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McCann: Nobody wants to live in Houses Stained by Crime

by Joana Capucho

Houses where bloody crimes occurred are often found empty. Few people like to buy a house where a violent death has taken place. Even if the prices are decreased substantially, as it happens, people tend to avoid buying them. Experts explain that it is the mythical fear of ghosts which scares potential new buyers away. The "King Ghob's" [a recent Case in Portugal of a man who has committed three homicides] castle in Carqueja may become another ghost house, uninhabited and without interested buyers. (...)

Houses of Death

Praia da Luz

No one wants to buy Maddie's Apartment

by José Manuel Oliveira

The property belonging to an Englishwoman [Ruth Margaret McCann], was put on sale in 2008 for 200 thousand euros, so far only curiously [morbid] people have shown an interest to see the flat. Tours from the North of the country even include the place in their itinerary programs.

The apartment 5 A at the Ocean Club resort, in Praia Luz, Lagos, from where the 3-year-old English girl Madeleine McCann mysteriously disappeared whilst on vacation with her parents and twin siblings, also minors, on the night of May 3, 2007; remains closed and for sale since August 2008 for 200 thousand euros; even though the notice board with that information was removed. The world-wide media coverage surrounding the case does not “diminish nor increase” the property value of the T2 ground-floor apartment [T2 is a real estate jargon typification, meaning a 2 bedroom apartment], situated at about 200 meters from the beach, said the real estate investors to the DN.

* Minor note: If you find the above text by JMO somewhat garbled and confusing you should try to read it in Portuguese - it's even worst! Did not translate the full churnalistic article relative to the other «ghost» houses...

in Diário de Notícias here and here 08.08.2010


  1. I was the first to write here the ownor of 5A would have difficulties to sell the apartment.
    Specially because it is located in an English resort.
    Even without murder, it would have been difficult to sell it because of the crisis.
    People from Britain believe in ghosts.
    They see ghosts all the time.
    I think the ownor of 5A has the right to sue the neglect parents who are irresponsible and who caused her an irreparable disaster.
    Possibly Madeleine's spirit is waiting for justice, that is why the apartment has not been sold yet.
    Mrs. Ruth Margaret McCann could ask for the re-opening of the process, in order to make Maddie's spirit rest in peace.
    If she does not do it, she will only have high expenses with 5A and nothing more than that.For the rest of her life and for the next generations.

  2. Have the McCanns' neighbours in Rothley been able to sell their property which they put on the market sometime ago?


  3. 1, I agree with you.
    The McCanns have to pay the value of the apartment to the other Mrs. McCann.
    Or even better, they have to buy 5a.
    Ruth Margaret can approach Carter Ruk who is in love with money and not with the McCanns.
    Carter Ruk is not the McCanns' monopoly.
    They can work for Ruth Margaret and she will pay them 1/3 of the money she will get.

  4. Nice comment, the 1!

    In portuguese, sorry:

    A imagem da janela está super; aqueles vermelhos......... mesmo a calhar.

    Gosto também muito dos lapsus linguae conscientes ou das gralhas......
    ( 1 dos links. Super)

    Copiado , em Pt, para o blog das cópias! Até agora, cópias voluntárias.......porque ninguém se lembrou de me enviar um texto para copiar........


  5. Madeleine McCann adviser drawn into MP council tax probe


    poor, poor Maddie...

  6. Gee, two hundred thousands is exorbitant for a haunted 2 b/room flat!

    Even if FOC, with ghost exorcist thrown in as compliment, the owner wont get it of it. She should seek legal advice to see whether she can sue the mccanns. Afterall the mccanns got plenty fund money, they could buy it as a memorable site for MBM.

  7. #1 says:

    'People from Britain believe in ghosts.
    They see ghosts all the time.'

    And where did you pull that one from? A Christmas cracker? Perhaps you'd like to explain it because from where I'm sitting (in Britain) that comment appears rather contemptuous and, dare I say it, bordering on xenophobic. Not in the class of Tony Parsons, I grant you, but nevertheless you are trying to dismiss an entire nation as a bunch of feeble-minded idiots living in constant fear of ghosts!

    The apartment is not selling because of the ridiculous price - inflated by the owner purely to cash in on the tragedy. That is all there is to it.

  8. Cara MC,

    Copie à sua vontade desde que mantenha a referencia ao link original - que é o que tem feito. Não lhe enviamos textos nem a si nem a ninguém, porque como pode imaginar não dispomos de tempo para tal; por isso sugiro-lhe que os copie directamente daqui ou que assine a recepção dos mesmos na sua caixa de correio electrónico.

    Para esse efeito proponho que insira a sua morada de email na caixa à direita, onde diz "Network & Feed". Com o cursor ainda dentro do mesmo "campo", pressione no seu teclado a tecla «Enter» e siga os passos para validar a sua subscrição dos artigos que são publicados no blog.

    Obrigada, até breve, e um beijinho

    Joana M.

  9. ps. pukka é a minha gata mais nova ;)

  10. Apartment for Sale
    Prime location, just one minute from the pool, or three if you cannot walk on water.
    Out of sight of the Tapas bar.
    State of the art 'self-repairing' shutters. High-tec high-spec high shelves will remove themselves if you find them inconvenient, or embarrassing.
    Patio doors can safely be left unlocked in case of fire
    Bedroom doors open and close automatically according to weather conditions, as do the bedroom windows.
    Cadaverine and small traces of juvenile human blood included in the price.
    If it does not suit you, then stay anywhere else on the complex, totally free, for 3 months.
    Full details from our local agents, Carter-Ruck and Mitchell.

  11. Not too keen on living next by the looks of things.

  12. ''People from Britain believe in ghosts.
    They see ghosts all the time.''

    Utter nonsense. Like Nige says, it's overpriced, and the market for such properties is depressed right across southern Europe.

  13. Hi Peter Mac,

    I just saw on a property website, Apartment for sale, Ocean club, PDL, and one of the features was NEW FLOORS. I guess Kate wore the existing ones out with all the scrubbing!

    Most people do not scrub floors on holiday, but most wash their clothes before they go, especially if they were worn when handling dead bodies at work. But Kate is not most people as we are all very much aware!

  14. post 1

    'People in Britain believe in ghosts.
    They see ghosts all the time.'

    I love that. It's not nasty xenobabble. It's poetic.

    Keep up the good work.

    bob the bluebird

  15. eh eh thank you dear H.
    beijinhos com amizade

  16. 7,12, it is known that ghosts belong to the UK culture.
    Shakespeare an Somerset Maugham(?) talk about this too.
    It is not at all xenobic but a proof that people from that island are concerned about life after death. A transcendental question.For them it does not finish after the funeral.They believe in something, may they?
    Every culture shows its faith in life after death on a different way.
    The human being needs support, even if he is dead and the Virgin Mary shows up here and there, sometimes.It is also a ghost.
    The UK exported their culture to the USA and I know that ghosts show up in New England too.
    The fact Maddie's death was not of natural causes, selling 5a will be more difficult.
    The price is very high,no doubts, but the fear of seing her spirit will play a huge role.
    Do you know Kate saw her spirit at least twice?
    She told she did.
    And it happened in the UK.

  17. I always love seeing that picture of the shutters after they had been "Jemmied open". Can we send a copy to Aunty Phil, the BBC, Sky, Corner, and everyone else who has trotted out that particular lie, without issuing a correction.

    Anon 13, that is priceless !

  18. The price has fallen since 2008.


    apartment 7 (Oldfield?) for sale as well.


  19. Criminal act has taken place in apartment 5A. That means that some criminals know the place probably very well. I wouldn't like to associate with people who have operated with disappearence of Madeleine. How could you invite some children of youf family to place like apartment 5A?

  20. Post 7. Well that's pure speculation and a distraction. The issue remains valid that nobody would want to live in an apartment where such a crime was carried out. Would you?

  21. @18 Oldfields stayed in 5B, the Paynes were upstairs.

  22. Wooden boards lead to creaking floors, creaking floors lead to ghoulish talk, ghoulish talk leads to ghost souls. No concrete floors in houses in Britain (the external and internal walls are too weak to hold one) and you can hear people breathing, dreaming, tossing in bed from upstairs and ghost walking downstairs. Nothing xenophobic here, just an observation.

  23. 10 PeterMac

    Utterly brilliant!

    However, most houses in which terrible crimes 'are committed' usually have to be demolished because they don't sell or no one want's to rent them. Difficult to see how they could demolish this apartment though.

    So, in reality the owner should be entitled to sue for the loss of goodwill and value from a sale. It's far too infamous to be sold because of the McCanns media campaign. Maybe they hadn't thought about this angle - or maybe they hope no one thinks about it. So even though I suspect some comments don't really believe that the owner can sue - she should. Even if it does sell maybe years from now - she still can claim a loss for the intervening years.

    Someone should be advising the owner of her legal rights- unless, of course, it's different in Portugal.

    11. Himself - very clever - maybe they will all sell sometime soon.

  24. Anon 22
    "From ghoulies and ghosties and long-legged beasties,
    And things that go bump in the night,
    Good Lord deliver us."
    (Old Cornish prayer.)

    And a modern one..
    From liars, and cheaters, and forked tongue deceivers
    And parents who try to deny,
    May the Law deliver us

  25. Has it been established beyond doubt that the owner of Apt 5A is of no relation to Kate and Gerry? This detail may determine Ruth McCann's course of action- whether or not she sues them assuming she's entitled to.


  26. I am the one who said that in the UK people believe in ghosts.
    I'm Dutch and I have a story to tell. A Dutchman friend of mine, whose fiancee half Irish is, went to Ireland with her, to visit her very ill grandmother.
    His fiancee slept in the living room of the house, near her grandmother, in order to help her during the night and he slept in the attic, an abandonned room, with an old not anymore used toilet.
    During the night he woke up hearing that wc flushing, and as a corageous, sober Dutchman he stood up, thinking his fiancee had perhaps used it and hoping he could take her in his arms, in bed,for some romantic moments.
    Nobody in the toilet, and he saw the old iron chaine of the water box, dancing, moving in the air.
    He went two stairs down to check on both ladies and both were asleep.
    On the next morning the grandmother denied that wc ever worked, for years and years.
    He came back to Holland horrified with this experience.
    I told him that maybe somebody with a previous shit life was coming back to get rid of the rest of all bad things that person experienced in life.

  27. Apartment 5a is a poky little 2 bedroom apartment which on the face of it, just doesn't look worth 200,000 Euros.

    It's too close to the Tapas bar/restaurant for a start - I imagine it must be like having binge drinkers in your back garden 7 days a week. Not a good sales point - unless you intend to be one of the binge drinkers of course.

    Then the fact that it's a groundfloor apartment is normally a huge drawback - always a greater danger of burglary or even abduction with a groundfloor apartment so they tell me - especially in this case if you've got young kids; after all, the area is said by some to be awash with paedophiles. Mind you, I have absolutely no evidence to indicate whether or not that is true - I suspect that someone may be over-egging it a bit to suit their own agenda?

    But be that as it may, to cap it all, the fact remains that if you own a dog, especially a springer spaniel, you'll have to put up with it barking at the fitted wardrobes day in and day out. That could lead one to make derogatory remarks about the unreliability of dogs of course, but it just doesn't help does it? After all, dogs don't bark without a reason - which leads one to the conclusion that there must be something there that they can smell which we can't and an educated guess tells me that it isn't a rat.

    So, taking everything into consideration, I'd say apartment 5a is a liability and isn't worth a lot - unless you're looking for a place where you can stay for a week or so and then leave without leaving so much as a trace behind you, apart from perhaps a stray fingerprint on say a window or whatever - then it's probably worth considering.

    Why not have a word with the last occupants? I'm certain they'd recommend it - after all they only rented it for a week, but that was sufficient for them to use that experience to go on and make themselves a fortune.

  28. Anon 26,
    A few years ago I visited friends in Yorkshire. After a long day of travel I went to bed. My room was away from the other people staying there. During the night I felt someone trying to push me out of the bed. There was no one there! I didn't mention it, but kept the light on and the TV while I stayed there. I think it might have been jet lag lol Back to the topic. I wonder if the apartment got repainted etc.

  29. I'm English and I believe in ghosts (as does my partner whose Grandmother's spirit accompanies her when shopping and points out bargains, she swears). My mother died some time ago and for some time afterwards footsteps could be heard pacing around in her bedroom at night. Of course, the room was empty. Similarly, she was heard urgently banging on the living room door. These hauntings only stopped when the Lord's Prayer was loudly recited in the bedroom and elsewhere, after which, peace was restored as she had passed on to the other side.

    I'm sure that 5A would be more marketable if an exorcism was advertised as part of the deal, included in the Estate Agent's info.

  30. I would like to remind everyone talking about "ghosts" in relation to the apartment, that there had never been a death in 5A prior to the McCann's being there and that the only death to have happened there was just an innocent little girl. I'm uncomfortable with anything said to make it appear she'd "haunt" the apartment.

    Her memory should be respected by those of us attempting to see justice done for her.

    The only haunting I think is occurring is the haunting triggered by a guilty conscience. I'm sure there is that type of torture going on in an abundant way in the minds of everyone involved in the cover-up and the original crimes.

  31. 25, Mrs.McCann, ownor of 5a, is no relative of Kate and Gerry's.
    They even didn't or still don't know each other.
    This has been checked on by the police.

  32. My 40 years old nephew is brought up without religion, believing in Marx and Engels, no spirits, etc, terribly sober.
    Once he went to stay in a bed- and-breakfast hotel in Maine, New England, whose ownor was a good friend of his.
    The lady had given him a room in the attic and it was winter time,extremely cold.
    He went to bed, in that hermetic closed attic, he was reading something when he felt the presence of somebody standing beside his bed.
    A silent woman, dressed up in black, watching him.
    He was deadly shocked, he put his head under the blanket and remained quiet, scared to death, till the morning.
    At breakfast, the lady ownor looked at him and said: -You saw it, didn't you?
    And she told him that was a haunted house with several different ghosts.

    I don't know what to think about this kind of visions.
    My nephew does not lie, he is a very serious man and he does not belong to an anglo-sax culture.
    I wish people here on this forum would tell more about ghosts experiences.
    As far I understood, ghosts had a unfair death or an unfair life.
    They come back searching for peace.
    Or they demand justice.
    Could it be true?

  33. 2, ShuBob, there is a possibility the McCanns' neighbours will have difficulties to sell their house.
    Not only the economic crisis but also the possibility of Madeleine's ghost in their garden.
    Many times ghosts walk and cry during the night, not only in the garden of their own home but also in the gardens nearby.
    Being neighbours of that family, which is carrying a terrible secret,they will not find peace either.
    Madeleine's ghost could be crying for justice.

  34. 29, an exorcism advertised as part of the deal, this is sarcastic.
    Yes, that apartment needs prayers and I believe in holy water and prayers of a catholic priester.
    Rituals are necessary in good and in bad times.
    It makes us feel better.
    But does it make Madeleine's spirit feel better?
    Her soul will remain restless as long no justice is done.
    Nobody coming up with the truth, with a funeral, with a grave.
    I don't think Madeleine wishes her parents to go to prison.
    She only wishes to find peace in herself, she wants to start her eternal life after her death because she has the right to live a second life after she was not allowed to live her first.
    Living her new life will depend on her parents and on her family.
    Her spirit cries, she is tired, she is deadly tired of three restless years.
    She follows her mother all the time, she sends signs of dispair,mummy, please help me!, where are you when I am crying? Are you being again neglect? Help me!

  35. Nige,
    Most of the portuguese believe in ghosts too, even if they say not. I'm portuguese. Ghosts were filling all our traditional tales and as a normal reaction, we are afraid of what we don't know.
    The 5A is over priced but I believe, Maddie saga was the first reason which put that flat on the bag of the houses nobody wants to buy or live in, even in holidays, the hunted houses. Not suitable for rental, then not a good business for any investor, unless who buy the flat wanted the real crime scene to produce the movie about Madeleine crime.
    The owner of the flat must sue the Mccann's for all the disturbance their negligence cause to her business.

  36. Who buy the crime scene of an unsolved case? For the next 25 years, PJ could go back to the crime scene at any time to collect samples and look for evidences of the crime.
    Criminology is a science in continuous evolution and everyday new techniques and new methods of investigation, more accurate and more sophisticated come out. PJ will go back to the 5A, for a deep investigation.
    After all, there is few recent examples showing why buying the crime scene is not a good idea- The couple who buy the house of the french Infanticide mother, when digging the garden of their new villa, instead of flowers they got the remains of 8 babies.

  37. In Brazil we also fear for homes where people died in a strange way.
    Murders are feared and some people are afraid of suffering ghosts.
    There are dozens of stories around each death and a case like Madeleine's case is a disaster when the owner of the house tries to sell it.
    Not much difference with Europe.
    Death will remain a misteri for every human being.

  38. When there has been a death in a property, the cause being murder, that property price plummets. No one is interested in buying, unless they are unscrupulous and see it as a way of making money, open to the public at a price to view the 'house of horror.’ Often, in the UK at least, the property, where practical, is demolished.

    Apartment 5a to all intents and purposes was a holiday apartment and ‘let’ as such to young families.

    The McCann’s have painted a picture of evil in respect of this property and the village of PDL also.

    A village where scary and dangerous men/paedophiles lurk, more so, they lurk outside apartment 5a and they whisk your children away in the night!

    These same scary men with evil on their minds, the McCann’s tell us, stalked them, followed them their every move during their stay at 5A.

    These men they claim, entered 5A on 2nd May 2007 and made their children cry.

    These same men returned they tell us on the 3rd of May and abducted their daughter Madeleine.

    These men hammered in the window shutters they tell us.

    Who with a young family, would buy or rent an apartment in this knowledge? With the picture of evil painted by the McCann's of PDL and Portugal.

    The sale price of this apartment will be corrected, and any interest for buyers will only come about when this case is solved. When they recognise the real evil.

    That is:

    When the public begin to understand, that there was no scary men/man who lurked around 5a, night after night, that is, no one who was not known to the McCann’s!

    When they understand, that there were no scary men, who followed the McCann’s, on a daily basis, stalking them, and their young family. (McCann’s did not go on outings with their children. The children were couped up in the crèche)

    When they understand that the said scary man did not enter 5A on the night of 3rd May 2007 and abduct Madeleine, nor did he/they enter 5A on the 2nd May 2007 and make the McCann children cry.

    When they understand that the window shutter was not hammered open by the scary men.

    When they look at this sad and tragic event for what it is and realise that the only scary persons who frequented that apartment that we know of, were the McCann parents themselves!

    cntd A.Miller

  39. They are scary why?

    They left their children alone, night after night they tell us, in this dark scary place
    They purposely left the door unlocked with their three children sleeping inside.

    They expected if there was a fire for their three year old to be able to lift the two, two years old from their cots and save them.

    They expected their three year if she woke in the night to leave the apartment, trawl through the streets of PDL and find them in the pub where they were dining with their drunken friends.

    They did not, they tell us, on their checks (with the exception of Gerry McCann on the night Madeleine was removed from 5A by someone?) actually bother to do a visual check of their children they simply listened at the times they bothered at all, to get off their backsides and drag themselves from the tapas bar, to check on these children. As Kate and Gerry both stated, on the night of the 3rd, each of them would not have bothered to enter the children’s bedroom, but for noticing the door more ajar. They both noticed this. Yet Kate when she approached it, did not go inside at first, but simply attempted to close it slightly then ‘whoosh.’ It slammed closed. Only then did she bother to look inside she said. What mother would not look in on the children, do a visual check, especially when it was the door being more ajar that is supposed to have alerted her to what, danger? It beggars belief really.

    Gerry did not, when realising that none of his children had been out of bed, further investigate as to how the bedroom door came to be more open. Having left the patio door unlocked for anyone to gain access, his actions seem unusual. What parents would just pop back to the pub in the knowledge that someone MUST have been in that apartment, had opened that bedroom door, had access to his three sleeping children?

    Simple answer they would not!

    He had just thought how lucky he was to be their dad.

    The children were not so lucky that he was their father. Father’s would protect their children.

    Had he acted responsibly at this stage, perhaps even at this point he could have saved Madeleine! But the pub beckoned.

    They did not listen to their child when she told them that she had been awake and crying on one of the evenings, as her mummy and daddy were not in the apartment to comfort her.

    The shutters were not jemmied, hammered open or otherwise as they told the world press.

    They say the man entered their apartment on the 2nd May. He did so then, without hammering open the shutter. Why would he need to do so, on the 3rd, when the door was open to him on this night also?


  40. This wee girl was not removed from that apartment by any strange and scary man, unknown to the McCann’s, who they claim had stalked them.

    These scary men must have been very fit to follow the McCann’s as they jogged through PDL on a daily basis.

    The only thing scary about this tale is THE McCANN'S as far as I can see.

    There is no proof of scary men lurking around, none whatsoever.

    There is every, evidence, though that the McCann’s continually maltreated these children by leaving them unprotected, in an unsafe environment.

    We know too that they 'considered' this, talked it over, and decided that this was best for the children. That indicates persons who were simply reckless, not fit to look after children, or both had unfit minds. Either way, they were unfit, and their children suffered at their hands. Madeleine paying the highest price!

    Who is more scary, these imaginary men of evil, dreamed up by the McCann’s, or the very real evil of the McCann’s?

    The only ones to suffer, through their appalling and selfish behaviour - their three children! Madeleine suffering most! She may still be, though this is most unlikely. If she is no longer of this world her soul needs laid to rest for her to be at peace.

    I don’t believe in ghosts, but I sure hope their actions before, during and after that visit to PDL haunts them. That they are haunted and hunted too, by the men who scare them most (police) until they do right by Madeleine and fully co-operate with any police authority who may investigate in the future, the crimes committed against Madeleine McCann. That they are made to answer also, for the gross neglect of these children, which resulted in the disappearance of their three year old daughter!

    As for Ms Ruth McCann, and apt 5A? Something tells me she will be just fine financially!


  41. A miller - BRILLIANT!! .......................again!

  42. The Curse of the McCanns.....This apt is full of peados ghosts,drunk doctors,liars,screaming kids,jemmied unopened shutters,curtains flying in an inexistant breeze...and pathetic,really pathetic "lurking men"

  43. I see Kate Healeys parents have spoken to the Liverpool Echo newspaper,calling all those who are on these discussion boards(I've no doubt she means the one's who don't believe their daughters fairy tale)of being cowards and cruel,they said it's a pity people like us are in this world,no wonder the world is in a state.No mention of Kate and Gerrys cowardice in not returning to do the reconstruction,no mention of Kate and Gerry's culpability in Madeleines disappearance.I read on the Blacksmiths bureau that some Amaral supporters have been approached by a/some whistleblowers who work for a company hired by the McCanns,these whistleblowers apparently say they are to dish the dirt on Amaral,reading between the lines it is because the alleged libel case is coming up,but these whistleblowers know these people are Amaral supporters,perhaps there are some people who are hired by the McCanns who are sick of the charade.

  44. The asking price seems a bit excessive but I suppose if there's any interest in the property, the owner would have dropped the price for a quick sale, no?


  45. Please read The Keeper of Souls on the Textusa blog,it is an excellent read and quite chilling.

  46. WE"ve cracked it!!!
    The truth about Madeleine McCann"s disappearance: it was a ghost! a ghost took her of course!

    Jocking apart I think the only scary bit here are the mccanns themselves and NOT knowing (us) what has really happened to her....BUT It wouldnt suprise me at all if Madeleine would haunt her "parents" for the rest of their miserable lives..I do hope this happens

  47. A Millar @ 40

    I seem to recall that McCann conveniently 'remembered'the incident of the widely-opened bedroom door sometime after the event. If I'm not mistaken it was 'remembered' when he was back in Blighty - no doubt being advised by his top lawyers as they tried to untangle the web of inconsitencies and lies.

  48. Anon-43, I couldn't say any better!

  49. Is Lorraine Kelly Jez's wife?
    The man who was talking to Gerry that evening?

    Why is she insisting on protecting Gerry? (MCCannfiles)

  50. The Mccann's who said on May 3 2007 night that there was an evil man surrounding their flat, were the same who don't believe on what they are saying until 10pm of the same day. They act during the all holidays like if PDL was the most peaceful place in the world and the 5A the most safety flat. THEN OR THEY ARE THE BIGGEST LIARS OR THE MOST STUPID PARENTS IN THE WORLD. BIG LIARS, BIG LIARS, BIG LIARS.

    Just for your information, Gerry Mccann, today the portuguese media revealed that this summer (2010 and just July went on that account) was the best for the Algarve Tourism. Algarve was full of tourists and the portuguese were the best clients for 4 stars and 5 stars hotels. See, Algarve was not affected by your stories and your British supporters who believe on your fantasist story and don't come to Algarve are completely irrelevant.
    The portuguese don't believe on monsters which eat little girls direct from their beds, they fill the Algarve beach's with children played under the sun, HAPPY AND SAFE.

  51. My eternal question,

    how come the Portuguese police holds Kate responsible for the accident?
    They know things they never published.
    I wonder if a ghost told them...

    Yeah, Textusa's last story is scaring.
    Mrs.Healy senior was wearing black last May, in a church, on May the third.
    She looked destroyed.
    She helps the McCanns to shut up about the truth and she wants us to do the same.
    I suspect she was not told the whole story.
    I wonder isf she is concernd about the twins.
    I bet she is but she is hiding her feelings.

  52. #50,

    Jez Wilkins partner is Bridget O'Donnel, see this in Joana's blog:


  53. #48, and...do not forget the "abductor" hidding behind a door, or inside the closet, holding his breath, while Gerry made his check...this also came to Gerry's mind at a later time!

  54. Terei percebido bem? No caso Murat/ Jane Tanner preparam-se para explorar a ideia de que G. Amaral tera mentido em relacao ao que Jane Tanner tera dito sobre Murat, quando foi colocada dentro da Van para o reconhecer? E a policia inglesa sera o escudo a ser usado para mais esta vergonha? (BLACKSMITH BUREAU/ MCCANNFILES)
    Cada dia se percebe mais que a morte de Madeleine foi muito mais do que um mero acidente.

  55. Even if Maddie haunts the place it's pretty harmless. At most they can see - I doubt a child her age is capable of anything evil. However if she'd died a violent death she may appear crying and sad and that can be rather chilling.

    In Asia, we believe in Ghosts. Starting yesterday 15th of the seventh month in the Lunar calendar, is Ghosts festival celebration for one month. Which means ghosts are released from hell or wondering ghosts are on holiday among their kindred earth spirits for one month.

    During this period, those with low aura could see them. My friend used to freak us with stories of them. Some carry their own head sitting in the train. Some old folks visting their family home partake of food offered to them. Some are children wondering about aimlessly with a sad expression because they're lost, cant find their home.

    Once while he was playing at the neighbour's when he saw the neighbour's grandma who had recently passed away standing in front of the family altar and helping herself to the food offered to her and ancestors. The red burning candles in front of this apparition appeared green to my friend and the old lady was looking at him which mean she knew he could see her. He fell ill after that from shock to the system. Thereafter he avoid going out of his house during the hungry ghosts festival.

    If maddie died a violent death at the hands of her parents, she may not accept the reality of being gone and may show up at the place looking for her parents. Poor her, she cant possible go into her own bedroom or go looking for her siblings because she didnt died in her home, and of course her parents wouldnt be there.

    They should really take her home and give her a proper bury, that way her spirits is free to return to visit her own home as and when she fancies. Unsettled spirits need to be guided or they will haunt the venue they died at until someone help them.

  56. I don't know about ghosts etc., and I think the idea that the spirit of poor Madeleine would somehow 'haunt' the apartment is rather sad and sinister, she wasn't even 4 years old after all. However, didn't Mrs Healy say that Kate told her she used to 'see' Madeleine at night after they returned to Rothley - she must have therefore known her poor daughter had passed.

    But for me, as we're on this topic, the one thing that has always stuck in my mind was the time when Kate and Gerry met the Pope at the Vatican and that butterfly flew down, landed on Kate, flew off again high above the crowds and then somehow landed back on Kate. To me, that seemed like a sign from Madeleine. It stunned me really. Beautiful and sad at the same time.


  57. Do kids kill women’s careers?


    Well they did with Kate McCann. Didn't they?

  58. I don't understand the apprehension. The ghost appearance (if any) would have been a little angel. Wait....I see the point. The Devil (whoever that was) won. Bastard!

  59. I work in a restaurant in Albufeira and there are many English people in the restaurant every day.
    They say that the ghost of Madeleine flys between the apartment and the house of the parents in England.
    They belive also that Madaleine crys for justice.

  60. as someone quite rightly critical of the Team McCann fundraising said

    'follow the money'

    let's just apply this maxim to ALL the players in this sorry saga


  61. One thing I am sure of the Maccann's will be exposed as the liars they are its only a matter of when. This case will be solved it will be reopened. The Police in Portugal and the UK are not stupid, they know exactly what the Maccann's game plan is its a matter of waiting to pounce, just when we think all is lost, we will be very surprised. Tick Tock Kate and Gerry tick tick tock. Madelaine will get the justice she deserves.

  62. Anon @ 54,
    The Abductor was also a ghost. Only a ghost fit on the place described by Gerry and sedate 3 childs in less then a blink. And when Madeleine travelled with him trough the window, she was already a ghost. Both disapeared leaving no traces.
    Only ghosts carry dead people. That was their business. A living abductor will discharge Madeleine on the first second. She was useless for any stranger.

  63. When they went to the Vatican they do Madeleine Virtual Funeral. Kate and Gerry were wearing grieving clothes.

  64. Anon 62,i hope you're right about the McCanns facing justice,perhaps the police are watching and waiting,after all they would want to make sure that any future trial will end in a guilty verdict,so by watching the McCanns every interview,and by allowing the fund to continue the police may be giving the McCanns enough rope to hang themselves.

  65. Can someone please tell me about the Fridge?

    Was their one in the apartment that mysteriously vanished?

  66. http://www.spectator.co.uk/coffeehouse/6201008/obama-defeats-our-shameful-libel-laws.thtml

    this will be interest, Joana. Good for the USA!

  67. thank you 67 twitted and facebooked that yesterday ;)

    Obama signs into law SPEECH Act to protect US citizens from UK libel laws | The Wire | Press Gazette
    President Obama has signed into law the SPEECH Act - a bill which effectively protects US citizens from the effects of libel tourism. The SPEECH Act will....
    #mccann queremos o mesmo em Portugal!

  68. Anon 64.....Yes, it was the trip to meet the Pope that has always bothered me. Like you, I felt that it was a sort of funeral for Madeleine & having the Pope bless her. It's that occasion that really made me wonder.
    A. Millar.....I agree with every word you say. You speak my thoughts exactly!
    I also have written to Theresa May.

  69. 61 Isar

    Yes - I think I understand now what is meant by "follow the money" - you refer to the fact that certain people want the Team McCann to continue because it generates money. But this proves my point exactly - only those of a "certain colour" will be allowed to benefit from this money-machine (this is sick when you think that it's a little girl we are discussing here like a commodity).

    So Goncalo Amaral is not one of a "certain colour" or "group" then ?

    He is one of those to be sacrificed as we have seen - so what is the "colour" or group" that allows this to continue - does anyone know?


  70. 62 Anon.

    I sincerely hope you are right - but in one video I have seen on a site Joana has given as a link - thank you Joana (they declare that there is "no evidence" to make them suspects of a crime) and to a certain extent they are correct. They, Kate especially I imagine, erased any remaining evidence in the apartment (that's why there was no DNA) hence the scrubbing and removal of all personal items of Madeleine. Even down to changing the bedding, which we supposed was disposed of, maybe that was what was in the blue holdall bag. All Madeleine's belongings and clothes.

    Looking at this case from a prosecution angle - there is only circumstantial evidence so the McCanns think they are untouchable.

    They only way to get to them is either one of them makes an almighty blunder, one of their friends cave's in - or perhaps someone, somewhere when interviewing them just laughs at them. This generally makes people lose their cool. Perhaps we should hope for this. If they get irritated enough they may make a mistake.

  71. No 26. You generalise that English people believe in ghosts, then proceed to tell a story where your nephew goes to Ireland. Dutch people usually know well that Ireland is not England. big difference.

  72. Hello Angelique (post 70)...

    sadly, two of my posts immediately preceeding post 61 either disappeared or were omitted. 8 - (

    If they had been visible...we would probably have a more lively
    platform for discussion, right now.

    Anyway..without the previous posts..my blatherings about 'follow the money' are without context - and therefore the remaining post is just a platitude.

    Let's hope the dark arts of propaganda are not alive and well on this forum too. But hey, it's the owner's gig !!!

    Shame really...but there you go.

    Thanks for coming back to me anyway, Angelique.


  73. There is no evidence to convict the Maccann's of a crime, that has been made public, what about the evidence that only the Police know of and there must be evidence there must be a lot in this case that is not in the public domain. This is why the Maccann's have to keep up the pretence and the lie that Madelaine is still alive. I also agree they will be exposed and its a matter of time. This pair live in constant fear.
    They are both very good actors, we will see the final act in all this. One thing the Maccann's are certain of there will be no standing ovation when the show ends.

  74. Why has Mr Amaral no Lawyer in the UK he needs a good defence the Macanns have the best lawyers in the world, Mr Amaral get yourself a British Lawyer. I am sorry to say this but up to now his legal team seen to be unable to defend him.

  75. 74,Jacinta, great!
    Yes, the police are keeping secrets from the public.It is always the case when a crime is not yet solved.
    They must know a huge more than they knew three years ago.
    And I don't believe they ever exposed everything they knew when Kate and Gerry were made arguidos.
    I also don't believe that people around the McCanns never commented things they noticed or know.
    They must have done it.Someday a divorce or a simple separation wil happen among Tapas 7. The next partner will hear the truth.The next partner has siblings, parents, friends...

  76. 66 Anon

    You mentioned the fridge and I have similarly been wondering about this. All I can find that may be useful is here: http//www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread533950/pg6 - 4th comment.

    I am not too clever computer-wise so not sure how to make it a direct link - copy and paste job I think. I have read somewhere on a site that the PJ have a receipt for a fridge but that was when they were living in the villa after they left 5A. Not sure of the validity of this though.

    But one thing about this page relates to the on-going interest in the last picture of Madeleine by the Pool - if you troll down further to the bottom of the page you can see two pictures of Madeleine used in that last photo. Not sure if we can believe the what the poster is alluding to but I can see how 'doctoring' photos is made easy whichever way you want to 'spin it'. This can either prove the picture supplied by Team McCann HAS been doctored OR the second one just proves how easy it is by the removal of Gerry's elbow.

  77. 75 Anon.

    If, in answer to your concern about Goncalo Amaral not having a lawyer, I were a billionaire I would, just to make an example of how Truth suffers at the hand of 'money and influence' - hire the best lawyer I could to defend him - but I am not and it is very doubtful if there would be a lawyer willing to fight a case against Carter-Ruck. As I understand from all I have read Carter-Ruck are all powerful and will not countenance defeat.

    Maybe we need a miracle - just this once.

  78. @78.and thats what i dont understand,why would the mccans hire c r if the they are innocent,and i wouldnt worry to much about Mr Amaral after all he was a policeman and a bloody good one at that so it is said, so he knows what he is doing and the mccanns must be worried sick.

  79. Money talks all over the world, Mr Amaral needs a millionaire backer.
    The Maccann Lawyers will fight like Cats to defend this pair in the libel case, unless there is something new that cannot be denied, Its round 2 to the Maccanns again, this couple have so much power behind them is it worth Mr Amaral turning up.

  80. @80,defend them they might,but i bet Mr Amaral has an ace card up his sleeve because he knows he has a fight on his hands,but is'nt it a shame when money talks louder than the truth, and its money donated to find madeleine they are using to save thier sorry arses

  81. @ 80 correct please God you are right, re Mr Amaral Maderlaine and himself are the victims in all this, The Maccann's don't care how they save their skins and who or what they use to do it. I have never known such an evil pair, and oh is it showing in both their faces. They must think because Maderlaine was their daughter, they had a right to do with her whatever they pleased no questions asked.

  82. I find it odd that many references to the fridge have been removed from the net,almost in a concerted effort by someone.
    The fridge has never been found.

  83. I try not to get involved in fridge debate but it's worth mentioning that DAVID PAYNE brought up the issue about an apparently faulty fridge in one of the apartments the McCanns occupied in PdL. IIRC, he brought the issue up without being asked.


  84. @Isar if you are still around:

    On Joana's blog regarding Murdoch and Sky - a poster at Anon 20 is suggesting that the scenario of the two missing Belgium girls was cited in one of the crime investigation books that GM had in his room in PDL - also one about concealment of cadavers.

    Can this have any credibility and do you think it means that a "death" was planned before arrival in PdL and that makes your "follow the money" more credible.

    What do you say Isar - is this important ?


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