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Is Maddie Still Alive?

McCann Case for future memory - Joseph Moura at the Early Show's Hannah Storm   
broadcast by CBS in January 20, 2008   

The G9 aka Tapas group timeline according to Joseph Moura that was broadcast at the 48 Hours Crime Show  was made via his own investigative methods, that is, not based on the official criminal process. In July 2008 the Portuguese Public Prosecutor released the case files after the process was archived waiting for better evidence; the G9 timeline statements for the 3rd May 2007 present glaring inconsistencies and incongruences. Barcelona based Metodo 3 private detective agency, owned by Francisco Marco was substituted by the now FBI sought for alleged fraud and money laundering Kevin Halligen. Jane Tanner statement is not evidenced by the joint Portuguese and British investigation code-named Operation Task. The McCanns and their friends never did the reconstruction of the evening when Madeleine, aged almost 4, disappeared.


  1. "Find the body and prove we killed her
    "If she is dead then she is dead, but not by their hand.
    "We are not responsible for her death
    "..there’s no evidence to implicate us in her death.
    - Brother John giving up work to manage the fund-
    And so on.

    Is M still alive ? I don't believe anyone really thinks so any more, and some people KNOW she is not.

  2. I just wonder if the McCanns are planning suing everyone, including Moura (above), for 1,2 million like they're suing the former Judiciary Police inspector, for having a factual opinion based on the Official joint Police Investigation....

  3. The thing is, as long as you don't take your more or less factual opinion into the UK and manage to have it published either in the mainstream media or by some publishing house and sold in bookstores, then the McCann's won't sue you. Suing does cost money... and these two are not going to spend any of that money on people who don't threaten them on their own footstep. They only care about UK public opinion.
    Mind you, I still struggle to understand why a book constitutes such a threat to them, if according to their own saying it's nothing but crap anyway.
    Oh well...

  4. A factual opinion can't be more or less, it either is or it isn't.

    Other authors published books on the case, both in the UK and in Portugal (and on other countries), none were 100% "sympathetic" with the couple, except two self authored, self published books - one with so many wild lunatic ravings that was impossible to read, the other a clear attempt of character assassination.

    We all know why they've chosen to ban Amaral's book, sue him and the other parties - the question is will they stop there?

    If they "win" the alleged libel action where they ask that outrageous enormity, who's to say they won't persecute the other book authors? Or as matter of fact anyone and everyone, from journalists to the Portuguese state, including those who have a different opinion, citizens and bloggers... We've already seen how Carter Ruck sent a letter abusing the Portuguese Court temporary injunction to an US hosted site, threatening the owner of that site, with total impunity.

    Who is going to stop them? The Portuguese legislation? The politicians? The Police who holds the jurisdiction of the case and the Public Ministry need to step up and stop this charade before it's too late. It's already too late.

  5. no madeleine is not alive,if this was a real abduction there would be no need for a fund as the REAL police might have been able to locate her ,but because the mccanns and tapas friends gave nothing to the police only lies and decietfullness it will take the pj longer to find out where she is.

  6. When was this aired? is it the"Christmas bonus"?

  7. Joseph Moura summs up the whole "mystery" because...there isnt any.Its crystal clear :they"ve lied
    Are they going to sue him as well?

  8. 6 the broadcast date is there, a previous comment was removed.

  9. Madeleine is not alive and the mccanns know this and one day they will pay the price for the crimes they have committed.

  10. At times it is good to review the facts so I post this again,
    Looking back on this disgusting set of events.
    A group of UK swingers holiday in Portugal
    Each night they all are together at a swinging boozy diner, when they all leave their children unattended and in danger
    On one such a swinging boozy diner due to the McCann’s negligence a child goes missing.
    The McCann’s do not search for her but say she has been abducted
    The McCann’s inform Sky News
    The Portuguese police are eventually informed.
    The Portuguese police follow procedures etc
    The McCann’s lie to the police and media about the events of the evening
    The McCann’s friends lie to the police and media about the events of the evening
    The McCann’s contact the prime minister of England
    The McCann’s start an internet appeal for money
    The McCann’s appoint a “spokes person” and “press officer”
    The McCann’s commence a disinformation campaign
    The McCann disinformation machine provided via the office of the prime Minster in the UK point the finger of suspicion at other individuals
    The Portuguese police continue to investigate all leads including all the McCann’s disinformation.
    An innocent man is made a suspect after the McCann disinformation system diverts the blame from them selves
    The individual by good policing is eliminated and cleared but his reputation and life generally being destroyed
    Dogs and UK police specialists are invited from the UK by the Portuguese Police
    The Portuguese Police under the leadership of Mr Amaral work diligently and eliminate all but the McCann’s as suspects
    The Portuguese police interview Mrs McCann as a suspect.
    The McCann’s put pressure on their contacts in the UK government
    The UK government puts pressure on the Portuguese Government at the signing of an EU treaty
    Mr Amaral is removed from the investigation is such a manner that he is forced to resign his job and as such has no means of supporting his family
    The McCann’s are released by the Portuguese police on instructions from “above” without any charges and without any mention of endangering their children
    The McCann’s are given a police escort to the airport and removed from Portuguese legal jurisdiction
    The McCann’s tell the world that the Portuguese police and population are stupid etc
    And so on and so on
    The McCann’s sue everyone and anyone that disagrees with their version of events and start to amass a huge amount of money to fund and spend it whatever they want to.
    Mr Amaral writes a book about the truth and has it published
    The book is a success
    The McCann’s can smell the money
    The McCann’s apply to the Portuguese courts to ban the book and claim millions of Euros in damages
    A Portuguese Judge rules that there is no free speech in Portugal and allows temporary ban on the book.
    So now the whole focus of the Case is not McCann Versus Amaral but rather McCann’s Versus the Portuguese justice system and they are winning.
    The same system that let the parents of Madeleine McCann leave Portugal the same parents who failed in their duty of care to their child in leaving her alone and in danger and due to that negligence she is missing and probably dead.
    This whole fiasco has brought shame upon the Portuguese justice system, a system that is trying to ruin an honourable and hardworking ex-policeman who is only guilty of writing a book to enable him to feed his family.
    A system that is rewarding two individuals that are responsible for what has happened to their daughter, two individuals who have never said sorry or admitted any contrition and are so happy to make more and more money from their daughters suffering.

    Only Portugal can bring Justice only Portugal can right these wrongs
    We all wait and watch

    Letter from Iberia

  11. Hi Joana

    There is a video on youtube giving a news report by STV dated 10th August 2010. It describes Portuguese detectives presenting a thousand page dossier to a Judge in Portimao which gives evidence of the McCann's involvement in their daughter's disappearance. The detectives have requested that the case be reopened on the basis of this dossier. The video was posted in August 2010 - does it actually refer to August 2010?? Can you please advise Joana. If it's new news do you have any update?
    Please cut and paste into browser following link:


    Angelo Del Montello

  12. Interesting. I have always felt the time lines were too tight too, which brings us to the Starbucks' voices on location.

    The conversation departs from Russell O'Brien, rogatory interview in April 2008 (as quoted elsewhere in this blog):

    "I think I, I think I definitely took Matt and Rachael’s keys, but I entered Gerry’s flat through the patio door”.

    Sinclair: "So, it seems the patio door could have been left open...the implication is that if Dr. O'Brien could enter the apartment that way, then anyone could, right?"

    Akira: " Good point. I vaguely remember reading something Dr. Kate McCann said to the effect that the patio door was left open in case of fire so that the children could flee..."

    "Wasp": "She is also on record saying the children could not have opened the patio door from the inside. In other words, the door was left open for the children but it was not...?"

    This is when Herr Gunther interrupted...

    "Would you call that a white elephant or a red herring?"

    What the hell was Gunther talking about now?

    The conversation drifted from white elephants and red herrings to scapegoats and stock exchange. By the end of it I had an headache. Kaput.


  13. Errata

    Where it reads "quoted above", should read "here": http://joana-morais.blogspot.com/2009/05/tapas-9-checking-children.html


  14. Joseph Moura dares to say what he thinks.
    Thank you for the video, Joana.

    No news yet about Mirco but I wonder if the police only found his trousers and T-shirt or if they found the rest of his clothes.
    I believe the abductor put out his clothes when both were inside a car, he abused and killed the boy(IMO) and it was difficult for the abductor to dress him up.
    The man drove to the parking, he came out of the car and he carried all the clothes to the container and he dropt the T-shirt on the ground, without noticing it because it was dark and raining.
    If he was carrying the trousers, T-shirt, jacket, underwear, it was easy to lose one of the pieces, specially a light one, like a T-shirt.
    It is possible that the police found the rest of the clothes inside of the container and they are not telling it.
    And that could be the reason why they have found so many different DNAs.

    If the abductor touched his underclothes, and it is what I think, it is possible that the DNA found in Mirco's underwear is perfectly preserved.
    Mirco's body could be now kilometres and kilometres away from his town.
    But it is clear to me that the abductor knew the region, the parking and the container.

  15. "She NEVER left the table that night", said Mr. Moura about Jane Tanner!!!

  16. More from the work of Joseph Mourah:


  17. Off course Madeleine was not alive and they know it since minute one ('When we found Her', Gerry Mccann in Las Mananas de 4).

    The rest was Circus with many clowns coming in and out according with the conveniences and the money available. During this 3 years, they behaviour was the proof showing us that. At the beginning when the Fund was health and the Incomes like raining money on a daily base, there was a storm of sights of Maddie everywhere and potential abductors growing like grass in a garden. Now there is little money in the Fund and the clowns who play on the circus were not anymore anonymous from the public or people looking for their minute of fame in Papers and TVs, now are lawyers, expensive lawyers, drying the Fund. And they are not able to fool anymore a huge amount of honest people to drop money in the Fund. They lost that style of life. Now They have to assault Cancer raising Funds and other honest Funds. They are really an interesting study case of two Psychopaths surrounded by vultures.

  18. Hi Angelo, I can't watch it; it says «This video contains content from Scottish Television, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds.» - can you download the flv[flash video file] and send it to me via email please, joanamorais at gmail dot com.

    Nonetheless, as far as I know the Portuguese Judiciary report that was delivered to the instruction judge who held the so called Maddie investigation case, took place previous to the process archival [in July 2008], so the date you mention is likely to be the date the youtube user [individual, or not] uploaded the video. That's all I can say without watching the youtube video.

    best regards,


  19. Dear Iberia, the swinger story is just an unevidenced rumour; seriously, I couldn't care less about the Tapas sexual games or sexuality just as long as they are between consenting adults - just as long as they do not have anything to do with what was mentioned in the Gaspar statements.

    Read or re-read in no particular order: The Crying Incident, Crying Shame, Gerry McCann to speak at CEOP's Conference, McCann Case: David Anthony Payne Rogatory Interview Part I, Fiona Payne: 'Kate McCann kept putting her hands on the twins to check if they were breathing', Euro Weekly News: Gaspars on David Payne odd Behaviour and David Payne May Hold the Key to Maddie's Mystery

  20. Of course the McCanns would not even consider suing Moura. Why? Because he says it's impossible for them to have been involved in Maddie's disappearance given *their* timeline. That's the important issue for them. He ridicules Francisco Marco and calls Jane Tanner a liar but that's by the by in the grand scheme of things as far as Kate and Gerry are concerned.


  21. Strugglin to postthe link


    Published: Today the Sun Newspaper
    Fraud allegations against a retired lawyer who helped set-up a group questioning Madeleine McCann's abduction have been thrown out by cops.

    Essex police investigated the bank accounts of the Madeleine Foundation and founder Tony Bennett.

    Police investigated two Foundation cheques totalling £1,622.50 which, he said, had been paid into his personal account in respect of expenses, but found there was no evidence of criminality.

    Three-year-old Maddie disappeared from Praia de Luz, Portugal, while on holiday with her doctor parents Kate and Gerry in May 2007

    Tick tock Kate and Gerry tick tock goes the clock.............:)

  22. @ShuBob 19

    Spot on! "Their" time line is in the pipeline ,yes,when everyone else is saying something different about it (like tanner who never left the table and the ensuing bollocks she tells) and even themselves contradict each other.Even though,the case is NOT being re-opened.
    The next question is: WHEN is this case going to be re-opened...? repeat 100 x : when there is new evidence.
    I really dont see why the court needs new evidence when the existing ones are damning them to the eyebrows....as everyone knows

  23. :)] Angelo at #11

    Thanks for the link Angelo. The date (10 August 2010) has to be wrong...

    Oh! and by the way, the reporter is biased towards the McCann's as you might have expected from a Scottish source - thinking in terms of Critical Discourse Analysis that is...


  24. Thanks to Iberia for his "resume" of events and to Joana for her very informative and thought provoking brief at #18.

    I am going through the "recommended reading" as it happens...

    Going through the very first one, "The Crying Incident", my jaw dropped to such an extent that I needed a bandage to bring it into place. I suddenly realized how misinformed I have been.

  25. Joana, you forgot to add this link (first below)to the "recommended reading list" at #18 - joking! ;)

    "McCann Case: Analyses of the Phone Calls Reveal an Unexplored Clue"

    The Paulo Reis link you suggested was particularly thought-provoking...


  26. 19 ShuBob & Anon 20

    But this is exactly the point - it is my opinion that this is why some people believe that Madeleine disappeared/came to harm sometime before the meal at the Tapas. Simply because of their supposed checking of the children - there wasn't time because they didn't do the checking. Their statements are just to confuse and create so much conflicting evidence that no proper investigation of the events of that night could be made.


  27. Why on earth would the McCans sue Moura? Am I watching a diferent video to everyone else? He says quite clearly that the parents cannot have been involved, there was no window of opportunity. They are not likely to want to shut him up, surely?

  28. :) I have just found this on the Web while gathering technical information on the case. I am a free lance...cough.

    I am not 100% sure but... I suspect this is another forbidden book. What do you think?

    I must confess I did not read it. Just a few paragraphs, you know. I was frozen with apprehension. Of course, I did NOT download it! I am a law abiding citizen!

    I suggest you do NOT read it either. You could be "rucked" for it...


    El Mosquito

  29. I think Mr Moura is very guarded in his response, when asked to state whether he thinks this was a death of Maddie or an abduction he simply states no death and disposal of the body occurred within that timeframe. He is also clear the TAPAS group are telling lies about that timeframe and that Maddie is dead.

    So what can we deduce from this? He thinks Maddie died and was disposed of prior to the meal that night and the group were anxious to set up a pattern of neglecting behaviour. But he is not going to just come right out with that, he is too fearful of damaging the police investigation or being sued for saying something he cannot back up with hard facts. But note, he was not fearful of calling Jane Tanner a liar, or that the rest of the group are lying about events in that timeframe. He knows how far he can go and that will not gain any response from the intrepid protagonists.

    I do think the emphasis on that timeframe was deliberately focussed upon by Team McCann, it is their biggest red herring. They sat working on it, perfecting it as they waited for the senior PJs to arrive. Who were those three, Gerry, Russell, Payne. Quite clearly if Maddie vanished earlier that day, they cannot blame any fantasy abductor. When reading the email exchange of Ricardo Paiva and DC Marshall it seems clear to me, they feel the Paynes are directly involved and Maddie went in the afternoon or early evening.

  30. Joana
    I agree with your last statement about consensual sex / swinging. However, what if the swapping partners / swinging played a part in Madeleine's death? Certainly, there is a lot of mystery and conflicting testimony surrounding David Payne's visit to Kate McCann's apartment that fateful evening.
    Textusa theorises that sexual activity occurred culminating in Madeleine's death. Shocking but not beyond the realms of possibilty.
    Please see:

    Angelo Del Montello

  31. El Mosquito @28 - thanks for the link I have just read the book brilliant hope it makes it to WH Smith - about time something was done about Mccanns their days of freedom are numbered.

  32. Some ideas to consider

    I read Mr. Amaral’s “A Verdade da Mentira” the original Portuguese version and what intrigued me was what was missing; the phone records, the evening photographs, and medication or first aid kit, which most certainly would be taken along by physicians who travel with their children to a foreign land. Portuguese police determined that Mr. and Mrs. McCann had deleted their phone records from when they arrived in Portugal to May 3, 2007, inclusive. Why did they do this and why are there no evening photographs? I believe that the main reason for both sources of information being missing is one and the same. I believe the McCanns have friends resident in the Algarve, friends whom they communicated with on a daily basis while in Portugal and that most likely were part of their evening group at the Tapas. So why would the McCanns want to keep the police in the dark as to the existence of these friends in particular? It is my theory that it was these friends who helped hide Madeleine’s cadaver, i.e. keep it in storage until the McCanns finally disposed of it. The missing physician’s kit and medication and the behaviour of the twins before and after May 3, 2007 points to the reality that the McCanns regularly sedated their kids, perhaps Madeleine, being somewhat older and more active, was even sedated via injection.

    The day in which Madeleine died has always been a moot point, however I think we must respect the crèche records and the testimony of the crèche personnel and conclude that she died on the evening of May 3, 2007.

    I believe Mrs. Kate McCann let her guard down when she initially spoke with the English social worker. The social worker found her distraught, sobbing. Mrs. McCann referred to her daughter being taken by a couple. During the encounter with the social worker Mrs. McCann said at 10 a.m. May 4, 2007 that her daughter had been missing for 13 hours. It is my opinion that Madeleine died around 9:00 pm on May 3, 2007, and that the couple Mrs. McCann refers to are their friends that are missing from the photographs and phone records.

    I believe it was indeed Mr. Gerry McCann who was spotted by the Irish family carrying a child, on May 3, 2007 at around 9:55 pm. This child was his daughter who was already dead. Mr. McCann was heading in the direction of the church. I believe Mrs. Jane Tanner was informed by Mr. McCann that he had been spotted. They feared that the Irish family might report this sighting to the police; this is why Mrs. Tanner was burdened with the task of telling the police she saw someone carrying a child in the opposite direction to that which Mr. McCann was traveling that night. It was a desperate measure. As time passed, not aware that the patriarch of the Irish family had already reported his sighting, he made an appeal to people in Ireland to come forward in the hope that this sighting could now be used to his advantage.

    Why was Mr. McCann heading, with his dead daughter, toward the vicinity of the church that night? I believe a rendez-vous was set up with that couple that Kate McCann mentioned to the social worker. The couple could not show up with their vehicle at the McCann premises because it would probably have been noticed. Therefore a meeting had to occur elsewhere in a secluded area.

  33. There is so much incriminating evidence against the mccanns why is nothing done about them they are so guilty.

  34. Moura could impossibly say Tapas 9 are lying about timeline.
    But he says clearly that Jane Tanner was lying.
    He opens a door for us, to doubt about the rest.
    Saying that Tanner made up that story, he at least also attacks O'Brian who stated "she was coming from her apartment, not going to".

  35. The rest of my comment
    "Do think this little girl is still alive?"
    Moura "-I do not."

    This is Moura's statement saying he does not believe in an abduction,imo.
    Otherwise he could have hoped she was somewhere.

  36. Mirco's parents spoke on tv this afternoon, an appeal to the abductor.
    I did not see it but I read that the mother was hoping the boy was not cold, hungry, etc and she asked the abductor to give him back or to point the place where he can be found.

  37. A bit off topic, sorry, but, I've visited Anna Esse's blog(from my big desk)and there are some well worth watching videos. I particularly liked watching the one tittled "Too young to be alone: The McCanns culpable". It's from an american show, just listen to what an american social worker's thoughts on Kate and Gerry's "responsible parenting"! How I wish this would go on air in the UK!
    British (and portuguese too) social services, HANG YOUR HEADS IN SHAME!!!

  38. Small correction on my post about the video (Too young to be alone) in Anna Esse's blog: the social worker is not american, as in USA american, he's canadian.
    Hurrah for Canada!!!

  39. Anon at #31

    Oh my! Have you read it? You could be "rucked" you know!
    I merely outlined the link to...


    ...to substantiate the veracity of my finding but I never read it nor did I advise anyone to do so. You could get Carter-ed and be Ruck-ed! Read it your own peril! You must NOT click this link. Repeat DON'T do it!

    Here is it again...


    El Mosquito

  40. Mr Moura is diliberate and very clever here. He is covertly discrediting the whole Tappas/mccann timeline for the night of the 3rd May. Therefore, if the timeline is an invention or cover-up, then indeed, it follows that within this false timeline it would be impossible for the McCanns to be involved!If the time line was a true account, then his conclusion would be reversed.

  41. Almost one month later after being published here "Gerry McCann's Boss Douglas Skehan & Brother John McCann Resign from Madeleine's Fund Director's Board - 1 September 2010" http://joana-morais.blogspot.com/2010/09/gerry-mccanns-boss-resigns-from.html finally the UK media grabs the story with pincers, of course http://www.express.co.uk/posts/view/201788/Madeleine-s-Fund-loses-key-McCann-


    'NO STONE UNTURNED': New vigour in the hunt for Madeleine(photo caption)

    By James Murray and Tracey Kandohla Sunday September 26,2010

    THE brother of Gerry McCann has quit the Madeleine Fund amid a drive to inject new dynamism into the search for the missing seven-year-old.

    John McCann has been a dedicated director since the fund was launched more than three years ago and worked tirelessly behind the scenes to do everything he could to find the child.

    However, latest company accounts show he left last month along with fellow director Douglas Skehan, a heart specialist and colleague of Gerry McCann who works with him at Leicester’s Glenfield Hospital. Speaking at the launch of the fund two weeks after Madeleine vanished, John said: “This fund will be a vehicle to help our family get our darling, wee niece back.”

    In an update to their website, neither Kate nor Gerry McCann mentioned the names of the directors who have left.

    Instead they focused on the renewed vigour behind the campaign to find their daughter. They believe Madeleine was abducted from their holiday apartment in Praia da Luz on Portugal’s Algarve coast in May 2007.

    The message states: “There will be some changes and development in terms of strategy and ideas as we endeavour to leave no stone unturned in our search.

    “This will include some changes to the board of Madeleine’s Fund, simply to try to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of what we are doing. It has now been three years and four months since Madeleine was taken from us. None of us ever thought we’d still be in the position we are today.

    “Inevitably there has to be change for a variety of reasons but importantly, this will also allow people to help and support us in different ways

    “Regardless of change, everyone’s focus, commitment and desire continues to be that of finding Madeleine.”

    New board members, as yet unnamed, have been appointed to the fund, which stands at £450,000 and relies on public donations to pay private investigators to carry on the search.

    The unsigned blog continues: “Keeping Madeleine’s image out there greatly increases our chances of finding her.

    “It is a reminder to people that she is still missing and to please keep looking for her. In addition, we know that somebody knows where Madeleine is.

    “One more reminder of her may be all that it takes for them to finally come forward and let us know.”

    The McCanns met Home Secretary Theresa May over the summer to ask for a review of all evidence in the case.»

  42. Joana at 39

    It is not the first time we observe this counter-acting PR pattern...

    The thing to remember is that you are dealing with seasoned professionals. People who work for governments, top legal firms, etc.

    I mean, given the right PR expertize (and bank account) you could turn Teresa Lewis into Mary Magdalene...

  43. :)] And while we are on the subject of "faked abductions" (quote/unquote)... I just found an audio interview which might be of interest to independent opinion-makers aka "conspiracy theorists".

    Rachel Wright of toginet interviews Steve Marsden - the author of "Faked Abduction". Mr. Marsden has not been Rucked yet but...

    "The Madeleine Fund enterprise, now worth less than half a million is desperately waiting to cash in on Dr. Amaral's gag and author Marsden to make a million before initiating legal proceedings..." (protected source).

    Anyway, here is the link for the audio file:


    This failing, try this link instead:


    and choose item 19 on the list: "Faked Abduction! with Author Steve Marsden"


  44. The following are some interesting excerpts from a study entitled "Cadaver Scent Project", http://www.csst.org/cadaver_scent.html

    "This research project was initiated in January of 1997 as a response to a frequently asked question by agencies that use our services. How, we are asked, do the dogs define death? At what point during the decomposition process of a human body will the dogs demonstrate that they recognize the scent as post-mortem?"

    "We set up this research project to begin to understand when and how our dogs can discriminate live scent from post-mortem scent. All of the dogs used in this project have been "cross-trained", that is trained in both the discipline of finding and indicating on live human scent and also on post-mortem (cadaver) scent."

    "All post-mortem scent samples consist of sterile gauze pads, (sealed until just prior to use) placed on abdominal area of decedent for exactly 20 minutes. Gauze pads are then placed in unused plastic bags and double sealed with packing tape. All post-mortem scent samples are handled with latex gloves, and at no time do these samples come in skin contact with live human scent."

    "TRIALS BEGUN: January 1997
    NUMBER OF DOGS USED: Five different dogs
    POST-MORTEM INTERVAL RANGE: From 70 minutes to 3 days
    NUMBER OF TRIALS COMPLETED: As of July 1997, total of 52 trials completed
    PRELIMINARY RESULTS: The shortest post-mortem interval for which we received a correct response was one hour and 25 minutes. However, the post-mortem interval for which we received a consistently correct response from all dogs involved is 2.5 - 3 hours."

    In my previous comment I said that the time of death could have been about 9:00 pm on May 3, 2007 based on Mrs. McCann's strange declarations to the English social worker, however, If this is the case and Mr. McCann was indeed seen carrying his dead daughter at around 9:55pm, that would mean that the body was in the apartment for less than an hour. As you can see from this study all dogs detected death when the sample being tested had touched a cadaver that was dead for about 2.5 to 3 hours. So perhaps the child had died much earlier in the day. Nevertheless, I still believe that they had help from friends that reside in Portugal.

  45. No cadaver scent was found on Mr. McCanns clothing. This could be explained by the short time his recently dead daughter touched his clothing or perhaps he disposed of his clothing. If he indeed did carry his deceased daughter that night, it was probably a short walk. How long would it take to walk from the resort to the church area?

    I know there is a theory that he was carrying Jane Tanner's daughter who supposedly resembles Madeleine instead of his own daughter, but I have my doubts. Would he really want to have been seen in order to strengthen the abduction story and risk being identified, which is what happened? I don't think so. Like I said before, he had a rendez-vous with friends that were going to help him escape his predicament. He knew exactly where he was going when he left that resort that night with his daughter.

  46. guerra you raise some very valid and interesting points it certainly makes sense that mccanns had help from another source, it fits in with the deleted phone messages and perhaps these friends are influential and that is why the government became involved and started the cover up. Amaral suspected the body had been moved around and at some stage kept refridgerated so that would fit in well with that theory. Prominant individuals always appear above suspicion so no house searches. It does make me wonder, but how can you find out who their 'other' friends are/were?

  47. Anonymous 44, I would start by doing a computer search of all British citizens that reside in the Praia da Luz area. Of course I'm assuming that a database containing such information exists. Perhaps some names would stand out. Perhaps you could further narrow the search by filtering those citizens which used to live in the Leicestershire area back in England, or who attended Mr. and Mrs. McCann's university, if that's possible.

    There must have been other groups of people that frequented the Tapas bar while the McCanns and their friends were there; perhaps someone from these other groups took photographs of their own friends and possibly the Tapas gang was caught in the background of these pictures. I would petition the public for their help. I would ask those people who attended the Tapas bar from April 28 to May 3 of 2007 and who took pictures in the bar, to contact the Portuguese police. It's a long shot but I believe it would be worth trying.

  48. Mrs. McCann's delay in calling the police was to allow Mr. McCann enough time to make it back to the resort and enough time for their friends to drive with Madeleine to their home. I suspect that the friends that helped them live in the outskirts of Praia da Luz.

  49. Guerra brilliant post - I do remember the mccanns asking for photographs from holiday makers perhaps they wanted to see if they had been inadvertantly snapped with their 'friends' or perhaps Robert Murat is more involved he looks like David Payne they could easily pass off for one another, also Murat had access to properties in and around that area due to his estate agent status. What amazes me is all their inconsistencies and no one challenges any of them!! I do feel Guerra you are very close to the truth what you are saying fits from all angles.

  50. Jhan596, It is understandable why some people are still suspicious of Mr. Murat being an accomplice to this crime. In analyzing Mr. Murat's behaviour you might theorize that he volunteered his services to the police not to help them but to keep track of what they were doing, i.e. to be one step ahead. I tend to think that Mr. Murat was caught up in this affair because of his fascination with crimes of this nature and because he lived so close to the resort. His interest in these types of cases is mentioned in Mr. Amaral's "A Verdade da Mentira."

    "He talks of similar cases in the United Kingdom and he seems to know them in detail."

    "In Mr. Murat's house there was found a clipping from a British newspaper dated September 23, 2006, dealing with a paedophile case."

    It is said that he traveled many kilometres in his rental car over unpaved land, and that the police found this suspicious. I, myself, have driven my car off the beaten path just to clear my mind, sometimes so I could better focus on a problem; so, I don't find Mr. Murat's car journeys that strange. Let us not forget that Mr. Murat has an alibi; at the time of the disappearance he was at home, in the kitchen with his mother. If I'm not mistaken he is seeking compensation from Mrs Tanner, Mrs. Mampilly, Mrs. Payne and Mr. O'brien for falsely identifying him, so it doesn’t appear that they are in cahoots with each other.

  51. The following information is taken from Mr. Amaral's book "A Verdade da Mentira."

    On the 3rd of May, 2007, the Tapas group and their children, with the exception of the McCann couple and Dianne Webster, sit at a table in the esplanade of the restaurant Paraiso, eating and drinking. At 6:13 pm the men abandoned the table and head toward the resort, which is 600 metres away, leaving behind the women and the children. 15 minutes later the women and children follow. A few minutes later, David Payne finds himself with Mr. McCann, who is playing tennis, and asks him where his wife is. When told that Mrs. McCann is in apartment 5A with Madeleine and the twins, he immediately heads toward the apartment. Mr. Payne affirms to having seen Madeleine and the twins at around 7:00 pm, he is the last person known, apart from his parents, to have seen Madeleine.

    There is another version of what occurred at the end of that afternoon. According to Mrs.Payne, Mr. McCann wasn't playing tennis, he was at home. Mr. Payne went to apartment 5A in the company of his wife. From the images that were registered at the Paraiso esplanade, it can be seen that only 15 minutes after Mr. Payne had abandoned the locale did Mrs. Payne and her company get up and follow in his footsteps.

    Mr. McCann initially said that Mr. Payne had been with his wife for 30 minutes. Five months later, when Mrs. McCann was taken in for questioning, she says Mr. Payne was only with her for 30 seconds. Mr. McCann reconciles these differences by saying that what he meant was that it took Mr. Payne an half an hour to go from the tennis court to apartment 5A and back. If Mr. Payne had left the tennis court to go to apartment 5A at 6:30 pm that would mean that he would get back to the tennis court at 7:00 pm. The court had been booked from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm, so why bother going back to suit up to play tennis.

    What are we to make of all this?

    Well, I think that the only thing we can be certain of is that the tennis court was booked from 6:00pm to 7:00pm, assuming that this information was verified by Mr. Amaral.

    What is the probable route that Mr. Payne took when he left the Paraiso restaurant and headed to the ocean club, would he have come across the tennis courts first and thus seen Mr. McCann playing tennis? Joana, perhaps you could help me find this information.

    Perhaps Mr. Payne went directly to apartment 5A and then went to the tennis court to tell Mr. McCann about the tragedy that had occurred. Mr. McCann ran back to apartment 5A, Mr. Payne and his wife Fiona who was coming up the street then joined the McCanns in apartment 5A.

    Another question I have is about Mrs Dianne Webster. Unless I misunderstood, Mr. Amaral said that Mrs Webster was not at Paraiso restaurant that day, yet I have come across a CCTV picture in which Mrs. Webster is said to be there. Perhaps Joana, you could clarify this also.

  52. Guerra - The mccanns did visit Sagres perhaps they had friends living there. Also the weather would have been cold in early May and the sea freezing it is possible her body was kept in a container in a sea cove around PDL this could explain their regular jogging activities along the beach ' keeping an eye on things ' - there are some interesting comments on Textusa. I thought it rather odd about the time discrepencies 30 minutes and 30 seconds it must be very relevant to this case that they want to place Payne on a very brief visit not a 30 minutes visit - why? Strange also that the Mccanns did not go to Paraiso with rest of party on last day!!

  53. I don't believe for a minute that the McCanns would have hid their daughter along the beach. We have:

    Phone calls that were deleted

    No photographs of their evenings at the Tapas

    Mr. McCann being identified carrying a girl, matching the description of his daughter, away from the resort on that fateful night

    The confusion created at the Tapas on that fateful night and the significant delay in calling the police

    Signs that a corpse had been in the McCann vehicle, which was rented more than 20 days after the crime was committed, were detected by the English dogs

    The aforementioned evidence or lack there of, points to the existence of individuals unknown to us who facilitated the crime of hiding Madeleine's corpse. Remember that soon after the disappearance of the girl, the locals scoured the area.

    This whole business with the tennis court and Mr. Payne's visit to apartment 5A is strange. There could be a multitude of explanations as to what really happened. If a tennis court was booked for that late afternoon and no one showed up, it would be seen as suspicious in a subsequent police investigation. Did Mr. McCann show up? Can it be verified by someone other than Mr. Payne? Could it be that the girl was already dead and these stories were created to make the police believe that Mr. McCann went to the tennis court? The story of Mr. Payne going back to the apartment and seeing Madeleine alive is this really true or, is it another story created to lead the police to believe that Madeleine was still alive at that time?

    I think the story about the time is another example of an attempt on their part to try to make the absurd somewhat plausible. Mr. Payne is said to have left the tennis court at 6:30 pm and let’s say he did spend half an hour with Mrs. McCann before he leaves. If this is the case why would he go back to the tennis court, by this time it is already past 7:00 pm and Mr. McCann should no longer be there, because the tennis court was booked from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm. Now, if he only spent 30 seconds with Mrs. McCann then he might have gotten there somewhat before 7:00 pm, nonetheless, you wondered why he would have bothered.

    There will always be a fact which does not fit with a lie, a fact which confirms that a statement is a lie. The McCanns just keep changing their lies in an attempt to correct the flaws with their previous lies.


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