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The World's Biggest WTF?!

There are certain things that go well beyond the bounds of our wildest imagination, execrable things that make you say: "WTF?!"
The McCanns in what should have been their daughter Madeleine fourth birthday, just 9 days after the 3 year old child's strange disappearance (May 12, 2007)

Madeleine's passport from the case files, for the record of her birthday date (May 12, 2003)

The McCann's "Fund" incorporation date on May, 15 2007, 
and the certification as a private limited company (bellow)

The following two "Fund" site and on-line shop screenshots are self-explainable
As if it wasn't enough to trade mark the child's eye, and face with ridiculous plastic bracelets and T-shirts, this is the last outrageous squeezing drop! We already knew that respect was lacking amongst some people, but this....?!?!

Can someone, please, tell or advise the couple pictured bellow that to buy a pixel or a "tile advert", independently of the costs, in an obvious SEO marketing paid inclusion advertising strategy to promote their Fund and on-line shop is in extreme bad taste, to say the least. Thank you.


  1. Joana you shock me that you are shocked by ANYTHING this vile couple will sink to ,They have no pride,they have no heart ,its all about ££££££££££££££££££££

  2. Inventor seeks internet fortune with biggest homepage September 30, 2010 http://menmedia.co.uk/manchestereveningnews/news/s/1335812_inventor_seeks_internet_fortune_with_biggest_homepage

  3. They have no shame. A few days after their darling daughter goes missing they are laughing as if it's a time to celebrate rather than be at their wits end with worry and stress. Who can really understand this couple's coldness? It seems some people can, but those of us antis who have been trying to work out the whys and wherefores for the past three years or more certainly can't and never will. Will Madeliene ever get the justice she so obviously deserves? We can only trust that someone can move mountains!

  4. These photos never cease to trigger "WTF?!" in my head. It doesn't matter how many times I see them, I'm shocked all over again.

    Are people also aware that the McCanns charged 10p each for posters of their missing child? WTF!? :-o Has any parent, in the history of missing children, ever charged people to distribute and display posters publicising their child's face?

    Charging £2 for each tacky plastic wristband...WTF!?

    T-shirts in CHILDREN'S sizes...WTF!?

    Copyrighting your child's name...WTF!?

    The above is just a small sample of the McCanns' outrageous behaviour that prompts those WTF?! moments in me. The list is loooooong......

    (Does anyone know how much the 'Travel Packs' are that the McCanns are currently flogging?)

  5. £1.75 each "Travel Pack".... -_- what is interesting is that we never saw discriminated in the "fund" report accounts the sales of the posters, nor of the plastic bracelets, nor of the "campaign clothing", I mean their exact numbers and totals - the only thing that appears is a vague general "Merchandise and Campaign Costs Income" number... What about the donations, from the Clarence send-money-in-an-envelope-to-Rothley-it-will-get-there Mitchell ones to the real millionaire backers? In or about 2008 the updates of how much was in the fund were whooshed...

    Meanwhile we keep waiting for the McCanns to do something concrete - for example the reconstruction asked by the authorities (not a TV show fabricated reconstruction) - besides the usual media spins.

    Something, anything, feasible enough in order to lead to the reopening of the 2008 archived process, so the police that holds this case jurisdiction can continue the investigation to their daughters disappearance.

  6. It takes time to instruct solicitors and for them to prepare the paperwork to incorporate a company and so on what date did Gerry actually instruct them to do this? It also takes quite a lot of money to instruct solicitors to do this and a certainty that money is going to reap returns. So how did Gerry have this certainty, within days of Maddie disappearing that he could start a multi million pounds fund? Because he had so carefully planned it, including the various images of Maddie he deemed suitable, because he knew the Kate and Gerry show would sell and so would his trademarked daughter? He knew he could ramp up a media frenzy because he and his wife are doctors? He knew people are likely to believe in them due to that fact?

    Whenever I look at that jovial hilarity from Gerry McCann in particular, on Maddie's birthday, a day that would have produced such intense sadness if they were speaking the truth, I am always filled with horror. The same horror I feel about a couple who would not only leave three young children alone night after night, they say they did so with the door open and Gerry bragged to all and sundry about it. There are things you can believe some parents may do, go to the pub and leave the kids alone, yes that happens. But leave the door open and brag about it? Doctors would do this? There is always a range of reasonable human behaviour, their behaviour is not just unreasonable, it is calculating and bizarre. No leaving Maddie alone with the door open, no abduction...I would challenge anyone to tell me this couple did not plan to get rid of their lovely little girl and then sell their tacky merchandise and pester millionaires for money, sue those who criticise them and ask the public to send them cash in brown envelopes The Serious Organised Crime Agency in UK investigate exactly this type of behaviour and Kate and Gerry wanted their file along with their home force, Leicester Police.

    They are so brazen it seems to me they care not that people know they are guilty, they will just attack anyone who dares to say so and are somewhat confident in the fact the police have been unable to establish what they did with Maddie and where they put her. But their time will come.

  7. From something previous and something to guarantee angst, the shop and the trademark.

    The man's daughter goes missing under extremely dodgy circumstances, he, his wife and and his holiday companions lie about those circumstances from the very beginning.

    His apartment, his wife, and his car stink of dead bodies, he will not go back to Portugal for a re-enactment because it will show the abduction and for what it is, a fabrication and a tissue of lies.

    Add to that the obfuscation, the inconsistencies and all the doubts that have been voiced, add to that, behaviour so repugnant, so vile and so unacceptable that I shudder and cringe at its mention, add all that lot together, and what have you got?

    His daughter goes missing, and what does the father do? he trademarks his daughter, he trademarks his daughter and turns her into a shop.
    And please I beg, allow yourself a minute or two to take in the true reality of this act, never seen before in all the annals of history and unlikely to ever be witnessed again.

    And what is the sum total of all this?

    Well it's this, it is a country that chooses to ignore such obvious details, details equally noxious and unacceptable as they are obvious.

    It is a country that by comparison would make the likes of Las Vegas, seem cultured, dignified and tasteful.

    It is a country where the unacceptable has become the acceptable, a country in which the suspect hides behind a man, a man who's job description is but a euphemism for liar. A liar I might add, provided by the Government.

    A country in which the Media have found a new level, moving from gutter to sewer in their fawning rush to whitewash the guilty, in a manner I might add, so distasteful that I am shamed.
    The same Media that by compare would make Pravda seem like a shinning beacon of truth and light on the darkest of nights.
    A Media who's crass display of xenophobia towards Portugal and all things Portuguese, would again by compare, make Das Reich read like The Socialist.

    The column adds up to many things, but far from least, it adds up to a country that has allowed this man to become a Celebrity, nae, not just allowed, but actively aided and abetted him.

    And nobody says a word, and I despair.

    [url=http://goodqualitywristbands.blogspot.com/2010/05/as-society-we-need-to-know-how-that.html] As a society, we need to know how that occurred[/url]

  8. And on off chance my feelings on the subject are a tad ambiguous, my answer below is to this query by a Frenchman.

    ....Having myself not able to cope with an armada of lawyers, I will not comment. But for us French, the process of opening a commercial site * The online store of Madeleine (Madeleine The Online Store) seems a bit strange. It is hard to imagine parents doing business selling search posters (£ 1.75 for 10), bracelets, or t-shirts bearing the face of their missing child (£ 7) ... This is not really in our culture.

    This is probably different in Britain ...

    Oi! steady on now Monsieur Moreas, just steady on now lad, a person could take exception if he were so inclined.

    But being possessed of a gentle and forgiving nature, I won't be harsh with you, and don't we all employ a little rhetoric on occasion?
    For I am sure that we would be in accord where I say, that from the time when the first organism crawled out of the primordial soup to where we stand today as a species, never, never in those many thousands of years, never in all those millennia, has the world witnessed anything that remotely compares to the grotesque, to the obscene, or to the shameless vulgarity that is epitomised by the Madeleine McCann online store.

    The sale of good quality wristbands and other fine branded merchandise, transcends race, transcends cultures, transcends borders, transcends continents even, but the things that it transcends unreservedly and above all others, are, dignity, taste, decency and morality, to mention but a few. And this Monsieur you know well, how could it be otherwise?

    The Madeleine McCann online shop; nothing comes anywhere near, does it? as grotesque as it is unbelievable, the McCann's "Madeleine has been abducted" mantra and story had a purpose born out of necessity, to keep them out of goal, but the Madeleine McCann online store, it's peerless, it's head and shoulders above the rest, it is without compare.

    And so it stands, tall and proud this this ungodly edifice, this memorial that the McCanns have built to edify the memory of their departed daughter.

    Madeleine didn't deserve many things that befell her during her short life, but she didn't deserve this. she never did anything to deserve a shop; poor kid.

    And this unique piece of marketing, brought to you by NHS Doctors Gerald Patrick McCann, and Kate Marie McCann (née Healy)

    [url=http://goodqualitywristbands.blogspot.com/2009/11/oi-steady-on-now-monsieur-moreas.html]Oi! steady on now Monsieur Moreas[/url]

    Have you switched the code off Jo? delete the links if you don't want hotlinks, it's not a problem. H

  9. It seems to me that it was BIG BUSINESS right from the start:-

    "TEAM MCCANN STATEMENT" Sky News (Video) 17th May 2007


  10. viv

    He has friends, lots of friends all around the world. They are in all walks of life, in all types of business, he merely has to send out the appropriate s.o.s. and they are there, at his right hand, they are the enablers - The Fraternity.

  11. The more I examine this case, the more I’m convinced that the tragedy that happened in Praia da Luz was not premeditated. If it were premeditated wouldn't the testimonies of the couple and their friends make more sense and wouldn't there be few if any contradictions? The McCanns and their friends continually changed their testimonies so that people would believe that their daughter had been abducted and at the same time believe that they didn't neglect her. In doing so they created stories to try to convince the police that their daughter had been seen alive at a certain time, that they had been at a certain place at a certain time, or that certain objects were found in certain positions, etc. Their attempts to cover every possible angle made it more evident that they are liars. This to me shows a lack of planning.

    No doubt, it is strange how quickly they realised that there was money to be made. The public display of lack of empathy is not only strange but offensive. The quickness in which the fund was established can be attributed to the influential people they know. Their lack of empathy and selfishness can be attributed to a mental illness known as a Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

    I don’t understand how people got it in their heads that all doctors are saints. There have been many unethical doctors and yes some have even committed murder.

    The following is a quote from http://samvak.tripod.com/narcissistprofessions.html

    “The narcissist naturally gravitates towards those professions which guarantee the abundant and uninterrupted provision of Narcissistic Supply. He seeks to interact with people from a position of authority, advantage, or superiority. He thus elicits their automatic admiration, adulation, and affirmation – or, failing that, their fear and obedience. Several vocations meet these requirements: teaching, the clergy, show business, corporate management, the medical professions, the military, law enforcement agencies, politics, and sports. It is safe to predict that narcissists would be over-represented in these occupations.”

  12. Joana

    Not is this only the biggest scam of the decade, it is also the biggest cock 'n bull story. "WTF" is an understatement !


  13. Have the Mcs fulfilled this legal requirement of their fund?

    8) imports and exports

    You must contact HMRC immediately if you deal in imports and exports. Also contact the UK Trade and Investment department for expert free help. International Trade Teams are located in 40 offices around the country and each region has dedicated sector specialists to provide tailored support. Use the online test to assess your export capabilities, read FAQs for potential exporters and get assistance with your international ambitions.

  14. Himself

    In a nutshell - ultimately - the most superior and telling post I have read for some time.

    Strikes the nerve of anyone who feels that at every turn the McCanns have been shielded by someone. Excused for something. And aided and abetted by others.

    Indeed, it would take an enormous event to reach greater heights of revulsion that has been played out in front of us. Defying all the acceptable rules of law, empathy and morality.

    Well said Himself.


  15. WTF! In the McC website homepage shown above that is included in the mosaic portrait of The World's Biggest Homepage, at the bottom it says "Never give up on finding Maddie!" Thought they never called her Maddie?

    Kate McCann

    "My consolation is that on the cover he calls her Maddie, the name that the media have invented. We never called her anything like that."

    Expresso interview, Kate talks about 'The Truth of the Lie' by Gonçalo Amaral, published 06 September 2008


  16. The most humble uneducated parent who leaves their children alone knows they do wrong. It is not part of human nature to brag about something we know full well is wrong. But Gerry did, he needed everyone to know he left his children alone.

    I doubt that even Gerry's Portuguese lawyer, Isabel is his friend, judging by the angst on her face when he was speaking to the press. She does it for the money and probably the curiosity of working on such a case. It is a fact that many lawyers do not care whether they win or lose, just so long as they do a good job and get well paid.

    Where are all Gerry's friends now? Even Mitchell did not stand alongside him outside that courthouse...

  17. Angelique (10) that may have been true in the beginning, a lot of people were fooled and offered support, but as time has passed people have started to realise there is more to this fairytale than first thought.

    Take a look around , who now is publically supporting the MaCanns, yes you are correct they have all gone ,the MaCanns have never been so weak and vulnerable, the MaCanns are now on there own.

    Justice is coming.

  18. jimuck 17

    I believe you are correct insofar as we are talking the general public/entrepreneurs and the like in this country (UK).

    GM's last statement was that they were thinking of new ways to get their message out there and they seem to be going "worldwide" now in the their never-ending search to increase the awareness of missing Madeleine. Just think of all the millions and millions of people (cash rich people) around the world who have no idea about all the misleading facts surrounding Madeleine's disappearance. This is big, and I mean BIG! So that at the same time they generate cash-flow for their possibly dwindling "Fund".

    The ones that I am referring to that are behind him and supporting him are the masonic type. They are in every country, in every sphere, across the world. They never go away, they are for life, nay, they even go beyond death!


  19. jimuck, you said that they have all gone, who are they? Are you referring to a couple of family members who decided to leave the fund? I'm sure that donations to the fund have gone down; however I see no sign that they are no longer being supported. Is there one media outlet in Britain that is divulging the details of the case files or discussing the possibility that the McCanns committed a crime? "Madeleine was abducted" is an edict in Britain, woe to them that state otherwise.

    Judging from some of the comments that I've read from British citizens, it appears that many Britons don't want to let go of the image that they have of the McCanns, the image the McCanns created. The false image of exemplary British citizens faced with the injustices of an inferior nation. Some of the comments I've read go something like this:

    I told my friends about the contradictions and evidence that implicates the McCanns in the disappearance of their child, they became upset and didn't want to talk about it.

    I told my sister that the evidence that exists points to the McCanns hiding Madeleine's corpse; she became very angry and stormed out of the kitchen.

    You see, many would rather live in a fantasy world, than bring justice to a child.

  20. Madeleine McCann disappearance flat still has no buyer after two years
    By Daily Mail Reporter
    Last updated at 12:15 AM on 2nd October 2010

    The Algarve holiday flat from which Madeleine McCann disappeared in 2007 is now a ‘mausoleum’, a neighbour said yesterday.

    The two-bedroomed apartment in Praia da Luz was put on the market more than two years ago by the owner, a retired Liverpool teacher, but has not been sold and remains empty. (bla, bla, bla...)

    And then: Meanwhile a new private investigation into Madeleine’s disappearance has begun in Portugal.

    It is being run by three British former police officers: Nigel Brown, who was named Investigator of the Year after securing the rescue of a kidnapped oil company executive, Dave Carter, who worked in Northern Ireland, and Ray Cooper, who investigated war crimes in Bosnia and gang murders in Trinidad and Tobago.

    Daily Mail | 2010-10-02 | UK | Page: 61 - page 61!!!! <-------- paper edition (it's just a small column without pictures)

    My comment, on the article though I doubt it will see the "daylight"

    «Again Dacre's Mail publishes a bylined article on this case, without a journalist or reporter name, without a credible source except perhaps (I'm guessing here) a press re...lease sent by the usual PR's "hired" by a certain Limited Company "Fund" or its backers?

    And again, we see the same spin regarding a so-called private investigation run by rent-a-cops, without a license to work in Portugal, paid (guessing again) by the Limited Company/backers.

    Three rent-a-cops apparently experts in industrial intelligentsia to join the long list of "strange characters" hired to find a missing 3 year old girl. Kevin Halligen was one of those hired - he is now sought by the FBI on (alleged) Fraud and cash cleaning wash; Metodo3 - who were arrested in 1995 for illegal wire tapping - the Barcelona based agency who said they would bring the child back for Xmas in 2008; Dave Edgar who said the child was being held in a "lair" about 10 kilometres from Praia da Luz, etc.

    Ludicrous! - some would say»

  21. HTML/BBCodes

    Please be informed, I speak fluently, both Martian and Venusian. In what I fear can only be described as a Senior Moment, did speaketh Martian on Venus.

  22. Worry not, we all have those moments (independently of extraterrestrial linguistic knowledge)

    beijinhos dear H. :)

    ps. click-able links published above on comment 7 & 8

    As a society, we need to know how that occurred

    Oi! steady on now Monsieur Moreas

  23. Angelique , you are probably correct as it stands at the moment, ie, masonic paedophilia.

  24. Good morning Guerra (post 19) I know exactly where you're coming from, re the aggression from your sister. I discussed Madeleine's disappearance with my sister and when I said I believed the McCanns were more involved with Madeleine's disappearance than neglect, she went off on a tangent, I've never seen her so angry.

    "They're innocent" she shouted."All they did, was leave her their children alone when they went out to dinner." I found my sister has the same attitude as other McCann supporters I have come across on certain message boards. They seem to dismiss the fact those children were left night after night after night in that unlocked apartment (if it was unlocked) as a mere mistake.

    I've tried telling these people, including my sister, that the McCanns behaviour, along with the lies they told, is what makes me think they're more involved with Madeleine's behaviour than neglect, but all it leads to is more aggression.

    I've asked all concerned if they can give me one reason why the McCanns are innocent. They can't their stock answer is they are innocent.

    I no longer discuss the McCanns with my sister, if she mentions them, I just change the subject.

  25. 23 I don't think so, it has nothing to do with masons, nor illuminatti, nor conspirational stuff - it's simply a matter of money for most and for others of saving their own ass, that's all, but hey that's your opinion..

  26. Kathybella, although I do have a sister, I wasn't talking about her. I was paraphrasing comments I've read from British citizens. Sorry for the confusion, I should have used quotation marks.

    Thanks for confirming what I've said.

  27. Hi Guerra, thank you for your apology, but the mistake was mine. I've taken a look at your post (19) and I can see that you were paraphrasing comments made by British citizens. I'm sorry for not reading your post properly and I hope I haven't offended you.

  28. KathyBella, no offense taken. So you misread my comment, no big deal. I'm sure everyone including myself has been guilty of misreading someone's comment at one time.


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