1.Everyone shall possess the right to freely express and publicise his thoughts in words, images or by any other means, as well as the right to inform others, inform himself and be informed without hindrance or discrimination 2.Exercise of the said rights shall not be hindered or limited by any type or form of censorship Constitution of the Portuguese Republic, Article 37.º

Lisbon Appeals Court Decision on the McCann Couple Injunction

This is the English translation of the full text of the Appellate Court decision that recently overturned the ban on Dr. Gonçalo Amaral's book, “Maddie - A Verdade da Mentira”, which has been commonly known to English-speaking people as “Maddie - The Truth of The Lie”.

The translation is ours, and you will understand that it is still a work in progress, although the relevant part, that is to say the decision itself and the reasoning that supports said decision, are now complete. This text will be updated and concluded as soon as possible. Thank you for your understanding.

The ruling is divided into three parts, with several sub-contents:

I. Report; it contains a summary of the court case so far, with the previous ruling, and the citation of the contents of each defendant's appeal.

II. Legal basis and Reasons; a presentation of proved facts, a brief explanation and comment concerning the purpose and enforcement of injunctions in general, and in this case in particular, followed by the arguments and the reasoning that lead the judges to the final decision.

III. Decision; the Appellate Court Judge's decision.

Please note that the ruling determines that costs are to be paid by the appealed parties, which is to say, the McCann couple and their children. These costs relate exclusively to the injunction and the appeal, and they do not cover lawyer expenses, or any other court costs that have already been paid beforehand. A recent legal reform in Portugal has determined that the vast majority of court expenses have to be paid in advance - as was the case at hand.

Also please note that this ruling refers only to the injunction that sought to ban the book and the video. Another injunction that froze Dr. Amaral's assets and a major part of his income still stands, and the main actions that the McCanns filed against him still await a trial date.

Thank you for your support; special thanks go out to Caroline and Pia, Ines and others who have/are reviewed/ing the text.


Unspecified Injunction
Process number 6000/09.8TVLSB-A.L 1
Lisbon Appellate Court Decision 

Appeal Review

I – Report

At the judicial circuit of Lisbon

Kate Marie Healey McCann,
Gerald Patrick McCann,
Madeleine Beth McCann,
Sean Michael McCann and
Amelie Eve McCann

Have filed an unspecified injunction against:

Gonçalo de Sousa Amaral,
Guerra e Paz, Editores, SA
VC – Valentim de Carvalho – Filmes, Audiovisuais, SA and
TVI – Televisão Independente, SA

Alleging that the first two applicants are the Mother and Father of the other applicants, who are all underage, being that it is commonly known that little Madeleine disappeared on the 3rd of May, 2007, and her disappearance prompted an extensive police investigation.

The defendant, Gonçalo Amaral, was one of the Judiciary Police (PJ) investigators that was involved in the investigation and later on wrote a book that is titled “Maddie The Truth of the Lie”, in which he defends, inter alia that there is a serious possibility that little Maddie accidentally died in the apartment where she was staying and that her parents did, in some manner, undertake the concealment of her cadaver.

They conclude by requesting:

1. The prohibition of sale and the order to collect, for destruction, all the books and videos that are still left at points of sale or other deposits or warehouses;

2. The prohibition to perform any new editions of the book or the video, or of any other books and / or videos that defend the same already criticised thesis, and that are destined to be sold or made public by any other means, in Portugal;

3. The prohibition to cede the editorial or author rights of the contents of the book or the video, or of any other books and videos about the same theme, for publication anywhere in the world;

4. The prohibition to expressly cite, analyse or comment, verbally or in writing, any parts of the book or the video that defend the thesis of death of the third Applicant or of the concealment of her body, by the first two Applicants;

5. The prohibition to reproduce any comment, opinion or interview in which that thesis is defended or can be inferred;

6. The prohibition to publish statements, photographs, or any other documentation that is allegedly connected to said book and video or said thesis.

The petition was fully refused as it was understood that the perils of damage had already been consummated.

In an appeal, that decision was revoked by a decision of this Appeals Court, and the production of evidence was demanded.

After evidence was produced before the lower court, a new sentence was issued, which sustained the injunction and decided as follows:

a) The prohibition for the defendants to sell the books and videos that were still available at points of sale or at other deposits or warehouses and the obligation for the defendants to collect them and to deliver them to the depositary that is nominated below;

b) The prohibition for the defendants to perform any new editions of the book or the video, or of any other books and/or videos that defend the same thesis, and that are destined to be sold or made public by any other means in Portugal;

c) The prohibition for the Defendants to cede the editorial or authorial rights over the contents of the book or the video, or of any other books and videos about the same theme, for publication anywhere in the world;

d) The prohibition for the Defendants to expressly cite, analyse or comment, verbally or in writing, any parts of the book or the video that defend the thesis of death of the third Applicant or of the concealment of her body, by the first two Applicants;

e) The prohibition for the Defendants to reproduce any comment, opinion or interview in which that thesis is defended or can be inferred;

f) The prohibition for the Defendants to publish statements, photographs, or any other documentation that is allegedly connected to said book and video or said thesis.

Furthermore, the Court condemns each one of the Defendant firms to pay a compulsory pecuniary sanction of 1000 Euros for each day that they do not obey the prohibitions or the order to apprehend the books and the videos.

After having been notified of that decision, appeals were filed by:

Gonçalo de Sousa Amaral,
Guerra e Paz, Editores, SA
VC – Valentim de Carvalho – Filmes, Audiovisuais, SA and
TVI – Televisão Independente, SA

All of them based on the right of freedom of expression of thought that is constitutionally consecrated and furthermore the fact that the statements and facts that were published in the book are the mere reproduction of solid data that is part of the investigation that was started at due time, and that said statements and facts are even part of the investigation’s archiving dispatch that was signed by a Prosecutor of the Portuguese Republic.

A new sentence was issued, which basically upheld the sentence that had been issued before and that granted the request.

Against that sentence, appeals were filed by the four opponents.

[a summary of the arguments that were presented by the four opponents to follow]

II – Legal basis and Reasons

The following facts were proved:

From the [injunction] request

1 - On the 24th of July, 2008, the first Defendant published in Portugal, under edition of the second Defendant, the book that he is the author of, “Maddie The Truth of the Lie”.

2 - In that book, the first Defendant defends the thesis that:
  • 1) The child Madeleine McCann died in the Ocean Club Apartment, in Vila da Luz, on the evening of the 3rd of May, 2007;
  • 2) The simulation of an abduction took place;
  • 3) Kate Healy and Gerald McCann are suspected of involvement in the concealment of their daughter’s cadaver,
  • 4) The death may have been the outcome of a tragic accident;
  • 5) There are indications of neglect regarding the guardianship and security of the children.
3 - The aforementioned book attained 4 editions until the end of July, 2008, 9 editions until the end of August, 2008, and 12 editions until the end of September, 2008.

4 - Each edition was comprised of approximately 10.000 copies.

5 -The book is presently sold out at practically all points of sale.

6 - When the book was published, the first Defendant gave interviews to all the media that requested him to do so, namely RTP, and in those interviews he defended the thesis that he presents in the book.

7 - The first Defendant also gave, among others, an interview to “Correio da Manhã” newspaper, which was published in their edition of the 24th of July, 2008, where he defended the thesis that he presents in the book.

8 - At the beginning of the month of May, 2009, the same book was published in France, now under the title “Maddie, L’Enquête interdite: Les revelations du commissaire portugais chargé de l’enquête”.

9 - The first Defendant gave countless interviews to several media in France, including the one that was published by newspaper “Le Parisien” and its corresponding website.

10 - In those interviews, the first Defendant once more mentioned the thesis that he presents in the book.

11 - The book’s French edition was and is systematically and profusely published on the internet, at least at:

[a list of websites follows - including this blog]

12 - Between the date when the Portuguese edition was published, on 24th June, 2008, and the date of the book’s French edition, in May 2009, the fourth Defendant broadcast a television programme which was produced by the third Defendant, that reserved to itself the ownership of the corresponding rights.

13 - The first emission of that television programme took place on the 13th of April, 2009.

14 - The second emission of that television contents took place on the 12th of May, 2009.

15 - That TV programme was broadcast in Portugal at least on those two occasions.

16 - The same TV programme/video is intrinsically based upon the contents of the book “Maddie The Truth of the Lie”.

17 - In the video in question, the First Defendant once again sustains his theory that the Third Applicant is no longer alive, that her death occurred within the Ocean Club apartment and that her parents, the First Applicants, concealed the cadaver of their daughter.

18 - At least two million two hundred people viewed the first broadcast of this TV programme.

19 - At the end of April 2009, the DVD corresponding to this programme began to be commercialised, with the title and subtitle of “Maddie : What Lies Beneath the Truth” – A Powerful Documentary based on the best seller “Maddie – The Truth of the Lie” by Gonçalo Amaral.

20 - 75.000 copies of this DVD have already been distributed for sale.

21 - The DVD is published, at least, on the web site of the Third Defendant.

22 - The first Applicants are married to each other and are the parents of the third, fourth and fifth Applicants.

23 - During the Criminal Investigation in which the first Applicants were constituted arguidos, the archiving dispatch was issued, referring to them on pages 145-173, dated 21st July 2010.

24 - Madeleine Beth McCann has been missing since the of 3rd May, 2007.

25 - Curricular articles were divulged on the Internet relating to the First Defendant, that spoke of him as a correct, structured, sociably adept man, namely to perform political roles.

26 - The first Defendant is a person much mentioned in the press.

27 - The curricular information previously referred to (point 25) reveals a man who studied engineering, graduated in legal and criminal sciences and who was an officer/inspector of the PJ for 27 [sic] years.

28 - The first Defendant knows the significance and scope of an archiving dispatch in a criminal case.

29 - The first Defendant knows who holds power over an investigation, who can open or re-open it and under which circumstances.

30 - The first Defendant knows what defamation and slander mean.

31 - The first Defendant knows what it means not to be at the service of a criminal investigation.

32 - The first Defendant has professional experience and is an adult.

33 - With the divulgation of his theory about the events of May 3, 2007 in Praia da Luz, the first Defendant, with the help of the three other Defendants, saw himself being promoted and earned money.

34 - The first Defendant had pretensions to intervene in local political life.

35 - The Defendants aim to divulge the book and DVD around the world, gaining financially, commercially and socially, which deepens the suffering of the first two Applicants and makes the searches for the third Applicant difficult.

From the oppositions

1 - The Defendant was the Coordinating Inspector of the “Maddie Case” Investigations from the 3rd of May, acting in this quality, within the scope of Inquest process No 201/07.0GALGS of the Lagos Public Ministry Services, until the date when he was withdrawn from the case, on the 2nd of October, 2007.

2 - He retired from service on the 1st of July, 2008.

3 - On the date that he was withdrawn from the case, it was of the Defendant’s knowledge that some of the investigators had formulated the opinion that Madeleine McCann had died in the apartment, that a simulation of abduction occurred and that her parents were suspected of concealing a cadaver.

4 - The investigation activities that the first Defendant reports in the book and in the documentary are contained in the investigation process.

5 - The investigation process was made available in electronic format, namely to the national and international media, who proceeded to divulge it, thereby enabling knowledge, comments and public and universal discussion of it.

6 - Any person can have access to these facts and to the documents of the investigation process in which they were verified, on the internet, only a “click” away.

7 - The witness friends of the first Applicants did not make themselves available to appear in Portugal for a diligence of reconstruction of facts, as was determined by the dispatch from the Prosecutor’s Office, on pages 4636 to 4638 of Volume XII of the Investigation.

8 - Under the terms of the editorial contract, relating to the book “Maddie – The Truth of the Lie”, signed with the first Defendant, the author’s rights of ownership were temporarily ceded to the second Defendant, only with regards to the editing of the book.

9 - The book was published, through other editors, in some countries (apart from France) as pointed out under item 8 of the provisional injunction, as follows:

In Spain, in September 2008, with the title “Maddie – La Verdad de la Mentira”, with eventual commercialisation in Castilian language into Latin American countries.

In Denmark, in November 2008, with the title “Maddie – Sandheden on Lognem”, with eventual commercialisation in other Nordic countries.

In Italy, in December 2008, with the title “Maddie – La Verità della Menzogna”, with commercialisation in the Italian language throughout the world.

In Holland, in April 2009, with the title “Maddie – De Waarheide Achter de Leugen”, with commercialisation in the Dutch language throughout the world.

In Germany, in June 2009, with the title “Maddie – Die Wahrheit tiber die Luge”, with commercialisation in Austria and Switzerland.

10 - There is an English version circulating on the internet, on the web site www.gerrymccansblogs.co.uk/PJ/ TRANSLATIONS.htm, where a Portuguese version can also be found.

11 - On their web site (www.etc), the first Applicants cite the theory of the first Defendant.

12 - The Daily newspaper “Correio da Manhã”, in its edition of 3rd October 2007, published a supplement with the title “Maddie, The Diary of a Mystery”.

13 - By means of the Fund that was created by the first Applicants, diligences that are considered to be opportune are being made in order to obtain leads about what happened to and to discover the whereabouts of the third Applicant.

14 - During the first trimester of 2008, “VC Filmes” learned that the first Defendant was writing a book, the publication of which would take place during the first semester of that same year, with an objective and factual description and the revelation of elements, at the time un-published, of the investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann which he had led.

15 - “VC Filmes” expressed their interest to the first Defendant for an audiovisual adaptation (documentary and fiction) of said book.

16 - And with him [Dr. Amaral], an agreement was made for ceding the exclusive rights in their [VC Filmes’] favour for the adaptation of a book into a documentary or fiction that could have the format of a book for cinema or a telefilm for television and which should be explored on all platforms and on all kinds of media.

17 - The author of the book agreed to participate as narrator of the documentary.

18 - And he ceded to “VC Filmes” all the ownership of author’s rights and connected rights that belonged to him as author and narrator, namely for effects of the exploration by “VC Filmes” of the documentary by all methods and by all means.

19 - “VC Filmes” ceded to the fourth Defendant the rights of television broadcast or transmission in Portugal of the audio visual documentary entitled “Maddie – The Truth of the Lie”, produced by them.

20 - And, as happens with all other cinematographic and audio visual works produced by “VC Filmes”, the latter ceded to its distributor “Valentim de Carvalho Multimédia, S.A.”, namely the rights of edition and distribution of the documentary for publication in video format, thereby making themselves their representative as regards the exploration or commercialisation of the rights of television broadcast or transmission of this documentary in foreign countries.

21 - “Valentim de Carvalho Multimédia” in representation of “VC Filmes”, ceded the rights of television broadcast or transmission of the same documentary to television stations in Spain, Andorra, France, (Flemish) Belgium, Denmark and Poland, on dates previous to the notification to “VC Filmes” of the decision presented in this injunction.

22 – Until that same date, the documentary in question was reproduced only once in order to be edited, published and sold in Portugal, in video format, in this case a DVD.

23 - Neither “Valentim de Carvalho Multimédia” nor “VC Filmes” had ceded any rights of edition or author’s rights concerning the content of the same documentary (or the video that reproduces it) for publication in any other part of the world.

24 - The reproduction and editing were authorised by “Valentim de Carvalho Multimédia” to the company “Presslivre, Imprensa Livre, S.A.”, owner of the newspaper “Correio da Manhã” by means of a contract established between both parties, under which terms, the DVDs, their covers and packaging would be produced on account, by order and under the responsibility of “Presslivre”, to be distributed and commercialised jointly with the newspaper “Correo da Manhã”.

25 - And the entire process of registration and classification of the video edition (DVD) of the documentary at IGAC would be, as it was, developed by “Valentim de Carvalho Multimédia”, the costs of which process would be covered by “Presslivre”, as indeed was done.

26 - 75.000 DVD units were produced for said edition.

27 - The respective distribution for sale took place together with a distribution for sale of the edition of the newspaper “Correio da Manhã” on the 24th of April, 2009.

28 - Only a small number of the DVDs distributed was effectively sold, 63.369 units having been returned to “Presslivre”.

29 - The investigation files were made available in electronic format, namely to the national and foreign press, which disseminated it, enabling it to become known and to be publicly and universally commented upon and discussed.

30 - Anyone has access to those facts and to the documents from the investigation process in which they were verified, on the internet, at the distance of a “click”.

31 - The documentary was published and sub-titled in English, by third parties who published it on the internet, without the knowledge and against the will of “VC Filmes”.

32 - The first two Applicants, in collaboration with British television station “Channel 4” also produced a documentary about the disappearance of the third Applicant in Praia da Luz in May 2007, which expressed their version of the events.

33 - This audio visual piece, titled “Still Missing Madeleine” and which corresponds to a documentary, with a duration of 60 minutes, was subject to a preliminary licensing agreement by “Mentorn International” to “TVI”, for the Portuguese territory, with an exclusivity duration for the period between 7th May 2009 and 6th May 2010.

34 - This agreement even began to be negotiated before the first screening by the Defendant [TVI] of the documentary based upon the book of the first Defendant, and was duly reduced to a written text, in the form of a “Deal Memo” (business deal), which was signed by both parties on 15th April 2009.

35 - “TVI” programmed the screening of this documentary with the version of the Applicants, in such a manner as to complement the showing of the documentary based upon the book by the first Defendant, seeking by acting in this way, to clarify the public in an unbiased way, showing various versions and possible explanations for the same facts.

36  - On 23rd April 2009, “TVI” was informed by telephone that “Mentorn” was not going to comply with the preliminary licensing agreement in question, which was confirmed in writing, on 5th May 2009.

37 - The reason why “Mentorn” was not going to comply with the agreement in question was that the McCann family had given instructions that they did not want the programme to be licensed to “TVI”.

38 - The documentary that reports the version of facts defended by the Applicants was screened on 12th May 2009 by “SIC” channel, with the title “Maddie – two years of anguish”, having been previously been broadcast in the UK.

39 - In that documentary, an explanation is given, with the help of private detectives, of the version of facts defended by the Applicants and a re-construction of the night of the disappearance of Madeleine McCann is made.

40 - The first Applicants have easy access to national and international press, having given an interview to the American television programme “Oprah”, presented by the well known Oprah Winfrey and which had already been shown in Portugal, also by SIC, on 4th May 2009 and again on 12th May.

41 - That programme was transmitted throughout the entire world by means of available satellite signals and cable networks.

42 - In this interview the first Applicants once again explained their theory about the fateful events of the night of 3rd May 2007 and once again launched an appeal for her search, revealing new facts about the private investigations that they hired.

43  - In the documentary presented by “SIC”, the first Applicants revealed the existence of at least one more witness statement, re-constructions and photo fits that reinforce the abduction theory.

After reading the proved facts, we do now have to place them into a juridical context.

Concerning the suitability or unsuitability of the appeals, it is considered that the matter is solved in the dispatch that was written at the lower court, on pages 1.359/1.367, and the appeals are all suitable.

As was written, and well, in the decision that is under analysis, the injunction is a legal instrument that is destined to effectively protect subjective rights or other jurisdictionally relevant interests.

Its practical importance does not result from the capacity to solve conflicts of interest in an autonomous and definitive way, but rather from its usefulness in the anticipation of certain effects of judicial decisions, in the prevention of serious or hardly repairable violation of rights, in the prevention of financial damages or in the preservation of status quo [Latin Def. The existing condition or state of affairs], until the final decision on the case is issued.

It represents an anticipation or a guarantee for efficacy concerning the outcome of the main case and it is based on a summary analysis (summaria cognitio [Lat. Def. Of quick simplified appreciation]) of the factual situation that allows to state the right as being likely (fumus boni iuris [Lat. Defs. Of apparent good law/ presumption of sufficient legal basis]) and the justified fear that said right may be seriously damaged or rendered useless, if a certain injunction is not decreed (periculum in mora [Lat. Trans. risk of imminent and irreparable damage]).

It is, after all, an antechamber of the main process, and it allows for an interim or provisory decision to be issued, with the purpose of diminishing the erosive effects that derive from the delay in a definitive solution, or to render fruitful the decision that may be favourable to the Applicant.

Article number 381º, no 1 of the Civil Process Code stipulates that whenever someone shows a well-based fear that someone else may cause a serious and hardly repairable damage to his or her right, that person may request the conservatory or anticipatory injunction that is specifically adequate to ensure the effectiveness of the right that is under threat.

On the other hand, article 387º, no 1 of the same diploma establishes that the injunction is decreed whenever there is a serious possibility of the existence of the right, and the fear of its lesion is sufficiently well-based.

Therefore, the injunction is a means, and not an end. It does not seek to directly and immediately carry out the substantial right, but rather to take measures that ensure the efficacy of a subsequent providence, which is actually destined to act on the material right.

Therefore, the injunction is of a provisory nature and always depends on a cause (preliminarily or incidentally) – article 383º, no 1 of the Civil Process Code.

Thus the success of the injunction depends on two requisites:

a) the verification of the appearance of a right;

b) the demonstration of the danger of said apparent right not being satisfied.

Concerning the first requisite, the court is asked to appreciate or to judge on a mere possibility or verisimilitude (bonus fumus juris). As far as the second requisite is concerned, a judgement of stronger and more convincing probability is at stake.

The fear of serious and hardly repairable damage that is mentioned in article 387, number I of the Civil Process Code means “present and founded fear”.

The fear is founded when it is of such nature that it justifies the requested injunction; and it only justifies it when circumstances present themselves in a way that convinces that damage to said right is imminent.

In the a quo Court’s decision the dangers of lesion to the applicants’ physical integrity or their treatment in a degrading, cruel or inhumane manner are promptly set aside.

The dangers of lesion to the applicants’ reservation of private and family life subsist, as well as the lesion to their right to image and a good name and the right to usufruct from the penal process’ guarantees, namely the right to a fair investigation and the right to freedom and to safety.

In an opposite position are the rights of the defendants – the right to freedom of expression of thought and the freedom of press.

Honour, the right to a good name are personality rights that are densely defended and protected by several legislative orders:

Right away, by the constitutional order (confront article 26 of the Portuguese Republic’s Constitution), and also in the international order.

Ordinary law also protects the same rights, as can be understood by reading articles 70, 72 and 484 of the Civil Code.

As it has to be, jurisprudence strongly reflects that general tutelage and the defence of citizens’ good name and image.

By all, one should read the very recent Ruling from the Supreme Court of Justice dated 20.01.2010 (Presiding Judge: Fonseca Ramos), that can be reached on the internet, on the Court’s database that is lodged under the address www.dgsi.pt/:

I) - One of the limits to the freedom of information, which is therefore not an absolute right, is the safeguard of the right to a good name. Journalists, [and] the media, are bound to ethical, deontological duties of rigour and objectivity.

II) – The media have the right, the social duty, to disseminate news and to emit critical or non-critical opinions, and it is important that they do so while respecting the truth and the intangible rights of others, like personality rights.

III) – The right to honour in a wider sense, and the right to freedom of press and of opinion are traditional areas of conflict.

IV) …

V) – Criticism is limited by the targeted person(s)’ right, but it does not loose legitimacy if it is slashing, sharp, as long as not insulting, because ever so often that is the writer’s style.

VI) … VII) … VIII) …

IX) – To criticise implies to censor, censorship that takes place in the media only stops being legitimate as a manifestation of individual freedom when it expresses objective antijuricity, violating rights that are extremely personal and which affect, in a more or less lasting way according to men’s memory, goods that have to be preserved like the ones that are at stake here, to a good name and to social prestige.

The right to inform is nowadays unanimously accepted as a fundamental demand of democratic societies of pluralist expression, it is consecrated by Article 37º of the Portuguese Republic’s Constitution.

The rights of citizenship, which are the basis of social life, constitute the core of the very personality (physical and moral) of the human being; thus the right to life, to physical and moral integrity, to a good name, to image, to freedom, to the protection of intimacy are consecrated constitutionally (articles 24, 25, 26) and in civil law (articles 70 and 484 of the Civil Code).

Due to the fact that all of these rights are constitutionally protected, in principle none of them raises above the others, and – in its practical exercise – each one of them should cede as strictly necessary and in a proportional way, in order to accommodate the adequate practice of the rest of them.

Necessity, proportionality and adequacy are the fundamental principles for the practical conjugation of the concrete exercise of said rights; therefore, the rules that are to be respected must be set case by case, thus allowing to decide which conflicting rights must be compressed, what limits have to be observed and what dominant rights must be protected.

And it is through a cautious pondering of the rights at hand that we will be able to extract some conclusions concerning this specific case.

The book that was written by the first defendant, Dr. Gonçalo Amaral, presents a thesis that was at one time defended by several participants in the police investigation: that little Madeleine died accidentally and that her parents, here the first applicants, were suspected of concealing the cadaver.

This defendant was the Coordinating Inspector of the investigation into the case of the disappearance, thus being the most qualified police officer who intervened in the investigation until the time when, through a decision from the Judiciary Police’s (PJ) directory, he was removed from that function.

In that role, the defendant was deeply involved in the entire investigation and had the opportunity to formulate all of the possible conclusions about the case, while it was under investigation.

Approximately 5 months later, Dr. Gonçalo Amaral was removed from the investigation through a decision of the PJ's directory.

As he clarifies several times throughout the book, the author felt the need to write it right away in order to, as he says, “recover my good name, which was publicly dragged through the mud while the institution that I served for 26 years, the Portuguese Judiciary Police, did not allow me to defend myself, nor defended me institutionally. I asked for permission to speak out in that sense, a request that remains unanswered to this day. I fully respected the PJ's rules, and remained in silence. Nevertheless, said silence was tearing my dignity apart.

Later on, I was removed from the investigation. I then decided that it was time for me to defend myself in a public way. Therefore, I immediately requested my retirement, so I could regain the plenitude of my freedom of expression.”

This is a first point – and one that is not small – that should be registered: the author feels he is the victim of injustice and wants to re-establish the truth, at least his truth or his vision of truth, even more so as he felt that his honour was being diminished and the police force that he owed obedience to did not allow him to reply, as a police officer, to those attacks against his professional pride and his honour as a qualified criminal investigation police officer.

In the book that is at stake here – “Maddie – the Truth of the Lie” – the author presents a vast multiplicity of facts and then offers his interpretation of said facts.

Those facts are all part of the investigation and are exhaustively considered and weighed in the archiving dispatch of the process that is on the DVD which has been appended to this court case (page 441).

In that description, there are main facts and others that are secondary, but which the author attributes value to, based on his experience as a police investigator, an activity that he has performed for 26 years.

The author describes, in detail, several facts and circumstances that were not coherent in between each other, from the outset of the investigation, thus prompting contradictory conclusions.

In the archiving dispatch that is signed by two Public Ministry Magistrates, it is written that “From the analysis of the set of depositions that were made it became evident that important details existed which were not fully understood and integrated, which needed to be tested and verified on the location of events itself, thus rendering it possible to establish the apparent failures to meet and the lack of synchronisation, even divergences, in a diligence that is suited for that effect, which was the reconstitution, which was not possible to perform, despite the commitment that was displayed by the Public Ministry and by the PJ, to attain that purpose…”

In that very same dispatch, the result of the tests that were performed by the sniffer dogs “Eddie” (a dog that was specially trained to signal cadaver odour) and “Keela” (specially trained to detect the presence of human blood) are mentioned.

“Eddie” marked (signalled) cadaver odour:

• in the McCann couple’s bedroom in apartment 5-A (from where little Madeleine disappeared) in the area next to the wardrobe;

• in an area next to the living room window that has direct access to the street, behind a sofa;

• and in an area of the same apartment’s garden.

The dog “Eddie” again marked the signal of cadaver:

• at the “Vista do Mar” villa, which was rented by the McCann couple after Madeleine’s disappearance, in the area of a wardrobe that contained a soft toy that had belonged to the little girl;

• on clothing that belonged to the applicant Kate Healy, Madeleine’s mother;

• on the outside of the Renault Scenic vehicle with the license plate number 59-DA-27, that was rented by the McCann couple after the disappearance, next to the driver’s door;

• and on that vehicle’s key/card.

The dog “Keela” detected residues of human blood:

• in the same living room of apartment 5-A, which had already been signalled by “Eddie”;

• after the floor tiles that had been signalled during the first inspection had been removed, she again signalled the spot where the floor tiles had been;

• on the lower part of the window curtain that had already been signalled by “Eddie” before;

• on the inside of the boot of the Renault Scenic vehicle that had already been signalled by “Eddie”;

• and in the door storage compartment on the vehicle’s driver’s side, which contained the car key/card;

The dogs’ indications cannot be used as evidence in court, but in multiple cases they provided precious help in terms of collection of evidence for the Scotland Yard and the FBI, with positive results.

These indications were later not corroborated by the British forensics lab that was chosen by the investigation, but they were enough to constitute the applicants, Madeleine’s parents, as arguidos in the criminal investigation that was performed over her disappearance.

In possession of that new data, and crossing it with the data that had been collected before, the Portuguese authorities - the Public Ministry and the Judiciary Police - tried to perform a reconstitution of the facts, they did and tried everything, but due to the lack of availability of the McCann couple and their friends, who did not show up, said diligence could not be performed and those facts still remain to be clarified.

Concerning that matter, it is written in the final dispatch that “(…) despite the fact that the national authorities took all measures to render their travelling to Portugal possible, due to motives that are unknown, after the many doubts that they raised concerning the need and the opportunity of their travelling were clarified several times, they chose not to show up, which rendered the diligence impossible to perform.

We believe that the main damaged party were the McCann arguidos, who missed the possibility to prove what they have protested since they were made arguidos: their innocence towards the fateful event; the investigation was also hindered, because said facts remain unclear (…)”.

In any case, the fact is that the indications that were mentioned above were sufficient to make the McCann couple arguidos.

The subsequent collection and production of evidence, namely the forensics evidence that was collected and treated in laboratory, weakened that conviction and thus the couple stopped being arguidos.

What is certain is that since the start of the investigation there were incongruent and even contradictory situations concerning the witness statements; the telephone records of calls that were made and received on mobile phones that belonged to the couple and to the group of friends that were on holidays with them; the movements of people right after the disappearance of the little girl was noticed, concerning the state in which the bedroom from where the child disappeared from was found (closed window? open window? partially open window?) etc., and the mystery would only become even thicker due to the clues that were left by the already mentioned sniffer dogs.

All of this is reported in detailed manner in the book that is at stake here, reproducing the contents of some of the case files, which also had an effect on the above mentioned final dispatch that was signed by two Public Ministry Magistrates.

In the book, we do not verify any reference to any facts that are not in that dispatch.

Where the author differs from the Prosecutors who have written the dispatch, is in the logical, police-work-related and investigative interpretation that he does of those facts.

In that aspect, we stand before the exercise of freedom of opinion, which is a domain in which the author is an expert, as he was a criminal investigator for 26 years.

Let us now analyse the juridical focus of the rights that were invoked by the applicants:

As mentioned above, the Court’s decision a quo immediately put aside the dangers of damage to the applicants’ physical integrity or their treatment in a degrading, cruel or inhumane way.

The following dangers subsist:
  1. damage to the reservation of the applicants’ private and family life;
  2. damage to their right to image and a good name;
  3. damage to their right to the guarantees of the penal process, namely the right to a fair investigation and the right to freedom and safety.
Concerning the applicants’ reservation of private life, we verify that they themselves have given numerous interviews and intervened in the media, thus giving them [the media] information that would hardly be publicised by any other means: this includes the documentary that was produced by the British TV station “Channel 4”, which had the applicants’ cooperation and was widely broadcast in the United Kingdom and later on in Portugal (ref. Nos. 32 to 35 of the aforementioned proven facts); one should pay attention to the fact that the applicants have easy access to the national and international media, having given an interview to North American television talk show “Oprah” hosted by the well-known Oprah Winfrey, which was already broadcast in Portugal, also by SIC, on the 4th of May, 2009, and again on the 12th of May (ref. No. 40 of the same facts).

Concerning this matter, the Civil Code establishes as follows:

Article 80º
(Right to reservation over the intimacy of private life)
1. Everyone must maintain the reservation over someone else’s intimacy of private life.
2. The extent of reservation is defined according to the nature of the case and the persons’ condition.

Article 81º
(Voluntary limitation of personality rights)
1. All voluntary limitation of the exercise of personality rights is null if it is contrary to the principles of public order.
2. The voluntary limitation, whenever legal, is always revocable, although with the obligation to indemnify any damages that were caused to legitimate expectations of the other party.

We conclude that the applicants voluntarily decided to limit their right to the intimacy of private life, certainly envisaging higher values like the discovery of their daughter Madeleine’s whereabouts, but upon voluntarily limiting that right, they opened the doors for other people to give their opinion about the case, in synchrony with what they were saying, but also possibly in contradiction with their directions, yet always within the bounds of a legitimate and constitutionally consecrated right to opinion and freedom of expression of thought.

We do not see that the right of the book’s author, the defendant, can be limited by a right to the reservation of intimacy that suffered voluntary limitations by their holders, the applicants.

In the same way, concerning the applicants’ right to image and a good name: upon placing the case in the public square and giving it worldwide notoriety, the applicants opened all doors to all opinions, even those that are adversarial to them.

In any case, we understand that the allegation of facts that are profusely contained in the judicial inquiry and that were even published through an initiative of the Republic’s Attorney General’s Office, can in no way be seen as an offence against the right to image and a good name of the subjects in the process.

Finally, concerning the damage to the right to usufruct from the penal process’ guarantees, namely the right to a fair investigation and the right to freedom and safety, we still cannot understand how it is possible for said rights to be offended by the contents of a book that describes facts from the investigation, although it parts from the interpretation that the Public Ministry’s Magistrates made of those facts, yet offering based, solidly built and logical interpretations.

We thus reach a point where it seems to be important to stress the following: the indicative facts that led to the applicants’ constitution as arguidos within the inquiry were later on not valued by the Public Ministry’s Magistrates in order to lead to a criminal accusation, but those very same facts, seen through another prism and with another base, may lead to a different conclusion from that which was attained by those same Magistrates – those are indications that were deemed to be insufficient in terms of evidence in a criminal investigation, but they can be appreciated in a different way, in an interpretation that is legitimate to be published as a literary work, as long as said interpretation does not offend any fundamental rights of anyone involved – and we have written above already why we understand that said interpretation does not offend the applicants’ rights.

In a concise manner:

The book at stake in this process – “Maddie – the Truth of the Lie” – which was written by the defendant Dr. Gonçalo Amaral, has the main motivation of defending his personal and professional honour, as the author points out right away in the preface and throughout his text.

The contents of the book does not offend any of the applicants’ fundamental rights.

The exercise of its writing and publication is included in the constitutional rights that are secured to everyone by the European Convention on Human Rights and by the Portuguese Republic’s Constitution, namely in its articles 37 and 38.

As we arrive at this point, we conclude that the decision that was made by the Court a quo must be revoked, and the analysis of the other issues that are placed under appeal are not justified, as they are considered prejudiced.

The appeal by defendant Dr. Gonçalo Amaral is sustained.

The other appeals are not taken into consideration, as it is understood that their appreciation is prejudiced – article 660, number 2, of the Civil Process Code.

III – Decision

In harmony with what is written above, under the terms of the cited dispositions, the Judges at this Appeals Court declare the validity of the appeal filed by defendant Dr. Gonçalo Amaral, and the sentence of the a quo Court is revoked, its disposition replaced by the following:

The injunction is deemed not valid because it was not proved.

Furthermore we deliberate that we do not acknowledge the rest of the appeals.

Costs to be paid by the appealed parties [the McCann couple and their three children].

Lisbon and Appeals Court, 14.10.2010

The Appellate Court Judges,

Francisco Bruto da Costa
Catarina Arelo Manso
António Valente

Lee aquí en Espanõl» Caso Madeleine McCann - Decisión Tribunal Apelaciones de Lisboa

The Archiving of the Madeleine McCann Process: One Year On - Part I
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The McCanns' Injunction: Quotes by the Defence Lawyers
The Temporary Injunction: Granted on September 9, 2009 (1143/09.0TVLSB)
Providência Cautelar dos McCann: Citações dos Advogados de Defesa
Audiência das testemunhas de defesa de Gonçalo Amaral


  1. Chaosraptors have copied and pasted it as soon as it went up.

  2. New video from the SIC "Companhia das Manhãs"(Registo Criminal segment):

    http://sic.sapo.pt/online/video/programas/companhia-das-manhas/2010/10/caso-maddie20-10-2010-185219.htm(Registo Criminal)

    with Dr. Amaral, H. Carvalho, P. Cristóvão, and Dr. P. Sargento

  3. the mccanns are fuc***.

    thank you astro and Caroline and Pia for all your hard work to bring us this in english

  4. :n:n:n Francisco Bruto da Costa, Catarina Arelo Manso e António Valente. Muito obrigado. Ja começava a pensar que éramos todos burros. Burros não somos, querem e fazer de nos palhaços!


  5. now we know why the uk media didnt report on it,woof woof

  6. Thank you very much Joana for putting this information on here. I haven't read all of it yet.

    Can you please answer me this question? I would like to know if Dr Amaral is appealing against the conviction he received, where he supposedly covered up for 3 of his officers who were accused of torture, in the case regarding the disappearance of Joana Cipriano.

    The 3 officers were later cleared and I presumed that Dr Amaral's conviction would also be quashed. I can't find anything on the net that says whether Dr Amaral appealed against this conviction.

  7. jezus, who can believe that!
    Those judges believe Amaral and the police work!
    Well done, well done!

    Have the McCanns gone to church today?
    I bet they didn't.
    They are spending a boring day at home.
    And not answering the telephone.

  8. KathyBella @ 6, Dr. Amaral (among others) did file an appeal against the Faro Court's decision in what is known as the "Leonor Cipriano 'torture' trial". As far as I know, the outcome of that appeal is still pending.

  9. Thank you very much for all this tremendous work
    The dictamen looks like a porper review of the case!!!

    Two things have caught my attention and I believe this resumes the whole saga

    "The book that was written by the first defendant, Dr. Gonçalo Amaral, presents a thesis that was at one time defended by several participants in the police investigation: that little Madeleine died accidentally and that her parents, here the first applicants, were suspected of concealing the cadaver."


    "The injunction is deemed not valid because it was not proved"

    Thats right: at NO time but none at all have the mccann been able to PROVE our poor little mire was "kidnapped".

    Now we understand the mccanns deafening silence: they caught themselves at their very own game and they shot themselves in their very own foot: they are F I N I S H E D.
    And somehow,I have the feeling "some PORTUGUESE authorities" will demand the review/re-opening of the whole case....with a cherry on top.
    May be it is wishful thinking but it really wouldnt surprise me.
    Lo" of wishful thinking: re-open the case NOW and lets get rid of this pair of scum bags once for ever

  10. Anon 2

    Thank you very much indeed for alerting us to this video. This is HOT STUFF! Dr. Amaral's tears brought tears to my eyes. What this man has been through...

    You really should put this video in here Joana! It is a must! It supersedes anything that has been shown about Amaral.

    Why don't you do it style Wikipedia? We send bits and pieces of the translation in.... Divide it slots of 2 minutes, say... Each one of us does a bit and in the end you edit and out it all together. Easy!


  11. Very informative and well written judgement, I wonder why kate McCann finds it "unbelievable"? Unbelievable that they are not going to be allowed to suppress the findings of the investigation any longer so they can instead have the world engaged in a wild goose chase?

    They had a chance to prove their innocence by aiding the investigation and instead they chose to flee POrtugal and use legal means to slow or stymie the investigation all while claiming to think their child is "out there" with a pedophile ring.That, more than the dogs, tells me they know she is dead. Had she been kidnapped they would have no reason to hide behind defense lawyers and a paid spokeperson/ media handler. For shame!

  12. Thank you Joana, I am keeping my fingers crossed that now Dr Amaral won his appeal and the ban on his book was lifted, he will win his appeal against this unfair conviction.

  13. Bravo! Bravo! Bravo! to the Appeals Court Judges:

    Francisco Bruto da Costa

    Catarina Arelo Manso

    António Valente

    Commonsense and Justice prevail in Portugal!

  14. Many thanks to Astro for such an incredible document, for the translation, a job well done! As for the McCann's, they can now pack up and go live somewhere where nobody knows them... oh wait, they made themselves famous all over the world, there might not even be a place left for them to hide! Karma, oh Karma!

  15. Thank you Joana/Astro and all,
    Your hard work is paying off, great news!!
    Kate made her journey last week for this reason I am sure.
    Wonder if this has anything todo with Doug Skehan and John McCann deciding to leave the fund recently.
    I think Justice is well and truly on its way.

    Thank you again dear Joana for all the hours you put into this case, not having the media here in the Uk reporting on this case I look forward to reading on here.

    Gina UK

  16. I feel as if I must be dreaming. For literally years we who have always known this case was rotten to the core have felt we were banging our heads against a brick wall. We have had to put up with the endless rubbish spewed out by the McCanns, Clarence Mitchell, by pro-McCann blogs, the British so-called press and by many others who should have known better. We have been vilified by these people for our "crackpot", "evil" "hateful" ideas and described as "vultures" and "vampires" by a Portuguese lawyer. We have shared Goncalo´s anguish at the way he has been treated, we have squirmed at the McCanns' vulgar seeking of publicity, their greed, their vindictiveness.

    Now, suddenly and unexpectedly, we can feel vindicated. Our belief that the McCanns do not hold a monopoly of the truth, that there is more than one side to this case, has been expressed with clarity and cogency by an authority that really matters. How good it feels.

    And where, by the way, are all those gainsayers now? Why not a squeak from any of them?

    Thank you, thank you, Joanna and your team for all that you are doing.

  17. The pillars holding up the Imperial Palace of Spin and Deceit are slowly being taken away. Gordon Brown, CEOP, Doug Skehan, John McCann. Is this any coincidence with the recent appeal win?

    A few more pillars to go and all will come crashing down. Of course the main pillar is the British Press - or at least the obvious fear the British Press have in reporting an impartial viewpoint.

    Angelo Del Montello

  18. @16,excellent post,and i think that you have said what all of us feel about this case

  19. Joana and those that help you, you are all doing the most amazing work. If there is one video that it will be a joy to read an English transcript of, it is the one mentioned by #2.

    No man, no country, no people, should have been treated the way the English press and the McCanns have treated Goncalo Amaral, the PJ and by inference the Portuguese people.

    May truth and decency come to fruition, but I fear that the truth will be to the shame and humiliation of the UK people.

    And a resolution will be to the shame of the British and Portuguese governments for their interference in a criminal case.

    Patrixjude in South Africa

  20. "Costs to be paid by the appealed parties."
    Joana, does this translate as the parties against whom the appeal was made, i.e the McCs ( or the Fund)

  21. Thank you for all the hard work, astro! Well done Dr Amaral and his lawyers: dogs' findings, phone records, contradictory witness statements, open/closed window, friends refusing to come for the reconstruction, everything now nicely mentioned in a COURT document, signed by THREE judges!
    No wonder the "poor parents" are so silent now...

  22. Many thanks for this translation. How would we ever be informed of the truth if not for people like you.

    The McCanns must be seething reading what the judges had to say.

    They actually dared to mentioned the cadaver scent. Oh dear, and those McCanns have tried so hard to get those dogs regarded as a figment of the imagination.

    As for them not returning for a reconstruction, well, that about sums us the helpfulness of the Tapas friends and their concern to find Madeleine. Even the Smiths who are not connected to the McCanns were willing to return to do that.

    Strange how the Tapas pals and the McCanns can always get themselves back to PDL for things like accusing Murat, or when there is money to be had by suing Dr Amaral.

    The judges can't have failed to notice that.

  23. Thank you, Joana, Astro (Goncalo, of course) and all Portuguese people who have worked really hard to find justice for a little English girl. I know that the struggle later became a much bigger issue but none of you knew that when you first committed yourselves and you have stuck with it in spite of all the shocks along the way.

    I would not know anything without your translations - thank you very much indeed.

  24. :m Dear Astro.

    Could you please translate this for us? The G. Amaral bit at least...when you finish the "Ruling" that is. For me there is no need to translate more of the "Ruling". I get the picture.

    Will you? Oh! You are such a darling! I have told my butler to put you on my Christmas list...:g

    http://sic.sapo.pt/online/video/programas/companhia-das-manhas/2010/10/caso-maddie20-10-2010-185219. htm

    Credit to lovely Anon2 above for drawing our attention to this gem of a video :g

    Oh! I must warn those who will be rushing to see (link above) to keep a box of "Kleenex" at hand for chances are you will cry :f

    :g Madame Duarte de Bovary

  25. From what I read here, the McCann couple have it black on white now: not only is Amaral fully entitled to write about a case that he has profound knowledge about, but it is also the case that they did not cooperate with the investigation, by refusing to carry out the reconstruction. Furthermore, they have exposed their remaining children to the media without hesitation, as well as themselves, so their whole family is open to scrutiny, as long as it is formulated as opinion.
    Finally, this ruling very clearly states that not only does the book contain exclusively facts from the case files and the real investigation, but also that the conclusion that is reached by Amaral is logical, and based on 26 years of police work (and that is surely more than the prosecutors can show as far as credentials go).
    If we take into account that the McCanns' arguments that are so devastatingly rubbished by this High Court, are the same arguments that they used to sustain the libel case against Amaral, I believe they would be fools if they continue this attempt to destroy a man and his entire family.
    Mr Amaral, there are more British people standing with you than you probably realise. And there are many, many people in the UK who now count down the days to the day when they will be able to buy your book over here.
    God bless you and Madeleine McCann, wherever she may be.

  26. Thank you for bringing us this translation.
    We would be kept in the dark without this blog.

  27. :m For Rita at 25

    Exactly. The judges made it clear Dr. Amaral is entitled to his own expert opinion. The reasons they gave (outline above)are tale-telling but do not incriminate the McCanns'. They do provide some potential, future ammunition. Isabel Duarte must be wondering why on Earth did she get involved with the McCanns' in the first place. Well, we know why.

    "Money! Money! Money! I haven't got love in my tummy!"

    You are absolutely right. The McCanns' libel case against Dr. Amaral is now a mute point. They might pull out on the grounds that "the Portuguese Justice system is biased against them" or they might risk it all and go for broke - if nothing else to follow it up with an expensive appeal (the freemasonry pays)to the European Court of Justice where they may or may not have more chances. What a saga!

    The BIG headache now for the McCanns' is how much they will have to pay Dr. Amaral in compensation and whether they might have to sell their house in Rothley to pay for it.

    The Madeleine Fund business has gone to the dogs...pass the pun...

    I feel sorry for the McCanns' but when you think they were after Dr. Amaral's house, trying to bankrupt him, using him as a scapegoat for their wrong-doings...well! Be it! I am sure there are people out there looking forward to see the McCanns' on the streets selling the "Big Issue". I don't wish them such a fate but I know The Law of Karma can be cruel at times...

    :p Sweaty Dago

  28. @PeterMac, post 20

    According to their published Accouns from last year, the No Stone Unturned Fund Ltd is financing their Legal battle with Mr. Amaral.

    This is, of course, legal, as the Fund is a Limited Company, but, I think, morally indefensible.

  29. how on earth can any one feel sorry for the mccanns,did the mccanns think about all the innocent people they tried to put the blame on in thier wake to find a patsy,and at this point i dont even feel sorry for the twins after all thier parents didnt think about Mr Amarals children when they started this action against Mr Amaral.no they are getting what they deserve and about time too

  30. fantastic findings of the court, thankyou Joana, Astro and all that assist with this blog.I have learnt so much from reading about this case here, and whereas in the beginning I had sympathy for the McCanns until I heard it was regular practice of their to leave 3 minors alone and uncared for,then I discovered this blog and believe me I do not have the slightest sympathy for these 2 arrogant,head up their a---- doctors. I thankyou for bring so much information to us all. My support as with others is overwhelming, and there has been really vicious,malicious lies printed about him on some sites that are not woryh mentioning, I believe he should sue all that has discredited his name. Thankyou Dr Amaral for all the work you are putting in seeking the truth for that poor child. I wish you continued luck with fighting the McScamms other case.The world is watching. Kate &gerry have not updated their website when I last looked, its the silence of the lambs...hope you hanging your heads in shame. You sought the fame and publicity and now it has backfired on you. No one is impressed with your so called search, its unprofessional,and you do not wish for current serving police officers to get involved do you, hence no appeal for reopening the case. What you give out you get back. Bet your not sleeping well at the moment,dreams of mounting legal fees and an empty fund?

  31. @27,no i dont want to see them on the streets selling the big issue,i want to see them in jail, the mccanns are pure evil.

  32. The McCanns have really shot themselves in the foot with this attempt to ban 'The Truth of the Lie', and to extract money from Dr Amaral.

    Not only are they left having to pay the expensive cost of taking this to court, plus compensation to Dr Amaral and his costs, they have also attracted enough attention to the book they tried to ban to make many people want to read it. Nothing can attract attention more than a banned book.

    When it gets published in UK perhaps Dr Amaral should put a sticker on the front of it saying 'THE BOOK THE MCCANNS TRIED TO BAN BECAUSE THEY DIDN'T WANT THE TRUTH KNOWN'.

    No doubt the McCanns will be thinking hard to come up with some deflection away from this, like yet another sighting of Madeleine (groan). There have been so many, all dafter than the last, that is it now turning into a joke.

  33. I watched Sic Sapo.
    How could Portugal do to Amaral what it did?
    Can't Judge Mercedes be sued for her decision?
    That is a scandal.

    I wish we could see Kate and Jerry's face now.

    Delicious, the MacCanns have to pay him now.

  34. I have been trying to comment all day I hope this one goes through.

    Thanks so much to Astro, Caroline and Pia (a special thanks to Astro - who is the best translator in the whole of Portugal as far as I'm concerned) and thanks to Joanna - if you weren't here none of us would know anything that's happening in Portugal.

    I take it for granted that I can come here and find out the latest news and don't thank you enough. But thanks so much.

  35. Is everything ok with Clarrie and with his pinky shirts?

  36. The mccanns had thought they were very clever to take on the police inspector. They had effectively paid for 3 wise judges to vet Amaral's book and gave it their legal stamp of approval as 'nothing but the truth from the process and dispatch'.

    Ha, beautiful own goal by the mccanns.

    Bet they are livid they've to pick up such a tab to add fuel to their lividness.

    I dont understand the 'cost to appealed party'?
    Does it mean Amaral? surely not because he is winning party.
    Surely it should be cost to plaintiffs.

    Well done Joana Morais.

    Bet the mccanns are licking their wounds and still plotting their next move.

  37. I hope Amaral, the editor, the film maker will hurry up sending the invoyces to the McCanns.
    For the first time they will pay for damnishes they have caused.
    I'suspect they will search for another lawyer in Portugal.
    It is not a case of lawyers.
    It is a case of laws.

  38. Joana, Astro,

    how many copies of the book were printed?
    I read 10.000, but do they mean 10.000 left over or in total?

  39. When you attack somebody, morally or pshysycally, obliging him to make expenses in order to defend himself(and this is Amaral's case, who had to defend himself and his book), the persons who obliged him (and others)to do it have to pay all his(their) expenses in case they lose the process.
    The McCanns lost this case and they will have to pay Amaral's, the Editor'and the film maker's costs(lawyers, translators, trips of witnesess, etc).
    This is great, this is great!
    They never payed any fucking penny before.

  40. Dear Anonymous @ 38, according to the abovementioned text, there were 12 editions in Portugal, of 10.000 copies each, so that's 120.000 copies in total. As far as I know, approximately 7.000 copies were left over in stores and warehouses, and were collected by the person that had been nominated by the Civil Court to keep them until the main court action was decided: Dr. Isabel Duarte, the McCann family's legal representative in this case. Those 7.000 copies now return to bookshops.

  41. Thank you Joana and Astro and all your team who have worked so hard, I'm I right in thinking the McCann's have to pay the court costs?
    I’d love to see the look on the McCann’s face when they heard the news of the court of appeal decision, the case needs to be reopened and this despicable couple bought to justice

  42. Anon 29

    I read where people have said that Dr Amaral should not sue the McCanns because it will take money from the twins, but I personally have no doubt the McCann children will have a golden nest egg somewhere that the McCanns will have provided for them.

    After all, the McCanns revealed they have been taking half the money from the Fund for their 'extended family' whatever that means.

    So far, they have had millions given them, and plenty of time to use it for whatever they wished, although most of the people who donated no doubt thought it was all going to be used to help find Madeleine.

    Dr Amaral should sue them for every penny he can get for all the suffering they have caused to himself and his family.

    I wish he could sue the pants off them, it is no less than they deserve. They themselves wanted to crack him completely for daring to speak the truth.

  43. Watching the video (thanks to Anon 2):
    "Gonçalo Amaral acredita que o processo pode ser reaberto em breve".

    Madeleine is still speaking,she has not finished yet.This is not a revenge, this is only justice being made and this is only the beginning...the real Madeleine"s case has just started.
    At the end,we will know what has happened to you ,Madeleine.Justice to you is on its way.You will be able soon to rest in peace and have a decent burial.
    I am not surprised not to hear anything from the mccanns: they must be in a trance with FEAR.
    Absolutely everything they have done to AVOID the case to be re-opened converges in one direction: its re-opening.

  44. @Anon 27
    I have not the slighest "sorry feeling" for the mccanns.
    They were ready to take absolutely everything from him: first his basic human rights and then his possessions to leave him homeless,him and his Family.
    Dr.Amaral whatever he will decide to do will be done on account of justice.He is not a revengeful man but yes,he is an honnest man and professional and THIS has been recognized.He has proven to be a man committed to the truth and the justice.He is a brave man and I wish him and his family all the best life can give them:they deserve it.As much as little Madeleine deserves to rest in peace and this is coming despite her very own parents"deeds and all the stones they deliberately put in her way.
    I personally believe Madeleine did not die on account of a domestic accident nor was she "kidnapped" because if this was the case,I really do not understand years later, why the mccanns had to go to those extremes.Soon,we will know...

  45. 42 It's more than money that the twins need. They continue to be raised by this pair. That's the real concern.

  46. Well sais 44,i haven't the slightest bit of sympathy for this arrogant unfeeling pair.They have set out to blame the rest of the world for Madeleine's disappearance,when in truth they are responsible,i hope there will be justice for Madeleine and for Goncarlo Amaral.

  47. Remember, remember the 3rd of November
    IIRC that is the day Halligen is once again in court.
    I see no reason why Halligen and his link to the McCs and his alleged crimes of wire fraud and money laundering should ever be forgot...

    I really wonder why the resignations of JM and DS were hush, hush, ssh, ssh! And then a much to late after the event announcement of, there will be a few changes to the board...and still no mention of JM and DS resigning!

  48. How things change……..

    Espresso - 1 May .2010

    ESPRESSO: It is the conclusion arrived by the police who investigated the case. Does he not have the right to his opinion and to publish it?

    GERRY McCANN - When we have a disagreement we turn to the courts. And the law said we were right. Freedom of expression in not more important than our right of being falsely accused.

    ESPRESSO: Have you made a formal request to reopen the process?

    GERRY McCANN - Not yet. But we will ask for the reopening of the process. Surely. That was what we came to Portugal to do. (So what happened?)

  49. Who has said don't sue as it takes money off the twin's Oh come on give over you are dealing with the Maccann's here. Mr Amaral has children too did the Maccann's give a hoot. did they hell.

    Mr Amaral take them for all they have, and more God Speed you in this quest. As young as the twins are hate for the bad persons who are after their Mummy and Daddy will have been pumped into them, The seeds are already well sown.

  50. One of the funniest things in this case, is that last year the Mccanns hired a PR company in Portugal, to make the Portuguese people "like them!".

    It was a complete waste of money, wasn't it !!!!! TE HE, TE HE, HE HE ........HA HA HA HA HA......

    Can you imagine ANY other parents, of missing children, doing such a thing????

    Aunty Anti

  51. Anon 48

    Thanks for that reminder. Maybe somebody should remind the McCanns.

    Didn't their lawyer Isabel Duarte also say in court the case should be reopened, no doubt much to the horror of the McCanns who have done nothing since but try and deflect that to a 'review' instead.

    A reopening has got to be the last thing the McCanns want after they have brainwashed so many into thinking they have been 'cleared' of all charges. Not that there has ever been a charge made, YET.

    Wonder how they would spin it if they were made 'arguidos' again.

  52. the McCanns will never have to worry about selling their house to pay for the costs. Wait and see. They will have the press saying that they are the victims of a corrupt police officer and portuguese justice system and how they have to pay x amount of money which they don't have and how they will have to sell their house and the twins will be affected. Cue floods of money coming in from sympathisers.

  53. It isn't THEIR money that would be 'taken from the twins'. This is donated money put into a company; not even a charity and not used for any other missing children. The twins, as far as I can see, aren't due this 'search' money.

    What must happen is that the right thing is done. Live by the sword.. This isn't about the twins and I'm not sure I like it being made to be about them. The McCanns put their own children's names down on that writ. Their own children's names.. Including the one they cite was 'abducted'. They have been the design of all of this. Justice must be done. It is high time a stop was put to their farcical, dangerous nonsense.

    Good luck to Dr Amaral. I'm absolutely delighted for him and for everyone here who has been there every step of the way. I don't post much, but read as much as possible. Thank God sense appears to be having the upper hand at last!


  54. In my opinion, the twins should have been removed from the parents when Leicestershire social services visited the home. Talk about paying lip service to their own safeguarding procedures! Leicestershire social services are either completely incompetent or had both arms tied behind their backs. Bring back good old-fashioned child protection - I think it is on its way now.

    P.S. I live in Leicestershire myself but, fortunately, have no personal experience of social services.

  55. I have a feeling that they are now in grave danger. ( in the sense of the truth coming out !)
    Trustees have left the fund. There is still the outstanding action Murat - v - Tanner. The rest of the Tapasiks are not stupid, and will have been following the whole saga in detail for the last three and a half years. Ditto family members.
    The first one to break ranks will be treated more leniently by the courts. There is no longer the rule of "Queen's evidence" which used to be an escape from the gallows, but the modern version is still with us. In mitigation the QC for that one can argue that he, or possibly she, uniquely amongst the rest of the crowd in the dock, was prepared to tell the truth and to assist with the investigation, and uniquely, has a conscience.
    The others will have no such mitigating factor to plead. In fact their silence over 3 years will be an exacerbating factor, and those who have actively told lies, either on their own or on other's behalf will be judged to be more culpable than those who merely remained silent.
    The more people, like the trustees, who leave the inner core, but who take knowledge away with them, the more dangerous it becomes. A quiet anonymous phone call to a decent journalist, a word in someone's ear, an off the cuff remark at a dinner party, and it may all collapse.
    We live in hope.

  56. @55,where would you find a decent journo not in the uk thats for sure

  57. If the case is reopened and the McCanns made "arguidos" again, how will the portuguese law make them return to Portugal for questioning, or do the reconstruction, etc.? How? The UK is well known for it's reluctance in cooperating with other countries in judicial matters, look at Halligen, he's been granted legal aid(costs) to fight the extradiction to the USA, they have been "protecting" Vale e Azevedo (and this is a portuguese guy, now imagine the "willingness" to extradict british citizens!), ignoring the requests from the portuguese police to have him extradicted to Portugal, where several economic fraud processes await him.
    It will be an interesting game of "tug of war"...

    UK, a paradise for international criminal offenders!

  58. PeterMac at 55

    I think you are right, and if somebody has already gone to the UK authorities with information about this case which is being kept secret because it will harm relations between UK and Portugal, then at least one person knows something which could be very dangerous to those who are involved in the disappearance of Madeleine.

    How many more know or suspect what happened to Madeleine and would rather tell all than be swept up in the revealing of this?

    Here's hoping the flood gates are about to open.

  59. @PeterMac 55

    You are right: they are in great danger but this is what happens when one plays with fire doesnt it?
    I am also wondering how comes we never but never heard of Hoggs Madeleine"s guardian.I wonder what she thinks about it now......?
    Are the twins going to be made wards of court as well? or may be they already are and we dont know.....?

  60. 1 May 2010 - GERRY McCANN
    ‘When we have a disagreement we turn to the courts. And the law said we were right‘.

    Gerry McCann obviously respects the law.

    A higher court has now sat in judgement and has concluded that Goncalo Amaral not only has the same rights to freedom of expression as any other citizen but also, as an investigator of many years experience, entitled to his professional opinion. As such, he had justifiable reasons for making the McCanns arguidos.

  61. Christina at 53

    If only that were so.

    Unfortunately, it IS the McCanns' money and they can do whatever they like with it.

    They made sure of that when they set up the Fund.

    Even them paying their mortgage with it was not illegal, although people were outraged when they found out they had been doing that.

    This Fund of theirs should be investigated as surely it can be considered a fraud to get people to donate money for what they think is a search for a missing child, when it is also being spent for whatever the McCanns want to use it for, and half of it is given over to their 'extended family', whoever that is comprised of.

    Since when did they publically announce that when they were sending round the begging bowls? They have also spoken of the abduction as if it were a fact, and tried to suppress the truth of the investigation and the conclusion by the investigators that Madeleine died in the apartment and the parents involved in the removal of her body.

    It is estimated millions has been given then, but how much of it could actually be accounted for. How much was sent through the post from old age pensioners and school children and whoever else, that never had to go through a bank because it was cash?

    We will never know, but the McCanns still want more. What they have been given is never enough, and there is no way they are going to sell their own house to pay for any 'search'.

  62. Maybe of topic, but still with only the truth in mind. I can not get over something. I went back to the photos of the wardrobe in Kate and gerry's bedroom in holiday apartment. I can clearly see a blue/black bag lying on second shelf. Now here is my problem with it . I can see it, everyone else seems to have seen it, Martin Brunt reported on it. Gerry says sorry he never had such a bag. Does he want to imply we are all blind?I mean photos dont lie, dogs cant lie, The opinion about the actual photo in cupboard, people cant just say its there BUT IT IS! Concrete evidence of at least the exsistance of this bag in the form of a photo taken in the early hours after she went missing.All the sueing of Tom Dick and Harry, the big noises they made and the personal attack on mr Amarla reminds me of an old saying. The best way of defence is attack and they did and still do plenty of that. The existance of this bag is not hear say, its not if but or maybe. It is there in the cupboard photo. So now what? If he says he doesnt have such a bag, whos was it and why was it in their cupboard. Better even what was in it? Even better than that, why did it like Madeleine mysteriously dissapeared? Why is Gerry denying it was there, if it is right infront of our eyes? Top this by asking how after a photo was taken, and it was reported to excist, why is it ok then when he simply deny having it at all? I still believe until this very moment that it is not these difficult questions, or scietific stuff that will reveal the truth, I think it is a simple question that will solve the mystery and sometimes one look so far ahead at possibilities while the answer is right in front of ones eyes. We have to go on asking questions, this little girl deserve so much more.

  63. 62

    maybe there were two bags, not only one.

  64. Joana, Astro, how will the payment being done to Amaral, the editor and the film maker?
    Are the McCanns'bank accounts already frozen?

  65. No clarrie,no spin,no sightings,no paedos,no Home Office interview,no Gorddie,no begging bowls,no threats,no rants,no insults,NO UK media reports,no nothing...?!? wow! whats happening then? Hey MccScums,we want to hear you,you now,dont you have anything to say then?
    You are free to comment.Thats one of your basic rights.Dont be shy,go on.... :c
    Where are the next news going to come from?
    Bets opened: Portugal or UK?

  66. @62

    What I remember is that the McCanns did not outright deny the existence of such a bag. What they denied however was that they had a missing bag. My reading of there comment is that they know where the bag is even if it may be "missing" to the PJ :d

  67. Yes, there were two bags and the one that is left behind will be filled up
    with money to pay Amaral and the rest.
    Clarrie will transport it to Portugal.

  68. #62,and #63,

    From David Payne's rogatory interview:

    "1485 ”What about a kit bag? Would they have a kit bag with them?”
    Reply ”Err he certainly didn’t have a great big tennis bag or a, you know, err I mean I used to be a squash, a semi-professional squash player and you know they certainly didn’t have anything that I would call a kit bag from days when I played…”
    1485 ”Yeah.”
    Reply ”You know, a lot of sport, err if they had a rucksack with some water in that would be, you know, about as big as it got, you know a small rucksack. But it certainly wasn’t a big tennis, you know, things that you could put a tennis racquet in.”
    1485 ”Yeah.”
    Reply ”There was nothing of that size that you could hide a, a tennis racquet in or anything like that, it would have been just purely, if they had anything…”
    1485 ”Yeah.”
    Reply ”It would have been something that had their water in.”
    1485 ”So as opposed to a bag it’d be something like a rucksack, if at all?”
    Reply ”If, if at all, yeah.”
    1485 ”Yeah.”
    Reply ”Yeah.”
    1485 ”And is that the same for Kate?”
    Reply ”Yeah, yeah.”"

    This reply is weird:

    "There was nothing of that size that you could hide a, a tennis racquet in or anything like that, it would have been just purely, if they had anything…”

    HIDE a tennis racquet?! Isn't it a weird choice of word? Does one HIDE a raquet in a bag, or does one put a racquet in a bag? He certainly seems very keen on getting through the message that there never was a BIG bag belonging to Gerry or Kate.

    I bet that what was on his mind was HIDE A BODY IN, and his tongue nearly slipped...
    Why would the interviewer ask about a kit bag? IT can only be because of the vanished sports bag, that despite being in police photos soon became non-existing, pure fantasy...
    Maybe there were two different bags, the one Payne describes as a simple rucksack and the one seen in the closet, and maybe Gerry is "technically" telling the truth when he denied having such a bag...maybe it wasn't his, because it was not bought by him, but by "someonelse" for a "purpose" and was stored in the closet in 5A awaiting the right moment to serve its "purpose".

  69. To 63,
    2 Bags identical? Im not sure I follow. I dont suggest premeditated. Care to give us an idea about two bags?

  70. Joana, Astro,

    Who are the appelants?
    the McCanns or

  71. @ 68 Ah i get you, lol you might have a point there.
    @66 I see what you saying, but according to immediate interviews from Brunt that blue bag was no where to be found. Right lets imagine this bag isnt lost, and that the mc canns still have it, why with all the bag is lost rumours did they not say stop here is the bag sent it of to the lab.
    @ 68 I agree 100% with you. The weirdest uh and ah in the English dictionary. No one speaks like that. It really sound as if he is thinking of every word coming out of his mouth. Doesnt sound natural at all. I found that with some of the Tapas friends, very weird manner of talking answering. There is so many eh yeah huh in their answers that I almost forget the question asked. Even the so called drawing from tapas friend a faceless mann egghead.... no clarity in anything. But there will be

  72. 62 - Yes, I certainly remember the photo of the blue bag, in the bedroom cupboard. Gerry has the gift of saying things as though they cannot be contradicted. His word is law (or it was, up to recently.)
    For the same reasons , I do not look forward to being accosted by him selling the Big Issue.He should not be wished upon innocent homeless people who are trying to raise money. Plus, I would probably get run over trying to avoid him.

  73. I think if I were in their shoes ( AND YES i SAY THIS BUT NEVER WOULD HAVE LEFT MY KIDS ALONE TO FEND FOR THEMSELVES) I would have done everything and anything to help the search. If people or reporters or photos popped up and it is my innocent blue bag laying now in my cupboard at home, I would have taken it to the nearest police station. I mean I would have no reason to worry. Right? If If I was in this situation as a ordaniary citizen, I would have no chance of playing hide and seek. I am sure they would have taken me and the blue bag already for scrutiny. Why is it then that not the same laws apply to them? It is almost if Payne had to sit and work out what will fit in a so called tennis bag. Tennis raquets will be my first response.... hu eh mmm I just dont get it yet. I dont know why I can not just walk away from this. I never knew her (Madelene) but it is I suppose because of all the injustice done to her that I think of this case everyday. One day someone on here will ask just that one question no one else thought of, and that might be the answer to justice for this beautifull innocent child

  74. Gerry bag and bagage (0.01-0.05).


  75. @Anon 70
    Did you mean appalling? :o

    @Anon 73
    They are ordinary citizen with an extraordinary arrogance,the very same arrogance which is their extraordinary fall.

    They"ve done their best to "defend themselves"-of what? this is the question ,because after all they"ve never been accused of anything,havent they?-

    I will spare everyone here with endless reminiscence of their lies and manipulations over the last 3 years but this is the feeling I had the very first moment I heard about them and Madeleine"s extraordinary disappearance:the mccann"s woosh clunk story is as real as a 40 Euros note.

    What will remain is the extraordinary sadness over an other little child who has not been given the chance to live further than 3 years.
    At the same time,it is comforting to know that from wherever she is, Madeleine is doing a great job for justice and the truth.
    This is extraordinary.
    This is her tribute to our societies,courts and laws.
    She will be remembered for many years to come.

  76. Anon 56
    The NOTW have done a few good ones recently. Perhaps a wealthy Arab wanting to make a massive donation to the Fund .. !

  77. @73
    May be he finally meant a boomerang with a yellow ribbon on it??

  78. I thought Gerry had said he´d had a bag stolen, and it was later found by police abandoned in the countryside, it contained a brown towel I think. Then he went into complete denial about it.
    I have a feeling the PJ are working secretly on the case,reviewing evidence etc, thats whu Dr Amaral saiid on sic video the case would be reopened soon. Dr Amaral has more facts to add to his book, which he says can be substantiated. Let´s hope this is the beginning of the end for the McCann lies...the world waits.

  79. Here is a comment from a pro Mc concerning 'the book' to give everyone a good laugh!

    "The book is not backed up by the files, as well you know.
    How could it be?
    It was ready for distribution the minute the files came out - unless you are confiming that Gonc was given access to them"?

    I'm still howling with laughter after reading it 3 times!!!!

  80. http://www.facebook.com/topic.php?uid=34639624208&topic=4725

    A good argument at this link as to drawing the conclusion that there was no abduction.

  81. Anon 74
    That shows only the hand baggage. A tenis bag of a "size that you could hide a, a tennis racquet in or anything like that," would be in the hold at that stage. Hence only the small back packs.

  82. :m Excuse me! I am sorry I have not been available to clarify some of the points some of you have risen recently. The truth is I have been busy. Also, I don't like to be contradicted. I understand my secretary has dealt with some of the main queries and criticisms.

    "Ruth! Pass the sponge!"

    I have a question today for all wanna be Ace Ventura's...


    Any ideas? Was it just a coincidence? Did she/they plan it? Do you think it was all part of a vendetta against my ex-colleague Dr. Amaral aka "Big Rock"? Have a saying...

    :k P.J. Tipps: Recipient of The Starbucks'Investigator of the Year Award (2009).

    "Hated by a few. Respected by many."

  83. One interesting bit of information that Payne offers in his statement is that the McCanns had something wrong with their fridge in the apartment, besides the blind that they got fixed.

    The interviewer did not follow through on this, which is madness considering the investigators in Portugal were at one time searching high and low for a fridge they believed had been used in the disposal of Madeleine. Dr Amaral still refers to forensic evidence pointing to a cadaver having been frozen at some time and not mummified.

    There was no record of the McCanns' fridge having been repaired by anybody, unlike the blinds which were, so what exactly was wrong with the fridge and who repaired it.

    Or if it was broken and removed from the apartment and replaced by a new one, where was it taken to.

    Payne was never asked these questions. Maybe the guy who was asking the questions was not up to speed as to what had been going on with the investigation as this questioning was in the UK. Also the guy who questioned Payne was himself accused of sexual misconduct later on.

    So, what was that fridge problem in the McCanns holiday apartment all about?

    The question of a missing fridge certainly has brought out a lot of trolling and abuse in the past when it was mentioned by anybody. Seems like it was giving some people the jitters. In fact, making certain people VERY ANGRY at the mere mention of a fridge.

    Is it the finding of that fridge that will be the link needed to break this case, and is it still out there for the finding with cadaver scent, DNA and all?

    How about somebody asks Payne!

    Payne also wanted to say something off the record about the disappearance of Madeleine. He certainly didn't want it included in his statement. He requested that and then interviewer simply moved on.

    Was that certain something that Payne wanted to say ever known, or had the interviewer forgotten about it at the end of the interview and it was never mentioned again?

    The Portuguese investigators should check that out if the information never reached them.

    I hope we will get to know the answer about the 'faulty' fridge in the McCanns' apartment and what became of it.

  84. The findings are that the book offers "solidly built and logical interpretations" - excellent.

  85. If like the PJ suspect, the "missing" bag is incriminating, why would anyone expect the McCanns to hand it over if they know where it is?

    As for David Payne, the whole purpose of a sports bag is to HOLD your sports equipment not to HIDE them. Talk about over-egging the pudding! How he escaped being made an arguido along with Kate and Gerry is still a mystery to me!

  86. Why did I get the impression that the blue bag was the 'stand alone' evidence that was referred to?

    Or, do they have the blue bag AND the stand alone evidence?

    Maybe the McCanns should have let well alone when they were allowed to return to UK.

    Who knows what may pop up and bite them if they carry on trying to convince the world the investigators were at best stupid and at worst corrupt enough to plant evidence to try and incriminate them.

    Kate's mother may believe that, but she is very much in the minority.

  87. Anonymous #57
    It might be a tedious exercise to attempt to extradite the McScam from UK.
    However, if an international arrest warrant is issued they could be arrested and deported from any other country.
    Say they pop over to Calais to purchase a few crates of Champagne ... the French Gendarmerie could arrest them on the spot, shove them in the back of a Black Maria and put them on the first plane to Lisbon prison.
    I just hope the clip of the arrest would be posted on YouTube!

  88. I'm about to give up this blog because I don't get a reply to what I asked.

    Who are the appelants
    in other words
    who is going to pay this above?
    Amaral or the McCanns?

  89. Astro thank you for the English translation, through you and Joana we have been kept up to date with events, I hope now that the ban has been lifted on Goncalo's Book the proper authorities intervene and that there will be justice for Madeleine. To dear Joana et al thank you for your tireless work.

  90. P J Tipps - If Ruth or Ronaldo ever leave - please can I be your personal assistant I so enjoy reading your posts!!

  91. I forgot all about the fridge, I posted earlier about the missing bag question. The missing fridge?? How did that dissapear. I remember vaguely about it being mentioned in the early days... just another coincidance?We are talking missing hold alls, Missing fridge? missing child? We have to keep this going we will get to the bottom of this. Someone will. I pray with all my heart that behind the scenes Mr Amaral did his homework and that soon we will all be told if anything was found that we are not aware of. Does anyone have any link to the fridge issue? This is making sense, and again in true M Cann it doesnt. Weird. Also what happened to the Social worker that was there in the beginning and noticed strage behaviour? Did she fall out with them and did she report what strange behaviour there was? Thinking of Gerry on his knees almost like if praying.... I cant imagine Gerry doing that, he doesnt seem to be a person that will bow to anyone for any reason... so why did he do that? Kate punching the walls, why? Being really upset with.... herself, Gerry, Madeleine, that is not typical behaviour if you dont know what happened now is it? The bruises on her arm (Kates) where did that come from? Even why did she claimed to have slept with the kids the previous night? She mentioned having a fall out with Gerry... again why? I am no investigator, I am a mere housewife and mother. Mr Amaral is one great excample of someone that is willing to put all at risk for the truth. Not allot of people left in the world like that. Please Sir for the sake of Madeleine and the sake of justice for all everywhrere in the world please dont ever give up.

  92. Sorry for my impatiency.
    The applicants are the McCanns.
    In Brazilian Portuguese we could better say "os implicantes" pois implicam com todo o mundo.

  93. In my opinion, the blue bag was used to transport the clothes the McCanns used to clean the floor.
    They washed the wall and behind the sofa, didn't they?

  94. The dog “Eddie” again marked the signal of cadaver:

    • at the “Vista do Mar” villa, which was rented by the McCann couple after Madeleine’s disappearance, in the area of a wardrobe that contained a soft toy that had belonged to the little girl;

    @ 62 I point out to you the section I have copied from above. Look at this link to the crime scene pics:


    Scroll down to the bed where the child supposedly disappeared from. On the bed is a blanket and the child's soft toy? Eddie marked cadaver on the soft toy at the “Vista do Mar” villa, which was rented by the McCann couple after Madeleine’s disappearance. After her disappearance! Yet there was no marking of cadaver on the child's bed where she was supposed to have been taken from and her soft toy left behind on the bed. Hmm did that soft toy come into contact with a cadaver after the supposed disappearance on the 3/5/2007? Cadaver on the child's soft toy no cadaver marked by Eddie on or around the bed where the child's soft toy can be seen on the bed in the picture!

  95. :n 83 to 86 which are as far as it goes at the the time of posting...

    Several pertinent, thought-provoking comments here. Major details/possibilities that were not in the general not too public detail. Thanks!

    Has everyone here seen this recent video? You may need a Portuguese friend translator like I did...

    It appears these judges had recommended some sort of review of the case. Some diligences to be pursued or completed.

    Other revelations. Watch out for the moving interview with Gonçalo Amaral in the aftermath of the recent court decision. Brilliant performance if it were not true and spontaneous. My heart goes to him and his family.


  96. In god's name

    WHO is paying WHO?

  97. To Peter Mac and others

    see text above

    "Costs to be payed by the appealed parties(the McCann couple and their three children)."

    Five parties but not as big as our party, celebrating this victory!

    They will have to pay all costs of the first process and this one now.
    They can learn their lesson.
    Always used to receive money, they finally have to pay something.
    And they will learn to respect Portugal.

    The more they were treated like royals, the less they respected the Portuguese people.
    Now they learn.

  98. Costs of the Appeal were awarded against the McCanns - Kate, Gerry, Madeleine, Sean and Amelie.

  99. With this court verdict, the McCanns are in trouble and they know it!

  100. :m Dear Anon 90

    An application form has been sent to you and your name added to our Christmas cheque list.

    P.J. Tipps is a sucker for praise - awards in particular. Our office walls are plastered with awards, frames, celebrities he has been involved with, and... just to humiliate me... my parking tickets...

    Sorry! I've got to go! That's him on the intercom! Byyyye!

    Ruth S.
    :k On behalf of P.J. Tipps, CEO
    "Respected by many. Hated by a certain few"

  101. 92 where did you read about bruisers on Kate's arms?

    Anybody could have bruisers somewhere.

  102. :m
    to Anon 96

    You do have a short fuse, don't you? Patience! Patience! Good things come to those who wait. See Goncalo Amaral? A multimillionaire now because he waited and is still waiting for the McCanns' to fall flat into their contradictions, omissions, make-ups and uses and abuses of the Law...more to come...

    OK! my understanding is the "appellants" - the party who appeals a decision of a lower court i.e. Goncalo Amaral, pays. You appeal, you pay. That makes sense does it not? But don't worry he will put that into his compensation claim. Mean time why don't you help by donating a £1 for his defence fund? Every little bit helps...

    Have a good afternoon. Stay kool maaan!


  103. :m to 92

    There is no Brazilian Portuguese. There is Portuguese and the Brazilian dialect. Which came first "caipirinha"? The chicken or the egg?

    :p "Gentchi" please! Don't start it!

  104. :m 101

    Oh! Is that so? Bruises on Kate's arms. That detail was missing from my files. Contrary to what you seem to suggest, those bruises - assuming they were conspicuous on the night/day after the "dematerialization" took place would have been veeeery sugestive.

    Think about it. Exactly! The question is: where is that information coming from? Is it an allegation, a lie or a fact? Did you write 92? Check that out again and contact my secretary Ruth on the dedicated satellite link. Much obliged.

    :k P.J. Tipps: Master Investigator
    "Respected by many. Hated by a certain few."

  105. :m Anon 97

    The McCanns will not only have to pay the appeal. They will in due time have to pay a massive compensation to Dr. Amaral - whether they drop the present defamation case or not. :p

    In my professional estimate this is likely to be in the region of a 6 figure sum which means the McCanns' might have to sell their house in Rothley unless the Masonry brotherhood calls the shots... :p

    Come to think the McCanns were trying to grab Dr. Amaral's house and send him, his wife and daughters into the streets begging for alms...quite a U-turn, is it not? :o

    All credit to the three senior, old guard Portuguese judges which were not intimidated by the shadow of a "bulldog without teeth" like their political subservient counterparts previously were. :n

    :p Sweaty Dago

  106. New blog from Sky's Martin Brunt. The McCanns are at it again!


  107. The fridge story was discussed in blogs and forums, supposedly Gerry mentioned the broken fridge in one of his blogs, fridge breaking down and he had to take it to the dump, replace it, etc. However this particular entry in his blogs son vanished never to be seen again, but many people are adamant that it was real, they swear they have read it and that it is not a forum myth.
    I must say I never saw it for myself, with my own eyes, only people's comments about it. It's a pity that no one made a copy of that particular blog for future memory, not that I know of.

    Anyone out there who has a copy/register of the blog in which Gerry mentions the broken fridge? Please share...

    This broken fridge was the one in the villa the McCanns occupied after leaving the Ocean Club, not the one in 5A.
    It was said in some portuguese newspaper (24Horas ?, not sure)that the owner of the villa was very surprised when he heard that the McCanns replaced the fridge at their own expense, because if anything was wrong with it he would willingly replace it, and it seems that the said fridge had been inspected before the McCanns moved in and was in perfect functioning condition.

    Now, if this whole broken fridge story is true, can you imagine "no credit cards McCann" spending a considerable amount of euros in a fridge for a rental house instead of complaining to the owner and demand a repair or replacement? Not to mention the trouble of getting the fridge to the dump (how did they know were the dump was?), it's not something you can fit in the trunk of your car, is it? How did they do it? And where did they buy the new fridge? Did they get the shop to deliver it to the villa? In Portugal, when you buy a new domestic appliance you ask the shop to remove the old one when they deliver the new. It's been a legal requirement for some time now, and it has almost ended the unsightly previous method of getting rid of old electricals, which was dumping on the sidewalks or in fields.
    As with so many things in this saga, this fridge story stinks of...seabass!

  108. Bruises on Kate's arms...and she had also, for some time, a bruise/wound/scar on one of her eyebrows. It can be seen in some photos, but cleared away later.

    And what about the bruises on Madeleine's arm (seen in the tennis photo, the one where M. holds the tennis balls)? The reddish marks said to be sunburns by the McCanns...strange place to get a sunburn, only in the top portion of your arm.

  109. #78,

    I remember watching a video of Dr. Amaral in which he said he was working on the case with a group of retired(or still active)police inspectors, portuguese and of other nationalities(british?). They were investigating and studying the case, maybe to find new developments that could lead to the reopening of the investigation.
    I have not heard about this again, if this joint investigation went ahead, if it is still on and what resulted from it.
    I can't remeber where I watched it, maybe here on Joana's blog or in Youtube. I'll digg it up as soon as I have the time.

  110. Madeleine McCann And A New Appeal
    Martin Brunt October 26, 2010 10:43 AM

    Kate and Gerry McCann are launching their website in German this week in a bid to reach German tourists who were staying at the Ocean Club when Madeleine vanished.

    Apart from British and Dutch holidaymakers, who've long been canvassed directly, there were also German tourists who may have left the resort without talking to police about potential evidence that's not been considered.

    The McCanns have also given an interview to Bunte magazine in which they make new appeals for help in the search for their daughter who disappeared from the family's holiday apartment in May 2007.

    The couple's lawyers are studying the recent 30-page judgement from Portugal in which former cop Goncalo Amaral won an appeal to republish his book the 'The Truth of the Lie' which the McCanns had managed to get banned.

    They may appeal his appeal ahead of a full defamation claim they are still pursuing against Mr. Amaral who claims that Madeleine died accidently in the apartment and her parents hid the "truth" by concocting an abduction theory.

    A defamation trial in Lisbon is unlikely to be heard until next year.

    «"The couple's lawyers are studying the recent 30-page judgement" - you mean the McCanns are waiting for us to conclude the translation of said ruling - wondering if they can find an excuse to continue their outrageous censorship attempts, and ridiculous legal menaces to Portuguese citizens? Well, tough, we're not going anywhere until Justice is done...in Court. Meanwhile they're attempting to spread their tacky merchandise and farcical circus in yet another country - instead of doing something to reopen the process so the police that holds the jurisdiction of the investigation to Maddie's mysterious disappearance can continue? Could that possibly have to do with their latest appeal for free German translators on Jim 'button' Gamble's favourite social site? Or with a book that was recently published in Germany? Oh yeah, and Martin thanks for reporting on that unimportant issue of Freedom of Expression... It must be great to work for Murdoch.»

    Brutnt's Murdoch's blog

  111. Why do people who support the Maccann's read this blog I find that hard to grasp, Don't stop what you are doing Joana don't let them get you down multipy what you are doing, you like Mr Amaral are on to a winner. Good luck to Mr Amaral I hope he make's Billions and the Maccann's end up selling the big issue. ( no insult to big issue sellers intended) They started it he did not and they can stop it now by telling the truth.

    Mary Liverpool uk

  112. For poster 104....link to bruises...http://justiceformaddie.blogspot.com/2007/12/domestic-violence-finger-tip-brusing.html

  113. Wasn't Hewlett in Germany?

  114. Right sorry for the delay pressed wrong button and had to start again. Here is were I got it from. http://justiceformaddie.blogspot.com/2007/12/domestic-violence-finger-tip-brusing.html
    I have seen this before and remebered it yesterday. I am not suggesting anything but one can not rule out anything because this little girl dissapeard into thin air. So Im not accusing, I know it it is no rumour because it is there in the photo just like the blue bag in the cupboard photo. These are these small little things I am talking about which is there for all to see in proof on a photo but is then explainable with the greatest of imginations possible by the Mc Canns. I also forgot about the bruises on Madeleines arm, but I thought then and still do that toddlers play and it might be innocent. Might be.. About the fridge situation, you right, if they rented it from a Landlord he is responsible to make sure all is in working condition, so therefor het would have had to replace it . Im not sure who paid for it but I think the sensible senario would be the landlord. Seabass??? Who can give me more detail about this please? Thanks

  115. Nothing like a new appeal/sighting to bury bad news:

    From Martin Brunt:‘The McCanns have also given an interview to Bunte magazine in which they make new appeals for help in the search for their daughter who disappeared from the family's holiday apartment in May 2007,

    The only thing that will put a stop to these two ‘Media terrorists’ is Extraordinary Rendition.

  116. As far as I know he is dead. See linkhttp://mccannexposure.wordpress.com/2010/04/10/raymond-hewlett-dead/ and also http://mccannexposure.wordpress.com/2010/04/10/raymond-hewlett-dead/
    As far as I remeber he died in Germany

  117. oops Sorry Joana I apologize, been busy in between and did realize

  118. Reino Unido: Não houve contactos políticos sobre Madeleine McCann - embaixador

    26 de Outubro de 2010, 13:05

    Londres, 26 out (Lusa) - A polémica que rodeou o desaparecimento de Madeleine McCann em Portugal "não teve impacto nenhum" nas relações entre Portugal e o Reino Unido nem originou qualquer contacto político, asseverou o embaixador português, António Santana Carlos.

    "Ao nível político eu não tive qualquer contacto com as autoridades britânicas nem elas me procuraram para me pedir fosse o que fosse", garantiu o diplomata, que termina no final da semana as funções que iniciou em outubro de 2006.

    Madeleine McCann desapareceu a 03 de maio de 2007 - poucos dias antes de completar quatro anos - de um apartamento na Praia da Luz, no Algarve, onde passava férias com a família, desencadeando uma grande atenção dos media no Reino Unido


  119. how come skys martin brunt can give us this update about the mcscams but cant comment on Mr Amarals victory,why do people bother with martin brunts life of crime blog as its only Madeleine that keeps it going, martin brunt is a waste of space

  120. Interview with Portuguese Ambassador in London http://bit.ly/cu39II
    Tony Parsons vile xenophobic attack on the Portuguese Authorities http://bit.ly/cu39II
    OH, UP YOURS, SENOR http://bit.ly/aLxikO
    Media Culpa: PCC, Regulation, Ethics and Lusophobia http://bit.ly/cTYdzu
    Hypocrisy R Us: UK Media Infotainment Network http://bit.ly/aYE7kH

  121. McCanns and UK Media = Team McCann.

    Goncalo Amaral won his appeal - Maddie: The Truth Of The Lie, is back on sale.

    Apart from a couple of the usual sycophantic articles, the UK media - in stark contrast to the original ban - failed to report the outcome of Amarals appeal. However, just days later, Martin Brunt reports on the McCanns umpteenth - and oh so transparent - new appeal; buried within the text of his blog is a brief mention of Amarals appeal.

  122. Is Isabel Duarte already fired?
    Who will be the next lawyer?

  123. The very thought of the McCanns visiting this site makes me feel sick. I really dislike them with venom. I just don't understand why the British press are not reporting that which made them so much money in the first instance and inform the public in the UK of what is happening now.

    Can we not start a social networking hurricane to gets the real information infront of the general public.

  124. 92 you are saying that there is no Brazilian Portuguese.
    You talk about dialect.
    Can you please tell me where I can find those explanations on internet or perhaps names of books written by authorities in the Portuguese language?
    Thank you.

  125. This situation this year makes me think of a farmer. In Spring the hopes were high for a bountiful crop, but Summer was poor with only small whizzened fruit to show. Autumn came and the leaves started to fall from the tree and the trunk was laid bare, soon Winters grip will be on the trunk to wreak havoc with the heartwood. insert applicable names where you see fit.

  126. Next lawyer will wear a body armour.
    They get fired all the time.
    And Gerry will carry his body down the beach.

  127. @ 120

    Surely it would be a mistake to fire Duarte. She managed to win a victory for the McCanns, albeit only temporary, that any sane observer would have thought impossible, and it was hardly her fault if the Appeal judges saw her arguments for the rubbish that they were. There can´t be many lawyers around who could put forward such twaddle with so much passion and conviction, and one had to admire, however unwillingly, the nerve of the woman. No, the McCanns should hang on to her, because in their present situation she´s probably as good as it gets.

  128. Why don't we all ring various newspapers and ASK why they aren't reporting the overturning of Amaral's ban?

  129. Amarals court victory is a good reason for a new appeal but could this new book by a German author and psychologist, Daniela Prousa, be the reason why Germany, in particular, was chosen:


    Analyse des Vermisstenfalles Madeleine McCann by Daniela Prousa

    This 603 page book is written by German author and psychiatrist, Daniela Prousa.

    It is basically the author's conclusions about the case based on analysis of the personalities of the two main players, Kate and Gerry McCann.

    Through analysis of their statements and what they said and how they behaved in public appearances, Daniela Prousa comes to a startling conclusion.

    Prousa's conclusion is that Madeleine McCann died as a result of an accidental fall off the sofa, either immediately after her parents left the apartment or after Gerry McCann's check at around 9.10pm.

    The author is also of the opinion that it was Kate McCann who initially found her daughter and that Gerry McCann came in later to support her in covering up.

    In this weighty tome, the author refers to the opinions of Dr. Christian Ludke and also cites Dr Gonçalo Amaral's book.

    http://unterdenteppichgekehrt.blogspot.comAmazon's German web site

    Remember they chase anyone who questions them. When Mercedes appeared on Spanish TV they followed on her heels.

  130. I'm not saying it is Duarte's fault.
    It is no lawyer's fault at all.
    I believe Isabel Duarte is competent and she believes in her work.
    The problem is that the McCanns blame the whole world for all things that go wrong in their lives.
    If it wasn't for British laws against freedom of expression, they would be in prison right now.
    But those laws are about to be changed, I've been told.

  131. Who can answer this question?

    If freedom of expression is a law in the European Union and the UK is a part of it, can "The Truth of the Lie" be published in the UK, without any problem?

  132. Poster 114

    I like your expression 'media terrorists', well said.

  133. Anonymous said... 123
    Next lawyer will wear a body armour.
    They get fired all the time.
    And Gerry will carry his body down the beach

    In a blue bag or in an old fridge?

  134. Sorry guys, some comments went to the spam 'box' automatically [new blogger moderating system] - therefore some messages referring to comment numbers might be wrong. Quick explanation, since most of you comment anonymously, and some anonymous comments were indeed marked as spam - selling crap with links to commercial sites, or attempts to create traffic to the spammers own site - some of your comments will be sent to the said blogger 'spam' box automatically until someone [we] rescues those comments from there. :j

  135. @Anon 131
    Thanks for the info

    "The author is also of the opinion that it was Kate McCann who initially found her daughter and that Gerry McCann came in later to support her in covering up"

    Are they going to her as well now?
    I hope the germans will kick them out fast...

    Absolute shame on the british media

  136. Anon 133

    Freedom of expression is a basic human right and part of ALL Constitutions.
    The book can be sold anywhere on earth EVEN if the mccanns dont like it.

  137. Anon 131

    Perhaps the authors should learn a bit more about how long it takes for cadaver scent to be detectable after death.

    In tests done with cadaver dogs on the length of time needed before cadaver scent is detectable, only the very best dogs are able to detect it after about an hour and twenty five minutes. Most dogs need longer than that. The cadaver dog used in the McCanns' apartment is the very best so most likely can detect at the earliest time.

    If Gerry McCann really did see Madeleine at 9.05pm as he says, then she could not have been alive, and she must not have been in bed as no cadaver scent was detected there.

    For Kate to have found her at 10pm behind the settee, Madeleine must have died about 8.30pm at the very latest. More than likely she had been dead before that time.

    Why would Gerry lie about seeing Madeleine alive?

    Well, by him saying that he saw Madeleine alive and well in bed at 9.05pm, it would fit in with the supposed sighting of the 'abductor' by Jane Tanner at about 9.10pm. This would suppose that Madeleine was being taken away alive because why would an abductor want to take off a dead Madeleine.

    Also, if Jane Tanner really did see Madeleine being taken away at that time, then she was well and truly dead according to the time needed for the body to produced detectable cadaver scent.

    The best in the world dogs don't lie and they have never been wrong. No wonder Gerry McCanns has tried so hard to discredit them.

    They are indicating that Madeleine, (assuming of course that the cadaver scent was from her dead body, though nobody else has ever been reported as having died in the apartment), died much earlier on and it cannot be assumed it was by accident.

    An accident could easily have been covered by the McCanns so that her body need not be hidden, something far more sinister could not.

    This case needs reopening and investigated as a possible murder investigation.

  138. Comical and transparent are the words that come to mind. Do the Mcs advisors really think the majority of the general public are stupid and don't pick up on the connection immediately? I do realise a small proportion are stupid after reading at some of the pro Mc blogs, but it's my guilty pleasure when I need a good laugh. There is nothing else to laugh about with this case.

    Well, of course the timing is coincidental.....a German website was obviously planned well before the latest damning book was on the shelf, I wonder how far behind posting the website is.....pigs with wings!

    I really hope the German book is translated into English, it will be my second purchase alongside Dr Amaral's updated book. I can't wait. Does anyone have any idea when the English version will be available? I would also pay a premium to have Dr Amaral sign it.

  139. Anon 107

    It was Payne himself who let slip that the McCanns had problems with the fridge in the holiday apartment.

    Could the later 'information' about a fridge in the villa being defective have been said to confuse the issue. You know what Gerry said, 'confusion is best'.

    So which was it, in the holiday apartment as Payne said, or in the villa that GM apparently said?

    If they had problems with the fridge in both places then they were unfortunate indeed, but then, the whole holiday was disastrous, especially for Madeleine, so might be possible.

    Whichever it was, the investigators were searching for a fridge at some time in the investigation and maybe Payne has known all the time where it was taken to. He was never asked any further questions by the UK interviewer about that defective fridge in the McCanns' holiday apartment, so was any further information about it ever passed on to Portugal.

  140. Silly me @140

    It's not flying pigs I see, it's a finger stuck in a damn. This damn is going to burst with a 'whoosh' but probably no click.

  141. If the purpose of the website in German is to reach out to German tourists who were present three years ago, how on earth do they expect people to remember details that the parents themselves can't keep straight?

  142. Full article can be read here:


    A snippet from the full article below:

    "Well even the bluffers at Carter Ruck could see that a claim using the Prosecutor’s support alone was a bit thin. So what else did they come out with to support the claim of libel against Amaral? They couldn’t find a f*** thing. Not a thing. So they invented – yes, Carter Ruck invented – the claim that the original Portuguese gagging injunction against Amaral was a “Court Order” that Pamalam was breaching!"

    The invention above imo is a serious abuse of the temporary injunction granted by the Portuguese court. Are those actions of that law firm legal? Imo Dr G A's legal team should haul that British legal firm over the coals for abusing that temporary injunction. Not only Dr GA, imo the Portuguese judicial system should be taking legal steps regarding that matter. Were these imo underhand tactics used to try and stop the book being sold in other European countries?

    "Carter-Ruck was accused by MPs of potential contempt of parliament."


  143. Today Ann Coffey MP:

    "when faced with awful child abduction, like the case of Madeleine McCann"


    What an utterly pathetic comment coming from a British MP given the events in Portugal last week and also this:

    FCO: FoI request foi.fco.gov.uk

    14 December 2009

    - Extract -

    The FCO filed the case in May 2008 [Ben Needham]. You will also be aware of the Madeleine McCann case. Both this and the Needham case are categorised as a missing persons, rather than child abduction cases, as there is no evidence in either case to support whether the children were or were not abducted.


    In the same article today from Ann Coffey MP:

    "The charity Missing People, which works closely with the police and the Bureau providing a unique service supporting families, is at risk because it faces the total withdrawal of its core government funding of £500,000."


    Has the McCurse struck again! The two men either side of KM in the link below, I think they are from the above 'at risk charity Missing People' and attended the:

    Kate and Gerry McCann mark the 1,000th day of Madeleine's disappearance with a 'star-studded fund-raising dinner and auction' at the Kensington Roof Gardens in London.


  144. Only two Germany links I can think of are Hewlett - Ghost and letter to son sold to red top - and the entertaining PJ Tipps who (I recall) mentioned Germany in the context of some forensic material being held back in that country.

  145. What a load of crap, geman people have been aware of the Madeliene case since the beginning, and remember there were doubts over the paedo that lived in Germany. McCanns are you really that thick?? or is this another, lets make 2million euros in donations scam. Your popularity in Germany isnt that great either. You are 3 years too late! Something must give soon its all far too obvious....

  146. What has the fridge to do with Madeleine?
    I don't see the connection.
    If her body was removed down the beach on the same evening, the McCanns would not bring it back to their new address.
    The fridge where it was hidden in(if there was one, short after her death) must have been somewhere else.
    Besides, if I'm not mistaken, they have stayed with the Paynes for some time before they found a home for themselves in Praia da Luz. Too risky to bring back a corpse while the whole world was watching them.

  147. Please someone tell me what these guys are on? Do they not see the walls crumbling around them. The McCanns are made of stone , they pulled the german site out of the hat, to sidetrack Dr Amarals victory, what will you pull out of the hat next Gerry? Its taken three years to reach out to the German public...too late..fr too late. Even Brasil reported The triumph of Dr. Amaral. I wonder who is exactly behind you, that you continue in a pathetic way,..why not just demand they reopen the case? Isn´t that much easier than all these delaying tactics?

  148. I try to get postings up on MSN but like most of the media (UK) its been very quiet....strange that eh?

    So when another story went up i spoofed a few postings up...quite a while before the team McCann got wise. Please people get up on the wider world forums and tell the people the news, and to team McCann reading this...abuse all you like, all i will do is ask questions, if all you can do is abuse and not answer questions then the end is drawing near!

    I hope to see the book on ebay as that should get a few column inches. Well done and thank you for all your hard work. Those of us mad conspiracy nuts thank you. Justice is coming.

  149. To 126

    We are going a bit off topic here aren't we? I referred to Brazilian as a dialect and I explained why in terms of "chicken and egg" because it is a metaphor that children as well as adults find accessible...

    This should not be construed as my personal dislike of the Brazilian dialect or mutant form of vernacular Portuguese... however... since in my experience Brazilians seem to make such an issue of "Brazilian Portuguese" making it sound as if they invented and/or own the copyrights of Portuguese... in other words... as if the "dialect" they speak (most of them, anyway) is a superior form of the "barbarian" their founding fathers (and mothers) spoke I take issue.

    If you don't like the term "dialect" (which is linguistically correct) then avoid contrasting it with the vernacular as if the dialect represented some sort of superior deviation of the form. The example you gave was in fact in the vernacular not in the dialect form yet you thought of it as "Brazilian Portuguese". :o

    Eh! I am not saying you should not be ashamed to speak the "dialect" version. It's musical. It's fun to listen to. I like it. In fact I can speak both the dialect and the vernacular forms. No problem - most Portuguese can... but... for some reason..most Brazilians won't even admit a grasp of the vernacular. Why is that? Some sort of historical inferiority complex? An Ipiranga cry of some sort? Forget about it!

    "Kara! Mah qui sutaki maz arrastahdu!" :
    Desculpe mas tenho dificuldade em compreender o seu dialecto!

    Eh! It's just words. Let's samba and see what happens! :s :s



  150. Can somebody explain me why three judges signed this dispatch?
    Was one not enough?
    Or is it the law in Portugal?

  151. @Anon 152
    Against the mccanns one needs an army of judges.
    Is this that important the amount of judges?
    I think the most important of all is the ban has been lift.Thats the only omportant thing here.
    The ban lift and the mccanns silenced...marvellous

  152. Anon 148

    The fridge from the holiday apartment may be important if it were possible that Madeleine died prior to that night as some people suggest really happened.

    Apart from that Dr Amaral has said forensic evidence from a previously frozen cadaver had been discovered. The investigators were also searching for a fridge/freezer? during the investigation. Did they ever find what they were looking for?

    That is why mention of the fridge by Payne may be important to the investigation.

  153. Zodiac at 145

    Just goes to show the extent of the brainwashing we have been subjected to in the UK when this silly woman MP says things like that and can't even be bothered to find out the true facts of the investigation.

  154. Anon 152 - appeals court, Higher Court always has three judges, the lower court one maybe two.

    I am still smiling from ear to ear re the above!

    Tick tock Kate and Gerry!


    Why three judges? For all I know this is common practice in Portugal. You don't want a vicious circle of appeals and counter-appeals wasting precious legal time.

    Such strategy, makes it very difficult for anyone to appeal against the appeal of an appeal of... It is not easy to appeal and win against one judge's decision let alone three!

    Of course we have read/heard spokespeople for the Madeleine Fund Ltd. stating, their other case against Amaral was "very much on course" but let it be known that the latter's arguments are exactly the same as the ones the three judges have just overruled so... the chances of it succeeding is close to zero: 0.0000001 to be statistically precise.

    Now watch this:

    Recently, Dr. Kate McCann decided to visit Praia da Luz on the 2nd day of October - to coincide both with Dr. Goncalo Amaral's birthday and the date of his removal from the case thus hoping to deliver some kind of nefarious, subliminal needle-work to her nemesis and to spoil the party but bingo! Gets a shocker instead! Oh boy! :p

    So she/they try to recoup by moving the circus to Germany. Wonder why?

    Here is my expert opinion.

    They already know there is no money to be made from Amaral's book and are now hoping to make as much, if not more, from German author and psychiatrist, Daniela Prousa and her publisher. There they go again...

    As a media expert, I think someone (Mitchell, Carter Ruck or the twins) ought to advise the McCanns' to keep a low profile. It is obvious to everyone but them that the sh*t is hitting the fan (pass the cliché). It smells foul and this is not helping their case if ever they had one...

    Conrad Black
    Media Director for :k P.J.Tipps Investigators

  156. Thank you all so much for bringing this fabulous news, - and important step towards justice for all who warrant it!

    Respect too to Dr. Amaral and his family and friends, whose only 'crime' was to make a little girl called Madeleine, whom he never personally met, the prime consideration.

    The McCanns must be gutted... Also well deserved in my book.

    Thanks again all, - off now to catch up!

  157. :m Dear Anon 107

    Have you tried the Internet Archive "Wayback Machine" or indeed http://www.gerrymccannsblogs.co.uk?

    I would do it my self except I am up to here with files, my research assistant (Ronaldão) is busy running profile checks and Ruth is off duty - it's her "retail therapy" day. No, no point ringing her mobile - she "forgot" it on her desk...

    :k P.J. Tipps
    "Respected by many. Feared by a certain few".


    Conrad Black is not the real name of P.J. Tipps Media Director who is actually a Brazilian national educated in Switzerland who speaks fluent, vernacular Portuguese, French, Italian, German as well as Mandarin Chinese and Queen's English. Our man holds a doctorate in Law (Oxford) and is a shaman and spokesperson for several Amazonia tribes. We are proud to have him on board.

    Who is Conrad Black then?

    C.B. is a colourful, now discredited Fleet Street legend: Baron Black of Crossharbour. A former client of P.J. Tipps.

    "Initially, Black faced dozens of charges which centered on allegations that he and his associates siphoned funds away from the media company Hollinger International. Black had been the company's chief executive." (CTV News).

    Sounds familiar?

  159. Such good news - thank you for sharing it.
    I assume that Madeleine will be picking up the bill for this ill-advised court action? After all, any child enduring what her parents have us believe is a living hell in the clutches of a paedophile would want the money donated for her search to be spent on defending her parents' "good name", wouldn't she?

  160. I've just ordered the Prousa book from Amazon.de. I only have communication German...so I will probably battle to read it but with the help of translators.....can't wait till it arrives.....

    patrixjude in South Africa

  161. Problem with the theory of Prousa re Madeleine accident falling off settee is it doesn't explain circular impact blood/fluid spots a foot or so above settee.

    However, it is possible that Kate either found or knows how Madeleine died and Gerry took control in the cover up but didn't inform Kate of the full details of the plan. It is also possible that Kate told a Jackanory/story to Gerry re how Madeleine died. I still think they have double crossed each other but that's probably my imagination working overtime

  162. If Madeleine McCann (or perhaps we should more accurately say the - late Madeleine McCann) is Ward of Court, and represented by Her Honour Mrs Justice Hogg, how can she, Madeleine, be named as appelant in a Court in Portugal.
    1 She is dead, and the dead have no legal rights ( in England anway)
    2 She is not dead (Hellish lair, Australia, Morocco, Barcelona, Gipsy-land, Disneyland - take your pick) and is represented by HH Hogg.
    Are the McCanns in gross contempt of an English Court. I think we should be told.

  163. Blood and cadaver scent behind the settee takes on a very sinister indication as to cause of death as that is a place a small child would run and hide if afraid of somebody.

    Madeleine did not die in her bed where Kate McCann says she left her, and every indication is that her death occurred behind the settee where the dogs indicated to blood and cadaver scent.

    As for the accident scenario of Madeleine climbing up the settee and falling behind it, this is not possible within the time limit needed for cadaver scent to develop and be detected by the cadaver dog.

    A body has to be dead for at least one hour and twenty five minutes to give off cadaver scent for even the best dogs to detect it. Most cadaver dogs would need longer, between two to three hours before they could alert.

    Gerry McCann says he saw Madeleine alive and well in bed at 9.05pm and Kate says she discovered Madeleine missing at 10pm. That is less than an hour for Madeleine to have lain dead behind the settee and removed as in the accident scenario, which Dr Amaral and others have suggested MAY be how Madeleine died.

    On the basis of the time needed for cadaver scent to develop, Madeleine must already have been dead and behind the settee when Gerry says he checked at 9.05pm. She must have been dead by 8.30pm at the latest and very likely earlier than that.

    The cadaver dog used in the apartment has never been wrong and is the best in the world, so why should the dog be wrong when alerting in the McCanns' holiday apartment and hire car. Given the dog's past record it was not.

    The case needs reopening as a murder investigation. An accident could have been covered by saying the child was found next morning and must have died whilst sleepwalking.

    Something more sinister than an accident could not have been so easily accounted for and the body would need to be hidden instead.

  164. Do the McCanns not realise, The truth of the Lie was published in Germany?...Silly people.

  165. "An accident could easily have been covered by the McCanns so that her body need not be hidden, SOMETHING FAR MORE SINISTER COULD NOT." (caps mine)

    Indeed Anon 139, and this could be a physical act upon a person who suffered harm or the inappropriate administering of a controlled substance which resulted in harm to that person...and would serve as basis for taking two other little persons away.

    3 toddlers sleeping together in 1 room - or so we've been told - and one of the toddlers has a problem with Just Going To Sleep. Ding ding: Star Chart. That one little tot who can't settle will likely be disruptive to the other two, so why even go to the trouble of imagining you can leave them alone, unsupervised, while you go off to dine with friends? The only way this can work is if they've been toiling in the fields all day and sleep is their only priority. Sadly, we know that sleep - and undisturbed sleep - was hardly ever Little Star Chart's priority. Do the maths; there are only two options: "Out Cold" or "Under The Influence".

    What prompted the resort to offer babysitting services to that couple in particular that fateful night??? There has to be a reason. And that reason will be instructive.

    Anyhoot...the sun shines on Dr Goncalo Amaral. An honourable man on an honourable mission. And may it continue to shine on him forever more.

  166. The damming silence of the mccanns and British Tabloids - speaks volumes!!! Well done Sr Amaral the truth will out Portugal must re-open this case it is quite clear nobody else is going to request the re-opening - justice for Maddie

  167. For the injustices done to Dr Amaral and the Portuguese people that so willingly gave their time and money Portugal now needs to request the reopening of this case. The British justice system is a disgrace and so are the tabloids that have enabled Kate and Gerry to continue with this farce. Now is the time to take it to the next level demand this case is re-opened and stop being dictated to by two criminals who have controlled this investigation since day 1.

  168. Anon 165
    "Blood and cadaver scent behind the settee ...Madeleine did not die in her bed where Kate McCann says she left her...A body has to be dead for at least one hour and twenty five minutes to give off cadaver scent....Gerry McCann says he saw Madeleine alive and well in bed at 9.05pm and Kate says she discovered Madeleine missing at 10pm."
    Conclusion ?
    He lied, and she lied.
    They lied.
    They all lied.
    They carried on lying, because once they had started they could not stop.
    They are still doing it.

  169. Remember what the dogs handler said in the video. The scent of death could have been moved by drafts inside the apartment and concentrated in certain, obvious areas such as corners, etc. in other words the scent of death needs not be where death occurred even if that part of the wall behind the sofa had beeen washed which made the DNA sampling inconclusive... Those samples were inconclusive. The fact is the scent of death was in that apartment and in no other apartment. This is highly indicative. No wonder all the police is convinced death occurred there - unfortunately that is not enough for the judicial. The McCanns' know that and have made a living of it. They may or may not be looking for Madeleine. They are definitely working hard to bleach their image. That's the objective of all their vindications and PR stunts...i thinks...

  170. I feel sure that the portuguese police said that Madeleine's body was never in that bed at all that evening - apparently there was no imprint of any body at all in the mattress. I don't know how conclusive that evidence is in terms of forensics but I, for one, don't believe that she went to bed at all that evening/night.

  171. i have just seen this on martin brunts blog.i hope its ok to bring it here if not please delete.

    There is a small misunderstanding re the book ban overturn. The court decision is not immediately applicable, there is time allowed for an appeal against that. And if that appeal is made the ban (in this case) remains in place until the new appeal is trialed. That's why Amaral is so quiet, you know. After that phone interview to TVI and the video report probably made by Joana Morais, presented by Hernani Carvalho and aired by SIC.

    so is this person right about the book cant be sold untill another appeal

  172. When Gerry McCann gave his 'moment of madness' (sorry, can't remember the exact words) excuse for what may have happened to Madeleine, was he meaning that somebody could have lost it and struck out and Madeleine ended up dead, or that Madeleine died because of a dangerous risk that somebody took.

    The 'accident' he also alludes to hardly fits the abduction scenario of somebody entering the apartment and taking Madeleine away. Surely no 'moment of madness' or 'accident' if that is what happened. So why did he bother to say it?

    Was Gerry trying to give us a clue and an excuse as to what really happened to Madeleine, and was this said around the same time it seemed certain an arrest was about to be made.

    Certainly Gerry McCann looked very shaken when he came out from being questioned, and although they were supposed to go back for more questioning they hotfooted it out of town and got themselves lawyered up to make certain they would not have to return. There was also talk around that time of sickness and possible suicide. Kate McCann looked thinner than ever, like she was on the edge with worry.

    Is that why the investigation was really shelved? Was it too risky to pursue for 'health' reasons?

    Dr Amaral certainly believed there was enough evidence to bring charges.

    After the investigators were called off the McCanns perked up no end and Kate turned into a glamorous vision.

  173. 173 you can go back and tell that person that there were at least three interviews with GA on TV, besides the printed press ones - none of them were on the phone - I wouldn't call that as 'being quiet, you know?' and by the way, the book is already on sale



  174. thank you joana,glad you have cleared that up,some people do like to spread mis-infomation where Mr Amaral is concerned.

  175. 173/176 :) what else is new? same old tactics... best regards, jo.

  176. Anon 173

    It sounds like something Clarence himself would have thought up to say.

    As for an appeal, they must have more money to throw into the wind than we can imagine if they go ahead with that.

    But why should they worry, it wont be their money after all, and it will all be good for spin. Everybody against them as usual, nothing their fault, investigators planting forensic evidence to try to incriminate them, stupid dogs who can't tell the difference between dirty nappies and a dead body, and now the courts not being fair.

    The McCanns think everything should be handed to them on a plate, and why not, because so far everything always has. Even to the point of being allowed to enter the court by the door the court officers enter through and not the same one the public enter. Like the visit to the Pope arranged by Clarrie, so who pulled that off for them.

    Here's hoping the tide has well and truly turned for the McCanns and the truth of what happened to Madeleine on that fateful holiday is revealed at last, plus there will be justice done in this case, for Madeleine and for all the innocent others who have been dragged in and suffered because of it.

  177. 173, the McCanns can indeed appeal the Appeals Court decision. As far as I have been informed, they will have to address the Supreme Court, and they will have to base their appeal on a previous existing ruling - what we call jurisprudence.
    In any case, that appeal is NOT suspensive of the Appeals Court's ruling. The book is already back on sale, and the book's rights (as well as the DVD's rights) can be negotiated, namely with foreign editors that are interested.

  178. ...and if they go to the Supreme and win [which I very much doubt], there is always the European Court of Human Rights - this fight for the Right of Freedom of Expression will be fought until the last instances, the McCanns and their lawyers better be aware of that.

  179. thank you joana,astro,its always best to get things confirmed if like me do not understand portugues law.

  180. Anonymous 165

    Try a Google image search - mccann bed

    The result doesn't look like a bed that a child has slept in, and certainly not one that an abducter has 'snatched' a child from.

    It looks neatly made up, ready for bedtime.

    Surely an abducter holding a 3 year old child would be more intent on escaping than putting the child down to make the bed up.

    The Mccanns state they were being watched. Suggesting, a regular routine.

    And so . . . . 1) they put the kids to bed, 2) then off to the Tapas Bar.

    As the bed shows no signs of having been slept in, something obviously happened to Madeleine BEFORE her normal bedtime. 7.00 to 7.30 pm.

    Something that meant she wouldn't be going to bed that night ! ! !

    Perhaps they didn't have time to 'set' the scene up properly, (the bed, and the window) knowing that if they arrived at the Tapas Bar too late, it might be noticed by MW staff and friends, and possibly queried during the resulting investigation.

    So, off to the Tapas Bar as normal, Gerry having to 'sort matters out' during his check later on.

    I also noted Gerry offering curious explanations to cover time he spent during his check. It wasn't relevant to the 'timeline'.

    In fact, the more time Gerrys spends doing that check, the less chance of an intruder already being in the apartment.

    1) A few minutes in the toilet
    2) His 'proud father' moment
    3) Time Gerry spent chatting to Jeremy Wilkins Jeremy Wilkins, '3 to 5 minutes.' Gerry thinks it was '10 to 15 minutes'.
    As neither of them saw Jane Tanner during that time, I'd go for the shorter chat. (No evidence of Wilkins lying either. No motive.)

    I got the impression Gerry's 'check' took longer than he felt comfortable with, and wanted to make sure he was covered.

    If so, what was Gerry up to?

  181. No, the bed has been slept in. You can clearly see that. Well I know I can. I have a daughter that age, and that's exactly what her bed looks like. Neither would you see any evidence of an abductor from the state of the bedclothes.

  182. McCanns have the cheek of coming to Germany now for sympathy and make more money. We in Germany are not fooled and we wish they would get out and stay out, we want nothing to do with them as we believe in Germany that Madeleine is dead, without reading Sr Amarals or any other book. H.M. Germany.

  183. Gerry said that Madeleine slept on top of the bed that night because it was warm (although it was said to have been a chilly night), and I read somewhere that Kate McCann was sitting on the bed and would not move when requested, so it really may be hard to know whether Madeleine had slept on the bed or not.

    Also, if Madeleine had slept on that bed why did Gerry go all the way back to Rothley to get a pillowcase supposedly belonging to Madeleine so as to get a sample of her DNA. Why was there none available from that bed, or her comfort blanket, her cuddle cat, or anywhere else in that holiday apartment.

    Confusion as usual.

  184. @183 The so-called 'abductor' would have had to remove the child without disturbing any bedclothes, judging by the photo. It didn't happen at all.

  185. 182 continued . . . .

    Google image search - mccann bed

    In various interviews, Kate says that Madeleine was IN bed, conflicting with what Gerry says.

    If, as Gerry says, Madeleine was lying on top of the bed, we can conclude, either the McCanns left Madeleine sleeping on the bed, not even covered with a sheet, in danger of rolling off the bed and hitting the floor in her sleep, while they wined and dined at the Tapas Bar . . . .

    Or, . . . . Madeleine climbed out of bed on her own, climbed up on top of the sheets, then an abducter rushed into the darkened room and snatched Madeleine away, all this, still leaving the bedclothes looking straight and orderly, ready for bedtime.

    No confusion at all Anonymous 185.

    Madeleine McCann was not abducted.

  186. There are so many hidden facts about PJ investigation of abduction which is still on top case regarding what really happen on 9,15 to 9,29pm in area of the Holiday Resorts in Praia Da Luz
    Instead of any accusation of family McCann's the PJ Portimão or Lisbon should be more objective in new step to find real facts.

  187. As long as the British Press continue along this vein then the crime will remain unsolved.

    I think many people are terrified right now and wanting to come forth.
    What this little Brunt piece does is offers then reassurance that they still have control. To not turn them in - they can still spin.

    If a non Murdoch paper does not pick up this story and run with it then one will know quite clearly that this case stretches up to the top and is a matter of national security.

    I am hoping against hope that this is not the case and that justice can be reached.
    Not in a gloating indulgent way, but just as an honour to a child and to humanity at large.

  188. http://www.sott.net/articles/show/236126-Portuguese-court-finds-6-guilty-of-child-abuse

  189. To Astro, Joanna, Petermac, Patrijude - it is the strangest thing but I read your comments because you bother to give yourselves a name.
    I am dubious of people who post as anonymous. How little would it take to give a name so we come to know your line of commenting.

  190. Thank you so very much Joanna, Astro and others who provide us with truthful accounts of whats happening. Very much appreciated .


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