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Stop the Printing Press! The Express Exclusively Presents (for the millionth time) Maddie McCann Case: The Re-Opening

Theresa May [or may not....] adventures in the McCann World

Maddy's case may be re-opened by new home secretary Theresa May

Another spoof article by the Express churnalist James Murray

HOME Secretary Theresa May has asked to meet Kate and Gerry McCann, signalling she intends to tell them she will order a new investigation into their missing daughter Madeleine.

Mrs May wrote to the McCanns last week asking them to come to the Home Office in what is being described as a “positive step” by department officials.

A senior Home Office source said: “The Home Secretary has already exchanged letters with Kate and Gerry about the case and will be meeting them shortly to discuss how the investigation is being taken forward. It would not be appropriate to pre-empt that meeting or give details of the work.”

A depiction of a Mammoth

A new team of detectives, most likely from Scotland Yard, could soon get the mammoth [are they serious?] task of raking over all files from Portuguese detectives, police in Leicestershire and private investigators.

Since taking office, Mrs May has taken a close interest in the case. Her predecessor, Labour’s Alan Johnson, last March ordered a costing of a review of evidence and the outline of how a new probe would work into finding out what happened to Madeleine, then three, of Rothley, Leics, who vanished from Praia da Luz on the Algarve in May 2007.

Sources say that Mrs May felt Mr Johnson made the right decision and the internal report is almost complete.

Mr Johnson acted after Jim Gamble, head of the Child Online and Protection Centre, wrote a report for the Home Office analysing police investigations here and in Portugal.

His report, which has not been released publicly, outlines how a new approach could produce new leads.

in Sunday Express July 4,2010


  1. "A new team of detectives, most likely from Scotland Yard, could soon get the mammoth [are they serious?] task...."

    Maybe that's a typo and it should read "Mammoth Tusk"? :D

    A BIG thank you for your excellent blog and all the hard work that goes into exposing the Team McCann lies.

  2. eheh most def. querida amiga, um beijinho

  3. New approach? New leads? £Millions spent on the investigation and private detectives....what about the 'Gasper statements' and the 'Smith' sighting? Why are they being ignored??? or need we ask!

  4. Why stop at mammoths? This is a job for diplodicus...

    I'll get me coat.


  5. And here we have yet another McCann stunt:


    Watch out boys and girls! First rule of safety:

  6. I give up what ever did Madeleine do that was so wrong she has had her victim status removed and is now a cash cow for her parents defence, spin and media campaigns..

    There is no evidence of an abduction but plenty of evidence that something is not right with the McCanns and their friends....

    Since when did a home secratary write to people who are more than likely responsible for whatever happend to their child? Did the then Home secratary write to Karen Mathews and ask her how she wanted to play things?

    The very fact that Kate and Gerry do not want to help with the investigation in any way. The very fact their friends dont want to do a reconstruction and the very fact through CM we learn that they were very pleased with the work of Halligen who they paid 300k+ to is enough to cast serious doubt on their tall tale. After all what could Halligen have done for them he was a con man any genuine parent of a missing child would have wanted to tear the b*stard apart for wasting time...

    Time is a huge factor in this they laughed on her 4th Birthday a short time after they told the world she had been taken from her bed by a peadophile ring.... Then they waste time 3 years 2 months is a long time to leave a child in the depths of hell we hear how they are going to ask for the case to be reopened all the time yet nothing....

    If Madeleine was taken Gerry and Kate McCann must be the most evil people in the world as they have ensured she does not stand a single chance of being found as they have lied from the first moments they say she was taken. Kate wont answer a single question for her child, they never searched and are not bothered that her friends think so little of her they refuse to do a reconstruction.....

    If they know she is dead or safe somewhere then they have no reason to do any of these things as it will not make any diffrence to her..

    It is about time the fund was investigated and someone re opened the investigation on behalf of the victim Madeleine Beth McCann or is the future of child welfare in England doomed and every child who is abused, neglected or missing not important enough for the truth whilst their parents are treated like the victims?

  7. Is this the start of the UK cover-up on this case? Trying to fool the public again - I know of not one person that believes the McCanns and their fairy stories. They will never have peace of mind as long as they live whilst they continuously disrespect the memory of the daughter.

    Go go Mr Amaral.

  8. Next head line

    "New leads in the Madeleine MCcann"s case"

  9. @7

    It is not the start of the cover-up but the end. They will rubbish the portuguese investigation and everything in the files and the case will finally fade away.

    They don't have the guts yet to attribute it to a patsy but might in the future

  10. This will probably be one big whitewash, I really hoped David Camerons' government would be different

  11. Well said hope4truth!

    Yet again, the McCanns (if the report is to be believed) will get preferential treament over many other parents whose child has disappeared. Just what have they got that other parents have not - I'd like to know!

  12. Send an e-mail to the Home Secretary


    All correspondence goes through the Public Enquiries unit there.

    Ask for assurance that the case will not focus on 'new leads' of unsubstantiated claims of abduction but be a proper, objective, investigation based on the complete Portuguese investigation.

    This must not be allowed to be a whitewash which enables the fraudulant and abused fund to continue. In fact the fund should be frozen until abduction is proved or it is a legal fraud!

  13. Either this is another big tease [spin] or maybe the Home Office is preparing the ground to finally admit the girl's death; putting once and for all a deserving end to the LTD Fund and abhorrent merchandising of Madeleine's face and eyes [in the words of Gerry McCann «a good marketing ploy»], and to all the media circus that surrounded this case.

    (I truly wish!) If, a big if here, Theresa May does her job correctly unlike her antecessor Jacqui(eline) Smith - a few examples of Jacqui's conduct as Home Secretary: the infamous rogatory letters deferrals and subsequent monthly delays; the witness that were never contacted or the reluctancy in delivering the vital statements; the Tapas 9 financial records requested by OP that were put on hold and resumed in one A4 page; Madeleine's medical records that were never sent; the secretive use of intelligence like the MI5 surely not to help Operation Task joint investigation; dispatching the former M.M.U. director to control the media and damages, the sudden discharge of all the British diplomatic personnel that was involved on the case since the early days of May; etc, etc.

    As I was saying if Theresa May works accordingly and obliging to the international framework of cooperation agreements signed between both our countries, maybe then there will be a real chance of Justice for Madeleine.

    The official authorities will only be able to continue their professional work investigating the little girl's disappearance [and cadaver search] without further political and diplomatic pressures, buffoonery PR's obstructions and outrageous media spins.

    And when I say official authorities I am referring specifically to the PJ - the judicial authority that has the jurisdiction to investigate criminal cases like Madeleine McCann's disappearance, in what is still a Sovereign Nation with its own Law and Justice system; and also to the other authorities that have previously cooperated with the Portuguese Judiciary Police [NPIA/NSY-MET/INTER-EUROPOL] in this case. The rent-a-cops or dodgy private PI's, like Metodo 3 or Kevin Halligen, hired by the McCanns have no legal status in Portugal, nor they have any credibility left whatsoever, in my opinion.

    In the last 3 years we have watched a farcical and hypocrite globalized media campaign that was originally implemented to whitewash the image of a negligent couple in detriment of the real victim - their daughter Madeleine; the 3 year old girl to whom the McCann couple as parents owed, at least, security and protection.

    Ultimately, Kate Healy and Gerald McCann were and are responsible for the well being and physical integrity of Madeleine and the twins.

    The mockery and sham made to the value of a little girl's life, that was immorally transformed into a merchandising asset since 2007 has already outlived any possible future excuses that envisage the perpetuation of a lie and that deny Madeleine a proper final resting place and the truth.

    Tiocfaidh Ár Lá

  14. Rt Hon Theresa May MP
    House of Commons
    SW1A 0AA
    Tel: 020 7219 5206
    Fax: 020 7219 1145
    Maidenhead Conservative Association
    2 Castle End Farm
    RG10 9XQ
    Tel: 0118 934 5433 or 01628 604 961
    Fax: 0118 934 5288

  15. In the "Scotsman" today it does say that the McCanns asked to meet Teresa May and that Met Police have no intention of reopening the case -


    Details of the meeting with Teresa May are still to be confirmed. Let's hope she is considering not letting it go ahead, which may be the fact after she has been inundated with furious emails from people who can see right through the McCanns.

  16. "The King is in the altogether,
    The altogether,
    The altogether,
    The altogether,
    It's plain for all to see" (apologies to Hans Christian Anderson)

    The Emperor (GM) has got no clothes Mrs May, wake up and smell the coffee!

  17. I sincerely hope that Snr Amaral and other senior PJ officers will be invited to give proper witness testimony in any forthcoming new investigation. Without this, such an investigation will have no validity whatsoever. It is a requirement of protocol to involve the PJ fully in any investiation, as the crime against the child is Portuguese jurisdiction

  18. Creidim freisin do dTiocfaidh ár Lá.

  19. I've dropped a note to Theresa regarding the linkage of her name to the McCanns' in the tabloids. I sincerely hope it is untrue, and honestly believe that she's a smarter politician than this suggests.

    I will no doubt receive some sort of reply in the next few days... will let you know what it says.

    First of all, many congratulations on your new position as Home Secretary... a well deserved appointment!

    I am writing to let you know that there has been at least one article in the tabloid press linking your name with the Madeleine McCann case, which I'm sure you are aware is highly emotionally charged.

    There are many who view the facts of this case with great suspicion, and consider the actions of the McCann family under the circumstances unexpected and surprising, especially actions taken to ban books expressing opinions that oppose their own.

    If you are indeed taking a personal interest in the case, as the tabloids suggest, then I ask on behalf of many, that you consider carefully *all* the facts in the case, including the investigation conducted by the Portuguese police.



  20. The BBC has it now:


  21. And... The Daily Wail has it and is allowing comments, apparently.


  22. When I first read this report in the Mail "Kate and Gerry McCann to meet Home Secretary Theresa May in a bid to reopen Maddie case", I was optimistic but, having read further that the McCanns requested the meeting, I find that troubling. I can only think at this point that the Fund being somewhat depleted, this is another ploy by Gerry. (The Mail is still accepting comments.)

  23. Why calling Gerry and Kate? If she wanted a serious investigation, she should reopen the case without consulting the prime suspects. This looks more a strategy to let Gerry and Kate knowing what is undersecrecy in Pj investigation and use all the British manipulation/ corruption ( made by Carter- F*) to sue the portuguese police. After all, most of the evidences are in the FSS hands and very easily to be manipulated or destroyed. The Mccann's ( with a millionaire Fund or not) cannot support the cost of Carter-F* for much longer. They need to close the case and send that top vulture lawyers away, special now when the public transfers to the Fund are almost ZERO. Money is not ennough to achieve Michael J. or Amy Whinehouse way of life. Mccann's song is not selling so well. The fake abduction is so fake that nobody buy it. Only the PR, who survive under such dirty money are feeding their song and desperate to drive the same boat.
    This is a way to close the case and not to achieve justice for Madeleine or to admit the truth.
    Murat has the key to reopen the case if he want it and if his court case against Jane Tanner is true and serious. If the court realise that Tanner lie's in her sight then no support for the abduction theory and the case need to be reopenned and re-evaluated with the evidences found by the police. I hope Mr. Pagarette become clever ennough to caught that bag of RATS- THE TAPAS 9 and Mitchell.

  24. Er, can we now have a stop to posters reckoning it was all Gordon Brown's fault?!

  25. Letter from Iberia

    The Portuguese police have stated many, many times that the McCann’s only have to request that the case be reopened and they will open it, but that would mean that the McCann’s could not control the outcome.
    Once again this is just another example of the McCann’s smoke and mirrors deception

  26. If Mrs. Theresa is an inteligent person she will realise that against what some Pro-Mccann's defend, Maddie case damaged the image of Uk much more then damaged the image of Portugal or the Algarve. And worse then anything else, damaged the image of the British young parents outside Uk. Several times we see people commenting about the way the British raise their childs and this comments were based on Mccann's stories about their negligence and an injustice to the big majority of British parents, who are very responsible and not fittin at all the Mccann's style. Personally I don't believe on Mccann's negligence. I think something very serious and socially recriminated hapenned to Madeleine under their hands that made them opt for negligence instead of facing and assuming the truth. A negligence can easily lead to an accident and after 3 years, their behaviour, the behaviour of their friends, their lawyers and their "Mitchell" show's us that what hapenned to little Madeleine, cannot be an accident. They went too far, to just cover-up an accident under the mask of a negligence. AND THEIR BIG ERROR WAS TO UNDERESTIMATE THE PUBLIC AND OUR INTELLIGENCE. THEY FABRICATE THEIR OWN WORLD AND THEY LIVE PRETENDING THAT EVERYBODY BELIEVE ON THEM. EVERYBODY LIVE OUT OF THEIR WORLD, EVEN THE NAIF PRO. And this Pros were the ones which they need to be worried by telling the truth. I cannot imagine the reaction if the truth become officially delivered by the Home office, with madeleine dead since May 2007 and her parents responsible for concealing the body and setting a fraudulent Fund...

  27. Theresa May has a very small window of opportunity to blame this fiasco on the previous government. I suggests she takes it, even if that means sacrificing the careers of the few tory MP's who supported this farce either due to self promotion or stupidity.

  28. My email to Theresa May ,sent today
    Dear Ms May
    I was SO pleased when I read you have ordered a re-OPENING of the Madeliene McCann case ,Up to now the only thing her"parents"have asked for is a "review"which as we all know not the same as a re-OPENING,I trust that until the re opening is concluded the"fund"will be frozen ? because if all the true FACTS of this case are brought forward (Smith sighting,Gaspar statements,Eddie and Keeva cadaver dog findings of scent of death in 5A,Kates clothing ,Hire car),the McCanns are in deep trouble and the fund will have been opened fraudulently ,lets try to get justice for Madeliene NOT protection for Kate and Gerry which they enjoyed under Gordon Brown ,There are lots of very interesting places on the internet where the police files,statements etc can be found ,and until Maddie gets the justice she deserves myself and thousands like me will never rest
    Thank you

  29. Mitchell had pre-election employment with the Conservatives. Does anyone know if he is still employed by the party or by the present government?

  30. I don't give much credence to the Masonic plot theories, or secret links with GM and the labour party. I believe Gordon Browns initial desire to help was genuine and reflex in reaction to the contacts made with him.
    I also had sympathy and contributed when the first facts of the case came out. That is when the news came out the parents were checking on their children every half hour, were but yards away and the abductor had forced open the shutters to the rear of the property....now we all know these are the facts because Clarence told us so stop doubting you naughty people.
    Today however we all have the chance to to get in touch with Teresa May and let her know what we think, about the damage done to democracy, Portuguese/GB relations. Let her know of the hypocracy and blatant lies promoted in the media and by the media. This lady must know the strength of feeling and the strength of evidence that exists to have a genuine and open appraisal of the case and not another insane whitewash.
    It is imperative everyone who feels strongly about this case gets in touch with Teresa May and lets her know how strongly we feel and specifically what points have been ignored or falsely promoted. A dishonest white wash will not stand the test of time and history.

  31. If you read the BBC report this doesn't seem like an attempt to reopen the search but yet another attempt to find out what information the British and Portuguese authorities have on them


  32. Sky has screwed up big time. The latest story of the McCann's and Teresa May is there BUT the link they have put on there is not for the Find Madeleine website. Its the link for the Madeleine Foundation.

    Wonder if this 'error' will upset the McCann's? I do hope so. I bet the McCann's will be spitting teeth when they discover that bloomer.


  33. If Theresa May grants an interview to the McCanns then she must also grant interviews to all the other families whose sons and daughters are the victims of unsolved crime, i.e. Ben Needham, Andrew Gosden & Claudia Lawrence and the many others.

  34. The Sky News article gives a link to The Madeleine Foundation!!!!!!!

  35. Anon 12 and 14,thanks for putting Theresa Mays email address here,i've sent an email today.

  36. #6, hope4truth,

    Don't know if someone said it before, in any case I just want to say:

    My thoughts and feelings exactly!
    Congratulations and a BIG thank you!

    Mrs. Blackcat

  37. Sky News Links to Madeleine Foundation. Error or Mischief???

    Kate And Gerry McCann To Meet Theresa May
    5:01pm UK, Sunday July 04, 2010
    Sarah Gordon, Sky News Online
    Home secretary Theresa May will meet with Kate and Gerry McCann to discuss how the search for their daughter Madeleine is progressing.

    Madeleine McCann has been missing since 2007
    The Home Office announced the meeting will take place following an exchange of letters between Mrs May and the McCanns.
    Madeleine's parents requested to see the home secretary and details of the meeting are being confirmed, a Home Office spokeman said.
    The Leicestershire couple, whose daughter went missing from their holiday apartment in the Algarve, want a review of all the information in the hands of British and Portuguese authorities.
    Mrs May's interest in the case follows an internal review of evidence ordered by former Labour Home Secretary Alan Johnson last year.
    Mr Johnson wanted an outline of how a new investigation into Madeleine's disappearance might work.
    The McCanns are continuing the search for their daughter with private invetigators
    The report is understood to be almost complete and there is speculation that a fresh probe into the case could be ordered.
    However, the Metropolitan Police have said there are no plans to reopen the investigation.
    Madeleine was nearly four when she went missing in Praia da Luz in Portugal on May 3, 2007, while her parents dined with friends nearby.
    Mr and Mrs McCann were originally named as arguidos - or suspects - by Portuguese police and a senior officer involved in the inquiry wrote a damning book about the case.
    But, since their arguido status was lifted, the McCanns have campaigned to keep the search for their daughter going.
    Although both Portuguese and British police have closed their investigations, money raised by the The Madeleiene Foundation has been put towards hiring private investigators to continue the search.

  38. The comments on the Daily Mail article are not good for the McCanns...oh dear, oh dear...it seems that more and more british people are finally opening their eyes!

  39. When the media are once again free to report all stories they consider to be of interest to the public then I will believe that there really has been a change in the political system but until that time, well connected criminals will be seen to get preferential treatment.I hope Mrs May has the freedom to carry out a full investigation but I somehow doubt it.

  40. When Alan Johnson ordered a study into the cost of a new investigation, did it coincide with the evidence that came out in the Amaral case where it became clear to more than just a few of us that there was real evidence that the mc's knew more than they wanted everyone to believe. As always the mc's paint things in their own colours on their own planet, but maybe the meeting is for G&K to explain themselves or face a re-opening.

  41. Ive E-Mailed Ms May today.....

    Ive voted for Mr Cameron and your party, Im sorry to hear that you requested a meeting with the McCanns regards re-opening the case, why would you do this, I find this very strange that they constantly say the case will not be re-opened by the PJ, I and many other of the public know for a fact that the McCanns had 3 months after the case was "Shelved" that they could have asked for it to be re-opened but they didnt, and even to this day, they still say the PJ dont want to know, it is only the PJ that can re-open the case, if anything shouldn't you be requesting a meeting and not with those who chose to leave their children while they went out drinking.

    Why do they and other friends not tell the truth and more importantly why did the Labour Government help them so much knowing what the Mccanns had been upto. Please do the right thing for Madeleine Beth McCann, more then her parents ever did, and the Labour Government.


  42. So the Uk is to reopen the case and prove the McCanns did it? I think you are living in cloud cuckoo land. If that were the case she would not have written to them and she would not be asking to meet them. Face facts, the UK govt do not believe they were involved. I'm not sure what else is going to be needed to prove this to people.

  43. Sit tight... I don't believe for a minute that Theresa May is the origin of this story. It is more McCanntics...


  44. Hi Joana, well impressed with your use of Irish, I hope you are right, our day will come, for the memory of the little one.
    Keep it going.


  45. ;)) The following text(below)appears in the MSN (pops up after Hotmail). It seems to have the PA (Press Association) as its source (top).

    Amazing how the Daily Mail "churnalist" :)) well coined...digged so much out of "pomp and circunstance". Pride and prejudice are the two basic tenets of Daily Mail's "churnalism". Why? Nationalism sells! Who said crime does not pay?

    Are you ready, readers? :(( "Yeeeeahhhh!"


    "pa.press.net, Updated: 04/07/2010 20:46

    McCanns set to meet Home Secretary

    Kate and Gerry McCann are set to meet the new Home Secretary

    Home Secretary Theresa May will meet with Kate and Gerry McCann to discuss how the search for their missing daughter Madeleine is progressing, the Home Office said.

    The meeting is being arranged following an exchange of letters between the couple and Mrs May in which the McCanns asked to see her, a Home Office spokesman said.

    Details of the meeting are still being confirmed, he added.

    The couple, from Rothley, Leicestershire, want a review of all the information in the hands of the British and Portuguese authorities.

    But the Metropolitan Police said it had no plans to reopen the investigation.

    Madeleine was nearly four when she went missing from her family's holiday flat in Praia da Luz in the Algarve, Portugal, on the night of May 3 2007 as her parents dined with friends nearby.

    Despite a massive police investigation and huge publicity worldwide, the little girl has still not been found."


  46. I think the Daily Star must be taking the pi$$ out of the McCanns delusions of grandeur. Their reported upcoming MEETING with the Home Secretary has been elevated to loftier heights:-




  47. It appears the McCanns have shot themselves in the foot with their OTT campaign. Most comments on the Mail article are voicing an opinion of "oh not again", "what a about other missing kids". etc.

    Undoubtedly there were a lot more comments that were not published but of those that were there was not much support.

    Well done McCanns, you have marketed your daughther to the extent that she is no longer seen as a missing child. Shame on you both

  48. @ Anon 41

    No.The UK is NOT re-opening the case because the UK has NO juridisction over this case.
    The home office secretary has NOT contacted the mccanns .Its the other way around and try to read again but this is the result: "But the Metropolitan Police said it had no plans to reopen the investigation."

  49. The "Students Campaing" made by the Mccann's is laughable. That pair showing again how low they can go, when the issue is money. Now they are trying to assault the slim wallet of some naif and not well informed ( about the case) students. And what is very interesting is the form with a lot of private information, the students have to fill and give to the Mccann's. What is the use of that information? Is it to be used by the Mccann's private team, to contact and frame some students, asking them to deliver to the Media some sihts and more fairy tales about Madeleine?
    Interesting that if any government or official organization ask this kind of information, even if it was for security reasons, always some voices will speech lowdly to say " This is Privacy invasion" but the Mccann's can do and ask whatever they want that nobody say's anything. I hope somebody in the universities will advise the students to not buy this pack or help this campain, because is based in a fraud- If the Mccann's wanted to help the search of their daughter, they just need to fill a form with PJ and reopen the case, they just need to do the police reconstruction and answer all the questions. Then, PJ, Interpol, Europol and trillions of local polices in the world will be working to search Madeleine, FREE OF CHARGES FOR THE MCCANN'S. But of-course, they don't want any eyes of competent and official polices in the case because they know exactly what hapenned to Madeleine and where she is now. They know there is no way for Madeleine to come back or be found alive. They just want the easy money, her tragedy allow them to raise without government control. More dificult them living without their daughter, will be living without money and still having to pay lawyers and spin mans to spread their lies.
    This parents are really a shame and an insult for trillions of parents in the world who have to work hard daily and face the bills to give a properly education to their childs and NEVER EVER LEAVE THEM ALONE FOR A MINUTE.

  50. @41, of course the uk are not going to re-open the case for the simple reason they cant, any person who has followed this case knows that it is up to the pj and all the mccanns have got to IS ASK.so why dont they????

  51. What the UK Police should do is OPEN that part of the case which is entirely within their jurisdiction, namely, the Fund.
    Sadly that would have to be the Fraud Squad of the Leicestershire Police, who are under the direct Command of Detective Chief Superintendent (call-me-Stu) Prior.
    Unless the ACC(Operations) took that matter out of his hands there is little chance of that.

  52. E-mail sent to Theresa May. Wasn't sure what to write, but couldn't keep quite in the face of this ongoing farce.

  53. Anonymous 42 Care to read my post again, before making foolish comments? Or does your brain see everything in Black and White without Grey tonal gradations in between?

    Do notice that the spin was already debunked as having its origin in the McCann camp/Team McCann media machine; and I already had pointed out yesterday to the likelihood of that possibility - not only in the first line of the first paragraph of my comment but also in the title given to James Murray Excess article and metaphorical allusion to Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

    It is unfortunate that yet again the McCanns try like ticks to latch on to VIP’s to keep the case «alive», feeding the media with spins that are exactly that: media spins that amount to nothing; whilst they keep in their hands the «power» to reopen their daughter's case if only they.... and if they... [fill the empty spaces] as previously mentioned, several times, in this blog.

    As I said on my previous comment «I truly wished» that the case was solved and doing so I've also explained step by step how Theresa May [or may not] help that Justice is made to a little dead girl.

    This case does not need further political interference but an unhindered Police investigation.

    25 Something is amiss in your comment. In fact it was not Gordon Browns' responsibility alone; he simply acted in accordance to the plans established by his antecessor and party leader Tony Blair, right? Wrong, that is the excuse given by criminals in acts of war «Sir, I was just following orders». Indeed, when Gordon Brown noticed that something wasn't quite right or when the quid pro quo ceased to be fruitful, either in mediatic profits or in diplomatic tit for tat exchanges, Mr. Brown decided, publicly at least, to stop any further intermeddling in what was a criminal investigation totally out of the jurisdiction of Her Majesty's dominions. Portugal, you see it is not and never was a colony of the British Empire and certainly is not part of the British Commonwealth of Nations.

    Disserting further on the «culpability» issue, Gordon Brown’s actions regarding what is the McCann Case [not Madeleine’s case] where crucial to perpetuate the McCanns and Tapas 7 charade, and systematic disrespect of a little girl's memory. However, both former Tories leaders are not alone in that «game» nor are they the only politicians figuring at Madeleine's Top Justice Hinderer’s List of Shame.

  54. I don't hold much hope in a reopening of this case. Which will speak volumes to my way of thinking.
    Would a refusal to do so, not suggest that Madeleine's death is widely accepted and that in the absence of any new evidence or suspect, there is still insufficient proof to succesfully prosecute the McCanns.
    I would hope in the unlikely event the case is reopened, charge's that can be proved such as neglect/abandonment leading to harm will be made against the McCanns, but this can only happen in Portugal.

  55. @51 PeterMac

    I always wondered why the british police has never even thought of investigating the fund....and if they ever will because ,as you say,this is entirely under their jurisdiction but the fund is staying untouched or is it untouchable? and why?

    I do not believe a word about any of the article above: the mccanns will never ever allow the case to be re-opened UNLESS they can control the whole process. I do not believe Theresa May asked to "meet" them,either.She and they know ONLY the portuguese authorities can re open it IF the mccanns ask for it: they will not do this.
    Its just sooooooo boring,init gerry?

  56. Why would he do this,, David Payne phoned The Metropolitan Police Child Abuse Team on the 4th May 2007 at 23:13:41 for 100 seconds.

    And when questioned by Leicestershire police ,he had to be forced to admit, he made this call.

    Throw in the Gasper statement and the letter written by Yvonne Warren Martin, this leaves me with very serious concerns regarding child abuse.


  57. anon 24,
    bravo, this is true and they havent, and I have written to them many times asking why they have not requested the case is reopened like any normal caring parent, but....no reply to one of my questions, strange that but I am not surprised for they are not normal parents.....to use ones missing daughter for an ebay shop, a fund to con people, and publicise her faulty eye....is not behaviour of caring parents. sorry, but it is true

  58. gerry & kate,
    do your dreams haunt you at night? greed and avarice is a terrible thing.

  59. One dead child more, one dead child less...
    After more than three years, who cares?
    The only people who care about a dead child are the parents and the grandparents.
    Madeleine can not count on her family. They don't allow her to be dead.
    Why should they? They can not change this situation, they will always do everything to hide this crime.They have a lot to loose if Justice proofs the child is dead.The twins(perhaps), Gerry's job, their good name(if they still have gotten it), accused of fraude cheating on the UK people,destroying Murat's life,father Pacheco's life,Tapas 7, the PJ...
    They could even go to prison.
    Imo they know quite a lot about important people, photos, videos, tapes.
    Bad things, God knows what.
    And the cover up started with Blair, Brown was manipulated and this new government is doing nothing about it.
    Probably this has nothing to do with a particular political party.
    Otherwise this new government would have done something against the CEOP
    and would have asked the regular police to really work with Portugal.
    They would have stopped the political pressure on the Portuguese authorities.

    Madeleine McCann,

    who cares?

  60. The barometer for that case is the portuguese media. Like the british media, they want to sale papers and attract their readers. Madeleine case to be reopenned will be front news in all portuguese News, if true, IF NOT A SPIN. Not a sinle portuguese media gave a sentence or write a word about the Home Office meeting the Mccann's or looking for the case to be reopenned. Then, I tend to achieve a logical conclusion: MORE SPIN "MCCANN'S MADE" just for british comsuption. They insist in a strategy to mock and fool the british, trying to convince them that they are two innocent parents victims of the police and because of that they need money to search their daughter. That spin will fade and die without further evolution. No any answer will come out from the Home Office and like that, the Mccann's can in a few weeks say that they wanted to reopen the case but got no support from the authorities. Their speciality is blaming always somebody else and pretending that they are searching their daughter, when in fact not even when she was recently missed, they put a foot outside and phisical search for her. Their world is the PINOCCHIO WORLD with a fake Geppeto.

  61. That article July 4th 2010, Sky News online, written by Sarah Gordon, with the terrible mistake The Madeleine Foundation instead of Madeleine Fund(see MacCannfiles) was no mistake but on purpose, imo.
    Sarah Gordon was calling attention to good information about this case.
    We can not proof it but I think it was her intention.
    Also because we hear a lot but a lot more about the fund than about the foundation.
    Probably most people in the UK never heard of the foundation.
    Thank you,Sarah!

  62. Anonymous #29 asked:

    'Mitchell had pre-election employment with the Conservatives. Does anyone know if he is still employed by the party or by the present government?'

    Anybody a clue?

  63. #42 wrote: "Face facts, the UK govt do not believe they were involved. I'm not sure what else is going to be needed to prove this to people."

    42, what facts?


  64. I agree with 59 no one in the UK cares about little madelaine not even her own parents, she is gone now and that's it, her last remains dumped like rubbish not even given the dignity of an animal.
    This is the good catholic parents Kate and Gerry, who are clueless regarding the catholic faith, In the catholic church its your obligation to respect the body after death. Kate Maccann has never truly loved this little girl in life, she is not going to love her in death, no wonder she is trying to avoid jail at all cost's she would be lynched inside.

  65. Jmuck, nice try but no banana. You KNOW that isn't true because it has been pointed out to you what the numnber really is, on THREE internet sites that I know of. So why tell lies? What's the point? For anyone interested in the truth, it is the general out of hours number for the Serious Crimes Directorate, and it is used as a contact point for many different units within that directorate. The police officer who interviewed Payne even mentioned the name of it in his Rogatory interview.
    I do so hate people in this case who deliberately and knowingly spread false information. It's obscene.

  66. "We know many students travel over the summer, take gap-year travel and also go places off the beaten path. We are launching a new initiative for students to help in the search for Madeleine."

    Thank you anon 5

    'go places off he beaten path'?????? Who's idea was this one?

    Maybe the McCann's want her found for closure but can't be seen to lead to her? Who knows.


  67. 64 sorry you are incorrect, as i have already pointed out to you many many times,,, but you dont seem to be listening ,the number David Payne phoned was the direct out of hours number for The Metropolitan Police Child Abuse Team ,this phone call was made on the 4th May 2007 at 23:13:41 for 100 seconds.

    When questioned by Leicestershire police ,David Payne was forced to admit he made this call, this can be read in the rogatory interview made by him.

    David Payne made this call on the evening of 4th May 2007, that morning of the 4th May 2007, Yvonne Warren Martin (social work)arrived on the scene, this women thought she recognised David Payne from previous work she had been involved with.
    Her concerns regarding David Payne ,were so serious, she wrote a letter to British police, asking them to check child abuse registers for anything relating to David Payne.

    Did David Paynes phone call that late evening May 2007 ,have anything to do with the arrival of Yvonne Warren Martin.

    Jimuck ,,Please no more Spin anonymous

  68. Index of Official Files and Tapas Statements

    David Payne
    McCann Case: David Anthony Payne Statement - http://joana-morais.blogspot.com/2009/05/mccann-case-david-anthony-payne.html
    McCann Case: David Anthony Payne Rogatory Interview Part I - http://joana-morais.blogspot.com/2009/05/mccann-case-david-anthony-payne_27.html
    McCann Case: David Anthony Payne Rogatory Interview Part II - http://joana-morais.blogspot.com/2009/05/mccann-case-david-anthony-payne_613.html
    McCann Case: David Anthony Payne Rogatory Interview Part III - http://joana-morais.blogspot.com/2009/05/mccann-case-david-anthony-payne_955.html

  69. The cover-up will continue no matter who is in power. That is the key.

    It involves British national security and was never about one little girl whose parents did not protect her.

    Look at Gerry McCann's family background and you will find the answer to the questions you ask.

  70. Jmuck you know this isn't true - and thanks to joana posting up the rogatory libk everyone can see that it isn't true. The officer doing the questioning correctly says what the number is. Is there something about the words 'switchboard' and 'call routing' that you don't understand? Or is it just deliberate? This might pass muster on the Sky boards, but not here.

  71. Anonymous 70 ,o yes it is true, please all read the rogatory interviews

    The Leicestershire police forced David Payne to admit he made this call to The Metropolitan Police Child Abuse Team on the 4th May 2007 at 23:13:41 for 100 seconds

    I have already posted the link on another forum ,which proves David Payne made this call.

    Anonymous please do not reply, i have humiliated you enough.

    Why did David Payne tell Yvonne Warren Martin (social worker) that Kate & Gerry MaCann did not want her help.

    Yvonne Warren Martin thought she recognised him , did David Payne also recognise her.

    Jimuck, does not believe in SPIN.

  72. Interviewing Officer DC MESSIAH - 1485
    David Payne - Reply

    McCann Case: David Anthony Payne Rogatory Interview Part II - http://joana-morais.blogspot.com/2009/05/mccann-case-david-anthony-payne_613.html

    «1485 "Okay. Okay David it’s time to get your phone out. Can I just confirm what mobile phone number you have please?”

    Reply "Yeah, its o, seven, seven, four, eight, eight, four, four, eight, three, seven. This is not the phone that I had on the night. This is a, a new phone that I’ve had since then, quite a few of the numbers I’ve transferred across.”

    1485 "Right.”

    Reply "But I haven’t got all the numbers that I originally had on that phone.”

    1485 "Okay. I’m gonna go through a series of numbers and I want you to have a look in your phone book and see whether you can tell me who they are.”

    Reply "Yeah.”

    1485 "The first one, the phone number ends in, and I’ll just give you the last four digits.”

    Reply "Will you just hang on two secs, this is a bit, okay.”»

  73. and then a bit further on

    « 1485 "And then there was between ten a.m. to six p.m. there’s a series of eight text messages, actually I’m lying, no I’m wrong, sorry, scrap that, there was two, there was two calls between eight and nine in the morning and then one text message, two text messages around about ten a.m.”

    Reply "Right.”

    1485 "Could you have been at the Police Station that, the following day around about that time?”

    Reply "I mean we didn’t leave the Police Station the following day until about eleven o’ clock so that, I mean if they were ten a.m. then that would have been before.”

    1485 "But that number’s not in your book at all?”

    Reply "No, as I say whether it’s just because it’s not one I’ve transferred across, because I’ve not got all of the numbers in this phone that I’ve got in my other one. I, I mean I can certainly get those for you.”

    1485 "You may well have to actually.”

    Reply "Yeah okay.”

    1485 "The next number ends in eight, seven, one, three. Sorry, that’s Simon again, sorry.”

    Reply "Okay.”

    1485 "And again there was quite a number of text messages, so you text him again.”

    Reply "Yeah.”

    1485 "Its okay, they’ve put it in the saved box here.”

    Reply "Oh right, so it’s the same?”

    1485 "The same yeah. Okay, we’ll move on, this is a small number and it, it is nine, one, seven, two, two, four, one, zero, six.”

    Reply "So that’s a local number?”

    1485 "I think…”

    Reply "Yeah, I mean err it may well have been Simon ALDRIDGE gave us a contact of someone that was a friend of the family in Portugal who err could get us mobile phones because Kate and Gerry you know hadn’t got any contact, you know way of contacting, their batteries were running out or something like that so Simon ALDRIDGE had basically said err you know there’s, there’s these people that we know there and you know that could have been it.”

    1485 "Or, because then there were two text messages sent about half past, about ten o’ clock on the Friday evening to that number.”

    Reply "Oh to that number, well that wouldn’t make sense.”

    1485 "No.”

    Reply "Err…” (continues bellow)

  74. (continuation)

    1485 "From that number to your number.”

    Reply "Oh, it could have been then, if they text me saying oh I hope everything’s alright, you’ve got the phones and everything, that’s the only thing.”

    1485 "Okay, next number I’d like you to look for please David is seven, seven, four, three.”

    Reply "That’s gonna be my sister’s… Seven, seven, four, three?”

    1485 "Seven, seven, four, three yeah. It starts with, it’s four…”

    Reply "Is it o, one, seven.”

    1485 "Yeah.”

    Reply "O, one, seven, o, six?”

    1485 "Yeah.”

    Reply "Yeah it’s my mum’s number.”

    1485 "What town is that?”

    Reply "What town is that? Err Rochdale.”

    1485 "Rochdale?”

    Reply "Yeah, in Manchester.”

    1485 "And again, there was a series of calls which are self explanatory I suppose.”

    Reply "Mm, yeah.”

    1485 "The next number could well be another relative but I’ll check with you anyway, it’s o, one, eight, five, eight…”

    Reply "Yeah my sister’s.”

    1485 "Your sister’s?”

    Reply "Yeah, that’s Market Harborough.”

    1485 "Next number is a, I think it’s a London number, it’s o, two, o, seven, and it ends in twenty sixty one.”

    Reply "Twenty sixty one? Can we just ring it? (Laughs).”

    1485 "(Laughs).”

    Reply "No. What time was that sorry that that was…”

    1485 "It’s about, it’s quarter past eleven or twenty three thirteen on the fourth on the Friday night.”

    Reply "At night?”

    1485 "Yeah. So my, my recollection of o, two, o, seven is a London number if that helps.”

    Reply "Yeah, I’ll just have a little look. I, I can’t remember, I’ve got friends that are down in London which I haven’t got her number in here, whether she saw it and rang it I don’t know. Was it a long, long call or?”

    1485 "Err, yeah it was quite a long call.”

    Reply "Right, okay.”

    1485 "But you actually called the number.”

    Reply "Yeah, okay.

  75. On the same day 11.04.2008, after lunch break

    McCann Case: David Anthony Payne Rogatory Interview Part III

    «1485 "Do you recall me telling you about the London number, which you couldn’t find in your phone?”

    Reply "Yes.”

    1485 "That number actually transcribes back to the Crime Specialist Director in London.”

    Reply "Mm.”

    1485 "Did you contact them?”

    Reply "Err I did yes. My, err you know my sister err had been in contact with them and she was trying to do everything that she could knowing the, err, the difficulties that we were having out there so you know I did approach them just asking for advice but err I can’t remember, I don’t think I actually spoke to anyone there, but for some reason that wasn’t carried forward.”

    1485 "Yeah.”

    Reply "But I mean, you know, just into the context of the conversation you know we’re in a strange country, we’ve got no representeers we don’t know what’s going on, all hell’s broken loose and you know to see whether you can do anything to help Madeleine come back, you know and that was the lines that we were taking.”

    1485 "Do you remember who you spoke to?”

    Reply "I don’t know.”

    1485 "The call was made on the following day at twenty three thirteen, so that’s late at night.”

    Reply "Mm.”

    1485 "You don’t recollect anything else about the conversation that you had with that, was it you that made the call?”

    Reply "Err I, yeah I know that I got phone numbers from my sister which I did you know ring them but I can’t remember making one late at night.”

  76. and so it goes on and on until such time that someone,(like Snr Amaral) decides to take the bull by the horns, or Gerry by the balls, and get the truth out. Many know the truth, many more suspect the truth, and many will not rest until the truth is known.
    And Gerry & Kate, your refusal to demand a reopening of the case, says to many...parents that dont give a ----, and that you really do not want Madeliene found.

  77. Sorry to say this but does anyone else think these photos of Madeliene (on Joannas piece above), look a little strange, almost of a child with a touch of something wrong, as that caused by her eye defect. These are not the little girl lost type of photos but true images. Please look at the second one carefully......

  78. 77 Which second one? Or second from where? There are several images taken from various sites used in that collage, it's difficult to understand the one you're referring to. I don't see anything wrong in those pictures except on the latest released in the media by the McCanns, the «lolita» one, which was absolutely atrocious.

    Oh, and there are two other pictures which in my non-expert opinion weren't exactly the best choice to publicize in the world wide media; photos that could, in fact, sexually objectify Madeleine augmenting the endangerment of the child if she, as per the McCann's unproved theory, had been at the hands of a sexual predator or paedophile ring. [The McCann couple defenders can always ask Mark William-Thomas or CEOPs Jim Gamble for a professional and biased opinion.]

  79. 77, the second photo...
    do you mean the one with sad eyes?

  80. Holland will play the last football game next Sunday, World Cup in South Africa.
    I wonder if the McCanns will distribute Maddie's T-shirts to that public.

  81. "Searching for Madeleine: Madeleine's parents take search across Europe Fox News Channel

    This video is undated but judging by the nature of the news, the presenters words and the McCanns' clothes, it was almost certainly recorded on 01 June 2007, whilst the McCanns were in Madrid.

    It contains a very brief interview with the McCanns.


    By Nigel Moore

    Kate McCann: We were in a bigger party; you've probably heard that, you know, quite a lot of children in our party and they were all just having a great time, you know...

    Gerry McCann: She... she did so many activities in those six days, errr... they'd been to the beach, they'd been out sailing, they went indoor swimming, there... they had tennis, errr... sh... there was a play area where we went with all the kids every night; all within the resort, I have to say. So, errr... you know, she was everywhere but as soon as she was, errm... reported missing - and Kate and I are absolutely certain, errr... I think as are the police, that this is an abduction - errm... that there was an immediate search, errr... organised by the Mark Warner staff, who are the tour operators, and they responded really, really well, errm... so, you know, I'd... I'd just like to reiterate that this isn't a four-year-old girl, errm... walking off somewhere during the day or in the evening, you know, she was tucked up in bed, errm... and there's no way she... she could have got out on her own."

    Source: Mccannfiles.

    So many lies comin out from Kate and Gerry mouths. The weather was not good on the week they spent in PDL to allow all that outdoor activities. And if Madeleine really had participate on that activities, why there is no pictures of her there? Why the last picture came out only after May 21 ( after Gerry first trip to UK) and not immediatly, to help the police? LIES, LIES to spread clouds around people not well informed about the case.

  82. Perhaps Theresa May could use her considerable influence - on the McCann's behalf - to persuade the Portuguese to re-open the case. She would of course need to obtain assurances from Madelene's parents that they & the Tapas 7 will fully co-operate with the new investigation by returning to Portugal, answering questions & taking part in a reconstruction. They say they want the case re-opened so there shouldn't be a problem.

  83. poster 69 .Your comments regarding Gerry MaCaans family background really intrigues me,and this case is not really about a little girl but British National security????Is there something you know that we don,t?or are you just trying to wind people up!

  84. @ post #83, no wind-up re national security. This is one of the reasons given for refusing to disclose information under the FOI Act.

    PS: I'm not poster #69.

  85. I remember discussions regarding the disposal and renewal of mobiles by various Tappas group members and the McCann duo.This was on the Mirror forum.
    I find this, if true, and it seems that it was, very suspect/damning evidence of a cover up. This, coupled with the lack of credit and banking information would imply that the purchase and supplier of said mobile phones was to be protected at all costs.

  86. Sky news, as we speak (1810, 7/7/10)
    Raoul MOAT, (wanted in the UK for a murder and 2 attempt murders in the last 2 days) is being described by forensic psychologist as
    A paranoid narcissist
    he thinks superficially
    puts himself always at the centre of attention
    he is not accepting responsibility for his actions
    he puts the responsibility onto everyone else,
    onto his friends, the police, the Media
    He won't accept responsilbility for own behaviour
    He want to be the centre of attention
    He wants all this attention
    He is revelling in it
    He is no different from any of the Psychopaths I have dealt with
    They try to give themselves power and control

    Fascinating stuff. I wonder if those phrases apply to anyone else's behaviour in the recent past ?

  87. The T9 certainly were part of a bigger party and if you look at the backgrounds of many of the people there on the guest lists, you can see why this has all been covered up. See BIVDA.

  88. In the David Payne rogatory (last section)

    Q: Is there anything that you consider pertinent or relevant to establish the material truth?”

    Reply: "Err the, there are a few things but I don’t think this is the right forum for bringing those up.”

    Q: OKAY.

    David Payne: Please tell us those 'few things'...

    Can you believe that the interviewer just says OKAY...... allows David Payne, in a witness interview, to just pass over things that he knows....


  89. to 86

    the French football team at the World Cup - collectively ?

    give us a clue



    (beware of hobby-Freuds)

  90. It was the McCanns and their accomplices, whose refusal to cooperate with the Portuguese police investigation led to the case being archived, and the McCanns being left under a cloud of suspicion. There is absolutely no way for them to clear their names without requesting the Portuguese to reopen the case and for them to finally cooperate with the subsequent investigations.

    But of course there is no possible way that they could cooperate and be cleared of all suspicion, otherwise they would have done so a long long time ago. So they are condemned to remain in their state of limbo, a catch 22 situation, or to use another analogy, a perfect snooker. It is to be hoped that the Portuguese authorities keep their nerve and continue their policy of keeping the case archived until new information comes to light, thus leaving the McCanns, to coin a phrase, "in the situation they find themselves in," perhaps forever, or at least until one of them is prepared to come clean.

    The latest campaign directed at Theresa May is just one more of the numerous attempts by the McCanns to somehow circumvent the Portuguese police and have themselves absolved of any wrongdoing. It has the sole objective of putting Theresa May under pressure to order a review of the investigation, which the McCanns seem confident will provide the proof of their innocence and the rehabilitation in the eyes of the chattering classes which they so desperately seek.

    Of course it's possible that the McCanns know as well as the rest of the world, with the exception of Clarence Mitchell and The Daily Express, that Theresa May is not in a position to order a review of anything, apart from the role of the Leicestershire Constabulary and she is certainly not in a position to order a review of the role of the Portuguese police Lol. But, perhaps just giving the impression that Theresa May is sympathetic to their plight is what counts and to hell with the truth. That would be a typical Mitchell approach and of course, so very McCann. Well hey! let's face it, you cannot believe half of what you read in the Daily Express and as everyone should know by now, the other half is usually a pack of lies.

  91. Joanna, I am 77,
    when I saw these 2 photos which I had not seen before, I saw something different, and not wishing to offend anyone,she looks a little almost "Downs", It was the second photo, this was not the little girl we are used to see in photos,...her expression and her posture, I have had to look at it again and again, If you read about children with this eye defect, it may explain to you more. I would not have recognised this as her against all the other photos published, and the first one on that piece makes her look a lot older. So I assume we are being fed only the best photos, as there was no investigation into Maddies health records, or should I say they were refused, by the parents. Please look closely.
    I wont say more as I do not wish to get into the backfire. Thankyou so much for all your hard work into what remains a sad mystery of this poor child.

  92. sorry joanna, I got confused the photo is the second on the McCann Files on the post that Theresa May to meet McCanns..the second one in the swimsuit, the first looks like a six year old, so what photos are the mcCanns feeding us so no one can recognise her? or that maybe she had other problems caused by the eye colomba

  93. 38 Degrees | Stand up to Murdoch Petition/Email

    I've just emailed Vince Cable to ask him to act in the public's interest and to use his power to stand up to the Murdoch empire. Vince needs to know he has the backing to take a strong position on this and the more of us who email him the louder our voices will be. Click here to email Vince Cable now, it only takes two minutes:

    Stand up to Murdoch

    My comment when I signed the Petition:

    Though I live in Portugal I can watch several UK TV channels and read the UK media papers online; and I've been attentively observing the behaviour of Murdoch's UK media outlets for the past three years, specifically on the so-called Maddie Case.

    Murdoch's News Corporation was extremely biased in reporting the Madeleine McCann Case. Both Press Complaints Commission and House of Commons Culture, Media and Sport Committee failed to regulate and prevent the farcical media bias and Lusophobic circus that started in 2007 and which continues today at a lesser scale.

    The editorial policy of Murdoch's UK media was nothing short than a systematic racist attack on Portugal, its people, its judicial institutions, authorities, Justice system and Portuguese constitution. Intentionally ignoring established and widely available facts pertaining to that case. Murdoch's rule of thumb was to ‘blind’ the uninformed British public, whilst playing with their imperialistic perceptions by publishing xenophobic spins, distorting reality, misinforming the public - and obviously, eventually compromising the integrity of any journalist employed by the all-mighty News Corp.

    Essentially, Murdoch's media outlets' coverage of a missing child case was broadcast as if it was a soccer match between Portugal and the United Kingdom - as a perverse and machiavellic infotainment for the masses, with total disregard for accuracy.

    As an European Citizen I am concerned for the lack of ethics, principles and journalistic deontology already demonstrated by Rupert Murdoch’s propaganda machine, throughout the years, in several instances that have shaped the World Politics, thus affecting us all: from creating (and/or destroying) Prime-Ministers; to influencing the outcome of what should be Democratic Elections in different countries; to manipulating the public’s fears to favour the invasion of Iraq via Fox News [who have a hard-right editorial stance (ex. Bill O'Reilly)] -"The U.S. has found Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq!" - supporting Bush administration and Blair’s government’s Oil agendas with the consequences that we all know or should know.

    Mainstream Media titans like Rupert Murdoch, Silvio Berlusconi, Richard Branson, Gustavo Cisneros, David Montgomery, etc. are the Orwellian despots that decide what the World should watch, read, and hear.

    If they are allowed to pursue their own agendas without scrutiny by Independent Media Regulators these media tycoons can become (some already are) a real menace to Democracy, Freedom of Information, Press Freedom and Freedom of Expression anywhere in the World.

    Search Google for «Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch's War on Journalism» [http://xrl.in/5sv9] - watch it and remember to sign this petition.

  94. Dear Joana

    Petition signed

    Regards and good health
    Letter from Iberia

  95. Thank you Iberian friend. For people outside the UK who wish to sign the petition please add a UK postal code - search google maps for [London, United Kingdom] to get a valid city code ;) http://www.38degrees.org.uk/murdoch

    On the same subject [being discussed now at Facebook] recommended to read and to watch as well - The classic Canadian documentary Manufacturing Consent based on the Noam Chomsky/Edward Herman book by the same name. Explores the propaganda model of the media.

    http://video.google.com/googleplayer.swf?docid=-5631882395226827730 [this is the full version]

    And my own follow up comment [omitting the other user name]

    start quote -Neither do I want the standardization of news dear *********.

    Specially at a moment when little investigative journalism is being made or sponsored, and when editors or churnalists resort to pre-packaged news that are copied & pasted from one news wire agency or news aggregator to another and then re-published ad nauseum in 1000 different languages- this is a direct consequence of the news “Foxization”.

    In other words, it's the «infotainment» machine promoted by unscrupulous money grubbing media tycoons who couldn't care less about accuracy and deontological ethics that bind the true concept of Journalism.

    For me, without being a media expert, pundit or analyst, it's clear that the mainstream media has lost its credibility amongst a large slice of the public because of the systematic (ab)use of cut and paste [in both printed press and broadcast media]; surreptitious internal agendas and unequivocal political bias present in the majority of EU newspapers/TV channels nowadays.

    The NewsCore Global wire service [media group owned by Murdoch] already does the media massification by gathering and disseminating immediate and similar «content» to all Rupert Murdoch's News Corp Global TV stations, papers and sites; therefore this is an issue that affects us all, independently of the country that we live in.

    Murdoch needs to be stopped or seriously regulated, for the sake of a free, fair, transparent and independent press and also to provide stability to our democratic and civil societies.

    «News Corp is one of the largest media companies in the world, with a network of more than 30 TV and cable networks, including Sky News, Fox News and Star TV and more than 20 newspapers including the Times, the Wall Street Journal, the New York Post and the Australian, as well as 18 web-only properties.» in the Guardian http://www.guardian.co.uk/media/2009/sep/07/news-corporation-newscore-wire - end quote

    good day to all, bom dia a todos :)

  96. Impartial news scarce among developing world's international broadcasters http://bit.ly/blGGAM

    Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism/RISJ Working Papers

  97. What the McCanns wouldn't do to get their grubby little paws on the remaining documents in Portugual under secrecy ?????

  98. Poster 77 and 91.

    Stronger, even in the best photos I see a child with 'a touch of something wrong'.
    Though just an opinion (no health records), I think it is the 'key thing' in this case.

  99. isar @89
    Surely your not suggesting the French team at the world cup are psychopaths-collectively .?Cheaters maybe (some of them)but surely not psychos!
    Were you perhaps one of those pupils who were made sit in the corner with a D hat on your head when you were little?


  100. I agree 97 it is the Portugese documents the Maccanns want, what a bad picture the Maccann's paint of the UK. They and their cohorts stink of pride, and that will be their downfall.

  101. ''Essentially, Murdoch's media outlets' coverage of a missing child case was broadcast as if it was a soccer match between Portugal and the United Kingdom - as a perverse and machiavellic infotainment for the masses, with total disregard for accuracy.''

    So, exactly what role do you think the Portuguese press played in this sorry affair then Joanna? Blameless, presumably? You conveniently forget the acres of rubbish your press printed - the archives of this site are full of examples, but no-one reads them anymore because they are an embarrassment. What wasn't leaked deliberately was fabricated, spun and knitted out of the old socks discarded by Levy and others of his friends. I won't name them but you know who they are, closely involved with fabricating stories from only a few short days after the child child went missing.

    Motes and beams joana, or if you prefer - it takes two to tango.

  102. quote

    isar @89
    Surely your not suggesting the French team at the world cup are psychopaths-collectively .?Cheaters maybe (some of them)but surely not psychos!
    Were you perhaps one of those pupils who were made sit in the corner with a D hat on your head when you were little?



    I can be whatever fuels your imagination

    (within reason)

    isar 8 - )

  103. Oh to be a fly on the wall if Ms May told the McCanns that she had contacted the Portuguese and requested a reopening of the case, and this they had agreed to do and would pick up where they left off.

    And by the way McCanns, the dogs will be round your place first thing tomorrow morning for that search they never got to do before the case was shelved. Upstairs, downstairs, and in every nook and cranny, walls, ceilings, and all!

  104. Anon 88

    Exactly right.

    So did the PJ ever get to find out what Payne didn't want to mention at that time?

    And was the person doing the Payne interview the same one who was himself accused of sex offences? If so, given the Gaspar statements that point the finger of paedophile suspicion at Payne, the whole interview should be redone.

  105. 92, thanks about your comments about the photos.
    If you were confused, I assure you that my confusion is going much further than yours.
    Yeah, the swimsuite is recognizable, so far no problem.
    But do you suspect Madeleine was not very healthy?
    I think she was!

  106. As far as I understood, Tapas 7 had tea between 5 and 6.30 pm at the Tapas, together with their children and the McCanns were not present, although they were spending holidays together.
    I would expect them to take that meal together with the group.
    But ok, no problem.
    They were at the apartment and Gerry left at 6pm to play tennis.
    It is interesting to observe that Amaral, on the DVD, says "Madeleine died on May the 3rd"...
    He does not say ..."died on the evening of May the 3rd..."
    We know she made a trip by boat, on that morning.
    How many people did really see her on that afternoon, at the creche?
    We can see Kate's signature on the creche's document, at 5.30 pm, but could it be somebody helped her?
    The nannies described Maddie's trip in the morning but I don't remember to have read about the last hours she spent in the creche, in the afternoon. How did she say "till tomorrow"to the nannies, if she waved good=bye.
    Generally people remember the last moments or the last few hours they saw a person who died.Madeleine's last few hours were after lunch.
    Those must have been the hours that impressed the nannies the most,in their memory, much more than the boat trip.Specially the last moments.
    Is there any information about this, somewhere?

  107. In my opinion this Theresa May story is just another public relations stunt to bolster their image and donations.

    It amazes me how people go out of their way to portray the British government's role in this case as purely innocent. There are those who say that the McCanns are your run of the mill couple that received unprecedented support from the British government because it wanted to score brownie points with the public. The people in this camp will tell you that the British government shunned the McCanns once they became formal suspects. When you point out to these people that this was not the case, they will then tell you that they had to keep supporting them otherwise the government would topple. I must be slow witted because I can't understand how the government would be shaken to its foundations if it no longer meddled in a case which involved an ordinary couple. Then there are those who say that the British government believes the McCanns are innocent, these people obviously have a very low regard for the government's intelligence. Whatever you believe you cannot deny that the British government meddled in this case.

    I read an article in the newspaper “Publico” concerning the Freeport case. It talks about the PJ's final report on the case in which they state that crimes of corruption most likely took place but they cannot prove it because, much like the Madeleine case, the information that they required to solve the case was not forthcoming from England. The article talks about the agitated relations between the justice systems of both countries because of the lack of cooperation on England's part. I believe the Freeport case is what keeps Mr. Socrates amenable to England's wishes.

    I was watching a CNN affiliate station and they were talking about Jaycee Dugard and how she is going to be compensated by the state in the amount of $20 million dollars. For those of you who are not familiar with Jaycee Dugard, she is the woman who was kidnapped at the age of 11 and went missing for 18 years. Her kidnapper fathered her two children. The McCanns refer to this case often, as I knew they would when Miss Dugard was discovered. Apparently parole officers had come into contact with the then kidnapped child but had not bothered to find out who she was. Much to my surprise, right after this story the image of a cardboard with the name Maddie written in large letters on it appeared on the screen. This cardboard, apparently, was the side of a lemonade stand; it was being run by a girl named Maddie who is trying to raise money for the clean up of the wildlife of the Gulf coast. The sequence of stories was probably coincidental but I'm sure Mr. Mitchell and company are pleased.

  108. (sorry Joana off topic and thanks again for your brilliant blog)

    Poster 104

    To answer your question, yes I think Madeleine had a health problem.
    From the beginning (more than 3 years ago) I've been thinking this when I saw pictures. Besides why no medical records? Why didn't the McCanns talk about treatment on Coloboma which absolutely needs? Just talking about beautiful, special, bright etc., etc., the make-up pictures and all the further looks nonsense.
    I know, speculative, but I stay convinced till the contrary has been proven.

    Don't know if you already read, but there's an article written by Ironside on Textusa's blog about Coloboma,the good marketing ploy.


    Maybe a link between ifv and Kabuki syndrome?


  109. @ 106

    When Kazlux met G. Amaral.............

    Q: Have you considered the possibility that Madeleine died on the previous night or even when mrs. Fenn heard the crying?
    A: Naturally - the investigation begins with establishing if the person who disappeared, does actually exist and then, who was the last person to see her - the investigation shows clearly that she was last seen around 17.30.

    Q: Have you any doubt as to the validity of Madeleine attending the creche on 3/5?
    A: No doubt whatsoever.

    PJ Final Report....... What happened during the time lapse between 5.30 p.m. (the time at which MADELEINE was seen for the last time by a person that differs from her parents or siblings) and the time at which the disappearance is reported by KATE HEALY (at around 10 p.m.).

    Certainties until October

    "For me, and for the investigators that worked with me on the case until October 2007, the results that we reached were the following:

    1. The minor Madeleine McCann died in apartment 5A at the Ocean Club, in Vila da Luz, on the evening of the 3rd of May 2007;

    Interview C d M 24th july 2008.

    Interview Expresso

    Do you believe that Madeleine McCann died in the apartment on the evening of the 3rd of May?

    Yes. That is what I and other persons believe in. And this is not because we idealised it that way.

  110. poster at 108 my son has colobomas in both eyes there is no operation to repair this, it happens in the womb by were the eyes do not develop correctly it is like a gap in the eye

  111. Anon 109

    Thanks for posting that.

    It would be interesting to know who it was that said she was seen at 5.30pm, because if it is one of the Tapas friends then surely that must be taken with a large piece of salt.

    Remember Payne and Kate McCann couldn't even get the story right about how long he had stayed in the apartment when he paid a visit. A visit that Payne couldn't even remember why he was visiting, and which he said Gerry asked him to make, and Gerry makes out Payne made off his own back.

    The whole situation at this time is wooley to say the least.

    Yes, it would be interesting to know who is being relied on to supply the confirmation that Madeleine was alive and well at that time.

  112. From comment #109,

    "PJ Final Report....... What happened during the time lapse between 5.30 p.m. (the time at which MADELEINE was seen for the last time by a person that differs from her parents or siblings) and the time at which the disappearance is reported by KATE HEALY (at around 10 p.m.)."

    Well, if that last "independent"(not her parents or Tapas friends)person who claims to have seen Madeleine at 5:30 pm is one of the O.Club nannies, then, in my opinion, it gives cause for serious questioning about the veracity of that claim! Some of those nannies were very "fishy" characters, giving contradictory statements to the police and the media, abruptly tranfered from the Algarve to other M.Warner resort, telling friends of their wish to get away from the whole thing and back in England, etc.

  113. As for the MW creche workers saying they saw Madeleine that afternoon, they are hardly independent people either when it may be the case that they were not taking a head count of children who were left there by their parents, and simply relied on the names in the book.

    So, if it says Madeleine was signed in, then she must have been as far as they are concerned. Which of them would ever admit they never noticed her. How many of them really knew Madeliene either, given they worked a few days and then there was a change over which could have meant that Madeleine was only seen by them for a couple of days at the most, before somebody new was there.

    One of them even described Madeleine as being quiet and shy. Hardly Madeleine, who was the opposite of quite and shy according to those who knew her, and sounds more like Jane Tanner's daughter.

    If they were not doing a head count and checking against the children signed in the book, then it would not look very good for those creche workers. No, hardly independent sightings of Madeleine when it is in their interests to say she was there even if they were not really certain.

    However, a photo by a truly independent person such as another parent, would confirm that Madeleine was there that day. Does such a photo exist?

  114. Anon 105
    I believe madeliene sufferered with other effects from coloboma eye, not all children do, but it can causeoveruse of facial expressions, hiperactivity, staunted growth, mouth movements in which the mouth moves while the child almost thinks of what they may say. (look at some videos.) Prominant ears is one of the more common features and it may cause heart problems. I think if you look closely at some of the videos, you may notice things, Madeliene was quite small when compared to the twins....but there it is..the parents gave no access to her medical records. But I think she may have been quite demanding..god bless her. Who knows, but that particular photo made me think that maybe all was not well.

  115. Anon 110
    coloboma eye affects many differntly, and your right an operation cannot rectify this

  116. I could not find Ironside's text about coloboma, on Textusa's.
    Who can help me, please?

  117. Anon @ 101,
    You conveniently forget the origin of all spin and fabricated news- the Mccann's and their Pink Man with Press conferences delivered almost everyday, just few days after their girl was reported missing, and made with propose of distracting the journalists and the police from the real situation.
    The Mccann's claimed and accused the portuguese media of fabricating and destroying their image, but who published the most demolishing news about them were the British tabloides and the Mccann's, with their behaviour, failed to prove that what was published was wrong and a lie. Most probably what was published was so close to the truth that become very dangerous and uncomfortable, not only for the Mcaann's themselves but also for the british authorities.
    That pair ( the Mccann's) are far away from Angels and any other couple with same behaviour and in the same situation wil be mocked and stored in the "Evil Shelf" by all the press in the world, totally villified and discredit. What the media have done to them it is nothing, compared with what they deserve. They are really a shame for all the responsible parents.

  118. ten days ago I lost a friend who fell down with his head against a table.
    he broke his neck, got in coma and died a few hours later.
    I wonder if Maddie's death was caused by a fall, the way Amaral suspects
    (DVD), and I wonder if she broke her neck.
    But this could not have been the only reason to conceal her body.An accident is an accident, everybody would have understood it.
    What is the reason that the police think Katen has to do with her death, not Gerry?
    Could Kate have lost her temper and could she have been impatient with the child, causing her fall by accident?

  119. Anon 116


    Or type (Google): Textusa Coloboma or an other headword.

    Karen (110): Thank your for your comment. Do you know if children with Coloboma need eyetests or glasses?

  120. @112

    You really think the police and prosecutor was THAT inept?

  121. We are all looking for answers in this case and our imagination sometime can run riot, I believe Mr Amaral's version of events, in this case. Trust him he is no fool. The Maccann's are not yet out of hot water. When all seems lost we have to trust in the truth, it always wins. God is slow but very very sure.

  122. Even if Madeleine did have something wrong with her, it is doubtful she died because of it, because why bother to then hide her body.

    The hiding of the body means there is something to hide that is not meant to be discovered. Something criminal, that would lead to conviction and imprisonment.

    An accidental death could easily have been covered by the clever, resourceful McCanns. They would only need to put the time of finding Madeleine to the next morning, so as to say it happened while they were asleep in bed and Madeleine died whilst she was sleepwalking.

    An accidental overdose of sleeping medication would have meant Madeleine died in her bed, but no cadaver scent was indicated there.

    The cadaver scent and blood were indicated by the dogs behind the settee in the same place and same area. Cadaver scent takes time to be released from the body, and not enough time for Gerry McCann to say he saw Madeleine in bed at 9.15pm and then the Smith's sighting before 10pm. Also to be taken into account is the clean up that had been done.

    There is a good possibility that Madeleine was killed behind the settee by somebody, and not by accident. This case should be reopened and not be allowed to be swept under the carpet.

    The general public need to be informed that the investigators believe Madeleine is dead. Until then, how can they be sure there is not that person or persons out there who will come forward with an important piece of information regarding a dead Madeleine, and not a Madeleine who was abducted as the parents say.

    Somebody could have seen something that does not make sense to them but would if they realised Madeleine is dead.

  123. Poster at 119 my son has to wear glasses all the time and because of his colobomas he has to wear tints the transition ones, because he has it in both eyes what happens is when the sun shines his pupils close like cats eyes so light can still get in the bottom of his eyes he cannot reflect the sun out, he also has other problems which I do not know are connected but they are short stature hes only 4' 8" a speech impediment and a mild learning disabilty. Makes you wonder if Maddie had other problems thats why the PJ couldnt get accesss to her medical records.

  124. Anonymous 116,
    just type Kabuki syndrome on google and you will find information, Named after the japanese doctor who discovered it. It also has a european name, cant remember exactly what. But coloboma eye was part of Kabuki syndrome. Not all children suffer other effects, many just the ears, you will find photos on Kabuki syndrome sites. But if you think of delayed speech, look at Maddie in videos, she just is mouthing words, and look at her size against the twins as they sat on the stairs. If there was nothing why would the parents not allow access to her medical records?
    Also some children benefit from glasses, contact lenses later on, but for many its a vanity thing. But young children should be checked every 6 months.....Did you hear that gerry and Kate???why no mention. And as an addition I worked with someone,with coloboma eyes, she was a very difficult person, very active and other times angry. Anyway no one should discount that this child should be having her eyes checked.

  125. Joanna,
    many thanks to you and your team for all your extremely hard work. I hope that one day soon there will be justice for Madeleine, but whilst everyone is pussyfooting around the McCanns, I doubt it.

  126. #104

    I don't know whether David Payne ever told the English or Portugese police what he knew. What I do believe is that Dr David Payne could break this case wide open if he chose to be honest.

    Unfortunately he has a lot to lose, merely by taint of association, nevermind obstructing the course of justice.

    It only needs one courageous and honest person to break this case.

    We all wish that this person would come forward for the benefit of a just society.


  127. i still dont believe Madeleine is their biological child!
    I also believe that Madeleine was a "gift" via their connections in the medical world and beyond.I also believe the gift of madeleine was incorrect procedure.
    BIVDA????....is there any links to this organisation.
    I am beginning to think that Madeleine was their cashcow before May3rd. Through Madeleine and her condition was access to grants, research etc etc
    Anyway you get the jist.
    Prove me wrong ...wheres the medical records for madeleine along with the biological proof of both parents.

    what a complete cover up of the worst kind at every step of the way.
    Many conspiring to cover up the murder of a 3y/o child.
    The day of truth will come.....rest assure.
    They and their friends and ALL who have conspired will be outed and will Face justice.

  128. Surely the timeline needed for cadaver scent to develop is a clue to when Madeleine died, or rather, when she didn't die.

    If Gerry McCann says he saw Madeleine alive in bed at just gone 9pm, which is the time Jane Tanner says she saw him talking to Wilkins, and also saw the abductor carrying off Madeleine, how could the cadaver scent have developed behind the settee.

    If Madeleine had died by accident by falling behind the settee after hearing her father talking to Wilkins, as is suggested by Dr Amaral, then how could the cadaver scent have time to develop before she was found and removed from the apartment?

    If Gerry found Madeleine behind the settee later this would mean that it would be a matter of minutes, maybe half an hour at most before he found her, then moved her body out of the way so as to clean up (thus lessening the time she was lying there for cadaver scent build up), and then take her off to the beach area for hiding, where he was sighted by the Smith party about 9.50pm. Then the alert to Madeleine missing given at around 10pm by Kate McCann.

    If that is what supposedly happened, how could cadaver scent have had time to build up? Surely, not enough time.

    Gerry McCann saying he had seen Madeleine asleep in bed around the time of the bundleman sighting by Tanner makes no sense at all for the time needed for the cadaver scent to develop, and for the clean up.

    Either he didn't check on the children by going into the bedroom and seeing Madeleine asleep in bed when he says he did, or he found Madeleine dead at that time behind the settee and later returned for the clean up, or he found her dead when he returned later to do another check where she had been lying for quite some time, him not having checked on her at 9.10pm as he said he did.

    Or, Madeleine had died at a much earlier time behind the settee and had been there long enough for the cadaver scent to build up.

    Perhaps an expert on cadaver scent could clear up the matter of the time needed for the scent to develop, and also not forgetting the body would need removed out of the way for clean up.

    If the settee and surrounds had been washed surely this would have taken some time. How would that fit into the timeline needed?

    Does the time needed for the cadaver scent build up mean there is less chance that Madeleine died by accident after trying to look through the window behind the settee?

    Sorry Dr Amaral, but it is hard to see how this scenario could fit in, though realise it is only a suggestion of what may have happened, and there are other explanations.

  129. If David Payne does know what happened to Madeleine and he was not involved, then he is doing himself no favours by not saying because the Gaspar statements are not going to go away.

  130. Anonymous said... 111
    "Remember Payne and Kate McCann couldn't even get the story right about how long he had stayed in the apartment when he paid a visit. A visit that Payne couldn't even remember why he was visiting, and which he said Gerry asked him to make, and Gerry makes out Payne made off his own back."

    It is that partticular exchange which should, in my view, have been picked over until it bled.
    It is clear that all three are lying.
    If I have remembered correctly ... Kate said 30 seconds and she was wrapped in a towel; Payne said 30 minutes, and that he helped bath the children; Gerry said he asked Payne to check up on Kate, for reasons unknown; Payne did not refer to this, and so on.

    It is not so much That they are lying, it is Why they are lying which is possibly more important. The visit itself adds little to the story, except perhaps to reinforce M's being alive at that time. And Payne then is the one who did the so-called check, which wasn't, and thus got himself out of the difficulty of being the last person to see her alive.

    This needs forensic dissection

  131. The McCanns are doing their best to try and discredit the findings of the dogs.

    No doubt they are reinventing the investigation they want done leaving out the dogs, and only concentrate on their abduction story.


    They have already managed to stop any mention of the dogs being published in the comments we make to the media, and no doubt they are doing the same with Ms May and the rest of the Government.

    The dogs are telling that Madeleine died in the apartment, she was not abducted. Please don't forget to promote the work of these dogs in this case whenever the chance is given.

  132. @PeterMac 130

    It was Matthew Oldfield who claimed to have done "the so-called last check that wasn't", not David Payne.

  133. BIVDA- Paul Weiberger.Look at the Guest list for Ocean Club and you have the reasons for the cover- up.

  134. JillyCl 132. I'm not PeterMac but I understand that he doesn't mean it was the last check, just that Payne's visit/check in the afternoon was meant to be as an 'evidence' that Madeleine was still alive at that time.

    PeterMac 130. 'Why they are lying which is possibly more important'.
    Agree, the Payne visit (30 sec., 30 min.?) is a key thing imo.

  135. JillyCL at 132

    Payne is supposed to have gone and visited Kate and the children in the late afternoon/early evening of the 3rd May, as according to his statement and hers, and Gerry's.

    The check on the McCann children by Oldfield was made during the evening when the children were supposedly asleep, but Oldfield said he did not see Madeleine because her bed was behind the door.

    How convenient (not!) to the investigation that he could not shed light on whether she was there or not!

  136. The interview with Payne was not very good either with regard to finding out whether or not he actually saw Madeleine herself alive and well at that time. He was being asked questions as if it was assumed she was. It is also clouded as to whether the children were in bed or what exactly they were doing, yet he does say he commented about them going to bed so early.

    Payne is also indicating he wants to say more about the disappearance of Madeleine but not to be put in his statement. Did that interviewer follow up on that and was that information passed on to the PJ?

    There is no way the questioning is of use except to show the Tapas friends account does not tally, when at the same time the death of Madeleine in the apartment is not mentioned.

    That is one great big reason the case should be reopened and new questions asked pertinent to Madeleine having died and not abducted. Too much time and effort has been wasted on the supposed abduction of Madeleine and the result is NOTHING. It is time for the PJ to take back control of their investigation and make sure everybody is clear the abduction brainwashing being perpetrated by the McCanns is not believable.

  137. Thanks, @anonymous 134 & 135 but PeterMac was clearly referring to the claimed check (by Matthew Oldfield) before Kate McCann's claimed 10pm check, otherwise he wouldn't be referring to the following:-

    PeterMac wrote: "...And Payne then is the one who did the so-called check, which wasn't, and thus got himself out of the difficulty of being the last person to see her alive."

  138. JillCL

    Right, I see what you mean now.

    The thing about Payne is that he has managed to keep himself out of the timeline for the supposed checking of the children that night, yet where was he earlier that evening when it took so long for the Payne party to arrive at the Tapas and the rest of them were already there?

  139. Kate McCann did manage to get in the information that the night that Madeleine had been crying it was Payne who had done the checking, but he hadn't said anything about crying.

    Meanwhile, we have Payne mentioning in his statement that the McCanns had problems with their fridge in the apartment, but once again the interviewer didn't get him to enlarge on this, even though the PJ had been searching for a fridge during the investigation.

    Would that pact of theirs hold if Payne were to be requestioned or would he have other information he would like to off-load?

  140. Isar @102
    "I can be whatever fuels your imagination"
    "within reason"

    Can you be pro Amaral and Anti Team mc cann?
    Thats Well within reason is it not?



  141. Jacinta Liverpool @121,
    Excellant post,totally agree with you.


  142. I read somewhere that David Payne has had his passport and his other credentials changed,if true why would that be?.And if true only a government official or the judiciary can do that.

  143. Poster 133.

    The man at the Ocean Club guest list is called P. Weinburger. Could he be Paul Jerome Weinberger? (pharmacology and vitro diagnostics). When speaking the name Weinberger the English e sounds like u; a spelling-mistake? or just coincidence?


  144. Anon 133,

    Care to elucidate?

    Payne the organizer of the whole shebang on the BIVDA payroll? Any of the others?

    Where did all these good doctors spend their evenings the rest of the week by the way, and did they then check in Madeleines room every half hour too?

    How did Oldfield know in which room to look anyway, what with the children being moved about between their parents room and theirs during the week. (When) did he visit appt 5 a before?

    And is there any connection to the Israeli couple with the three year old daughter also staying at the Ocean Club the same week?


  145. 127 - the child WAS proved to be their biological daughter. The DNA tests proved it, against two reference samples for her. It's in the files.

  146. Hi

    Re: Post 128

    I've read several things relating to cadaver odour and its manifestation, and it seems it can start to develop almost immediately upon death. There is no set-in-stone time of a minimum of 2-3 hours, for instance. I think Dr Amaral said this in his book? I can't find the reference at the moment, but I don't think you can base a whole line of thinking on a minimum time, as it appears to vary too much and depend on too many other factors.


  147. QUOTE Anonymous said... 56

    Why would he do this,, David Payne phoned The Metropolitan Police Child Abuse Team on the 4th May 2007 at 23:13:41 for 100 seconds.

    And when questioned by Leicestershire police ,he had to be forced to admit, he made this call.

    Throw in the Gasper statement and the letter written by Yvonne Warren Martin, this leaves me with very serious concerns regarding child abuse.


    You don't do your cause any good whatsoever by persisting with this. As has been repeatedly pointed out to you on the MM forum, the number he called was a general number, and not specifically allocated to the Child Abuse Team. He could have been calling any one of a number of different departments

    All you have served to do by insisting that he called them is to make yourself look ridiculous. In any case, it would prove nothing even if he had called them.

  148. Christina at 147

    It used to be accepted by most posters that cadaver scent developed after about one and a half hours, but this since changed to about an hour after death.

    That's why it would be important to have some expert, if such a person exists, who could assess what amount of time would be needed, given the conditions and circumstances at that time.

    Gerry McCann says he saw Madeleine asleep in bed at just gone 9pm, but if this was true then how could she have got behind the settee and lain there dead long enough for cadaver scent to develop, minus the time she would have to be removed for the clean up, before being removed from the apartment before approx 9.50pm.

    That leaves about half an hour at the most. For the accidental death scenario that Dr Amaral suggests the formation of the cadaver scent is very important.

    If the scent would definitely need longer than half an hour to develop, that would mean that Madeleine did not die by accident on hearing her father and Wilkins outside, but must have died much earlier, and Gerry McCann did not go inside the bedroom to check on the children and see Madeleine as he says he did.

  149. The most bizarre aspect of this whole debacle ,is to me,as a grandma to 12,WHY would any father allow another man,WHOEVER HE WAS ,BATHE HIS CHILDREN( whilst he played tennis )????and his wife ,sweet little kate was in a bathrobe???I know we live in more liberated times BUT THIS SET UP IS PLAIN SPOOKY to me ,why is this arrangement acceptable ??I will once again say,if this had happened in a council house, social services would have been called ,and quite rightly IMHO ,ITS NOT NORMAL!!!!!!David Payne is the one person who holds the key that will,hopefully,open Pandoras Box ,but ,the time to break him was missed!Please let Mr Amarals challenge to the ban on his book be overturned,its the only chance we have of getting justice for Madeline.

  150. Regarding the dogs alerting to cadaver scent, on checking this, it is believed the dogs need at least one hour and 25 minutes after death to be able to alert, and preferably two to three hours for certainty.

    Eddie is one of the best though, so maybe it can be assumed he can alert to the lesser time of cadaver scent development, but it still does not fit the timeline.

    If this is true then it does make the accidental death theory of Madeleine falling from the settee whilst trying to see her father and Wilkins outside the window less likely.

    It also means that Gerry did not see her alive and asleep when he did his check as he said he did.

    So how did Madeleine end up dying behind the settee?

  151. Parabens aos nossos amigos espanhois pelo primeiro lugar no Campeonato do Mundo de Futebol. Cheers!

  152. Anon 139,on one of Gerry Mccanns blogs,in the early days,he said himself that the fridge from 5a had broken down and he had himself taken it to a tip somewhere,but lo and behold,it has been taken off his blogs.In anycase what a bizzare thing to do,if a fridge had broken down in your holiday apartment i would think the normal thing to do would to contact the apartment owners or landlord,but then nothing about the McCanns is normal.

  153. @146
    direct me to the files that confirm madeleine is there biological child.
    where Did the base dna sample of madeleine come from? Did Gerry have to return home to get it.....ie nothing in the "cleaned" apartment..no toothbrush or hair brush for madeleine was found..which is more than strange.
    what happened to madeleine's toothbrush and hairbrush by the way? what explanation was given.
    Anyway how was the Madeleine base sample obtained and who was present.

    massive cover up....but lets not kid ourselves its the tip of the iceburg.
    You would be amazed if you looked at other cases just how corrupt the uk is........terrible times.


  154. 150 Quite right. My husband always prefers me to bathe our 2 granddaughters, even though he has to undertake the personal care of children as part of his job. I would have been very concerned if one of our male friends offered to bathe my child.

  155. Paul Weinberger, as spelled here- in answer to queries on my posting.presumably husband of Jeni from Salisbury. Friend and dining companion of the Totmans. At Uni. Of Bristol 1999, at same time as Julain Totman. Links with Porton Down. Too mich info to put here, but google Random Information Madeleine McCann. Diamond Memeber from USA has done a lot of work on the OC guest list.

  156. mojo

    Good point. Where did they get Madeleine's DNA from, except by making some sort of composite DNA for her from Kate and Gerry's DNA.

    If Gerry is not the father then it would be meaningless.

  157. We've always been told that Maddie's DNA was obtained from a pillow that Gerry fetched from the UK, some time after the "dissappearance". I trust that the PJ would not be so stupid as to fall for any manipulation in that area. I believe that Maddie was Kate and Gerrys biological daughter, and I believe that the DNA traces that were found by the PJ, containing 15 out of 19 markers matching Maddie's DNA, were in fact from the missing girl. I also believe that some day we will know what happened to Madeleine McCann. And that day is coming closer.

  158. ooohhh, I never knew Gerry had taken a fridge to the tip, that most definately is NOT normal for a tourist to do you simply call management. How the hell has this been swept under the carpet. Also a newspaper from Portugal stated Gerry is not the biological father of MM, and they said something like if they want to sue bring it on we have proof. Did they sue???????????

  159. It was very trusting of the investigators to allow the main suspects to provide the DNA of the missing child from Rothley, especially as there was none available in the apartment she had been staying in for several days. That in itself is very strange.

    Just as it was trusting to allow the McCanns to say whether or not the item of clothing found on the beach was Madeleine's or not.

    This was said to have been either the top or bottom of a pair of pyjamas. The McCanns obviously said they were not Madeleine's, so were they simply discarded without further investigation.


  161. No 154 - why should I direct you to the part of the files that shows she was undoubtedly their child? It's there, go find it yourself at Joana's. I suspect you prefer to keep writing untruths than to find out the truth. The facts are that she WAS their child, it was proved jointly by Portuguese and UK labs using TWO samples. And no, it wasn't her sister either - they checked that out. Why don't people get informed instetd of just coming to post speculation based on false information?

  162. Oh fgs, I despair!! How long have you been discussing this? And you haven't bothered to even find out EXACTLY how the DNA was obtained and what it was tested against?
    The pillowcase in Rothley was used, a heel-stick test from her birth was also used, they were compared to each other and to what would be expected of a biological daughter of the Mccanns. Result - Madeleine was theirs.
    Really, this is farcical - 2 years have gone by since the files were released and yet people treat it like it never happened!

  163. @163
    you do not find it strange that a pillow case from Rothley was used.
    Why not the one she used in Portugal?


  164. Anon 163

    Do calm down.

    The reason there was a question mark hanging over the paternity of Madeleine is because of the doubt that was generated at the time. Now why should there ever have been confusion? Yet it was reported in the media that Gerry was not the father.

    As for the DNA provided by the McCanns, heel stick test taken at birth (yet no medical records of Madeleine forthcoming), pillowcase from Rothley (yet no DNA of hers available in the holiday apartment), well, can you wonder some people are not convinced.

    The McCanns also said they had no credit cards. This subsequently turned out not to have been true. What other little 'fibs' have they told?

  165. 161, tears from holland.

    Next time we will play better!

  166. 143, Payne changed his passport?
    Probably the new one is written upside down.
    I don't believe this is true.

  167. Maybe if Payne had been questioned further about the McCanns' fridge that he said had something wrong with it, he might have been able to tell where it was taken to. Did he help with the disposal?

    It is hard to believe the person who was questioning him didn't follow through with the information about the fridge, since the PJ in PDL had been searching for one because of the findings of forensic evidence in the hire car. This had indicated a cadaver had been stored in a fridge at some time or other.

    The Warner maintenance only mentioned a problem with the holiday apartment shutters which were repaired. No mention of a fridge, or that they had been contacted by the McCanns about a defective fridge from them. Yet there is Payne telling of it in his statement, and he is not asked for further information! Unbelievable.

  168. I doubt there are many people who would allow the husbands of their friends to bath their kids, but then, being as how they are doctors perhaps they didn't mind.

    Mrs Dr Gaspar certainly did though, especially after what she had seen and heard.

  169. Speaking about Amaral's suppositions, Maddie falling down behind the sofa, after she heard her father's voice talking to Jezz(09.05/10pm)
    Too short time for the cadaver scent and for the planning to hide the body.But Amaral had no alternative but to suggest this possibility.He himself does not believe it either,imo.
    As an ex-policeman, he can not tell everything he knows.
    I'm convinced this story happened on a different way.
    I'm convinced she died before the parents left to the Tapas.
    And the parents knew it before they left.
    And what does make the police think that Kate caused the accident?

  170. I think Gerald went back to the UK to destroy eventual traces of things he did not want to be found by the police.Photos, videos, etc.
    That is my opinion.
    For sure there was saliva on Maddie's pillow in the hotel.
    Of course she had a tooth brush in Portugal.
    Probably saliva on her toy.
    Who knows she had her own hair brush.|Perspiration on her clothes, lingerie, etc.

  171. Interesting information about the guest lists - thanks for the information.

    Regarding Paul Weinberger / Julian Totman. I don't know if this is the same person, however it appears that this "Julian Totman" is also linked to the Porton Down area.

    See: http://www.gmc-uk.org/concerns/hearings_and_decisions/data/5158.asp

    "The Committee has noted the complaint from Rowlands Pharmacy about your conduct on 6 February 2009." ... "The Committee also notes that you do have some experience of dispensing drugs in the branch dispensing practice in Porton."

  172. Anon 170

    I think you may be right about that.

    The investigators have been very kind to the McCanns by suggesting Madeleine died by accident when they were out, much good that has done, because the McCanns have then been given the opportunity to turn around and attack them.

    This investigation should be reopened as a murder investigation, until proved otherwise, and all of them made suspects. That will at least get across the message to the public that the investigators believe Madeleine is dead and her death is being taken seriously. It might also produce some answers and some cooperation from the UK authorities.

  173. To #169:

    I have said this over and over again:

    ...and yet, despite her "concern" about what she witnessed (the odd gestures and conversation between Payne and McCann), she still DID NOT put a stop to it! She still allowed the men of the group, namelly Payne, to carry on the bathing. The only thing she did was to be more "attentive" at bath times and warn her husband to be "careful" (whatever this might mean), specially if it was Payne doing the bathing!!!
    Given the nature of her suspicions, of possible paedophile behavior/tendency from Payne, is it normal for her as a mother to still allow that man to have any form of physical contact with her child??? Wouldn't she be disgusted by the idea of having such a person putting his dirty hands on her child??? It would make me sick at my stomach! But not her, apparently... she would merelly hang around the bathroom while a potential paedophile(she suspected so!)bathed her daughter!
    I certainly would not! NEVER EVER AGAIN!!!
    Wouldn't you make sure no one else but you or your husband would bathe your child?! I cannot understand her behavior, I really can't!

    From Mrs. Gaspar's statement:

    "I remember thinking whether he looked at the girls in a manner different from me or from the others. I imagined that maybe he had visited Internet sites related to small children. In short, I thought that he was interested child pornography on the internet.

    During our holidays I was more attentive at bath time after hearing Dave saying that.

    During our vacation in Majorca, it was the fathers who took care of the children's baths. I had the tendency to walk close to the bathroom, if it was Dave bathing the children. I remember telling Savio to be careful and to be there, in case it was Dave helping to bathe the children and, in particular, to my daughter E*****. I was very clear about this, as having heard him saying that had disturbed me, and I did not trust him to give bath to E***** alone.

    When I heard Dave say that a second time, it reinforced what I already thought in relation to his thoughts about girls."

  174. I believe the "vanished" broken fridge was not the one in 5A apartm., it was the one in the villa they latter occupied.
    I read somewhere that the owner of the villa said that no one complained to him about a mal-functioning fridge, if so, he would have replaced it, and that he found that very strange.
    Also, fridges are expensive, I'm not imagining G.McCann spending his own money on one, not complaining to the owner and emanding a replacement, unless there was some strong motive not to...

  175. Joanna,
    Thank you and your team for all your efforts in keeping this crime “alive” in Portugal, however it matters little that most contributors here bring good ideas and analysis of the case and are aware that the McCann’s are guilty in some measure.
    For until the Portuguese justice system admits its shortcomings and re-opens the case against the McCann’s, justice will never be served and the McCann’s will remain free to profit from the death of their daughter

    Letter from Iberia

  176. @176, i just hope that the SO CALLED ADULTS WHO ARE COVERING UP THE DEATH OF MADELEINE(REMEMBER EDDIE AND KEELA)read here so that they know there are people who WILL NOT give up on getting justice for little madleine

  177. Good point Anon 174, and good to be reminded that it was the men who bathed the children, and not exclusively their own either.

    So whose idea was that then?

    At least the Drs Gaspars went and reported their concern regarding Payne after Madeleine went missing, or we would never have know about this.

    For goodness sake, when is this case going to be reopened and the DEATH of Madeleine investigated without all the abduction nonsense which has had the investigators running around in small circles. Now the McCanns are intent on doing the same in the UK.

    Jane Tanner certainly did a good job of pointing the suspicion and attention away from the Tapas friends. The McCanns have run with this ever since and will continue to do so until the Portuguese take control of their own investigation.

    So how did Madeleine come to end up dying in that holiday apartment? What was so sinister about her death that it had to be covered up, because if it really had been an accident there would have been no need to.

  178. Anon 175

    The fridge that Payne is referring to sounds like it was in the McCanns holiday apartment because he also mentions the shutters there.

    If only the person asking the questions had been a bit more concerned about details in his questioning of Payne, he would have told more about this episode.

    Was it ever discovered whether Payne had been questioned regarding the Gaspar statements?

    Also, what information did Payne want to give about the disappearance of Madeleine but didn't want it included in his statement?. Was that ever followed up on by the UK cops?

    Did the UK cop asking the questions even bother to find out about any of this?

    This is the same UK cop who ended up himself being named for sexual, vulgar, behaviour towards a juror in a court of law.

    Given the Gaspar statements and that cop, Payne should definitely be requestioned by somebody else.

    Are the PJ even aware of any of this disgraceful sexual behaviour in a UK court of law by the cop who questioned Payne? What kind of fit person was that cop to be questioning Payne or anybody?

    If the PJ do know, are they not concerned?

  179. Slightly off topic but, If the Mccanns are campaigning for young students to look for Madeleine when on their gap year abroad, describing it as a project, this can be a dangerous thing to do and should be balanced with a lot of health warnings from the British government, educationalists, parents, and student unions alike. Students should be warned about the dangers inherent in any efforts to take a close interwst in children abroad. For one thing the viral photos issued of Madeleine are too diverse to make a positive identification and could be almost any young girl, so any approach of a child would likely be a mistaken identity, and fraught with angry parents and accusations of harrassment. Similar reactions would ensue if the police were called by eager students.

    The more likely aim is to influence a younger fresh naive generation who don't yet know the facts of the case before they find out, to bolster their story. But students do grow up and their priorities change.

  180. #179 wrote:

    "If the PJ do know, are they not concerned?"

    Unfortunatelly this is no longer in the PJ's hands...the archived case "belongs" to the Public Prosecutors now, it's them who decide what is of relevance and if any further inquiries/investigations are to be made or not. And clearly the portuguese justice system is not interested...

  181. Poster 180 Agree.

    What about students younger than 18?
    And what is the use of asking personal information of students and after that the queston: 'Are you travelling this year? Yes No'
    So what if you are not travelling?


  182. So ,whether the "faulty" fridge was in the apartment or the villa the Macaans stayed in WHO REPLACED it ??????

  183. Anon 180,

    you raise excellent points. The inconsistent pictures of Madeleine have always concerned me. At first I was confused by them. Then eventually realized the ploy was quite purposely done to generate false sightings and keep the public interested. It's abit like the Bush regime which kept raising and lowering the danger alert in the U.S. after the WTC attacks, just to keep the population on its toes, always anxious and on edge.

    There have already been enough innocent people stopped in public places supposedly because their child looked vaguely like a 3 year old Madeleine, who would now be 7 years old and would look nothing like any of the pictures released. (Sadly we all know that the por child is desd.) Then there was that insane picture of a nearly black child who looked at least 13 that was released last year.

    This has gone on long enough. But my fear is that like JonBenet, this case will never be resolved.

  184. 172 I saw that before I posted, but I didn't want to put too much information on in one go. GM's statement about tennis partners mentions Julian(Totman?) and Curtis (Brain?) whose holiday partner was Dr L (Louise)Hume misspelt Hurne. Both from Slough area? There are 2 Louise Humes who are doctors. This one was at Southhampton Uni.Also had a case where she was examined by a coroner, following a woman's death in the hospital where she worked in Slough area. See also Donald Booker- Milburn on the list. Retired Sheriff from Inverness in Scotland. Is Tamsin Milburn Sillence, the 12 year old witness related? I only hazard a guess on this. Her grandparents were former owners of the McCann apartment. What a convoluted tale

  185. whilst on the matter of David Paynes rogatory statement.

    In the first 12 or so sentences that payne utters regarding meeting Gerry at the tennis court and gerry asking him to look in on Kate Payne stutters in almost every sentence using at least 21 Errs sometimes 2 or 3 in one sentence.
    Then compare 12 or so of his sentences referring to when he enters the apartment to check on Kate and his discription of the 3 children and he hardly stutters at all using just 3 Errs in these 12 sentences.

    In other words in my opinion his statement referring to the Kate check up and the description of the 3 children was rehearsed over an over again and probably learned off by heart before he went to the police station, so as to ensure there was no slip ups and doubts cast whether Madeleine was still alive at that time.


  186. Isn't this reporting of the supposed reopening of the case just like all the false sightings of Madeleine and the finding of yet another possible 'abductor' nonsense that come out of the McCann camp.

    The way they are reported by the media it makes it look like this is it, this is the one, then it all comes to nothing, but that is not mentioned, except that the McCanns are 'heartbroken' or 'furious' (yet again!), or some such exaggerated expression. No matter what load of rubbish they churn out the McCanns have got the publicity they want to plug their abduction fairy story to the public. More brainwashing with the help of the media.

    Mrs May may, or may not cooperate with them. We have heard it all before. What happened to the top policeman who was said to have been going to take on the case, and also the Police Force they were looking for who was going to take it on. Not the LP though, because according to the McCanns they are useless. Why useless?, is that because they refused to do what the McCanns want and show them the confidential information they took them to court to try to get? The LP would not play, and neither would the court.

    What about those so called 'leads' they were given after all the berating of the investigators by the McCanns lawyer in court. They were told they were worthless leads by the PJ, but the McCanns insisted on having them. So are they now going to admit they were worthless after all. Are they hell as like! That was never about leads, more like an opportunity to make the PJ look useless.

    As for the report by Gamble, which is not quite finished, oh dear, why not?, why would the Home Office want that when they have the cops who worked on the case to advise them? In this 'report' is Gamble going to mention the Gaspar statements by any chance? Of course not, because his pals the McCanns have vouched for all their friends so let's forget the Gaspar statements. That's exactly what the McCanns would like, so that is what they will get.

    This is madness, when people who are chief suspects themselves are allowed to be running their own so called 'investigation' and reporting to the media as they go along and doing much as they please, issuing photofits, naming suspects, questioning witnesses.

    As for Ms May 'wanting' to see the McCanns, what's betting the poor woman has been inundated with pleas from the McCanns and their supporters. It's all good for business and looks like they have her support, when really she is trying to be diplomatic. Whatever she says the McCanns will spin it their way to the media.

  187. Remember the blood stained towell found in a disused barn near PDL by Portuguese Police. Aztec design towell. Was it any of these towells as shown by a PJ photo of apartment 5A?? cut and paste this photo link:

  188. No new sightings?
    Very boring.

  189. I read at Mccannfiles and G. Amaral book that a pillowcase was used to find Madeleine ADN ( that information is available at Mccannfiles- Lab Reports) and that a bath towel was used to find Madeleine scent and allow GNR dogs to search her. I don't know from where came that information of the pillowcase been from Rothley. I think was from PDL because if was not from PDL, then the Mccann's had little proves to show the police that Madeleine was part of their holidays in Algarve. No pictures of her showing without doubts that were took in Algarve that May, the mobile video could be take anywhere and the nannies or the few witnesses who stated about Madeleine could be easily manipulated. The case will be easily solved if there was no ADN from Madeleine connecting her to the flat and the holidays. The first think any police in the world do it is finding evidences to show that the person who went missing exist and was connected to the crime scene. I'm talking about physical evidences, not statements of family, friends or witnesses. I believe PJ got that evidences, Then a pillowcase from Rothley will be useless for the police.
    But I find odd that no clothes of Madeleine or the cuddle cat was used to find her scent and help the dogs searching her on the first hours after she was reported missing. Why her parents did not gave to the police the clothes she was wearing that day, since they said she got a bath and disapeared wearing a pyjama? Where went her last clothes or even the clothes from the previous days? And what about the shoes, the hairbrush, the toothbrush?
    From the files, we know the Mccann's asked their relatives to pick Madeleine hair from Rothley and sent it to Krugel in South Africa. That was when they already know the body was well concealed and cannot be found. Krugel become part of their plan, even if he did'nt know it. They breath and rest when they realised he found the scent of the death but not the body. They wanted PJ to associate the dead of Madeleine to an abductor and end the story with her Fund already full of millions. Their plan failed because PJ did not buy their plan and Krugel end-up used by the Mccann's and totally discredit by the police. Because PJ did not believe on any abduction or on Madeleine dead because of the action of an abductor, they had to shift their plan and feed the story of alive Madeleine- that is the only way to raise donations and pay spin-mans and lawyers.
    If Portugal had an attorney General with balls, he will reopen the case and frame the British authorities by showing the world their lack support in the investigation related with information coming from UK, to help one of their citizens. A situation which will be very embarassing to UK gov. All the evidences pointed against the Mccann's and put them exactly in the center of the crime.

  190. What is that post at 'Mccann Unravel' blog? More confusion?

  191. Again off topic, but interesting interview in today´s Guardian with Julian Assange, founder of WikiLeaks, about the cowardice of journalists.

  192. 180
    Any reported identification WILL be mistaken identity.
    The McCanns know this full well.
    How many students are going to end up in prisons across the world for taking pictures of children, or being beaten up by angry fathers ?
    Perhaps Pink Clarrie would care to detail what steps are to be taken.

  193. Anon 188

    Yet another anomaly in this case since there was a towel in the apartment which looks to have an Aztec design.

    That Aztec towel and barn remains a mystery. What was all that about?

    Was there something genuine connecting it to the case, or was it a big red herring planted to make the investigators believe Madeleine is hidden somewhere in the area, when really she is far, far, away from there, and the last place they want anyone to look.

  194. Is there any information available about Gerry McCann's father, John? He died a few years before Madeleine went "missing" and other than that there is little published about him, AFAIK. Gerry's family were living in the Govanhill tenements in Glasgow during the time Pat Magee, the Brighton bomber (who tried to murder Margaret Thatcher) was arrested in an IRA safe house there. I am wondering if the Irish community in Govanhill was tight-knit and possibly had republican sympathies. Does anyone know where the McCanns stand politically regarding Ireland or whether or not Gerry and his father were estranged? Thanks.

  195. Anon 195

    No idea, but what interesting information.

    It sounds like a poor area they lived in, and if so, the children of the McCanns did really well, no doubt encouraged by their parents.

    Everything I have ever read about them indicates they are a close knit family.

    I have heard there is a prominent female member of the IRA called McCann in Northern Ireland, but no idea if related to these McCanns.

  196. ANON@195.
    I dont know anything about gerry mc canns Father and im not familiar with the Govanhill arera of Glasgow,
    But I have my doubts that Gerry Mc cann was or is a devout Catholic and acqainted with Republicans!!!Are you for real?
    Everything about this case is riddled with freemasonary and loyalists more likely.
    Gerrys brother John,Brian Kennedy and many of the people who help out in one way or the other are supposedly freemasons,Edgar,gamble etc are former ruc men the list goes on ,its time for a re-think 195


  197. ANON @196
    Your Comment "I heard theres a prominent female member of the IRA called MC Cann in Northern Ireland "

    What a ridicules comment to make!!
    Next we will have some other Gobshite on telling us they heard theres a prominent male member of the IRA called GERRY in Northern Ireland!!
    Cop the F on.

  198. the towel found in the barn?
    Were forensics carried out that found fibres from the scenic car on it?
    Im sure that was reported ..was it confirmed?

    I know the truth will come out, but before it does the UK government needs to be bought down. It is full of despicable criminals...at the very highest office.
    Mr Cameron has no loyalty to finding the truth....the current case of Raoul Moat proves that.
    the Whole government needs a clear-out...we need to start again, build it with good genuine people....it can be done.
    People need to take to the streets in the masses...the time is now!

    the other options are for a consortium of investors to be found ..who can help produce a newspaper company that can fight the propaganda of the murdoch empire.
    It can be done.

    stand up be counted!


  199. A Dubliner

    Not such a stupid comment when the McCanns themselves are from N. Ireland.

    The poster was commenting about connections to do with IRA.

    As far as Gerry McCann is concerned I would think he is all things to all people. Protestants when at the Protestant churches, and Catholics with the Catholics. Loyalists, Republicans, what the heck! Somebody pass the hat.


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