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Gerry McCann's Boss Douglas Skehan & Brother John McCann Resign from Madeleine's Fund Director's Board

Dr. Douglas Skehan, clinical director in cardiology at Glenfield Hospital resigned from "Madeleine's Fund: Leaving no Stone Unturned Limited Company" [06248215] - Filled electronically on 27/08/2010 at Companies House; Resignation Date made on August 24, 2010.



John McCann, Gerald Patrick McCann brother also resigned from "Madeleine's Fund: Leaving no Stone Unturned Limited Company" - Filled electronically on 27/08/2010 at Companies House; made on July 23, 2010.



Madeleine's Fund Leaving No Stone Unturned Limited Full Accounts Report 27/01/2010
Registered Number: 06248215
Incorporation Date: 15/05/2007
Registered Office: 2/6 CANNON STREET
Latest Filed Accounts: 31/03/2009 Date Accounts Lodged: 27/01/2010
Latest Annual Return: 15/05/2009 Type of Accounts: Full Accounts
Company Type: Private Ltd By Guarantee w/o Share Cap
Company Status: Active - Accounts Filed


Update of a very discreet update (and wrongly calculated) not published on the Find Madeleine Fund Updates but on the About us section

Who are the directors of Madeleine's Fund?

There are nine directors of the Fund. They are:

* Peter Hubner; a retired consultant;
* Brian Kennedy, a retired head teacher;
* Edward Smethurst – A Commercial lawyer;
* Jon Corner – Director of a media company;
* Michael Linett- retired accountant
* Kate McCann General Practitioner
* Gerry McCann Consultant Cardiologist

7 not nine! If this is how they add and subtract, I can imagine their account books.

Basically they've just deleted the other two forum board directors names. The HTML code of their Drupal site still shows the first date [Wed, 04/29/2009 at 15:06 by admin] of when the details about the fund were firstly published. The HTTP Request and Response Headers show the last time the «web person» in charge of the site "changed" that particular page [Fri, 03 Sep 2010 19:58:23 GMT]. Screenshots follow bellow
click on the image to enlarge


  1. Well, well, well, wonder if someone did not agree with what was going to happen or they did not want to be involved any more.

  2. well,well,well.wonder why this is,i expect it will he has other comitments lol.shame he hasnt got the GUTS to tell what he knows about the fraud fund.

  3. The rats are abandoning the ship?jail in sight?

  4. he,s getting out now before the TRUTH gets out about how the mccanns have conned the gullible public into giving money to it

  5. Thank you for the information.

    In the interests of accuracy, the link that you have provided is not to the official Companies House. See here:


    Please edit the above link so that it works!. Thank you

  6. Tense times in the cardiology department? The medical background to this case is scary in its connections, like a game of chess.

  7. Wow! this is really off the wall - I was just beginning to think we would never make any headway (maybe we are not) - let's not get too excited about this there may be a very good reason why they have resigned.

    Could be just 'winding down' the media campaign now the McCanns think that they have rammed home their version of events and can now "get on with their lives" without worrying about being prosecuted for anything anymore. Maybe this was what they were seeing TM for - just to confirm they wouldn't be prosecuted.

    As a footnote - maybe we are in the minority and have no effect on what the "majority" of people in the country, Police, Government whatever think, we are just "fringe fanatics".


  8. Looking at that list on Companies House Joana, I think they had their appointments terminated, they did not actually resign. If you go down the list it is quite clear what directors resigned, these two have appointments terminated against their names

  9. I know M&M, the accounts are filled at the Companies House, I bought 5 docs at UK data for 100 quid, and just a few extras records 1 quid each at the Companies house (far less expensive I should say).

    Notice this is a work-in progress post, thank you

    Also notice that square brackets are for forum codes only.

    In HTML you should add <a href="http://wck2.companieshouse.gov.uk/66231f11175f439a4080a3af430a5420/wcprodorder?ft=1">Companies House</a>

    Result: Companies House

  10. Too much to hope for that they are running scared. Looks like the Maccanns think they are home and dry.

  11. Ah thanks Joana, I should have realised it was html! Apologies. I rarely post anywhere but the forum.

    Anyway, at least the link to Companies House let's others see the names of those who have resigned and at no cost.

    Looking forward to the next installment.

  12. The Sun’s convenient Wayne Hewlett story covers a multitude of sins i.e. The Kevin Halligen hearing, as well as the resignation of John McCann and Doug Skehan from the board of directors. It must be very hard living a lie.

  13. I wouldn't get too excited, even though we have Halligen and Hewlett's letter in the melting pot at the moment, it's all or nothing for the medias attention.

    There can be very little money left in the FundLTD, but what is the FundLTD, when so much is paid directly in one way or another. For example the legal fees of the McCanns. Who pays the legal fees of the T7 - think about it - wouldn't you have got legal advice by now. And considering they donated their libel payout to the Fund.

    The accounts are certainly before the accountants, 09\10. I think it's just a case of clearing out the original directors and getting onboard those with big pockets. After all do we remember the accounts for last year .... Amoral !

    Unless the accounts are filed, I don't think any conclusions can be drawn.

    Although most surprising of all, must be MrCann's brother.

    Still think this needs sitting out for a while. But nevertheless quite a development.

    Many thanks for the update.


  14. the beginning of the end!

  15. @headlines-today.

    CH changed their Forms and terminology in October 2009. Termination of Appointment is just terminology and shouldn't, imo, be taken to mean anything other than that the appointment as a director has come to an end. It is not an indication that the person was forced or asked to resign. I agree it looks that way, however, if you actually look at the old Form (288b) you will see that the heading on it actually reads 'Termination of Appointment'.

    Directors always "resign".

  16. Too late, really. They've been party to the Fraud all this time and it is going to bit them in the butts *soon*.

    To everyone connected with the Find Madeleine Fund: Say goodbye to your careers & your fortunes!

  17. @mary(10),i also think that the mccanns think they are home and dry so can let a few directors go,shame dr skelton hasnt got a concience though,if he had this fund would have been looked into long ago for the fraud it is.

  18. Thanks MiceAnMen,yes I just found that out. But it is weird to me that both the directors that have gone are linked to Gerry. His boss and his brother.

  19. This is interesting but what is more interesting is the big contradiction with this letter. Hewlett died December 2009, Wayne says he received letter a week after. Yet when the Sun spoke to them on the 10th April 2010, 4 months after Hewlett died, the sun states the the ex-wife and children were unaware that he had died.

    Now if Wayne received a letter one week after someone is lying... now to work out who?

  20. M&M is correct TM01 documents are relative to the recent resignations, other resignations are filled under code 288b

    pre October 2009
    288a Notice of appointment of directors or secretaries
    288b Notice of resignation of directors or secretaries
    288c Notice of change of directors or secretaries or in their particulars


    post October 2009

    AP01 Appointment of director
    AP02 Appointment of corporate director
    AP03 Appointment of secretary
    AP04 Appointment of corporate secretary
    CH01 Change of particulars for director
    CH02 Change of particulars for corporate director
    CH03 Change of particulars for secretary
    CH04 Change of particulars for corporate secretary
    TM01 Termination of appointment of director


  21. Right you are, headlines-today!

    10 April 2010
    The Sun
    Neil Syson

    A PAEDOPHILE who was a prime suspect in the hunt for Madeleine McCann has died - taking any secrets he had to the grave.

    Convicted child rapist Raymond Hewlett, 64, died of throat cancer and was cremated at a pauper's funeral in Germany four months ago. His ex-wife Susan, 64, and children in Telford, Shropshire, were unaware of his death.

    Two private detectives hired by Maddie's parents Kate and Gerry went to Aachen, Germany, at least three times in a bid to interview Hewlett. But a source said: "He always wriggled out of it, saying he was too sick to see them. He was never eliminated from the inquiry."

    Maddie, of Rothley, Leics, was three when she vanished on holiday in Portugal in May 2007. Ex-soldier Hewlett bore a close resemblance to a straggly-haired man seen lurking near the McCann apartment.

    He was in Portugal when Maddie was snatched and left for Morocco three weeks later. And he told a pal he knew gipsies who sold children to perverts. Hewlett's German second wife Mariana, 35, refused to comment.

  22. Hopefully the recent meeting the McCanns had with the Home Secretary, could lead to their downfall and maybe that is the reason Douglas Skehan and John McCann have resigned. Unless of course the money has finally ran out and there no money to pay them.

    I finally had a reply from the Home Office, regarding my recent email to Theresa May. I couldn't copy and paste the email on this forum, but I have written it word for word,on the 112 days thread, which is on page 2 of this forum. I have omitted my surname and the name of the person who sent me the email.

    Thank you Joana and Astro for providing us with the information and keeping us up to date with events regarding Madeleine's disappearance. (((((hugs)))) to you both.xx

  23. The "classic" day in the media and consequently in the mccanns lives: spin...tasteless spin:a a living-dead paedo speaking through his lost son who burnt what looks like a rather important document...err...I dont know who wrote the "script" this time but it is really up to the highest standards of crap. Its smells and sounds like a bad one fart...again,as always,really.A very very badly written novel...

  24. Very interesting to see the wording of 'Termination of Appointment'.

    None of us can thank Joana Morais enough for all the hard work she does in keeping us up to the minute with the questionable acts of these despicable people :X :X :X

  25. Let us pray this really is the beginning of the end and that everybody involved gets their just desserts.


  26. anon @ 22

    Many thanks for that info.

    Would you mind also posting it on the Wayne Hewlett thread?
    Thanks again.

  27. The truth is like oil, it always comes to the surface - perhaps the beginning of the end of the fraudulent fund.

  28. This is breakthrough news. Thanks Joanna. The end is nigh.....
    Now we need Halligen to spill his guts. And then Amaral to win his appeal. We cannot bury Madeleine. Hopefully we can bury her parents.

  29. Thank you to all who make this blog possible, your never ending quest for justice is admirable. When the Maccann's fled Portugal they thought they left not only their daughter behind, but all suspicion and doubt, they were in the eyes of the world as white as snow. They of course live in cloud cuckoo land. This case is far from over.

  30. What a fantastic scoop Jo, rats leaving a sinking ship. These two men just could not be much closer to Gerry McCann, I reckon they just do not agree with him, for some strange reason!

    Well done and Thanks!

    We should never give up hope of seeing Justice for little Maddie McCann xx

  31. Hi Joanna
    Isn't it a beauty, Joana, that The Leave No Stone Unturned 'Limitada' is beginning to crumble, stone by stone ?
    They can only continue to appeal for donations (money) if they keep on promoting the abduction charade.... No wonder people outside Portugal laugh at the McCanns and admire Dr. Amaral !!

  32. Maybe the Sun will get a letter from "beyond" which will enlighten us on the recent resignations.

  33. What a wonderful news! Domino started falling?!!
    What our Media is waiting for?!
    Thank you dear Joana again and again!

  34. "So what?" Gunther The Analyst asks. "It does no necessarily mean they now believe the McCann's to be guilty. The question to ask is: Why so many directors in the first place? Perhaps to give the Fund an aura of credibility? Since so many speculative questions are now being asked about the Fund it may have been a wise move to let the McCanns handle the bad press alone. I sense it is all about PR rather than guilt".

    I don't quite get Gunther's analytics here but experience has taught me not to argue with his 7th sense...


  35. I think the reason is lack of money.
    John McCann dismissed himself of a good job in oder to go working for the fund and it only last 3 years.
    Where is the rest that was taking part of the fund?
    Anyway, this is good news.
    They are falling apart.
    There is nothing mysteryous in this.
    Only too short of money.

  36. Anyone remember this rather 'apt' tune from Beverley Hills Cop?



  37. So what does brother John do now ?
    Double glazing salesman ?

  38. I think that the fund is running out of money
    Soon ther will be no fund anymore

  39. Good find, Joana. :X

    Can't imagine why Gerry's own brother would want to resign his position - after all, he is Madeleine's uncle and should be concerned only with the welfare of Madeleine and Gerry....*cough*


  40. @MAtthew 39

    No fund,no money,no "searching for Madeleine". Dont.... blaspheme please! ;)
    This is almost a crime of lese majesty!!!!!

  41. Where has the fund money really gone? Do you know, Kevin?

  42. McCann is a person beyond arrogance. Narcisistic in the extreme and an individual who can not help but over meddle in affairs. This will at the end of their day precipitate the downfall. Be patient!

  43. Have I lost track, or wasn't there supposed to be libel action against Sr Amaral in Lisbon this summer?


  44. Don't get too excited about this. Maybe they were told that closing the Fund would be a good idea with Lisbon Court ahead. If they win - that may happen unless GA start a new case in London court with a new team of lawyers - the money does not go to the Fund - money go straight to McCanns bank account. It is a good "plot" for their retirement, in PDL, don´t you think?

  45. "O Brother, Where Art Thou?" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n9UlbxlM5nE

  46. Looking at today's press listing, it wouldn't surprise me if the McCanns are selling-up and heading for The Antipodes -


  47. No Fund, no money, no expensive lawyers.

  48. Anon 45
    Closing the Fund could be done very simply in one afternoon. The Directors don't have to resign one by one.
    Something else is going on here.
    Director: " Gerry, have you seen that piece about the letter. Do you want to pay for our Cunstabulary to look into it ?"
    GM: "No. Hang onto the money. We all know there's no pont in following anything up don't we, nudge nudge, wink wink !"
    Director: "You surely don't mean..."
    GM: "Of course. You haven't really been believing that... have you. Oh, God ! Who else has been ? I thought this was all stitched up since McThingie left."
    - exeunt omnes, pursued by a Tax Inspector and a Constable -

  49. Why is their fund still link to LP?

    I dont think anyone donate anymore, why doesnt LP stop the scam.

  50. i wouldnt get to exicted about this,all it is that they are closing down the fund and the so called serching for madeleine and retreating to the shadows to live the rest of thier lives free.
    poor madeleine.and thats why we have not heared anything about the tapas filth,by them laying low they have got away with this as well.

  51. Have the L P's have been protecting the McCanns all along? Why do they still have a link to the Madeleine Fund anyway? We all remember the standing ovation Gerry McCann got from them when he was the guest of honour at their convention for being the wonderful father that he is - not! If they were going to assist the PJ's in charging the McCanns for anything at all, including gross neglect leading to the loss of their child, they would have done so long ago.

  52. they say of marriage... When money goes out the door love goes out the window

  53. @39,the fund money has been salted away imo to be used for a new life for the mccanns.

  54. Joana your an absolute star.........

  55. John McCann and Doug Skehan have both resigned from the fund but findmadeleine.com has so far failed to update it's website. Surely the Board has a duty to keep the public informed of changes to directorships.

  56. @56

    As the Fund is a Private Limited Company it has no such duty.

    One would have thought though that since it is almost fully funded by the donating public, they would feel it was indeed their duty to keep the public informed.

    I have a feeling that a speech is being written for the website, as we wait. ;)

  57. 51 I think you are right we may be in the last days of the Maccann's they are closing things down mission accomplished, over and out. Poor Madelaine, poor Mr Amaral.

  58. Are the MacCanns planning to escape to somewhere?
    Could this be the reason why John and the other doctor left the fund?
    Is the fund money transfered to another country, outside Europe?

  59. I agree with posters 51 and 58. All that is left is for a corrupt and cowardly Portugese Judiciary to ban Mr Amaral's book and give the celebrity child-neglectors their "retirement lump-sum of a million euros. When the McCanns emerge victorious at the forthcoming pre-decided libel trial, it will be the equivalent of them being declared innocent in a Court of Law. The British Media who have supported-indeed deified them, will have a field day. They will then in due course thank everybody who has supported them and announce the close of the Fund on the basis that they have done all they can to find their daughter.

  60. I don't believe the MacCanns would wait till the money would evaporate.
    They are about to do something else with the money the fund still has.
    It is obvious they have to spend less than they did before.
    Two salaries less would help a lot.
    But I believe there is more behind that.
    Could Kevin be one of the reasons?

  61. But how could the McCanns win the libel trial without turning up and speaking in court? Gerry lost his rag and had to go home early during the last little taster session and I can't really see either of them going through with it. Easier to drop it all and slip away quietly. I don't think everyone will wish them well in their new life and leave them alone though.

  62. Letter from Iberia
    With the Lisbon Court hearing coming soon, the McCann’s know that the Portuguese justice system appears to have no will to dispense justice or support its servants.
    They know that the Portuguese justice system appears to ensure that the judiciary defends those that place their children in danger; those that lie cheat and steal, those that are responsible for the death of an innocent child.

    Because of the lack of justice in Portugal the McCann’s know that they will be successful in their claim against Mr Amaral, they know that they will leave the court in Lisbon with a huge multi million payout and because of that they will declare to the world their innocence.

    They are now preparing to close the fund enabling them to take their blood money and disappear leaving Madeleine dead Mr Amaral destroyed, for an innocent child and an honourable man there is never going to be justice from Portugal

  63. A million euros would not go that far for the McC's. Apart from a mortgage, they would still have to pay expensive lawyers to control books and websites. They are hardly likely to progress in their careers now. How many people would want Kate as their GP? Or anyone with a heart condition confronted to be confronted by Gerry? Even if they proclaim their innocence from the rooftops, the genie is well and truly out of the bottle. In years to come, people will still be writing more freely about the case. They and their entourage will live the rest of their lives with the miasma surrounding them.

  64. Amaral's book may be banned, but lots of us have copies of it. If the Portuguese do uphold the ban, I will make sure as many people as possible get to see my copy. The Dutch had ways of circulating forbidden information during the second world war, The Chinese can get through their firewall on the internet. People involved to greater or lesser degrees will talk as years go by. Faced with the inevitability of death, people may want to come clean. It will be living with the sword of Damocles suspended over them all..Worse than a prison sentence in many ways..speaking as one with who has worked with lifers.

  65. Which one of you can tell me how many people are left over after John McCann and the hospital director resigned?
    And who are they?
    Will be substitutes for the director and John?

  66. Well said 60 unless Mr Amaral has something new he is doomed the outcome is already fixed. You cannot trust the Portugese justice system also its much too slow. The UK justice is a farce but its much quicker than Portugal.

  67. I think the fund is nearly dried up and I cant believe they have got away with wasting public donations on salaries, solicitors, P.Is. Surely there is something wrong here and they should be investigated.For example if someone tries to take donations for a charity but spends it on themselves they end up in court. This money was to help find Maddie but what have they done nothing but try and protect themselves and why take a salary any other caring person would of offered their services for free like the people of Portugal who went out looking for Maddie and even took days off work!!!

  68. 61 Anon

    I agree - there is something going on and maybe these resignations are connected. Either a distraction technique or they are going to organise something elsewhere - maybe Canada - New Zealand.

    GM will not be the sort to sit back and let things roll on without trying to influence the outcome. This has followed their meeting with TM - is this connected.

  69. So are we now left with the following or are these names wrong? Also does anyone have any background information on HUBNER or LINNET:

    * Peter Hubner: "a retired consultant"
    * Michael Linett: "retired accountant"

    By the way, the former directors may have jumped ship, but as the Fund will have been shown to be a fraud from the very beginning, every Board Member ever involved will face charges. Unless they can prove beyond a shadow of doubt they were duped by the McCanns, they will also go down.

    At least they would in a lawful society.

  70. perhaps mr skehan has read the pj files and though fuck this for a game of soldiers

  71. Blacksmith Bureau laid the finger on the deficiencies in the Portuguese court case.

    Dr Amaral is a goner.


    But so are the Mc Canns. Amarals book is available anywhere outside Portugal. I managed to find -and buy- a copy recently in Belgium, my home turf. The book really brings out their immaculate behaviour, for which I applaud them. They should thank dr Amaral for not crucifying them. Really.

    So the gipsy stole the child and gave it to Victoria Beckham who gave it to the millionaire heiress with the big boat at Barcelona who sailed it to Australia to hand the child over to a childless couple to keep it for the moment Kate & Gerry would come to collect it with their booty from the gullible pensioners and schoolchildrens piggy banks; to live forever happily after?

    Get real, people. The child is gone. And so she was, from the moment she set foot on the airplane to Faro. She was absent from the creche on May 3rd. Has anyone but me noticed the records for her part of the creche that day are missing, while the juniors records of May 3rd are still there?

    The whole case beggars belief.



  72. @72,dont give up on Mr Amaral yet,there are things he knows that he didnt put in a book you can bet your life on it,also MOST people who comment on this blog are real as we all know that madeleine is dead.

  73. Uncle John was quoted as bemoaning the McCanns' arguido status because according to him, it would affect donations to their fund. Has he now taken off because the pot is drying up? He always came across as a money-loving so and so.


  74. If you have a high profile charity and you want support that means the really hard sell and targeting not just the general public but those figureheads with loads of money. Get them on side and you have cracked it. Kate and Gerry have targeted those who support Missing People like Branson, Rowling, Beckham and are clearly of fabulous wealth. But where is their support for Missing Madeleine now? In fact where has it been since Kate and Gerry were declared official suspects in the disappearance of Madeleine?

    I think it is the same thing perhaps with brother John and Gerry's boss, Skehan. Gerry would have specifically targeted them because what he needs is people behind him, support, the more people who are behind the more like it appears that he is innocent. That would be a reasonable and logical assumption for him to make. From the point of view of brother John and Skehan, Gerry's boss, when it was just the findings of the dogs, they were able to give Gerry the benefit of the doubt. They would know that there could be no criminal liability attaching to them to do so.

    Other directors immediately resigned upon the McCanns being made arguidos, clearly they felt their reputation in being involved was too important to risk the damage. Esther McVey for example who has high level political aspirations.

    But going back to brother John and Skehan, what if there is further evidence that has come to light that simply makes it impossible for them to be blase about the guilt of the McCanns?

    It is a strange coincidence that these resignations have come at the same time as a further ridiculous scam being perpetrated by Team McCann to insist Maddie got stolen to order and is even quite safe. That smacks of absolute desperation on the part of Gerry. He knows that his original insistence she had been taken by paedophiles, three years down the line, is a non starter so far as further fund raising is concerned.

    But these resignations also time almost exactly with the final hearing of Halligen's attempts to avoid extradition. It just could be rather likely brother John and Skehan know or strongly fear this will be the end of Gerry McCann and the end of them if they do not now get out. If you have clear knowledge that someone is behaving fraudulently and you persist...

  75. hi portia, no 72 -the creche record is definitely there, from pamalam site


  76. IMO, Uncle John is in it up to his neck so the suggestion that something may have come to light which points towards the possible guilt of Kate and Gerry as the reason for his resignation is a non-started as far as I'm concerned.


  77. There is definately something afoot. The McCanns are going to run to Canada (family) They will begin a new life, accompanied by the remains of the fund, and their house will be sold. The talk of a possible new investigation has given K & G the s---s, and maybe gerrys boss has been put under pressure to leave the fund, bad publicity for the hospital. The clock has begun to tick...slowly, hasnt it Gerry? The bills for carter ruck, he is possibly hoping will be paid by the amaral libel case, but we should not underestimate Dr Amaral, although he has not the funds to get the best lawyers, he is a respected man. If Portugal are not carefal they will miss out on capturing the Mcs, as they will be living in another country, of which only the chosen few will know.for me if they leave uk (run gerry run) it shows their guilt. Someone needs to wake these official forces up and get investigating. McCanns brother gave up a job to be a director of the fund, hardly normal he would resign. See through the Fog you UK journalists,police and government, and Judiceria Portugal your rats might flee the nest, get that investigation open, because for sure the McCanns wont ask for it-

  78. 76 Ok.

    I am going over the translated PJ files on Joana's blog.
    There, the information on May 3rd is missing whereas the one on May 2nd is not, and the creche files on Sean and Amelie's place on May 3rd isn't either.

    Another thing. KH somewhere emphasized that Madeleine was so afraid of pain. Or Payne?

    And the crying the day before: was that Maddie Maddie, or Daddy, Daddy?
    And did it really stop when someone entered the appartment? Or when someone LEFT the appartment? The neighbour lady heard a door, but did she actually hear someone entering?
    So were Paynes whereabouts that night accounted for? Or anyones, for that matter?

    I still feel the information to solve this is within our grasp. We should study the given facts meticulously, and in the end we'll get the complete picture. It's there, I am quite sure.


  79. no 78, maybe, this and next year will be the time when alot of cases will be solved / finalised- saturn in libra - two signs of justice winning

  80. the elephant in the room

    Casa Pia

    no, there is of course no relation to the 'case' we all got so het up about for over three years

    I just wish all the victims and their families a soupcon of comfort from the verdicts that are reached

    may the guilty be punished..to the full extend of the law..and the survivors go on to live meaningful and untroubled lives from here on in

    if that sounds like a prayer...it is


    Do you remember, Kate and Gerry, That was one of your first promises to your daughter on your way to fool trillions of people in the world and ask donations.
    It is a shame, the amount of time this people spent running a fraudulent Fund. Now they go away, after 3 disastrous years for little Madeleine, after filling their pockets with easy money and after cleaning up their mortgages.

  82. Casa Pia result? About time, don't you think?

  83. Justice in Portugal has just convicted about 6 people for the fact they were found guilty of paedophily.
    Those people are protesting against those sentences, claiming they are innocent.
    Are they or are they not?
    It is about the famous Casa Pia case that shocked Portugal.
    Innocent or not, their lives are destroyed, like Murat's.
    We know that Murat was victim of lies, the dogs did not bark in his home, no finger prints in 5a, no DNA, at least those are a positive things in his life.
    But he is destroyed.

  84. Shubob

    If you check my above post you will find that I am not saying brother John is not involved. I am saying that some further evidence may have come to his attention that will mean that in future it would be impossible for him to claim he does not know of the guilt of Gerry and hence he would be guilty himself of fraud, were he to continue with further knowledge that the police are aware he knows about. In truth, like you, I suspect he may be so heavily involved there will be no way out for him but even so it would be sensible for him to get out when he knows things are reaching the stage of just being blatantly obvious.

    As for Skehan, I am sure he is not involved, but probably felt under pressure to support Gerry. I hope that Gerry's job is now in jeopardy.

  85. Casa Pia? You're not ignoring it Joana, are you?

  86. 78, will their house be sold?
    What about Maddie's ghost that shows up in that home?
    It will not be easy!

    79, why did you write "crying Maddie, Maddie?"
    To me this does not make sense.

  87. This has gone on long enough.
    The first words from Gerry`s mouth in May `07 was "paedos have got her"
    Not, "oh,she may have wandered off, fallen into the pool" or anything like that.
    Considering the number of people in the McCann family, their friends & the high number of political people who are hell-bent on keeping a lid on this dreadful case, where Madeleine`s remains must not be seen at all costs. the only conclusions I can come up with is that they must all be disgusting paedos.


    The Tapas 9 with their IVF treatments, took part in a secret human cloning program.

    Just my opinion, all things considered.

  88. 75 Viv, Neatly put
    77 Anon, I agree
    Brother John gave up a job within days to run a fund to assist the search for a child who the world was being asked to believe might at any moment have been found alive and well.
    He gave up a job, despite having a wife and children.
    He did not ask for a week's leave, nor a fortnight's, or a bit of compassionate, nor a sabbatical 6 months or a year.
    He gave up his job.
    He KNEW that Madeleine would not be found. He KNEW.
    He was certain so that he was sure - the test for "beyond a reasonable doubt" in English criminal law.
    How did he know ? Someone told him.
    Who is that someone ?
    There are few possibilities. KM and GM obviously, plus anyone else who was involved in the discovery of the corpse, or its subsequent sequestration or final disposal.
    Who might that be ?

    "But what is there left to know, Holmes?" Watson ejaculated.
    "The simplest explanation, Watson, is not necessarily the true one. Often, a guilty party, especially if intelligent and quick-witted enough, will blurt out the simplest possible explanation, hoping that his interrogator will be mollified by the mundane nature of the account."

    He paused, and lowered the bow a fraction. He went on, his brow furrowed with disquiet.

    "For now, Watson, it behoves me to neither believe nor disbelieve this story until evidence is before me, lest I fall victim to a shabby sleight of hand.

    [Usual source]

  89. Angel darling, aka for someone smelling like a fowl rat - That's just ignorant. You should be more technological wise really, that impairment does you no good at all - you sound extremely idiotic.

    For your information I spent all day yesterday, since morning until late afternoon, translating to English, on a "real time" basis all "twittcasts" made from inside the court. If you're interested check #CP hash tags on my twitter [see the little birdie on your right, follow that!]

    And another thing, in this blog I do not have to bring ad nauseum repeated headlines that have been and are being covered by an immense ocean of journalists - you can read it in almost every language, except perhaps in Bambara or in any of the remaining 12 Malinke languages.

    If you feel that there's something that you personally would like to add to Casa Pia's case in order to make a nonsensical connection to the McCann affair, then start your own blog.

    It's free, you know? And now please crawl back to you «lair», I meant to your couch.

  90. Directors' 'resignations' - the first sign that there is ongoing action behind the scenes.
    Using an improbable Hewlett 'story' with the assistance of The Sun newspaper to create a diversion is oh so yesterday.
    The world has changed and friends in high places have gone; it's every man for himself and PR will not stop investigations by the UK authorities now.
    I have a feeling part two of the rise and fall is about to break. Only my personal opinion of course :)

  91. Casa Pia have nothing to do with Madeleine. The victims of Casa Pia were childs under the State care without any affective relations with their abusers- they were used as easy meat, without rights, by people well connected with power, with money and with a reputation respected by the public. This is why, they went so far for quite long time, untouchable. The State failed and many people in charged of the childs, failed. A shame to all the portuguese.
    We use to watch Carlos cruz in his TV programs without knowing or thinking about what was behind the private life of that man. He achieve great success with public and really disappointed every one in Portugal, when his name appeared connected with such horrendous crime.
    Madeleine was not a victim of Paedos. Her parents tried hard to connect the crime with Paedos. Paedos need time to target and attack their victims, which by obvious circumstances, in Maddie case they don't have ( few days in Portugal were not enough to mark Madeleine and take her). She was a victim of her own family and the way they raise their childs. This put the twins at high risk. Madeleine could be a victim of Paedos if the abusers were inside her family. She was useless for strangers.
    The victims of the Casa Pia were teenagers, most of them boys ( that also show's some of the sexual orientation of most of the abusers).
    The only parallel I can see between the Casa Pia and the Maddie case is the use of the Media: When Casa Pia case emerged in the News, Carlos Cruz spent one day running to all the TVs to claim innocence. He used the TVs instead the court to prove his innocence. After 7 years and many stories in between to delay the justice, he end up convicted ( I believe based on strong evidences showed in court, since in a case like that, judges don't take the risk to make errors) and again he went to the TVs to blame the judges and the Media ( that one is hilarious because he was the first one to ask the media and use it in his own campaign against justice). The Mccann's have done and still doing the same. If Carlos cruz and his partners on Casa Pia end-up convicted by a Collective of judges (Top judges).... I can take my own conclusions about the mccann's and about all the evils who think that using the Media could help them to fool the public and pervert justice.
    What is a shame in Casa Pia is the amount of years the case took in the Court to be judged, and after all that time, to end-up with so weak sentences (18 years is Ok for Bibi, but 7 and 5 for the rest of the abusers is a joke) and with a possibility of all the convicts to start a new process against the convictions. That means, they will never seat their bottoms in prison. And the honest people in portugal Paid and Still Paying a joking judicial system which allow all that evils to play with life of the victims and the public.
    Convictions in cases like Casa Pia should be out of the possibility of appeal.

  92. 92 A última frase é uma contradição em termos de Justiça, então e se alguém for de facto inocente? Não me refiro, nem quero trazer para aqui o Caso Casa Pia, por isso vou-lhe dar um exemplo diferente - repare nos casos dos corredores de morte no EUA, quantos quase sem provas, ou provas muito dúbias não foram já «assassinados»? Veja as estatísticas raciais...

    Leia http://www.reprieve.org.uk/deathrow

  93. E claro que ha erros judiciais. A historia da criminologia esta cheia de exemplos, sobretudo nos USA, de gente condenada inocentemente.
    Mas voltando ao caso Casa Pia, nao creio que haja erros nas condenacoes. Mais de 7 anos de julgamento com o caso muitas vezes adiado devido a estrategia dos advogados de arrolarem mais testemunhas e 'empatarem' o tribunal com diligencias atras de diligencias, so serviu para ganharem tempo, tentando provavelmente manipular nos bastidores alguns agentes da justica e reduzir penas ou conseguir penas suspensas. Nao resultou. E se advogados de topo, como Sa Fernandes e Serra Lopes, nao conseguiramm ilibar o seu cliente, e porque o tribunal encontrou materia para a condenacao. O processo passou pelas maos de muita gente e a leitura da sentenca foi sendo adiada, por isso acredito que nao haja erros. Alias, infelizmente inclino-me para outra situacao: se os outros arguidos fossem todos 'Bibis' teriam penas mais pesadas. O facto de alguns serem figuras publicas e de terem estatuto social, reduziu-lhes as penas. Aconteceu precisamente o contrario daquilo que carlos Cruz tenta vender na Comunicacao Social, em minha opiniao, e e por isso que penso que casos como este nao deviam ser passiveis de recurso. Assim nunca se fara justica as vitimas. Os condenados continuarao em liberdade com os portugueses a suportarem as custas judiciais de mais horas no tribunal a tentar impugnar o julgamento.
    Se estao inocentes, convenhamos que 7 anos foi tempo mais do que suficiente para advogados de topo conseguirem provar a inocencia dos seus clientes. Nao o conseguiram apesar dos lobbys e do dinheiro que tera fluido. Portanto so me resta uma conclusao: ha provas irrefutaveis.
    E o tempo que agora comeca nao e inedito. Ja o vimos no caso Maddie, com os Mccann a usarem os Media para se inocentarem, fazerem o papel de vitimas e acusarem a PJ e a justica portuguesa de os acusar sem provas. Tiveram sorte porque os lobbys funcionaram ate hoje. Mas nao funcionarao sempre porque casos como os da Casa Pia, Maddie, Face Oculta, Freeport, etc, tiveram o merito de abrir clivagens entre advogados e juizes, expondo os jogos e as vergonhas que povoam a justica portuguesa. E como sempre, 'zangam-se as comadres sabem-se as verdades'. No caso Maddie tambem havera comadres que irao zangar-se. Este abandonar do Fundo por alguns dos seus membros pode ser um sinal.
    Aceito que Carlos Cruz e os outros arguidos estejam revoltados porque acredito que haveria mais gente que saiu impune por ter ligacoes ao poder politico ou economico.
    Interessante que nao tenha havido tanto barulho quando o tribunal de Lisboa resolveu silenciar G. Amaral, proibir um livro e basear toda a decisao em provas que ninguem viu ou percebeu. Esse sim, foi um julgamento fantoche, rapido e cheio de erros. Queriam encerrar o assunto o mais breve possivel e com o menor numero de sessoes no tribunal. Tipico comportamento, quando se parte para um julgamento com o resultado previamente acordado e a necessidade imperativa de condenar um inocente para distrair a atencao dos verdadeiros culpados.

  94. Very strange, two people resigning at the same time.One is a family member, the other isn't.
    Is one of them covering up something for ther other one, that's why they left at the same time?
    Or simply lack if money?
    if I'm not mistaken, there are other people not relatives of the MacCanns who still did not dismiss themselves.
    Why not to send away the no-family members at first, keeping uncle John?
    If it is not a question of money, the members of the fund could be under a pression.
    Is somebody about to talk?

  95. :)] Still on the connection ("what connection?") of the Casa Pia Affair with Madeleine's related Media pyrotechnics... oh my!

    I have just received a "stop press" statement from Gunther - "The Analyst". Here it goes in case someone is interested (quoting from memory):

    "Of course there is a connection...there need not be but it has been made for ideological and adjacent reasons such as the expression of ethnical prejudice.

    The conjunction people are referring to is a subliminal implant. It suggests:

    Portuguese police failed to protect children, Portuguese Justice failed to expedite justice, Portuguese authorities failed to monitor paedophilic behaviour under their noses, etc.

    Thus it follows (does it?) that Madeleine could have been abducted by "mafiosi" paedophiles . More political tennis..."

    At this point the connection dropped. When I phoned him back, Gunther added:

    "That the "Daily Mail" and S. look-a-likes (S for Sun) promote such connections for the sake of ideological expression and Lacanian, money-making "mirror stage" effects is one thing, but the Guardian -the quintessence of independent journalism in the UK, displaying such bias truly surprised me! Did I just say: "surprised me?" (quote/unquote).

    What the hell was Gunther on about? After much probing I found out. Here it is:


    See #10. Actually I went out and grabbed a hard copy of the "Guardian" (Saturday's). The printed version includes a photo of Madeleine McCann as well as Carlos Cruz. Nice match, don't you think? ;)

    8-} I cannot ask Gunther, a British born, native mongrel, what he thinks of Carlos Cruz but I remember asking it to myself.

    I could not see a top journalist such as Carlos, with a face every Portuguese knows having affairs with boys. No way. Under age girls may be but even that! I don't get it. Something else was going on...

    This one might be a case for Lisbeth Salander - The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo...which by the way the Guardian is giving away free (download). Take what you like. Reject what you don't...



  96. :)] Gostei de ler o seu comentario. Bastante inteligente por sinal. Custa-me acreditar que... mas...tudo e possivel.


  97. How was the money paid to Kevin Halligen from the fund?
    Does every director have to sign for the money to be released?

    When the statement by Esther Mcvey was made - in respect to the fund's decision not to pay for Gerry and Kates legal costs, John Mccann and Brian kennedy were not allowed to vote because of family connection and left the room while a decision was made?
    Which means that any release of money was a "board" decision.

    Will the investigation into Kevin Halligen require fund directors to give evidence if he is extradited to the states?

    The resiginations are in my view linked to the ongoing extradition proceedings against mr halligen.

    They are truely shi@@ing themselves.
    The UK government has lost alot of its close relationship with their american counterparts recently i believe (to do with other cases).
    This means if the american investigators keep the pressure on....Justice will be getting closer for all who have been involved!

    never never give up.


  98. Speaking to the Sunday Express, Mr Namora said: “During the summer children were taken to the summer homes of paedophiles on the Algarve. It was highly organised and involved a lot of planning and control.

    “It is possible that those connected with the ring who have not been caught may be involved in Madeleine’s disappearance. I do think detectives should look at this possibility. No stone should be left unturned.”

    Although most of the abuse involved hundreds of boys, he said some girls also fell victim to the gang.

    One man arrested in the case and later released without charge was said to have had a great interest in the ancient underground tunnels running under Praia da Luz.


  99. alguém consegue imaginar o pedro namora a dizer isto «No stone should be left unturned»?

  100. OK, then, there is a simply choice. Reopen the McCann case.

    And when all the other leads prove false, as they will (there was NO abduction), arrest the McCanns and their friends and spokesman - as well as any others involved in the cover-up.

    Power to Portugal!

  101. Power to Justice for a dead child, without hacks, politics and whatnot hindering the police investigation. :)

  102. quick twitter updates:

    Madeleine's Fund Leaving no Stone Unturned Limited Company 06248215 1st press release 16 May 07 http://twitpic.com/2laatq/full

    @EstherMcVeyMP deleted blog page, promoting the #McCann - saved for future memory, 9 May 2007 http://twitpic.com/2l9qw0/full

    1 A4 sized page for 9 people detailed finances! No it's not a joke it was what the HO sent to the Portuguese Police #McCann http://twitpic.com/2la4s8/full

    @EstherMcVeyMP http://t.co/hxRYMi0 on the fund being used to pay the #McCann fund mortgages & defense costs RTP September 12 2007

  103. Sempre iguais a si mesmos e mostrando como andam desesperados, os Mccann e a dupla de jornais que cada dia parecem mais ser seus porta-vozes, os mentirosos SUN e DAILY MAIL.
    Nao nao consigo imaginar o Pedro Namora a dizer a frase Mccanniana "No stone should be left unturned", nem o resto da conversa que o jornal lhe poe na boca. E mais uma jogada baixa de um jornal be baixo nivel a tentar vender e obter dividendos de um caso de Pedofilia que aconteceu em Portugal.
    Ja agora porque nao ligar o caso Maddie aos pedofilos da Ilha de Jersey? Muitos ja terao morrido ou estarao caqueticos, mas numa historia idiota onde cabe um Hewlett as portas da morte, tambem cabem pedofilos fantasma, moribundos e todos os personagens da nossa fantasia. So nao cabem os verdadeiros suspeitos, aqueles sobre os quais a investigacao encontrou indicios. Fortes ou fracos, sao indicios e como indicios que sao, fecham portas e abrem caminhos novos. Fecharam a porta do rapto e abriram um caminho que nao interessa nada a quem lidou de perto com a crianca e a teve como presa facil, a mao, sem precisar de a "marcar previamente". Infelizmente, nasceu marcada pela desgraca de pertencer a tao verosimil familia, que nao se coibe de a usar e abusar em proveito proprio, mesmo depois de ter desaparecido.
    Pedro Namora pode ser o que muitos entenderem ou quiserem fazer passar, mas e uma pessoa informada e instruida, por isso custa-me a acreditar que algum dia tenha dito as palavras que lhe atribuem e que tenha estabelecido qualquer relacao ente a Casa Pia e Madeleine. Os abusadores da Casa Pia nao se esforcavam na procura dos seus alvos. Usavam criancas carenciadas e disponiveis que eram muitas vezes seduzidas com promessas e prendas. Tinham um perfil, uma idade e um genero totalmente diferente do de Madeleine.
    E quando Madeleine desapareceu, ja os pedofilos da Casa Pia e o seu gang estavam debaixo de controle policial. Nao iam meter-se noutra confusao. So nos parcos neuronios dos jornalistas dos tabloides ingleses, cabe esta historia, porque como sempre nao fazem o trabalho de casa e andam mal informados.
    Infelizmente, continua a haver pedofilos em Portugal como em todos os paises do mundo. E vai haver sempre, sobretudo se as penas nao forem dissuasoras, porque e uma doenca e porque as vitimas sao vulneraveis e faceis de obter. A maior parte dos abusos acontecem dentro da esfera familiar ou do grupo de amigos proximo a crianca, em quem ela confia e tem dificuldade em distinguir o que e um comportamento bom e saudavel de outro que lhe faz mal. A maior parte das criancas abusadas tem dificuldade em delimitar a fronteira do que e carinho e do que e abuso, por isso quando se apercebe ou denuncia a situacao, ja passou muito tempo e ja muita revolta e muitos estragos foram feitos ao seu fisico e a sua mente.
    Se Madeleine foi vitima de Pedofilia, foi dentro da sua propria casa e as maos de quem a podia obter facilmente, sem precisar de transpor janelas ou esperar por uma porta deleixadamente deixada aberta. Reabram o caso e exponham a pedofilia que o envolve. Estamos todos a espera de ver "No stone should be left unturned" e eu ate agradeco que usem o dinheiro dos meus impostos no esclarecimento da verdade, embora pense que a pobre crianca ja nao usufruira de nenhum dividendo dessa verdade pois acredito que esta morta. De qualquer modo, pelo SER QUE ELA FOI E PELO DIREITO QUE LHE ASSISTE, MERECE JUSTICA. Sera sempre um SIMBOLO da vergonha que e a justica do meu pais e um acto-de-contricao para todos os pais, que a semelhanca dos dela, forem Pais-Fantoche.

  104. In fact,what remains out of this ever lasting disgraceful saga are 2 fundamental aspects/questions:
    1) when is the fund going to be investigated?
    2) when are the portuguese going to re-opened the case?

    As long as answers to these questions are not given,justice will not be made to Madeleine.As simple as that and once more G.Amaral was right as he has since long been very aware of the dirtiness of the fund.He said ONLY the english authorities have jurisdiction over the fund but...nobody has ever made a move towards any investigation whatsoever....follow the money,as always

  105. 98 Housing Agent Holdings, Kennedy's company paid money to Halligen.

  106. Hi Joana,
    I certainly can't see Fernando Namora using the "no stone unturned" phrase. He comes across as a very nice man. Could you contact him and ask him if he agrees with what the Daily Express wrote?

  107. http://www.dailyexpress.co.uk/posts/view/197591/Peadophile-ring-with-link-to-Madeleine-McCann-jailed/

    OF COURSE!!!! they dont waste a minute to jump in any bandwagon passing by.....well done Murray! its "ideal"....
    Lets hope this new information is going to be investigated......?

  108. Parece que o assunto se desviou para a Pia Casa...passe a homofonia ...nesse caso chamo a atenção dos comentadores em Português para o portal do Carlos Cruz aqui...



  109. :)] Tem mais...se o Carlos Cruz esta de facto inocente surge a possibilidade um novo argumento...

    8-} A lógica da batata e implacável...


  110. Oh Joana darling, just love to see you fall for a good old wind up. Hook, line and sinker eh? I don't think Casa Pia has anything to do with Madeleine, but I think it is worthwhile reporting it on your blog since it involves Portugal. Obviously you don't see it as that important in the scheme of things. (Crawls back to the couch) Hee! Hee! Oh and by the way, not interested in your tweets,the biggest load of shit on the net!

  111. I did not follow the Casa Pia case from the beginning so I can't give an opinion as to whether justice prevailed or not. What I find strange is seeing people that were sentenced for their crimes giving press conferences instead of going directly to jail. It bothers me that people convicted of such serious crimes are able to walk free while they await the hearing of their appeal.

    The British media is so predictable, they will leave no stone unturned to protect the image of this riffraff McCann couple. Last week they were telling us the story about a missive, a letter that no longer exists, received by a man from his estranged father. A missive in which the now deceased declared that a drunken gypsy had let slip that Madeleine had been stolen by an established gang of gypsies in Portugal on the request of a rich childless couple. Apparently, Madeleine's disappearance had nothing to do with a paedophile ring. Now the British media is trying to link the Casa Pia case to the Madeleine case, it appears the paedophile ring is back in vogue again.

    The Portuguese Press should devote a section in their newspapers to the comical stories written in the British Media. They should entitle the section "The McCann Circus."


  112. Well I reckon the Daily Express are still having a bit of a laugh with Gerry McCann. One of the few media organisations in the UK that is not controlled by tory loving Murky Murdoch and so they were ripe for a half a million ripoff from Team McScam.

    Of course next year, shock horror, when they look at the bank balance following another mad spending/money laudering spree, they had to feast their eyes this time on one Goncalo Amaral, but over a year gone by and he don't seem to be handing over:)

    I mean surely, that article starts with saying the Casa Pia connection and finishes with the Pink Shirty One denying there is any leads from that. But he can make leads from a spectral paedo getting some erm private investigator to deliver a letter to his son that he then burns and then mentions months later, about an apparent conversation said paedo had with drunken gypsy, or some drunk has recall several months, I mean years, later about a poshalike. Makes me think there must be, Dr Paulo Rebelo, specialist in child sex offenders, now there is a common denominator, but of course Mitchell's job is to make us think just the opposite and I reckon the Daily Express just gently try to re-adjust the focus.

    I reckon when it came to deciding who they could cash in on for doggy death stories the Express were best because Murdoch was more handy to have on side for the positive spin. But there again there has been some pretty negative stuff printed on Sky. Still, I cannot see the McCanns seriously getting to tell Murdoch the way things are going to be. Sure he likes a mad story though.

  113. 111, Guerra and some others,
    I did not read the Daily Express about the gypsies but if it wrote this story, it is simply ironical and old fashion.
    Gypsies steal children and Elvis is still alive.
    The Express will be the first to publicise the truth(that they know very well) on the day this problem will be solved.
    They are only waiting for their window of opportunity.
    Windows of opportunities happens also to the media, not only to abductors.

  114. I agree that the Fund is pivotal in this case, that 'follow the money' is good advice. I think it would be very interesting to know in more detail just where all the money has gone, who has benefitted most from the Fund money (other than the various 'detectives' employed). What has been paid to the various directors, for a start; do they claim expenses and if so, what for and how much? How many other individuals or firms have been paid money from the Fund and what did they provide in exchange? Were real efforts made to do things as economically as possible or was it just a case of throwing money around without making stringent efforts to use it in the best and most thrifty way?

    I can't be the only one to find it very strange that millions have apparently been spent, yet there seems to have been no noticeable search for Madeleine, and absolutely no progress made in finding this supposedly abducted child. What exactly has been done? What use has the money been? Since the public were so generous in their contributions wouldn't it have been only right and proper to itemise in detail where all the money has gone, so that those who contributed could have been assured their money was well spent and not frittered away or ended up in the wrong people's pockets.

    I've no idea how the court case will go (if it ever takes place) but regardless of the outcome I'm pretty sure this case won't disappear, no matter what the McCanns do. It's obvious from the comments on Madeleine articles on online newspaper websites that there's a great desire from the public to get to the truth of what really happened to Madeleine, and that the public are fed up with the silly stories about dead paedophiles hearing confessions from drunken gypsies (yeah, right) or other such nonsense. IMO this won't change, people will still want the case reopened officially in Portugal and all possible scenarios looked at again.

    I personally don't think the Fund is being wound down; I hope not, as it's one of the most interesting things about the whole circus that surrounds this case.

  115. Textusa blog changed or was Carter- Rucked?

  116. Dimsie 114
    I personally don't think the Fund is being wound down; I hope not, as it's one of the most interesting things about the whole circus that surrounds this case."
    I also hope not. It is the one thing the British Poolice will be able to focus on. Most of the other offences have been commited outside the jurisdiction, but this mega fraud and the lies surrounding it lie within the competence of the Brit Pol. It is also something that everyone will be able to understand, without having to follow the blogs for the last many years, or to trawl through the entire DVD of evidence.

    Always remember that Al Capone went to prison for tax offences.

  117. Hi Joana
    I'm concerned that Textusa and McCann Unravelled not available any more. I've contributed comments to both sites and would like to register for their blogs, but don't know how to do so. If you can advise, I would be grateful. If there is a reason for this situation which you prefer not to publish, I will, of course, respect your judgement.

  118. Of course the Sunday Express article linking Casa Pia with Madeleine's case is utter rubbish! I'm sure the reporter has not talked to Mr. Namora or Mrs. Pestana, and here's the proof:
    They quote Mrs. Catalina Pestana as saying:

    "Catalina Pestana, who has run Casa Pia since the crimes were reported in 2002, said: “The stories that I heard were the most terrible of my life. "

    If they indeed had spoken with Dra. Pestana I'm sure she would have told them she is NOT the director of Casa Pia. The present director is Dra. Joaquina Madeira!

  119. Am I missing something? If the McCanns didn't have a lead linking to the paedophile ring then why were they wasting time following the Casa Pia case? It's the official police authorities' job to find leads in Portugal, not PIs.

  120. Leicestershire Police Constabulary have removed almost all pages and links to the McCann's Fund from their site - after almost 3 years, a small battle was won. Just one page remains linking back http://www.leics.police.uk/contact/5_make_a_suggestion/

  121. The Operation Task strategy [errr] PDF link is still online, the one that was published just on time to prevent any MET/LCP/SOCA/other Liaison officers of making sworn witness statements on, for example, Amaral's book and TVI's Documentary injunction hearing http://www.leics.police.uk/files/library/documents/op-task-publication-strategy.pdf December 18, 2009

  122. :)] to Joana at 118

    Greetings! This is a question a bit off the mark but since you mentioned Dr. Amaral...going back to that interview G.A gave to M.S.T. - known in the UKGB as "Pitt B." (B de bull). At some stage during the interview (towards the end) G.A pulls up a scrap of paper which he then reads stating the number of times he had been called "this" or "that" (word) in the British press. Where did G.A. got those numbers from? That was in fact an excellent example of Critical Content Analysis. Do you know who did that research and which Brit papers were used as samples?

    Much obliged...


  123. Meanwhile today Guardian's Nick Davies and other real Journalists are dissecting NOTW Hacking Scandal after last weeks great investigative reportage published on the New York Times.

    On the side: News of the World belongs to News Corporation, owned by Rupert Murdoch, my favourite media tyrant - Andy Coulson was the News Editor at the time when the NOTW hacks hacked [pun intended] into mobile voice mails, emails, home voice mail recorders, etc..

    Andy Coulson one degree of separation to the McCann affair:

    McCann family spokesman Clarence Mitchell joins CCHQ as head of media monitoring for the election

    PR Week has the story:

    "The Conservative Party has signed up Clarence Mitchell, best-known as spokesman for Madeleine McCann's parents, as the head of media monitoring for its general election campaign, PRWeek can exclusively reveal.

    "Mitchell joins the Tory comms operation today, reporting directly to director of communications Andy Coulson. Mitchell, who was the director of the Government's media monitoring unit for two years (2005-2007) will take a back room role, monitoring the progress of the Tories' campaign in the media."

    Mitchell, a former BBC News presenter, is a member of the Conservative Party in north London and also on the approved candidates' list.

    Guardian articles to read:

    What the officer and the minister said about hacking ... and what they didn't John Yates and Theresa May made detailed comments on the phone-hacking affair. Nick Davies analyses them

    Phone hacking scandal: Theresa May comes under fire in parliament Labour MP Tom Watson says Britain risks becoming 'laughing stock' in world unless allegations in NY Times are investigated

    Phone-hacking inquiry was abandoned to avoid upsetting police
    • Leaked memo warned Met police would 'deeply resent' probe
    • Ex-officer Bob Quick says new claims must be investigated
    • Senior Tories start to voice doubts over Andy Coulson's future

  124. Murdoch refuses to answer question on Andy Coulson News of the World phone-hacking scandal video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mHlGQPYJGu0
    published 23 August 2010 [http://www.youtube.com/user/xklamation]

    Metgate started here:
    Guardian's Article April 25, 2010 - Andy Coulson Phone Bug Claim

  125. two free places in the Fund? we can send you Leonor Cipriano and her brother... I'm sure they have compatible C.V.'s. They will be unemployed when they get out of prison in a few years... but at that time the Fund will have more jobs to apply for juridic reasons...who knows?

  126. ;)] para o Guerra #111

    Sugiro que visite a pagina do Carlos Cruz http://www.processocarloscruz.com e pondere...

    Sem querer tirar posição no caso, sinto que o C.C. pode muito bem estar inocente. De facto acredito mais nele do que na juíza... e não sou so eu...

    1. Moita Flores - Ex PJ, Professor Universitário, Escritor e Criminologista
    2. Barra da Costa - Ex PJ, Professor Universitário, Escritor e Criminologista
    3. Artur Pereira - Ex Director da Directoria de Lisboa da PJ
    4. Pinto da Costa - Médico-Legista ex INML
    5. Conchero Carro - Universidade de Santiago de Compostela
    6. Médicos de Coimbra
    7. Gary Wells, Richard McNally e Elizabeth Loftus - psiquiatras e psicólogos norte-americanos
    8. Cristina Soeiro - Psiquiatra (Instituto Superior de Polícia Judiciária e Ciências Criminais)
    9. Colégio de Psiquiatria
    10. Conselho Superior de Magistratura
    11. Tribunal da Relação de Lisboa
    12. Pires de Lima - Ex Bastonário da Ordem dos Advogados
    13. Marinho Pinto - Bastonário da Ordem dos Advogados
    14. José Miguel Júdice - Ex Bastonário da Ordem dos Advogados
    15. Adelino Granja - Advogado
    16. Deputados
    17. Mário Soares - Ex Presidente da República
    18. Jorge Sampaio- Ex Presidente da República
    19. Maria Barroso - Fundadora da Pro Dignitate, Fundação dos Direitos Humanos
    20. Fialho Gouveia - Profissional da Rádio e da Televisão
    21. José Niza - Compositor, Autor, Psiquiatra e Ex-Deputado
    22. Maria João Fialho Gouveia - Jornalista
    23. Pio Abreu - Psiquiatra do Hospital da Universidade de Coimbra
    24. Manuel Villaverde Cabral - Investigador e Professor Universitário
    25. João Pedro Henriques - Jornalista
    26. António Garcia Pereira - Advogado
    27. Artur Costa - Procurador Geral Adjunto
    28. Eduardo Prado Coelho -Escritor e Professor Universitário (1944-2007)
    29. Vicente Jorge Silva - Jornalista e ex Deputado
    30. Augusto Santos Silva - Político (Ministro da Defesa)
    31. Vital Moreira - Professor Universitário, Constitucionalista e Deputado Europeu
    32. Clara Ferreira Alves - Jornalista
    33. António Barreto - Sociólogo
    34. José Vitor Malheiros - Jornalista
    35. José Manuel Fernandes - Jornalista, ex Director do Público
    36. Henrique Monteiro - Ex Sub Director e Actual Director do Jornal Expresso desde Jan 2006
    37. Directores de Imprensa Escrita - CM, JN, DN, Publico, Expresso, Visão
    38. Joaquim Fidalgo -Jornalista e Professor Universitário (Diana Andringa, Estrela Serrano e M. Sousa Tavares)
    41. Pedro Rolo Duarte - Jornalista
    42. Daniel Oliveira -Jornalista -Expresso e Eixo do Mal (SIC Notícias)
    43. Rui Rangel - Juíz Desembargador
    44. Richard Webster - Escritor Inglês e investigador de casos de abusos na Grã Bretanha
    45. Dr. José Pinto Ribeiro -Jurista, Ex professor catedrático e Ex Ministro da Cultura
    46. José Leite Pereira - Director do Jornal de Notícias - 30.08.2010

    "Oportunamente, aqui colocarei o Processo na íntegra, devidamente indexado para que os cidadãos possam procurar respostas para as suas dúvidas e confirmem que provei, SEM MARGEM PARA QUALQUER DÚVIDA QUE ESTOU INOCENTE. Sou afinal, uma vítima das vítimas!" (Carlos Cruz)

    8-}Fico a pensar se a juíza da Pia (passe a homófona) não terá sido a mesma que dirigiu o encontro McCann's contra Amaral? Não, não foi.

    Mmmm... será que temos agora uma Justiça Pronto-a-Vestir em Portugal? Santa Quitéria de Meca! Advogada dos cães danados!


  127. RTP1 #PEC [Prós e Contras] sobre o #CP, com Carlos Cruz, Marinho Pinto, etc.. debate

  128. RTP http://www.rtp.pt/programas-rtp/index.php?p_id=26006&e_id=23&c_id=1&dif=tv&hora=22:37&dia=06-09-2010

    O processo histórico.
    O antes e o depois da Justiça no regresso do maior debate da televisão portuguesa.
    O escândalo Casa Pia abala alicerces Morais, Ético

    usar estes links para ver com o windows media player

  129. :)] Alo Joana at #119!

    This is the byte I liked best...it went straight to memory...

    ” Several investigators said in interviews that Scotland Yard was reluctant to conduct a wider inquiry in part because of its close relationship with News of the World" (New York Times's quote).

    PSsst Faz-me lembrar o titulo da historia do "Ali Baba e os Quarenta Ladroes"... a historia era outra; os ladroes são sempre os mesmos...


  130. AC respondo-te amanhã foi um/uma blogger - as estatísticas foram retiradas de Factiva creio, mas não tenho certeza. beijinhos - desculpa lá mas estou atenta ao #PEC :)

  131. :)] Joana 129

    Obrigado pela dica! Segui os elos ("links")... vão la dar, mas...o programa de hoje (este) parece não estar ainda disponível...


  132. :)] Joana #131 Perdão! No postal 130 quis dizer 124 em vez de 119. Tropecei nos olhos...

    :)) Desculpe o "interlúdio". ("Mas que chato!")... Fique atenta ao PEC! Aqui não da para ver ainda...


  133. time to move on to sorting Jersey out.strange how no great cry about it being covered up.

  134. Good morning Joana!

    I have located it (seemingly). Here it is! Sheer luck! God bless Google!



  135. I nominated Nick Davies some months back on this blog; as the best person to investigate the McCann scandal. I find it hypocritical of Alan Johnson to have a go at the present government, saying there was no scandal when Labour was in power. however, Theresa May's window of opportunity to prove she means business in the McCann case is gradually closing. I hope my letter of complaint to her about the links by LP to the private Find Madeleine fund will have a result.?No reply to my letter yet!

  136. It looks like Leicester Police have taken links to fund etc off the website.

  137. So, it looks as if even Scotland Yard are in Murdoch´s pocket. The plot is thickening up nicely.

  138. Theresa May said yesterday in regard to the NotW phones hacking affair that government ministers have no role to play in any police investigation. All very correct, and if there's any consistency in her views, perhaps this was her answer to the Mccann overtures to her about authorising a review of the investigating into the disappearance of MBM. If so perhaps this has provoked dissent about strategy in the Fund camp causing some directora to jump ship. Just a possibility.

  139. #127
    citando ac:
    "Sem querer tirar posição no caso, sinto que o C.C. pode muito bem estar inocente. De facto acredito mais nele do que na juíza... e não sou so eu...

    1. Moita Flores - Ex PJ, Professor Universitário, Escritor e Criminologista

    Fiquei curiosa, sobretudo quando vi quem está aqui no nº 1, cliquei neste e em vários nomes e o que encontrei são artigos destas pessoas sobre o caso/assuntos relacionados com abusos.

    Não confundir artigos/declarações diversas com pessoas declarando que acreditam na inocência de Carlos Cruz!

  140. Leicestershire police have not just taken the link down, they have removed all reference to Madeleine except the link you posted Joanna, which is actually in the wrong place on the website!
    I fail to see what is good about this - Bennett is claiming responsibility, I hope he is pleased with himself if he did have anything to do with it. But none of us should be celeberating them sweeping her under the carpet.

  141. No Prós e Contras,

    ...E o "Sr.Dr." Marinho Pinto mais uma vez aproveitou para defender a "pobre coitada da mãezinha exemplar e inocente" Leonor Cipriano,que foi, na sua douta opinião, condenada sem provas! E estava a ver que ainda ía aproveitar o embalo para incluir o caso Maddie no pacote e achincalhar o Dr. Amaral!
    Que figurão! Impõe a sua razão aos berros, intimida tudo e todos, não ficaria deslocado na lota do peixe...(sem ofensa às peixeiras)

  142. Joanna,

    Leicestershire Police seem to have removed Madeleine's photo and link to the fund off their website


  143. I do not believe the McCann Case has connections with Casa Pia Case.
    In response to 87, yes if they decide to sell up the house, ghost and all it will sell, theres always one who likes a creepy history.
    But I believe the spirit of Madeleine is in Portugal.
    LP have removed Maddie from missing persons list (McCann Files) So if she is not a missing person what are they classing her as? McCanns are attempting to quiet things down, the twins are getting older, and they have to create the right impression. How can they rest without having put Maddie to peace.Its so sad that these two have not used the fund for any constructive searching,such as divers and sniffer dogs, and paying for people to search physically as they dont seem to want to. So called good catholics, this was all a ploy. Lets hope wayne the pain and his burnt letter get ignored and that PJ use the Casa Pia case as an excuse to reopen the Maddie case.

  144. #123 (ac):

    Although I have no idea where Dr. Amaral got his information, I did compile a few lists using queries to the Factiva database. (They haven't been updated since posted - maybe I should get busy and do that!)

    I am NOT replying to you in order to "promote" my blog, but it was weeks of work to sort through the articles and I was absolutely astounded at what I found. It is the most shameful thing, it really is.

    Here are my lists - I have no reason to believe Dr. Amaral's material was taken from here, but hopefully his researchers did something similar themselves...

    I await the fine day when Dr. Amaral will launch legal proceedings against the British media.


  145. Please read McCann Files, about the Rothley police.
    The official pages reporting Madaleine's missing have been taken away.
    People who are really missing are still there.
    Finally the Rothley police got some space to tell the world the child is not missing but dead.
    They knew it all the time but now they can express their believe.
    What is going on?

  146. 144, I believe Madeleine's spirit is near her parents and the siblings.
    It can be it is in 5a, but not always.
    Most of the time spirits follow people who are responsible for their death. That is what my grandmother used to tell me.She came from Scotland and got married to my grandfather in Eindhoven, Holland.
    I wish she should be still alive, to talk about Maddie.
    I'm sure she is somewhere now and who knows she will tell us what happened to the little girl.

  147. 118 Anon.

    Yes, don't know what has happened either - Textusa - I think you have to be invited on but McCann Unravellled - who know's?


  148. To Winnower at 145

    Thanks for the clarification. I only mentioned Factiva because (if I remember correctly) you mentioned it as a source at the end but I understood the exhaustive hard work was yours - I called it "Critical Content Analysis" at its best.

    Keep up the good work and many thanks for sharing it with us.


  149. to Anon #140

    8-} Não se tratara de uma listagem de suporte mas pareceu-me implícito. A si pareceu-lhe que não? Ah! a mim pareceu-me que sim. Desculpe.

    Acredita portanto que o Carlos Cruz não esta inocente? O resto que estava la no portal? Viu? Leu? ou prefere as opiniões "prontas-a vestir"? Óptimo.

    Ja que falei em "pret-a-porter" confesso que vejo em tudo isto mais um exemplo de "Justiça-Pronta-a-Vestir". Vimos em pleno Inverno o Dr. Goncalo Amaral sair do Palácio da (in)Justica de "mini-saia" e agora o Carlos Cruz de casaco, camisa e gravata mas de rabo a mostra.

    Sera para rir?

    Considere o seguinte paradigma:

    Robert - o "sem-abrigo" a quem eu ocasionalmente ofereçia uma moedinha ou duas de suporte acusou-me um dia de lhe ter roubado £5 do boné. A convicção foi tal que alguns ("passers-by") pareceram ter acreditado mais nele do que minha lavada e penteada pessoa...

    Imagine se fosse caso de tribunal e me tocava a "Juíza" do Carlos Cruz ou do Gonçalo Amaral? Como teria saído? "De civilização a volta do pescoço?"


  150. Hello again ac,
    I replied to your post to try to answer your question "which Brit papers were used as samples?" :) Thanks for the compliments, most important is that people truly see what the British press has done to Amaral. It is beyond my ability to comprehend how stories could have been twisted so, how they got away with the disgusting adjectives used over and over again to describe this honorable man. Given today's stories about the decision Sofia had to make to "stand by her man", it is even more important that we also stand by Amaral in ANY way we can. (Sorry if this is off-topic on this thread - I know it is about the Fund directors so I'll hush now.)

  151. Ha juizas e juizas. So porque a juiza do livro de G. Amaral se borrifou para o que foi dito em tribunal, pois parecia ja ter a sentenca decidida em secretaria, nao quer dizer que se passou o mesmo na Casa Pia. Alias, quando os julgamentos sao manipulados tendem a ser rapidos para evitar reaccoes, ou o levantar de lebres. Foi esta a estrategia no caso de G. Amaral. O da Casa Pia foi longo, muito devido a estrategia dos advogados de defesa que fizeram de tudo para arrolar testemunhas e prolongar o fim do julgamento. Estranho comportamento para quem esta inocente, nao e? Isto ja para nao falar nos honorarios pagos a advogados durante todos estes anos. Era preciso que o colectivo de juizes ( nao so a juiza) fossem muito burros para com tamanho erro correrem o risco destes acusados virem a pedir enormes indemnizacoes ao Estado. Era o fim da carreira destes juizes.
    O Carlos Cruz e Ca estao a fazer show-off num recado ao PS, porque havia mais suspeitos que foram cirurgicamente retirados do processo. E natural esta revolta, o que nao quer dizer que esteja inocente. Se havia mais culpados, porque e que so alguns sao condenados?
    O pior que pode acontecer e generalizar.

  152. Anon - 136

    You have your wish - the LP's have now disconnected their link with the Madeleine Fund. I think we have all the bloggers who have sent e-mails to Teresa May to thank, in no small part, for this decision. And, whatever his detractors might say, Tony Bennett has also put a lot of his time and energy into getting a result for Madeleine

  153. :)] to Anon 152

    Respeito a sua opinião mas prefiro aguardar pela publicação do processo completo tal como promete o Carlos Cruz. Detesto ideias prontas-a-vestir.

    Fico-me pela hipótese do Carlos Cruz ter sido uma "vitima das vitimas".


    Pelo que li/vi/ouvi fiquei com a impressão que a Juíza(s) cometeu erros "de paralaxe" (problemas com a viseira?) e não prestou a importância devida a lógica dos factos.

    Todo o facto tem implicações (nem sempre uma só). A função do Juiz(es) e de chegar a uma avaliação qualitativa e quantitivamente correta das mesmas.

    A metodologia de Procrustes (conhecida na praxe como "pronto-a-vestir") não serve a Justiça. Pode servir interesses politicos, audiências e "Media" mas não serve nem a Justiça nem a Verdade.

    O Carlos Cruz a brincar de pederasta com malta da Casa Pia? Por favor! :))

    So para quem não o conhece! Impossível! Rectifico: Quase impossível. A probabilidade de todo e qualquer acontecimento e sempre superior a zero - logo "possível".

    A probabilidade de o Carlos Cruz ser culpado anda a volta de 0,0000000000001 por milhão. Pense antes: "calunia por motivos óbvios."

    As provas conclusivas do "abuso(s)", onde estão? Ahhh...os meus óculos... A lupa quero dizer...nao! nao! o microscópio electrónico, digo.

    E se em vez do Carlos Cruz os acusados tivessem sido os os McCann's ou a Jane Tanner? Qual teria sido o parecer das "autoridades"? "Culpado?" "Sem provas conclusivas?" "testemunha bem intencionada"? Responda s.f.f..

    "Sem provas conclusivas!"

    Muito bem! Acaba de ser promovido(a) a Juiz ou Juíza. Pode escolher o pronto-a-vestir que mais lhe convier...

    :(( Braaavo!


  154. "And, whatever his detractors might say, Tony Bennett has also put a lot of his time and energy into getting a result for Madeleine"

    And also, whatever his detractors might say, he puts his full name, address, telephone number and email address on everything he posts. How many of us are prepared to do that ?

  155. :)] to Anon 140

    "A proposito do criminologista Prof. Moita Flores, o que eu li no portal do Carlos Cruz foi isto e não aquilo a que se refere. Por que "links" andou? ;))

    "Os meritíssimos esqueceram-se das 'cachas' que o davam a fugir quando foi para a casa do sogro, de cartões de crédito identificados pelo FBI, dos vídeos que teriam sido apreendidos, dos depoimentos de cara tapada, insinuantes e sem consistência. De onde se conclui que esta gente não lê. E não vê. A não ser o 'Bombástico', no acórdão sublinhado ironicamente. Basta que tenha sido sobrelevado o facto de uma testemunha descrever sinais particulares no corpo de Carlos Cruz e não ter havido uma douta e iluminada decisão para comprovar se esses sinais eram verdadeiros ou não. Até a mediação em que no início eu próprio intervim entre Pedro Namora e Carlos Cruz está eivada de mentiras. Aliás, como o próprio P. Namora honradamente assumiu à RTP. Os meritíssimos acabam o seu acórdão pior do que começaram. Com a insinuação de que entre os amigos de C. Cruz que promoveram as iniciativas de apoio estão pedófilos.
    Nem o célebre inquisidor Varojão Távora chegou a tanto no séc. XVIII."

    Depoimento completo aqui:


    Ah! e enquanto estiver la, sugiro que leia os outros ou pelo menos alguns... se tiver tempo, claro. O futuro já vimos, e o pronto-a-vestir...


  156. :)] to Winnower at 151

    The compliments were absolutely justified and truly deserved. One can only imagine the time and patience involved.

    What you have come up with is a very persuasive factual argument. Critical Content Analysis at its best. It complements, perfectly, some of the related (on-going) Critical Discourse Analysis made here by the illustrious J.... (you know who)... we better not mention her name just in case she is reading... ;)

    Kindest regards!


  157. #155
    Tanto quanto me lembro o artigo de que cita é de 2004. Porque será que não há lá artigo mais recentes? Será que Moita Flores ainda está plenamente convencido que o Carlos Cruz é inocente?

    Quanto à sua sugestão, já li o suficiente. Let's agree to disagree on this one.

  158. For Anon 116

    Textusa has returned - Ironside is ill and I think this was why it shut down for a few days.

    All thoughts to Ironside for speedy recovery.


  159. :)] para 158

    Pronto! Pronto! Aqui esta um artigo mais recente. Este do Dr. Mário Soares publicado há cerca de um mês (3 de Agosto de 2010). Serve?

    "O descrédito da justiça portuguesa não depende, na minha modesta opinião, de as leis serem, eventualmente, más ou confusas. Depende, sobretudo, do arrastamento inusitado dos processos, que é inaceitável, sem que ninguém seja responsabilizado. Resulta também das fugas de informação, divulgadas pelos meios de comunicação social (que têm, diga-se, grandes responsabilidades no cartório e bastante impunidade), e do desrespeito total pelo segredo de justiça; dos julgamentos na praça pública, que se repetem, sem que nada aconteça aos responsáveis, e arruínam ou deixam manchas inapagáveis na reputação de pessoas inocentes e honradas; na apetência incontrolável dos juízes e dos representantes do Ministério Público, em aparecer nas televisões a falar, falar sem controlo nem senso, não percebendo que isso só os diminui e desprestigia, perante os cidadãos comuns....
    ....Cito alguns exemplos: o caso Casa Pia, que se arrasta há quase dez anos, com vários julgamentos, feitos na praça pública, visando personalidades políticas e outras - inocentes - sem sombra de uma prova..."

    Dr. Mario Soares: http://www.processocarloscruz.com/index.php?pag=perguntas&id=8

    Disponha sempre.


  160. AC Speaking of former Presidents ;)

    Former Portuguese President on the McCanns Process


    Excerpt of article from that epoch: «Jorge Sampaio, the former President of the Republic of Portugal believes that if the suspicions presented in Amaral's book are true they should have been used to reopen the process and not to write a book.

    With the process archived and the controversy in the bookshops, the case Maddie keeps on causing several reactions. The most recent comes from the former president of the Republic.

    Jorge Sampaio does not confirm if he already read or intends to read the book of Gonçalo Amaral, but he confessed that he is surprised with another one of the protagonists of this case.

    The national former director of the Judiciary Police considered the archiving of the case to be hasty, but before, still at the commands of the Judiciary he used the same word, haste, to classify one of the high moments of the investigations.

    Jorge Sampaio joins now the chorus of criticism to Alípio Ribeiro.»

  161. Can anyone tell, how private Ltd company can accept public donations?
    I've tried to find relevant information at HMRC website but according HMRC donations could be done by limited companies to public NPO (charities).

    Even if the company's called Fund etc. it's legal form still profitable company with limited liabilities. I really doubt that any Ltd outside Madeleine's Fund did something like that - I mean asked and received public donations.

    Can anyone comment that?


  162. ;)) Joana at 161. Thanks for unearthing this. I have no problem with Portuguese (it is my first language). Thought provoking...

    Jorge Sampaio statement may suggest/confirm Alipio Ribeiro could have been under pressure from above. No? Yes? May be? I don't think Jorge Sampaio gets it (or perhaps he does). Who was "above" at the time of the statement, if I may ask? I guessed it! Interesting how Mathematical Game Analysis works...

  163. Ainda em relação as declarações de Jorge Sampaio...a frase chave parece ser esta: "do prestigio que temos de defender perante o estrangeiro". O prestigio de quem? O nosso ou o deles?

  164. To anon 162

    Nothing can stop you from starting a donation business. You are not deceiving anyone. You are asking people to donate to you. It is a business like any other. The thing is you could not use the profits except for the objectives you have stated.

    Furthermore, if you pocket a salary of 100K a year as a director (random number) that is OK too.

    Incidentally, if you wish to donate to my company please call me after the show...

  165. JOANA #90 Angel is team mcspam I have see her on many forums spreading the Mcspam lie .At least Porugal deals with its peados, Google Hollie Grieg and see Scotlands shame

  166. I think its time for Dr Amaral to stop being too nice and take off the kid gloves, these two bastards want be happy until he is out in the street , WHATEVER he knows however obtained its time to pony up and call their bluff


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