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Kevin Halligen, the McCann's Former Detective will face Extradition Hearing - Updated

We have been following the strangely exuberant and sometimes even dodgy adventures of the countless detectives and rent-a-cops hired by the McCann couple via the non charitable Madeleine's Fund: Leaving No Stone Unturned Limited Company or by their millionaire supporter Brian Kennedy. Particularly paying close attention to Kevin Halligen's extradition saga since a DA-Notice was sent to this blog and to our forum.

In an emailed letter, dated September 23, 2009, an English law firm, Bindemans LLP, requested us to remove what they alleged to be ‘confidential information’ in observance of a DA-Notice 5 regarding their client Mr. Henri Herman Exton - a former MI5 agent - from an article titled 'Mark Hollingsworth Investigates The McCann Files', published on August 28, 2009 at the London Evening Standard magazine which was then republished here and on our forum on the same day.

That letter threatened with legal action the editors of both this blog and forum, however and since we are Portuguese Citizens, we feel that we do not own any obligation whatsoever to what is a 98 year-old convention between the UK media editors and the British Ministry of Defence [more specifically the committee chaired in permanence by the Under-Secretary of State for Defence] aka Defence Press and Broadcasting Advisory Committee (DPBAC).

In Britain, a Defence Advisory Notice or DA-Notice (called a Defence Notice or D-Notice until 1993) is an official request to news editors not to publish or broadcast items on specified subjects for reasons of national security.

D-Notices and DA-notices are merely a request and therefore not legally enforceable and consequently news editors can choose to ignore them without (in theory) official repercussions, although they are generally accepted by the media.

Nevertheless the editorial team at this blog and at the forum decided to comply, partially, with the lawyers firm request, though we did not and do not recognize the validity of the British Defence Advisory system in the Sovereign Nation of the Portuguese Republic.

In fact, Bindemans LLP attempt to suppress Mr. Henri Exton name and former job was totally counterproductive if not even more damaging to their client's name.

Mr. Henri Exton was already known to the public and was given prominence in the world-wide media in 2008, when the McCann parents and millionaire businessman Brian Kennedy hired Oakley International, of which Exton was allegedly a shareholder, to find Madeleine McCann.

The attempt to suppress Mark Hollingsworth’s pertinent article backfired, and the subsequent repercussion was echoed and republished in several other blogs, sites, forums and foreign newspapers, some of which also follow the Madeleine McCann case, or should I say the McCann Case - it was a clear demonstration of the Streisand effect in motion.

Pay close attention to the fact that Mr. Henry Exton lawyers only «slapped» the DA-Notice (article 5) and subsequent libel action to Alexander Lebdev's Evening Standard whilst other newspapers belonging to other media groups, as far as I know [the Guardian received an injunction threat*], have never received a similar DA-Notice by the same lawyers representing the same client using the same «national security» excuse, an excuse that seemed more an attempt to cover up a potential embarrassment.

Ex-British intelligence agent is suing the Lebedev's newspaper (original original in Russian, google's translation)

Look for example at the newspapers or tabloids belonging to Murdoch's News Corporation like the Times or the Sun or to Paul Dacre's Daily Mail [Daily Mail and General Trust plc]. Those are articles that specifically mention and/or publicize Mr. Henry Exton either as a former MI5 or as a former head of undercover operations "working" for the McCann couple, along with the now wanted (allegedly) for fraud by the FBI Kevin Halligen.

Extracts from the Guardian

November 22, 2009

«(...) A £500,000 contract given to Kevin Halligen's private detective agency, Oakley International, to help with the search for the missing child was terminated last year after a major benefactor of the McCanns expressed concerns about the quality of the firm's work.

However, Halligen is now wanted by the FBI following an indictment issued by US authorities in connection with allegations that he defrauded a London law firm of money that was supposed to be used to lobby for the release of two executives from the Dutch company Trafigura, arrested in the Ivory Coast.(...)

(...)The McCanns' spokesman, Clarence Mitchell, said: "Oakley International was contracted to help with the search for Madeleine. Due diligence was carried out at every stage and payment was only made for work properly carried out. It was only towards the end of the six-month contract that question marks were raised about delivery in some areas and the contract was terminated."

The McCanns did not contact the police about Halligen, who visited their home, but his behaviour aroused suspicions at an early stage among the couple and their advisers.

Oakley International secured the contract from the Find Madeleine Fund to monitor the phone hotline, sift through CCTV footage of possible sightings and carry out investigative work.

However, it was terminated after the British double-glazing millionaire Brian Kennedy, who has underwritten the fund's work, raised concerns. Documents reportedly show that Halligen's company was withdrawing large amounts of money for personal use.»

In November, 12 2009 Guardians' investigations executive editor David Leigh and Richard Norton-Taylor co-wrote Ex-MI5 agent in memoirs battle sues newspaper for naming him*

«Lawyers for undercover agent in war on terrorism threaten Guardian with injunction though his name circulates online

A former MI5 secret agent is suing the London Evening Standard for revealing his name, his lawyers say, in an attempt to extend Britain's privacy laws to cover the identity of intelligence officers.

The agent is also threatening the Guardian with a high court injunction if the paper re-publishes his identity. The Guardian is therefore withholding details, for the time being, that might give clues to his identity.

The man's name continues to be available online, where legal complaints have failed to silence foreign bloggers and websites which specialise in intelligence leaks. His lawyers say: "We do not agree that the information is in the public domain."

The altercation highlights once again the difficulty of suppressing information in the online age. What makes the case doubly unusual is that the agent is simultaneously fighting his former employers in the name of free speech. He wants to be allowed to publish his memoirs under a pseudonym.

His 300-page manuscript is provisionally entitled Siberia after the codeword he was given to use when in danger during a decade-long undercover career that began with other crime-fighting organisations and progressed to infiltrating international terrorists. The issue of his memoirs has already reached the new supreme court, where a hearing took place last month under the cryptic heading "A v B".(...)

(...) Allen wrote in June in the magazine Index on Censorship: "He was a senior and trusted MI5 official with a critical role in the history of anti-terror intelligence operations … when his career ended he wrote a thoughtful and considered autobiography. It was critical of MI5 and the way it treats its own field agents. But he applied his considerable experience to distinguish between real secrets and information which was already in the public domain or was harmless."

While a junior member of another crime-fighting organisation, the former agent was decorated for feats of false identity. He is reported to have allowed himself to be beaten up to protect his cover. He also worked against armed robbery gangs.

In the early 1990s he transferred to work for MI5. With the end of the cold war, the agency extended its role by targeting organised crime, arms traders and, eventually, jihadist terrorists. He was awarded the OBE [1998] and also an Order of Merit by an unidentified foreign government.

He says he came to suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder and was mistakenly arrested at one point. This led to local publicity. The former agent later set up as a consultant, which led to his MI5 links becoming more widely-known and eventually published.

The use of anonymity and secrecy is increasing in the legal system. The supreme court this month listed an appeal by Mohammed al Ghabra disputing that his assets should be frozen as an al-Qaeda financier. He was described as "G" until anonymity was overturned by a media complaint.

Oil traders Trafigura obtained an anonymous high court "super-injunction" over a Guardian report on dumped toxic waste.

That too was overturned after parliamentary questions and internet disclosures. MI5 and MI6 are currently calling for evidence of collusion with torture to be concealed even from lawyers for Binyam Mohamed in his damages claim.

It is the first time the government has demanded such secrecy in a civil case. In the Siberia affair, Jonathan Evans, the head of M15, refused permission for the book publication in August 2007, although the vetted memoirs of former MI5 head Stella Rimington came out in 2001 and an authorised history of MI5 by Christopher Andrew, commissioned in 2002 , was published this month. Critics say it does not tell the full story.

Disclosures began 20 years ago with the collapse of legal efforts to suppress Spycatcher, the unauthorised memoirs of the retired MI5 assistant director, Peter Wright.

Now that we have established the panorama, let's recapitulate the previous scene of Halligen's epopee in the international extradition bureaucratic system:

On March 26, 2010 CourtNews.uk reported that Halligen was unable to afford a barrister: "A private detective accused of conning the McCann family of £300,000 to find their missing daughter Maddie could not afford to be represented in court today. Security consultant Kevin Halligen, 48, is fighting an extradition to the United States over claims he cheated Dutch company Trafigura out of £1.3million by offering to secure the release of their employees from an Ivory Coast jail."

At the time we asked: "One wonders what has happened to Mark Summers, the Matrix Chambers lawyer who was supposedly to represent Kevin Halligen and contest the extradition order requested by the US Government, after an indictment on charges of wire fraud and money laundering was given by a grand jury sitting in the District of Columbia, last year in November."

Today, July 22, 2010 an Australian newspaper reports:

A businessman whose firm helped look for Madeleine McCann and who is wanted in the US over an alleged STG1.3 million ($A2.24 million) fraud will face an extradition hearing on Thursday.

Irish national Kevin Halligen, 48, is accused by prosecutors in America of attempting to defraud a London law firm of $US2.1 million ($A2.4 million).

The defendant's assets were frozen after his arrest on November 24.

Officers acting on a request from US law enforcement agencies detained Halligen after finding him in a hotel in Oxford where he had been staying under an assumed name.

The alleged crimes for which he is wanted in the US relate to money taken from a Dutch company, Trafigura, as part of a deal to secure the release of executives under arrest in the Ivory Coast.

Instead it was spent on, amongst other things, a mansion and a gift to his girlfriend, it is alleged.

The businessman's firm Oakley International had been employed by Kate and Gerry McCann for about six months in 2008 to look for their missing daughter.

In all the Washington-based firm was paid around STG300,000 ($A517,687.66) for its services by the McCanns.

The extradition hearing will take place at City of Westminster Magistrates' Court.


Washington - Red Defence in Red Zone

Fired abruptly by the Find Madeline Fund which has sought to find Madeline McCann, Red Defence International also wrangled in the past with Trafigura.

An affiliate of Red Defence International, a firm headed by Britain’s Kevin Halligen, the investigative concern Oakley International Group was hired in March, 2008 to help find Madeline McCann, the three-year-old British child who vanished in May, 2007 from a hotel on the Portuguese coast. In late August, the Find Madeline Fund, which bankrolls the search for the child, suddenly cut all links with Oakley International, officially for “inadequate results.”

It wasn’t the first time that companies owned by Halligen, who took part in MI 5 operations in Northern Ireland, have encountered problems with their customers. In September, 2006, Red Defence was retained by the Trafigura trading group after two of its senior executives, Claude Dauphin and Jean-Pierre Valentini, were arrested and clapped behind bars in Ivory Coast. A month previously, the Probo Koala, a ship chartered by Trafigura, had discharged toxic waste in dumps in the port of Abidjan. Red Defence, whose contact with Trafigura was lawyer Marc Aspinall, pulled out all the stops to secure the release of Dauphin and Valentini.

Through the firm WatchWood, Red Defence leased a Falcon business jet from the South African group Aerotrade, headed by Fred Rutte, and kept it on stand-by for months, at great expense. Red Defence additionally approached a private British security concern Oceans Five run by John Nash to ask that it provide commandos to mount an operation to rescue Dauphin and Valentini from Maca prison in Abidjan.

The operation, initially planned for mid-January, 2007, was put back on several occasions. Trafigura, which was negotiating simultaneously with the Ivory Coast authorities for the release of its executives, was worried about the constant postponements and the prohibitive cost of the operation.

It finally cut all ties with Red Defence in February, 2007. Shortly afterwards, Dauphin and Valentini were released after the payment of USD 198 million that was destined to cover the cost of a clean-up of waste from Probo Koala. Subsequently, Trafigura’s lawyer, Aspinall, demanded that sub-contractors hired by Red Defence reimburse some of the money paid to them , threatening legal proceedings.

Following that setback, Halligen moved to the United States and founded Oakley Security Services, whose initials OSS evoked those of the Office of Strategic Services, forerunner of the CIA. He re-named the firm Oakley International Group and teamed up with the lobbying concern Patton Boggs run by Thomas Boggs.

Private detectives | November, 28 2009

by Gonçalo Amaral

In Portugal, as far as criminal investigation is concerned, the activity of private detectives is forbidden. Despite that, in a famous media-exposed case, detectives have passed through here, some British, others Spanish.

At least since the 10th of May 2007, said detectives operated in our country under the silence from our authorities. They were looking for a mysteriously disappeared English child. After two years and several months, they found nothing. Without questioning the investigation methods and their police logics, it was easy to find a scapegoat.

The Book which the author of this column wrote and edited in July 2008 would have questioned the success of the private investigations. The reports from those investigations were kept in secrecy, but bits and pieces become known. The use of communication agencies in order to influence [public opinion], cannot erase, or clean up, the disastrous work done by those illustrious detectives.

It seems that one of them even took a hefty amount, but that is something that will be investigated in England and in the United States, being certain that that investigation will not be carried out by private detectives. As far as I am concerned, I am tranquil and I trust justice, which cannot accuse me of the failure and the mistakes of others. That is something for private detectives to do.

Update: According to ITV News Journalist Keir Simmons, there was no court hearing. Making this the third official or fourth unofficial time that the US extradition hearing is postponed. It is unknown whether the new hearing adjourned for August 18, 2010 will (ever) take place.


  1. the mccanns will NOT be sueing halligen for fear of what he might say,
    in fact halligen has the mccanns over a barrel.

  2. 8-} From the perspective of Transactional Analysis the McCann's choice of private investigators has implications both at the "social" and the "psychological" levels of communication. The most apparent seems to be the "psychological" level. In the opinion of some analysts, it seems to border on "ethnical prejudice". It can also, I am told, be perceived as a "smoke screen" to allay their guilt or, on a more benevolent note, as parental desperation. It is not easy to extricate both (added the analyst).

    The content and pattern of their statements inc. their legal and PR teams as well as the prevalent position of the British media positions holds considerable promise in the light of critical discourse and content analysis as Joana Morais aptly demonstrates in her article above.



  3. I do hope that
    1 He is allowed to speak in court
    2 A half decent journalist is present to report what he says
    But I doubt either wil happen

  4. The Brits will try very hard to make Halligen look like a lunatic if he DOES tell the truth about what went on in the McCann case. Look at how they've handled other former spies who became whistleblowers. Halligen was clearly NOT hired to monitor the phone logs - he never even glanced at them. He does, however, have the power to blow this case wide open and I hope and pray he'll do just that.

  5. Did a news search for Kevin Halligen and all I could find was that he was to appear in a London court Thursday, July 22nd. Since it is now evening in the U.K., I expected news on that appearance - but nothing. Hmmmmmmmmm!!

  6. I am confused Joana how is it that this Kevin has the power to blow this case open, I hope to God he has and he will, but I don't understand how.

  7. 'Oh the tangled web we weave' comes to mind.

    What a shady, unwholesome crew!

    If Halligen has any sense he will talk and publically tell what he knows, and soon. He will be safer that way than to be sitting on secrets. If anything happens to him then people will know where to look and that will be his safety net.

  8. Maybe it would be better to extradict Kevin to the US, where freedom of expression is a lot better.
    In this case we could hear what the McCanns asked him to do with the money(certainly not to search for Madeleine).
    Imo, they must have asked to put the money on a couple's privete account, in case they would have to escape from Europe.
    Investigative journalists in the US will find out what happened.
    Do you think the British media will ever forget what the McCanns did to them?
    I think they will work together with the Americans, finding out a lot of things.
    I don't know if a no resident in that country is allowed to open a bank account for himself, over there.
    But the intention was to keep the money outside Britain.

  9. ;)) "Kid" Kevin - the court proceedings suggest, was trying to defraud The "Fundo".

    Given Mr. H. previous track, MC team thought OSS sounded good, except in retrospect it was spelled CON, so... analyst one goes on... their attempt to embarass PJ with a "psychological" checkmate, a "crossed transaction" that spelled: "Stupid Portuguese!" backfires.

    Oh my!

    The yolk spread all over MC team faces reads: "You are so gullible aren't you? Wouldn't it have been better to try to get along with "Big Shot" and answer those questions?

    Where was the fear? If, as you say, Madeleine was abducted...

    It may not have been fear! The other analyst cuts in. It could have been ethnical prejudice or something else. They were advised not to...

    Or they could have been guilty and felt the investigators were getting too close for confort! Says the first.

    Hmmm...that's another way to look at it but... This is when a third man enters "Starbucks", cups his right hand into the first analyst's oversized right lobe and murmurs...


    I could not hear it but it must have been funny. They are all laughing.

    The Third Man winks at me and prompts: "Halligen! Halligen. Give us some oxygen!".

    I don't get it, do you? May be I need another coffee!

    :(( Waaaaiiiiiiiiiter!


  10. To Anon8

    8-} Your speculations seem to be getting a bit out of control and into the realms of conspiracy theory. If you are serious, you need to provide us with some substance to your reasonings otherwise you are just insulting everyone's intelligence and inviting the wrath of the MC legal team.

    Take your expression: "CERTAINLY not the search for Madeleine". Since you seem so CERTAIN tells us what was it MC Team asked OSS (aka CON) to do?

    MC Team asked OSS (in which case not CON) to open an account in Switzerland or some other safe offshore? Too farfetching. Too risky. Too simple and...no evidence.

    There were other more transparent ways to "spend" the money as it were and stack it away IF that was the plan.

    How does Mr. H gets arrested then? Because he opened an account for himself instead or spent "da" money with his "belle toujours"? Come on! ;))

    "Do you think the British Media will forget what the McCann's did to them?"

    What did the MC team do to the British media? I thought the latter has been supporting the former. No?

    If you are going for "the one and only possibility" - that the McCann's must, have to be guilty, then you have to come up with something more tangible.

    I suggest you go into the nitty-gritty of the investigation and come up with other more plausible lines of enquiry that might have been overlooked one way or the other . Avoid wild allegations you cannot substantiate.

    The McCann's (take a deep breath) could be innocent of "terminating" their own daughter.... Don't feel so sure they must be guilty, just because circunstancial evidence seems to point that way. You don't need to force everything else into the same pattern or just look at evidence that supports that view. Unlike vengeance, truth is best served warm.

    I suggest you keep your mind open to ALL possibilities. The good, the bad and the ugly.

  11. ;)) The third man is now arguing that the "Fundo's" loss with Halligen's intelligent (stupid really) gambit needs to be re-addressed - namely by a devastating legal strike on "Big Shot" - featuring the publishers and the TV station as collateral damage. This, the Third Man says, should teach "Big Shot" not to express opinions contrary to the Pope's"..." The analysts laugh at the irreverence...

    :(( Waaaaiiiiter!


  12. There's a thread called Madeleine on Sky discussion forum,and some one asked about any news on Halligen.Halligen of course worked for Oakley international and was hired to find Madeleine.This was the reply.'One of the major investors in the forensic science service who did the analysis of the DNA and other evidence in the Madeleine investigation is a company called 3i PLC/group,a private equity company behind Brian Kennedy(Oakley International)& CRG who the McCanns brought in from the start.Sarah Hogg(Baroness)the guardian appointed in this case just happens to be chairman of the 3i group.'If this is right then why isn't the police and media looking into these connections.I mean it looks like a corruption is going on here,something is going on here that needs to be exposed surely.Is there no-one who will take the bull by the horns and expose the blatant manipulation of evidence that seems to be there all along.

  13. Kevin Halligen workerd and lived in the Republic of Ireland in the early 1990's he was then and I have no doubt continues to be an active Alcoholic and Addict- He was incapable of telling the truth on ANY matter.He lived in Dublin with his then partner a Nurse from Derry- He conned all and sundry and when confronted with any lie, he simply invented another story- The utter stupidity of those with whom he became involved, when he first fled to the UK to avoid his creditors, is mindblowing- All that is going on now is an attempt by those whom he stung to get revenge. He is just a miserable little man who lives in a world inhabited only by those who will believe his fairy stories .

  14. Halligen managed to con a lot of very important figures in the USA. So he is either very good at what he does, or they are very stupid. He allegedly tried to get £500k out of the McCanns, so there is some speculation as to whether this was extortion and if so, what hold did he have over them? He is said to have bugged his own employees, so did he bug any proceedings in his brief spell of employment with the MCCanns? The fact that his name has not appeared since March suggests something is being held back for a reason. IMO, he knows a lot.

  15. Post 13, perhaps you believe that...perhaps you are the first wave of the attempt that will no doubt be made by the McCanns to completely discredit the man before he blows the whistle.

    Halligen was in the ROI working undercover for the Brits - providing info regarding the IRA.

  16. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s_fxFL9rQaU

    Looks a bit like our friend Kevin, don't you think?

  17. Anon 12 Thanks for that information.

    I hope Dr Amaral gets to know of it.

    This kind of connection in a criminal case is disgraceful.

  18. Twitter - keirsimmonsitv

    A UK - US extradition hearing for Kevin Halligen whose firm helped look for Madeleine McCann did not take place yesterday - now Aug 18.

  19. JOANA,
    every time I try to enter your latest posting (Textusa: Public Misleading of Public, by McCanns ) I get a message from Windows that they have to close it down, because there is a dangerous add on attached.
    this has never occurred before
    is it happening to anyone else?
    Aunty Anti

  20. :)] Anon 12

    Pity you did not delve into it further...

    I think your Sky source got it from "The Seargeants Inn". Read this: "McCann DNA testers (FSS) in deal with McCann Investigators (sort of)".

    While you are at it and into webs of conspiracy read this too:
    "Ocean Club Owner's Brother a pal of John Major"

    On a different key, I feel it is important to bring Quantum Physics and Non-Locality of Mind to try and help to make sense of all these coincidences least we get lost in a massive web of conspiracy theory.

    I suggest you read Dr. Christine Hardy, Ph.D. paper on "Networks of Meaning: The Bridge Between Mind and Matter" which roughly explains why peole with common interests/experiences/feelings are "mysteriously" drawn to each other. We don't see consciousness and thus we tend to think it is not at work beyond the confines of the skull. Well, it is. We think Time/Space is real. Well it is and it is not... thus we are at a loss to understand Non-Locality of Mind.

    This has nothing to do with the MC Case I know, but...have you seen the recently released film "Inception"?

    ;;) Eh! I am not drawing any inferences. Just passing...


  21. Sarah Hogg takes it right back to the IRA. Her brother has been a target ever since the murder of Pat Finucane. Everyone involved in the cover-up, including Halligen, can be linked to the Brits and undercover operations related to Irish terrorists.

  22. having same problems here aunty anti, thought it was my pc but i got no bugs so must be your end joana and thanks for all the hard work


  23. @ 13

    "He was incapable of telling the truth on ANY matter" . Well then he was the right guy for the McCann Job.

  24. thanks poster 22 s UK,

    I wonder how many other people???
    VERY STRANGE is it a conspiracy?
    Carter Ruck seeking to destroy the computer of anyone who reads the truth????

    What happens when you try to enter Gerry???? We know you follow this blog avidly.

    Aunty Anti

  25. Anon 20,what are you babbling on about?And the critics say Inception is rubbish,so don't waste your money or time.

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  27. Either Halligen is a fraudster or he isn't.

    If he is a fraudster, then why aren't the McCanns suing him for the money they say they gave him? Not their own money of course, but the money of those who sent it in good faith that it was to help find Madeleine.

    If the McCanns are not going to sue him, perhaps he can use them as a character reference being as how they must think the work he did for them was OK. Now that would be interesting.

    The truth is it was Halligen who was going to sue the McCanns because they did not give him all the money they said they would when they contracted with him for the work in Portugal, and that meant he could not pay those he had hired for the job.

    Metado 3 was not pleased with the McCanns either because the McCanns had said they gave them much more than Metado said they had really received.

    What do the accounts of the McCanns say?

  28. Reference Post 13 and15- Kevin Halligen actually worked for me for several years in the Republic of Ireland-He was and is known to me personally-I have had no connection with him or spoken to him since he went to the UK. I was a close friend of his late father- I know all of the other members of his family-He was, as posted (by me) earlier an active alcoholic. drug addict and consummate liar- After he had conned me out of significant monies and ruined my business I got rid of him- As to IRA connections or British Intelligence connections these are just fanciful flights of fancy and once again the gullible Brits fall for it - He is a con man first and always-What he did is reprehensible and he must be punished- As to being a latter day James Bond ? only in his twisted mind.!!

  29. Interesting Anon 28

    Ideal for the job then.

    No wonder he got an invite to Rothley.

  30. :)] Hi Anon 12.

    Errata: the source referred to is a site not a blog located at:www.thesargeants.net. Not at the "seargants inn". Some goblin must have got the better of the scribe...

    I do not know if you bothered to check the article links I gave at posting #20 - thought-provoking to say the least (have a look).

    Likewise you might like to know (source: Law Society Gazette plus ditto)that Kevin Halligen is represented by Mark Summers of the "Matrix Chambers" founded by (mere coincidence) Cherie Blair, wife your beloved Tony Blair. Oh! and it was Matrix Chambers who secured the £600.000 compensation deal for Robert Murat.

    No wonder conspiracy theory is alive and well.

    What do I make of it myself? Nothing. Absolutely nothing...


  31. Re Post 28

    I have no reason to doubt your truthfulness and understand that you have had personal experiences with the man whilst the rest of us are entirely dependent on what we've found in the media. We're quite aware that the British press is basically useless in terms of truth-telling and their manipulation of public opinion in the McCann case has been obvious.

    I'd love to hear your opinion regarding the details about Halligen in this article: http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/uk/crime/article6927031.ece

    I find it difficult to believe that Halligen, an alcoholic fraudster, could have fooled both Major Donald Palmer and Major-General John Holmes who allegedly put his name forward for membership in the Special Forces club.

    If the chairman of the club (Palmer) and a former commander of the SAS and former director of special forces (Holmes) were incapable of seeing through the man, what does that say about the British intelligence services capabilities in general?

    If Henri Exton, who headed Greater Manchester Police undercover unit, recruited supergrasses, worked for the Ministry of Defence and received an OBE in 1998 did not see through Halligen, what does that say about Exton's abilities? It was allegedly Exton who recommended Halligen to the McCanns.

    Halligen left Ireland in the late '70s, therefore it has been 40 years since your encounters with him. Presuming you are a businessman/woman, without the specialised training one would assume intelligence officers would have in terms of vetting individuals, it is understandable that Halligen could have "fooled" you and the others you mention, but does it make sense to you that the people I've listed above would be similarly conned?

    If so, British citizens might need to ask some serious questions about the "intelligence experts" tasked with protecting their safety.

  32. Anon 29,your so right lol.

  33. :)] Anon 31

    Yours is a good point. I have just read the article.

    Surely the man must have done something right along the way otherwise he would not have fooled so many VIPs and LIPs. He would have been exposed much earlier...

    What puzzles me is the lack of coverage (bordering on secrecy) this James Bond is getting from the British media compared with the recent case of the red haired wife who came in from the cold, say...

  34. 33 I totally agree that media silence in the Halligen case speaks more loudly than words. Being an alcoholic, drug taking, unprincipled con-man doesn't necessarily disqualify him from being a spook.

  35. Post 34

    ...on the contrary, it is a basic requirement for the job!


  36. Anon 27
    It is not just the McCanns, it is ALL the trustees of the fund who have joint and several responsibility to ensure theat the assets of the fund are dealt with properly. They should be suing Halligen. If they are not doing so, they are in breach of their statutory duty

  37. Maybe Halligen could shed some light on why the McCanns are not suing him?

    What exactly was it they were wanting him to do in Portugal?

  38. I doubt people will hear a dickie bird out of him over the mccanns.
    His lawyer, whoever that is, will be concentrating on defence against the Trafigura charges.

    Maybe the mccanns are not suing him because they have no ground. Purporting he was contracted for 500K job doesn't necessarily mean he actually received the amount. He may have received part but not all of it when he didnt bother to report in.
    Anyway if speculation that the mccanns owed him 300K is correct, then he should be suing the mccanns instead, but of course he stands no chance of winning. Also he couldnt possibly afford it.
    However,if he is jailed over current charges, he will have pure time in jail to reflect, might turn out a book or sell his story to the media about the mccanns, who knows.

    Dont count too much on Halligen blowing the gate wide opened where the mccanns are concerned. I doubt he knows very much about the mccanns, he was in it for the money, and they were in it for show - bit like watching gangster movie where all the gangsters are wary of one another and its a case of shark eats shark.

  39. Anon 38

    He knows what it is the McCanns wanted him to do in Portugal for them.

    He could certainly tell that.

  40. does anyone believe the mccanns paid him half a million pounds? LMAO

  41. Never mind Kevin baby, I am going to clear up this unfortunate incident once and for all. This is one BLOGGER they ain't gonna stop. By the way I know what the real Mccoy is, no need to highlight it


  42. You come up with a way to approach the Halligen news yet? He's lost his fight against extradition according to one press report. No one wants to touch the story. Least of all you Joana, eh? Difficult one this one, isn't it? You still repeating all the daft stuff Hollingsworth was peddling?


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