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David Hughes McCann's Former Media Adviser in MP's Tax Evasion Scandal

Lib Dem MP in council tax probe had THREE men staying with her

By Glen Owen
Last updated at 3:39 AM on 8th August 2010

On the campaign trail: Lib Dem MP Tessa Munt with leader Nick Clegg

The saga of the MP accused of making false council tax claims took another bizarre twist last night as an adviser to Kate and Gerry McCann was dragged into the affair.

David Hughes, who was media adviser to the McCanns in the months after their daughter Madeleine disappeared, admitted staying with Liberal Democrat Tessa Munt while she claimed a single resident’s discount.

Mrs Munt, 50, has already been threatened with police action after it was discovered that BBC radio presenter Andy Kershaw and a local GP were recorded as living at her home while she was receiving the rebate.

It has been alleged that Mrs Munt, who is separated from her husband, had a secret affair with the GP, Dr John Laband, and charged him £200 a month to rent a room in her house while she claimed to be living alone.

The extraordinary developments have prompted political rivals to call for Mrs Munt, the MP for

Wells, Somerset, to resign just three months after being elected.

Mr Hughes confirmed yesterday that he had been quizzed by the local authority, Sedgemoor District Council, as part of its investigation into Mrs Munt’s council tax bill.

Mr Hughes, a Liberal Democrat activist, has told the council that he stayed at Mrs Munt’s house for an unspecified period during the past two years while visiting his ex-wife and their children, who live in Somerset. Curiously, he is registered to vote at Mrs Munt’s house despite having a house in London.

Asked about his relationship with Mrs Munt, Mr Hughes said: ‘I have absolutely nothing to say about personal matters.

‘I gave Sedgemoor Council a detailed account of my movements and haven’t heard back from them. I told them that I had stayed [at Mrs Munt’s house] from time to time over a number of months because my children and ex-wife live elsewhere in the county.

‘I would often support Tessa with her campaign on my way through to visit them. I am an itinerant person, and divide my time between Somerset and London.’

Mr Hughes admitted: ‘I believe I am still on the electoral roll. I have not done anything to remove myself, although the council may have decided that I am not an appropriate person to be on the roll and removed me. I don’t know.’

Mr Hughes advised the McCanns after three-year-old Madeleine disappeared from a holiday flat in Praia da Luz in Portugal in May 2007.

The council’s investigation is focused on 2008, when both Dr Laband and Mr Kershaw were recorded as living at Mrs Munt’s house, where Mr Kershaw was registered to vote.

Mrs Munt says that she rescued Dr Laband from sleeping on his garage floor while his wife filed for divorce, offering him a place to stay briefly. She says that Mr Kershaw, 50, who at the time was ‘on the run’ from the authorities on the Isle of Man over a broken restraining order, had visited her and left his dog with her for eight weeks while he visited other friends.

Neighbours say that during 2008 a number of strangers appeared to be staying at Mrs Munt’s detached house at Mark on the Somerset Levels. One said: ‘None of the locals knew who they were. People were coming and going all the time.’

Mrs Munt, who separated from her husband Martin, with whom she raised three children, before her alleged affair with Dr Laband, is now believed to have a new partner who lives nearby. She stopped claiming the council tax discount in May. She was not available for comment.

A Liberal Democrat spokesman said: ‘None of these people was staying permanently with Mrs Munt.’

Sedgemoor Council refuses to discuss individual cases.

in Daily Mail

The LibDems Who Are Advising the McCanns
Iain Dale 7:06 PM September 07, 2007

I've spent much of the day with Sky News on in the background. One could be forgiven for thinking that there was no other news today apart from the developments in Portimao regarding the McCanns.

You wouldn't think there was a political angle to the unfolding drama in Portugal, would you? But there is. Kate McCann's lawyer is the former Libdem candidate and blogger Justine McGuinness and who did I spy accompanying Mrs McCann to the police station but none other than LibDem supporting PR consultant David Hughes?

I suppose it's inevitable, given the huge media interest, that the McCanns have had to employ the services of a PR consultant, but I'm sure that most people wish the TV coverage wasn't so completely obsessed with speculating on what might or might not be going on. People's lives are at stake here.

CLARIFICATION: One or two people in the comments have interpreted this post as an attack on the LibDems. I still can't quite see how, but can I just make it clear that it is not. David Hughes is a friend of mine and was one of my best customers at Politico's. All I was doing was observing that two LibDems were advising the McCanns. Nothing more nothing less. Two commenters have pointed out that Esther McVey is too. I hope all three are doing a good job, as it seems to me that they are about to be 'fitted up', if that's the phrase.

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  1. TICK TOCK........KARMA!!!!!!everyone who seems to be involved in someway with the Mcs are hit by "The curse of the McCanns"

  2. I've said it before and I'll say it again, EVERYONE gets their comeuppance. You may think you've got away with a misdeed but it comes back to haunt you when you least expect.

    Watch out Clarence!


  3. thanks for continuing the search, Joana

    something will be uncovered soon

  4. What looks really weird for me is that a missing child family (immediately after child dissapearence) hires PR agency, Media and image consultants as well as a lot of expensive lawyers.. I am thinking that perhaps, McCanns were dreaming about publicity and used the chance or just created the chance for large scale the McCanns PR campaign

  5. 8-} Hmm...

    I am wondering if "Fine Liner" - the new self-made Internet celebrity with the every-vote-counts approach turns out to be another ill-advised adviser to the suffering couple...

    You may have noticed - upon entering "Joana Morais" into the Google search engine that another unrelated blog appears in the second position (ratings). It is called "justice4mcannfam" - not sure what the "fam" stands for. It could stand for "family", it could stand for "fame" or more to the point for: "File Alteration Monitor"...

    8-} What puzzles me is that such a winker-thinker of a blogger with practically no content/traffic worth noting gets second ratings right behind Joana's first by using her own name and introducing a clever admonition of sorts...

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    :-/ May be it's all a coincidence but then why does other content from Joana Morais blog appears below this blinder?

    As "Gunther" The Analyst, would say: "it is not computing"...

    Talk about brainless celebrities made possible by modern media means and PR devices...


    PS Don't bother to visit her "File Alteration Monitor". You will be boosting her ratings and wasting your time. The content is very biased and the all thing very kitsch. What's more, the "wanna be" Joanne will be waiting for you with an IP tracker - the symbolic equivalent of shouting: "Buzz Off Buster!" (Don't disturb me with ideas different from my own).

  6. For the author of comment 5:
    The reason that pathetic site comes up second in the Google return when you query with the term 'Joana Moarais' is purely because her name appears in the title of that particular html document.
    Nothing more.

  7. Yes 6, you're probably on the right track, but still a great post from 5 :)

  8. :)] to Anon 6

    8-} Yeah! right! I thought about it myself but unlike you, I had my own doubts. It has been climbing...

    Ask your self why Joana Morais other links (with "Joana Morais" on) appear thirst, fourth, and so on IF "Joana Morais" is all that it takes to explain the html synchronicity? Surely it cannot be the byte: "is walking a fine line". Could it?

    The question is: Could one place a clever admonishion into subliminal, "marketing" position by over-clicking on the link (or having others doing so)?

    You could easily uncover the dumb cheater if you were to find that search requests on the culprit link are coming from the same IP address(es) - unfortunately only Google is in position to do that...

    Oh! well, let's move away from the subject of brainless celebrities and concentrate on the guilty/not guilty ones. To be or not to be, that is the quest... ;)


    8-} Oh! just another of my doubts... why is it that whenever I want to post a comment at Joana's blog, the posting is invariably always blocked at the first attempt? It goes only on the second (or third). This has nothing to do with size, by the way - that's another cup of cammommile. Has anyone else noticed this at your side of events?

    Surely Carter-Ruck influence would not reach as far as Larry or Sergey at the Googleplex headquarters in Mountain View! It is just my version of Internet Explorer (8), an "inception", or some other ghost in the machine.

    :-o Deep breath.

  9. Justine McGuinness, David Hughes, Clarence Mitchell - there are more to this list that I don't know about.
    Would anyone clever/with time to spare! care to do a timeline of names of advisers and just how long they were connected to the McCanns? I know Justine McGuinness jumped ship early on (good move!) but don't know of all the others in the background - their payment and motives.
    Is Clarence Mitchell their only remaining mouthpiece, or is he permanently hidden in the back rooms of the Conservative party? (Hence their easy access to new Conservative Home Secretary Theresa May?)

  10. AC at 5/8 and anonymous 6 - If I may, I'll just add a quick explanation.

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    Hope this helps to clarify a few things.

  11. Yeah, by the way don't use Internet Explorer, use Firefox, Google Chrome or Flock - Microsoft IE any version is so fu***** bugged that makes impossible for anyone to enjoy the web. I advise FF because is my fave for web mastering/forum tools and other stuff, Chrome for fastness, Flock for Social sites. Always update the browsers to their latest stable (not beta) versions.

    And please, remember to clean the cache and cookies of your own browser at least once a week.

  12. 8-} Oh! I see. That was a most useful and instructive tutorial. Much obliged! Joana! You are a star!

    I have yet to go through it with later but I got the gist of it for now.

    ;)) How can I ever trust my intuition again?


  13. Mccann's Castle is falling down in portugal and UK.
    In Uk, scandals involving their supporters show us why their Fund still running without being questioned and why their behaviour was never questioned by the Media and the authorities.
    In Portugal, everyday a new revelation come out killing the image of the Attorney General and his helpers and showing manipulation and cover-up in the Freeport. Soon the Freeport and Madeleine will be connected, exposing the game some people played with the life of a little child and the reputation of Portugal and PJ.
    We have memory. Candida Almeida was the one who went to the Eurojust to meet the British authorities when the Rogatory letters asking the Tapas 9 to come back and do the reconstruction, were sent. Many stories surrounded the rogatory letters and the FSS Report, at the time and no-one of that stories was clear.
    Mccann's will be the Scandal of the Century. They got the support of people in high positions, payed by our taxes, to cover-up and get away with a crime involving one of their own childs. Chilling if we think that the support came from who should apply justice and respect the rights of the victims.
    There is no more sights of Madeleine or of her abductors. Signs of the new time: Mccann's END just began.

  14. :)] Hi there!

    8-} I have just reviewed your analysis of "Madame FAM's" blog (codename) and while musing on SEO principles I had the follow insight to share with all...

    If we discard the number of hits-effect (if any) and concentrate solely on meta-tags and SEO one could run the following test:

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    Naturally, if you already have a blog you don't need to set up one. Just add a new posting - if you feel you have anything to say about prejudice and bigotry, that is. It is not a campaign I am suggesting but the "right to respond".

    3.Write a post with an identical title such as:

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    4. Follow-up with suitable, relevant content in an objective, deconstructive style avoiding foul ("feral") language and poorly differentiated and/or emotionally distorted content - you will never know for sure who is behind it, besides that is what blogger's ethic is all about and is the advice I have given myself...

    5. NOW...MOST IMPORTANT...add all the tags "that" blog has (refer to the list in Joana's posting at #10).

    6. Consider any other relevant SEO tips provided above.

    ;)) Sit back and enjoy your contribution to a decent, impartial world-wide-debate on the case...

    As I noted in my first posting above, this particularly blog has been steadily climbing from 4th position - when I last saw it... to 2nd position in my most recent assessment. Whether this is purely the result of meta-tags and SEO devices I have no idea. May be the number of hits play a part as well. Any any rate, the dynamics of the SEO alone should reveal themselves in this test.

    Incidentally, this only happens from my side of things whether I google "Joana Morais" within IE8 or the Firefox browser. I am connecting from London/UKGB.


  15. :)] to Anon 14

    It is a thought-provoking point you make but it may be important to bear in mind that doctors are very high up in any ideology for obvious reasons. They save lives (usually). The Police are regarded as part of the repressive state apparatus (Althusser) - "lackeys" compared with doctors and judges, say.

    You would have expected interferences at governmental level anywhere in Europe (with few exceptions) when the "image" of doctors were at stake.

    It would not have been exactly the same if the McCann's were nurses or backpackers say, but the fact that they were British citizens would still count because Portugal would have to show subservience to the UKGB. Why? Politico-economic dynamics are at play. Money talks. Your insight is on the right track, though...

    If the McCann's had done something wrong, if anything had accidentally gone wrong, (and I am not suggesting they/it did) you would expect them to be protected at the highest level by the ideological state apparatus.

    Number 1 they are doctors. Number two they are British. Number three (the sentimental one) is that they have two other young children to bring up. Compassion would have come into play.

    It is complicated.

    Yes, I know the "there is one law for them and one for us" argument, but we have to be cautious for we do not know for sure what actually happened. It is not clear-cut. The dogs' barking cannot be used as evidence per se and the DNA samples were either not matching and/or inconclusive. There were inconsistencies, that much is true, but the legal dialectics of the defence would have handled that.

    So, what would you do if you were at the highest level of the Ministry of Justice in Portugal and the image of your country was at stake? You would probably exercise prudence.

    What would you do in the case against Dr. Goncalo Amaral where the good name of the PJ and the rights and freedoms of your citizens were at stake?

    Ah! Now we are talking...I would expect you to protect Dr. Amaral, a common citizen, against such a vindicative move by the McCann's - not the least because you don't want a million euros going out of the economy in the middle of a crisis - even if Murat is likely to be bringing some bacon in (...)

    The thing to remember at the outcome, is that, in ideological terms, judges are much closer to doctors than to police men. Yes! It is a matter of status, class and position. Hypocrisy, really. This, I am afraid, is not an ideal world. It is the devil's workshop...


  16. ac @16,

    ..."bear in mind that doctors are very high up in any ideology for obvious reasons. They save lives (usually)." or they kill lives and they know how to do it leaving no evidences to turn. Like other human, they fail and they should pay when they fail. Their job and their position must develop on their minds an extra responsibility. Mccann's fail all the steps, as parents, as adults and as doctors.
    There is no any acceptable excuse for the portuguese authorities to protect the Mccann's at such level that they still running a millionaire Fund based on a crime and a fraud. I just see one motif- something serious involving somebody with power in Portugal was under british investigation and the two cases were negotiated as a normal business to save the image of both countries.
    UK involvement on the investigation and in Mccann's PR machine show the world another face of the British government- the manipulation, the corruption and at the time, the polemical support of the British government in Iraq invasion, based on a report which end up as a lie, was at the top of all the NEWSPAPERS, then Madeleine was the cherry on top of the cake to shift the attention of the Media into another passionate case, leaving Iraq and his unfair stories aside. That was a huge motivation to make the British government to support every story which can slow down and cool down all the emotion related with Iraq. Freeport was the correct coin at the correct time, to be used when the world start making again very uncomfortable questions: Why an ordinary couple of doctors, who went to Algarve at the cheapest time of the year to do cheap holidays got such huge and easy support from their government? Of course they have to end the investigation before starting it. They have to silence all the voices which pointed the crime and work on the right track. The British government need and want an happy end of the story with Mccann's innocents and victims of a stranger. IF NOT, THE STRATEGY OF THE BRITISH GOVERNMENT WILL BE A DISASTER BIGGER THEN IRAQ.

    If the same crime with same Mccann's happened in UK, the end of the story will be completely different- NO ABDUCTION, NO FUND, NO LAWYERS, NO SPIN MANS and the twins will be completely irrelevant for what justice had to do. Mccann's will be in prison long ago and the truth will be at the front pages of the tabloids like THE SUN, with Mccann's renamed by their resident churnalists with wonderful adjectives.

    Now is another time and Madeleine case at least had the positive side of showing the portuguese public how justice works in Portugal. Before May 2007, we use to believe in our judicial system and not questioning any issue. Today we don't believe on anything and we look at our lawyers as part of the criminals who use their position, their power and a lot of money, not to do justice but to pervert it and help their friends without any ethic.
    If Madeleine crime happened today in Portugal, Mccann's will face a different treatment and will face the courts and a deep investigation, pressured by the public opinion who don't buy fairy tales. 3 years is not a long time to do justice. I believe PJ have strong circumstantial and factual evidences to reopen the case at any time for the next 22 years. And one day one stone will be turned to expose the truth and show the portuguese where a British little girl was concealed in a cheapest holiday and by who.
    In France, the mother of the 8 newborn babies just Say's that now she can breath and have some relief for a crime she kept in secret for 20 years.
    Mccann's watch your road if you have any heart and any sense and tell the truth.

  17. :)] Anon 17

    ;)) Eh! It is no point picking up a sentence I wrote (out of context) and then take from there as a counter-argument but...fair enough. No hard feelings.

    I have to say your argument is poorly differentiated and emotionally distorted. Too many wild inferences...

    My hunch is that the "protection" given by the Portuguese authorities amounted to one concession - the so-called benefit of a doubt. I don't think evidence was destroyed or tampered with (on the Portuguese side that is...) or the investigation repressed.

    There was a reason (media-related) why Dr. Amaral was removed from the case. That in my view was most unfortunate. He should have been allowed to remain in charge. Perhaps the Portuguese authorities found the couple so prejudiced and so big-headed that after spending a record amount of money with the investigation they must have thought: "Bull***s! Let's do some preliminary PR and then wrap it up quickly. Since they think they are so smart, let them do it!". They were doing it already, anyway which was insulting really. I think that is Dr. Amaral's beef actually...

    As an afterthought (or "after-shave") later they release the investigation files (a selection) for all to see. This was roughly the equivalent of saying:

    "You, the public, are the judge!".

    Talk about PR! This was a pretty intelligent move, I thought. Checkmate, in fact. No one gets away with the judgement of public opinion. You, dear friend, are the living proof it. :))


  18. :)] to Anon 17

    Sorry I run out of air time above...

    I would agree with you that the medical couple may not have been handled with the same "velvet gloves" in the UK.

    The evidence however would not have been enough there either - except perhaps for the minor peccadillo of leaving the children alone but even that the defence could argue in McCann's favour.


    Too near and not long enough. Which jury would quibble over an half an hour as too long? Take or give "a few minutes" (cough).

    In the case of Ms. Tanner, I think there is a case for "perverting the course of Justice" but let us wait for the result of Mr. Murat versus Ms. Tanner's match.

    In the case of the McCann's, the bottom line is:

    There simply was not enough evidence to pin them down as guilty beyond a shadow of a doubt. The Portuguese prosecution would have risked making a fool of themselves.

    A civilized trial is not like "cage fighting" you know. It is more like an educated philosophical argument between parties with evidence thrown in to support it. It obeys strictly to dialectic principles.

    The kind of evidence collected (circumstantial and/or peripheral) would not stand in a court of law (my assumption). An expert defence would de-construct anything the prosecution would throw at them - from the contradictions, to the dogs. The DNA analysis were NOT conclusive. That would have been crucial. Well, depending...

    You have the right to your opinions but try to moderate them a bit and limit yourself to the realms of possibility and logical consistency.

    Joana Morais "hits the nail in the head" when she writes: "Please think before you submit your comments. Comments are a reflection on you and your personality. They will live on long after you have forgotten what you said."


  19. To anon 19,like the sound of your own voice don't you. Pseudo intellectual and pseudo legalistic claptrap. The McCann's simply leveraged their position and prejudice - media personalities who use the same child care methods had to support them (there but for the grace of god...) and the UK god like positioning of 'medical consultants' (overpaid, privately educated and elite) and of course the McCann's cleverly utilised the god botherers.

  20. ac,
    Calm down. we know, Mccann's issue is not easy for some kind of people when others point out the circumstantial evidences police have, leaving them exactly on the center of the crime. That is a conclusion we can achieve also from the last Court injunction against Amaral book. Amaral witnesses believe on a dead Madeleine without space for any abduction. You can have many rhetorics. It is your right and your opinion. You should respect others:
    . Somebody died in the flat 5A. The dogs signed it and forensic evidences were recovered showing an high number of alleles shared with Madeleine ADN. And the twins ADN are different then Madeleine ADN. No surprise if we found Gerry and Kate alleles on that samples. If Madeleine was their biological child, this is normal. But sharing with her so many alleles, is impossible. Then that ADN belongs to Madeleine, no matter how many stupid excuses the people working in the lab gave to the public to justify an inconclusive report. The most laughable was the contamination showing also alleles from people working in the Lab. If they want to be serious and really do a proper work, they should add that as humans, we all share alleles of ADN with everybody. And that was not contamination but a normal condition because we are humans. This is why we belong to a certain specie and not to another. But the all combinations of our genes were individual and different, making our individual ADN. If a contaminated sample show an high number of alleles belonging to Madeleine, that means that the sample have an high probability to belong to Madeleine and she is the only one which disappeared from the crime scene. This is not circumstantial evidence, is factual evidence and any judge in a court will give a strong point to that evidence, no matter what the Mccann's lawyers said. This is why Mccann's team avoid the case to went to court and clap their hands when it was shelved. But could be reopened and the evidences are there.
    . About the Renault Scenic rented 20 days after Madeleine went missing and the laughable excuses of the Mccann's to explain the evidences found by the police, there is no words to adjective them- The twins nappies? Madeleine ADN was different then the twins. Then, the nappies are irrelevant. The meat or the Pizza? Any judge will end up the court session with jokes destroying completely Mccann's lies.
    I know, when somebody talk about that, some people jump on Joana's Blog and try to silence the inconvenient voices.
    For more then 3 years, Mccann's had the help of the team they pay with a fraudulent money and many others who came to Internet to say that there is no evidences against them. There is evidences, enough to make a case and bring them to Court if in Portugal, there was somebody with balls to do it.
    In Madeleine case, the body is irrelevant. There is no signs of any abduction. The abduction was a lie. Police have evidences of a death. The Mccann's don't have a single evidence of an abduction and what the investigation shows to the police was that any abduction was impossible. Enough to demolish any Mccann's defense.
    The King Ghob in Portugal, is under preventive prison due to evidences similar to the ones the police find in Madeleine case. Also there is no bodies. I think, regarding forensic evidences, there is more on Madeleine then on the King Ghob.

  21. A very interesting post at Textusa's about the lady incharged of the Quiz Nights.

  22. ;)) to Anon at #20

    Yes,I do like the "sound of my own voice" (as in karaoke) but not so much the "sight of my writing" - which was probably what you referring to. There is no need for you to be jealous ...

    One definition of claptrap is: "contrived but foolish talk" which I suppose it is a fair assumption but...how would we define your own thought processes? Logico-Feral? :))

    :) You forgot to prove your point dear friend. At least Anon #21 below tried. Did not convince me but at least tried...



  23. :)]to Anon at #21

    :) Greetings! Yours happens to be the position of Chief Inspector Tavares de Almeida (Processo 201/07.0 GALGS - págs 2587 a 2602). 10 September 2007 (...) Just as long as you know.

    Your lecture on DNA structure shows an elementary grasp of the subject but lacks decisive expertize. The FSS report says what it says. What are your credentials to dispute it in a court of law even if you think the reports are biased and/or the samples were tampered with? Think about it...

    Every assumption made in court has to be backed up by evidence: expert/scientific and investigative.

    Your lecture on DNA (if we discount the innaccuracies) ignores the legal position concerning the value of LCN (low copy number) techniques which in case you forgot were challenged by The Crown Prosecution Service and/or the Association of Chief Police Officers in the UK (late in 2007). That led to the Omagh Trial collapse - but let us not quibble over that EXCEPT if the McCann's were found guilty on that count alone in Portugal (all the rest being circunstancial) the sentence was likely to be squashed elsewhere (EU). Assumptions mine.

    The Portuguese Authorities opted (wisely) to shelf the case, exit the media circus and avoid court proceedings. That was in fact very shrewd given its potential outcome. The McCann's are not the type to sit back and be judged - in case you have missed that...

    It was such a clever move by the Portuguese that the McCann's are likely to spend the next few years (probably 15 or more) in PR exercises to clear their name - let alone finding their daughter.

    By now, you are probably realizing you have made assumptions about my position and have used it as an excuse to "blow your own trumpet".

    You are entitled to your own opinions and I was just giving you mine but you need to think a bit more deeply and systematically to get anywhere near the Truth - whatever that turns out to be.

    ;) Yes! By any means - you can borrow my bicycle...



  24. To ac @ 24,

    Picking up some of your interesting sentences in the middle of your bla, bla, bla....
    BTW, Anon 14, 17, 20 and 21 made you run out of your mind and show your true face... a huge Mccann's face hide on your first post about what we can find under the name Joana Morais when we type this two names in the Internet. I got you since that post and I'm not an expert with Internet- you just wanted to bothered Joana and distort some issues.
    As a Biologist, I can tell you, the FSS report will be exposed as a lie and a manipulation in seconds by any judge in the first Court session. Judges are very well assessed by scientists and you are very bad informed if you think there is no good scientists to support the judges in Portugal and help them demolish a poor and very suspicious report.

    But I just want to pick some of your very interesting sentences and remind you that they can be applied to everybody, even the very selfish Mccann's:

    "Every assumption made in court has to be backed up by evidence: expert/scientific and investigative." Ah! Ah! Are you thinking about the Mccann's, yah? Will be the best part of the Court session- The Mccann's and their Tapas Gang presenting to the Court one more version of the events to bake their abduction fantasy. They gave already many versions and the investigation concluded that none was possible. Now they must look at Paranormal explanations and put spirits running around their flat on the fatidic night.
    About the issue of assumptions made in Court seems that the Mccann's were the one's who face big problems to give evidences. In many buy-ed and manipulated interviews they gave around the world, they avoid always questions related with abduction evidences and they fail to give a single and small one.

    "The McCann's are not the type to sit back and be judged - in case you have missed that..."
    Yes they are more the type who seat in the front row and quick explore their child tragedy, more as vampires then as parents. They show no personality. After all the anti-feeling they develop in the public they got no shame to come again to the media and ask more donations for something they fail to prove. I know, you are going to say that is the job of the polices, find the proofs. And I can say, the police got the same evidences as the Mccann's for the abduction subject- A bunch of empty hands. There is no abduction evidences. (cont)

  25. Cont:
    "It was such a clever move by the Portuguese that the McCann's are likely to spend the next few years (probably 15 or more) in PR exercises to clear their name - let alone finding their daughter."
    A good joke. The portuguese decision was very stupid and the investigators said that very clearly- another Prosecutor will give a different result to the same investigation and the same evidences.
    The best part of your joke was the Mccann's spending 15 years cleaning their names.... unless Mitchell and all other Mitchey's worked for free ( which is totally out of consideration) Gerry salary and a fraudulent Fund will be not enough to feed vultures for so long. Gerry have to run hundred Marathon's and become an Olympic athlete assaulting all charitable events to raise money.
    About leaving them alone to found their daughter, they don't even look for her on the first hours when thousands of people were out searching her. They show us how they look for her, on the last interviews- after 3 years they did not read yet what is available in the PJ files ( they confessed that outside Lisbon Court) and Kate assumed that her job now is working at home in the Internet, updating her blog ( and checking what anonymous like me are saiyng in blogs like that one). They know that there is nothing to look at. Madeleine is dead and due to the circumstances she cannot come back. And the police also knows that. Then this is not a case about finding Madeleine but is a case about finding justice for what happened to her and tell the truth.

    Thank you for the bike but I like more to drive a Porsche or an Austin Martin.

  26. post "26" WELL SAID-indeed, well said

  27. 26 brilliantly said
    on a lighter note the Aston Martin is the better model

    ac on yer bike son!


  28. Clarence Mitchell you legend


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