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Another Couple of Glaswegian Doctors charged with Child Neglect

Glasgow's Southern General Hospital Some rights reserved by alistairmcmillan

Couple charged with child neglect at island festival after leaving son outside hotel

by Derek Alexander

A HOSPITAL doctor and her surgeon partner have been charged with neglect over claims they left their toddler son outside a bar.

Paediatrician Suzanne Wills, 37, and consultant Graeme Smith, 41, had been on a camping trip at an island music festival when they allegedly left the three-year-old boy strapped into a bicycle trailer.

The couple, from Kilbarchan, Renfrewshire, were quizzed by police after attending last weekend's Isle of Jura music festival.

One witness said yesterday: "It appeared that the child was outside alone on what was a very cold night while the couple were inside the bar."

The couple were in the Isle of Jura* hotel when police were called around 10pm last Saturday.

The Islay-based officers were on Jura for the annual folk music festival, which attracts around 200 people.

The family were camping in a tent pitched close to the Isle of Jura Hotel, which was busy with revellers.

Police were contacted by a concerned member of the public.

One festival goer saw the couple earlier in the evening. She said: "The child was in the bar for a while but it was mobbed and there was a lot of noise.

"Many people had a lot to drink and it was perhaps not the best environment for a young kid."

Smith is a consultant bowel surgeon at Glasgow's Southern General Hospital while his partner specialises in the treatment of sick children.

Police have sent a report on the incident to the procurator fiscal, who will decide whether to take any action.

If found guilty of child neglect, the couple could face jail and their son could be taken into care. But last night, they denied the charges and blamed a "misunderstanding".

A statement from the couple said: "We love our son dearly. We have never and would never do anything to harm him.

"We deny this allegation, which we find horrifying. We believe the charge to be due to a misunderstanding.

"Our lawyers are seeking a meeting with the Crown to put matters right. We have taken the appropriate steps to inform the medical authorities."

But an NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde spokeswoman said: "We are not aware of this incident." (...)

in Sunday Mail, Oct 3 2010

* The Isle of Jura is in the Inner Hebrides, to the west of mainland Scotland, and at a similar latitude to Glasgow.
Kate studied medicine at the University of Dundee, in Scotland. She initially specialised in gynaecology but later changed to become an anaesthetist.

She first met husband Gerry McCann at the Western Infirmary in Glasgow, Scotland.

extract from the McCannFiles

Addendum: Oh yeah, almost forgot Kate McCann came, 'prayed' et didn't vici - read comments on previous post, on twitter here and here or read our friends at Anorak on the autophagic nature of the UK media infotainment news.

Tears for the Media, thanks to H. at the McCann Gallery

Team McCann PR's wired press release

«Madeleine's mother in Portugal trip

Kate McCann this weekend has returned to Portugal, where her young daughter Madeleine went missing in May 2007.

Family spokesman Clarence Mitchell said it was one of a number of recent visits she had made to see friends in the country.

The mother-of-three from Rothley in Leicestershire, who is a devout Catholic, was seen praying in the Nossa Senhora da Luz church near where her daughter disappeared.

A small team of private investigators led by Dave Edgar is still looking for Madeleine.

The little girl was three years old when she went missing from her family's holiday flat in Praia da Luz in the Algarve, while her parents dined with friends nearby.»

in Press Association (UKPA), already published in various UK media word by word (sic); likely to hit the World news agencies, and subsequently various newspapers published in a multitude of languages - great nauseating journalism, eh?

McCann Sympathy Running Out
April, 30 2009 via Murdoch's SkyNews for future memory

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  1. Kate McCann back in Portugal "to pray"
    Mum returns to the scene of Madeleine's disappearance

    ALONE: Kate yesterday

    By Dominic Herbert, 03/10/2010

    KATE McCann made a solitary pilgrimage this weekend to the Portuguese resort where her daughter went missing "for emotional reasons and to pray for Madeleine".

    Yesterday morning the anguished mum went to the Nossa Senhora da Luz church, five minutes walk from the flat where the McCanns holidayed in May 2007.

    Kate is staying with Praia da Luz's Anglican priest Father Haynes Hubbard and his wife

    MISSING: Maddie

    Susan who have become close friends.

    Passengers who saw GP Kate, 42, on a flight from East Midlands airport to Faro on Friday morning said she cut a lonely figure.

    One said: "Kate looked very sad, she was by herself. It is clear time is not healing the pain."

    Husband Gerry is thought to have stayed at home in Rothley, Leics, with twins Sean and Amelie.

    As Kate revisited the scene of Madeleine's abduction aged just three it emerged that there are new efforts to find her.

    Three British ex-cops have joined Dave Edgar's team in Portugal.

    "Gerry and Kate have some very experienced people working for them now and they will also pray for a miracle", said a pal.

    Response Headers of http://www.newsoftheworld.co.uk/news/1015338/Mum-returns-to-the-scene-of-Madeleines-disappearance.html

    Server: Apache-Coyote/1.1
    X-ws: nowcda24a
    Etag: Oct 3, 2010 7:28 PM-1015338-6

    via http://web-sniffer.net/

  2. Perhaps when Kate's finished praying she might like to visit the PJ's and answer those very important questions which are still hanging in the air!

    This reeks of a publicity stunt to get the coffers flowing again no doubt, and she certainly doesn't fool me.

    Justice for Madeliene!

  3. From the Sunday Excess 3 October 2010 -

    "...The little girl was three years old when she went missing from her family's holiday flat in Praia da Luz in the Algarve, while her parents dined with friends nearby."

    Clarence Mitchell's still pushing the 'neglect issue', I see! As he's been doing for over three years.

    This McMantra must remain in our heads and must NOT be allowed to slip from the public consciousness.

    IMO, it's a necessary evil to provide the 'window of opportunity'. A smokescreen for what really happened to Maddie - otherwise Mitchell would have long ago put a stop to its constant repetiton in the media,

    No neglect = No abduction

    The McCanns (and their cronies) were fully lawyered-up from the start to defend any potential charges of neglect. Indeed, IMO, it was what they were hoping to be charged with in July 2008 - the lesser of the evils. They looked very shocked and fearful at the press conference on the evening of the day the case was shelved. Like rabbits caught in headlights.

  4. Oops, please could you delete my first two posts? Google was messing up my email and password log-in and kept telling me they couldn't action it.

  5. done dear Jilly, I did thought something was strange ;) Happy Sunday, beijinhos

  6. Ever since September of 2007, McCann supporters have implicitly, sometimes explicitly, told the public that the McCanns couldn’t have done anything wrong, because they are doctors. This of course is a fallacy; people from all walks of life commit crimes.

    Today in Canada, a physician already accused of 3 counts of sexual assault is now facing an additional 26 charges as more women came forward and accused him of assaulting them, while under his care.

  7. Phone-hacking scandal: Andy Coulson 'listened to intercepted messages' by Nick Davies (author of Flat Earth News)

    Anonymous source tells Channel Four David Cameron's media adviser would ask for recordings to be played for him at News of the World (Murdoch's other tabloid)- sort of related with the above due to Murdoch's media outlets being the grand promoters of the McCanns one-sided version since May 2007 & because Clarence Mitchell was/is working for Coulson: - [Newly appointed: Clarence Mitchell. Mitchell will join the Tory comms operation, reporting directly to director of communications Andy Coulson(...)]

  8. Maybe the McCanns will take a trip to Glasgow and give these two medics some tips, on how to escape the charges of neglect.

    They will no doubt show them how to sue the media, who have dared print this story. These two medics can make money out of their little boys ordeal, if they follow the McCanns advice.

    The McCanns have made plenty out of Madeleine's ordeal and they will carry on making money, until the gullible who are donating, wake up and see them for what they are and the "Powers that be" grow a back bone and prosecute them for their part in Madeleine's disappearance.

  9. Watch out for millionaire whatsisname heading consortium to purchase the Ocean Club and apartment 5A. The Ocean Club will become a hotel and convention center providing accommodation for 'pilgrims' to the shrine of Maddie in 5a and hosting conventions on child protection. Expect CEOP and EU participation with management by our favourite doctor. This will be the foundation for a global pseudo religion which will make Scientology look harmless. Never mind about virgin births, they have St Kate of IVF and of course their missing daughter, their trademarked icon for missing and abused children everywhere.

  10. Kate is suffering, this is very clear to me.
    She did not get any better after three years.
    I have the feeling she is getting worse.
    She feels guilty and she wants to be close to the last moments she saw her little daughter, for the last time.
    Who knows the couple Hubbert will convince her going to the police in Portugal.
    Her life is hell and it will become worse and worse if she does not tell what she knows, imo.
    This is no life for her.

  11. Doctors are the only people that can get away with homicide. ........They also make mistakes and they are not God.. ( though they think they are ) ignorant dafts.
    anabela 5363

  12. It is often that they have special prayers on the 3rd of a month.

  13. T4two, stop giving them ideas.

    Virginia, forgive me, but I wonder if Kate’s suffering has more to do with reading people’s unfavourable opinions about herself than the loss of her daughter. Despite her life supposedly being hell, she still finds time to badmouth Mr. Amaral and the Portuguese police, and to promote her fraudulent fund.

    The CBC interviewed the Hubbard couple, sometime in 2008, and they defended the McCann couple, saying it was absurd that they were under suspicion. Mrs. Hubbard ended the interview by saying that she had prayed long and hard for Madeleine to be found, but she could not understand why she hadn’t been found yet.

  14. Good morning Virginia (Post 11) I respect your views about Kate McCann. However like a lot of McCann supporters, while you talk how they must be suffering, or in your case you talk about how Kate McCann must be suffering and how guilty she must feel.

    Your statement mirrors the statements many McCann supporters write, there is hardly a mention of Madeleine in these statements. The McCanns, or as in your case Kate McCann, are always portrayed as the victims.

    Madeleine is the victim not her parents. God only knows what suffering she endured, on her way to God knows where. The cause of whatever suffering Madeleine endured, was her parents.

    The McCanns made sure their children were safe during the day, while they spent their "Me Time" with their friends. Yet they left their children in a very dangerous environment, without adult supervision, to spend more "Me Time" with the friends they had spent "Me Time" with during the day.

    The McCanns don't do guilt, it isn't too long ago that they were protesting their innocence for the umpteenth time since Madeleine disappeared.

    I think Kate McCann looked shifty in the photographs, she must have been fuming that the press had found out that she would be visiting the area. Unless the press were already notified by "Team McCann" and Kate McCann was putting on her sad face for the public.

    Only the gullible will fall for her latest stunt, the rest of the public who outweigh the gullible, will know that it is an act.

  15. 10 T4two

    Yes, don't do this, you keep changing sides! I do wonder if Kate looks at herself in the mirror at all. Women usually spend a lot of time in front of mirrors - perhaps, just maybe, she can see the effect all these lies is having on her face.

    Her face is one of desperate suffering, this is why I sometimes feel sorry for her. Make no mistake, feeling sorry for someone means there's no hope!


  16. guerra,

    They don't need any ideas from me; they are full of them:) Just when you think they cannot go any lower... they never fail to surprise.
    But a project of the kind described would give them some leverage in Portugal since it would secure local employment and thus be beneficial for the PdL economy. They might calculate that this could help their action against Dr. Amaral as well - use one stone to kill two birds and leaving the other stones unturned.
    The Hubbards part in all this is quite intriguing. Actually I can see Hubbard as the spiritual head of the Madeleine movement. His wife does have strange illusions about the power of prayer though, but the prerequisite delusional state regarding the McCanns seems unaffected.

  17. Over 500 comments a media outlet actually allowing freedom of speech!http://news.aol.co.uk/uk-news/story/madeleines-mother-in-portugal-trip/1308928

  18. thank you Jhan, that's AOL's web portal though, not a newspaper outlet, regardless it's great to see people being allowed to comment ;)

  19. Hi Joana

    Hotmail are also allowing freedom of speech regarding the McCanns. I posted on the site last night and was amazed to see my post accepted. For some reason Hotmail have given me the name "Benny the Bug" to post under, lol.

    I suppose I should be offended, but I'm not, I could have been called a lot worse.

    When I read the posts on Hotmail, I noticed how aggressive the McCanns supporters were, to the McCanns critics. I've posted on a few forums and message board and found them to be the same when anyone criticises the McCanns. Although I have to say I very rarely see it on here. I think that is because your forum is moderated Joana.

    What a shame the McCanns supporters can't show the same passion towards poor Madeleine. They need to be reminded that it is Madeleine, who is the victim in this sad case.

  20. T4two, when I said stop giving them ideas, I thought you were being facetious but apparently that's not the case. Why should I be surprised anymore with what the McCann couple and their supporters do, their behaviour has already past the point of the absurd. I think the locals wouldn't take to kindly to the McCanns setting up some type of shrine in Praia da Luz.

    Kathybella, I suspect that the newspaper editors were informed of the trip. I can envision Mr. Mitchell calling up one of the editors and shaping the story. He probably told the editor not to forget to mention her anguish and to stress that she's a devout catholic.

  21. KathyBella

    When you consider that the chairman of the fund's board referred to Dr. Amaral as Amoral in his statement included in the official company accounts, it's really not surprising that the majority of McCann supporters argue at the same level. Most of them are probably 'friends of the family' and suchlike, posting to counterbalance the negative majority view. These tactics which have been deployed over the past 3 years to disrupt discussion of the case, are becoming more and more counterproductive.

  22. Hi Guerra

    The press should speak to Kate McCann's mother regarding Kate McCann being a devout Catholic. She will say the complete opposite. She said back in 2007 that she couldn't understand why her daughter and son-in-law, asked for a Priest to fly over to Praia da Luz, as soon as possible after they "discovered Madeleine missing" Mrs Healey said they didn't follow their religion.

  23. If you write something in Microsoft Word which includes the name Amaral, this word will be flagged as an error when you do a spell check. The suggestions the program Word gives you as a substitute for Amaral is Amoral and Admiral. Could this have been where the idea to use Mr. Amoral originated?

  24. Guerra, to surreptitiously call the man an offensive name in an official document is not a mere word doc spell-check coincidence - I don't buy that as an excuse, particularly when Amaral detractors use that 'adjectivation' commonly in a purposefully derogatory manner designed to insult & humiliate the man (or so they think - vozes de burro não chegam ao céu); not when a Portuguese spell checker is freely available for download & not when the press, the UK media, was PR spoon-fed that kind of 'linguistic' style, as we could all watch and read.

    And there's another factor, do you really think that after 3 years, after papers were signed to make that outrageous claim for 1,2 million euros, to ban a book, the McCanns wouldn't know how to spell Gonçalo Amaral's name? They would have to be very dense to make that 'mistake'.

  25. I've just take a look at one of my posts and I too have spelt Goncalo's surname as Amoral. I couldn't remember whether there was an 'o'after the 'm' or an 'a'. I chose the wrong letter and I'm sorry for any offence I may have cause Dr Amaral.

  26. and so this sorry saga continues, with the emphasis on kate and not the missing Madeleine, as usual. Of course the press were given a whisper of the impending visit. Kate needed to be closer to Madeleine, whose joking here? how many times has that women returned to Luz...twice in three years? Did she find time to to pop into visit the PJ and demand they reopen the case?.....dont be silly of course she didn´t. A touch of ¨how sad am I", publicity. Carefully aimed at chinking those coins for donation.

  27. don't worry dear Kathybelle :) one thing is to make a mistake without malicious intentions, another is to make it on purpose, what's more you have no obligation to spell correctly a foreign name, that has cedillas, in a blogspot comment.

  28. Joana, I'm not saying that the error was unintentional. I do believe the error was intentional, after all you are still given two choices one is Amoral and the other is Admiral and if you know that you are dealing with a person's name, obviously you would choose to ignore those suggestions. What I am saying is the idea to use Amoral could have come from that application, it might have not been an original idea on their part. It was just an innocent observation on my part, that's all.

    Quoting what I said before: "Could this have been where the idea to use Mr. Amoral originated?"

  29. Guerra, it could obviously, you're right, I failed to explain myself, sorry - I wasn't questioning that it could have been the origin for the idea, I was advancing a step forward to the continuous purposeful abuse of that 'technique'. need to go to twitter...

  30. Thank you Joana, for your kind words.(((hugs)))

  31. guerra @24

    It originated on a pro-McCann hate site. 'nuff said :)


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