard of parents/one time suspects in the case of their missing child, calling the shots. There is every chance they are involved in Madeleine demise/current situation yet they roam around the world. It's incredulous.
    Oh to have 5 minutes with the despicable pair.......


  3. I wish this could be shown on mainstream television along with Goncarlo Amarals documentary,then the British media might start doing their job properly.I'm beginning to wonder if Madeleine is mourned at all.

  4. Anon 1,your right no loving mother could lie about her childs disappearance,but Kate McCann might not of been the loving mother she portrays herself to be,there's a woman on you tube from Ireland who knew Kate and Gerry from when they often came into her shop where she worked,she says to mark her words Kate is the one to watch in this.She says when Gerry was alone he would chat but if Kate was with him he wouldn't chat,she said Gerry would call Madeleine his princess,perhaps Kate was jealous of the attention Gerry gave to Madeleine,after all Kate was an only child,probably indulged since birth,had all the attention from her parents.And if the McCanns are guilty of their daughters disappearance and also lie about that disappearance,then they can't believe in God.

  5. No. 2


    Oh to have 5 minutes with the despicable pair


    does the poster live in a civilised country ?
    is she/he implying torture or just a bit of knock about waterboarding ?

    poster two has reduced the discussion to the level of the gutter..
    not that I am entirely surprised - it usually pans out that way on slow-news days


  6. Wish all blog readers and commentators excellent holidays, we'll be back soon. Boas Férias!!

  7. boas ferias

    everyone deserves a break


  8. Enjoy your break Joana you deserve one.

    And you always get a poster No5 on slow days with nothing of value to say, unlike posters 1 and 2 who definately do.

  9. Isar No.5

    I rather think the poster is saying they would like to have five minutes to question the McCanns.

    Unfortunately, they don't do questions, unless they can vet them first and have time to rehearse Kate on the answers.

    Or, better still, they can request the questions they want asked.

    Those McCanns have learnt this the hard way after the tantrums thrown by Gerry when he didn't like the question, and those whooops moments from Kate, like 'was Madeleine awake or asleep when you last saw her Kate', and after a too long thinking pause Kate comes out with 'erm asleep' and sounding like she was not too sure about that.

  10. Thank you Joana for both videos. I am following this case from a distance but watching the videos has brought tears to my eyes. How this couple knowing what they do can continue to live together astounds me. On the other hand, knowing what they know is probably all that keeps them together. A tragedy not only for Madeleine but for the twins as well.

  11. I too would like to have 5 minutes with the pair, to interview them in depth, concentrating on two or three aspects of the early part of the case.
    I would have them in seperate rooms, and each would be taped and videoed.
    Rather like a proper Police interview, in fact.
    5 minutes would probably be enough.

  12. Isar 7

    Looks lke you are pissed off with the blog being on holidays.What? you wont be able to pour dosis of daily poison and give your public and unconditional suport to that pair of DESPICABLE people,is this why?you wont be able to report to them?
    Only remember that one day the full weight of justice will strike them and you will regret all the comments you have dirtied this blog with.The mccanns and their supporters (not many I must say) can go to hell....unless you are already there.

    Justice for Madeleine

  13. poster no 5, just to let you know I totally agree with poster no 2. A truly despicable pair. No more, no less. Complete and utter liars.
    From what I can gather poster no 2 is from a civilised country. It is the McCanns that are uncivilised, willing to forego everything and everyone for self preservation.

  14. @ 1 - hard as nails and common as muck - an understatement ! Karen Matthews has more class.

  15. First class observations anonymous 1. I agree and hope that they will be questioned by the police. Although I do think that something will have to break to precipitate that action.

  16. RT @DNpt PJ procura corpos dos três jovens com 'robot' - Portugal - DN http://bit.ly/bGFKOZ #mccann #cadaverdogs #cadaverineodour

    RT @DNpt Cadáveres e vestígios - Portugal hhttp://dn.sapo.pt/inicio/portugal/Interior.aspx?content_id=1626822 #mccann #cadaverdogs #evidence #cadaverine odour

  17. Hello Isar,

    I'm A. Miller, Poster 2..

    Having a bad day I see. Nevertheless I will respond to you.

    I support ZERO tolerance re violence of any kind.

    More importantly I support ZERO tolerance when it comes to abuse of children. And ALL of the children in this case were abused by their parents, their right to be cared for and protected ignored by their parents. How heinous a crime, don't you think?

    I do find it odd that if you are a civilised person that your first thoughts on reading my comment 'Oh to have 5 minutes with the despicable pair' were violent ones? Considering the context was re questioning them, you were very slow on the uptake - deliberately so it would seem. I will however humour you.

    I would love 5 minutes with the despicable pair of child neglectors, to put directly to them, some very pertinent questions which I'm sure even you will have noticed, our British journalists shy away from.

    Now to you Isar.

    What exactly a 'bit of knock about waterboarding' is, I would not know, but it sure sounds nasty. Is it something you are in contact with/take part in/are a spectator of?

    As you raised this clearly violent subject, might I suggest that it is you who attempted to and failed to reduce this forum to the gutter level which you so obviously are accustomed to.

    Anything else you would like to know about my posts, please feel to ask. Happy to oblige with a reply.

    A. Miller

  18. Poster @ no. 5, as a reader I did not take the quote at no.2 that way at all. Not wishing to speak for the original poster, but they had just been talking about interviewers never quizzing the McCanns further when they 'dodge' questions with a totally different or non-answer to the question posed(which they do). I rather took it to mean a desire to 'grill' them with questions, without allowing them to wriggle off the hook. That was my take on it, anyway.

  19. Have a good holiday and break Joana.

    Three years, and three months later and we are still nowhere near getting to the truth of what happened to poor Madeleine, even though we all have our own opinions, it doesn't mean we are right.

    All I know is the McCanns have acted in a completely cold heated and opposite way that normal parents would act on the loss of a beloved child.

    And that goes for their tapas pals, who were equally guilty of leaving their children - their silence speaks volumes in my opinion.

    Cover up, or no cover up, they are guilty of leaving their young children alone while enjoying themselves with their pals and then milking the disappearance of Madeleine, via their Fund, for all it's worth. That alone is as shameful an act as anything else they may or may not have been involved in.

  20. I have just returned from the Algarve, sadly no-one discusses this case much anymore, have chatted to my Portuguese family and they ensure me that the case will be re-opened and they are very unhappy with the way that Gonzalo Amarel has been treated, the Government cover up is talked about often by the Portuguese!and the shame the McCanns have bought to their little town,

    My ex mom in law owns a place there and also informs me that business in Portimao is really bad and YES she and others blame the McCanns,

    Justice will prevail, of that I am certain, lets all pray for this and pray that Princess Kate and King Gerry get their dues.

    I pray for Madeleine daily and MADDIES FLOWER in my garden is growing beautifully, wish I could post the pics of this flower, its stunning.

    Tick tock Kate and Gerry tick tock!!
    Regards from Holland

  21. Excellent news from 'DN' newspaper that the British blood and cadaverine dogs used in the Madeleine case are being used in Portugal to detect the bodies of murder victims. That's because they are so reliable in this task of course.

  22. A Miller - I love your informative posts, straight to the point and no mucking about!

    If you are a daddy, I am sure you are a great one.
    As soon as I read you "five minutes alone time post" I got it loud and clear, YES some seem some bloggers would retaliate or push with violence.

    Waterboarding is what they use in the army - a form of torture,


    Take care and keep posting
    Regards from Holland

  23. @ ISAR, you should consider the fact that you can "smell a rat", is because your nose is too close to your own ar$e.

    @Nancy, your last paragraph, I couldn't agree more.

    @Joana, have a great holiday.

  24. i fervently hope that one of these days PORTUGAL will wake up and finally take the dirty matter in its hands.Unless Pt does it, they will walk scot free for the rest of their lives.
    Is Portugal ready?Willingly ad consciously ready to do this?
    No one else has jurisdiction over the case,ONLY Portugal.......

  25. I too, agree with posters 1 and 2 - they pose all the relevant details which we all feel are wrong about how the McCann's behaved with regard to caring for all their children and and how they react when questioned.

    The video on the bus for instance - Gerry says of his holiday " I'm not here to enjoy myself" - how odd is this?

    "It's something everybody does" - with regard to leaving their children alone without babysitters - no they don't - well not responsible parents - unlike themselves.

    "It was like dining in your garden" - well maybe they can afford a house with a garden that big - perhaps they have a tennis court as well - but you can't hear a child crying at the distance they were dining - as the witness said she heard crying from their apartment for an hour on a previous evening.

    No - I agree that this is totally wrong - as a result of not having a babysitter the child was abducted - this is their defence so it must therefore be their neglect.

  26. «The case is sure to revive memories of Madeleine McCann who disappeared three years ago, while on holiday with her parents and twin siblings in the Algarve region of Portugal.

    The British girl went missing from an apartment, in the central area of the resort of Praia da Luz, a few days before her fourth birthday»

    'Holiday boy's 'body found in Spanish reservoir' 24 July 2010 http://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/news/world-news/holiday-boys-body-found-in-spanish-reservoir-14887749.html

    'Mum arrested after son dies of thirst' 26 July 2010

  27. Joana,

    If you have not yet left as yet - Enjoy your break.I'm sure a much needed one.

    Best Wishes


  28. Isar,

    I must add that post 1 and 2 are mine, number 2 being the continuation, apologies for not indicating this.


  29. Thank you Isar, dear A. Miller, MiceAnMen, Anonymous 8 and Nancy, still around but almost on my way... just tiding up bits and bobs.

    all the best to everyone

  30. Warning

    On the «Petition for a full public enquiry into Madeleine #McCann disappearance» posted here (anonymously) http://www.civicdirect.net/article/petition-full-public-enquiry-madeleine-mccanns-disappearance & here http://www.thepetitionsite.com/289/petition-for-a-full-public-enquiry-into-the-disappearance-of-Madeleine-McCann-with-the-power-to

    The petition owner on the second link is identified as "Alan-Marc Logoa", I've just searched care2site (I'm also a member there) & google, this person does not seem to exist.

    It's an alias and perhaps another waist of time like the previous petition on that same site, that was suddenly taken off.

    In my opinion it seems something to gather signatures and emails of those who do not believe in the abduction, a Team #McCann method.

  31. perhaps the petition is some one testing the waters to see how many people believe the mccanns are guilty

  32. It could be... anything is possible. However, when I added my signature to the previous petition at the Care2 site - a petition that we immediately supported; we even had a logo publicizing the petition with a link as well as the number of signatories (this was at a time when this blog' template had a different colour and design structure) - I've tried in vain to contact the sponsor of that petition.

    I had to become a member of that site in order to contact the sponsor, never once I got an answer, nor via the message system provided at Care2 nor via the email addy that I always left in my messages to that person. I thought that it was odd, but thought nothing more of it until that petition was suddenly removed before achieving the proposed number of signatories.

    Today, on twitter I was informed about this new petition, and giving the past experience with the methods and cyber-tactics used by a certain team, and what has happened with the previous one I decided to research the sponsor's name and couldn't find anything.

    At the same time, I don't trust the sudden emergence of this petition, particularly since the author/sponsor uses an alias. So I ask, what is the real intention behind that petition?

    A credible petition in order to accomplish certain goals, the required legal and/or other criterias, needs a real person, or an identified group, or an institution behind it - otherwise it won't be accepted nor have the status of a formal document.

  33. A friend far more intelligent than me noticed that it was an anagram:

    «Alan-Marc Logoa is an anagram for Goncalo Amaral»

  34. #11,

    I made me revive my feeling of utter disbelief as I read that the members of Tapas group were interviewed in turns by the PJ! While some where being questioned, others stayed in the complex to mind the children(!). Their (Tapas) excuse to not go all at once, was that someone had to stay with the children, and the PJ "bought" it! Well, did the Ocean Club ran out of nannies all of a sudden on the 4th of May??? Or where those nannies and Kids Clubs fine to look after the children BEFORE, but not anymore?...Why didn't the PJ place the children under the care of some female police officers?
    The point is, the whole gang SHOULD have been questioned at the SAME TIME, in separate rooms, at the PJ headquarters! Why on Earth were they not?! Why were the allowed to go back and share with their friends what was asked, etc.?

    #25 wrote:

    "as a result of not having a babysitter the child was abducted - this is their defence so it must therefore be their neglect."

    Just imagine how they would have reacted if they had indeed hired a sitter and the child disappeared while under the sitter's surveillance. Imagine the sitter went out for a fag or to buy a burger, etc., and upon returning found the child missing...
    Oh dear...that poor sitter would no doubt have been accused, judged and put in prison, and sued for every penny by the McCanns!

  35. Halligen's dearing will teke place on August the 18th.
    Probably the McCanns knew it already.
    This explains the lack of sightings, Clarences and interviews.

  36. One of the reasons I believe the McCanns are more involved with Madeleine's disappearance, is the fact they never looked for her. Another reason is how they laughed and joked within hours not days of the news breaking.

    I know this may sound stupid to some posters, but in 1983, I left my dog Sheba with my sister and her husband to look after, for a couple of days. The next morning she telephoned me and told me Sheba had gone missing.

    I drove the 32 miles from my home, to where my sister lived and we searched the area where Sheba had gone missing. We never found her, even though we knocked on peoples doors and telephoned the police and animal shelters in the area. My children and myself were heartbroken and it took a long time before we could discuss Sheba, without bursting into tears. E

    Even now 27yrs later, I am upset writing this post. I know there isn't an earthly chance Sheba is alive, if she was she would be 42yrs of age, because she was 15, when she went missing. It's the not knowing what happened to Sheba, that upsets me, plus I feel guilty for leaving her with my sister and husband.

    That is why I cannot understand, why the McCanns didn't look for Madeleine, when she first went missing, she's their daughter and she was little more than a baby. They caused her to disappear.

    The McCanns have still not looked for Madeleine, even though they and their private detective, have declared to the media more than once, where they suspect she is being held.

    The information has been passed to the PJ. Why? The McCanns and their private detective know that the Portuguese police are no longer investigating Madeleine's disappearance.

    Why are the McCanns allowed to call all the shots, when they are the ones who are 100% to blame for Madeleine's disappearance? Why do the authorities, ignore Tony Bennett and Grenville Green, who along with others are trying to get to the bottom of what happened to Madeleine?

    I have emailed to the PJ, the Leicestershire police and other people, with my thoughts on this sad case, I have also asked why the McCanns have never been prosecuted for their part in Madeleine's disappearance.I have pointed out the fact they never searched for Madeleine, their strange behaviour, including the fact they were jogging, while locals and holidaymakers, joined the police in their search for Madeleine.

    I have never had one acknowledgement of my emails. Thousands upon thousands of people have signed petitions, to Social Services and the PJ, regarding the McCanns part in Madeleine's disappearance. I don't know if any notice was taken regarding the petitions, but I know one thing and that is the McCanns are walking around, free as birds.

    I am disgusted with the McCanns for the way they treated their 3 children, especially Madeleine, but I am more disgusted with those people who helped the McCanns cover up whatever happened to Madeleine and those who helped the McCanns, escape justice.

  37. Kathybelle:
    had Madeleine genuinely gone missing, there is NO WAY the McCanns would not have searched physically for her that night.
    As a mother, I KNOW that no healthy, fit parent would have been able to sit in a flat instead.
    Quite simply they knew she was dead, pulled themselves together and started the diversion and cover up manouevres.

    You see, it's not that I *don't want* to believe the McCanns, it's just that I *can't*.

    "Alice laughed: "There's no use trying," she said; "one can't believe impossible things."
    "I daresay you haven't had much practice," said the Queen. "When I was younger, I always did it for half an hour a day. Why, sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast."
    Alice in Wonderland, Charles Lutwidge Dodgson (Lewis Carroll)

    Joana, umas optimas ferias! (diz a Salsa verde de inveja, as minhas vao ser mais tarde :) (and see you when you come back).

  38. "Cadáveres e vestígios"

    O desaparecimento de Madeleine McCann do Algarve e a vinda de cães ingleses preparados para detectar vestígios biológicos e odor a cadáver levaram a GNR a investir nesta área. Foi com os cães ingleses que quatro cães receberam treino de detecção de cadáveres (ou seja, na detecção de odor a cadaverina ou putrescina) e outros dois na detecção de vestígios biológicos como sémen, saliva e sangue. Foram estes cães que em 2008 descobriram uma idosa assassinada em Sintra e que agora foram usados para procurar os corpos das alegadas vítimas do "rei Ghob", Francisco Leitão, na Lourinhã.

    "Cadavers and traces"

    The disappearance of Madeleine McCann from the Algarve and the coming of English dogs that were prepared to detect biological traces and cadaver odour led the GNR [Portuguese military police] to invest in this area. It was with the English dogs that four dogs received cadaver detection training (which is to say, the detection of cadaverine or putrescine odour) and two others were trained to detect biological traces as semen, saliva and blood. These were the dogs that discovered an old woman that was murdered in Sintra, in 2008, and they were now used to search for the bodies of the alleged victims of the “Ghob king”, Francisco Leitão in Lourinhã [serial killer case currently under investigation in Portugal].

    in: Diário de Notícias, 26.07.2010

  39. The McCanns and their followers keep telling the world they are having to beg to have this case reopened,well i wish the PJ would call their bluff and do just that.How i would love to see their arrogant faces drop if that was announced.Has anyone ever thought that Madeleine was never loved or wanted,and that's why all the laughter just a few days after her disappearance,no parent who thought their daughter had been taken by a paedophile could laugh,and look like they had just had a make over in the interviews,and sleep soundly just five days after the disappearance.Maybe that's why they could do all these things because one or both of them had no feelings for the girl whatsoever.

  40. Astro 38

    Thanks for that info.

    That is the reason the dogs should be taken round to the McCanns place in Rothley. Even if a body has been moved the smell still lingers on, as it did in the holiday apartment.

    The dogs have no axe to grind and don't even know the McCanns.

    Why did Murat and his family have their property searched but the McCanns allowed to escape this on their property in UK. After all, Gerry McCann was back and forth between the two countries, as were his family and friends.

    The investigators believe Madeleine is dead so they should be searching for her cadaver, and no shelving of the case until at least these searches in UK have been completed.

  41. Happy holidays Joana & co

  42. ~34

    That's not a babysitter - that's someone who smokes and eats burgers. If this scenario happened then the babysitter should be prosecuted for negligence and the McCanns would be within their rights to sue.

    But that's just it - they were not actually in the apartment looking after their children.

    If you are still here Joana - happy holiday.

  43. ~40 Anon.

    If the dogs were to visit the home of the McCanns at Rothley and any cadaver scent was alerted by the dogs - surely they would use the same excuse that either one of them had come into contact with a deceased patient whilst at their place of work - it's awfully convenient that they are both Doctors don't you think. Remember the dogs only alert to the scent - they can't distinguish between which body!

  44. Julian Assange, director do Wikileaks (e alguns erros no artigo do Público)


    Director promete revelar mais segredos

    por J.P.P.

    O director do WikiLeaks, Julian Assange, adiantou ontem, numa conferência de imprensa em Londres, que o site tem muito mais informação para tornar pública e disse esperar que o número de documentos enviados para o site aumente significativamente após esta divulgação de material sobre o Afeganistão.

    “A coragem é contagiosa. As fontes são encorajadas pelas oportunidades que vêem à frente”, afirmou o mais conhecido rosto do WikiLeaks, que ainda tem 15 mil documentos sobre o Afeganistão por mostrar e que, segundo o responsável, estão guardados para uma altura em que a publicação seja mais segura.

    Assange negou ainda as acusações de que a divulgação dos documentos comprometa as operações dos militares e a segurança dos EUA: “Esforçámo-nos muito para que este material não pusesse inocentes em risco. Todo o material tem sete meses, por isso não há nenhuma consequência operacional, apesar de poder haver consequências muito importantes em termos de investigação”.

    Os responsáveis pelo Guardian, New York Times e Der Spiegel também concordaram que a divulgação era legítima, naquele que é o primeiro grande passo para o WikiLeaks concretizar o objectivo assumido de se tornar um intermediário entre a imprensa e fontes de informação que desejem permanecer incógnitas. “Nós tratamos [do anonimato] da fonte, agimos como um intermediário neutro e publicamos o material, enquanto o jornalista que tiver sido contactado fica com a verificação” – foi assim que Assange (um australiano com um grande historial de activismo on-line) delineou a estratégia do site, numa entrevista à BBC, em Fevereiro.

    O site é gerido por uma organização sem fins lucrativos chamada Sunshine Press, que inclui activistas dos direitos humanos, entusiastas da tecnologia e jornalistas. Qualquer pessoa pode enviar material informativo, mas uma equipa selecciona aquele que é publicado.

    O WikiLeaks está no ar há três anos e meio e já publicou mais de um milhão de documentos. Embora a maioria tenha passado despercebida, em Abril deste ano o site conseguiu uma grande atenção mediática, ao publicar um vídeo que mostra militares americanos a matar 12 pessoas em Baghdad, incluindo dois jornalistas da agência Reuters.

    O projecto já ganhou vários prémios por combate à censura, incluindo um galardão da Amnistia Internacional por ter exposto a existência de execuções de activistas dos direitos humanos no Quénia.

    Os documentos não visam apenas Governos – por exemplo, já foi publicada informação sobre actividades off shore de bancos suíços e sobre diversas empresas. No que diz respeito a casos portugueses, há estudos sobre o TGV e documentos relativos ao processo de Madeleine McCann [não exactamente Sr. Jornalista do Público J.P.P., eram folhetins de uma Pseudo - Fundação* e não documentos do processo que já se encontravam fora do segredo de justiça].

    O WikiLeaks já resistiu a uma centena de ataques legais, em parte porque está alojado em vários países, tornando assim quase impossível o encerramento. Ontem, porém, o acesso ao site estava lento e, por vezes, era impossível abrir a página.

    Jornal Público 27.07.2010 - * Edição Porto (em papel)

    * Muito mais importante é o documento que está no Cryptome. Churnalist!! pfff!

    ver também : http://www.wikileaks.org/wiki/WikiLeaks:Advisory_Board

  45. Hi Poster (39) Kate McCann said in a media interview, that the first 48 hrs were the worst and then they began to sleep better. I can't imagine what I would do if one or both of my children disappeared and they are adults. I know one thing, I wouldn't be sleeping after 48yrs, the only time I would sleep, is if my body gave way and physically closed my eyes.

  46. Hi Poster (37) yes you are right and the fact the McCanns never physically searched for Madeleine, is the reason why the PJ came to the conclusion they were more involved with Madeleine's disappearance, than neglect.

    Each time I hear the McCanns say what responsible parents they are and they love their children dearly, I want to slap their faces and call them liars. I want to tell them that parents who love their children, want to cherish them and keep them from harm, something they never did, from the beginning of that so called family holiday.

  47. Kathybelle at 45

    How could they possibly sleep better after 48 hours and them saying their child was in the hands of a paedophile.

    Whichever way you look at that scenario it would be a horror story. Certainly not one that got better for the child.

  48. Anon 43

    Not if the dog is alerting to the wall!

  49. hello poster 17

    methinks you protest too much

    if your posts were unambiguous...you would not have to EXPLAIN them at length.

    IMHO..and having a great day here in the shires 8 - )

    hope you do too !!!!!


  50. Hello again Isar,

    I note your humble opinion, but in my esteemed opinion, my post touched a rather large nerve with you.

    Most interesting is that from all that I wrote, it appears you have no opinion, humble or otherwise on the nasty and abusive treatment meted out by these parents. Have no concerns whatsoever about the the children, more epecially no caring thoughts about wee Madeleine, whom her parents believe is alive and in the hands of paedophiles. You appear not to have been touched in any way by the two very moving videos which this blog is about. Two videos which bring home to even the hardest of hearts (or so I thought) the extent of the neglectful behaviour of these parents and the appallingly shocking situation these little ones were placed.

    You are more concerned about the length of my post it would seem. A rather feeble and pathetic I might add, attempt at diverting the discussion from the videos posted here.

    Your choice whether you enter into discussion re Madeleine, this case, the topics posted, or whether you give ME all of your attention.........it is your time to use freely.

    Moving on,

    Today in the news we heard the outcome of the case of Khyra, the little girl who has suffered the most horrendous catalogue of abuse, starved to death. Left locked in a room for hours on end refused food. What do you think of this Isar? A hungry thirsty child. This child was deprived of basic human kindness, the kindness which parents show their children. Deprived of food,love,care. She was phyically tortured. Through time the abusive behaviour displayed by her parents/guardians increased became more severe.


  51. Now think of the McCann children - three youngsters under the age of 4 years of age. They were left unattended in an unlocked apartment, DEPRIVED of the care and protection which was their right! If any of them should have woken, HUNGRY, THIRSTY, sick, or simply in need of a warm loving hug, reassurance from mummy or daddy, when they woke in the night from a bad dream for instance that they were safe, would be comforted - No one was there for them.

    Do you have children Isar? Could you imagine how they would feel at that age, to wake in the night in unfamiliar surroundings, frightened and alone? A truly terrifying thought for any parent.

    How does a parent do you think Isar, walk out that door, knowing that they have left three tots inside and wander off for an evening out? It would take a pretty hard necked, callous and uncaring one in my opinion.

    Some might say we cannot compare the two cases, but indeed we can. You see, Khyra's abuse had to have a beginning - sadly it had the most tragic of ends - when someone decided for the first time NOT to feed the child, only to give her meagre amounts.

    The McCann's abuse of their children (in reference to their time in Portugal, what happened at home in Rothely?)began, as far as we can tell, with the first night they left the children alone, they say, in a locked apartment. To begin with they left the children for short times, they say in between checking. By the Wednesday night we know they stayed out later than usual. In doing so increasing the danger and chances of these children waking and coming to harm. We know on one evening for over an hour Madeleine cried for her parents. By the Thursday night, the McCann's KNOWING their children had been awake and upset crying for their mummy and daddy the night prior to the reporting of Madeleine being 'missing' left the little ones once again, not showing a modicum of concern for their welfare, feelings or fears. The abuse increased again this night, as not only did they leave the children, knowing there was every chance that they would wake and cry, decided that it was best to leave the patio door UNLOCKED. In fact Kate said it was so that Madeleine if she woke, could leave the apt and go look for her and Gerry! The totally reckless and neglectful behaviour at this stage displays a pattern similar to that of Khyra's parents - it would seem the more they got away with it, they increased the risks.


  52. They had 'gotten away with it' all week, so each night they extended it, increased the danger level to their children a little bit more.

    We know too that it was not a 'mistake' as some choose to think of this neglect. The McCann's have stated on record, in tv interview, that they considered what Madeleine had told them about being awake and crying and decided the course of action they would take was to - TO GO OUT AGAIN AND LEAVE HER, SEAN AND AMELIE ON THEIR OWN IN AN UNLOCKED APARTMENT. How exactly they reached the conclusion that this was the best thing to do.....? Quite beggars belief doesn't it Isar?

    This is what they have told the world. This is not rumour or speculation, this is the story they have told.

    Responsible parents would never have left their children in first instance, but most, when their child told them of waking and crying would have been racked with guilt and remorse and would have scooped up their child, on hearing of her upset at waking and no one being there to comfort her, assured the child that mummy and daddy were so VERY VERY sorry, so VERY VERY WRONG to have done what they did, and that it would NEVER happen again. If she woke in the night, mummy or daddy would ALWAYS be there, tell her she need never again worry or fret.

    The McCann's did NOT! They tell us Madeleine just wandered off after saying this. That they could not think at what time Madeleine meant she and Sean had been crying. In the tv interview they sit and say -'we wondered if she meant they had cried when we gave them their baths, or when we put them to bed.' The McCann's say what Madeleine said meant nothing, they played it down.

    What a ridiculous comment to make. They were with their children at these times, bath time and bedtime, they would have known if they had cried. So clearly the child was not referring to these times, but to the time when mummy and daddy were in the pub, when Madeleine wondered 'where is mummy and daddy?' This was the McCann's covering again, giving silly replies to straightforward questions, ducking the question. Kate McCann, said they checked so frequently that it was impossible for Madeleine to have cried for any length of time if at all.

    But you see, Kate also said at another stage that she wondered if Madeleine had cried when they were out on that evening due to an intruder being in the apartment!!! This concerned her so much that she reported the incident to the police it was very relevant she states in an interview.

    How can it both be very relevant and mean nothing at the same time?

    If her child cried for ANY reason when left alone in an unlocked apartment, the relevancy is that SHE SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN LEFT ON HER OWN BY HER PARENTS. NEGLECT is what is relevant here!


  53. But I thought Madeleine could not have cried?

    As ever, two or more versions of their story depending on the questions put to them.

    Which do we believe?

    But back to my point re neglect. It has a starting point, and in both cases it increased gradually. Some may even say the rate at which the McCann abusive, reckless behaviour gained momentum was frightening. One night leaving the kids alone in a locked apartment, soon after in an unlocked one, giving opportunity to anyone who chose to enter and harm their children, and giving opportunity to any one of the children to come to harm, perhaps all three should they get out of bed. Also leaving the children for longer periods of time to fend for themselves.

    Yes, understandably on the surface, one might say you cannot compare the two cases, as the McCann's are not like the parents of Khyra. But there are differing levels of abuse. It is ALL abuse nevertheless, and the abuse of children in any way manner or form, at any level is NOT acceptable.

    Some may say that the McCann's are no better, perhaps worse than Khyra's parents, as added to their reckless behaviour they also at every opportunity attempt to justify their treatment of their children, which is quite sickening.

    The review published today into the death of Khyra states that her death was PREVENTABLE.

    'Preventable' This description unequivocally links both cases.

    Immediately I read this, I thought - Madeleine McCann's disappearance, possible death was also PREVENTABLE!

    Think about it for a moment Isar, and then again, and again, and NEVER forget that the McCann children were NOT cared for and protected as they should have been as was their right, by their parents.

    Think about Madeleine if alive, how awful her days must be if in the hands of paedophiles. Imagine her terror when removed from apartment 5a if she was abducted. Imagine her terror on the nights she woke in strange surroundings crying out for mummy and daddy, her little brother crying too, and no one there to answer their cries.

    Imagine that Isar and never forget.

    All too easy for people to pity the parents and forget that this case is about a missing child, missing due to the despicable actions of her parents.

    It is frightening that there are persons out there, like you Isar who seem to support, condone and protect persons like the McCann's who treat children in this heinous way. What chance do children have when people like you take away their voice, when you allow this, when you accept this type of behaviour. What is staggering also is that the McCann's are protected in so many ways, make no mistake if they had not been professionals, connected as they clearly are, or this was a lone parent - YOU would have been up in arms.

    PREVENTABLE Isar remember that.

    Madeleine's pain and suffering was PREVENTABLE!

    You asked in your post if I came from a civilised country as I had stated that I would like five minutes with the McCann’s to allow me the opportunity to question them.

    I ask, of you, was the treatment of the McCann children by their parents civilised?


  54. Joana and Astro

    Beijinhos and do enjoy yourselves. Wet snout here intends to

  55. Very well said A. Miller, post (53) Anyone who saw the inteview when Kate McCann was speaking about the morning Madeleine told her and her husband she and Sean cried, would have heard Kate McCann say, she wanted to get hold of Madeleine by the arm and shake her. She said she wanted to say, "what you do you mean you cried"

    When she said that, I saw an ice cold woman, who had no love for Madeleine. She should have taken Madeleine in her arms and cuddled her. She should have apologised to Madeleine and promised never to leave her and the twins alone again.

    Kate McCann then said "We nearly didn't go out that night, but we decided we would and UP our checks to every 30 minutes" Which made me wonder how often the McCanns checked on their children the other nights they were left alone. Also if what the McCanns said is true, what on earth made them go out again, they had a massive wakeup call by Madeleine, which showed them that what they were doing was dangerous.

    If the McCanns were speaking the truth and Madeleine did say what they said she said. I believe Gerry McCann, when he said Madeleine was alone in their apartment when she disappeared. I believe that Sean and Amelie, were taken to the apartment of one of their Tapas friends, probably the ones who had the baby alarm. I believe that Madeleine was sedated to make her sleep and I believe David Payne was the one who could have sedated her, because he was in the apartment with Kate McCann.

    I believe something went wrong with that sedation and David Payne stayed in the apartment to try to resuscitate Madeleine. Whatever happened to Madeleine's body, happened before the McCanns went out. There would have been no press hanging around and anyone seeing someone carrying a "sleeping" child, would have thought no more about it. Sleeping children being carried by their parents, would have been a common sight in that holiday resort, or any other holiday resort come to think of it.

    One might say, how could the McCanns go out knowing something terrible has happened to their child. Well they went out all but one night of the week, leaving their children in a dark unlocked apartment, with drugs lying around. If they could do that, they could do anything.

    Also if the twins were in the apartment and Madeleine was genuinely abducted, why would Kate McCann leave them and run to the Tapas Bar? We have heard them say so many times that dining in the Tapas bar, was like dining in one's back garden. All Kate McCann would have needed to do, was open the window and scream and everyone in the area, would have come running to help her.

    This abduction scenario was staged managed before the McCanns went out to dinner. I don't believe that I am the only one to have come to a similar conclusion. I believe the PJ who are much cleverer than me, came to that conclusion the minute they set foot in the McCanns apartment and saw the empty cots, with no bedding in them.

    The problem is the PJ had their hands tied, by the ones above them, who bowed to pressure from the British Government.

    I hope I am wrong and Madeleine has been taken by the McCanns to live with someone who will love and care for her, as she should be loved and cared for.

    The fact that no one has ever come forward with information leading to her whereabouts, shows me that at least one part of my theory is correct.

  56. Great post A Miller.

    There is no excuse for the McCanns, yet people keep trying to excuse them.

    Regarding the reason given for the disappearance of Madeleine being because she had been taken by a paedophile, was it said because a paedophile was responsible for her death.

    'She's gone mum, she's gone', says Kate.

    They could have chosen to say she had wandered off, but instead they said she was taken by a paedophile.

    This case needs to be reopened as a murder investigation. Madeleine is dead. How did she die? The parents were gone long enough for almost anything to have happened to her, but an accident could easily have been covered by the McCanns. Madeleine was hidden for a reason.

    Whatever happened to her, however she died, the McCanns didn't want to be held responsible. Until the DEATH of Madeleine in the apartment is investigated, and not the fairy story abduction, this case will not progress.

  57. A Miller

    Nail on head ................again!

    Regards from Holland

  58. Exerllent post from A Miller, well said. No one in their right mind can condone what the Maccann's did to all their children. I salute you.

  59. I take off my hat, dear Anna Miller!
    I take off my hat dear Anna Miller!
    You just surpassed yourself in your last posts.
    I am watching the case from the very beginning. And every time you speak my thoughts.
    My deepest respect.

  60. 53 A Miller

    May I also applaud your post - well said!

  61. I tooooo would love to spend 5 mins with the filthy pair...................NOT.

    DON'T think i could last 5 seconds without becoming violently sick.

    and what if Philomena turned up....now i really do feel nauseas..

  62. Spot on, A miller. I have long thought that the various pampered 'celeb' columnists who have pontificated on behalf of this pair of liars are fully aware of the discrepancies in the abduction theory, but choose to ignore them.

    I believe that the people who write such banalaties as 'the McCanns have suffered enough', or (worse) 'should be left alone', would have done exactly as the McCanns did when leaving their toddlers alone to go on the raz.

    Furthermore, I KNOW that there are self-absorbed, 'aspirational' assholes out there who would do ANYTHING to salvage the status, lifestyles and careers for which, according to them, they've 'worked bloody hard' to attain.

    Their problem, of course, is they cannot admit to this. Instead, as far as this case is concerned, they can only write off-topic twaddle and invent ambiguities where none exist.

    bob the bluebird

  63. Think about Madeleine if alive, how awful her days must be if in the hands of paedophiles. Imagine her terror when removed from apartment 5a if she was abducted. Imagine her terror on the nights she woke in strange surroundings crying out for mummy and daddy, her little brother crying too, and no one there to answer their cries.

    ............................and the parents went out joging the following day....they couldn't give a damn......

  64. Encore A Miller - you are right on every count as always.

    And besides the callous and neglectful treatment, they have also made a fortune from their daughter's disappearance, which is despicable in itself!

    Their aim is to show a picture of respectability to the world. Yes, Khyra's parents are unbelievablly wicked, but they are now paying for their crime behind bars,while the McCanns are leading the lives of celebrities while having left their children alone night after night to fend for themselves.

    Why are the police in the UK and the Social Services seemingly turning a blind eye to their involvement in Madeleine's disappearance, by which I refer to them leaving them on their own leading to Madeleine's disappearance.

    I've yet to see a genuine tear from either of them.

    Does Madeleine have no human rights, or justice?

  65. i spoke with Social Services and the NSPCC many times and demanded to know why they were spineless to do anything....

    each time they told me the mccanns and the case stunk of CHILD ABUSE and CRUELTY but were powerless to act....they was told from the powers at be not to act..how i wish i taped all the calls

  66. 65, are you sure you spoke to the Social Services, etc, and are you sure you got those answers from them?
    Unless they know you personally, would they take the risk to answer you the way you say they did?
    You could have recorded the talks and used against them.
    If you got those answers before, please try again and record them.
    It would be very helpful.

  67. Anon 63 ,yet the cold Kate McCann tells the world that there's no evidence that Madeleine has come to harm.I think Kate McCann is to be frank, mentally disturbed.

  68. Good morning poster(65) I would love to have been a fly on the wall, when a social worker and a police officer visited the McCanns on the morning after they arrived home from PDL, after fleeing from PDL, when they were made arguidos.

    Shortly after their visitors left, a spokesman for the McCanns said that Kate McCann would no longer be practicing as a doctor, she would be a stay at home mother to the twins.

    Also when Gerry McCann returned to work an announcement was made by a spokesperson at the Leicestershire hospital. The spokesperson said that Gerry McCann would not be interacting with patients, but would be working in the research department.

    I wonder why the hospital felt they needed to issue a statement, regarding Gerry McCanns work within the hospital? Also Gerry McCann's boss is on the committee, of the "Leaving No Stone Unturned" fund.

    Yes this case stinks to high heaven, Goncalo Amoral and a former inspector of the Portuguese police, both said publicly, after the recent Amoral/McCann case in Lisbon, that they wanted the McCanns prosecuted, but the British Government intervened.

    The British Government stayed silent, just as Gerry McCann and David Payne stayed silent, when Catherine Gaspar told the media of the disgusting gestures, David Payne made to Gerry McCann about Madeleine.

    So you could have taped the calls, but I doubt if anything would have happened to the McCanns. The McCanns have the might of the British and Portugese Government on their side. We all saw the results of the recent Amoral/McCann case, when the judge took the McCanns side against Goncalo.

    Who are the McCanns and why are they so protected?

    The British and Portuguese Government have shown themselves to be corrupt, when they let these two child neglectors, who could be more involved with Madeleine's disappearance, of the hook.

    The Portuguguese Government, let down the Portuguese citizens, when they bowed to pressure from the British Government. Portuguese citizens, who have behaved towards their children, in a lesser way than the McCanns, have quite rightly been prosecuted. The Portuguese citizens must have been incensed to learn that the McCanns were walking away from their crime.

    The McCanns did walk away from the crime, because hours after they were made arguidos, they were on a plane bound for the UK. In my opinion, making the McCanns arguidos was a paper exercise. An arguido is supposed to report to the police every few days, the McCanns were given a police escort to the airport. That shows to me that the arguido status, was nothing but a paper exercise.

    Who are the McCanns and why are they so protected?

  69. FAO, A Miller #51

    I don't think a child of 3 leaving an unlocked apartment alongside a busy road to look for absent parents, is a good option to consider.

    I wonder then, did they leave the safety gate at the top of the stairs open too? Otherwise how was she expected to be able to go and find them?

  70. Anon 69
    These first statements, lies and contradictions are for me the most fascinating, and what I would be concentrating on in my 5 minutes with each of them.
    Patio doors open / unlocked in case of fire, but also the statement that M could not have opened them herself, when K was asked whether M could have wandered off. The contradictions are there even in those early interviews. Safety gate at the top of the stairs, another gate onto the lane at the bottom, dogs marking in the flower bed, and so on.
    None of it even hangs together as a story, let alone as a convincing one.

  71. A Miller,so good to have you "fighting" Maddies corner.Every word you say is what any decent newspaper should be printing BUT NO all we get is a flurry of nonsence when yet another "sighting " is thrust upon us .WHY ?,is the threat of being sued the reason? If so ,all the more reason for someone with your genuine concern to carry on with your posts ,with a prayer that soon,someone with the necessary "guts" tells it as it is;CHILD NEGLECT ,in any form is unacceptable,and the price for it must be paid,whoever you are !!! I just hope Teresa May is "man enough" to see through them when she panders to their request for a meeting!!

  72. Peter Mac at 70

    Good questions that should be asked, and not forgetting the cuddlecat which Kate McCann definitely said was on the SHELF and which was why she realised that Madeleine had been taken. Presumably because the supposed abductor had put it there.

    Which shelf was that then Kate?

    Cuddlecat has since been said to have been on the bed all the time and no more mention of the shelf!

  73. Isar,

    Is your surname Hunt by any chance 'Isar Hunt' as you certainly live up to your name.

  74. If the so clled abducter put cuddle cat on an imaginary shelf or placed it back on the bed, then why wash it, it would have important DNA from the phantom abductor. I hope one day soon the truth is known

  75. Amazing videos. Before going on a holiday one must consider legal issues about accident claims etc.


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