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Kevin Halligen Extradition Saga: Red Herrings & White Elephants

Private cop '£1.3m scam'

A private detective accused of ripping off the Madeleine McCann fund is also wanted in the US over an alleged £1.3million fraud, it was revealed yesterday.

Kevin Halligen, 49, is being sought by the FBI for allegedly conning UK law firm Waterson and Hicks out of the sum by claiming he could help free two staff of a client, oil company Trafigura, jailed in the Ivory Coast over a 2006 chemical spill.

Westminster magistrates remanded Halligen, from Surrey, in custody until November 3.

in the Daily Mirror inconspicuous news article published today*

Republishing Former McCann detective Kevin Halligen Indicted for Fraud and Money laundering

Washington - Red Defence in Red Zone


Fired abruptly by the Find Madeline Fund which has sought to find Madeline McCann, Red Defence International also wrangled in the past with Trafigura.

An affiliate of Red Defence International, a firm headed by Britain’s Kevin Halligen, the investigative concern Oakley International Group was hired in March, 2008 to help find Madeline McCann, the three-year-old British child who vanished in May, 2007 from a hotel on the Portuguese coast. In late August, the Find Madeline Fund, which bankrolls the search for the child, suddenly cut all links with Oakley International, officially for “inadequate results.”

It wasn’t the first time that companies owned by Halligen, who took part in MI 5 operations in Northern Ireland, have encountered problems with their customers. In September, 2006, Red Defence was retained by the Trafigura trading group after two of its senior executives, Claude Dauphin and Jean-Pierre Valentini, were arrested and clapped behind bars in Ivory Coast. A month previously, the Probo Koala, a ship chartered by Trafigura, had discharged toxic waste in dumps in the port of Abidjan. Red Defence, whose contact with Trafigura was lawyer Marc Aspinall, pulled out all the stops to secure the release of Dauphin and Valentini.

Through the firm WatchWood, Red Defence leased a Falcon business jet from the South African group Aerotrade, headed by Fred Rutte, and kept it on stand-by for months, at great expense. Red Defence additionally approached a private British security concern Oceans Five run by John Nash to ask that it provide commandos to mount an operation to rescue Dauphin and Valentini from Maca prison in Abidjan.

The operation, initially planned for mid-January, 2007, was put back on several occasions. Trafigura, which was negotiating simultaneously with the Ivory Coast authorities for the release of its executives, was worried about the constant postponements and the prohibitive cost of the operation.

It finally cut all ties with Red Defence in February, 2007. Shortly afterwards, Dauphin and Valentini were released after the payment of USD 198 million that was destined to cover the cost of a clean-up of waste from Probo Koala. Subsequently, Trafigura’s lawyer, Aspinall, demanded that sub-contractors hired by Red Defence reimburse some of the money paid to them , threatening legal proceedings.

Following that setback, Halligen moved to the United States and founded Oakley Security Services, whose initials OSS evoked those of the Office of Strategic Services, forerunner of the CIA. He re-named the firm Oakley International Group and teamed up with the lobbying concern Patton Boggs run by Thomas Boggs.

Madeleine fund in chaos as private eyes are axed after draining £500,000 Daily Mail


Last updated at 10:14 PM on 23rd August 2008

A team of private investigators working behind the scenes to find Madeleine McCann has been axed after being paid £500,000 from publicly donated funds.

The Find Madeleine Fund quietly engaged the services of a US-based company which was awarded the lucrative six-month contract earlier this year.

The company, Oakley International, which boasts former British security service and FBI contacts, was hired to monitor the Madeleine Hotline, carry out detective work and review CCTV footage of possible sightings of the missing girl around the world.

A source revealed that the company had also spent resources in an attempt to infiltrate a paedophile ring in Belgium.

However, the company's contract will now not be renewed. The Mail on Sunday has learned that double-glazing tycoon Brian Kennedy, who has been underwriting the fund's search for Madeleine, has conducted a review of the agency's work and has become unhappy with the progress it was making.

The deal was abruptly ended following a meeting last week after the fund brought in independent monitors to assess how the money was spent.

The cost of employing the agency - run by a Briton, Kevin Halligen - has drained the Madeleine fund and there is now less than £500,000 left.

The development is likely to dismay the thousands who gave to the appeal, and raise questions about how the fund has been administered.

Mr Kennedy, who owns Sale Sharks rugby club, was said to be 'angry' because he believed Oakley's bills, estimated to be more than £80,000 a month, were too much for the results they achieved.

A source said: 'There is a sense that they were meaning well but hadn't got as far as they should for the money involved.

'Brian Kennedy thought their work was far too pricey and wanted to know where the money was being spent. He wasn't satisfied with their answers and the contract was not renewed.

'Madeleine's parents, Gerry and Kate, have been kept informed all along and agree with the decision. A lot of people were asking questions about where the money was being spent.'

Oakley International won the contract after an introduction by another company, Red Defence International (RDI), based in Jermyn Street, Central London.

Listed as being involved with both companies was Mr Halligen, 47, a communications expert. He is given as the 'contact name' for Oakley International Group, a company registered in Washington DC as the manufacturer of search and navigation equipment.

The company says it has annual sales of £33,000 and only one employee, who appears to be Mr Halligen.

The address given for the company is 2550 M Street NW Washington, which is the downtown office of Patton Boggs, one of the largest and most powerful law companies in America.

A source at the law firm said last night that the lawyer who represented Mr Halligen was unavailable for comment.

RDI, formed in 2005, bills itself as 'an experienced provider of crisis prevention, management and expertise'. It claims to have a presence in Washington DC and Virginia and representation in the Middle East, Africa and Central America.

However, its latest set of accounts is two months overdue and it faces being fined by HM Revenue & Customs.

Among the main players working on the McCann contract were Mr Halligen and Henri Exton, 57, who headed the Greater Manchester Police undercover unit until 1993. He then worked for the Government before moving into the private sector.

One day after a crisis meeting last week with the Madeleine fund administrators, Mr Halligen resigned as a director of RDI.

Mr Exton, of Bury, Lancashire, has the Queen’s Police Medal and an OBE. During the Seventies and Eighties his work included uncovering organised crime rings and recruiting supergrasses.

He also infiltrated football gangs, at one stage becoming a leader of the Young Guvnors, who followed Manchester City, and was forced to take part in organised incidents to preserve his cover.

Previously, the McCann fund had employed a Spanish detective agency called Metodo 3. However, the fund lost confidence in them, especially after they announced they would find Madeleine by last Christmas.

She had disappeared from the resort of Praia da Luz, Portugal, on May 3, 2007, nine days short of her fourth birthday.

A spokesman for the McCanns said yesterday: 'Kate and Gerry, the fund and their backers have always sought to employ the very best people and resources in the ongoing search for Madeleine.

'Kate and Gerry, via the fund and the backers, continue to employ many such resources and it is true that Red Defence and Oakley were part of those resources.

'I simply will not comment on any personnel, financial or operational details whatsoever.'

No one could be reached for comment at Oakley International or Red Defence International.

Mr Kennedy, estimated to be worth about £250million, became involved after being moved by the plight of the McCanns during the period they were made formal suspects – arguidos – in Madeleine's disappearance. Portuguese prosecutors dropped the couple's arguido status last month.

The 47-year-old made his money in double-glazing and home improvement ventures with companies including Everest windows. His Latium Group business empire has an annual turnover of about £400million.

Department of Justice Press Release
For Immediate Release
November 12, 2009 United States Attorney's Office
District of Columbia
Contact: (202) 514-7566

United Kingdom Man Indicted for Fraud

Washington, D.C.—Kevin R. Halligen, 48, of Surrey, United Kingdom, was indicted today on charges of wire fraud and money laundering by a grand jury sitting in the District of Columbia, announced Acting U.S. Attorney Channing D. Phillips and Joseph Persichini, Jr., Assistant Director in Charge of the Washington Field Office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

The indictment alleges that from November 2006 to January 2007, Halligen engaged in a scheme to defraud a London-based law firm of $2,100,000. The indictment alleges that Halligen falsely represented to the law firm that these funds would be used to pay expenses incurred in the United States to help secure the release of two executives of a client of the law firm who were arrested in the country of Ivory Coast. Contrary to these representations, Halligen, the indictment alleges, used the funds for his own benefit including purchasing a mansion located in Great Falls, Virginia.

In announcing the indictment, Acting U.S. Attorney Phillips and FBI Assistant Director in Charge Persichini praised the work of the FBI Special Agent who investigated this case. They also commended Paralegal Specialist Mary Treanor, Legal Assistants Jamasee Lucas, Sabrina Brown, and Assistant U.S. Attorney Vasu Muthyala, who is prosecuting the case.

An indictment is merely a formal charge that a defendant has committed a violation of criminal laws and every defendant is presumed innocent until, and unless, proven guilty.

in Federal Bureau of Investigation [FBI]

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* 14.00pm GMT Daily Mirror updated their article's title to reflect their journalistic style

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  1. Hi Joana,
    was it neccessary to not allow anymore anonymous comments.
    You may be losing 70% of posters on this blog by doing so IMO.

  2. Hi good morning Sean, you're absolutely right, I'm trying to figure out if by changing the blogger native commenting system with an embed external commenting applications like Disqus, IntenseDebate, etc, would be somewhat more advantageous in every p.o.v. - as far as I can see they do offer a better anonymous commenting moderation, as well as a registered reader comments moderation, however since this template is pretty much modified from what is considered as a standard blogger template I don't know if it would mess up the blog design and usability. If I can't find a solution for what I need I guess I have to reverse my previous decision and go back to allowing anonymous comments, even though I already know what I'll have to read [the threats, harassment, etc..] - well 3 years what's another year, right? -_-

  3. I see the Daily Mirror got its priorities right by reporting that Halligen had defrauded the McCanns before they mentioned his similar activities, on a much huger scale, in the States!

    Just why does the media have to kow tow to these child neglectors?

  4. :)] Joana...now... just when I am setting up an account with Google you reversed the decision. :( I am upset!

    It was a good decision. I thought. People will read your blog anyway it is just that you cannot see their comments... which is just as well because that gives you more time to concentrate with the real stuff - research, writing, posting, etc.

    Let's face it, most comments (including mine) are superficial, "poorly differentiated and emotionally distorted perceptions" - good to gauge public opinion only...

    8-} Wait a minute... instead of "Comments" why not turn it into an "Opinion Poll" ? and/or change the "Comments Policy" into a "Disclaimer" along the following lines: "Postings in this blog are not monitored and are the exclusive responsibility of their authors."

    If the worst comes to the worst their IP address stamp will be there...

    Consider the McCann Files http://www.mccannfiles.com/. Comments of any kind are not allowed, still people read it...

    Don't get me wrong. I like the idea of anonymous comments even if I am aware it is a "chicken out". I do tend to place my initials and try to adhere to your Comments Policy but that is a poor excuse.

    I will use my blogger logo in future anyway - as soon as I get it going that is.


    :p Thumbs up from Herr Gunther and the Knights of the Starbucks' round table ...

  5. can't please everyone dear AC :D such is life... beijinhos

  6. Why did the Mccanns need to hire an american based company to find their daughter - Kevin Halligen would have no local knowledge of Portugal it seems a ridiculous idea especially as he is the only employee for this company. Perhaps he was used for money laundering by the Mccanns - a local investigator would have come to the same conclusion as Sr Amaral and the rest of us - that the mccanns are guilty, so why are they allowed to continue with this farce.It is disgraceful that nothing is ever done about them they make my flesh crawl.

  7. Hi Joana

    It's your site you can do whatever, I can't pretend I understand your explanation because I don't - I'm just a blogger and new to all things computerish.

    However, I know a good site when I read one and am pleased to conform to any Rules.

    4 Anon.

    Yes - always after sympathy - "innocently explaining away inference" that they may have squandered money given to the Fund by instructing useless investigators.


  8. Of course, if this were a film, Kevin Halligen's cellmate(s) would have a tale to tell. In fact, any other prisoner, wherever he is held, would surely have nothing to lose by telling whatever they might just overhear?
    In all this case, going right back to the fateful night, I have been amazed that no revealing papers were ever left in a photocopier, no disc was ever left on a train, no papers were ever found in a skip.All of the information in this case seems to be extra-watertight, shredded,or safely guarded.
    Hence the value of those precious seconds where Gerry and Kate are shown laughing merrily after a tearful television broadcast - and don't realise the camera was still running. For once we saw 'backstage' as it really is.

  9. I wonder if Halligen has already 'grassed' on the McCanns and their notorious fund? Perhaps the UK authorities are spinning this process out; playing for time whilst they investigate the McCanns and their fellow directors? Could this be why McCann's boss and brother 'resigned'? The grapevine was saying for a long time that resignations of certain directors would be the first indication that the fund was being scrutinized.
    Halligen as 'supergrass'. The idea is very appealing, especially as the UK ragtop movers and shakers and in particular the sinister Rupert Murdoch, would end up with more than just egg on their ugly mugs.

  10. Anyone know what happened about Halligen's court appearance on Sept 20th?

  11. Sorry for asking the date of his next appearance- it's there, but I missed it- November 3rd. I might call into the court on that day,

  12. Joana Morais .......... ''.... even though I already know what I'll have to read [the threats, harassment, etc..] - well 3 years what's another year, right? -_-''

    Although we are undoubtedly up against some people who have paid proxies, it may be a good idea to store all their IPs, or even paste up where the most threatening and despicable posts seem to coming in from.
    Apart from some religious sites, I have never seen such vitriole and hatred being directed at a group of people whose only aim is to seek justice and openness. The truth will out, no matter how long it takes. Few cases have ever been shown to have involved such corruption at all levels of the investigation; compromised the judiciary of two countries; compromised the governments of two countries; or been so lenient in dealing with the parents of a missing child. We still need to know why, and we will carry on asking why until we are given the answers.


  13. 7 anonymous,

    Halligen was intending to put a fake priest in Algarve and the priest would hear confessions of the local people who would tell him what happened to Madeleine.
    Wonderful idea!

  14. Joana you are brilliant - we log onto your website everyday - one day there wlll be justice for Madeleine - thankyou for everything you do.

  15. 10 T4two

    Please T4two - please don't tempt me to hope that what you say is really going to happen - that truth will come out and sweep away all the lies lurking just beneath the surface. That the tide is turning and our Government are actually not involved in the covering up of the disappearance of a child - connived with powerful members of a certain club and a deal wasn't done with Socrates as has been suggested.


  16. No news about Mirco from Germany.

  17. Joana

    Thank you for all you do, and a big thank you for reverting back to how it was, to enable comments to be posted.

    An Englishman

  18. Mais um Vale e Azevedo. Extradicao sistematica e deliberadamente adiada. Como e boa a justica, para os 'maus da fita', no pais de Sua Majestade. Nao devia chamar-se Justica, devia chamar-se 'Baba'.

  19. Mccann's case (not Maddie anymore) will be caught in a parallel case. A lie and a fraud did not survive forever.

  20. 14 Anon

    Any fake priest would have to start in Rothley, surely!


  21. L00king back - related

    Madeleine McCann: Tycoons withdraw support

    By Caroline Gammell in Praia da Luz
    Published: 1:25PM BST 13 Sep 2007

    Two millionaire businessmen who gave money to help find Madeleine McCann refused today to contribute to the legal fight to clear her parents' name.

    The couple's official spokeswoman, Justine McGuinness, has also decided to step down, it emerged this afternoon. Exhaustion, and the McCanns' need for a PR adviser with more legal experience, are said to be behind her decision.

    Kate and Gerry McCann, 39, have hired top lawyers in Britain and Portugal after they were named official suspects in their daughter's disappearance.

    Detectives believe Mrs McCann may have accidentally killed her daughter and relied on her husband to help cover up the crime. Although the couple insist the claims are baseless, the cost of trying to clear the "cloud of suspicion" is expected to run into tens of thousands of pounds.

    Although the fighting fund set up to find Madeleine has raised more than £1 million, the trustees said the couple - who did not want to take the money anyway - would not be able to make use of the funds.

    One entrepreneur, who refused to be named because of the delicate nature of the case, has given his backing in the past.

    But today he told the Evening Standard: "I am not going to contribute any more. It is a difficult issue and it is not something I propose to get engaged in.

    "It is the most confusing scenario anybody has ever seen. I am not judge and jury and I hope what I am reading is wrong. I have not yet been approached [a second time] but I wouldn't put any money in.

    "If they can turn the tide in some form maybe there will be loads of backers. But right now this does not look a good place to go."

    A number of well known figures have publicly supported the McCanns including JK Rowling, Virgin boss Sir Richard Branson, Topshop owner Philip Green and EasyJet founder Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou.

    A second wealthy businessman, who has given £100,000 to the fund, said: "We won't be pledging any more right now.

    * Madeleine McCann coverage in full
    * Timeline: How the story unfolded
    * Ben Affleck film halted over Madeleine concern

    "I don't think that at the moment we would allow the money to be swapped to cover defence costs, but this is a difficult position and a very sensitive issue." The McCanns, from Rothley in Leicestershire, returned to the UK on Sunday, 48 hours after being declared suspects by Portuguese police.

    Ms McGuinness, the McCanns' spokeswoman, is expected to step down this weekend if a replacement can be found in time.

    The Media Guardian website is reporting that the couple are looking for a "big hitter" to work as their full-time PR representative as the investigation into their daughter's disappearance enters a new phase.

  22. continuation...

    Phil Hall, the former News of the World and Hello! editor, who has been acting as a consultant to the McCanns in recent months, is thought to be the leading contender.

    The world's leading expert in DNA cast doubt on a key facet of the alleged forensic evidence against Kate and Gerry McCann last night as he offered to act as an expert witness for the couple.

    Sir Alec Jeffreys, who invented DNA fingerprinting, said a match did not necessarily demonstrate a person's guilt or innocence.

    It follows claims that DNA samples matched to Madeleine had been found in her parents' hire car and holiday apartment. Sources said the traces were being treated by Portuguese detectives as strong evidence that Madeleine's body was placed in the car.

    However, Sir Alec told BBC's Newsnight programme: "There are no genetic characters in Madeleine that are not found in at least one other member of the family.

    "So then you have an incomplete DNA profile that could raise a potential problem in assigning a profile to Madeleine given that all other members of that family would have been in that car."

    Sir Alec, 57, added: "DNA testing seeks to establish whether DNA sample A from a crime scene came or did not come from individual B.

    "So if you get a match there's very strong evidence that it did come from B. It is then up to investigators, the courts and all the rest of it to work out whether that connection is relevant or not.

    "So DNA doesn't have the words innocence or guilt in it - that is a legal concept. What it seeks to establish is connections and identifications."

    Off-camera, Sir Alec said he was prepared to act as a witness for the McCanns.

    His caution came as a leading genetics expert also called into question the value of DNA evidence in its own right. Dr Paul Debenham, a member of the advisory body the Human Genetics Commission, said there could be legitimate reasons as to how DNA from Madeleine found its way into the hire car.

    Prosecutors would need to establish that it got there as part of a criminal process and not through chance contact, he said.

    Dr Debenham said: "With the current highly sensitive DNA methodologies we can deposit DNA as a trace amount just from contact with a fabric. And that fabric can touch another surface where the DNA is passed on.

    "So there is a situation where there is a legitimate or a possible explanation as to how the DNA got on the back seat despite the individual not being there, but through some legitimate transfer of garments, clothes or soft toy.

    "It questions the value of that particular evidence in interpreting what happened."

    The development came as it emerged that Portuguese prosecutors have applied for Gerry McCann's laptop and his wife's personal diary to be handed over to the authorities investigating their daughter's disappearance.

    Detectives in the Algarve are particularly keen to track emails sent by Mr McCann, a cardiologist, from the computer he used while in Portugal to keep an almost daily blog on the campaign to find Madeleine.

  23. continuation...

    An urgent application for access to the personal artefacts was made by public prosecutor Jose Cunha de Magalhaes e Meneses to a judge in Portimao yesterday.

    Philomena McCann, Mr McCann's sister, said she advised her sister-in-law to keep the diary to show Madeleine how much they loved her.

    She told The Sun: " I said to Kate that it would be a good idea if someone wrote down, for Madeleine, notes on everything that was happening, because we have to prove to Madeleine how much we looked for her and how much we love her.

    "That wee girl will be thinking, 'They're not looking for me. My mummy, daddy and my aunties - they don't love me because they can't find me'.

    "I was just thinking about how insecure Madeleine would be, so Kate has been keeping that journal faithfully every day.

    "She's been writing down everything that we've been doing so we can prove to Madeleine that we have worked so hard to try and find her, that we've put our lives on hold to search for her and show our love for her is unending."

    Gerry's brother John McCann said last night that his brother believed the Portuguese police had "gone up a cul-de-sac".

    He told BBC's The One Show: "Gerry keeps telling me that they have gone up a cul-de-sac and have lost track of what they should really be doing."

    Asked whether the fact the case was being dealt with at such a high level in Portugal gave him confidence, he said: "It does and it doesn't. There is data out there, there's all these leaks.

    "There is so much speculation going on as to what the actual information the Portuguese police have.

    "If they have got something that suggests Madeleine really is dead then for goodness sake tell the family who have the strongest feeling for this."


  24. The above referenced Guardian article "McCanns' PR steps down" http://www.guardian.co.uk/media/2007/sep/13/marketingandpr.crime

  25. Hi Joana..

    Dont let the scumbags threaten you!
    You are welcome to print my address and picture if you would like me to supply.... i am serious!
    Maybe they can aim some of that abuse at me.....cowards!

    I will fight to protect your bravery shoulder to shoulder... or please forgive me as the man ...i would prefer to protect you the best i can without you been in the line of fire ( call it sexist i dont care )....ie i will take them on ....i am raging with disgust at these lowlifes.
    They are all twats involved in this cover up but i fear no one !!
    Make of it as you wish!
    I am not scared of any threat they make to me, even though we know we are dealing with murderers.

    I am a true Englishman and will fight for justice and fairness....not like these twats hiding in the "british Government and elsewhere".


    The Sun

    Published: Today
    Fraud allegations against a retired lawyer who helped set-up a group questioning Madeleine McCann's abduction have been thrown out by cops.

    Essex police investigated the bank accounts of the Madeleine Foundation and founder Tony Bennett.

    Police investigated two Foundation cheques totalling £1,622.50 which, he said, had been paid into his personal account in respect of expenses, but found there was no evidence of criminality.

    Three-year-old Maddie disappeared from Praia de Luz, Portugal, while on holiday with her doctor parents Kate and Gerry in May 2007.


  27. Have the McCanns pressed any charges against him ? if they have not there is a damn good reason why ,This vile duo are all about £ ,they thrive on suing people, but this man took £.5m and they have kept shtum ? even set up a smokescreen "Begging bowl/Petition" interviews yesterday on the day the hearing was schehuled to start ?? them red herrings and white elephants are getting bigger by the day ,the vile web they are spinning will soon be the same web that strangles them ,and it cannot happen soon enough


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