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Marcos Aragão Correia accused of defaming Gonçalo Amaral

The Public Ministry accuses lawyer Marcos Aragão Correia of defamation against Gonçalo Amaral, a former PJ coordinator, due to a document in which he recounts supposed torture acts against Leonor Cipriano, who in 2005 was condemned to a 16-year prison sentence over the death of her daughter, Joana, and the concealment of the child's cadaver.

The lawyer - who represents Leonor Cipriano - has sent the aforementioned document to the Association against Exclusion for Development (ACED), and its head, António Dores, also stands accused of the crime of defamation. After filing the complaint against the lawyer, Gonçalo Amaral requested for Aragão Correia to be considered unimputable, even suggesting his commitment to a psychiatric hospital.

Within the case of alleged aggressions against Leonor, Gonçalo Amaral was condemned to a one-and-a-half-year suspended sentence over false deposition. The former PJ coordinator is represented by João Grade, Cipriano's former lawyer.

in: Correio da Manhã, 06.10.2010, paper edition only

Marcos Aragão Correia and the sites seen above ended up 
removing the illegally recorded and distributed phone calls

‘Spanish detectives asked me to arrange for evidence against Gonçalo Amaral’
«One “transported” me to the other. It’s curious that the parents of both children received mediunic information themselves: according to data that I obtained with Método 3, before coming to Portugal to spend their holidays at the Ocean Club, Maddie’s mother had a horrendous foreboding that something serious would happen. She even spoke to her husband about cancelling the trip to Portugal but Gerry convinced her to come. Only a few days after Maddie disappeared, the father also had a vision of a long tunnel with a light at its end, where Maddie was standing, surrounded by that magnificent light. Joana’s mother also had a vision of her daughter accompanied by an adult couple. She tried to approach her daughter on a thinking level, but the couple told her that it wasn’t possible and very gently led Joana away. The interpretation that I make on the level of parapsychology, a science that I studied for almost ten years, is that Joana is also in the spiritual world already, accompanied by good spirits who protect her. I thank both for the Love that they have given me, offering me these marvellous missions. - Marcos Aragão Correia»

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More Metodo 3 "witnesses" : Lawyer Claims Madeleine Raped, Murdered and Dumped
Addendum to the Criminal Process for Defamation Against Marcos Aragão Correia
Gonçalo Amaral wants Leonor's lawyer to be committed to a Mental Hospital
Cipriano Case: Psychic Prosecution Lawyer requests removal of the President Judge Henrique Pavão
Leonor assaulted by colleagues? - 24Horas
Joana case: Doctor who assisted Leonor says that lesions he saw don’t match the photographed ones - RTP/Lusa


  1. I'd be interested to know how many lawsuits have been filed to date which directly or indirectly result from Maddie's disappearance. Must be a good few.

  2. Was the connection between the McCanns and Correia ever proven? Even via Metodo? Do we have something concrete?

  3. Let's not forget the illegal phone recording also published at Rosiepop's forum, which was also sent by "Leonor Lawyer" to several people by email in an attempt to defame Mr. Gonçalo Amaral. Oh, and by the way I also have evidence of all that [if need arise] - from PDF's to screenshots, and to the illegal mp3 itself.

    I just hope Dr. Marinho Pinto takes the correct attitude this time - Aragão, the self alleged psychic lawyer needs to be disbarred ASAP. He is a shame to the OA, to the lawyers profession and he has made a mockery of our Justice system. Metodo3... Barragem do Arade? McCann? Ciprianos? WTF?

    Better late than never...

  4. good news Jo!

    Rosiepops has spewed forth the most lengthy and detailed diatribes on his bog supposedly regarding Goncalo Amaral and family which to my knowledge were not published or available information from anywhere else and due to the local knowledge just had to be the work of some bent private investigator working in the area or someone just like Correia with a mind like a fermenting sewer.

    His connection represents one of the most insidious sides of the McCann misinformation and if this is going to get unpicked in a Portuguese court, brilliant, it is about time Goncalo had a break!

    Still no news of the McCanns taking one million from Goncalo/his publishers then? No news is good news! But of course, according to "a McCann supporter" on here, they already won, ummmm. How embarrassing would it be for Kate and Gerry if the interlocutory injunction ultimately gets discharged/struck out due to lack of prosecution from their side, do you know if there is such a procedure in Pt law, Jo?

  5. The mccanns first statement after Goncalo's original conviction.
    "The conviction speaks for itself and His conviction would only strenghten their case against him"

    Surely the opposite has to be applied to the case Now Gerry, Kate, Clarry,
    That is Correia's antics (and thats putting it mildly)against Mr Amaral has to WEAKEN YOUR CASE AGAINST HIM .

    Wouldnt you Agree?

  6. Obrigada! Thank you SO much for bringing us news from Portugal. Without this excellent blog, we would be in the dark over here in the UK.

    I understood that Gonçalo Amaral intended to sue Marcos Aragão Correia but does this means it's now a criminal case?

  7. Gosh, did you think of the possibility that the new director of the CEOP will have access to the eventual secret files about Madeleine?
    I pray he will.
    Employés at the CEOP, who eventually are living under pressure(who knows?) will possibly show him all of the results of the information they have gotten during the last 3 years.

  8. Dear Johanna the connection to Metodo 3 was established by the psychic lawyer himself in many occasions, on TV news and on the press. Metodo 3 were hired by the McCann couple, if that had any influence on forcing the juxtaposition of Joana's murder with their daughters disappearance, and subsequent PR spoon-fed-spins reproduced by a biased and worthless media, it's a matter for the proper instances to decide. Nevertheless, and because of the very obvious performance of Aragão throughout this case, one can almost safely say that said connection won't be difficult to prove.

    Dear Viv, if the McCanns have won anything was the biggest headache of their lives, in Portuguese we have a saying "saiu-lhes o tiro pela culatra" - the charge (accusation) backfired -literal translation.

    Shona, I think Clarrie the necro news spin doctor is more worried with Coulson's hacking scandal and his imminent, well deserved, exposure.

  9. The German police started today searching for Mirco in a little river.
    It they don't find anything, they will diminish their search.

  10. ;)) Poor "Lollipops" aka Rosiepops ...

    She is going to feel dejected. Her favourite line "Joana Morais is walking a very fine line" will make her look rather gross. Oh well...

    P.J. Tipps

  11. UK - Gamble going, hmm I wonder if it was a case of resign or be resigned?? Portugal - Looks like Marcos Aragão Correia is getting his comeuppance. Imo justice is coming slowly, slowly:

    For those who have woven a tangled web, when at first they practiced to deceive!

  12. Hiya Jo

    Well yes headache indeed. In UK we have this famous old saying from Lord Denning:

    "He who comes to equity must come with clean hands"

    Of course in seeking to say to a court you have been libelled you are seeking an equitable remedy from the court.

    But do the McCanns come with clean hands?

    It is a matter of fact that they were suspected by both British and Portuguese Police as being involved in the disappearance of Madeleine due to their conduct and indiscrepancies in both their own and their friends accounts of what took place. As such they were actively investigated for well over a year. Neither Britain or UK would spend so much money without just cause. They openly admit the most serious neglect of their children which is a serious crime in itself, but I am sure there are many who, just like me, feel that is a cover for far more serious offending.

    So has Goncalo damaged their reputation or did the fact of them quite properly being police suspects and their televised responses to that cause the harm? IMO, it was clearly the latter.

    Anyone who engages in litigation should not do so lightly or without being clear that the other side will use every legitimate means to defend themselves. And so if you yourself have behaved so badly Mr Gerry McCann maybe that was a £high risk strategy too far.

    I wish Goncalo and family the very best of luck in doing whatever it takes to defend themselves from people who should have just taken no notice of his book and film and got on with their "search for Maddie" rather than frittering the funds on such a speculative exercise. In suggesting they were involved he is undoubtedly correct and supported in that view by British Police. He also clearly says in his book he will not damage the ongoing investigation by fully disclosing what he knows. Even at its most basic level they were involved by leaving them alone with the door open which seems like asking to get rid of them and you know my view on that, said to cover a far more serious crime against little Maddie.

    Real child abductors for childless couples would undoubtedly have gone for the twins. Again, that is an obvious fact.

    If Gerry wants to cure Kate's permanent headache, the best thing he can do is stop manipulating, stop litigating for what he can grab and just shut up. Demonstrate to the public that he is only spending the fund money on looking for Maddie, no lawyers, no legal actions, no media spinners and advisers. But there again, he would need common sense to realise that.

  13. Death mystery of Nelson man after Maddie hunt

    A FORMER soldier who left Pendle to search for missing toddler Madeleine McCann died in mysterious circumstances after returning home to Nelson, an inquest heard.

    Ex-paratrooper Colin Sahlke sold all his possessions around May 2007 to raise £5,000 to fund a trip to Praia de Luz with pal Steve Taylor, so they could join the hunt for the missing youngster.

    The pair, who united while working at a shower factory in Nelson, met Madeleine’s father Gerry before they searched the coast and waste ground around the resort for clues.

    But Burnley Coroner’s Court was told that by the time Mr Sahlke returned to East Lancashire, he was drinking heavily and lived latterly in a flat in Carr Road.

    His body was found by his landlord on April 19 after he got no response at his front door, the inquest heard.

    Dr Zuhir Twage, a consultant pathologist, conducted post-mortem tests on the 48-year-old, which showed he had a blood alcohol level equivalent to having drunk 12 cans of beer.

    But Dr Twage also found a significant amount of morphine in his system and said that this, combined with the effects of the alcohol, had caused the death.

    Former partner Christina Ellis, who had ended their relationship shortly before Mr Sahlke's death, said that while the deceased had a recognised drink problem, he never smoked or took illegal drugs.

    The inquest heard that Mr Sahlke was on a number of prescription medications, including the painkiller Tramadol, but nothing which contained morphine.

    Recording an open verdict, East Lancashire coroner Richard Taylor said there was no evidence as to how Mr Sahlke had come to take morphine, but he could not ignore the medical finding.

    “We will never have that explanation that we would want,” added Mr Taylor.

    Before he set out for Praia de Luz, Mr Sahlke told how he still felt the loss of his 18-year-old daughter Debbie, who had died in a car crash six years earlier.

    He had two other daughters.

    in Lancashire Telegraph

  14. That is a very sad story Jo.

    Maybe he went out with such high hopes but when he got deeper into his investigations realised the sad truth about Gerry McCann and the all too likely demise of little Maddie.

    That could well have been enough to deepen his depression in that he could not save this child any more than he could save his own and caused his death as he turned to more alcohol and drugs to drown out his low mood. Again, it seems, another indirect victim of Kate and Gerry McCann who so obviously marketed Maddie seeking the Princess Diana effect which to a large extent, actually happened.

  15. How many casualties must this case have before the McCanns are quite rightly brought to justice?

  16. Its too late for theMcCanns to backtrack...they have to accept all that happens around them. Do they sleep well, No I think they have interupted sleep,night visits?? CEOP is going, new controls, less manipulations. when do the new directors of the fund arrive or when will you tell us who they are? Is it that no-one wants tarnishing with this brush.This farce cannot continue, the McCanns have had enough time to ask for the case to be reopened...and they are not going to do it.

  17. 13, England is full of death mysteries.
    And after those mysteries, they get the ghosts.
    This is a very strange story.
    Did he get close to a secret?

  18. virginia@23.26

    No, I don't think he did - he was - still is - "in" the secret. It was the Bank crash and Credit crunch and whatever else you want to call it. It's a quango too far - all those millions being spent on who knows what and employing 120 people.....uhhh! - It was money and the cost thereof which has done for him.

    Funny how a simple thing like traders on the stock market can have this "ripple" effect all the way down to CEOP.

    Nothing to do with truth and integrity at all!


  19. 18 what do you mean still is, how can he be??? he is dead.

    Yes 17 ts a very sad story, especially when he did it out of hope, I agree he probably did find out a secret a secret of gerry's

  20. Thank you, Joana, for this translation and for giving me permission to use it. Hugs and kisses! xxx

  21. beijinhos to you as well dear Anna :g you're always welcome to use whatever you need - added some extra links just in case people want to re-read Aragão's role in/with the McCann case since circa 2007


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