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McCanns Want Amaral's Family Home

Sofia Leal & Gonçalo Amaral have been married for the last eight years and have two young daughters

“I will not get divorced. That would be a fraud. Our family lives in full communion [unity].”

Sofia Leal, who has been married for the last eight years with the former Judiciary Police coordinator Gonçalo Amaral, reacted indignantly upon being notified with a citation requested by the McCanns, to proceed with a separation of assets in order to allow the arrest of a house in the municipality of Olhão, within the scope of a 1.2 million euros claim.

By Paulo Marcelino

The claim made by the McCanns is based on the contents of the book “Maddie - The Truth of the Lie” (written by Amaral, in July 2008) concerning the investigation into Maddie's disappearance, the McCann's daughter, in Praia da Luz (Algarve), back in May 2007. The couple alleges that the former investigation coordinator accuses them of being responsible for their daughter's death and persists on the abduction thesis.

The interim measure [injunction] was filed at the 1st Civil Court of Lisbon in June 2009 and was allowed. The McCanns gained all the still due book authorship rights, half of Amaral's retirement pension as well as his “share [moiety, half] of their rural property” in Olhão. In July this year, the house division in two parts at the registry office was refused on the grounds that it affected a common asset.

The McCann couple via their lawyer [Isabel Duarte] applied for Sofia Leal to execute a separation of assets, as foreseen by law. She refused and in August the court carried into completion the full arrest. “My husband and I have never abandoned our daughters, or allowed paedophiles in our circle of friends. I am shocked that a couple who affirm to be religious is seeking out to destroy our family”, said Sofia Leal.

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British Rule Out Abduction

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the United Kingdom (Foreign & Commonwealth Office) does not held Madeleine McCann's disappearance recorded as an abduction, thus accepting that there is no evidence to suggest that a crime of that nature has taken place; exactly what was concluded by the Portuguese Judiciary Police investigation initially led by Gonçalo Amaral and that is mirrored in the book “Maddie - The Truth of the Lie”.

In a reply to an investigator, who requested [FOIA PDF here] information regarding British missing children abroad, the Consular Directorate of the Foreign Office - dated December 14, 2009  to which the CM had access - affirmed: “The FCO filed the case in May 2008 [Ben Needham]. You will also be aware of the Madeleine McCann case. Both this and the Needham case are categorised as a missing persons, rather than child abduction cases, as there is no evidence in either case to support whether the children were or were not abducted.”.

in Correio da Manhã 08.09.2010

Exclusive Video: McCanns Press Conference February 2010

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Em Português (Sinopse): Carta de uma Noite de Verão


  1. Just read it in the Correio da Manhã and I am disgusted beyond words x( The McCanns certainly have some disturbingly vindictive ways of making themselves feel better about the disappearance of their daughter don't they? How does possessing someone's family home bring them any sense of comfort or satisfaction about the loss & hopeful reunification of their missing daughter? Personally I think the McCanns are in desperate need of therapy & guidance regarding how to best cope with the loss of their daughter NOT incessant bitter & twisted revenge & retribution against a former Portuguese detective & his innocent family. If possessing a former detective's family home brings the parents of a missing child some sense of personal comfort or satisfaction regarding their missing child then we really are into new & quite disturbing territory regarding missing children aren't we?

  2. my god,the fucking mccanns want putting up against a wall and shooting,not only are they responsible for what happend to madeleine and have drag a lot of innocent people in to this case now they want to wreck some one else,s life all for the sake of MONEY.they are fucking pure evil.
    Bravo Mrs Amaral respect to you and your husband, stay strong the truth is on your side,and as for the mccanns hope they rot in hell.

  3. The McCanns didn't do much to demonstrate that they cared for their own children in PDL, so I suppose we shouldn't be surprised that they care even less for the Amaral children.

    By this action they have exposed themselves as callous, vindictive money-grubbers, when they would put children out of their own home in pursuit of the fruits of their parents' labours. There is no level to which they will not stoop, it seems.

    Have we been told yet why Skehan and McCann resigned from the fund?


  4. Appalling.
    I think that of everything I have heard this is one of the lowest things the McCanns have done. Are there no limits to their money making ventures. Can no one put a stop to their antics...

  5. The mccanns,you are totally crazy and extremely vicious.You have tried to destroy the Amaral family and THIS is your fall,a rapid one now.Be very careful

  6. They want to spend their retirement in Portugal or something? what bullshitters they are

  7. The only reason the McCanns want revenge is that Dr Amaral in his book touched a nerve so close to the truth! Have never heard or seen the likes of such despicable people like the McCanns. Truly Evil.

  8. Thank goodness for the people who comment on here.

    The McCanns' behaviour goes well beyond human decency.

    How much did the fund raise?

    Where has that all gone?

    Who is going to stand up and whistleblow and when fgs...

  9. I simply cannot find words to describe this disgusting couple. They will continue to exploit their daughter's death until the day the police lock them up. To the Amaral couple that have been so dinified through all this, I wish courage and strength.

  10. Mahatma Ghandi said that "poverty is the worst form of violence".

    How right he was and doesn't this just empitomise them perfectly.

  11. I am pleased the Mucks have exposed themselves by doing this. It must be obvious even to their ardent supporters that they place no value on family life and the effect it will have on two young children by hoping to take their home. What would they do with the money if they were able to extract it? Pay their mortgage? Speaking of which how did they get away with paying their mortgage from the 'fund'? How did they get away with paying their legal bills from that fund too?

    It has been reported the fund is depleted so this is another attempt to get some cash to support their lifestyle....and sod anyone else!
    Maybe it is such a vile thing to do it is intended to take the attention away from a RE-OPENING of the case?

    I hope the Amaral family will get financial support from a fund to fight their case. Has it ever been suggested that one is started for them?

    Well done Ms Amaral! Here is a mother who puts her children and family first!

  12. boy i hope this hits the uk press hey press u ok with kids and family losing there home for mccanns sick sick sick

  13. This is out of this world and the "request" has been rejected by the court and of course it would!!!!.How on earth these scum bags want the Amaral to separate to get their house!!! Appaling and sickening.Ther are FULLY CRAZY
    @Anon 7
    Thats right! the mccanns want the Amaral"s family house AND their separation because G.Amarals book has touch a BIG nerve and they are trying to destroy the Amaral family by and with any means.They are awful people and if their splending lawyers had any sort of moral or ethics she would tell them to piss off and carry on destroying their OWN family.....this is too much,this is sickening,this is ENOUGH.There MUST be a limit to what these horrible people can do.We cant let them carry on like this!!!

    My love and regards to the Amaral Family

  14. How can this happen? Has this been decided in court already? Wasn't this separate from the banning of the book?

  15. It`s show time just coming:p

  16. The McCanns are on the down elevator to hell.

    With this action they have just plummeted several levels nearer to their destination.

    Evil scumbags!

  17. I cannot put into words the way I feel reading this. I didn't think the McCanns could stoop any lower. How can Portugal allow this? These two people left their children alone, they have lied, and yet the Police Officer investigating the case gets all the abuse and now maybe the loss of his and his family's home. Does this not show how money grabbing these two are? They neglect their children and through that become millionaires? Just how can this be for heavens sake. I am really surprised at Portugal in allowing this.

  18. The McCanns are clearly in need of some psychiatric treatment. Seriously, this couple need some mind help. I fear for their kids.

    If you ask me I think this latest sick scenario is a divertion away from The Truth.

    However, there are only so many divertions you can put into place. One day it will all blow up. The only thing the McCanns have in their favour is the lamestream media-ocrety. But, like all tabloid-related support - it will diminish.

    Have you noticed the pattern? I said in 2007 that twice or three times a year their spin team will come up with a couple of big smokescreens but in reallity you only can have about ten of them before the public catch on. Simply put the first one has to be the best one (Pope meeting) then after that you have to come down the ladder and each smokescreen gets cheesier and less believable (Vicky Beckham look-a-like for example).

    The McCanns are thick people. Believe me, they are not very bright. They are just being backed for some reason that we all think maybe sinister.

    Joanna, this is a great site. I don't recall any other site with as much info as this one. You have to let us all know about a back-up site if these idiots try to shut you down.

  19. Well this just about says it all about those Mc Canns it shows how cruel and evil they really are, cant someone stop them and stop protecting them, they should be locked up they dont care about their child and I dont think they ever have evil scum!!Hope someone has sent this to the UK press then again they are so bad they wont print it.

  20. I think this will be the drop in the proverbial bucket. Leicester police already removed the link on their website. Two directors resigned from the fund. Nobody wants to be associated with the McCanns anymore, but they don't care. They want their money, and have Amaral destroyed. How low can you sink. Will this money be used for searching for their daughter? Will we have sightings again? Maybe now their 'detectives' can take a shovel to PDL and start digging. They got money now.

  21. I am shocked beyond words to hear that the McCanns have taken their hatred and arrogance to a new level. Just who are these people? How can they get away with this harrassment? I hope to god that someone, somewhere puts an end to all of this. This couple just do not know when to stop. Just how much farther are they going to go.....

  22. Can someone explain this to me. Just what is happening here? Is their house being taken away or has it been rejected. I seem to be reading mixed messages here. In one part it says the order was rejected and then in another paragraph it says that the court carried completion into full arrest. What does this mean exactly?

  23. Is this news the real reason that the two directors of the fund have resigned. I hope that a doctor and a close family member have at last seen the light and found out that they cannot condone the actions of the couple any more.

  24. I cannot find the words to express my disgust at this attempt to destroy a family. I am appalled, absolutely appalled. They surely must out of their minds to try to do this. But, hey, didn't we know how brutal and cold hearted GM and KM are - look how they treated their own offspring. It's beyond belief, utterly, utterly, beyond understanding.

    It confirms my suspicions - that they are members of the club with funny handshakes. They will be defended by their brothers to the end, even if it means lying, covering up evidence or committing perjury. This can be the only explanation.

  25. The Court did not reject it; it was «deferido» i.e. allowed, permitted.

    The registry office [Conservatória de Registo] was the one who opposed due to Sofia Leal assets being targeted with Gonçalo Amaral ones.

    A small side note: To have common assets, goods, properties its usual and natural, either if you are married or living with your partner (independently of gender) for a number of x years (União de Facto/Casamento Civil) - which independently of having or not pre-nuptial agreements entitles one to certain rights & protections and also obliges to other judicial/bureaucracy related issues. Far to tricky to explain.

    Therefore when Sofia Leal refused to separate her assets from Amaral's, which would oblige them to divorce; the court seized, arrested (whatever you call it) their house.

    Why? To secure enough goods to pay the McCanns claim - this is to say, just in case he looses the trial there will be enough assets to pay for that 1.2 million euros claim.

    Now, let us go back to our reality, the Portuguese reality.

    Not in one hundred years a retired cop can afford all the judicial costs having his assets seized - who due to being forced to resign earlier from a job that he had a passion for - and if you follow the case you should know why he resigned from the PJ - receives today less xy per cent of what could be his pension if only....

    Not a cop, not a Minister, do you understand?

    Not even with the profits made with a book [in Portugal if a book is a best seller does not mean that you get rich, in fact the authorship rights gives you just an x percentage, not the entirety of the book price]. Moreover, certainly not with «interview’s funds» as one imbecile UK hack wrote.

    I will leave you with a quick example, recently 6 out of 7 arguidos where accused after a trial that lasted years, after what was probably the hugest trial in Portugal, ok? The maximum these arguidos are going to pay to their victims, as alleged in the Court, is 25.000 euros.

    This McCann action, this absurd and outrageous action filled by the negligent couple, based on [I don’t know what] to get to the 1,2 million euros is done to silence the man, to destroy him and his family, the McCann are obsessed with Amaral.

    For fuck sake, if what is in the process is what was mirrored in the book, in a very much more light and sympathetic manner regarding the horrid couple, then why don’t the McCanns sue the Public Ministry? Or the Portuguese State?

    In fact, why they don’t sue each one of us, Portuguese Citizens?

    We, who have spent far much more with the investigation of a child they've lost because of their irresponsible acts; than with all, the very much real, abducted Portuguese children!?

  26. The Amaral's should sell their home for 5 euros and hand over half to this pair of despicable bastards. The good people of Portugal should rally round to make sure they are well cared for by starting a fund.

  27. I actually despise this arrogant sociopathic pair,and as for the British media going along with this scam i hope they all rot in hell for what they have done.How i wish Mr Amaral would shout from the rooftops anything he might know that has been held back.And i wish i had the money to pay for the best lawyers for Goncarlo Amaral,i feel so bad for him and his family.I think all those on here who want justice for Madeleine and Goncarlo should get together and march on Parliament,the public would soon have their eyes open.

  28. Joana @ post 14, I think we need to ask why the Portuguese judiciary are allowing this to happen to Amaral? Why are they being compliant?


  29. Sorry, my last post was for Joana @ post 26 not 14.


  30. I'm just lost for words , really. The McCanns have sunk to the very lowest level. There has to be a special place in Hell awaiting these two.
    My thoughts are with Amaral and his lovely little family. The Amaral kids must be really puzzled as to why a pair of 'grieving' parents would take the roof from over their heads.
    I KNOW I AM!!!! Scum, pure scum.

  31. I’m at home at the Rothley mansion reading this blog
    The wife will be back soon, she’s gone out for a jog
    You people on this blog should really get a life
    Why do you keep doubting me and the wife?

    I accept our story makes absolutely no sense
    But you lot will not just sit on the fence
    Ok, for three years we have told a different tale each day
    Is it any wonder there is little sense in anything we say

    Our man servant Clarence is outside digging a vegetable plot
    I’m not sure if it’s a good idea or not
    That’s the dilemma when breaking new ground
    Its always a surprise what exactly may be found

    Next week the Pope has asked to call on us
    We granted him an audience, but really want no fuss
    Pictured with two living saints, will be to him of great use
    It will take peoples minds off his connections to massive child abuse

    As an act of homage I will allow him to kiss my ring
    And the wife has even promised to wear all her bling
    In the last three years you wouldn’t believe all she’s bought
    At least some good came from that Portuguese resort

    We thought a few weeks, the story would fade and the world would move on
    We never expected the sustained opposition to carry on for so long
    We silenced the truth from coming out to the British masses
    All news reporters’ have been given our heavily rose-tinted glasses

    But you people on here simply won’t go away
    You sit and analyse everything we do and say
    Why don’t you get off our backs and leave it to the Leicester police?
    We are on first name terms with their Detective chief

    And that nice Jim Gamble, head of child protection in the UK
    Has promised to ignore anything we did that May
    We do have one serious regret since that day
    And that’s all the lawyers and liars we have had to pay

    It wasn’t our fault the child went astray
    But the pretend search costs fill us with great dismay
    We have never provided our kids with a secure safe family life
    So why should we allow Amaral to provide for his kids and the wife
    So please leave us alone, we will soon have Amaral’s house as a holiday home

    donations are still welcomed in any currency
    And new sightings can be arranged for a sizeable fee

  32. WHY is the court allowing these very sick people to destroy the Amaral Family???? WHY?
    Time to write to rothley.A very strong and threatening letter x(

  33. I wish I knew, I am just as disappointed... As matter of fact since the day the book and the documentary, as well as TVI, Guerra e Paz, VC Filmes and Gonçalo Amaral, as a common Portuguese Citizen were all shut, silenced, repressed, menaced and banned. I stopped believing in my country's justice system - that was Censorship allowed by law, by a machiavelic hole in the law - but this? This is perfidious, it's so unbelievable ugly, despicable, so destructive that I can't understand it, I simply can't.

    What exactly motivates people like the McCann's, their fantastic team of layers [we have to admit, they are good, I mean they have no values whatsoever but they do the deed, right? Whatever it takes!] and numerous PRs, useless team of detectives and pay-per-opinion aiders it's easy to grasp. Money, publicity, power. The usual.

    Now, Justice is being used and allowed to be used in this manner by people who should be the first to stand up for it, for its concept, for its weight in the Portuguese society - clearly Justice in this case is not blind at all. There have been throughout the «affair» enough evidence that point to that obvious fact.

    But what the McCanns are being allowed to do to this man and his family, his daughters, it's unforgivable.

  34. @ Joana, posting 34:

    "But what the McCanns are being allowed to do this man and his family, his daughters, it's unforgivable."

    I think that sums it up this whole case. This is the most shocking article I've EVER read on this superb blog over the years.

    Mr and Mrs McCann: Nobody in here thinks the loss of Madeleine is in any way, shape or form 'funny'; infact, we think it's terrible. I know I do. I don't know if you're guilty or not: but you must be suffering, regardless?

    So why put Goncalo Amaral's family through the same thing WHEN THEY HAVE DONE NOTHING TOWARDS YOU? WHAT HAS HIS FAMILY EVER DONE TO YOU? Persecute Goncalo(if he is wrong); stop his books from being printed (if he is wrong); but please, dispense with the asset-grabbing as it has an unpleasant... well, it doesn't pass the smell test, I assure you.

    You profess to be Catholics? That 'faith' gets you through the days?

    I'm not religious, but do you remember the book of Matthew? I am sure you do...

    Matthew 5:39: "But I tell you not to resist an evil person. But whoever slaps you on your right cheek, turn the other to him also."

    If you TRULY believe and are not using religion as a shield for your poor actions since May 2007, then you must follow this teaching. Yet you don't? You would rather persecute a police officer and take his house from his family? And this helps Madeleine how exactly? I don't see any 'cheek turning' going on here. Infact, all we see are litigations against people who don't believe your version of events.

    I am truly appalled at this behaviour from fellow UK citizens. I wish the governments of the UK and Portugal would band together and put an end to this type of behaviour.

    Truly awful. Utterly shameless. I am speechless...

    May the truth one day be known.

  35. @33 Don't be ridiculous. I understand your emotion, but please leave the violence to them and don't be drawn into it.

  36. Joana,

    You are forgetting one very important detail in all of this: Judicial Costs.

    The Portuguese Legal System (?) to avoid the excessive amount of libel cases coming into the Courts, determined that you have to pay. beforehand, a percentage of which is claimed.

    As an example, and not with real figures (I don't know the percentage values), for me to enter a Libel/Compensation case against you for 1 Million Euros, both of us to pay upfront 100.000 € each. The only exceptions to this rules, I believe to be with proof of poverty, or victim of a road accident.

    If the accused does not pay this amount, by "lack" of action, assumes that all in the accusation is true, and thus accept the whatever punishment is to be establshed.

    Perverted and sick. But that's what they doing to Amaral. To win the case backstage by exagerating on the amount claimed.


  37. Can someone please have this reported in the UK press? The Uk needs to know exactly what they are capable of.

  38. At first the whole thing - the way that disgusting pair went about saving their miserable hides - was grotesque, then it was corrupt, now it's fallen into the realms of the monstrous, the absolute hideous.

    Come on Portugal, wake up and do something! you've got traitors among you, it's time for those who know to drag them out. A stop must be put to this insanity.

    My thoughts go to Dr Amaral and his family.

  39. A narcissist will seek to totally destroy anyone who threatens their thin veneer of humanity.Blood money to bloodsuckers.If Mr Amaral loses everything, he has nothing more to lose by telling the whole story- he knows so much more that he has already revealed. I will make sure lots of people get to read my copy of his book and will contribute the value of each to his fund. Leave your info on the MCs on tubes, trains, libraries.... I never thought a couple and their friends could disgust me more.

  40. Wait till the trial comes up and the UK public hears of the blood dracula mccanns is sucking from ex police inspector. The press will have a field day.

    Holy Cow. I've never ever heard of claims on assets before a case is won- The case is not ever heard!!

    Sorry portuguese posters, no offence, but I think your country law sucks. How can your judiciary system allows for separation of assets in a legally binding marriage, just because some alien bloodsucker comes along and demand blood. It's a fycuking joke.

    If they lost, I hope Amaral do the same to them! Assess up their assets and sue them for all of it plus their future earnings.

    Any eye for an eye is probably not good enough to tackle the evil pair.

  41. I mean,Joana, isnt there a way to stop them ?why not start a proper PROTEST in Portugal,with artists,lawyers and people who would just vehemently protest against the court"s decision which is against all principles of very simple HUMANITY???? I am not speaking of legal terms but in HUMANITY terms.
    This news is really and deeply affecting me,this question "why is the court allowing these people to destroyed the Amarals?" is going round and round in my head.I cant make any sense of any of it anymore.I am really distressed,please,somebody,tell me I must be having a nightmare...

  42. Those scummbags!!!
    They want Mr.Amaral's family home to fatten THEIR FRAUDULENT FUND (yes, THEIR fund, because it never was Madeleine's, no matter what they claim), but to this day they never even considered the possibility of selling their posh Rothley mansion, move to a smaller apartment, ask for council housing, whatever, and use the money to help the "search" for their daughter!
    Of course not, they will not part with any of their assets, they even indulge themselves with new cars, the fund pays part of the mortgage, they will not make any finantial sacrifices, it's much easier to grab money from everyone else around!

  43. Bravo Mrs. Amaral!
    Don't you just love this:

    "My husband and I have never abandoned our daughters, or allowed paedophiles in our circle of friends. I am shocked that a couple who affirm to be religious is seeking out to destroy our family”, said Sofia Leal."

    What a lady!

    As we say in portuguese, "TOMA E EMBRULHA, McCANN"! Uma bofetada de luva branca!
    I wish Kate and Gerry (or their spies) DO read this blog!

  44. I am speechless... Shame on the maccans but also the layers who support them in this vile action and the justice that allow it.
    Strength for Amaral and his family

  45. will no one put an end to this vile,money grabbing,murdering pair,
    by christ how on earth can anyone who is in the know about what happend to madeleine let this pair get away with this,its a downright disgrace that the police in this country are allowing it to happen because you cant tell me they dont know that the scum mccanns and the tapas shite have ALL LIED,because if us that have read the statements can spot the lie,s then surely a copper can or are they all corrupt.

  46. Sofia says ......... “My husband and I have never abandoned our daughters, or allowed paedophiles in our circle of friends. I am shocked that a couple who affirm to be religious is seeking out to destroy our family”, said Sofia Leal.

    This just about sums up the whole case. This is what it is all about, and the McCanns and the rest of the holiday-makers must not be allowed to get away this. My prayers are with the Amaral family today. I am disgusted and outraged at the same time as feeling scared and frustrated, so God knows what this family has been going through.

    This case stunk on day one, and it has got worse and worse every day since. I still believe that justice will be served, even if it takes annother three and a half years ....... or more.

    This is shocking news to read, but a very big thank you to Joana Morais for keeping us updated with all the skulduggery that is still going on in this case. Just when we think they cannot sink any lower or cause us any more outrage, up pops something else. It leaves me tearful and despairing.


  47. RIPM Post 32.Brilliant piece of observation ,so clever!!!Just wish there was a way of getting yours and other peoples views into a reputable newspaper,but they wouldn,t do that because their all afraid those SCUM Macaans will sue them. Joana you must be so so angry with the very people who could have stopped this circus, are just letting Amaral,s world fall into bits !(I KNOW I AM)I,would join any public protest to stop this despicable pair getting away with this disgusting, unforgivable crime against a man who was only,after all doing the job he was paid to do.HE DIDN,T NEGLECT Madeline ,YOU ,Mr and Mrs Macaan did .ps.I still await a reply to my letter to Teresa May regarding her thoughts on Mrs Macaan NOT answering those all important questions etc etc.

  48. Whether or not the McCanns actually win the case (and if they do, justice will have taken its last breath and died), the fact is during the process Sofia, Goncalo and their children must live with the everyday stress that this EVIL couple has brought into their lives.

    Literally, the McCanns do not care who is destroyed so long as they escape the responsibility they KNOW they hold for Madeleine's fate. Amaral was actually very dignified toward them in the book, to the point of kindness. There was not an ounce of vindictiveness or nasty commentary - there was a fantastic detective explaining the TRUTH about the investigation.

    If the truth cannot be told, if a man who has committed no crimes - and in fact spent his entire life serving the citizens of Portugal and fighting crime - if that man and his family are made homeless and the McCanns are granted his assets, then the greatest miscarriage of justice I've ever seen will have taken place.

  49. The McCanns are narcisists in the extreme. They can't help themselves when they give instructions such as these (regarding the Amaral's assets)to their legal agents in the UK and Portugal. I don't think they have thought through the repercussions that this type of malice will deliver upon them.

    Now that they are really starting to piss people off hell hath no fury like that of the public scorned. Don't underestimate the intelligence or the patience of the public.

  50. Although I am english, I now live in Spain and I am so ashamed of my native country, for protecting and allowing this bloodsucking pair to destroy one man and his family. He was doing his job and look whats happening, fgs he was a police officer.
    You Mr &Mrs McCann are the worst example of human life that walks the earth. You leave 3 children under 4 unattended night after night,at risk, uncared for. Your holidays were about you and your friends, not your children. Spanish and portuguese families do not leave their children unattended whilst they go to restuarants, or play tennis and jog all day whilst the children are shut in a creche,you have no idea. you both are doctors, my god you´d think you´d know better. Don´t insult the name of christianity by saying you are good christians. I believed you at first until you started your media circus, I did not like you then, but now your lack of demanding the case be reopened in Portugal, and your current action to take the house from Mr Amaral, I really depise what you are and what you believe you stand for. Doctors? you should not be allowed to practice. All you have done since your daughter went missing is seek fame and money, you have no soul, and I am sure dear Maddie wherever she is will follow you always, visiting you at night. But then souless people only think of their own lives. Snr Amaral is a saint, he remains quiet, whilst you egocentric pair strut around like a pair of self made idols manipulating all that cross your path. Gerry,Your brother and boss resigned because they could not handle your latest act of greed.
    I hope someone has the front to speak up against you and your pathetic wife very soon. you both are rotten to the core, and if this is a masonic cover up, then all are just as bad. Get you trainers on and get out and search for your daughter, as you never bother at the time. We can see right through you, and your shameful acts of pain, you are guilty for the fact of leaving her alone, uncared for, unprotected, in a dark apartment,in a strange country,with the doors unlocked.whatever happened, only are responsible..for leaving her to go on the piss.May one day soon the truth be known. JUSTICE FOR MADELEINE NOW

  51. There is a fund for Amaral. I donated to it a few months ago and I got a very nice e-mail back. If I had the money I would donate more.

    I think one of the trash newspapers should make a substatial donation, so that Amaral can pay for the best lawyers and win his case, then the newspapers will be able to have a field day, by printing the TRUTH at last, and sell zillions of papers.

    I am so glad the vindictive (and shit scared) McLiars are not my doctors. No words can express how despicable they are, so I'll leave it there.

    autny anti

  52. This sounds so silly on my part, but I wish that posters on here including myself would win the lottery. Big time! I know we would give a goodly share to Mr Amaral and his family, then he could have all his legal fees taken care of, no strings attached. My heart goes out to him and his family.

  53. Letter from Iberia
    You may not agree with what I am about to say but it is a fact
    The problem is not the McCann’s; we all know that they are responsible for what ever happened to Madeleine.
    The problem is with the Portuguese system of so called justice

    The McCann’s are using the Portuguese courts to their own advantage and as much as I do not like to admit it they are winning
    The outcome of the court actions based upon the standard of justice dispensed in the past judgements will be that Me Amaral, a just and honourable man together with his wife and children will be ruined
    The McCann’s will be awarded a multi million Euro payout they will then declare their innocence and disappear from view with their blood money.

    Over the past years the actions or rather the lack of action by the so called Portuguese justice system have been deplorable commencing with the removal of Mr Amaral from his position just because he wanted to establish the truth,.
    The VIP exit of the McCann’s from Portugal with no charges.
    The various Judgements by the Portuguese courts in favour of the McCann’s including the banning of a book in direct contravention of the Portuguese constitution on the freedom of speech

    Unfortunately it matters little that we in this blog all know the truth.
    There will never be any justice for Madeleine or Mr Amaral; the case will never be re-opened as the Portuguese judiciary have clearly demonstrated that there is no justice to be had in Portugal

  54. The UK press will not report this, We have to trust and pray God will not allow this to happen to this man, he has the truth on his side. Do not be surprised at how low the Maccann's will stoop I am not, what can you expect from a couple who dump their dead daughter's body, they are both evil beyond words. God is slow but very very sure

    The Maccann's will come to a bad end. Mr Amaral is not stupid. What I am surprised at in all this is how stupid the Portugese justice is its making Porugal look a very backward country, Our Lady of Fatima pray for Portugal.

  55. Have the Tweets on the upper right hand corner of the site been Carter-Rucked?


  56. I can't find the words to express my shock. At first reading I thought the request was denied, but having read Joana's further explanation I realize it was not denied. I just can't believe the McCanns can be so arrogant and truly evil. I too pray that Our Lady of Fatima may bless the Amaral family and guide the McCanns to finally do the right thing - to tell the truth before their own children get any older. I can't imagine how much damage their children have suffered up to this point and in the years ahead. I do hope the British press cover this latest development.

  57. @54,no,no,no,its not only the portugese justice system.blimey the twats who took the statement of off the tapas at the L.P knew they were not telling the truth with the ums and ahs and loss of memory by them.THEY KNOW THEY LIED BUT THEN LET THEM GET AWAY WITH IT,NOW THATS DISGUSTING, the L.P could have stopped this charade there and then.

  58. :)] Sometimes are not the loopholes in the law that make it all possible. Good argumentation is part of it. The problem with argumentation (referring here to the defence of GA) is that it is falling in deaf ears (well, part of it anyway). It stinks of ideological subservience.

    The argument is pretty simple.

    The McCann's argue that GA's assertions constitutes an assault on their family's right to a good name, human dignity, or words to that effect but discards the fact that Goncalo Amaral is, or should, likewise be entitled to the very same rights.

    In case no one has noticed, the Amaral's have children as well - which are in a more vulnerable position than the McCann's because they are older and their understanding of the situation is greater than the so-called twins.

    This is where J. de Matos decides to play the truant or as he puts it: "The Analyst on Duty". He takes off on a tangent...

    "The failure of Portuguese Justice to see the issue from both sides may seem to beggar belief but suppose, just suppose, that what we have seen so far was "just for the English to see". You know the old Portuguese saying, right?

    "Yes!" I nod. My grand-mother used to say it often: "Isto e so para Inglês ver".

    Never mind your grand-mother. Jose Mourinho is the living proof that the Portuguese are not stupid."

    De Matos is taking the p**s now...

    "Listen to the inner thoughts of the Portuguese authorities...

    "The McCann's want to place an injunction on our colleague's book. Fine by us. If we handle it properly a load of £s will be entering the frail Portuguese economy. Portuguese solicitors, courts, PR agents, fireworks, etc. have to be paid for and all will be paid in sterling..."

    De Matos winks mischievously before continuing...

    "All the while we will be showing our partners in the EU, warts, Brits and all, that Portuguese Justice is here to serve the Higher interests of Humanity. Both humanities. One and the other."

    "So, let us move the first piece and allow the book's injunction.

    "The book had sold what it could sell (the Macs know that, obviously) but when we eventually lift the injunction the second, expanded edition will be a massive, best seller in Britannia not to mention their colony outposts in Australia, Canada, Akrotiri and Dhekelia... (hesitation)... as for the copyrights these will find their way into Lusitania's coffers or Dr. Amaral's. It really does not matter. Do you follow?"

    De Matos stops for a sip of water, gargles, smacks his tongue and re-starts...

    "Did you say we pay the Macs 1.2 million Euro? No Senhor! the Macs will pay us more than that in legal costs alone not to mention the compensation the McCann's have to pay G. Amaral & Family. Drink Sagres, Think Portuguese." (quote/unquote).

    De Matos has been drinking. That much I can gather. The point is I feel almost inclined to agree with De Matos imagination but it still stinks of ideological subservience.

    "Have you been drinking?" I ask De Matos...

    He frowns like De Matos - the misunderstood genius...

  59. WHAT can we DO to stop them? what?
    May be we will never see justice made to Madeleine but surely we can stop the INJUSTICE to the Amaral family?because now it is not only G.Amaral but the WHOLE family.I just cant believe what the portuguese authorities are doing to one of HIS citizen

  60. Further to my post #57 - Why didn't the McCanns sell their house to fund the "search" - because there was no need for a search - they have all the answers.

  61. the mccanns are playing a very dangerous game,but its a game they cannot give up, for to do that the truth will be out about thier part concerning madeleine,s fate and that goes for the tapas 7 as well also all thoes people that have lied in thier statements to cover for the mccanns.

  62. It's time to isolate all this group of perverts from civilized world!!
    What a hell they think they are?!!
    What is going on with this country?! ANYONE HELP!!

  63. How far can the laws , rules of the Catholic Church go, to the point that a priest is not alowed to talk about crimes?
    Is it God's wishes to let the Devil destroy lives like he did to Murat and to Amaral's family, starting with the desctruction of Maddie's life?
    Is the Church as mad as those people who are permitting new crimes, in order to protect the McCanns?
    Does any of you in Portugal could approach Father Pacheco, explain him that there are limits for everything and he can better tell what he knows?

    There is a big difference between God's and Jezus' laws and the Catholic rules.

    Because of the Catholic rules, millions of Jews died under the most horrible circunstances, but who cares?
    They were not christians, were they?

    Is Father Pacheco the kind of person who would allow the gas chambers because the Church said so?
    I would not be suprised...

    Father Pacheco, são crimes, são crimes, começando com a morte de uma menininha inocente! A destruição do Murat, da família Amaral, do Ocean Club, desemprego de empregados e muito mais ainda.
    Defamação de Portugal e o senhor permitindo tudo?
    Quem disse que Jesus aconselhou a proteção de criminosos que persistem em crimes?

    O senhor é um covarde, idiota diplomado e acima de tudo um irresponsável.
    Releia o livro do Amaral, releia o capítulo sobre os depoimentos dos Gaspars. Os gêmeos estão correndo riscos e o senhor permite?

    O senhor deve saber muito mais do que contou.
    Seguir a Igreja até os criminosos completarem seis milhões de vítimas?

  64. Didn't Goncalo Amaral say he would take his case to the European Court? I sincerely hope so. It will be interesting to see if the quotes about paedophile friends make their way into a British newspaper. Goncalo could just tell the world what he knows if they strip his assets. That blood money will be the curse of the McCanns. Whoever was involved in this,from politicians down,I hope this haunts your nightly dreams. Are they winding down the fund so that they can put the money straight into their bank account?
    Textusa, I really miss your blog. Is it now only for invited guests?

  65. "What goes around comes around."

    Sr. Goncalo Amaral, his wife and children will see the day of the McCanns of this I'm positive .

  66. @52 Have you got a link so I can also make a donation to the Amaral fund? It would be great if he had enough money to fight his case with the best lawyers and not let the Mc's back down, which they might if there is enough anger being shown. The intensity of feeling against them now might make them realise what people really feel and the bad publicity they are attracting could make them back down....although I wouldn't hold my breath they are so arrogant!

    This is a dilemma, no-one wants to see the Amarals go through this but on the other hand it might be the platform he needs to put an end to this debacle, if he has a fighting fund. It would really expose the depths this evil pair will go to.
    If the Mcs back down now then he loses an opportunity to expose more of what he knows. Then again IF he did lose everything he would be free to tell everything and could make a fortune. Whatever happens I'm sure he and his family will be supported by many.

    What would the Mcs spend the money on if they won... I wonder? Perhaps they would sell their home too and have a very large fund to do a world tour...sorry I meant search not tour.

  67. So as I understand it this article is telling us the following.

    Last year the McCanns got an interim injunction against Amaral (which has subsequently been confirmed in the hearing earlier this year). That injunction included the interim seizure of assets and rights from and over the book, half his police pension and his half of a country house in Olhao.

    In July of this year the Land Registry (Conservatória do Registo Predial) refused to the request for the property to be divided on the register as it was common property.

    Duarte attempted to get Sofia Leal to agree to a separation of the ownership into two halves which she refused to do. So last month the interim injunction from last year was amended effectively to seize the whole house and not just Amaral's half.

    Sofia Leal has since commented on the situation condemning the McCanns in no uncertain terms.

    I have a couple of questions though. Does the very first line in the article (not in the line about marriage which seems to be misplaced as it is simply the caption to the photo of the couple) definitely refer to divorce or just separation of assets? There is no other reference to divorce in the article and I find it odd that the law could force a divorce on a couple.

    The second question I wonder if anyone could clear up for me is whether the 'casa de campo no concelho de Olhão' is in fact the Amaral main residence or is it as the phrase suggests a country cottage/holiday home?

    One further point I would make is that I believe this is a definite indication that the libel case is continuing because I don't think that Duarte would still be in court forcing the issue on such matters if there had been any kind of settlement with Amaral. I think they are first making sure that the assets are available before going into the court room to debate the case.

  68. *35
    Superbly put. Thanks again to Joanna for bringing us this unwelcome yet important news.
    Forca Goncalo

  69. If only Dr.Amaral could counter sue for all the insults, lies and BS the mcCanns have said about him. Also he should start by suing the uk press for exactly the same, they will probably pay up then he can attack McScrams. But he is a kind, honest and polite man, he let the insults run off him, whilst searching for the McScrams neglected child. A march should be organised, the PJ should be overwhelmed with requests to reopen the case...new evidence the burnt letter.even if it is crap.
    You McScrams must be feeling a little proud, youve got away with it,or so you think...you gonna be rich, and you can disapear with your twins into oblivian, kate will have her big house and nursemaid and gerry his private clinic. No words can describe my disgust at this latest turn of events, by vultures Mcscam

  70. Joana, thankyou for all your work. where can I find the fund to donate.to Dr Amarals (not McCanns)
    And where can one email messages of support for Dr Amaral, so he can read them
    I hope you can help
    thanks agaim.

  71. how about freezing the mccanns assets as the funds a fraud and should be looked into, but it wont happen because there is someone high up who has to be protected at all cost, other wise the mccanns would be in jail by now and poor madeleine would have the justice she deserves.

  72. Thank you Joana for bringing this info into the public domain. It is shocking however it does not surprise me. Hopefully the Portuguese judical system nip this (imo) abomination in the bud! Especially given that victimns of the Casa Pia case are only receiving 15000 - 25000 euros each in compensation. How could the courts justify such a large payout to the McC family? 1.2 million euros to share between the 5 of them. Hmm how can a missing child who I believe is a ward of court in the UK be included in this claim. Did her guardian grant permission for her inclusion? Dr G A has said in the past if he loses he will take this to the European Court of Human Rights. If this has to go that far I hope the ECHR see sense and put a stop to this imo madness! The McC's are supposed to be devout RC's yet they have notified Sofia Leal with a citation to proceed with a separation of assets in order to allow the arrest of a house! Surely that is an infringement of the human rights of Sofia Leal and an infringement of the human rights of the children? What right do the McC's have to request RC Sofia Leal and RC Dr Gonçalo Amaral to divorce? Imo the action above is not only an infringement of human rights it is an infringement on human dignity? Human dignity is inviolable. It must be respected and protected.


  73. Cidadãos pela Defesa dos Direitos e Liberdades | Projecto Justiça Gonçalo Amaral http://pjga.blogspot.com/

  74. jjp at the top of the article in correio da manhã, previous to the title says «Caso Maddie: Tribunal sugere separação para arrestar» http://www.cmjornal.xl.pt/detalhe/noticias/nacional/portugal/mccann-querem-casa-de-amaral?nPagina=2#comentarios Maddie Case:Court suggests separation [ie divorce] in order to arrest [ie seize goods]

  75. I am deeply saddened and shocked by this latest piece of repulsive behaviour from Kate and Gerry McCann as they go all out to destroy the Amaral family, all for vindictive spin and what they originally set out to do, get rich off other peoples backs. They show the Amaral family exactly the same mercy and respect they showed to their own poor little children.

    The only comfort I can currently take is it would seem Gerry's own brother and boss cannot stomach this behaviour and neither can Leicester Police.

    Their judgement day will come.

  76. I try to keep focused on the original Dr. Amaral tactics which have always been, if I have understood them correctly, to get the McCanns into a courtroom so that they can be interrogated under oath. I see nothing in the latest developments to suggest that these tactics have been, or will be, frustrated.

    It has been obvious for a long time, that it is not only the McCanns who are desperate to avoid being questioned under oath, but (to put it diplomatically) certain elements of the Portuguese legal establishment have no desire to see it happen either. After all, it was those elements who apparently forced Dr. Amaral off the case and eventually out of the police force. I can only imagine that it was because Dr. Amaral was getting too close to the truth; whatever that truth may be and whatever, or indeed whoever, that truth may eventually expose.

    As the date for the hearing of this case drew closer, it surely must have been obvious to most observers here, that the McCanns and those forces allied to the McCann cause for whatever reason, would not stand idly by and watch Dr Amaral's tactics culminate in the exposure of the McCanns under oath and the exposure of God knows who else, or what else at the same time.

    What we are witnessing therefore is not the destruction of Dr. Amaral, but the desperate actions of the McCanns and those mysterious other elements with a vested interest in concealing the truth; actions designed to avert the impending courtroom debacle which will surely ensue, when the case is eventually heard.

    These are desperate people and desperate people are wont to do desperate things. This has long since ceased to be a 'simple' case of concealment of a corpse and simulation of an abduction by panicking parents faced with the accidental death of their child. The sheer amount of criminal energy expended by the McCanns and their willing helpers, as this has unfolded over the past 3 years, is surely sufficient to convince even the most cynical observer that there is something far more serious behind it?

    Therefore as the date for the court case draws closer, nothing that these people undertake in an attempt to force Dr. Amaral to deviate from his course should surprise anyone. Indeed, I am reminded of a cartoon I did on one of the forums at the time that Dr, Amaral first presented his book. This showed Dr. Amaral with the McCanns standing behind him and bore a punch line which, at the time, I just couldn't have envisaged would be more pertinent now than ever before, "Hey! Watch your back Gonçalo!"

  77. Haverá alguém que ponha ordem nisto? http://omaudafita.wordpress.com/2010/09/08/havera-alguem-que-ponha-ordem-nisto/

  78. Thanks for the answer Joana. I am still not really convinced that it means divorce though as I don't understand how a court (especially in a predominantly Catholic country) could attempt to force the issue. It is baffling that such a policy could be suggested. I can understand the article in the light of separation of assets but to ask a wife to divorce her husband (or even attempt to insist on it) is beyond my comprehension.

    With regard to the house. Can you confirm that this is a country house as the article suggests or is it the main home of the family. If it is the latter it really will show the McCanns in a very bad light.

  79. Have the British papers overlooked this latest development because of the unfortunate death of the Prime Minister's father? I can understand that being the lead article, but I'm sure if the McCanns had to sell their home, the press would be notified and we would learn again and again about the "poor" McCanns. Why is this development being overlooked? The British people who have donated to the Fund have a right to know what the greedy McCanns are up to now.

  80. @80,when have the british press ever wrote any thing nice about Mr and Mrs amaral or even portugal,no this will never, never get in the british papers and if it ever did they will only add snide remarks and be up the mccscums bums.

  81. jjp I can't honestly say, but like you I gather that this article is mentioning the Amaral's family home, as in a second rural or country house, in the municipality of Olhão.

    As far as I know they live their weekly daily life in a smaller apartment in Portimão, but I don't know if that is a rented apartment or theirs at all, do you understand? It's something that I would never ask, it's none of my business. Nevertheless, if the McCanns are targeting the house in Olhão only, then probably my assumption about Portimão's flat being a rented one is correct.

    Which basically means, despite what I've just written on my opening paragraph, that Correio da Manhã's article is correct when they state in their article that the McCanns are after Amaral's family home.

    And then some more i.e., everything the Amaral's have.

  82. The McCanns reaction after reading post #35:

    "Matthew who?... What the f#*ck is this hurtful, unhelpful and ludicrous person on about?!"

    I bet they will be looking for a comment made here, at 5:39, by some bloke named Matthew, lol!

    Read post #51 and cover your faces in shame McCanns, and all who protect and lye for you!

  84. Thanks for the responses. What you say makes sense about the homes. I suppose that there is a slight chance that they own the property in Portimao and it was a step too far to target that but I realise that is not as likely as it being rented and therefore not targetted. I am also aware that rental is far more normal in mainland Europe than in the UK.

  85. Like #52, Aunt anti, I urge, no, I HUMBLY BEG, everyone who can afford to, to contribute to Dr. Amaral's defense fund!
    Please, please do, I did before, and will do it again as soon as my finances get out of the "read zone". Unfortunately I've had non-stop huge vet bills for the last 6 months due to my very sick CRF cat, and I have no income of my own, we live on my husbands pension.
    But please, if you can spare a few euros, DONATE, DONATE, DONATE!

    Thank you all so very much!


  86. @84,for sure the mccanns read here have no fear of that and the rest of the liars as well.

  87. Madeleine McCann from Rothley, Leicestershire disappeared on May 3 2007 from Praia da Luz, Portugal, nine days before her fourth birthday.

    The investigation into her disappearance is being carried out by the Portuguese police.

    Leicestershire Constabulary is one of a number of UK law enforcement agencies who are supporting the Portuguese authorities with their investigation.

    The role of Leicestershire Constabulary is to complete and co-ordinate UK-based enquiries at the request of the Portuguese police and any tasks completed by British police are under their direction.

    At the heart of this inquiry is an innocent little girl. Our focus remains on doing everything we can to assist the Portuguese police to find out what has happened to Madeleine.

    If you have any information please contact your local police.

    Updated on 02/08/09 at 14:00


  88. addendum to 88
    their robots. txt doesn't allow to check the headers response ie to verify if it was indeed "Updated on 02/08/09 at 14:00"


    Status: HTTP/1.1 200 OK
    Date: Wed, 08 Sep 2010 19:36:23 GMT
    Server: Apache/2.0.52 (Red Hat)
    X-Powered-By: PHP/5.2.14
    Set-Cookie: PHPSESSID=eemscqvhi5ismi752mjcjnr0r1; path=/
    Expires: Thu, 19 Nov 1981 08:52:00 GMT
    Cache-Control: no-store, no-cache, must-revalidate, post-check=0, pre-check=0
    Pragma: no-cache
    Connection: close
    Content-Type: text/html; charset=UTF-8

  89. These actions are vidictive and are against all Christian teachings to try to deprive people of their home and right to wholesome family life. I suspect that something Theresa May has said has reformed the Leicestershire Police priorities as she said she would do in all UK police forces. Perhaps the McCanns have been told who's in charge and they don't like it. Whatever the reason for their bile they have surely lost all respect as their actions have nothing to do with preventing publicity now, but have to do with destroying a family. Why are the immense legal costs not being spent supposedly on finding their daughter anymore?

  90. What a vile couple these two are.

    I'm so shocked that they can be so nasty, greedy and vindictive. Even after following following these blogs about them for months, I was still prepared to give them the benefit of the doubt (only about 10%), but not now. Any doubt I had has been completely swept away, and I'm so mad at myself for even having those doubts! What on earth is going on?

    Makes me sick to think of them both in TV interviews, sitting there holding hands, Kate all simpering, saying look at 'poor us' playing the victims (blaming everyone else for their own actions), and the whole time they are plotting this action. Who the hell are they?

    As for making a donation to the Amaral fund, what is to stop the McCanns getting their grubby paws on that too?

    I just wish someone in the UK media would make all this common knowledge.


  91. This whole story has gone beyond belief. Who on earth is giving the McCanns all this power? There is no precedent for theis kind of behaviour toward a cop who is doing his job. How are they getting away with this? How? I am dumbfounded.

  92. Os Mccann e esta Isabel Duarte estao 'deslumbrados'. no sentido mais negativo que este adjectivo encerra. O que pretendem e um descarado roubo.
    Onde e que ficou provada a tese de rapto? Sem que esta tese fique provada, a de que o livro impediu a procura da miuda e uma suposicao. Pura ficcao.
    Eles nao tem os pes assentes no chao e a culpa e da justica portuguesa e da juiza da 7 vara que os habituou a sonhar. Depois de terem enganado a policia com mentiras e vigarizado o mundo inteiro com um Fundo fraudulento, so falta roubarem descaradamente.
    Espero que em Portugal haja alguem com poder e bom senso para impedir e interromper o deslumbramento deste gang.
    A vida corre tao vertiginosamente que ' um dia e da caca(com cedilha) e outro do cacador'. Quando chegar a vez de cacar os Mccann, espero que a memoria desta Isabel Duarte esteja bem viva para propor a Kate o que propos a Sofia Leal e que todos os bens dos Mccann sejam sujeitos a arresto, incluindo a propria pele (se e que a tem). Eles envergonham todos os ingleses com o minimo de neuronios a funcionar.

  93. Alo Isabel Duarte, you were so clever to gave such advise to Sofia Leal, then use the same cleverness to advise your clients to reopen the case. Without showing to the world without doubts that Madeleine was abducted by a stranger, your clients can't assault Amaral properties. Where are the evidences and who is going to stamp them and classify them as evidences? A court only.
    Your clients are dreaming and you are feeding their dreams to grab some money for yourself, now that the Fund income is going down. Madeleine tragedy is used to pay many mortgages, not only her parents house. Evil and disgusting.
    Our British friends should know how most of the lawyers salaries work in Portugal- Usually the lawyers got a percentage of the money their clients can grab with case. You are looking for your glorious Euro-millions. A shame that on the dark side there is a little girl, who died under the supervision (or the absence of it) of her parents. And most shameful, after more then 3 years, her parents still saying that no any harm happened to her. Really disgusting.

  94. Okay heres the deal. The McCanns eventually show remorse on Amaral let him keep his home, then they will be all over the UK media being shown as whiter than white.

    Watch this space and watch the fund be replenished.

  95. These are 2 of the most disgusting f*!kers it steps over the line now. Will someone please set up a fund SPECIFICALY for Mr and Mrs Amaral and I for one will gladly donate to fund the purchase of A new home.
    To all decent people reading this I do apologise for the language but under the circumstances....


  96. I am post 52

    I got the link regarding Dr Amaral's FIGHTING FUND, from Joana's blog
    way back in January 2010.

    this was my reply from him (well obviously the same to everyone, but very nice anyway)
    Way back in 2007 I would never have guessed that I would have received an e-mail from the man himself !!!!

    "I would like to thank you personally for the monetary contribution that you have made to support my defence in the judicial actions that have been filed by the McCann couple.

    I recall that the astronomical amount of said action, 1.200.000 euros, was in itself a limitation to the right to defence. This was worsened by the arrest of rights and assets that I have been targeted with.

    Your solidarity is essential for the free exercise of responsible freedom of expression and for the defence of values like the discovery of truth and the performance of justice."

    He didn't say it was private, and my guess is that he would want people to know his thoughts, so I guess it is OK to reproduce it here.

    aunty anti

  97. Possibly that doctor of the fund dismissed himself of the fund because he felt ashamed of this situation.
    John McCann followed him as a cover up of his shame.
    If that doctor would have been the only one to resign, it would be too obvious he is against the McCanns.
    Two people leaving the fund give the impression the reason was lack of money.

    Will the McCanns demand 50% of the couple's underwear?
    With or without shit?

  98. Recapping the last few weeks (please correct or add as needed):

    Clarrie was very interested in the letter allegedly written by Raymond Hewlett that was allegedly delivered by a mystery man to son Hewlett that son Hewlett immediately burned. The McCann "investigators" intended to follow through with the claim that Maddie was safe and sound in the hands of a childless couple who had hired Portuguese gypsies to steal her for them. So Maddie was taken by the gypsies.


    The Casa Pia case was decided and the suggestion was made in the British press that Maddie was targeted by one of the people involved in that paedo ring. So Maddie is in the hands of a Portuguese paedophile ring.


    We became aware that Gerry's brother and his former boss have jumped ship on the Fraud, oh, excuse me, I mean the Fund.


    We became aware that the McCanns intend to take the Amaral's for every penny they can squeeze out of them...

    This amoral couple apparently "mean business" and they'll take down anyone in their way.

    Who is next in their path? Whose dog is next to die? Whose car is next to be torched? What witness will be visited next by Brian Kennedy or another mystery man with a big envelope full of cash?

    Where will they go from here?

  99. Now I expect the Catholic priest from Luz to get involved in this divorce request and to do something about it.
    He is responsible for all Catholic souls he knows and I expect him to officially contact the bishop of the region in order to fight back the McCanns.The stupid Isabel as well.
    How dare a people to impose divorce, knowing marriage is the stone that keeps a society? And that a marriage is not of their business?
    Now I understand "leaving no stone unturned".The McCanns meant also marriages.
    We will get now "leaving no marriage unturned".

    By the way, somewhere I read that there was separation between two people of Tapas 7.

    Could this case have been the reason?

    I bet it was.

  100. Thank you for posting that aunty anti. I received something similar and the thought that the man even read my name and took the time to acknowledge my contribution meant a great deal to me and shows his outstanding character. Have the McCanns ever even acknowledged ANY of the contributors to the Fund?

    Contrast the McCanns to the Amarals in any aspect of decency and the Amarals win, the McCanns lose. FACT.

  101. This only emphasises two things to me.
    They are sick, very sick, to think this is an acceptable course of action in any way.
    And, they have never looked guiltier than they do to me right now.


  102. I only wish there was a hell. It would be comforting to know that Kate and Gerry McCann would be spending eternity in it. Instead, we will have to content ourselves with the knowledge that they are living their mortal lives in a hell of their own making.

    This is the first in a while I've checked in to see what was happening with the case.

    Oh, what a day to choose to do so.

    Mr. and Mrs. Amaral, I am so sorry for what your family has gone through because of this selfish, dishonorable couple.

  103. My husband and I have never abandoned our daughters, or allowed paedophiles in our circle of friends.

    Strong words from Sophia Leal,oh yes Mr and Mrs Amaral know a quite a lot more than we know.

  104. http://www.leics.police.uk/canyouhelp/missing/85_madeleine_mccann/

    The role of Leicestershire Constabulary is to complete and co-ordinate UK-based enquiries at the request of the Portuguese police and any tasks completed by British police are under their direction.

    Our focus remains on doing everything we can to assist the Portuguese police to find out what has happened to Madeleine.

  105. Is there no ''JK Rowling'' amongst us or in Portugal that would back Sn Amaral?
    I couldn't sleep last night thinking about that despicable pair from Rothley. How do they sleep at night? Sadly I imagine they sleep rather well - counting euro no doubt.
    I am flabbergasted that they continue to stun us with their sheer brazeness and that nobody seems to be able to stop them in their tracks.

  106. Good Morning Joana,
    Whilst watching a documentry recently A journalist by the name of Bob Woffinden featured throughout the programme.
    He is one of the most experienced and respected journalists in the miscarriges of justice in the U.K.and has written a number of books on the cases.
    May I suggest it might be a good idea if someone made contact with him and made him aware of your blog and perhaps the mc cann files it might help Goncalo to fight what surely is a miscarriage of Justice for him and his family.


  107. Poster 98 said:
    'Possibly that doctor of the fund dismissed himself of the fund because he felt ashamed of this situation.
    John McCann followed him as a cover up of his shame.'

    Interesting post, very plausible IMO.

    Why don't they give an explanation?

  108. #105, and how does that statement match with this one, also from LP?:


    "Please note: The form cannot be used for communicating information regarding Madeleine McCann. If you have messages of support for Madeleine's family please visit www.findmadeleine.com. If you have any other information please call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111."

    Which one is it(their role, I mean)? Assisting the portuguese police with any inquiries in the UK or assisting two main suspects on this case (the McCanns) by declining to receive any information about it and directing people NOT TO THE PJ, but to Crimestoppers???!!!

  109. How evil can they (mccanns) get?


  110. Isabel Duarte is a lawyer specialized in FAMILY RIGHTS ( Direito da Familia). Interesting that a lawyer apparently in charged to re-unit families and avoid divorces, propose such disgusting dealt to Sofia Leal.
    There is no money in the Fund to still paying her honoraries for long time ( Mccann's case against Amaral will take years in the Court before any solution, with the risk to have many laws changed in between, leaving all the claims made by the Mccann's to be classified as rubbish by any court due the weak reasons they gave and the absence of any evidence supporting the abduction). Then, practical, there is no money to pay Isabel Duarte or any lawyer, this is why they are trying to pressure justice to solve the case and end it quickly.
    They forgot something very important- In Portugal properties are very serious and the Court need to have strong evidences to jump over somebody properties. In 30 years of democracy, there is no any case of all properties arrested. Only the state can jump over the properties when taxes were not paid. Sorry, I forgot the dark time after the Revolution when the 'Reforma Agraria' happened. Mccann's still on that dark time, trying to own properties in Portugal without buying them. LOOK, IF I HAD ONE OF MY CHILDS ABDUCTED IN PORTUGAL BY A STRANGER, I NEVER EVER WANTED ANY PROPERTIE IN PORTUGAL. MY HEART, MY BRAIN, EVERYTHING WILL WORK TO KEEP ME AND MY FAMILY AWAY FROM SUCH PAINFUL PLACE. You, Mccann's, you want to keep your feet in a country where your daughter went missing and I just got one reason for that- BECAUSE YOU KNOW WHAT HAPPENED TO HER, WHERE SHE IS AND HAVING A PROPERTIE IN PORTUGAL WILL KEEP YOU CLOSE TO THE PLACE WHERE YOU LEAVE HER. TELL THE TRUTH, instead of persuading your lawyer to destroy another family. This lawyer is a shame. I hope no any Portuguese contact her and use her services for Family Rights, after this news came on Portuguese press.

  111. Amaral's only crime, if you can call it a crime, was not being able to prove what happened to M and he should not be punished in the way he is. M would not be missing if the McCanns had taken care of her properly. At the end of the day they either left her alone to be taken or to have an accident. Why should someone else have to pay for their stupidity and selfishness? Why are they still being allowed to call all the shots. This is beyond belief!!

  112. I listened to the news all day yesterday and again today, on the radio and TV but not one word about the Mc's latest stunt. Even a certain footballer was mentioned so the death of the PM's father was no excuse to overshadow it.

    Why is that? I think we know the answer! But what I would really like to know is how the press gets away with it. There must be someone out there who is prepared to sell their soul for money. Is there a single journalist who dare take this challenge and let us know why they are not allowed to report anything negative about the Mcs?

    It does smell rather like people in high places do not want to be exposed (for whatever reason) either and a 'grass' could reveal more than we anticipate. I feel this is more than snouts in troughs.

  113. Did anyone watch 'Send In The Dogs'on ITV last night, i managed to miss it but was told Eddie and Keela the highly skilled sniffer dogs were on the show with their handler who was talking about the maddie case...

  114. There will be a special place in hell for the mccanns that not even Shipman will be allowed into. Hate is a very strong word. A very strong word indeed.

    I HATE THE MCCANNS with all the loathing in the Universe.

    It pains me that I should feel this way. Shame on you.

  115. Anon 14,if you find out can you let us know what he said about this case,i know this is going to sound daft but could those on twitter(i'm not can't seem to get it right)can someone tweet Martin Brunt,Keir Simmons,Markwilliams Thomas and others and ask them what they think of this latest trick from the McConns and why isn't it being reported on tv and in the newspapers,,someone said the actress Deborah Stephenson and Captain sensible(does anyone remember his song,Happy Talk) said on their page they didn't believe the McCanns.How i wish a British lawyer would represent Goncarlo Amaral for free,i would love to see the arrogant cold smirks wiped off their faces.It seems to me they think they have this libel case in the bag.Is there no one who will bring this pair of sociopaths to jusice.I hope that Goncarlo Amaral and his family know that if we could we would help him.

  116. I have lost sleep thinking about what the Amaral family must be going through. I have searched the U.K. press this morning and can find no mention of the latest development. I can't find the words to express my astonishment at how this is NOT being covered in Britain. How is it possible that the McCanns are being protected? I am so sick of their arrogance these past three years. Not once did I hear of them saying to the cameras, "Please, don't do as we did, don't leave your children alone". It was always about telling everyone they were responsible parents.

  117. Have just noticed many of the comments on Martin Brunt's blog on Sky have been "removed".

  118. surely there must be at least one person that knows the truth with a consience. read matthew 10 26 so do not be afraid of them.there isnothing concealed that will not be disclosed ,or hidden that will not be made known.

  119. "My husband and I have never abandoned our daughters, or allowed paedophiles in our circle of friends. I am shocked that a couple who affirm to be religious is seeking to destroy our family", said Sofia Leal.

    the above statement is clear!
    It clearly states about paedophiles been in their company?
    it gives the impression of more than one also.

    Goncalo, Sofia and family and friends stay strong knowing you have truth on your side, in your most stressful moments understand you are doing the right thing, you could have done nothing different other than have turned a blind eye and become complicit in the lie the mccanns have told about their daughter.

    Remember that!!!

    This case has become and i will say it... more than about Madeleine Mccann who's justice we WILL secure!

    What it has demonstrated is the corruption and how the establishments have been infiltrated by crooks with an agenda of networking to achieve control over the masses.
    This case is the tip of the iceburg, but has opened the eyes of many!
    The conspiracy behind this is huge and powerful and criminal beyond words.

    The world is a dangerous place right now on many fronts because of these type of self rightous fanatics.


  120. The McCanns continue to show their true colors. That they would stoop to this revengeful tactic tells me their surviving children should be very scared of them. Imagine if one of the twins go against either Kate or Gerry in any way. I feel sad for the Amorals but more so for the twins as they will never be free of their monster parents.

  121. i wish i could get in touch with Amaral
    we should help these people ( amral and his wife) this is becoming so unfair...it it not a joke.
    those Mccann are getting away with murder...

  122. I just don't understand how the Portugese court can seize the Amaral family home in ANTICIPATION that the McCanns will win. I also can't understand how Portugese lawyers can defend them - what Portugese person will want to hire them in the future knowing that they defended Madeleine's parents against the man who investigated her "disappearance" when in fact the McCanns themselves did not co-operate.

  123. I am also disgusted as all the posters here. All is said. But I am really willing - as well as most of the other posters - to donate for Amaral and his family. If everybody donate a little amount on a regular basis, I am convinced it will help Amaral to fight against these monsters. Joana, do you think this would be realisable? It is so frustrating - I can't stand this any longer.

  124. Some of you still don't understand the nature of this couple. They have a mental illness known as a Narcissistic Personality Disorder. People who have this illness have no empathy, they view people as objects to be used for their own purpose. Narcissists project a false image of themselves to the public. This false image means everything to them. Ask yourselves the following; the expenses that the McCanns incurred were they for finding their daughter or for protecting and disseminating their false image? The narcissist will attempt to destroy anyone who exposes his or her true character. Mr. Amaral exposed to the public the nature of the McCanns and because of it he was slandered and now they are attempting to destroy him and leave him in financial and emotional ruin. The McCanns have a deep hatred for this man and will derive great satisfaction in destroying him, perhaps even more than the satisfaction resulting from the financial gain.

    Mrs Amaral's reference to their Paedophile friends will anger them to no end. If this story ever makes it to the British Media I doubt very much that the "Paedophile friends" remark will be included. Is Correio da Manha the only media outlet that is carrying this story and if so Why? RTP carried the gypsy abduction story and even let it be known that the story was likely to be true because the man who recounted it was on his death bed.

    The question I have is: who in Portugal is being blackmailed in order to facilitate this whole process?


  125. Sickening. Surely the local bishop and archbishop are free to comment against this outlandish demand to forcibly 'divorce' a married couple? It's not very religious, is it,Gerry and Kate ? It's certainly not Catholic practice - you can't play the religious card and then the secular one when it suits instead.
    The Portugese social services, and even more tragically ironic, the Portugese child protection agency can come into this situation. To go about a)separating a mother and father and b)taking away the family home is against any moral code.
    If I remember correctly, the McCanns were two months behind in their mortgage payments when the famous Fund was invented. With two months' mortgage default they would have been in serious trouble.They obviously needed to save their own home - yet they think nothing of evicting the Amaral family for financial gain.
    .........Meanwhile, in another part of the forest we await Halligen's case.
    It is amazing, as a poster above has commented, that no celebrity -writer, musician,actor, etc has come on board to support Dr Amaral.

  126. I suggest that we quickly inform Reuters internationally and the Press Association in the UK about the McCann actions, and the FCO classification, quoting sources, Correio de Manha and Paulo Marcelino. Let them verify and report the facts worldwide. Then let's see if the UK press ignore it.

  127. Don't lose heart folks, the McCanns have lawyers in Portugal and the UK who will do anything for money.

    In the UK you are innocent until proven guilty,

    European law is different.
    You are guilty, until you can prove your innocence.

    I understand Gerry and Kate's Portuguse lawyers failed in private the first time to get a temporary ban on Mr Amaral's book. However they succeeded in their second sneaky meeting behind closed doors. Now this nonsense of trying to take half of Mr and Mrs Amaral's home and destroy his marriage.

    We who believe in freedom of speech and expression, must keep supporting Mr and Mrs Amaral in any way we can regarding these dreadful "Mind Games" being played on his family. This nightmare will end, when Goncalo Amaral has had his day in court.

    Presumably at that time the McCanns will be cross examined under oath regarding the content of the temporary banned book.

    An Englishman

  128. Anonymous 104 - They might indeed be strong words from Sophia Leal but I don't for one moment believe her strong words are uncalled for particularly when one unpleasantly learns that the British NHS actually employ people convicted of perverting the course of justice in sexual crimes against children.

    Sex abuse cover-up nurse keeps job

    09 September 2010

    A NURSE who tried to cover up her husband's sickening sexual abuse of a girl has been allowed to keep her job.......


  129. Dont forget "They don't cry in public, but plenty of tears are shed 'backstage'". We believe you clarrie....what about the Amarals REAL tears and the anxiety you make them go through for YOUR child? a child YOU didnt look after properly?

    I wouldnt ask you to think and even less to FEEL as you are INCAPABLE of it as you"ve shown the whole world over the last 3 yyears,soon 4....
    You have joined the sad long list of abusers thats the price of prosterity....

  130. Anon. various

    Read post 111 above - it may give a little hope to us and Amaral and Sofia - if it is correct he will know this libel action could take years to resolve and by then maybe, just maybe we will know the Truth - the real Truth of the Lie, as written by Amaral. The only downside is he and Sofia will have to live with the stress of this for a long time.

    I to would donate what little I could to help - but surely any monies that are donated will come within the jurisdiction of the court and be swallowed up by this seizure of assets - does anyone know for sure?


  131. Boy Andrew Thompson who disappeared from Australia, taken by his mother, is found back, alive and well, in Amsterdam.
    Somebody, I think a teacher, recognised him from internet appeals.

  132. i do agree with Lydia we shoudl all donate a little something to amaral and his family.

  133. :(( "Order! Order! Order" ...

    Sorry...I was quoting from "Today in Parliament" but then I thought I should pop up in your visual field to report a telex from Gunther "The Analyst" if that is OK with you people... Is it? OK...

    Here he goes...

    "What we are observing here - my Portuguese friend Dr. Mesquita "The Prosecutor" tells me - is "standard legal procedure" in Portugal. In practice it means that half of the Amarals' patrimony is up for grabs IF (big IF with capital letters and no smiles) the McCann's injunction is upheld during the real thing. This has nothing to do with divorce. It is an assessment of his shared wealth. "Money! Money! Money!" They won't chop the cat in half...well...I have seen so much that I am no longer sure...

    "It strikes me however that if G. Amaral was to launch proceedings against the McCann's (and there are good grounds for that) I am not at all sure the English judicial system would allow such a pre-emptive move. Need to check on that... This is roughly the equivalent of considering someone who is by definition "innocent" guilty before a judge has found him so. What the January "juiza" determined was that he/they was not to sell the book/documentary pending the "trial" - for lack of a better term. Again this is in itself may be interpreted as a presumption of guilt and would not stand in a serious and competent court of Justice. It is a gross (mis)interpretation of Law and a serious infringement of human rights.

    My good friend Dr. Mesquita describes these Zeno-type paradoxes as a "anachronic left overs" from Prof. Marcello Caetano's - the benevolent jurist dictator who succeeded Salazar "The Magnificent" . (quote/unquote).

    I am not sure Gunther wrote: Salazar "The Magnificent"...could it be Salazar "The Maggot"? Just asking... the script is a bit blurred here...a few words are completely missing from the "telex" but the follow-up is (partly) clear:

    "I vaguely remember Dr. Amaral speaking of a counter-injunction. I am not quite sure what he was referring to. At the moment he seems to be going with the flow and biding his time. What goes around, comes around..."

    "Now, if the McCann's fail to get away with their hastily planned heist, Dr. Amaral et al, will be in a very strategic position for a devastating cheque-mate on the McCann's. I almost feel sorry for them..."

    Another undecipherable line and then this...

    "Madame Duarte has always struck me as a tart." (quotes/unquotes).

    Madame Duarte? Who? Paloma Duarte? Who the hell was Gunther talking about? I'd better write the disclaimer straight away...

    All inferences made above are the sole responsability of Gunther - The Analyst - a protected journalistic source.
    Herr Gunther - "The Analyst" must not to be confused with Gunther Von Hagens - "The Body Dissector"...

  134. :)] to Anon 32

    Man! Are you the Poet Laureate? Come on! Confess!
    :)) You are good! Very good!

  135. 132

    Thanks for that information.
    Kenn Thompson, a world class father.


  136. What I find truly astonishing is that they can bleed an innocent man in this manner, and yet when Kevin Halligen allegedly defrauds the fund of a huge sum of money they suddenly find it in themselves to be very forgiving and turn a blind eye to his crime. As far as I know they have never even complained about him.

  137. Some interesting comments on here Joana, most interesting. It appears that you growing quite base of anger and resentment against an innocent couple. You once thanked me for the negative publicity, please don't thank me, that is all down to you and this blog. We merely observe and record and push this out to a wider audience.

    "Please think before you submit your comments. Comments are a reflection on you and your personality. They will live on long after you have forgotten what you said."

    Indeed they shall.

  138. I quite agree Majic/Andy, indeed they shall live forever for future memory, in pdf's, videos, and screencaps, as something so horrible, that even heinous will be a poor adjective to describe. Specially those cowards that have continuously attempted to pervert Justice, that have used other children and those deranged lunatics that have defamed, threatened, menaced, harassed citizens, bloggers, to twist and manipulate public opinion.

    Regarding people expressing what they feel about the McCann couple, do you want to silence them also?! Don't you know that people don't like to be lied to? Do you understand that, or is it a concept too arduous for you to grasp?

    One day, sooner than you think, the iniquities that surround this affair will be divulged and exposed fully; no one will be able to sweep more lies under a dead child.

    We want Justice, and we will get it! Tiocfaidh ár lá.

    Now, crawl back to you den, and continue with you misinformation.

  139. :)] to Magick Andy at # 138

    " I am wondering where your "ready-to-wear" assumption ("innocent couple") comes from? Is it from the annals of the investigation? Or just an hunch you have?

    The problem with the so-called sceptics (or "fanatics) is that no discerning brain with an IQ and a cap, knows for sure whether the McCann's are guilty or not guilty. That much is clear from the Justice system final dispatch.

    Public resentment surely must come from the McCann's team PR strategies. Their "expert", sui-generis, approach to crime solving , image blanching and ex-cathedra "sentencing".

    Silencing anyone (with assets) that challenges their presuppositions does not win the couple any support or sympathy, on the contrary. Decent people despise "gold diggers".

    I often wonder if all the "Fund" money put together will ever allay the poor couple's sense of guilt for the mishap? True, it could have been just a minor peccadillo but that is not the same as being "innocent" is it? You are never innocent when you leave your children to their fate... for starters...

    8-}I cannot help thinking the McCann's "cutting-edge" advisers learned their expertise from Jean Baudrillard* - the French cultural theorist. (quote/unquote).




    All the material quoted above is courtesy of Herr Gunther - The Analyst. A journalistic source brought to you under the Freedom of Information Act - or words to that effect.

  140. Sky News is a shame. No any word about Mccann's last temptation to assault Amaral properties, but they have a huge article about Alexandra (the Russian girl who went back to Russia with her despicable mother). Old news in Portugal, more then 18 months later, finally reach Sky. Amazing the adjectives and the pictures they use to classify Alexandra mother. Where is the difference between her and the Mccann's, who left their childs in a foreign country to drink with their partners until one of the childs went missing?

  141. :)] Magik at 138

    Sorry...just an important detail I overlooked...

    Herr Gunther - The Analyst, must not be confused with Dr. Gunther von Hagens - the TV personality better known for his public autopsies and "plastination" techniques...


  142. Majic

    This blog IS 'growing a base of anger and resentment' because of what is threatened to an innocent couple and their children, The Amorals.
    Are you the judge in the Mcs case that you can pronounce them 'innocent' when no court can or has done so? They have never been cleared of involvement in their daughter's death, the case is on hold waiting for further evidence to prove their guilt so definitively that they will be given the sentence they deserve.

    The Mcs have painted themselves into a corner and lie is compounded with further lies. It won't go on much longer, they are really coming towards the end with this latest negative publicity. The are damned if they do and damned if they don't pursue their latest claim against Amoral.

  143. May I just say that this order of The Court does not mean that the assets of Goncalo Amaral or Sofia Leal have been permanently confiscated. It means that they are temorarily prevented from selling them.
    If the Libel Trial goes in favour of Goncalo Amaral then their juristiction over their property will be restored
    If Goncalo Amaral loses The Libel action then their joint assets might have to be sold to cover the cost of damages awarded. But in this event, Sofia Leal will receive her half share.

    In the meantime I very much doubt that either of them will be denied access to or use of the house.

  144. @Joana 139

    Thnak you for your answer to Majic

  145. Off topic but whatever happened to cuddle cat? Not seen in public nor heard of for quite a while now. Or is her uselfullness over now and has been cruelly discarded?

  146. @129

    How about this case -


    "A DOCTOR caught with a stash of 5,000 child porn pictures has been working at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital.

    Stuart Ruthven worked in the hospital last month as part of a training programme.

    In 2003, the then Royal Navy surgeon was convicted of making indecent photographs of children.

    He was sentenced to an 18-month community rehabilitation order, and made to sign the Sex Offenders Register for five years.

    A review panel of the General Medical Council (GMC) ruled that Dr Ruthven could continue to practise, with the condition he didn’t treat under-16s.

    But, in December, 2008, that condition was revoked, meaning he can now work with children, and in entering the hospital he was breaking no laws, court orders or GMC rulings. Dr Ruthven, who is in his early 30s, is retraining as a pathologist, and worked in the children’s hospital as part of his study programme.

    Children’s charity Kidscape say they have grave concerns about the medic’s freedom to practise. Director Claude Knights said: “The possession of indecent images of children represents a vile crime, which is even more despicable when the perpetrator is a doctor."

  147. Has anyone on here ever read the opinions of criminal psychiologist Dr Christian Ludke?.Someone put it on Sky discussion board earlier but it was duly taken off,there's a peice in the middle of his interview that was interesting.

  148. 177 Dr Ludke's interview was with Welt Online 7.9.07.( short extract)
    WO "Do you think it is possible that Madeleine's parents have killed Madeleine and together hidden her?"
    " I believe both parents know what happened." ..........." It is possible that the media have been taken in by the McCanns"
    You can say that again, Dr Ludke!
    The McCann's originally said they weren't after Mr Amaral's money=more lies.

  149. 146 Cuddle Cat probably went the way of the missing pink blanket referred to by Goncalo Amaral.

  150. Cuddle Cat probably went to the same place as the missing pink blankey Mr Amaral refers to.

  151. 121 and 143, it's Amarals as in the Amaral Family not Amorals. Similarly, it's Gaspars as in the Gaspar Family not Gasper's or whatever other variations - get the family names right, please :)

    Gaspar's like this, with the use of an apostrophe, is only used when showing possession as in "the Gaspar's statements". I too make that mistake often.

    Side note: John McCann wrote Amoral in a Fund report referring to Gonçalo Amaral, Rosiepops and others think it's funny to play with the words in that same fashion.

    147 Interview with Doctor Christian Lüdke in German here http://www.welt.de/vermischtes/article1166634/Psychologe_glaubt_an_Taeterwissen_der_Eltern.html?r=RSS

    Translated here by Nige - Madeleine Case: Psychologist believes the parents know what happened, 07 September 2007 Welt Online http://www.mccannfiles.com/id52.html

    144/Sabot, you're right it is an interim measure as written above on the article. Nevertheless as you can imagine, with their assets arrested i.e. frozen for an indeterminate time, with two young children at home, with the usual Portuguese Court bureaucracy, legal and judicial expenses of appeals to the injunctions, lawyers, daily life costs, etc; particularly in a case such as this one, a case that may take years in court until a decision is reached either way, please explain me how are they, the Amaral family, going to support all of the above expenses, plus 1, 2 million Euros lawsuit and still manage to survive? They don't have multi-millionaire backers, they don't have the coverage of a fund with millions.

    So, what is this action if not an abject attempt to tear down all the Amaral family? If Sofia doesn't divorce Amaral, she and their children will be in a limbo for years.

    They will be all dragged into an infernal situation.

    What I see trough this action is that the McCanns wish the total humiliation and degradation of this family, and that ultimately they seek Amarals nuclear family destruction as such.

    As I said before, this it's far too cruel, far too malevolent.

  152. Thank you, Joana. I am attempting to view this from a Legal Perspective. And if The Family Amaral have insufficient means to meet these costs then they will not have to do so. Your equivalent of Legal Aid will cover this until such times as The Judgement is final. In the meantime The Family Amaral will continue to have access to their house.
    The 1.2 Million Euros won't have to be paid until the case is decided, presuming that it goes in favour of The McCanns.

    Goncalo Amaral, by his own declaration, has an income of 39,000 Euros per year which while not a fortune, is considerably more than a large number of people, especially in Portugal. I very much doubt that they will starve, or suffer to any great extent.

    Sofia herself has a job, and there is no reason why Goncalo cannot work to earn more money. He is still a relatively young man. Many people work well into their sixties to make ends meet.

    The righteousness of The Case itself, is for The Portuguese Court to decide. They will decide whether or not Goncalo Amaral Libelled The McCanns. We will all have to trust in their judgement.

    You have always displayed my posts, and for this I thank you.

  153. Sabot 153,
    I think we have an insider here, 39,000euros a year is good pay but not as much as the Mcs earn, with their Rothley Towers,paid partly by the fund. Why would you think the Mcs need this money and what does it have to do with poor Madeliene which is what this is all about, the parents are so busy seeking funds and publicity, they have forgotten exactly what this is about. Have you read the book in question, I have and I do not find it libellous, in fact parts are written quite sympathetically re the Mcs. Tell me what exactly the Mcs have done with the fund to search for madeleine....let off a few balloons,printed thousands of posters(OK) opened an ebay shop (sickening) travelled a lot, paid a few cowboy detectives for nothing. Have you seen them ever out physically searching for Madeleine? NO even in the few hours after she went missing, have they paid teams of divers to search lakes and rivers'NO, have they paid teams to search the countryside?NO Have they kept a low profile for the childs sake? NO, have they returned to PDL on many visits to the court, ONCE, but not to search. I do no longer sympathise with them, their actions get worse and worse, and if there is a national coverup on the case justice will not be seen in Portugal. Dr Amaral will be the scapegoat.and the Mcs wealthier...and poor Madeliene...remains unaccounted for. I rest my case.

  154. "Innocent Couple"...well, one is only presumed innocent for as long as there is no KNOWN evidence to link him or to the crime. "Innocent" today, "guilty" tomorrow. For now, the circumstantial evidence mounts and mounts and we sit and we wait. But it will all come to a Conclusion one day.

  155. Do I actually get to answer the comments on here Joana or are you marking me as SPAM ?

  156. Hmmm , very high stakes indeed for the Amaral family.

    To the McCanns...........is it really worth it?

    Do you think destroying this man and his family will boost
    your public image? Quite the opposite I would have thought.
    Even two of your directors cannot stomach this action.

    As already indicated by Sofia Leal, the Gaspers statements
    and their observations will be centre stage in any forthcoming
    libel trial. This will be reported worldwide.
    You will be viewed with suspicion and loathing wherever you go.

    Do you seriously think being 1.2 million euros richer, will bring
    you any sympathy or respect from the wider public, or even
    "clear your name" , because I don't.

    My advice to you is, drop this action now, or continue with your
    own self-destruction. Your choice.

  157. Dear Sabot, you forgot to include in your calculations Dr. Amaral's on-going legal expenses, training, etc. Anyway... why should his expert opinion and his family dignity be worth less than the Macs'?

    Think about it....

    Before you do it you might wish to get rid of your tribal loyalties :)

  158. Anon 154
    You make quite a few pertinent observations in relation to the use of the fund. Some very good points there... I had not thought about that...yes! Take the divers, that spiritualist Portuguese solicitor paid for it even if same say Metodo 3 was behind it, still, that is speculation. They did not go around looking for her. Why could that be? The twins? Shyness? Fear? Guilt? Hmmm i too smell a rat there...

  159. Could someone tell me what happened to the three arguidos website?

  160. Having watched the lies told over the last three years by the person who posts under the name majic, I have no idea why he/she is allowed to continue to comment on this blog. Not only has majic private details about people who discuss the McCann case - details obtained through hacking of forums, majic has clearly shown that he/she has no ethics and no interest in civil debate. It is fine to allow dissenting comments, it is not fine to allow people who have been involved in any form of hacking - or the use of the information obtained through hacking - to receive the type of attention majic is receiving by commenting on this fine blog of yours, Joana. I do not believe in censorship but am very frustrated that majic has been allowed this freedom after the attacks he/she has made toward forum owners and participants. In my opinion, if you publish information you have not legally obtained, you are no longer welcome among honest people debating Madeleine's case.

  161. @161,majic is a wind-up,majic does not believe the mccanns the same as most on here,but like the mccanns mantra that we have heard for the last 31/2 years majic has to keep this (they are innocent) up as well.best ignored

  162. Ameral deserves everything that he gets. IMO he knows far more about the disappearance of Madeleine and I hope that the McCanns are successful in getting as much money as they can from him to help fund the continuing search for Madeleine. One point that you antis seem to have missed, because you are so full of hatred, is that the McCanns aren't asking the Amerals to divorce. The Courts have stated that their assets should be split because the McCanns have won damages against Ameral, not his wife.

  163. 163 Amaral not Amerel, get at least the names right, since you obviously are unable to perceive the correct facts, not to mention the Portuguese law.

  164. Thanks for the spelling correction Joana - whatever, the names I call him are not repeatable! If it wasn't for his abysmal policing in the first place Madeleine would most probably have been found within 24 hours of her disappearance, and he wouldn't be in danger of losing his half of the house.

  165. 165 You do know that the "policing" as you say was done with the co-operation of Scotland Yard, Europol, Interpol, various police forces around the world, various Portuguese Judiciary departments [from counter terrorism unit to others], with the Leicestershire Police constabulary, with various Portuguese police authorities [Marinha, GNR, etc..] and what's more with the Portuguese citizens help and the British ex-pat community resident in the Algarve. [and before I forget the multiple detectives and rent-a-cops hired by the McCanns were also in situ... as well as SIS forces....]

    So, were they all "abysmal" or just Gonçalo Amaral?

    Read the case files, stop spreading lies.

  166. Oh and by the way, 165, watch the video: "The McCanns Did Not Physically Search for Madeleine". It wasn't Gonçalo Amaral who left 3 children under the age of four alone and unsupervised in an unlocked/locked [depending of the version] apartment whilst going out to have dinner 150 meters away.

  167. Anonymous 165 - How convenient of you to find a scapegoat in this case in the form of Gonçalo Amaral. How convenient of you to take your anger and frustration out on a former POLICE OFFICER because Madeleine McCann was sadly not found within YOUR allotted time-frame of 24 hours. What a crying shame Gonçalo Amaral was not a miracle worker like YOU expect ALL police officers to be when a child goes missing. Not even the best trained police officers in the world including the FBI can guarantee to find a missing child within 24 hours Anon 165 so why don't you start accepting the harsh realities of all children that go missing in this world instead of apportioning blame on a former Portuguese detective and who unfortunately could not perform a miracle within 24 hours of Madeleine going missing?

  168. 166 - Good one Joana - All these police were not involved until a few days later. It is a well known fact that a crime scene should be cordoned off BEFORE the world and his wife traipse through it. This, together with finger tip searches, was not done because the lead police officer was NOT THERE to take the lead. Instead, he conducted his search through a menu in a restaurant, whilst his keystone cops did the worst job possible. It is also a well known fact that the first 24 hours is vital in an investigation such as this. Where was Amaral, most probably in bed!!!!

  169. Now to get back to the original article - Why don't you all cast your minds back to the reason the McCanns are suing Amaral. It was because he wrote a book accusing the McCanns of KILLING THEIR DAUGHTER, and covering up the fact, none of which has been proved. His book sold numerous copies - making him a great deal of money. He advertised 'guest appearances' and charged another pot of money for the priviledge. This book was deemed to be libelous by a PORTUGUESE COURT OF LAW and was take off the market. The money the McCanns are demanding is money made from the sale of the book - WRITTEN ON THE BACK OF THE DISAPPEARANCE OF A LITTLE GIRL. What a despicable act is that??? This man, who was supposedly in charge of the case, didn't meet the McCanns until they took him to court. Don't talk about justice for Amaral - he has brought all this on himself, with no regard for the consequences to his wife and children.

  170. To the deranged anonymous commenter 163, 165, 169 and 170.... go waist someone else's blogging space with your laughable lies and imbecilic attempts of defamation. move along... -_-

  171. What is it with some of these supporters of the McCanns? Even the most well trained & resourceful police forces in the world occasionally botch investigations into missing children.

    There have been many cases in the US where police forces have failed to issue Amber Alerts. No police force or individual police officer responsible for investigating the case of a missing child should be scapegoated and held to ransom by disgruntled & frustrated members of the public for failing to find a missing child.

    There are no perfect solutions in many cases of missing children and we must accept that however painful the reality of it may be. If any mistakes have been made in a particular investigation into a missing child then it the responsibility of all of us, as a society, to ensure that those mistakes are addressed and not repeated in future investigations.

    The lessons to be learnt from any mistakes in a criminal investigation can only be achieved by addressing those mistakes in a controlled and civilised manner. Personal revenge, retribution & hatred against individual police forces or officers involved in investigating cases of a missing child is certainly NOT the answer and will only serve to harm future missing child investigations in my opinion.

  172. 172 - The fact remains that the said police officer wrote a book libelling the McCanns - which was proved in a court of law. This is what they are suing him for. Not necessarily because of his lack of police work. That is there for all the world to see, and because he was sacked.

  173. For the self-called "mccann supporter" above - I though you're supposed to be a Madeleine, the 3 year-old child supporter?! - your offensive and nonsensical comments won't be published so don't bother sending them - Google this: "A estupidez é infinitamente mais fascinante do que a inteligência. A inteligência tem limites, mas a estupidez não" por Claude Chabrol - fits you like a glove.

  174. The McCanns must be so proud to have such uncivilised and rudely offensive people claiming to support them in the search for their missing daughter. We all sincerely hope that is not the case, however.

    How dare this person refer to him/herself as a 'McCann supporter' as it seems quite obvious that this person is blatantly exploiting his/her so called 'support' of the McCanns in order to vent his/her OWN personal anger & frustatration onto others. Claiming to be a supporter of the McCanns does not give one a licence to freely abuse & harass others and I am sure the McCanns themselves would condemn such abhorrent behaviour from people publicly claiming to support them in the search for their missing daughter.

    If one is genuinely supportive of the McCanns in their search for their missing daughter how difficult can it be to show the McCanns the respect & admiration they deserve by publicly showing your support for them in a dignified and civilised manner?

  175. @174,that what the mccann supporters are like.but deep down none of them really believe the mccanns are innocent, but they, just like the mccanns cant go back in time so must keep talking bile.

  176. @175 I'm not one for tarring everyone with same brush. I am sure there are so very genuine & civilised supporters of the McCanns out there. However, it does seem that there is definitely a hardcore of 'supporters' that seem less genuine & less civilised who are claiming to support to the McCanns for much more sinister & personal reasons as opposed to genuine support for the McCanns and their missing daughter.

  177. I for one completely believe the McCanns. They are decent law abiding people who have lost their child. They didn't ask for all of this, they just wanted a peaceful holiday in Praia da Luz, but were too trusting of the people around them. I have been to the resort and I can understand why they acted in the way that they did. They were sure that they could leave the children safely in the apartment whilst they went for a meal 100 yards away, but to their cost they were wrong. I am sure the majority of the people who write on this blog would react in the same way as they have done when a book is published stating that they killed their daughter. Madeleine is still missing. All they want is to have her back.

  178. To the Anonymous person that posted under #177: You are entitled to your own opinion, and I do respect that.

    I would, however, suggest that you read Mr Amaral's book - I presume that it is his book that you refer to when you write "a book is published stating that they killed their daughter". I assure you that nowhere in his book does Mr Amaral state that Madeleine McCann was killed and/or that she was killed by her parents.

    Opinions are one thing, misinformation is quite another.

    By referring to the book in the manner that you do, you indicate that you have not read it, as I would not dare suggest that you read it but failed to understand what you were reading.

    Therefore, it seems to me that you should either read "The Truth of the Lie" in order to make up your own mind, or refrain from making inaccurate statements about the book. Just my opinion, for what it's worth.

    By the way, I fully agree with you: Madeleine is still missing. And yes, I'm sure that her parents would give anything to have her back - more desperately than most people actually realise.

  179. 173 you state:

    "The fact remains that the said police officer wrote a book libelling the McCanns - which was proved in a court of law"

    I would be grateful if you would please explain how you claim the fact of Mr Amaral libelling the McCanns has been proved in a court of law. Because my understanding is there has so far been no trial of that particular issue. The only findings that have so far been made by the court are that Goncalo's claimed right to freedom of expression is secondary to the McCanns right to reputation (among other claims rights) ahead of any criminal finding of guilt against them. On that basis he has an interlocutory injunction against him, not to make any further claims about the McCanns disposing of Maddie's body etc. Interlocutory means pending trial of the issue that you claim is already proven.

    If, as you claim, you support the McCanns, do you actually believe you are helping them by falsely stating "the facts" and professing a knowledge of the law that you plainly do not have?

  180. The Mccanns are disgusting it is thier fault for this whole situation. To make the very man that uncovered the truth of their cover up pay is beyond belief. I dont understand why the big wigs in portugal are not making a stand against the british and supporting Goncalo's findings. And i hope portugal dont hold anything against us british people for this couples disgusting and imorrale behaviour. Most of the british people are behind you. The mccanns know what happened and they are responsible. Goncalo's findings are THE TRUTH! The mccanns need to be charged! People out to get you for speaking the truth, are the ones living a lie!


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