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A Self-Evident Truth: McCanns Fear Child Protection Plan

Maddie's book torn pages, with two different versions of the Tapas 9 timeline,
written by the McCann Couple and their friends previous to calling the police

Maddie’s book torn by the parents (extract)

Process: PJ apprehended document that was written by the group

Hours after the disappearance of the little English girl, the McCanns used the covers of children’s story books that belonged to their daughter, to write down details of the evening

Hours after Madeleine disappeared, the English girl’s parents tore the covers of two children’s books that the child enjoyed leafing through before going to sleep, to write down the details of the evening of the disappearance.

There, according to what can be verified by the pages that have been appended to the process, Madeleine’s parents noted the periodicity of the visits to the rooms where the various children slept and who within the group of English people had verified that nothing out of the ordinary was taking place.

The PJ appended those documents to the process on September 9 of last year, then referring that the same had been apprehended by the GNR on the night that the girl stopped being seen.

The importance of the book covers was related to the fact that the PJ considers that there was a manipulation of the testimonies – the depositions between the elements of the group were combined in a detailed manner. That was the motive why those pieces of evidence were gathered only after Gerry and Kate were made arguidos, at a time when they had already formally assumed that they were suspects.

To the authorities, it was then an important detail at that moment in the investigation, because it revealed the little girl’s parent’s concern in protecting themselves from possible responsibilities, overshadowing the preservation of objects that belonged to the child at a moment in time when she had only been missing for a few hours.

Which led the authorities to admit that there could have been a manipulation of testimonies (...).

in Correio da Manhã 18.08.2008, paper edition

Maddie's favourite plush toy - cuddle cat - washed by Kate McCann

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McCann Couple media pundit experts on children security matters, really?

News in Poetry (A McCannish translation)
October 5, 2010

We are deeply saddened our friend Jim has gone
He has always covered up what we did wrong
We are certain he will be a huge loss to our protection
And we are worried it may lead to our detection

His expertise will be badly missed
And could lead to children to be put at risk
Putting children at risk is what we are famous for
And we too are in danger, now our friend Jim is out the door

Forget the fact he had applied for several jobs recently
So his dedication to child protection was only dependant on the size of his fee
We urge people to remember the value of our child at this time
And will still accept donations in our pocket or on-line

CEOP has Madeleine as their figurehead and icon
And we are worried now what effect his going will have on our con
Kate didn’t return to the scene of our crime
She could have done that at any time

We need you to believe that she is a saint, this is the picture we
need to paint
Difficult times are coming our way, it is being made more difficult
by Teresa May
Accepting the resignation of a man who believes the fantasy
abduction story woven by team McCann

a poem by RIPM

McCanns fear child protection plan

(UKPA) – 2 hours ago

Missing Madeleine McCann's parents have joined the chorus of concerns about the Government's child protection policies after a top policeman quit in protest at plans to curtail his agency's independence.

Kate and Gerry McCann said it was "extremely saddening" that Jim Gamble felt he had to resign as chief executive of the Child Exploitation and Online Protection (Ceop) Centre.

CEOP 'jump on the bandwagon'?

They urged ministers to remember the importance of the "invaluable work" carried out by his organisation to protect children against abduction and abuse.

Mr Gamble believes plans to assimilate Ceop into a new National Crime Agency are not in the "best interest" of vulnerable children.

The McCanns have a close working relationship with Mr Gamble, who last year launched a new internet video aimed at pricking the conscience of the key witness who knows what happened to Madeleine when she vanished in Portugal in 2007, aged three.

Mr and Mrs McCann said in a statement: "We are certain that he will be a huge loss to the field of child protection. Knowing how committed Mr Gamble is to this cause, it is extremely saddening that he feels unable to continue to lead Ceop, apparently as a consequence of the proposed Governmental changes.

CEOP assisted?

They added: "In this challenging economic climate, we urge the Government to remember the value of our children and the importance of the invaluable work which is necessary to protect them against the devastating crimes of child abduction and exploitation."

The Association of Chief Police Officers (Acpo) said it was "in firm support" of Ceop remaining as a stand-alone agency, while shadow home secretary Alan Johnson went further, saying the Government's plans "will harm child safety networks".

"Their lack of consultation has led to the resignation of Mr Gamble, who is highly respected within and outside of the organisation he served so well. His expertise will be badly missed," he said.

But Home Secretary Theresa May defended the move, saying: "The Government recognises the importance of child protection and wants to build upon the work of Ceop, but does not necessarily feel this is best done by creating a new quango."


Kate and Gerry McCann 'very upset' at resignation of child protection chief in row over agency merger

By Jack Doyle
Last updated at 6:21 PM on 5th October 2010

Kate and Gerry McCann weighed into the row over the future of the national anti-paedophile agency last night.

The parents of Madeleine McCann were said to be 'very upset and disappointed' by the resignation of Jim Gamble, the chief executive of the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (Ceop).

Mr Gamble, a former senior police officer, resigned on Monday over plans to merge Ceop into a National Crime Agency.

CEOP forgotten?

Betrayal: The parents of Madeleine McCann (left) and Sarah Payne have expressed their anger over the resignation of Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre chief executive Jim Gamble over plans to merge CEOP into a National Crime Agency. The claim the plans will put children at risk

He said the move was not in the best interests of children and young people.
Sara Payne, the mother of murdered eight-year-old Sarah, went further, accusing ministers of 'betrayal'.

Mr and Mrs McCann said it was 'extremely saddening' that Mr Gamble thought he had to quit.

They said in a statement: 'We are certain that he will be a huge loss to the field of child protection.

CEOP endorsed?

'Knowing how committed Mr Gamble is to this cause, it is extremely saddening that he feels unable to continue to lead Ceop, apparently as a consequence of the proposed Governmental changes.

'The search for our daughter Madeleine has been greatly enhanced by the work carried out by the team at Ceop.

CEOP approved?

'We would like to thank Mr Gamble for all of his efforts, both for Madeleine and for all missing and exploited children.

'In this challenging economic climate, we urge the Government to remember the value of our children and the importance of the invaluable work which is necessary to protect them against the devastating crimes of child abduction and exploitation.'

CEOP defending an official suspect?

Home Secretary Theresa May has pledged her support for efforts to protect children, but said in a statement that the country did not need a 'new quango'.

Mrs May said: 'The government recognises the importance of child protection and wants to build upon the work of CEOP, but does not necessarily feel this is best done by creating a new quango.'

A Home Office spokesman added that child protection would always be an 'absolute priority' for the Government.

CEOP promoting PR stunts?

He said there were 'no plans' to undermine the work of CEOP or 'threaten its vital and important work'.

'We propose to build on CEOP’s invaluable work tackling sexual exploitation of children by placing it centre stage in the fight against all forms of serious and organised crime,' he said.

'We are determined that plans for the National Crime Agency will enhance all our capabilities and discussions are ongoing about how that will be done.

'CEOP already delivers excellent work as part of the Serious Organised Crime Agency and the Government is clear this work must continue.'

But victims groups and children's representatives attacked the proposals.

CEOP whitewashing?

Well respected: Jim Gamble was previously head of the Northern Ireland anti-terrorist intelligence unit and deputy director of the National Crime Squad

Mrs Payne, whose daughter was abducted and murdered by paedophile Roy Whiting in 2000 said Mr Gamble's departure was a 'devastating blow' for child protection.

In a joint statement with Shy Keenan and Fiona Crook - who jointly set up the campaign group The Phoenix Foundation - she said: 'We cannot begin to describe how disgusted we are with our own Government for betraying him and for betraying all of our children.

'This cannot be allowed to happen, we must stand up and fight, we must do what is right for the protection of our children against the crimes of paedophiles.'

CEOP for all the children?

Ceop, which was set up in 2006, was responsible for tracking paedophiles online and bringing them to court.

It is currently affiliated to the Serious Organised Crime Agency (Soca). But under Home Office proposals, the agency will become part of a larger National Crime Agency in 2013.

CEOP sanctioned?

A Ceop spokesman said it was not in 'the best interests of children and young people for Ceop to be assimilated into the National Crime Agency, as was announced a short while ago'.

He added: 'This direction of travel does not seem to have changed and Ceop's chief executive, Jim Gamble, has therefore offered his resignation to the Home Secretary with a four-month notice period.'

Mr Gamble was previously head of the Northern Ireland anti-terrorist intelligence unit in Belfast and deputy director of the National Crime Squad.

He was involved in a public row with Facebook earlier this year after the site initially refused to install an anti-paedophile 'panic button' on its site, before the site finally bowed to public pressure.

The application has been downloaded tens of thousands of times since it was launched in July.

CEOP bad mouthing the work of the Portuguese authorities?

to 'look again' at the need for an independent child protection agency. [sic have no idea why the reporter forgot to add the beginning of the sentence, must be a Daily Mail thing]

She said: 'I am concerned that placing CEOP permanently within a larger law enforcement agency would not allow it to prioritise children and could lead to an imbalance in its approach by placing a disproportionate emphasis on criminal justice outcomes.

'The safety of our children is paramount. I therefore urge the Government to look again at the need for a unique and independent child protection organisation.'

in Dacre's Daily Mail

What about her right to Justice CEOP?


  1. I wish someone would have the guts to tell the McCanns to their faces, that they aren't qualified to speak about this issue. They should also be reminded that they are the ones who are 100% responsible, for whatever happened to Madeleine and whatever suffering she endured on her way to God knows where.

  2. What made the McCanns think that the world was just waiting for a statement from them? Two proven liars issue a statement on a subject about which they know absolutely nothing. About as useful as a statement from the Mafia about how best to tackle drug abuse.

  3. Now I understand why Kate was looking so sad inside of that plane, on her way to Luz.
    Who knows she invited Father Hubbert to replace Gamble.
    And she will look happy again!

  4. In a sad kind of way, you've got to admire the McCanns' sheer brass neck! After what they've done and continue to do, who are they to publicly "mourn" Jim Gamble's resignation? The Daily Mail have now picked up the story.

    I suppose we'll read the Sun's version courtesy of Lazzeri at some point in the not-so-distant future. Hopefully, this circus will come to an end soon!

    PS: After several months, I've finally reset my google account so that I can resume posting under my name :D

  5. Extract from Anorak - excellent point (read here the full post):

    «And her come the McCanns and Our Maddie, that benchmark of all missing children. The parents issue a statement:

    “We are certain that he will be a huge loss to the field of child protection. Knowing how committed Mr Gamble is to this cause, it is extremely saddening that he feels unable to continue to lead Ceop, apparently as a consequence of the proposed Governmental changes.”

    Yes. But is it sad for all missing children or just for Mr Gamble? But that comments is overshadowed by this:

    “In this challenging economic climate, we urge the Government to remember the value of our children and the importance of the invaluable work which is necessary to protect them against the devastating crimes of child abduction and exploitation.”

    David Cameron’s son died. Does he need reminding of “the value of our children”?

    The search for innocent Madeleine McCann should not end. But the McCanns taking centre stage to talk for children, parents and guardians is odd.

    At worst, it smacks of opportunism. It does keep their missing daughter in the news – and do we ever want to know what happened to her – but are the McCanns really the spokespeople for all the missing and the potential missing?

    Do these kind of comments make us care less for them and so less likely to support them and give money to their search?

    Pain has given way to politics. (...)»

    I just want to add that Madeleine's criminal investigation case was always hindered by political agendas, money-grabbing opportunists of all walks of life: from dodgy detectives, to lying journalists and racist hacks, to unscrupulous media editors, not forgetting the lawyers and PRs; by all the back-scratching institutions and/or parasite leeching individuals that saw fit to latch on a absurd media-hyped "missing child" case - and here I use inverted comas on purpose; and by those who have unforgivably profited from turning a child's eye and face into a commercial asset.

  6. I'm back
    A lot changed this week.
    Is there more behind Jim Gamble's decision?
    We have been told the official explanation but could that be the only reason?

  7. Welcome back Shubob, it's great to read and 'see' you again! beijinhos (kisses) :)

    To all a good night, boa noite, feel free to send in your comments - I'll only be able to read them tomorrow though.

  8. Thanks Joana :-*

    A point I immediately noticed in the McCanns' press statement- they don't appear to be sure of Gamble's true reason for quitting:

    "Knowing how committed Mr Gamble is to this cause, it is extremely saddening that he feels unable to continue to lead Ceop, *apparently* as a consequence of the proposed Governmental changes."


    I smell a dirty rat and I'm not referring to Clarence Mitchell ;))

  9. What a horrible story. I did not know David Cameron had lost a son.
    It seems Gordon Brown lost a baby as well.
    I wonder how Cameron looks at the Madeleine case and how he judges the McCanns'behaviour.

    He must have a lot of intuition about it.

  10. Kate and Gerry McCann 'very upset' at Loosing Their Protector just before I go, I totally agree with you dear H. on every word, beijinhos from this side of the Ocean

  11. I still wonder if Kate's trip to Luz has anything to do with Jim Gamble

    The McCanns must have known of his resignation much before it leaked to the media.

  12. I think to the McCanns the "value of our children" is a disproportionate thing. In Madeleine's case, she is apparently worth at least 3 million being the amount of money her parents have managed to raise by showing us the photos of her with the best hair and makeup job they could manage regardless of whether that image was anything like her age or appearance at the time she disappeared, marketing is key.

    Then there are the missing children whose parents are to have their benefits cut, of no value at all, no logos, no PR, no dodgy detectives, no lawyers, just gone and worthless.

    Who are this self righteous couple to tell us about the value of children? They did not even value their children as much as I value my mobile phone and credit cards. They did not even want to spend as much time with their children as I want to spend with my pet parrot or the plants in my garden or the fish in my pond.

    I am not surprised this pious couple decided to jump on the Gamble bandwagon, but that does not stop it from really making me sick.

    I cannot think of a worse example of a couple who should be lecturing us about the "value" of children given the millions they have frittered on just one whose whereabouts they have always been clear of. This demonstrates just how much they "value" children.

    Did the dumping stop after Madeleine went? Were they fearful and clingy with the twins? Well no, they were dumped in the creche day in day out from the very next morning and then dumped with relatives whilst the McCanns jetted around on a private jet. At least that form of transport is no longer on offer to them! So well done to Sir Philip Green, Richard Branson and all the others Gerry would like to be tapping up a bit further.

  13. Would there have been so much fuss if Jim Gamble had got the job as Chief Constable in N Ireland?
    He wasn't too worried about CEOP when he applied for and was beaten to the post by Matt Baggott........
    Money, money, money.

  14. @ viv

    I'm afraid that no matter how hard we try, we will not be able to save these people from eventually destroying themselves. They're now obviously hellbent on including the present government in their list of others to blame. More than a slight misjudgement. I imagine the meeting with the Right Honourable Theresa May didn't do much to enhance her impression of Gamble or the McCanns, but they really shouldn't be making it so obvious.

  15. Breaking News [Sky's style] Daily Mirror is allowing comments!!!!

    Madeleine McCann's parents in blast over police cuts

    «Madeleine vanished in a Portuguese holiday resort in May 2007, aged nearly four.»

  16. I wonder if the Pope will also dismis himself of his job.
    Everybody who ever had any contact with the McCanns loses everything.

  17. Thank you Joana for your latest contribution - it does seem to be as though the McCanns are trying to control everything, even down to what policies the government of the day have. Wonder why they should think they are "all powerful".

    Is this Gerry's EGO we are witnessing ?

  18. virginia@10.38

    Sadly the Pope is only allowed to leave his position as Emissary of God when he dies.

    Have to ask Gerry about that though, maybe he's got other things he wants him to do.

  19. With tongue in cheek I'd like to suggest that maybe Jim Gamble's departure will make room for the McCanns to take over and head the new set up. They obviously imagine they could do it with their eyes closed. After all, Gerry was given a standing ovation for his parenting skills in 2003, as well as making such a good job of keeping the children safe in Portugal by only losing one out of three! Also their expertise in choosing the right people for the job of finding missing children knows no bounds!!

  20. nancy@1815

    Yes - credit where credits due!

    It's always best to have the most experienced person in the right job and he (Gerry) is certainly experienced in this department.

  21. The McCanns are priceless, it is an insult to hear them talking about protection of children. They left theirs alone to fend for themselves, so what right have they to offer such opinions. Whatever has happened to Maddie, if they had not left her alone in an unlocked apartment she would still be with us. Such good examples are the McCanns, I dont think

  22. Child Protection McCann Style.... How they Gambled with their children’s lives.....

    'In this challenging economic climate, we urge the Government to remember the value of our children and the importance of the invaluable work which is necessary to protect them against the devastating crimes of child abduction and exploitation.'
    McCann’s October 2010

    CHILD ABUSE AND NEGLECT screams out at me whenever I hear the names Kate and Gerry ‘McCann!’

    I don’t firstly think child abduction/missing children – CHILD ABUSE AND NEGLECT by the parents my first thoughts!

    It was their abuse of their children’s rights to be cared for and protected which led to the disappearance of their daughter 3 year old Madeleine. Make no mistake on that count! For five consecutive nights the McCann children were left alone in a dark unlocked apartment.


  23. The McCann’s did not protect their children, not by a long shot. They did not put in place any child care take any reasonable or responsible measures to ensure the safety of their children. Their actions they have stated on televised interview were ‘thought out and planned.’ Particularly so on the night Madeleine disappeared.

    They stated that on this day, they discussed and made the decision to –‘take better care of their children!’ In so doing they in effect acknowledged that they had not been taking proper care of their children.

    They made this pledge based on having been told by their three year old daughter that she and her two year old brother had been awake the previous evening, crying, alone and afraid in the dark apartment that was their holiday home, crying because mummy and daddy did not answer their calls, crying for mummy and daddy to come and comfort them. Mummy and daddy did not hear their children’s cries, as mummy and daddy were too far away, out dining with friends as was the norm on this holiday.

    Their carefully thought out plan for that fateful night, the plan which in the minds of Kate and Gerry McCann would offer their children proper care and protection, ensure their safety, something which by that late stage in the holiday had not been afforded these children?


  24. The Plan:

    1. To leave their three children in the dark apartment alone
    once again!

    2. To leave the sliding patio doors unlocked (to allow they say their three year old to exit the apartment in the dead of night, to go out into the street and search for her parents – and allow anyone who cared to – access to their three sleeping children)

    3. To check on their children more regularly. They would now check half hourly as opposed to the longer period of time between checks of previous evenings. Perhaps hourly or longer intervals on previous evenings?

    4. They would not do visual checks of their children. They would not go into the children’s bedroom to see all was well, to make sure they were tucked in properly, or to see if they were still there. They would restrict their checks to ‘listening only’ from the patio door. If no sound, they would assume all was well. If no sound, it was read as all being well and they would return to the bar to the company of their friends.

    Now that’s a plan!



  25. What type of parents PLAN such a terrifying night (or FIVE) for their babies?
    What type of parents, are able to, not only sit down, and think up such a TERRIFYING PLAN for their three babies, but carry it through then state:
    “We urge the Government to remember the value of our children?”
    Bear in mind also, Gerry McCann noticed on his check that the bedroom door was more open than when he had first left the apartment that night, he knew too that none of his three children had opened the door, he was sure as the twins were in cots and could not get out of them, and Madeleine was sleeping in the EXACT position where he had LEFT her?
    Knowing someone had been in his apartment with his three babies, he about turned and headed back to the bar to re-join his friends leaving his children in a more terrifying position than previously!
    Did he not remember or recognise the value of his children that night, or any night on that holiday?

    The McCann’s in light of Gamble of CEOP’s resignation and the re-structuring of this department ask of our Government to recognise:

    ‘the invaluable work which is necessary to protect them against the devastating crimes of child abduction and exploitation’



  26. One could ask of the McCann’s and those like them, who fail their children, who fail to protect them, who fail to recognise the value of human life, the life of those they brought into this world, but it would be pointless, fall on deaf ears. The McCann’s afterall CHOSE to treat their children in the way they did. They PLANNED it!

    It was not some kind of “mistake” they did not wander out the door one night and forgot that they had left three babies inside. It was a conscious decision. They sat down, discussed it and planned for that evening. So no mistake! Just as all of their actions since have been planned by Clarence Mitchell, they KNEW what they were doing when they left the children alone.

    I believe too, they know exactly what happened to Madeleine! If they do not, they would have had no cause to lie at any stage – they have, and they are still it would seem, living the lie!

    Child Alert Systems, Child Protection Agencies therefore don’t spring to mind when I hear the name McCann. I don’t associate them at all with the good works of these groups. It is the McCann’s who attach themselves to good people, in the hope that they will be seen to be other than what they are- the parents of three children whom they neglected, resulting in the disappearance of their daughter Madeleine. They planned this terrifying evening for their children which could only end in tragedy of one kind or another.

  27. ‘Doing a Cantona’ -

    From the world of sport, Beckham, Rooney and other ‘bad boys’ of football have lent their names to this expression– for their irresponsible behaviour on and off the field. So too have Kate and Gerry McCann for their irresponsible behaviour in failing to protect their children, neglecting them and placing them in unnecessary danger.

    ‘Doing a McCann’ an expression one now hears in reference to abused, neglected children... sadly rather too often, sadly true! An expression reserved not only for the 'McCann's' but others of their ilk - the parents of Shannon Matthew to name but one!

    When I think of Madeleine, I do not think of a child, abducted in the night, but of a child neglected and failed by her parents, left alone in the night.

    When I think of the McCann's, I do not think of parents in pain, suffering the loss of their daughter, I think of parents who did not give a second thought to the welfare of their children whilst in Portugal, selfish parents who mourn the loss of the life they once had. I don't see parents mourning the loss of a child.

    There are many parents of missing children who most definitely are deserving of our compassion and sympathy, who do not deserve to be lumped with the McCann’s and their ilk. Their children missing, through no fault of their own.

    I wonder too how much our - ‘challenging economic climate’ is affecting the McCann Fund, how much is it affecting Kate, Gerry and Co the directors, will the Fund ‘belt’ have to be tightened, will it affect the number of future trips to Portugal by Kate to meet with friends, and more importantly is it only a matter of time before we hear fromTeam McCann that our ‘challenging economic climate’
    it is now affecting the SEARCH for Madeleine? What search..?



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