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Tracey Kandohla, when will you learnohla? Never...?

When will people wake up and realise that there is an entire industry being built on the emotive issue of 'child protection? An industry that is in it for money and control- NOT child protection and promotion of the health of children. (anonymous XXI)

Tracey Kandohla who used to work on a Murdoch's Tabloid [The Scum] (what a surprise, not!) bylined the (bellow my comment) McCann PR spoon-fed piece in huge capital letters 'MADELEINE MCCANN HUNT: 'NEW TEAM, NEW IDEAS, NEW HOPE' - Hu?! What?! Come again?! Another Método 3 version, this time worst because they're hiring 'mercenaries' that were allegedly involved in dodgy situations?

One has to wonder if one of the conditions for the out-of-court settlement deal made with the McCann couple and their Tapas friends via Carter Ruck included that anything McCann related-to-surface was to be 'written' by the worst hacks working at the Express Group: James Murray and Tracey Kandohla - a former The Scum freelance churnalist.

So here we go again, another nauseating McCann non-news Sunday Express story, which totally fails to address the facts that many of us have already observed for the last 3 years - that the McCanns whilst they have spend a great deal of care when choosing and hiring lawyers, numerous PRs for themselves; they had no care whatsoever when choosing their daughter's rent-a-cops, rent-a-opinion-alleged-criminologists, rent-a-'mercenaries', rent-a-psychic lawyers and rent-a-industrial spys faking to be MI5's - which in fact, begs another set of questions relating to the Limited Company "Fund" and their biggest backer till now - Brian Kennedy - the (less) rich billionaire (yeah, Madoff affected him as much as the LTD fund did... unless a Cayman akin off shore was his other 'horse' bet). BK the same man who had conversations of a private money related nature with scape-Murat-goat, and several other witnesses [ - all in the Maddie case files].

But BK is something and someone that I will not address right now, unlike some conspirational failed intelligentsia wannabe loonies who create misinformation based on google name researches that amount to zilch - the sargeants dot net to be exact - I do prefer to have the facts and documents in my hand before trying to prove or disprove anything . Oh, and to the guy(s) who writes that site - allegedly to enlighten others, without any help  or without being paid by the usual 'suspects' - get a grip you astroturfer man, you're loosing it! Actually, you've lost it a long time ago....and the Mirror Forum was still open then. Moving on...

Non-news Article published at Express Sunday Group, on 10 Oct. 2010 00:11:44 GMT according to the response headers

Sunday October 10,2010
By Tracey Kandohla

A CRACK team of British ex- police officers who have joined the search for Madeleine McCann are giving her parents fresh hope.

Kate and Gerry McCann are convinced three new investigators will help solve their daughter’s disappearance and she told a friend yesterday: A new team, new ideas and new hope!”

The three, paid by the Find Maddie Fund, are now in the Portuguese capital Lisbon. - seriously, once and for all I ask, no, I demand  as a Portuguese Citizen someone to prohibit this dangerous people of  being, coming, staying in Portugal with purposes that are most likely to be of a similar nature like harassing innocent citizens, intimidating witness, and here I ask for the SIS, MAI and the diplomatic personnel to check their 'mercenary backgrounds' with any reliable intelligence source - is that okay? Or do we need to see another Portuguese family being threatened? A dog killed? A burnt car? Abuse of power threatening emails?

Kate has made a return trip to the resort where her daughter, now seven years old, was snatched nearly three-and-a-half years ago. - Snatched? Evidence for the 'snatching'?! - none, whatsoever.

She visited friends in Praia da Luz and went alone to the Catholic Church and wept as she prayed. - We no longer wonder why....

A family source said: “Kate has been given fresh hope by her visit to ‘Luz’ and by the fact three new highly regarded investigators are injecting new impetus into the search for Madeleine. She didn’t meet the investigators but stayed with the local Anglican priest Father Haynes Hubbard and his wife Susan, who have become very close friends. - I hope these two are under some kind of surveillance.

“Kate went out alone to have a break and, of course, to pray for Madeleine.” - reza imaginária: “Nossa Senhorrâ de Phátima aki na Lux, fax com ke a pound continuê  a entrrar no fundo que não hé fund, que a justissa das sardines portuguesa funcione com os lobbies politicosh habituais, que nósh bifes ao contrrrário de qualquerr cidadon porrtugues nuca sejamos accusados do nosso crrime de negligen-cia pun-ivhel por sardine-law, porrrque somos brritanicos e doutorres, e porrrque eu até sou lourra e brranca ao contrrrário destes terrceirrros mundishtax - Ah, e quanto àg Maggie----errrr-- uhm--- you know... woosh...---- no stone unturned and all that mantra - amen? Donate to the limited company please so we can find our lovely trade mark, err.. beautiful daughter! Oh, a UK paparazzi, what a surprise - let me put the sad face on!”

Family doctor Kate, 42, spent last weekend in Luz while relatives looked [no comments] after her twins Sean and Amelia, five.

She is believed to have taken a look at the Mark Warner flat from where Madeleine vanished in May 2007. Infamous Apartment 5a remains empty with its windows boarded up and gates padlocked.

Chief investigator David Edgar [the rent-a-cop that stated: Maddie is 10Km from Praia da Luz being held in a 'hellish lair' and did nothing!] has boosted his team with three former policemen: Nigel Brown [- the guy allegedly 'involved' [as in entangled] in the dodgy murder of a British Citizen, pictured above, right, holding the ridiculous statuette], who was named Investigator Of The Year after securing the rescue of a kidnapped oil company executive, Dave Carter, who worked in Northern Ireland, and Ray Cooper, who investigated war crimes in Bosnia - [mercenaries?]

The McCann source said: They are in Portugal on a semi-permanent basis”. <- MAI, SIS, MNE? Que merda é esta?

“When new leads come in they are there to chase them up. They are an ideal addition to the team and, in Gerry’s words, have vowed to leave no stone unturned. - like when you never searched for your daughter in the first 48 hours?

“Kate is upbeat because she is convinced they will have new ideas and methods of working, which gives her new hope.” - do try to refrain from spinning more police case files in a distorted manner, thank you.

Last week, the McCanns were said to be “very upset and annoyed” that Jim [panic button] Gamble, chief executive of the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre, has quit over a merger with the proposed national crime agency.

Kate and Gerry said: “He will be a huge loss to child protection…it is extremely saddening.” - We do know how saddening it was for Jim 'Button' Gamble to use children photos to allure and entice 'paedos' into a trap with total disregard of said children privacy RIGHTS , children that are adults nowadays. 

The McCanns talking about child protection... pffff....


  1. Daily Express - "She didn’t meet the investigators but stayed with the local Anglican priest Father Haynes Hubbard and his wife Susan, who have become very close friends."

    From RTP's Telejornal, Sept. 12 2007

    RTP: Father Hubbard speaks to the press


    "Madeleine's not in the church", Father Hubbard insisted

    Daily Express - She visited friends in Praia da Luz and went ALONE to the Catholic Church and wept as she prayed.

    If Madeleine is not in the church as Father Hubbard insists in the video why does Kate McCann STILL feel strangely emotionally/spiritually drawn to pray there three-and-a-half years AFTER Madeleine's alleged abduction from the vicinity of Praia da Luz?

    As unbelievable as it may seem, I am beginning to have serious doubts whether Madeleine McCann ever left the vicinity of Praia da Luz, at all, three-and-a-half years ago.

  2. Right now, I'm thinking Geography isn't the strong suit of this latest 'crack team' of PIs?

    Dave 'Copperfailed' Edgar thinks he can pull Maddie out of a lair within a 10 kilometre radius of Praia da Luz; meanwhile, this latest trio to join 'The Hunt' seem to think she's several hundred kilometres away in Lisbon.

    Or, is this story the usual Sunday p*** & wind appeal to pull more money into the McCann findapatsy fund?

  3. The consolation is that: another team will be coming after this one with 'new ideas, new hope' and a new wallet to pick as much money as they can from the infamous Fund. No stone( sorry, no pound) will be left unturned and that will be 'on' and 'on' and 'on' for the rest of Mccann's life.
    Madeleine is dead and Kate just run to PDL because she knows that and she knows that the majority of the public did not buy their fantasist abduction and still attentive, waiting for the day that one mouth, tired by their pressures will finally open to breath some freedom, release the anguish and tell the truth. Mouths are not good in keeping secrets, even when money runs inside them. they become perverted and want more, more, always more money. No any Fund will be enough to feed that mouths forever. And the honest public, less and less buy stupid ribbons. good cotton t shirts exposing the face of a real girl in the worst sketch cartoon of our generation (we prefer the lovely B. Simpson).
    The Fund is running out of money and the VIP already understand that sticking their image on Madeleine saga was not anymore an opportunity to shine in stars world. They will end up more decadent then what they already are. Mccann's at moment and in the future are good to burn and destroy whatever gets close to them.
    Kate, your time is coming and your good friends( he!he! are they really close friends?) know it. The mouths of the Hubbards need to remain closed, is that what made you spent your golden money to go to PDL when you don't spent a minute outside looking for your daughter when she disappeared? You are really an amazing mum....

    Thanks Joana for letting Anon. to post again.

  4. A good article at Mccannfiles about a guy who sold all his belongs in UK, around May 2007 to go to PDL and search Madeleine. He meet Gerry Mccann, went to PDL to search Madeleine early, when she disappeared and died in mysterious circumstances with his autopsy showing a high level of alcohol and morphine on his body.
    Apparently the man came back to UK with his life totally destroyed. What went wrong? who destroy him? Perhaps Gerry know some answers to solve another mysterious death.

  5. The Mcs have no choice with who they employ, no genuine investigator would take on their case. The outcome is far too predictable for an honest investigator to gamble (no pun intended)his reputation. Hiring this new team is yet more proof they don't want their daughter 'found' but have to appear to be doing something and they need a reason to ask for funds to replenish the pot. These new guys haven't got a reputation to consider and can make a fast buck whilst having a vacation in Lisbon.

    Only a body could be found and that would be a whole new McCann Show. Imagine it! Looking for an 'abductor' would turn into looking for a murderer. That would be a very dodgy game for them to play but it would be fascinating hearing the script and a new barrage of sightings, theories and excuses. I wonder if K would answer 48 questions to help find a murderer if asked?

  6. will be veryyyyy interesting what this crack team of new pi,s come up with this time,if they are any good and they should after all the mccanns dont hire just any one,do they, the mccanns and the tapas pals will be in jail in no time.

  7. One thing I know, there is already a country in the world which will be out of Maddie sights or potential abductors- New-Zealand. Kate and Gerry already learn a lesson from the parents and the police of that country, they don't like to be involved on Mccann's dirty game and will leave no stone unturned if again they try to connect Madeleine with New-Zealand. I hope many countries follow the same steps, until Mccann's remain only with PDL and Rothley. That two places hold the most important clues to find the body and what happened to the little girl.

  8. The three, paid by the Find Maddie Fund, are now in the Portuguese capital Lisbon.

    The McCann source said: “They are in Portugal on a semi-permanent basis”.

    When new leads come in they are there to chase them up.


    Is this a Mc PR propaganda article? Are the Express propagating to the UK public, a treat them like mushrooms in the dark being fed sh ! te article! If not? Which, I as a reader seriously doubt! Have the McCanns and their new crack team been given permission by the Portuguese authorities to be in Portugal doing any of the above? If any of the above is carried out by the people above without permission. Is that a crime? A crime committed by the employers and the employees! I thought private detectives were illegal in Portugal. Am I wrong?


  9. If Kate was ALONE in the church, how does the writer know she prayed and cried?

  10. What happened to the second "investigator" who worked with Edgar, did he leave the team? Doesn't Cameron know the valour of a child, I learned he loose one?

  11. Anon 10 Very good question.

    Tracey Kandohla must be a clairvoyant.

  12. Tracey Kandohla, author of this ‘article‘, lives in Rothley -- perhaps she and KM met up and penned it together over a nice cup of coffee. So much for British journalism.

    We are told KM went to PDL alone. Kandohla says KM didn’t even speak to the new ‘crack team’ who have given her ‘hope’ -- the same ones she denied travelling with last weekend (rumbled by the Portugal News). But, as we know, KM has never liked co-operating with investigators even if her failure to do so hindered the investigation into her daughter’s disappearance. It’s bizarre that Team McCann expected a higher degree of honesty & moral standards from a convicted paedophile, Raymond Hewlett, than they did from Madeleine’s mother -- ‘If he’s got nothing to hide he’ll co-operate and answer the questions’, said Clarence Mitchell about Hewlett -- oh, the irony.

    Why are the PI team in Lisbon anyway? Are there stones left unturned in Lisbon regarding the search for Madeleine -- I thought she was in a hellish lair around PDL -- or are those unturned stones more to do with lawyers, Amaral and the various up-coming trials? It was reported last week that the twins were left in the care of their dad but this article informs us it was ‘relatives’. Maybe Kate McCann left her husband in the care of their new PI’s in Lisbon whilst she travelled alone to PDL to ‘pray’ for PR?

    This case has trashed the reputation of all private detectives everywhere -- they are now, collectively, just a laughing stock due to the farcical antics of those hired by Team McCann. People who have little interest in this case now laugh out loud when they hear of the latest selection of McCann ‘investigators‘ ‘crack teams’ and ‘big boys’. And, we can safely assume that any new ideas these new detectives have, will not include a thorough questioning of the Tapas 9 -- they really should be known as collaborators rather than investigators.

  13. I expect Kate SAID she cried, and we all know that we are supposed to believe what the McCanns say. No proof is ever needed.

  14. :m Joana...when you referred to Sargeants dot net were you alluding to Alan Sargeant who owns that domain?

    I suspect the guy is on mushrooms! He is based here in England...

    He lives and runs a small home business: Pixel Loom Design, Ltd. in Tickhill, Doncaster, deep in South Yorkshire. Details such as house number, street name, phone, fax and e-mail are listed in WHOIS.

    Just a business plug, no animosity implied...

    Incidentally, I am told there is a wax of him (under "Blackwatch") in Madame Tussauds Rogues' Gallery, right next to Tracey Khandola et al. He looks pretty spaced out!

    :o Oh! dear! I've got the giggles again!

  15. I was under the impression that private investigations are not permited by law in Portugal, but I must be wrong, judging by the blatant lack of action from the portuguese authorities in this case. Scores of british "investigators" parading themselves in Lisbon and the Algarve "on a semi-permanent bases"(!), right under the the MAI(portuguese home office) and the PJ noses, and NO ACTION taken! What a subservient nation we are indeed!
    Quão verdade é o ditado "quanto mais te agachas, mais te põem o pé em cima / quanto mais te baixas, mais se te vê o cú"...

    But...one day, God willing, all will come to the light. Too many people "in the know", it's a tricky business, and..."two can keep a secret, if one of them is dead"...

  16. Joana, how do I get a comment on the blog when the anonymous reject is switched on, how do I register, tried it with Google and my email came on. Not having the Maccann followers getting my email, by the way the anonymous reject is good, why not give a name.
    This Gamble thing has he gone or not, I am confused. (but then that's nothing new. Stll having problems have to go annon

    Mary liverpool

  17. @15 pj tips

    There is nothing in that whois information that I can see that refers to an Alan Sargeant. How did you link that name to that site?

    Pixel Loom Ltd in Tickhill is apparently a web design company, according to this business directory.


    So Paul Harper - the person named - is presumably the owner of the Pixel Loom Company who were possibly tasked with providing a web site for whoever runs the Sargeants blog. Unfortunately Paul Harper can't be that good as he hasn't even created his own www.pixeloom.co.uk though he uses the domain as his email address.

    Nor can he be that good because he doesn't even manage to match the post code to the address.

  18. Thank you Joana for all this information! I am swedish and have followed this circus for some time now. I get more and more chocked over GM and KM statements. I really hope it comes to an end soon. And that The Mccanns,relatives and tapas 7 tell the truth. How can they? Do they have a conscience?

  19. Why is Jim Gamble heading up CEOP for four more months?

    As previously covered on this blog the Chief Executive of CEOP, Mr Jim Gamble, resigned the night before the Home Secretary's speech to her party conference.

    Mr Gamble's supporters (including the parents of Madeleine McCann) have described his loss as an enormous blow to the cause of child protection.

    He has not been giving interviews but has clearly let it be known through his supporters that he has resigned out of principle, because of his opposition to CEOP becoming part of the new National Crime Agency. The timing was political.

    Buried in the announcement of his resignation was confirmation that he will in fact stay on as chief executive for a further four months. Why? Presumably if he thinks the Home Secretary's decision is so disasterous that he felt compelled to resign on the eve of her speech, then he would be leaving straight away.

    I am sure that his pension situation would not have been affected whether he went straight away or stayed on for more four months?

    in Public Bar Wisdom

  20. @Anon 3

    Silence costs an awful lot of money and needs feeding an awful lot to avoid all sorts of "complications".
    This Silent Fund is making a funy scrapping noise...

  21. << She didn't meet the investigators but stayed with the local Anglican priest Father Haynes Hubbard and his wife Susan, who have become very close friends.

    "Kate went out alone to have a break and, of course, to pray for Madeleine.">>

    “A new team, new ideas and new hope!” thats paradise" absolute fun....!!! but hey! sorry guys! says the mccann woman...dont count on me,I" gonna go to pray for me gel...ya know..."

  22. Detectives privados sediados na Europa, legalizados nos seus países de origem só poderão actuar em países onde a profissão é legalizada, e onde as suas actividade não incorrem em crime. E em Portugal, que eu saiba(e não encontro nenhuma lei que me diga o contrário), essa profissão - a de 'detective privado - não faz parte sequer do que é considerado pelo MAI como Segurança privada/Serviços de segurança [ler lei em baixo] e só aparece registada num documento obsoleto de 2006 CAE (Códigos de Actividade Económica): 74600 - Actividades de investigação e de segurança - ou seja, tudo indica que seja uma actividade ilegal - ler este artigo de Maio 2010: Detectives privados vivem à margem da lei.

    MAI - http://www.mai.gov.pt/


    Diploma: Portaria 1085/2009
    Fonte: DR 183, I Série, 2009/09/21
    Entidade emissora: Ministério da Administração Interna
    Data do documento: 2009/09/21

    Sumário: Estabelece os requisitos essenciais para a obtenção de alvará e de licença pelas entidades que requerem autorização para exercer a actividade de segurança privada e publica, em anexo, os modelos e características dos alvarás, licenças e autorizações

    Descritores: MAI / Ministério da Administração Interna / Cartão de identificação / Direcçao Nacional / Empresa de segurança / Pessoal de vigilância / PSP / Segurança privada / Serviços de segurança / Simbolo de identificaçao

    Revoga: Revoga, a partir de 26.09.2009 e com excepção do n.º 7, a Port 786/2004, de 09-Jul, DR.IS-B [160]
    Diplomas relacionados: Nº 2 do art. 2º do Dec Lei 35/2004, de 21-Fev, DR.IS-A [44]

    Observações: Os alvarás e licenças emitidos ao abrigo da Portaria n.º 786/2004, de 9 de Julho, mantêm-se em vigor, sendo substituídos de acordo com os novos modelos em caso de averbamentos.

    texto em PDF

    MAI Relatorio CSP 2007 final em PDF

    Diário da República, 1.ª série — N.º 129 — 7 de Julho de 2009
    Lei Orgânica n.º 1-B/2009, de 7 de Julho
    Política de defesa nacional
    Artigo 5.º
    Objectivos permanentes da política de defesa nacional


  23. I find the choice of specialism these detectives emplyed by the McCanns have very odd, terrorist,negotiator,uncover,irish working background (smacks of merceneries, or friends of GM. Why not hire ex police with the right specialism, such as Murder, child abduction backgrounds, I am sure there are many good detectives available in this field. Or are the Mcs now thinking That Maddie was abducted by terrorists. Better still guys, leave the money in the pot and actually use the PJ and UK police forces, they have a wealth of experience. Will the new enrolled ex cops be asking Kate the answer to those questions that remain unanswered? will they hire TEAM OF SNIFFER DOGS to search the scrubland in PDL. will they inform the PJ of their findings, of course not. The Mcs certainly dont want to much interest. For all we know they are all masonic buddies. GM thinks that by seeing to be searching, they look innocent. Stop pussy footing MCs, get yourself dirtyout there searching for your wee one, i forgot you dont DO searching do you.Publicity, balloons, and starstruck fiestas are more your scene.

    McCann Files had a very interesting article on Jim gamble and his ideas on paedophiles

  24. Gamble staying on top of CEOP for another 4 months...hummm, "cleaning" the house, maybe?...

  25. Joana,
    Thank you for the info in #23.
    It seems that this kind of activities is one of those things that fall in the category of "no man's land", it's neither allowed nor forbidden, every man for himself!

  26. 10, I think the writer meant "all by herself", without friends, relatives, etc.
    Of course there were some more people in the church.
    A church is never completely empty, also to avoid thieves, vandalism, etc.
    (Avoid thieves? Hah, hah, hah!)

  27. :m To jjp at 18

    Good evening there!

    My theory is: Paul Harp is either an alias or a close friend or "partner" (cough) of Alan.

    I explain:

    In principle, in the UKGB, you can register a domain in any name. The host takes your word for it as long as you pay.

    So, aware of that I queried Companies House with the company name and obtained his real name.

    You cannot give a false name to Companies House. You would incur the wrath of Her Majesty Revenues & Customs and probably enjoy a sojourn in Wormwood Scrubs.

    Anyway, this is how I went:

    1) Used a WHOIS at random. In this case:

    2. Entered the domain name. In this case:

    3. Presto! Same data as yours.

    I did read the Paul Harp thing but since I know “blackwatch” as a rogue of sorts, I discarded the “harp” (name of a beer) and checked his company name instead.

    4. I navigated to Companies House:


    and entered: Pixel Loom Designs, Ltd.

    4. BINGO!

    Name & Registered Office:


    S66 2SH
    Company No. 04777098

    5. I was a bit puzzled because the addresses did not match but the fact that they are both in South Yorkshire , suggested I was on the right track. I did think it at first it could be his web designer but, on second thoughts, discarded that.

    My theory was that the address returned by C.H. was perhaps his old address back in 2003 when he first registered the company...why?

    6. I ran a check on the house at the address given in WHOIS (Tickhill).

    I found out for example that the house was bought on 24th March 2005 for £262,500...

    Oops! I pray the McCann's don't read the last byte or they might go after his money! Sorry Alan!

    Remember his company was first registered in Companies House in 2003. Look at the date of incorporation below ...

    Status: Active

    Date of Incorporation: 27/05/2003

    Country of Origin: United Kingdom
    Company Type: Private Limited Company
    Nature of Business (SIC(03)):
    7260 - Other computer related activities
    Accounting Reference Date: 31/05
    Last Accounts Made Up To: 31/05/2009 (TOTAL EXEMPTION SMALL)
    Next Accounts Due: 28/02/2011
    Last Return Made Up To: 27/05/2010
    Next Return Due: 24/06/2011
    Last Members List: 27/05/2010

    So chances are we are dealing with the same Alan Sargeant at different addresses. It does not matter. You can know that for sure by querying Companies House further. Achtung! You have to pay for more info…

    I assumed for the time being that two years after he registered his small business he bought a new house in Tickhill - another South Yorkshire location. I also took into consideration the “nature of his business” (see above).

    Incidentally, I found pixeloom.co.uk was registered by Alan Sargeant as well but with an address at:

    29 Harley Street
    Greater London
    W1G 9QR
    United Kingdom

    Possibly another decoy. I can always pop by Harley Street tomorrow and see for myself...

    Now to lighten up things... here is a rather interesting photo of Alain Sargeant aka “Blackwatch” after ingesting some mushrooms :o


    P.J. Tipps

  28. What are those new privete detectives doing in LISBON?

    Madeleine disappeared in Luz and they are investigating in Lisbon?

    Anyway, Lisbon is closer to Luz than Washington, where Kevin was doing the same investigation.

    I don't believe in their existence.

    And why always two detectives?

  29. Private detectives are illegal in Portugal, but somebody( maybe more then one) is acting as a convenient def(NO EARS AND NO EYES), letting the business and the charade go on.
    Just a small apart that speak volumes: Pinto Monteiro was accused few days ago about perverting the course of justice and supporting illegalities:
    'Pinto Monteiro acusado de denegar justiça'
    'Procurador Geral da república recusou-se a avançar com um processo crime'
    'Um procurador do Tribunal Central e Administrativo do Sul (TCAS) requereu ao presidente do Supremo Tribunal de Justiça que instaure um procedimento criminal contra o Procurador Geral da República, Pinto Monteiro, por alegada denegação da justiça.

    Em causa está, segundo a queixa, a escusa de Pinto Monteiro em dar sequência a um requerimento do queixoso para avançar com um processo-crime contra o vice procurador geral, Mário Gomes Dias, pela alegada prática dos crimes de abuso de poder e de usurpação de funções.

    "Apesar de conhecer a ilegalidade do seu comportamento", o denunciado "não apenas indeferiu a instauração de processo-crime e a entrega do certificado da denúncia, como ameaçou o requerente de tratamento disciplinar", refere o texto da queixa apresentada dia 4 a Noronha do Nascimento pelo procurador geral adjunto do TCAS Carlos Alberto dos Santos Monteiro.

    No seu requerimento ao presidente do Supremo Tribunal de Justiça, o procurador do TCAS pede ainda que Pinto Monteiro e Mário Dias Gomes sejam corresponsabilizados pela prática continuada dos crimes de abuso de poder e de usurpação de funções.

    Aos dois e ainda ao secretário da Procuradoria Geral da República, Carlos José de Sousa Mendes, o queixoso imputa a prática, em co-autoria, de um crime de peculato de uso, por causa do vencimento pago "ilegalmente" que, na tese do denunciante, configuraria desvio dos fundos orçamentados. ( O resto da noticia esta no DN de 11/10/10).

    Mccann's castle begin to fall down.

  30. Dingo baby case re-opens in Australia with new inquest


  31. O invariavel dialogo entre o team de pseudo-detectives e o casalinho empregador, no final de cada prestacao de servicos ( e ja la vai a M3, Halligen e agora o trio encabecado por D. Edgar):

    Pseudo-D:- Caros K e G, apesar de todo o dinheiro que ja gastamos, das testemunhas forjadas que arranjamos e de um estudo exaustivo as listas de criminosos disponiveis nos sites oficiais das diversas policias, nao encontramos nenhum criminoso que aceitasse assumir o crime a troco de algum dinheiro. Infelizmente para nos e para vos, nao existem evidencias de rapto e todas as provas vos colocam a voces na cena do crime. Uma realidade de que comunga a policia oficial. Damos no entanto, por positiva a nossa prestacao de servicos porque pelo menos durante o tempo em que durou, vos ajudamos a entreter o publico e os jornalistas com historias bacocas que venderam papel e vos deixaram ir sobrevivendo na ribalta(do circo acrescento eu) e vos ajudamos a desviar algum dinheiro do Fundo para OFF-SHORES de onde sera perdido o rasto. Prometemos, em nome do dinheiro que recebemos, que nada diremos sobre o que aconteceu a Madeleine e onde ela esta. Partimos para o anonimato e cabe a voces evitarem que os nossos servicos neste ou noutros caso sejam investigados.
    G e K:- Foi muito positiva a vossa prestacao. O mundo inteiro ja sabe que a miuda morreu e que nos estamos envolvidos ("F...U, I'm not here to enjoy myself", foi assim que G comecou a saga na PDL), mas os nossos amigos jornalistas freelancers e os pseudo-jornais para os quais prestam servicos, tambem ganham com esta historia e por isso tal como nos, interessa-lhes perpetuar o circo. Voces ajudaram na fabricacao de historietas que venderam bem. O resto ja sabemos: O Mitchell e os Tapas, tem de ficar de bico calado porque estao tao envolvidos no crime quanto nos. O Gamble tambem se tramou e se quer sobreviver a desgraca, tem de se calar.
    So temos um pequeno problema que e o Socrates quando sair do poder em portugal. Temos trabalhado arduamente nas nossas idas a Lisboa, com visitas a PDL para disfarcar, tentando elucidar os nossos queridos advogados (de escritorios propositadamente ligados ao PSD) para que nao chateiem o Socrates quando sair. Ele tem la ministros desbocados que quando ja nao tiverem nada a perder podem abrir a boca. Ainda bem que nos indicaram advogados do PSD. Como ha a hipotese de ser a forca que se segue, nao temos grande risco desta M... se vir a saber e ter de ser discutida no parlamento.
    A unica chatice e que ninguem compra Tshirts nem bracelets e ja nem os estupidos mais distraidos fazem donativos. Assim sera dificil pagar aos proximos os salarios que voces tiveram. Mas como ha crise e nos ja destruimos a reputacao de todos os detectives privados, vao ter de aceitar qualquer pacote se nao quizerem engrossar o grupo de desempregados.
    Quanto a voces, bico calado. sabem que o crime hoje e maior que o original da PDL e voces estao envolvidos naquilo que o engrossou.

  32. Thanks 24 for pointing out the article on MF: as you say very interesting

  33. Kate McCann in Portugal?

    Kate McCann with her friend Mrs. Hubbard have gone to her Portuguese cupboard - to see if Madeleine is still safely hidden there? Cos that's what friends are for...that's what friends are for..

    So they say, but how would I know..?

  34. to JJP at 18

    Some addenda:

    For a visual of any of the three addresses please go to:

    1. Google maps

    2. Enter any of the given addresses:

    (a) 18, Norsted Crescent, Bramley, Rotherham, South Yorkshire. S66 2SH NB this is the REAL address (Companies House).

    (b) 4, Langdale Close, Tickhill, Doncaster, South Yorkshire DN11 9XB
    NB This is possibly his new address (from 2005).

    (c) 29, Harley Street London W1G 9QR
    NB This is possibly a decoy. Will check that sometime in loco.

    3. Click on the red "pin" of each and choose "street view":

    Nice, hein?

    Let's try the same exercise with www.findmadeleine.com

    Use the same WHO IS facility given in my previous comment.

    1. The first thing you will notice is that the McCann's have chosen the same registrar (TUCOWS) as our friend (their friend?) Alan Sargeant.

    2. The second is that both sites (The McCann's and Allan Sargeant's) are hosted by the same ISP (Internet Service Provider) namely: Fast Hosts LTD.

    3. At the same address in Gloucester.

    :o Small world isn't it?

    You might just as well wonder who registered Find Madeleine.com but instead of an address you get:

    "FINDMADELEINE.COM - Whois Information. Maximum Daily connection limit reached. Lookup refused.

    Oh well. Let's try something else:



    Current Registrar: TUCOWS INC.
    IP Address: (ARIN & RIPE IP search)
    Record Type: Domain Name
    Server Type: IIS 6
    Lock Status: clientTransferProhibited
    WebSite Status: Active

    NOT AVAILABLE. Wonder why?
    Pulteney Street
    Ullapool, Highland IV26 2UP

    Domain name: FINDMADELEINE.COM

    Administrative Contact:
    MacRae, Cameron cameron@infohost.co.uk
    Pulteney Street
    Ullapool, Highland IV26 2UP

    Use Google maps (as described) to get a feel of the place/address.

    Who is this Scot? Cameron MacRae? Let's Google him out...


    "Policeman's son Calum MacRae, 18, is responsible for the campaign's website and distribution network for Madeleine's campaign from the unlikely location of the Loch Broom garage, on a windswept industrial estate on the outskirts of Ullapool, Wester Ross."

    "Madeleine's Aunt, Phil McCann, is a teacher in Ullapool and she contacted us and asked if we could do a website for Madeleine."

    "He (Cameron) said: "I know from speaking to Gerry on the phone that he is 100% innocent. They are definitely not guilty."

    (Quotes courtesy of http://www.mccannfiles.com/id34.html)

    Did I hear you laughing? Some people can tell everything about you by just listening to you voice vibration. You say "Hello!" and they know your life inside out. It is called "clairaudience" - if you believe in that, that is...

    Have a good day!

    P.J. Tipps

  35. # to Anon 29

    They are not two detectives. They are four now. Three new plus the old one. The latest addition is rather interesting. Read Joana's posting through and you will find out why.

    Why are they in Lisbon? I don't know. Are they? They could be following another one of those false tracks or stirring up dust as the real trial approaches (McCann's versus Amaral). In terms of Semiotics what they seem to be saying is:

    It is not that we are guilty or dogs don't lie, it is just that the Portuguese police did not/are not doing their job! Look! We have had to hire our own police - award winning, angus steak munchers bona fide Brits.

    The problem is, the more dust the Macs stir up, the worst it gets.

    People simply start to wonder why after so many years, so may sightings, so many detectives, so many writs, compensations and cash donations, the child has not been found. What does that suggest to you? Well, I know what it suggests to me.

    A celebrity-seeking circus! The truth of a lie.


  36. "The McCanns talking about child protection... pffff...."

    Talking about child protection is one thing. Actually being 'genuinely' concerned about the protection of all innocent children in this world and doing something about it, is quite another I am afraid. :f

    Sex crimes against children take unimaginable forms


    Paedophilia is changing its forms. Increasingly more often children are subjected to sexual violence from their own mothers. A girl ran away from home after her mother beat her and forced to have sex with her two "boyfriends."..........


  37. Mary Liverpool @17 mentions her email address being found out by posting under an account is this possible are THEY able to get our email from posting on here

  38. Mary at 17, and 37 anon. - just create a gmail, hotmail, any free service email account that you can 'trash' later, one that is not your personal account, obviously; or create a personal profile on blogger and set your profile settings to private - however as you can clearly see anonymous comments are back, but in case you do need to comment on another blogger spot based blog that requires registration follow one the above steps.

    And no, no one can trace an anonymous comment since the native blogger comments does not have that capacity unlike other blogging or Site systems like Wordpress, Typepad, Movable Type, Joomla built sites, or other (un)native blogger spot commenting like Disqus, or Intense Debate which actually provide a far better moderating system as well as giving the IP addresses of each commenter - something that I rather not have in this blog.

  39. I don't want to confuse people, I am not really computer savvy, I tried to register with google when the anonymous reject was on the blog, but when the comment went on preview, my email address came on as well. I had to cancel my comment. Joana, my email is already registered, with the blog, but let,s be honest Maccann, lovers read this blog, the last thing we want is them to get any email addresses. that's what I mean. I don't think it's anything to worry about.

  40. Oh my goodness, would normal parents wait three and a half years prior to getting a crack team together to look for their daughter and say this gives them "new hope"?

    How utterly ludicrous:o

  41. Dear Mary just create another email, with google, and place that one instead of your personal one when sending a comment [when and if the need for that arises, at this moment you can post exactly like you're doing i.e. anonymously] - please read more here for further questions http://www.google.com/support/blogger/bin/search.py?ctx=en%3Asearchbox&query=anonymous

  42. # 37

    Ask Joana but I don't think so... unless they had access to her computer (s)... but even then it would mean nothing unless your e-mail account could traced and/or was full of accurate personal details.

    Examples: right name, righ age, right address,etc. e-mails saved in the host full of personal details, etc. any data that could be used to trace you. But why worry? You have not accidentally killed your daughter, have you?

    Your e-mail address would have to be linked to a static IP address...usually given by your ISP.

    For instance... if would find the IP address of my computer it not the same given by my Firewall. It is the IP address of my ISP's server. This is more often than not, the case. Incidentally, there is software out there that enables you to change your IP address at will (i.e. fake it).

    My "researches" above (#28 and #34) refer only to individuals with a domain address Exs. "thesargeants" or "findmadeleine". You could not (I think) find the IP address of Joana or any other blogger. It would give you the IP address location of some server at Blogger.

    A word of advice: Be fair with your comments... avoid wild accusations you cannot substantiate...even those you can are best avoided - look at what is happening to "Big Rock"! (G. Amaral).

    This is as much I can tell you in terms of reassurance. In fact there is a networks' experts in my investigation team (cough). Code-name: "Hacker- Skelter"... but is out and about at the moment tuning into mobile phone conversations... :d

    I trust my comment will help you avoid an overdose of "Aspirin"...

    :k P.J. Tipps

  43. I wonder how the Tapas 7 feel with Kate and Gerry back in the news yet again back in Portugal. Three years ago they probably thought that after the initial rush this would have all died down now and Madeleine would have been long forgotten, but 3 ½ years later mccanns are still there rattling the money tin, asking for donations. Do the tapas group now regret the decision they made that night to lie for their friends to save Kate and Gerry’s reputations, jobs, family and home.
    As crimes go if they hadn’t set up the fund and pleaded for money and just gone away, in time everybody would have forgotten them, but Gerry’s arrogance and greed were too big for him to go quietly. People trusted the Mccanns because they were doctors and middle class, we believed their lies and were fed more lies by the media, shutters jemmied etc but now a completely different picture emerges the true mccaans the couple that would not even spend money on a babysitter but expected the public to dig deep into their pockets whilst never selling any of their own assets, establishing a monetary fund to search for their daughter when they freely admitted themselves that they did not search for her , they created an on line store, trade marking their daughter, auctioning interviews to the highest bidder, employing detectives to report fake sightings and fake suspects , and not co-operating with the proper authorities , cadaver detected only on items handled by Kate. The proper investigators named the mccanns as prime suspects.
    Is the fund paying for this ‘crack new team’ or is it Brian Kennedy or some other backer. If Brian Kennedy was paying Metodo3 £50,000 month what was the fund doing. This ‘fund’ really should be investigated by HM Revenue and Customs I think we would all be surprised at what is coming and going through this ‘fund’.
    The case should be reopened Kate and Gerry are clearly guilty of defrauding the public and being involved in the disappearance of their daughter. It is not too late for any of the Tapas 7 to come forward I do not believe they are all as deeply involved as Jane Tanner and David Payne I recall sometime ago Clarence said the Tapas group had met up in a hotel for talks, he didn’t need to mention this as there is clearly plenty going on that we do not hear about but to make a point of this acted as a warning to other members of the group. Ultimately when the truth finally does come out they should and will all receive lengthy prison sentences for time and money wasted.
    By the way has anyone else noticed that Maddie is an anagram of Im dead .

  44. actually PJ tipps :C you can get the IP addresses of a sender email - mind you we're talking about emails not blogger spot comments - and only if one doesn't use an ip spoofer or proxy - that's how I found a certain guy's ip address and his ISP provider - a guy who thought it was funny to send me a threatening email - http://aruljohn.com/info/howtofindipaddress/

    «from R. Argiz
    to Joana Morais ,
    date 30 December 2009 14:31
    subject Re: Who is behind child abduction?
    mailed-by gmail.com
    Signed by gmail.com

    hide details 30/12/2009

    We weren't about to tell you, but have known all along that you are a supporter of Goncalo Amaral and also protective of sick perverts in the highest government positions of your own country Portugal. You are just as guilty as they are and when the right time comes around, you along with others will become our target. We are not like the McCanns who think they will get justice thru this system controlled by criminals and sick perverts. We will continue exposing the truth and work towards the goal of finding out exactly who abducted Madeleine McCann and the other children. Shame on you and your sick perverted country.»

  45. IP Address
    Host 127.Red-80-38-234.staticIP.rima-tde.net
    Location ES ES, Spain
    City Santa Cruz De Mudela, 54 -
    Organization Telefonica de Espana
    ISP Telefonica de Espana

  46. http://www.robtex.com/dns/127.red-80-38-234.staticip.rima-tde.net.html

    127.red-80-38-234.staticip.rima-tde.net has one IP number (

  47. :g Hi Joana! You are a star! I am always learning new things from you!

    I shall pass this info on to "Hacker-Skelter" but... while he is away eavesdropping in Harley Street, I will go through this info. myself.

    It is rather expensive to run a cutting edge investigation agency like mine (cough). The more I learn/know, the less overheads I have. Much obliged. Muito obrigado.

    So our "hermano" Argiz was caught cold holding on to a static IP address?

    Still that did not take you to his house, did it? Mind you, if you were the police (or head of an investigation agency like mine...cough...) Telefonica de Espana would have given you his address.

    This sounds to me like a Metodo 3/McCann patsy. Very amateurish when dealing with a savvy lady like you.

    No doubt you will agree that it is much easier when you have a domain name - as we saw earlier debunking "Blackwatch" - mind you, with all the bleaching he is probably feeling more like "Greywatch"... :o

    The proxy bit...yes! that's it...mind you, if I am using a Wi-Fi hotspot you will only get the IP address of that particular proxy/server, right? The problem, "Hacker Skelter" tells me, is the MAC address which is specific to each machine... he can change that too. Some software...

    The complicated byte, you must agree, is how to crack someone's e-mail's password and hack it from afar. Hacker-Skelter seems able to do just that. How he does it I do not know, nor is he telling me - one reason I have to keep him on the pay roll... :j

    Anyway, this much he taught me for free. Give no personal details when creating an e-mail account. "Read? Shred!" that's the motto.

    Damn it! It's him at the door! Byyye!

    :k PJ Tipps

  48. 43, I don't think any of us realised "Maddie" is an anagram of "I am dead".
    That impresses me because I believe in this kind of things.
    A fatal name.
    Terrible message to the world, screaming for justice.
    I don't believe in coincidences.

  49. Long ago I thought already that Tapas 7, or at least Tapas 5, were already deeply regretting their statements.
    They sure are
    Everybody recognises their faces, everybody knows they were lying. their names will always be dirty.
    Did the McCanns tell them the whole truth that night or half truth?
    Somebody must have gone to each of their apartments, explaining what happened and how come no other person saw that somebody? It would have attracted the attention of other people in that building.O maybe they called each other and deleted the calls.
    Through a phone you can not plan very well and they were short of time.And nervous.
    It costs a lot of time to inform 7 people and to instruct them what to say and how to behave themselves.
    Who knows some people of the group were told it was an abduction.
    And a few people of the Tapas knew the truth, at the beginning of that evening.
    It is difficult for me to believe the whole group was immediately prepared to cover up a crime comitted by one of them.
    Unless they had been told a completely different story.

  50. Is it possible that the Sunday Express article above is an ironical artical?
    1) why 3 detectives in Lisbon, while the crime was committed in Luz and the McCanns are convinced that the child went to Spain or North Africa?
    2)"A family source said": the Express does not cite names. No Clarrie, etc
    3)snatched... Express and we all know she wasn't
    4) "she did not meet the investigators..." of course not, they don't exist and if they do, they are in Lisbon.
    5)"and, of course, to pray for Madeleine" this sounds funny
    6)"relatives looked after"....where was Gerry?
    7) "to have taken a look at the flat...apartment 5a remains empty
    with its windows boarded up and gates padlocked"...hah, hah ,hah!How could she take a look at?
    8) War crimes in Bosnia? Pathological liers!
    9) "they are ther to chase them up" hah, hah, hah!

  51. 1)My own experience about losing a beloved person is that I avoid to go back to the place where this person died. Hospitals, bedrooms, houses.I hate it.
    But I have no objections to visit his/her grave.
    A grave is a place of peace and the beloved one reached it after he stopped suffering.
    I think this is the reason.
    My friends react the same way.One of my best friends lost a daughter somewhere on the East part of Amsterdam and although she continued living in Amsterdam, she never returned to that place.
    But she still visits her grave every week, somewhere else.
    I suspect Maddie could be in the church and her grave is a place of peace.
    5a is and it will always be hell, with al those terrible memories.

    Did you notice that we never see Father Hubbert anywhere, no photos,etc?

  52. Thank you Joana,here I go Superwoman has nothing on me. Thank you for all your hard work,this blog should not be needed, this case should have been sorted over 3 years ago, but very very sadly a little child still waits for justice. Its the shame of both the UK and Portugal.
    God Bless you in all your work.

    Mary Liverpool UK

  53. The work of Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP)

    1. Jim Gamble, Chief Executive, CEOP

    Jim button gamble is on HoC - read previous post

  54. 43 - if you see the book cover written by Hernâni Carvalho and Luis Maia, titled 'Maddie 129' you'll notice that it's cover makes an allusion to that - so, yes, everyone who has been following the McCann affair knows about the the anagram since circa 2007 http://www.portaldaliteratura.com/livros.php?livro=4214

  55. Speaking of Hernâni Carvalho...hummm, I have noticed that he has been very silent on the Maddie case for a long, long time. More, he stopped commenting in TVI, but has a regular participation in a SIC morning tv show, but, to my knowledge he has not adressed this case there.
    Another "absence"/silence that I've noticed is the one of Dr. Paulo Sargento, what's happened? Have these two gentlemen "jumped ship" on the case and on Mr. Amaral?...

  56. 54 Those gentlemen are not the McCanns - they do not have to repeat the "same mantra" till everyone gets nauseated, right? They have already expressed their opinions sufficiently. And what's more, the McCann case needs to be sorted at the appropriate judicial place, not in the media. Not in the blogs, forums and certainly not solved in/by public opinion.

    Oh, and maybe you should watch SIC in the mornings more often [since you appear to have time for that] - the 'police crime section' is commented by Paulo Pereira Cristovão, Paulo Sargento and Hernâni Carvalho. http://sic.sapo.pt/online/entretenimento/companhia-das-manhas

  57. Another case which is actually homicide.

  58. 53, Joana, I did not know about the anagram, probably because I don't live in Portugal and I did not read the book of Hernani Cavralho and Luis Maia. Can I get it in English?
    Do Mr. Cavralho and Mr. Maia have gotten a own site with comments about Madeleine?

  59. anon.@53/57 there is a site that sell the book in PDF in an English version. I can't say if it is a good translation or not from the Portuguese version nevertheless it's the only online bookshop site that is selling 'Maddie 129' in that language http://www.rcpedicoes.com/ver_Maddie129-%28English-version%29.htm?lang=en - do remember that it was written having in mind the first 129 days of the case.

    One of the journalists, Luís Maia, writes for JN/DN two Portuguese newspapers belonging to the same media group; Hernâni Carvalho writes or used to write for a magazine, and as I wrote above he is appearing now at a Portuguese TV channel, SIC, in morning talk show - don't have any idea if any of them have their own sites or blogs.

    Good luck :) and good night

  60. To Anon 48

    Consider the following scenario:

    Dr. G. McCann arrives for a check-up and he finds his daughter "gone" for good. I don't think there is a fancy word to put this. "Dead" is the word. Accidentally dead to be precise.

    Now, all sorts of red lights start flashing through his mind!

    Aware of the implications and repercussions of such mishap he comes up with an emergency plan...

    Beloved Kate and the twins future are now his main priority.

    Madeleine, he convinces himself, must have been abducted. He desperately wants to believe that. He must think/act fast. Pretty fast.

    So, he sets up the window-open-abduction-scenario (assuming K. is telling the truth) and gets rid of the evidence (if any) - unfortunately more than two hours have now elapsed and the cadaverine odour starts to linger in the apartment. Enough time for a dog to sniff it out...

    The odd byte is that the odour lingers not just inside but outside the apartment, almost under that window and later, perhaps much later, in the car. Why?

    I don't know and there is no point in asking the McCann's. They do not answer such provocative questions.

    Could Gerry have buried Madeleine there? Unlikely. Too exposed, to near, too risky.

    Could her body have been removed through the window and a drop of blood, saliva, piece of hair, whatever left behind as a scent, a marker? Mmm, That much is possible, yes.

    :k P.J. Tipps

    Continues... (1/2)

  61. (Part 2)

    So, Dr. Kate needs not have known straight-away about her daughter's demise, even if we assume it was her who gave the "Calpol" to her in the first place... :b

    She was briefed by her husband later. She must have been or else how would you explain the scent of human cadaverine on her clothes?

    Incidentally, the scent of death does not appear in any of Gerry clothes but then remember he made that trip to the UK. He could have disposed of any scent/DNA links...but enough of speculation...

    The point I am making here, is that none of the McCann's friends needed have known about what really happened.

    So, what are the false/contradictory witness statements telling us?

    You could put the discrepancies down to the effects of the wine (time distortion) and, in Ms. Tanner's case, a desire to help; to provide an alibi for what she might have perceived as the minor pecadillo of leaving children unattended (with unfortunate consequences).

    Unfortunately Ms. Tanner, goes a bit to far when she positively identifies Mr. Murat as the "Egg Man". How far we must wait for the jury's decision in the forthcoming Murat's vs.Tanner case (...)

    Incidentally, I have once crawled home under the effect of alcohol and never saw any one who wasn't there. I did miss the trunk of a tree that WAS there... :b

    Incidentally, the scenario provided by my distinguished ex-colleague Dr. G. Amaral, is just as plausible if we discard the inconclusive DNA forensics.

    The other non-McCannian possibility, would have been for the child to wander off into the night (through an open door) and been picked up by some weirdo - there might have been a few odd characters working in a nearby roads at the time. A motley crowd of Russians, Africans and other rogue characters - :c for all I know Alan Sargeant aka "Blackwatch" could have been there, but let us not over-generalize like he does... :o

    The problem with this "wandering off" theory is that it fails to explain the dogs reaction to the cadaverine odour in the apartment, in the clothes AND in the car. And remember these dogs have a perfect record. They are canine super-Sherlocks. Dog's don't lie.

    Just before I go...

    In spite of McCanns' injunction to repress freedom of expression and opinion in Portugal - a move not seen there since the sinister days of Salazar's political police - the infamous P.I.D.E. (think: Gestapo) Dr. Amaral's forbidden book remains freely available on the Internet...

    Long live the People's Virtual Republic of the Earth!

    :k P.J. Tipps


    The above are statements of probability. The author personal passing opinions. I make no allegations. If in doubt consult your legal adviser.

  62. Thanks for the link Anon @57.
    A very sad case to say the least.
    What has Gerry ("ask the the dogs") mc cann got to say about that?

  63. Joana, my comment in #54 was not meant in a malicious way, I just feel it is strange, that's all. It has happened many times before, that whenever a new development,or new "stunt" from the McCanns or from Mitchell, etc., was announced, H. Carvalho and sometimes P. Sargento would come to TVI and comment on it, and that has not happened lately. Not to repeat their points of view on the case, but to comment on specific this new event or action from the people connected to the case. They did it on several occasions before, but not on so many that have been coming to the light recently, many well worth commenting upon have been ignored, hence my surprise. Don't you think that, for instance, the illegal presence and work of the so-called british private "crack" team of expert investigators in Portugal is worth commenting and questioning on the tv show those gentlemen are part of? I do, and am very surprised that they do not! I cannot help myself from wondering if they got tired of the subject or feel it's not in their best interest to. That's just it!

  64. THE mum of missing Ben Needham urged British holidaymakers to continue searching for her son yesterday as she makes plans to mark his 21st birthday in 16 days.

    Missing ... little Ben was just 21 months old when snatched

    Hope ... Kerry Needham with computerised image of Ben

    in Murdoch's Sun published yesterday

    Watch the following videos from MariannaZF:
    Madeleine McCann & Ben Needham - Worlds Apart

    Madeleine McCann, Ben Needham & The PACT

    Madeleine McCann - The Betrayal Of Madeleine

    Madeleine McCann - The McCann Infantile Memory

    Madeleine's Fate - A Web Of Lies

    Madeleine McCann - Jetsetting & Paternity Issues

  65. addendum - the age progression image used on Murdoch's Scum article is from 2007 - from Ben Needham's Official u-tube site: Ben Needham New Age Progression Image

    there's no official site run by the family, only Marianna's blogspot blog trying to help Ben's Mum http://benneedham.blogspot.com/

  66. Post 60/61 PJ Tipps


    Your scenario is of course possible but I think KM was aware of her daughter’s fate before she left for the Tapis Bar.

    The reasons for this belief is - Kate raised the alarm after the 10.00 o’clock check on her children. At no other time during the week did she check on them only on this fateful night.

    During the meal at the Tapis, she raised the issue of her concern about leaving the children. Never having done so before.

    Immediately after raising the alarm, she shut down and couldn’t string a sentence together.

    She did not look for her daughter and immediately suggested it was a stranger abductor who had taken her not allowing any other scenario even at this early stage.

    Instead of searching for their daughter both, she and her husband kneeled on the bed as if praying to Allah screaming and crying as if wailing for a dead daughter.

    This to me is staging and not very good staging at that.

    Tanner’s sighting is false imo she is covering for her partner who was away from the table during a critical period when the alleged abduction occurred. By making a sighting of egg man as the possible abductor at a specific time (when GM and Jez Wilkins are talking), she detracts from the possibility her partner who had opportunity was in anyway involved.

  67. 'What will Rupert think?' 'What will the Murdoch family think?' 'What will the corporate partners think?' Man Bites Murdoch - Former editor-in-chief of Melbourne's Herald-Sun newspaper, Bruce Guthrie new book on Murdoch media tyrant - video here http://www.abc.net.au/news/video/2010/10/12/3036588.htm via http://happyantipodean.blogspot.com/2010/10/former-editor-in-chief-of-melbournes.html

  68. To Anon 65

    Not bad thinking... Also, Ms. Tanner did not mention her "vision" to the parents straight away did she? Furthermore, if I remember correctly the same met with some (faked?) scepticism from Gerry himself.

    Now, let me see...according to Tapas Bar's staff only a man meeting the description of Russell O'Brien left the table in the entire evening! He strongly denied that. They all do don't they?..


    However, there are a few knots that you would need to tie up like the timing of Madeleine's death.

    We know (cough) she was in bed by 7:30 - which strikes me as a bit early for a boisterous 4 year old child unless she had been sedated.

    Also, Madeleine, earlier on, could have snatched one of those "sweets" her mother was taking and felt unusually sleepy - then, on top of that, the mother unaware of the mishap could have given her an extra "Calpol" (or two) to ensure she would not be shouting her lungs out like she had done a couple of nights before. Result: Going...going...gone. Cardiac arrest followed by respiratory failure.

    Wait a minute... are you suggesting the mother deliberately did something to her? Like (imagining): "Now that my "designer twins" have arrived and Madeleine has become redundant (AND a nuisance) it is time to get rid of her (she had thought of passing her old "bundle of joy" to a member of her family...that was one of the PJ questions by the way)... Again it is possible. Anything is possible, even Textusa's hypothesis is possible. That lady has imagination!

    As a professional observer of people (cough) the McCanns' strike me as odd "cold fish" and the systematic, professional way they have set about to destroy "Big Rock" (Amaral) or fight anyone that opposes their "abduction theory" has the hallmark of cold planners and executioners. Even their children seem to have been planned through artificial insemination. Nothing is left to chance and necessity...

    Still, had that happen I would say it is unlikely her friends were all in tandem with them. I don't get it. Why would they be risking their reputation, careers, etc. for an accident which was not their fault? Sympathy yes, accessories to a crime no. OK Jane Tanner and Russell O'Brien could have given a hand they,after all, knew Gerry rather well (Leicester).

    So, are you suggesting the Smith's man could have been Ms. Tanner sugar cube? By Jove! It is possible!

    I understand "Big Rock" (Dr. G. Amaral) has planned a second edition of his book, pending a positive result of the forthcoming trial. We might have more details after he is acquitted. It would take another young judge with over-flowing maternal instincts to breast feed the McCanns' argument that the book hinders the search for Madeleine. Their attitude towards the PJ definitely did...

    :m Sorry! My phone is ringing!

    Should you need my services as an investigator please do not hesitate to contact me. Also, I have a vacancy for a main investigator. 120K annual salary plus perks.

    :k P.J. Tipps

  69. Improving efficiency and transparency: DCMS cuts quangos

    2010 10 14 Public Bodies List FINAL

    all via The Bonfire Begins http://bit.ly/bCbcYt

    check comment http://order-order.com/2010/10/14/the-bonfire-begins/#comment-751028 «Dermot Murnaghan gets bitch slap from Francis Maude on Sky News.

    Murnaghan getting himself in lather about abolition of CEOPS and comments by Jim Gamble its resigning Chief Exec accuses Government of putting children at risk.Maude tells him to stop these emotive childish criticisms…CEOPS was always part of NPIA and this work of course is a priority and continues to be unaffected and will continue but what is wrong with an elected Minister being responsible in future as opposed to an unelected Quango ? We should really try and have an adult conversation.» & this Tories to axe lots more Quangos, save £billions (14Oct10)

  70. P.J. Tipps (59/60) and Wizard (65). Both interesting posts.

    I also think Kate was aware of her daughter's fate, but possibly she was not aware of the place where Gerry had hidden the body in the first instance. This could explain why Kate told Oprah she had a quick look through the wardrobes when she discovered Madeleine missing.

  71. PJ Tipps.
    Read your theory...dont buy it!
    This case is far more sinister.
    Its all about self presevation !
    when the truth emerges.. oh and it will ! my god will the wrath of the people be on them all.
    This case will blow ones mind ...of that im sure!
    The lengths that so called "respectable" professional people have gone to, to COVER UP the death of an innocent child will shatter all trust in UK and Portugals institutions ....this really will be an eye opener to all.
    It is for this reason they will try everything to prevent the truth been known....they will fail !!


  72. Here a link you must have seen: http://newzinc.com/law/gerry-mccann-talks-to-jeremy-paxman/
    It is a BBC talk with Gerry McCann and it seems the tide has slightly turned. Unfortunately my English isn't so good, but I understood that the tone is more critical..

  73. I too think that not all the Tapas 7 were aware of the full facts of Madeleine’s disappearance, but have simply buried their heads in the sand and hope that it will all go away. I do not believe paedophilia or wife swapping play any part in this because Diana Webster the mother-in-law was on holiday with this group, she probably went as a baby sitter and they would not risk anything being mentioned or seen by the mother-in-law. I also do not believe the smith sighting – Gerry would not have risked walking through a busy area with a dead or drugged child, he could have been caught on CCTV or anything could have happened. It is the type of incident that is forgotten as soon as it is witnessed. No-one else came forward and said it was them because it was not relevant to the person carrying the child; they probably never gave it a second thought a father taking his sleeping child home. Yvonne Martins statement is pure speculation she nether remembers if David Payne was victim or perpetrator. Gaspers statement why hang around people who you believe to be paedophiles. These statements just add more confusion. So with that out of the way what are we left with? A group of friends having a dinner, so why did Kate need to have Madeleine’s story book, what woman takes a storybook to dinner in the evening.IMO It was the end of the holiday and the book was being returned to the mccanns as they were going home next day another couple or Diane Webster took it to dinner to return it. Maybe Kate couldn’t cope with Madeleine. If Gerry had gone back to the apartment he would have used a piece of paper for his timeline there is always plenty of information about resorts left for guests, so no shortage of scrap paper but he used the book because he never went back to the apartment but he did disappear for 30 minutes from the table – this is when he would have hidden Madeleine or taken her to someone waiting to remove her body. Phone texts and messages were deleted, why? They waited quite a while before contacting police, Kate said ‘they have taken her’ so why not call the police immediately, roadblocks might have been put up and their friends with Maddies body stopped so they gave their friends time to get away. I believe Maddie died of an overdose of a sedative because earlier nights she and sean had been crying so Kate gave them a stronger dose to ensure they would not wake up, that is why she also placed her hand under the twins noses checking their breathing. The cadaver and blood could have gotten under the tiles where the mccanns had frantically tried to revive her causing trauma and bleeding. The DNA found in the car could have been caused by a bloody towel; shower curtain anything used to wrap maddie in. Madeleine’s body probably left PDA that night and was disposed of by friends known to the mccanns. The powers to be should re-interview the Tapas 7, re-open the case and eventually there will be justice for Madeleine. It’s not going to go away just google Madeleine mccann and see how many websites want justice, and someday there will be justice for her. Thank you Joana for all your hard work brilliant website well done.

  74. For a long time I thought that Jane Tanner was protecting the McCanns, with her statements.
    Now I'm convinced she was protecting her partner Russel O'Brian.
    She saw the Egg while he was abducting the child, and she took the profit to see Gerry as well, economizing time and space.
    Because I believe O'Brian was in 5a the whole evening, after the accident and that obliged her to see the Egg.

  75. By re reading much of the reported 'evidence' on various websites - mccann files and 'abuse of power' mainly - it occurs to me that the simple solution is that David Payne is involved in the cover up.

    Consider the scenario:

    The Tapas 9 are all swingers bar the old lady.

    Payne and Gerry were the main protagonists and when Gerry was playing tennis on the 3rd May - he suggested to Payne that he nip round for a quickie with Kate who would be showering at that time.

    During the 'love making' or whatever it is called when swinging - Maddie slips and falls behind the sofa - 30 mins later - Kate and Payne are finished and find an unconcious maddie and try to revive her in the bedroom out of site of the twins who are later drugged so that they will not ask questions and get up set etc.

    Gerry can hardly tell on Payne and Kate because he would be admitting his swinging and this would damage his career. Therefore, during the period 6.30 to 9.05 pm - Payne and Gerry dispose of maddie in order to save all of their careers. As maddie is already dead - no more harm can come to her anyway - so taking her to the church and begging forgiveness from the priest will do.

    Cremation quickly follows - the priest is then also off the hook because no body can now ever be found - we heard Gerry say 'find the body and prove we did it...' - no body no conviction.

    Further to the dogs - finding blood and corpse odour is insufficient to do anything other than point a finger at the probable guilty parties. Gerry and Kate are scott free and even if the priest came forward - what evidence is there as long as Payne and Kate keep quiet.

    The dogs found bones in Jersey which turned out not to be human. However, they may still have had human corpse remnants on them - this could not be disproved.

    I think that my scenario would make an excellent film noire - I wonder which film studio would be brave enough to take on the mccanns?

    It is a real pity that it was not me who won the euro lottery the other day - I would definately have blown at least 100 million on the film! (50 million on the film and 50 million on legal bills!!)

    Bye for now!!

  76. "The message of a newscast are not the news stories themselves, but a change in the public attitude. Always look behind the obvious and seek the non obvious changes changes or effects that are enabled, enhanced, accelerated or extended". Now, who said that?


    What are the McCann's really telling us by contracting a new team of detectives? Or indeed what are they really saying by gagging, silencing and attempting to destroy/bankrupt the Chief Co-ordinator of the PJ Investigation? Think about it...


  77. I am pleased to see that Hernâni Carvalho and Dr. Paulo Sargento are back commenting on the McCann case. They're were discussing Kate McCann's presence in Luz the other week, in the morning show in SIC tv channel.
    Any chance of showing that part of the show here, Joana?
    Thank you.

  78. To German Fan at 71

    :) I saw the interview. Jeremy Paxman is asking Gerry whether in retrospect he things his/their decision to go "mediatic" backfired.

    Gerry answers him matter-of-factly. He would have made a good defence lawyer...

    What was fascinating, from a non-verbal point of view, was Paxman's subdued, sad expression and benevolent approach which in itself was rather odd for a "pit-bull" journalist par excellence...being met occasionally by Gerry's gloating smile...well gloating is not the right word...it is more like a "I-know-exactly-what-you-are-trying-to-get-at. Be-careful-not-to-overstep-the-mark-or-you-are-going-to-pay-me-damages!" kind of a naughty smile. Gerry seemed in a buoyant, self-assured mode, almost detached from the fact that they were talking about his de...dematerialized daughter.

    Will we ever get to the bottom of this mystery?


  79. Hi 72, so you have written of the paedophile angle in this investigation,so you dont believe anything insinuated in the 8 page statement made by two fellow doctors, you also dont believe child protection worker within the Social Services Yvonne Warren Martin, she has 26 years experience, i would call that very experienced.

    We are all entitled to our opinion, so 72 please answer me this, why would the co-ordinator of the investigation Goncal Amarals wife say this, "we would not invite paedophiles into our circle of friends", 72 do you not think this is a very strange thing to say considering this is the wife of the co-ordintor of the investigation.

    Dont write of any senario ,there has not being any conclusion to this investigation all options are still on the table that includes murder or even paedophilia.

  80. Totally agree, with 70 this case is all about self presevation,! and pride! which we all know will lead to the downfall of all involved in this cover up. The Maccann's are very quiet at the moment, Ben Needham's mother is about to make an appeal it's near his 21st birtday.Will that wake the Maccann's from their slumber. They will not be outdone.

    Mary Liverpool UK

  81. 76 do you have any idea of the date when it was broadcast, or even if it is available online? have a look and then tell me if it is worth translating http://videos.sapo.pt/sic cheers.

  82. To Jimuck

    Thanks for drawing the attention to that detail. Good point.


  83. Joana I wonder if this is it...5 May 2010?
    It is interesting all right...


  84. :m Joana, this is also interesting...


    As far back as April 2009, one and half years after he was removed from the case, Gonçalo Amaral was trying to re-open the process. On what basis? The journalist asked him. Did he have new facts that would justify it?

    Goncalo Amaral replies: "The facts? The facts are already there, facts that (because of political pressure) have never been analysed..."

    Do we have a date on which the McCanns' first started to talk about the same? A later date would expose their idea as borrowed, as a mere PR counter-attack. Of course we all know they refused to co-operate with the PJ in the first instance.

    Do they want it to be re-opened and investigated their way? I don't get it. Mind you, it is a brilliant idea. Don't bother with established justice. Rent-a-cop! Rent-a-judge! Rent-a-sentence!

  85. Hi Jimuck,
    I do not believe Paedophilia is involved in this case; it’s just a gut feeling I’ve got, and as you say we are all entitled to our opinions, and why shouldn’t Goncal Amarals wife say “we would not invite paedophiles into our circle of friends’ I would say the same. Neither do I believe they were swingers Gerry was probably a loud mouth and flirt but that’s about it. There have been so many theories and conspiracies involving Madeleine that people tend to veer from the facts of the case.
    Reading Sr Amarals book he believed she died accidentally and they covered it up, he was closest to the investigation and mccanns vent their anger vehemently against him, they fear him for what else he knows and attempt to break him, but all attempts have been in vain each time he comes back stronger. The mccanns chose to cover up Maddies death rather than face justice for their crime, but eventually the truth will catch up with them. Justice for Maddie.

  86. I know this is off-topic but after many more years of this mystery being discussed on the internet wont even the dumbest person in britain begin to realise that should the mcanns be innocent then why dont they clear their names and at the same time make many millions by taking a lie-detector test in front of tv cameras..any normal innocent person would

  87. Joana, I'm #76

    I've replied before, but I'm not sure if my post went through, I think it was lost. If so, please ignore this comment.
    Yes, it is online here:


    I didn't watch the programme in full, I was cooking lunch and have no tv in the kitchen, kept popping back and forth from the living room, but from what I've seen it was interesting.

    Will re-watch again later tonight, diner to cook now.

    Thank you for all your work, dear Joana!


  88. off-topic again but as a suggestion brought on by seeing that most news-reporting sites list the most read topics can a campaign be started to compel say the bbc to report say on a weekly basis the most discussed topics on the internet. This would be in the interest of the general public and should conform to some law perhaps which forbids under threat of punishment the withholding of information by organisations who are paid by the general public to inform...in other words adhering to a true freedom of information

  89. Hi,
    Here's the link to this morning´s programme with Hernani Carvalho.

  90. Hi again, the quote by Sofia Leal " we would not invite paedophiles into our circle of friends" was personally directed at the MaCanns, why would the wife of Goncalo Amaral direct this quote at the MaCanns.

    Does she know a little more than us .

  91. @ 83

    On May 3rd 2007 Gerry McCann announced to the world that his daughter Madeleine had been abducted by paedophiles. The first report of this was carried by The Daily Telegraph website at 00:05 hrs Tuesday morning May 4th 2007.

    Why do you think that Gerry McCann not only maintained that his daughter had been abducted but maintained that she had been abducted by paedophiles? Perhaps it was just a PR ploy to shock everyone and make his claim more sensational, or perhaps it was necessary to cover their backs in case the body was found and forensic examination could have revealed abuse?

    Irrespective of which answer you wish to believe, don't you find it disconcerting that it was McCann himself who brought the paedophile word into the equation right from the outset?

  92. No paedophilie on May the 3rd.

    It was an accident, I believe.

    Unless it was paedophilie.

    And it was not an accident.

  93. @90 - The mccanns have attempted to blame everybody except themselves, stranger abductors, Murat, Paedophiles - confusion and conspiracies pushes the truth further away. Sr Amaral knows the truth he never once mentions paedophilia within that group it was an accident mccanns paniced and they decided to cover it up. IMO not all the tapas group were fully aware of what happened that evening. Case should be re-opened and fully investigated.

  94. No paedopile ehh?

    so how do you explain that on a previous holiday d.payne and gerry talking about maddie, payne made a gesture puting his finger into his mouth and made a circular motion on his nipple with his other hand."THIS BEING DONE IN A PROVOCATIVE MANNER".

    Day's later the scene repeated itself....


  95. Joana, I watched the show with Paulo Sargento and Hernani Carvalho, on Sapo, Sic.

    The sound was irritating possible because too many people were watching at the same time.

  96. T4two:

    "Why do you think that Gerry McCann not only maintained that his daughter had been abducted but maintained that she had been abducted by paedophiles?"

    There is a third option; that Gerry was issuing a broadside warning: "Help us or I'll talk". It was certainly odd, sinister and deflective coming out with that the day Madeleine disappeared, with no evidence to support it and no-one really knowing anything at the time.

    I'm not sure paedophilia was directly part of this strange event, but it seems to surround it. Possibly people he knows in significant positions who have pecadillos to hide?

  97. And why not consider both the possibilities of actions involving a paedophile(within the circle of friends, not a stranger) and an accident? An accident that resulted from "the" paedo chasing Madeleine around the apartment, causing her to take a bad fall and become seriously wounded, or even from violence, like a fatal blow to the head when trying to control and subdue her?

  98. My thoughts on Yvonne Martin,

    I believe she talked to the police expecting them to take action and investigate Payne, look for any previous incidents that might have involved him, see if he was part of the police records of cases relating child abuse. It seems the police ignored the whole thing, Payne was not even profiled (as far as we know), unlike Murat.
    I think that Mrs. Martin could have done some research of her own, if she had the strong feeling that she had met Payne before, not socially, but in her profissional capacity, in relation with some case she had worked on, then, why not go through her case files at work, see what she could find? I would!
    Who knows? Maybe she did...maybe she was able to find the connection and maybe she was forced into silence...

  99. From the SIC tv programme, a very interesting and worrying comment made by Dr. Paulo Sargento(psychologist):
    He said very clearly that he was pressured into NOT commenting on this case, but he did not enjoy the threat one bit, and most certainly was not going to abide!
    Great MAN!

  100. Good afternoon to all, going to translate the video with Paulo Sargento and Hernâni Carvalho, it does have some interesting sound bites on the McCann affair :d thank you 76,82,83,86 and 88

  101. addendum: 83 please see the video shot in Vigo, October 2008 where Mr. Amaral already talks about the need to re-open the investigation - well, in fact even in his 'now banned by the McCanns censorship' book previous to that interview there is an implicit appeal to continue the criminal investigation to Madeleine's disappearance.

    Amaral in Vigo: “Justice is Possible for Madeleine McCann”

    Entrevista Exclusiva com o Ex-Coordenador da PJ Gonçalo Amaral

    Exclusive Interview with Former PJ Coordinator Gonçalo Amaral

    Amaral in Vigo: “In the Madeleine Case Politics Aborted the Police Investigation”

    Amaral in Vigo: 'Madeleine's parents are suspected of hiding the body'

  102. :m To Anon 94

    The over-dosing theory aside... given a few glasses and Gerry cold but explosive temper it is not far-fetching to hypothesize he could have accidentally killed the child in a run of the mill accident e.g. shaking her shoulders (as in DON'T DO IT AGAIN!)...

    ... Oops! a cervical vertebrae gone or a fragile head accidentally hitting the wall... several possibilities... unfortunately,we have no way of knowing which. The McCann's are not the type to give details or to confess wrong doings.

    They could even be innocent... the problem with such daydreams is that top dogs would not have barked so many times for nothing. Blind people trust dogs and so do we, why don't they?

    Back to Dr. Payne, who is afterall, the one credited with the infamous howler to which Gerry showed considerable leniency (implicit in the Gaspars' statement).

    It seems to me that it is Payne that Yvonne Martin is referring to...also, we know it was Payne who, by his own admission, last saw Madeleine alive (aside from the McCanns')....

    "The Files" show that on that fateful afternoon Payne left Gerry at the tennis courts around 6:30 and went to see her old college mate: Kate McCann at home... enter Textusa's imaginative, controversial but otherwise plausible scenario.


    The following is also interesting in the context of the Smiths' testimony...


    She also comes up elsewhere with an imaginative back door access facility (Payne) in a further imaginative well-argued branch out of her theory. It is just her opinion, and an opinion anyone is entitled to (except of course Dr. Amaral.)

    An aside:

    It seems to me that the true (veiled) motives of the McCanns' are to inflict as much pain (and destruction) in Dr. Amaral as possible. For several reasons. Financial gains aside, here are two:

    It not only "proves" to the mainstream media that feeds the masses that they are innocent i.e. not afraid to challenge the facts of the investigation and his chief co-ordinator.

    But all helps to vent their hatred and exact vengeance on Amaral for refusing to suck their "abduction" theory - which as you may have gathered is the only one they propose and which suits their impeachable image of MD's or "Minor Deities".

    What do I think?

    I am waiting for Gonçalo Amaral, second, revised and expanded version of "The Truth of a Lie" to fill in the details...

    But for that, I guess we have to wait until the next court proceedings in Portugal are over and Amaral has successfully appealed to the European Court of Justice and reversed the sustained injunction and damages.

    Second thoughts: Amaral may have a problem with the European Court of Justice for the father of the young judge who upheld the second injunction (February) is himself a judge in the European Court. Oh! and by the way the President of the European Commission is another Portuguese: Durao Barroso. Small world. Of course, this will only matter if there are political/ideological factors at play as indeed the removal of G. Amaral at a critical stage of the investigation suggests. Fingers crossed.

    :m Sorry! My phone is ringing! Over!

    :k P.J. Tipps

  103. Thanks Joana! I am having a look at those links you suggested.

    Anon 83

  104. No need to thank me, Joana. It's us who have to thank you so much for all your work in the quest for justice for Madeleine Beth McCann.


    Um abraço,


  105. I'd appreciate it if anyone can give us the gist of the points Carvalho and Sargento made in that SIC tv programme before Joana kindly does the translation. Obrigado :a

  106. @ 92

    I refer you to Chapter 9 of Dr. Amaral's excellent book in which he goes into considerable detail concerning the holiday in Majorca, the Gaspar statements and the possible implications for the investigation had those statements not been delayed by Leicestershire Constabulary for 6 months.

    To say that Dr. Amaral never once mentions the word paedophilia with reference to the group is indeed correct. He has in fact taken great trouble to devote a complete chapter to the possibility without once mentioning the word itself.

  107. Obrigado pelas referencias (vídeos). Vi um e vi outro.

    Excepto pela "ponta final" do Paulo Sargento em:

    o outro: http://videos.sapo.pt/EgjzUoEIqI4M2qZHBhrf
    pareceu-me mais relevante. Se fosse a Joana traduzia o ultimo - embora as subliminais do Paulo Carvalho no primeiro não deixem de ser interessantes. :c

    Ficamos a saber portanto que o Ministério da Justiça não lê cartas registadas nem mesmo de doutores. Quero aplaudir. Percebo agora porque o Presidente da Republica ignorou a minha carta em Janeiro acerca da mordomia aos McCann's no Palácio da Justiça.

    E por estas e por outras já há quem diga que precisamos de outro 25 de Abril! O original já deu o que tinha a dar...

    Claro que as "visitas da saudade" da Kate a Praia da Luz não deixam de ser um exercício em relações publicas! "Estão a ver como estou inocente? Se não estivesse não vinha cá, vinha?". Hum, talvez! Que eu saiba não e possível detectar DNA em cinzas...e para isso ter-se-ia primeiro de as encontrar... enfim as "visitas da saudade" valem sempre pelo impacto psicológico, pela antagonismo que provocam na população, no Gonçalo Amaral, etc. para não falar no medo que incutem nos brandos costumes dos nossos políticos doutorados (quase todos eles) em subserviência a Sua Majestade.

    Estou a pensar em organizar umas visitas turísticas a Rothley. Sera que as autoridades Inglesas irão facilitar? Claro! Venda de bilhetes antecipada. Portal em construção. Inclui visitas ao hospital onde trabalha o Gerry... E agora só para Inglês ler:

    I am planning to organize monthly sightseeing tours to Rothley, Leicestershire inc. visits to the private Spire Leicester Hospital Facility where Dr. McCann works. Consultations with him would have to be arranged independently through: Spire Healthcare at http://www.spirehealthcare.com/Contact-Us/

    Concerning religious facilities, arrangements are being made so that the church Kate attends in Rothley will also be made available to all interested parties wishing to pray for the child (or the parents), as the case may be. We cater to both pro McCann die hards and anti-McCann fans. Details soon available on our website. Please note: I have yet to check the idea with Carter Ruck . Dr. Gonçalo Amaral will be our patron and honorary tour co-ordinator. Invitation pending. Rothley Tours, Portugal - at your service.

    Please plug in! Thank you :o

  108. Joana, we Brazilians are impatiently waiting for the English translation of the SIC show, about Kate McCann in Luz.
    It is practly impossible for us to understand what Hernani Carvalho is saying.
    Kisses from Belo Horizonte.

  109. Shubob

    I'd love to be able to give a summary of the SIC programme but I didn't watch it on TV and can't get the video link to work - it just keeps stopping to buffer, so we'll have to wait patiently until Joana can put the whole transcription on here.


  110. ERRATA
    from Anon 106

    Where I wrote Paulo Carvalho please read Hernani Carvalho :o
    The Paulo must have come from the Sargento...

  111. Brazilian brothers, sisters! Genti! Don't worry. The Spanish do not understand us either. We Portuguese are proud to understand both Brazilians and Spaniards. Why is that? A gift of God, I suppose. By the way we love the sound of Portuguese-Brazilian. We love you too. Now, let's Samba! :c

  112. @ 101

    Just applied Textusa’s the inexistent witness theory to her belief that it was Gerry’s intention to be spotted carrying a Madeleine substitute when seen by the Smith family. Oh dear!

  113. Given that Tracey Kim Kandohla lives in Rothley, near her idols the McCanns, it is silly to expect anything meaningful to drip from her poisonous pen.


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