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The Triumph of Churnalism

UK Media Churnalism Machine v2.0 [credits to Crispian Jago]

A few thoughts after reading this article at the Guardian: "Bigotry behind Express 'ethnics' splash"

Let's put it this way, the Express [ Richard Desmond's Express Group (Daily Star)] is not the only UK newspaper or UK media group promoting, reinforcing and using xenophobia as a marketing tool; nor the only media group that uses the "Imperial Britishness" preconceptions imprinted at the core of Great Albion's People collective subconscious memory, and other  less "subliminal tactics" to manipulate the viewers, readers and population with the abhorrent acquiescence of OFCOM, of the PCC and of the House of Commons Committee responsible for the matters of culture and media.

The UK media, in general, makes a mockery of what Journalism means, of its social purpose and of its deontological code; by systematically using unethical, biased and bigoted methods, and frequently by conniving with politicians in order to influence internal and foreign agendas. Sometimes to the point of 'aiding and abetting' criminal actions committed by British nationals abroad either by endorsing the publication of forged PR spoon fed news and spins, or by allowing with a vicious intent the character assassination of non-British nationals or by sanctioning the slanderous defamation of other countries juridical and justice systems.

We can observe daily examples of non-journalism, or in other words, churnalism, happening in Murdoch's News Corporation media outlets, on the biased Sky News or at the Scum, pardon, the Sun tabloid, even in News Corp's owned Times; similarly on the BBC, in the Daily Mail, on the Daily Mirror, on ITN, on Channel4, News of World, People Magazine, Telegraph, etc, etc.

The UK media [except in very few cases where independent chief-editors and journalists really do journalistic research and cross-check their sources] does sensationalistic infotainment for the masses, repeating ad nauseum press releases and wired stories without any accuracy or quality. Stories that are often bylined by mediocre hacks.

Unfortunately, this rampant style of journalists that churns out propaganda and rewrites press releases is becoming a global plague that affects the trust of the citizens in the mainstream media.

In Portugal I could point out some former and actual newspaper editors, journalists, hacks that have similar vested interests and use the same deceitful strategies as their British homologues do.

They should all hang their heads in shame.

For journalists, the defining value is honesty - the attempt to tell the truth.
That is our primary purpose.

 Nick Davies, author of Flat Earth News

Watch & Learn

Nick Davies, journalist and controversial author of 'Flat Earth News' is joined by a panel of media and PR professionals to discuss the falling standards of the media and the role of PR in exploiting weaknesses in the editorial process. via LEWIS PR* parts 2,3,5,7,8 of 9

* The PR company that hired Clarence Mitchell, the McCann couple media spinner recently.

Kerry O'Brien speaks with investigative journalist and author Nick Davies about his new book, Flat Earth News. Davies argues that journalistic standards are declining the world over as cost cutting and government pressures take toll on the industry.

Rupert Murdoch , News Corporation CEO via ForaTV [Extract]

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Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch's War on Journalism by producer/director Robert Greenwald

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  1. Thanks for this article Joana. Very interesting.

    I don't think it is just the 'journalists' who can be faulted for the spin that is put on the stories they churn out, yes they are lazy and don't have time, or don't care to check out the facts, but there are also those powerful figures behind the scenes who are really pulling the strings. Those powerful figures who all attend the same back slapping Clubs and the dinner parties. Though you would never realise it to see them in public, they are all reading from the same hymn book.

    There is not a great big block on reporting about the Bilderburger meetings and the elite membership for nothing.

    When are we going to get some journalists going against the grain and reporting this in the front page mainstream press. No chance, unless they owned their own newspapers. This is why the internet is so useful and valuable in getting hidden information out. It is there for those who want to find out about it, but of course they have to know about it first, or how can they know to look for it.

    The journalists in UK know which side their bread is buttered and they do have an agenda to spin depending which newspaper they work for. So much rubbish they churn out, so easy to feed them spin to churn out to the people so long as its sensational.

    As regards the McCann case, Clarence has been worth his weight in gold to this couple with the spinning and his media connections, not that they will themselves be paying his wages, because that's not their thing, when its been so easy to get somebody else to pay. No wonder they have to keep the money rolling in though. If and when it dries up, that is when the spin is going to stop for them because they wont be able to buy it any more.

    They are going to have to get more and more inventive and all the time there's the worry that the truth about the investigation will come out. No wonder Dr Amaral's book had to be silenced. If the truth that the investigators believe Madeleine is dead gets widespread publicity their Fund will completely dry up.

    Do they sleep nights wondering and worrying about this?


  2. And we should remember the literacy of the Public that media elected as a target - People with very poor literacy, easy to be manipulated and so poor that they vibrate with fairy tales and blood stories.

  3. Joana, thank you for this interesting article.

    Poster 1: Excellent post.

  4. Portugal's media is just as bad Joana, and it's time that you fully recognised it. The depiction of the British and their lifestyles was sensationalist, ignorant rubbish on far too many occasions and the coverage of the Mccann affair relied on leaks which seamlessely meshed fact with fiction.
    It's just as insidious, just as bad as anything the UK press do. I don't expect you will print this but be aware, at least informed people here KNOW their press is rubbish and know not to believe it - the problem with your commentary is that you are leading Portuguese people to think they can actually trust theirs, which is very dangerous.

  5. It seems little girl Amber is found back in the States, alive and well.
    She was abducted by her aunts( her own family) and brought to an unknown address.
    She is now 7 years old.

  6. 4 Maybe you skipped where I mentioned Portugal? Do read the article again and check the inner links. Thank you for your valuable comment.

  7. 8-} This is really hot stuff! Sensational! Well done Joana. Incidentally, I did a Google search on the software but could not find it which may mean it was probably custom made...

    So, now we know...well, in retrospective one should have guessed. This is supposed to be just for Science features but of course it is not difficult to extrapolate further...Oh! my!


  8. Oh god ac, you think this is real, don't you?


    It's a spoof fgs!!

  9. Actually anonymous 8, though the image is a «spoof» ridiculing a certain UK media newspaper it is, nevertheless, an exemplary model of what really happens at the editorial offices of media outlets world-wide nowadays. Can you guarantee that internal newspaper databases and archives aren't used to produce the kind of news article pieces aforementioned in the blog article? You can't, can you?


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