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Gonçalo Amaral to countersue the McCanns

“We are going to court and file a claim for damages against the McCann couple, of that there are no doubts whatsoever”, stated yesterday to DN the former Judiciary Police Inspector Gonçalo Amaral after the Lisbon Court of Appeals ruling annulled the prohibition to market the book 'Maddie, The Truth of The Lie'.

“We haven't yet determined the losses”, added Gonçalo Amaral.

“The book is an exercise of Citizenship and of Freedom of Expression. With this decision made by the Appeals Court, it was the Portuguese democracy who has won, since the ban on the sale of the book was unconstitutional”, said Gonçalo Amaral.

In the ruling, the Judges upheld that the former inspector was right. “In that which the author differs from the prosecutors who have written the dispatch, is in the criminal logic and investigatory interpretation of those facts. In this case we are in the presence of the exercise of the right to freedom of opinion, which in fact is an area of expertise of the author, since he was a criminal investigative inspector for 26 years”, affirmed the Judges.

In addition to advancing with the court proceedings, Gonçalo Amaral wishes to make a reprint of his book. “It will contain new facts accurately substantiated.”

in Diário de Notícias 20.10.2010


  1. Good luck to Goncarlo Amaral,when his book is hopefully published here i shall buy lots of them to give to family,friends and colleagues.

  2. please .please let it be published in the uk,i will buy quite a few as well to give to friends who do not have a pc and have to rely on the uk press


  4. :n That's it "Big Rock"!

    :k P.J. Tipps

  5. I woke up this morning and rushed to my computer, pinching myself all the way, as had to make sure that I hadn't dreamt yesterday's news. How wonderful to switch on... and read that this brave man is now turning the tables on the McCann's and counter-suing! :n :n :n
    My best wishes to Goncalo and his family.

  6. Anon @ 7.07

    If I meet you i the queue I will let you go before me. If some your friends have been relying on the media for information they will need a copy first to catch up with knowing the real facts.

    For the British it's like the 'Mary Whitehouse effect' ....remember when she would get a song banned from being played on the radio? Sales of that record would increase because people wanted to hear what she thought was so bad. Often getting to number 1! Before it was banned people hadn't really listened to the words and if they had it didn't have a negative effect on their enjoyment of it. Also they would wonder why MW had interpreted the words the way she had, why was she always on the lookout for 'filth'?

    I am going to help Dr A have a bestseller ....a huge NO1!

    I need to go and find a shopping cart now.

  7. Go go go! Countersuing those who attempt to use the legal system as a bullying tactic is necessary to preserve freedom, where ever it is under threat.

    And while you're at it... Read a Banned Book today. http://onlinebooks.library.upenn.edu/banned-books.html


  8. Now for the McFraud to lose their house, pension, etc.
    Having 2 children, they'll qualify for a council flat. There are nice multicultural housing estates in their part of the world!
    They'll wish they were in jail.
    My heart bleeds.. Lol.

  9. Well done to Dr Amaral for countersuing the "gruesome twosome" The "powers that be" have allowed this dispicable pair, to call the shots from day one, when they should have been arrested, prosecuted and been languishing in jail.

    Also Dr Amaral wishes to have his book "The Truth of the Lie" reprinted, because he has new facts to add to whatever has already been written. New facts that are accurate and can be substantiated.

    Hopefully these facts will be enought to get the case reopened and get the McCanns in court. To face justice for their part in Madeleine's disappearance.

  10. Poor multicultural immigrants, having the McCanns as neighbours.
    They will immediately be sued by the couple because they have a different culture and colour.
    Those people suffer already enough, victims of poverty and war.
    Please, not more!

  11. What fantastic news, now the answer is to get the book published in the US then we will be able to buy it from the Uk, thus bipassing english laws, i shall be looking out for it on Amazon. I hope Dr Amaral now bankrupts the liars, and we may finally see justice done in every aspect of this tragic case.


  12. Anorak has a new piece:



  13. the mccanns can protest all they like ,but we all know

  14. Hi darlings!

    I have e-mailed SKY this morning (and the D.M.) about the new development hoping it would be BIG news in the UKGB. Guess what? Cold shoulder.

    So I sent in a fake news item as revenge:

    "Kate McCann to sue the owner of a chihuahua next door that barked all night during her recent sojourn at Praia da Luz." :o

    No! No! No! It was NOT Goncalo Amaral's! There you go kids!

    Sky was kind enough to acknoledge the scoop! I love Sky!

    "Thank you for contacting Sky News.
    We welcome feedback from our viewers and all comments are seen by our newsdesk and production staff but the volume of correspondence means we cannot reply to all emails received."

    :g Madame Duarte de Bovary

  15. Só quem nunca passou pelo desgosto, raiva, impotência e exposição pública de ver um escrito seu, honesto e fruto de muitas horas de trabalho ser enxovalhado e arrastado por tribunais como «lixo», é que não imagina, sequer, a dor e os estragos permanentes que isso causa. É preciso ter muita «fibra» para aguentar calado meses e anos a fio, e muita fé na Justiça e na sua Verdade, para acreditar que O DIA há-de chegar. Já passei por isso e pelo alívio que o Acórdão de Juízes me concedeu. Começamos a ver a luz ao fundo do túnel e é bom deixar que nunca se extinga. Parabéns, dr Gonçalo Amaral! Parabéns, Joana, pelo trabalho incansável que tens realizado. Parabéns à «Guerra e Paz» que nunca duvidou. Sigam em frente, que isto é só a Ponta do Iceberg ! Antonieta Janeiro

  16. :m

    It is not only the Mac Team that is feeling the heat. Our friend Allan Sargent aka "Blackwatch" from www.thesargeants.net has preventively closed down his site since we exposed his backside in this blog...come on Allan! Exposed backsides are fashionable! Look at those "hoodies" around you...

    Now that everyone knows "Blackwatch" real name and address (and how much his house is worth) is he afraid the McCanns' might turn their money seeking attention on him?

    The McCann's, must be facing up to the fact that they are not going to make a penny out of my illustrious ex-colleague (cough) Dr. Amaral... indeed they will have to pay him damages. May be 2 million (round numbers).

    Anyway... here are Alan Sargent details in case you missed the original thread. Link here:


    and check postings 15, 28 and 34

    Sorry! My kettle is whistling...

    :k P.J. Tipps

  17. Para a Sra. D. Antonieta Janeiro.

    Adorei o seu comentário. Também já passei por la...

    :g Madame Duarte de Bovary

  18. Will keep looking on Amazon.com as the previous poster said likley to be printed first in the US. Vey happy to contribute to costs of the action is anyone is able to set up say a paypal arrangement?

  19. P J Tipps at 16

    Wasn't he the same guy who ran off with all the posters' details from the original 3As before it closed down?

  20. Want to see just how effective tabloid brainwashing can be?
    Go here and read the second comment down.
    (Don't bother if you have high blood pressure)


  21. 20 The 'decent Brits' racist card again: as played by Murdoch's Scum & NOTW, Dacre's Mail, Parsons' Mirror, Heffer's Telegraph....

    All those ever 'decent Brits' which for the 'decency of getting higher profits' have used Madeleine like a soccer ball in a very 'decent' xenophobic game - and who have sponsored the 'Brit white couple of decent doctors' team against those sardine-munching bungling Portuguese cops, who were 'indecently' trying to find a 3 year old girl that was left alone night after night by those 'decently neglectful' parents.

    It was 'really decent' of some people, such as the 'decent imbecile' who wrote that comment in that site - to use Madeleine's unmarked grave as a soccer field. Really fucking decent!

  22. the pro's are running around like headless chickens right now,terrified that thier beloved mccanns are in deep shite and they know it, you only have to have a look at the pro sites to see that,its so funny to see,some of the stuff they are saying is sooo
    last year.

  23. Good idea Amaral.Now they have not the "dear politicians in power"

  24. i really hope he dont stop at the mccanns to sue,there are a few more in the uk that he ought to sue.

  25. Right Anon 24

    Maybe he could put Clarence 'he lies through every tooth in his head' Mitchell way up on top of the 'people to sue' list.

    That would leave Clarence wondering whether the McCanns were worth it.

  26. The mccanns should get a doze of their own medicine.
    Amaral should seek compensation parallel to what greedy mccanns demanded from him.

    The mccanns wanted to paralyse him financially so that he's left with nothing to defend the defamation, Amaral should do the same to them. Ask for their current and future earnings and paralyse them in the same manner that they cannot hide behind the fund.

  27. Joana if you dont mind me asking

    on what ground can Amaral countersue?

    Surely not on ground that the mccanns took out the injunction, because that wont be considered valid legal reason isnt it?
    Ultimately it was the judge diabolical decision which caused Amaral misery. Surely if anything Amaral defence team should sue or complaint against that Judge who granted that injuction, especially now that the panel of three judges had ruled that initial ruling was unconstitional because it breached the Freedom of Expression law.

    Counter suing the mccanns may become feasible after the libel trial depending on outcome of the libe. It would depend what the mccanns drag him in the libel for? Was it as they claimed to protect their rights or was it to target Amaral unreasonably for vendetta reason? I am just wondering whether Amaral team has found a ground to counter sue before the trial. surely that would complicate matter as well. Just running my thougts freely.....any ideas?


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