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Gonçalo Amaral to launch 'Maddie, The Truth of The Lie' in the UK

The book the McCann couple tried to ban [full gallery here]
soon to arrive at Her Majesty's QEII Island [the big one, not the holiday ones]

by Paulo Silvestere/Daisy Sampson

Former lead investigator in the Madeleine McCann case Gonçalo Amaral has told the Algarve Resident of his intentions to release his controversial book, Maddie – A Verdade da Mentira (Maddie - The Truth of the Lie) in the UK.

Gonçalo Amaral said: “I believe that the British people have the right to read an objective and well reasoned literary work. I think that it would be strange that the oldest democracy in the world was not able to publish and read this book.”

The ban on the book, which was imposed in September 2009, was lifted this month allowing it, and a DVD based on the account, to go back on sale across the country and Gonçalo Amaral believes that this decision was an act of justice.

“I think that justice has been done in this case. The battle has been won but the war has only just begun in the search for truth and the realisation of justice,” he said.

While the controversial book set out to state the beliefs of Gonçalo Amaral in the case of the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, he has no concrete plans to follow this up with a sequel.

“My book gave an account of the first six months of the investigation which I coordinated and in which I was defiled and unfairly criticised both personally and professionally.

“Now the process of the case is available to the public while the strategies of the McCann family and their private investigators have also brought forward a wealth of information about the case. I have gone back to being a free man but I will think about if it would be good sense to decide to write another book.”

Meanwhile, Gonçalo Amaral has not made a final decision as to whether he will be suing the McCann family for damages incurred through the banning of the book. He told the Algarve Resident: “The decision to sue the McCanns for damages has not yet been made. We are assessing the damages that have been done and then I will make a decision with my family and lawyers about this.”

Gonçalo Amaral refused to comment about a possible appeal by the McCann family to reinstate the ban: “I have no opinion on statements of intent. Let’s wait and see,” he said.

in Algarve Resident 29.10.2010
* not totally sure if this article text is really an interview given by Gonçalo Amaral to this British Ex-pat tabloid rag that has always been very sym-pathetic [not to use other words] towards the McCann couple. In fact, I will speculate a bit further and say that some bits and pieces, here and there, do have a strange “similar taste” to some material that we have translated recently - with a zest of lemon wordily twist, and to other articles already published by the Portuguese media. Yep, we don't forget how the All garve Resident has treated Inspector Gonçalo Amaral for the past three years nor one the editors of this blog - which happened to be me.


  1. Great post, Jo. It will be most interesting to see how the BRITISH courts react when Carter Fuck takes the matter up with them. I would be surprised if the book were to go on sale here. I would be delightfully pleased to be proven wrong....

  2. This photo is very funny!
    Thank you, Joana, for publishing it!
    A lot of work done by you.

  3. Great news.

    Here's hoping the control crazy McSpinners kick up a big fuss about it because there is nothing people like to read more than a book that somebody has tried to ban.

  4. Spud, they're fu**ing transparent, what else can I tell you? You know, I know it, but apparently some twitterers didn't know it.

    Getting ready for weekend by re-watching "Glenn Beck: I have a Scheme" - and my fav. of all time:

    Lewis Black parody on Glenn Beck's Nazi Tourette's - Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon," except there's just one degree and Kevin Bacon is Hitler

  5. Goncalo is slowly running rings around this pair of clowns.
    They are out of their depth.

  6. If this is true, it's mavrellous news!

    I'll be one of the first to buy some copies. I donated some Euros to Goncalo last year and I've despised the unjust treatment my country has given him for just doing his job. It could be argued that certain parents didn't do their job now, couldn't it?

    May the truth one day be known.

  7. We're doing cartwheels in my office reading this..

    Fantastic news, i'll buy 50 copies.

    I see a certain wonderful lady being swamped with huge bouquet of flowers very soon

  8. The German police is trying to localize a VW-Kombi which could have transport the boy Mirco, who disappeared at the beginning of September.
    There are many indications towards a VW-Kombi.
    The police is looking for it in the sorroundings of Mirco's village.

  9. Victory! Eve ryday is getting better.
    Everything is falling into place,in the place of freedom and justice.
    I love the picture of the queen reading the book jajajaja excellent!

    I also love Gonçalo"s poise and tranquility.No rushing into any decision.Not a word out of context.
    Why wouldnt this book be sold in the UK??? There is no ban and freedom of expression has been proven to be a constitutional right.In all european democracies INCLUDING the UK.Even if the mccanns do not like it....

    YES!!! GA is cornering this pair of bastards.Slowly but surely with the law on HIS side.A clean law with clean concepts of justice and democracy.
    Now it is HIS time and Madeleine"s time.

    Joana,many thanks for your unfailing work

  10. GA, why don´t you reduce yourself to the insignificant moron you, together with all the antis are? What a moron.

  11. Now that the book has been released for sale have GA and his family regained control of their assets? I certainly hope so because I have never seen a travesty like this in my lifetime. Please, someone assure me that they have.

  12. I think that the psychological impact of the recent court moves is something to not be underestimated. Even if Dr Amaral finds it difficult to get a publisher, the McCanns are rattled, in my opinion, with these new tidbits.

    You only have to see the measured way Dr Amaral approaches this ordeal, in comparison to the fiery, whiny Glaswegian patter that Gerry is prone to. He's gotten too accustomed to throwing his weight around to easily recover from this latest McCann shenanigan.

  13. why does,nt Mr Amaral get in printed in the usa if he cant find a publisher in the uk,surely that would,nt that be a better idea

  14. Although I would love to see Amaral's book published in English and available in the UK, I hope he takes foolproof advice on how to go about it, because the Team is desperate for a bad move on his part.

    Amaral has won a major battle and shown all that he has intelligence and dignity but his war isn't over and it is always wise to tread very carefully.


  15. Hysterical picture. Perhaps Dr. Amaral should send QE2, Cameron and Clegg a signed copy each. Mrs May could certainly do with one too. And Gamble. And MWT. And the Healys could definitely do with more information than they seem to have been given, so he could send them a copy too. And Philofat seems very short on facts about her brother.


  16. If Goncalo donates all of the profits to 'help for heroes' a la Tony B Liar - it is sure to be read by everyone in the UK and Carter Ruck will have a huge reputational issue - the army are very popular at the moment in the UK (my son is in the Household Cavalry and gets numerous propositions - lucky fellow!)

    Joanne - could you suggest this to the great detective (Amaral not poirot!)

  17. Would Mr. Amaral say: "that the strategies of the McCann family and their investigators have also brought forward a wealth of information about this case." No he would not say that because all that the McCann team has done is to provide fiction for public consumption.

    This article states a few facts to make the reader believe that what else is written in it is true.

    Why is the book controversial? Any impartial investigator would reach the same conclusions based on the facts.

  18. :m

    Ladies...gentlemen...will you please mind your language and refrain, if at all possible, to use the F-word? Thank you!

    I was just babysitting my niece Isadora when inadvertently stepped into Joana's blog. She read it! I had no time to hide it from her eyes. She is 33 months old only but she reads (and speaks) fluent English. Now she keeps asking "Auntie! Wots f**k?" and I answer: "Ask Jeeves!" and she asks: "What's fu**?". It goes on and on... yes! I tried FCUK - for "French Connection UK" but she won't buy into it...


    :g Madame Duarte de Bovary

    Post Scriptum: Joana you might be rather surprised to learn that my friend Queen Elizabeth II reads your blog. She is Internet savvy, you know... I am sure she will be delighted with this photo-montage. She has a marvellous sense of humour! Mind you, she has read the pirate version of the book already. I know this because I borrowed the photocopies from her last time we were together at Buckingham's.

  19. It won't get published here.
    No way. He's welcome to try of course but he won't find a publisher to take it on and if he tried to do it himself he will be distracted from the main libel case.
    Pointless anyway, it's all over the net in English.

  20. Perhaps he'll have a 48 day countdown till launch day.

    Releasing one balloon for each question Kate refused to answer.

  21. The purpose of this article is to subtly convey to people that Mr. Amaral's conclusions are not mainstream, to tell people that he only worked for 6 months on the investigation and that he doesn't have all the evidence, and that the McCann investigators have gathered much more evidence on the case.

    I'm not thrilled when I read this article; I'm angry.

  22. This is mere speculation! As an experienced free-lance agent I have initiated preliminary contacts with three publishers. I can advance one of them is in the USA and the other two in the UK. I cannot disclose any names at this stage. It must be stressed that I have not contacted Guerra & Paz (publishers) and/or Dr. Gonçalo Amaral for that matter. Not at this stage. A tentative contact with a Japanese publisher has also been made. Once an interest is expressed I will enter negotiations with all parties. Our contacts in the UK are particularly interested in an expanded version of the original but only when a final court decision is known. From a publishing standpoint pending court decisions are an hindrance to negotiations although we believe the publishing of an extended, updated version of the book would be lucrative within a six-month period well beyond the reach of any retaliative legal measures by non-interested parties. We would, otherwise, be rather confident of securing a six-figure contract within weeks if the above conditions were met. We would advise the authorship/copyrights of the book to be paid into a limited company set by the interested parties (off shore)in which Dr. Amaral's daughters, say, would have exclusive access to their fathers' share of the royalties. Naturally there would be other, more conventional, options...

  23. Joana

    So are you saying this article you have translated - parts of it may not be true - because of the source which is suspect ?


  24. Please would you be kind enough to explain the term, "twist of worldly zest"?

    Is it a Portuguese turn of phrase?

    Thank you.

  25. Joyous news - hope it all comes to pass.

    Surely it would be stupid of Carter Ruck to try and get it banned here. Surely they realise any fuss will just make the book more popular and in demand.


  26. 2 heavy but little bombs have been found on 2 planes, with destination a synagog in Chicago.
    They came from Yemen, a muslim arab country.
    A dangerous arab country sending bombs to a SYNAGOG in the US?
    Who told this
    Jane Tanner or
    Clarence Mitchell?

  27. Don't want to put this wonderful man down, in any way but did'nt he say".We are going to court make no mistake". Please Mr Amaral sue the Maccann's for damages.

  28. Guerra @ 18 & 22, finally someone who understands my footnote... thank you, I was here thinking to myself if everyone else was oblivious to the «style» in which the All garve resident rag has presented Amaral, again, with bias. Obrigada.

    25 @ Wordily not worldly - the first derives from words, the one you use derives from the word World. In the footnote, the twist and Zest pun is expressly intended as a criticism to the blatant transparency of the All garve resident.

    24 @ Angelique, I didn't translate, I did what the All garve resident has being doing for the past three years - I've copied it and pasted it. A simple analogy, it's a patchwork quilt [with added wordily twists].

    * All garve is a reference to the AICEP [Agência para o Investimento e Comércio Externo de Portugal] program that was postponed due to the McCann affair back in 2007 till almost 2008. A "brand name" created for the AICEP program specifically because it would be easier for foreigners [the Brits] to say Algarve; a name which I find incredibly offensive to the Algarve, the Portuguese region, its people, and its Al Ghareb History. A brand name that yet again shows the subservience of some Portuguese people and institutions to All - that is foreign. And to those who don't know the name Algarve comes from the Arabic "Al Ghareb" and means the West, or "the land of the setting sun".

    11 @ go and write support messages at the Limited Fund site, remember to buy a tacky plastic bracelet and to donate so the McCann continue to pay for Carter Ruck and their 'mercs', you ignorant twat!

  29. Joana, your work and dedication to this case is simply...AWESOME! Keep going!

  30. Obrigada João, um beijinho com amizade e um excelente fim de semana

  31. I do hope Goncalo Amaral gets his book published here,if so i intend to buy quite a few for family friends and colleagues.

  32. Re: Controversial Madeleine book ban overturned
    Updated: 29-Oct-2010

    Editor’s note: This week was clearly marked by the news of the overturning of the ruling to ban controversial book Maddie – A Verdade da Mentira (Maddie – The Truth of the Lie), written by former police inspector Gonçalo Amaral, as is reflected in the many emails we received by readers. This is only a selection of these.

    Dear Editor,

    I cannot fully convey my horror and disgust that this book is now back on sale. This detective failed to find one single, credible shred of evidence to implicate this poor family in their daughter’s disappearance; indeed he ran a totally shambolic and half-hearted investigation from day one. But when the world realised the true depth of his incompetence, he then turned on the victims of a crime out of nothing more than revenge. Where is his justice for Madeleine? Replaced with a sense of justice purely for himself. The book should have remained banned, as it is clearly and deeply libellous, and bears no relation to the files on the case. The man is a disgrace to his profession and brings international shame to the great nation of Portugal.

    William Adams, by email

    Dear Editor,

    I would like to express my opinion/discontentment regarding the (wrongly) authorised sale of Mr Gonçalo Amaral’s book and related documentary (which fails to include credible evidence about its content).

    I am totally against this.

    I take this opportunity to thank you for your reporting on this case.

    Pedro Silva, by email [pedro silva the lunatic from rosiepops blog/forum]

    Dear Editor,

    I feel the decision made is a huge mistake because it once again leaves many people questioning the integrity of the Portuguese government and the Portuguese judicial system. While the decision was allegedly made in accordance with the Human Rights law on free expression of speech, I, and many others, think that there is also a hidden agenda - namely to protect some very unpleasant things that are going on among those in power in Portugal.

    The fact that a judicial system allows a book written by an ex-policeman with a very dubious reputation to be widely available in the public domain beggars belief.

    In my opinion, this is not, for Amaral, a right to express his opinions freely but to justify his incompetent handling of Madeleine’s abduction, to hit out at Gerry and Kate McCann and their friends and last, but by no means least, to sabotage the search for a missing child. Oh yes - and to make a lot of money for himself. It is contemptible that he should be allowed to gain financially from this tragic case.

    His book is founded on his theories. There is no evidence that Madeleine is dead and until such evidence is available, the search for her, and for other children missing in Portugal, should continue.

    Amaral’s behaviour in this case, and other people and events related to the case, has hugely damaged Portugal’s reputation and its tourist trade. There are many of us in the UK who have vowed never to set foot in Portugal again because we do not trust its police force and its legal system. This is sad because Portugal is a beautiful country and I know kind and compassionate Portuguese people who do not deserve to be smeared with the reputation Amaral has given his country.

    Janet Leeson, by email

    Dear Editor,

    I am glad to see this book ban lifted for many reasons. There is something very strange about the McCanns and their version of events. I have read Dr Amaral’s book and all contents of police files.

    So many questions that need answers. The case must be re-opened. I believe the book should be available in England for people to make their own minds up about the McCanns and their version of what happened that night. I fear this will never happen for one simple reason. If the British public start to doubt the McCanns and the press turn on them also, we would then be looking at the fund and a question of fraud, I dread to think the impact this would have on the public at large.

    Linda, by email

  33. Dear Editor,

    I am pleased to read your article that Mr Amaral has now been allowed his freedom of speech and the book ban has now been uplifted regarding the Madeleine McCann case.

    Paula, by email

    Dear Editor,

    What an appalling impression Portugal is giving to the civilised world right now.

    The selling of the book is a travesty of human nature and sadly an exploitation/abuse of Madeleine McCann. Shame on you Gonçalo Amaral.

    I hope the libel trial will have a positive outcome: justice.

    Caroline Thompson, by email

    Dear Editor,

    I am sorry to have to say that the Algarve Resident’s piece on the overturning of the Maddie book ban could have been written by the Mccann’s expensive team of spin doctors - for example, take the following quote from your article:

    “Portugal’s Attorney General has reviewed the case and stated that there was no evidence to suggest that the McCanns were anything other than “entirely innocent”.”

    This is simply NOT how the Portuguese legal system views this matter at all as, although most of the police work points to their having some involvement in the disappearance of their daughter, the case has ONLY been shelved owing to lack of hard evidence to pursue a conviction of the parents in the courts. A situation that may well change at some point in the future.

    I am English and am disgusted at the way the UK press has turned this case into an unpleasantly jingoistic, anti Portuguese thing.

    You must be aware that many more of your readers have a healthy scepticism when it comes to the activities of the McCanns so it might be an idea to reflect this in your reporting as it wouldn’t look good to be seen as a redistribution service for Kate and Gerry’s press releases would it?

    Mr R Burns, by email

    Editor’s note: Dear Mr R Burns, thank you for your comments. Our reporting does not aim to reflect anyone’s opinion, whether in Portugal, the UK or anywhere else in the world. It is our responsibility to report the facts, as per the ethics of journalism. However, we would always be the first to raise our hand should we inadvertently fail to do this and would immediately seek to set the record straight.

    letters to the Editor

  34. All garve resident

    Self alleged news editor: ines.lopes@theresidentgroup.com - maybe we should contact ERC to which they have to oblige in terms of deontological code, and they do work unlike the PCC.


    And another biased article in fact check the right side section... ludicrous, some would say....

  35. “Now the process of the case is available to the public while the strategies of the McCann family and their private investigators have also brought forward a wealth of information about the case. I have gone back to being a free man but I will think about if it would be good sense to decide to write another book.”

    GA would NEVER Say such a thing.The only thing these gits have ever done is to lie,contantly lie because they couldnt do anything else knowing Madeleine is dead!
    Well..they could have told the truth and shut up but because theu didnt somebody else is doing it for them and has been severely abused.
    I dont give much credit to this rag of a newspaper really.

    You poor thing.Having a bad day,have we?Feeling very very sorry for the mccanns fall? aw....

  36. Letter From Iberia
    What a well spun, badly reported, biased and rubbish article probably supplied by the McCann spin team.
    The article being typical of the Algarve Resident so called newspaper which I read once when in Portugal and found to be poorly produced badly written with the news it contained totally biased to one side of any article it was reporting
    To describe it as a Rag would heap praise on it, when in fact it is a grubby little paper in which the standard of reporting is total rubbish.

  37. Joana, I'm going to blow a blood vessel reading this crap. The effort to keep the truth about this case under wraps is relentless.

  38. Is there any source other than the Algarve Resident for Sr. Amaral´s stated intention of publishing the book in the UK?

  39. Guerra, como eu te entendo... no need for that, it's far simpler to write to ERC - Entidade Reguladora para a Comunicação Social [Regulatory Authority for the Media| Regulierungsbehörde für die Medien| Autorité de régulation des médias | Autoridad Reguladora de los Medios de Comunicación] - complaints from European citizens accepted, no anonymity allowed.

  40. Great News, the McCanns will hate this. Goncalo Amaral should sue the McCanns for damages.

  41. 39 @ kindly read this blog from since circa the beginning... Of course there are other sources, it is exactly for that reason the McCann couple decided to bring the censorship injunction to Gonçalo Amaral's book and to TVI/VC Filmes documentary, after one year had gone by since the book first edition was published and precisely when talks amongst editors and broadcasters were taking place to make both available in the UK.

    In the, now overturned, injunction the McCanns explicitly asked not only for the banning of both book and documentary, but also the prohibition of the Freedom of Expression of a Portuguese Citizen, and the Freedom of Press of a TV channel and Film Production Company - all with the ultimate goal of destroying all available and remaining copies of the book and DVD's in some kind of 21st book burning bonfire, resembling the Inquisition, or more recently the Nazi book burnings in Germany.

    However the McCanns, their lawyers, and the judges who have authorized said injunction probably forgot that we, the Portuguese people, lived "47 years, 10 months and 24 days*" under a dictatorship - and we are not going to allow the same thing to happen again, not this time, not without a fight.

    * reference to José Cardoso Pires Liberdade!, Portuguese author (1925 -1998)

  42. «Conforme tem vindo a ser difundido, as Forças Armadas desencadearam na madrugada de hoje um conjunto de acções com vistas à libertação do País do regime opressivo que há longo tempo o domina...

    Estávamos desconfiados, pois a cidade apresentava-se numa aridez de morte. Apareceu-nos sob um céu de cinza branca, secreta e despovoada, e, ao alvorecer, essa cinza, essa poalha, começou a ganhar reflexos metálicos. Vimos as luzes dos candeeiros públicos reduzidas a uma palidez gelada e autocarros sem ninguém a circularem naquilo que seria uma praça ou um oco das meias trevas. Vimos um cão crucificado numa cabine telefónica. Ou pareceu-nos. E numa avenida qualquer passou, muito discretamente, um cavalo solitário a arrastar uma carroça com pneus de automóvel.

    Porém, à medida que o dia se foi aproximando a névoa derramou-se por dentro, contudo retendo a luz. E começaram a despontar perfis humanos a cada esquina, imóveis, esboços apenas, mas logo nos apercebemos de que eram vultos armados, militares de G-3 engatilhada, postados em rigor de conspiração; e descobrimos também, nalgumas clareiras ou abertas que depois se revelariam ser cruzamentos, recantos e terrenos vagos, descobrimos, não era pesadelo, vultos de enormes monstrengos adormecidos. Adormecidos, não: em sonolência aparente. Isso, em sonolência calculada, fingida, pois todos eles segredavam mensagens, alô Charlie, alô Óscar, alô Charlie Oito, e todos vibravam numa maquinação contida. (...)

    A cidade apareceu ocupada e radiosa. Deparámos com colunas militares inundadas de sol; e o povo logo a seguir, muito povo, tanto que não nos cabia nos olhos, levas de gente saída do branco das trevas, de cinquenta anos de morte e humilhação, correndo sem saber exactamente para onde mas decerto para a

    Liberdade, Liberdade!, gritava-se em todas as bocas, aquilo crescia, espalhava-se num clamor de alegria cega, imparável, quase doloroso, finalmente a Liberdade!, cada pessoa olhando-se aos milhares em plena rua e não se reconhecendo porque era o fim do terror, o medo tinha acabado, ia com certeza acabar neste dia, neste abril, abril de facto, nós só agora é que acreditávamos que estávamos em primavera aberta depois de quarenta e sete anos de mentira, de polícia e de ditadura. Quarenta e sete anos, dez meses e vinte e quatro dias, só agora.

    De raro em raro soavam tiros à distância. Soltos, espaçados. Sentíamo-los, não podíamos deixar de os sentir, mas como acreditá-los se o encantamento e a fraternidade eram tão confiantes que já não reconheciam a morte nem os seus avisos? Por certo que, ao ser despertada nesse alvorecer, a cidade se retraiu num velho e amargo fermento de prudências, mas a razão do coração atirou-a para a rua e ei-la, de peito aberto, a correr para os libertadores, a subir e a crescer, a crescer, sim, a a crescer sempre (...)

    (...) No Tejo, como que ressuscitada do fundo das águas, estava uma fragata de guerra, uma nave cavernosa que escorria limos e baba parda, e pensámos que era fiel aos ditadores porque apontava para nós todas as bocas de fogo. Estava, pensámos, povoada de fantasmas do antigamente, corsários decrépitos, padres corruptos, sicários, negreiros, governadores, mas não se pronunciava, não bulia. Também é verdade que cedo nos deixámos de preocupar com ela e com os seus propósitos, pois nesta margem de cá era a revolução em festa e voavam cravos vermelhos, manhã em flor(...)»

    José Cardoso Pires [extractos] in Alexandre Alpha, Publicações Dom Quixote, 1987 [1ª edição creio]

  43. :e Having been closed associated with The British and their particular ideology for a number of years and as a socio-anthropologist with a Ph.D. on "The Modern Savage" I realize their government political interference in the case right from the beginning, culminating in the sacking of an experienced Portuguese inspector was ideologically motivated.

    It was predictable and, have no illusions. It still goes on...

    It is important to understand "ideology" in the first place. Theirs is a left over from their high, not so distant imperial days that still lingers in their Collective Unconscious like an episteme...

    Have no illusions. The overwhelming majority of British people have for purely ideological reasons sided with the McCanns'. One way to gauge Middle England's views is to read the "Daily Mail", their herald... Now , if the Al Gharb cum All Garve news seem rather balanced here is because they are not stupid. They have sensed the balance of Portuguese public opinion shifting against them and they do not wish to see their posh villas burnt down. Instead they let their readers' comments speak for themselves...you can't blame them for allowing freedom of expression, can you?

    I will try to deconstruct here for your benefit what ideology in this specific case means by using an anthropological/structuralist approach a la Levi-Strauss.

    "We are the British, founders of the greatest empire the world has ever known. We have conquered all and sundry. We are truly a superior people. The one and only human race. We human - you monkeys.

    "Get this morons. Our people would never lie or murder their own children and should that happened you must take the blame for it! If you don't we will retaliate and force you to do so. The image of our superiority must be maintained at all costs. You are inferior stupid people. You are not authorized to reach any negative conclusions about our own, etc.

    Now, fearing retaliation (of one kind or another) the Portuguese government lowers their trousers, exposes their backsides and obliges Caesar... :n BRAVO!

    It's simple and it explains...

    :e Bubble-Gum

  44. Guerra @ post 18, I believe Amaral WILL say just that! It is true that the McCanns and their PI's have brought a "wealth of information" about the case. It's just not information that would lead to finding Maddie, if you get my drift. I believe it's the TACTICS of the PIs that Amaral is referring to! If the case is reopened, do people think the "work" of the PIs wouldn't be used as evidence? I very much think it would!

  45. :m For those of you who thought our boy in the IT Department (Hacker Skelter) was responsible for bringing down "Blackwatch's" server aka Alan Sargeant of Sargent's Inn fame (Alan makes it rhyme with Fleet Street's Serjeant's Inn - the genuine article...) here is Alan's own explanation of the event (the number 48 was random... pure coincidence):

    # 48
    Blog seems to be back working now. Took and my wife and our two girls to Edinburgh late Monday (which was terrific). Server problems occurred sometime Tuesday. (executable scripts stopped working and had to re-enable them when I got back in earlier today). Thought it was a corrupt database intially so uploaded the last working version I'd saved. Some posts may be lost.
    Author BW (send 22/10/2010 @ 16:40:25)

    Hope this brings the speculation to an end :d

    :k P. J. Tipps
    "Respected by many. Feared by a certain few".

  46. Joana, I am @ 39

    I have indeed read this blog from the very beginning: believe me I am one of your most avid and grateful readers.

    Since I first learnt of this article I have been searching eagerly for confirmation outside the pages of the Algarve Resident for a most welcome piece of news, i.e. that Dr. Amaral is now going ahead with plans to publish in the U.K. I have (with some difficulty) managed to read the book in Spanish, but nobody wishes more fervently than I that it should be available in Britain for all to read.

    However,I have not come across any mention elsewhere of publication in the U.K., apart from this somewhat obscure and not very trustworthy local rag, and after re-reading I still find none in the above blog (unless perhaps @ 23).

    I thought my question was a reasonable one, it was certainly well-intentioned. But perhaps I have not looked hard enough or am just being stupid, in which case I sincerely apologise.

  47. Is there any chance to contact Dr. Amaral directly and make him aware of the "text" and see what he has to say about it? Ask him if he indeed was interviewed by the newspaper and if the "text" his a factual report of his words or if was "spinned"?
    That would clarify things!

  48. @Anon 44 :q
    "We are the British, founders of the greatest empire the world has ever known. We have conquered all and sundry. We are truly a superior people. The one and only human race. We human - you monkeys."

    I prefer to be a monkey than to be english with all my respect towards the monkeys.

    @Joana 42 :q

  49. as i said once before anon 44 you had better be careful writing the truth about the state of britain today

  50. @ No. 44 you are right of course and with a PhD on the subject, who can argue?

    But it's well and truly over. What we should be concerning ourselves with is what is coming next, now that the UK has no power to misuse.

  51. 39/47@ there is more material, not only in the blog but also in the Portuguese media, at the other sites, forums and blogs, who have a collection archival of both UK and PT media articles..

    Posting the first link above again, since the url has an extra inverted comma/quotation mark leading to a mistaken page - Detective set to publish McCann book in Britain 16 Nov. 2008

  52. @53
    I was thinking of the here and now: I think you´ll agree that a lot of water has passed under the bridge since 2008/9. I´m sure Dr.Amaral has every wish, right and intention to publish in the UK, but where this case is concerned anything can happen, as we all know, and it´s often a mistake to let our hopes run too high. I shall just feel happier when I read it is definite somewhere other than in the Algarve Resident, that´s all.
    I´d like to drop it now.

  53. La Reine d'Angleterre va s'étrangler avec ce livre :c !!!

    Elle n'y est pour rien ! mais G.Amaral et ses équipes se sont faits traités de "mangeurs de sardines" je n'ai pas oublié !!!

    Bravo pour la Justice qui enfin reconnaît le travail de M. AMARAL

  54. Would it not be best for GA to publish the English Language version of this book in Europe or the US? Then people in the UK could order it on the web, but would be out of reach of the McCanns's legal grasp.

  55. Anon 44 Bubble-Gum

    I think you are wrong about how the people in UK feel towards the McCanns.

    Most people may feel sorry for them because they have lost a child, but they well and truly are sick of them bleating on about it because they think it is their own fault it has happened.

    Why do you think the media wont allow comments on the McCann case?

    It is because they know most of them are anti McCann, that's why.

  56. @Anon 56

    I really do not see why GA"s book couldnt be published i the UK?!?
    It IS out of the mcDictators.THREE portuguese judges have overturned the stupid ban didnt they?Or is there something I didnt understand?
    GA is FREE to publish HIS book wherever HE wants, wether the mccanns like it or not

  57. I would like the dvd to be shown on mainstream tv.

  58. ShuBob @45, I agree with you that the use of the media by the McCann team has provided a wealth of information that will be used against them. I'm sure the reason why some articles were written has been analysed, to determine why they found it necessary to discredit some information and bolster other information. The effort they made through the media to convince the public that their children were not sedated and then later on the sudden change in their convictions, asserting that the abductor must have sedated the kids, is most interesting. Since one is continually shedding hair, perhaps the fear that the Portuguese police still had in their possession strands of hair belonging to their children was instrumental in this change of their story. Regardless of their motives, what I conclude from this is: They sedated their kids.

    Bubble-Gum @44, the Portuguese people are passionate people, nonetheless they are law abiding people. I doubt very much that they would go around the Algarve burning down Villas. The Portuguese have more pressing issues to deal with at the moment, I'm sure that they realise that what is written by the English is for the English to see.

    Their is some truth when you say that Britons regard themselves as superior, however it’s difficult to gauge the opinion of a nation through its media, especially when it is heavily censored.

    The fear of being exposed as a criminal and the fear of not achieving one of your career goals were the incentives for lowering the pants.

  59. ShuBob45, I may have misinterpreted your comment, earlier. You refer to the work of the McCann private detectives and not the media. Yes, their private detectives are corrupt and they may have even been used in the laundering of their fund money.

  60. 44 and 49

    1) Most ethnic English do not conform to your theories.

    2) The antics of the media- the masons - blair and brown and the PC brigade - do not reflect the views of the majority.

    3) I am English with a large extended family- the truth is that most have been misinformed- the media manipulated - and as a result are unaware of the true state of the McCanns affairs.

    As to the hangover from empire- the PC brigade and lefties have been destroying or changing, not teaching history for years in the schools- so wrong dog wrong tree.
    They are even trying to deny our national efforts of two world wars.
    But then we are used to that- according to the french we were not even there, only two countries in europe genuinely remember.

    So do not knock us- you may need us again sometime.

    Do not tar us all with the antics of a few trolls- once informed, most are disgusted and revolted by the McCann circus.

  61. @62 - eloquently written.

    I too am English - and in my circle of family and friends, none of us believe the McCanns and none of us believe we are 'superior' in some manner, to our European counterparts.

    I don't know where this is coming from? To be sure, probably the disgusting xenophobic headlines and comments we read in the rags? What the press write does not reflect the views of Britons as a whole - rest assured, many of us did not like those anti-Portuguese headlines. I certainly didn't. I can't write (out of taste) what some of my family members think of the McCanns - but let's just stick with we want justice, okay?

    I hope Dr. Goncalo Amaral does launch his book in the UK. You will find it will be an overwhelming success. We British are actually a reserved tolerant nation - don't go by what you read in the press or the actions of our government.

    May the truth one day be known.

  62. Guerra @ posts 60 & 61, I believe many witnesses have reported the actions of the McCanns PIs to various police forces for illegal spying, harrassment etc. No less than TWO of their PIs have served prison time since being employed by the McCanns (Halligen, Antonio Jimenez). This all counts as evidence ;-)

  63. Anon @ 11, are you describing yourself when you talk with your 'bellybutton'? What a shame, that some idiots found it difficult to face the truth and understand that the girl is dead, and since some media found troubles to inform the public with accuracy, somebody have to play their roll and do it. Amaral book is nothing else then a piece of accurate information, respecting the honest public who was touched by the tragedy of a little girl and deserves a true information.
    Your space is on Findmadeleine trademark, buying a Tshirt (High quality cotton) or sending an e-mail support to your Moroon's friends. They love money, You got it?

  64. "63" beautiful post, totally agree, the MaCanns are at the moment abusing a continent in their quest for complete exoneration, over the death of their child

    They are going to pay for that abuse.

  65. Shocking revelations just coming light. The McCann family sought advice from suspected paedophile, Pieter Boshoff.

    Maddie: SA group asked to help


    Child crusader’s secret life


  66. 27
    speaking about the bombs, I think that a secret agent put them on the plane, in London itself, left the plane shouting: -"A bomb, a bomb!" and it makes me think of Kate that night -"An abduction, an abduction!"
    It could be that those bombs have to do with the next elections in the States.
    Obama wants to show that he is not a muslim and that he does not like terrorists.

  67. To Anons 62 and 63

    :e The point I was trying to make is:

    What we call our "nationality" is nothing but social programming. A concept at best, a distortion of our in-built, non-human "territorial instincts", at worst.

    A country is a tribe too conceptual to be true yet... ideology comes naturally to most of us. Don' t get me wrong. I have found myself believing in it occasionally but I treat like "love". I succumb only knowingly.

    Still what tends to happen is, we see someone of "our nationality" being vilified (assuming) and automatically, often without questioning the structure and dynamics of the situation, feel drawn to their cause (if any). An instinctual, tribal process of identification has taken place.

    The phenomena is not the sole attribute of the British. We are all humans of course (some more than others but I can't quibble). Nationality is an extention of our territorial reflexes, our herd instinct, an evolutionary left over... very much like the coccyx.... We no longer have a tail but often behave as if we did - "tribal loyalties" are a good example.

    Notice how one of you immediately referred to World War II and wrote "you might need us again...". Least did you know that the British Second World War effort was funded by Portuguese (Salazar's) gold...anyway...that's besides...the point is, it sounded natural to you to say so...

    I would be surprised if you referred to the civilizing influence of the Romans in Great Britain (alphabet, laws, building etc.) because that did not come with your social programming. Ideology has no solid reality of its own yet its effects are felt everywhere. So for the British majority Dr. Amaral is not, cannot be, a good professional. He is not British. He does look the part. He does not make the grade. In Fernando Pessoa's own words: "And if you are like that O myth, won't others be the same?"

    In everything there is a cycle. We come and go. Histories come and go. Only The Truth stays...

    The Truth? What is the Truth? I hear you asking...
    How the hell would I know? :b

    OK. The sermon is over. The drinks are on me!

    :e Bubble-Gum

    If you really fancy putting your teeth into the subject of Ideology try Adrianus van Dijk website for starters. Here is a sample:


  68. If Amaral's book is ok in Portugal, does it mean that it is ok everywhere in the world, including the UK?

    Or are there different laws?
    Maybe Amaral has to start with a process in the UK, asking for official permission.
    An English editor will know the way.
    There must be laws that protect all kind of literature, even Mein Kampf of Hitler.

  69. "while the strategies of the McCann family and their private investigators have also brought forward a wealth of information about the case"

    Give me a fucking break....what idiot wrote that shit??

  70. I suspected the McCanns might be more involved with Madeleine's disappearance, when I heard Kate McCann say they never searched for her.

    After watching their media interviews and seeing their photographs in Praia da Luz, I was 99.9% certain that they were more involved with Madeleine's disappearance and after 3½ yrs, my feelings haven't changed.

    I'm not surprised that they still want to sue Dr Amaral,they have become so used to having money that isn't theirs, ie the fund money, that they now want money that belongs to Dr Amaral, along with half of his house and part of his pension.

    The McCanns are cruel, callous and ruthless and if they succeed in suing Dr Amaral, they won't stop there. Anyone who criticises them on blogs or in newspapers could find themselves in the same boat as Dr Amaral. As well as the authors of books that were written before Dr Amaral wrote his book and have been on sale in many countries, including the UK.

    In my opinion, the McCanns should not be allowed to sue Dr Amaral, those 3 judges, exonerated him when they lifted the ban on his book.

    The McCanns have called the shots in this case, since the day they caused Madeleine to disappear and the time for them to face justice is long overdue.

    I'm sure Dr Amaral knows, he has to keep one step ahead of the McCanns and I'm hoping that the new facts he has obtained, are enough to get this case, reopened as soon as possible. The McCanns don't want the case opening, they are the ones who closed the case, with help from the British Government, when they took the files.

    The McCanns were protected, by their friends in "high places", including Gordon Brown, when he was in the Government. If they are prosecuted, they won't be protected by David Cameron and once that happens, their friends in "high places" will be nowhere to be seen.

    In my opinion, the reason for John McCann and Douglas Skehan resigning as directors of the fund, is because they knew that the McCanns days were numbered.

    The clock is ticking, it may be ticking slowly, but it's ticking.

  71. To Anonymous (post 11), I won't drag myself down to your level, by replying to your post, in the same rude way that you wrote your post, I'll just say the title of one of Michael Jackson's songs.

    BEAT IT.:l

  72. Anon 11

    I understand that your vocabulary is limited, but what is your argument?

  73. 63
    your point is understood- however you still do not give credit to the majority of citizens within a largely tolerant (genuine brits) nation.
    you say you submit knowingly to the phenomena- why can you not give credit to others for doing the same.
    nations do exist- especially an Island race developing over a long period.
    and yes national characteristics do exist- though are getting blurred with immigration and ammalgamation.
    and yes the ethics are declining- mob psychology is to the fore -

    As to our links with Portugal- they are our oldest allies- startimg in the middle of the thirteenth century.
    Go to their military museum- it is on the back of Bussaco ridge where they fought shoulder to shoulder with Wellingtons troops proving themselves to be as reliable and dependable. See what they really thought of us (and yes I took the queens shilling).

    I could go on- but like yourself- here endeth the sermon.

    Enjoy your extra hour

  74. zum Kotzen (for puking)


  75. @Anon 76 :q

    What can we expect? As you said: EXCLUSIVE puke By Tracey Kandohla

    KATE and Gerry McCann believe a German tourist could hold the key to their daughter’s disappearance.
    “Kate and Gerry are very pleased with the new site and hope it will lead to important new developments"

    Sounds veeeery good! At long last the Germans will solve the case!
    Desperate move from desperate people....and probably their last desperate spin.At least they spare us from new "sightings" this time.
    These people are an international walking headache.They fail to understand that they"ve lost and their time is truly over.

    Mccann people,dont you understand? GAME OVER
    Isnt anyone on earth who could tell them?

  76. The following text can be seen online in the Daily Express story here. http://www.express.co.uk/posts/view/208568/Will-Germans-solve-Madeleine-mystery-

    "The McCanns last week launched their official Find Maddie website in German.

    I think the Daily Express editor is taking the p***.

  77. Shouldn't that say :-


  78. Have the McCanns launched the site in Germany because of the book written by Germans which also concludes they are involved in the disappearance of Madeleine?

    Are they now going to have to fight on many fronts as they see more information coming out and all roads leading back to the them?

  79. What a fascinating article in the Express !
    What brilliant investigative journalism by Kandohla !
    Those incisive questions to Mitchell, like "Why didn't you get the web site translated on day one, or perhaps day 2 ?
    Babel fish does it instantly. Why have you waited more than 3 YEARS to do this ?
    You say they are continuing their hunt. Can you tell us what they have actually DONE over the last 3 years."
    It doesn't say whether the fund is paying for the holiday in Egypt. If it is, I wonder who might win it.

  80. Since when has there ever been a Court ruling in the UK saying the truth of the investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann cannot be published?

    There never has been, nor will be.

    All the McCanns have ever done is have their Carter Ruck lawyers stomp around threatening people, and they got their way because they have not been telling the truth.

    They have been saying the McCanns were 'cleared of all charges' so have silenced any media comment that dares to raise a doubt, and been paid very nicely by the newspapers.

    It has been one big SPIN.

    It is the McCanns who should have been warned not to continue with that Fund of theirs until they can prove that Madeleine was ever abducted.

    They have no proof of this whatsoever.

    Quite the opposite, since they were informed by the investigators that they believe Madeleine died in the holiday apartment.

    Never have the McCanns passed this information on to the innocent public they have solicited money from them. The public were never allowed to make an informed choice whether to donate or not.

    Since the McCanns silenced the media with their spin and threats, the media were not able to do the job of alerting the public to be wary of donating.

    The McCanns have also led people into believing the money they donated is for searching for Madeleine. Has it been used exclusively for such? Definitely not, being as how they were caught out using it to pay their mortgage from the start, and who knows what else they have used it for.

    Can that be construed as a fraud on the public. Very possibly.

    Even though they think they have it sewn up in the small print that they can do as they like with the money, does what they have done with the donations contravene the spirit of the giving.

    Would people have given if they had known the money was not being used exclusively to find Madeleine?

    Maybe when people find out that it was not, there will be an outcry for the money to be returned.

    Those McCanns may end up having to sell that house of theirs after all. Why should the general public have to buy a house for the McCanns when they are hardly on skid row, and much richer, even without the Fund money, than most of those who donated.

    The tide has now turned and the media have nothing to fear from the toothless snake of the McCann threats.

    Dr Amaral's book will be distributed in the UK, and not before time.

    The people need to be saved from the McCann spin before they hand over any more money to them.

  81. The paper edition of the Sunday Express has no mention of Brian Kennedy

    SUNDAY EXPRESS paper edition
    October 31, 2010



    By Tracey Kandohla

    KATE and Gerry McCann believe a German tourist could hold the key to their daughter’s disappearance.

    The desperate couple are pleading with Germans holidaying in Portugal’s Algarve to keep their eyes open in the search for Madeleine.

    The McCanns last week launched their official Find Maddie website in German.

    The move follows a boost to the private investigative team, with three former British policemen joining and a shake-up of the Maddie Fund board of directors, as exclusively revealed by the Sunday Express last week.

    The new-look website, aimed at reaching a bigger part of Europe, has given fresh hope to the family, from Rothley, Leicestershire.

    Their spokesman Clarence Mitchell said yesterday: “Kate and Gerry are very pleased with the new site and hope it will lead to important new developments.

    “They have long wanted to make sure they reach the German public because so many Germans were holidaying in the Algarve at the time Madeleine disappeared.”

    The youngster, who would now be seven, vanished from a holiday apartment in Praia da Luz in May 2007 while her parents were dining with friends in a nearby tapas bar.

    Kate and Gerry are convinced their daughter is still alive and have vowed to continue their hunt for her.

    There have been numerous alleged sightings of blonde Madeleine, who has a distinctive flaw in her right eye, in different parts of Europe over the past three and a half years but all have proved false.

    Mr Mitchell said: “After Madeleine was abducted hundreds of tourists, including Germans, were allowed to leave the resort.

    “It is possible they may have seen something and may still have important information.”

    The Find Maddie website, which shows three age progression pictures of the youngster, runs in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

    The German language site urges people to download a poster of Maddie begging: “Don’t give up on me!”

  82. According to my very talented young lady- the german translation of the McCanns website leaves much to be desired.
    It apparently resembles a very bad google machine effort.
    The question is why?

  83. Joana at 79

    :e So now we know what sort of character Desmond is and I must admit Spudgun trail of thought opens new vistas but...we have to draw a line between assertions made by a newspaper and a documented, expert opinion written in a book format by the chief investigator of the very same case which has just been exonerated of any crime of "lèse-majesté" :o

    What would probably happen if it went ahead right now, is that some words in the original would be slightly tweaked so that none could be construed as an implict sentence of guilt on the McCanns' but as a matter-of-fact, strict opinion based on the facts of the investigation. There would be nothing the McCanns' could do.

    The main obstacles to its publishing is the pending, final decision. The injunction was won but, that's about it. Only after that will the publishers consider such deal.

    Of course we all the know the case will be dismissed on the account of these three senior judges recommendations but expect the McCanns to appeal all the way to the EU court of Justice - very much like Gonçalo Amaral would. Now, it is truly a case of leaving no appeal unturned. Forget Madeleine! Madeleine is dead and gone! It is their professional, parental image that is at stake now.

    The McCanns' want to destroy G.A. at all costs for he represents their guilt and they desperately want an official image of themselves as innocent or "technically innocent" to be true to the archiving dispatch.

    You can almost hear them shouting: "We are doctors, British doctors! He is just a Portuguese cop - a sardine muncher! Don't listen to him! The man is nuts!" :p

    Still, I believe a new expanded version of the book would be quite a success.

    The McCanns may then attempt to burn it too but that would take time and another injunction would be most unlikely because of the juridical precedents that were opened. At any rate, Portugal would not upheld any unfavourable EU court decision in this matter. It would be unconstitutional and I very much doubt any British publisher worth its salt would be intimidated by the McCanns' franchise.

    In fact we could have a scenario whereby the English version of the book was distributed from Portugal via Amazon.co.uk (merchant section) say.

    There are many ways around any potential action by the vindicative McCanns... except there is one big hindrance at the moment: the court case is not shelved. Not yet. OK, it is now a mute point we know but it is still there as an interrogation mark... a yellow sign at the traffic lights...

    Another thing, I am not sure Amaral would wish to open himself to more legal hassles. I think he will settle for the massive compensation figure (6 or 7 digits) which he will in due time receive from McCann Image Props, Ltd. aka as The Madeleine Fund... o tal "fundo dos fundos" a que se refere algures o Fausto...

    :e Bubble-Gum


  84. @ post 67 :e :e :e

    Thanks for the links. Oh dear! Why do the McCanns always seem to attract dodgy characters? What is *the* TRUTH behind how Uncle John McCann became involved with a guy who was involved in gay teen porn and who has now committed suicide? This Maddie case is nothing like I've known. It's scary :b

  85. @ 75, I am poster 63 - did you mean poster 62, because that was different to my post? I am well aware of our long history with the nation of Portugual! I am fond of Portugal and their fine people. My next door neighbour is Portuguese and a finer gentleman YOU WILL NEVER MEET. He really is a fantastic neighbour.

    @Jimmuck post 66 - many thanks for your kind words.

    @BubbleGum post 69 - there is some merit in what you say. I've noticed such 'superiority' on blogs such as SKY's Martin Brunt. Comments such as 'If Scotland yard had been on the case from the get go, would the result have ended differently' (paraphrased) reinforces your words. But understand THIS STILL DOESN'T REPRESENT THE VIEWS OF MANY OF US IN THIS NATION. I couldn't tell you the percentage - such data doesn't exist. But I know from my own social circle, many of us do not believe in the 'abduction' story that is espoused in our national press. My wife is a mobile hairdresser, with hundreds of customers and many of them don't believe either.

    I think we are in danger here of a continuation of anti-Portuguese, anti-English sentiments, which I've noticed a lot of over the years on Joana's otherwise fine blog. Of course, visitors to this blog did not start this type of racism. But, there's no need for us to continue with it? Our goals, regardless of ethnic/ national background is justice for the little girl Madeleine McCann? This is all that matters, ultimately? I WILL APOLOGISE AS AN ENGLISHMAN NOW, FOR ANY HURT CAUSED TO OUR FRIENDS IN PORTUGAL, by events since May 3rd 2007. It's not much, coming from a working class man, but it's genuine and meant.

    I've read some vile comments in here against both Dr. Amaral and the McCanns. Whilst I do not believe the McCanns, it is wrong to state that they ARE guilty categorically, without any legal trial. An OPINION though is different - and this is what Dr. Amaral has successfully defended with the overturning of the Ban by the judges - HIS FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION has been upheld and I am pleased that common sense has outed (FINALLY).

    I hope one day, both nations can find a restoration of the respect we've had for each other for centuries and that justice will prevail.

    May the truth one day be known.

  86. I have a suggestion. Dr Amaral could safely distribute an English language version of his book in the UK, produced in Europe without any recrimination. Several thousand books could be sent to UK libraries direct with a covering letter donating the books to the libraries. This would avoid reticent UK publishers. If CR don't like it they would have to appeal to the European Court of Human Rights. The one thing the UK doesn't like to do and won't tolerate is to ban books. Game over.

  87. :e Oops! Forgot the song for Dr. Kate McCann, didn't I? Here it is Mamma Doc. Enjoy...


    :e Bubble-Gum

  88. Anonymous #67 not a surprise at all. It follows a coherent pattern. Pedophilia seems to follow the McCann couple wherever they go. Disgusting.

  89. McCanns in Germany to work on the "new alleged leads"? To "plead to" the German people for help? To find that alleged "German tourist" who could solve their missing daughter's case?

    No way, Jose!

    They were at a soccer match! - They were even spotted by a paparazzi, who took some fine pics of the "ever-distraught couple" to illustrate the following non-news article:

    Parents of missing Madeleine McCann watch Everton victory at Goodison

    by Natalie Evans. Published Sun 31 Oct 2010 14:32

    The Liverpool-born mum of missing Madeleine McCann was spotted at a football game during a visit to her home city this weekend.

    Kate McCann, 42, pulled on her team's colours as she watched Everton's clash with Stoke at Goodison with husband Gerry.

    The couple cheered and clapped as Yakubu's goal saw the Blues gain a 1-0 victory over the visitors.

    GP Kate was born in MOssley Hill but now lives in Rothley, Leics, with Gerry and the couples' twins Sean and Amelie, 5.

    Blonde Maddie was nearly four when she went missing from an apartment during a family holiday in the Portuguese resort of Praia da Luz on the Algarve on 3rd May 2007.

    Earlier this year, a prayer service was held at Kate's parish church of Our Lady of the Annunciation Bishop Eton, in Woolton, to mark the third anniversary of the little girl's disappearance.



    in Click Liverpool

  90. joana,i dont think they were spotted,i think they told the media they were going to be there, like allways,any way why would they go to germany when every one else is on the look out for thier daughter,they might as well stay here and enjoy the football match ,no point worrying about Madeleine because they never have before.vile pair

  91. Thanks for the link, Joana. The McCanns are probably back in Everton with their begging bowls. That football club have been very loyal to them ever since they publicised THAT photo of Maddie in the club's kit. The McCanns don't usually do things without reason.

  92. 93 @ that is why I mentioned the paparazzi.... when have you seen the McCanns making a public appearance without having someone from the UK media fulfilling their "starletism" seeking thirst? Even 'DayLife' makes mention of that fact by adding Celebrity Criminal to Gerry McCann's photo!

  93. are they wearing the wristbands that they want people to buy,i suprised kate hasnt got a few hanging from her wrist to sell at half time

  94. Was re reading Pamalam's blog - i.e. Gerry's blog.

    Day 30 - they did an interview with German tv to highlight maddie's disappearance before their trip to Berlin. Surely the german tourist would have been aware, therefore, 3.5 years ago and would have come forward had they had anything worthwhile to say.

    Also, interestingly, Portsmouth donated GBP 50,000! Why? and who authorised that gift? As the fund is not a charity - they could not set it off against tax - I wonder if they made a little mistake and did off set it as a charitable donation?

    Is the german book in english anywhere?

  95. On a similar note:
    Searching with dread for missing children
    By Bob Greene, CNN Contributor
    October 31, 2010 8:37 a.m. link http://www.cnn.com/2010/OPINION/10/31/greene.missing.children/index.html?eref=mrss_igoogle_cnn

  96. druhodson 85
    According to my very talented young lady- the german translation of the McCanns website leaves much to be desired. It apparently resembles a very bad google machine effort. The question is why?"

    Exactly my thoughts, though my German is not so good.
    It uses for example the ß symbol (the double 'ss') which has not been used in Germany in formal written language since 2005.
    Babelfish will translate a whole website in half a second or so, and then you simply invite a native speaking German to proof read it. You don't have to wait 3 years.

    You ask why ? It is a ploy to keep attention away from something else. To stop the media reporting the overturning of the ban on the book. It is pure Mitchell. IMHO

  97. It's so that we can all see that life goes on as usual for the McCanns, selflessly protecting their young children, keeping them out of the public domain, safely tucked up away from the media glare.

    Alternatively Everton have a crèche where parents can dump their tiresome kids and enjoy themselves in peace?

  98. The McCanns should be careful with this idea of supposedly jogging the memory of the Germans who were holidaying at the time Madeleine disappeared.

    Who knows but there may be another 'Mr Smith' amongst them who remembers seeing a Gerry lookalike carrying a Madeleine lookalike through the streets of PDL that night.

    No way would the McCanns want them to go contact the investigators in PDL with that information.

    What a home goal that would be.

  99. McCanns, if you want to be running a Fund to collect money supposedly to find Madeleine because she was abducted.


    Until then, go use your own money and put those begging bowls away.

  100. The Mccanns and Mr Mitchell have found another way to make more money by putting it on German web site.They are afraid that the case will open and the real truth will come out. The German people on holiday in Portugal go to enjoy themselves and not to sit and watch people in any case no one would remember who they saw over three years ago. We in Germany dont like Mccanns, they said many stories and taken money off people Germany should tell them to search for Maddie themselves they did not bother to look for her in the beginning An Irish man cerognised Mr Mccann carrying Maddie to the sea.Did she die in the flat? H Germany.

  101. Joana at 92

    Thanks for the pics.


    More bashing of walls perhaps?

  102. What I would like to know s why would the UK media be sooo happy to protect the McCanns by hoodwinking their readers about the McCanns, what good does it do? what do they get out of it? this is not about been taken to the cleaners.....Why would the Papers and media help out two (plus friends)Child neglectors, doesnt make sense?????????????

  103. It is a ridiculously obscene amount of money the McCanns have already obtained from the unsuspecting public, and still they want more.


    The investigators who worked the case believe Madeleine is dead, and they should know.

    Until you can PROVE otherwise, go put a sock in it and stop the spin.

    Here's hoping you have to pay back every penny.

  104. "The desperate couple are pleading with Germans holidaying in Portugal’s Algarve to keep their eyes open in the search for Madeleine"
    "Mr Mitchell said: “After Madeleine was abducted hundreds of tourists, including Germans, were ALLOWED to leave the resort"

    What is that idiot thinking of? Of course people left the resort!they were NOT allowed they ran away from the mccanns I would say.

    Meanwhile the begging bowl is out.....

    "The couple cheered and clapped as Yakubu's goal saw the Blues gain a 1-0 victory over the visitors"

    What an achievement!They certainely are not bothered being totally ridiculous....When is this going to FINALLY stop???

  105. Shubob @87 You are right!! It doesn't seem to be a good thing to support these two child neglectors does it......Scarry to say the least, or is it just Karma!

    The truth WILL have its day.

  106. Maybe somebody should warn David Payne that this case is not going to go away and those Gaspar statement will come more to the attention of the public as time goes by. Then, the focus will well and truly be on him.

    Given the McCanns have made statements like DP was checking on the kids the night it was reported that Madeleine was crying, and he told them they were OK.

    Also, Kate McCann saying Madleine was afraid of 'pain' (what a play on words that could be construed as).

    Plus, those varying accounts of that visit by Payne to the McCanns' holiday apartment when Kate was said to be putting the children to bed.

    If David Payne knows anything about what happened to Madeleine then he should contact the investigators in Portugal NOW and don't bother to keep to that 'pact' he said he has with McCann.

    Given it took months for the Gaspar statements to come through to the investigators in Portugal, there is no guarantee any information he may give to the Leicester police will reach the investigators in Portugal in time.

    It is important he do it NOW before the media swing into force with those Gaspar statements they are sitting on.

    Which, of course, they ultimately will, unless some other information as to what really happened to Madeleine is given which could stop that happening.

  107. "Mr Mitchell said: “After Madeleine was abducted hundreds of tourists, including Germans, were allowed to leave the resort."

    Further proof, if any were needed, that Clarence Mitchell is completely bonkers. He, along with his clients, live in a fantasy world. They say things like this, sweeping statements that defy any logic or reason, with a straight face and no shame whatsoever. They will say anything, however ridiculous or crazy, because they know that they can. They are never challenged, no UK journalist ever questions such absurd assumptions such as this - expecting hundreds of thousands of holidaymakers ('including Germans') to be detained in Portugal and not allowed home until the PJ had searched their suitcases for a British three year old.

    Meanwhile, back in the real world, the wheels of justice grind on as slowly as always. The McCanns and Mitchell continue to bluster and bullshit, because that's all they have to offer, and the various law enforcement agencies from both countries continue quietly going about their business. Coppers have bean leant on by politicians for ever. They're used to it, and they know that unlike the truth and the facts of the cases they investigate, which always remain constant, politicians and the corrupting power that they temporarily hold are transient.

  108. From #88 comment:

    "If Scotland yard had been on the case from the get go, would the result have ended differently'..."

    Well, I'm portuguese and I have to say that I agree with that affirmation, not because I believe that our PJ is incompetent, but because I feel that the Scotland Yard would have come to Portugal to work on the case hand-in-hand with the PJ, to do a true, honest and unbiased co-investigation. Unlike the Leicester police and CEOP, who came only to spy and disrupt the investigation and protect the McCanns and Tapas crew.

  109. Re Everton

    They are at a football match surrounded by suits...

  110. HOT STUFF

    Carlos Cruz, the well-known Portuguese personality at the centre of the so-called Casa Pia affair is working on an English version of his website. http://www.processocarloscruz.com/

    His case could turn out to be another example of Portuguese justice at its best (cough). Some VIP foreign "arguidos" get away with lies, others of Portuguese nationality are sentenced without proof.

    Any change?

  111. The Mcs have not made a new website (oops...nearly wrote webshite) in German. It's just a language option on the original site. Nothing much has changed unless their very talented 'web designer' and I use that term very loosely has done SEO, Search Engine Optimisation, then it stands little chance of being seen.

    When you look at the crap site Infohost (Auntie Phil's ex pupil Calum MacRae) has produced then you can see the hype immediately.

    Desperation! Book in German....webshite in German.

  112. Are the McCanns so thick to offer this unacceptable web site in German,translation packages lose the human touch. You have already appealed to the people of Germany, and your hypothesis of an abduction is known all over the world. For sure if any german citizen had any info they would have contacted the legal police forces and not the mickey mouse investigators. You are only attempting to cause a diversion, because if you were REALLY looking for you daughter you would be begging the PJ to open the case, but your not, and you are doing yourselves no favours. The only way to prove innocence is to do all that is necessary and not rely on ex retired policemen, who you obviously control as to what they may search. Don´t insult our or the PJs intelligence with your B---S---
    If you truly believed Maddie was out there somewhere, then you must have an official investigation. My opinion is that Dr. Amaral got too close to the truth and that is why you created the campaign for his dismissal. But tread very carefully the bogeyman may be looking at you both..You are desperate,greedy people who do not deserve the respect of anyone, one day this fraudulant fund will be blown open, prepare for that, there are already whispers. Tomorrow is the day of the dead, will you be taking flowers to Maddie'

  113. I live by Everton's ground, wish I had seen this pair of twisted liars.
    The echo will be full of it tomorrow. They must be after Kenwrights money now.

    Liverbird, (Everton) Liverpool.

  114. If a German "sighting" is reported, I will research the background of any reportee as thoroughly as I have done on previous sightings. The results so far have been an eye opener.

  115. Kate Maccann was not born in Mossley Hill, she was born in Anfield, went to school in Anfield. Her parents now live in Woolton, not far from Mossley Hill. One thing I know for sure, she has left her daughters dead body in Portugal. discarded like the rubbish she puts in her bin every day and every bit as worthless to her. This woman is the lowest form of human life.

    Liverbird Liverpool

  116. 98 Peter Mac, let us hope that that German is so badly translated, that it will become a confession of the crime.
    If it is that badly translated, it could mean the McCanns are really running out of money.
    Who knows Philomene is doing the intellectual job.

    How can I find this webswite in German, on internet?

  117. "Welcome to the Madeleine Online Store".

    Can you imagine

    "Welcome to the Six Million Jewishs Store"?

    "Welcome to the Tsunami Victims Store"?

    "Wecome to the Golgota Store"?

  118. 102, German,

    yes, she died in the apartment. Mr. McCann was seeing going south, towards the beach, but this does not mean he took the body to the sea.It means he went south.
    On that way there was the church and I think he hid her body in the church, at least that night.
    Watch Amaral's video on Joana's and you will understand what happened.

    "Documentary what the McCanns don't want you to watch"

    Or you can find it on McCannfiles, you see it directly.

  119. 85 druhodson and 98 PeterMac. Agree.

    'Celfen' in 'Mithilfe: Wie Sie Celfen Können'.
    'Madeline' in 'Tragen Sie ein Madeline Armband oder T-Shirt.'

    Very careless for such an 'important' case.

    102 H Germany. Can you tell us something about the translation?

  120. Anon 105

    The media has been silenced because Team McCann have lied to them by saying the McCanns were cleared of all charges when their 'arguido' status was removed. They were never cleared of any charges because there weren't any charges made. It was an investigation, not a trial.

    Since then, the media are afraid to say anthing against the McCanns for fear of being sued. They have been silenced by a load of lying spin and because none of them can be bothered to do their homework.

    Meanwhile, they allow people like Clarence to feed them the storyline.

    The McCanns must fear everyday that the case may be reopened and they are made 'arguidos' again.

    It will be interesting to see how they would spin on that being as how they are already supposed to have been found innocent.

  121. Terry, 110,
    Exactly. Total fairly land. Like when they talked of the negligence of the police in not "Closing the Borders" - between two Schengen countries.

    Thanks. Can we ask a native German speaker to have a look at it. It is on the McCs' own website, button top right

  122. If the priests at the Church the McCanns had the key to in PDL know what happened to Madeleine and they have stayed silent then it is a disgrace.

    To hide behind some Christian vow of silence is nonsensical.

    Where in the Bible does it command people to do that? It doesn't, and when the truth comes out about the death of Madeleine, if it is revealed they stayed silent when they could have ended this, how is it going to look for them and the Church.

    Innocent people and their families have really suffered, and are still suffering until this is ended.

    How could anybody live with themselves knowing that?

    This also applies to anybody who knows what happened to Madeleine.

    How do they sleep nights?

  123. BubleGum 90

    :n Excelente gosto mas... pareces ter esquecido uma para o "Papa Doc" - o Gerry McCann. Sugiro esta...


  124. To Anon 88

    :q Point taken.

    :e Bubble-Gum

  125. Joana

    For when a German version of this blog? It's a week overdue now...

  126. Hi together, I am from Germany and I took a look at the German site of the Official Find Madeleine Site: Very amazing is the translation of their slogan "Leave no stone unturned". They translated it "Leave no stone turned" "Keinen Stein umgedreht lassen". Apart from that the translation is okay. Only little faults. But their main goal is to collect more money, money, money.

  127. Do we have a date for the preliminaries? The Murat versus Tanner showdown? Could someone in Portugal please pick up the phone directory to Praia da Luz and phone the Murats? This is urgent. I need to arrange for a week holiday I have left this year. I have told told my man-side to forget about that boxing match in Las Vegas. This promises more excitment!

  128. The deceitful ways of this group of 9 will cast a dark cloud over their daily lives. Can a psychologist give us an idea on this blog how these deceptive, phoney ways in a family will affect their children? These young, innocent little people have to relive the faked daily events, rehearsals and regurgatations. Where you have cast darkness you have prevented the light from coming in. You and I can relax after a hard days work they can never relax again in their whole existence. When you are chasing (the truth away) you are also running.

  129. Liverpool Echo picture of our beloved Kate and Gerry at the Everton Match, they both look bloody well. Is this Amaral case getting to them is it S---E. Its Jail they need not Everton.

    Mary Liverpool

  130. Missing Disabled Girl Case Now a Homicide Probe (cbc news)
    "...Adkins did not take any questions and did not offer further explanation of why the case was being treated as a homicide probe. A search warrant revealed on Monday that police dogs detected the smell of human remains on cars belonging to the father and stepmother. "
    Statistics report that seventy per cent of children die at the hands of their parents and caregivers.

  131. ANON122
    Maybe they are hiding behind the masonic bible

  132. CM said plenty german tourists were allowed to leave...
    what a bloody joke...why shouldnt they be allowed to leave, they hadnt done anything wrong.

    It's his clients who had done wrong by neglecting their children yet they were allowed to flee. Their passport should have been impounded and them thrown in jail and tortured until they confessed.

    Hope CM is thrown in jail with them with the time comes.

  133. Answer one thing McCanns, why are you dragging your feet and nor demanding the investigation is reopened?? You visit PDL and pass the opportunity by. Shall I tell you why, you know Maddie isn´t coming home. You know what became of her,You know were she is so stop playing games. If you loved that little girl you would do everything to find her, I mean everything. Not all this reliving the past with your new german site, noadvising the press of your appearance at the football match, not seeking stardom and rubbing shoulders with the famous, not ruining others lives feeding your greed, sell your house and put some of your own money into the search. Today in Spain is when we remember our dead, we put flowers on the graves, ah but of course our dear little Maddie has not been given the opportunity to rest in peace. You owe her that. I hope today she visits you in your dreams and makes you feel shame, but I forgot your both made of stone, you have no emotion. The world is waiting for justice for Maddie, and believe there are a lot of people going to make this happen. You are so transparent with your pretendy catholism, Doctors??you both and the tapas should all be struck off and not allowed to practice until this case is resolved. Gerry I sincerely hope you read this for you are a truly manipulating piece of S---.
    I apologise to my fellow posters if this is a bit aggresive, but today I have a candle lit for Maddie.

  134. The ,Dont give up on me T shirts should read, My parents have given up on me.

  135. Anon 105 - I will add to what 120 put in her/his post:

    Rupert Murdoch owns most of the British Press, he is obviously in bed with Gordon Brown (not literally I must add!) being a huge business mogul, Gordon Brown has protected the McCanns at all costs (Gerry's brother being a neighbour of Gordo probably helps), the reason why is something we are all desperate to find out, so the McCanns have been covered from all angles.

    I also suspect that a superinjunction has been taken out by Carter Ruck so NO newspaper can report the proper facts so they have to tip toe around the McCanns. An injunction can be taken out also to cover the fact that a superinjunction has been taken out so nobody can be told about it.

    So there you go, the McCanns are made to look squeaky clean in all the newspaper stories. Easy when you have friends in very high places.

  136. @ 120 wrote:

    "The McCanns must fear everyday that the case may be reopened and they are made 'arguidos' again.

    It will be interesting to see how they would spin on that being as how they are already supposed to have been found innocent."

    Exactly! They imo are like their daughter's archived not close case, they are archived Arguidos. Which I believe means they are re-instated as Arguidos if the case is re-opened. Imagine that a re-opened case and McCanns Argudios once more. How on earth is that considered cleared and innocent? The Express should be explaining that to it's readers!

  137. i post very rarely but keep up with the latest...through this i have formed the impression that what the mccanns,family,clarence, government,tapas and all those who have supported them have underestimated is the power of the internet

  138. Dr Amaral and his book 'The Truth of the Lie' is doing a great service to the unsuspecting public who may otherwise feel sorry enough for the McCanns to put money into the begging bowl.

    It will surely shove a spanner into the McCanns' abduction fairy story spin.

    Let's hope we start hearing of people wanting their money back from the McCanns after they read it.

    The McCanns should not be telling people Madeleine was abducted as if it was a FACT since they themselves have been informed by the real investigators that IT IS NOT.

    Bloody arrogant they are to say the least.

    Yet they have been allowed to get away with it, and even act like they are in charge of the investigation with their pseudo police force, issuing photofits, press conference announcements, pointing fingers at various 'suspects' in all direction, completely out of control, and completely undermining the official investigators and investigation.

    How on earth have they managed to get away with it when they themselves are top of the list as suspects.

    The McCanns' accusations could even result in somebody doing something desparate and harming themselves, it is so bad. They are dangerous, and have exhibited bullying, plain and simple.

    They MUST be stopped before something really bad happens.

    What a wonderful day it will be to see them finally stopped and this case get back on the right track.

  139. I hope no German will show any photo of 2007 nor help the McCanns.
    The psychologists of the CEOP will make him arguido, request Portugal to arrest him, like they did to Murat.

    The poor Murat wanted to help the McCanns and he got in trouble.
    It makes me think of the words of the Brazilian writer Monteiro Lobato:

    - Fazer o bem mas olhar a quem.

  140. "The police have suspended search of more than a month for Mirco Schlitter until further notice. In this case no traces were discovered on the whereabouts of the child. The large-scale searches for Mirco were therefore terminated until further notice."

    Well, I do not wish to blow this out of all proportion as I do not wish to upset any British friends here but...I mean...the Germans who are renowned for their efficiency gave up the search for a boy one (1) month into the proceedings, the Portuguese, who are renowned (by corporate British media) for their incompetence ("sardine munchers") have kept at it for how many months???

    I remember by the time the McCanns were made "arguidos" on the basis of DNA (Keela), scent (Eddie) and other circumstantial evidence (e.g. Kate's "indiscreet window" blunder, taking "cuddle toy" to work, etc. Madeleine having nose bleeds, etc. Jane Tanner's fake alibis and false accusations, "silence pacts", etc. nearly 6-months have elapsed...

    Now three years down the line, the McCanns' are complaining that the Portuguese are not doing enough. What would have happened if the dematerialization of Madeleine had taken place in Germany? Good Lord!

    :n By the way 123, thanks for suggesting that song for Gerry! I loved it!

  141. :m Hey guys! Will you please stop all these wild conspiracy theories? It is damaging the IQ of this blog. You want mind-games? Here is one to get your teeth into...

    Amaral asserts in his video that the child could not have been abducted because no one could have entered by the front door(expert demonstration) or left by the window (another expert's opinion). I agree with both experts' opinions but there is a flaw in my ex-colleague's argument. Guess which?

    What IF the back door was open (as Kate herself suggested at one stage and contradicted at another)? What about if Gerry had forgotten to close the front door during his visit (assuming there was one)?

    He was under the effect, remember? What about if the McCanns' had forgotten the door open when they left to the Tapas in the first instance. They admit having tackled a bottle of white wine before they left...just for starters...

    Remember... whatever plausible scenario you come up with you will need to explain Eddie The Dog's testimony... Dog's are far more reliable than humans and these two dogs are very special. No errors in more than 200 runs...

    Lines are open now until 16 and will re-open after 23.
    Sorry! I have a client at the door!

    :k P.J. Tipps
    Investigateur Extraordinaire

  142. The British government is hand in glove with Rupert Murdock, as was the last British government, Murdock has his own man installed at the heart of government "Andy" Coulson David Cameron's communications director. He was editor of the tabloid newspaper the News of the World from 2003 until his resignation during an investigation regarding illegal phone tapping in 2007. so I don’t see a change in the reporting of this case, as we’ve already seen, not one word mentioned in the British Media about the decision by Appeals Court judges to overturned the banning of the book. I’m convinced the only reason the McCann’s are getting this super natural protection is Jim Gamble friend of the McCann’s, knows who the pedophile politicians are right at the top in this UK government and the last one, they escaped prosecution when Jim Gamble was head of operation ORE in 1999, Gamble as head of operation ORE had first look at the credit card numbers and the names that matched the cards, he decided who to prosecute, far from protecting children he protected pedophiles. Did Tony Blair cover up a Pedophile scandal in 1999?

  143. I too am going to the USA, please don't let anything happen while I am in America, I don't want to miss Kate and Gerry's faces for anything if this case is reopened.

  144. @Germanfran 127
    Thank you very much for checking

    Yes...money money money money.
    This is a very important word in their vocabulary,probably the most important of all.Search for money.....pathetic gits they are.
    I am sure German people wont fall in the trap.They are not as gullible as the english.although I guess the english have learnt their lesson.Not the media of course,just the people....

  145. @Anon 138

    Something bad has already happened: a child has died and JUSTICE has NOT been done yet,thanks to her "parents" who will go to any extrems to make sure it wont happen.
    But yes,I totally agree: they must be stop now,enough is enough

  146. Hi,

    in the German translation the McCanns described their fund as "gemeinnützige Organisation", which means "charitable" or "non-profit". I posted a statement on their "support-message-box" and asked them to correct the description of their fund in the German translation. About 30 Minutes later I checked it again and they had corrected it. The "gemeinnützige Organisation" has gone.

  147. #135 (and others):

    Media coverage: "The Truth of the Lie" by Gonçalo Amaral


  148. Contrary to the PR-hype and the cringeworthies of the UK media willing to disseminate it, it is actually no surprise to find that this isn't a .de, just a Googlese version of the existing tacky .com site. But then, there's actually no need to overdo things and possibly fall foul of the German authorities, who do not look so benignly on dubious internet appeals for cash as their UK colleagues.

    Be that as it may, the next 'news' stories telling us how successful it has all been and how the German people have generously reacted to the appeal and contributed millions, are no doubt being readied for publication. Read all about it soon in The Sun, The Mail, The Liverpool Echo or listen in awe as it is disseminated by BBC News, Sky etc.

    This is exactly the kind of smokescreen that has always been used to explain the provenance of large sums of money in the fund. Well it's always worked before, so why change a winning formula?

  149. Joana
    I have made a couple of posts recently, one today, but they never appear. Believe me they are truthful but not abusive. I do not know if its my computer or you did not pass them, or may they went into spam. who knows, I am sorry for one for today when we remember the dead, it felt important to comment. thanks anyway Joana for your hard work and commitment to this cause.

  150. If Madeleine did not use her bed that last night, as it seems to be the case, where was she before she fell down behind the sofa?
    Was she still walking around while her parents went to the Tapas?
    Or did the accident happen while the parents were at home? And did it take so long for them to find it out, to the point that there was enough cadaver scent?
    Or did they found her dead and left her body behind the sofa till they were finished with their plan to get rid of it?
    Something does not ad up.

  151. Recent photos of the McCanns in Liverpool(see McCannfiles).
    They look old, tired and depressed.
    This is a consequence of the 3 judges in Lisbon.
    They did not expect that, did they?
    No beauty cream will make them look better.
    They destroyed so many people around them and it is high time to pay for what they did.

  152. 130, who said the MacCanns are looking bloody well in Liverpool?
    They are looking bad, not happy at all.
    Imo they are very depressed.

  153. @Anon 147 :q

    It shows it is far from being a "non-profitable" fund.....well done!

    @T4two 148
    They really do NOT learn! What on earth do they expect after their Hewlett fiasco??? Their arrogance is truly unbelievable

    @Anon 130
    Tough luck if they look depressed! they look like what they have created: a mess

  154. 149:
    "Something does not ad up."

    That's true. I'm afraid there did happen something worse than accident. McCanns had explanations and other things ready before police came. Explanations were too perfect.

  155. I think that the McCanns' Cerman website should insopire complaints from as many as possible to the German authorities that it is nothing but a Scam as there is no evidence of an abduction. The German authorities (as T4two posted) should investigate the website as a potential fraud perpetrated upon the German people. The Germans are more likely to act on this without fear.

  156. English Mafia settles in Southern Portugal http://goo.gl/7aN2x use google to translate the article

  157. Hey guys, don`t forget Halligan is in court tomorrow.

  158. Hacking claims dog Murdoch's TV takeover

    «Rupert Murdoch is coming under fire in the UK over his bid to take control of pay TV giant BSkyB and allegations his journalists have been engaging in criminal behaviour.»

  159. Hey PJ get real, there was no abduction hy the patio doors or Jeremy Wwilkins would have seen him in the 3 min window of opportunity, and he didn't.

  160. Anon 146

    The fact the McCanns brought harm to Madeleine goes without saying. Her misfortune was to have them as parents.

    Gerry McCann can repeat over and over that there is no evidence that harm has come to Madeleine. That is one attempt at brainwashing too many.

  161. Anon 149

    Or was Madeleine killed in that 'moment of madness' that Gerry McCann spoke of, and then hidden behind the settee, and did somebody discover her later and do a clean up because the truth of how she died and who did it would have been too obvious.

    If Madeleine died as the result of an accident while the McCanns were out drinking they could easily have covered it up by saying they found her the next morning, and whatever happened must have happened while they were asleep and she was sleepwalking.

    They would have been believed, and it would all have been done and dusted and much sympathy to the McCanns.

    If it was not an accident, that is when there would be a need for the 'big bad abductor' to have taken her away.

    The dogs are telling there was a death in the holiday apartment and we know that Madeleine is missing. Nobody else ever died in that apartment.

    Madeleine is dead and somebody had tried to clean up behind the settee.

    There would have been no need for Madeleine to go missing or a clean up if Madeleine had really died by accident and fallen behind the settee.

    This case should be reopened as a possible murder investigation and make it clear to people that Madeleine was not abducted.

  162. @Joana 162
    No,they wont have the courage to do that
    And in any case WE are controlled,please, read on.It is scary


  163. I cannot imagine a child could die from a fall off a sofa, its possible but rare, more like a minute of madness, and gerry having his fathers 5 minutes as Maddie lay in the RECOVERY position, thats not a typical doctors thought that much I can tell you. Something terrible happened, accidental or not.
    Also see McCanns files on Missing children assocoation, who refused to handle McCanns search, the man gerry spoke to commited suicide and was found to have photos of young boys in sexual acts on his computer. Oh Gerry does this not tell you, that the offical police are the best form of action, but of course you dont want that do you.

  164. @Anon 161
    Thanks for reminding us.
    It will be interesting to know the outcome this is IF anything at all is published of course.....

  165. Kevin Halligen extradition hearing at 10H00 Wednesday, 3 November 2010 at Horseferry Magistrate Court, London.

    If Kevin Halligen is extradited will he go to prison in the US?

    "An indictment is merely a formal charge that a defendant has committed a violation of criminal laws and every defendant is presumed innocent until, and unless, proven guilty."

    The above is an excerpt from:

    Department of Justice Press Release

    For Immediate Release

    November 12, 2009 United States Attorney's Office

    District of Columbia

    Contact: (202) 514-7566

    United Kingdom Man Indicted for Fraud

    http://joana-morais.blogspot.com/2009/1 ... ligen.html

    Will Kevin Halligen be on bail in the US whilst awaiting his trial? If so. Why has he been in a UK prison for a year? Surely not in a UK prison for a year for supposedly not paying a hotel bill? Especially given that the McC's who went on holiday with three chldren and returned back to the UK with only two are walking around scot free and still have care of their other two children!

  166. Some people believe there has been a successful cover up which made it appear that Madeleine was alive until the evening she was said to have disappeared, when really she had been dead for a day or so before this and kept hidden.

    If that did happen it would mean the story about the broken fridge in the McCanns' holiday apartment, as told by Payne in his statement, should have been checked out.

    He was never asked if the fridge was repaired, was it ditched, or did he know what happened to the fridge and where is it now. Was the fridge taken to another apartment in PDL and replaced with another fridge in the holiday apartment?

    Because the investigators were led to believe Madeleine had been alive on the previous days, had the holiday apartment fridge been totally discounted as the fridge they should have been searching for.

    Maybe they should go back and ask Payne more questions about that fridge. Maybe they should ask Payne some more questions altogether as he did appear to have more to say which he didn't want put in his statement.

    Was that information he didn't want put in his statement ever sent on to the investigators in Portugal?

    It certainly took a very long time for the Gaspar statements to arrive.

    Was the case shelved before Payne's information was sent on?

  167. Just popped onto their so-called fund site. What a disgrace but let me make this very clear: the German population are not as gullible as the ill-informed British. I don't mean that in a rude way but the media in the UK are a bit different than in Germany. Same with the USA; their goal has been - and always will be - to dumb the public down so that they will conform and bend over to anything their governemnt tells them. In a war-mongering country (like the UK & USA) it is the only way they can work--by dumbing the population down and diluting any critical thoughts they may have.

    The McCanns have severely overlooked this and it shows how silly this couple really are. It is very easy to appear clever in amongst the mediocrety but the Germans will not fall for this drivel.

    No doubt those scam artists will have something in the media stating, "How wonderful and supportive the German public have been to our fund." I know of no German who believes in them and although I cannot speak for the 82 million in Germany, what I can say is - and please remember this name - it was Frau Müller who posed the first question live on tv in concerns to: if the parents were any way involved in the disappearance of their daughter. She was the first to ask such a question on mainstream media and since then, the seal was already stamped for the German public. That small question was enough for the majority of Germans. Not that they believed the parents in the first place but that day on German tv was the pudding to fill the Germans. They need not look elsewhere for something else to fill their satisfied bellies.

    I think it was Goebbels (please don't quote me) or it was one of Hitler's other close cronies that said something like this: "The bigger the lie the more likely the public will believe it."

    The Germans have cottoned on to that saying more times than you can imagine. This is one reason I know for certain that the McCanns will fail in Germany.

    Germany has had enough propoganda in their country and can spot a fraud from space.

    Getting back to that dreadful site; I post a quote from there...

    "Sadly, there is still no law enforcement agency in the world proactively looking for our daughter."

    And do you know why? Because "real" law enforcement people detected your scam in the dark with a balaclava and ear muffs on...and they didn't even need to travel to space to spot it.

  168. Maybe Halligen will write a book and reveal exactly what it was the McCanns were wanting him to do for them in Portugal.

    It seems rather fishy they are not suing him for the money back and say they were 'satisfied' with the work he did for them.

    At the same time there is the media screaming that he conned the McCanns. Are they assuming this, or did somebody tell them that?

    It was Halligen who says the McCanns cheated him and did not give him all the money they were supposed to. He was even thinking of suing them at one time,(just like Metodo 3 said they did not get all the money the McCanns said they paid them).

    So which is it?

    Come on Kevin, write that book.

  169. Inkerman House, Ashford, Kent. Check it out re Halligen and Capital Eye Policing.

  170. @ 149

    Well done indeed! The fund is actually a very special type of organisation - 'eigennützig' would be an apt description.

  171. @171 i remember years ago a poll in germany rated politicians bottom in a "who would you trust" question

  172. Anon 123 quote...

    "The McCanns must fear everyday that the case may be reopened and they are made 'arguidos' again."

    I saw the picture of them both at the recent Everton match,begging bowls out!!(as already said they must be after Kenwrights money now) they both looked terrible even Gerry did, Kate looks half dead imo!!!
    Normal parents I would have thought over time...3+ years would start to look a little normal, these two are looking worse by the week, they look absolutely awful...WHY????

    They (including Tapas friends) must wake every single day thinking is this the day they are coming to take us away!!!!!!!!

  173. @ 111 - Re: Scotland Yard. It's open to debate whether or not a different conclusion would have been reached. I respect your opinion, but that wasn't my point - my point was that those paraphrased words were used by Martin Brunt on his blog. His opinion may have been the same as yours OR it could have been this 'air of superiority' that Bubblegum alluded to earlier. Your point is well taken though.
    @ 127 - Bubblegum - keep up the good work, 'cos I enjoy your posts!
    @136 - A very good post, even if you are feeling aggressive.

    May the truth one day be known (soon).

  174. Interesting: the German Find Madeleine site is being updated by the minute. More and more of the linguistic errors are amended, the most recent example being 'Wer kennt diese Personen' instead of the original (correct but unidiomatic)'Wer kennt diese Menschen' on the first page. This confirms my suspicion that the launch of the site was very hasty indeed and done without the help of native speakers - which makes the time it took even more puzzling. Interesting, too, that John Mccann is still listed as a director of the fund although a little further down the page he is omitted from the list of directors. I've saved a few screenshots just in case more pages get woosh-clunked.

  175. @175

    Lol, that wouldn't surprise me in the slightest ;)

  176. The McCanns appear to be very rattled by Halligen.

    Now why would that be?

    Presumably Halligen has access to computers inside. Here's hoping he is staying abreast of sites like this where there are people who would like answers.

    According to Halligen the McCanns did not keep to the agreement he had with them for the amount to be paid him, although he had others to pay for the work he was contracted to do for them.

    He therefore owes them nothing, and if he is afraid for some reason or other, (as he appears to be), it is better he tells what he knows regarding the McCanns than sits on it.

  177. 176,

    the McCanns look bad in Liverpool because they will have to pay that appeal in Lisbon because they lost it.
    They are not used to pay, they are used to get money.
    For the first time they will pay for damages they caused to TVI, the editor, the film maker and Amaral.
    That's why they look so depressed.

    But don't make a mistake.Even if they are gangsters, it does not mean they don't suffer because of Maddie's death.
    I think that after three years, the suffering and feeling of missing are much worse than at the beginning.
    Those feelings get worse and worse through the years,
    and the invoyces from Portugal too.

  178. They are asking for more money. The funds are running dry again - as reported in the Daily Mail tonight(the article has already been deleted). They lost the court case against Goncalo Amaral - they must want the public to pay their court costs.

  179. The UK sun (rag) has the front page Maccann's fear Maddie hunt is over cash strapped fund in crisis.

    Mary Liverpool uk

  180. The McCanns think the German people are a push over to get more money, but they are not stupid and will see directly through the McCanns scam, more than the english do, we are far to polite.
    Kate and gerry have got used to a subsidised life.

  181. To Anon 163

    :b P.J Tipps is disappointed. He expected more IQs to rise to the occasion but...we shall have to do with what we have.

    The £5000 prize for the best theory cannot be yours. Sorry. That was such a poor try. Shame on you Anon 163.

    Well at least you tried but I can see you misunderstood the scenario Tipps gave.

    He did not say Madeleine could have been abducted through the back door (and don't forget the front door if this was accidentally left opened "under the effect").

    The question was: "What if the door(s) - one or the other was left (accidentally or otherwise) opened, etc.

    P.J. Tipps was looking for the kind of imaginative scenario that might impress a judge or a jury. Lies would have been acceptable since these are OK under Portuguese law - as we have seen in this case already e.g. conflicting testimonies, Jane Tanner attempt to pervert the course of justice, etc.

    P.J. is planning another quiz towards the end of the month. Same prize. The runner-up gets a genuine Sherlock Holmes clay pipe.

    Sorry! My kettle is whistling...

    Mrs. Ruth Van der Vliet
    :k P.J. Tipps Secretary

  182. Madeleine’s mother hits out at ‘fluffy worthless promises’ as appeal fund is set to run dry


  183. Going to Liverpool is perhaps not the best trip for the McCanns.
    Mr. Healy is very ill, Mrs. Healy could still being accusing them of irresponsibility and today is November the 2nd, a Catholic holiday. Het must be tough for the McCanns, not being able to visit Madeleine's grave, but it is their choice.
    The poor girl is lying lonesomely somewhere in Algarve, no flowers, no Mummy, no prayers near her.
    Every other Mummy who lost her child was near it today, showing her love, bringing flowers and toys.
    Madeleine is somewhere in dark, nearly never or even never a visitor, nobody talks to her.For the rest of eternity? An she wonders: "-What kind of crime did I commit during my short life and do I deserve this?"

  184. Madeleine’s mother hits out at ‘fluffy worthless promises’ as appeal fund is set to run dry


    This coming from a parent who WILLINGLY REFUSED to fully co-operate with the police investigation into the disappearance of her daughter.

    Why should any Government, politician or member of the public help the McCanns when it was they who WILLINGLY REFUSED to fully co-operate with the police? Parents of missing children who WILLINGLY REFUSE to fully co-operate with the police do not deserve help from politicians or Governments, they deserve scepticism and questioning of their 'claims' regarding the disappearance of their child.

  185. Something that has bothered me for a long time this year is what GM said on this video:


    When asked about the dogs evidence at 0:27 secs, GM says...

    'Why would we be shocked... we're not denying the existence of the dogs or anything else... it's evidence were interested in.'

    Now this is very strange. Supporters would say he meant 'we already know about the dogs and what the PJ concluded.' However, a family that have suffered the indignity of a child being abducted would SURELY be very upset that CSI and EVRD dogs have alerted in the same flat where their child has been taken?

    I think this one sentence says all we need to know about TM.

    May the truth one day be known.

  186. Anon @ 178, Off course should be full of errors the Findmadeleine in German. Must be monitored from UK by the boy in charged to launch and work on the original site, Phill student. Even on that they were evil. They convinced an ingenuous boy, probably cheapest payed to help them in a big crime. Most probably the boy was convinced that he his doing a charitable work by giving his solidarity and is knowledge to help the search of the little girl. When he realised what was behind, was too late to jump out without being criminally involved. The team works well with intimidation and pressures, then he have to carry on.
    No way for the Mccann's to have new figures dealing with their affairs, specially from a foreigner country. More characters, means more risk to be caught and exposed. They have to use the people they fool and managed to manipulate since the beginning. Their last detectives are a strong example to show me that: they are completely incompetent and achieving nothing but they cannot be replaced by any others, even after years of total "No success". The detectives and all other characters on Maddie charade, know the truth. Trough Mccann's mouth or true the evidences, they know the truth, and the Mccann's know that reality. They cannot be discharged like halligen, unless they manage to find another serious case to keep their mouths closed. Then the German findmadeleine will be the next circus for our German friends to enjoy. I hope, who understand German keep updating the jokes.

  187. At Last anti Mccann comments in the mail on line i have coppied the highest rated below (follow the link)http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1326012/Madeleine-McCanns-mother-Kate-hits-fluffy-worthless-promises-appeal-fund-runs-dry.html

    also note the tittle given to the link by the daily mail (Kate-hits-fluffy-worthless-promises-appeal-fund)
    Instead of begging for money again, they should return to Portugal and take part in the reconstruction with their tapas friends. RE-OPEN the case, instead of the worthless 'review' that they keep bleating about. The public is fed up with the 'begging bowl' antics of these two. It's time they did something constructive.They owe it to their daughter - don't they?
    2/11/2010 23:50

    "Begging"?? Gerry's sister vowed that the McCann family would sell their homes to find Madeleine, to date they have not. Instead of begging for money from folk who are likely already feeling the pinch, why don't they put their money where their mouths are?

    It is the same old story with the McCanns, Madeleine's disappearance is everyone elses fault, it is the responsiblity of everyone else to fund the search for their daughter, they are the victims - Well hello there McCanns, you let your daughter down, you shirked your parental responsibilities during that fateful week in 2007, it is Madeleine who is the real victim here.
    - BRADFORD, THE SOUTH, 2/11/2010 23:53

    "The McCanns have used £2million in public donations to pay for private detectives."
    That should read "have used £2 million in public donations for PR, lawyers and dodgy private detectives, with no result". Why ask for more donations now? To continue spending the same way?
    They said that they were in Portugal to ask for the re-opening of the case but they haven't done that yet. Why not?.
    - Pat, expat, Portugal, 3/11/2010 2:05

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1326012/Madeleine-McCanns-mother-Kate-hits-fluffy-worthless-promises-appeal-fund-runs-dry.html#ixzz14COSqLNc

  188. These articles in the Mail and Sun are surely to prepare the ground for an anti-Amaral capaign when he comes to claim damages from them: how despicable, everyone will say, to take money from them when they so desperately need it for the search. A pity these papers don´t mention why they are so desperate for money: a little matter of a court case that was lost.

  189. The shameless money begging continues. Disgusting couple, no dignity whatsoever! I feel like vomiting...





  190. Something strange about the new McCann petition


    The list is constantly getting longer, but the last few names on the end have stayed the since at least 2.00 am 3/11/2010.

    Another scam?

    (last few minutes)

    # 1543
    Name: Donna Temporal Delaney on Nov 3, 2010
    Comments: Please don't give up on the search for Madeleine. Lets not allow this precious little girls life be a closed book, you must continue to search! This case breaks my heart.
    # 1544
    Name: Mr S Andrews on Nov 3, 2010
    # 1545
    Name: Louise Scialom on Nov 3, 2010


    # 1618
    Name: Donna Temporal Delaney on Nov 3, 2010
    Comments: Please don't give up on the search for Madeleine. Lets not allow this precious little girls life be a closed book, you must continue to search! This case breaks my heart.
    # 1619
    Name: Mr S Andrews on Nov 3, 2010
    # 1620
    Name: Louise Scialom on Nov 3, 2010

  191. #
    Name: Donna Temporal Delaney on Nov 3, 2010
    Comments: Please don't give up on the search for Madeleine. Lets not allow this precious little girls life be a closed book, you must continue to search! This case breaks my heart.
    # 1983
    Name: Mr S Andrews on Nov 3, 2010
    # 1984
    Name: Louise Scialom on Nov 3, 2010

  192. Joana, what do you think about this on SKY news?

  193. Anon 191

    Yes, you are right about that.

    That is how they think.

    Not only will they get to squeeze yet more money out of the unsuspecting public with the begging bowl, they will make out Dr Amaral is the big bad monster trying to get money from them which they urgently need to help find Madeleine.

    They are vile, vile, people, who think they are entitled to have the world pay their way, and they will try every trick in the book to get what they want. It has been easy money for them and they can't stop.

    Here's hoping somebody in authority has been keeping a very close watch and tracking the money they have been saying they are using to find Madeleine.

    Also, who comprises the 'extended family' they have been sharing the Fund money with?

    Maybe that family of theirs could cough up some money, or even sell their houses just like the McCanns wanted the Amaral family to sell theirs. Even perhaps, they could go do some actual searching.

    Or don't they think it would be worth it because they know they wont find Madeleine.

  194. #
    Name: Donna Temporal Delaney on Nov 3, 2010
    Comments: Please don't give up on the search for Madeleine. Lets not allow this precious little girls life be a closed book, you must continue to search! This case breaks my heart.
    # 2029
    Name: Mr S Andrews on Nov 3, 2010
    # 2030
    Name: Louise Scialom on Nov 3, 2010


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