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McCann Couple demand Gonçalo Amaral Divorce to be Rewarded

TVI’s anchor – Madeleine McCann’s parents want Gonçalo Amaral and his wife to execute a separation of assets in order to guarantee that the former Judiciary Police Inspector, author of the book “The Truth of the Lie”, has sufficient goods to pay up a damages claim. Gonçalo Amaral’s wife says she will not obey that court decision.

Voice Over reporter: The McCann couple ask for 1,2 million Euros to Gonçalo Amaral, for the contents of the book “The Truth of the Lie”. The process is ongoing, however in legal terms and in order to guarantee that the former Judiciary Police Inspector possessions are not lost, an apprehension of assets was ordered. Nevertheless, since those are common to his wife, the seizure of the said assets was refused. Currently, Maddie's parents demand that Gonçalo Amaral and his wife execute a separation of assets.

Sofia Leal Interview

Sofia Leal: It is an issue of separation of assets, but the dilemma is that all of our possessions are common. Our separation, of our life together and assets would be a fraud. We live, as everyone knows, in communion of goods [i.e. conjugal status], of togetherness, of life. During the last years of difficulties, of sadness; but also with many moments of joy.

Voice Over Reporter: This measure is foreseen in the law, but the couple affirms they will not oblige.

Sofia Leal: I do not even want to envisage that there is someone in Portugal that wants to force me to separate from my husband. Not to me, not to any other couple!
[TVI’s footage cut...] I did not expect any kind of posture; I would never authorize one of our lawyers to make such an outrageous proposal to a family.

Voice Over: In July 2009, the injunction requested by the McCanns to Gonçalo Amaral’s book was granted. At that time, Maddie’s parents attained his book authorship rights, half of his retirement pension as well as his share [half] of a rural house in Olhão.


Broadcast by TVI, Jornal Nacional, 8 September 2010, Night News Edition

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The Temporary Injunction: Granted on September 9, 2009


  1. Joana, On your website I have just a blank space under ythe 'Recent Posts' heading and can only read posts under the 'Browse Categories' heading. Is this universal to everyone please?

  2. Clear your browser cache and cookies; use Firefox, Chrome or Flock, updated to their latest versions; check on settings if you have javascript enabled, if you don't it's only natural that you can't see the blog correctly - no issues here.

  3. Anon number 1
    It's the same for me - I'll try to do as Joana suggests!

  4. What browser, web navigator are you both using? Is it Microsoft's Internet Explorer?

  5. Thank you for this Joana. I appreciate how difficult and time consuming the translations are.

    We can clearly hear Sofia say that she didn't envisage - think it possible that anyone in Portugal would attempt to force her to separate from her husband. And the reporter states that there is provision for this in Portuguese law.

    Clearly this seems to be one area of law where UK and PT systems differ. I find it hard to credit that the system could demand that.

    Does it mean a divorce in the sense that we mean that word in the UK (a complete termination of the marriage) or is it some kind of lesser separation? Or is there some confusion on my part between separation of the couple and separation of their assets?

    ps - with regard to browsers and the blog. I am using Firefox and have tried it with Chrome and Opera. All work fine.

  6. Esta exigência é claramente para encher o saco dos Amarais.
    Nada mais do que isto.

  7. All right guys, I've just verified this blog with the abovementioned browsers the only one that replicates the «blank» space javascript error is Microsoft IE browser. My suggestion, download Firefox's latest stable version 3.6.9 at Mozilla.

  8. No words to describe the Mccann's. They remember me HUGE RATS GRABBING ON THE DRAIN TO SURVIVE.

  9. Thsnk you Joana from poster 1. I'm using MS Windows Explorer, and this has only occured in the last two days.

  10. They kissed the hand of the Pope http://tinyurl.com/3x3tkbc the world and it's Granny were privy to that!

    KM was broadcast on Mothering Sunday (in a recorded interview) on Aled Jones with Good Morning Sunday the world and it's Granny were privy to that content. However that radio show is no longer available to listen to again!


    Also KM was featured in an article in the Daily Mail on 14.03.2010 where the reader is informed that she KM:

    In a moving interview Kate, 42, a devout Catholic, says: 'It is hard to say but I would like to hope I could forgive. It would be a bit difficult. I just want to know why they have taken her.
    'I always pray for the family. Most of the prayers are centred on Madeleine. But I pray for the people who have taken her and the people who know what has happened to her.'

    The world and it's Granny were privy to that also!


    Why has this http://tinyurl.com/37kx5bw not been factually reported in the UK Press/Media? How can someone who purports to be a devout Catholic expect another devout Catholic couple to Divorce? Divorce so that the other supposedly devout Catholic can be assured that they will financially gain! Surely if this case has to go to the ECHR that court will see sense? Surely the ECHR will see that this act instigated by other people via Law is an infringement of human rights? Not just an infringement of human rights but imo an infringement of human dignity? Imo the sanctity of marriage is inviolable. Surely no person, court or Law has the right to request a Roman Catholic man and woman joined in the union of marriage to Divorce? If so does that mean that another person, court or Law has the right to make a Roman Catholic female have an abortion against their wishes? Hopefully the Portugeuse courts will see sense and by doing so respect the sanctity of marriage and the rights of the people who wish to remain married to each other. Hopefully the Portuguese courts will see sense and by doing so respect the Catholic religion that the married couple and their children believe in and live their lives by.


    Statement by the Pope directed to Catholic divorce lawyers:
    On 2002-JAN-29, Pope John Paul delivered his annual speech before the Holy Roman Rota, the Vatican court that hears marriage annulments. He said that divorce is an "evil" that is "spreading like a plague" through society. He said, in part: "Lawyers, who work freely, should always decline to use their professions for an end that is contrary to justice, like divorce." He repeated the Church's position that: "Marriage is indissoluble..." In an apparent rejection of the validity of secular divorce laws in various political jurisdiction, he said: "...it doesn't make any sense to talk about the 'imposition' of human law, because it should reflect and protect natural and divine law." 17 "The Pope's spokesman, Joaquin Navarro-Valls, said this was the first time the pontiff had explicitly discussed these ideas and described the remarks as 'an application of the general moral principle of not allowing us to cooperate with something that is evil'." 18


  11. Please,somebody tells me I am dreaming! If I understand well the scum bags WANT the Amaral to divorce to have access to THEIR property to secure paiment??????Surely I am having a nightmare
    Is this correct Joana?
    I need to know,I need to know if I am simply misunderstanding this last foul "demand" and I need to know this is not aceptable and the portuguese courts will NOT acept it.

  12. http://www.aiclegalservicesltd.co.uk/aic-legal-services/aic-fresh-appeal-madeleine-mccann/

    ....err...do they to look for a live poor little Madeleine or a dead one??

  13. Off topic, but it is more than 17 years since the death of Stephen Lawrence. The police have always known who the culprits are but have been unable to prosecute them due to lack of evidence. I think that situation may change in the near future.

  14. "Please,somebody tells me I am dreaming! If I understand well the scum bags WANT the Amaral to divorce to have access to THEIR property to secure paiment??????Surely I am having a nightmare
    Is this correct Joana?"

    No it isn't is it Joana ? The McCanns are not attempting to force a divorce.

  15. 11 :D Thanks for the link, I had a big laugh at the inaneness and fatuousness of those guys, don't know why but this phrase "what are they, lassie?" kept ringing in my head whilst reading the two wordpress articles.

    In any case I wouldn't expect much of people who write :"A.I.C Legal Services Ltd intend to apply for Business of the year award 2010, due to the servcies we supply"... pffff

  16. sorry this is for 11, the previous was to 12 (some comments went to the new blogger spam system, had to rescue them from there)

    Look at the images above- the video screencaps, it says in Portuguese: "Caso Maddie - Pais exigem divórcio de Gonçalo Amaral para serem indemnizados"

    Literal Translation "Maddie Case - Parents demand Gonçalo Amaral's divorce to receive compensation"

    I have nothing else to had.

  17. They sure are a couple of people with a lot of DEMANDS. They demanded everything from the word GO ! Who the devil do they think they are? About time they were brought to book. Where does Madeleine fit into all of this nonsense ? Oh yes, they have forgotten her.

  18. Anon 10,do you really believe the McCanns are true catholics,let alone devout ones?.They use the religious angle to appear to their gullible public that they wouldn't harm a fly.

  19. "Literal Translation "Maddie Case - Parents demand Gonçalo Amaral's divorce to receive compensation"

    Ok, so we know that literal translations can be misleading, isn't far more reasonable to apply common sense to this and realise that it's not an actual divorce between people but a seperation, a defining of their assets ?

    Joana, this is insane what you are allowing people to believe on here.

  20. Have a look at this link to the staff of AIC Legal services!
    Looks like they have 0 experience of missing persons but hey....they work for free. I wonder who finances their salaries and overheads? It must be one of those businesses that defies gravity and they don't need an income to keep it going. It hasn't been in existence long enough to file accounts yet so time will tell.


    It made me smile which is more than I have felt like doing since I heard what the Mcs are now threatening. And to think Halligen charged £500,000, if only the Mc's had waited they could have the same service for free. AIC are able to search worldwide too so even better value for 'money'.

  21. @Joana 15
    Thanks for your answer...yes,I read the the heading on the vid but I thought may be it was an error,or a lack of understading on my side.... but I did understand correctly and unfortunately I am NOT dreaming but having a nightmare being awake:the scums of the scum WANT them to divorce and THIS is truly unbelievable.
    I am simply gobsmacked.... we need more legal information about this because as far as I am know I have never but never heard of such a thing,a court forcing people to divorce??
    It cant be forced on them,can it?? This is so much I just cant take it in nor process it logically.
    I had a look in the UK press and there is not a single word about it...is there a way to inform some media in the UK?any action has been taken in Portugal yet in support of the Amarals?what can we do?
    This is truly mad and maddening

  22. Here is a quote from AIC Legal Services Ltd testimonials

    "Over the past years, A.I.C Legal Services Ltd have worked for our company on several occasions"

    As they haven't even been in existence for ONE year, how can this be?

    Is this a fraudulent statement to include on their web site? Great start to promote an honest company! Read their blurb but try to overlook all the grammar mistakes, that must be one department they haven't got an experienced member of staff, who can produce correctly written English.

  23. sorry to say this but it does not look like the McCanns are panicking to me, they seem very sure of themselves, lets just hope something just drops out of the sky.also I had to send them a reminder to update the find Madeleine site, it was still showing the 2 missing directors as not missing. clowns

  24. 18 Majic/Andy Give me a break, If I don't do a literal translation you accuse me of lying; if I do a literal translation you say that it's open to interpretation, are for your real!? It's a rhetoric question, don't even bother to answer.

    Just copy the article and paste it on google translator, or whatever you use and do yourself the translations. All right, is that a deal? Thanks.

  25. Majic- any relation to Sabot? The McCanns are so sweet; just to insist on their assets and not a divorce!That's alright then.

  26. @Majic or Andy or HELL
    She is perfectly bilingual and KNOWS what she is doing.
    When you can how the same lingistic habilites let us know.
    Meanwhile if you want to rattle your chains, go back to your filthy den in rothley.

  27. Anon 12, thanks for the link, my support goes to Dr Amaral so I guess all the public do not feel the way AIC believes they do.

  28. Leicestershire police website have now restored the link to findmadeleine.com. I wonder why that is. Have Leics police been persuaded to reverse their decision to remove the link?


    I have never witnessed such shenanigans involving police, politicians, media, lawyers etc as I've witnessed in this case. The whole thing is nothing short of disgraceful when you consider it's supposed to be all about a missing 3 year old.

  29. "@Majic or Andy or HELL
    She is perfectly bilingual and KNOWS what she is doing.
    When you can how the same lingistic habilites let us know.
    Meanwhile if you want to rattle your chains, go back to your filthy den in rothley."

    Ok, clearly English is not your first language and would it surprise you to know that I know quite a few languages? That's beside the point, the point her is that the McCanns are not insisting that Amaral and wife "divorce" - it is a seperation of assets. Money yes, family no.

    I also consider it to be a great injustice to Joana herself that you think you have to in some defend her. Joana is quite capable of doing this herself. Think before you post next time.

  30. @19,you just couldnt help yourself,boy i reckon joanna has rattled your chains,dont you want people to know just how delightfull the mccums are. crawl back under your stone.

  31. Letter from Iberia
    Once again the lack of justice in Portugal allows the McCann’s to continue with their evil deeds
    Only Portugal can stop this disgusting state of affairs but we all know by now that the McCann’s will get their blood money, as apart from a few like Joana and other Portuguese persons on this blog
    The remainder of Portugal does not give a dam that an honourable man and his family are being ruined by the doctors of evil who are responsible for the disappearance and probable death of their daughter.
    Two evil parents who are profiting from their crimes and are determine to obtain all the blood money that they can amass from their daughter’s blood and in doing so destroy all that stands in their way

    Only the people of Portugal can stop this but its is obvious that the majority just don’t care

    I also have a blank in the recent posts section I am utilising Microsoft's Internet Explorer and do not understand why I should change to another browser the problem is only on this blog

    I will continue with Microsoft's Internet Explorer and just scroll down

  32. "@19,you just couldnt help yourself,boy i reckon joanna has rattled your chains,dont you want people to know just how delightfull the mccums are. crawl back under your stone."

    It's Majic, not 19. Just because you post anonymously does not mean that I do. It's not a case of anyone rattling chains in any particualr direction, this is about being upfront about what is taking place and the McCanns are not trying to divorce Snr Gonçalo Amaral and his wife. This is about seperation of assets and not a divide between a family.

  33. This is not a battle camp, nor rosiepops' blog and forum, nor that other woman, forgot her name, with a blue weird forum, nor pfa... let's not turn this into those kind of pointless inane discussions, please. Further comments like the above ones, attacking either other commentators, or me (Hi!) will be considered as spam. Thanks for understanding, the topic is above.

    Side note to majic/Andy, you can say whatever you want but the translation of Divórcio is Divorce, there isn't any other possible interpretation.

    Good afternoon to all

  34. May I please remind everyone that The McCanns have only attempted to destrain against The Profit that Goncalo Amaral has made from the selling of his book, which has been relatively accurately assessed at 1.2 Million Euros. It is for The Court to decide if this is the sum he should pay if he loses The Case.

    However, he seems to have spent a fair proportion of this, which was of course, his right. But if this is the sum to be awarded then the shortfall will have to come from somewhere else. This is why the house has been seized. It is to make up the difference between the profit he made and what is still left of that profit. I very much doubt that it is a personal thing.

    If indeed Goncalo Amaral did Libel The McCanns, then it seems only right and proper that The McCanns should receive the profit that was made from this illegal act.

  35. Joana, I was not attacking anyone, just pointing out some obvious things on here. You know as well as I do that I attack no one.

    Yes the literal trnaslation is as you have said, but do you, and I am asking you personally now, believe that the McCanns are insisting directly or indirectly that Snr Gonçalo Amaral and his wife to divorce ?

  36. Thank you Joana for your translation on this topic. We need to know what this evil cunning couple are attempting to do to the Amaral family. I pray that the Portugese court will squash the McCanns' case and God may bless Mr. Amaral to continue to live in dignity.

  37. I have just read this load of misinformation, I presume it's written by an Mc insider (Majic), possibly even from Rothley? Sounds like desperation to me. The truth will always be the truth regardless of how much anyone denies it. If the Mc's were innocent then they would be providing every scrap of information they could.

    A good start would be the 48 questions, a reconstruction, medical and credit card records. Nearly forgot ...and a REOPENING of the case.


  38. I am almost certain that in Portuguese, the words "SEPERATION" and "DIVORCE" are two different words. Why are people suggesting they are interchangeable?


  39. @Magit 29

    Everyone is telling you to go back to your cavern full of paedos and by the way if you do speak many languages then you will be able to translate "divorcio" as DIVORCE.Full stop
    Go and pray for your good friends the Saint mccSCUM:they do need it

    Just 迷路

  40. May be the journalist who wrote this on the video made a mistake?It is obviously misleading.
    On the other hand,people here react strongly because basically NOTHING would surprise them/us/me coming from that awful pair of liars,capable of anything and everything.May be as some poster suggested the Amarals should sell their house for 5€ and good bye to any paiment to the scum bags...but it wouldnt surprise me at all their lawyer has filled in/ imposed an embargo on it to make it impossible to sell....what bastards these people are....and the people who support them....omg! Dignity is a word which has been banned from their vocabulary....

  41. @32,oh well thats ok,then we wouldnt like to think the mccanns were being over greedy,now would we.scum that they are.shame they havent put as much effort into looking for thier daughter that according to them have been abducted by a kiddie fidler or is a group of gypsy or eggman,or was it bundle man.

  42. I believe that, considering the amount of corruption at the highest level involved in this case, it is not a question of contacting A.I.C Legal Services Ltd and the likes, but rather for anyone closely connected to this case and who find themselves in "a moment of moral clarity", to blow the whistle-

    Wikileaks - Whistleblower guidelines

  43. Thanks Joana, I just wanted to say that was a great little video of Sophia, not an errmm to be heard. She looked beautiful,especially when she mentioned the many moments of joy!

    louise h

  44. What I see is that someone wants a separation of assets. Mrs Amaral says what is hers- is his, and to separate them they would have to be divorced. I see divorce meaning divorce and separate meaning separate. Either way someone is after the family's asset separate or otherwise.

  45. Another testimonial for a firm that only appeared at Companies House less than 11 months ago.

    "We write to confirm that we have instructed A.I.C Legal Services Ltd as process servers for us over the past 15 years or so. We have always found them to be honest and trustworthy"

    And another

    "I have known A.I.C. Legal Services Ltd on a professional basis for approximately 14 years in their capacity as an Enquiry Agent/Process Server."

    Some real heavy weight solicitors as their clients, I don't think so! ......check out AIC testimonials to get a feel for their clients. No mention of the cases they have solved and definitely no mention of missing persons. Not even one word of what results they have achieved for their clients.

    I smell bailiffs? Heavy mob?

    i think AIC ltd SHOULD investigate the McCann case, we would follow their investigations minute by minute to see what they come up with, it couldn't be any worse than the scenarios poster 40 reminds us of, Beckhams, bundles or gypsies.

    If this wasn't so serious it would be an amusing distraction. Unfortunately there is nothing amusing about any of this.

  46. Liver bird from LiverpoolFriday, September 10, 2010 9:40:00 pm

    Catholic and the parents of Maderlaine Maccann, are two words that just Don't go together. As we say in Liverpool Catholics, my A--E,
    (to be posh backside.) please forget the Catholic tag when talking about the Maccann's it really is an insult to true Catholics who love their faith.

  47. Oh deary me, Majic. You try to make yourself look so intelligent and then you come out with this nonsense.

    "Ok, clearly English is not your first language and would it surprise you to know that I know quite a few languages?"

    Knowing the odd word in German or phrase in French is NOT 'knowing' a language. Which languages do you claim to be fluent in I wonder? Certainly not Portuguese. Actually, I don't wonder at all. I am just laughing at your silliness.

    And of course we are supposed to take your word for it on the Portuguese legal situation. Some people's posts are just too funny for words. You try to make out that that you are just the voice of reason when the truth is you are a windbag with no claim to authority at all.

  48. Suggesting a divorce or a separation of assets on this case is more or less the same, both IMORAL and both showing the ethical skills of the Mccann's: 2 Narcissists who just look for money and for their bellybuttons ( I agree with Guerra).
    Poor Madeleine, I can see how easy was for her parents to go away leaving her babysitting her brothers, and how quickly they decide to make money about her, when she went missing.

  49. Even if there is some kind of misunderstanding over the difference between divorce or separation there is no misunderstanding that the McCanns intend to wipe out Amaral financially one way or another. I still find it hard to believe that they can call all the shots, make demands and get away with it.

    I know McCann fans see no wrong with anything they do but surely if they were really honest with themselves they can see that Madeleines disappearance is as a direct result of her parents selfishness and the shelving of the case is as a direct result of their lack of co-operation. They should have been charged for leaving the kids in the first place instead of being left to get celebrity status and becoming power crazy.

    Before a Mc Fan comes on here to point out to me that I said M had disappeared, but Amaral claims she died in the apartment, I would like to point out that M is registered as a missing person, not as an abducted person and as such that means no conclusive proof either way. So if you want to believe she was taken by nice gypsies and is having a great time with her new family, then go ahead and think that and respect others views that Amaral has based his book on the evidence presented to him, which is more feasible IMO

  50. Majic,Maybe you are thick or maybe you are biased where the mccanns are concerned or maybe both. What gives you the right to use JM's blog and come on to attack her translation. If it does not suit you - tough luck! No one asks you to come here and drop your craps all over other people's house. Do that in your cave, we dont give two monkeys how you crap your already filthy den.

    Whoever ever heard of separation of assets just to suit the purpose of a greedy pair of fascists? Separation of assets is normally legally done if couples divorced, or when people died.

    No matter how you want to take on the 'translation' that is besides the point. The whole point is, what the mccanns are DEMANDING is unheard off in the history of defamation cases and unprecedented. The trial has not even started properly and yet the mccanns behaved as if they'd won - WTF.

    Is this about defence of their rotten name or destroying Amaral's family? Fcuking unbelievable that there are people coming on and defend a pair of greedy liars who are official suspect (albeit suspended) in the disappearance of their own daughter.

  51. Majic is any comment missing besides the long one from the previous post in the early morning, 11:21am GMT, which I didn't allow to go through for obvious reasons. I was doing some work, I've just allowed a batch of comments to go trough, except two which... -_- [seriously guys, the comments policy is here for a motive, I know how you all feel but there are things that can prejudice this blog, thanks for understanding].

    Going to grab something to dinner. Please post what you want to say I'm back in 20/30 minutes, or less.

  52. Have a look at Textusa. A very interesting post.

  53. The mcfans are either blind or stupid....that much is obvious.

    AS for the mccanns they'd better hoped their stay lucky throughout or their publi death will be horrific when Maddie's corpse is found.

  54. Anon at 53

    Where to view Textusa pls?

  55. Laughable, the last partner who joined Mccann's gang: "A.I.C Legal Services Ltd". It looks so easy the way the Mccann's make money with tragedy of their child that all the evils want to join the business and use all the excuses to jump.
    From "Mccannfiles" I Copy and paste that on this issue: "After some of the worst Investigations and botched enquiries ever seen, this little girl still remains undetected. The Portuguese Police should hang their head in shame, especially one retired Detective who wanted to announce in a book that she was dead. We, like the rest of the public find it absolutely unforgivable that someone would seek to make a fortune off the back of a book, with no regard to the McCann family who live with this horror everyday". The golden money is very attractive and force people to say such shameful words if they want to be accepted by the gang. Alan M. who pretend to look for Madeleine, left many jobs before due to be an alcohol addict. Is he looking for Madeleine or for a easy way to pay his bills?
    Mccann's have such destiny to be surrounded by despicable people. One more to add to Mccann's gallery and be hanged up with Metodo 3 and Halligen. Poor Madeleine.

  56. Anon 53

    Yes, just been over to Textusa - it's very, very, good. I wonder if the McCanns can bear to read it ?

  57. Majic - Get a life you sad, egocentrical nutter. At least a cool & collected Clarence Mitchell gets paid for sensibly being the McCanns 'official' spokesman. What do you get out of this Majic apart from being laughed at as just an another expendable, arrogant 'loud-mouth' that's a few short falls away from the funny farm. =)) Face it Majic, your a looser & nobody is going to pity you when your blatant, uncontrollable & arrogant ego eventually drives you over the edge. Take a chill pill Majic & stop pretending to be the McCanns spokesperson because there is nothing more damaging to the McCanns than having a 'loose cannon' like you running amok 'supposedly' speaking on their behalf is there?

  58. “Caso Maddie”
    “Pais exigem divorcio de Goncalo Amaral para serem indemnizados.”

    Caso Maddie – Maddie Case
    Pais – Parents
    exigem – demand
    divorcio – divorce
    de Goncale Amaral - of Goncalo Amaral
    para serem indemnizados – in order to be indemnified.

    A child not yet four and her two younger siblings were left alone by their parents in an apartment in a foreign land. The eldest child is reported missing, more accurately the parents claim their child was abducted by a Paedophile. The police found no sign of a break-in despite claims to the contrary by the parents. The stories recounted by the Parents and their friends, that were with them that night, make it clear to the police that someone if not all of them are lying. Out of ten vehicles examined by highly trained cadaver dogs, the scent of death is only found in the parent’s vehicle. The scent of death is found in the parent’s apartment and on the clothing belonging to the mother. When confronted with these findings the parents refuse to answer police questions and soon afterward leave the country. Immediately upon their return to their homeland they acquire the services of a lawyer renowned for preventing the extradition of a notorious dictator. By then they have amassed a large sum of money donated to them by the public who believed the money would be used to find their daughter and not to defend their image. With this money they hire a PR firm which basically threatens anyone who does not believe the child was abducted. They hire shady detectives, having little or no experience in finding a missing child. Despite the farcical endeavours of these detectives, the parents insist in maintaining their services and claim to be compensating them with outrageous sums of money. One of these detectives said to be the lead detective by the supportive media of their country is soon brought up on charges of cocaine smuggling in his homeland. Later on they hire the services of another dubious detective who is now fighting extradition on charges of fraud and money laundering. The police of the country in which the crime was committed soon find that the authorities of the parent’s homeland have no intention in helping solve the crime. The parents and their friends also refuse to re-enact the events of that fateful night. Whether it was due to political pressure or simply realizing it was a futile task they decide to archive the case.

    Most people who read the above paragraph would conclude that the parents are not behaving like people who want to find their missing daughter. They would also question the conduct of the people who appear to have no interest other than protecting the parent’s image. However, if I substitute the word parents with the family name McCann, then for certain individuals it is a whole different story. For these zealots questioning the parents conduct is akin to blaspheming a religious figure, finding out what happened to Madeleine is of secondary importance or as I suspect of no importance at all.

  59. So far mccanns claimed they had appealed to Government authority HO to help but the government had kept total silent over the case. They also said the authorities (meaning police) are no longer searching for MBM.

    Instead all those PIs and PI agency whom mccanns had approached are either dodgy, devious, new without track record, or old with crappy track record and zilch to do with handling abduction cases, had willingly and speedily jumped into bed with mccanns.

    The contrast cannot be more glaring.

    Those celebrities pledging support at the beginning had vanished quietly out of the scene. The undying supporters left still seen to be supporting them are CM, BK and dodgy PIs....

    Any contrast glaringly obvious.

    And the mcfans are saying the mccanns had nothing to hide and within their right to fleece the Detective Inspector who is doing something to expose their lies!

    Are the mcfans devoid of sense of justice and righteouness? What sort of society are they advocating? That people are allowed to lie and if possible walk away from crime. What crime, they may ask?
    Crime of neglect for a start? Crime of homicide which mccanns were declared suspects.

    Give the police both sides of the channels some credits for what they do......the mccanns are not made suspects without grounds. Not sufficient evidence is often why criminal avoid punishment. Doesnt mean suspcicious on them is groundless or baseless.
    That being the case, they are no exonerated.

    Until they come out and cooperate with investigators to get themselves eliminated out of the equation they will always be viewed as hiding the truth.....and buying their freedom with spins and suing people to keep up their pretendy innocent role.

    That is not going to change people's view about their them. Until the case if fully solved, the 'runaway criminals' hanging over their heads reputation will always remain whether they or mcfans like it or not.

  60. 59 I don't know who you are but I must thank you for what you've written in such a concise and lucid manner, my heartfelt obrigada :)

    wish you and everyone else a great day, leave you with some music for your enjoyment
    Ibrahim Ferrer y Omara Portuondo - Silencio


  61. Anon 56,i wonder who was the last person to join AIC,could it be Uncle John,now he's no longer onthe fund payroll,that vitriol printed in the Aic statement looks like a McCann propaganda piece.BTW Sabot and Majic comment on sky discussion boards thread Madeleine,under other ids of course,they always end up resorting to childish insults and accusations,especially when facts from the mccannfiles are pointed out to them,and which invariably they have no answers,they always resort to calling us ,who don't believe the McCanns,conspiriloons,lunatics,nutters,pitchforkers etc,and they are usually scathing about Joana Morais ,Goncarlo Amaral,Tony Bennett gets it really bad,and others,they also use underhand warnings.But i always think when they start insulting ,you have touched a nerve.

  62. @ 59 Excellent post ! I think they're running scared - might be because Halligen might spill the beans to save his own bacon !

  63. I think we all know that as far as McFans are concerned they use whatever words suit their own purpose. For example No 1 McFan Rosiemightymouthpops, writes reams about Amarals failings, and claims he is more interested in drinking with his mates than doing his job. All based on her opinion and presumption.

    Based on fact we know that the McCanns were more interested in drinking with their mates than doing their job (ensuring their kids were safe). It is therefore not fair to allow the persons known to be guilty to be allowed to get away with it, whilst the one who is presumed guilty to be targetted.

  64. So we have Devout Catholic and all round Crap Mother Kate McCann saying she hopes to forgive the person who took Maddie (forgive a filthy pervert peadophile who put her child through hell)....

    Yet she and her scummy husband want to take the family home half the pension and the rights to a book they had banned and to top it all want the Amarals to divorce so they can get their blood money????

    Really shows just how unimportant Maddie is to her if she can think about forgiving the person who took her but cant forgive a man who was just looking for the truth on behalf of the victim....

    Then again I guess she forgave herself for what happend to Maddie long ago and she is talking about herself after all Kate and Gerry are the Victims Maddie is just a findable little girl (oh sorry Innocent findable little girl)..........

    What an Icon Kate McCann is neglects her children to go to a bar lies through her teeth about what happend says her daughter is with peadophiles and wont answer a single question to help find her...

    Let them take their 30 pieces of silver they will never be able to enjoy all the money they have conned and sued I know they were full of Joy on Maddies 4th Birthday but they cant go anywhere and relax now and when the twins get older the questions will start all over again.....

  65. Hi Joana,

    Great blog - always has been. Something that is worrying me: Did you see the UK PMQ's on Wednesday 08-09-2010? Nick Clegg Deputy PM mentioned that the UK government want to 'review' the extradition treaties between the UK-EU and the UK-USA to make sure they are more 'balanced'. This is likely due to likes of the Computer hacker we had here in the UK; but I do wonder if there is more at stake?

    This seriously worries me, with the extradition order set for Halligen dated 29-09-2010. I doubt a government could get changes through in that time, but I is this whole sorry saga much bigger than just the fate of a missing child? What the hell did happen that week in Portugal? Was it as we were told, an abduction or, was it as we suspect something more sinister?

    This tragic case seems to be getting nastier on both sides and the case has bought out some of the worst in all of us. I know I am guilty of thinking terrible things, but some of the stories I have read on both sides of the fence, make my stomach churn. This 'asset separation' is just one more sorry compliment to the tragic story.

    May the truth one day be known.

  66. Hi Joana,

    Is my understanding of the situation correct:

    Dr GA and SL who are married own the property in question. The property is a common asset and should not be included in the arrest of Dr GA's assets because Dr GA does not own 50% of the property and SL does not own 50% of the property, whether mortgaged or mortgage free. The property is 100% a common asset and cannot be divided into percentages as such because Dr GA and SL are married. The property is an asset belonging 100% to the marriage, not 50% and 50% by the individuals in union of the marriage. Hence the reason the house division in two parts at the registry office was refused on the property, as it could only be divided up into percentages if the couple were divorcing? A divorce can only execute the separation of assets, as foreseen by law. The then divorced or divorcing couple would then each own (or be entitled to)50% of what was previously a common asset of the marriage? SL refused to do this therefore the whole asset was arrested. How can a common asset belonging to a marriage be arrested?

    If the above is correct then imo that is an infringement of human rights and an infringement of human dignity!


  67. I have thought long and hard about the Mcs taking the Amarals to court and as much as I hate the thought of this family having to endure it, it could be what the MCs need to do to show their true motives.

    Put your money where your mouth is Mr and Mrs Mc and see what support you get this time! Even the few supporters you have left would not like to see you destroy a another family, especially involving their young children. Does it not bother you the suffering you would cause?

    AIC would be another farce and we could be 'entertained' with some new implausible theories and sightings. As there is no company in the world who can bring back a dead child who else would take on the task. Unless the company is tasked with looking for body?

    If this was meant to be a distraction from Halligen's impending trial then it's a very poor one and is only highlighting what these people are prepared to do.

    Being realistic they wouldn't dare risk it now they have some feedback on how the public feel about them. I'm sure the Amoral fighting fund would be high profile with the number of people who support him and his family. He has done nothing wrong so even those who are still on the fence about what happened to Madeleine would support him and sod the Mcs.

  68. anon 55,

    You can found Textusa trough this blog. Go to the top " Mccann's case opinion". There is Textusa, click on it. Thanks Joana for letting us achieve another very informative blog, trough your blog. You all deserve our respect for the wonderful work you do, trying to expose the liars and achieve justice for a little girl who was just remembered by her parents to ask donations, pretending they are looking for her.

  69. This despicable chess-move by the McCanns contrasts deeply with their absolute silence about the loss of half a million pounds via Kevin Halligen.
    (By now there's a lot of millions rattling about, both lost and found.)
    Looking into the future, what are the career prospects either for Dr Gerry McCann or Dr Kate Healey (McCann)? No wonder they want to raid someone else's pension.
    Neither of them have shown absolute dedication to their medical calling of saving lives.
    Too many days off have been needed to travel or give TV interviews worldwide or meet their lawyers and advisers and their own detectives - this will go on endlessly.
    They have both been far too occupied in these past years in raising money for themselves.
    Now that the famous 'Fund' is drawing to a close and all the yellow ribbons have faded and decayed, their ingenuity has come up with this latest money-grabbing plan against Dr Goncalo Amaral.
    The strange thing is that his book is founded solely on the police files and has nothing extra added.Unfortunately though, it sold rather too well for their liking, hence this money-grabbing exercise.
    I applaud Sofia Leal Amaral for her brave reply and know that right is on her side.

  70. Through this action the mccanns have shown how cold and calculating they are if they were innocent they would have written a book counteracting Sr Amarals book and outlining and detailing the facts of the case the money raised would have gone into the fraudulent fund for the continuing fake search of their daughter Madeleine. The Mccanns have lied and withheld information, misled the investigation and yet still they are able to continue this farce. Sr Amaral is no fool he suspected them after a few days when their story started to fall apart due to Kate’s inconsistencies, Jane Tanner’s ridiculous abductor theory, and Gerry’s blogging and jogging everyday etc, the rest is history. The internet is awash with sites demanding justice for Madeleine someone in authority will take charge of this circus but until then we are left with this situation that enables two suspects to dictate how their case should be run. It is disgusting that both Portugal and Britain allow this fraud to continue especially as such incriminating facts are now known there should be a full and thorough investigation of all those concerned. I have been following Joane for a long time and I would say to you Joane you are one great lady eventually justice will prevail for both Amarel and Madeleine and thank you and your team for all your hard work. I’m not sure what has happened to Textusa (she probably got too near the truth) but as she says ‘the truth is like oil it always comes to the surface’ and it will - thanks Joanne and God bless you Madeleine.

  71. guerra 50

    Good post - well said.

    And all those following as well. Yes, many thanks Joana for your site - we all appreciate your hard work.

    67. Anon.

    Yes, I think this is worrying as well - the McCanns have friends in high places and somehow they seem to be able to slip away from anything which may pin them down. Every word they utter is believed without question - and they have got those very good lawyers standing there waiting to act if they should be requested to return to Portugal. Sewn up I think - and if these new extradition laws come in - well they wont need the lawyers or the money to pay them.

    Don't like the sound of this.


  72. Directly unrelated but equally important to understand the role of the UK media in this affair:

    Published today, in the Guardian's Observer

    Rupert Murdoch and the future of British media
    As angry MPs agree witnesses should be called to account over the phone-hacking affair, Henry Porter and Will Hutton examine the wide influence of the media empire behind the scandal

    «The malign influence of Rupert Murdoch on British life

    News International acts as if it is above the law and has contributed to the coarsening of society's values, writes Henry Porter

    When Rupert Murdoch appeared on his own Fox News Channel last week and was, astonishingly, asked about the News of the World phone-hacking scandal – "the story that was really buzzing around the country and certainly here in New York", as the anchorman put it – Murdoch cut him off with the words: "I'm not talking about that issue at all today. I'm sorry." (...)»

    read more (link above)

  73. Anon@69 - you misspelt Amaral, whether intentionally or not. It's spelt AmAral not AmOral.


  74. From A.I.C. Legal Services' website: "abscent fathers"; "national detective agencies endeavours"; "much more resources".

    Why are so many people connected with this case illiterate?

  75. Sunday Independent
    by Ruth Dudley Edwards


    The British tabloid press is a disgrace.

    It was Rupert Murdoch who debased what had once been a decent profession. Hugh Cudlipp, a good man about whom I once wrote a book, was the finest tabloid editor ever and a great campaigning journalist.

    He wrote in 1988 of what had happened when, in 1969, Murdoch bought the News of the World and the Sun.
    "It was the dawn of the Dark Ages of tabloid journalism, the decades, still with us, when the proprietors and editors -- not all, but most -- decided that playing a continuing role in public enlightenment was no longer any business of the popular Press. Information about foreign affairs was relegated to a three-inch yapping editorial insulting foreigners.

    "It was the age when investigative journalism in the public interest shed its integrity and became intrusive journalism for the prurient, when nothing, however personal, was any longer secret or sacred and the basic human right to privacy was banished in the interest of publishing profit -- when the daily nipple-count and the sleazy stories about bonking bimbos achieved a dominant influence in the circulation charts."

    Andy Coulson has played his part in dragging standards down even further.

    I won't weep if he's forced out of his job.


  76. Hi Joana

    Have just been wondering about the 'apprehension of assets' and maybe you could answer my query - if we donate any money to GA to help him with his on-going libel case surely this money may be seized by the McCanns - what do you think?


  77. Every word they utter is believed without question - and they have got those very good lawyers standing there waiting to act if they should be requested to return to Portugal. Sewn up I think.....

    Solicitors From Hell

  78. AIC Legal services must be the MOST unprofessional private investigators ever and they are jumping on the McCann bandwagon. They breach confidentiality and I would not employ them for anything. Their website is full of bullshit, 15year testimonials for a company established just a year when their last cash cow stopped employing them.

    It is a disgrace that a child is missing or worse and all these people think they can get cheap publicity by doing nothing!

    God bless Madeleine x


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