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Police Authorities search for Missing Child, Presumed Dead in Lagos

Alexandra, 18 months

Georgina Zito, aged 30, was murdered by drowning on the 10th of July, 2010, on the Canavial beach in Lagos (Algarve), by Gunnar Dorries, a German man who is the father of her daughter Alexandra. Dorries left the crime scene with the child, saying he was going to fetch medication, but he never returned.

Three hours later, the man arrived alone at the Vila Galé hotel in Lagos, and then left in a hurry. On the 13th of July, he returned to Germany, where he was arrested by German police under a European arrest warrant that had been issued by the Portuguese authorities.

Alexandra, aged one-and-a-half, is missing, unfortunately presumed dead by Portuguese and German police.

SIC 23.07.2010: Witnesses saw German man drown the 30 year old Woman before fleeing from the beach

Qualquer informação sobre esta criança (possivelmente já cadáver) deve ser enviada para a PJ de Portimão.

Any information concerning this child (possibly already dead) is to be sent to the Judiciary Police in Portimão.

Informationen ueber dieses Kind (moeglicherweise bereits verstorben) sollen an die Kriminalpolizei in Portimão gesendet werden.

R. do Pé da Cruz 2, 8501 Portimão, Portugal
(00 351) 282 405 400


  1. Thank you for this astro, how sad :(
    I had heard of it but didn't know the details.

    On another harrowing case, sniffer dogs are *yet again* being used to locate human bodies, this time in France:


    Bodies of eight newborn babies found in French house

    A couple believed to be the dead babies’ parents are in custody tonight. Police, helped by sniffer dogs, continued their search for more bodies in Villers-au-Tertre after arresting the pair, both in their 40s, on Tuesday.

  2. What a dear little girl Alexandra is, and how sad about her mother!

    I should think this crime will soon be resolved as the father is being held in prison and it was he who presumably knows what has happened to her.

    Which is more than can be said for the case of poor Madeleine who has just vanished from the face of the earth, whose Mother didn't co-operate with the police, and neither parents bothered to look for her the night she supposedly went missing. Nonetheless, they are still able to continue with their celebrity lives.

  3. God bless this little angel, but who knows what else may turn up. The Maccann's will not like this one.

  4. Why use sniffer dogs ? Everyone knows they are notoriously unreliable. Gerry told us, so it must be right.

  5. She has such a sad, bewildered look in her little face, very much like Madeleine McCann's photos.

    As if these little babies have had very little happiness in their short lives.

  6. Salsa:

    from Sky News website:

    "[Sky reporter] Rossi said: "We've heard from a police source that this woman may have been systematically killing her babies since 1988."

    Neighbours were astonished at the couple's arrest. "They are normal people, who even have a role in the community. It's incredible," said one.

    Another neighbour, a man in his 50s, added: "These are attractive, helpful, polite and courteous people, who did nothing to make you think them capable of anything abnormal."

    The couple have two grown-up daughters and are grandparents, reports said."

    Perfect people...

  7. This horrible man is denying the poor little girl a decent burial by refusing to tell the police where she is, just like the McCanns with Madeleine. These people are sociopaths more concerned with their self preservation and needs than with others. Totally narcissistic.

  8. Caroline @ post #7, I think you may be spot on.


  9. Why don't narrow minded people grow up and stop with the mind set that only chavs are capable of lies. deceit, taking lives and out right psychopathic behaviour. It appears as long as you look ok on the outside and appear a pillar of the community then no one will suspect you. Even when out and out proof is there people are in outcry no not those people their social status says not. Well wake up smell the coffee, take off your blinkers and think for one moment just one little moment, are you suffering like those poor defenceless children. Hey why would you care as long as their selfish cold parents are ok, after all they fit into society so perfectly.

  10. Poor little girl.

    In harms way from the start of her life, much as Madeleine was with the parents she had, who thought nothing of going off and leaving her alone in an unlocked apartment.

    Yet Gerry McCann is still insisting there is no evidence she came to any harm, and if there is such evidence then it must have been planted.

    The McCanns want us to believe that if Madeleine really had been abducted that wouldn't amount to harm either.

    They must think we are all stupid.


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