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Looking Back on the McCann Case: British Ambassador John Buck and Algarve Consul Bill Henderson

British Ambassador John Buck and Algarve Consul Bill Henderson media conference extract, May 4 2007 - for future memory on the McCann affair via Murdoch's SkyNews Video archives

Document [PDF]
Freedom of Information Act on John Buck, The British Ambassador in 2007 at the time of Madeleine McCann disappearance.

«FCO added that, at the time of the internal review (December 2007), the investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann had been ongoing and that, for legal reasons, it had not been possible to disclose further information then.

FCO told the Commissioner that, although the Portuguese authorities had released many documents about the investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, sensitivities remained and FCO believed that the section 27(1)(a)* exemption still applied. If FCO were to disclose all the details about HM Ambassador’s contact with the Portuguese police they would risk damaging the relationship on which good inter-governmental co-operation was based.»

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  1. I've always wondered about this:

    "Findings of fact"

    "14. FCO told the Commissioner that a family member had made clear toFCO staff that all comments made by that individual to FCO had been made in strict confidence and were not intended for disclosure to third parties. FCo did not approach the family member again during the Commissioner's investigation but told the Commissioner that they were confident the individual would not appreciate being contacted regarding disclosure of the relevant personal information, a position the Commissioner accepted."

    Who is that "family member" and what did he/she reveal to the FCO? It must have been important facts (which were hidden from the portuguese investigators, no doubt!), facts of "relevant personal information" and made "in strict confidence"!
    What information was that? What about?...Madeleine's possible "adoption" by a family member?...or...child abuse?...the disturbing and disgusting presence of paedophiles in the close circle of the McCanns, some of their friends?...
    I wish I could be a fly on the walls of "Rothley mansion"...

  2. Anon 1.

    Yes, I've always wondered if this had something to do with question 41.

    'Is it true that in England you even considered handing over Madeleine’s custody to a relative?'

    Where did this suggestion come from?
    Maybe this relative is that family member.

  3. I watched Mirco's parents today on the TV.
    They are both devastaded.
    I believe they are innocent.
    The village where they live has about 15.600 unhabitants, more than Praia da Luz.
    The local police got about 1.400 tips, a lot for such a little town.
    The police still believe the crime happened inside of that village and not far away from his home.
    I suspect one of the neighbours.

  4. The Cameron's, Madeleine's god parents talk about how close they were to Madeleine, going out for a week at a time to look after Kate and Madeleine when Kate was pregnant and unwell in Amsterdam.

    Sandy Cameron concurs with the police view that it would have been quite impossible for a stranger to have taken Madeleine without her screaming and crying out, this is clearly not what Gerry would have wanted him to say, he is effectively saying that not only would it have been impossible for them to have disposed of her body with the hire car, but that her abduction was also impossible:

    I have know Madeleine her whole life and saw her on many occasions. I always found her a very smart little girl and careful with strangers. I also saw when she woke after a nap and after a night of sleep. She would occasionally appear irritated as she would when her parents were not present. For this reason, I believe that Madeleine had been awakened by a stranger she would certainly have screamed or cried out. I do not believe that there is any possibility that she would have let a stranger take her without protest.

  5. It baffles me how 'the fund' has stood in or around the £500000 mark for years......

  6. @3.hmm,i think its about time this fund was looked into thoroughly
    were are the police when you need them?

  7. ;)) The British have come a long way since the Romans taught them how to read and write (and probably speak) and the Portuguese the basics of sea-wayfaring. They have never looked back. See here how they protect their own from the "Barbarie"...

    I would have loved to have seen a Portuguese diplomat or two mediating the case of Nico Bento say, who ended up "barbecued" (almost) by the intensely eager appetite for justice of the British police - a fast-food force not to be contended with.

    What this news snippet of Sky reveals (quite aside from anything else) is the extent of ideological subservience the Portuguese authorities have shown - and for all we know, still do...

    ...The Portuguese Justice system is still standing with their trousers down and backsides exposed (pass the fashionable remark) awaiting for the ultimate humiliation: The McCann's waving at the airport of Lisbon with the scalp of Dr. G. Amaral in one hand and 1.2 million on the other. Bland costumes...

    I can't wait to see what happens during the forthcoming "Murat vs. Tanner Show". What cans of worms will open? What funds will affect...

    El Mosquito

  8. Ah yes, the mysterious fund indeed!
    They say that money is the root of all evil; that certainly seems to apply in this case.
    The fund has made it possible for the McCann campaign of obfuscation and legal blackmail to frustrate the investigation of whatever crime took place, to pay their mortgage, finance their new 4x4 and lead a kind of grotesque celebrity existence.
    IMO the amounts of money going through that fund have been too substantial to be the result of an outpouring of generosity from a compassionate public.
    Of course the public did donate initially and quite significantly, but not the millions suggested; millions apparently blithely wasted in pursuit of the McCanns' objective, which is quite clearly to serve their own interests and not to find their missing daughter.
    So where did those millions come from and why isn't the fund being investigated? Isn't it? Do we really know that it isn't? How long does it take to investigate something like that?

  9. El Mosquito @ 5

    SPOT ON. Our centuries old disgusting habit of being subservient to the British has led us to this humiliating situation.
    Agree 100% with your comment.

  10. Anon @ 3 I agree it is rather odd the amount of money in the fund is always around £500,000.00 - I can't believe that nobody investigates this fraudulent fund - this is where many of the answers lie, follow the money that is what this case is all about - nothing else, they care not that a child has lost her life - only about money and how they can make more. Justice for Maddie and Sr Amaral and thank you Joana.

  11. T4two

    There you go again - tempting me to think there may be someone who can actually think independently from the TM line and query the Fund.

    The big money was initially from entrepreneurs - you/we all know this and that these have now decided to drift away. The only ones left are the general public and the "Fraternity" - so even if the public decided to hell with it, we don't "believe" anymore - they are safe in the knowledge that they will be well looked after, no investigation will be forthcoming into the Fund or the disappearance of Madeleine - no worries - job done.

    Later we might make a film/write a book/tour/perform/whatever.


  12. I have read, the McCanns used money donated by the general public to find their missing daughter, to pay their mortgage.

    I have also read, the fund has been around £500,000 for some time now.

    If the McCanns came in wet through and said it was raining. I would have to go outside, and check for myself.

    An Englishman

  13. Has the anonymous option been turned of again Joana?


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