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Hypocrisy R Us: UK Media Infotainment Network

Regarding this «Paul Dacre lashes 'ignorant and prejudiced' PCC critics» by Roy Greenslade and this Chairman's Annual Report 2009-10: Killing the Myths by Daily Mail's Editor Paul Dacre, Chairman of the Editors' Code of Practice Committee

My answer to Greesnlade published on his Guardian' blog, which I've  also sent to Dacre via the ECC email

I am a Portuguese independent film-maker and citizen journalist; my blog is at joana-morais.blogspot.com

I have been following the work of the PCC since 2007, specifically upon noticing that the PCC code was not respected by the majority of the UK media tabloids and press. To be exact, upon noticing the PCC failure to regulate in accordance to its own ethical code of journalistic practice, the numerous and systematic xenophobic, racist and insulting attacks that were and still are perpetuated towards the Portuguese people, this country and its judicial system.

This was clearly observable in most of the UK printed and online press articles that reported about a notorious and mediatic missing child case, presumed dead by both Portuguese and UK authorities.

I will just provide two churnalistic «examples» of a myriad that I have read and kept as PDF files for future memory, articles which in my view were a clear infringement of any journalistic deontological code that wishes to be taken seriously.

Lusophobic Hacks

Daily Mirror columnist, Tony Parsons published an opinion article in October 29, 2007 titled “Oh, Up yours Señor”, it was an extremely bigoted and offensive piece that directed remarks like “shut your stupid sardine-munching mouth” at the current demissionary Portuguese Ambassador Carlos Santana, at Portugal and at the Portuguese people. This opinion article alone resulted in the PCC receiving 485 complaints in that year (see http://www.pcc.org.uk/assets/80/PCC_AnnualReview2007.pdf , page 25).

That article and the subsequent pieces written (more than 48 with similar rabid attacks) by that man, who certainly is no journalist, totally contravened the PCC code, or any other civilized notions of ethics and journalism.

However, instead of adopting any measures to prevent the manipulative call of hatred and discrimination against the Portuguese, the PCC merely stated the following: “The Daily Mirror published an article by Tony Parsons which commented on the Portuguese police, people and Ambassador in light of the Madeleine McCann investigation. This provoked a record 485 complaints from readers, none of which led to any breaches of the Code. A complaint from the Ambassador himself was resolved amicably. So whilst the figures rose sharply, only one complaint was ultimately addressed.” Well, the matter is far from being resolved, the hatred was directed at all of us, Portuguese Citizens, either living in Portugal or residing abroad, and for me this isn’t an adequate answer of a self-proclaimed Press Commission Regulative Committee.

In January 5, 2008, the Telegraph published without qualms an article bylined by another McCann couple sycophant,  Simon Heffer penned an opinion column titled 'Boycott Portugal' – this was an outrageous and unambiguous incitation to racism: “Portugal has revealed itself to be little more than a banana republic through the handling of this case. Whether you have small children or not, you would be mad even to think of having a holiday there.”

Is this journalism? Are the UK media editors so keen in making money that they allow journalism to steep this low? Was it really needed to turn the case of a missing presumed dead child, who is still unsolved mainly due to the uncooperativity of her own parents, into some kind of primitive soccer match between Portugal and England?

Or has the mainstream media in the UK been so Foxized by Murdoch's News Corp. that they don’t even distinguish any more that certain tactics should not be used to exaggerate and sensationalize the news?!

I am keen to follow the PCC commitment to regulate the printed and online press, mainly regarding the Lusophobic bias and understand if the Editors' Committee is really interested in changing the pitiable journalistic ethics and standards of the UK printed press.

Best Regards from Lisbon, Joana Morais

PS*. Oh, and Mr. Greenslade, before you mention Dacre's hypocrisy you should take a hard look at yourself.

*the above post scriptum was only published at Greenslades', obviously.


  1. Bravo!

    An article with which I, an English person, am ashamed to say I have to agree with wholeheartedly.

  2. Answering a question to a friend on why didn't I mention other cases:

    Quoting my answeR: «I could have added a million other stories: ranging from the abusive use of Mari Luz Cortés and other children to the character assassination of GA and then dwell further on Murdoch's News Corp agendas.

    However this article, which is not quite exactly an article, but more of an open letter - focus specifically on the fact that Portugal, and us, the Portuguese people were and still are scorned and defamed in biased and xenophobic articles published by the UK printed (and online) press. A press that was meant to be regulated by the PCC on the issues above mentioned and described more extensively on the blog’s article.

    The PCC deontological code of journalism in its turn is «regulated/done/created» by the Editors' Code of Practice Committee, whose current chairman is none other than Paul Dacre, the editor of one of the most revolting UK tabloidistic newspapers, the Daily Mail.

    The open letter was sent to him upon reading his absolute hypocritical report, and was also sent to Roy Greenslade's Guardian's blog, upon reading his inconsistent self-righteous article criticizing Dacre for something that he continuously does. Greenslade is at the same level of Parsons, or Heffer in terms of Lusophobia; if not at a lower level.

    Whilst the other two aren't exactly journalists per se (one is a silly opinion supplier whose whole career is based on a dubious past, the other is just a conservative politician trying to keep his name on the media until he gets a seat) - Roy Greenslade is a Professor of Journalism at London's City University. I wonder how edifying can be his teachings...

    Anyway, they are all a bunch of second-rate hypocrite lacking the essential and basic principles of journalism; hence the title that was given to the blog article/open letter.

    To engage in the issue regarding BBC East Midlands, and Mike O' Sullivan's lie which was already debunked by Sky News Marin Brunt (Thanks, Martin!), I would have to bring up Ofcom - and that is a different regulatory system altogether, though theoretically similar ethics should apply.

    From there then I would have to mention the preposterous HoC Culture, Media and Sport Committee hearing with Clarence Mitchell, Gerry McCann and Carter Ruck's Adam Tudor in 2009 http://joana-morais.blogspot.com/2009/03/gerry-mccann-clarence-mitchell-and-alan.html and explain that the abuse mentioned by Gerry McCann regarding his privacy is a paradoxical and ludicrous claim, specially since the use of the media was mutual, often provided intentionally by Team McCann PR’s and hired hacks.

    Perhaps I should do a series on unscrupulous journalism and churnalists from the UK, Spain and Portugal, and about the responsibility of editors and media group owners who have allowed and colluded in deceiving the public, i.e., us the readers. (…) But that would require a vast amount of time to organize, classify and produce.»

    good morning and wish all readers an excellent day ;)

  3. Talking of media group owners who have colluded to deceive the public, I see from McCann Files that there is a ten ton truck going across Europe with an overblown magnum sized picture of Madeleine, to try and coax the public with more sightings no doubt. So the parents are doing their best to keep the illusion going that Madeleine can be found, but by a photo of when she was a toddler! It's laughable!

  4. 3, the McCanns are afraid of something,
    Probably of Halligen's hearing, next August 18th.
    I knew something was about to happen.
    But a truck?

  5. How unprofessional these chrnalists are. I recently visited Lisbon on holiday and, enjoyed the experience and kind hospitality.

    The Daily Express published, 'How is the Coalition doing so far...'
    In the article, it is caimed that the UK Home Secretary has agreed with Brussels that "in future any EU police force can demand, as of right and without a prima facie case, all the personal details it wants to know about any British citizen". Presumably the PJ could now request all the personal information again that they were denied in the Madeleine case without obstruction, and thereby gain new relevant evidence.

  6. Mccann's still insulting the memory of their daughter- Maddie Truck crossing Belgium. Why not crossing Spain or Portugal where she went missing?
    Fooling Belgium people now for donations? They need money to stop the translation of the German book. Every time that somebody bring to light their lies and their fraud, immediately they jump out of their holl to use their daughter and raise money.
    I hope the Belgium public trow some stones at this truck and ask them the natural question: WHY THEY DON'T WENT BACK TO PORTUGAL, REOPEN THE CASE AND DO THE POLICE RECONSTRUCTION?

  7. Bom dia, dear Joana :)

    A SUPERB piece! The P.S at the end is the icing on the cake.

    Unfortunately, Greenslade is an arrogant and patronising man and, in his eyes, he's always right. He regards anyone who criticises him as stupid!

    No surprises from Paul Dacre either. It's in his own interests to fiercely defend the toothless and useless PCC. His newspaper is allowed to get away with some truly vile propaganda.

  8. Joana,
    Excellent letter.

    The level of journalism in the UK has fallen to the extent that there is no longer anything honorable left. There are no standards, there are no regulators - you are NOT dealing with a country that respects the truth or provides its citizens with factual reporting. The British media is more than a disgrace, it is an *tool* of the government and greedy, immoral publishers.

    I applaud you for the excellent, accurate confrontation you've undertaken, but there are no ears to hear the truth of your words and nothing will change. The inmates have taken over the asylum.


    "The choice of Richard Desmond as the new owner of Channel Five beggars belief. Never before has a government regulator (Ofcom) lowered the threshold for the suitability of the prospective owner of a TV channel enough for someone like Desmond to control a potentially lucrative franchise. Desmond's success owes much to the general ignorance about his rise to power. Protected by Britain's libel laws and a pact among newspaper proprietors not to attack each other, Desmond has successfully concealed his colourful past to become a major media player in London."

  9. That Roy Greenslade is the worst hypocrite in my opinion with his air of intellectual superiority. I once posted in a CiF article about the media coverage of the Maddie and since it did not fit in with his opinion, it was not published.

  10. And let's not forget the Nico Bento case.
    He was villified in the british media, as the police made him the only suspect of the murder of his girlfriend and charged him with her homicide. Lots of articles exposing him as a beast, a cold blooded killer, BUT, when his case was reviewed and he was at last, after two years in jail, suffering several cases of agression from other inmates, he was found NOT GUILTY by a court and was set free, NOT ONE british journalist was present, NO front page news, NO apologies made!!!
    Just another example of the quality and character of the british media!

  11. On the truck thing, noticed how the McCanns still are pushing the 3 year old Madeleine image?!!!
    What the f*#*ck are they doing??? What's the point???

  12. I wonder who is the newspaper columnist who is on the operation ore list.

  13. Joana,WELL DONE AGAIN !!!a reply ,from any of THEM would be so "interesting"-PLEASE tell me the truck thing is NOT TRUE,if it is then the macaans have really lost the plot.Hopefully,IF TRUE their sat nav will inadvertently take them to Apartment 5a you know where,and give us all a break and "remember"what this fiasco is really all about,their child negligence,no one else,s THEIRS !

  14. An excellent letter, congratulations!

  15. Joana, some friendly advice - it is no use you using words like 'deontological' to people like Paul Dacre. In fact, only a tiny handful of people would ever use it in the UK, and never in regard to journalism. It might seem a small matter but if they have to reach for their dictionary they are more likely not to actually read any further.

  16. @12,the point being is that there are still gullible people out there, and the fund needs topping up and thats who they are targeting with this out of date info,and still they get away with it,and thats the question i would like to ask a jorno

  17. does anyone bother to read roy greenslade now

  18. Maybe out of the context but I can't look at this case without comparing with Mccann's Psycose about Madeleine alive and their strategy to fool the public, special the British people, and ask donations behind all the fake steps they do to suposedly look after their daughter. The horrendous 'King Ghorb' managed to kill and conceal the bodies of 3 youngers and at the same time persuade and fool their families by making them believe that they runaway and were alive. The Irony was that he ask money by using the mobiles of the victims and their families feed him with money thinking that they are helping their childs. Nobody questionned the evil, even if his behaviour and appearence look strange to normal people.
    That remember me another psyco pseudo-parents, who act with strange behaviour immediately after missing their child and do everything to avoid the police to get into the right track and find what hapenned to their daughter. Even after all the strange interviews/answers and after admiting to Spannish program 'las mananas de 4', " WHEN WE FOUND HER", British authorities still acting with blindness allowing the couple and allowing them to come to the public asking donations and running without control a Fund which is a businness and a fraudulent businness.
    I would like to add just a small fact- The king Ghorb is in prison, even without bodies. PJ has no doubts that the 3 youngers were killed and concealed by him, due to circunstancial evidences. The Mccann's, no matter the strong circunstancial evidences and their obvious lies, they still free and disturbing the life of many innocents who they bring to their agenda, labelled like suspects.

  19. forgive off-topic... ThenThereWere4's blog has been pulled... has he been Carter Rucked?

  20. Joana,

    Parson's outburst was indeed racist...no doubt about it..and I detest racism

    but to get things into perspective..he and his ex-partner, Julie Burchill are widely regarded in the UK..as ... well how can I put this delicately ?

    tossers - no sane person between Aberdeen and Canterbury takes any note of their ramblings...they are tired cabaret

    Take my word for it or not..there is no Lusophobia in the UK..nor has there ever been any....to my knowledge

    (give or take a few bust ups in Norfolk when Portugal yet again beat England at football)

    try being a French/German/Japanese person living in Great Britain-
    quite a different thing altogether

    then we can talk phobias..imagined or real


  21. A big truck through Europe, with Madeleine's photos, during the high summer season,as an obstruction on the roads, when tired Europeans are trying to get some holidays, after an year of hard work, because millions of Europeans got to work hard.
    They haven't gotten any support of a fund.
    These parents are sick, no doubt about it and where will this truck be on August the 18th?
    Will Gerry be on the top of the truck, dressed up like Adam in Paradise, waving to the tourists who are passing by?
    Will he catch a cold or even a pneumonia?
    Shall we stay on the side of the road, waving to him with leaves of grapes and in case he caughs, shall we offer him a pink blanket?
    They are getting more and more unstable and is there somebody in England who is prepared to watch them and to protect the twins?

  22. The point of the open letter that Joana wrote, is not so much about whether anyone believes that load of rubbish ( which most sensible people dont) written by Tony parsons, it's the fact that it quite clearly overstepped the mark into racism and the PCC did nothing about it.

  23. A truck across Belgium, with Madeleine's photo's on it.
    Across the rest of Europe too? Or are they running out of money?
    You can see the truck on McCanns'files.
    I start feeling more sorry for the McCanns than for Madeleine.
    What a life!, they don't get rid of their concerns about being seeing as suspects and of being seeing as the only responsibles for Madeleine's accident and disappearence.I've seen a proof they are the responsible ones : a photo of Kate's parents dressed up in black, in a church, not long ago.Mrs. Healy did not wear black before, when she still believed in the abduction. She knows the truth now, finally.
    She started mourning and she has the right to mourn.
    I wonder when will she do something to help cleaning Murat's name.
    He and his mother are still also suffering.
    An anonymous letter to the PJ, telling where the body is, if she has being told.
    Madeleine deserves a grave.
    The twins got to be protected.
    The grandparents could not be as irresponsible as the McCanns are.
    Or are they? Misplaced loyalty.

  24. 8-} "According to Gramsci, nationalism was the most pervasive element of ideology. An insight that still holds true in our post-Marxist, post-Modern world. Nationalism is, how to put it? a bestial thing. Doctors occupy a privileged position in any ideological hierarchy for obvious reasons. They can save your own "meat" - which is where, for all practical purposes, consensual reality takes place."

    - "Whaaat?"

    "Nationalism (he went on) is the one reason international football matches SELL."

    "Nationalistic bias appeals to the masses. It makes for good infotainment. Good infotainment in turn makes for good "infoprofit".

    "Profit" may not seem to rhyme with "meat" but is the "civilized" equivalent of it. Bringing "money" or "meat" to the "cave" is in terms of Symbolic Logic, the same.

    - "Yeah! Sure! But a few are getting greedy and driving "the mammoth" to extinction!" Ih Said, says.

    "THIS phenomenon... (the analyst cuts in)... seems generalized among our species... be it in their tribes or in so-called countries where a flag has substituted the totem or sells as a "made in" logo."

    All pause... as a pair of tight jeans with long blonde blonde hair on top walks into Starbucks... the analyst waits patiently to regain his audience's attention and then proceeds...

    "As for the peculiar brand and insidiousness of British ethnical prejudice (his rhetoric excellency smiles) that surely has to do with the poor souls insularity, their provincialism as much as their mourning of a great, lost Empire. Very much like the Portuguese and others must have felt in their heydays, you know..."

    "Ultimately (Oopsy! where are the scissors?) it all boils down to the very same embedded genetic code that drove the Nazis...

    - "Melanin deficiency, really..."

    :(( "Waiter!"

    8-} Has anyone read "The Selfish Capitalist" or the Origins of Affluenza - by Oliver James? Kind of fits and explains in depth "infotainment" and "infoprofit". These are just "nouvelle" prevailing discourses and, as Foucault admonished us: it is all about Power/Knowledge, really. Think: Adams/Chiclets.


  25. Isar,your talking "my language" today,but you still have to agree "they" ARE guilty of child neglect,regardless of all the "ifs and what ifs" some of us might put up for discussion sometimes.It really is just because we are SO SO angry that whatever has happened to that little girl,her parents have done NOTHING toHELP the authorities in Portugal,NOTHING. AND AS FOR THEIR TAPAS FRIENDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Perhaps you agree with them that this now is all about their own personal "survival?" AND in a way who can blame them when it isn,t them who holds "the key" to the events that enfolded that holiday!There you are we,re back to that pair AGAIN !!Strange that isn,t it when their now off on their wee lorry to remind people in yet another country,that their little girl is missing and were running out of funds so please feel free to donate whatever you can to "the macaan" fund,sorry should that be "leave no stone unturned search fund???At 70 years of age I really shouldn,t be so cynical,but hey I just want JUSTICE for MADELINE .

  26. The press here in the UK is aimed at the thicker members of our society. Sadly, we have had a 'dumbing down' process in place over the last 25 years and it's starting to bite bigtime now. It's reached the stage where 90% of the population here don't have an IQ much bigger than their shoe size....hence filth like Parsons even being allowed to call themselves journalists.
    It's a desperate situation for the rest of us.

  27. To Lynn...(in more detail)

    a) because you don't hide behind 'anonymous'
    b) because your post comes from the heart

    I was one of the staunchest critics of the McCanns back in the day of the Mirror Forum...in fact if I ever ventured into Rothley..I'd probably be tarred and feathered.

    I believe Madeleine did not die in the OC in May 07...

    the dogs and their handler have to be discounted..both in Luz and on Jersey,the Times called the handler out 'priming' scents..and the handler never attempted litigation.

    emphatically this does not mean I condone that having tapas and drinks is more important than keeping a constant vigil on one's bairns (I do as much for my adventure-prone cat)

    I kept my powder dry for one and only one reason...Senor Amaral (at the centre of the investigation after all) explaining it all to us.

    The book and TV-programme came and went - explaining exactly nowt.

    I reckon you had a look at the files too.

    I will not bet my mortgage on Robert Murat's total innocence

    Nor his mother Jenny's 'absolution by the beach stall'

    Antonio Cardoso's account was never properly investigated

    And the WoC-issue is central in my view

    shorthand..Lynn..I probably have as many questions as you..and yes I fully understand the frustration


  28. Isar, I've succumbed to my better instincts to reply to your crass statement that French/German/Japanese people who live in the UK are discriminated against. What on earth are you talking about? This is about the British MEDIA denigrating a whole nation, probably because it sells their crappy papers which seems to be acceptable to the so-called media watchdog. It's about the standard of MEDIA reporting in the UK. It's not about a football match between two countries.

    Just why do you continue to disrupt and babble non sequiturs? As someone once said to Clarence Mitchell "what's the point of you' or words to that effect.


  29. Human remains, bone fragments, WERE found in Jersey but of a much older date than the potential crime time-frame. The wonderful dogs were not wrong. That's why they continue to be used, 100% reliable, as always, and at great expense, in natural disasters like Haiti and in Portugal looking for murder victims. The dogs never, never fail.

  30. One day (soon) the British media will arrive at the same point as the portuguese attorney General arrived this week, having to publicly admit that he is just a decorative figure without power to control justice. Behind his words we can read what was clear at our eyesand ears long ago, since 4 May 2007- JUSTICE IS MANIPULATED BY THE POLITICAL POWER AND THE CASES WERE SOLVED OR SHELVED NOT ACCORDING WHAT THE POLICE INVESTIGATED OR ACHIEVED BUT ACCORDING WITH CONNECTIONS THE PERPETRATORS HAVE WITH PEOPLE IN HIGH POSITIONS. Of course, the Media follow the same connections to survive and get the financial support they need from governments.
    Mccann's castle began to fall in Portugal. Many papers mention Maddie case when they publish news about the new crime who shocked the country in July, The King Ghob, classified as a serial killer and a Psyco. The police don't want to commit the same errors by allowing the Media to interfer with investigation or give credits to the perpetrator. The bodies were not found but police as no doubts, to circunstancial evidences, that the 3 missing persons are dead.

  31. Southernbelle 29

    I agree with you 100%.

    The Press Complaints Commission has a duty of care, and should be seen to properly police the media.

    Clearly the PCC have failed to stop the awful biased gutter press feeding frenzy attempt to vilify Goncalo Amaral and the Portuguse people.

    In the interest of "Justice" Snr Amaral should have his temporary banned book "The Truth About The Lie" returned to him,

    Snr Amaral could then concentrate on the British gutter press, and the neglectful parents,using the proceeds from his English translation,in a British Court to address the awful encouraged cowardly attacks on him, and the Portuguese Nation

    I understand a complaint has to be lodged with the PCC personally or by a named representative of the wronged person. Clearly Snr Amaral has been rather busy of late and would not have time or the inclination to personally lodge a complaint with the British PCC.

    Others in the UK have brought to the attention of the PCC the biased reporting about Snr Amaral in the British Press and elsewhere, It is also my understanding there is a time limit to lodge a complaint with the PCC.

    If that is so, then no doubt Snr Amaral and his team, know exactly what they are doing.

    An Englishman

  32. As the image of a long-gone three year-old trails along the highways of Belgium ( where to?), it is like the publicity for a film.
    However, for some of us, it stirs up other thoughts of what might have been.
    For instance, wouldn't the almost four-year-old Madeleine be due to start school in that September? She would have been over four years and five months when school term started.Perhaps it would have been a couple of mornings a week. By the Easter term, Madeleine would have been five, the actual starting age. (More probably she would have started in January?)
    Once in school, she would have been able to talk.She would have been in a public area, away from parental control.
    We have all been shocked at Open Day at what our children have written or painted about home goings-on!
    Would she ever have been made a ward of court in such ordinary circumstances? In other words I wonder why did she disappeared during that particular time, that particular summer.

  33. :)] Isar

    You mean Antonio Cardoso the taxi driver? Of course!

    True, there were other, equally convincing sightings, but this one came complete with her eye's detail, the pink colour of the pajamas, the looks... and, most importantly, it was a close encounter that lasted quite a while.

    Why would Clarence Mitchell say the timings were entirely wrong?

    My pet bet is: Because the driver was Portuguese and therefore was not to be trusted! ;)

    Because at 8.10 PM the parents (according to their own testimony) were still at home and "Madeleine was in bed"? They were certainly not seen in the bar until 8:30 PM.

    Where were they if not at home?

    Could M.(major case) have had a "secret arrangement" with M (minor case)and walked out through the back door into bad wolf's paws while her parents were warming up with a glass of wine?

    Feel free to speculate...

    The PJ (in CM's opinion) discarded the sighting as irrelevant.

    Could the taxi driver have had a problem with his watch and/or memory?

    Could CM have strategic reasons for saying so? Mere conjecture, you know...

    Could the taxi driver be after the reward? Had he been there where he said he was? Was it all a fabrication?

    Did the cabbie's testimony conflict with Murat's alibi?

    Surely the PJ must have covered all these possibilities and a few more...

    With so much detail the driver could easily have been charged for trying to subvert the course of justice? But was he?

    Why exactly was his testimony dismissed? You would like to know that. Me too. It is certainly not in GA's book and I have no idea if it is in the public files.

    My gut feeling, is that the PJ (with their image on the line) would not have missed such a dream tip had it been worth pursuing. Anyway where would they go from there? True the taxi driver had an eye for detail but hélas! forgot the car plate...

    I also would like to believe the child did not die in the apartment and/or for that matter the parents had nothing to do with her dematerialization (except for the peccadillo of having left their children alone) but such beliefs go against Occam's Razor logic which is the kind favoured by investigators world-wide.

    8-} What is logic? A potato?


  34. Speaking of connections with "people in high places", does anyone know if Gerry McCann is related to Moley Sean Gerard McCann (also known as Sean John McCann)?


  35. Isar,thank you for your reply,much appreciated.

  36. ISAR says Martin Grimes didn't attempt litigation against the times,we could ask the question why David Payne hasn't attempted to sue Katherine Gaspar for the accusations she made against him,and why he hasn't attempted to sue Goncarlo Amaral for repeating that claim by K.Gaspar in his book.What i find strange is that before Madeleine Eddie and Keela were written about in the national press in glowing terms, Dr Martin Roberts has on his website newspaper items(Daily Mail,The telegraph,The Sun)that praise these wonderful dogs,yet after Madeleine there's nothing.As for the dogs not finding anything in Jersey,just because a body wasn't found where the dogs indicated does not mean a dead body hadn't lain there previously.

  37. Poster 33 Interesting post.

    'Once in school, she would have been able to talk.She would have been in a public area, away from parental control.'

    And maybe this 'public area' would have discovered 'something wrong' with Madeleine herself.
    Did she go to a creche/day nursery anyhow before the Portugal holiday?

  38. Regarding the work of the dogs in Jersey - there is simply another cover-up underway.


  39. Isar

    You talk a load of waffle, and try and make it look like truth in your attempt to put forward the case of your pals the McCanns.

    You are pro McCann to the hilt and always were.

    Do you think your style of writing is not recognisable.

    Your continuous attempts to discredit the dogs is laughable, but how the McCanns wish they could do it with or without your help.

    Anybody who knows anything about those dogs is not buying the load of bunk the McCanns try and spout, and that includes the cops from both countries who worked on this case and who trust and respect the dogs. They have never been wrong yet and continue to be used because they are reliable.

    They are telling that Madeleine is dead. No evidence has been planted against the McCanns, but the McCanns continue to try and scrape the barrel with that one.


  40. Lynn..thanks so much

    34..Antonio's son is/was in the PJ..surely his dad would not have told porkies if this could have endangered his son's career


    Antonio's son has a colomba himself

    why did Senor Amaral NOT engineer a confrontation twixt Antonio/Kate and Robert ??????

    The one and only question I want to ask the ex-policeman


  41. I find it almost unbearable to see what the McCanns are willing to do to other people to escape the consequences for THEIR actions. For instance, if they have actually persuaded people to doubt Eddie's abilities, and if, in some future case Eddie is NOT used because of any damage the McCanns have done to his reputation, the consequences could be unsolved crimes or the inability of the courts to use evidence based on Eddie's work. How wicked are they? That there is no concern given to future victims of crime, whose murders could be solved by the use of this dog - who has NEVER falsely alerted.

    Look at what they have been willing to do to the good citizens of Portugal - people in the Algarve who depend on tourists from the UK and Ireland - families who are now giving Portugal a pass because they've been led to believe that the Portuguese police are inept and corrupt and to believe that there are paedophiles roaming freely through the area. How many lives have been impacted by the McCanns? How many hard working people, ones who may have even been part of the search while the McCanns didn't bother, who are now out of a job because of the impact this case has had on the local tourist industry. Does it matter to the McCanns? Does anyone matter to them?

    How many children have nightmares because they believe that a "monster" is actually out there and took Maddie - that same monster might be lurking in their closet or outside their window.

    How many of them donated their pennies to the McFund?

    Or pensioners living in tiny council houses, who WENT WITHOUT to donate to the McFund so the McCanns could make mortgage payments on their fine home and hire the "best lawyers" and dash around the world in private jets, lying to everyone - even the Pope? How do those people feel? How has this impacted their lives?

    Nevermind the horrors that Goncalo Amaral has faced by telling the truth and not bowing down to the McCanns or their helpers in the British government. His long, successful career, the law degree he studied so hard to obtain, the commitment he made to the safety of his fellow citizens? What does that matter to the McCanns?

    Not a thing.

    Their own twins do not matter to them. They are beyond contempt and some day soon the world WILL know them for the EVIL people they are. Accident or not, what happened AFTER Maddie died is what they will be known and despised for.

  42. Media manipulation, just take a look at what's happening in Jersey, with only one newspaper and all the other information outlets ,ie
    Local radio and tv, sharing an almost incestuous relationship with each other,
    common in such a small community. They are responsible for covering up one of the biggest child abuse scandals of the century

    Martin Grimes and his dogs did there job well, that's why they are having to discredit them at every opportunity

  43. There is only one way to stop the McCann money making charade and all the speculation.

    That is for the Portuguese Justice system to re-open the case and extradite the McCann’s back from the UK to Portugal.
    Charge then both with endangering their child or placing her in harm or whatever charge it takes to get them both in a criminal court.

    Only Portugal can do this but it never will.

    Portugal and Justice two words that do not go together

    Letter from Iberia

  44. @isar

    I must agree with you, there is more to this than meets the eye. I am not a McCann Fan, I am a Madeleine Fan, but I do say there is more to Robert Murat. I am convinced he had a part to play in the hiding of the poor child's body and they all know that he knows and so forth.

    So they will all sue and counter sue each other to muddy the waters even further.

    Poor Madeleine - how little her life meant to those who were responsible for creating her.

  45. 28 Isar

    In the 6th paragraph you say:

    "The book and the TV-programme came and went - explaining exactly nowt"

    If I am correct in the above - then why did/are the McCanns prosecuting GA?

    Apologies if I have got this wrong.

  46. Poster 43

    Excellent post, so very true and heart-rending.
    I sincerely hope that for the most part the world is people like you.

  47. Poster 46. It isn't logical to speculate that Murat was involved in any way at all with the crime. Remember he was implicated by the T9 to divert the police attention towards him and away from the McCanns. They would not have done this if he was really involved because he may have cracked and implicated them. Murat was an innocent victim.

  48. Anon 43,an excellent post,the McCanns blame everyone but themselves for Madeleines disappearance,yet it is they who are solely to blame,they don't care who they tread on to continue their charade as long as they are free to do whatever it is they do.On sky's Madeleine thread,the disgusting things that are said about Goncarlo Amaral is unbelievable,i do wish he would sue these people who really overstep the mark into defamation,now it's Murats turn on there,reading on there earlier one McCann supporter called him 'a perv'and another in reply said he actually raped a cat,and she was serious,this is what decent people are up against when discussing this case.By the way has anyone heard if there is to be a libel case against goncarlo Amaral,if yes,i hope and pray the McCanns lose,it just might be the start of justice for Madeleine and Mr Amaral.

  49. :)] Isar

    Antonio Cardoso, 67 years of age at the time, is on record saying he reported the incident to the PJ in the first few days after Madeleine was reported missing. This only becomes public some 9 months later in February 2008.

    Dr. G. Amaral did not leave the PJ until 30 June 2008 so, he could have arranged for the "confrontation" you suggested IF he thought it worth while. Obviously he did not or, if he did, we do not know about the outcome. Oh! By the way, I doubt Dr. Kate McCann (for all we know) would have agreed to that! Murat may be. Senhor Cardoso, most definitely.

    The point you raise is a fair one except you make it decisive. Well, it could have been, could it not?

    Perhaps the PJ were receiving so many tips at the time that they had to be highly selective. We simply do not know how the cabbie's report was handled and/or why it was not pursued - particularly since as you state (source please?) the driver's son was himself in the PJ at the time(?). Was he or was he not? Which?

    Surely a "yes" answer would have added credibility to the sighting and would have been another reason for the PJ to prioritize it. Did they? Perhaps they did. How do you know they did not.

    If you were a journalist you could try set an interview Dr. G. Amaral and ask him that but before you do, try this:

    Suppose I claim you and three friends travelled in my taxi last night at around 8:10 PM and left you... wherever. No one else saw you and your partners. Just me. If I tell an authority: "I saw them! They were in my taxi" and you say: "That is not possible. You could not." then it would have been my word against yours and three others (if we exclude the little girl on your lap). Now, since anyone is presumed innocent until proved guilty my testimony would be getting the investigators nowhere, unless...

    I had noted the actual Jeep's number plate you and your friends walked into afterwards, that would have been a trail worth pursuing but I did not - quite frankly I had no idea of the ensuing events...

    Does this trend of thought satisfy your curiosity?

    8-} No? OK.

    Let us now then add the confrontation scenario you suggested.

    We ask Dr. Kate McCann, Senhor Cardoso and Mr. Murat to join us for a formal "friendly chat" at the local police station. Now what? Same thing happens.

    Senhor Cardoso says he saw them. They say: "This is crazy. This is impossible." Murat has an alibi and so does Dr. Kate McCann - well, you could dispute the later but, in principle, could not argue against it. So, where are we now?

    Check CCTV cameras (if any)? Go and ask the porter or concierge at the Apolo hotel to corroborate Senhor Cardoso's sighting? Excellent idea! What did they say? Nothing? What about the hotel's records? May be they were there before! Good thinking. Let's try that as well. Call the Traffic Police and tell them to flag any blue "jeep" with a "yellow" plate. Dunnit.

    Do you really believe any Portuguese investigator worth his salt (let alone a Chief Coordinator with a degree in Law and considerable investigative experience) would be so dumb not to investigate such a tip - from "within" the PJ itself?

    Take my humble self as an example. I am Lusitanian (which is what they call a "port-geese") I am no investigator - I am am what some would call a janitor... but do I sound dumb to you? Please...


    (continued below)

  50. :)] Isar (continued)

    OK! I know what you might be thinking. The Chief Investigator was in a hurry to wrap up the case (and get on with his sardines) so he thought he could frame the parents because that is what happens statistically anyway and all the data was barking that way so he goes Procrustes. You can believe that. I do not. I think he took the Occam's Razor approach most FBI investigators would.

    Independently of your leanings on the case the point is that yours was a fair comment. One does not need a massive IQ to see that, but some commentators, who hold to the opposite extreme, missed it altogether and accused you to be pro-McCann. Well, you have the right to be. People have also the right to be anti-McCann. There is no reason to be mean just because someone cannot afford more than one opinion.

    Personally, I am open to all possibilities even the most imaginative ones that resort to Quantum theory and Non-locality of Mind.

    Would you like me to tell you what I think?

    Well, I have just told you...


  51. RE 49
    Does anyone remember McCann's comment when Murat was arrested. He claimed he felt the guy was innoccent - was 'in the wrong place at the wrong time'.

    One helluva mighty strange thing to say, methinks.

    I mean, for the father of an 'abducted' toddler to be so dismissive was, to my mind, downright suspicious - particularly when his pals were so busy pointing fingers.

  52. ac, beautiful prose..short on substance though

    jettison Occam's razor-it's blunt and lame when it comes to humans

    take care


  53. 47..valid point

    Senor Amaral explained nowt to me but maybe to others

    semantics/schnematics-he points the finger at the parents to have been involved in murdering/accidentially killing and/or disposing the body of the child

    if I was the parent of the child..I'd be mightily miffed..wouldn't you be ?

    and Senor Amaral..made MONEY out of it all



  54. Death case locum 'in gagging bid'


  55. Post 53. I would say, Source please, but even if so, he also alegedly said that confusion is good. How clever.

  56. how much longer have we to put up with isar,s waffle,he/she is so boring and brings nothing of substance to the table,in fact its the same old same old.

  57. :)] To Isar

    Beware of intuition as a "one-fits-all" tool. There are many intuitives around with all kinds of hunches but which one is the real witch?

    How would you define an intuition not backed up by facts? Imagination? Opinion? Bigotry?

    So, one brings the three together (C,M & K) and then make a decision on the basis of their reactions to each other? Non-verbal communication alone? Oh my...

    I am not sure you can reach solid conclusions on the basis of some one's emotional expressions alone. Most people do, though.

    What I have found in life is that some people look stupid yet they have far reaching intelligences...others look aggressive but they are in fact gentle souls. Some look cool yet underneath they are boiling with emotion. Others look guilty... not because they are guilty but because that is the way they were taught to feel as children. Et cetera. It is complicated.

    Intuition is the one thing con-men know too well. They use it in reverse. People will judge con men or women on the basis of their appearance and that is how they manage to deceive you...

    Why is that? Several reasons but the main one is they are paying more importance to appearance than the underlying motivations - the facts if you prefer.

    What I mean here is that their reactions at the PJ "station" would prove nothing - unless you cornered them into some sort of confession, but it is unlikely that such a strategy would have worked with smart people such as them - even assuming they were guilty. They would have seen through your intentions instantly.

    Well Dr. Kate McCann at least saw - not because she was necessarily guilty but because, say, she was given that prerogative under Portuguese Law. She was also advised by her lawyer not to answer any questions which was both intelligent and stupid at the same time.

    Yes! That sighting should have been pursued. You assume it was not. I have given you some reasons why Senhor Cardoso's testimony may have been irrelevant anyway, but since you value your intuitions so much, keep it as your own truth.

    It is just an opinion and you are entitled to have one.

    Some don't that is why you should consider donating to the Goncalo Amaral Fund.

    8-} Now this is odd. I have just started reading the book "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo" and I come across this paragraph (page 4)

    " The ninth case was solved to the police's satisfaction: which is to say that hey knew who the murder was, but because the evidence was so unsubstantial the public prosecutor decided not to proceed with the case. To the detective superintendent's dismay, the statute of limitations eventually put an end to the matter...the situation was doubly absurd because after spending literally thousand of hours brooding, on duty and off, he could not say beyond doubt that a crime had indeed been committed"

    Stieg Larsson in "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo".

    Was this my own intuition? Of course not. It was just a synchronicity that pop into my visual field. What do I make of it? Nothing. Absolutely nothing.


  58. :)] Istar at 55

    True, if I were in their shoes (and if I were innocent) I would be fighting for my image and pursuing the search of my daughter. This is why one has to be careful with inferences even when following the nose and intuition of top dogs.

    The McCann legal and PR team may have targetted Dr. G. Amaral for two obvious reasons (at least). These, by the way, are just my opinions and those of others, not allegations of any kind.

    1. As the Chief Investigator of the first part of the investigation Dr. G. Amaral's opinions carried considerable weight in the detriment of the McCann's image (as self-perceived).

    NB It is important to note that as a citizen Dr. G. Amaral was no longer PJ personnel bound by rules of secrecy...proceeding...

    2. Others had written about the McCann's case in a similar vein, but the McCann's did not bother to sue. Why? I have no idea. Some say, because others had not made as much profit and he had. Here they had "the man who blew the whistle", his publisher and the TV station. They could kill two birds (three in fact) with one stone! A bit cynical perhaps. You judge that.

    True to the saying: "Aquila non capit muscas" -the eagle does not eat flies. But a saying is just a saying. Nothing else.

    "Brilliant move by the Macs!" Some staunch supporters gloated. Not very nice, the skeptics countered. Why? I ask the latter...

    "Because it detracts from their image as suffering parents which can now be seen pursuing a path of revindication, profit and celebrity. What happened to good old Christian values?"

    Hmm, I don't know whether to agree here. Do you?

    True Dr. G. Amaral could have made some money out of it (if he was allowed to) BUT (some argue) he had to leave his job at the PJ because of political interference in the case; he had to defend his reputation, indeed the assassination of his character by the xenophobic English media - as some nicknamed "conspiracy theorists" have argued with considerable substance pointing the finger at the powerful PR machinery of the McCann's legal and PR team.

    Uff! If I now place myself in Dr. G. Amaral brogues, I do not see anything wrong in him writing and selling his story, to give his expert opinion with the intent to support his family and defend his battered character. That is what writers do for a living, is it not?

    This is where the Portuguese political correctness may have gone wrong. I wrote "may" advisedly: we do not know the result of the case yet. Is the Portuguese judicial system as gullible as some aliens like to think? May be. How would I know? I am Portuguese myself!

    The essence of the case rests on the McCann's right to a good image, which brings us to Dr. G. Amaral right to express his views, earn a living and re-address his professional image in the process. Surely he owns that to his own wife and daughter.

    Surely one's image cannot be more important than another's. Can it?

    Anyway, let me be blunt, who is ultimately responsible for the "magic trick"? Can you tell me Istar... I am getting confused.

    Could it be those who left their children alone in the first place? May be? Yes? No?

    "It was not our fault! It was his"?

    The blaring sound of these loud speakers are getting me really confused ...

    I think I need a "Lucozade"...


  59. ac...

    I actually like your post..a lot..you obviously weighed things up since May 3rd 07 and I bet your opinions/intuitions have changed over time- with the available information

    ..both real (as in corrobated by independent others)


    ...false (as in created to help/hinder one side or the other)

    magic tricks there are many in this saga ac..

    Grant me though that I asked a perfectly simple question of Senor Amaral, namely:

    A confrontation between Robert and some Tapasniks was arranged at Portimao police station - AS those Tapasniks claimed they had seen Robert on the night of the 3rd


    Antonio was not given the opportunity to confront both Robert and Kate-even though Antonio had claimed to have seen both Robert and Kate (or peeps looking like them) in his taxi

    at the time of the Tapas4/Robert confrontations..we were assured by
    articles translated to us from the Portuguese that these confrontations were standard PJ procedure

    the standard seemingly had slipped when it came to Antonio...

    was he believed less, because he was a cab driver and not a doctor or even an estate agent ?

    that ac is my beef..nowt intuitive about it

    just a simple question in a discussion forum and answers/opinions-especially from Portuguese posters are more than welcome

    @ 58 - I shall post my nick at the start of my utterings..as of the next one-

    this will enable you to conveniently scroll past..the boring stuff

    service with a smile 8 - )


  60. :)] Istar 61

    The "confrontation" (as you put it ) between the McCann's friends and Mr. Murat arranged by the PJ...when was that exactly? I am trying hard to recall...do you mean the event when Ms. Tanner (aka Dr. O'Brien's so-and-so) is with officer Robert Small (Leicestershire Constabulary) inside that van with darkened windows and positively identifies Mr. Murat as the "egg man"?

    Incidentally, while you are at it, compare Ms. Tanner statements, given in the early hours (4th May 2007) to the GNR with those (more elaborated) given to the PJ a few hours later... you might be led to conclude the trauma of the event must have left her rather confused. Her intuition seems to be operating in stratospheric realms.

    Concerning your "beef" with "Senor" Amaral because he failed to do "the same" (?) with Senhor Cardoso's sighting, I have already dealt with that by exposing what I perceived as the weakness of your "beef".

    The bottom line (repeat) is that we do not know if the PJ confronted both with Senhor Cardoso assertions and/or investigated it further. Do you? May be they did.

    The other point I made is that even if they did fail to investigate Senhor Cardoso's sighting, would its investigation have been decisive? I suggested not and explained why.

    You seem to be suggesting Dr. Amaral definitely failed to follow-up a sighting which came (as you say) from within the PJ itself (well, almost) or showed double standards or both.

    OK. You were just offering a passing thought and I went into deconstruction mode. My apologies. Actually I was just testing your "beef". No animosity was implied.

    I do understand your sympathy for the McCann predicament. I have kept some my self but I have tried to remain objective and open to all possibilities. In fact to be honest, the one thing that concerns me mostly at present is Dr. Amaral's rights and freedoms.

    Good night to you and good luck to him.


  61. Isar and ac @various anon.

    Your both too deep for me.
    Some times ac posts as if he /she has indulged in one or two G & Ts too many and isar sometimes posts like he/she is/was the script writer /creator of the infamous DR Hannibal Lector movies!

    Can you not keep it simple Lads/Ladies for us boring ferral posters even though some of your posts are of a poetic nature.

    A.Dubliner(Lost in Translation)

  62. :)] to A. Dubliner at 63

    :) Thank you for the compliment. I love you too.

    The thing to remember is that unless you come up with some genuine brain waves your mind is clinically dead. Try the "cogito ergo sum" approach and avoid the barking formula. Been there, done that?

    G&T? Is that how you do the "feral"?


  63. A. Dubliner - and I thought all those OU creative - writing courses had paid off....sniff lol

    now, ac : Antonio's observations were offered to and fell on deaf ears with both the PJ AND Metodo 3

    also: the Murat/Tapas 3 confrontation took place at Portimao cop-shop about second week of July 2007 - if memory serves


  64. Senor Amaral said he would fight for his freedom of expression all the way to the European Court of Justice. As is his right-and everyone's right, who holds an EU passport.

    And maybe that's what's needed a Non-anglo, Non-luso assessment of all that is in the book and by extension of what's in the PJ files.

    btw. I decide where my sympathies lie after the facts have emerged.
    For my own emotional hygiene, I don't want to be complicit in a modern affaire Dreyfus.

    for the time being: fabian empathy for all involved is cool


  65. ac, isar a little respect for other commentators please, thanks. beijinhos to both

  66. cool with me Joana

    I'm not here to have skirmishes and exchange insults..and ac and I are practically brother/sister/birds of a feather

    I want to encounter more posters who don't belong in the dreaded pro/anti camps...but can think for themselves..that, if any, is the way forward


  67. :) Greetings Joana,

    There was no animosity on my side even if A. Dubliner's comment (#63) was a wee derogatory and had no bearing on the subject being discussed. In my assessment, his was a rather er... "feral" remark from the "upper circle". I took it as a compliment though. All publicity is good publicity, you know...

    I think the confusion came from my use of the pronoun. I am only an intermediate student of English... I will rephrase my posting accordingly:

    "Thank you for the compliment. I love you too."

    "The thing to remember is that unless ONE comes up with some genuine brain waves ONE runs the risk of being perceived as clinically dead."

    So much for paragraph 2.

    In the third, I made a humours reference to Dubliner's invitation for me (and Isar, whom I was having an educated exchange of ideas with) to shorten our posts and simplify the language for his benefit and those he describes as "ferals" (sic). I did not write anything offensive. What I wrote was:

    "Try the "cogito ergo sum" approach as to avoid the barking formula. Been there, done that?"

    This was intended as a well meant piece of advice in a language that a "feral" might find accessible - which, by the way, was the advice I gave myself a long time ago when I sensed I had become part of a prevailing discourse on the case and was not doing any independent thinking. I guess I was just being loud - an attitude that is known in my (non-feral) circles as "barking/mad".

    As for the last phrase:
    "G&T? Is that how you do the "feral"?
    I explain:

    A. Dubliner humorously (or sarcastically) suggested I was drinking too many G&Ts which left me wondering whether "Gin & Tonic was his own device for being "feral". I was just curious merely following up on a suggestion he made. I am not apologizing for that.

    For reader A. Dubliner to imply that I was a drunkard THAT could have been perceived as an insult (it was not) but for him to suggest that Istar "posts like he/she is/was the script writer /creator of the infamous DR Hannibal Lector movies!" that was gross and should have been flagged down instantly. It should never have been published.

    Of course, this is your blog and a very good one by the way... even if the level and content of the comments not always pay tribute to the quality you bring into it... so, it is up to you to decide whom to criticize and/or be lenient with. I truly don't mind.

    In future I will simply ignore anyone that sounds "feral" and will fill in a complaint by E-mail instead. This one however is public.

    ;)) Keep up the good work and don't let such trivialities interfere with it...


  68. ac..

    don't beat yourself up

    I honestly like your posts..keep them coming

    love,(even if we don't agree on some elemental points)


  69. :)] Istar at #66


    I haven't had time to unearth the evidence for the assertions you made (July 2007?) namely that the PJ arranged a "confrontation" between the "Tapas" (G9s) and Mr. Murat (July 2007) Perhaps it was not a confrontation as such, it was more like a "few intimate questions" asked.

    Do bear in mind that the only "tapa" who, after much soul searching, positively identified Mr. Murat as the "egg man" was Ms. Tanner - poor darling, how she must regret it now. She was only trying to help (may be).

    But avante!

    Assuming the PJ had a "Let's Talk it Over" show with them, then you would have a point concerning witness discrimination and a possible conspiracy. Why was not Senhor Cardoso given equal weight in terms of importance? Good question.

    Of course you are assuming Mr. Cardoso's sighting was bona fide and not a play of his senses and/or imagination. It could have been. Assuming all this - and you are the one who is making the assumption, not me...then...

    How come Metodo 3, who I understand worked for the "McCann Ensemble" discarded (for all you know) Senhor Cardoso's sight as gobbledigook?

    I have already given you my reasons concerning Sr. Cardoso versus Tapas 9 - indeed I have exhausted myself, but I cannot infer anything further on Metodo 3. Can you?

    This is why I had to ring "Gunther" The Analyst. This is someone I know from "Starbuck" circles who never ceases to amaze me with his knowledge of Critical Discourse Analysis, Symbolic Logic, Transactional Analytics, Chinese Face Reading, Astrology, Quantum Physics, Holographic Theory and God knows what. He is like a modern super-Holmes with the mind expansion of a search engine - but enough promotion...

    I read your E-mails to him. Here is his reply:

    (quote): " IF that was true, it would imply a conspiracy to hide something of crucial importance except that other variables do not compute."

    Not quite sure what "The Analyst" meant by "other variables do not compute" so I insisted at my own peril:

    "Could you be a bit more colloquial and specific. A bit more "feral"?

    He replied with a hint of amusement in his cold, metallic voice.

    " You know I don't sell myself short. Wild inferences are not my forte. You bring me the facts and I will attempt to tell you where they may be pointing at. You are wasting my time with suppositions."

    That said he hung up. I still have the buzz in my ears...

    page 1/2


  70. :)] Istar at #66 (page 2/2)

    So, dear Istar, where do we go from here?

    I suggest you, in your spare time, go over anything that has been made public (this is a good place to start: http://themaddiecasefiles.com/) and then, add all the intuitions and trails of thought you might have about each piece of the jig-saw - very much like the investigating team did except you are on your own now...oh! don't forget conspiracy theory not just because it is a challenge to logic (or intuition for that matter) but it might help to explain much of what has been going backstage since.

    A good place to research these is right here on this blog. Ms. Joana Morais, is perhaps the World authorithy on it... but if you want more controversial stuff apparently well researched too, start here: http://www.thesargeants.net/dblog/.

    You could also do an evening or distance learning course in Journalism (I am thinking about it myself) and then use it as an excuse to interview Senhor Amaral and indeed one or two or three sleuths at Metodo 3 headquarters. Meanwhile, you could E-mail them your doubts before you travel to meet them. I have just done that by the way (no feedback so far):


    I don't know Senhor Amaral e-mail address yet. I will ask "Gunther" later...

    Both Lisbon and Barcelona are cities worth visiting and if you are lucky you might even bump into Joana Morais strolling up Lisbon's Chiado or sitting at a table at the "Brasileira" cafe playing on her laptop's keyboard.

    Eh! I am imagining the scene with Joana! No coincidence with reality whatsoever!

    :) See you around...


  71. :0] Istar at 66

    ERRATA: in my posting above where it reads: "I read your E-mails to him. Here is his reply" should read: "I read your postings to him. Here is his reply.


  72. ac.. I had somewhat thought you could tell us why both Metodo3 and the PJ

    rubbished the testimony of Antonio

    who is a Portuguese subject
    whose son was/is a PJ officer
    whose son has the same colomba as the child he thought he was ferrying about in his cab

    Antonio's testimony is as credible as anyones...

    I will not let this go


  73. Post 57, I'm 53.

    Sadly I don't have a source, hence the question. I do however recall the statement being reported. I also remember it being dicussed by work colleagues - all of whom thought it was a strange thing for the father of an 'abducted' child to say - the consenus being, of course, that had it been us we'd have wanted to know everything about this guy, and what the police had or did not have on him, before even thinking of commenting!

    It was a time when I believed entirely in the 'abduction' nonsense. At that time I believed the shutters had been 'jemmied' and Madeleine had actually been abducted - as did my colleagues.

    It was, for me, a veritable 'light-bulb' moment - something was not right!

    I'm just rather surprised that it has never been mentioned since.

  74. isar A Taxi Driver Story and The Rogatory Letter Saga and the Elvis is not Dead theory http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_lWXrpwC28yU/R8dDOFqD_9I/AAAAAAAABeA/v1HCrSccQlc/s400/McCannTaxi.jpg


  75. sar at # 75 with a curtsy to Joana Morais for helping with the proceedings.

    You are not reading my comments properly and therefore we are getting nowhere. Read that paragraph towards the end of the posting Joana suggested (in bold) referring to "Correio da Manha".

    It does not destroy your conspiracy theory. It could be an excuse from the PJ but it is more likely it is not and that they did look into it. You would like details? Well, so do I.

    The one thing you might find is that Mr. Murat was on the phone at 8:15 that evening. Call it an alibi if you wish. He says it is on his phone record.

    Also think of the association Dr. Kate McCann and Mr. Murat and see if in the light of subsequent events it makes any sense unless you were dealing with a very elaborate conspiracy. It could have been someone resembling Mr. Murat but Mr. Murat in person? Think about it. The sighting could make more sense afterwards IF the PJ were able to corroborate it. For a start the CCTV of the hotel was not working...

    While you are at it you might like to look into the phone record (activity) for the McCann's on the days immediately before Madeleine went missing and muse about them. Some analysts have...

    Still, no replies? This why I suggested you become a journalist (anyone can) and interview both (E-mail them to start with) but be prepared... They might only tell you what they want you to hear unless that is accounted for in the official records of the investigation. Dr. Amaral would know that and for that reason (if that was the only) he would not lie (Metodo 3 probably would). To my knowledge this bit has not been made publicly available. Bear in mind that only a percentage of the files were. Not everything by any means! May be the PJ are saving it for a rainy day...

    In the last analysis you cannot investigate anything properly if at every turn you are having "intuitions" which you cannot substantiate. This is why top investigators stick (in principle) to Occam's principle unless the data starts to tell them otherwise.

    Two corrections.

    Senhor Cardos's son is not a PJ. He is a GNR - which for the purpose would have been the same (almost). Still...

    Yes! Senhor Cardoso is Portuguese. The intuition that he would have been discriminated or discredited for that reason is unlikely since he did not phone the British Police - he phoned the Portuguese.

    The colomba detail is a good point but it does not mean anything if the witness was mistaken. Sr. Cardoso does seem to have a very good eyesight for a 67 years old. I give him that. Again you would need access to the files (those which were not made public) assuming, of course, that was investigated and written down. We have no access to those.

    As for Metoso 3, I have given you their e-mail address. Try them. They do not have any records published so you would have to take their word for it.

    You keep saying Senhor Amaral, the PJ (and Metodo 3) rubbished Senhor Cardoso sighting. HOW can you be so sure? It is an assumption you are making. Yes, they could have and/or may be they did not. You have the right to have your doubts but unless you argue them properly it convinces only those that wish to be convinced. Yours is an argument with blinders on.

    My dear, it is no point keep banging your head on the wall in the hope you will see the white light flashing. You will see red instead.

    Let me wrap this one up in Latin...

    "Entia non sunt multiplicanda praeter necessitatem."

    William of Ockham. XIV century English philosopher


  76. AC repara como são diferentes os resultados da pesquisa feita em Português, simples sem extras http://www.google.pt/webhp#hl=pt-PT&safe=off&q=%22joana+morais%22&aq=f&aqi=&aql=&oq=&gs_rfai=&fp=87139ea0321d35ec


  77. to Joana at 78

    8-} Right...let me try... point taken...

    :)) Not a case of FAM then... (File Alteration Monitor)...



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