1.Everyone shall possess the right to freely express and publicise his thoughts in words, images or by any other means, as well as the right to inform others, inform himself and be informed without hindrance or discrimination 2.Exercise of the said rights shall not be hindered or limited by any type or form of censorship Constitution of the Portuguese Republic, Article 37.º

New Appeal for Information regarding Madeleine Beth McCann

Video Appeal

Please, if you have any information that may lead to the reopening of Madeleine McCann investigation, whose process was archived in July 2008, contact the Portuguese Judiciary Police - The only Official Criminal Investigative Authority who has the Jurisdiction on the Madeleine Beth McCann Disappearance Case.

Unidade de Informação de Investigação Criminal [UIIC]
Rua Gomes Freire ,174, 1169-007 Lisboa
Telefone: 218 641 000
Fax: 213 304 260

Criminal Investigation Information Unit
R. Gomes Freire 174, 1169-007 Lisbon, Portugal
Phone: 00 351 218 641 000
Fax: 00 351 213 304 260

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Or Contact

The Criminal Investigation Department of the Judiciary Police in Portimão [Departamento De Investigação Criminal De Portimão]
R. do Pé da Cruz 2, 8501 Portimão, Portugal‎
Telefone/Phone: 00 351 282 426 041‎
Fax: 00 351 282 412 763
E-mail: dic.portimao@pj.pt

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Relacionado em Português: Carta de uma Noite de Verão


  1. I do hope that the links to Textusa Home, and Good Quality Wristbands will be passed on to the Home Office for their enlightenment. public.enquiries@homeoffice.gsi.gov.uk>

  2. I'm sure they already know, both COI and MMU do the 'flow of information control' needlework, they're governmentally subsidized and financed to perform.

  3. Somebody in Algarve around PDL knows the truth and was holding a secret which cannot last forever without dragging him or her, or them into the same crime. As long as they hold the information and the truth, as worst will be their destiny on that cover-up. THE CRIME NEVER COMPENSATE. And holding secrets related with a serious crime is in some way being part of the criminals and face the same criminal responsibilities. No matter how long will take, one day they will face a court with all the consequences their attitude deserve.
    I personally believe some members of the British community in Algarve know the truth even without directly helping who committed the crime. Why they still holding the secret? That is the point. What or who are they afraid? I believe nothing in Portugal made them afraid. Then must be something in UK.
    This people had to think if an innocent little girl deserves to be judicially ignored like how she was during the last 3 years, and if a country like Portugal, which received them with open arms,
    deserves such Karma.
    I believe also that people working in the Resort ( portuguese or not) know the truth and saw some suspicious behaviour, special the Nannies. Who frame that people and keep them under control?
    Do a favour to yourselves. Give some peace and some rest to your existence, come forward and TELL THE TRUTH.

  4. On the second video you can see Kate's parents know the truth.
    They are destroyed, they look much and much worse than Madeleine's parents.
    It went from bad to worse, and worse, and worse with them, something we would have expected from Kate and Gerry.
    Let us hope that they will tell the truth to the police, for sake of the twins who are at risk.
    No autopsy is a bad sign, very bad, the grandparents ought to realise that.
    A simple accident would have freed the parents from every blame.

    Imo, it was more than that.

  5. Read as well Witholding Evidence at Textusa's Home, and most importantly, the brilliant compilation of the McCann couple 'oddities' and the challenge made to Theresa May, the current UK Home Secretary Perhaps You Might Care To Review This - elaborated by my dear and talented friend Himself.

    Good Sunday to all.

  6. Question 41, about handing over custody of M to relatives.
    Where did the PJ get that from ?
    It is not something a detective would just pluck out of the air. There must have been some indication from someone that it had happened, and the detective was simply putting the question knowing the answer, in proper Police and Lawyer fashion.

  7. I'm justt enjoying the silence of the McCann's at the moment - though I fear it will burst out again in the next of their attempts to 'clear their names' without an investigation and through a Gamble supported whitewash attempt.

  8. The PJ asked very concised questions based on real informations and very very good knowledge of their profiles.
    The unanswered questions are very direct and evolve in a logical sequence and closure: "Are you aware that not answering the questions you are jeopardizing the investigation which seeks to discover what happened to your daughter?"

    McCann people,try to answer 43 to 48...at least.
    You do not have to give new edvidence to the PJ.You just have to answer the questions and allow the PJ to discover what happened to your daughter.
    Make justice to YOUR child,give her some peace otherwise she will be crying eternally but,this time, she wont ask you,if she ever did, "why didnt you come last night when we were crying".

    Show you have some some of heart

  9. Liver bird from LiverpoolSunday, August 15, 2010 10:32:00 am

    Kate,s Parents looked fine to me the last time I saw them her mother looked amazing, I would say they like their daughter are well over Madelaine. Kate Maccann's father is a very nice man. I can say no more. Make from that what you will.

  10. PeterMac 6 agree.

    41. Is it true that in England you even considered handing over Madeleine’s custody to a relative?

    You're right, a very specific question.
    Knowing that these questions were in the public on the internet, the McCanns, in an indirect way in interviews (papers, television, internet, Oprah etc.) told things in connexion to most of the 48 questions, with the intention to deny of render harmless, but as far as I know the McCanns said absolutely nothing in connexion to question 41.

    This question must be frightening for the relative that is meant, because if true, as you said, where did the PJ get that from.

  11. Liver bird @ 9,

    No surprise. Kate parents know the truth this is why they act normal. For them, after missing their grandaughter without possibility for her to come back, that is the best scenary. Kate and Gerry are free, available to raise the twins and not shame the name of the family. For them, Madeleine's death become secondary after the strong possibility of their daughter being involved in a crime against her own child. Their commitment is to avoid Kate and Gerry to face justice. What hapenned to Madeleine, is irrelevant, they know and they will do everything to avoid the world to know the truth. They grief Madeleine long ago, in private or in Public by joining Kate and Gerry on their ridiculous events with baloons and ribbons.

  12. About the reason why the PJ included that question ( giving Madeleine to a relative), I feel it had something to do with certain revelations a "family member" made to the british police, in "strickt confidence". The said "family member" also was reported as saying, at a later time, he/she wished to discuss the matter no further. I remember reading about this, it was discussed in blogs, maybe someone else has a better recollection of this subject and can elaborate on it some more.

  13. Gaspar statement on Youtube:


    (and 'McCann exposure' site)

  14. Anon 12.

    Regarding the family member providing information.

    I don't know if you are referring to the response to the FOI request sent regarding Ambassador John Buck's communications regarding the McCann case or perhaps other articles?

    "An email between Portimao and Lisbon of 9 May 2007 was the subject of a Freedom of Information (FOI) request asking for Ambassador Buck's communications related to the McCanns. This email (or a portion of it) was withheld based on "Personal Information" exemption: Section 40 (2) and (3) of the Freedom of Information Act 2000."


    "An email between Foreign Commonwealth Office (FCO) and Foreign Commonwealth Office (FCO)/ Lisbon of of 21 June 2007 (19b) was the subject of a Freedom of Information (FOI) request asking for Ambassador Buck's communications related to the McCanns. This email (or a portion of it) was withheld based on "Personal Information" exemption: Section 40 (2) and (3) of the Freedom of Information Act 2000."

    The rest of the emails were not disclosed based on a different exemption (international relations):

    "This email (or a portion of it) was withheld based on "International relations" exemption: Section 27.1.a.(1)Information is exempt information if its disclosure under this Act would, or would be likely to, prejudice—( a) relations between the United Kingdom and any other State"


    In my opinion, it is less likely that the emails related to any custody issues and more likely that the emails related to a connection one of the major Tapas "players" had/has to the British intelligence services.

    The British government would not go to the extent it has to assist the McCanns by withholding information (Gaspar statement, Gerry's credit cards & financial records etc.) if it was not ITSELF threatened by the truth emerging.

    The financial records alone would most likely have explained everything. Follow the money, as they always say, and ask "where did that money come from?"

    http://saoirse32.blogsome.com/2005/11/11/dungiven-man-disgusted-at-us-arrest/ (Sean Devine - cash & a home in Portugal offered in exchange for information)

  15. Is that picture of the terrible-two counting wads of donated dosh (7'29)genuine or 'doctored', (no pun intended)?

    They look like two proverbial kids in a sweet shop!

    If genuine, it has to be one of the most incredibly tactless and tacky pictures I've ever seen; not to mention the biggest two-fingered salute to a police investigation by a couple of prime suspects in the history of criminology.

  16. Liver bird from LiverpoolSunday, August 15, 2010 7:48:00 pm

    11 spot on Madelaines death is secondary to her grandparents Their daughter never facing justice is of the utmost importance to them. They are now part of the lie.

  17. We should all take heart from the sudden change of direction of the UK media over the David Kelly affair. Until last week anyone who doubted the suicide story was dismissed as a conspiracy theorist and internet nutter,a tactic used by the MCcANN PR machine,the MP who has spent the last seven years banging his head against the brick wall of government toadies is now a minister himself and the whole charade is unravelling. The regime change in the UK is almost complete,the MCcANN case needs the end of Socrates grip on the judiciary-over to you Portugal.

  18. Americans need to look very carefully at the David Kelly case and question their politicians about the alliance between the US and the UK. The killing of a citizen by the State is what the Kelly case amounts to. They've done it in Northern Ireland, but in this case they did it to a government employee standing in the way of the policies they wanted to enact.

    They are involved in the McCann case, for reasons soon to be shown, and the fact is the government of the United Kingdom cannot continue to murder its own citizens and expect to be accepted as a "free country" by other countries who practice democracy.

    We elect politicians, not assassins or accessories to crimes like the ones clearly committed by the McCanns.

  19. Anon.13

    Thanks link for Gaspar statement on Youtube. It made me think what if Madeleine had somehow abnormal or unclear sex organ and that was reason for Gerry`s and David`s strange conversation. Maybe thinking her future and nothing very very sinister. Madeleine anyway had coloboma and she was very very small (90 cm) and also her medical records was not available,,,. No, maybe it can`t be, maybe I`m just coming paranoid ;)

  20. Poster 15

    Your question about that picture (7.29) is my question too for a long time, but being not British I didn't know how to ask, so thank you for asking. I hope somebody knows the answer.

    And yes, if genuine, I totally agree with your comment.

  21. Thank you so much for this new appeal. It really is comming to something when concerned members of the public have to make appeals on behalf of a missing child as opposed to members of the child's own family but no family is perfect I suppose, least of all the family of this poor child. :((

  22. Anon 19

    I don't think you are coming paranoid; imo it is one of the many possibilities, what you say is something that did cross my mind once.
    Anyway I am convinced there is something with Madeleine herself that is kept secret.

  23. This Akh1 person is a leading Foundation member, don't know if you are aware of that j.

    Just beware, is all.

  24. Anonymous 17
    I guess you don't know well the situation in Portugal. The party which can be an alternative to Socrates is much more pro McCanns, their lawyers and newspapers such as Expresso , Publico ... And, by the way, in UK the politics in power changed but, as long as i can see the wonder couple continue having the same protection.If I am not right about UK , please inform me.

  25. I grew up in Liverpool and my parents are of a similar generation to Kate's parents. Working class people of that background will do anything rather than let people know their business or be seen as anything other than squeaky clean on the surface. The McCanns are working class no matter how posh they try to present themselves.

    I held out hope that no grandparent would ever let their grandchild languish in an unmarked grave, especially a grandma, but I realise that Susan Healy is never going to give up the truth. Madeleine's death was hidden to preserve the pathetic respectability of her family.

  26. @23,does it really matter,as long as these things get out to a wider public i think thats all we want and hopefully more people will take an interest in this case and help in getting justice for madeleine.

  27. @ 23 If Akh1 is a Foundation member, this means they are definitely on Madeleine and Amaral's side. So what is your problem with this? You sound like somebody whose time would be better spent on another site supporting Madeleine's parents. Go and ask the parents why they will still not listen to the dogs evidence or hear what the Gaspars had to say in their police statements.
    I found this is a great vid and I have passed it on to everybody I know, and if you care a little about what happened to Madeleine, then you should do the same.

  28. Liver bird from LiverpoolMonday, August 16, 2010 7:18:00 pm

    Very good 25, that's how things are.

  29. Thank you @23, I'd already understood that it was someone either likely to be a member or close to the MF due to the 48 questions video (spelling mistakes) and also due to the fact that the video was first published at a certain blog.

    I have already stated my position regarding one of the persons that belongs to that «foundation»; personally as me, Joana Morais, the individual; as a co-administrator of a forum and as an active member of the PJGA.

    I will not in any of the instances above mentioned support or excuse said person unethical attitudes, or «foundation» for various reasons.

    If the video had any reference to any of them be assured that it wouldn't be published here - having said that I would rather prefer that this blog commentators don't bring external issues, which have already been extensively explained. For me that particular issue has ended a long time ago.

    And to @26/27 I don't do double standards, get it? Even if that means loosing people who I consider as friends, which was not the case.

  30. What a sad, sad world we live in, when a childs death is covered up by so many gratuitous adults. One day the truth will out as it always does, for example the Dr David Kelly case is being reviewed, Suzy Lamputh case - after 24 years police have not given up finding her body, one day Madeleine will receive the justice she deserves, how sad that this poor child had such despicable parents and even worst grandparents, that are only interested from making money from this childs memory shame on you all, how you ever sleep at night I do not know at least people like you are in a minority. Well done Joana justice for Maddie and Amaral and for his brilliant, brillant book which we have all read and totally agree with.

  31. the pope should offer the priest from PDL,immunity from the secrecy of confession in the McCann Case. He has suffered and for sure could shed a little light on things, to get this investigation moving. What is with the RC church that they too should cover up any information??

  32. Hi Joana, I hope you wont mind but I have just seen on Textusa site some very, very good posts that Ironside has done while Textusa is away on vacation.

    If anyone has sunglasses you may like to wear them while you read Textusa's posts - its quite dazzling on the eyes!

    But it sure does lift your heart to read.


  33. The Pope will be visiting Britain very soon (all fees for him and his entourage paid for by the taxpayer, (according to news reports,I might add), so let's see if Kate and Gerry honour him with a handshake as they did just after Madeleine went missing. I don't think though somehow - they seem to have blotted their copybook as far as he is concerned!

  34. Questions regarding known paedophiles in the House of Commons

    Ian-Peter:Simpson made this Freedom of Information request to Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre. The request was refused by Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre.


  35. At 31 thats a really good idea but it will not happen. That poor child I really hope one day she gets justice and her selfish parents and grandparents and all involved get their just rewards cant wait!!!

  36. I’ve just re-read the Gaspar’s statement and quite frankly I don’t believe a word of it. If for example I was on holiday with people who I suspected of paedophilia there is no way I would let them near my child, Katherine Gaspar’s statement just doesn’t ring true, also it was supposedly held back for 6 months by Leicestershire Police. This statement implies David Payne is involved in paedophilia she is careful to use the word ‘imaginary situation’ quite frequently.
    IMO This statement was released as a warning to David Payne of what could happen. Payne was the witness that wanted to change part of his original statement and perhaps the events of that night had been playing on his conscience and he was about to speak out. I do not believe Leicestershire Police with held this statement for 6 months I believe it was invented to silence people.

  37. Mccann's fade in silence. No summer appeal for tourist to wear Madeleine's T Shirts, use her stick luggage's or look for her. High sign showing that they know that they lies crossed the world, less people believe on them and a lot of people is questioning everything. They adopt a low profile.
    Marcos Aragao also fade in silence and adopt a low profile. It is interesting to look back and see that he always showed up to defend the outrageous Cipriano when the Mccann's were under fire in the public opinion. Become clear the connections between him and the Mccann's machine. I hope one day he will pay in justice all the perverted issues he played in Portugal to frame an honest police and support a pair of criminal parents and their friends gang.

  38. The Holy Father has more to think about, I don't think he gives Kate and Gerry Maccann a thought why would he what are they only 2 child neglectors and a pair of liars. Also his visit to Pagan England is a state one not a pastoral one, and the Catholic Church in England is paying towards the Visit. Please stop mentioning the Maccanns as Good Catholics that is one thing they are not. They are Catholics in name only. The bishops of England and Wales dare not arrange for the Maccanns to meet the Holy Father they just would'nt dare.

  39. Kevin Halligen extradition (5th?) hearing saga to take place allegedly tomorrow, at Horseferry Road Magistrates' Court, at 10 am. Not verifiable on http://www.hmcourts-service.gov.uk/cms/cause.htm & likely to be postponed as usual.

    related: Kevin Halligen, the McCann's Former Detective will face Extradition Hearing - Updated

  40. '36 i have also re-read the gaspers statement and i believe what she said is true also i believe that the L.P did withhold this infomation,i also believe that L.P know more and that they have not sent to that to the P.J.

  41. Anon 36

    If you are right, then why didn't the Gaspars respond to this. Besides the fact that I can not imagine one would lie about such matter, what could the Gaspars win by telling this to the police. Would the Gaspars accept they have been used by the police?

    Maybe on that holiday Mrs Gaspar wasn't sure, stayed alert, then she catched Payne the second time and then Madeleine was 'abducted' ...
    The link with paedophilia seems obvious, but (if the Gaspar statement is true), maybe it is a sign that Payne and Gerry are not paedophiles but men with a worthless mentality, this gives a link to neglect, to the way they think about having children, unable to respect children as human beings.

    If this statement was released as a warning to Payne, then why didn't Payne respond to it, because if not true it is a very hurtful accusation. And, if the statement is not true, a great asset to the McCanns IMO.

    In short, another mystery.

  42. 36, if the Gaspars' statement was invented, why didn't David sue the couple?
    This is a very serious accusation, nobody would accept it if it was not true.
    Would Payne accept it all this time without reacting, having the possibility to hire Carter Ruck?
    I agree it is strange that the Gaspars did not break up with David and the McCanns immediately after this incident.
    They still seem to see each other at the children's birthdays.
    Anyway, David Payne's name is already lost.
    Impossible to clean it up.
    Murat is fighting back to clean his own name, with success.
    Te Paynes remain silent.
    If David is innocent, what is behind all this?

  43. Joana, the McCanns are silent these days and I believe they trust Kevin will keep his mouth.
    I expected them to make a huge noise but it is possible that the media are fed up of them.
    If the hearings are very much secret, I pray for Kevin's extradiction to the US, where there is more freedom of expression.
    Than we will hear about what he did with the fund money.
    Unless the McCanns payed him to silent.
    But the FBI will find it out for us.

  44. Anon 36
    If that was the case then why involve Gerry in the sexual innuendos, if imo it was a warning I think Gerry wouldn't have been mentioned as this just implicates him even more then DP.

  45. #36,
    Payne changing his statements?! I would put my money on O'Brien instead! He's the one who's not been seen or heard of since 2007, not beside his partner Tanner on the court steps for the "compensation money" photos, and also let her go alone to PDL for the "mockumentary" to be stepped all over by Gerry.

  46. Joana, do you really believe that sort of question (the CEOP FOA) and the type of response left under it by 'Sina' does this case any good at all? I don't. I think it helps to get it pushed to the 'loons' cupboard and forgotten about.

  47. Just read the FOI request in the site mentioned by Joana in #34 and almost spilled my cup of coffee as I read the one comment made there!
    Some police authorities had a file on Gerry McCann for child sex abuse???!!!A file that has been duly erased?...
    Anyone heard about this before?

  48. 36 Anon

    Have you read the statement here on Joana's site of Mrs Yvonne Martin - although it doesn't impinge directly on what you say about the Gaspar statement it does raise a query regarding David Payne - it's just a thought on my part.


  49. 46 The relevance on that CEOP's FOIA request refusal has to do, amongst other facts like the one of Madeleine being a WOC, with the Operation Task rogatory letters, requesting information regarding the McCann couple. The replies were made publicly available via the case investigation files released by the Portuguese Public Ministry upon the process archival; of which I'll quote a small extract of the English retroversion:

    «Searches made of the local section of child abuse investigation shows a registration number 19309 in CATS (system of action location). A consultation with the DC Soand from the department in question confirms that this is just a file reference, but as a complement to Operation Task system for the purpose of reference, if any investigation should be necessary by the department. No work has been done on the basis of this file.»

    in full here: http://themaddiecasefiles.com/topic491.html

  50. In PT (extracts also - use google)

    Formulário Nº BC4
    Esquadra da Policia de Leicestershire
    De: DC443 J.N. HUGHES
    Para: SIO, Tarefa Operacional
    Departamento: Principal Unidade Criminal
    Data: 14 de Maio de 2008
    Refª Assunto: Antecedentes – Gerald McCANN

    (...) A casa está sujeita a uma hipoteca no valor de 323,493 GBP sob o banco Northern Rock. Não existe qualquer relatório bancário ou extrato de cartões de crédito listados na investigação efectuada. Contudo fui alertado para o facto de que se um individuo manter conta aberta com o mesmo banco ou contas de cartões de crédito por um longo periodo de tempo, esses detalhes não aparecem neste tipo de pesquisa. Trabalha pela NHS Trust como clinico de cardiologia no hospital de Glenfield.(...)

    (....)Pesquisa ao local do crime e informação do sistema apenas indicam que o sr. McCann foi vitima de furto de tacos de golfe do interior da sua viatura à entrada de sua casa em 01/04/2006. Referencia criminal NQ/010145/06-9 Averiguação junto da secção local de investigação de abuso a menores mostra um número de registo 19309 no CATS (acção de sistema de localização).

    Uma consulta com o DC Soand no departamento em questão confirma que isto é apenas um ficheiro de referencia, mas como complemento do sistema de Tarefas Operacionais com o proposito de referenciar, caso seja necessário algum inquérito por parte do departamento. Não são efectuados trabalhos apartir deste ficheiro.

    Uma pesquisa de todos os outros ficheiros policiais utilizando um sistema de busca, não encontra mais nenhuma informação sobre ele.

    Submetido para vossa informação.
    DC J. Hughes

    Formulário Nº BC4
    Esquadra da Policia de Leicestershire
    De: DC443 J.N. HUGHES
    Para: SIO, Tarefa Operacional
    Departamento: Principal Unidade Criminal
    Data: 16 de Maio de 2008
    Refª Assunto: Antecedentes – Kate McCANN

    Exmos Senhores, Na sequência da vossa carta rogatória, posso fornecer a seguinte informação relativamente ao assunto acima referenciado. A casa está sujeita a uma hipoteca no valor de 323,493 GBP sob o banco Northern Rock. Não existe qualquer relatório bancário ou extrato de cartões de crédito listados na investigação efectuada.

    Contudo fui alertado para o facto de que se um individuo manter conta aberta com o mesmo banco ou contas de cartões de crédito por um longo periodo de tempo, esses detalhes não aparecem neste tipo de pesquisa. Trabalha pela NHS local como médica de clinica geral em Latham House medical Practice, Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire. Está actualmente em licença de maternidade. (...)

    (...)Averiguação junto da secção local de investigação de abuso a menores mostra um número de registo 19309 no CATS (acção de sistema de localização). Uma consulta com o DC Soand no departamento em questão confirma que isto é apenas um ficheiro de referencia, mas como complemento do sistema de Tarefas Operacionais com o proposito de referenciar, caso seja necessário algum inquérito por parte do departamento.

    Não são efectuados trabalhos apartir deste ficheiro. Uma pesquisa de todos os outros ficheiros policiais utilizando um sistema de busca, não encontra mais nenhuma informação sobre ela.

    Submetido para vossa informação.

    DC J. Hughes

  51. A Kate estava em licenca de maternidade ( actualmente quer dizer 2008)? Entao tambem estava quando veio de ferias para a PDL em 2007. Se estava em licenca de maternidade, mentiu descaradamente quando justificou o odor a cadaver e os vestigios encontrados na sua roupa com os cadaveres com que tera estado em contacto, supostamente na semana anterior.
    O cover-up deste caso e realmente uma vergonha e a forma como a justica os deixou escapar e ainda mais vergonhosa.

  52. Any news about Halligen?

  53. In Joana's post #50, about Kate McCann, we can read:

    "Está actualmente em licença de maternidade. (...)", which means "(Kate McCann)is currently on maternity leave". WHAT??? ON MAY 2008??? Was she also on maternity leave during the holidays in Luz? If yes, then how could she had been involved with dealing with 6 dead patients just before the holiday???
    Unless...maternity leave in the U.K. does not mean the same thing it does in Portugal, which is the period of time the law allows women to be away from work after they give birth to a child. maybe it means that she had leave to be with the twins in a special needs moment (due to the disappearance of Madeleine), that is what is called in Portugal "assistência à família"(family assistance leave).
    But if this is not the case, there we have yet another thing that needs explaining! What is this "maternity leave" in 2007/8 all about?!

    Another thing, why would there be a register nº 19309 on BOTH the McCanns, a register with the local section of investigation of child abuse crime(!), with no reason at all??? Why would this register exist, a mere "reference" register? Very weird, don't you think?...

  54. I'm not sure, but I think The duration of Maternity leaving in UK is more then 2 years. That means Kate was under maternity leaving when she went to PDL ( not working for more then a year) and she came back to UK before the end of that maternity leaving, then she lie again when she justify why she did not went back to her work. Why not just saying that she is using a maternal right? Instead she said that she decide to do something different- working with childs organizations, helping them. Lies on top of lies
    It is really a shame to see how they get away with a crime that everyday seems that they are deep involved on it.
    Not related with that, but we can compare the recent case of Duarte Lima/ Rosalina death in Brazil. The brazilian police is suspecting Duarte Lima because he was the last person who saw Rosalina alive and because the stories he told the police have no witnesses or evidences support. In a practical way, could be lies.
    In Mccann's case, we know that they all told lies to the police, they fail to deliver any evidence to support an abduction. They still feeding the media with serious lies when they ask donations to find a girl, the police already told the Lisbon court, she is dead. THIS IS A SERIOUS FRAUD AT ANY COUNTRY.
    A wonderful post is in Textusa Blog, showing that the Tapas is out of the package when we book the Ocean Club with all included. The Millennium is part of the package for Breakfast and dinner. Jane Tanner lied on her statement to the police when she said they went every night to the Tapas because was in the package and the Mccann's lied about the breakfasts inside the flat. If the breakfast was free in the millennium what is the point to have breakfast in the flat? Remember that they said they had the breakfast in the flat on May 3. That looks more to justify why nobody out of the family or the group, saw Madeleine on May 3. I tend to add to the group, the nannies since they lie on the same way, this is why Mark Warner sent them out of portugal on the day next. To avoid contacts and the nannies were easy to catch with their lies.

  55. Whilst I must congratulate Akhmatova1 on this new video and thank him\her for supporting the fight for justice, I can confirm that Akhmatova1 is neither a member or an associate of the Madeleine Foundation and that their identity remains unknown to us.

    Sharon Lawrence
    Madeleine Foundation

  56. 53 Anon

    I agree that it seems odd that there should be a Reference No. for the McCanns but no information - not sure if Joana has explained this in her previous posts - can't read Portuguese and don't know how to translate yet.

    It indicates interest and that seems to be all we "are allowed" to know. Whether this has anything to do with the FOI answer Tony Bennett got from his requests about on on-going inquiry - who knows. I have the feeling as others have said that the said on-going inquiry is that of the McCanns own investigation - and we are just assuming that our Government are doing something behind the scenes - when, in fact, they are not..

    Things are getting a bit muddled now I think - the term maternity leave in this country has a different meaning in that we get paid leave of absence for a certain period of time. When referred to above it seems to mean that KM is "at home" looking after her twins. It's probably unpaid leave but means that she can return to work should circumstances allow.


  57. Every detail is so obvious, specially today, I mean, as time went on, when you look to data, the case is so obvious that I wonder how did they get away with it. However, I do think people need to enlarge the view, settle down the information and look to it again. And then is all so clear....that's why I do believe we're near to the day that we'll find out what really has happened on May 3rd - how and who has the main role. The truth will come from abroad. There are a few signs that this case is no longer locked as some would like to....I think we will find the key that Gerry spend so much time speaking about...and then BUUM!!!

  58. Regarding my comment above on Kevin Halligen's Extradition Hearing Saga, as expected and foretold was postponed again in what I call the 'Vale e Azevedo Effect' - except that in this case is not between Portugal and the UK, but between the US of A and the UK.

  59. Obama is going to be in Lisbon next November. He is known for is apology of freedom of speak. Is Cameron also to be in Lisbon? Will be a good time to ask Portuguese justice to reopen Madeleine case and let Amaral book to come back to the bookshop shelves. Will be a good time to let the politicians around the world that we, the public, we are not stupids and we don't buy Mccann's stories and their lies. The life of their girl is much more important then their names and they fail to protect the life of their daughter. If they applied just a small amount of the time and the work they spent to silence others, ask for donations and try to clear their names, to take care about her she will be alive now.
    It is a shame the way the politicians and their connections with lawyers helped that pair to get away with such crime and left a little child aside as an object without any rights.

  60. Thank you, Sharon for explaining that, best regards

  61. Just read the FOI request in the site mentioned by Joana in #34 and almost spilled my cup of coffee as I read the one comment made there!
    Some police authorities had a file on Gerry McCann for child sex abuse???!!!A file that has been duly erased?...
    Anyone heard about this before?

    Yes I have. It's being carefully pushed by one or two individuals, but it is not what they want you to think. The files was created as a reference file IN CASE an investigation was launched after Madeleine's disappearance. One was never started, so it remains empty.

  62. 61 please elaborate and provide any kind of links/documents to substantiate that statement, thank you.

  63. Good morning
    Not on topic but a very interesting item of news ref what happens if you leave your child in danger in Spain follow the link


    Letter from Iberia

  64. Amazing: Compare the coverage of this case with that of the McCanns:


    "This is the mother who abandoned her daughter on a crowded Spanish beach while she drank at a bar.

    Alicia Jenkins, described as a ‘fishwife’ who allowed her six children to ‘run wild’, has been given a six-month suspended prison sentence.

    The 42-year-old sat drinking in the hotel bar for two hours on Sunday, leaving the 11-year-old wandering around the resort of Salou on the Costa Dorada.

    The girl, who has not been named by police, was discovered by a concerned British couple.

    But when they took her to find Jenkins, she told them to ‘**** off and leave me alone’, refusing to take charge of the child."

  65. Anonymous # 57 said:

    The truth will come from abroad. There are a few signs that this case is no longer locked as some would like to

    Hopefully you're right for I also really don't think the US-FBI is clueless about the whole case.
    But in consideration of the obvious involvement of the past (and actual?) government it's doubtful whether US investigators would touch such a hot potato.

  66. Viewing the clip of Gerry and Co on the bus when he states ‘this is not a f...holiday’ he and the others look like harassed parents on a budget holiday, and that’s exactly what this was a budget holiday, a cheap holiday because that is all they could afford. The Grandmother probably went along to act as babysitter for this group whilst they went out socialising.
    I believe Madeleine died as a result of an accident, but instead of doing the proper thing, this self serving group decided they couldn’t afford to stay in Portugal for months dealing with the investigation they all wanted to get back to their jobs earning money to pay their bills and mortgages. Mccanns knew they would lose the twins, their home and their jobs. So they decided to cover it up and push forward their account of what happened via the media which as we all can see now is nothing more than pure fabrication, but because of the judicial secrecy laws governing Portugal the media went with the Mccanns version of events which in turn gave strength to the Madeleine fund being established, family members were able to give up boring jobs and become directors the money came in thick and fast, Gerry found himself being jetted around Europe, receiving standing ovations the pair enjoyed their new celebrity status which must have seemed a world away from their ‘old life’ of struggling to pay the bills, all they had to do was to keep up the pretence, every time anyone asked an ‘awkward question’ Gerry would say ‘ sorry can’t answer because of the secrecy laws’ so we all believed the rubbish printed in the media. Mccanns had the funds to pay for expensive lawyers with contacts to protect them and preserve their reputations. It is this fund that is stopping them facing justice.
    When the fund finally dries up more cracks will appear and the truth finally comes out I sincerely hope that the justice system comes down really hard on this group and all who are involved they have made a mockery of British and Portuguese laws, they are criminal suspects and have been allowed access to files and information and dictated how the investigation should be run and all because they have the money and contacts to do it. Newspapers are banned from printing anything other than mccanns version or fear being sued. They have put more effort into suing people who raise suspicions about their version of events than they have looking for their ‘abducted’ daughter they will travel to Portugal for a court case to ban a book but the night their daughter ‘disappeared’ didn’t even join in the search choosing to remain inside the apartment. If Portugal had more transparent judicial laws with regular official bulletins this mccann case would never have gained the momentum and become the farce that it is now.

  67. 66 Anon

    You have set it out precisely as it is - it's so odd that fate dealt all these events in the way it happened that allowed this to occur. But this is how it truly happened - and it seems that the only way to stop the momentum of this charade is to protest as loudly as possible until one of the two Governments can't help but investigate the truth. It's happening with David Kelly (one hopes) so we have a chink of light shining through. Maybe a miracle will happen - maybe the McCanns know a 'miracle' could happen.

    The fact that Carter-Ruck are within this swirling mass of inconsistencies is very telling - they need them to extricate them from any difficult and compromising information that should come to the surface so they can legally gag whoever produces it. It's the people paying Carter-Ruck that we need to target - the legal team are paid by someone else, can't remember now who it is - but it's them we need to convince that the McCanns are not the innocents they make out they are.

    However, the more people who know about GA book and read it - the more people will start to query that the McCanns are not telling the entire truth.

    I await the miracle.


  68. How can Sharon Lawrence know that the maker of the video is not a member of The Foundation if she doesn't know the identity of this person?

  69. Sabot @68
    She was only saying that akhmatova1 isnt a member of the MF not the actual poster!!imo

  70. i see sabots back stiring the sh**.why dont you do a video showing us how madeleine was abducted

  71. Whilst reading forums and blogs today, it certainly seems as though there is going to be a breakthrough, and it will involve something one of the Tapas 9 told a friend.

    My guess is it was O'Brien and my hope is that it will be the leak that breaks the dam of lies. The pressure of the cover-up has been extreme against that wall and it is ready to collapse.

  72. I don't know how to do Videos, otherwise I would.


  73. 71, again a breakthrough?
    Where did you get that from?
    Since the very beginning we never heard anything else than breakthroughs, Belgium, Malta, North Africa, Holland...
    Do you expect us to believe it?
    Not at all. We got used to them and we don't take this serious.
    Why did you write this here?
    Are you by chance that fat Portuguese journalist, living in Belgium, who cheated us with lies for such a long time? I forgot his name.

  74. Even if one of the main players confesses, is there the will by the authorities to do anything about it? Look how the Gaspars statements have been surpressed. How many people could have gone to the press with stories which ended not being published? I wouldn't be surprised if several witness statements have been surpressed and not even passed on to the PJ.


  75. Sabot,

    You can always draw a picture with Gerry holding one of his friends child, passing trough the window of the 5A. He was the abductor who the Smiths familly saw in PDL streets when he was out of the Tapas table.

  76. 71 where can I find those blogs and forums you are talking about?

  77. "The investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann is a Portuguese-led one. Our role from day one has been, and continues to be, to co-ordinate and complete any UK-based enquiries that the Portuguese Police request us to do. Once these enquiries have been completed, the results are passed back to Portugal."

    Leic. police in response to T. Benn.Letter- Mccannfiles source

    One more proof against one of the last Mccann's lies. They came to the media saying that no any police is looking for their daughter and PJ left them looking for their girl alone. they use that excuse to ask more donations and play one more time their vitimization game. Day after day, their lies become exposed- the old ones and the last ones. That one was exposed by an official office. No blogs or papers involved. Wonder if Carter-Ruck is going to send their special letters to treat members of Leic police.

    And I think the Spin man eat his tongue. No longer he open his mouth to lie trough all his tooths. The silence of the all gang speak volumes.

  78. One of the many things about this case that I personally find baffling is that dodgy business man Brian Kennedy is still paying for the mccanns legal costs. I understand he no longer pays Clarence Mitchells fee as this is paid from the fund, but presumably is paying for Carter Ruck and Co. After 3 years any decent business man realises he is simply haemorrhaging money and would consider his role or why no progress is being made in this investigation, cliché such as ‘more money than sense’ and ‘a fool and his money ‘spring to mind, why did he get involved in the first instance yet another dubious character to add to the growing list.
    The mccanns have lied throughout the investigation, accused the Portuguese police of being inept when in fact they had done a thorough and intensive search. Mccanns never once physically searched for their daughter choosing instead to court the media which they have since controlled, what has happened to good honest journalistic reporting when reporters researched and delivered the news, and were proud of their work not simply writing whatever they are told to write by the powers to be.
    Maddy disappeared on 3rd May but by 6th May first website was set up, 11th May Lawyers became involved and on 12th May The Madeleine Fund established, 18th May Madeleine became a trademark, this is not the behaviour of devastated parents desperate to find their ‘abducted’ daughter, sniffer dogs detected cadaver only on items handled by the mccanns so why does Brian Kennedy continue to throw money away over such a gruesome twosome and their expensive ‘reputation preserving’ lawyers s or did he also see a business opportunity here. Brian Kennedy appointed Metodo 3 investigators at a cost of ½ million who never achieved anything, he also appointed Kevin Halligen for ½ million a con-man currently serving time in Belmarsh prison. Kennedy himself back in 2002 was accused of being involved in a £750,000.00 bribe to Rotherham Rugby union. There should be a thorough investigation into the mccanns business dealings and partners and the case should be re-opened. This should be demanded by either our government or Portugal’s, there are too many unanswered questions (including Kate’s 48) for this to all ‘just go away’ it should be dealt with as a matter of urgency.
    The people that have become involved since Madeleine ‘disappeared’ should be labelled quite rightly as the dregs of our society they are low life and corrupt, care more about making money from an innocent child who had the misfortune to have two money making, celebrity seeking negligent parents.

  79. @sabot.surely if you really believe there was an abduction and that the mccanns are innocent you would want to shout it from the house tops ,so if you look on the internet there are quite a few places where it shows you how to make a video for utube,go on be a devil, we are all waiting to see how this abduction happend.

  80. 71,
    Are you talking about blogs? We can see very interesting posts at Textusa, Blacksmith bureau, AnaEssse and Mccannfiles. Many people exposing Mccann's lies and their involvement and the Portuguese and British authorities playing a dirty and blind game.
    Mccann's case ( for me is not Maddie anymore) is growing every day that ignoring what the Blogs are exposing without doubts, is a big error done by Portuguese "Ministerio Publico". The ball is so inflatable that one day will explode damaging all who allowed the cover-up to survive so long.
    The Truck with Madeleine's face aging 3, crossing Belgium is a huge insult to all childs victims of violence or abandonment. Mccann's are insulting all childs by asking us to search a death girl and ask donations for them to continue with farce. The money should go to legal and transparent childs organizations who take care about alive childs victims of violence, not to a farce. Wonder if the Mccann's asked permission to the authorities of the countries where the truck is passing to do such advertise. Is it legal to advertise in the streets without permission? is it legal to ask money for an organization without transparency, which nobody knows the real subject and what was the use of the money? One think is... fooling Uk people ( since UK authorities seems to be blind and let the fraud going on without control), another think is fooling people from the rest of Europe. I believe, if anyone of Us go out with a truck like that asking donations for one of our childs ( medical treatment for example) immediately somebody from the authorities will step at our feet and arrest us. We will have to work hard to fight the authorities even if our story is true and we are very honest people.
    I have nothing against Holland but look odd for me the way Mccann's involve Holland on their games. There is always something starting in Holland. Is it because of their connections there or because Holland laws seems to be more flexible and easy to break?
    Why they don't run the truck in portugal where the girl went missing, or in UK, where seems to be the persons in charged of her disappearance and maybe her remains? BECAUSE SOMETHING OUT OF THEIR CONTROL CAN LEAD THE CASE TO BE REOPENNED AND THEIR GAMES INVESTIGATED. TOO DANGER.
    In Portugal that truck will be subject of jokes too feed our hot summer.

  81. @77 Yes I believe that LP/PJ are still investigating that is why we still have the constant spin from Team McCann, not out of choice that they CAN'T get on with their lifes because they know that this CASE IS NOT FINISHED at all ..............all the LP/PJ need is the 100% proof/evidence to hold the right person/s to account, having both Governments on their backs the police authorities can't do any other then cement the correct evidence to cover their own backs imo.

  82. An english man was arrested yesterday by the police in Vilamoura beach Marine hotel because he was taking pictures of minors between 8 and 15 years, without the permission of their parents.
    Wonder if he his connected with Mccann's trying to give credibility to their abduction theory. Wonder if the Mccann's jump on that story to make more spin about the Algarve and look for some attention for themselves.
    The Algarve have such Karma with some Uk citizens.
    The positive side of that story is the work of the police and the concern of the parents.
    Kate and Gerry, you also tried to spin at some point of your farce, people taking pictures of kids not belonging to them, including Madeleine. Have you called the police when you noticed such odd behaviour? NOT!!!
    Keep at your mind, NO ANY PARENT LET THEIR CHILDS TO BE PHOTOGRAPHED BY STRANGERS WITHOUT REPORTING IT TO THE CLOSE AUTHORITIES OR COMPLAINING DIRECTLY TO THE PERSON WHO WAS TAKING THE PICTURES. In Portugal is forbidden to take pictures of people you don't know, without permission. And that law was already applied before May 2007. I believe, in UK too.

  83. @71

    Surely you are not referring to docmacs claims that MO returned to Portugal in Jan 08 to change statements.

  84. Anon. @ 78,
    Agree. Brian Kennedy plays a odd roll on that saga. The way he got involved and why he still supporting a farce exposed by several people, should be investigated.

    The Fund is maybe being used as a vehicle to transfer suspicious money from one place into another and fool the authorities. Like that, the money did not pay taxes to the country.
    Business mans will do everything to avoid paying taxes.
    UK citizens should start making noise about the strange connections around the Mccann's. They are supporting many crimes behind Madeleine memory.

  85. How silly some of the comments on this blog are, maintaining the Maccann's are Innocent rubbish, Its all about the truth for a little innocent child, who has been denied her life and now dumped like rubbish. Go and get a life do something positive, Go to Portugal and start a street collection for Kate and Gerry. One one word MORONS.

    Thank you all who are fighting for this little girl. don't stop what you are doing multiply it don't let them get you down.

  86. Joana,just wondered if anyone who has contacted Tersa May regarding "her involvement"with the Macaans,has had any response? I did send a letter,as I felt I could not "live with myself" if I didn,t,she is after all the most important person we have of ever stopping them in their tracks,if, she tells them,not visa versa,whose actually in charge of this debacle! AND will hopefully tell them the only way forward is to re-open the case!!!! I will say one of the things that always puzzled me was Jane Tanners positive "sighting" of a person carrying a child,possibly asleep,so late in the evening BUT then I read that this was not such an uncommon accurance in that area after all as,apparently there was an evening "creche" facility available up to 10 in the evening to parents of the Ocean Club who DID NOT WANT to leave their children alone whilst they went out for the evening, so it would not be that unusual for a child to fall asleep on the way back to their holiday apartment, but as we well know the only time the parents of Madeline availed themselves to the "baby-sitting"facilities was when there were important,day-time, things to do ,like jogging and of course the ever important tennis!!!Will I ever stop being angry about that despicable pair ,in a word NO !!!

  87. "O apresentador de televisão Ray Gosling, 71 anos, foi formalmente acusado de fazer a policia britânica perder tempo a investigar um crime que, ao que parece, nunca foi cometido. Ray Gosling, apresentador da BBC, disse em Março ao programa East Midlands Inside Out que tinha morto o seu anterior companheiro, sufocando-o com uma almofada quando este sofria com dores num hospital. Os médicos terão dito a Ray Gosling que não havia nada a fazer pelo seu parceiro, e que este morreria em breve pois sofria de SIDA. Gosling disse à televisão ter agarrado numa almofada e sufocado o homem até este morrer. Tendo repetido o testemunho no dia seguinte na BBC. Trinta e seis horas depois terá sido preso por suspeita de homicídio.

    Uma intensa e extensiva investigação foi então lançada sobre o suposto crime. A policia acabou por recolher informação no sentido contrário e afirmou hoje estarem reunidas provas suficientes para afirmar que Ray Gosling inventou o seu testemunho. O apresentador vai ter que se apresentar em tribunal dia 14 de Setembro, mas desta feita, para responder às acusações de falso alarme dadas à polícia."

    Fonte: Jornal I

    Entao e os Mccann que usaram e usurparam policias de todo o mundo envolvendo-as na procura de falsas Madeleines e falsos raptores?
    E o dinheiro gasto pela policia portuguesa na busca e investigacao de uma crianca que se suspeita estar morta antes de ter sido dada como desaparecida?

    Ha em Inglaterra uma lei para o resto dos ingleses e outra para os Mccann. Uma vergonha.

  88. Dacre's Daily Maul «A new lead? The arrest was made around 50 miles east of where Madeleine McCann disappeared in 2007»

    Yeah, right! Of course it's a new lead, leading the British guy to learn a necessary lesson. It has nothing to do with Madeleine. Fuc**** mail hacks.


  89. 86, as matter of fact yes, will make a new post with the permission of the person who has exchanged emails with Theresa May's Office, as soon as possible.

  90. Joana,89,that would make very interesting "reading" if you can,thank you.

  91. I will as soon as possible Lynn :) Meanwhile for all those who have adobe products (reader, player, pro extended, 3d) please check the emergency patches released yesterday: Critical Security updates available for Adobe Reader and Acrobat at http://www.adobe.com/support/security/bulletins/apsb10-17.html

  92. #82,
    On strangers taking photos of children in public places, it seems that this subject was in the minds of some of the Tapas crew during the holidays, at least in O'Brien's:

    In THE SUN, October 21st, 2008.

    (Strange statements of Russel O'Brien)

    "KATE McCann and three friends discussed child-snatchers hours before daughter Madeleine disappeared, it has emerged.

    Dr Russell O'Brien, one of the so-called Tapas Seven, told police of the "haunting" conversation had while on holiday in Portugal last year. He said it came up after another father said he felt awkward photographing his own child.

    Dr O'Brien, 37, was with his partner Jane Tanner, 37, Rachel Oldfield, 37, and Kate, 40. He said: "We then had a conversation about the ludicrous pressure on parents that they can't take photos of their children."

    Tapas O'Brien mentioned some very weird stuff about taking photos of children, of not being comfortable taking pictures of HIS own chidren in public places!!! What was the meaning of this? Do parents feel uncomfortable taking pictures of their children on holidays? I though it was quite the opposite, it's just what parents do, and with great pleasure, capturing those precious moments of joy for the future. I certainly never felt uneasy while pohotographing my son at the beach, at the zoo, in Disneyland, and the though that someone might be looking and be suspicious of my actions never crossed my mind! I never worried that some onlookers might confuse me with a stranger photographing other people's children. One can see very well when a chid is being photographed by the parents or anyone closely related top the child! The attitude is open, relaxed, instructions are usually given, like, "do this, do that, look overhere, make a funny face", you know what I mean, and the child interacts with the person taking the pictures, it's very different from the pose of a stranger, who will take caution not to be spotted!
    Why would O'Brien feel uneasy about photographing HIS OWN CHILDREN? Why would he worry that someone might find that suspicious?

  93. At times it is good to review the facts so,
    Looking back on this disgusting set of events.
    A group of UK swingers holiday in Portugal
    Each night they all are together at a swinging boozy diner, when they all leave their children unattended and in danger
    On one such a swinging boozy diner due to the McCann’s negligence a child goes missing.
    The McCann’s do not search for her but say she has been abducted
    The McCann’s inform Sky News
    The Portuguese police are eventually informed.
    The Portuguese police follow procedures etc
    The McCann’s lie to the police and media about the events of the evening
    The McCann’s friends lie to the police and media about the events of the evening
    The McCann’s contact the prime minister of England
    The McCann’s start an internet appeal for money
    The McCann’s appoint a “spokes person” and “press officer”
    The McCann’s commence a disinformation campaign
    The McCann disinformation machine provided via the office of the prime Minster in the UK point the finger of suspicion at other individuals
    The Portuguese police continue to investigate all leads including all the McCann’s disinformation.
    An innocent man is made a suspect after the McCann disinformation system diverts the blame from them selves
    The individual by good policing is eliminated and cleared but his reputation and life generally being destroyed
    Dogs and UK police specialists are invited from the UK by the Portuguese Police
    The Portuguese Police under the leadership of Mr Amaral work diligently and eliminate all but the McCann’s as suspects
    The Portuguese police interview Mrs McCann as a suspect.
    The McCann’s put pressure on their contacts in the UK government
    The UK government puts pressure on the Portuguese Government at the signing of an EU treaty
    Mr Amaral is removed from the investigation is such a manner that he is forced to resign his job and as such has no means of supporting his family
    The McCann’s are released by the Portuguese police on instructions from “above” without any charges and without any mention of endangering their children
    The McCann’s are given a police escort to the airport and removed from Portuguese legal jurisdiction
    The McCann’s tell the world that the Portuguese police and population are stupid etc
    And so on and so on
    The McCann’s sue everyone and anyone that disagrees with their version of events and start to amass a huge amount of money to fund and spend it whatever they want to.
    Mr Amaral writes a book about the truth and has it published
    The book is a success
    The McCann’s can smell the money
    The McCann’s apply to the Portuguese courts to ban the book and claim millions of Euros in damages
    A Portuguese Judge rules that there is no free speech in Portugal and allows temporary ban on the book.
    So now the whole focus of the Case is not McCann Versus Amaral but rather McCann’s Versus the Portuguese justice system and they are winning.
    The same system that let the parents of Madeleine McCann leave Portugal the same parents who failed in their duty of care to their child in leaving her alone and in danger and due to that negligence she is missing and probably dead.
    This whole fiasco has brought shame upon the Portuguese justice system, a system that is trying to ruin an honourable and hardworking ex-policeman who is only guilty of writing a book to enable him to feed his family.
    A system that is rewarding two individuals that are responsible for what has happened to their daughter, two individuals who have never said sorry or admitted any contrition and are so happy to make more and more money from their daughters suffering.

    Only Portugal can bring Justice only Portugal can right these wrongs
    We all wait and watch

    Letter from Iberia

  94. Greetings! I understand that on the same day these 49 questions where placed with Dr. Kate McCann another set of questions was given to Dr. Gerry McCann. Which where the questions? Which ones did he answer (and how) and which he did not (if any)? Anyone remembers?

    I vaguely recall him saying at the time that he was also advised (solicitor) not to answer any questions but that he decided to anyway. Can anyone corroborate this? Where is the info? Can't find it at Joana or Maddie Case files.

    Naturally, if you were made "arguido" (kind of suspect) you would stick to whatever advice was given to you by your solicitor. That would be the wise thing to do because "whatever you said could be used against you as evidence". I am not saying that this alone would explain her/their refusal. I am saying that if you look at it from a pro-McCann side you will get a reading. If you look at it from an anti-McCann side you will get another. The truth is probably somewhere in between.

    We must be careful not to read too much into Dr. Kate McCann's attitude...


  95. @ Iberia 93

    Excellent review of the pathetic events....yes, "Only Portugal can bring Justice only Portugal can right these wrongs
    We all wait and watch"

    Portugal WAKE UP! a man"s life and his family are at stake.

  96. ac -

    I would think most distraught mothers would answer the questions anyway, despite what the solicitor said, especially if she really wanted to help find out what happened to her daughter. I would have ignored my solicitor and answered 1000 questions if need be whatever it might have meant for my own skin!

  97. #77
    >>>>>Our role from day one has been, and continues to be, to co-ordinate and complete any UK-based enquiries that the Portuguese Police request us to do<<<<<

    So where are the child's medical records?

    So where are the McCann's credit card and banking details.

    So why did UK provide one A4 page of information?

    Just as the Portuguese Judicial System has failed so has the UK's. But we see government involvement in many UK cases and government law-breaking. Like al-Megahri, David Kelly

  98. Poster 92

    Agree and yes, what was the meaning of this nonsense statement from Russell O'Brien? 'A guy from Southampton'? I wonder if this guy from Southampton is aware of O'Briens statement.

    (thanks to mccannfiles)

    "I recall that Jane had been having a tennis lesson also there was Kate and Rachael. We were watching some children have their lesson this was before lunch. I recall that one of the guests a guy from Southampton came over his daughter was playing tennis, he wanted to take a picture but expressed to us how uncomfortable he felt in doing so- he said something similar to feeling like a pervert or a dirty old man when taking a picture of his own child, I do not wish to implicate him. I recall that the child was of a similar age to Madeleine and Ella."

    "We agreed that in this day and age taking a photograph of your own child you shouldn’t be made to feel uncomfortable, it was a horrible coincident. I would like to stress that I do not think that this man had any involvement in Madeleine’s disappearance. I feel that it was a haunting coincidence."


  99. It doesn't get any more idiotic than this:



    A BRITISH tourist has been arrested for allegedly taking photos of children - on a beach near where Madeleine McCann went missing.

    Three sets of parents noticed the 48-year-old taking snaps of kids playing on Portugal's Algarve coast, police said yesterday.

    Officers found "many" photos on his camera of children "aged between eight and 15".

    Taking pictures of minors without their parents' permission is illegal in Portugal.

    The suspect was arrested at about 3pm on Thursday after concerned mums and dads contacted the Maritime Police.

    The man, who has not been named, was held on the Marinotel beach in Vilamoura.

    The beach is about 50 miles east of Praia da Luz, where Maddie disappeared in May 2007. She was then aged three.

    Police commander Marques Ferreira said: "A 48-year-old Englishman was seen photographing children. We verified the existence of many photographs."

    He said the suspect had been alone when taking the photos.

    The man was made an "arguido", or formal suspect, on Thursday. He was bailed by police and was due in court yesterday in the town of Loulé.


    I'm going to help the Sun's campaign against British tourism in the Algarve, by making an appeal:

    Great Britain, please don't send any tourists to the Algarve!

    We can do very very well without the British tourists!

    You can keep the pedophiles, the neglectful parents, the pathological liars, the drunks and the generally disrespectful, arrogant and misbehaving British subjects to yourselves!

    The Algarve would be a lot better off if you'd all stay at home!

    Just read the Sun, they have made a brilliant effort at denigrating the image of the Algarve as a tourist destination. If the Sun says that the Algarve is a haven for pedophiles, then it must be true!

    It certainly seems to attract all of the pedophiles that the British society has been producing.

    And also a couple of criminally irresponsible parents.

  100. Anonymous 92 - Exceedingly pertinent questions which any child protection expert should be asking themselves imho. But sadly, child protection in the UK is not all what it seems particularly if the offender/abuser is known to the child or is an 'acquaintance' of the child's parents/family.

  101. :)] to Anon 96

    I appreciate the point you are making. Indeed there could have been several personal reasons why Dr. Kate McCann refused to answer the questions but we can only speculate about that. Speculations would count for nothing in a court of law simply because their solicitor would confirm having given them such advice. Do you follow?"

    Would you like to know Gunther's opinion? Here it goes.

    (quote)"The McCann's may have refused to answer the questions because they simply did not take the Portuguese investigators seriously. Their attitude may have been simply one of "racism" or more precisely: ethnical prejudice. Think of it as a cringe."

    "Those who live in Britain and read the newspapers might remember the derogatory manner in which both Jose Mourinho and Cristiano Ronaldo were treated by the xenophobic British media during their sojourn in the UKGB. Just like Dr. Goncalo Amaral was.

    "These are all Portuguese, bona fide "sardine munchers". The very best in their fields of expertize yet the British media, would simply not accept such "exceptions to the rule" and systematically tried to besmirch them - very much like they did with Dr. Goncalo Amaral."

    "If like me you despise football and prefer an example with more substance then read the tribulations of Prof. Joao Magueijo - a Portuguese physicist who might have found a fundamental error in Einstein's calculations. It is all in his book: "Faster Then the Speed of Light" (Penguin)

    "Magueijo had to put up with a lot of crap, both in Oxford and Imperial College, London, even if he is probably one of the top physicists in the world today."

    "Likewise, when Jose Saramago RIP(another Portuguese moron) received the Nobel Prize for Literature, the British intelligentsia doubled up in laughter - even if afterwards they had to express their contempt for the Swede decision within the constraints of the Latin alphabet for lack of a writing system of their own." Barbarians!

    "Prejudice, dear ones, is embedded in ideology of which the (false) sense of "nationalism" is a part."

    Here, The Analyst, sneezed and the audience riposted: "BLESSS YOU!"

    "Prejudice - the Analyst continued without saying thanks... can be found casually on a daily basis. It is no longer as direct as it used to be years ago, because London has become a multi-national, multi-ethnical cosmopolitan city, it is apparently moribund but otherwise alive and well.

    It may be expressed in a rubbing of the eye as you pass, a cough, a belch, a fart, a gesture, a derisive giggle or laugh or some other utterance in between the teeth. The process is essentially what Freud described in "Psychopathology of Quotidian Life" and Eric Berne expanded upon in "Games People Play" - except from an ideological perspective. Do you follow dear ones?"

    "These - the Analyst's voice goes an octave higher... are the human, non-verbal equivalent of a gorilla beating his/her chest(usually a "him") or a dog urinating on a tree trunk to assert its "territorial rights" to the surroundings - an "olfactory" flag of sorts. The Analyst makes a pause to clear his throat...



  102. :)] to Anon 96 (continued)

    To conclude: the McCann's must have thought the following of the PJ (words to the effect):

    "Who are these cretins? Who the hell do these clowns think they are to make inferences about what we did, might have done, what happened or might have happened and why?

    Pi** off! We are British! You will conduct the investigation the way we say it should. We will tell SKY first, our ambassador, our PM, the likes of Carter-Ruck & CIA. and see you in court! Stupid idiots. Carter! Get me the Shelltox?" (unquote).

    The Analyst's mobile phone rings..."Guten habben..."

    NB The above is a transcript. The passing opinion of Starbucks' most eloquent habitue: Gunther - The Analyst. No allegations were made by me AC aka as DC. This was a private conversation between me and Anon 96. For lack of a view of my own I offered Gunther's instead and as they say in journalism: "a source is sacred". Remember that.

    Good night and good luck.


  103. AC aka (Herr Dr. Günter) que fiz eu para merecer tão deliciosa correspondência? Bravíssimo meu caro, simplesmente a melhor 'parábola' que já li sobre as tendências Lusofóbicas - um eufemismo, se me permites, para não dizer a verdadeira palavra.

    Uma breve lição de luva branca - sintética e eficaz - que cobre o que é a enormidade totalmente alienada, disparatada e mais do que ultrapassada, da percepção imperialista (sobre os outros, sobre nós) demonstrada pelos nossos amigos do mapa cor-de-rosa. Felizmente há sempre excepções....

    Obrigada, Sr. Dr. pelo breve momento de prazer e gozo, desejo-lhe um excelente fim de semana.

    um beijinho J.

  104. Todays Daily Star ,tells the story of a man being arrested for taking photographs on children on a beach in Algarve ,and guess whos photo is on the article ?Yes you guessed it ,There is a paragraph saying he was arrested on a beach 50 MILES from PdL,but still manages to be "linked" by the crooked UK media

  105. Perhaps the British tourist was taking pictures of children to compare them with the enhanced picture of Madeleine, thereby to claim the reward of however many millions it now is, by identifying her.
    Photographing children is a crime in Portugal.
    Seizing blonde children from their parents under the ludicrous belief that they might be Madeleine is positively encouraged by the McCanns and Mitchell.

  106. I fear Kevin Halligen will be again postponed.
    No sightings, no new abductors...

    Did the MacCanns leave on vacation this Summer or were they planning to spend it in the US, checking on their money?
    But Kevin is still in England.
    And the money vanished, like Madeleine did...
    What would be the use to go back to the States?

  107. ;)] para a Joana...

    A gerência agradece as amáveis palavras dirigidas ao humilde escriba.

    O credito foi traduzido e enviado ao Gunther - quiçá uma das personalidades mais anónimas do nosso tempo ;)

    Beijinhos para ti também.


  108. Good effort ac @ 102,

    But there is no excuse for a parent of a child to not answer the questions posed by an official police, if he/she really believe the child was abducted. Any parent who refused to answer police questions, no matter the Country the police belongs to, is very stupid. Are you saying the Mccann's were stupid?
    They were clever rats working against the police and their own daughter.

  109. E os idiotas dos tabloides ingleses morderam o isco. Ca esta o " Projecto de fotografo" ingles ( provavelmente um pedofilo) associado ao desaparecimento de Madeleine que aconteceu ha mais de 3 anos e bem longe de Vilamoura.

    Ja que tao rapidamente associaram o homem ao caso Maddie porque e que nao fazem barulho para que o caso seja reaberto e buscas sejam feitas em Inglaterra, as residencias de um grupo de ingleses que fez ferias baratas numa epoca baixa, bem longe de Vilamoura?

    Ate pode ser que haja uma relacao entre o homem e o dito grupo, que nao passara pelo rapto mas pela sua simulacao. Pode ser mais um idiota contratado pelos Mccann para queimar a imagem do Algarve e credibilizar um Algarve inseguro e propicio a raptos. So que o imbecil escolheu o sitio errado e as criancas erradas. Vilamoura e destino de luxo e nao de turista pe-rapado, por isso nao abundam por la pais desleixados que confessam no idioma de Sua Majestade, ter falado sobre raptos antes de uma das suas criancas desaparecer. E que por estranha coincidencia, fizeram de eventuais fotografias tiradas ou a tirar as suas criancas, objecto de uma conversa amena de fim de tarde.

    E agora tambem vamos ver se o Embaixador Ingles vai voar de Lisboa a Loule para "safar" o idiota e se vai haver um Spin Man a tentar convencer o publico de que o homem nao andava a tirar fotografias a criancas alheias, mas sim a caca de talentos.

  110. Perhaps Joana you could now translate your post above,and instead of blaming the British about the blatant protection of the McCanns and their tapas mates you should look to your own judiciary who obviously has collaborated with the British judiciary/labour government to allow this to happen.It is your judiciary who has the power to re-open this case,why don't they?.The PP are just as bad as the British judiciary in this case,so point your obvious xnophobia somewhere else.

  111. Joana
    This may have been posted before but I do not remember seeing it
    This is the link to the actual injunction from Carter-Ruck instructed by the Mccans it makes intersesting reading


    Regards to you
    Letter from Iberia

  112. Yes, lawyers are very clever, but I believe that Kate had her own agenda for not answering the questions, namely trying to prevent herself from putting herself in jeopardy by saying something she would later regret, or would contradict what Gerry had said in his interview. Nothing to do with racism at all - what's all that about? Surely the most important thing in the McCann's minds should have been to do their utmost to help the police find Madeleine - full stop! All the excuses under the sun can be put forward about their utterly cold and calculating behaviour, but it won't wash with those of us who have been fighting Maddie's corner for a long, long time.

  113. Iberia that's the abusive use of the injunction by Carter Ruck in name of the McCann couple, to threaten http://www.gerrymccannsblogs.co.uk/ [and others] as told by the defense lawyers in Palácio de Justiça court - already published here at the blog - Read «The McCanns' Injunction: Quotes by the Defence Lawyers». That is not the last injunction document, which is roughly similar with minor changes albeit important ones.

  114. Briton arrested over Portugal beach photos

    A 48-year-old British tourist has been arrested in Portugal on suspicion of taking photographs of children.

    The man was arrested by police after concerned parents saw him taking pictures of children playing on a beach on the Algarve and reported him to authorities.

    The children concerned are said to be between the ages of eight and 15.

    Maritime Police arrested the man, who has not been named, on Thursday afternoon in the resort of Vilamoura and released him on bail. He is understood to have appeared in court yesterday.

    A Foreign Office spokeswoman said: "A British national was detained on Thursday August 19 by Faro's Maritime Police.

    "Consular staff in Portimao have offered consular assistance to the detainee."

    in the Independent 21.08.2010

  115. [QUOTE: ROYB55 8 hours ago
    Some Brit geezer detained for taking clandestine pictures of children at play. The police are called by concerned parents. He is detained, bailed out, offered consular assistance and has a court hearing next day. They withheld his name pending an investigation I mean what would you have the police do in this case? His behavior certainly wasn't normal at least by Portuguese standards they generally are decent, hardworking family orientated people who take a dim view of some foreigner stalking their kids with a camera.]

  116. [Quote(myself non allowed comment) Obviously, Roy. In addition, I would like to point out the fact that the UK authorities upon gaining the knowledge that a British paedophile (a serious sexual and violent offender) will travel abroad to country X or Y have the moral responsibility to disclose to the proper criminal authorities of said country that information. At least they should, as per International Cooperation agreements - ideally via Interpol or Europol, which already has a database for this purpose. This British man who was detained, after a 3 year old case has harmed greatly both the trust and diplomatic relations between Portugal and the UK - yes, I'm specifically mentioning the sordid McCann Case, and McCann only since it's no longer about 'Madeleine, the child' - a presumed to be dead child by both Portuguese and English authorities during their joint investigation aka Operation Task - could be just one of those cases. Hence the consular assistance press statement, a nice way of stating that they, the British consulate in the Algarve are involved in order to repatriate the aforementioned nameless man.

    «Notification orders (s.97–103, 2003 Act): These require sex offenders who have been convicted outside the United Kingdom to register with the police to make them subject to notification requirements. Applications for these orders are heard by the court and can only be made by police chief constables in respect of an individual residing (or intending to reside) in that chief constable’s police area. According to Home Office guidance, “a decision to apply for the order will be made on intelligence that an individual with a conviction, caution for a sexual offence overseas is in, or is intending to come, to the United Kingdom and is likely to remain resident.” Such intelligence could come from a variety of sources, for example if a British citizen is being repatriated to a United Kingdom prison to serve a sentence for a sexual offence overseas; or if the offender is being released from custody overseas after conviction for a sexual offence and the diplomatic service is organising his/her return to the United Kingdom. The length of the notification period and the consequences for breaches are the same as if the offence had been committed in the United Kingdom. The offender can appeal to the Crown Court against the making of a notification order.

    Foreign Travel Orders (s. 114–122, 2003 Act): FTOs prevent offenders with convictions for sexual offences against children from travelling abroad where the offender has been convicted of a Schedule 3 offence and has acted in such a way as to give reasonable belief that it is necessary to make the order to protect children from serious sexual harm from the offender outside the United Kingdom. FTOs are made by a magistrate on the application of a chief officer of police. An FTO can prevent the offender from travelling to a specified country or any travel outside the United Kingdom. An FTO will last for a maximum fixed period as specified in the order. The maximum fixed period used to be six months; however, this was recently extended to a five-year maximum period under s.24 of the Policing and Crime Act 2009, which received Royal Assent on 12 November 2009. The maximum period was increased following reports that, by August 2008, only five FTOs had been made, mainly because the police would not make applications as six months was too short a period. Breach of an FTO is a criminal offence. Offenders subject to a FTO must also comply with the travel notification requirements provided for in s.86 of the 2003 Act, meaning the person must notify the police in advance if he/she intends to travel abroad for three days or more.»

    in http://conventions.coe.int/Treaty/EN/treaties/Html/201.htm]

  117. :)] to 111

    I think my good friend Gunther was referring to the psychodynamics of Dr. Kate McCann and British natives at large. These may not be necessarily yours. I did noticed you were touched by Gunther's discourse and I wondered why...

    As far as I know (and trust me dear I only know I know nothing) the case can only be re-opened with new, compulsive evidence. PR fireworks won't do. "Sardine munchers" are not stupid.

    In fact I have often wondered why "sardine munchers" are so smart. Inspector Colombo strikes me as a "sardine muncher"....anyway... I asked Gunther - The Analyst, why? Here is his reply:

    "Sardines have a very high content of "Dimethylaminoethanol" (DMAE for short). DMAE is a percursor of acetylcholine which in turn is a major neurotransmitter. It is that simple."

    That simple? I think what Gunther meant is that sardines are a brain food and that makes "sardine munchers" particularly smart.

    Yep! I am afraid we all have to sit and wait until some "sardine muncher" or "angus steak eater" comes up with some new dramatic evidence, otherwise there is no circus.

    You heard the man...


  118. Good news for the MacCanns:
    a 48 years old English man has been arrested on a Algarvian beach, when he was photographing children, without permission of their parents.
    The children are between 8 and 15 years old, a little too old for Madeleine who was 3, but at least we have now this man to write and to talk about.
    Who knows he is doing the MacCanns a favor because Kevin Halligen is about to be heard very soon.
    Or are the MacCanns tired of this whole story?

  119. Xenophobia to justify Kate excuse for not answering the questions posed by an official police (some of the questions could be crucial to locate her child if at the hands of strangers) was the best excuse( and the most stupid from my point of view). I can imagine Gerry and the pink man clapping their hands when they read in the Net (because they surf a lot on blogs)this kind of ideas. This is what they want: Many excuses for what has no excuse at all.
    By the way, the questions were posed after, and as a result of a joined investigation ( PJ & British police). Then against which police was Kate xenophobic feeling? She always act like a pretentious clever rat with a poor intelligence.
    Yes there was a lot of xenophobia on that story, coming from UK via some Tabloids with a very law ethic, with freelancer churnalists paid to invent fake news and keep the story alive, AND WITH DECADENT STARS USED AS COMENTATORS, WHO LOOK FOR ONE MINUTE OF GLORY. THEY ALL SAW THE CASE AS A BUSINESS, A EASY WAY TO MAKE MONEY AND SALE PAPER. That is a fact and will last forever as a shame showing not only to Portugal, but to the world, the true face of the British media and some part of their society. They are the first one to blame for not helping one of their childs to achieve justice and be respected as a citizen with basic rights.
    We know that story had since the beginning, in Portugal, two type of persons related with judicial system: some with 'balls framed' and some 'without balls' and no one of that type of people belong to the police or think for a minute that behind all the game there was a child neglected, perhaps abused and not abducted at all. They had other business and the child ( the center for the police) was peripheral for politics with balls framed or for Prosecutors without balls.
    Kate, as a mother, has no excuse for everything she have done. A false catholic who has no problems by using and abusing some symbols of the religion- The church, The Pope, The Bible... but left in the Resort wall a powerful symbol ( known for the strength and the hope) for any mother of an abducted child, brought by a old Man directly from Fatima- THE LADY OF FATIMA.
    Interesting the books found by the police at the Mccann's side tables during their holidays: A bible and criminal books including a manual to conceal a body. I believe that books were used to learn many thinks and from some of them came the inspiration for very important steps on Mccann's behaviour. Not to look or search their daughter, but to play and difficult the life of the police. Their lawyers just said "YES, GOOD IDEA. DO IT". Clever, but not intelligent. And the proof is that after 3 years, many persons from the Public, people who never saw or know Madeleine, still here in the Internet fighting for justice and looking for some respect for that little child. And after many people and many Blogs Threatened by Carter-Ruck, people don't give up. For each blog silenced, two were born with same strength. Their strategy is not working and cannot last forever.

  120. Britain open your eyes. Your Paedos could be living side by side with your childs without you knowing the danger.
    The way the British authorities dealt with Paedos and leave them to circulate free and without reporting them to other countries, is a shame and reveal a dark side of the British government.
    Why that guy take pictures of childs in Vilamoura beach? what was the use of the pictures showing childs semi-naked ( with swimming suit)? Paedo or connections with Mccann's? Not with Madeleine because she was not abducted and the investigation conclusion was a fake abduction of a death girl.
    The Consulate gave him some Support and UK is helping his repatriation? Interesting the games UK play with Justice. They are so faster to repatriate evil British citizens and so lazy to disclose and extradite criminals from British soil ( Halligen and Vale e Azevedo still rusting in UK). AND THE BRITISH HONEST CITIZENS ARE PAYING WITH THEIR TAXES ALL THAT GAMES AND THE GOOD LIFE OF THAT CRIMINALS. Brown went away but the dirt still the same.

  121. The McCanns are not asking to investigate this new suspect in Algarve.
    Imagine they would do it, and it would result in the reopening of the case.
    Better not to make any noise in Portugal.Certainly on a tourist area, beach, etc.
    It would be a great opportunity to investigate this man.
    Who knows he was the abductor...
    Did you notice that the whole world, Malta, North Africa,Belgium. Holland,Barcelona,South America etc, were reffered by the couple as important suspect points, but never Portugal?
    Why never Luz? Praia da Luz? Portimao?

  122. The silence of the Mccann's speak volumes. They just want sights who lead into people droping money on their Fund. Any thing that can reopen the case and bring some light to where Madeleine is, must be avoided. Anything in Portugal, is too danger.

  123. I wish to enlighten fellow readers/followers of the Madeleine McCann case about the “halo effect” and how this plays out when it comes to child abuse issues. What is the “halo effect”? It is a finding from the social psychology field. It is the idea that generalized evaluations about a person (she is attractive) bleed over into judgements about their specific traits (she is smart). We do this all the time with actors/actresses, singers, all sorts of popular media figures. Because they are often attractive and likable we naturally assume they are also intelligent, friendly, display good judgement etc.

    We see politicians use the ‘halo effect’ to their advantage by trying to appear warm and friendly, while saying little of anything important. People tend to believe their policies are good, because the person appears good. It’s that simple. This is the “halo effect” in a nutshell. Because someone “appears” good we tend to believe they are “good”. The halo effect is used not just by politicians but in the business and marketing world as well. They know that that although we can understand the halo effect intellectually, we often have no idea when it is actually happening and even when we do know it is happening we may still deny it. (And note this applies to not just individuals but organizations as well).

    Think about how this “halo effect” comes into play with child abuse situations. People often see what they want to see or expect to see. Any good stage magician or con man can attest to this as a fact of human nature. How many of us portray to others one picture of ourselves yet on the inside it is completely different? I have heard many people talk about how their friends would say to them something like “you turned out alright” or “look how you turned out”. They say that because they only see the top layer or what we allow them to see. They do not see the nightmares, the drug abuse, the panic attacks, the phobias, the anxiety, the depression, the suicidal thoughts, and other things that have been caused by the abuse.

    This also plays into the offenders hand. If that person is attractive or likable people will only see that. The do not want to see anything else and do not see the private life. Here is a quote from a predator (deacon in his church) out of the Predators book (available via Amazon). What is interesting to note is the predator, Patrick, was being honest and candid about how he would operate within the church. He counted on people going to bat for him, based on his good solid reputation with the church. He didn’t look like a predator; so he must not be one, or so everyone in the church thought. He didn’t have to do too much to convince people he was innocent. Everyone jumped to his defense without him having to lift a finger.


  124. :)] To Anon 122

    I read your posting. Relatively well argued but it runs on assumptions I am at a loss to verify.

    The PJ and their Brit counterparts have tried that but hit upon a "firewall" of indeterminacy. Dogs bark but cannot talk and the DNA samples were definitely inconclusive even if some say "made inconclusive". Proof?

    The only thing(s) to go by are "the inconsistencies" and there are many. The question is whether these inconsistencies could not be explained away by an expert VIP defence team and, as we have seen, a political string or two - after all they are doctors, high up in the ideological ladder, with a perfect record (almost) as parents and with two young children to bring up. So, unless you are dead sure the McCann's killed their own daughter you better leave things at they stand to date:

    The investigation's findings were inconclusive and therefore the McCann's cannot be said to be guilty.

    In the XXI century we cannot go around and Lynch people on the assumption they are guilty. If you cannot prove that beyond a shadow of a doubt then they must be (for all practical purposes) innocent.

    This is exactly the McCann's frozen beef with Dr. Amaral - and others they have sued before. Mind you...

    "They will not sue unless there is money to be made. Whether their idea is to cover legal expenses and fund The Fund, to divert public attention or something else is any one's guess. May be they are innocent or at least not as guilty as some of us would like to believe. They could be fighting for their dignity and that of their children but something is not computing" (Gunther's verbatim statement).

    I cannot comment on Gunther's theory (the xenophobic paradigm) because it is his. Some of his theories are pretty original anyway... "Inception"-like scenarios, parallel universes, karma "sprouts" and existential "noodles" - often it requires imagination to follow what he is talking about... but I will E-mail him. He might reply. Fingers crossed.

    My interpretation of what he said was not the same as yours, though. That much I can tell you straight away.

    According to Gunther, The Analyst, etnical prejudice was not an excuse for Dr. Kate McCannnot to answer the questions. It was the inhibiting factor...

    8-} Concerning the Our Lady of Fatima poster (was it a poster?) you said the McCann's left behind? Could it be because the Lady was Portuguese and therefore treated as "rubbish"? Just asking...


  125. @ 18

    >>Americans need to look very carefully at the David Kelly case and question their politicians about the alliance between the US and the UK. The killing of a citizen by the State is what the Kelly case amounts to. They've done it in Northern Ireland, but in this case they did it to a government employee standing in the way of the policies they wanted to enact.<<

    What does this mean exactly? Is it anti-UK sentiment? Whilst I would totally agree that Doctor Kelly was murdered by the state, one could say the same thing about JFK, MLK, RFK, JFK Jr. et cetera. I'm English and would move to America if I could afford to - but don't paint the UK as an evil regime. Governments may be corrupt; but that does not mean the populace as a whole is corrupt. The UK is full of very many loving and considerate people.

    Don't get me started on Northern Ireland; The Irish problem is extremely complex and inolves more than just the UK Government and History of both countries - those of us who live in the UK know full well both sides of that coin... and the donations boxes that existed all down the East-cost of the USA funding IRA activities.

    They are NOT 'freedom fighters' - many Irish people dispair at the IRA, just as we Brits dispair at the actions of our Government with our involvement in the 2nd Gulf war, Doctor David Kelly, the release of the Lockerbie Bomber and the MBM abduction case (where we suspect a 'D' notice is in place). If you think the IRA are 'freedom fighters' you would have to think the same thing of Al-Qaeda. One man's enemy, is another man's hero...

    For the record, I don't like anti-US, or anti-Portuguese sentiments either: America and the UK should remain allied for very many reasons (and Portugal is the UK's oldest ally) and those that want the alliance broken live in the shadows of the EU who have FORCED all citizens of Europe into this ridiculous Lisbon Treaty, destroying Common Law and the rights UK citizens have enjoyed since Magna Carta.

    We were promised a referendum by Blair on the Lisbon Treaty: BUT WERE DENIED THAT PROMISE. I can tell you now, it's not only the people of Europe that don't want it - most Brits don't want it. I despise it. It won't be long before blogs like this get censored, by EU ruling, who are faceless unelected shadows, making rulings over all of our lives.

    Please people - forgo this anti-Portuguese, anti-UK, anti-USA-type postings. All three nations have benefits/ issues. What we are all trying to work out is what happened to the UK citizen Madeleine McCann. That is the central issue and the whole reason for Joanna's blog, is it not?

    May the truth one day be known.

  126. Ac @ 127,

    Porque sera que tanta lenga-lenga me cheira a Marcos Aragao? Um pouco mais inteligente que o dito e nao e um insulto, e um elogio.
    Ja todos sabemos porque se pavoneiam os Mccann, livres e presumidos( deve ser de tanta presuncao de inocencia e tanto dinheiro ganho a sombra da boa vida), e so porque estao bem protegidos por quem nao esta interessado em que a verdade chegue aos olhos do grande publico. E se nao esta interessado e porque ha algo e esse algo tem de ser escondido ou evitado. O que ha, nao e por certo a historia de uma inocente menina que caiu nas garras do Lobo Mau por incuria dos papas. O lobo mau ja tinha sido devorado e nao faria parte dos cromos da caderneta Mccann " Maddie abductors", estava a apodrecer os costados em terras de Sua Majestade.
    E brilhante a teoria xenofoba (na perspectiva Mccanniana) para justificar o lado bizarro de uma incrivel mama ( onde quer que esteja, a filha estara ETERNAMENTE grata).
    A Senhora de Fatima, nao e um poster, e uma estatueta benzida em Fatima a 13 de Maio de 2007 ( um dia depois de Madeleine fazer 4 anos) numa cerimonia a que o senhor que a levou, assistiu anonimamente e com devocao, enquanto os Mccann o fizeram com um aparato mediatico e "Zero de devocao". A prova e que a estatueta ficou a empoeirar junto ao Ocean Club, tal como o reportaram TVs e Jornais que na altura se passeavam pela PDL, incluindo os "amigos Tabloides ingleses". Mais uma inconsistencia da querida mama. Se foi a Fatima nao foi a fe ou a desgraca da filha que a moveu. Foi a estrategia de negocio que esse gesto significava na altura em que o Fundo acabara de ser lancado: falar ao coracao dos portugueses catolicos e mostrar-se em Fatima era ter a certeza que rapidamente o Fundo se encheria de milhoes de Euros. E os portugueses la foram fazer donativos que mais tarde haveriam de ser usados contra cidadaos portugueses.
    Da ida a Fatima, pelo menos esperava-se que a querida Kate soubesse quem era o objecto de adoracao naquele santuario. Como sempre nao fez o trabalho de casa e foi rapidamente apanhada.
    Confesso que tambem ja cansa a historia das Provas, do ADN que e infalivel no mundo inteiro mas teve a bizarrice de o fazerem inconclusivo na saga Mccanniana. Prefiro olhar para o lado e fingindo nao ver, abrir bem os ouvidos. Fico com as palavras do policia ingles que a proposito desta materia disse" por muito menos ja prendi em Inglaterra". E depois dele, um pouco por todo o mundo, varios policias repetiram a mesma ideia.
    As inconsistencias que atabalhoadamente os Mccann defendem, enterrando-se publicamente de cada vez que apresentam mais uma sub-teoria, nao servem para os inocentar. Pelo contrario, deveriam ser motivo de reabertura de qualquer processo para que a investigacao se aprofundasse. E por isso que o publico nao desiste da procura da verdade e da justica, por mais tempo que passe e por maior que seja a maquina silenciadora dos Mccann. Escondem-se verdades por algum tempo, mas nao se silenciam para sempre. E inconsistencia, em materia criminal e sinonimo de mentira.
    Estes incriveis pais tem "n" versoes das ultimas horas que passaram com a filha. Quaisquer pais gravam na memoria, de forma clara e dolorosa os ultimos momentos, o ultimo olhar, a ultima frase e imortalizam esse momento quase doentiamente. Coitada da miuda cuja vida se cruzou com estes "fazedores de historias".

  127. 128 May the truth one day be known.

    Excellent post, thank you.

  128. @128 - For the record I am #18 and agree with what you've said. I am certain that the majority of British citizens are frustrated with the McCann cover-up. You are right - the focus needs to remain on finding justice for Maddie and not on trashing anyone other than the individuals (politicians or ordinary citizens) involved.

  129. @ 128 Great Post and yes one day the WILL come out about Madeleine McCann.

  130. God I hate that picture of the Mcs with the twins......they look so happy without Madeleine.

  131. Anon 133

    I couln`t be more agree with you. At first when I so this picture I hoped and thought they were under some medicine, but as we now know that wasn`t the case. I just hope very much to see something that make me convince that little Madeleine for sure was loved by her own parents.

  132. It was seeing that particular picture of G & K with the twins that made me think twice about the McCanns. Up until then I had just assumed what they had said was true. I think it was tagged on to the end of one of the documentaries either on Channel 4 or Panorama, not sure which. As soon as I saw it, I just went cold. I couldn't believe they could look so happy! I've often wondered if the tv channel did it on purpose.


  133. :)] Anon 129

    8-} Boas 129...sósia do Aragão eu? Qual deles? O que vendia barretes turísticos no Funchal? O moço de fretes do Método 3, ou o Dr. Marco Aragão-Correia - advogado de iniciativa privada ligado a barragem do Arade e a frase imortal: "Target was hit, Gonçalo Amaral was convicted"?

    Posso tropeçar aqui e levantar-me acolá em relação ao que se passou no aldeamento (a culpa e do Gunther e das mas companhias) mas em relação ao Dr. Amaral "faço o quatro".

    A propósito... traduzi o seus comentários para o Gunther e a turma do "Starbucks". Gostaram. Transcrevo:

    Gunther: "Oh! That was a figurine not a statue! That's even better. The McCann (assuming they were guity of something) would never confess to the Portuguese PJ. No way. Scotland Yard may be but I doubt that too."

    Em relação ao ADN o Gunther também concorda:

    "If I remember correctly two of the blood samples had as many as 15 markers (Madeleine's). That would have been acceptable in the UK. Portuguese law, however, requires 18 - all of them. This, of course, was in the FSS's preliminary report before their final, more partisan assessment and "the curious incident of the dog in the night time". o Gunther ri-se...

    A "Wasp", que ate ali tinha estado camuflada por detrás do "Evening Standard", dispara sem aviso (cuidado com as canelas):

    "So WHAT if the blood was hers 18 out of 18? The parents have already said Madeleine used to bleed from the nose...bruised a knee or something...."

    O Gunther apanhado de surpresa: "Good point Wasp! That was just circunstancial evidence, highly suggestive but by itself not worth a guilty sentence..."

    Akira "The Jap" tamborila uns instantes, pensativo, depois pergunta:

    "Is it true that the McCann's had contracted a top lawyer within 48 hours of the child's disappearance? If so what kind of inferences would you draw from that, Herr Gunther?".

    O Gunther depenica o labio reflexivamente, franze a testa e "responde": "Really?".

    Nunca vi o Gunther tao sem jeito! Sera da lua cheia?

    A conversa procede animada a volta de um "rolo de massa" (i.e. fotocopias) que a Wasp trazia na pequena mochila:

    "60 Reasons Which Suggest Madeleine McCann Was Not Abducted".

    Um outro livrinho proibido, este concebido pelo Dr. Bennett da Madeleine Foundation e, de acordo com a Wasp, "freely available on the Internet"...


    Quanto ao resto que ha a dizer? O mesmo futebol politico e subserviencia ideologica de sempre! O Dr. Amaral faz dois ou tres remates decentes a baliza e leva logo com dois amarelos e um vermelho. O publico assobia mas de que serve? Haja mercearia...

    Saudacoes amigas


  134. Boa ac 136,

    Continuo na minha, por maior que seja o vento, um dia a areia pousa. E quando pousar todos os contornos da peca Mccanniana ficarao expostas. A mentira tem perna curta e as dos Mccann, ha muito que coxeam.

  135. Ah! Ah! Essa da prova circunstancial que nao incrimina e uma das anedotas desta historia. Quem as classificou assim se nao houve um tribunal a avalia-las? Da boquinha dos Mccann tem saido as maiores anedotas. As justificacoes que arranjaram para as provas ditas circunstanciais, caem dentro dessa gama e qualquer tribunal arregalaria o olho para ver o evidente e transformar o circunstancial em factual. epistaxe explica tanto o sangue no apartamento quanto as fralditas dos gemeos explicam o que foi encontrado no Scenic. Anedotas para alimentar os tabloides ingleses e o seu publico. Sempre queria ver o carao da parelha quando o juiz lhes pedisse para explicarem como e que um cadaver tem epistaxe.
    Os caes (usados 'n' vezes antes para o mesmo tipo de investigacao e com sucesso) foram treinados para detectar sangue humano e cadaveres. Claro que os caes nao falam, e por isso nao mentem. Sao um instrumento vital no desempenho das policias e dos bombeiros de todo o mundo e por isso sao treinados para desempenhar diferentes tarefas com sucesso absoluto. Qualquer tribunal sabe isso. O que quer que tenha sido encontrado nos haveres dos Mccann, foi depois da accao dos caes, provando mais uma vez que os caes nao mentem e a sua accao e fiavel.
    Quanto aos Marcos e Aragoes, podem ser todos. Sao todos 'figuroes' e essa do Dr."advogado de iniciativa privada" e mais uma anedota para rir? O especime viveu literalmente 'das estrelas' enquanto poluiu o ar do continente: A Joana deu-lhe mediatismo e a Maddie Euros ou libras a 'la carte'.

  136. Bom dia, queria só acrescentar ao comentário do anónimo(a)138 de forma a deixar bem claro que a Joana referida, não sou eu, isto é... era a pequenita Joana Isabel Guerreiro Cipriano, que de acordo com o STJ (Supremo Tribunal de Justiça, bem como outros Tribunais ref. ler acórdão SJ200604200003635 ) foi assassinada e cujo cadáver foi mutilado pela 'mãe' e 'tio'.

    Translated in Full here

    Supreme Court of Justice - 'Joana case' ruling - Part I - Fundamentation

    Supreme Court of Justice - 'Joana case' ruling - Part II

    Supreme Court of Justice - 'Joana case' ruling - Part III

    Supreme Court of Justice - 'Joana case' ruling - Part IV

  137. :)]Para Anon 138

    "Uma avaliação circunstancial por muito imaginativa que seja não constituiria prova irrevogável de culpa... Seriam precisos mais elementos e/ou uma confissão. Sem uns ou outra, a decisão final não poderia ter sido de "culpa - o próprio Dr. Gonçalo Amaral concorda. Quanto aos 15/15 encontrados no carro o relatório final da FSS iria pesar em qualquer decisão do júri - sobretudo quando os espécimes originais foram destruídos. Não existe hipótese de uma segunda opinião...

    Outra coisa, os cães não mentem mas podem se enganar - embora pareça estes nunca se terem enganado. Seria bem complicado para a acusação, sobretudo tendo em conta a qualidade da defesa, relacoes publicas, e o status social dos McCann que afinal podem muito bem estar inocentes mesmo que os elementos circunstanciais da investigação sugiram o contrario" (fim de citação).

    Opinião do "Gunther" com traducao livre minha.


  138. I bet The Stobart Group & the McCanns are breathing a sigh of relief that the paedo trucker from GLASGOW nicked in Romania for molesting children isn't one of their truckers.

    Scottish Lorry Driver Accused Of Sex Attacks


    Once again the McCanns 'campaign' to raise awareness of their missing daughter raises a lot more troubling questions than it does answers because just what if James Connor was in one of these trucks?


  139. Pois, pois... o Gunther e a conversa a treta que tanto geitinho tem dado aos Mccann.
    Nenhum tribunal precisa das provas destruidas ou de segundas opinioes sobre as mesmas. Os tribunais nao sao estupidos nem repetem historias. Partem para outras. Aprofundam a investigacao, procuram provas novas e no final... voltam as anteriores com uma visao mais abrangente e dados novos.
    O que os Mccann evitam e essa investigacao aprofundada porque sabem que em alguma curva algum dos 7 Tapas pode alvitrar uma confissao. Proprio de uns pais inocentes nao e? Conversa da treta que pode fazer bem aos neuronios do Gunther mas nao embala gente mais informada e atenta.

  140. Ola Joana,
    Peco desculpa porque devia ter clarificado no meu post que a Joana e a Cipriano.
    O Gunther e a sus conversa da treta, merecem-me sempre um sorrisinho amarelo. Louvavel o esforco em tentar escrever bonito na lingua de Camoes e na de Shakespeare, os argumentos que atabalhoadamente ouvimos ou lemos no Gang Mccann: 'Ah, eles ate podem ser inocentes. Ah, a prova que existe e circunstancial e nao serve para os incriminar. Ah, TRETAS E MAIS TRETAS.
    Este e um facto Gunther, incontornavel. E eu nem me vou dar ao trabalho de traduzir isto em linguagem Shakespeariana. Os seus amigos que o facam. Ficara bem mais poetico e fino, bem ao estilo de uns pseudo-pais que apos o desaparecimento da filha pretendem passar-se por um grupinho de "tias" da classe media. Esqueceram o grupinho em que chegaram a PDL- 9 remediados a aproveitarem ferias baratas em epoca baixa, viajando em voos Low-cost. E UMA SEMANA DEPOIS, E DEPOIS DE DESAPARECER A FILHA, JA ERAM MILIONARIOS E JA TINHAM AO SEU SERVICO ADVOGADOS TOPO DE GAMA QUE ATE HOJE NAO FORAM CAPAZES DE OS ACONSELHAR A REABRIREM O PROCESSO E PROVAREM NO UNICO LOCAL ONDE O PODEM FAZER, A SUA INOCENCIA- O TRIBUNAL.

  141. Creio que não entendeu ainda o sarcasmo e humor subtil do nosso amigo AC, que utiliza a personagem do Herr Günther para estabelecer analogias ao comportamento social de outras personagens bem mais reais.... É elementar, e presumo que óbvio que o Herr Günther apresenta e alude às falácias expressas abundantemente por outros como uma “quod erat demonstrandum” mas com um objectivo contrário. Não sei se me faço entender... boa noite.

  142. :-/ Genau! Ich denke, dass folglich ich bin…

    Mucho ohbrigadoo Frau Joana...

    Herr Gunther

  143. Claro que percebi. ac e brilhante. Argumenta bem e por isso permite alguma contra-argumentacao. A discussao e sempre saudavel ate porque ha Pro- Mccanns portugueses que acreditam nos papas vitimas e sobretudo vitimas da ineficacia da policia. ac e a sua personagem Gunther, quando em Portugues, permitem mostrar a minoria portuguesa que gosta de 'bater' na policia, que a investigacao esta por fazer e so um tribunal, depois de uma investigacao aprofundada, permite inocentar os Mccann.

  144. Bom dia, ainda bem que assim é @146 :)

    Herr Günther, Was für ein wunderbares Vergnügen! Eine ausgezeichnete morgen zu meinem lieblings Dok :)

  145. *ps tive que usar o google espero que esteja correcto, nunca aprendi Alemão :(

  146. :)] Estimada Joana,

    Não tem que se preocupar com o vernáculo Alemão.O Gunther gosta de meter o bedelho. De se exibir. Nunca se perca em traducoes com ele. O Herr G. fala/escreve Inglês fluentemente - a mãe era Escocesa.

    Em relação a observação do :)] Anon 146 de que "a investigação esta por fazer (ou por concluir)" e essa exactamente a posição do Dr. G. Amaral. Vide por exemplo:


    Como diz o Gunther: "People often forget to address this fact and come up with all sorts of poorly differentiated and emotionally distorted perceptions." Tenho de admitir que concordo com ele. Difícil mesmo discordar com Sua Sumidade. Arre!

    Hoje para variar não deve haver "café". Temos bilhetes para o filme "The Girl Who Played With Fire" - baseado na obra póstuma de Stieg Larsson. Tudo sobre investigacoes policiais, raptos, mortes (por acidente e por assassinato), advogados,(uns e outros) "churnalism" e jornalismo, RPs,(quase escrevia RPMs)corrupção e conspirações (teoria e prática) e outros fados menores.

    Não sei se o Gunther vai "pintar" logo no cinema. Espero bem que não...ufa!

    Consta que neste momento anda a "trabalhar" na "desconstrução" do livrinho proibido do Dr. A. Bennett "60 Reasons Which SUGGEST Madeleine McCann Was Not Abducted". Vamos ter circo...

    Com a devida vénia...


    PS Ainda não vi o filme do Mikhail Kalatozov que recomenda no seu informativo blog mas já baixei e esta no disco para saborear depois...

  147. Joana
    A question of you please
    Is there any progress on the appeal by Mr Amaral against the court judgment for the McCann’s?

    Or perhaps there is to be no appeal

    Letter from Iberia

  148. Iberia- Regime de férias judiciais - 15.7 a 31.8.2010 - 144º do Código de Processo Civil

    Projecto de Lei n.º 249 /XI/1.ª
    Fixa um regime coerente de férias judiciais
    (Décima alteração à Lei n.º 52/2008, de 28 de Agosto)


    Judicial Holidays till the end of this month. All the appeals were made as you can read in the press or here.

  149. Joana
    Obrigado tenha um bom dia
    Letter from Iberia

  150. Hi Joana, whats a trouble they have in PJ in Portimẩo. Could you ask PJ in Portimẩo, whyI didn't get reply on request from PJ Portimẩo appeal?
    It will be so fair from PJ to do as soon as posible, because over two years they close all investigation as they know eveything is that right meaning of their Appeal?

  151. Joana
    Obrigado tenha um bom dia
    Letter from Tony


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