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1112 Days*

McCanns meet May in Madeleine probe

Kate and Gerry McCann have held talks with Home Secretary Theresa May to discuss the search for their missing daughter Madeleine.

The couple used the meeting on Wednesday to appeal for extra help from the coalition Government to look for the little girl. It is more than three years since Madeleine disappeared from a holiday resort in southern Portugal.

Mr and Mrs McCann, from Rothley, Leicestershire, want a full independent review of the police investigation into what happened to their daughter.

They complained in February that they encountered "reluctance" when they asked the British authorities to re-examine all the information held by law enforcement agencies around the world.

Mr McCann said: "I think people are reluctant to undertake a review because there's been difficult, sensitive issues. But Madeleine's rights should be put first. She's missing, she's innocent and whoever's taken her is still out there, and that has to be of paramount importance."

A Home Office spokesman said: "The Home Secretary held a private meeting with Kate and Gerry McCann on Wednesday to discuss the case of their missing daughter Madeleine.

"The Government's primary concern in this matter is the wellbeing of Madeleine McCann and to ensure that everything feasible is being done to progress the search for her."

Madeleine was three when she went missing from her family's holiday flat in Praia da Luz in the Algarve on May 3 2007 as her parents dined with friends nearby.

Portuguese police launched a massive investigation with the support of British officers but the inquiry was formally shelved in July 2008 without reaching any firm conclusions about the child's fate.

Private detectives employed by the McCanns are continuing to investigate the case.

source: The Press Association, 06.08.2010

* 1112 Days have gone by since the Madeleine McCann investigation was archived by the Portuguese Public Ministry. This is an excerpt from the archiving dispatch:

"Nevertheless, anyone who feels unsatisfied about the epilogue of the investigations, will have the possibility to react against it, having the possibility of eventually changing that epilogue, by prompting diligences based on new evidence, as long as that person has the legitimacy to request them and the requested diligences are serious, pertinent and consequent. They may do so in three ways: by requesting the reopening of the inquiry, under article 279, number 1 of the Penal Process Code; by appealing hierarchically against this dispatch under number 2 of article 278, or in another case, under number 2 of article 279 of the Penal Process Code, or by requesting the opening of the instruction under article 287, number 1, item b, of the Penal Process Code."


  1. Hi Joana,

    There is a question still to be asked - 'what is the connection between Dr Gerald McCann and the late Dr David Kelly?'

    I think that once this connection has been made - the reasons that Gerry and Kate have been so well served in the most democartic of democracies will be clear.

    Keep plugging away!

    regards etc

  2. i cant believe what i have just read that
    Mr McCann said: "I think people are reluctant to undertake a review because there's been difficult, sensitive issues. But Madeleine's rights should be put first. She's missing, she's innocent and whoever's taken her is still out there, and that has to be of paramount importance.what about RE OPENING THE CASE,THATS WHAT YOU SHOULD BE ASKING FOR. WHAT ARE YOU AND THE TAPAS AFRAID OF????

  3. What is the Maccanns plan Teresa May is not stupid is she, This new Govenment so far are not as stupid as the Labour shower, by the way Brown and Blair have been voted the worst Prime Minister's the UK have ever had.

  4. "Mr and Mrs McCann, from Rothley, Leicestershire, want a full independent review of the police investigation.."

    Not more, not less

    They want the files to be ridiculed and henceforth declared rubbish.

  5. the only difficult and sensitive issue was your wife not answering the questions from the police and the fact that the british government and police saved your arses you mean. at least tell the truth for once just for madeleines sake why not go back for a reonstruction oh yeah you cant because you will all be shown to be liars.

  6. Who are they trying to fool ?

  7. i hope that Teresa May has read up on the mccanns and thier reluctants to tell the truth before she even thinks about helping them,hope she told them to go back to portugal and ask for the case to be re-opend there.It make me just wonder how sick the mccanns are.

  8. It will not matter who the Home Secretary is - no matter what party, they'll continue to be involved covering for the McCanns because of what the McCanns HAVE on the British government. End of story.

    The only hope is that a whistle-blower will contact some organisation like wikileaks, or that the Portuguese will have the balls to stand up to the Brits.

    The McCanns will NEVER ask for the investigation to be reopened. They would have done so long ago had they been innocent of involvement.

    It is an international disgrace but it is a house of cards and all it will take is one card pulled for the whole thing to collapse.

    Courage to those who know the truth. I urge you to find a way to tell the world.

  9. i dont think it went as well as the mccanns say and we only have thier word for it and Teresa May is hardly going to respond to what they have said but i hope she got the measure of them,spin spin spin.

  10. How dare they tell our Home Secretary how do do her job!!"Madeline,s rights should be put first" -Well why didn,t HER MUMMY AND DADDY DO JUST THAT when they LEFT HER and her siblings WITHOUT A BABY-SITTER,Madeline,s RIGHTS that holiday was never a thought that crossed their arrogant,self centered minds!HYPOCRISY HYPOCRISY. Is there any section of our media who will now say,to this pair ,you have no rights what ever in challenging ANY law enforcement agencies around the world.There has been more man hours put to this debacle than any other missing child,so please accept that.Or do I,cynical as I am ,smell a chance of them suing one or more of them?

  11. i see the mccanns are casting thier net wide to get as many top people on thier side to try to prove thier innocense.hard luck mccanns you aint fooling us.if you really want to prove your innocense have the case re-opened and do the reconstruction,i wont hold my breathe though

  12. Their audacity astounds me. If it is true that they have only asked for an independent review of the case, I think it would shock them to the core of their being if Teresa May asks the PJ to reopen the case.

    What's the point of thousands of £s of taxpayers money being spent on going over old evidence, much of it a nonsense and and a load of flannel introduced by their ridiculous, waste of space and money PIs to keep the heat off the McCanns and to "confuse" as Gerry put it in his own words.

    Come on Teresa, call their bluff and REOPEN the case, get the McCanns back to PDL to answer all police questions and to do the reconstruction they and their mates refused to do, IN LEAVING ALL STONES NOT TURNED IN THE SEARCH FOR THEIR MISSING DAUGHTER.

  13. I read in the Sun that the Home Office has given the McCs renewed hope the child will be found. Do they think the child will be alive when she is found?

  14. Well said poster 12.CM has confirmed K&G met with the Home Secretary on Wednesday,to" CONTINUE their discussions with the Government over what can be done to assist the search for Madeline.AS WITH ALL THEIR PRIVATE GOVERNMENTAL CONTACTS ????????? the details of the discussion will remain confidential!!" My goodness,they most certainly can,t complain with the way their taxes are `spent `they have more "audiences"with our government than the Queen ,oh ,Teresa May,please wipe the smiles off their faces by explaining ,the only way this case can be solved is if we re-open the case,and with you,the parents giving your full co-operation!. Then,and only then will the `search` for Madeline finally end.

  15. I have emailed Theresa May, regarding the McCanns meeting with her last Wednesday.I have said this case doesn't need reviewing, it needs reopening and the McCanns need to return to Praia da Luz and cooperate with the PJ.

    I have told Mrs May that the McCanns need to take part in the reconstruction they previously refused to take part in. I also told Mrs May that Kate McCann should answer the 47 questions, she previously refused to answer regarding Madeleine's disappearance. I told Mrs May that the 48th and only question Kate McCann answered, was the one when she was told the consequences of not answering the other questions.

    I told Mrs May many things I had heard the McCanns say and many things I had seen them do. Whether Mrs May takes notice of my email, is another matter. I hope she does, but somehow I feel she won't.

  16. 15 Kathybelle

    It's good to know that you have sent that email - however, I have a strange feeling that it will not have the desired effect.

    The McCanns are not idiots, far from it, they are extremely clever. I have still to be convinced about the abduction theory and the accidental death theory. But the unbelievable force with which the McCanns have thrust the abduction down the throats of the media, the public and the Police both here and elsewhere, seems to be so powerful that no amount protesting by any of us will force a crack in 'their defence'. They seem to have all the power and the tools to hand whichever way the press and/or any disclosures from any source appear.

    But what is is that stays the hand of truth - how is it so many witnesses, themselves included, can change their statements, both verbal and written, and yet nothing happens. It's extremely puzzeling to me. I can't think of any scenario where giving false statements to the Police would not emit instant investigation.

    Admittedly we have seen our own government involved at the time of the so called 'abduction' - Gordon Brown et all - but why is it seemingly continuing - all the Doctors who were holidaying with the McCanns seem to have this 'protection' too.

    It's baffling to me - but I sincerely hope your email to TM is not just placed in the "trash".


  17. Well said Kathybelle,if you ,with Joanas permission of course, be good enough to `post` Teresa Mays e-mail details here (or point me in the right direction), then,if enough of us let her know this is a subject that thousands of us are very uneasy about ,then maybe she will take our veiws into consideration before agreeing to everything the Macaans demand of her.At least I will know I did something , however small in trying to get justice for Madeline.Its just so frustrating that there are people who do have vital information, but to protect their `own backs`are saying nothing!Unforgiveable,unbelievable, but true.

  18. I wonder if Kate told the Home Secretary of the evidence of an abduction.
    That really would be quite something.

  19. Dear Lynn please see the comments at http://joana-morais.blogspot.com/2010/07/stop-printing-press-express-exclusively.html , thank you.

  20. Im hoping Halligen will be the whistleblower. He could be a start.

  21. Thank you Joana. Before I found your site this year I really felt as if I was one of the very few people who hadn,t been `taken in by the Macaan,s manipulation` of the unfolding events that were thrust into our lives when little Madeline disappeared .As a mum of 4 ,and 12 grandchildren,who I obviously love with all my heart,I always tried (and still try)to `put myself`in the Macaans shoes, but Kate and Gerry,s behaviour throughtout has been IMO, uncomfortable veiwing .To see Teresa May tell them that the case should be re -opened,with them adhering to the rules,that any other British citizen would willingly comply with ,also applies to them,would be the first step in the right direction ;but why would she be the first to take on the Macaans ,when.as CM has already confirmed today,that they,Kate &Gerry already have many private Governmental contacts.So there we have it I,m afraid,but if shes made of the same ilk as David Cameron,maybe she will "say it as it is" even if she upsets people on the way!

  22. They are determined to have this 'independant' whitewash arent they! Who the hell do these ansty people think they are kidding?

    What the hell are our politicians doing meeting with suspects in a case of child fatality?

  23. She should never have met them, they are suspected criminals - a european police force suspects them - the case does not need independant review, it needs to be re-opened.

  24. It infuriates me to hear these people speak as if everyone else has let down their daughter by suspecting they are involved - when clearly they let her down and clearly they have not behaved as normal innocent people would. It has been defence defence defence from day 1, lawyers from day one, legal speak form day 1. Our government should stop wasting money on these criminal suspects - but perhaps offer the portuguese police funding to re-open the case.

  25. Hi Lynn post (17) If Joana wouldn't mind, I could forward the email to her and she can read it for herself and see if it is suitable to put on the forum.

    There is nothing libelous in my email to Theresa May, but it would be better if Joana saw it first. Joana would have to take my name, address and telephone number off the email, if she did decide to put the email on the board.

    I put those details at the bottom of the email to Theresa May, to show I was sincere in my thoughts about Madeleine's disappearance.

  26. The McCanns will go to far one day, people like Ms May are not stupid, this imo will be what brings the whole sarga down around them, just that one person who is not taken in by the McCanns imo, it will only take one person to say enough is enough, lets hope Ms May is one of them.

    As my mum always says "credit people with the respect they deserve"

  27. I hate that fcuking picture of them, Hope May has seen it, Im sure she would come to her own conclusion with just one look at it, and doesnt want anything todo with those child neglecting tw4ts, come on Cameron grow some b4lls and stop this cicus NOW.
    I remember writting to David Davis and he said he was suspect of them, enough said.

  28. Theresa May should now ask the Portuguese Judiciary to reopen the investigation, given that reportedly (source. DE 31/7) the Home Office has now agreed with the EU in Brussels that any EU police force is entitled to receive personal information about UK citizens on request. This could be the opportunity for the PJ to request all the information they were refused last time under the previous government. Go for it PJ - NOW. Perhaps Joana can verify this agreement?

  29. I dont hold much hope for May going against the Mcs I sent her and e-mail when I first heard of the Mcs wanting to have a meeting with her, and Ive never had a reply, says it all really.

    NO MORE VOTES FOR CAMERON FROM MY FAMILY, it dosen't matter now but it will in the near future when the love fest with Clegg collapses, which imo will not belong

  30. A massive police investigation on a worldwide basis would be the only possible solution to this tragic case. Every country would have to be investigated as would every paedophile, and murderer who had a link to the Algarve in Portugal. Each detective unit would have to work on different theories. The realistic chances of finding Madeleine McCann without these resources are slim. The same efforts would have to be applied in other missing children cases. I pray that Madeleine will one day reappear but I fear that unless a specialist unit does not do something soon. Madeleine McCann's whereabouts will remain a mystery.

  31. Anon 13

  32. Dear Kathybelle please do post if you wish to, just remove your own email address ;) thank you for sharing, a hug from Lisbon xx

  33. Kate & Gerry betrayed Madeleine and the twins by leaving them home alone, if they wanted to eat and gey pi---- with friends then why not on the terrace of the apartment, at least they would not have abandoned 3 defenceless children. shame on you McConns( slip) shame on the way you have behaved over this matter, disgusting money seekers, If she was my daughter I would be sobbing at the door of the PJ begging them to reopen the case. But you two, just carry on with your media circus, dont ever say you are loving responsible parents, because you are not! Many hope that the new government in the uk will see through the pair of you. Kate get back to Portugal and answer all of those unanswered questions, show how innocent you are by getting that case reopened...but we shall not hold our breath, and niether will dear maddie, for whom justice has not been done. As doctors you are an utter disgrace, all the tapas as well. Justice for Madeleine.Living in your upmarket bubble, well one day it is going to burst.

  34. Smart or stupid, the new Home Secretary will act no different to the other British government employees. Face it, this is NOT on behalf of the McCanns, it is on behalf of government actions/secrets that the UK will not allow to be exposed. Look at the various theories and find a single one that would justify the cover-up from "on high". It is not about this couple, or even Maddie.

    In my opinion, the only reason people are not coming forward is that the fear Dr. Kelly-like reprisals. If you think that the Brits haven't silenced people in the past, you have not followed controversies in the last few decades related to Dr. Kelly, Pat Finucane, etc.

    The truth about the McCann case could cause the British government to fall, and the UK to be exposed to the world for the out-of-control power they've given to their intelligence services.

    FSS clearly tampered with the evidence in the McCann case (and others), government officials and ex-intelligence officers were involved from the first day the public were notified that Maddy was "missing", the courts have protected the McCanns and the press has been gagged and manipulated.

    When this case is solved, as it inevitably will be, there is going to be hell to pay.

  35. It is more than obvious that the McCanns are busy now to distract the attention from Kevin Hal... what is his name?
    They are afraid of what Kevin will say.
    That is why they are making this noise around Teresa May.
    I hope people who gave money to the fund will demand for an explanation "what did you do with the money I gave to the fund, Kevin?"

  36. I think the government knows what a sticky position its in..Lets not forget exactly what the truth of this case will expose.
    This case has shown just how corrupt the system is, and how there really is no divide in politics..its just an illusion.
    At the top they all P@:: in the same pot, and network to cover each other...it happens in many institutions too, ie the medical world, policing etc ...im not been cynical ..just real.

    Were in a bad way here in the UK..lead by liars,( I mean come on we were taking to war on a lie, that to date has been covered up, and look how many lives have been lost there, there were people who tried to expose the lie and looked what happened to them..DR David Kelly R.I.P.
    I would liken the government to a mafia,firm.....a very powerful one with its own media (propaganda machine) and control of "supposed independant bodies"....remember initially the storys of some of the tapas wanting to change there statements but felt the enourmous political pressures involved.

    As i have said before these are dangerous times in the UK.

    They thought this case would be easy to whitewash with the use of the media spinning BullSh@' everywhere. It didnt work!
    Its now become a hot potatoe, they want to whitewash it but at the sametime nobody wants to be seen to close to the case its that volatile.

    Keep fighting we have truth on OUR side.

    Lets get this investigation re-opened.


    ( ps..i do not lie when i say the only way i will be silenced is the same way they dealt with Mr Kelly.
    I will never give in and anyone who I talk with will be directed to the files, i will fight with the same tenacity as they tell lies).

    Madeleine we will get you justice.

    The rest of you can run/spin ....but you cant hide.

  37. 8-} Metaphorically speaking, where is Ms. May supposed to exert pressure? Which meridians, which acupoints?

  38. Such a JOKE, Clarence Mitchell with his "as in all of their private government contacts this will remain confidential" gobbles.

    He is the most hilarious dunce to put on a (pink) shirt and tie and try to portray himself as someone oooooh sooooo important, working for oooooh sooooo important clients.

    He speaks with a forked tongue, so does our Clarrie. Re-read his comments about Mr. Coke Jimenez of the MetodoMoneyLaunderingSpecials3 and how Jimenez never worked for the McCanns - but ... oooooopsie, musta forgot... can't burn all the copies of that damned news article giving all the details about Jimenez leading the "hunt" in Morocco. Hmmm, we'll spin it this way - the report about Jimenez was all a fantasy concocted by some dumb reporter (who must not have received the McMemo, apparently.)

    Antonio Jimenez NEVER worked for the McCanns, the McCanns had nothing to do with Maddie's disappearance, there is no *evidence* no *evidence* no *evidence*...

    With spokes-model's like Clarence Mitchell, who has been caught telling bald faced lies, who can be PROVEN to have lied to the public, we really should take heart.

    Maddie, lovely little girl who deserved so much better than you got, we will NOT let these liars and criminals win. If we had been in Luz when you were missing, we'd have been searching for you night and day with the rest of the volunteers. We are not cruel people out to hurt anyone.

    We are intelligent members of the world community who know that one country cannot be allied with another country and allow it to act as the UK has acted and continues to act in this case.

    We are absolutely determined to see justice done because if justice does not matter, then nothing good matters.

  39. Good morning Joana ((((hugs))))to you as well. I don't know how to remove my details from my email and I can't paste it on here.What I will do, is post the contents of my email on here.

    Please Joana, can I also forward the email to you, so you can verify that what I have written is true?

    Dear Mrs May

    I have just read an article on the internet, where the McCanns have told the media, that they met with yourself 2 days ago. To say I am incensed is an understatement. The McCanns by their own admission, left their 3 children alone in the evenings, while they went out to wine and dine and Kate McCann admitted they never physically searched for Madeleine.

    For 12 months in various media interviews, the McCanns told the people who interviewed them, that reports of their children crying were untrue. On the first anniversary of Madeleine's disappearance, the McCanns told the media, that on the morning of the evening Madeleine disappeared, she asked them why they didn't come, when she and Sean cried. Kate McCann said she wished she'd grabbed her arm and said "what do you mean we cried and we never came?" Kate McCann then said "we nearly didn't go out on that night, but we decided we would and we upped our checks to every 30 minutes"

    I could go on and on about the McCanns appalling behaviour in Praia da Luz, but I would be sending you pages and pages of emails. This case does not need to be reviewed, it needs to be reopened. The McCanns need to go back to Praia da Luz and cooperate full with the PJ. They need to take part in the reconstruction, they previously refused to take part in. Kate McCann needs to answer the 47 questions, she previously refused to answer. The only question she did answer, was when she was told that by refusing to answer the other questions, she would be hindering the investigation into Madeleine's disappearance. "If that's what you believe" was her cocky answer.

    I'm sorry Mrs. May, but nothing about the McCanns behaviour, before and after Madeleine's disappearance, shows to me they are the responsible, loving parents, they claim to be. I'm sure you have access to a lot more information than I have. I can only tell you what I have heard the McCanns say.

    Many people have taken Madeleine to their hearts and I am no exception, she had no choice in the matter, when she was left in that unlocked, darkened apartment, with her brother and sister. I cannot begin to imagine what she went through on the night she disappeared, but if she was alive, she would have been crying for her mummy and daddy and she would be hoping they would come and get her.

    To be continued

  40. I watched a television interview that the McCanns gave, a week or so after Madeleine disappeared. The presenter asked Kate McCann, if she had wanted to join the locals, who stayed off work to join the police in their search for Madeleine. I felt physically sick, when I heard the McCanns say they had not physically searched for Madeleine. I felt even sicker, when I heard Kate McCann say that the first 48hrs of Madeleine's disappearance were the worst, then they began to sleep easier.

    I have watched the McCanns jog past the locals and holidaymakers, who gave up their leisure time to join the police in their search for Madeleine. I have seen footage of the McCanns stood on top of a cliff in their jogging gear, watching the police comb the beach for Madeleine. I have read Gerry McCanns blogs, where he has boasted to readers, about how he and his wife had passed their personal best at jogging. I have also read where he and his wife have played tennis, gone for picnics on the beach and gone to the airport to meet family and friends.

    He hardly mentioned Madeleine in his inane blogs, but he never failed to ask people not to forget to press the donate button. I am sick and tired of hearing the British media, fawning over this neglectful couple and blaming an abductor, when there is no proof Madeleine was ever abducted. I am full of admiration for the German, Spanish and American media, who have asked the McCanns why they thought it was safe to go out at night and leave 3 toddlers alone. I have watched the McCanns either laugh or lose their temper, when they have been asked these questions. I saw Gerry McCann throw his microphone on the floor and stomp out of the studio, after being asked why their children were left in a vulnerable position.

    In December 2009 I heard a Portuguese television presenter, ask the McCanns about the cadaver scent that was found by the cadaver dogs, in their 2 apartments, their hire car and the key fob of their hire car. Gerry McCann burst out laughing and said "ask the dogs" I cannot find anything amusing about Madeleine's disappearance.

    I hope you read my email Mrs May, I know you are a busy person. Madeleine has no voice, there are thousands upon thousands of people, who want to be the voice Madeleine was denied.

    Yours sincerely
    Telephone number

    I have written this email from my heart. I hope all who read it look beyond my grammatical mistakes.

    I also had to make two posts to enable me to copy the email.

  41. well we have heard how well the meeting went from the mccanns,now i would like to hear Teresa Mays version from her own lips and not what someone the goverment said.

  42. Dear all,

    Please don't "dis" Theresa May. She is my local MP and I know her slightly... she is a woman of integrity and currently has a very tough job. It is very easy to criticise, but very difficult to fix things.

    She confirmed to me previously in response to a query that she planned to meet with the McCann couple, in response to a request from them. I have posted the content of my query and her reply ont the previous Theresa May (stop the presses) thread on this site.

    To put this in context, I have previously made such a request to her and received an hour of her time in return, in relation to a business matter. This was while she was still a member of the opposition. However I found her to be very gracious with her time. The follow-up was delegated to more junior members of her team, and we did get some results eventually.

    I would suggest that the next step is to write to her, politely and professionally, with the question of why the McCann couple is requesting a "review" of the case from the British authorities and not pursuing their right to request the reopening of the case in Portugal.

    Facts and figures, not emotion - will win the day.

    I intend to send a query such as this and will post the content when I've decided on it.


  43. But Madeleine's rights should be put first

    Bloody shame they didn't think of that before they left her and her 18 mth old siblings alone to go out on the lash.

  44. Trismegistus

    whats so difficult about asking the mccanns ..no sorry telling them that they should approach the PJ about having the case reopened?

    Why is it the once "suspects" get to meet her and nobody else?

    we will get to see and make up our own minds about the integrity of the lady by her ACTIONS.


  45. to 43.
    Please note the McCann twins were 2 years & 3 months when on that holiday in May 2007.
    Sure, they wanted us to believe they were all itsy bitsy toddlers.
    I know how 2 1/4 yr olds can rabbit on. They didn`t even question those twins. But then I believe when Madeleine went missing they were drugged up & in another appartment anyway.
    Madeleine was no toddler either, she was as good as 4 years old.Almost school age.
    The parents just kept giving out younger pics & hoping to hinder the investigation.


  46. If Kate and Gerry seriously believe the PJ and the Public minstry will release unseen evidence for a REVIEW the McCanns are even dumber than we think!

    I do not for one minute belive Mrs May will jeopardize her career in the Coalition Government for the sake of the McCanns, I am of the opinion that they (the McCanns) are opening a can of worms for themselves - as I believe they requested that meeting from the off, - they are also trying to cover their butts for the upcoming trial with Gonzalo Amaral as they will certainly be asked in court " If Gonzalo Amaral is hindering "(as you say) the search for Madeleine, with his book and its contents, why have you not requested the opening of the case?" to this King Gerry will reply. ""Well Sir, we have held talks with our Home Secreatry to request a full review, so we are still looking Sir........blah blah blah"

    Mrs May if she has half a brain cell will use this case to her advantage, not in an ugly way but a Political one, she is intelligent enough to have read the reports, possibly the case files etc etc and has perhaps been in touch with the LP force,

    I firmly believe the McCanns have made it worse for themselves,

    As I always say and will say again
    Tick tock Kate and Gerry tick tock!.

  47. Is it true the Home Office have said the Maccann case needs to be reopened not reviewed, too much to hope for I expect.

  48. and another thing regarding top interference ...i believe when gerry mccann had a standing ovation from the police it was a put up job ..imo all those policemen had been ordered to applaud so as to show us all how innocent the mccanns were.. my opinion only

  49. The two photographs at the top of this page speak volumes, the top one is the church in Portugal, laughing happy Maccanns, days after Maddie went missing, a sort of we did it, they believe us. The bottom one outside the court in Portugal after the Book case, The tortured look the weight loss, worried look, Oh dear maybe they are not as stupid as we first thought, what are we to do. Please print more like the bottom one I love it.

  50. The McCanns will never ever ask the PJ to re-open the case, as they already know where little Madeleine is.

    It would like asking a turkey to vote for Christmas!

    An English Lady

  51. Pray for Madeleine's safe return. Prayer is powerful. Pray for all missing children, children who are exploited through child labour. Remember the children who have been the victims of evil.
    Victims of neglect, I speak from personal experience. Victims of broken homes, evil murders, all forms of abuse and bullying.
    Let prayer inspire the hearts of those who are in powerful positions to change all injustices to vulnerable children.

  52. Great email Kathybelle. I totally endorse everything you say.
    I too will try & email Theresa May.

  53. Kathybelle,I am hopeful Teresa May will read,and acknowledge your e-mail,it certainly covered many reasons why this should not be about K & G Macaan and their demands.They lost any right to demand justice for Madeline,the very first time they left her` babysitting`.This latest attempt to detract from what actually happened to their daughter, yet again,makes me feel sick to the core. Thank you Joana for giving us the chance to read the e-mail,and of course for providing me with `a tool to vent my frustrations`

  54. ;)) What Antonella Lazzeri of the prestigious tabloid "The Sun"(cough) was writing yesterday read:

    "They especially want help in putting pressure on the Portuguese government to agree to a joint British-Portuguese review of the case."

    On the Portuguese government? Why are they always picking on my nationality? I print the offensive bit and bring the scrap to "The Analyst's" attention. The Analyst, in case you wonder, is found most late afternoons at Notting Hill's "Starbucks" glued to his "notebook".

    The analyst has a long look at the text (full version) then, as if suddenly caught in a trance, lifts his cold, nickel eyes past me, the window in front and seems lost in the world outside. His dead-white face reminds me of a ghost. A thoughtful ghost. I am starting to feel uncomfortable when his honour finally comes to life...

    "Well, whichever way you look at it, be in the context of Critical Discourse Analysis, Symbolic Logic or Transactional Analytics this text, including the MC initiative, amounts to a veiled attack on the integrity of Portuguese investigators in general and Dr. G. Amaral in particular, which makes me wonder..." The Analyst is now fiddling with his postmodern goatee "...whether I.D. has informed M.Team to ignite some PR fireworks to distract the watchdogs at Lisbon's Palace of Justice and intimidate GA's defence-on-a-budget. I predict, all factors remaining constant, that the trial of GA could be as early as October. A second, more paradigmatic implication..." he adds as he wiggles his right index finger...relates to the MC's on-going search for M the minor, while providing a cathartic release for the affiliated guilt concomitant with a process of projection and transference into the father figure symbolized by the Chief Co-ordinator. In simpler terms..." The Analyst patronizes "... a sustained process of vindication and denial".

    :)] This is when my mobile phone started ringing and the Analyst left in his trade mark "man-on-the-moon" stride.

    :-/ - "Did he pay for his bottle of "San Pellegrino"? No? He must have forgotten then."


  55. The McCanns do not miss an opportunity to canvas what they percieve as "positive publicity" remember the bulk of the UK has been misinformed about the true state of affairs.

    This is like the truck with the pictures touring Belgium et al... it is all about raising money and being seen to "leave no stone unturned".

    They did not want a result- they wanted the publicity- and with spin the apparent endorsement of current government...

  56. We don't know if the McCanns spent a full hour with Teresa May.This could be a lie, to impress us.I suspect she has more to do than to listen to them during 60 minutes.During their time in Portugal, they gave us the impression they had contact with Brown every second of the day.On the last interview with Sandra Felgueiras, Gerry said it happened (only) once.
    I remember Prince Charles did not let himself be photographed with Kate and I believe she went to that meeting with this purpose.I even believe he did not exchange a word with her otherwise some tabloid and Gerry's blog would have published it.
    Through this no-happening, the Prince of Wales showed he does not mistrust the Portuguese police.
    He says what he knows and thinks, without words, imo.d
    God save the Prince.

  57. Dear Home Secretary,
    During your conversation this week, did Mrs McCann ever provide you with evidence of an abduction ?

  58. Yes, no. 8, all the "tapas" doctors have something on the British government - I hope I get to know what in my lifetime, because I cannot let it drop.

    When you think about it, what hard and fast proof is there that the McCann's did leave their children alone at night other than the fact that they are telling us so. Their friends have agreed to bear witness, but that is hardly credible evidence. It could be one big smokescreen designed to distract attention in a big way and incense the public over something that didn't really happen.

    Yes, the McCann's are very clever and have preserved their position of knowing everything while noone else knows anything.

  59. Kathybelle at 39 I sincerely hope Mrs May reads and acts upon your e-mail you have summed up the feelings of the majority of posters, justice for Madeleine and may common sense prevail in what has become such a travasty, Mrs May has the power to start the process for the re-opening of this case.

  60. Hi Anonymous (post 55) I have since read that the truck travelling through Belgium, is nothing to do with the McCanns. It is an Eddie Stobart driver, who has put Madeleine's photographs on his truck.

    I don't know if the McCanns were involved in some way with this idea, but if they were, why have they waited over 3yrs to do this? This should have been done in the early stages of Madeleine's disappearance. Then again the McCanns should have done a lot of things to find Madeleine, from May the 3rd. The first thing they should have done was search for her.

    The McCanns have their own reason for not searching for her and in my opinion it is because they knew there was no point in searching for her.

  61. Hi Anonymous (post 39) and thank you for reading my email. I would imagine Theresa May's inbox is full of emails from people who are as incensed as I was when I read the article on Joana's forum, regarding their meeting with Mrs May.

    The McCanns are as thick skinned as Rhinoceroses, but that is the only thing they have in common with these wild beasts. Rhinos look after their offspring far better than the McCanns.

  62. Sorry Techguy,( post 55) for calling you anonymous.

  63. The Blacksmith Bureau: Jane Tanner Again
    blacksmithbureau.blogspot.com http://blacksmithbureau.blogspot.com/2010/08/jane-tanner-again.html ;)

  64. Can anyone enlighten me as to the up and coming case with Mr Amaral, will the Maccann's be questioned. We have seen plenty of walking in and out of court and holding hands but as yet no one has questioned them they have just been bystanders.
    Tell you one thing they have the luck of the devil, and that's the type of luck we can all do without. I would hate to be in the same room as this evil pair.

  65. Kevin H. will be interrogated August 18th next.
    And I wonder how many sightings we will hear about, this month.
    And how often we will see our Pinky Clarrie trying to convince us the family is a bunch of innocent people.
    Sometimes I think it is better to extradict Halligen and ask UK reporters to interview him in the US.Or American reporters, and let the articles be published in the US.Or even ask CNN Europe to tell us everything about his statements.
    IMO, the McCanns sent him the money not to search for Madeleine but to transfer it to their privete bank account somewhere.
    That is why the McCanns never sued him, imo.
    If I am right, Halligen must have the bank account number of the couple.
    Halligen has nothing more to loose, he can better tell.
    Never be friends with a person who has nothing to loose.
    You could get in serious trouble.

    Greetings from Nancy Bolognani, São Paulo.

  66. Prayer is a powerful thing .... Lol! Sounds like a McCann mantra!

  67. Prayer is a powerful thing. The Maccann's know nothing at all about prayer, if they did they would not be in the situation they are in.

  68. Anon #1

    You were asking about Gerry McCann & Dr. Kelly? If you know of any connection, I hope you have contacted the PJ. You would not want to contact anyone in the UK government. They have a tendency to murder anyone who gets in the way of their plans.



  69. Unless the FBI is also complicit in the McCann cover-up, it is highly unlikely Halligen will be extradited. The British government can't risk Halligen ratting on their hand in the McCann affair. It will be fascinating to see how they get around the extradition treaty the Brits have got with the Yanks.

    I agree with the person above who thinks Halligen was involved in the money laundering aspect of the case, but don't forget his ties to MI5. They'll paint him over to look like a lunatic but it is impossible that the man fooled people like Exton or the head of the Special Forces Club. Spin it whatever way you want, Halligen was hired for a reason and there is a good reason the McCanns won't go after him as they have others.

    They didn't go after Metodo3 either, did they? Now...if you are talking about money laundering...there's an agency to check out. BTW, does anyone know the outcome of the McCann's leading detective in Morocco, Antonio Jimenez? Last we heard he'd been arrested in regard to drug trafficking, then everything about him went silent - other than Pinky's lies about Jimenez never working for the McCanns.

    Such lovely bedfellows the McCanns have chosen!

  70. The mccanns are trying to whitewash their black name.

    Kathybelle, well done for setting the ball rolling.

    To the poster whose local MP is Theresa May, let's hope she gets a reply to her queries pertaining to mccanns. I doubt Theresa May answer will indicate anything of signficant - it will just be a neutral reply without any implicating the HO.

    Joanna, re the blacksmith article JT vs RM case, is there a way to check court filings to ascertain whether there's such a case, and if so will there be a hearing?

  71. Dear Nancy, (#65),
    agree with you.
    Hopefully Halligen will be extradited into the USA and will there be investigated regarding money laundering/transferring.
    This could be an absolute turning point in the case:
    'Follow the money', as many said before...
    But I think McCannism manages to prevent an extradition or such an investigation.

  72. All this is a rather timid spin from the mccshite really.Please dont panic: they wont have it their way....

  73. 39 Kathybelle

    Excellent email and I sincerely hope it evokes a good response.

    In the sixth paragraph of your email where you mention the McCanns began to sleep better after 48 hours, does this not sound more like grieving after a death. How on earth could anyone sleep better ever again. Surely it would interrupt one's sleep for a very long time. You would be constantly running it through your mind, you would NOT be able to forget it because you wouldn't know if the child was suffering. The fact that they could sleep suggests that they know she IS dead and not suffering anymore.

    And jogging and dealing with the media stuff.

    This would suggest maybe a distraction from grief not the 'frantic activity' after an abduction.


  74. Hi Angelique post (73) I'm glad you think my email to Theresa May is excellent. I haven't had a reply from Theresa May not even an acknowledgement that the email was received by her office.

    I'm not too surprised, because I have never had any replies from anyone I have contacted over this sad case, not even an answer to any of the questions I have asked. Apart from an acknowledgement from CEOP, saying that the person I had contacted, was out of the office and he would email me as soon as he returned. That was months ago.

  75. We still do not have any firm answer to the question

    What happened to Madeleine McCann?

    I hope that Madeleine is found soon.

    Hopefully, some new evidence will emerge which will lead to her location. I hope that the people in power will focus on what can be done now to find her and to make huge efforts to find other missing children too.

  76. In response to anonymous 66 I am not a member of the McCann family. I don't know them. I have never met them. I just feel that praying for a little girl who is missing is something I can do because I am not in a position to do anything else for her. I just hope it helps a bit.

  77. Why were there no cctv cameras in the resort that Madeleine McCann was staying in? I just cannot understand this.

  78. 77

    Firstly, we do not live, yet, in some kind of Orwellian police state, where your rights to privacy mean zero, like in a certain island.

    Secondly, having said the above who told you that there were no surveillance cameras?

    Thirdly, there were private cameras, which in Portugal have to have a permit by the proper legal authorities or to be acquired through an authorized security service.

    Otherwise, in the same manner that it is unlawful and a felony under the Portuguese law to make illegal phone recordings without a specific permit. In the case of phone recordings only the police authorities with a judge authorization can do that - that is why “someone” who calls himself a lawyer and who spread a certain illegal phone recording, via email and other means, had to remove it from the various sharing file sites, his site and a forum) – therefore:

    a) The validity of said recordings are nullified as means of evidence (i.e. in court);

    b) Due to the illegal nature of the recordings the individual or persons who have done so without permission are legally responsible, and can be brought to court due to a clear breach of the law i.e. a criminal act;

    c) Those individuals can also be sued by the person or persons who they have targeted;

    The above is written in a non-jargon legalese for better comprehension.

    Note: In September 2007, the Judge Pedro Daniel dos Anjos Frias of Portimão’s Court, who was in charge of the process as a instruction judge [juiz de instrução criminal] - at a time when Gonçalo Amaral was still the Judiciary Police Coordinator to the investigation of Madeleine's disappearance; and despite the appeals that were made by the Portuguese Public Ministry - refused the authorization that would allow the investigative Police authorities to gather, via the cell phone companies operators, the contents of Kate McCann Cell Phone, namely the SMS messages that (allegedly) she, herself deleted from the mobile phone. He also forbade the utilization of wiretaps [escutas] in certain places like the McCanns Car, and rented apartment.

  79. Pedro Frias, o juiz polémico

    Magistrado liberta homicida confesso e é o mesmo que não deixou a PJ ver SMS do telemóvel de Kate McCann

    O juiz Pedro Frias tomou mais uma decisão polémica aos olhos da opinião pública. Depois de determinar a prisão de um homem por ter roubado um telemóvel e de deixar em liberdade o homem que disparou dentro de uma esquadra, o magistrado ordenou a liberdade de um homicida confesso.

    O magistrado, na casa dos 40 anos de idade, exerce actualmente a sua função no Tribunal de Instrução Criminal de Portimão. No passado dia 9, um brasileiro de 24 anos matou à facada a mulher, de 25 anos, em frente à filha de 10 anos. O crime de sangue chocou a localidade de Mexilhoeira Grande, mas o homicida entregou-se às autoridades no dia seguinte.

    Foi constituído arguido e mandado em liberdade com uma simples notificação para comparecer no dia seguinte, terça-feira, no tribunal de Portimão, o que não aconteceu. Só o fez na passada quinta-feira. Pouco tempo depois, e sem ter prestado declarações, o juiz de instrução mandou que saísse em liberdade apenas sujeito a apresentações diárias na GNR, segundo noticia o «Jornal de Notícias», na edição desta quarta-feira.

    Ainda segundo o jornal, a morte foi testemunhada pela filha da vítima, de apenas 10 anos, mas o suspeito não está sequer impedido de se aproximar da criança, decisão que revolta os moradores da vila.

    Decisões polémicas e caso Maddie

    Em Setembro do ano passado, Pedro Frias tomou uma decisão que colheu críticas em vários quadrantes. Um homem dentro da esquadra da PSP de Portimão disparou três tiros contra um comerciante com quem tinha um diferendo. A vítima ficou tetraplégica, mas o juiz terá considerado que o suspeito, detido em flagrante delito, agiu emocionalmente, uma vez que andava a ser alvo de ameaças por parte da vítima baleada.

    Pedro Frias é também o magistrado que mandou em prisão preventiva um homem acusado de roubar um telemóvel e o juiz que não autorizou o acesso às mensagens de telemóvel de Kate McCann, na noite em Maddie desapareceu. No seu despacho justificou que «por se tratar de intercepções telefónicas as autorizações não podiam ser feitas à posteriori». Ou seja, «não podia autorizar a consulta de mensagens escritas enviadas e recebidas antes do pedido» da judiciária.

    À época ouviram-se várias vozes contra a decisão do juiz e este chegou mesmo a pedir autorização ao Conselho Superior de Magistratura (CSM), para explicar à comunicação social os procedimentos judiciais do caso. Mas a sua pretensão foi recusada pelo órgão, alegando que o caso «ainda estava em investigação».
    Noutra intervenção, no mesmo processo, o magistrado também recusou «escutas» ambiente, na vivenda e no carro ocupado pelos McCann. Todavia, autorizou a apreensão do diário de Kate.

    O magistrado é apontado por uns como «benevolente» e por outros como «humanista». O certo é que as decisões judiciais de Pedro Frias levantam polémica.

    Preventiva para jovem que roubou camião

    Recentemente, Pedro Frias demorou pouco mais de uma hora para decretar prisão preventiva ao jovem, de 21 anos, que roubou um camião em Lagos, matou uma mulher e atropelou outras oito pessoas.


  80. On Murat and Tanner

    use google

    "Acareação para tirar dúvidas"

    Ontem de manhã terá sido realizada uma acareação entre Robert Murat e três amigos dos pais da criança, os quais se deslocaram propositadamente a Portugal.

    Murat saiu da PJ ao final da tarde tal como entrara, livre e pelo próprio pé, não tendo feito declarações aos jornalistas. Fonte próxima da investigação explicou que não foram encontrados elementos que levassem à alteração do seu estatuto processual. Mantém-se por isso em liberdade. A inquirição foi exaustiva e teve como objectivo esclarecer as dúvidas surgidas ao longo da investigação. O jornal britânico ‘Daily Mail’ refere que o britânico terá sido questionado sobre um email alegadamente por ele enviado e em que faria referência a uma criança inglesa desaparecida.

    Murat foi constituído arguido no processo 11 dias após o desaparecimento. A casa onde vive, próximo do ‘Ocean Club’, foi alvo de perícias. Mas os resultados não foram conclusivos. Murat diz-se inocente.

    Na manhã de ontem deslocaram -se à PJ três amigos dos McCann: Rachael Olfield, de 36 anos, Fiona Payne, de 34, e Russel O’Brien, de 36. Os britânicos, que acompanhavam o casal na noite do desaparecimento. Já haviam sido ouvidos pela PJ e ontem terão visto as suas versões acareadas com a de Murat.

    “Nós estamos mais do que satisfeitos por ajudar a investigação da Polícia. Todos nós queremos fazer tudo o que pudermos para ajudar a encontrar Madeleine e para que ela volte para junto dos seus pais. Eu sei que Kate e Gerry estão muito gratos aos portugueses pelo seu enorme apoio”, afirmou Rachael Oldfield, em comunicado feito pela porta-voz do casal McCann. É ainda referido que a investigação “prossegue de forma activa” e que os pais se mantêm em contacto com a Polícia portuguesa.

    O jornalista António Toscano esteve à tarde na PJ para entregar documentos que, segundo ele, incriminarão um indivíduo conhecido como ‘El Francês’. Terá ainda sido ouvido um ex-polícia inglês, com casa na Praia da Luz e conhecido da família Murat.



    O jornalista e investigador espanhol António Toscano esteve apenas cerca de 20 minutos na PJ de Portimão. Entregou um dossier com documentos que, segundo ele, provam a ligação de ‘El Francês’ a redes pedófilas. Falou ainda de alegadas relações entre o referido indivíduo e um casal recentemente detido em Espanha.


    Toscano defende a ideia de que Robert Murat não tem nada a ver com o desaparecimento da menina inglesa, adiantando que o único arguido no processo não passa de “um bode expiatório”.


    A PJ acredita que os próximos dias poderão ser decisivos para a resolução do caso. As atenções dos inspectores estão centradas na zona da Praia da Luz, estando a ser desenvolvidas diligências no terreno."

    Fonte (http://www.correiomanha.pt/noticia.asp?id=249810&idselect=9&idCanal=9&p=200)

  81. the date of the above article is 13-07-2007, if not mistaken (could be 12 of July 2007)

  82. I honestly don't know if there were surveillance cameras there or not. I know that cameras can be very helpful in capturing criminal activity. Were there surveillance cameras in operation the night the child when missing?

  83. Sorry, When you ask: Who told you there were no surveillance cameras? I just want to say that I honestly don't know either way. Could someone shed some light on this. Perhaps surveillance cameras were in operation. It was just a question I was wondering about. Thanks for reading.

  84. 83 Anon.

    I have read somewhere on a site, can't remember where at the moment, that GA said "we have the film from the surveillance cameras" now wether that means they have it and it gives no information or whether they have it and "it" will form part of a prosecution case so that it can't be shown - I don't know. Will hunt for this mention of film and come back here.


  85. I am not implying that any suspicious footage is contained on the film. The footage may or may not even exist. I just despair when I think that a surveillance camera could have picked up some vital information which could have lead to Madeleine McCann's discovery.
    I hope the resort uses this important technology now if it was not their policy pre 2007.

  86. If there is vital footage in existence it would present exactly what happened on that night. I personally do believe that the McCann's are innocent of any part in Madeleine's disappearance.
    I think it is vital for the Portuguese police to clarify this as it is the proof that they are innocent. It would focus attention on any suspicious activity. I hope the truth emerges soon. I am assuming that a film does exist as I write this but I also know that there is a possibility that surveillance cameras may not have been in use on that night. Thank you Angelique. I look forward to reading what you discover.

  87. 83 Anon & 87 Anon

    Not sure if you are both the same people:

    I have been unable as yet to find the original site where I read about the surveillance camera film - I have the picture in my head of Goncalo Amaral sitting at a desk on the left hand side of the screen (cream coloured background) and a large amount of writing underneath - but can't find said site - maybe it's been "whooshed". It was one of my sites that I visit but I visit so many - so bear with me on this.

    However, on Joana's site here: http://joana-morais.blogspot.com/2007/12/cameras-were-fully-operationnal.html - is something that I have found. Thank you Joana - but it's not, as I said above, what I originally read. Am still searching.

    Will come back again if successful.


  88. @87.so why have they all lied,and lied they have and there is no getting away from that fact.im of the opinion that they did have something to do with madeleine,s demise,oh yes and thats why the mccanns would not do the police re-constrution because they know it would blow the whole abduction senario out of the water.
    the mccanns and tapas friends are lower than a snakes belly,vile people

  89. Good morning Anonymous (post 87) I respect your views, but I cannot for the life of me understand why you say the McCanns are innocent in any part of Madeleine's disappearance.

    The McCanns are not innocent, they are at least guilty of neglect,because they left Madeleine, without adult supervision on the night she disappeared. I believe the McCanns are more involved with Madeleine's disappearance than neglect.I'll point out a few facts that came out of the McCanns mouths that have drawn me to that conclusion.

    First of all there are the lies the McCanns told, the first lie being the jemmied shutter. They lied over the childrens sleeping habits. For 12 months the McCanns had said that the reports of their children crying when they were out, were untrue. 12 months later in a media interview, that was televised on the first anniversary of Madeleine's disappearance, the McCanns revealed that on the morning of the evening Madeleine disappeared, she told them that along with her brother Sean, she had cried and they never came.

    The McCanns had a massive wakeup call when Madeleine told them what happened, they half believed her but went out that night saying the upped their checks, to every half hour. How ironic that Madeleine should disappear that night.

    Another reason I believe the McCanns are more involved with Madeleine's disappearance is, because Kate McCann admitted in a television interview, that her husband and herself had never physically searched for Madeleine.

    Who can ever forget the 47 questions Kate McCann refused to answer, regarding Madeleine's disappearance. The only question she did answer, was when she was asked if she realised that by not answering the questions, she could be hindering the investigation into Madeleine's disappearance. If that's what you think, was her reply.

    If the McCanns had not had the full weight of the British Government behind them, they would by now, be languishing in a Portuguese jail.

    It's a travesty of justice, that the British Goverment have protected the McCanns. There is no proof Madeleine was ever abducted, there is only the McCanns word that she was. There is evidence that Madeleine came to harm in the McCanns apartment. There was cadaver scent on Kate McCann's clothing, in other parts of their aparment. More cadaver scent was found in the McCanns hire car, the key fob of their hire car and their second apartment.

    Why the hell are the McCanns being protected? Madeleine will have suffered and probably had her life ended, because of her parents appalling behaviour.

    The McCanns were not content with causing the disappearance of Madeleine and whatever suffering she endured, on her way to "God knows where" They used her profile to raise money, "we need to find her they bleated" They knew full well that the money would be used for anything but find Madeleine.

    Their spokesperson Clarence Mitchell, who is himself taking £30k a year out of the fund, revealed in a media interview, that the fund money, is aiding McCanns and their wider family. The video of the interview, which happened around around the time of the fund raising event in London, should still be available in the archives on Joana's website.

  90. @ kathybella.in a nut shell.

  91. Further to my 88.

    I am still trying to find this information I read about the CCT footage that Goncalo Amaral said they had.

    However, in my searching I have found this following note from Goncal Amaral's book which is here: http://www.mccannfiles.com/id137.html ( with your permission Joana please) which mentions existence of tapes but this is not where I initially read about them. Still searching - Onward ho!


  92. The McCann's made a huge mistake in leaving their children on the night when Madeleine disappeared. They have to live with that decision for the rest of their lives. They may even go to their graves not knowing where she is. Perhaps they have received intensive counselling and know that they cannot fall apart because they still have two small children to bring up. On a professional level they cannot get too emotional when patients die. Perhaps they would have a nervous break down if they took it personally.
    I think that is why they are able to cope with such a difficult personal situation. They have seen suffering in a way others do not see. Doctors have to be mentally strong and be able to deal with immense stress, make decisions which affect lives, and cope with dying and death all in one day. They use this same approach when it is their daughter who is in a desperate situation.
    Madeleine McCann is the most famous child in the world because they are desperate to find her. If they were guilty they would not continue to make a public appeal. Innocent until proven guilty.

  93. @93,oh pleaseeeeeeeee, what utter rubbish, for 3 years we have had the same mantra that the mccanns made a mistake,get real, madeliene is dead or the mccanns have pulled of the biggest hoax yet.oh by the way dont forget eddie and keela.

  94. @93,so desperate too find her that they couldnt be bothered to go look for her on that night.you are either a windup or

  95. Anonymous 51 - Don't you despair for children in the UK when people would rather say prayers for parents accused of murdering their own children rather than say prayers for the poor INNOCENT children whose lives were so cruelly & selfishly taken away by the very people that are supposed to love & protect them from harm?

    Prayers For Mum 'Who Murdered Her Children'


  96. 93 Anon.

    Right, I can accept your opinion on how clinical Doctor's can and have to be - I know this from my own experience.

    But one thing stands out, as well as what has already been mentioned @ 95 Anon, the list is far too long for me to quote here, but not only did they not search for their missing child but they also lied continually by changing their statements!

    So where does this deceit sit with regard to being a Doctor.

    Are they medically trained to lie about things which are patently not so - "the shutters" - cuddle cat on the non-existent shelf" 30 minutes - no 30 seconds" etc, etc. they can't even agree with each other.

    I am still searching for the truth - I am not biased one way or the other - but all I do find in this search is that what the McCanns say happened clearly is not what actually happened. I want to know for the sake of Madeleine - what did happen and those responsible held to account.


  97. O.K, you all believe that my views are rubbish. I wrote on this forum believing that "everyone shall possess the right to express their thoughts in words...". This is all I have done. I will continue to read with interest all views expressed in this forum. I hope that Madeleine McCann will receive justice and that whoever is guilty will be brought to justice. I will continue to pray for her because she is officially still a missing person who has never been found. My views on her parents remain unchanged. I believe that they are innocent until proven guilty. Thanks for reading and responding to my posts.

  98. Further to my response to post 96 I wish to express my deepest sympathy to the family of twin boys Augustino & GianLuca and their sister Cecelia Riggi. May those poor innocent children rest in peace and happiness in eternity. My prayers go to all involved in this dreadful set of circumstances. An enormous loss of three precious lives.

  99. 98 Anon.

    I do agree that you have a right to your opinion and will respect it. I merely put forward a point which you can reject as you wish.

    I have come across a site in my search for CCTV film of the area surrounding OC. I have found this site - with your permission Joana please - http://madeleinemccannaffair.blogspot.com/ It's the 'Performance of a Lifetime' one - it is a very long read I'm afraid but it is very interesting insofar as it sets out how this "abduction scenario" was managed by GM.

    It's a pity this blog is not up to date because the author seems to have a very good appreciation of how GM's personality has come to influence what we are to believe by manipulating what information we are given.


  100. Re my post at 100

    Just found out, silly me, that the link to htt://madeleinemccannaffair.blogspot.com is, in fact, The Blacksmith Bureau, obviously that's why he makes sense.

    Must remember to engage brain when looking for information!


  101. Thank you Angelique for responding to my posts and providing me with information to consider. You have shown me respect and consideration when I expressed a different opinion.
    I appreciate it.

  102. I have read the articles which you refer to. I just think that everyone has the right to a presumption of innocence until proven guilty.

  103. I've had a reply from the Home Office, regarding the email I sent to Theresa May about her meeting with the McCanns.

    This is what is said in the email...

    Dear Mrs....

    Thank you for your email of 09/08/2010 addressed to the Home Secretary, about the disappearance of Madeleine McCann. Your letter has been passed to me for a response.

    The Government's primary concern in this matter, is the well being of Madeleine McCann and to ensure that everything feasible is being done to progress the search for her. However given that Madeleine disappeared in Portugual, the Portuguese police retain the lead in this matter and any decision on re-opening the case, is entirely a matter for them.

    The British Authorities, will of course continue to liaise with the Portuguese as necessary on any developments.

    As Madeleine remains missing,it would be inappropriate to comment on specific details of the case.

    Yours sincerely


    I haven't given the name of the person who sent the email, because I'm not sure if I would be allowed to do so. I am grateful that the person took the trouble to reply and give me an explanation. Which is more than any of the other people, who I have emailed about Madeleine, have done.


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