1.Everyone shall possess the right to freely express and publicise his thoughts in words, images or by any other means, as well as the right to inform others, inform himself and be informed without hindrance or discrimination 2.Exercise of the said rights shall not be hindered or limited by any type or form of censorship Constitution of the Portuguese Republic, Article 37.º

Gonçalo Amaral's book can return into bookshops

by Marisa Rodrigues

Gonçalo Amaral’s book about the Madeleine McCann case can return into bookshops. The Appeals Court of Lisbon has just agreed with the former Polícia Judiciária coordinator, who has always defended the thesis of the little English girl’s death.

“The contents of the book does not offend any of the fundamental rights of the applicants [the McCann couple and their three children]” and “the exercise of its writing and publication is included in the constitutional rights that are assured to everyone by the European Convention for Human Rights and by the Portuguese Republic’s Constitution”, reads the decision, to which JN [Jornal de Notícias] had access.
In September 2009, after an injunction that was filed by the McCann couple, the Civil Court of Lisbon forbade the sale of the book “The Truth of the Lie” and also the reproduction of a documentary that is based upon the book and was broadcast by TVI.

A decision that earns harsh criticism from the Appeals Court judges. To forbid the former PJ coordinator “of expressing his opinion, by any means (in writing, interview, analysis, commentary), about what he wrote in that book, cuts off one of his rights that is constitutional and universal: that of opinion and of freedom of expression”, the decision mentions.

The three Appeals Court judges that sign the decision furthermore consider that the sentence from the Civil Court of Lisbon violated the Portuguese Republic’s Constitution and the European Convention for Human Rights.

Apart from watching “The Truth of the Lie” returning to bookshops, Gonçalo Amaral sees his right to freedom of expression returned to himself.

in: Jornal de Notícias, 19.10.2010

Gonçalo Amaral's book can return into bookshops

by Ana Paula Azevedo

The Lisbon Appeals Court has given the former Polícia Judiciaria inspector, Gonçalo Amaral, reason concerning the injunction that had been filed against him by Madeleine McCann’s parents.

In a decision that is dated Thursday last week, the Appeals Court judges have overturned the prohibition that had been decreed by the Lisbon Civil Courts, which forbade the distribution and sales of the book “Maddie – The Truth of the Lie”, as well as interviews and television reports about said book, both in Portugal and abroad.

The McCann couple alleges that Gonçalo Amaral’s book, as well as the interviews that he gave about it, prompt “a serious and hardly reparable damage” to their family, especially to the twins, Sean and Amelie. They invoked damages to the protection of their private and family life and damages to their good name and their image rights.

Yet, to the Appeals Court of Lisbon, “the contents of the book does not offend any of the applicants’ fundamental rights. The exercise of its writing and publication is included in the constitutional rights that are ensured to everyone by the European Convention of Human Rights and by the Portuguese Republic’s Constitution” (concerning freedom of expression and information and freedom of press and the media).

We recall that the investigation into Maddie’s disappearance was coordinated by Gonçalo Amaral and ended up being archived, without any certainties concerning what happened to the three-year-old child. In the book “Maddie – The Truth of the Lie”, the former inspector sustains that Maddie died in the apartment where her parents were spending their holidays, in Praia da Luz, probably due to a domestic accident, on the 3rd of May, 2007 – and then the McCann couple, assisted by their friends who where on holidays with them, concealed the cadaver.

And he alleges that he was forced to write the book in order to defend his reputation and to restore his professional honour, given the fact that at a certain point in time, he was removed from the investigation before its conclusion, through a decision from the Judiciária’s national directory.

The judges at the Appeals Court in Lisbon compared the book with the archiving dispatch from the investigation into Maddie’s disappearance: “We do not find any mention to any facts in the book that are not also in that dispatch.

Where the author (Gonçalo Amaral) differs from the Prosecutors that wrote the dispatch is in the logical, police-work-oriented and investigative interpretation of said facts. In that sense, we stand before the exercise of the right of opinion, namely in a domain in which the author is an expert, as he worked as a criminal investigator for 26 years”.
“Concerning the applicants’ (the McCann couple’s) protection of private life, it is themselves who give multiple interviews and intervene in the media, offering them [the media] information that would otherwise hardly be published” and that “they voluntarily decided to limit their right to the intimacy of private life, in order to pursue higher values like the discovery of their daughter’s whereabouts”.

Nonetheless, in doing so, “they opened the doors for others to give their opinion about the matter, in accordance to what they were saying, but eventually also in contradiction with their directions, yet always within a legitimate and constitutionally consecrated right of opinion and freedom of expression of thought”.

The decision was issued by the Appeals judges Francisco Bruto da Costa, Catarina Arelo Mando and António Valente.

in: Sol, 19.10.2010

The above articles were published on the first post of 'The Day when Freedom of Expression returned to Portugal' series, their original Portuguese versions are available here : McCann Book Ban Lifted - Freedom has returned to Portugal


  1. My day just keeps bgetting better and better

    Muito Obrigado Joanna

  2. should never have been banned in the first place.

  3. How long will it be before it is translated into english and sold in british bookshops?

  4. Brilliant news, just pure absolutely brilliant. We always knew it was wrong that the book was withdrawn. Now here's a question - will the book be published in the United Kingdom.

  5. "Yes! You can!"

    :k P.J. Tipps

  6. Can Goncalo Amaral use his on money now or not?

  7. This is good news. If Mr Gonçalo Amaral reas this: Sir I am sorry that you and your family had to go through all this. I believe in my heart that Justice for this little girl will be done, and I thank you for your part that you are playing and the investigation you did into this case. I wish you and your family peace and love with all my heart. The truth of anything in live will come out, you can not hide the truth. So whatever happened to maddie one day there will be justice for her God Bless everyone that is not willing to let this go, everyone that thinks of her and you Sir, God bless you

  8. Good news indeed for Dr Amaral. God bless him and his family and God bless you Joana for all your good work.

  9. Dear Joana

    I am glad that Gonçalo Amaral has won his case, freedom of speech is important just as is the search for the truth.

    This is a victory for commonsense over oppression.

    Yours sincerely

    George Laird
    The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

  10. When this wonderful news EVENTUALLY gets into the British press,I will wait with baited breath for an apology from all my family and friends who have looked at me as if I was mad in my defence of this man,s treatment by the Macaan camp!!!!Please let this help bring justice for little Madeline ,its so long over due.PS Has anyone heard a "speech" from Clarence Mitchell yet,not like him to miss a chance to preach to us !!!1

  11. how wonderful Joana perhaps this news will make tomorrows papers. Well done Goncalo.

  12. At the time of Jaycee Dugard's disappearance, her step-father was suspected of the crime and his marriage broke up as a result. Everyone was convinced of his guilt but it took eighteen years to show that he was completely innocent.

  13. www.poundland.co.uk

    If he hurries up Gonc. might get his book into the 50p discount bucket, the receptacle for most garbage books not worth the paper they're written on.

  14. Thank you dear Astro ☼, for your wonderful translations, above all for the last three years of companionship, of friendship, of "pulling my ears" or of being right here by my side at those times when one needs a friend most, adoro-te querida, um beijinho ♥

  15. It is extremely sad that the news today is that a book with a version of events expressed by Goncalo Amaral is a victory.
    The only joyful outcome is that Madeleine McCann is found alive.
    The hope of finding her is I know extremely remote but if a body was found we would be 100% certain of what really happened.
    Some cases remain unsolved. I have lots of theories about what could have occured on that night. But these are merely theories.

  16. Anonymous # 12

    Can you tell us exactly what do you mean? In clear words, please! I can spot some message but, stupid me, I fail to see what it is......

  17. http://dn.sapo.pt/inicio/portugal/interior.aspx?content_id=1690386

    "Além de avançar para tribunal, Gonçalo Amaral pretende fazer uma reedição do seu livro. "Vai conter novos factos devidamente fundamentados", diz o antigo inspector."

    So GA will make a new edition of his book with new facts duly fundamented :n

    The future looks suddenly very bright!

  18. 13 You are exactly what the McCanns stand for, despicable, vindictive persons who do not care about whom they harm - just as long as their neglect and irresponsibility for their children's well being keeps being obfuscated by hate speech, xenophobia, personal attacks and ultimately, by menacing with perfidious legal threats everyone who dares to have a different opinion - an opinion which by the way is fundamented in a joint British and Portuguese Criminal investigation that has concluded that Madeleine McCann is more than likely DEAD!

    I'm glad that you have posted that comment so courageously, so others can read how you deranged animals act to protect a couple of parents who, have in any case and by their own admission, committed a crime as per the law that defends children in Portugal from abandonment and neglect.

  19. to 15

    "All truth passes through three stages:

    First, it is ridiculed.

    Second, it is violently opposed.

    Third, it is accepted as being self-evident."

    Arthur Schopenhauer (1788 - 1860)

  20. 13


    Try not to be too transparent

  21. Fabulous news.

    I hope we can finally look forward to Mr Amaral's book being sold in the UK, since our spineless press have proved themselves guilty of gross dereliction of duty these past three years, up to and including today.

    Thanks again to you Joana, Astro, Kaz and all the dedicated bloggers and posters who have kept this story alive on the internet...:g



  22. Can you imagine living inside the head of the poster who entered the 13th comment?
    A fate worse than death.

  23. @Anon 15

    Unfortunately there wont be joyful outcome:Madeleine has died.

    We all had theories and went back checking facts and only facts and an enormous database has been created,everything converging to the same conclusion: there was no kidnapping.

    The only joyfull outcome is the full restauration of a man"s to his basic human right to FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION.
    This recovering of his rights allows him to publish a new/amended version of the first edition of his book,adding new elements,fully documented.We are in for many more surprises.
    The mccanns have lost everything,the most important being a child who still has not receive the justice she deserves.
    The truth will win and it has already started.

    Please re-read the above article

    @Anon 13
    I will abstain to comment as I could become particularly vulgar and this would put me down to your level.

  24. You didn't like the Poundland idea then Joana? :o

  25. 13, how happy we all are you are following Joana, all the time!
    How was jogging today?

  26. Poster (13) I have just read your inane post and I suspect that you're a little boy or girl, who should be tucked up in bed. Run along and find another forum that will welcome a person as uneducated and ill mannered as yourself.


  27. Anon 13

    Is that what happened to your book then Rosiepops?

    There now, you need have no fears that Dr Amaral's book will end up the same way. There is a big difference between something based on truth and a load of made up garbage. Your abduction fairy story is wearing very thin.

  28. Ity broke my heart to watch and hear Dr. Amaral today in TVI's morning show "Você na TV". He was asked about the hardships of this past year and of how he and his family managed to cope with it all, namelly with the "freezing"(arresto)of their assets. Things have been really hard, but their marriage has survived and the family keeps united, despite being tight for money.
    Dr. Amaral revealled that he was not even able to go to the TVI studios in Lisbon because he could not afford the travel, so, TVI arranjed transportation for him to be interviewed live from Faro.
    Dr. Amaral went on to say that they are coping thanks to the help from friends and family.

    This made my heart sink and brought tears to my eyes. It's a tremendous injustice that such a dignified man and such a loving family (let's not forget there are two beautiful young girls suffering this injustice too) have been living a nightmare while the two criminal suspects( and their "extended family") are living the good life thanks to a fraudulent fund.

  29. The only joyful outcome, - finding madeleine alive was my sentiment.
    I wish that the Jaycee Dugard discovery was more frequent in missing person cases. It must be very hard for people who never see their missing relatives or friends again. What an awful situation to live with.

  30. #25,
    No jogging in Rothley...only in Luz.
    Susan Healy (Kate's mum) told in an interview that Kate rarely leaves the house, mainly only to go to the hairdressers. The vain b#*$! How many times has the woman changed her hairstyle in the last 3 years?!
    The grieving mother my harse!

  31. Hi Anonymous (post 28) I became upset when I saw how much weight Dr Amaral has lost. The vile McCanns want horsewhipping for their behaviour, not just towards Madeleine, Sean and Amalie, but for causing all the stress and hardship Dr Amaral and his family are suffering from.

    Dr Amaral has got more stress ahead of him, when the McCanns sue him. The judge who hears this case, must take into consideration the reasons for the overturning of the ban of Dr Amaral's book. As well as the McCanns obvious greed for money.

    Thanks to them and their hangers on, the fund that was set up to find Madeleine, has been syphoned off into their pockets. None of it has been used to try to find Madeleine.

    Now they want to get their greedy mitts, on half of Dr Amaral's home and as much money as they can squeeze out of him. They will see Dr Amaral and his family, out in the streets and penniless.

    I wish I was the one who had that huge lottery win, I would glady give Dr Amaral enough money, to enable him to sort him and his family out and to pay for the court case when he countersues the "gruesome twosome".

    I would dearly like to say what else I would use some of the money for, but I think my post wouldn't be printed.:l

  32. George Laird, thank you for commenting here and for the excellent post on your blog. http://glasgowunihumanrights.blogspot.com/2010/10/team-mccann-suffer-major-body-blow-as.html

    Don't miss it, folks - he does NOT mince words.

  33. @Anon 29

    Certainely but the fact is that she probably died and this is more and more an accepted fact.
    Jaycee Dugard was unfortunately and truly abducted by people who were total strangers .
    Madeleine "disappeared" being with her family . I believe it is by "chance" Jaycee Dugard is still alive.I also believe the psychological damages are irreversible even though she has finally been reunited with her family.
    There is absolutely NO comparison between the 2 cases.
    I wish little children were never ever harmed nor become the silent victims of all sort of abuses.Thats what I wish and this is why we all insist so much that justice is done to Madeleine and so many others children.

    @Ano 13
    Enjoy the reading of the new amended ediition of " A Verdade da Mentira". In english.

  34. Don't forget these same McCanns were quite willing to take money from schoolchildren and old age pensioners for their Fund. No doubt they still are.

    Meanwhile, there is no evidence they ever spent a penny of their own money on the so called 'search' for Madeleine.

    They are still looking well heeled and are still living in that big house in Rothley, and supposedly have also acquired more property, and travel in style, and stay at the best hotels.

    Dr Amaral has more class in his little finger than either of these creatures who have already had millions given them via their begging bowls and want yet more. After all, they have an 'extended family' to support now as well.

    And we can't expect them to cough up their own money and have to endure a bit of hardship can we.

    As for actually going out and doing a bit of searching themselves, forget it. Kate is far too frail looking, although it does seem to come and go depending on the circumstances.

  35. Hello Anonymous (post 15)Maybe if you had followed this sad case from day 1 as most of the posters on here have done, you will realise that the theme of Dr Amaral's book, is not based on his version of events, it is based on hard facts and evidence.

    The P.J. had enough evidence to begin a prosecution case against the McCanns, but thanks to the intervention of the British Government, the case could not go ahead.

    Instead of making a sarcastic post and presuming that Dr Amaral has written his version of events, pay a visit to www.mccannfiles.com there you will find all the files, that contain the facts of this case.

    If you go to the "You Tube" website, you will be able to see the McCanns media interviews. If you trawl the net, you will be able to find photographs of the McCanns laughing and joking on what would have been Madeleine's 4th birthday which was around a week after she disappeared.

    You will find photographs of the McCanns jogging, while Dr Amaral's men, locals who stayed off work for a week and holiday makers searched for Madeleine. Searching for Madeleine was something the McCanns never did from the day she was discovered "missing" How do I know the McCanns never searched? I heard Kate McCann admit that they never searched for Madeleine.

    Remember who started this ball rolling, it wasn't Dr Amaral, it was the McCanns, who couldn't be a**ed to take proper care of their 3 children. The McCanns are 100% to blame for whatever happened to Madeleine and whatever suffering she endured, on her way to "God knows where"

    I believe the McCanns know where Madeleine is and if she is dead or alive and I believe that is the reason they never searched for her and is the reason they, their wider family and their hangers on, have bled the fund that was raised to find Madeleine, well and truly dry.

    I also believe that the overturning of the ban of Dr Amaral's book, is the beginning of the end for the McCanns. Only when the McCanns are finally prosecuted for their part in Madeleine's disappearance, will we see justice being done for little Madeleine.

  36. The appeal court judges have verified that Mr. Amaral's version of events is in agreement with the facts found in the case file. The judge who banned this book and silenced a Portuguese citizen committed a grave error against democracy. Therefore this ruling is not sad, it is a just ruling that brings joy to those of us who believe in freedom of expression. This book informs the public of the facts of this case; those of you who feel sad because of this ruling obviously don't care about Madeleine.

  37. Appeals judges: Francisco Bruto da Costa, Catarina Arelo Mando and António Valente.

    We could do with judges like these in the UK. Now bring on the libel case sooner rather than later.

    The torment of Goncalo Amaral and his family,where this farce is concerned has gone on long enough.

    McCanns will presumably have to attend court and answer questions under oath.

    They will not like that at all,because they are used to seeing and agreeing the questions they have agreed to answer, before giving interviews. It is my understanding this has been standard and agreed practice insisted upon by CHIEF "He who lies with as many teeth as he has in his mouth" English name Clarence Mitchell.

    Will they be advised by CHIEF "He who lies with as many teeth as he has in his mouth" to change their minds at the 11th hour and withdraw?

    Even if they do not attend court and leave it to their lawyers. Their old friend, ex-PM Gordon Brown, who has interfered in this investigation, signed the LISBON TREATY, and we now have the European Arrest warrant.

    This libel trial will be on Portuguese soil, in a Portuguese Court and may well lead to new evidence which will open up the investigation.

    Heads Goncalo Amaral wins tails the McCanns lose. That is unless they re-locate in a none EU country, where the EU arrest warrant is useless.

    An Englishman

  38. If the McCanns have to attend and answer questions, can we expect that Kate will send a sick note instead.

  39. 32, thank you for telling about George Laird, Glasgow.
    It is the first time in three years I read about Gerry in his past.
    A person who remembers him at the University.
    And describes him as I always thought he was and is.

    Because the McCanns are people without a past.Nobody knows anything about them, even not the police.
    One of this day Carter Ruck wil knock at Laird's door and sue him.

    The three judges in Portugal are giving strengh to the media in the UK. Since they officially said Amaral is right, journalists are getting the courage to repeat his words: the girl died in the apartment and the abduction was fake.

    Now Mr. Laird, from Scotland!!!!!!!!!!!!!, has the guts to criticise the McCanns.And to appreciate the judges'sentence.
    This is great! How thankful the media in UK must be to the Portuguese Justice.

    Speaking about this case, I always thought freedom of expression in the UK would come from the British themselves.
    But it was impossible for them.
    Now they have the support of the three capable Portuguese judges, who based themselves not only on the Portuguese Constitution but also on the European one.

    British media can more and more base themselves on Amaral's book because it is legal.

  40. Wonderful paragraphs from the judges:

    “Concerning the applicants’ (the McCann couple’s) protection of private life, it is themselves who give multiple interviews and intervene in the media, offering them [the media] information that would otherwise hardly be published” and that “they voluntarily decided to limit their right to the intimacy of private life, in order to pursue higher values like the discovery of their daughter’s whereabouts”.

    Nonetheless, in doing so, “they opened the doors for others to give their opinion about the matter, in accordance to what they were saying, but eventually also in contradiction with their directions, yet always within a legitimate and constitutionally consecrated right of opinion and freedom of expression of thought”.

    I just add 3 more things:

    -All the damages the Mccann's may had on their private life, was a direct result from their behaviour which was always polemic and not understandable for normal and responsible people (specially careful parents). Their refuse to do the reconstruction was just an example in trillions of others.

    - Their commitment with Media, over the time, showed the public that had less to do with their search of their daughter and a lot to do with perverting the course of justice by grabbing money from the public to pay lawyers and detectives who never search Madeleine, instead they persecute an official police and all bloggers who believe on the police was on the right track when he was dismissed from the investigation.

    - That two paragraphs shows not only the victory of Democracy but also the end of power of Carter-Ruck. Now, they are not anymore legitimate to send their stupid letters threatened bloggers and honest people who just believe that a real girl could not disappear in tinny air, from her bed,5 days after arriving to a quite Algarve Resort. Fairy Tales are to entertain toddlers, not people with a functional brain. Toddlers, you can intimidate and manipulate. Old childs and adults add 2+2 and that easy equation must be 4. Mccann's fail easy equations on the saga of their childs ( since I believe the twins are not safe under such kind of parents).
    G. Amaral was right: The injunction was decided in the secretary, even before witnesses stated in the court.
    I read that G.A. wants to counter sue the Mccann's. If so, Mccann's will be forced to reopen Madeleine case and hand evidences to the court to support their abduction theory. Well done Amaral, they dismiss your intelligence and your perseverance. The Smiths are the target now. I hope they don't be afraid of the Carter-Ruck methods and the "insultuous" money of Mccann's Fund.
    Congratulations Joana & Astro. This are great news also for people like you who during 3 years gave the face looking for justice for a little girl you never meet or know. You have done more for her then her biologic family.

  41. Wonderful, THE NEWS GO ACROSS THE WORLD. In the United Arab Emirates I heard the news about the book and Amaral winning the court case against his book. The radio is reporting it every hour. And there are such words in the news: Madeleine death, Fake abduction, etc, etc. Not good, the air in Rothley that week.

  42. Anon @ 13, hiring some words from your good friends the Mccann's. "GET A LIFE". The book will be top sale on the first hours after arriving to the bookshops, at normal price. There is no crisis when the issue is the Freedman and the truth.

  43. I wonder if the good people of rothley can now see what a pair of lying scumbags thier neighbors the mccanns are.

  44. I really hope an English language edition of this book will be published now. Here in the UK, this subject seems to be effectively censored: Sky reported the story of the ban being lifted but the BBC completely ignored it, as did most newspapers. These are the very same newspapers that had happily reported on the book's ban previously.
    I genuinely don't understand the reason for this bias, but for this reason, I wonder if British publishers will be willing to publish the book, even though it clearly has the potential to be a bestseller.
    Perhaps Mr Amaral would be better off seeking a US or Australian publisher, or maybe his own Portuguese publisher could offer an English language edition and sell it online?

  45. Only 2 words for the mccanns: BE CAREFUL
    The Portuguese justice has over turned the ban and this means justice for freedom of expression and justice for GA.
    I have the feeling that "we are getting there",that may be the next step is the reopening of the case with a citation to court for the mccanns,hopefully with their arguidos status.This,now,wouldnt surprise me at all.
    Gonçalo Amaral is Madeleine"s voice and he will make sure to be heard high and loud.Yes, BE CAREFUL
    Ah....! and remember that one of the first quality of police officers is p a t i e n c e

  46. Hope for the truth prevailing is re-energised!

  47. Anon 41

    Thank you for your post. Very interesting.

    Yes, 'perverting the course of justice' just about sums up what has been happening from the start. Clarence Mitchell with his 'lies through every tooth in his head' statements are just one of the ways they have been doing this. They have been undermining the investigation and the investigators all along.

    Add to that the intimidation of various people by the McCanns' Carter Ruck lawyers for daring to say anything different to their version of events, and that is only some aspects of what they have been doing to steer the truth off course.

    It has been constant brainwashing of the public with their abduction fairy story as if it were fact, and collecting of money to search for a living Madeleine when every indication is that she is dead.

    How much intimidation of witnesses has there been? Will we ever know that?

    I wish there was some way it could be turned back on the McCanns and they could now be sued for harrassment by those who were Carter Rucked on behalf of the McCanns.

    Their Carter Ruck letters will now have to stop, and that Fund of theirs, for which they have obtained millions, (what have they been doing with all that money, but of course we will never know?), should also be put a stop to.

    The question has to be how on earth have they managed to get away with it all and nobody stop them for so long.

    As for these so called investigators the Mccanns say they have in Portugal, isn't the conducting of such private investigations illegal.

    So how about stopping that also. Otherwise the intimidation will continue towards anybody they wish to focus in on as the supposed 'abductor'. How many more lives will be blighted by these people before they are completely stopped.

    What's betting that Gerry McCann really is FURIOUS this time because they have been thwarted.

    Good! Let's hope we see more of it.

  48. "Susan Healy (Kate's mum) told in an interview that Kate rarely leaves the house, mainly only to go to the hairdressers."
    But when she does, I am sure she leaves the patio doors open so that the twins could escape in the event of a fire.

  49. :h To Anon 13

    Had you waited a bit longer Joana might have given you posting 666 - the number of the Beast. As it is you were just the unlucky 13. It suits you too.

    You meant in the "Lidl" for £3? that would have been more likely - in 5 years time, say.

    Have all those years as a street seller taught you nothing?

    The expanded, unabridged English version, will be on sale at Waterstones. For bargains try Amazon.co.uk. For signed copies, make sure you will be in the queue in Piccadilly Circus on signing day by midnight so you might get a chance to look into the eyes of a hero and get a personal dedication from The Man himself - which you can then show your neighbours in the council estate...

    By the time the book finds its way into "Lidl" the whole Planet already knows what really happened, or did not happened that night (or was it in the late afternoon?).

    The problem with low IQ supporters of the McCanns' ACT ("Abduction Conspiracy Theory") is that their brains are unable to digest and make sense of the facts of the investigation (including the contradictions, the dog barks and ALL the forensic samples destroyed by FSS) and seeing these are pointing an obvious guilty finger at the McCann's. Instead they go for a "football's fan approach". They support the team they fancy most usually with disappointing results. Afterwards they get "pi**ed" and wallow in the "injustice" of it all. It is pathetic.

    Only a miracle could turn the Macs into the innocent British couple you would love them to be. I understand that - they are, after all, from your own tribe... Unfortunately, there is more to come. Wait for the Murat versus Tanner showdown and then for the massive counter compensation claim from "Big Rock". Hold tight...

    :b Now you can go and have a shower! Phew. It smells here! As Hadrian Augustus used to say: "Once a barbarian always a barbarian"...

    :j Bootleg

  50. Best news I’ve heard in years, lets hope its published in English and on sale in the UK

  51. :m Mademoiselle Joana,

    I wonder if it would be possible through your good offices, to place a link in your blog to a bookshop/website where signed copies of the book "The Truth of a Lie" could be made available to us all?

    All of us who stood by the expert opinion of Dr. Gonçalo Amaral and are delighted to see basic freedoms honoured by the Portuguese justice system without the need to take them to the European Court of Justice. Proceedings could then be donated to his defence fund...

    A link with PayPal system could be set for the orders. Please ensure these can be posted worldwide - or at least mainland Europe.

    Thank you ever so much "Cherie"! You are such a darling! :g:g:g

    :g Madame Duarte de Bovary

  52. The McCann camp must really be kicking themselves. When they set about banning this book its sales had already peaked and were no doubt settling down at a pretty low level. Now, as a result of their vindictive behaviour, its sales will have an unexpected boost and a green light has been given to some courageous publisher for an English edition. Lots of people who had previously never heard of it will be wanting to read it and hopefully Sr. Amaral will benefit financially from that boost. A very ill-advised move on the part of the McCanns - on top of everything else they are so inept.
    And will they have lost good money over this?

  53. Just month ago McCanns ask suggestions (Facebook:official Find Madeleine Campaign) on how to keep the SPOTLIGHT on Madeleine still being missing. Now they had very very good chance make headlines by saying something and really remind people her being missing:d And they decided to be quiet. Of course I know why they are quiet (storm is more quickly over), but being now quiet make them look guiltier than ever IMO.

  54. Joanna,
    Muchas graias por todo.
    Do legal costs follow the judgment in Portugal, as they do in England ?

  55. Poster 13. You are welcome to post such childish comments.

    I have been expecting this great news for some time but I have also been expecting the day that Mr Amaral gets some joy out of this situation that we are bound to get a flood of nonsense feedback and comments like yours.

    There is a thing that you and your McCann-loving supporters fail to realize: The majority - the overwhelming majority - who post on here have always been objective, to the truth and with an open mind. Those three things have helped in the judgment of the posters on this site and to come to their conclusion (after studying the amount of facts in this case) and belief of what really happened.

    Many have already read the book that was mysteriously banned and thanks to Joana and her hard-working team, have been given access to information we would never see in a UK mainstream channel.

    You can make all the silly comments all you like; the truth is there just waiting to come out and I can guarantee you that the truth will not only surface: it will rise and when it does; you, your ill-informed, closed-minded, manipluated slave-induced minds of you McCann supporters will be eating a nice round pie with a nourishing humble flavour.

    This is the first steps to justice for Madeleine but we have to honour that this news is also justice for the Portuguese and European people and the Constitutional rights of Portuguese citizens. If you cannot respect that there are millions who will.

  56. I hope and I wish GA"s book hits the book shelves in Europe and particularly the UK within the next weeks and make an AWFUL lot of dosh to compensate for the unfair,painful and stressful life,the cruel mccanns imposed on them,thanks to their sick manipulations and thirst for "power".
    Will kate run to get a several copies for"family","friends","lawyers","new Biggies Team",neighbours....?Will be paid by the fund?
    At least,I hope this is good news to the mccanns: they wont have to spend a penny to translate and look for...Madeleine between the pages of the updated version.
    I think they should really,they would finally realize that if people cannot find madeleine,they will at least get closer to the final truth.
    And this is what counts: the truth.
    It is on its way whatever time it will take.

  57. I was in tears when i read the amazing news that at long last ,Maddie COULD be getting her justice soon ,I hope and pray that there is just ONE ,nice ,family man ,good Dad newspaper editor ,who has sat on his hands,clenching on the bit , who will have the balls to now smash this case wide open,Poundland @13 ....you seem to in a sort of panic ?what are you scared of ? the TRUTH? if you are not, you should be

  58. "Goncalo Amaral is Madeleine's voice" (No 46, above.) This is the one beauty in the middle of all this mess. Her little voice comes out bright with the truth of her demise. My deepest thanks to all the people on this site - and others- who have stood up for her through these years.
    Remember the blood under the sofa and the two tiles that were removed as evidence? - they must be in storage somewhere in Portugal.

  59. Kathybelle, I agree that the McCann's were wrong to leave the three small children while they went out to dinner on that night. Of course they were. I have read from day one all aspects of the case and I have read on the internet pro-mcCann material and anti-mcCann material. I have also read about Goncalo Amaral and what has been said about him by people who agree with his analysis of the disapearance and those who disagree too. He does present a very thorough questioning of the case which is an excellent resource.
    When I said 'his version' I meant that his book does not contain any evidence to support his work. I know about the dogs, the clothes, the DNA, the hire car. Were these issues found to be inconclusive. I thought that was the conclusion of the case. Without evidence this is Mr. Amaral's version. I am sorry if I appear sarcastic but could someone explain the situation as it stands please. I might not be so confused about it then. I do not want to offend Kathybelle or anyone by this question. I would appreciate an answer to clear it up for me.

  60. @15. Snr Amaral's book being in the shops again is a victory for Freedom of Speech as noted by the Appeal Court. But you are wrong, for it is far more than just a version of events. It is an authoritative account of an expert professional investigation and the conclusions drawn by a team of investigators headed by a professional police coordinator which you should respect.

  61. @60,your words, I meant that his book does not contain any evidence to support his work. are you sure???

  62. Where will this leave the judge in the case in February who upheld the ban. (stupid bitch) what kind of a judge is she, and what a waste of time and money, (as long as its Maccann money that is ok) But that judge sack her she has lost her credability;

  63. 60 Read the case files, all the evidence you need to fundament at least three serious criminal accusations against the McCann couple and their Tapas friends are in there.

    The criminal investigation was prematurely archived, for the reasons that we all know, however that does not mean that the evidence are inconclusive at all.

    A criminal investigation conclusion doesn't base itself only on forensics, which in this particular case were of a very dubious and inconsistent provenance [see Nicolas Bento case for a clearer example]; furthermore there is now much more material to place against the statements given by the G9.

    And, if you had been really on this case from day one, you would never make the stupid mistake of saying that this is "Gonçalo Amaral's version"... that is, unless you have really been on this case from, let's say, almost the beginning and are now trying to 'throw some sand' in the eyes of those who are unaware of the tactics used by the 'pro McCann couple neglect' astroturfers - which is actually my strongest bet about you.

    So, try to keep the following mental note inside your thick skull and pass it on to your friends: A joint police criminal investigation carried out by Portuguese and English forces as well as with the help of other forces like Interpol, all of them together arrived to one single, logical conclusion in spite of the spinning efforts, lies, and political pressures.

    Do you still need me to spell it out for you what that conclusion was? I thought not.

  64. The McCanns must rue the day they underestimated Dr Gonçalo Amaral! They were banking on bullying, gagging and financially strangling him; convinced he would cave in and settle out of court.

    The McCanns are despicable liars, bullies and fools!

    Truth and justice for Maddie and the Amaral family.

  65. i wonder if post 60 has been reading rosieplops book instead of Mr Amarals when he/she said there is no evidence to support his work.

  66. To Joana at 62

    :k I like your reasoning. In fact we have a vacancy in our investigation agency for someone with your profile. We could fly you back and forth from Lisbon to London as needed. The salary is excellent. Champagne living on a princess budget. Also you would have your own private helicopter with ejection seat just in case - thinking of the McCann's new rogue sleuth and the Russian connection... and of course, a qualified veterinary to look after your cats while you were away.

    Think about it. My secretary Ruth will be in touch.

    :k P.J. Tipps Detectives
    By appointment only.

  67. Jo, this is just the most fantastic news and I hope Goncalo and his family are now feeling better because the strain of this must have been awful for them.

    The McCanns never did deserve damages when they themselves have been on telly to brag about how they left Maddie again after she complained they were crying and alone. I could write an endless list of their media campaign selling their own daughter, I do not need to.

    All the McCanns need to accept is that whatever happened to Madeleine it was their fault, not Goncalo's and that they themselves damaged their own reputation by going abroad and coming back minus one of their kids. We normal parents just do not do that!

    But wow, I would pay cash money to have heard Gerry McCann roaring like an injured bull about this.:o

    I wonder will he be including in the accounts just what he has frittered on bullying and harassing the Amaral family, paying private detectives to dig up "dirt" on them etc and explain to us how this helped them Find Maddie? Or will he just sack directors who think the public have a right to know how he fritters their money with his pathetic self preservation schemes?

    Did you notice Gerry slipup on the video where he is just a bit furious outside the court. He went to say "include" in the investigation and stopped himself midway through that word, well yes Gerry, you wanting to get things into a police investigation that suggest it was not you sounds a bit like trying to pervert the course of justice, does it not? I think the police in Portugal in UK will continue to do what they have always done, look at the serious stuff and ignore the posh lookalikes et al, but it probably gives them a laugh...

    As for you commentator 13, "Poundland", I kind of guessed that is where someone like you would shop...

  68. A case has to be assessed in a critical way to achieve an unbiased conclusion. The questioning of the case is welcome in order to explore every minute detail and eliminate what is relevant or irrelevant. I am glad that the book seeks to challenge all aspects. I am disappointed that it fails to show evidence of its findings. I know all about eddie and Keela etc. This was not found to be a conclusive result though. There were doubts. There were disputes about DNA analysis too. The investigation did not conduct itself properly in the initial stages and contaminated evidence in the apartment even Goncalo Amaral admitted that there were failures in this regard.

  69. To Anon 60

    The evidence may be construed as inconclusive or not. Should the McCann's had gone to court they would have had a hard time in explaining themselves. Still, given a VIP legal team and millions to spend they could have walked out free. One thing is for sure the average Joe Bloggs would have been through prison by now.

    Ask yourself why the McCanns' walked free...start with Clarence Mitchell, for example or if you prefer Gordon Brown and the Portuguese PM at the Lisbon summit. Whatever...

    Concerning Dr. Amaral's book. As he himself points out the book is his own opinion of what is likely to have happened based on the facts of the investigation. He is not passing a judgement. So if you are not a judge passing a sentence you must be passing an opinion. Obviously. What the McCanns' were saying was: "NO!NO!NO! You cannot have your opinion. Only ours!". Dr. Amaral was not quite prepared to suck that. Are you?

    The book gives the opinion of an expert who was directly involved in the case and had been an investigator for 26 years. That much the Portuguese judges have just granted. He is also a graduate in Law in case you missed that. The book adheres strictly to the Occam's Razor's principle which is still respected in the field of Philosophy of Knowledge not to say Forensic Science...

    Naturally you are free to believe in the McCanns' ACT (Abduction Conspiracy Theory), in Dr. Amaral's theory or both.

    I myself have tried to be open-ended from the beginning and God knows I wish the parents were innocent but the more I look at the facts of the investigation (not to mention Eddie The Dog's reaction...)the more confused I get. Occam's Razor is hanging over my neck like a sentence.

    :p Sweaty Dago

  70. "Gonçalo Amaral's book can return into bookshops"

    Wonderful news! Good wishes to Dr Amaral and his family. My heart skipped a beat when I read the above headline! Commonsense and most of all JUSTICE is starting to prevail! Has this been in the UK press/media? I think I have just asked a stupid question!

    "The three Appeals Court judges that sign the decision furthermore consider that the sentence from the Civil Court of Lisbon violated the Portuguese Republic’s Constitution and the European Convention for Human Rights."


    I hope Dr Amaral does not forget that C-R (imo) abused the injunction that the Portugeuse Civil court issued. Imo the letter that C-R sent to Pamalam was a misrepresentation. Just how many other letters were sent throughout Europe and beyond? Imo C-R should be legally hauled over the coals regarding that matter!

  71. Hum!!! Errr!!! Still no statement, no press conference from the famous couple or their spoke-Clarrie about the latest news.
    Sky News reported yesterday that Clarrie was unavailable to comment. Typical rats with a typical behaviour. They just show courage when the issue is accusing cartoons or poor and ill people like Hewllet.

  72. To poster #60: The decision that was issued by the Appeals Court in Lisbon last week does not only support the writing of the book about the case by Dr. Gonçalo Amaral in terms of an exercise of freedom of expression, both consecrated by the Portuguese Constitution and the European Constitution for Human Rights.

    It goes much further: it compares the facts that are in the book - all of the facts that are in the book, and the word that is used by the judges is precisely "facts" - with the entire investigation AND with the final archiving report that was written by the Public Prosecutor.

    And the three judges at the Appeals Court state that they could not find one single difference between the contents of the book and the case files, including the final dispatch (the very text that was used by the McCanns' legal team to question the validity of the book's contents).

    So apart from being a perfectly legitimate exercise of freedom of expression and of opinion, Dr. Amaral's book is considered as a legitimate and valid collection of FACTS, duly sustained both by the investigation AND by the final dispatch. The difference lies in the interpretation of facts; Dr. Amaral's interpretation, based on 26 years of police work, is both logical and perfectly valid, according to this decision.

    It's not only me, and hundreds of other people who have been trying to explain this on the internet over several years now: it's three judges at a high court in Lisbon.

    This is exactly where we stand now. And we have it black on white.

  73. I have a terrible doubt about the money to be made from the selling of the now again available book, what will happen to the money? Mr. Amaral still has his income/assets "frozen", does this mean that any money coming in will be "frozen" too? Will he be able to access that money freely or not? I hope this won't be the case, but who knows? From what we've witnessed before everything is possible with the portuguese law!

  74. If you remember Anon 70, Gerry did say that confusion was best, or words to that effect.

    They have certainly tried to do that as their story has changed with the telling as circumstances dictated. Who doesn't remember that apartment door that was locked, or maybe not locked after all, especially when it was discovered the abductor could not have entered by the window, he then had to exit by the window, etc. Cuddlecat was on the shelf which supposedly alerted Kate to Madleine having been taken, but then it turns out that Cuddlecat had been on the bed all the time.

    Then Kate refusing to answer those forty plus questions because she said she had been advised not to do so, or maybe it was because Gerry was not sitting next to her holding her hand. There was nothing hard about the questions and the McCanns did say they would do anything to help find Madeleine. Except going out physically themselves to search that is. Kate said they would like to have joined those people who were searching but they were too busy doing other things, presumably jogging and tennis can be very time consuming. We must not forget either that it was a bit too dark for them that night to go search, but perhaps the battery on the torch had run out, so they decided to go to bed instead.

    The question is, why would Gerry want confusion in the first place.

    One thing that is not confusing though is that those never been wrong, best in the world blood and cadaver dogs alerted in the McCanns holiday apartment, and in the back of their hire car.

    Gerry has since tried unsuccessfully to explain this with the dirty nappies, rotting meat, sea bass and all excuses, and eventually has resorted to saying the investigators must have planted the evidence.

    Yes right Gerry, and for what reason would they wish to do that, them being UK investigators as well as Portuguese.

    Keep scraping that barrel Gerry, but it just gets dafter with the telling. The dogs were never confused and neither were the investigators who believe Madeleine died in the apartment and her body removed and hidden.

    We must be thankful for that.

    Congratulation to Portugal, congratulations to their Supreme Court and congratulations too to Joana Morais for the continuous and relentless campaign she conducted reminding the Portuguese and foreigners of the already well established freedom of speech and expression in Portugal. Not least, congratulations to OUR Dr, Amaral.
    I'm over the moon with the news.
    A Portuguese living in London
    Beijinhos,Joana e parabens !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  76. Astro at 73

    Thanks for explaining that.

    Then this decision must be a real body blow for the McCanns.

    Their bleat certainly didn't work for them this time and it sounds like they would be idiots to continue to pursue the defamation case against Dr Amaral.

    If the judge in the defamation case uses this ruling to decide, which sounds highly likely as it is well reasoned and just, the McCanns must know they are wasting their time, plus what other revelations may come out at trial that they don't want known about.

  77. Anonymous 60, a couple of weeks before this ruling, I posted a comment on another site stating that the facts in Mr. Amaral’s book and the facts in the case file are one and the same. A pro McCann poster said that in his opinion there were several, significant differences between what was found in Mr. Amaral’s book and the case file. He also stated that Mr. Amaral was only on the case for a short time and that he was outdated. I asked this poster to state the differences. I also asked him to tell everyone what evidence had been gathered since Mr. Amaral left the investigation that exonerated the McCanns and what evidence was there that convinced him that an abduction had taken place. The moderator of the site also asked him to state the differences. To this day we got no response from this poster, although he continues to voice his opinions on other matters on this same site. Perhaps you can answer for him.

    The fact is most cases are built and prosecuted on circumstantial evidence and all the evidence in this case points to the child dying in that apartment and the crime scene being staged. The reason the McCann couple and their entourage continue to hire criminals instead of real detectives is because any professional impartial investigative agency would end up pointing the finger at them. The reason they are ostensibly searching for their daughter is because they want to con the public so they can profit as much as possible from this tragedy.

  78. Recommended reading: http://glasgowunihumanrights.blogspot.com/2010/10/team-mccann-suffer-major-body-blow-as.html

  79. If the plan to convince the public there was a swarthy stranger abductor was PLAN A( and that plan is unravelling)-should the Tapasniks who admit to being around the apartment between 9 and 10 pm start worrying about PLAN B?

  80. @Anon 78


    If the mccanns had any sense left they could drop the defamation case because they are really heading for a collective massacre.
    Justice to Madeleine will BE made and they cannot do a thing about it.They have prevented it since the start but the game is over.
    This is the objective of being here years after years now.
    We also asked our governements to practice transparency and democracy.
    This has been done with the lifting of GA"s book: Portugal has valued the human rights of one of ITS citizen.This is extremely important for the next events and honorable for applying their constitution.
    I do not think Portugal would have liked to be dragged to the EU Parliament and neither the mccanns.
    Yes,the 3 portuguese judges"s decision is a real blow to the mccanns.They asked for it and if they continue they will become harder.
    Boomerang effect has started....or to call it by its own and only name name,justice?

  81. I remember Gerry McCann from my time at Glasgow University, he was the guy of person when you walked passed you instinctively turned round and checked.

    Something in the eyes cold, dead and lifeless like a shark.

    George Laird

    Very Interesting indeed...the tides are turning that you can be sure off

  82. To anonymous 79 I am post 60. The male writer you refer to is not me. I am not the person you refer to. Can't answer for him.
    My only wish is justice for Madeleine McCann.

  83. More recommended reading
    And now you are allowed to!

  84. Could it be(after all) that Team McCann are biggest winner of all this? Now I think there is not going to be any defamation case against Dr Amaral and I think that is what they wanted more than anything.

  85. Poster 84 (60)

    Although I am a so called anti, I admire your courage to comment on Joana's blog. I hope you'll join us and that Joana, Astro and team, mccannfiles and all the other bloggers and information providers will convince you there will be justice for Madeleine one day.

  86. No 86

    Wrong...they want the 1.2 million euros so much it hurts.

  87. @86.how can the mccanns be winners,even if they did wriggle out of the defamation case do you think Mr Amaral would leave it at that after all he and his family have been put through by thier lie's and greed,any how clarence said it was still on, and we all know clarence never lie's

  88. Anon 86

    I don't see the McCanns as winners at all.

    They want that million and were probably hoping that Dr Amaral would wilt under the possibility of losing his home, etc. and settle out of court. They underestimated the manner of man they were dealing with. He is fearless under threat.

    If this was really about defamation then why did it take them so long to try and stop the book? It sure looks like they were waiting for the book to make some money before they stepped in, yet no doubt they don't want it published in the UK and US.

    The McCanns have been walking on water for too long with their threats in all directions against those who have tried to tell the truth about the findings of the investigation, plus the help they have had from rich friends in high places. Others have caved in to their threats and it has been easy money.

    This decision has brought them up short, they must be in shock, and if they insist on carrying on they will surely sink. Good. Not before time.

  89. I'm no lawyer but surely the clarity of this judgment means there's no prospect whatsoever of them winning a libel case against Amaral?
    The appeal panel has not only found in Amarals favour but seen fit to issue some unambiguous statements about the judgement that make it inconcieveable that they'd win a case for libel damages ,in a Potuguese court at least?

    I'm delighted for Amaral and hope he can profit further from this book both in Portugal, and elsewhere in Europe...including the UK.

  90. OMG, I can't believe this! This is such a great news!
    After hearing this I think half of my disease has just evaporated, I feel like get out of bed and dance. It's long ago that anyone saw me smiling, now I can't stop smiling!

    Congratulations Dr Amaral! What a wonderful day! I wish you and your family the best!

    Lets hope this is the beginning of the way to true Justice we all hope Madeleine, Dr Amaral and his family will receive. Thank you for your patience, strength and determination!

    Thanks Joana, Astro and the team for all the hard work you have done and are doing for Justice for Madeleine!

    Wish you all the best!

  91. No trial = no public humiliation for duo McCann (maybe good for them)

  92. Joana,thank you so much for keeping us informed. Justice at last! The truth is unfolding and the world is watching. Hopefully Dr Amaral's book will be available in every country for all to read The Truth of the Lie

  93. Hi Anonymous (post 93) The McCanns were publicly humiliated, along with the British Government, on the steps of the Lisbon Court, early this year. Goncalo Amaral said that the PJ had wanted to prosecute the McCanns, but the British Government intervened.

    The McCanns who never miss an opportunity to sue, would have sued Goncalo, if he was telling lies. They never commented on Goncalo's statement and neither did the British Government.

    If the McCanns never face justice in a court of law, they will face justice meted out by Sean and Amalie, their 2 remaining children. Once they are old enough to understand, just what went on in PDL on that so called family holiday.

  94. 85, I don't succeed in finding what you advised us.
    Can't you tell us what is it about?

  95. I advise you to see McCannfiles and to read somewhere that Kate is angry.

    News papers in the UK are telling why the McCanns sued Amaral and taking the profit to cite Amaral's words: the girl died and the abduction was fake.

    Freedom of expression for the British media!

  96. #93 wrote:

    "No trial = no public humiliation for duo McCann (maybe good for them)"

    And it's also an opportunity for them to score some sympathy points with the gullible british public who will see them as a generous, good "turn the other face" catholics, who out of the kindness of their hearts let the "disgraced" cop off the hook! Can alredy picture the headlines in the british rags...

  97. Nex Amaral's book could have the name

    The Truth of the Lion

    because he is and remains the strongst.

  98. Murdoch's Scum with thanks to Nige at the McCannfiles

    Kate pain on book The Sun (paper edition)

    Wednesday 20 October 2010

    THE parents of Maddie McCann were furious yesterday after a Portuguese judge overturned a ban on a book claiming their daughter is dead.

    Kate and Gerry McCann last year blocked disgraced Maddie hunt cop Goncalo Amaral publishing The Truth of the Lie.

    But a Lisbon appeal court ruled the book can now be sold in Portugal.

    The McCanns' lawyer Isabel Duarte said Kate, 41, told her: "That's incredible. I can't believe it is possible."

    Amaral claimed the couple, of Rothley, Leics, faked the abduction of Maddie, three, in 2007.

  99. the-truthseeker @ 92

    Great news indeed!

    truth, hugs to you and I wish you good health.

  100. England, the world's oldest democracy...when will a british judge rule against the ban on the booklet "What Really Happened to Madeleine McCann? - 60 Reasons which suggest she was not abducted"???

    The McCanns were given the opportunity to dispute the facts as they were exposed in the book. They could have set the record straight and prove the 60 reasons to be wrong, fabrications, and yet, they did not, they chose to remain deafeningly silent and let their lawyers crush the people who dared to defy their version of events!

  101. Can you imagine,

    you get a heart attack, Gerry would be your cardiologist,

    you need a lawyer and you get Isabel Duarte?

    How could Isabel Duarte not see that a process against Amaral would not work?
    I suppose she knows the laws well.
    And she was doing her job.
    This sentence of the three judges is not good for her name.
    But the McCanns are specialized in destroying people, even their own lawyer.
    Rogério Alves en Carlos Pinto de Abreu jumped out on time, before a road bomb would explode.
    And they rather spend their holydays in Afghanistan.

  102. #98
    With respect, as I am not being critical of your comment.

    There are NO gullible British people left to fool. There is NO public support for the McCanns. The newspapers do what they do and each story they print proves there are no true journalists left in the UK. Not one.

    And yes, the world is watching - those of us commenting on Joana's blog come from countries all around the globe, and WE are not gullible either.

  103. Congratulations to Dr Amaral, a detective with 26yrs experience, a man who fights for justice for an innocent child. A man who would lose all in the name of truth.
    G & K Mcann, you have gained no respect with your private fund and greed for more money and fame. Maddie is lost because you chose to leave your children night after night, and just because your doctors you think the world will support you...but you are wrong. Most people do not support greed and averice,Not all doctors are good people,there are many that treat people as the lower society,thinking as you Gerry that you are better than most. I am married to a doctor, and see many different types. You can run Gerry but you cant hide,it´s about time you proved your so called innocence. How about Kate answering the questions, how about you demanding the case is reopened, and I mean demand. Snr Dr. Amaral has all my respect, he cares more about what happened to Maddie than you, and he doesnt charge a fee. Time to close the fund and tell how it really was. Time to return to Portugal and assist the JP. Time to drop the act and come clean, you are both not so special that you can continue to play the game , your way out of your league now. Dr Amaral will eventually tell all he knows, he fights for justice for Maddie, whereas you fight for yourselves.

  104. Silence, silence, silence,

    not a word from Findmadeleine.com

  105. The Sun,UK, citing Amaral's words: "the couple faked the abduction".

    The media in the UK are daring more and more.

  106. To :g Madame Duarte de Bovary at 52

    Would you like the Portuguese version of the book? (about 13 Euros)

    I have just ordered 5 copies (Christmas gifts) from here:


    The English version has not yet been published. I have heard rumours this will be based on an expanded version of the original.

    Incidentally, you can read and/or download both the Portuguese and English versions from The Internet - see links on the right hand side of this blog but by doing so you would not be helping to pay for Dr. Amaral legal fees. It will be some time before his counter-claim is processed.

    :g Monsieur Le Blond

  107. Mr Amaral and his family should sue the Maccann's for everything they have, along with a few UK newspapers, he along with Madelaine has been a victim in all this. The Maccann's without any doubt are quilty of at the very least child neglect,because of their arrogance and pride they have told lie after lie, because of their pride their daughter has not had a christian funeral. How anyone can defend this pair in any way is beyond me, they should have come clean 3 years ago it would have all been forgotten about now. Mr Amaral and his family should not have had to endure this ordeal, while the Maccann's enjoyed their celebrity status. Now the ship is taking in water from every side. When the Maccann's started this with Mr Amaral little did they know they had a tiger by the tail.

    Jacinta UK

  108. To Anon 60

    :l The devil is in the details...

    Consider for instance this minor detail (among others):

    "She has an incredible amount of energy and even as a little baby, didn't seem to need much rest." Quote/unquote from: http://www.findmadeleine.com/about_us/index.html

    And then explain in a convincing manner why Madeleine was said by the same source to have been in bed that night by 7:30?

    "Calpol has the potential to cause more serious medical complications. For example, repeated usage of the drug has the potential to cause liver failure or inflammation in some children. It also occasionally causes dangerous drops in blood sugar levels. Infrequently, children develop a shortage of blood platelets or thrombocytopenia from Calpol usage. Thrombocytopenia causes a number of symptoms ranging from easy bruising to bleeding within the brain, posing a serious health risk." (quote/unquote)

    Do you want more little details like these?

    :p Sweaty Dago

  109. I've read several times, on internet, that a child with a coloboma has cardiac problems.
    And it does not grow up as tall as other healthy children.Madeleine was short for her age.
    This is sad.
    Maybe Madeleine had heart problems and, in combination with calpol, it went wrong.
    And it was not her parents' intention to make such a terrible mistake.
    Maybe accumulation of calpol in her blood, through the years, maybe a little higher dosis on that evening, because she had cried for one hour and 15 minutes two days before and there had been complaints to de manager of the Ocean Club.
    The parents did not want to attract the attention to their child again.And it went wrong.
    Being doctors, they should have known better.
    And why not the truth to the police, that night,why prefering to destroy lives around, like Murat's, Malinka's, Goncalo's,his family's ?Lying about the Portuguese police? Cheating people in order to receive money?
    They went far too far and they have to be punished for that.
    What they did to other innocent people is worse than what they did to Madeleine.

    Madeleine was an accident.Being evil and manipulative towards other people was intentional.

    In my opinion.

  110. #109,

    and...if we had to that the "star chart" in the kitchen in Rothley...a star for each night Madeleine stayed quietly asleep in her own bed, and did not get up and go to the parents' room.
    It's evident Madeleine was not the sound sleeper her parents claim she was.

    OH, and there's also Kate's hesitation to answer such a simple question put to her in an interview:
    Q.-"was Madeleine asleep when you left(for diner)?"
    (...long...long...long silence...)
    A.-" humm, yeah, she was..."

  111. Would medical doctors, with a child that had a serious health condition, like heart problems ( hypotheticaly, I'm not affirming she had)commit the mistake of giving too much medicine to the child, whatever that medicine might be? Unintentionaly? I do not think so, I believe they would be extra careful, they would be very aware of the risks of over-dosing, exactly to avoid any "terrible mistakes". A mistake? Well, it's possible, if they both were alredy a bit drunk(New Zealand wine, to relax, before diner) and forgot wheter or not they had alredy given the child the medicine and gave her a dose, just in case.

  112. Wonderful news well done Sr Amaral and thank you Joana, Astro et al at last a positive move in the right direction surely now the mccanns will be brought to justice. RIP Maddie

  113. Anon at 110 - well said they had a choice that night and they decided to deliberately lie and attempt to ruin people, they would have even seen Murat sent to prison for a crime he did not commit. The mccanns are despicable greedy and manipulative and should be punished, they have stolen money from people for their fund when they knew exactly what had happened to their daughter.

  114. Good morning Anonymous (post 110).I had never heard of a coloboma, till it was said that Madeleine had one. I looked on the net to see what a coloboma was and found that children who have one can also suffer from cardiac problems as you have already said. Stunted growth, as you say Madeleine was small for her age. Kidney problems and autism.

    I don't know if Madeleine was autistic or not, but I looked for a website on autism that might have said if Madeleine was autistic. I saw a page on autism and found a website called Autism Today. Madeleine's aunt, Phil McCann wrote an article on Madeleine's disappearance, she was asking people to look out for Madeleine.

    I have seen other references on the 'net where people have either asked or said Madeleine was autistic, but I haven't found anything that states for a fact she was autistic.

    I was in Austria, as part of a continental coach trip,when Kate McCann was taken in for questioning. The next day we made our way to Belgium, and arrived at our hotel around tea time. I put an English speaking news channel (World News) on the television, to see what was happening in the UK before I went to dinner. A news report said that Kate McCann was being questioned for a second time and it was likely she would be made an arguido.

    When I returned from dinner, a reporter was speaking outside the police station where Kate McCann had been questioned and had now left. The reporter said that she had been made an arguido and he began to talk about the questions she had refused to answer. He said one of the questions she was asked was, "had she given her own medicine by accident to Madeleine, instead of Madeleine's own medicine?"

    The reporter never said what medicine Madeleine was taking and why she was taking this medicine. However he did say that Kate McCann suffered from Asperger Syndrome. When I returned home, I looked on the 'net to see if there was any information that Kate McCann suffered from Asperger Syndrome. Again there were references where people had asked if Kate McCann suffered from Asperger Syndrome and there were references that said she did, but there was nothing that stated as a fact that she was an Asperger sufferer.

    According to Google, Goncalo Amaral, in an interview with Rita Ferro Rodrigues, had said that there was a suggestion that Kate McCann suffered from Asperger Syndrome. When I looked at the interview, I didn't see anything where Dr Amaral said Kate McCann suffered from Asperger Syndrome. However he did make references to Madeleine's coloboma and he talked about the symptoms. Dr Amaral also said "have you ever seen the mother of that child, worried or sending messages to the abductor that she needs medical examination?"

    Unless this case goes to court and or Madeleine is found, we will probably never know if Madeleine or her mother suffered from health problems. Someone in that family did suffer from health problems, because in one photograph, of the McCanns apartment, I saw packets of tablets on a table.

  115. Or, Anon 110, maybe Madeleine was killed by one or other of her parents by some other means.

    Or, maybe she was killed by somebody entering the apartment whilst her parents were out. Obviously by somebody who knew the children were alone and the apartment unlocked.

    The accidental death theory is speculation.

    All the Tapas friends should have been made arguidos at the time. They obviously all knew the children were left alone each evening. Were they given a pass because they were doctors, or because Gerry 'vouched' for them. Please!

    If Madeleine was given an accidental overdose then she would have died in bed where her mother said she left her, but the dogs did not alert there.

    Then how did she happen to die behind the settee where the blood and cadaver scent was?

    If she had died by accident whilst her parents were out, then on discovering her dead, the ever resourceful McCanns could surely have left her where she was and reported the 'accident' as having happened during the night when they were asleep, and said Madeleine had been sleepwalking.

    There would have been no need to hide the body.

    The investigation should be reopened as a potential murder investigation, especially in light of the Gaspar statements and indication of paedophile behaviour. Why was this not taken much more seriously? It took months before the information was passed on to the investigators?

    Madeleine did not die peacefully in her bed.

    There was no cadaver scent detected there, and it takes at least one hour and twenty five minutes for a body to give off cadaver scent, so Gerry saying he saw Madeleine alive and well in bed about 9.05pm does not ring true at all.

    Madeleine must have died much earlier than that if Kate really had discovered her missing at 10pm.

    All the Tapas friends should be made suspects.

    Having Madeleine's death thought of as an accident certainly has not brought any results, and the Tapas friends have simply done whatever they wish, and not taken it seriously enough to bother even to return to do a reconstruction.

    A murder investigation, especially if they are 'arguidos' themselves, which they should have been, might concentrate their minds more, and who knows what may result.

    All that alibiing they have done for each other simply is not good enough.

  116. 110 I totally agree with you.
    The Mccanns have to be punished for what they did to innocent people.

  117. Anon at 110

    :m You are quite right fellow!

    "Some children with coloboma can have problems with other parts of the body as well. There is a very rare condition where children with coloboma also have poor hearing, learning difficulties, slow growth and problems with their heart. The condition is called CHARGE Syndrome." http://www.viscotland.org.uk/eyeconds/coloboma.html

    I once had an investigator that come up with the preposterous suggestion that the child was taken to Algarve to be "euthanised"; that the parents where into Eugenics; that the child had a congenital terminal disease, etc. - a lot of cobwebs. Tollo, gave as a strong indication of this Dr. Gerry McCann's statement (on file): "I didn't come here (Praia da Luz) to enjoy myself!". I sacked the bright spark on the spot. What a nerve!

    OK, I was a bit impulsive. His argument had some rationale and he was entitled to his opinion but I was in a foul mood that day. Whiskas (the cat) had pissed on an important report waiting collection...

    Sorry! I have a call waiting on the Inmarsat (satellite phone).

    :k P.J. Tipps
    Investigator of the Year (2009)

  118. Why did the McCanns never hire private detective agencies who have a track record of finding missing children? There are plenty out there in Europe. Says it all for me.

  119. Ooooooh! how I LIKE the deafening silence....have the mccanns gagged their filthy mouth?I imagine them having their new fury,foaming at the corners of the mouth.What a sight!
    Clarrie....? where are you? will you grace us with a spin this weekend?
    What about their appeal against the THREE Portuguese "dudes"? ya know these other "sardines muchers" who unfortunately,for you lot, have decided NOT to have one of their citizen,a DISGRACED cop" become an other example of a DICTATURE some scum bags are trying to rule? aw....what a shame! ("The three Appeals Court judges that sign the decision furthermore consider that the sentence from the Civil Court of Lisbon violated the Portuguese Republic’s Constitution and the European")! Are you mourning the million pounds or euro the "afflicted parents" were looking at?
    Any news from the "New James Bonds"? Long time not seen Madeleine! even not on Mars....whats happening??
    C"mon,give us some news! I am waiting with a growing anticipation,almost panting with anticipation....

  120. When The Truth of the Lie is published in the UK, and is widely read (which it will be), David Payne will need to come forward and tell what he knows (if anything).

    Otherwise, he may get people saying 'there is no smoke without fire'.

    In fact, Dr Payne, you should go do it now before the book is published in the UK.

  121. To Madame Duarte de Bovary and Monsieur Le Blond

    Pleased to inform Gonçalo Amaral's book is available here:


    The Portuguese version is 13.18 Euros

    The French version pour Monsieur et Madame is: 25.51 Euros
    "Maddie, L'Enquête Interdite"

    Also available: "A Mordaca Inglesa" / "The English Gag" 11.40 Euros.

    Buy-Buy! Au revoir!

  122. Is there a possibility to sue judge Fiat, Renault,Volkswagen, what is her name?
    She did not consult the whole files before she banned the book.

  123. Sent email to the Daily mail Daily Mirror, and Daily Express to ask why no news report on Mr Amarals Book being quashed, no answer.
    asked why the bias reporting and why the intense fear of the Maccann's.

    Mary Liverpool UK

  124. Kathybella @115
    I have never seen any suggestion that Kate suffered from Asperger's before, though obviously there have been many speculations about Madeleine - although at that age it would be highly unlikely that a diagnosis of Asperger's/autism could have been made.
    I'm interested in what you say as I know several people with this condition - do you know if these claims about Kate and Asperger's ever made it into the press?

  125. PJ Tipps - what did you do to Blackwatch at Sergeants? His blog disappeared this week (the day of the news re appeal) and hasn't returned
    Mccann unravelled also disappeared a while ago which is a shame too as I enjoyed reading them both

    A question-
    Is there a further court of appeal in PT - i.e. like the Supreme Court here (formerly the House of Lords) or is this court the court of last instance in PT.

  126. Isabel Duarte: 'There are photos who are similar to the girl, erm, even shocking, and there are others...'


    What happened to these photos?
    Maybe more important: What happened to the girls who were photographed?
    Anyhow I guess we can conclude it wasn't Madeleine on these photos.

  127. Good on you Mary Liverpool UK.

    Shame but you will not get an answer from these scumbags..

    Joana your commmitment never ceases to amaze me...

  128. Was Madeleine really small for her age?.

    Or is that another fib the McCanns have told (for who knows what reason), because she doesn't look small in the photos with the other kids. For the small difference in ages she looks tall enough.

    Also, there seems to have been the impression given that Madeleine was 'a toddler'. How many times did the newspapers print that and it was not corrected by the McCanns.

    Madeleine was only a few days away from her fourth birthday.

    Hardly a toddler.

  129. When Joran Van der Sloot was arrested recently in connection with the death of a young woman who had been found beaten to death in his hotel room, I was willing to give the benefit of the doubt until more was known, (though this was the second time he has been said to have been involved in the death of a woman), until his hands were visible.

    Then it was noticeable that the knuckles and fingers of his hands were showing bruising.

    Kate McCann also had bruised and what looked like swollen knuckles at the start of the investigation, but one of her friends said she had been punching the walls.

    I wonder if the investigators ever pick up on things like that in connection with people who could be suspects in a violent death or disappearance.

  130. The information in the book is also in the files. The opinion of Goncalo Amaral and the public prosecutor differ. The opinion that Goncalo Amaral reached cannot be supported by proof.

  131. Hi all - check this out, another example of high-quality, unbiased, fact-based journalism from the Daily Mirror! So refreshing to see that quality standards are being upheld.



  132. 115 KathyBella

    The tablets you refer to apparently were for Gerry's father - he had a heart condition - but I still think there were also other tablets in the apartment. The one's that had "noon" and "night" on in the pictures and video were the ones for his father.


  133. I understand that Kate's father, Mr. Healy is a very sick man, Parkinson's disease, it seems. Those medications filmed by the police in the hired villa were his, I suppose. I think there was even a prescription form, from a chemist also named McCann, from Liverpool.

  134. Hi there 127

    you come from Holland too, don't you?

    Or from Aruba?

  135. 128 yes,
    the first time I heard about the disappearence, told by a friend from Lisbon, I heard that Madaleine was short for her age.
    If you compare her photo with the tennis balls and the photos of the twins ar the same age, you can see a big difference.
    Besides Madaleine was fragile, imo.

  136. This says it all: “they opened the doors for others to give their opinion about the matter, in accordance to what they were saying, but eventually also in contradiction with their directions, yet always within a legitimate and constitutionally consecrated right of opinion and freedom of expression of thought”.
    --------------------------------------------------------------------Over the past three & a half years the public have been asked to search for Maddie, asked to distribute posters, asked to buy goods from their website and asked to donate money. As a result Team McCann have collected millions for their non-charitable fund - a fund that is controlled by them and devoid of transparency.

    They have employed lawyers from the beginning and endlessly threaten anyone who questions what they say even though there no evidence to substantiate their claims of abduction. However, they......

    Did not hesitate to call the media that night, including Jill Renwick, Jon Corner, Esther McVey & BBC political correspondent James Landale.
    Did not hesitate, from then on in, to use & manipulate the media (against police advice) at every opportunity but retreated behind judicial secrecy and/or spokesman when expedient.
    Did not hesitate to use their 2-year-old twins for PR & photo shoots. GM even suggested that KM pose for the media wearing a swimsuit
    Did not hesitate to hijack other peoples family tragedies for PR - the most poignant example being the abduction & murder of Mari Luis Cortes, but there are many more instances.
    Did not hesitate to call family and friends with misinformation and immediately employed them as mouthpieces to criticise police and perpetuate the abduction theory.
    Did not look for their daughter - not even on the first night - 'it was dark’ and they ‘were working incredibly hard’.
    Did not immediately call the police.
    Did not tell the truth (the apartment was not broken into and shutters not jemmied).
    Did not preserve the apartment for forensics (it was trampled by many people)
    Did not preserve clothes, shoes & cuddle cat (washed and/or worn by Amelie)
    Did not heed police advice to withhold details of Maddie’s eye defect.
    Did not tell the truth about her name (GM & relatives called her Maddie).
    Did not accept any responsibility for leaving three children alone.
    Did not hesitate to tar British public with the same brush (we all do it)
    Did not hesitate to endlessly beg for money.
    Did not make any financial contributions themselves. These well heeled professional used the Find Maddie fund to make two mortgage payments.
    Did not release the last photo of Maddie for three weeks.
    Did not release the most important video of Maddie - walking, talking, skipping etc. - until Dec 2008.
    Did not provide plausible statements.
    Did not provide plausible timelines.
    Did not express concern or anxiety at 10 positive alerts by cadaver dog.
    Did not answer police questions.
    Did not return to Portugal for a police reconstruction.
    Did not insist the Tapas 7 return to Portugal for police reconstruction.
    Did not hesitate to return to Portugal, on several occasions, to take legal action against G. Amaral.
    Did not employ reputable detectives with a proven track record.
    Did not hesitate to denounce Portuguese police.
    Did not denounce private detectives' failures, fraud & negligence.
    Did not admit harm yet insisted on abduction by paedophiles.
    Did not co-operate with the investigation.
    Did not receive exoneration when the arguido status was lifted.
    Did not ask the Portuguese authorities to re-open the case.

  137. @Anon 130

    I specially "like" the "bungling detective" part.....
    I believe we"re in for a spin this weekend.Well... I mean the mccanns and lot scrapping the barrel and spin whatever they can find.
    Pathetic bunch of liars and perverse people

  138. #110

    "Madeleine was an accident. Being evil and manipulative towards other people was intentional."

    Add receiving money from children and pensioners to that statement and I'd say you have it exactly right.

    People all over the world gave to the Madeleine Fund to the tune of millions of dollars, all for a search they were NOT conducting because they knew all along there was no child to find. It is clear that they would have used the Fund money to pay off their mortgage had the public not become aware they were using the money for house payments.

    There are bold criminals in this world, but there have never been any as bold as the McCanns, in my opinion. Their arrogance and lack of concern for anyone they damage to save themselves is literally beyond belief.

    The Portuguese know that this child was not abducted and the rest of the world knows it too. The sooner justice is done, the better, as every day that passes brings more shame to the United Kingdom and to anyone in Portugal complicit in the cover-up.

  139. Anon 135

    Thankyou for that. Good summation.

    You remind us of points that don't make sense of their behaviour, like why they refused to express concern or anxiety about the cadaver dog alerts.

    What parent who had been told that information wouldn't have been wanting to know more, and would not have been devastated. No way would they have simply dismissed it like the McCanns did, even if they genuinely believed their child had been abducted.

    Also, they were not exonorated after they were no longer 'arguidos', (though, please correct me if I am wrong,) it was said that Murat had been enonorated. So they are still high on the list as people of interest, and he is not.

    They have never employed anybody with experience in searching for children, but maybe they wanted people who were expert at other things. What a load of shady people they hired.

    As to why they would lie about Madeleine not being called 'Maddie', that is a mystery in itself. Why tell a lie when they don't have to?

    Can we expect that when the case is solved it will all fit into place.

    What a further blow it would be to them if the case were to be reopened. Seems like they have tried very hard to prevent it.

  140. It was very heavy for me and for my family. It had nefarious (...)consequences and damages are still being assessed. It was extremely violent(...)

    (...)And we will take other initiatives into consideration, including the publication in England(...)

    THIS is the best bit of all

    "We are going to court to file a claim for damages against the McCanns, of that there are no doubts whatsoever,"

    Still "considering" an appeal mccScums?
    Why aint you considering having a bit of respect for the twins isntead?

  141. Hi Angelique (post 131) and Anonymous (post 132) why would would there be tablets in the McCanns apartment, that were meant for Gerry McCann's father and Kate McCann's father. Both fathers were in England not Praia da Luz.

    Also when Kate McCann's mother flew over to PDL, a couple of days after Madeleine disappeared, her father stayed in England, because he was too ill to travel.

    It beggars belief that the McCanns left packets of tablets lying around where Madeleine could have accessed and eaten them.

  142. Hi Anonymous(post 124) I explained in my post that I was in Belgium, when the World News reporter said that Kate McCann suffered from Asperger's Syndrome. I don't buy newspapers, so I don't know if this report was ever printed in one.

    I did say that I found references on the 'net where people asked if Kate McCann suffered from Asperger's Syndrome, so I can only presume that those people either heard the same report that I heard, or they heard it from some other media outlet.

  143. @ 138
    Quote:"As to why they would lie about Madeleine not being called 'Maddie', that is a mystery in itself. Why tell a lie when they don't have to?"

    Good question and there is only one answer. Because they felt that they had to in order to refute something that was getting uncomfortably close to the truth. Because Mrs. Fenn heard what she supposed was a child crying, "Daddy daddy". As soon as the theory was put out on the internet that it could have been someone crying "Maddie, Maddie", the parents made a big point of ridiculing the name Maddie saying that she had never been called that. Tough for them that family members had already established that calling her Maddie had been quite usual. So who did Mrs Fenn actually hear and what did she hear? "Daddy, Daddy", or "Maddie, Maddie"? Everything points to "Maddie Maddie" doesn't it? Otherwise as you quite rightly point out - no reason to lie about it at all.

  144. post @ anon 135

    The many points in your post remind me why I,m still interested in this case.

    Also,regarding your comment about Mari Luis,

    "Did not hesitate to hijack other peoples family tragedies for PR - the most poignant example being the abduction & murder of Mari Luis Cortes, but there are many more instances"

    Yes indeed. They tried to copyright Madeleine like a Walt Disney character but cruelly exploited Mari Luis without any consideration for her family. When her parents raised objections to what was blatant exploitation they did not apologise. In fact, Clarence Mitchell actually had the audacity to criticise them. Disgraceful.

  145. 138 Anon

    'As to why they would lie about Madeleine not being called 'Maddie', that is a mystery in itself. Why tell a lie when they don't have to?'

    I can only think of two possibilities but there are probably more.

    1. The crying incident when the neighbour upstairs heard a child crying out for 'Daddy'. There is a possibility that it was Sean crying out 'Maddie'

    2. Maybe Maddie would be less likely to respond to Madeleine if spotted

  146. Regarding the pills seen in the photo...

    According to Joe Peoples (who runs the McCann pub in St. Johnston Co. Donegal) Gerry McCann's father John (Johnny) McCann died in 2004. He was cremated in England and buried in St. Johnston. (Other reports say John McCann died in 2005.) At any rate, Johnny McCann was no longer living when Madeleine went "missing",

  147. Every dog has its day, and I think keelas about to have hers.

  148. Thanks Anonymous (post 145) for clearing up the pill issue, regarding Gerry McCann's father. I didn't know he had passed away, I just presumed he was at his home. Now we need to know just who all these tablets belonged to.

    I cannot see the tablets belonging to Kate McCann's father, when he was at Merseyside home, at the time of Madeleine's disappearance. Also, if the news reports were true, he didn't fly out to PDL with Kate McCann's mother, because he was too ill.

  149. Congratulations to Dr Amaral, be strong and counter sue the McCanns for the defamatory remarks they have made against you. Also the british press, who continue to make defamatory remarks against you. You are an example of the perfect policeman, wanting the truth no matter what. I admire your strength and commitment to this lost child. I hope you wipe the floor with the McCanns and succeed in getting the investigation reopened. God Bless You

  150. 145

    The pills in the photo, actually film, that I remember are in the second or third villa rented after 5A where the dogs sniffed cadaver on cuddlecat. Those pills were Kate's Dad's - mum and dad were staying at the villa at that time - and the prescription was processed at' McCann' Pharmacy in Liverpool, just another coincidence but a funny one.

    If there were photographs of pills in 5A as well I don't recall them but I could be wrong. Maybe this is where the confusion lies

  151. If the night Mrs Fenn heard a child crying was the same night Kate had the argument with Gerry and went back to the apartment, then it could have been Kate screaming 'Maddie'.

    I think it may be quite hard to tell the difference between 'Maddie' and 'Daddie' if somebody is upset and distressed, and maybe Mrs Fenn assumed it was a child screaming 'daddy' just before somebody came back and the noise stopped.

    Perhaps she had thought the kids were alone because the ordinary crying had gone on for so long before the screaming of the name at the end.

    If Madeleine had been called 'Emily' or 'Sarah' we would be sure of the answer to that, but of course, nothing in this case is ever that simple.

    I do believe the McCanns did call Madeleine 'Maddie', but why would they even need to mention they didn't. They have drawn more attention to this than if they had said nothing about it at all.

  152. re: 60

    I think I need a thick skull to be on this forum. I don't see any proof in the book to back up the opinions reached by Goncalo Amaral. The book repeats what is contained in the files but the opinions reached are not supported by proof. The public prosecutor's opinion differs from Goncalo Amaral. Where is the body to prove what Goncalo Amaral says. The answer is that it is unknown whether Madeleine McCann is alive or dead.

  153. The pills at the second apartment where the McCann couple stayed

    Quick translation from Spanish[previously published here in this blog circa September 2008]

    video here

    Images of the McCanns second apartment in Praia da Luz, Algarve, Portugal. The Portuguese police searches the McCanns apartment and finds several sleeping medicaments, confidential CEOP manuals, books about murder like The Interpretation of Murder, and smell of corpse in the cuddle toy which belonged to Madeleine. Video released by Spanish Antena 3 TV. 10 September 2008

    Antena3 Article: The McCanns kept numerous medicines which provoked sleepiness

    New Exclusive Images of the Report
    Madrid, Espejo Público [an Antena3 TV Show]

    Given the repeated denial of the British police to send different reports about the married couple, the Portuguese police made a profile searching throughout the McCanns second house, in Praia da Luz.

    This way, officers accompanied by two police psychologists, carry out a meticulous search in the main bedroom [the parents' bedroom].

    In a case of abduction, the family circle is always investigated. The police were surprised on having seen the bedroom. Kate seems to be mourning. In her small bedside table are many photos of Maddy [sic] surrounded with rosaries and a Bible, which had bookmarked, with a picture a fragment of the Old Testament in which it could be read: " "However, because by this deed you have given occasion to the enemies of the LORD to blaspheme, the child also that is born to you shall surely die" [2 Samuel 12:14]".

    At the other side of the bed, on Gerry's bedside table the attention is given to, between other books, "The interpretation of Murder ". In the study [office space] where Gerry writes his blog and where he works at the campaign to find his daughter, another surprise: CEOP manuals, books with access restricted to police and governmental entities.

    Before this discovery, Mark Harrison, the British police officer sent from the United Kingdom to coordinate the case, does not give credit. He wonders how many married couples had access to these manuals, which are exclusively reserved to police officers.

    The Portuguese Officers confirm in this way their suspicions regarding the contacts which are provided to the McCanns, which for them is translated in a big political pressure that to their judgement, limits the investigation.

    Also, the police find numerous medicines, which they examine in search of these sedatives that they fear that were given to the children by the McCanns on the night of the 3rd of May. They also register the side effects caused by the medicines that they find, and verify that the majority of them provoke sleepiness. They examine as well the drawers, closets, as well as the twins' room and that no longer sleep in cots but in beds.

    The final report of the process, in contrast to the images included in the same report, state that independently of the curious and morbid conclusions, the only fact that one can determine, as such, is the disparate behaviour of the couple at the time of facing Madeleine's disappearance.

    Source: Antena3 (Spanish)

    Note - There are forums where commentators can debate and discuss certain speculations in a more private or secure manner - certain comments due to their content can place in risk both this blog and its editors. Please read the list of forums at the side bar on the right; another option is to be more restrained with the speculations and preferably base your comments with The Maddie Case Files.

  154. addendum - the Antena3 video clip translation is just as when it was posted on youtube; there are obvious grammatical mistakes.


    "Clarence Mitchell tipped off the McCanns that they were subject to electronic surveillance. This revelation led to Mitchell having to resign from the Media Monitoring Unit and his temporary appointment to the Foreign Office. The McCanns then offered Mitchell the job as their official spokesman."

    Ruth, could you please run a check on the above? Ask "Hacker Skelter" for help if required. 24 hour window to report. Overtime rates guaranteed. Client waiting.

    :k P.J. Tipps

  156. The CEOP manual is not restricted, and never was. If Mark Harrison did not know this, then he should have done.

  157. 152

    Thank you Joana

    I agree with your NOTE.

    It's too easy to get caught up in the reeds and forget the bigger picture. If people want to get hooked into the puzzle, and it is a great puzzle worth the interest, there are other sites where they can do so.

    If it's a guess re the details it's best guessed somewhere else.

    Thanks for all your hard work - from a lazy git!

  158. To Anon 119

    I can assure you Mr and Mrs. McCann have not, so far, contacted my agency. We follow a strict code of ethics. There have been cases in which we have found clients guilty of crimes and informed the authorities accordingly. PR agencies and profit-driven law firms know that. Could that be the reason why the McCann's have evaded us? I hear you asking. I don't think so. Would we investigate the disappearance of Madeleine McCann on their behalf? Of course - no holds barred that is...

    :k P.J. Tipps

  159. I emailed book stores in the UK to enquire about Sr Amaral's book. Knowing full well that they did not have it, I wondered what reply I would get.

    From Foyles:

    Thank you for your e-mail.

    Unfortunately, we do not stock a copy of "The truth of the lie" in our shop. Regrettably, i have not found any record of this particular title in the site we use to place orders for our books so we are not even able to order one copy for you. Due to this lack of records for the book it is very unlikely that we are going to stock the books as it looks like that nobody is distributing it here in the UK. I suggest you to visit Amazon site and look there for the book.

    I hope this information is of any help to you. Good luck with your search.

    Do not hesitate and contact us if you have further queries.

    Best regards,

    Foyles Web and Customer Services
    Tel: 020 7437 5660, menu option 4

  160. Waterstones replied:

    Dear A Miller,

    Thank you for your email.

    We carry information for millions of books on the site and these are added to daily but unfortunately we don’t have any listing for this title on our database.

    Please check back regularly at www.waterstones.com as the title that you are enquiring about may become available at some point in the future, or you can try your local store, details of which can be found at www.waterstones.com/branches

    Kind regards,

    Natasha Taylor
    Customer Service Team



  161. I never understood why David Payne and Gerry never sued the Gaspars.
    The Gaspars stamements are 1000% worse than the whole Amaral book.
    Perhaps the Gaspars know more than they have told and they would be very much prepared to tell the rest.
    I wish they did.

  162. The McCanns did not invite the media to their home this week, neither they visited a tv station, complaining about the sentence in Portugal.
    They are very silent.

  163. Hi Anonymous (post 150) thank you for your information. I have just found photographs that forensics took of apartment 5a and there is just one packet of pills on a table in what I presume is the McCanns bedroom.

    The packets of pills that I saw in photographs, were as you say in one of the apartments that the McCanns moved into, after they left apartment 5a.

  164. :m To Anon 15

    Finding a body would be of no help unless you could trace it to who put it there...

    Imagine the following scenario.

    I find a child dead and decide (for whatever reason) to dispose of the body e.g. by burning it or mixing it with sand, stones and cement and turning it into concrete. Whatever. Subsequently, by miracle, the body is found. A big miracle in the first instance, certified by the Vatican and signed by the Pope...

    Now, I will ask you to contact an independent forensics laboratory (in Germany, say) and ask them to look for my fingerprints or if you prefer my DNA or anyone's in the ashes and/or bits and pieces.

    Remember one thing: if you find my DNA in it bear in mind it was my child (as in the hypothesis we are discussing). So what? No big deal. If someone else's may be - provided you could trace him/her...

    If drug traces were found, the same principle would apply unless you could prove the parents (one or the other) administered it to the child. HOW would you prove that without a video recording or a witness or two? I am asking...

    Conclusion: Finding the body would not, in principle, solve the riddle...

    In most cases I have dealt with, what usually happens is that when the "arguidos" are confronted with overwhelming circumstantial evidence (particularly those of dogs) they confess. The McCanns' did not confess. Whether because they were not in the mood to make friends with Third World "sardine munchers" or because they did not agree with the charges, I have no idea. Do you?

    Does it mean they are guilty? No, it means they did not confess or, for that matter did not answer those 48 questions politely put to them.

    Two things one must remember though:

    1. Statistically, at least, the disappearance or death of a child is usually (but not always) connected to a member of his/her family.

    2. The natural human reaction to a pointed finger is to deny any wrong doing. Everyone likes to think they are innocent even when they are not. In Psychoanalysis is called "repression"; in common parlance is called: lying or telling the truth (cough) as the case may be.

    So, do I think the McCanns' are guilty? I hear you asking.

    How would I know? I can only go by the what the facts of the investigation are telling my distinguished ex-colleague, Dr. Goncalo Amaral. I am waiting for an expanded version of his book for more details.

    Sorry, my alarm system has gone off...

    :k P.J. Tipps
    By Appointment Only

  165. To Anon 158 and Miller at 159

    Gonçalo Amaral's book (Portuguese and French)is available here:


    The Portuguese version is 13.18 Euros

    The French version pour Monsieur et Madame is: 25.51 Euros
    "Maddie, L'Enquête Interdite"

    Also available: "A Mordaça Inglesa" / "The English Gag" 11.40 Euros.

    The English version will be based (rumours) on a new expanded version of the Portuguese original and is not yet available.

    Portuguese readers bear in mind that Amazon.co.uk delivers items postage free to Portugal (NEW).

    Good weekend! Bon fin de semaine! Bom fim de semana!

  166. To Anon 126

    Concerning your question about what happened to Allan Sargeant's website and the other...what's its name?

    The simple answer is I have no idea. I can only think that by revealing his real name, address, value of his house, etc. in a simple, harmless academic exercise on-line has caused him reasons for concern.

    Could it be that his deep searches and/or investigations have led him to believe that deprived of Amaral's cash Mac Team might be after his 1/4 million house? Could it be that by revealing his address (that was stupid of me) he is concerned some freak, McCann die hard might turn up at his door with a baseball bat?

    The funny thing is that Allan has in the past exposed other people's backgrounds AND addresses on line so he should have expect the Law of Karma to catch up with him at some stage...

    I like the guy too. In fact I could do with a part-timer like him (minor Google research assignments, etc.) particularly now that our "bell boy" has gone back to college.

    Sorry! My chauffeur is here...

    :k P.J. Tipps
    Investigator of the Year (2009)

  167. Lisbon was never going to be a perfect spot for the McCann’s to start legal sparring and this week they were dealt what can only be termed a body-blow when the detective’s lawyers produced evidence the UK’s top criminal profiler has said there were “contradictions” in their statements and both should be treated as possible “homicide” suspects.

    No arguments, no amount of reshuffling or clarifications can change that and the facts can not be forced back into the can of worms which the McCann parents themselves have allowed to be opened.

    Damage Limitation

    The background PR work after the Lisbon shocker has been impressive. The McCann lawyers strode from the courtroom and counter-claimed there were tens, hundreds or more sightings of the missing girl. The UK’s Red Tops dutifully followed the thread and reported the lawyer’s statement. My experience and training gave the brain the predictive text that this looked like a smoke screen, a damage limitation. The missing fact was all these sightings came after the McCann’s themselves had been released from Arguido, suspect, status. The case was archived. It was a cold, leading nowhere, case in the eyes of the top legal and police professionals in Portugal…the responsible authorities have no clues and have suspended work on the case.

    It has already been said in these columns, taking on the Portuguese legal system was going to be a minefield but there is one question:

    Who is taking the responsibility for the Risk Assessment for this McCann course of action?

    Whoever it was needs to be replaced or kept out of the limelight.

    Mass public opinion is turning. The McCanns are slipping lower and lower down the celebs’ to be seen with list, certainly no-longer A list and slightly embarrassing to be around according to some whispers.

    The McCanns are innocent. No charges have been brought against anyone…except the Chief Investigating Police Officer, Goncalo Amaral.

    Wake up!

    A second question would have to be: Who on earth took the Risk Assessment decision Amaral was a buffoon an incompetent, bungling, Jacques Clouseau Pink Panther type of police officer?

    Come on, wake up! Police officers do not rise through the ranks to positions of authority without being good thief-takers and being very good at spotting the wrongness of something.
    Amaral is tougher than the baying section of Britain’s media has portrayed.

    The McCanns are becoming battered and worn by this. Just look at their recent photographs. The child is still missing, lost, gone. Arguments still rage over the rightness or wrongness of it all.

    Something is judgementally wrong in the Risk Assessments taken here. This week has been hugely damaging to the McCann’s and their cause. The information given this week in the Lisbon court can no longer be ignored or forgotten. It will have a high cost and one of the costs are potential new helpers and donations to the campaign of finding the child. The parents WERE involved in Madeleine’s disappearance because they left her alone to her fate and that is a tragic inescapable fact. No legal action, nor anything else, can change it.

    The truly awful fact is this piece been written and illustrated without one mention of the first names, professions or use of photographs of the McCann parents but everyone of you knows the name, the job and carries the image for further risk assessment.
    That is a risk position NOT to be in.

  168. I was delighted to read the good news of Dr. Amaral's successful appeal. And not at all surprised to read that the British so-called press have ignored this major development... But this new momentum will force them to eventually face the facts.

  169. anonymous 160, I and many others have wondered about the same thing. Why don't they sue the Gaspars? I have a few thoughts on this matter. I don't believe the Gaspars know anymore than they have already told. Did the Gaspars go to the police for any other purpose than to simply relate an incident that they thought would be important to the investigation? I don't think so. The McCann couple are running a business. Now, put yourself in their shoes, taking the Gaspars to court would expose their claims to the public and that is very bad for business. Even if the McCann couple is victorious in court the public would be in shock and they would be suspicious as to why Mrs. Gaspar, who is a physician herself, would go to the trouble to make such outrageous claims. The Gaspar testimony is probably the major reason why they decided to take Mr. Amaral to court. Isn't Mr. Amaral's book the only one that gives an account of the Gaspar's deposition?

    Anonymous 155, so you're telling me that if I were an English citizen who had the misfortune of having his child disappear abroad, I can have the CEOP hand deliver to me the following manuals:

    Missing and Abducted Children: A Law-Enforcement Guide to Case Investigation and Program Management, National Center for Missing & Exploited Children;

    Training Courses, CEOP (Serious Organised Crime Agency - Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre);

    Making Every Child Matter...Everywhere, CEOP (Serious Organised Crime Agency - Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre).

    What a great country England is! Of course, I hope to never find myself in that situation, but if I did I don't think I would have the time or temperament to be reading all those books. I would likely be scouring the country side searching for my child, relentlessly knocking on every door, but maybe that's just me, an emotional Portuguese person.

  170. What could there possibly be about the McCann case that is known by the UK Government, and was revealed to them by somebody close to the McCanns, that if it should be made known to Portugal would seriously damage relations with them? What is all that about???

    If the UK government already know what happened to Madeleine but wont say, THEN IT IS AN UTTER DISGRACE.

    Meanwhile, Dr Amaral and his family have had to endure all this, whilst important information is being sat on which could potentially blow this whole case open.

    It sounds like there is a great big cover up going on.

    But why? Surely, not simply on behalf of two child neglecting doctors.

    Or, did somebody like Brown think these two should be above the law because he had got himself too friendly and caught up in it all?

    If so, even Brown should know that not many things can be kept secret for very long.

  171. 151, impossible to believe Kate would screem the name "Maddie"for one hour and fiftien minutes.
    And everybody can tell the difference between a child's voice and an adult one, specially if it was being said repeately for such a long time.

  172. Very interesting revelations here:


    Why John Mccann leave the Fund?

  173. I think that it is not a question that the British media are in favor of the MacCanns.
    They are simply gagged.

  174. To PJ Tipps,

    I agree with your posts, but there is no perfect crimes. Always a small detail was left by the criminal to incriminate him or her. Kate did not confess to PJ. Will her behaviour be the same if instead of PJ was a team of top judges interrogating her under the pressure of a Court? I believe not. The court will use all the strategies to grabb a confession, even because other witnesses will be under the same pressure. And in court any lie will be used to incriminate arguidos or witnesses. This is why they avoid any step that could end up in Court.

  175. guerra 168

    Yes, for sure the McCanns and Payne don't want the Gaspar statements to be talked about in the media, or get widespread coverage in the UK with the publishing of 'The Truth of the Lie'.

    Maybe McCann has been reassuring Payne he can contain this by suing Dr Amaral and surpressing the book.

    It might have worked for a while, but now the plug is out, and there is nothing people like reading more than a book that somebody has tried to ban.

    As for suing their friends the Drs Gaspar. For what? For telling the truth of what they saw and heard? The UK media would have a field day with that. It would be the last thing the McCanns would want to do.

  176. Anon 170

    'Maddie' or 'Daddie' or whatever it was, wasn't screamed for that long, it was only screamed just before somebody came back.

    Previous to that it was just ordinary crying for a long time.

  177. Poor Sean, did he discover Maddie dead the night before? Kate McCann's signature on the creche records could have been written by another Mum and another blond-haired girl substituted for the day. Its just possible. Those running the creche would certainly not want to admit that they were not entirely sure who was who because that would be professionally negligent, wouldn't it? Anyway, wasn't Kate in the habit of signing Kate Healy? This horrible story certainly plays on the mind and I think we would all be better off knowing what really happened - even the perpetrators would be eventually.

  178. The only reason why the McCanns didn't sue the Gaspars is the fact that the Gaspars are telling the truth, imo. They told what they saw and heard, they didn't mention the word paedophile. I'm sure the McCanns would have sued anyone if there would be an opportunity, better let sleeping dogs lie.

  179. #166 wrote:

    "The case was archived. It was a cold, leading nowhere, case in the eyes of the top legal and police professionals in Portugal…the responsible authorities have no clues and have suspended work on the case."

    Well, not really...Mr. Amaral himself has said many times that there were still many "avenues" to investigate, he and his team were in the process of checking and investigating important details when he was abruptly taken off the case. He and his team have never considered it to be a "going nowhere cold case", quite the contrary!
    Yes, it was made into a cold case, but not for lack of clues or having exhausted all possibilities, it was turned into a cold case thanks to a sudden "political winter", cold, cold masses of air from an island-nation, up north, a "winter", that in comparison, would make a nuclear winter seem a gentle Spring.

  180. Just a simple question(not a stupid one, I hope):

    In Portugal, the larger bookshops have a section for books in foreign languages, for english literature, french, etc., the original versions of many bestsellers.
    Do the british bookshops also have a section for foreign language books? Couldn't Mr. Amaral book be sold there in the spanish or german versions? I suppose that not many british read portuguese, but maybe they do speak some spanish or german, or french...
    Well, as I wrote, maybe this is a stupid idea...

  181. @ 170 The suggestion was, of course, that one of the twins cried "Maddie" in distress at her demise, after the long crying episode.

  182. Was andrew brown (brother of the then PM) on holiday with the mccanns and who made a quick exit out of Portugal when the news hit, there is certainly a connection between him and jerry??

  183. The McCanns had advance notice of their villa being searched,everything that was found ,including CEOP manuals ,they were happy to be found. Jim Gamble was very keen to be be involved in the search for Madeleine , the fact that it made him and his organization as famous in the UK as NCMEC is in the USA and that the CEO of that government funded but unaccountable stateside quango is paid in excess of 1 million USD anually is purely incidental I am sure.

  184. To Anon 155 and Guerra at 168

    Following 155's statement I had an assistant (Ronaldão) clarifying that for me. The information I was given so far is as follows:

    (a) the "titles" outlined by 168 are not freely available on CEOP website. See for yourself: http://www.ceop.police.uk/Publications/

    (b) However these may or may not be available if you sign up for CEOPs courses. Here is a listing:

    Foundation Course in Understanding Child Sex Offenders

    The Use of the Internet by Child Sex Offenders

    Interviewing Child Sex Offenders

    A Master Class in Advanced Techniques for Interviewing Child Sex Offenders

    Sex Offender Risk Assessment and Management in the Community

    Strategies for Investigating Serious Sexual Crimes Against Children

    Using the Sexual Offences Act 2003 to Protect Children from Harm

    Risk and Manipulation: Exploring the Links Between Young People’s Risk-Taking and Offender Behaviour On-line

    See also CEOP Academy:

    Postgraduate Certificate in Behavioural Forensic Psychology

    Advanced Topics with Sex Offenders: Assessment, Intervention and Witness Skills

    Consider also "tailor-made" courses.

    "Our training team can work with you to create a bespoke training programme tailor-made for your organisation."

    Therefore, it seems to me that the critical question to pose is not whether the manuals are restricted (they are to some extent as we saw above) BUT THE DATE ON WHICH THEY WERE ORDERED and/or REACHED THE McCANNs'.

    If the manuals were sold and/or come into their hands before the disappearance of their child it could mean one thing. If afterwards it could mean another. In either case it will always mean something.

    A friend of mine an accomplished journalist who writes for "The Times" and "The Wall Street Journal" (not the guy at 166 by the way) informs he has phoned Dr. McCann n times this morning at Spire Leicester Hospital Cardiology Dept. to clarify this issue for us but to no avail. Dr. McCann is not available. He is probably on compassionate leave following the Portuguese Appeals Court's recent decision.

    Sorry! I have the pizza boy at the door!

    :k P.J. Tipps
    By Appointment Only

  185. Please can someone tell me if that's DAVID PAYNE filmed approaching the McCanns outside Church at approx. 2:22mins in this video clip:




  186. I would say that's almost certainly David Payne, Shubob.

  187. If only there was some UK MP who had the guts to ask a question in Parliament as to why information given by somebody close to the McCanns, concerning the McCann case, is being kept under wraps by the Government, and why it is deemed so important that the revealing of it would cause serious harm to relations between the UK and Portugal.

    Also, whether the decision to do this is interfering with the course of justice, (which it sounds like it so clearly is).

  188. Finding a dead body of Madeleine McCann would prove she was dead. Fact. Finding her body would not prove her cause of death. Fact.
    That is where the investigators would have to come in and do the job they are meant to do. Fact. No corpse of Madeleine McCann found. No proof of the alleged crime. Fact.

  189. Why wasn't David Payne made an 'arguido' after the information in the Gasper statements had been received? Even though it appears to have been held back as long as possible by the UK police.

    By then it was apparent that the investigators had grave misgivings about the statements the Tapas friends had given about that night, plus those alibis they had given each other, including them saying that Gerry McCann had been with them in the Tapas at the time of the Smith sighting, which now turns out never to have been confirmed as true.

    In fact, there are two statements from people who worked there who say categorically that he was missing from the table for about half and hour around the time the Smith family saw a lookalike Gerry carrying a lookalike Madeleine. And they were not mistaking him for O'Brien.

    Was David Payne's computer given a going over like Murat's and his friends?

    Maybe if he hadn't been a doctor it would have been.

    No doubt Gerry vouched for him. As if that should mean anything!

    But, as Gerry McCann sort of appointed himself as head of the investigation, with his own pseudo police force, issuing statements to the press via CM and showing photofits of suspects, etc. no doubt there were many willing to take him at face value.

    If Murat was made an 'arguido' based on really nothing at all, except somebody didn't like the look of him, plus the statements by the McCann's friends that they saw him, (which subsequently turned out not to have been true, (and did they ever apologise to him for what they put him through. Probably not.), David Payne should surely have been an arguido on the basis of the statements made by the Doctors Gaspar.

    Here's hoping this case gets reopened and this gets sorted, because he in particular should never have been given a pass.

  190. 178, I don't think British people read foreign languages.Maybe some read a little French and German, learned at school,but they are not used to do it.
    We, foreigners, are used and obliged to read English because it is the first language in the world.
    Your question is not a stupid one.
    Stupid questions don't exist.

  191. To Anon 172

    Yours is a fair point.

    The problem cross-examining the McCanns' is that their education and training as doctors... their ability to diagnose...to think fast... to design strategies, therapeutic or otherwise...not to mention the sense "above the rest" that comes with being part of the medical profession... would make it very difficult for any prosecutor to caught them off-guard...

    ... unless, perhaps, they came up with some surprise element to destabilize them... but... as we have already seen (and are seeing) they don't take "sardine munchers" too seriously, do they?

    Remember they even had the nerve to attend court proceedings in the very presence of "Big Rock"!

    It went to show the deep contempt and prejudice they have for the man. Note also in this context the subservience of the Portuguese authorities paying the McCanns' "psychological tribute" by allowing them access to the court through a VIP door. An embarrassment to the country - "pearls to pigs"...

    But continuing...

    Some inside information that has reached our offices (cough) suggests the PJ has kept some DNA back up samples and had them analysed in Germany. As you might remember every single forensic details pertaining to the case was wiped out by FSS in England. Would that have any impact?

    My hunch is the prosecution would face another impasse.

    If they told the court: blood found in the apartment was no doubt from Madeleine's, their defence would probably argue she used to bleed from the nose ("Calpol" related syndrome?) or that she had cut her knee once, etc.

    The McCanns' would, no doubt, be able come up with adaptive scenarios for the fluids found in the boot of the car. Indeed, they have already given a few - from beef cutlets to disposed nappies.

    The jury might even have to face up to the argument the dogs had flu and their spot-on testimony was flawed. No signs of such? Well, the dogs were on Ibuprofen to stop their noses running? :o

    Even the scent of human cadaverine found by "Eddie The Dog" in Madeleine's "Cuddle Cat" was rationalized by Dr. Kate McCann - she used to take her daughter's toy to work, you see...
    Difficult to believe I know, but can you prove she is lying?

    So where are we?

    I suspect the only way you could pin them down - assuming they were guilty that is (cough), was to come up with very revealing CCTV footage. To my knowledge there is none.


    The McCanns' would again walk out of court "technically innocent" but not, as they would like the public to believe, not "beyond the shadow of a doubt." The case Murat versus Tanner (unless is settled out of court) is likely to bring further support to this.

    Will Dr. Amaral et al give evidence? That would be fascinating and no doubt a possibility that is worrying the McCann's legal team.

    "Hello Madame Duarte, how have you been feeling lately my dear?":p

    "Carter! Carter! What a Ruck!":j

    :m Sorry! My Jeep's alarm is blaring again! Could it be another dog pissing on the front wheel?

    :k P.J. Tipps
    Detective of the Year Award (2009)

  192. To 178 and 187

    You may be able to buy the book in England (London) if you are not keen in ordering it from the links above (Portuguese sources).

    Here is the link:


    Concerning the status of English as a "lingua franca" that surely must be looked at it as a post-colonial state of affairs.

    The quality and subtlety of Portuguese (or any other Latin language for that matter) cannot compare with English - a relatively primitive language written in the Roman alphabet. No animosity implied.

    Which language will we be speaking in 2444? Mandarin Chinese? Oh! My! I think we will miss the good old barbarian English or perhaps we won't if we are taught it from the cradle.

    :b Did I hear someone laughing?

    :p Sweaty Dago

  193. ShuBob,
    I too got intrigued by the man in the video, when I watched the programme, I wondered who he might be, but at the time I did not think of Payne. There is some resemblance, but the man is not wearing glasses and the posture also seems different. I do not recall seeing any picture of Payne without glasses on, it would be interesting to have something to compare with.
    It's unfortunate that the programme's logo ("Companhia das Manhãs"), placed on the top right-hand side of the screen, blocks is face somehow for almost all the time he appears on screen. It dificults a clear view of the man.

  194. @anon 166, excellent commentary. I said after the hearing in February that they should have run for the hills. Preferably those lawless ones which lie around PDL, where the PI Mr. Edgar was certain the child was being held.

    I'd hazard a guess that the Risk Assessor is the person (s) who carried out that function on behalf of the holidaymakers whilst in PDL back in May 07 when the child vanished.

    The modus operandi is now glaringly obvious.

  195. To Anon 166

    :n Excellent thought-provoking stuff. For a moment I thought your style was reminiscent of Alan Sargeant's - not that it would have mattered. It takes all kinds. I love mixed nuts.

    Anyway, I do not wish to detract from the quality of your posting. Just a few remarks in passing. Addenda really.

    Consider the following passage:

    "It will have a high cost and one of the costs are potential new helpers and donations to the campaign of finding the child."

    Of course, the other high cost you did not refer to (but might have thought of) was the 1,2 million they will technically have lost (the arguments are one and the same in both cases.) Now add to that the six/seven figures compensation pay out they will have to bowl for Dr. Amaral. Oh my! :p

    An irony of fate when you consider the McCanns' had their eye on Dr. Amaral's house and property and now they have to sell theirs to pay for their PR misadventures. I could have told them the Portuguese Lady of Fátima was not going to like it but Mammon must have convinced them otherwise.

    You are absolutely right. The public has awaken to the realities of marketing and spin...

    You could say it is the final nail in the coffin of grand, meta-narratives. You could almost credit Jean Baudrillard's "Simulacra and Simulation" for that.

    "Baudrillard claims that our current society has replaced all reality and meaning with symbols and signs, and that human experience is of a simulation of reality. Moreover, these simulacra are not merely mediations of reality, nor even deceptive mediations of reality; they are not based in a reality nor do they hide a reality, they simply hide that anything like reality is irrelevant to our current understanding of our lives."

    :p Sweaty Dago

  196. ShuBob 183

    I'm sure it's David Payne, I recognize his attitude.
    For comparison:

    Same T-shirt?

  197. Can you imagine the mentality /insanity in the world we will be developing if Governments can support and aid people, who, the people, instead of co-operating in such a serious investigation, secretly have their own 'bush court' and agree on a 'pact', (agree to agree!?) and the sham is allowed to continue. But for you Dr Amaral, with many thanks to you, we are watching and waiting in anticipation, they will not get away with it. Soon we will, no doubt, be discussing the court case here.
    Thank you Dr Amaral for your integrity and tenacity and strength of character.


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