1.Everyone shall possess the right to freely express and publicise his thoughts in words, images or by any other means, as well as the right to inform others, inform himself and be informed without hindrance or discrimination 2.Exercise of the said rights shall not be hindered or limited by any type or form of censorship Constitution of the Portuguese Republic, Article 37.º

Gonçalo Amaral :'The book is an exercise of Citizenship and of Freedom of Expression'

The former Judiciary Police Inspector Gonçalo Amaral considered this Tuesday the Court of Appeal decision in overturning the ban, which forbade the sale of the book ‘Maddie - The Truth of the Lie’, to be “strengthening for the Portuguese democracy”.

“The book is an exercise of Citizenship and of Freedom of Expression. With this decision made by the Appeals Court, it was the Portuguese democracy who has won, since the ban on the sale of the book was unconstitutional” said Gonçalo Amaral to the news agency Lusa, adding that he looks forward for the Court of Appeal Judges to annul the decision made by the Civil Court of Lisbon, after the injunction [against the book] was filed by Madeleine McCann parents.

The former PJ inspector still ranked as “very important” the Court of Appeal decision for the two pending legal actions brought by the parents of the English missing girl in 2007, in the Algarve, although no date has yet been set for the trial.

In the civil action, Kate and Gerry McCann claim for 1.2 million euros for defamation, while in the other action Gonçalo Amaral is accused [this second claim was done in January, during the injunction hearing lunch break] of breach of secrecy.

*from here on is pure copy/paste of the Lusa article also published by Público and translated here

The decision to annul the prohibition of the book 'Maddie - The Truth of the Lie' and the video with the same title [the documentary title is 'Maddie: What Lies Beneath the Truth'], based on a documentary aired on TVI [it's the same doc], was reported this Tuesday to Lusa news agency by a judicial source.

With the decision to cancel the prohibition of sale of the book 'Maddie - The Truth of the Lie' and the video with the same title [redundancy], both can be re-marketed and Gonçalo Amaral who defends in the book the thesis of Kate and Gerry McCann involvement in their daughter's disappearance - in May 2007, from an apartment located at a tourist resort in the Algarve - can now speak publicly on the case.

The ban was provisionally decreed on September 9, 2009; and in the main action, the McCann family claimed the protection of their rights, freedoms and guarantees.

Madeleine McCann disappeared on May 3, 2007, in an apartment in a resort of Praia da Luz, where she was on vacation with her parents and her siblings [the twins].

in Correio da Manhã 19.10.2010


  1. Euro Weekly News - Ban lifted on book about Maddie - The Largest English Language Newspapers in Spain http://goo.gl/G2f5

  2. Hi Joana
    Can Mr Amaral's book now be distributed and sold in the UK?

  3. The McCanns were hoping they would be laughing all the way to the bank by suing Dr Amaral. That now looks like it is slipping away from them.

    It must be very hard for them not getting their own way on everything they wish. The judiciary are waking up and realising the truth of the lie that goes to the heart of the McCann case.

    Truth cannot be silenced, though they have tried. The McCanns are wasting their time.

  4. “The book is an exercise of Citizenship and of Freedom of Expression"

  5. http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk/2010/oct/19/madeleine-mccann-book-ban-overturned
    first in msm?

  6. Sorry I meant first in main stream media in UK - not the world! such a rush to post I forgot my manners - more haste less speed next time x

  7. The Guardian has now reported the news, apparantly the McCanns are putting in an appeal and they say the defamation case against Goncalo Amaral will go ahead. I hope the book stores are flooded with "The Truth of the Lie" in the not too distant future.

  8. Gonçalo just now on TVI - likely to add new chapters to Maddie The Truth of the Lie - the now free from the #mccann censorship book

  9. All I can say is WOW!

    Can't wait to buy the English version, hope it comes out in time for Christmas.

    Aunty Anti

  10. I have a feeling the McCanns, while pretending to be outraged, are laughing up their sleeves about this news. If the ban has been lifted Goncalo has the opportunity of making a great deal of money, bearing in mind all the publicity when it was banned. That money is something the McCanns can use to top up their near empty Madeleine Fund. Remember they are still going ahead with their threatened libel suit against him. Unfortuntely they are still in a win win situation!!

  11. whilst waiting for @tvi24_iol to upload their flash videos online here's a sneak peek :) GA at TVI

  12. I will definitely buy the book when it arrives in the UK.

  13. I am afraid this ruling has no influence on a possible british publishing. It was never an issue to publish an english version. One countries legal decision has got nothing to do with another countries affairs. Thank God every nation is still independent in legal matters.

    So the book could have been published before and can be published now. The question is, who has got the guts????

  14. Fantastic news,
    This is the beginning of the end for the Mc Canns, the truth will always find a way to come out.

  15. The new book will include some new chapters, I hardly think the Mc Scams are laughing .

  16. Re: the Guardian, I was not aware that an appeal can be made against the decision of a higher court on appeal. But if it can then it will take a long time, in the meantime let's hope the book is published in the rest of Europe, the US and the UK.

    And Joana, please can we all let Reuters and the Press Association in the UK know about the facts of this good news immediately via their websites before all the McCann spin begins.

  17. I have had his book from the start and also his second book, both purchased whilst I was in Portugal. Unfortunately, I have never been able to read them as they are in portuguese but they sit pride of place in my home. I am thrilled that I will now be able to buy the english versions. What a fab day this has been.

  18. I cannot wait to buy the book in England.

    Goncalo Amaral is a HERO!

    An Englishman

  19. Fantastic news!
    The house of cards will soon tumble down.
    Can't wait.
    God Bless you Goncalo.

  20. Taken from the article in The Guardian, link provided by #5 above:

    "Portugal's attorney general, having reviewed the investigation, has ruled there is no evidence to suggest that the McCanns are anything other than entirely innocent."

    Can you believe this piece of crap??? WHEN has the attorney general "reviewed" the case?! WHEN??? When has he ruled that the McCanns are entirely innocent???

  21. Request to people who are following this:

    Could you please warn papers and TV channels in your country(Germany, Holland, Belgium etc) that the Forbiden Book came back?
    And to invite them to follow

    I already warned two countries.

  22. A good day for freedom. A good day for truth.

    A bad day for the McCanns.

    As I have wished from the start of this sordid case - may they receive exactly what they deserve.


  23. Thats right: they are out of orbit, a severe "drop" of "power" and "support".
    I believe people are starting to get very tired of them in both countries.
    Who will wright the next and hopefully final chapter?

  24. "Portugal's attorney general, having reviewed the investigation, has ruled there is no evidence to suggest that the McCanns are anything other than entirely innocent"

    That shit can only have come from one person and we all know who.
    When justice finally arrives, and it surely will, I hope this person ends up in the dock along with the rest of them.

  25. Joana, for god's sake, tell us what Amaral said on TV last night.
    I hope the interviewer did not interrupt him too often.
    I notice this very often on Portuguese tv shows.
    Once I even wrote to SIC, complaining about this disagreable habitude of people who work for Portuguese channels.

    The SIC wrote me back that they had taken mij complaint seriously and they were planning to discuss this item in their following reunion.
    I hope they did not interrupt each other while discussing this.

  26. Nancy, who are you trying to convince, McCann supporters or those who are seeking the truth? This ruling is devastating for the couple. After carefully examining Mr. Amaral’s book and the case files, the judges found that what is in Mr. Amaral’s book is in the case files. Therefore on what grounds are the McCanns going to win a libel suit? Are they going to pay someone off? Well if that’s the case they better do it soon because I suspect that the familiar friendly faces, they are so accustomed to, will soon be gone.

  27. Johanna, while the injunction was in force, the book's rights could not be negotiated in Portugal or abroad - therefore making it impossible for the book to be legally published anywhere in the world where there was not already a published version. The injunction had no effect on already existing contracts between the Portuguese editor, Guerra e Paz, and several foreign editors, namely in Spain, France, Germany, The Netherlands, Denmark, just to name a few, but it made it impossible to sign new contracts, such as for a British edition. As for the question if any British editor will have the courage to publish it now that the ban has been lifted - now is the time to see about that, eh?

    Vielen Dank fuer Deine wertvolle Arbeit, fuer Deinen Mut und fuer Deine aufrechte Haltung!

  28. Sky News just now:

    "Madeleine Death Book Ban Is Quashed

    11:45pm UK, Tuesday October 19, 2010

    Alex Watts, Sky News Online

    Kate and Gerry McCann have suffered a legal blow after a Portuguese court overturned a ban on a book about their daughter Madeleine's disappearance.

    Goncalo Amaral's book Maddie: The Truth Of The Lie claims she died in the family's holiday apartment in the Algarve and her parents covered up her death by faking her abduction.

    Mr and Mrs McCann strongly deny the claims, and are pursuing a defamation case against the former detective, who led the initial investigation into the Madeleine case.

    In February, a Portuguese judge upheld an injunction banning any further sale or publication of his book and DVD documentary.

    But now a Portuguese court has overturned the ruling, saying the ban had broken "a constitutional and universal right: that of opinion and freedom of expression."

    "The contents of the book do not breach the basic rights of the plaintiffs," the court said, according to the Jornal de Noticías newspaper.

    Mr Amaral was delighted by the decision, telling Portugal's Lusa news agency: "The book is an exercise in freedom of speech.

    "Portuguese democracy has won, as banning the book was unconstitutional."

    A spokesman for the McCanns was unavailable for comment.

    Their lawyer Isabel Duarte said: "We must return about 8,000 copies of the books to the editor, which will probably go on sale."

    When the initial injunction was upheld, the McCanns vowed to continue looking for their daughter and appealed once again for help from the public.

    They said Mr Amaral's "painful and personally damaging" allegations had caused "significant, ongoing damage" to the hunt for Madeleine.

    Mr and Mrs McCann believe their daughter, who was three when she vanished in Praia da Luz on May 3 2007, was snatched and is still alive.

    She disappeared while the couple dined with friends at a tapas bar some 90 yards from the apartment.

  29. Joana, are you still there or going to sleep?
    I'm so excited that I can't sleep.

  30. I’m pleased the book ban has been overturned. Evidence of an abduction is non-existent. On the other hand, Amarals account has always been the more plausible theory.

    Anything could have happened to unsupervised toddlers inside that flat.
    Most 3-4 year-olds are pretty resourceful so it is also possible that Maddie attempted to go outside in the dark & look for her parents. The children were alone in a block of flats - not a hotel - the unlocked patio doors led out onto a balcony with a dangerously low wall & steep stone steps, either of which a three year old could have fallen from (‘I worried about the height of the balcony’, said journalist Bridger O’Donnell). Once on the balcony Madeleine would then have had to open the child stair-gate, or climb over it, to get down the steps.

    Having reached the bottom of the steps Madeleine would not have found herself in her ‘back garden’ but outside a corner building which was encompassed by a poorly-lit public footpath, a car park & a road. After confronting these dangers she would eventually arrive at a high perimeter wall and, finally, she would need to locate the gated entrance behind which lay a swimming pool, bar & restaurant - this was the ‘back garden’ where her parents dined. Who lives in a house like that?

    They say the apartment was left unlocked in case of fire or, as Fiona Payne put it, ‘so Madeleine could go & find them’ - but what about the 2-year-old twins trapped in their cots?
    And would any sensible adult really expect a 3-year-old to manoeuvre such an obstacle course in the dark? Indeed, Kate McCann stated on the Oprah Winfrey show that she herself did not look for Madeleine that night because it was dark.

    The McCann’s supposedly left their children in this hazardous situation so they could go out for a meal. They claim ‘naïvety’ but this wasn’t a group of immature young people, they were all around forty-years-of age (Fiona Payne’s mother was in her sixties) and six of them were doctors.
    Doctors encounter the victims of accidents - many of which are avoidable - on a daily basis. Even if they hadn’t envisaged the possibility of abduction they would have been well aware, as medical professionals, that the majority of fatal childhood accidents occur within the home and the 0-4 age group is the most vulnerable.

    I doubt we’ll ever know what happened to Maddie but at least the lifting of the ban is a little glimmer of hope.

  31. The McCanns are always asking the public to look for Madeleine. They are even selling packs on their website, for the public to buy. They never miss a chance to make money out of Madeleine's misery, but they never have and never will never ever get off their a**es and look for her themselves.

    When I go on holiday, as harsh as it sounds, I don't go to look for Madeleine. If I had young children, I would be too busy looking after them, to look for a child that her parents couldn't be bothered to take proper care of and couldn't be bothered to look for when she disappeared, because of their lack of care.

    Does my post make me sound like a selfish person? Maybe it does, but surely not as selfish as the dispicable McCanns. I would like the opportunity to slap their hard faces, then drag them back to Praia da Luz, to face justice for their part in Madeleine's disappearance.

  32. Sky News have included a link to the 'Find Madeleine' site in the online article.
    Oh dear.

  33. :m Dear Mr. & Mrs. McCann,

    Do you still think you can go on "heist-ing" a million here, half a million there and go on living a bootleg life as tragic celebrities? Who do you think you are fooling? The blind trust dogs, the police trust dogs, we trust dogs, why don't you?

    :j Bootleg

  34. To Anon 20

    I noticed it too. I was about to write to them only I could not quite locate the original Attorney General statement in Joana's blog or elsewhere to correct them... I gave up!

    :i The Guardian statement is inaccurate. Worst! It is prejudiced. To put it bluntly! It's crap! I guess nationalism always kicks in. The BBC even has a link to the McCann's website! Imagine! :o

  35. 90 yards...(this is getting better) "SUFFERED a LEGAL blow" "Madeleine's disappearence"not abduction
    the last sentence Sky News says "she disappeared..." .It does not say "she was abducted".

    A spokesman was unvailable for comment: this says enough. Sky News wants to show they lost this battle.

  36. Anon at 30

    You argued your point well. I would love to think the child wondered off into the night. The problem with the "wandering off" theory is that Eddie "The Dog" would not have barked so many times in vain.

    Kate's rationale that she had been in contact with corpses in the weeks preceding the holiday seems a poor one - particularly when she says she also took "Cuddly Cat" (Madeleine's toy) with her - she is over-stretching the odds a bit here... I mean, many of her colleagues work in hospitals as well yet the dog did not bark in all those instances.

    We would only know what happened if some far-fetching abduction scenario, something we overlooked materialized (fat chance) or if one of them cracked-up and denounced the other which is unlikely. These are highly materialistic, rational, educated people. Anyway, why would they do that when their Find Madeleine Company is still doing well??

    The McCann's are highly manipulative individuals which have the support of professional opinion-makers or spinners.

    Have a very good night.

  37. Hi Anonymous (post 30). So Kate McCann told Oprah Winfrey that she never searched for Madeleine because it was dark. She told Jane Hill in a media interview, that she and her husband never physically searched for Madeleine. Her statement was in reply to Jane's question, when she asked Kate McCann if she had wanted to join the locals who had stayed off work for a week to look for Madeliene. Kate McCann's reply was "We've been very busy in our own way, it might not be physically looking for Madeleine, but we've been very busy."

    To right the McCanns were busy, they were busy arranging fund raising days for months ahead. When they weren't busy jogging, playing tennis, entertaining family and friends, going for long walks on the beach. Oh and jetting off here there and everywhere, in Sir Philip Green's private plane.

    The McCanns did anything but search for Madeleine and nothing has changed.

  38. I have just read the news! Oh! Boy!

    A BIG hug of congratulations to Dr. G. Amaral! "Big Rock"!

    I can't wait for that expansion version of "The Truth of a Lie" to come out with the finer details..

  39. One thing is for sure, and that is that the 'best in the world', and never been wrong, blood and cadaver dogs have indicated death in the McCanns holiday apartment.

    Nobody else had ever died there, and Madeleine is missing.

    Same for the McCanns hire car. Dogs alerting, and forensics telling of a cadaver which had previously been frozen.

    Either the McCanns were very unlucky in the choice of a holiday apartment containing blood and cadaver scent, plus the same for their hire car, or the dogs are alerting to the death of Madeleine, and the parents know full well she is dead.

    In that case that Fund of theirs is well and truly A FRAUD and they will never tell what really happened, accident or not.

    We can only hope that this case gets reopened and solved, or that somebody who does know the truth will come forward and reveal it.

    Dr Amaral has been brave to stand up against these spin merchants with their fairy tale abduction story which has never been proved, and hopefully he will go on to sue those who have lied about him with the help of their spin machine team which they used from the start.

  40. The Express Group started the publishing with Daily Star to 'test waters'

    The Truth Of The Lie by Goncalo Amaral will be allowed back on the shelves in Portugal following a ruling by Lisbon's Court of Appeal. (...) http://www.dailystar.co.uk/news/view/159065/Madeleine-McCann-book-ban-lifted/

    GA interview was about 5 minutes or less on TVI, what he said was very dignified and also what one could expect after being gagged for more than one year of speaking on a criminal case that forced him to resign, and after a months of seeing his work and his family assets (still) seized by a perfidious injunction and a outrageous 1,2 million euros claim. The most important points that he spoke of were that his legal defense team are going to prove in court by A + B that it is not due to the book, or to him, that Maddie hasn't yet been found; and that he is going to add extra chapters to his book 'Maddie The Truth of The Lie' - that's what I recall, the video isn't yet available online.

    Sorry for the huge delay in translating SOL's and JN's articles - I've been jumping in between 5 different places each with their set of posting styles, trying to have dinner, feed the cats, answer emails, send emails, reply to messages, download the news videos, and do some work here - multi-elasticity on sardines ...so back to work for me!

  41. Coming back from a short trip, I found these wonderful news.
    Me and my friends in Belo-Horizonte, Brazil, are simply hysterical, so happy.
    What is concerning us is the lack of possibility to acheave the new charpters in Amaral's book.
    A friend of mine sent me The Truth of the Lie from Portugal, long ago.
    I hope the new charpters will be online, for the true people far away.
    May God bless Amaral and Madeleine's soul.


    They have been used time and time again and are known to be extremely accurate ,it's only a matter of time before the truth comes out as is the case in Jersey at Haut de la Garrenne.


  43. @astro

    Thanks for clarifying the point about the publishing rights. I was trying to counter the permanent claim in the media that the ban of the book was worldwide, which is untrue. Amazon got threatened in Germany and took it off the shelves but without legal grounds.

    Of course I am hoping that some british publisher will have the guts to publish an english version, but they could have done so before the legal action and they did not. The ruling might encourage them but the libel laws in the UK are still in place.

    But today is a day to celebrate and not to dither. We have won an important battle in the fight for truth and freedom of expression. Thanks to Joana and yourself for the hard work that has gone into the project. And to all those others that contributed with time, money and signatures.

  44. Congratulations to Goncalo Amaral, many thanks to you Joana.

    Anon 21


  45. Wonderful news - the end is nigh for the mcscums. Thank you Joana

  46. Having followed the Maddie story since the start, I still have no idea what happened. However I must make a point to correct those of you who claim that the dogs proved that someone died in the apartment.

    No they didn't - Eddie's response suggested that a corpse may have been in the apartment at some time (or maybe something that had been in contact with a corpse).

    If the dogs were right, a body may have been brought in from elsewhere, which increases the range of possibilities. For the sake of credibility, it is very important to keep the deductions 100 per cent accurate. There is nothing to prove that a death took place within 5A.

  47. It has always seems crazy to me that the two people who left their children alone at night in an unlocked apartment - something that was reckless beyond belief IMO - were the only two whose version of events was allowed to be heard. They and their supporters, including the British press, have criticised the investigation unmercifully, yet those involved in the investigation seemingly had no right of reply. Thus when Dr Amaral wrote his book, trying to redress the balance by letting people know the real story of the investigation, he was told he had no right to do so, that his book would be banned, that people wouldn't be allowed to read his side of the story. This was manifestly unfair and I for one am very glad that common sense has finally prevailed and Dr Amaral is no longer to be gagged.

    I look forward to reading the revised version of the book and will certainly buy more than one copy if/when an English version becomes available, as I know plenty of people who would be keen to read it.

    'Every burned book enlightens the world' said Ralph Emerson ... it's to be hoped that GA's book will help to do just that, now that it's been saved from the flames, metaphorically speaking.

  48. Anon @ 46

    So you do believe there was a dead body in 5A? Funny that there is a missing person and someone would go to the trouble of finding a corpse and putting it in 3 places in the apartment and the car. I didn't realise it was so easy to find a corpse to use as a decoy. Why would anyone want a decoy corpse in the first place?

    I don't understand the logic of your reasoning although I do agree with you that no-one can say definitively who the corpse was yet apart from those involved in the death. You might be right that the person died somewhere else other than in 5A but wherever that person died it was connected to 5A and the body put in there.

    It won't be long now before we get the facts.

  49. Re: 32 and 35

    It's interesting that Sky News have shown the picture of Madeleine wearing the blue eyeshadow, rather than the one of her with the tennis balls or any other in which she looks cute rather than creepily made up like an adult.

  50. @48

    I just said that a body may have died outside and then been moved inside. Nothing about decoy corpses. There is no evidence that anybody actually died inside 5A. Leaping to conclusions that cannot be justified weakens the general argument.

  51. Thank you to anon.#30!

    It's sad, but some people still need to be constantly reminded of the crude FACTS you took the trouble to write about.

    And regarding anon.#46, yet another pathetic attempt to tarnish the PJ, of course, it must have been those sardine-munching plods who planted a dead body in 5A and the car, oh, and let's not forget, on Kate's trousers, to frame the "poor grieving parents"!

  52. Moving dead bodies around, eh?! I think that's illegal, a dead body must stay where it is found, until the coronner arrives. If, for instance, a guest of the O.Club collapsed on the street and died, and if the body was carried into 5A(because it was empty and near) to avoid bad publicity and to not disturb the other guests, then an illegal act was commited, but it was not reason enough for the management to not have told the police that that might be a reason for the dogs findings.And it also does not explain the scent in several locations, and on personnal objects like clothes(K. McCann).I cannot imagine the O.Club people carrying the body and testing several places to put the body in:
    -"Humm, let's see...shall we lay him/her here on the flower bed? humm, too visible. What about inside the wardrobe? Nope, too tight...what about behind the couch? Yeah, that's fine!"

    And what a coincidence that that dead body leaked fluids(blood)that infiltrated under the tiles AND that those fluids MATCHED partly with Madeleine's genetic profile!

  53. @51 re-read my posts @46 and @50 and think it through again - the theoretical body could have been anybody's, including the one you probably think it was (though nobody knows)

  54. I am so pleased that the Portuguese Judiciary system has upheld the rights of free speech.
    Like many other people, I wish Sr. Amaral all the best in his quest for justice, for both Madeleine and himself.

    Bless you.

  55. Anon @ 50

    The 'argument' is far from weak. Whether a person died in or around the apartment the fact is there was a corpse in the apartment and it has been verified no-one had ever died in the apartment previously.

  56. Those poor unfortunate, misunderstood, McCanns.

    Trust them to get the apartment with the cadaver scent and blood stains already previously deposited.

    Also, how unlucky can anybody get that they were given a hire car which had cadaver scent and forensic evidence belonging to a dead body, previously frozen dead body at that, in the boot.

    Maybe they should sue the owners of the apartment and hire car for compensation. Perhaps Isabella could represent them.

  57. Nancy @10

    NO!! dont agree, if this was the case why did the Mcs in the first place get the book banned, not only did they bring unwanted attention at the time in the Lisbon Courts but again they are bringing un-wanted attention on the two child neglectors, so in my imo its a lost lost situation for the McCs

  58. Anon @ 14.56 :o I know there are cases where people have been set up but what possible story/reason could Mr & Mrs McPerfect give for somebody wanting to do it to them? The unluckiest people in the world apparently as their perfect parenting can't be to blame either.

    It's worse than bad parenting that caused the 'loss' and covering up the loss of a child. It takes a certain kind of personality. Reminds me of a friend's toddler who tore up a book and put the pieces under her bed and said she didn't do it when questioned. In her mind if she couldn't see the evidence then no-one else could so it didn't exist. Even when challenged she said 'it wasn't me'. Remind you of anyone????

    It was a pathetic story in the first place. They might be creative but they lack logic. An abductor would make everything as easy and as quick as possible NOT go to so much trouble and then to expose himself walking away....like Mr McDuctor. It's far easier to entice a child away like the Soham girls.

    Thinking about it ....they are not even creative....taking the children to the beach and the child wandering off might have been slightly more plausible.

    I wonder if there have ever been any recorded real cases of children being abducted with such a small window of opportunity and certainty of being seen?

  59. What an absolute travesty. All this does is underline the corruptness of POrtugal - not its' democracy. Amarassole is a corrupt and evil bastard. He will go to hell and so will you you bitch.

  60. Hooray, freedom of expression prevails.....bloody brilliant!

    No doubt the UK press being prudent with their reports, but at least the message that Maddie is dead, and parents faked her abduction or parents were involved got mentioned, so not bad at all.

    The mccanns must be livid; and the spokesperson is stunned beyond words.

    Bring on the defamation trial and the dirts will hit the fan.


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