1.Everyone shall possess the right to freely express and publicise his thoughts in words, images or by any other means, as well as the right to inform others, inform himself and be informed without hindrance or discrimination 2.Exercise of the said rights shall not be hindered or limited by any type or form of censorship Constitution of the Portuguese Republic, Article 37.º

Good Riddance Mr. Ellis

“About suffering they were never wrong / The Old Masters; how well, they understood / Its human position; how it takes place / While someone else is eating or opening a window or just walking dully along (...) That even the dreadful martyrdom must run its course (...) In Breughel's Icarus, for instance: how everything turns away / Quite leisurely from the disaster; the ploughman may / Have heard the splash, the forsaken cry / But for him it was not an important failure; the sun shone (...) and the expensive delicate ship that must have seen / Something amazing, a boy falling out of the sky / had somewhere to get to and sailed calmly on.” Extracts from W.H.Auden’s poem “Musée des Beaux Arts” on Pieter Brueghel, the Elder’s “Landscape with the Fall of Icarus” (attributed to), at the Musée des Beaux Arts, Brussels

I was planning translating without added comments or opinions two news articles published on the 24th and 25th in the Portuguese press regarding Alexander Ellis departure in December from the British Embassy in Lisbon to become the Director of Strategy at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in London, when, whilst researching the British Embassy site I found an opinion article published by Mr. Ellis which referenced the above Auden's poem “Musée des Beaux Arts”. A moving poem which can be interpreted in a multitude of ways, though in this case, in Ellis context can be interpreted quite simply and in a non scholar manner, as:  «Life goes on», in spite of the individual or collective Human suffering of others.  In that opinion article Mr. Ellis, writes about the tragedy that befell on Madeira island early on this year, on February 20, when flash floods and landslides took the life of 48 people (unofficial numbers) and made dozens of victims, and describes how the British diplomatic body, him and his consular staff, travelled to the island to help British nationals - something to be applauded, surely.

Indeed, in another opinion article written by Mr. Ellis on his weekly Expresso newspaper column, titled «Um Bife Mal Passado», mentioned here before, the demissionary Ambassador explains in a single paragraph the roles of the British diplomatic body, as follows:

“They provide assistance to “distressed British nationals” who have, for example, lost a passport, or have been hospitalized or, fortunately there are few cases, imprisoned. We also offer services for the resident community (which is now about 80,000 people mostly in the Algarve), for example, issues relative to birth and death records, legalization of translations, and several other consular certifications. We also make citizenship ceremonies for new British citizens, and organize processes to enable the union - civil partnership - between two people of the same sex - being that one of them [of the couple] has to be necessarily British and, for legal reasons, neither can have Portuguese nationality.”

Simple, to understand, right?

On this same issue, on the role of the British diplomatic service, I decided to see if it was usual in other British embassies to provide links, let's say, to former arguidos [official criminal suspects] private limited companies and to promote links to missing children sites, sites maintained by British parents about their missing children, like Mr. Ellis has on the front page of the British Embassy in Portugal site .

So, I had a look in to the British embassies in Greece and in Spain, countries where a British child and a British teenager disappeared - you've read about those two cases connected to the McCann case - and unsurprisingly I couldn't find any link providing support to those parents in a similar fashion to the one that is being provided to the McCann couple since 2007 by the successive British Ambassadors, Consuls and diplomatic staff in Portugal. Nor to other British former suspects of an archived and undecided missing child case, like the help that is being given to the “suspects”, albeit not arguidos (procedural/law concept), of involvement in whatever has happened to their three year old daughter - “suspects” according to what one can read and deduce from the investigation case files.

British diplomatic assistance, publicity and support is being given publicly to a couple that has by their actions committed what can be, and probably should, be qualified as a crime, based on the evidence contained in the case files, namely the witnesses statements - but not to never accused formally (or not) parents, parents who probably have to pay from their own pockets and hard work the sites that keep the memory of their children alive.

Again, what the McCann couple did, is considered as a crime in the scope of the Portuguese law - Exposição ou Abandono, Artigo 138.º do CPP - and also under the light of most civilized countries laws regarding the repeated abandonment, as stated by the couple themselves officially and in the media, of their three children with less than four years old in an unlocked/locked(?) apartment, impossible to supervise from the Tapas restaurant - this constitutes, for any sane person, a crime of abuse and neglect.

A couple that is, and has been for the past three and a half years, collecting millions for a Limited Private Company, of which they are CEO's, allegedly to search for their daughter. A couple that during the first 48 hours did not search for their three year old daughter. A Company that has being paying for a multitude of lawyers, from Carter Ruck in order to threat and menace with libel actions those who do not believe their version of events, to Pinochet's lawyer to fight an eventual extradition request at a time when that issue wasn't even a possibility.

A Company that has paid for dodgy detectives who were arrested for equally dodgy actions, like Metodo 3, the Barcelona Agency who announced to the world that they knew where Madeleine and their abductor was, to fraudulent MI5's, Kevin Richard Halligen, who is currently being sought by the FBI. A Company that is paying for dubious rent-a-cops who state that Madeleine is «alive and well» and is simultaneously imprisoned in a «hellish lair» in the Algarve and do not share that information with the Police authorities who hold the jurisdiction of «Maddie's Case», as was stated in court, early this year.

A Private Limited Company that has paid for an entourage of PR's to create a wall of spin and misinformation in the media to clear the McCann couple's image. A couple that has left a trail of parental irresponsibility/impunity and an unaccounted number of victims in that media quest. A couple, that after all, are the only ones responsible for protecting the moral and physical well being of their children, and have failed to do so.

A couple that until now, has failed to reopen the case of their missing daughter, Madeleine - yet, are already preparing to «market» the child's name in a book, in a manner similar to their revolting and tacky online shop.

A book which, according to one of the former arguido family member, defames the Portuguese police, and thus the rest of the Portuguese population who have supported the extraordinary costs, emotional and material, of the single most expensive investigation to a missing child ever done in Portugal - a police and people who have done everything in their power to find their daughter. The three year old child that the parents, the McCann couple, have chosen to leave alone, even though there was a babysitting service available at the tourist resort.

As to Mr. Ellis, the British demissionary Ambassador: Good Riddance!


  1. This sort of sentence usually means paedophile scandal.

    "Even today, almost four years after the disappearance of Maddie, all correspondence and documents from John Buck on the case are classified as state secrets"

    Operation Ore paedophile list D-Notice state secret

    Thomas Hamilton Dunblane massacre 100 year secrecy, masonic paedophile scandal.

    Madeleine MaCann state secrets !, i will let you make your own mind up .

    Our Goverment has a lot of secrets.

  2. Don't the British upper class just make you sick with their own self importance, peerage and the rest. They are a law unto themselves and look down upon most other nations as non entities.

    Just helping the British Nationals in Madeira is bizarre. Did they perhaps lend a helping hand to the Portuguese in Madeira while there?

  3. well i hope when he goes they take the Find madeliene investigation team contact number of off it, we dont want any important info getting in to their hands or the mccanns.also it does say missing and not abducted which is a supprise

  4. Yes: good riddance and hopefully with him the front page of the UK embassy website publicizing the "disappearance" of the century.

    @anon 1
    They do not only look down at other nations but to their very own people.
    This british sense of CAST and not class wants to make me puke.
    Ah! and dont fall in their hands otherwise you end up with broken ribs,just like me.

  5. I don't know how and why, the rest of the British citizens did not make a huge complaint and a revolt against a so odd behaviour from their authorities. It is really a shame the way they get discredit at the eyes of the rest of the world. Because of Mccann's case, I changed dramatically the way that I was looking at UK. Now I feel that is the worst country to live and I feel sorry for the UK citizens that did not manage to be well connected with power. Now I can understand why some of my British friends left UK to live in Spain, Portugal or Cyprus. Their authorities are a pile of Hypocrites.

  6. I once wrote a letter of complaint to the BBC in that they published a McCann press bulletin purely referring people with information to their private detectives, rather than to the police. My complaint was upheld and that part of the bulletin removed.

    I do think it is wrong that this has been published but at least people are firstly asked to contact the police.

    I think the problem is that under the law that is applicable in all European countries everyone is entitled to be treated as innocent unless and until they are convicted of a criminal offence in a criminal court. Therefore, if Kate and Gerry request that they carry a link to their own investigation, no matter how sham we consider that to be, there is no legal basis for refusing to comply with that request. Clearly other parents in other countries have not made such a request, they do not have their own money grabbing enterprise so of course there is no link as in the McCann case.

    I think it is also important to remember that consular services are for those in trouble abroad, and as is pointed out that can even include people imprisoned, something which has so far not happened to Kate and Gerry McCann.

    Whilst we may lament how they abuse the law, I think it is wrong to castigate others for it, that is, in fact what the McCanns themselves are so good at. It would be a shame to descend to their level in effectively seeking to suggest it is not they who are responsible for the disappearance of Madeleine, but somehow it is all the fault of the Portuguese Police. We know that is a dreadful thing to suggest.

    Finally I would just like to say that even Philomena McCanns refers to "since Madeleine disappeared". She does not say, "since Madeleine was abducted". She may be required to tow the McCann line to an extent, but does that not show just a breath of honesty creeping in there. British media, in the main do likewise, they are not accepting the McCann dogma, an abduction, they are accepting the genuine legal situation, missing because there is no clear evidece of what fate befell that little girl. Of course, there is a lot of evidence her parents chose to tell a great deal of lies in relation to events and circumstances surrounding that disappearance. Naturally that makes them suspects and in my own opinion, rightly so. Nevertheless, I do not want them convicted in the media, I want them in court, where they belong.

  7. Viv @5

    Completley agree with you, perhaps the British media have been bitten once and are scared of a second bite, so they print things not negative to the McCanns. It would be much better if they did not print anything other than the truth, but perhaps non negative is a two edged sword it keeps the case alive for many people so much so that they look into the case files and change their mind or makes them think.

  8. The D-Notice system is about to meet the reality of the internet in the twenty-first century...

    From: Andrew Vallance
    Sent: Fri 26/11/2010 12:42

    ...To: Sunday Telegraph; Ian Martin; Sunday Telegraph; Channel Five; Caroline Wyatt; C4 News Desk; Sun; Kevin Brown; Sunday Mail; Mail on Sunday; Five TV; Associated Press TV; William Lewis; Tim Marshall; Press Gazette; Allister Heath; Jonathan Collett; Daily Telegraph; Daily Record; Evening Standard; Daily Star; Independent on Sunday; Observer; Foresight News; Daily Express; Sunday Times; Financial Times; Associated Press; Times; Spark FM; chris wissun; Sunday Mirror; Sunday Herald; News of the World; Tom Newton-Dunn; Stephen Abell; Scotsman; Press Association; BFBS Will Inglis; Will Gore; Mark Birdsall; Guardian; Daily Mail; Daily Mirror; People; Foresight News; Telegraph Legal; Glenmore Trenear-Harvey; Sunday Post; Reuters; ITV News Desk; Independent; Evening Times; Jonathan Grun; Glasgow Herald; Five TV

    Subject: DA Notice Letter of Advice to All UK Editors – Further Wikileaks Disclosures

    To All Editors

    Impending Further National Security Disclosures by Wikileaks

    I understand that Wikileaks will very shortly release a further mass of US official documents onto its internet website. The full scope of the subject matter covered by these documents remains to be seen, but it is possible that some of them may contain information that falls within the UK’s Defence Advisory Notice code. Given the large number of documents thought to be involved, it is unlikely that sensitive UK national security information within these documents would be recognised by a casual browser. However, aspects of national security might be put at risk if a major UK media news outlet brought such information into obvious public prominence through its general publication or broadcast.

    Therefore, may I ask you to seek my advice before publishing or broadcasting any information drawn from these latest Wikileaks’ disclosures which might be covered by the five standing DA Notices. In particular, would you carefully consider information that might be judged to fall within the terms of DA Notice 1 (UK Military Operations, Plans and Capabilities) and DA Notice 5 (UK Intelligence Services and Special Forces). May I also ask you to bear in mind the potential consequential effects of disclosing information which would put at risk the safety and security of Britons working or living in volatile regions where such publicity might trigger violent local reactions, for example Iran, Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistan?

    As always, I am available 24/7 to offer DA Notice guidance…

    Yours Sincerely,

    Andrew Vallance

    Air Vice-Marshal
    Secretary, Defence Press and Broadcasting Advisory Committee

    via http://order-order.com/2010/11/26/that-wikileaks-d-notice/

  9. More info here http://www.indexoncensorship.org/2010/11/us-uk-wikileaks-d-notice-leak/ follow @wikileaks or simply search the word wikileaks on twitter - history is being made.

  10. Paedophile ring in Cornwall 'abused at least 30 girls'


    No comments from the McCanns? Don't the McCann's so called "investigators" want to interview these guys? Maybe one of them has Maddie hidden in a lair. Somewhere.....

  11. News regarding the Portuguese Lawyers' Order - Ordem dos Advogados(OA)
    Bad News: Marinho Pinto was re-elected as head of the Lawyers Order
    Great News: Isabel Duarte, head of List P (at 10 30 AM*) has lost her candidacy to the Superior Council of the Lawyers Order - List P (2488 votes) - List E (3311 votes), headed by Dr. Óscar Ferreira Gomes, List E on facebook

    *Madeira island results have not yet arrived, PDF document here

    Article from TSF published at 8 AM

    António Marinho Pinto was re-elected as head of the Lawyers Order, achieving 9532 votes in a universe of 20521 voters, the information is being advanced by the Order's site.

    According to the Order's site, in the elections for the triennium 2011 - 2013, Fernando Fragoso Marques ended in the second position with 5991 votes, followed by Luís Filipe Carvalho, with 3666. [Luís Filipe Carvalho mandatary was Rogério Alves, a man that we saw on the media and TV often as head of the Lawyers Order and as the McCanns' lawyer.]

    These results are still provisional because they lack the votes count for the District Council of Madeira, where the district assembly was suspended.

    Nevertheless, in the elections to the Superior Council, the list [E] connected to Fernando Fragoso Marques, led by Óscar Ferreira Gomes, secured the victory with a total of 7268 [Superior Council Votes Only 3311] votes out of 19584 voters.

    Still according to the same source, the list [P] connected to António Marinho Pinto, headed by Isabel Duarte, was the second most voted with 6,353 [that’s a total number for the List, for the Superior Council was 2488] votes, ahead of the list of João Pereira da Rosa [I – SC votes only 2224], with 3958 votes.

    The aim of Marine Pinto for the next triennium will be to consolidate reforms unleashed in his first term, like the access to Law and combating the massification of advocacy.

  12. What they do not want the public to know is the TRUTH of what is actually happening where they lead their filthy wars of terror.
    It has nothing to do with "national security" or any other non-sense and any "violent local reactions" are immediately repressed which means people are taken at RANDOM,men and women, put to jail and subjected to torture.THIS is what they do not want the world to know.
    I saw it and I escaped:it is being leaked for the good of the world.
    Does anyone knows about US soldiers KILLING some other soldiers because they refused to kill their own people? no,nobody knows but it IS happening and this is what they do not want us to know.Its all BS.

  13. Brilliant news about Duarte not getting that position.

  14. How wonderful it is to think these highly paid mandarins talk of how they support their countryman in times of crisis on foreign shores.

    With their loved ones and children back in the UK.

    Wasn't Robert Murat such a person ?

    At the time, whether the man was innocent or guilty, he was shown no support.

    Which within the timeframe of the whole situation\saga, it was a rule for one and a rule for another, from the off.


  15. Wonderful news that ID has lost in her aim for high status. Let's hope that the suthority recognise that her antics make her unfit for such high office.

  16. When the Portugese police say the McCanns are suspects, the McCanns stamp Portugal as being an incompetent country.
    When they have to deliver the body to an incompetent Portuguese pathologist, they hide it.

  17. Parece que os McCanns têm um pacto com o Demônio.
    Eles dão um AZAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  18. "extraordinary costs, emotional and material, of the single most expensive investigation to a missing child ever done in Portugal".

    It is a delicate state of affairs for Portugal, no doubt about it. The general feeling is that Portugal imports too much and exports too little - although too much outside the eurozone. The Port, Wine and Madeira industry has been hit fairly hard. It exported $300 million worth of cars and $70 million in wine to the US in 2008 - down by 3-4% on previous years. And the tourism industry? What with ash clouds, bad winters and a recession hitting travellers.

    It makes you wonder if a thorough and lengthy review of the investigation (at such 'extraordinary costs' like you say) is likely to add to Portugal's burden rather than relieve it any - which makes me wonder if this is why Portugal locked down the investigation in the first place.

    The actual investigation went on for little more than 12-13 months. Some people have longer holidays or sabbaticals. It's nothing to the costs in other countries - which can go on for several years. Clearly the British Government were just as keen to close the investigation (for reasons best known to themselves) but the blame must ultimately stop with the Portuguese Ministry of Justice who seemed eager to have it shelved.

    Wouldn't reopening the investigation put an increasing burden on an already precarious economy?

  19. On comments 10 the link to TSF article was wrongly coded, adding for reference http://tsf.sapo.pt/PaginaInicial/Interior.aspx?content_id=1721801 and on the last paragraph there's a misspelling, it should read Marinho not Marine Pinto :)

    Good weekend to all.

  20. 17 funny how you sound just like a "pro-McCann couple neglect" trying to excuse, confuse with fallacies the facts. Obviously Portugal could and can afford a criminal investigation, what exactly do you think the Police has been doing since Maddie's Case was archived? Sitting on their hands? You people, honestly, are becoming increasingly transparent with your ludicrous attempts to shift the blame to the Portuguese. Enjoy your weekend, darling, don't spin too much, you might get dizzy.

  21. 17, your cynicism is noticed! Don't you worry, we can go on with the investigation. The only thing we need is that the McCanns accept to reopen the case and come to Portugal to cooperate with the police. Afterwards everything will be ok. The police will find the culprits, justice will jail them, Portugal will restore its dignity, Praia da Luz will gain back its tourists, and we will drink a glass or two of Port to celebrate all this. Maybe to your chagrin....

  22. The Ellis one imo is a perfect example of:

    Think before voicing one's words or writing one's words for all to see! What an embarrassment! He sounds like an @ R s E !

    Good news about ID! McCursed! Perhaps having a personal defeat may make her think about her own actions! I wonder if she was not part of the McCircus if she would have had personal success??

    #17 Your spin does not wash! The McCanns and their holiday friends can all agree to participate in an official police reconstruction or KM could now agree to answer her 48 Q's, that would re-open the case. Imo archival was nothing to do with money it was about non co-operation of the parents and their friends! Why would any parent who claims their child has been abducted not co-operate with the police? Why would parents (who were Arguidos and legally obliged to return if asked) who claim their child has been abducted not beg their friends to participate in an official police reconstruction? Why would the friends who were on holiday with the McC's refuse to participate in an official police reconstruction? Why are the McC's still friends with these people who refused to attend? Why are the McC's not suing the T7 for hindering the official investigation? Why are the McC's not suing the T7 for harming the official investigation? How can the McC's expect the rest of the world to look for their child when the friends that were on holiday with them did not make it their priority to return to take part in the official reconstruction? What were the T7 doing that was more important than helping their friends and police with the investigation?

  23. Não percebi os comentários sobre o número 17.

  24. I'm number 16

    sorry, I forgot to put the word incompetent between " ", before the word pathologist.
    In this case my intention was to write: to deliver the body to an "incompetent" pathologist.
    What I wanted to say is that Portugal is incompetent or not according to the wishes of the McCanns.
    Hiding the body proves they know Porrtugal has a great capacity.

  25. Jo, I wonder if you could explain a little more what the Lawyers Order actually is.

    In UK we have the Law Society which is responsible for the professional conduct of solicitors in UK and the Bar Council which acts in a similar way in relation to barristers.

    Solicitors cannot operate without being a member of the Law Society and paying fees each year to obtain a practising certificate. The major criticism of the Law Society is that it is not autonomous from those who professional conduct it is supposed to police and given that the solicitors actually pay their fees can lead to undue leniency towards its own profession.

    I take it that Duarte is the UK equivalent of a barrister but what is it exactly that she was seeking election for, it almost makes it sound political?

    By the way do you think that D notices are wrong when they are used to save vulnerable people from harm, to protect state security, to preserve the integrity of confidential police investigations? Is it right that everything is put into the media even if that means people cannot be prosecuted or children are at risk? i.e. suspected paedophiles are being covertly monitored to gather evidence by recording conversations, email traffic etc to enable them to be prosecuted. If that investigation was put into the media it would stop the paedophiles being prosecuted and hence stop the protection of children?

  26. Regardless of any request by the McCanns for the British Embassy to include the contact details of their 'investigators' on the Embassy website, it is completely wrong that these 'investigators' contact details are there. Only the PJ police details should be present. How can the British Embassy condone information bypassing the official police authority. I will make a complaint and hope others do too.

  27. Wikileaks «leak» announced on twitter to start at about 10pm - [Live] Statelogs: Un nouveau monde? http://owni.fr/2010/11/27/wikileaks-statelogs-live-application-assange-diplomatie/

  28. Regarding the second video @25

    «Please note: This is a full uncut version of the video primarily intended for research purposes. See http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5rXPrfnU3G0 for a short and concise version with added context.
    Wikileaks has obtained and decrypted this previously unreleased video footage from a US Apache helicopter in 2007. It shows Reuters journalist Namir Noor-Eldeen, driver Saeed Chmagh, and several others as the Apache shoots and kills them in a public square in Eastern Baghdad. They are apparently assumed to be insurgents. After the initial shooting, an unarmed group of adults and children in a minivan arrives on the scene and attempts to transport the wounded. They are fired upon as well. The official statement on this incident initially listed all adults as insurgents and claimed the US military did not know how the deaths occurred. Wikileaks released this video with transcripts and a package of supporting documents on April 5th 2010 on http://collateralmurder.com»

  29. Please do not forget the sequence of events prior to Ellis becoming British Ambassador to Portugal:

    Ambassador John Buck was British ambassador to Portugal from 2004 to 2007.
    (The extraordinary assistance given the McCanns from DAY ONE by the British consulate / Foreign Office has been discussed at length elsewhere.)

    In May, 2007 - "just days" after Madeleine disappeared, a memo was sent "from the Algarve" to the British Foreign Office by an unnamed "diplomat" in Portugal, warning the Foreign office of concerns regarding the McCanns and warning of the risks of publicly siding with the McCanns.

    Quote: "With the greatest respect, I would like to make you aware of the risks and implications to our relationship with the Portuguese authorities, if you consider the possible involvement of the couple. "Please confirm to me, in the light of these concerns, that we want to continue to be closely involved in the case as was requested in your previous message."

    The memo was sent in response to an order sent by the London Foreign Office the "previous day" commanding embassy staff to provide all possible assistance to the McCanns and that the McCanns had to be "accompanied at all times by a member of consular staff or by British police officers sent out from the United Kingdom" during any contact with the Portuguese police.

    The author of this memo was a diplomat who had been "sent to Praia da Luz" and who had immediately doubts about the McCanns due to what he considered to be inconsistencies in their testimonies and "confused declarations" as to the whereabouts of the McCanns and their friends on May 3. The author refers to the McCann's lack of cooperation with the Portuguese police and mentions instructions "from London" that consular staff "overstretch their authority and put pressure on Portuguese authorities."

    This memo (routed through the British diplomatic mission in Brussels) was leaked to the Belgian newspaper La Dernière Heure and published on December 3, 2007. The Belgian article also stated that it was highly significant that almost all of the diplomats involved at the outset had been taken off the case and that Portuguese detectives believed it was possible Madeleine died as the result of an accident on May 3 and that her parents hid and later disposed of her body with the help of their friends.

    Kate McCann was declared an arguida on May 7, 2007.
    Gerry McCann was declared an arguido on May 8, 2007.
    The McCanns left Portugal and returned to the UK on May 9, 2007.
    Alexander Ellis was named as an immediate replacement to Ambassador John Buck on May 10, 2007.

    Change of Her Majesty's Ambassador to the Portuguese Republic
    10 Sept. 2007
    Press Office, Downing Street (West), London SW1A 2AL
    Mr Alexander Ellis has been appointed Her Majesty's Ambassador to The Portuguese Republic in succession to Mr John Buck who has left the Diplomatic Service. Mr Ellis will take up this appointment with immediate effect.
    Full Name: Alexander Wykeham Ellis Married to: Maria Teresa Adegas
    2005 - 2007 European Commission, seconded as Adviser to the President of the European Commission
    2003 - 2005 Madrid, Counsellor, Head of EU and Global Issues Team
    2001 - 2003 FCO, Head of Enlargement Team, EU Directorate
    1996 - 2001 UK Rep Brussels, First Secretary, Economic, later Institutions
    1992 - 1996 Lisbon, Third later Second Secretary
    1990 - 1992 FCO, Southern Africa Department

    It is my opinion that Alexander Ellis was willing to toe the line demanded by the Foreign Office and that there is reason to believe that John Buck was NOT willing to be a part of the cover up.

    So, I agree with you, Joana - good riddance to yet another British government pawn, willing to sell his soul to advance his career. Portugal is better off without him. It will be interesting to see who they find to replace him.


    I suppose withholding those books, in spite of a decision by three senior judges, might have cost Madame Duarte the presidency of the Supreme Council of Lawyers.

    I was one of those (following a tip a commentator left in this blog) who wrote to the Minister of Justice of Portugal and the Order (including other candidates) drawing their attention to the contempt of court showed by Isabel Duarte and, as the barrister for the McCann suspects, how that might reflect negatively in the image of Portugal abroad particularly if another patsy judge allowed the McCanns' to get away with the £1 million plus heist they are still dreaming of.

    She did manage to get a substantial number of votes and come second. G. Amaral should be worried...

    Which brings us to the subject matter of this posting...

    "So, I had a look in to the British embassies in Greece and in Spain, countries where a British child and a British teenager disappeared - you've read about those two cases connected to the McCann case - and unsurprisingly I couldn't find any link providing support to those parents in a similar fashion to the one that is being provided to the McCann couple since 2007 by the successive British Ambassadors, Consuls and diplomatic staff in Portugal".

    :h Thought-provoking isn't it...

    :e Bubble Gum

  31. @Anon 29
    "G. Amaral should be worried..." this is totally uncalled for.
    I do not think he should be worried.The law has proven to be on his side at least in one occasion and this is not the end of it.
    The only ones who should start to be worried are the mccanns

    @Viv 24
    Did you watch the vids Joana has posted?
    It looks like the D notice have been invented to protect murderers because what the US is and has been doing is MURDERING people.Massively.GO and see it for your very own eyes.
    It was largely time it was exposed.
    Yes,it has to do with security but CIVILIANS security,not the US security.
    Collateral damages? my @^&**!

  32. Hi Jo, Wikileaks clearly has to be applauded for releasing the video demonstrating gratuitous violence by barbaric US troops in Iraq. I found this very upsetting both to watch and listen to.

    Whilst there may be a place for DA notices, this is not it!

    I could not watch the first video, removed on copyright grounds.

  33. Update via http://owni.fr/2010/11/27/wikileaks-statelogs-live-application-assange-diplomatie/ - these are the Wikileaks "media partners"

    226 mémos sur le site dédié de WikiLeaks http://cablegate.wikileaks.org/

    27 documents sur le site du Guardian http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/series/us-embassy-cables-the-documents

    18 Statelogs sur le site du New York Times http://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2010/11/28/world/20101128-cables-viewer.html#report/

    17 télégrammes sur le site d’El Pais http://www.elpais.com/documentossecretos/ambito/internacional/

    Aucun document n’a été publié sur le site du Monde http://www.lemonde.fr/international/article/2010/11/28/wikileaks-dans-les-coulisses-de-la-diplomatie-americaine_1446078_3210.html#ens_id=1446075

  34. Viv @31 both videos given at @25 are still there, perhaps what you're getting is a youtube copyright message preventing you from watching that particular video - it happens sometimes; nevertheless you can still search youtube and other video sharing sites for similar titles to the ones given above - copies of those two videos abound in the net.

  35. Great news about I.D. I'm not sure about the reference to Madeira, "the District Assembly was suspended".

  36. Wouldn't it be great if some of the "diplomatic" documents related to the Maddie case showed up in Wikileaks? Any british whistleblowers out there...?

  37. Before this thread drifts away into Iraq and war involving civilians, and before people become terribly self righteous -
    1 It is a war
    2 In war dreadful things happen to all sorts of people

    Let the brits remember Dresden and Münster, let Germany remember Conventry, let Spain remember Garcia Lorca, let the USA remember Gettysberg, let every country which has ever been involved in a war remember what it did - always in the name of truth, or God, or freedom, or something.

    Can we now start talking about Madeleine McCann again please.
    We must all pool our collective intellectual resources to find her. There is no evidence that she has been harmed, only very strong evidence that she is being held in a Hellish Lair within 10 miles of PdL.
    At least I assume there is evidence, otherwise the highly respected retired Detective Inspector would clearly not have made that claim, and Mitchell would certainly not have allowed it to remain in the public domain, lest it cloud the issue and hamper the search.

  38. Thing is Peter, we can't talk about Madeleine McCann, we don't know much about the child, and we can't talk about the McCann Affair without perspectivating it within at least in three contexts, the political one, the media one and the criminal/legal one, and even then we have to look at it from two different point of views, culturally distinct which are the Portuguese and the British POV's. That's how I personally try to understand this case, the roles not only of the parents and Tapas friends but of all those who have intervened, including bloggers, journalists, etc; you can't dismiss the paradigms that «rule/model» our globalized society and expect to understand the McCann Affair - in my opinion, of course.

  39. But is it not Gerry McCann who has wanted to turn this case into a political issue and lose sight of the real evidence with his media circus?

    Sometimes it seems that we are playing into his hands by not sticking to the evidence in the case and the legal issues. But sadly the most fundamental one is there was insufficient evidence to form any specific charge against them in either jurisdiction. I do not believe that had anything at all to do with interference from politicians, it is the way Gerry planned it to be. He is smart enough to know that if you cannot prove in a court exactly what he did with her and where she went he cannot be prosecuted in either jurisdiction.

    But that is another major complicating factor in this case, laws and procedures are very different as between Portugal and UK but both somehow have to be applied to this case. There is never any procedure in UK for evidence to be revealed to the public in advance of any criminal prosecution. That is what so frustrates people IMO, but it is the hard reality, applicable in every case and it is what Kate and Gerry know very well and continue thrive on.

    I find it very interesting that it would seem there was a procedure in Portugal that would have enabled the evidence to remain under secrecy of justice but a decision was taken that in this case the evidence should be revealed, or at least some of it. What were the reasons for that decision? Could it have been to try and stop the McCanns from further cashing in on a crime that both Portugal and UK know full well they are responsible for? If so, given they are going ahead and publishing a multi million pounds book anyway it did not work. Would they have gone ahead with this had they not lost the case against Goncalo? I think there are moves against them behind the scenes to try and frustrate their plans, to me, nothing they have done so far could be labelled "success". They do not have this huge pot of money they can just use as they please, always they must spend vast amounts living the lie they created, that must be a living hell IMO.

  40. 35. I was thinking that too. But that would be too much fun...

  41. 35, this is what I was about to write and ask.
    Who knows Wikileaks will find out what happened to Madeleine and tell us where her body can be found.
    The whole world is reading Wikileads at this moment.
    They could warn people about the fund and about the conclusions of the Portuguese police.

  42. I hope the wikileaks one of this days went on Maddie saga. It is a global crime touching many countries and almost all the houses of the planet. How many of us had to calm down our childs because they were afraid of a bungle man that could come in the night, from nowhere, snatch them from their beds and disappear leaving no traces? How many of us spare some money from our mortgages to pay the mccann's mansion? How many of us travelled attentive in airports, trains, buses, etc, just in case that a little girl with an eye defect bumped on our day?
    Madeleine was so global, as Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, the Dafour, the Haiti or any earthquake followed by a tsunami anywhere. It deserves a close interest of the Wikileaks because touch the life of all of the childs in the world. If one was prevented to achieve justice and the police in charged of the investigation said that half of the investigation was not done, we want and need to understand WHY?!. Why a Fund was allowed to raise money but an official investigation was kept in standby?
    I believe, in many documents leaked to the site, some must have information related with Madeleine. I hope the tentacles of the Octopus did not touch the Wikileaks, buying their silence.

  43. Disturbing the news in most of the Portuguese papers today, including Correio da Manha:

    "Asfixia bebé e enterra-a em quintal"
    "Escondeu cadáver do filho em mala"
    "Casal contrata gang para atacar o filho"

    Really disturbing and proving that most of the time, the childs were victims of their own family. News that the Mccann's and their lawyers were not happy to read.

  44. Mccann's can't sleep: "PSD pondera reabrir Caso Camarate". 30 years after...

  45. @Anon 41

    "I hope the tentacles of the Octopus did not touch the Wikileaks, buying their silence."

    The mccanns are small fish for Wikileaks :d
    So far, noone has been able to buy Julian Assange and I do not think the mccanns how clever they might be will ever reach this
    Of course now if they wish for a mediatic suicide they could try to buy him,it is entirely up to them.

  46. The Christmas is almost there and the AMAZING PARENTS did not deliver yet to our houses how will be their Christmas. How the kindly twins will buy once again a present to their sister.

  47. [url=http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_w-8JKaTohe4/TPVMLmt5UpI/AAAAAAAAePY/TpTkRVV923o/s1600/isobel_duarte_beijo_da_morte.jpg]Isobel Duarte beijo da morte.[/url]

  48. Wonder if the 'abductor' signed up for an 'account of the truth' as a present for the 'unharmed' Madeleine. After all she is the central figure in her parents' book. Poor child.
    I'll never understand why any right-minded human being is thinking that Madeleine is still alive now her parents wrote this book.
    But maybe that's the whole point, the book is the McCanns' official closing of their so-called search, a justification towards themselves, the twins and the rest of the world, they've done everyting possible ostensibly and nobody is helping them. So end of story.

    Thank you Joana for everything you do, you are just great.

  49. 7 months ago:

    Kate and Gerry McCann "We have clues and we will ask for the reopening of the process"

    "Do you dream about her?"

    KM - "I've only dreamt with her three times. Very real dreams, where I was holding her in my arms. Strange, isn't it?"

    Yeah...ever so strange to dream about your disappeared child.Thats not normal is it?No,no for kate mccann it is "strange"


    Na...finally theyve changed their mind: they are writing a book.
    Himself watch out for a job! They might want you to do some illustrations :c


    ...from Lusitania, which brings us to Britannia and her insular prejudices. Touch one of their tribe and the hair on the back of their necks reflexively stands to attention...

    ...an indicative of how much of a publishing success the McCanns' thriller "Madeleine and the Hound of the Baskervilles" is going to be.


    Read all about Eddie's fart... sex, lies and no-videotape... CSI wannabe FSS... Inspector Closeau and the Portuguese connection... the Omelette Man...Ms. Tanner made in Portugal defective contact lenses...and much more. I am placing my order. Don't get me wrong I would have done the same for Jack The Ripper's autobiography...


  51. Amazing, Kate Mccann book is placed side by side with books related with Shannon Mathews, Jessica and her friend murder " Beyond the Evil" and some other books related with serious crimes, dead people and Psychs.
    Since I believe, Amazon have done a private investigation in the case before accepting selling it and had to follow a criteria to pile their books and classify them, that classification is revealing a lot about how they buyed the abduction Theory.
    Kate and Gerry spent 3 years saying that their girl was not harmed at all. they said she is alive and in the good care at the hands of a Paedo.
    Amazon is contradicting them. Madeleine story must fall on the group of serious crimes, serious harm and death.
    And Amazon is telling us that the story is "no fiction". Shannon, jessica and her friend were real childs in real crimes.
    The Mccann's cannot do better: For each digg, they got a worm. They are building their END.
    I agree with a previous post that said that the Mccann's book was their last attempt to close the case forever, for public eyes. They want to fade and live at the expenses of the book without being bothered with Media or the Net, without asking donations. They want to dismiss their lawyers and PR teams. The book was the strategy.
    I believe their strategy is not going to work. The public is far away from the stupid stamp they put on it. Madeleine will be in Blogs, Sites and in some Media for many years. A Karma created by the Mccann's that will leave them with a job for the rest of their life's -Feeding the public. If not voluntarily, obliged by the circumstances that will always connect them with a child who was prevented to achieve justice by her own parents.

  52. The UK government is to publish a draft Bill to modify UK libel law including defamation by next July. The aim is to prevent the law being used to prevent legitimate freedom of speech by intimidating commentators with threats of high libel case costs and make it easier to defend freedom of speech. Also to establish a 'public interest' defence. A consultation will include the groups who campaign to change the libel laws. Source BBC Parliament.

  53. 50, Amazon should place it under fiction.

    Interpol is searching for the creator of Wikileaks.
    Why aren't they searching for the right people?
    We know at least 10 names.

  54. Mr. Assange wanted for alledged sex assault...true or false...? The USA want to get him at all costs...

  55. @Anon 52

    I agree.Is Julian the "most wanted" man on earth "before" or "after" Bin Laden???
    They cant search for the right people because they are part of it themselves:they would have to do "self arrest"

    I have contacted Wilkileaks over the mccanns.Dont know if they will answer but the info has been sent.We can understand that the mccanns are nothing compartively to the rest or may be just a part of the capitalist ideology: with power and money one can do anything,right? killing is one of the "things"

  56. anonymous @ 53 please watch video, and video and video and/or the following video playlist.

  57. Amazon


  58. From #53,
    Thank you for those video links, Joana! Ver enlightening...it seems the US are using others to do their dirty work...(what else is knew...?)
    "por portas e travessas"...

  59. Wikileaks Reveals a Government Caught Up in the Mendacity of Lies
    Politics / US Politics
    Dec 02, 2010 - 03:44 AM

    By: Paul_Craig_Roberts

    "The reaction to WikiLeaks and its founder, Julian Assange tells us all we need to know about the total corruption of our “modern” world, which in fact is a throwback to the Dark Ages."


  60. Joana
    Could you help me please? I got an e mail from belem@presedencia.pt I don't understand it, It is called; Assunto: Uma Voz por Madeleine
    Do you know who it is from and is it ok?
    Many thanks

  61. yep, me too, I'll upload my PDF and translate it in 5 minutes.

  62. @Jen 58
    Thanks for the link

    (...)And Americans wonder why the rest of the world hates their guts(...)
    Same with the mccanns who have become a symbol that represents the putrid capitalist ideology which I believe most of us here totally are against and/or deeply dislike because it goes against all democratic principles.The mccanns have tried hard but not hard enough: the truth will always WIN.They had a samck around the neck trying to silence him and it did NOT work.
    It wont work anymore and they refuse to see this because they are THICK.
    There is a paralelism between GA and Aussange: both are saying the truth and people want to silence them.
    They want Aussange to be killed,as simple as that...bloody hell! WHO do "they" think they are?

    What is happening right now thanks to that man,Julian Assange is very very important for us,citizens of the world:it gives us power and people will take advantage of it: we must and will ask our governements to bring changes,I mean real changes.Otherwise,I can foresee a global revolution

  63. Assange lawyer speaks

    by Melbourne barrister James D. Catlin

    Apparently having consensual s-x in Sweden without a condom is punishable by a term of imprisonment of a minimum of two years for r-pe. That is the basis for a reinstitution of r-pe charges against WikiLeaks figurehead Julian Assange that is destined to make Sweden and its justice system the laughing stock of the world and dramatically damage its reputation as a model of modernity.


  64. Is the story actual still? I looked through some news, but nothing new. I think that in some years it could be an interesting precedent for essays and research papers in universities. If the mankind would still remember about.


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