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McCanns are in Lisbon (again)...

....to meet with the Portuguese authorities, with the Judiciary Police? To do a reconstruction? To reopen the process? A big round: No! The couple are meeting Lift Consulting's Executive Director Cláudia Nogueira, their PR team in Lisbon owned by Santiago da Cunha and their Portuguese lawyer Isabel Duarte. We can only guess what strategies will be drawn today, though with hindsight we can fairly say their plans will not include any real action to reopen their missing daughter's process and will likely include a few meetings with the “sardine munching” media. Oh, and perhaps one or two encounters with their rent-a-cops and rent-a-mercs...

Maddie parents are in meetings today in Lisbon
by José Manuel Oliveira

Gerry e Kate McCann, Maddie's parents, are travelling to Lisbon today, to have meetings with their work teams, namely their lawyer Isabel Duarte and their PR agency directed by Cláudia Nogueira. The McCanns presence in Lisbon comes a few days after the British couple launch of an online petition seeking to pressure the Portuguese and United Kingdom authorities to review the process of Maddie's disappearance, in order to gather new elements that may allow its reopening by the Public Ministry. In their coming to Lisbon, Gerry and Kate McCann will grab the opportunity to give interviews to the Portuguese media. At the end of the day, they are likely to return to the town of Rothley, in northern England, where they live. Madeleine disappeared on the night of May, 3 2007 in Praia da Luz, Lagos, whilst her parents dined with friends at a restaurant.

in Diário de Noticias 10.11.10

McCann appeal to the Supreme Court in order to annul Lisbon's Appellate Court Ruling over Gonçalo Amaral's book [had to rewrite the title, which is totally gibberish copied from Lusa news agency, original title: Madeleine: McCann recorrem para o Supremo da anulação de proibição da venda de livro de Gonçalo Amaral, verbatim translation follows]

Lisbon, 10 nov (Lusa) at 20:12 - The McCann couple has appealed to the Supreme Court of Justice over the Appellate Court decision annulment of the prohibition to sell Gonçalo Amaral's book: “Maddie, The Truth of the Lie", stated today the lawyer of the parents of the child who disappeared in the Algarve.

Isabel Duarte, Gerry and Kate McCann lawyer, guaranteed that the appeal has been delivered to the Supreme Court of Justice on November 5, requesting the annulment of the decision made by the Appellate Court in Lisbon on the 19 of October.

In the appeal, the lawyer argues that the Appellate Court “has not taken in consideration facts, which along the process [I presume the process is the one relative to the book & documentary banning, and the silencing of a Portuguese citizen amongst other targets of the McCann injunction] were never put in question" and she stressed that “those elements were not analysed” by the Appellate Judges to overturn the decision of the Civil Court of Lisbon following the injunction made by Madeleine's parents.

in Visão [Press Release by Lusa News Agency] 10.11.10


  1. Leaving children at home alone

    At what age can I leave my child at home on their own ?

    There is no legal age limit for leaving a child on their own, but it is an offence to leave a child alone if it places them at risk. Parents can be prosecuted for neglect if they leave a child unsupervised ‘in a manner likely to cause unnecessary suffering or injury to health’ (Children and Young Person’s Act).

    How mature is the child?

    The most important factor to consider is how mature the child is. For instance, it may be fine to leave a very mature or ‘grown up’ 12 year old alone for a day while you are at work, but not a 13 year old who is not mature. The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC) advises that :-

    children under the age of thirteen are rarely mature enough to be left alone for a long period of time
    children under the age of sixteen should not be left alone overnight
    babies, toddlers and very young children should never be left alone

  2. People they are meeting would suggest libel is coming up and strategies need to be worked on.

    I like reporter sense of humour saying mccanns will take the opporunity to give interviews to Portuguese media...I cant't for them to open their mouth! It will be all about ME ME ME...and Maddie relegated to back burners since day one.

    Both the mccanns attending the meeting, must be very serious discussions. If they were to lose libel, its over for them.

    No one will believe their spin not after the response from Theresa May via Anne Widdecombe (sp).

  3. Just as we were expecting, No request for re-opening of the case then??

    Enough said!

  4. Kate McCann criticises Theresa May http://goo.gl/s1o0s by Ann Widdecombe

    KATE McCann accuses Theresa May of doing too little to find her missing daughter.

    Her emotion is understandable but her attack on the Home Secretary is misplaced.

    The ball is firmly in the court of the Portuguese authorities, not the British ones.

    Our politicians can comment and make representations but they cannot overrule the decisions of the Portuguese, who in turn have said they will act if new evidence is produced.

    The Government is not, as Kate McCann puts it, giving up on Madeleine but rather is accepting its limitations over a crime that happened in another country and which is subject to another jurisdiction. Mrs May deserves credit for meeting these distressed parents, not criticism for making her own judgments about what she should then do.

  5. Oh course CM is on a very strange path - they don't what the case reopened, they don't want old ground covered, there is no queuing or banging at the doors by their friends supporting them and offering to make it back for the reconstruction

    Review means, review of what you already have, rather than reopen the whole.

    Becareful what they wish for.


  6. My sympathy is with Madelaine(sic)
    Published Date: 10 November 2010

    As the McCann saga once again rears its ugly head in the sad case of their daughter Madelaine (left) and her disappearance on 3 May 2007 one can only sympathise. But in my case all my sympathies are for the missing daughter herself.

    Clarence Mitchell, who was in charge of the donating thousands offered to the McCanns is thrilled with the number of people offering their support, and so he should be.

    But now the cupboard is once again bare he will be hoping for more wealthy donors.

    Both Gerry and Kate McCann are doctors and should at least bear part of the burden, after all it was they that left their three children alone at night in an unlocked apartment.

    As a parent myself I feel a lot of sympathy, especially for Maddie who, along with the others should at the very least have had some sort of supervision.

    We have all, at sometime or other, been on holiday with our children and gone out at night but, if failing to take them with us, we made sure we had an appropriate baby sitter.

    So, while I can feel for the McCanns I can feel more, a lot more, sympathy for Maddie and cannot help wondering if all this re-opening of the hunt for Maddie is at the very least pricing the consciences of the parents Kate and Gerry McCann.

    If not, it should certainly do so.

    Donald Leach


  7. What a collection of f***heads! God give me patience...

  8. Gosh! the artillery is in place isnt it? More puking PR stuff coming up....Germany,then UK,then Portugal....they want the remaining files and this is why they are in portugal.Nothing more nothing less.Its crystal clear.

    "an online petition seeking to pressure the Portuguese and United Kingdom authorities to review the process of Maddie's disappearance, in order to gather new elements that may allow its reopening by the Public Ministry"

    But they are so arrogant they dont even think of a remote possibility they wont have them: what the mccann want,they must have but NOT this time.
    On the other han,the people who are sucking the fund,PRs,lawyers and others,the ones who also do the thinking for them,I agree, with Anon 2, are looking at `possible libel and court cases.So far noone has done anything "wrong" nor disturbed the mccanns royal peace.
    About the PROPER re-opening of the case,not a peep: only a review but this wont do.....and they know it

  9. How interesting that.... after having them bleating and their faces plastered over the UK papers and TV last week.... there is not ONE mention in our wonderful UK media that the uber couple are in Portugal today.

    Thanks as always Joana - without you we would be blind, deaf and dumb.


  10. I found this on the NSPCC website. To me it is clear that leaving a small child unsupervised alone in a house,flat, holiday apartment - constantly leaving your child alone as mentioned, it is neglect. I as a parent I did not need to read up on this, I know this is not taking proper care of ones child, why didnt the Mc Canns knew this? Yet they ask for money to pay for her search. It is as bad as abuse, but no they became celebrities. Is there anyone on this planet that can please put a stop to these people. I feel so sad for this little girl.

    • Never leave your baby or
    young child home alone,
    not even for a few minutes, regardless
    of whether they are sleeping or awake.
    The risks and dangers are too great.
    Did you know?
    There’s no legal age limit for leaving
    a child on their own, but it’s an offence
    to do so if it places them at risk.
    Parents can be prosecuted for neglect
    if they leave a child unsupervised “in
    a manner likely to cause unnecessary
    suffering or injury to health”.
    (Children and Young Persons Act*)
    *Children and Young Persons Act 1933 [England
    and Wales], Children and Young Persons
    (Scotland) Act 1937 and Children and Young
    Persons Act (Northern Ireland) 1968
    What is neglect?
    If you fail to meet your child’s basic
    needs, such as food and warm
    clothing, or constantly leave your
    child alone, this is known as neglect.
    Neglect is as serious as other forms
    of child abuse because the effects can
    be just as damaging and long-lasting.

  11. and i really thought they were in lisbon to request the case be re-opened for madeleine sake,what a fool i was to think they would put madeleine first for a change

  12. It sounds to me the McCanns are not there to request the case be re-opened of course, more likely to proceed with their libel case.

    I was tremendously thrilled to read the comments in the Mail a couple of days ago and see all the "green" arrows. There was a time not long ago these comments would have been pulled.

  13. What I would like to know is WHY didn't/ haven't Madeleine's parents and Grandparents/Aunt's/Uncles come to that, downsized their homes to help pay for the search for Madeleine if they believe she is 'alive and findable'???
    Silly question I suppose?

  14. Am sure Joana will be able to give us a proper translation - but i see it is being reported in Portuguese press this evening that

    "About the decision of the Court of Appeal set aside the prohibition of sale of the book of Gonçalo Amaral - "True Lies" - the little McCann remained silent. . According to Gerry, the book suggests that Maddie is dead, when there is evidence pointing in that direction. Isabel Duarte, a lawyer for the McCanns, said: "The appeal to the Supreme [Court] was delivered on the 5th of November" and that if the decision of the Court of Appeal be retained, the solution will appeal to international courts. "

  15. I sent the following to Teresa May 2 days ago.

    Dear Right Honorable Teresa May,

    I am pleased to hear that the PJ in Portugal are possibly going to reopen the Madeliene McCann case. All the McCanns need to do is send a letter from their solicitors in Portugal to the PJ confirming their interest in the re opening. My concern, and I am sure that you are well read on the case, is that the McCanns seem to only want a transparent review, why many ask. They want to know all the information held by the PJ and Leciester Police, I remind you there was already a court case in which the McCanns sought all documentation from Leciester police, they did not recieve all. Niether has all documentation by the PJ been put in the public domain either. I ask you why are the McCanns so special that they can demand to see all information regarding the investigation? Why have they been allowed to open and continue to run a fund that has almst used 2,000,000+ pounds that all though it roughly subheads where the money supposedly went, but little back up to prove it. Once again the McCanns are out with their begging bowls, when over this this past year or two(see C4 interview-The Fund) they could have at any time, requested the case be reopened, this is free and would not require a fund, publicity agents,top rank lawyers for protection and of course suing others (such as the ex head police officer Dr Amaral) May I remind you the McCanns were never formally cleared, the were released from aguido status when the case was tempory shelved through their, and the rest of the holiday team, refusal to take part in a reconstruction, and for Mrs McCann to answer the 48questions. These 2 items assist in the search so why did the McCanns and their friends refuse. If your child is missing one takes every step possible that may assist in finding that child. Meanwhile the McCanns have blamed everyone for lack of action, the PJ,the UK government,Leciester Police, your good self, and others. Many are pleased that the sensitive report the Home Office has was not handed over to them. It is not normal proceedure, for confidentail files to be handed over to what were suspects, or anyone apart from the proper authorities. The petition the McCanns are running on the internet, gives false information, email addresses are not verified, and people sign as anonymous. All this is a waste of time, a deflection of what should have been done a long time ago, especially as they have been in Portugal many times to attend court in the Banning of Dr Amarals book, and now they await a liable case in which they intend to sue him for 1.2,000,000 millions of euros. The McCanns have been all over the newspapers and on TV, stating no one is actively searching, only them. The power to reopen this case has all along been in their power, help the Portuguese Polce with their enquiries, and ask for the case to be reopened, instead of throwing good money after bad (none of it theirs) After all they have nothing to to hide?? The police are experts in their field, and have many facilities, the McCanns are not. For sure the McCanns will not apply for the letter to be sent, and will continue bleating of a review.People in the UK are tired of hearing them blame all but themselves, after all it was them that left 3 children under 4yrs alone night after night. I sincerly hope the investigation is reopened and that you offer some help from the English police, but that all the documentation is kept confidential, and the McCanns do not get control over it. The request for money can then be shelved as currently people are suffering enough financially.
    I do hope you take the time to read this, I am sure your extremely busy, but I thank you in advance.
    name removed for obvious reasons.
    I do not expect a reply.

  16. Anonymous #13
    This is what reasonable families would do.
    The McScams are the opposite.

  17. So they are appealing the unbanning of the book! To the supreme court! And if they don't win - straight to European court.

    I said this legal case would take at least ten years. Seems I might well be absolutely right.


  18. What I would like to know also anonymous at no 13 is why the grandparents, friends and family and members of the holiday party haven't made a direct appeal too re the petition and at any other time when they have been 'campaigning'. Very odd.

  19. After 3 ½ years the McCann’s are still trawling the TV studio’s of Europe. They’re currently in Portugal to attend the usual round of media interviews and (of course) to see lawyers and image consultants. The McCann’s continue to beg for money and demand action from others BUT it is they who refuse to take the necessary action to have the case REOPENED. No need for a review, petition or more donations. Just ask the Portuguese to reopen the case and agree to cooperate - it’s free. Why won’t they?

  20. What they won't do to keep their noses clean and Dr Amaral's mouth shut?

    Where is Madeleine in all of this charade ?

  21. Poster 10 BRILLIANT post ,its just unbelievable to me,that it still isn,t a crime to so many ,many people ,that leaving babies to babysit themselves is accepted as "the norm"!!!!!!crazy world we,re living in.Just dreading the verbal slime that will be sprouted during this "visit" by that despicable pair.

  22. On Blacksmith's Bureau - If it's not...: «[excerpt) (...) the “untrue” statements that the McCanns made about the checking were the very ones that members of the seven had agreed when they created the timelines in discussion with Gerry! If he lied then, as night follows day, they must have lied too, since both in their Portuguese and UK police interviews they gave exactly the same checking times as the McCanns.

    Can we have our damages back?

    Well might those newspapers ask. But more important is the gradual unfolding of the truth, the way it is slowly tightening around the group. They will never get peace unless they voluntarily explain their actions, and their lies, to the Portuguese police: there will always be another hearing, another court, another ex-policeman getting closer to the mystery of their collusion.

    Until the inevitable happens we can only go on asking, and ask readers to repeat in their turn:

    Why won’t you go back? What stops you?»

    On Spudguns' Spoutings - The McCanns Chief SUSPECT Now let's FIND him!: « [excerpt] (...) given the predilection of the McCann’s, their PR ‘persona-non-grata’ Clarence Mitchell, together with their friends, lackeys and supporters for INSISTING that any investigation is to concentrate SOLELY on the factors that THEY want concentrating on; PLUS of course, the PJ’s inability to be anything other than the “bungling Porto plod”; I thought it important that the investigators should be reminded and refreshed regarding the CHIEF SUSPECT whom they should be seeking.

    By way of guidance to this suspect, I feel it only fair and appropriate to “concentrate”, solely on the ONLY witness whom Team McCann and the British Media elect to believe and trust. (...)»

  23. I just hope that a Portuguese Interviewer will ask them "Since when has it been normal for the police to hand over files to the prime suspects in a case"? I want to scream when they keep saying they want access to information and no one even challenges such utter tripe. At least the Portuguese Interviewers have more balls than the English ones.


  24. The mccanns are playing a VERY DANGEROUS GAME with this book banning,WHY havent they asked for the case to be re-opened like gerry said he would surely he would do this for madeleine.what on earth did madeleine do to get parents like this,the only real victim

  25. The McCanns are in Lisbon to find out what is best for them now and what can they do against Amaral and the three judges.
    They are not going to do what they said they will because they are patological liers.

  26. The child neglecting McCanns are still wanting 'a review' rather than a reopening, plus the Files handed to them so they can search for more 'leads'. Why is anybody surprised.

    Besides what they really want them for, those Files will be handy to dredge up yet more potential 'abductor' types, and spin more money into their bank account from the unsuspecting public. This couple have a one track mind. Bleat and beg, bleat and beg. It is sickening to watch, but now members of the public who know nothing but the brainwashing abduction spin are questioning why the McCanns don't sell their own house and cough up the money for searching.

    Water off a ducks back of course. The McCanns don't do things like spend their own money, why should they when they have got so used to spending other people's.

    Come on Portugal, REOPEN the case and make it clear to the public that the investigators believe Madeleine died in the holiday apartment. Pave the way for the publication of 'The Truth of the Lie' in the UK. That would be a great Christmas gift for those of us who don't believe the McCanns' abduction fairy story.

    As for the McCanns, HELL HATH NO FURY LIKE GERRY MCCANN THWARTED. It would be great to see.

  27. WHAT? Joana, you and me and all of us here can also get money from the IMF to pay our mortages.
    These people are not normal.
    Where did you read that?

  28. 26 kindly follow the link to that site and you'll understand...

  29. They didn't leave the children unattended. They had to pretend this to cover up M's death and disposal. Better be slated for neglect than what they would have been held responsible for.

  30. It's obvious that the McCann's latest scam to collect funds via the petition was an attempt to get as much money as possible to pay their media Company in Portugal, their solicitors in both the UK and Portugal and also to fund another of their never ending trips abroad, with ensuing interviews, photo sessions, etc, which all have to be paid for and don't come cheap. It seems they have a never ending source of income via the gullible people who believe every word they utter. How low can this couple stoop in the name of Madeleine!!

  31. They are in Lisbon to bargain for the costs incurred with their ill planned court case against Goncalo. I guess the Portuguese PR company must have a nice invoice to deliver to the couple. Add the costs of that dreadful lawyer, and the court costs. It will all add up to a small fortune. So, they are there to beg for a rebate, the poor McCanns. Remember, they are short of cash. Furthermore, Goncalo will soon be demanding damages for the banning of the book.
    They have to plan ahead, the crooks.

    Wonder why Mitchell has been so quite? Any thoughts?

    As for the interviews with the Portuguese press, I wouldn't start any fireworks.....yet!

  32. McCann pedem ajuda ao FMI, para sustentar as prestações da casa.
    JUST BRILLIANT. Kate "Jackson"

  33. How is the British press going to cover today's visit when they have been silent on the outcome of the McCanns' case against Mr. Amaral's book? I hope the McCanns are told by the authorities the case is being re-opened and they are detained immediately.

  34. McCann pedem ajuda ao FMI, para sustentar as prestações da casa.
    This cant be true!!! or else they"ve lost the plot and badly.
    They"re ready for the nuthouse

  35. It is hard to believe that even Isabella their lawyer can make sense of the McCanns.

    They have the opportunity to have the case reopened and worked on and they wont ask, but keep moaning on about a 'review', which is neither here not there.

    There can't be anybody who can fathom the logic of that because there isn't.

  36. Its about time those with the power to start getting tough with the McCanns, they are the ones in control,it shouldn´t be so. If they ask for that case to be opened,we all would be greatly surprised, as reason tells us if they havent done it in 31/2 yrs they aren´t gonna do it now. Hence the rutual again of appearing in the press, sob stories and fantasy, it will never go away McCanns, because someone will evetually solve this case, and even if it takes years wait till you brainwashed twins start reading the forums on the net.
    Whatever the true story of Maddie is, you do not act like loving parents,it´s all about you, the fund your publicity team blah blah. You were never cleared of suspicion even if you think you were, so dont give us more bull---- and get over and ask the case is reopened, only then will you prove your innocence, but you wont will you. More chance of drowning in a cup of tea. See kate was all done up for the photoshoot today....curtesy of the fund??

  37. Isabel Duarte talks of the possibility of a International Tribunal.
    Great, Gerry

    Great, Payne,

    now whole Europe will hear a lot about you both!

    Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Canada, USA.
    Media outside the UK will publish the whole case, including the complete statement of Mrs. Gaspar, not only the part we can find in Amaral's book and on Joana's.
    Yeahhhh, Gerry, the rest!, about you!
    Good news for Murat!
    I hope CNN and other American channels that broadcast to the UK will follow the process.
    Journalists can go to Algarve and read everything and publish them.
    What an excellent promotion for the Truth of the Lie!

  38. http://justice4mccannfam.5forum.biz/joana-leonor-cipriano-f29/thank-you-t3143.htm

    Posted today by leonor lawyer! Professional.

  39. So the McCann’s tried, and failed, to appeal the court decision regarding Amaral’s book. Their endless court actions have nothing whatever to do with the ‘search’ for Maddie, rather, it’s all about reputation management. To date, the fund money has been spent on a personal vendetta against Amaral, legal expenses, image control and dodgy detectives. The purpose of the petition, with it’s pop-up donation page, is a just another ploy to obtain more money from unsuspecting people to swell the kitty.

    The media have a responsibility to inform the public about what is going on in this case, and how the fund is really being spent but they sit back and allow people to be duped in this way. Why don’t the media enlighten the public? If the McCann’s want action they merely have to request Portugal to re-open the case. No need for a petition, donations or a review.

  40. MORE PR? Is that it?
    Please confirm!
    :o Pleeease! I am confused...

  41. The Appeal Court judges who recently issued judgement in favour of Dr Amaral will be aware the McCanns are still not requesting the reopening of the case or offering to cooperate with the investigators.

    The McCanns are doing themselves no favours. Bleating behind closed doors in the judge's chamber can only be tried once. Nor will they get another chance to meet the Pope. As for their pal Gordon Brown, where did he go? People do wise up and emotional blackmail is not going to work forever. The abduction fairy story will come to an end. The Truth of the Lie is getting known. The truth always does.

  42. @Anon 37

    Thank for the link although I believe you are very brave to go to that blog.Hopefully you are not sick right now.
    So the human shape called cipriano will NOT spend Xmas at home? aw....poor old thing!How sorry I am for her and her co-murderer,you have no idea.
    What is not clear is that the other human shape Marcos Aragão Correia is still free to walk around and about.I think it is greatly time to have him locked away dont you think? Or may be the portuguese authorities are just waiting for the mccanns to go in as well and make their commun stay more enjoyable??? The future will tell :c

  43. PR, BW or DC? I am confused!

    "Public relations or PR as it is often referred to, is a set of methods which can gain publicity and attention for an individual or an organization to limited or widespread audiences.

    "The exposure that public relations provides is channeled through third party sources which have acceptable and solid credibility so that the information disseminated will acquire legitimacy associated with the credibility of the third party source." (quote/unquote)

    Why call it "PR" and not "BW"? or in the McCanns' specific case "DC"? I am asking...

    :b I.M. Konfuzzed

    BW as in "brain-wash".
    DC as in "dry-cleaning"

  44. anon 28, absolutely agree!!!

  45. Joana! Could you kindly be a bit more selective with the pictures you publish here? I nearly had a heart attack laughing!

  46. Remember Isobel Duarte was not the MaCanns first choice legal representitive in Potugal,she was the first one to say yes, their were others Portuguese legal representitives asked, but they declined, WISE PEOPLE.

    Loved by nobody ! feared by nobody !

    D D Tits.

  47. let them go around. Their strategy did not work with Portuguese public. they will slip again in some interviews. Let them prepare their own grave.

  48. @41 - I've only been to that forum recently adn it's very enlightening once you kick away the tumbleweed!

    Nicked this from PT ex-pats forum
    "Gerry and Kate McCann, Maddie's parents, arrived in Lisbon today for meetings with their support teams, including the lawyer Isabel Duarte and the communications agency headed by Cláudia Nogueira. The presence of the McCanns in Portugal comes just days after the British couple launched an online petition to pressure the Portuguese authorities and those of the United Kingdom for a review of the case of the disappearance of Maddie, so they can gather new evidence to reopen the same by the prosecutor."

    Translation: Gerry and Kate McCann arrived in Lisbon today to consult with their lawyer, Isabel Duarte, on the advisability of an appeal on the overturning of the injunction in second instance.

    Alternative and more daring translation: Gerry and Kate McCann arrived in Lisbon today for meetings with their support teams, including the lawyer Isabel Duarte and the communications agency headed by Cláudia Nogueira to consult about how to react to th reopening of the case at the request of Amaral/Sargento."

  49. Anom 37

    Hi Lollipops! How are you doing? Still holding on to your guns? That shows resilience. I give you that. It also shows that you haven't yet read the PJ files and therefore remain misinformed.

    I went through that phase you are now until around July 2007. I respect your opinion but are you sure it is not something else? An obsession say?

    Now, I must however draw your attention to Dr. MAC statement in the article you referred to that "In Portugal, when a child disappears instead of deepening the investigation the police always points to the parents as the main suspects". There are two factual errors in this statement which makes me wonder who is paying Dr. MAC to say that. No allegations made.

    Error 1: Madeleine's was the "deepest" investigation EVER conducted in Portuguese soil. Unparalleled. Just imagined the number of poor children in Portugal that could have benefited from all that money spent on Madeleine - a privileged kid.

    Error 2: To consider the parents as first suspects is part of the protocols of any police force worth its salt. From the FBI to the PJ and Scotland Yard. It is even mentioned (I think) in "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Criminal Investigation". The problem was that the PJ did not at first consider the parents suspects. That's where the PJ error may have lied.

    Have a good evening "Lollipops". Truth will prevail and it will not be your fault if it turns out not to be on your side. You still get the consolation price: a signed copy of The Truth of The Lie (just a little joke).

    Jorge Ferreira

  50. Of course they are not there to ask for the re-opening of the case.
    They are there, because as Kate said the other day, they are the only ones looking for Madeleine.
    So now they are going to start looking.

    Clue: She is being held in a Hellish Lair less than 10 miles from PdL. Their No 1 Detective says so.
    Circle with radius 10 miles is a little over 300 square miles. Half of that is in the sea.
    So only 150 square miles. Local aerial photos should make a good start. They do have such things in the town halls here in Spain, to watch out for illegal building.
    A properly organised search team of the local scouts, volunteers, Tapasniks, and all the people who actually did the searching the first time round should cover it in a couple of weeks at most.

    So when are you actually going to start the search ?

  51. :m jmuck at 45

    I have a few corrections to make. It is not "Isobel" Duarte; it is Isabel Duarte. It is not "Potugal"; it is Portugal.

    That said, your assertion, lacks evidence (as usual). I am referring to the McCanns' ostensive choice of "Isobel" Duarte as their barrister...

    Prejudice cuts deep. I know...

    Sorry! Ruth is laughing hysterically...

    :k P.J. Tipps
    "Respected by many. Feared by a certain few"

  52. Gonçalo Amaral's response:


  53. "McCann pedem ajuda ao FMI, para sustentar as prestações da casa".

    Can anyone please translate this?
    What is the FMI?
    I went to that link but I'm none the wiser.. Thanks.

  54. 51, that is a joke, it is not true.

    "The McCanns ask for aid from IMF(International Monetaire Fund) in order to pay the mortages of their house."

  55. #47 wrote:

    "Gerry and Kate McCann arrived in Lisbon today for meetings with their support teams, including the lawyer Isabel Duarte and the communications agency headed by Cláudia Nogueira to consult about how to react to th reopening of the case at the request of Amaral/Sargento."

    The mention of Dr. Paulo Sargento made me remember that in the sequence of the McCanns on Oprah, were Maddie's comfort blanket was mentioned, Dr. Sargento wrote a letter to the portuguese Attorney General(PGR) requesting the reopening of the investigation. It had to do with the "destiny" of the said blanket, which was left behind on Madeleine's bed in 5A, it was photographed by the police, but it later vanished. However, on Oprah, it was said that Kate often asked herself if whoever took Madeleine was "giving her her blanket". Considering that "her blanket" was not taken along by the "abductor", it was on the bed when the police arrived, then, how could whoever has Madeleine be giving her her blanket??? The one that later disappeared (shame it was not taken by the police immediately on that night!), but it seems as mysteriously found its way to the hands of the abductor for him to give it to Madeleine (according to Kate)!
    To get to my point, as far as I'm aware of, to this day, Dr. Sargento never got a reply from the PGR, which makes me suspect that any requests made by Drs. Amaral and Sargento will be ignored too. Unless...the PGR resigns and gets replaced. Recently he went on sick leave, will he come back or will he be yet another one who has fallen under the "Mccann curse"...?

  56. International Monetary Fund - IMF, it's a joke, thus my previous comment to 26

  57. #50,


    I think it was an innocent mistake...don't get all worked up!

    Did you know that in Portugal the Queen of England is always named as Isabel II? Not Elizabeth II? We have the name Elisabete though...maybe it should be Elisabete II! Sounds weird...

  58. Ooops...mea culpa!
    P.J. Tipps, self-appointed typos police, please don't jump on my throath yet!

    In #54, were I wrote: ..."but it seems as mysteriously found its way to the hands of the abductor"...
    it should of course be "but it seems HAS mysteriously"...

  59. Is it just me or do Kate and Gerry always seem to go to Portugal out of season when there is less chance of British tourists being there. Smart move K&G just hope you like the taste of porridge along with your tapas friends. tick tock.

    Sick of the BS

  60. #51, as others have alredy explained it's a joke.
    In the last few weeks, the FMI has been on the portuguese news as "the boogeyman" that is lurking in the dark waiting to get its "claws" on Portugal (and Ireland too, it seems), due to the disastrous state of our finances. It is argued that if we don't get our finantial act together we will have no option but to get the FMI to come in and take over, and then we will truly be fu..ed!
    The McCanns claim their finances, aham...sorry, Madeleine's fund (yeah, right!) are in dire straits, maybe they will have to turn to the FMI too...?!

  61. Maybe we should all start flooding the FindMadeleine site with offers to join a voluntary search party to "leave no stone unturned" in those 10 mile radius in which their chief detective strongly believes Madeleine is being held!
    Surely they can't refuse...it's their own "very experienced" and "very much accountable for the spend, can justify every penny" Mr. Edgar who said so! Oh, and it won't cost "a penny", we'll do it for free!

  62. Joana, have you had a look at this?:


    It worried me, Isabel Duarte STILL is helding back Mr. Amaral's books, preventing them to go into the bookshops!

  63. joana,
    I posted a copy of my letter to T.May this evening but it hasnt appeared , I wonder if you recieved it or it is sitting in junk. Had strange things happening on the computer recently.!!

  64. Fernis 30, I hope you're right. The fireworks will likely start when Mrs. May agrees to extradite Mr. Halligen.

    The people in Britain should start a petition to have the McCann fund reviewed, it is paying for a large part of this circus.

    To follow:

    Halligen extradited

    Appeal court overturns Cipriano vs Amaral court decision

    Marcos Aragão Correia disbarred

    FBI investigating McCann fund.

    Money laundering and fraud charges brought against McCanns

    Madeleine case re-opened

    Portugal demands extradition of McCann couple to face manslaughter charges

  65. Did Lisbon prepare itself for that Pair of Liars!

    yeah, they so desperately wanted a review that they flown all the way to Lisbon to meet with their Image Guru - if people believe their review claim pigs could fly!

    They want nothing of that sort. Just more spin in the interim unless they sorted the 'unban' of the book. No way hosey they are going to get their way. Serves them right to having the audacity to take on police officer, Amaral, its as if they are taking on the entire PT legal system. Taking on Amaral is an insult to the PT legal system. Investigation process is just that.....they cant change it no matter how they nilly willy and use who as pressure to lean on PT...it wont work because the true matters.

    Isabel Duarte should look into the mirror and listen to herself - she speculated Amaral's book is about money. Her clients motive is transparent - 1.2M they want outright! IF it was about money Amaral could easily come up with another book, or now that the ban is unlifted he can published more and sell in USA.

    Refusing to release the books in her custody is childish and this coming from a lawyer is laughable. What's going to stop Amaral's pushlisher printing more and circulating freely globally? Even Isabel Duarte together with her mean and nasty clients has not power to do that!

    Dream on Isabel!

    The mccanns is cornered and desperate. The overturned was a big blown to their money from libel plan...

    NOt only that..the overturned means they are likely to lose the libel......that's why their desperation and these silly spin going to the extent of attacking Theresa May ! freking unbelievable,

  66. No doubt the McCanns' mortgage is well and truly paid.

    You know the saying 'start as you mean to go on', and how the McCanns were exposed as having been using the Fund money for their mortgage.

    So why should that change, the money is theirs to do with as they wish, they made sure of that in the small print.

    Seem to have forgotten to tell those donating though, also forgot to tell them there is no proof Madeleine was abducted and the real investigators believe she died in the holiday apartment and the McCanns were involved. WOOF, WOOF to that say the dogs!

    Having the 'arguido' status lifted when the case was shelved means nothing. The case can always be reopened and they can be made 'arguidos' again. Something else they haven't told the public.

    Those McCanns are obviously in complete denial. How convenient for them.

  67. They are deliberately delaying the libel trial.....dragging on indefinitely...which is costly to both sides......not that they care.

    Having said that the longer they drag the more cost to them...if they go to international and failed, I wonder what they are going to do with their libel case? They cant possibly withdraw after what they had done to hurt people.

  68. My Gosh... Is Gamble incharge of the FMI now? What a pair of jokes that couple.
    The twins must feel very embarrassed by having this two as parents.

  69. @60 good to have you here!
    It is the very effrontery and arrogance of these two schemers, - (running out of adjectives and adverbs for this pair) - to return to Portugal again and again, after all they have said and done. The beautiful people of Portugal let them land and take-off, let them enjoy their country and sunshine and the pair leaves, free every time to go back to their collection pot and the loyalty and generosity of the British (who help and still believe in their cooked-up, confusing story, inadvertently protecting them and their Tapas friends). I'm looking forward to the day when their coming and going will be restricted, when the authorities in Portugal say enough is enough, and they make their final landing in Portugal, to be incarcerated, put inside, be fed porridge as you say, together with their Tapas co-accused. Let us hope that this will be soon. To think that I even believed in their innocence in the first weeks of this child's disappearance but Dr Amaral's book made me see that it is clear that they are very busy with a huge cover-up and also, 'they protesteth too much', we have to witness their relentless griping and flagellating in public, these oh so demonstrative public appearances!! how long can this go on for. And I love how the dogs, who have given us reliable, faithful, sound information, have shown us the truth of this couple's lie. The title of Dr Amaral's book, so apt, says it all. This play acting and staging by this now notorius, infamous pair will be over soon, hopefully!

  70. So they are happy to be in contempt of court by not returning the 8,000 books as ordered. In defence of Duarte she is probably obliged to act on her clients' instructions although I would be dubious about putting oneself in contempt of court too.
    In an interview KM said it was usual to review cases in the UK - it isn't unless it is referred to this body, which as you will see is a very different animal

    I suppose now they will be on their way to the ECHR but that court only acts where all possible avenues of recourse in the home state have been exhausted - can that be said to be the case where an appeal is reported to have been filed 2 days out of time? I would rather doubt it.

  71. @ Anonymous 63 said:

    "Maybe we should all start flooding the FindMadeleine site with offers to join a voluntary search party to "leave no stone unturned" in those 10 mile radius in which their chief detective strongly believes Madeleine is being held!
    Surely they can't refuse...it's their own "very experienced" and "very much accountable for the spend, can justify every penny" Mr. Edgar who said so! Oh, and it won't cost "a penny", we'll do it for free!"

    I am an ex-Police officer, with particular expertise in criminal intelligence, Anon, and I offered my services to the McCanns to carry out a search of that very nature (at MY OWN expense) and never heard any more from them! Surprise! Surprise!

    Their days are most definitely numbered now, as I can detect the slow, but inexorable, march of Justice (both in the UK and Portugal) towards a suitable nemesis for the McCanns.

  72. ....... this picture of kate at the top of this page may remind us of what happens after 3 1/2 years of yarns, tales and porkies? Now they again drag their remaining two innocent children into more despicable proceedings. What has become of these people! They are fighting for their image? What image?

  73. Guerra @ 66,

    That list of yours is NICE. We are patient...

  74. Anon 74

    Could you please refrain from using the term "porkies"? It smells...

  75. Anon 60

    :m I am not as strict with sin and syntax as you might think.
    Ruth is.

    Yours faithfully,

    :k P.J. Tipps

  76. I have tried to put the same expression on my face as the ugly one depicted by Kate McCann in the collage for this article. It is really the most contorted ugly feeling in my face to force one side of my upper lip in that direction. It says this to my soul (what Kate is non-verbally saying: "I've really had enough of this charade"; "I wish I could be anywhere but here" "Just give us the money and get on with it" "I am superior to the rest of the human race" "There's no way you are going to get me so just give up already"

  77. @73 thank you for your post! The mccanns do not make sense to anyone because they are so busy fooling the public! What I do not get is: how is it possible that these two con-artists are allowed to continue in this way. Why is it that on both sides, Portugal and UK, these two people and their friends are getting away with ........? that is all we are left with, to think the worst has happened to this child. They are looking for scapegoats when they should question their own antics. It is so distressing to know that these people and their tapas friends are on the loose. They are a danger and what they are up to now can be repeated later. Why condone, overlook this behaviour of the mccanns? They obviously did not need you to help find their child because they know there is no need to go out anywhere. They know what they did and what happened.

  78. They are deliberately delaying the libel trial.....dragging on indefinitely...which is costly to both sides......not that they care.

    Having said that the longer they drag the more cost to them...if they go to international and failed, I wonder what they are going to do with their libel case? They cant possibly withdraw after what they had done to hurt people.


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