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Criminal Record: 'Kate McCann in Praia da Luz '

Intro/explanation: 'Companhia das Manhãs' [lit. trans. Morning Companionship] is a daily talk show presented by Rita Ferro Rodrigues and Francisco Menezes, broadcast by SIC Portuguese TV channel owned by Impresa. Last Wednesday ‘Companhia da Manhãs’ reached 22,3% share according to Marktest - Media Monitor. The talk-show focal point is on human-interest stories such as family, life, education, etc, discussing topical issues that have made the news headlines; it also presents some entertaining moments as well as Hernâni Carvalho crime segment titled 'Registo Criminal' [lit. trans. Criminal Record]. On Thursday, that particular crime segment featured the McCann case; specifically, Kate McCann recurring visits to Praia da Luz and a brief analysis on that issue by forensic psychologist and University Professor Dr.Paulo Sargento.


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Rita Ferro Rodrigues - RFR
Francisco Menezes - FM
Paulo Sargento - PS
Hernâni Carvalho - HC

RFR – Hernâni, without further delay… [initiating the crime segment]

FM – Good morning…

PS/HC – Good morning…

FM – One of these days, it will be our turn to appear on the ‘Criminal Record’ due to this ‘what do I have to do in order to get the prize?’ issue [I presume FM is referring to the jackpot money prize as seen at the top right side of the video] - the prize is always offered…

HC – cut to HC [background laughs]

FM - …don’t you worry [to the audience]. Good morning, Paulo.

PS – Good morning.

RFR – [simultaneously] We have two themes… Hernâni… Hernâni and Paulo Sargento…

PS – Hello.

RFR - …two issues that have created a good deal of interest, that are of significance to the Portuguese – that is what you bring us here today, is that right?

HC – Yes, actually one more than the other since the Portuguese… Well, it is one of those things that happen in life, in short people have become more distanced – something that takes place even when events concern us, thus when it relates to others…

RFR – The news decline… [not 103% sure of what Rita says here]

HC – Exactly, they become distanced…

FM - Things take time, they are delayed…

HC - …but then, one thing or another brings back the memory – and that was what happened in the case… in the Algarve case, in Praia da Luz when madam [Sr.ª D. lit. trans.] Kate McCann, Maddie’s mum and of those beautiful twins, that we saw being carried by their father…

RFR – Sean and Amelie.

HC - …when they went back to London in September - returned and some took it well, whilst others reacted against it. The fact is that they were here. I invited Professor Paulo Sargento essentially for one reason – I would like to understand what sets off… when a mother looses a child in a certain location, that site obtains a meaningful value…

PS – Yes, a special symbolic significance.

HC - A symbolic value. So, what I want to understand is - what triggers a mother to return recurrently to an area where she has lost her child.

PS – Well, one interpretation is…

HC – There is something else, actually…

PS – Please, go on.

HC – There is something that people often say - and psychologists can explain that objectively far better than I do - it’s in the vein of “Christians who have Christ crucified on a cross”; no one has a photo of their brother or their father’s accident… [obvious analogy]

PS – Certainly not.

HC - What I would like to understand is that. However, before let us watch what people think, or what they feel. Eugénia [the journalist] was down there [South Portugal] and she talked with several people who saw Kate…

FM – In the village of Praia da Luz.

HC - … who saw Kate in the church, and saw Kate jogging with the Anglican priest wife; anyway, she was down there and maybe it would be interesting to start off with that.

FM – Let’s watch it then. [approving background mumbled sounds]

Video interview in Praia da Luz starting at 2'09''
Eugénia [journalist second name unknown] - E
Local Woman (with disguised voice) - LW

E – What kind of impact does Madeleine’s disappearance still have?

LW – Even now, people think about what has taken place, except in a different manner. They are tired of hearing about Maddie, of what went on, of the reappearance of the parents in here, and… weary, extremely worn out.

E – Do you think people preferred the McCann couple not to comeback?

LW – I believe so, yes. I believe so… that people don’t… that they are no longer welcome here in Praia da Luz. ‘What are they doing here again?!’ – It is the comment that people do. People talk about the various times they have returned; they have already been here several times, including last week – they’ve came back, at least the mother did. I have heard some comments that she was here, and that she went around Luz beach exercising. People also comment that she went to Luz church to pray.

E – Was the McCann couple around here last month?

LW – Yes, in August. I think it was in August.

E – They were seen?

LW – They were seen, yes. I think it’s enough – at least of praying here in Praia da Luz, she can pray at her own house.

*reference note – the above interview was edited, in sound and image, thus the ‘jumps’ in what should be a normal conversation.

RFR – Funny how things change. Isn't it, Hernâni?

HC – [sighs] You know, despite whatever it’s said, the fact is that no one knows where Maddie is. That would be a remarkable thing - to be able to be here and bring something new, but… I want to start by explaining that this woman owns a business where several people go, therefore she asked us to keep her identity protected since… you understand - people don’t like to cause damages to their own business just because they are giving an interview. Anyhow, she does have a business where many people go to and exchange opinions. I know extremely well Praia da Luz – it may sound like arrogance but it isn’t. I know it well due to…for elementary reasons I had to go numerous times to Praia da Luz - during the day, at night, at dawn… I particularly enjoy Praia da Luz at dawn. Objectively, I really have a preference for Praia da Luz at dawn. And I know that there are two groups – their size is irrelevant – the Portuguese enjoy essentially peace, to relax, and don’t want to have nuisances.

FM – What exactly do you mean by “that you enjoy it more at dawn” – if that has a meaning at all.

HC – It means that I have a great enjoyment in watching Praia da Luz at dawn; it means that I really like to observe the phenomena that occur in Praia da Luz, at dawn. Moreover, I want to tell you that there are events, which take place at dawn, in Praia da Luz that do not happen in any other time of the year [sic].

RFR – And what is that, Hernâni?

HC – I strongly advise you to go to Praia da Luz- at dawn. It’s interesting, you’ll gain an entirely different perspective of life. And of the facts.

RFR – But of a life taking place in the sea? Do you mean of a life by the sea? A whole life at sea?

HC – Yes… You know…

RFR - And at the beach?

HC – ….that place there, next to the sea is truly beautiful - at dawn, seriously.

RFR – Various situations taking place, things in motion…

HC - I challenge everyone to go there, at least at dawn.

FM – How do you…?

HC - …going back to what this woman, [LW] was talking about. There’s another group of people that are British, thus they are likely to feel closer to or more supportive with this problematic of having lost a child – the Portuguese on the other side are fed up with this story. Probably we fail to understand, but…

FM – It sounds a bit cruel.

HC – It does sound a bit cruel, but you have no idea of the chaotic rush that takes place each time there’s a fresh small [non, spin] news. And people have the right to feel free and to live a normal life, away from cameras, from journalists and…

RFR - Yes, of course. Without people always making questions, and all that…

HC – Well, we went to Praia da Luz because… on the contrary… officially the McCann couple did not come here for the past 9 months. Clearly, that is not true; we all know that the McCann couple travels to here whenever they like, when they have a necessity – whenever they feel that necessity – and that is why I invited Dr. Paulo Sargento: what motivates a father or a mother to have that urge of returning to the place where they have lost their child.

RFR – Even because… let me just add something to that.

PS – Please do.

RFR – It is usually said that people have the tendency of returning to a place where they were happy once, however, in this case it’s the spot – my God! – where they were most unhappy, whatever the version of the events is. Surely, the sadness… [from this point on concurrent voices of HC/PS/FM & RFR]

FM – Is that natural?

PS – Relatively…

RFR - … the unhappiness is connected to that site.

PS - ...relatively to that, I prefer to make a comment in a more general scope, at least for now let us not comment directly on the case, which is actually what I…

RFR – Certainly.

FM – Of course.

HC – No, no, the question is what triggers a mother to return to the place where she has lost a child [mumbled sound, cough]

PS - … which is actually what I usually do, when commenting cases – in order to not be on the ‘top of the case’ [I suppose it means in order to not influence/imprint ideas?]…

RFR – Absolutely...

PS – I would like, later on, to make one or two quick considerations regarding a specific case. Now, in relation to the question made by Hernâni, that he has illustrated in a certain way with that image of Christ - Christ is not present in there, although there is something, which will refer us to a memory, with a very personal significance. Most of the times people will go to the last place where they have contacted with a person [loved/departed one], hence that place will become embed with a special symbolism, one which will bring to the present, to an actual existence, the memory of something that is very significant to that person. In reality…

FM – Even when [unintelligible, sounds like] it’s not related to a tragedy?

PS – Probably, yes.

RFR – When there is a road accident is it common for relatives go to that place?

PS - Yes, Rita, it’s very likely…

RFR – Depends from one person to another, right?

PS - …when there is a road accident - even in Lisbon…

HC - We often see flowers…

RFR – Yes, we see the flowers but that depends on the sensitivity of each person.

PS - That’s right, the flowers and the ‘alminhas’ [small shrines built close to tragic and/or fatal accidents sites] are indeed very common, namely amongst those who have a religious bond, for example to Catholicism and we, the Portuguese have in fact that tradition; and just as Hernâni said, an example of what might occur in similar situations is the flowers that are laid at the place where someone has had an accident, and the shrines that can be observed on the Portuguese roadsides – which are undoubtedly the places where so many have disappeared.

FM – So, that is a common situation.

PS - Obviously this kind of flow, of going back…

FM – Too often.

PS – Frequently or rarely depends of the person, it also depends on the relation one has with grieving.

work in progress

via SIC morning talk show 'Companhia das Manhãs - Registo Criminal' - broadcast on 15.10.2010


  1. I always feel that Kate jogging had a lot to do with what happened to Madeleine in PDL. Now she went again with her strange friend, Mrs. Hubbard. The same lady that assumed in an interview that she went to PDL with a mission. Like a clairvoyant, her mission was helping Kate, we don't know how, but both assumed already that the Hubbards helped the Mccann's to settled in PDL. I can't understand how, since they were new and just arrived in PDL when Maddie disappeared.
    If we have a look at the site of the Anglican Church in PDL and Algarve, we can see very interesting activities organised by the priests, outdoor- Pedestrian walks. That means, the priests know Wilde and isolated tracks to jog or walk, out of the public eyes. I strong believe that this is what keep the Mccann's in touch with the Anglican priests and that is what made Kate come back to PDL.
    Mothers visit the graves of their childs not the hospitals or the places where they died or went missing. And Kate is not different at that point, even if she wants the world to believe that she went to PDL in an emotive mission to pray and remember her child. To do that, Madeleine's room with her belongs is more appropriate and more emotional.

  2. Interesting the choice of footage to show us who is Rev. Hubbard...him conducting a funeral...! It must have been intentional, sending a "message"...if Rev. Hubbard was interviewed by the reporter Eugénia, surelly they could have used pictures/footage of that interview, but no...they used scenes from a funeral. Rev. Hubbard dealing with a death...humm, interesting indeed!

  3. This jogging is fighting back a depression.It helps to protect serotonine in the brains.This is known by everybody who suffers from it.
    Phisyc exercises are needed during a treatment.

  4. Hernâni Carvalho, frankly! How mean of him! Teasing us with all those "interesting things" that go on in Luz in the quiet hours of the night and saying no more! I'm so curious now, what on earth is he talking about? UFOs?! Paranormal activity?
    Please, anyone living near Luz, can you go and spent some nights on the beach there and see what happens?
    Brrr....goose bumps all over!

  5. Sorry guys, taking a break for a few hours [exhausted] - the translation of direct speeches of an informal nature like the one taking place at the above video, that sometimes has the participants juxtaposing each other words it's hard to do.

    I'll get back on it in about 4/5 hours - need some rest.

    The video was downloaded from SIC in FLV, then converted to AVI, then to F4V, and then back again to FLV but this time with a slight improvement in the image quality. The uploads were made between the translation/transcript - for educational/information reasons only. The original video clip is publicly available at SIC morning talk show 'Companhia das Manhãs - Registo Criminal'.

    Thanks fly out to SIC/Impresa, Companhia das Manhãs production team & Dr. Pinto Balsemão.

    Good afternoon to all, boa tarde :k

    Note to self - 5'46''

  6. I pray some day soon this case will be solved, so that the people of PDL can once again live a normal peaceful life, they have been through enough, they deserve that peace.

  7. To Anon 1

    Trust a seasoned private investigator like me...an ex-PJ, CIA with ex-KGB contacts who wears a MacIntosh like old Inspector Colombo. I am no James Bond fool in case you wonder...

    Assuming the McCann's were the culprits - and chances are they were UNLESS the dogs had flu... it is most unlikely they would bury the child. The only safe way (well one very safe way) to dispose of her would be cremation. Oh! That does not necessarily need to happen in a pets'crematorium. It could take place in a wood fired baker's oven, say. It would have smelt like barbecue - so popular with Brit expatriates.

    Lots of you have not paid attention to what Keela& Eddie's Dog Detectives, trainer said.

    The death or deposition of a corpse needs not, necessarily, have happen in the places where the dogs detected its scent. In this case, draft patterns in the apartment could have concentrated the scent here and there. Remember that? You do? Good! Now think of it in terms of ashes and see if it makes more sense.

    It would also help to explain why the scent appears in Kate's and Madeleine's clothes/items but not on Gerry's. He was away in the UK(disposing of the ashes among other things?) thus Kate was more exposed to the fine particles of dust/scent lingering in the air during his absence. Thus the dog honed in on her. Bingo!

    Could a dog detect cadaverine even after a body has been cremated? Yes! That is the information I have even if I find it hard to believe. Ruth! Counter-check that for me, please...

    Sorry...otherwise we have to assume that it was the mother who was involved in the body disposal. She was holding Madeleine's dead body for at least 1,5 hours. OK Gerry could have been too except he left his clothes behind during his visit to the UK. The devil is in the small detail...

    Assuming the cremation scenario, could then Gerry have released her ashes in the Highland of Scotland say - in some kind of Druid ritual? Who knows? What I do know is that Glasgow is less than a hour drive from the Highlands. I know because a recent investigation took me to Faslane. See pic. here: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1178086/National-security-fears-sparked-Britains-nuclear-submarines-Scotland.html

    Just a theory. Not mine by the way. A client of mine. Personally, I find it all rather presposterous but leave it here as a snack for thought.

    There is another thing people often don't get. They think we investigators have "bad blood" but actually we don't. Think of us as "Einsteins" after that elusive e=mc2.

    In an investigators mind-set everyone is guilty until proven inocent. It only works that way. There is no fancy way around that basic premise...

    The opposite happens on the other hand of Justice where everyone is inocent until proven guilty. The McCann's are cleverly banking on that. Obviously.

    I feel sorry for my colleagues in this case. They were on the right track. So may pointers in the same direction but alas! The Fates had the last word (so far).

    If my client is right it is easy to see why. It is not easy to find ashes - particularly when these have been scattered to the wind far, far from the crime scene in the Highlands of Scotland, say. The McCann's self-assurance and persistance with their abduction theory supports such scenarios. They know Madeleine's body will never be found.

    :m Sorry. I have a client at the door. I must go, right now...

    :k P.J. Tipps

  8. Que fenomenos sao estes que acontecem na PDL de madrugada e que Hernani Carvalho nao desvenda mas deixa muita curiosidade no ar?
    Sao fenomenos sobrenaturais envolvendo o mar? Custa-me a acreditar.
    Ou sao fenomenos fisicos naturais envolvendo pessoas e rituais? O swing, por exemplo.
    E a Kate que foi a Igreja de madrugada. Nao tera sido na noite em que Maddie desapareceu porque nessa noite ela ficou recolhida, preocupada com o respirar dos gemeos e a trocar mensagens de Tm com o marido. Ficou onde a sua presenca tinha mais interesse e necessidade, deixando as buscas da filha ao cuidado dos ingenuos e honestos habitantes ou visitantes da PDL, e da policia. Afinal ela sabia que eram infrutiferas e a historia que naquela noite comecara, era uma saga a longo termo, que haveria de gerar muito dinheiro, vender muito papel e tramar alguma gente. Por ela, tudo faria para que os tramados fossem outros, os culpados fossem outros. Afinal eles estavam no Tapas como quem esta no jardim de casa. O problema e que so o alarme aconteceu quando estavam no Tapas. O miolo da historia, em cada dia que passa, percebemos que aconteceu antes. E por isso que os habitantes da PDL nao gostam dos Mccann e dizem de viva voz que eles nao sao bem vindos.
    Quem sentiu a historia de mais perto nao acredita na teoria do rapto e talvez nao acredite em qualquer acidente domestico. A verdade pode ser mais sinistra. Por isso os Mccann voltam com regularidade a um lugar onde sabem que nao sao bem vindos, onde perderam a filha(segundo eles para uma rede pedofila) e pasme-se.... a 10 Kms do esconderijo onde os seus detectives dizem estar a filha, mas o mais incrivel dos fenomenos incriveis, os Mccann nunca chamaram os amigos dos jornais para mostrarem que andam a procura do esconderijo tao bem delimitado pelos seus detectives. Estranho comportamento o destes pais, estranhas prioridades. No entanto a Kate, que se diz catolica, vai a igreja de madrugada pela mao de um padre anglicano. A madrugada tem de facto um valor a remarcar na tragedia de Madeleine. Tera sido a hora em que Kate se despediu do corpo?
    E o padre anglicano que abre as portas da igreja a qualquer hora, se for solicitado, seria bom que dissesse quantos outros devotos lhe solicitaram os mesmos servicos na PDL ou no Algarve? Eu arrisco um numero: Zero! Este servico e exclusivo para os Mccann, para ja porque so alguem com um grande peso na consciencia volta a um sitio onde e 'personna non grata' e vai a igreja de madrugada.
    Espero que alguem da PDL nos elucide sobre os fenomenos da praia de madrugada.

  9. @3.sorry dont buy it,i have yet to see the mccanns depressed,no the jogging is so as they could talk privatly planning what lies to tell next and who can they sue next to keep them in the life they have become used to ££££££££.

  10. Joana

    I am not at all surprised you are exhausted. Take care of yourself,and thank you for all you, and your friends are doing.

    An Englishman

  11. Back to continue with the translation/transcript.

    By the way, please don't bring UFOs, David Icke's ridiculous conspiracy theories, illuminati, masonic, swinger rumours &... -empty blank space & empty blank space & empty blank space- <----- add more here; into this case. There is only one initial motive for a set of persons and one subsequent to the aforementioned initial motive that is what has being feeding this farce for the last three years, call it what you will - money, opportunism, political tit for tats, cowardice....

    Firstly, what HC is saying is far less important than the way that he is saying it - use your 'Poirot litte grey cells' and you'll understand the true meaning.

    Secondly, 'Praia da Luz - at dawn' does not necessarily mean the sea - don't be fooled by Rita's intelligent, 'protective' and quick reply mentioning "the sea, at sea, by the sea" - besides is Praia da Luz just the beach or its coastal sea? No.

    Lastly, some people thought that they could scare others into silence, some people thought others would grow tired of this case and cease to write or speak about it, some people failed to realize that there are people that can never be bought. Some people forgot that the truth is like when you mix olive oil in a bowl of water - all those little olive oil molecular particles have the odd tendency to stick together and to float, no matter how many times you mix them - it's all a matter of different densities and polarity.

    And yes, we do love olive oil, specially with grilled sardines.

  12. Thank you Englishman for your kind words of encouragement, if this strange affair has taught any of us anything was to learn to respect and value our cultural differences; and to understand that after all, independently of where we came from most of us share similar values and ethics.

    In fact, it is me who is thankful to all the readers and social media divulgers, fellow bloggers & site owners, good friends and voluntary brave people who have fought for Justice, for a fair and unbiased journalism, for the right of Freedom of Expression without fear, with resiliency, and humour - thanks as well to some people on the other side of the fence for rightly showing me what not to do [by bad examples] and to those who gave me advices in spite of our different opinions - and last but not the least, a big thanks to the majority of the Portuguese media and journalists without whom we would be completely in the 'dark' - like mushrooms.

  13. "Could a dog detect cadaverine even after a body has been cremated? Yes! That is the information I have even if I find it hard to believe. Ruth! Counter-check that for me, please..."


    The very same "Eddie" used in the McCann case solved the murder of Attracta Harron, finding "what he was trained to find" in a burned out car used by her killer. So the answer to your question is yes.

    All the best,

  14. Thank you Ruth for that valuable , yet sad link to Mrs. Attracta Harron posthumous homage site. My condolences to the Harron family.

    Of particular relevance to the McCann affair is the 'Evidence Summary' - a report by Olga Bradshaw at http://www.martinharran.com/openstate.htm from which I'll reproduce the following extracts:

    «Car fire

    Separately to this, Mr Mooney told the jury, the Fire Brigade had been called to a car fire at 12.57pm on December 11 to Hamilton’s home.

    He said that the call had been made by the an aunt of the accused,who was not at 3 Concess Road at the time she made the call on behalf of her nephew, while Hamilton, who claimed to police investigating the fire that he had not left home all day, had access to his own telephone at home.

    Mr Mooney said that when the Fire Brigade arrived to deal with the blaze they were alarmed to find it close to an oil tank. Hamilton’s car was a red Hyundai Lantra.

    “There were a number of people present, and one person was the young man Trevor Hamilton. Hamilton will say he told the fire officers and later told the police the car had not moved all day from 3 Concess Road. That was untrue, because the police later uncovered evidence. In fact the car had been driven by Hamilton around and into Sion Mills and on some roads between Sion Mills and Strabane that day,” he said, adding: “The assertion made that day by Hamilton when asked, was a lie. He said he was not out of the house.”

    In a subsequent police examination no source of combustion could be discovered, yet forensic science examination showed that the fire probably began in the front passenger compartment.

    On February 20, 2004, police employed the use of the Victim Recovery Unit dogs from England, which were highly trained to detect and alert handlers to the presence of human remains. A video without sound was shown in the court showing a Springer Spaniel dog examining two cars and a small van before being taken to the Lantra that had been driven by Hamilton and subsequently burned out, allegedly maliciously.

    The video clearly showed the spaniel examining the other vehicles without reacting, and as soon as it entered the Lantra it began barking and refused to get out. Its search of the vehicle focused on the front passenger and rear seats.

    Further forensic examination was carried out in the rear and passenger compartments of the vehicle and blood was detected from material taken from the car for examination. A car mat from the rear of the car was also shown to contain blood, and because of that, the investigation focused on Hamilton, Mr Mooney said, which included a comprehensive search of the property at Concess Road and in particular the sites of fires in the garden.

    Recovered from these were rosary beads, blue plasters, a religious text, a business card, red material and an AIB bank receipt, all of which Mr Mooney described and linked to Mrs Harron; the rosary beads were identical to a set owned by Mr Harron; the bank receipt came from a withdrawal of cash made when Mr and Mrs Harron were at a wedding anniversary function in the south of Ireland on September 5, 2003; the business card was from an architect involved in the design of the new library in Strabane who was friends with Mrs Harron; the plaster matched those exactly which were missing from a box of plasters Mrs Harron bought in Lidl and which bore the same batch number, and the religious text came from a book of devotions available during a special service at the Church of the Immaculate Conception at Barrack Street or from the local religious shop in Strabane.

    All of this Mr Mooney said, when taken together, provided compelling evidence connecting Hamilton to the late Mrs Harron.»

  15. and the other report extract:


    Mr Mooney claimed the items were taken from Mrs Harron and an attempt was deliberately made to destroy them. The red material taken from the fire was sent off for examination together with filaments of fibre taken from the Harron family car, and these also matched, and showed signs of blood. The car mat which was taken for examination also showed blood traces, and a DNA profile was made which matched that of Mrs Harron.

    Mr Mooney said the chances of the blood not being Mrs Harron’s were a billion to one and for that reason any notion that it was not her blood in Hamilton’s car could be discounted.

    “You cannot elimiate Mrs Harron as being the person who was the source of the blood on the mat,” he told the silent courtroom, adding: “The chance of another person being the source of the blood other than Attracta Harron is so minute it can be safely discounted”.

    He said telephone records for Hamilton were examined using ‘cell site analysis’ which showed his claim he was at home all day were incorrect. His mother was away all day and his father was out at work, meaning Hamilton knew the house was empty all day and he could move freely.

    Following lunch Mr Mooney took the jury through various maps and pictures outlining the scene, marking the sites of the fires, the oil tank, where items were recovered, the location of the stream to the house and the shallow grave in the river where Mrs Harron’s remains were found.

    He said highly trained dogs were also employed on April 5, 2004 to search the property and the river, and it was through the dogs that the remains were found. He also said a rancid smell, that of rotting flesh, was also strong in the area where the grave had been dug and the area around the discovery had all the hallmarks of not being consistent with the terrain, as it had been disturbed.

    He told the jury how Mrs Harron’s body was pulled from a hide, concealed by slabs, which were later traced back to the back yard at 3 Concess Road, and Mrs Harron had been stripped naked and placed in a shroud made from a meal sack, also unique to the property, and that other identical meal sacks were found at Hamilton’s home.

    Pathological examination of Mrs Harron’s remains showed she had died from head injuries.»

  16. The discovery of what really happened to Madeleine was stalled as soon as it was decided to continue with investigating the case as though it were an abduction, even though the cadaver dogs had indicated that Madeleine had died in the apartment.

    Since then, though the investigators have stated in court they believe Madeleine died in the apartment, they have not alerted the public sufficiently to the belief in her death.

    This would have been done if they had changed the investigation into that of a possible murder investigation and not allowed the McCanns and their friends to take charge with their abduction spin.

    The findings of the cadaver dogs is something the McCanns have tried hard to dismiss as nonsense, also the Gaspar statements where concern is revealed about one of the members of their own party in PDL.

    Based on this alone, the investigation should be reopened, and the cadaver dogs allowed to complete their work by taking them round to the McCann property. Why the McCanns were given a pass on this when Murat and his family certainly had to allow the searches with the dogs beggars belief.

    Gerry McCann was back and forth from PDL to the UK, and if there was anybody who could get a child back home, given the help and resources he had access to, it was him.

    From the start it is almost as if the so called red herring 'clues', have been saying look anywhere, but don't look at Rothley, whereas Rothley should have been one of the first places they should have looked, and still should.

    Get this case reopened as a possible murder investigation and all those who knew the child was alone that night as suspects, and then see what answers will come.

  17. Joana, watch out, before you get sick.
    Tiredness can destroy people for a long time.
    Try to rest.
    We wait.

    Go to bed and try to sleep for a very long time.
    And go out in your beautiful Lisbon.
    It will help a lot.

  18. Yeahh, this jogging with Mrs. Hubbert sounds strange.A very short visit to Luz and they start to run.
    Somewhere... the grave.
    And the grave must not be far away from the Hubberts.
    Unless they went to a certain local by car and started running.

    I still think the child is buried in the church.

  19. Joana dear do look after yourself, as you're already terribly sick.

  20. 17 duly noted and appreciated, thanks.

    19 It's great to see anonymous coward cu**s critters like yourself worrying with my health but worry not, the daily vitamin of C keeps me going, and in excellent health. Thanks for cu**t-crawling by and for your cu**tertainement stupidity too.

  21. To the poster who said Maddie was cremated and ashes brought back and scattered in the highlands and hence mccanns confidence she will never be found is so plausible. On the other hand, if her ashes are in scotland KM recurring return is inexplicable.

    If that was the case, she could always go to Scotland where the ashes were scattered to pray for her rather than go to PDL.
    Her recurring visits to PDL could only mean Maddie remains are still there,maybe or maybe not cremated.
    Maybe the priest and wife had helped the mccanns find a burial place deep in the wooded forest somewhere. The investigation should be reopened, the priest interrogated and maybe the dogs used on the priest as well. The dogs should also be used at Rothley and maybe all the T7.

    Reopening is one thing, getting the mccanns to cooperate is impossible, and getting the dogs into Rothley is impossible documentation wise because of the bureaucracy and politics. If the case is ever reopened the UK press should be allowed to report without censor. At least the mccanns refusal to cooperate with investigators should be extensively reported on to give the public a good idea of them having something to hide and call their bluff about them wanting the truth into Maddie's disappearance investigated into.

    The fact that they continue to hire new PIs to keep up that charade could only mean they want to exhaust fund since fund is fraudulent. Exhauting it on PIs before Maddie's remain surfaces and they are put in the dock would look better than if they still have money left then the argument of whether they intend the money for their private use would become a question. How they expend the fund does not make the illegality issue less illegal, except using it for their private purpose would add onto their list of crimes.

    The case is an engima, not an easy one to solve, unless the investigators are still working on finding Maddie remains.
    Short of that, relying on one of them (T9) to crack will never happen, not after 3-1/2 years and T9 have got back on their feet and reintegrated back to work and society almost unscratched from the incident. Well the rest of the seven as people who were involved in the cover up certainly were not affected in any way - they were home and dry. The only people keeping up the pretend are the mccanns, fund could only be the reason, for maintaining that front. The moment the fund's exhausted, people can guarantee the mccanns wouldn't be selling their assets to pay PIs. They will then use the zero fund as excuse to bow out of the public curtains.

  22. The comments about dawn activities at the PDL beach is interesting, coupled that with fact that mccanns have made recurring visits (not always made known to public) and KM jogging there means something is left hanging in the air.

    For one thing, she didnt have to go wall the way to PDL just to pray for Maddie. For another thing, if it was such an emotive trip, how can someone disturbed or emotional be jogging?

    She was there to coordinate things? Who with and what for are the questions?

    Could it be the mccanns have team of people monitoring the beach for things the tides bring in? And they are coordinating with these people or hearing first hand reports from these people.
    No matter what their visits had got to do with self preservation. It may have to do with revisit or making sure Maddie burial place is intact.

    Cremation is a safeproof way she will never be found, but getting a place for cremation is bit more complicated. Putting her on a roasting pit like BBQ as one poster suggested is bit cruel plus provided someone must allow them to use private property - so there's complication. I cant see anyone, no matter how good a friend they are to mccanns, allowing their private garden to be used a unofficial cremation ground. If she was cremated privately in the woods that would be different matter, it would mean she was dead before May3rd for them to have time to carry out that sort of plan.

    If she was thrown into the sea, then mccanns can be relatively confident the remains will never (if ever) surface from it. If that was the case, then even if the possibility is near zero they wouldnt have peace of mind.

    What I dont understand is why is the defamation trial against Amaral taking so long?

    And does the lawyer Isabel Duarte know the background premise of the case that the investigators was investigating a homicide that didnt come to a fruitful conclusion for lack of criminal evidence on the mccanns and not that Maddie was abducted.

    The verdict of that trial is somewhat crucial, even if not in terms of condemning the mccanns in a criminal sense, then if the verdict were in their favour they can continue to spin their abudction theory. If verdict were against them, then we shall see how they are going to extradicate themselves out of it. If the judge were to rule against them then they won't ever be able to continue with their spin in the same manner without looking the fraudster they are, because as it it their credibility is long gone and a damning verdict will be nail in their coffin so to speak.

    Short of reopening of the case, or Maddie's remains found, I wish the defamation trial would hurry up and that Amaral learning their lessons previously will be well prepared this time to tackle the mccanns tactics and that Amaral's defence team should never underestimate the mccanns and their ruthlessness.

  23. 22 In relation to your 5th paragraph this and this may help you explore other possibilities.

  24. kate mccann did not go to praia da luz for Madeleine,she went there for her own selfish reasons, other wise she would have been looking for Madeleine and not bloody jogging with her friend,how bloody callous is she,dave edgar reckons Madeleine is not 10 miles away in a secret lair and kate is jogging, WORD TO YOU KATE,INSTEAD OF JOGGING AND PRAYING YOU WANT TO GET OF YOUR ARSE AND START LOOKING

  25. If any of us had a child who had died abroad for whatever reasons, would we not try to get the body returned back home rather than leave it buried somewhere in another country.

    If anybody could do that, the McCanns could.

    If you didn't want the body of that child found wouldn't you then try and lay a trail of false indicators as to where it had been hidden.

    Even to the point of returning to the place where she had vanished from and doing a bit of jogging. How often people have been led back to thinking Madeleine is still in PDL.

    If the McCanns have hidden Madeleine, there is no way they would be giving anything away as to where they put her.

    That is why Rothley should be high on the list for searching. The investigators have been led to searching in all sorts of places, but never there.

    Now why would that be?

    Could it be that somebody is sitting back and laughing while they are pulling the strings and getting the investigators running in all directions.

    A bit like that supposed dream of Kate McCanns where she had them looking up the hills and searching for Madeleine. Meanwhile Gerry McCann was off to the US, via the UK as it turns out!

    Then, Gerry McCann has since said that Kate McCann never did have that dream after all!

    Seems like somebody is playing games.

  26. #25 wrote:

    "Then, Gerry McCann has since said that Kate McCann never did have that dream after all!"

    Yes, Gerry said it outside the Lisbon Court House, after the testimony of Inspector Ricardo Paiva ( to discredit the testimony, insinuating the Inspector lied to the court).
    It should have been Kate the one to deny having such a dream, shouldn't it? Why did she keep silent and let Gerry deny it? She had not the nerve to lie about it in front of the cameras? She knows it is on record, in the files.

  27. Anon 26

    The McCanns should not have been allowed to get away with that lie that could so easily have been disproved.

    But like so many other things, they were not picked up on it.

  28. Anonymous 3
    "This jogging is fighting back a depression.It helps to protect serotonine in the brains.This is known by everybody who suffers from it.
    Physical exercises are needed during a treatment."

    That may be true for some people.
    In most of the cases of bereavement that I have met, including my own experience, one is incapable of movement or activity for many days afterwards. There is a crushing pain in the chest, a "broken heart", and jogging, or even walking, is out of the question.
    Advertising on the world wide web the personal best times to the top of the cliff is something quite different, and utterly incomprehensible to anyone else. Except of course, as with the infamous grinning as they came out of church on M's 4th birthday, the sub-text is "We have got away with it. They'll never find her now"
    All conjecture of course.

  29. Kate McCann can't possibly fear lying to anyone; not if she could look directly into the eyes of the Pope himself, the leader of her church to which she claims such devotion.

    If you do not fear God, you certainly don't fear reporters. When you sell your soul to a lie, you've nothing less to loose but the days left to you on this earth because you no longer have any certainty of a spiritual life beyond this one.

    I agree, Kate's silence was due to her knowledge that the PJ files contained the truth of Paiva's testimony - indisputable reports, dated and archived.

    Kate knows when to shut her mouth but in the end it won't save her from the consequences of her lies.

  30. Thank you Joan for your tireless hard work - and yes, get some rest - It is quite amazing the way this case seems to be going. One minute I feel as though we are banging our heads against a brick wall and the next this interview comes along.

    I am not sure about the reference to dawn, except as a previous poster has said "waiting for something to be washed ashore" - this is a possibility. Would her body have been weighted down and thrown into the sea off the cliffs.

    And this returning to the scene - this is very odd and I agree it would be done if there was a "accident" "death" scene.

    I think Kate's recent return though involved the up-coming Court case with Amaral.

    Thank you again Joana - a lot to think about.


  31. I have always thought that the answer to Madeleine's whereabouts lay in the Catholic Church where the McCanns were given a key to pray 24hrs a day. I believe a funeral service, was conducted during the night, by the Priest who has said he will take what he was told by the McCanns to his grave.

    I believe that after the funeral service, Madeleine was wrapped and taped inside a dark bag and taken to a pet crematorium, by one of the Tapas group and burned. I believe the curator of the crematorium would have been told that inside the covering was a large dog.

    I find it rather odd that Kate McCann should go to Praia da Luz, to pray in an Anglican church , when she is a Catholic. It seems that Kate McCanns mother was speaking the truth when she said she couldn't understand why her daughter and son-in-law, asked for the Merseyside Priest to fly over to P.D.L.as soon as possible. Mrs Healey said that her daughter and son-in-law, were not religious.

    It looks like the McCanns have used the Catholic Church to help them get away with their crime. Now they are using the Anglican Church, with the Hubbards blessing.

  32. kate will drop the hubbards as soon as she has finished using them for her own ends just like she did the other priest who went out on a limb to help her and gerry.

  33. To anonymous 25 it doesn't matter where a body/ashes are buried as long as it is on consecrated ground thats if you are a true Christian, ashes must be buried.

    The Rite of Committal

    The Rite of Committal is a “gathering of the faithful for prayer” that generally takes place at the graveside or interment/cemetery chapel. At this time it is usually appropriate for military or cultural customs to be included. Though burial is preferred by the Catholic Church, cremations are also allowed as long as they were not chosen for reasons that go against the Church’s teachings. If a cremation does occur, the ashes are considered as the human remains and therefore should be buried or entombed. Scattering ashes so that they remain above ground is discouraged. Burial in the consecrated ground of a Catholic cemetery is encouraged for both human remains and ashes. Some non-Catholics may also be buried in Catholic cemeteries if they expressed a relationship to the Church and a desire to do so, or if a non-Catholic member of a Catholic family (or his/her family) expressed a desire for the family to be buried together.

    According to the Order of Christian Funerals, the Vigil for the Deceased, Funeral Mass and Rite of Committal are the three main parts of a Catholic funeral. Planning a Catholic funeral should be done with the parish priest so as to navigate Church practice, procedure and law most effectively.

  34. Maybe there will be a discovery of the remains of Madeleine in the near future in PDL if it is now thought 'safe' for them to be found?

    I really do believe that whoever is behind her disappearance is able to plan five steps ahead of everybody else.

    Is there also a Patsy on the horizon?

    It would get this case closed so that certain people could move on with their lives.

  35. Kate Maccann may be a Catholic in name, but she has no faith at all and that is the difference, unless she has confessed the IVF and what she did to her daughter, then she has put herself outside the Catholic faith and remains outside untill, she confesses all, no matter, how many Priest's or churches she attends, not even the Pope can help her, the sin remains, unless she is truly sorry. and gives up the sin, at the present she loves herself more than God or her daughter. Sorry Kate you are no Catholic. full stop.

  36. When Madeleine first went missing and everybody was running around looking for the 'abductor' the church may have seemed like a safe place to hide a body. After all, the 'abductor' was unlkely to have put the body in the church so why bother to even search there.

    When the attention began to focus on the McCanns, and them having had the key and spent all that time at the church, it would not have been safe at all.

    The hire car was obtained some days later and that left evidence of a cadaver, or something having had close contact to a cadaver, having been in there, plus the bodily fluids revealing a cadaver which had at some time been frozen.

    So how many places had the body been in before the final resting place?

    Maybe if the dogs had been brought in much earlier Madeleine would still have been there for the finding.

  37. I dont think the visits are anything to do with what is been spoken about here.
    I believe they are there to whitewash, rewrite history etc
    There is much more legal action ahead with Goncalo and the possibility of it going to the european courts.
    Could it be possible they are using the visits to ensure everyone knows their part and are clear of the story to be told.
    Could the Hubbards be future witnesses in any ongoing court actions.

    they are all fighting for their lives.


  38. i have just been rereading jeremy wilkins' statements in the mccannfiles, and I was unaware that Gerry was making contact with him.
    "Several weeks later, Jeremy received calls from Gerry in relation to gaining permission from him to use his name in a portfolio of evidence being compiled by an organization employed by the McCanns. They were very persistent and made several attempts to contact him both at work and at home. (the Wilkins) had no objections to being included but were concerned as to the method being used......"

  39. @37,surely the hubbards have read the files like most of us here, so do you think the hubbards would lie about the death of a child.doesnt bear thinking about.

  40. I don't think there are many private pet crematoriums in the Algarve,I know the police investigated one, maybe the only one privatelly owned in the area, and found it had not been used for a long time. People mainly use the city council crematorium, either for animals in council pounds and for euthanasia cases from vets offices. Anyway, they would be taking a great risk by getting the body to a crematorium, unless the owner or one of the workers was "in" on it! There was a big chance someone took a pick inside the bag...

  41. To Anon 22

    In all fairness it must be said that my client did not suggest the use of a pig roast! Come on! If I remember correctly Dr. Y was referring to a wood fired stone oven a few of which still remain in some rural areas of the Algarve region. Bread making, mostly.

    I had my doubts such like you did and I pointed them out to my client (Dr. Y) that this was unlikely as it would have drawn attention besides the temperature in a oven would not have been high enough to reduce the bones to ashes. The flesh... may be...

    Dr. Y, my client, then counter-argued that it would have smelled like "barbecue" - a practice quite common with British expatriates...

    Dr. Y went on to explain that he had once disposed of a large Labrador that had contracted rabies in such a manner. He assured me that only the the remnants of the skull and a few carbonized bones were left. I felt inclined to believe him.

    It was what he said next that threw me in a meditative mood...

    He told me that had then mixed the dog's ashes inc. charreded bones with stones, sand and cement; let it all dry and then threw "the packet" into a "loch" a few miles from his residence in Scotland.

    He was supposed to notify the authorities about the rabies which was the reason he went to such trouble to avoid the fine. Very much like the McCanns' might have had (had they done the same). Who would find a disposed block of concrete in a dam or among coastal rocks suspicious?

    I couldn't help but to congratulate Dr. Y for his imagination AND admonish him for being so naughty and taking such risks.

    Actually I found the sand and cement scenario quite a plausible one ...

    You would not even need to carbonize a small human body...

    Just pack it nicely in sand and cement and let it dry. In hot weather it would dry pretty fast before decomposition gases could affect the setting of concrete... then what?

    Well, there are numerous sites in Algarve where construction rubble is consistently disposed of.

    Do I believe in such possibility? Well, yes and no but one thought-provoking item comes to mind.,,

    Remember that holdall bag that appears in that PJ photo in the bottom shelf but then goes missing and no one seems able to account for it? By "no one" I mean the McCann's.

    Is that missing holdall telling you something? It is certainly whispering something in my ear...

    Oops! I have to attend my fax machine. It has jammed...

    :k P.J. Tipps

  42. Message from :k P.J. Tipps to Ruth at 13

    Your research was much appreciated. You have been commended for a salary increase and £500 will be added to your Christmas bonus :d

  43. No cremation, that is for sure.
    Too many people are already involved in this case, Tapas 9, two priests, that Englishman to whom the Catholic priest gave the keys of the church, through Father Hubbert.
    Each of them has at least a brother or a sister (each of these siblings could have a partner), parents and a best friend, who is probably also married.
    A crematorium in this case would belong to a Portuguese and Portuguese have large families. Too risky.
    If the body is not in the church, it is buried somewhere and that is much safer. Earth does not talk, I hope.

  44. To Joana at 14/15

    Thank you Joana for the detailed archive material. I have told my secretary to e-mail the link to my client, Dr. Y - referred to above. No doubt he will appreciate it.

    A million thanks for your unrelenting, untiring effort to upheld the facts of the investigation and exposing the lies and misinformation regarding this case.

    :k P.J Tipps

  45. To Anon 37

    Kate visits also strike me as part of an on-going PR exercise. As I pointed out elsewhere in semiotic or symbolic terms what McCann Team is trying to say to the mainstream media (that feeds the masses pre-fabricated opinions...) is: "If we were guilty we would not be coming back to the scene of the crime/accident, would we? We would not be suing the P.J., etc." - all of which score points among low IQ supporters of the one and only exclusive: "Abduction Conspiracy Theory" (ACT).

    By low IQ supporters I mean poorly educated, overweight, bigoted "cockney" types such as "Lollipops" aka "Rosiepops".

    The visits also serve to inflict the "fear of God" in the subservient Portuguese political and/or Judicial system.

    They are trying to enervate "Big Rock" (Goncalo Amaral) ahead of the forthcoming trial. Unfortunately it only antagonizes the inhabitants of Praia da Luz, discerning Portuguese voters (and wanna be revolutionaries) while simultaneously exposing the immense hypocrisy of the McCanns' religious beliefs (if any). I explain...

    Deception (PR exercises), Stealing (damages money) Lying (to investigators) and Vengeance (on "Big Rock") are sins - to quote but four...

    :j Good night and good luck...

  46. Anon.34

    You mentioned a "patsy" - I think they tried that one - Murat - but it looks like it is going to backfire on them.

    As regards a cremation - I think the PJ checked the only one that was local and didn't find anything.


  47. @39
    what if they already know about Madeleine, as you say they can read the files. they also know the feeling towards the mccanns in Portugal yet still offer their unflinching support.
    my opinion is their are many actors with parts to play out in this reality bullS><?t panto.
    some have bigger higher profile parts than others.

    As ive said in earlier posts ..i believe that some people in the Mccann camp got involved because of believing a "tragedy" had occurred...even some of their tapas friends it could be said do not really know what happened to Madeleine.. only what they were told in the aftermath of her death and became so consumed with conspiring each persons part in the cover up..that they never really questioned how they had arrived at this position.
    It is possible a mindset kicked in that nothing could bring her back and the parents have suffered enough by losing a child this way (the way it had been explained to them - which incidentally doesnt make it the truth of what had happened), so a plan was etched for damage limitation regarding prosecutions.
    Events were moving fast and so decisions had to...ones that could never be turned back on ...even as more evidence was beginning to paint a vey different picture to the one they thought had transpired, which had given them justification in their minds for their following actions....but alas in for a penny......

    there are lies within lies in this saga of that im sure.


  48. If there was a blue bag that disappeared, I believe they put dirty wet clothes in it, after having used them to clean the floor.
    This bag was taken away to somewhere at the beginning of the evening.
    Perhaps one of Tapas 7 took it.
    Also to the church?

  49. Good morning (post 39)I'm wondering what kind of people the Hubbards are. They will have read the files, they will have watched the McCanns media interviews and heard them say, they never physically searched for Madeleine.

    The Hubbards will have seen the photograph of the McCanns, stood outside the church on Madeleine's 4th birthday, laughing their heads off. They will have seen the McCanns, holding that cheque with Uncle Brian and smiling as if they had won the lottery.

    The Hubbards will have seen and heard everything about the McCanns that has horrified and convinced most of the general public, that the McCanns are more involved with Madeleine's disappearance than neglect.

    I believe the Hubbards do know the McCanns are more involved with Madeleine's disappearance than neglect, but for reasons best known to themselves, they are supporting them.

  50. Hi Anonymous (post 40) the police investigated a guy who owned a furnace that he used to burn the bodies of dead animals. He had supposedly never used the furnace since March 2007. I would imagine he is not the only one to have a furnace in the region of the Praia da Luz.

    If Madeleine's body was taken to a furnace, the person who took her, could have convinced the owner that he was carrying a large dog and placed the body in the furnace himself. The owner of the furnace may not have known about the disappearance of Madeleine and thought nothing of what he thought was a large dog, being disposed of in his furnace.

    This is only what I believe could have happened to Madeleine. I hope I am wrong and she is living happily with a childless couple.

  51. Good morning, dear people,
    Is it as cold in Portugal as it is in Holland?
    No news about the German boy Mirco.
    He really disappeared at the beginning of September.
    A tragic story.
    But the police seem to have some valuable tips.
    Let us wait and see.
    I believe he is not alive anymore and that he must have died on the night he disappeared.
    His parents made an appeal to the abductor(s) for a funeral.

  52. thank kathy bella,yes i agree the hubbards have seen all these things the mccanns have done so they must know all is not right,was it the hubbards who had a lap top stolen not long after Madeleine's(cough)abduction do you know

  53. To 49

    :h Could it be "repent and all shall be forgiven?"

  54. There were some VIPs in PdL at the time of M's disappearance as well as some very wealthy people. I have a lot of details on them, after checking up OC guest list. Some of them give statements; others give "sightings". My tip-if another "sighting is quoted, look up the details of the reportee!

  55. #54,
    VIPs and wealthy people and the Ocean Club do not match together! It's not the sort of place those kind of people would choose for an holiday, at least in my opinion.
    If indeed they were there it must have been for a reason other than enjoying the the amenities the resort had to offer (close to none...no privacy, no luxury, etc.).
    Why choose the O.Club...?

  56. We now know the reason she was in PDL - to divert attention from news from lisbon, as well as the need to connect with the priest for some reasons. She must have know about the ban overturned when she made that trip. Wonder why was it crucial the priest was kept updated.

    I would say the priest definitely needs to be interviewed by the police should the case reopen.

  57. If padre Hubbard is a vicar / reverand in an anglican church is this for sure as I believe he is canadian, how comes he is a reverand or vicar for the Cof E??I do not believe he works for the anglican church unless it is one of the newer strains, Born again etc. Kate McCann is supposedly a staunch Catholic and her friendship with an Anglican priest does not sit well. Lets look at Padre Hubbards exact religion and why a catholic priest has not befriended her only an anglican one?

  58. I believe the Hubbards are of some wierd religious sect, certainly not an Anglican priest!!

  59. Please can someone tell me if that's DAVID PAYNE filmed approaching the McCanns outside Church at approx. 2:22mins in the video clip. Thanks.


  60. Was this person employed to assist with the disopsal ??

    "According to the British press in May 2007, a former British paratrooper, Colin Sahlke, went to Praia da Luz to search for Madeleine McCann. He sold his possessions and gave up his job and his rented home to finance the search.
    Under strange circumstances almost 3 years later, Sahlke suddenly died in bed on April 19, 2010. His death is a mystery and the traces of what caused his death are gone forever—Sahlke was cremated in Skipton on April 29, 2010. At the time of writing in early June 2010, the family still do not know the cause of death."


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