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The McCanns, The McCanns lawyer, The McCann book Trustee and a simple question

McCanns: Reopen the Case - Do the PJ Reconstruction, for your daughter!
McCanns: Reopen the Case - Do the PJ Reconstruction, cooperate with 
the Portuguese authorities and STOP this charade, for your daughter!

by Paulo Sargento | 10.11.10

It is widely known that the McCann couple was in Lisbon today, in a meeting with their legal representative, the Hon. Madam Lawyer Isabel Duarte, and, as far as I am able to tell, with the Director of the public relations company “Lifting”.

The McCann couple has launched an online petition for a review of the process, allegedly, because they know that “there is important informations, to which they do not have access, that are in the possession of the British and Portuguese authorities” [read below].

Now, this question is vitiated by an immeasurable fallacy: how does one assure the importance of information to which one did not have access? As far as it is known, the information the authorities possess about the case is either in the process or in the possession of the Public Ministry, to whom several suggestions were given regarding investigational steps to matters that were not carried out.

On the other hand, the figure of the process review in our legal system has, necessarily, criteria, which are not met in the case in question.

Finally, I would like to leave a few words concerning the attitude of Hon. Madam Lawyer Isabel Duarte.

Indeed, the most excellent Madam Isabel Duarte has every right to present the appeals that she deems adequate, though of doubtful admissibility, and even, of appealing to the European Court of Human Rights. She has the right, I repeat!

However, she has the duty, even more due to the fact of her being a candidate to the Supreme Council of the Bar Association, to comply with a ruling from a superior court, as is the case of the Appellate Court.

The Illustrious barrister is not, therefore, above the Law. Actually, it would be better not to go beyond her role as a Lawyer, like when she attempted, at least three times that I have witnessed, to influence the contents of television programmes where the subject of discussion was the Maddie case, recalling the injunction and the consequences of its disrespect.

As to the appeal (which would only be allowed under uniformisation of jurisprudence), what is left is to remember that it does not have any suspensive effect on the Appellate Court’s decision.

Thus, unless something has happened to the books that she has been entrusted with, I do not see why she does not return them.

Público's “travelling” article for reference: it changed from here to here, with several comments deleted in between. [Surely, it must be a requirement, to delete the sardine vox populi comments in order to get Team McCann pre-packaged press releases and short interviews with the McStarlets... you know, the ever distraught parents.]

«Kate and Gerry McCann are circulating a petition which they intend to use to make the English and Portuguese governments review the Maddie case. So far they have managed 31 000 signatures and intend to reach 100 000. In the press conference they gave this afternoon in Lisbon, Kate and Gerry have ensured that they will not lower their arms and that there are important informations, to which they do not have access, that are in the possession of the British and Portuguese authorities.

The McCanns believe the gathering of the data held by the English and Portuguese authorities will allow the discovery of what has happened to Madeleine, their daughter, who disappeared three and a half years ago. With the petition, that is available online and in paper, Kate and Gerry expect to get both the English and Portuguese governments to cooperate, gathering and analysing all the informations.

“If we don't have the help of the authorities, we will have to continue the search ourselves”, said Kate. Holding hands with stern expressions, the McCanns highlighted, several times during the press conference, their intention of not giving up until they know what has happened to Maddie, who would be seven years old today. “It's like being in a race and not knowing when it will end”, said Gerry.

Despite the “small investigation team”, financed by Maddie's Fund, the McCanns say that they are “restricted”, in the sense that they do not have “access to all the information the authorities have”.

Regarding the Maddie Fund, the McCanns guarantee that it is not over, despite the decrease in contributions that has been recorded. According to Gerry, the maximum has been done to get financial support. “Every month we have meetings to discuss ways to ensure money”, he explained. “If it wasn't for the fund, no one would be looking for Madeleine right now”, said Kate.

Regarding the Appellate Court decision of annulling the ban on the sales of Gonçalo Amaral's book – “The Truth of the Lie” -, the McCanns haven't said much. According to Gerry, the book “leads to believe that Maddie is dead, when there is no evidence pointing in that direction”.

Isabel Duarte, the McCann's lawyer, said that “the appeal to the Supreme (Court of Justice) was delivered on the 5th of November”. This is an exceptional situation, made possible, according to Isabel Duarte, thanks to raising a fundamental argument: “That this book was published and will continue to be published to make money and to deepen my clients pain, and to hinder the investigation relative to Madeleine McCann”.

In case the Appellate Court's decision is uphold, the solution will be to appeal to the international courts.

Gonçalo Amaral's book is not yet available on the market. “And it won't be”, stated Isabel Duarte.“I am the trustee of the book and whilst I am not forced to return it, I will not do it in any way, whatsoever. This while there isn't a final definitive decision.”»


  1. Blimkey hell, they are digging their own grave......

    now with ID muddling the water for them.......

    its getting worst.

  2. can some one tell the mccanns that if you want the authorities to help then you must help them,so why dont you return to portugal and DO the re-construction,ALSO wanting to know what else the authorities
    have in thier files not released to the public,i think as
    ex-arguidos who HAVEN NOT BEEN CLEARED you have a bluddy nerve.

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  4. “If we don't have the help of the authorities, we will have to continue the search ourselves”, said Kate. Wow kate! when you will become serious about this, how long still with your relentless lies.
    “Every month we have meetings to discuss ways to ensure money”, he (gerry) explained. We know you by now!! mccann
    Gonçalo Amaral's book is not yet available on the market. “And it won't be”, stated Isabel Duarte.“I am the trustee of the book and whilst I am not forced to return it, I will not do it in any way, whatsoever. This while there isn't a final definitive decision.”»
    Why has she now got the power whilst she is 'not forced to return it'?
    Will the Portuguese authorities please let us know why this can continue?

  5. In the UK this called Contempt of Court, is there an equivalent in Portugal ?

    Difficult to believe that a suchly high esteemed lawyer would be so contemptous to the Court, so I have to wonder if those books still exist to be returned.

    Presumably if anything untoward has happened to them, they will be required to recompense the publisher ?

  6. ID is simply BRILLIANT :c

    @Anon 1
    I disagree here: Its getting BETTER!!! :c

  7. Gonçalo Amaral's book is not yet available on the market. “And it won't be”, stated Isabel Duarte.“I am the trustee of the book and whilst I am not forced to return it, I will not do it in any way, whatsoever. This while there isn't a final definitive decision.”»

    Oh dear, she was the trustee whilst the temporary injunction was in place. There is now no temporary injunction the book ban was quashed therefore surely her status of trustee is disolved along with the temporary injunction.

    "The Illustrious barrister is not, therefore, above the Law. Actually, it would be better not to go beyond her role as a Lawyer, like when she attempted, at least three times that I have witnessed, to influence the contents of television programmes where the subject of discussion was the Maddie case, recalling the injunction and the consequences of its disrespect."

    Hmm could this be the reason the book ban is not being reported properly in the UK? Have lawyers implied to the UK press/media that the book is still banned and that the McC lawyer is still trustee of the book!

    Who do they think is going to take their Internet petition seriously? The link below explains about Internet petitions:

    'they are afforded only slightly more interest than a blank piece of paper'

    'the same person could have generated all of the signatures'


  8. Oh, my God, maybe it will turn out that they have indeed destroyed the books! When the injunction was granted there was mention of "pulping the books" in the media. Maybe they were so sure that no judge(s) would go against their demands that they went ahead and made sure not one copy was left!

  9. @3 some self-moderation please, use *** or &%&*?$. thanks

  10. Anon @ 6,

    What do you it's getting better?
    Surely the stupid way ID behaved is contempt of court and not helping mccanns?

    Or do you think she is just following clients instructions blindly? Surely as lawyer she has final say as to whether she wants to break the law covering mccanns arse?

    I wonder whether books are still there or destroyed?

    anon no. 1

  11. Isabella thinks she is the trustee of the book.

    Not any more you are not. Return to Dr Amaral the books and obey the law.

    If everyone behaved like you and your clients after a court ruling against them there would be complete chaos.

  12. Letter from Iberia
    It gives me no pleasure in stating this but as I have repeatedly commented the McCann’s left their children in danger and as a result of that their daughter is missing and probably dead.
    The Portuguese government removed the detective who was investigating the possible involvement of the McCann’s into their daughters disappearance, he was removed in such a manner that he had to resign.
    The McCann’s raised huge sums of money from public donations to supposedly search for their child but spent the money on employing lawyers etc and suing any one who disagreed with their distorted version of events.
    The Portuguese legal system not only did not prosecute them for endangering their children, they were afforded them a VIP exit from Portugal, complete with police escort.
    Once in Great Britain they commenced a vitriolic condemnation of all things Portuguese and all through this the Portuguese justices system and government did nothing.
    This has gone on and on and on the McCann’s are now back in Portugal, again they manipulate the system and brazenly not mention a reconstruction of the events that lead to their daughter’s disappearance and probable death.
    Once again the justice system does nothing about their missing and or dead daughter.
    Shame on you Portugal that you are incapable of bring justice for an innocent child and you let her parents who by their actions left her in danger continue to manipulate you in such away that normal law abiding people feel ashamed.
    Portugal and Justice two words that are not compatible

  13. If the books have been destroyed this so called 'trustee' can expect criminal charges to be brought against her.

    She had better come up with those books.

  14. Says I Duarte,"Gonçalo Amaral's book is not yet available on the market".

    Really? So how did I buy a copy recently at FNAC, Algarve Shopping Centre?

    Should I send her the receipt to prove my purchase?


  15. @Anon 11

    I am anon 6
    Its getting better because they are accumulating crimes and mistakes and it goes AGAINST them therefore its getting better.
    Their last one,a real pearl I must admitt, is contempt of court in respect of the books which ID is retaining and ID is NOT above the law even though she thinks she is.Yes,she is a very stupid woman, for following blindly her criminal clients

  16. @11. well i am one that hopes isabel duarte has destroyed the books,
    just think of all the money she will have to pay out or will the mccanns have to pay it out of the free for all the family fund

  17. @10,joana,sorry about my last post(3) but i am so ^%&*$£% angry that isabel duarte has not returned the books ,how on earth is she getting away with it

  18. @Anon 13

    Justice is a slow process.
    So far Portugal-in reference to the ban of the book- has proven they were applying the law : GA has recovered his right to freedom of expression.THIS is a very very important factor in the whole case or at least one of them and in FAVOUR of justice.
    We KNOW UNLESS the mccanns file a formal request to re-open the case the Portuguese authorities cannot do it.
    We also know the Portuguese authorities would re-open the case IF there were new evidence and in this case they would be able to by-pass the mccanns.But there is NO new evidence AND the mccanns are NOT willing to formally request the re-opening.
    I cant totally blame Portugal

    To Anon 17 & 11
    I dont think ID has destroyed the books -although I do wish she has- and if by chance she did then....its getting better and better (giving FREE ammunition to GA to sue her) :c

  19. “The Appeallate Court did not take into account that the book was made to make money, to deepen the McCann couple’s pain and to damage the investigation”

    So those are the grounds for the appeal?

    I'm no lawyer but it seems pretty bleak for the McCanns. The appeal of the appeal should go something like this....

    Judge. Snr Amaral did you write the book to make money, hurt the McCanns and damage the investigation?

    Amaral. No your honour. I wrote the book to help clear my name by showing that my conclusions were a logical interpretation of the facts gleaned from the investigation, based on 26 years of police experience (see appeal ruling). I want the investigation to proceed, my book only appeared in print after the case had been shelved. The shelving of the case was due largely to the fact that the McCanns and their freinds refused to co-operate with a reconstruction and answer questions (see achiving despatch). I will be delighted to help the process in any way I can. I have shown no malice whatsoever towards the McCanns, indeed I've expressed nothing but sympathy and understanding of their plight. They hope to make 1.2million euros from my book.

    Judge. Case dismissed.

  20. a) the Lisbon Appellate Court Judges has ORDERED on October 19, that Dr. Isabel Duarte, the trustee of the previously banned books, to RESTITUTE back those copies to the legitimate owner, i.e. Guerra & Paz book publishers;

    There has been a definitive decision: the ban was lifted and she was ordered to return the books
    ID is certainely breeching the law
    What an IDIOT!!! On top of this,she is saying that if the appeal to the Supreme Court is not granted,they will go to European Court.If she says this it is because she knows it wont be granted :c
    Lots of "pulping" in sight

  21. 18 no need to apologize, I understand your feelings ;)

  22. Wonder if there will be requests on E-Bay.

    Wanted Gonçalo Amaral's book – “The Truth of the Lie” buyer Is Desperate, needs to acquire 10,000 copies ASAP!

  23. The publisher needs to print more copies and get them on the market. When news get out in the UK--and it's just a matter of time-- this book will be a bestseller. Then sue the McCann team for the lost copies. But get the book on the market again.

  24. @ Zodiac :c

    May be there is a wholly innocent explanation for any material Isabel Duarte may or may not have kept??

  25. ECHR site


    It's the exhaustion of domestic remedies that seems to be an obstacle - how can you ask the ECHR to adjudicate when an appeal has been filed by your own omission (and not by a further human rights abuse in preventing you having recourse to such a court?). Seems a bit unlikely to be a popular view in Strasbourg and I couldn't see it getting past the first stage.

  26. Guys, just a thought. Seeing that the Mc Canns have this petition of 31 000 odd names to help them to get the case reviewed, why dont we start a petition that politely ask the Mc Cans to please call on the Portugese authorities to reopen the case. We state in the petition that we all ask of them to co operate in the investigation fully, beginning in asking to re open not review. Furthermore we ask them to co operate by attending a reconstruction, to answer all question truthfully. I mean if we can get thousands of names on petition like this, proper names not alias, and make it public when it is handed to them including a decription of what we asked for, then they will be in no position to say no they cant, no they wont. A petition from concern public for a fellow British citizen Madeleine. Whats your thoughts on this

  27. Dear Joana and the team here who run the site,

    Many thanks and congratultions on keeping all this information avaiable to all who are, or should be, interested, and that too, doing it without the aid of a paypal button! Kudos!

  28. #26 - the word I missed out was "late" i.e. when an appeal has been filed late by your own omission -doh!


    What's the matter with you people? Aren't you enjoying the show?

    If Madame Duarte is forced to pay compensation to Dr. Amaral for what seems a rather childish temper tantrum of hers the money will not come from her bank account nor yours...

    This is a McDonalds' sponsored event, remember?

  30. One question,is brian kennedy still bankrolling them (for life if nessesary so it was said)what is this money he is giving them for.
    to pay the lawyers,or to pay for the pi,s who are searching :-)) for madeleine,any help with an answer please.

  31. This is one time that i wish the express would tell the uk public what a money grubbing pair the mccanns are and report on the mccanns case in an truthfull manner before more people give money to the Ltd fund and dont realize its not all being used to search for Madeleine

  32. Good morning,

    A question - With Duarte holding onto the books, does this mean that the only way to get them back is to go through legal channels? Her good will in complying to the order of Courts that overturned the ban is clearly not there so how does one force her to return the books?


  33. Anon 26

    Thanks for drawing our attention to this.

    This is a court-stage where the Mcs' as northern Europeans of sorts are more likely to be treated with leniency on grounds of ...how to put it? "ethnical ressonance". It could be a difficult one for Amaral if it comes to that.

    I guess he needs all the financial support he can get.

    Its time to start to donate to his defence fund.

    The McCanns can draw on hundreds of thousands, millions even. Amaral is on a push-bike-budget!

    FCUK Justice!

    FCUK = French Connection UK

  34. So while all this suing and counter suing is going on, what is happening to the search for missing Madeleine, whom I might add has been completely lost in her parents' war with GA.


  35. Letter from Iberia

    @ Anon 19

    Whilst I understand your comment ref the overturning of the book ban, the action of the book etc was brought by the McCann’s and as I understand it via the courts of common law
    However the Portuguese courts should never have band it in the first place and in doing so removed the right of free speech enshrined within the constitution.

    The McCann’s due to their selfish actions of abandoning their children broke any number of criminal laws, but despite this the McCann’s were removed by the Portuguese authorities from the jurisdiction of Portugal in undue haste without any charges being levied against them, despite their admission of leaving their children alone and in danger, that together with all the other evidence which indicated that they were some how involved.
    They should never have been allowed to leave until either eliminated or charged.
    I say again the authorities in Portugal by their own efforts promoted this situation and have done nothing to reveres the wrong.
    The case was closed, or shelved call it what you will, and can only be opened if the two main suspects request it, or new evidence is forthcoming. The chances of new evidences is nil as the two main suspects are manipulating the Portuguese criminal justice system with impunity and no one in Portugal has the balls to take them on
    The McCann’s now are of the opinion that they are able to manipulate the total Portuguese courts system to their own personal ends and nothing and no one of authority in Portugal is stopping them
    I say again
    Portugal and Justice Two words which are not compatible

  36. I predict we are noticing the final countdown for the Mccs. They won several libel cases against a few newspapers(compensations agreed out of court), and they immersed their hands in huge amounts of cash put in their pockets by gullible people and backers. This made them arrogant, powerful, with the feeling that they were untouchable. The refusal of Isabel Duarte in complying with the Appeals Court decision, ordered of course by the McCanns, her employer, reflects this. "Quem pode, manda" say the Portuguese. This feeling of impunity will be their undoing. We are watching their last dead rattles....

  37. Reading between the lines they are DESPERATE to get their grubby hands on the police files ,It is not, nor ever has been about Maddie,from day one its been about saving their own scraggy necks ,and reading this it still is ,Why should they (arquidos) allowed the rights to see ANY police files?
    They know,and we know Maddie is long gone ,so they have nothing to gain by seeing the files only to cement their own freedom ,I hope to God they are told to take a running jump ,they are criminals who have been lucky (so far( by having friends in high places, but this luck will run out ,and sooner rather than later

  38. Anon 31

    I think it was said that Kennedy was underwriting the Fund which means that if it fails to make money then he would give money to them.

    On the strength of the amount the Fund appears to have taken in so far, there has been no need for him to give them a penny.

    Meanwhile, he has been poking his nose in here, there and everywhere with his 'questioning' of witnesses. They should have told him to push off and leave them alone.

  39. @39,thank you,but if he was willing to give money in the first place why is he not giving it now, that would save them begging

  40. Looking at photos above it looks like Gerry has been punching the walls and his hands are bruised.

    Does that mean they both punch walls then? So much FURY can do a lot of damage, and from what the media tells us it seems like the McCanns are FURIOUS quite often.

    Rather like spoilt kids who throw tantrums.

  41. If Murat won the case against Tanner and Co would he then be able to request the reopening of the case?

    Would it also mean the Smith sighting would come to the fore as THE SIGHTING that is of most importance, and Jane Tanner's constantly evolving 'bundleman' dismissed as a load of tripe.

  42. I don't understand how the McCanns' lawyer can hold on to the books. I can understand how the publisher would be required to keep the books in a sealed warehouse until the Court dealt with the matter. Now that the Court has rendered a decision the publisher should be able to have access to his property. How can the McCanns' lawyer be in control of the books?

  43. Grrrrrrrrr ...... I don`t belieeeeeeeeeeeeeve it ! They are still expecting to have sight of the official files ... are they absolutely loopy? Why doesn`t anyone tell them .. OFFICIAL FILES ARE NOT HANDED OVER TO THE MAIN SUSPECTS. What`s up with the Interviewers and the officials both in Portugual and UK - its simple, surely - even a 7 yr old would know that police don`t hand their files to suspects. They need taking away in straight jackets - so does that loopy lawyer of theirs. When will someone have the balls to speak plainly to them and why can`t ID be arrested for contempt of court?

    Sorry for sounding so frustrated - its all so unbelievable.


  44. @ 39

    Kennedy's lawyer is still on the board. Why do you think that is?

  45. We are always being told the McCanns are 'FURIOUS' and in 'AGONY'.

    Is that because they get so 'FURIOUS' when they can't get their own way that they start fisting the walls, and then they are left in 'AGONY'.

    Are the McCanns being truthful for once?

  46. How can these two poor misguided souls (doctors and all that) fail to see they are being taken to the cleaners by their pack of money grabbing lawyers et al? Doesn't it look like they are now forced to flee forward (and keep on spending Madeleines money) on their hangers on, which might otherwise start spilling the beans and perhaps start writing their own books? "Employed by Mark Warners"; "My romp with Gerry" , " The 48th question" ; " Philomena's Diet manual" " How I stole EUR 300.00 from the MCCs and lived happily ever after" etc etc.

    Blacksmith is so right again: an on line fight till one of two parties is destroyed. And you can bet your bottom dollar that it won't be Dr. Gustavo Amaral, bless him.

    Best regards to all. This WILL be he first crime in history to be solved by combined, unrelenting efforts on the internet.

    Best regards especially to Ironside.


  47. They want access to all of the information the police have on file.....and yet when the police made a simple request of the McCanns for Madeleine's medical records they would not allow it.

    Kate McCann refused to answer police questions, and the McCann couple and their mates failed to co-operate with the investigation in any way. Everyone must comply with their demands, while they comply with nothing.

    I hope the case is re-opened and this couple of ingrates get to find out what the withheld information is via a prosecuting lawyer in a courtroom.


  48. There are two twists of fate that will expose this child abuse scandal, there are two twists of fate that the MaCanns never foresaw.

    The arrival of Yvonne Warren Martin on the morning 4th 2007.

    The statements made by Kate & Gerrys friends Katerina & Arul Gaspar.

    For a close friend of mine,,, Portugal ! Isabel !

    Fearful of nobody ! Nobody fearful of me !

    D.D Tits.

    Wise men talk when they have something to say,, Fools! when they have to say something.

  49. Anon 40

    Maybe they are squeezing the unsuspecting public dry first before they start on him.

    Is he still around? Or has he legged it in case the Fund does run out?

  50. T4two @ 45

    Have no idea.

    Maybe he's a personal fan of the McCanns, or maybe he's keeping an eye on the amount of money coming in so he can pass on info to Kennedy.

    What do you think?

  51. What's betting this case is solved when an 'insider' spills the beans, or some kind of investigation really has been going on. Where have we heard that before, and from somebody reliable?

    The McCanns already had the media finding out they were using the Fund to pay their mortgage. How did they get that info?

    No doubt this case has been attracting all sorts of attention what with a missing child and all the money involved, and the surveillance equipment they have nowadays is unbelievable.

    No doubt the case will be solved and what a shocker it is going to be.

  52. Kate looks old and bad.
    She aged a lot and is very thin.
    Suffering because of Madeleine or because of the book?

    Why does she not sue that German writer(psychiater?)

  53. I wonder if the McCanns lose again, the next step, if they will go to an International Court.
    If they go, whole Europe will follow it.
    International Courts are always in English.

  54. I find it hard to watch and listen to the McCanns without feeling disgust. It is all so glib, an answer for everything, mainly because they are not asked the questions they should be.

    That shifty smirking face of McCann and the way Kate McCann sounds like she is talking through gritted teeth.

    It is always somebody else who is to blame, never them. They have no shame that Madeleine is no more because of them, and no shame to ask for money for their Fund, even though they say that half the money goes to their extended family. Still bleating and begging. Vile.

    Somebody should tell them to their faces to go sell that big house of theirs and use that money and then we may believe you are serious, plus get off your backsides and actually go do some searching for Madeleine.

    The way that Kate McCann told an interviewer that they would have liked to have gone out and helped the search at the beginning but they were so buy is unbelievable. Yes of course you were busy Kate McCann, busy jogging, playing tennis, and getting your hair highlighted.

    Much too busy to go turn over any stones. That is so obviously beneath you. You can't even make a pretence to do it.

  55. I just can`t bear to listen to any more of their bleating & whining.
    Have you noticed the crap way they dress when they are begging for money?
    I`m insulted that they believe I/we are stupid enough to swallow their garbage.
    That arrogant Gerry, the way he cuts off interesting questions & moves onto answering some other subject of his own making.
    They make my blood boil.
    Portual, please hear my pleas, LOCK `EM UP.

  56. "What saves a man is to take a step. Then another step."
    -- Antoine De Saint-Exupery

    mccann family, what you're doing to yourselves and this investigation you are doing to your children. You are responsible for all the people you are misleading, you are responsible for this ongoing, pathetic tale of woe. Just look what you have turned into. You were an intact family with three children, good jobs, people I would like to value. Now all the education in the world will not save your reputations. You have signed your own letters: To whom it may concern. We have failed everyone miserably.
    Now whom do you think we will turn to for infomation about this case. I will tell you. Dr Gonçalo Amaral who has done an investigation, he let us know in his book what he found. We are ever so grateful for this honest account. Now we are waiting for you to take him up on the reconstructing of events in question. Since you have not responded, have made every effort to destroy him, the very person who has the facts and figures, tells us that you are evading the very truth of what happened to your daughter, for 3 1/2 years now you have allowed this ongoing circus you are recreating, every day! Sorry, Madeleine! So far your parents do not have the compassion and civility, respect and refinement to come out with their side of the story. They do not want anyone to know 'the truth of the lie'.

  57. Could anyone who has the information please let us have, once more, the email address for mrs Theresa May. Thank you so much!!

  58. Can I buy Goncalo Amaral's book on-line? In French or Spanish preferably, as I don't speak Portuguese.

  59. @Anon 56 :q

    I am really wondering what ID did to/with the books and why she keeps them IF they are not destroyed.Any news about this?

    @Anon 59

    Write to ID,she might send you a copy! :d
    Now,seriously look up on the FNAC website,I think a poster mentionned she/he bought one there.
    Alternatively you can download and print the book from various sites

  60. anonymous #58

    There is a contact form on Theresa May's website


  61. anon 59

    the book is available on the French FNAC website
    I looked yesterday, it was in stock.

  62. to poster 58

    3 blogs ago this e-mail address was given for Theresa May :


    But if you read the old blogs I think someone gave an even better address. there's a lot to read through now, to find it!!

  63. Anon 58,
    I usually send my emails to the two addresses to be sure.

    If you send to both theres more chance of them being read, I think.

  64. Thank you for the very kind responses to my enquiry for mrs t may's email address. Much appreciated!

  65. Anonymous 52
    "What's betting this case is solved when an 'insider' spills the beans ... ?
    The McCanns already had the media finding out they were using the Fund to pay their mortgage. How did they get that info? "

    These are my feelings. Too many people know too much.
    Who put the video of them all on the bus on arrival in Portugal on YouTube, for example ? And why? That information must be known to the web-master. I am fairly sure the PJ know.
    Who told the police about Kate wanting to let a relative adopt Madeleine ? And why would they tell ?
    The police did not conjure that question out of thin air. They knew the answer.
    JT kept having to insist throughout her Rogatory that she was telling the truth, which is always a dead giveaway.
    One of the men (DP or O'B) wanted to say something off the record. What was it, and why did he want to say it off record. But his wanting to do so is on the record, so why did he blunder and allow that fact to be known. Do we believe the PJ did not find out what it was ?
    Why did so many family members talk so openly about Madeleine being a difficult child, or that KM had difficulties with her ?
    As you ask, who let the cat out of the bag about the mortgage payments from the fund? The press know who it was. One trustee went AWOL shortly after, and now two more have followed, just before the fund goes into meltdown over legal costs.
    Brother John knows too much, having given up his job to run a fund for a missing girl who we were told might have been found within a day or two.
    All the talk about aniversary events, long term planning even in the early stages, means that too many people know. Mitchell, John M, other trustees, many of the close family, some or all of the Tapasniks may all one day be shown to have been part of a conspiracy to cover up.
    It will only take one, one anonymous phone call, one remark let slip in an unguarded moment, one entry on a form and Mitchell's vital piece of evidence will let in the light.

  66. Kate McCann, in her interview with the Algarve Resident said that the Petition was not about collecting money. So why did they ask people to donate then? They lie through their teeth as Goncalo Amaral so rightly pointed out.

    I should think that like the rest of us who want justice for Madeleine, the Portuguese and the British authorities, and probably also the media, are getting totally sick and tired of this couple's outbursts! Two people who ride roughshod over everybody to achieve what they want and to hell with everybody else.

  67. Come on McCanns give it up now! You are cornered and everyone can see the game you are playing, it's making you look ridiculous.

    Gerry you yourself said the magic words "it's never too late". Why don't you have a shred of dignity and come clean, you never know you might get a shred of sympathy too.

    Even if there has been political cover up for any reason I would not bow to that pressure if I had lost a child, I would have told all I know for the honour of the child. It is obvious something terrible has gone on that we are not aware of and it would have to damn you to hell rather than say what that was.

    Your life must be hell on earth, a prison with no bars but no freedom. Everywhere you go you are vilified, everyone you meet is wondering what you did even if they are supposed to be on your side. Are you prepared to go on like this for the rest of your lives? This is never going to go away until 'the complete mystery' is solved.

    Your real life is over and now you exist from one PR crisis to another, the fund is running out and won't be replenished. The few supporters you have left are distancing themselves from you and it wouldn't surprise me if your family are doing the same.

    You have each other and I wonder what you say to each other when you are alone. Do you ask the other whether the time has come to end this farce? Do you pretend that the 'abduction' really happened so you can re-enforce this fairy story in public.

    If one of you doesn't snap, someone else who has been dragged into this will.

    I don't even feel sorry for you because you did this to yourselves but I do feel very sorry for the children you still have. Their lives will be hell too when they are called upon to defend you.

  68. French FNAC site selling the book, in french


  69. 12 Nov 2010

    The Wait of the Weight

    For 1289 days Kate has the weight of Madeleine’s tombstone on her back
    It’s getting heavier but there is no going back
    This is the long rocky road of avarice that she chose
    What the final destination is nobody knows
    But the story of Madeleine will not go away
    Until Madeleine’s tombstone has a place to stay

  70. If an European noise around the book comes, it will be an international promotion for the book.
    Poor David Payne!
    I wonder if he is very happy with his best friends McCanns.

    How happy Robert Murat will feel!

    Congratulations, Murat!

    May God bless you!

  71. It reminds me something. The main suspects want to have access to all information/evidences etc. to be able to plan their actions far ahead. Hollywood thriller?

    I cannot understand why those neglegent parents received such support from British authority (and money from public) and how shamelessly they keep exploiting their "pain" issue.

  72. just read the regatory statement and interview by Russell OBrien - unbelievable - he was the one who wrote the timelines. His answers about his and Jane's baby listening device are comical as is his answer to the question re attending a reconstruction.
    Together - his and Payne's statements tell us all we need to know about the case against the McScams.
    No one needs to publish Amaral's book - all that needs doing is the publishing country wide of these two statements.
    PS just signed the petition for the 3rd time!

  73. To Jimuck aka DD Tits @ 49

    :o Jimuck! Are you a schmuck?

    "Wise men talk when they have something to say,, Fools! when they have to say something."

    Not bad for a wisecrack. Did you write it yourself or borrowed it from Plato?

    Let me see...two commas after "say"..."Fools" with a capital...you did get "Potugal" right this time, though. Pass.

    Here is your thought for the day:

    "To speak and to speak well, are two things. A fool may talk, but a wise man speaks."

    :g Ruth van Der Vliet
    P.J. Tipps Secretary

  74. @Anon 67

    I saw this as well: the fund raising is NOT for looking for Madeleine but ...read on today in The Algarve Resident

    "Contradicting what he called inaccurate reports in the British press that the Madeleine Fund set up to finance the search for their daughter was fast running out of cash, Gerry McCann stressed that the petition was not about raising money but about calling for a full review of the case"

    We can observe that the mccann man is now thorwing the stone at the english media and its "innacuracy".....jajajaja...they will never stop making a fool of themselves do they?
    They are truly pathetic


  75. They are a pair of manipulators,cold and calculating. They showed their bad side by going to portugal and not requesting the opening of the case, the problem is many people do not know the that they have the power to reopen the case. All they see is sad expressions and poor me acts. Pardon....what about Madeleine? what have you exactly done for her apart from making her a publicity princess, against police advice I might add. If nothing had appened, it would have sure happened once you got your mega publicity act going. she would have been too dangerous to keep. You havent listened to any police advice since day 1, you look as though the whole thing was planned out. Gerry you have the eyes of a shark, no feelings. I hope you never ever succeed in getting your hands on those papers, so you can lie about any other incidences. A pathalogical liar should not be working with the public.


    PeterMac @69

    The book is on sale at FNAC Portugal as well - and elsewhere.

    What probably happened is "Guerra & Paz" (publishers) had more copies printed to meet demands and distributed them accordingly.

    No doubt, a request for damages will follow.

    Madame Duarte would have discussed her gambit with the McCanns and they probably thought the PR impact would offset the damages costs they have to pay "Guerra & Paz"...10.000 copies? What? about £50K in toto ? Peanuts for the "Fund". PR "dry cleaning" costs money. They know that.

    Duarte's temper tantrum is vaguely reminiscent of Heather Mills.

    When Heather could not get away with all the millions she wanted she poured a bottle of water on Paul McCartney's barrister's AND was not charged with contempt of court!

    It is amazing what women can still get away with (cough). Had the Madame Duarte been a man there would have been an uproar!

    Of course, the fact that her antics are inserted in the context of the powerful McCanns still shows Portugal paying psychological tribute to an old colonial power or "ally".


    "We call on the UK and Portuguese authorities to conduct an independent and transparent review of all information in relation to the disappearance of Madeleine McCann." (ipetitions)

    What do they mean by "independent and transparent" review? I don't understand! Are the lovely couple insinuating something? Could someone please explain? I AM CONFUSED! :p

    :b I.M. Konfuzzed


    I was looking just now at Madame Duarte's photo at The Algarve Resident http://www.algarveresident.com/story.asp?SID=209.

    Madame Duarte looks so delighted, so proud of being the McCanns' legal maid. Does she not? Surely this must be the pinnacle of her career.

    "My grand-daughter is going to love this! Me and the McCanns! Imagine!"

    Pride, prejudice and subservience....sont des mots qui vont très bien ensemble...très bien ensemble...

  79. @13 letter from Iberia

    the same can be said of the UK Government - I am ashamed of my country.

    @40 Anon

    why should Kennedy help when the McCanns are getting the money from the gullible public world-wide.

    @67 and @74

    It says in their statement- Ensuring that the Fund continues.


  80. PeterMac 66 Excellent post.


    "The twins know almost as much as we know ....." (Gerry McCann)

    Poor kids.

  81. #79,
    and her gray hair is gone...she's learning a thing or two from Kate, maybe they went to the hairdresser together! Blessed fund money! Now she can "do" her roots every month!


    I just happened to be caught in the recent student manifestations in London. I was shocked. I did enjoy it a bit but I abhor violence...

    Imagine if someone had the guts to stage something similar outside the Palácio da Justiça in Lisbon next year...

    I don't mean throwing fire extinguishers around as students did here but rotten eggs and red carnations! Would that be legal? I mean if withholding books against court orders is...

    No! No! Wait! I have a better idea! What about some loud speakers with music! Eddie The Dog sounds!

    Imagine the McCanns giving an impromptu press conference outside at the barking sound of Eddie the Dog with supporting vocals from his trainer...surely that ought to be legal!

    It would certainly be funky!

    OK. Let me think. I have at least 6 friends with cars in Lisbon I can think of right now. Mine has a 80 Watts Boom-Boom box...oh! my!

    Drink Portuguese! Think as if you were João Magueijo!


  83. I am not enough of an anorak to work this out on graph paper or spread-sheet, but is Gerry ever at work?
    What are his real working hours? Surely he has signed a contract of employment? Does someone else have to cover for his abscences at Glenfield Hospital? Even as a backroom specialist,heart-patients' records and X-rays would be collecting on his desk.
    And what about paying attention to his profession - he is certainly distracted by all this celebrity gadding about.He should be keeping up to date with current advances in his sphere of medicine.
    How does he (and the unemployed Kate)manage to flit about from one television studio to another, all over Europe?

  84. anon @ 81

    Reading that interview in the Algarve Resident I find it deeply distressing and near unbelievable to read about how these "parents" are deceiving Sean and Amelie, and using them for their own ends.

    Even if everything the McCanns claim is true, even if there was indeed an abduction, any sane, reasonable person knows that the chances of Madeleine still being alive, let alone safe and well, are minimal. If one day it is known for certain that she is dead, regardless of what caused that death, how are these poor children going to react, having been led to believe all this time that she is still alive? Or will their parents hide all newspapers, keep them away from other children and continue with the pretence?

    If they really are following the advice of an expert he/she must be as good at their job as all the crack private detectives the McCanns have used. Is there not a child psychiatrist, social worker, doctor(!), anybody, anywhere, brave enough to point out what is obvious to anyone with a grain of insight and humanity, that these children deserve to be told the truth, and prepared, gently, sensitively, by an expert, for the very real possibility that they will never see their sister again, a sister that they would by now probably only vaguely recollect had their parents not insisted on keeping her memory alive for them?

    It is one thing, maybe, to lie to children about Father Christmas or the Tooth Fairy, but to deceive them about something as serious as this is to my mind nothing short of child abuse.

  85. '83.makes you wonder what sort of life these twins are living,poor kids

  86. @85,and the twins can only know what the mccanns have filled their little heads with as they were too young at the time to know anything

  87. You know guys like all of you wonderful people I read through the barage of newsclips and data online since Maddie dissapearded. I m sitting here know thinking, to catch a thief you have to think like one. Soo I started to think again of Eddie and Keela. If I pretend for a minute to be Kate, and my beautiful daughter went missing, and I go through the motions like she had to, then the police tells me that the dogs had found the scent of cadaverine in the apartment behind the sofa, and also trace of blood... I will loose the plot completely. I would want them to search it over and over again, because potentailly this would mean my baby is dead. I would be completely out of it, shocked sick hysterical. I would beg the same police officers to not let up and search morning noon and night. I would not sit and come up with answers to this mysterious find, take it in my stride. Oh the dogs a unrelaible. It is one thing not to want to believe your child is dead, and therefor refuse to believe the dogs findings, but to brush it off as nonsense. I dont hink so. Another thing, she claimed that she was in contact with cadavers just before her holiday. Why is there no one that question this? I mean it is as easy as getting in contact with her Superiors at work, ask them to see how many if any cadavers she was in contact with. Surely police with warrant can easily get this info. WHY can all these little things be brush under the carpet. And the cherry on the cake CUDDLECAT being with her while she was working with dead people.... Kate Mc Cann give me a break. It just seems as if there is no one with enough *8lls out there to take this step by step and sort this mess out

  88. I have been wondering for a while if Kate had some kind of psychotic break when they found Madeleine dead and if she The mind can do crazy things under stress. Maybe Gerry has gone along with the ruse to protect Kate. But Gerry is not the only one who knows the truth. The rest of the T9 certainly must know. But I agree with the above posters about the twins. What the hell are these people doing to those kids and how long do they think they can keep the truth from them?

  89. All McCanns private investigators and lawyers, including the incredible Isabel Duarte, KNOW that the McCanns are lying. Period! They can't be that stupid! They also know that the only way forward to solve the case is the reopening of the investigations by he Portuguese police, NOT that idiotic reviewing suggested. Now, these people also know that the McCanns have a lot of money, and that that they use it very generously. Isn't it so? Ok, they are prostituting themselves you could say, but the pay is good, what the hell! And as there are plenty of good (read gullible) people out there who believe the bullshit the McCanns vomit with incredible regularity, all they have to do is ride the wave and MILK the McCanns. They will be perceived as being defending the innocent and wronged couple, so unfairly treated!! Cunning bunch, I say! They are being perverse, but if milking them hurts them, JUST DO IT. I don't care because in the end justice will prevail.

  90. I wonder if the twins are asking, "Why did you leave us alone with Madeleine?" Poor little children.

  91. Anon 78

    Most likely means they don't want the real cops involved.

    All of it 'reviewed' by their motley crew of ex cops they have given money to supposedly to 'find' Madeleine, plus Gamble of course, and whatever other unbelievable idiots they can find who are willing to disregard the dogs.

    Who the hell do the McCanns think they are?

    They are jumped up child neglectors to say the least who are lucky they weren't put inside by now.

  92. Some trash from The Sun paste & copy from Nigel·s site
    Honestly,dunno why I bother but they are begging the PORTUGUESE and a cop was sacked and they want to stop the sale of his book ...etc....

    Maddie: Plea for new hunt The Sun (paper edition)

    Wednesday 12 November 2010

    KATE and Gerry McCann yesterday begged the Portuguese people to help find their missing daughter Madeleine - by signing a petition calling for a new search.

    During a trip to Lisbon they asked the nation to back their new plea to the Portuguese and British governments to reopen the case. They already have 34,000 signatures, but want 100,000.

    Kate, 42, said: "If we have no help from the authorities we must continue to look for ourselves. It's very difficult."

    Maddie was nearly four when she disappeared from a holiday apartment in Praia da Luz in 2007. The police investigation was shelved in 2008.

    The couple were also in the country in a new bid to halt the sale of a book about Maddie by Goncalo Amaral - the police chief sacked from the case.


  93. Anonymous said... 87
    "@85,and the twins can only know what the mccanns have filled their little heads with as they were too young at the time to know anything"
    As good Catholics, they will already have filled their little heads with a whole different set of strange beliefs. Virgin Birth, Assumption into Heaven, ability to walk on water, objective reality of miracles.
    A cruel thing to say on a Portuguese led forum, but can someone tell me the difference between saying that miracles happen and that Madeleine can still be found alivel and unharmed.
    In comparison rasing Lazarus from the dead, or more probably a deep coma, was easy.
    Turning water into wine is done by me every night, - but the other way round, obviously.

  94. Dear joana,
    I am wondering if like the Mc canns have a petition to review transparently the case, and they got just 31 ooo signatures sofar, why can we the rest of the normal thinking world not start a major petition, asking MR and MRS Mc Cann to make a call to Portugese police and reopen the case. I am very sure we the rest who believe that Maddie was neglected by being left alone, and came to harm in 5A, out number the rest. Is there anything we can do in our thousands to do this petition, and then invite a camera crue and journalist to wherever we give this petition( while we keep a copy) publicly to the Mc Canns. I mean how could they be able to refuse to comply? It is as they say their child for goodness sake. I mean we are all good people caring about what happened to a litlle innocent child. Dont you think this can corner them to make the call so that Justice for Maddie can be done Thank you and thanks for your unbelieveblae hard work since Maddie went missing

  95. Whatever happened to that great big covered buggy with the red blanket folded underneath along the canopy at the bottom, and a black box thing slung along the back of it.

    They were photographed wheeling this down towards the church area on the 6/7 May. The McCann wore sunglasses and looked solemn and funereal dressed in black and white. Later that day they were seen again, minus buggy and looking like they had perked up.

    All the other buggies they were seen using after that were never quite as big as that one. It was huge.

    Did the doggies never get a chance to work on that? Was that the one that was said to have been stolen and was well gone by the time they arrived? Was it taken back to Rothley?

    Oh, the things we are told by these McCanns. They can say anything really and people swallow every word. How they must laugh at the power of it all.

  96. Fernis @90

    My sentiments EXACTLY Isabel Duarte is NOT stupid......all the investigators Lawyers etc etc know the truth behind the lie!

    A nice retirement package for all of them, with the British people and wealthy backers money.

    Kate and Gerry and et al are going to jail,, if Gerry goes down the lot of em will go down with him, its in his nature.

    Regards from Holland

  97. Petermac, for us it's fine, religious freedom, of choice, of thought and of expression above all. Plus, personally I'm not Catholic, nor follow any church or religion - the old 'opium for the masses' replaced by TV... and corporative media.

  98. We in Germany say please Mr Smith come forward and state what you saw to Sr Amaral.You have seen Mr McCann with Madeleine and spoke to him but he turned away and carried on towards the sea. Do not be afraid of telling the truth as you saw it or be afraid of the Mccanns, they really don't want to reopen the case in case the truth comes out. Please Portugal open the case the whole world wants to know the truth. The dogs went from the flat to the sea and they have always said they will never find her.from Germany

  99. Petermac

    You sound like a person who was brought up with the Catholic ethos.

    I was beaten with a cane by Irish Catholic nuns for getting sums (maths) wrong so I know what drivel small children are given for the reason they are abused. At school we were also asked to contribute to a 'fund' by giving ou

    I cringe when I think about it!

    I now wonder where our contributions went.

  100. Mr. Amaral said that he knows much more than he has revealed. Therefore, one would assume that this information that he has not revealed exists in the case files and that this information has not been released to the public. This revelation by Mr. Amaral is the source of the McCann's anxiety.

    Think of all the money and effort that has gone into distorting the facts, misinforming the public and censoring the truth, do any of you still think that the death of Madeleine was a mere accident?

  101. PeterMac at 94

    Simple answer, Jesus Christ is more believable. He never lied.

    The McCanns, nah. They have been proven to tell lies, and so it continues.

  102. @80,your right about the gullible public,as the saying goes,
    A fool and his money are soon parted
    i bet the mccanns a laughing all the way to the bank and definatly
    laughing at all those people they have put one over on

  103. Dear Joana, on my computer this whole page is missing, the article, the posts and all : Gonçalo Amaral accuses McCann lawyer of disobedience.

  104. The page I reported is back, thank you, Joana!

  105. @Guerra 101

    Absolutely right: the mccanns will go to any lengths (and they did/do) to know what is in the file which have not been released.
    They also know GA obviously knows hence their constant restlessness (lies and distortion of the TRUTH) and bullying and trying to shut him up.This is why they didnt sue anyone else who has written a book about the case:he is much more "dangerous" to them than any one else.
    They are s*%& in their pants and their last decision to take him to European Court is just and only to postpone THE "revelation time".Nothing else.
    Justice for Madeleine IS on its way.I am sure of it.

  106. The cellular portable phone of the German boy Mirco is found beside the road where his bicycle was found in September.
    I hope the police will find DNA or finger prints on it, although I believe they could have been destroyed by rain.

  107. Sorry for re-posting this, but nobody has given me a logical answer why Sofia Leal would say this.

    Sofia Leal the beautiful wife of Goncalo Amaral the Chief co-ordinator of the Madeleine investigation said "we would not invite paedophiles into our circle of friends" this was directed at the MaCanns.

    Why would she say something like this ?

  108. Anon 106

    Yes, you are right.

    This is much more than about a book and money (though they do like money).

    THEY WANT TO SILENCE DR AMARAL COMPLETELY so he can never mention the case again.

    How they managed to do that to him with that injunction is unbelievable, but they were bleating to the judge behind closed doors, and she found in their favour that time with a totally Draconian decision.

    Wasn't it enough for the book banning without gagging him as well? Obviously not.

    They are afraid of him because HE KNOWS TOO MUCH.

    No wonder they were FURIOUS. They have too much to lose if the truth gets out. Desparate people, and they brought it all on themselves.

  109. Was the buggy taken to the dump at Rothley which Gerry paid a visit to?

    Gerry didn't do any searching and turning over the stones, but he sure did visit the dumps with stuff he wanted rid of.

    Those doggies should pay a visit to the McCanns' place in Rothley.

  110. Gerry and Kate don't have to work any more.

    They are Directors of their own sales company now.

    They sell the lie that Madeleine was abducted as a fact, and T shirts and 'good quality' wrist bands.

    A nice little earner!


    Candidata ao Conselho Superior da OA visita a Madeira

    Na próxima sexta-feira, 29 de Outubro, a candidata a presidente do Conselho Superior da Ordem dos Advogados (OA), Isabel Duarte desloca-se à Madeira.

    O objectivo é fazer a apresentação aos advogados madeirenses da sua lista ao Conselho Superior com vista às eleições marcadas para 26 de Novembro.

    Isabel Duarte encabeça a lista da qual faz parte, como vogal, o actual presidente do Conselho de Deontologia da Madeira, Pinheiro Gonçalves.

    É actual presidente do Conselho Superior da OA o advogado José António Barreiros. O Conselho superior é uma espécie de 'senado' da advocacia.

    Isabel Duarte tem 56 anos. Tem três filhos. É licenciada pela Faculdade de Direito da Universidade Clássica de Lisboa onde, durante os anos lectivos de 1980/1981 e 1983/1984, fez parte do grupo de Monitores das Cadeiras de Direito Penal e Direito Processual Civil.

    Integrou a equipa que criou os Serviços jurídicos da Portucel, ainda quando se encontrava a terminar o curso de Direito.

    Teve como patrono Nuno Soares da Fonseca. Exerce, desde 1984, advocacia, no escritório e a tempo inteiro.

    Integrou o Conselho Distrital de Lisboa liderado por José CarlosSoares Machado. Integrou o Conselho Superior.

    Não pertence a partidos nem a agremiações subliminares ou a grupos politicamente correctos.

    Afirma-se como uma mulher de esquerda e humanista convicta de que, mal ou bem, tudo se resolve cá na terra.

    Eis a sua lista P:
    Presidente: Isabel Duarte (Lisboa)



    Tomar: Advogada Isabel Duarte estará nesta cidade na quinta-feira


    Jorge Ferreira

  112. E preciso mobilizar a opinião publica para evitar que esta mulher (Isabel Duarte) seja eleita presidente da Ordem dos Advogados.

    Deixem o vosso comentário na pagina do DN!


    ou melhor ainda escrevam para a Ordem dos Advogados:

    E-Mail: cons.geral@cg.oa.pt

    Largo de São Domingos, 14 - 1º
    1169-060 Lisboa

    Como e possível que uma mulher que se recusa a obedecer a sentença de três juízes, desrespeitando assim as leis do seu pais seja eleita para Presidente da Ordem dos Advogados?

  113. Obrigada Jorge, mas repare que a ID - que por um lado alega ser «uma mulher de esquerda e humanista convicta de que, mal ou bem, tudo se resolve cá na terra» e que simultaneamente se contradiz ao pretender abafar a Liberdade de expressão e de informação de Cidadãos Portugueses, um direito garantido na Constituição pós-25 de Abril 1974 - não é candidata a presidente da OA, é candidata ao Conselho Superior da Ordem, bem, que ao fim e ao cabo vai tudo parar na mesma panela...

    Creio que o melhor seria escrever para o Conselho Deontológico da OA - e para os candidatos a Bastonário da ordem. O que se está a passar é uma pouca vergonha, se a Isabel Duarte fosse um comum cidadão, ou comum advogado, duvido que o Tribunal da Relação de Lisboa e a própria OA permitissem esta falta de respeito por uma decisão de um Tribunal Superior sem qualquer espécie de procedimento disciplinar.

    Ao mesmo tempo para quê perder tempo com a OA, que por detrás de uma parede de corporativismo defende o mais abjecto e inqualificável tipo de advocacia: desde ex-bastonários que publicitam e fazem campanha nos média até aos advogados mediúnicos que dizem com todas as letras que acreditam que os aliens e que o Bush estão envolvidos numa conspiração para controlar o mundo, e pior, fazem bluff impunemente para sacar confissões - de facto a nossa Justiça não é uma merda, está na merda!

  114. I think Gerry IS blackmailing someone. Hence the protection he's getting. He's got something on the government. Some people suggest Gerry is being blackmailed, perhaps...but the indications are there that he is blackmailing someone in exchange for protection.

    Why would there be protection of information which is in relation to the case but has nothing to do with proving guilt or otherwise?

    I also think that no one in government is prepared to take this matter on for fear of their own reputations getting severely tainted by the McCanns....whichever way the outcome goes.

    Since no one is prepared to take steps to move this case forward legally, I fear that it will become totally stagnant.

    Even on these groups the comments are now repetitions over and over again of what has been written before.

    On comments on news articles, once again it is over and over the same comments: two neglecting parents etc. etc. No matter how many times this is said, we know nothing will ever get done about their neglect.

    The Portuguese people must be very concerned about their legal system. However I think that legal systems are open to political interference all over the world: an example in South Africa is that they have just dropped all efforts at prosecuting fraudsters in the Arms Deal case.

    In all countries there is also the influence of people being socially engineered in a certain way, so we have the attitude to two handsome/attractive doctors and a blonde child receiving more leniency and media attention than a poorer, uglier couple/child.
    We have seen in the OJ Simpson case that wealth can also buy freedom.

    So there is no clearcut judicial system...it is always a function of the society, politics, influence, standing, appeal and finally, corruption itself.

  115. @Jmuck 108

    Did you hear about payne?gaspar"s statementS? Yvonne Martin?
    If not read the files.
    By the way I think it would be an excellent move from the mccccccaaann$$$$$ to go to european court,actually: all of this would be further exposed.The "slight" problem is that it would take years and an awful lot of $$$$.Keep your cheque book within reach will you?

    Signed: Eddie

  116. Isabel Duarte says she is NOT handing the UN-BANNDED books back.

    can I asked Joana.....

    How does Duarte actually get away with this and arrogantly break the law, she shouts loud and clear that she isnt handing the books back?.
    Why is Duarte doing this to her own Country, wanting to protect AT ALL costs these two child neglectors, who have blamed and abused her Country so badly?
    Carter Ruck seem to have taken a back seat? In the UK the McCanns seem to be damaged goods, they dont seem to be getting the same protection imo.
    This can't be just about Euros, imo Duarte would still get her money whether she held the books back or not, she knows that they lost this case, so why they "un healthy" motherly protection from Duarte.

    Gina UK

  117. Yes why dont the Publishers just ASAP get the books back out and on sale, Isabel Duarte has said loud and clear that she will not return the books, so come on Mr A and your legal team why dont you sue?? Duarte has given you the proof you need, she informed you you she is gong to burn the books......naughty naughty Ms Duarte.

  118. We are all blaiming Isabel Duarte for keeping back the books threatening to burn them!!
    This imo has got Gerry and Kates prints all over it, its the sort of comment Gerry would come out with, their arrogance seems to know no bounds imo
    Duarte is only doing what she is told to do by these two.

  119. @98 Joana

    Actually, Marx wasn't quite right about the "opium" bit, he should have said "magic mushroom" - see John Allegro's writings (e.g The Sacred Mushroom and the Cross), he was one of the translators of the Dead Sea Scrolls and the only one to publish his findings, the others preferring to keep everything hush-hush, I wonder why! :d

    Strangely enough, Kate Mccann was dressed as such a mushroom just the other day :o



    Thank you again Joana, and your team, for all your hard work ! :t

  120. Joana, thank you for the beautiful collection of classical music while we browse your blog. What a treat!

  121. I come from Brazil and I am proud that I belong to the Brazilian/Portuguese culture.
    I'm proud of Portugal with its great History.
    I'm proud of the three judges and I'm sure Amaral will win and will get his books back.
    And I finish this short speech with the words:
    Fuck the McCanns!


    Obrigadissimo pelo esclarecimento! Como e possível? Ja enviei um correio-e para a Ordem e comentei no DN. Penso que o endereço será o mesmo não? O importante e que as pessoas se expressem contra tal candidatura. Como e possível que uma advogada que se recusa a cumprir ordens de três juízes seja candidata ao conselho superior da Ordem dos Advogados? Candidata a Desordem sim. Da Ordem, não...

    Jorge Ferreira


    She will be the "top dog" (bitch, that is) of Portuguese lawyers unless there is a public outcry. I mean, how can a lawyer that has refused to obbey the orders of three (3) senior judges occupy such a high position in the Portuguese Judicial system? The mind boggles.

    You can comment (English or Portuguese) at the DN newspaper where the news appear, here:


    or e-mail the Portuguese Lawyers Association here:

    Contrary to what some here have asserted (Jimuck/DD Tits) the McCanns did not choose Isabel Duarte because she was the only one interested in the job. Theirs was a very shrewd decision. Isabel Duarte is highly respected in Portuguese legal circles. She is one of Portugal's top lawyers, indeed the top dog i.e. bitch of them all - come 26 November 2010, unless there is a public outcry and someone prevents that happen. Unfortunately in a country that has forgotten the legacy of the 25 April 1974... I don't see it happening...

    ET AMEN!



    :q Thanks for the tip!


    I have found the e-mail list too big to manage so I went and googled out the other candidates to the Portuguese Lawyers Upper Chamber or Superior Council.

    Isabel Duarte is one of them. The other two (opposing) candidates are:

    Dr. Joao Pereira da Rosa
    E-Mail: jpr@atpr.pt

    Dr. Oscar Ferreira Gomes
    E-Mail: oscarfgomes-1208p@adv.oa.pt

    So we want to e-mail the last two names and anyone on their supporting list. Well at least the above two.

    For those of you with time to invest(cough) try to google out all their e-mails... here are the names...

    Those on Oscar Ferreira Gomes list for the vice-presidency are:

    Rodolfo Lavrador
    Armindo Ribeiro Mendes
    João Vaz Rodrigues
    Carlos Pinto de Abreu

    Those on João Pereira da Rosa list are:

    José de Athayde de Tavares
    Luís Paulo Relógio
    Miguel Cerqueira Gomes
    António M. Santos Vicente
    Félix de Sousa

    The basic argument is that since Isabel Duarte has refused to obbey the sentence of three appeal judges she is hardly morally and ethically qualified to lead a superior council of lawyers.

    Furthermore she will go down in Portuguese history as a disgrace to the country's constitution - by launching an attack on the Portuguese Constitution and fundamental Human rights financed by the McCanns...

    Jorge Ferreira

  126. ADDENDA

    The E-mail (general) for the acting Superior Council is:



    So, it is important to add this to the other two...


  127. 114, é-se da esquerda enquanto não aparece dinheiro no horizonte.
    Aparecendo, a pessoa se converte ao fascismo.

  128. When a person doesn't say anything(48 questions), people think he is a fool.
    When he finally says something(interviews), people KNOW he is a fool.

  129. to 59@ please check the books list and the editors on the right hand side bar, there you will find the editions of 'Maddie, The Truth of the Lie' in other languages, besides Portuguese and a link to an unofficial translation of the same in English.

    to some anonymous commentators [your comments went to the spam box, were not deleted], jokes regarding Madeleine even if to point out their bad taste, have no place in this blog. Links to petitions and sites belonging to 'Team McCann' have no place either.

    to @122,@124 similarly to my previous comment above at @10, please use some self moderation, thank you, obrigada.

  130. To Anon 130

    I am not so sure about that although I can see the point you are making. Did you mean "she"?

    What would say of the Taoists assertion then:

    "Those who know, do not speak. Those who speak, do not know." ?
    (Lao Tzu)

    :o "She knows, right?". Correct!

  131. AN APOLOGY FROM 124

    "Top Dog" is an expression in common parlance to denote someone in an influencial position."Dog" however is the masculine form of the canine genre and "bitch" the feminine. So the correct expression in Dr. Isabel Duarte's case would have been "top bitch". It never occurred to me to suggest she is/was a prostitute. That would have been unkind, untrue (I think) and what's worst: defamatory.

  132. Anon @ 124

    I don´t get this. If Isabel Duarte is one of the top Portuguese lawyers, and highly respected, all I can say is it doesn´t say much for the rest. I´ve only witnessed the one performance when she managed to get Amaral´s book banned, but her case was poorly reasoned, hysterically presented and one can only speculate as to why she was successful - surely it had little to do with her prosecuting skills , more to do with what went on behind closed doors.

    And the fact is, of course, that as things stand at the moment she was not quite so successful after all, since her arguments have been given short shrift by the appeal judges. Personally I find it difficult to see her as an impressive force to be reckoned with, on the contrary she has been made to look rather foolish by this whole business. If she forges ahead in her career surely it will not be because of her reputed abilities.

  133. No doubt the McCanns want Isabella to hang on to the books, but she is very foolish to give them their wish when she has to go against a legal ruling of her country.

    Doesn't she believe in the rule of law in Portugal. By this action she is showing she is not fit to rise in her profession.

    Maybe she should go back to law school and relearn that she cannot be a law unto herself.

    May God help Portugal if they get yet another person who disregards the law and issues crazy decisions. Do these people belong to some crazy cabal where the only qualifications needed are to be illogical. Or is it a case of not what you know but who you know. Rather like it is in the UK.



    Acting Supreme Council:


    Opposing Candidates:

    Dr. Joao Pereira da Rosa
    E-Mail: jpr@atpr.pt

    Dr. Oscar Ferreira Gomes
    E-Mail: oscarfgomes-1208p@adv.oa.pt

    You can also comment the news in the newspaper (DN). Here:


    A good afternoon/evening to all!

    Jorge Ferreira

  135. If the McCanns' lawyer is using the argument that she is still the trustee of the books because she has not been FORCED to return them, then using the same logic does that mean Dr Amaral would have been able to carry on talking about the case until somebody forceably came and physically gagged him. Or were they crafty enough to have got that Draconian fine imposed if he spoke out.

    Should the lawyers of Dr Amaral have insisted the McCanns be charged many thousands of pounds per day until the books were returned. Maybe you have to think the same way these rotten characters think, and they don't think in a fair way whatsoever.

    Give them an inch and the will take a bloody mile.

    The McCanns should have been grateful to the Prosecutor that he felt sorry enough for them not to have charged them with neglect and they were allowed to leave, but that is not the way of the McCanns.

    Instead they have tried to discredit everything and anybody involved in the investigation. They really don't believe they should have any censure or punishment imposed on them.

    After all, as they continue telling everybody, there is no evidence that Madeleine was harmed, and even if she was, it was the big bad abductor did it, not them.

    To these liars even 'abduction' does not constitute harm, (not that there ever was an abduction in the case of Madeleine). Maybe they should tell that to those people whose children really have been abducted. Nobody can be so unimaginative as to believe that. Not even the McCanns. They have their own lying agenda for saying it.

  136. New online child protection chief is appointed


  137. @115

    You are so right re the dropping of the case against the fraudsters re the Arms Deal in South Africa. These are a corrupt lot, depending of course who you are in bed with. And no one except the opposition party are up in arms (no pun intended). They are protecting one another all the time. Same goes for all countries I think.


  138. @Anon 127

    "The basic argument is that since Isabel Duarte has refused to obbey the sentence of three appeal judges she is hardly morally and ethically qualified to lead a superior council of lawyers"

    My thoughts exactely.Rather bad curriculum for a lawyer who has such ambition.
    On the other hand it wouldnt surprise me if she had some trump card up her sleeve.This is no coincidence the mccanns employed her being a "top lawyer".

    In any case,I find it very reassuring that, top or bottom lawyer,she cannot and does not have access to the files her INfamous clients are after :c
    May be she thinks that she can strike a deal? "you give us the files and we give the books back and drop all court cases against GA??
    Na....it sounds too crazy....

  139. joana,
    it was not my intention to show links to the mccanns or their petion.
    i was merly pointing out that in an article favorable to the mccanns
    the writer knew so little{or on purpose}that the put in a link to the wrong petition site.
    the other point i was trying to make was that for over a week a donation button that appeared after signing the petion was in fact for the petition site.[ having not signed it,i cant vouch for this].
    the mccanns added to the petition the note i showed stating this and asking instead to go to their website.
    i releaise that i didnt make my points clear and sorry for any confusion caused.

  140. Since they are appealing against the order I am not sure they have to return the books until the appeal has been heard.

  141. JF at 135

    I e-mailed the newspaper straightaway. I wrote it in travellers' Portuguese but to the Supreme Council and the other lawyer candidates I wrote in Shakespeare's English for greater impact. I have done my byte folks. Up to you now.


  142. Para 129

    :q Quem fala assim não e gago!

  143. Dear Anonymous 140, as far as I know, even if they have appealed to the Supreme Court, said appeal does not suspend the Appeals Court ruling. I think it is possible (note: possible) that the McCanns' lawyer may be committing a public crime - qualified disobedience of a court order.

  144. Surely the lawyer is in contempt of court by disobeying the order to give back the books. Once she has done that then it may be possible to try again. Or it may not. Does anybody know for sure? Is this all bluff, it would not be the first time.

    Serve her right if she goes and gets herself put inside. (The McCann curse will strike again, you have been warned, best to stay clear of this pair). The McCanns aren't worth it Isabella, they just aren't worth it, no matter how much money you take from them for doing the dirty on your country to try to suppress free speech.

    Shame on you. Does your country and freedom of speech for your fellow citizens mean so little to you.

    Portugal will not forget what you have tried to do. All for what?

    For people who should have been punished long ago for leaving their little children every night while they went out with their friends and whose little girl ended up dead.

    For people who want to sell a lie to unsuspecting people that she was abducted and could still be alive, so they must stop the truth of the investigation and death of Madeleine being revealed to them by Dr Amaral's book.

    What a disservice to humanity Isabella, to help suppress knowledge and freedom of speech. Shame on you.

  145. 137

    Lincolnshire cop looks like a real cop doesn't he.

    I hope.

  146. To Anon 133

    You may be right but Anon 124 may have a point.

    It takes considerable experience, know-how and above all an impeccable "track-record" to be accepted as a candidate to the Supreme Council of Lawyers. You can bet on that.

    OK! It does help if you have a few friends in high places...

    Consider this as a possible scenario:

    The McCanns' connection in the UK gets in touch with with the Portuguese connection in Lisbon and recommendations ensue. It is conspiracy all right but IF what has been going on in this case is anything to go by then it is possible...

    Now, let us count the points.

    First Isabel Duarte manages an injunction on the book and an assets freeze. That was against all odds. It was even unconstitutional - as the three senior judges stated. Brilliantly dark that was.

    Then again she succeeds in impressing another female young judge, a second time around.

    Now you may have found her arguments and mis-en-scene silly (I certainly did) but perhaps they were tailored to appeal to the "sisterhood" and "motherly" feelings of the young and impressionable judge.

    I vaguely recall a commentator here saying that she (the judge) urinated herself listening to Madame Duarte final onslaught but that could have been a metaphor...

    OK Isabel Duarte lost (temporarily) on the third round to a formidable trio - and by the way two of the judges were men...

    I am not saying women cannot judge things cooly - obviously they can, but they will tend to consider the interests of other women first - Isabel Duarte, certainly does. That's her legal "spécialité".

    Would you like another thought-provoking statement from me?
    OK, Here it goes:

    If the Supreme Court new appeal decision is in the hands of a majority of women, Amaral looses the injunction and looses the case.

    I do hope he wins at the European Court of Human Rights but remember this detail: the father of the young judge I just referred to is himself a judge at the EU court. Small world.

    "So what?" I hear you saying.

    Well, ask yourself why the McCanns were allowed to enter the court in Lisbon through the VIP door reserved to "judges only"...

    Who authorized such gesture of servitude to two "technically-innocent-suspect" couple?

    :e Bubble-Gum aka "Chicklet"

  147. To Astro

    Greetings Astro. Good to see you around. Thanks for clarifying that for 140. I was thinking along the same lines. There was a gap between the judges decision and the McCanns' counter appeal so the books should have been released in the interim. However bearing in mind Isabel Duarte is in risk (for us who do not fully believe in the "official" version of events) of becoming The President of the Supreme Council of Lawyers on the 26 of November she can do what she likes. She is above the law - literally.

    Also she knows Amaral does not have the resources to defend himself all the way...

    Good night!

    :e Bubble-Gum

  148. This obsession against the The Truth of the Lie is a cofession.
    A reconstruction of that night is not necessary.
    MacCanns can go directly to live behind bars.

  149. Anonymous 133, I don't think you can judge Mrs. Duarte's skills as a lawyer based on her performance in the hearing to ban Mr. Amaral's book. Yes, her arguments were "poorly reasoned and hysterically presented," much in line with the style of the McCann team, but what else could she have done? Mrs. Duarte knew that the professed facts in Mr. Amaral's book are the same facts that are in the case file and that any impartial detective would have reached a similar conclusion to that of Mr. Amaral, the very reasons the Appellate Court overturned the ban. The book was originally banned either because the presiding judge was incompetent or because the decision had been prearranged.

    Withholding the books is more of a psychological ploy than anything else. This action by Mrs. Duarte is conveying the McCann's message to Mr. Amaral that he hasn't won anything yet. It is also a show of the McCann's disrespect for the Portuguese legal institutions. The Appellate judges in making their decisions made it known that they are aware of the McCanns exploits in the media. The Appellate judges and the Portuguese police are quite aware of the charade the McCanns have been playing and the McCann team knows that they know, however that has not stopped them from being brazen.

    If you don't respect yourself how can anyone respect you.

  150. Many people in life walk around with their eyes wide open and see nothing, i sit here with my eyes shut ,i see a child sex abuse scandal.

    Madeleine MaCann will see justice for all those involved in that child sex abuse scandal.

    I dont do intimidation , i dont fear intimidation.

    D.D Titts, a close friend of P.J Tipps.

  151. Maybe the Supreme Court can only be appealed to on certain aspects of a case, like a point of law. If that is the case, they don't have a leg to stand on. The judges made it perfectly clear as to why they reached the decision they did. There is nothing they can be picked up on.

    As for the EU Court, if they were to reverse the decision of the Appeal Court this would mean they are in danger of being seen as a body who wish to suppress freedom of speech. The EU does have its own agenda, and maybe that is one of them. Are these judges really independent or is somebody pulling their strings from higher up?

    It is doubtful the McCanns will give up so easily so we shall see.

    They have nothing to lose and the money is being coughed up by unsuspecting people, and not their own. They are disgusting with their bleating and begging and trying to stop people from knowing the truth of the investigation, and using the excuse that it is to help find Madeleine.

    Always they try to shield themselves with Madeleine. The public should be made aware that the investigators believe the dogs, besides their other evidence, that Madeleine is dead. The McCanns have been informed. To continue to sell the story that Madeleine was abducted as a fact, IS A LIE. An outrageous lie. It must be stopped and people allowed to know all the facts and circumstances of this case, not just the McCann spin version.

  152. jimuck @ #152

    Please feel free to share the following child protection video with others and help prevent children from being sexual abused. Thanks :q


  153. 153, this little sentence says it all "To continue to sell the story that Madeleine was abducted as a fact, IS A LIE. An outrageous lie. It must be stopped and people allowed to know all the facts"

    We will all stop this lie, it is our duty if we believe in justice.

  154. The judges from the European court can not come from Portugal nor the UK, I think
    I suggest Belgium(they hate Dutroux),Germany( which suffered under the British during the allied occupation), France(wich is fed up of being accused by the British they did not fight enough against the nazzis)Italy(which adores children),Holland (that now has gotten commercials to protect children)...

    Freedom of speech: many countries of Easten Europe are terribly fighting for it now, in the European Community.

  155. Jimuck at 152

    Forget about :k P.J. Tipps. I understand he is away working on a rather complex case involving a UFO abduction (allegedly) some 250 miles from Manaus deep in the Amazon basin. I hope he doesn't come back for a while and give us a break. :p He and is theories! Mamma mia! The man is joker. Ruth is er...well...don't mention her either...:p

    Now... this guy (Ed Dames) is a joker too but you know what? I like him...like you said: " Many people in life walk around with their eyes wide open and see nothing". These guys seem to see a lot with their eyes closed...

    What a team supervised by Ed found about Madeleine McCann back in 2007 makes some sense to me. Some sense, not much.

    Here: http://www.rvcommunity.net/viewtopic.php?f=27&t=2387&st=0&sk=t&sd=a&start=75

    See the third posting from the bottom on page 4.

    You could be right about what happened (the paedophilia scenario) but this is where she could be now. Where she was laid down to rest as it were. If you believe in Ed Dames' team that is. The mountains in the distance could be the "sierras" between the provinces of Algarve and Alentejo...

    See more here (link below) about this guy Major Ed Dames. Something tells me you know all about him but here it is anyway...


    Ignore the first 1:40 mins. (publicity)

  156. Is it possible that the next judge(s) orders to reopen the case?

  157. The whole issue here has to do that the facts published by Amaral are the conclusions the police have.
    And the police published their conclusions, free to be seen by anyone who would be interested in this case.


  158. Only because judge Mercedes is a stupid woman, it does not mean all women are stupid.
    One of the three judges is a woman.

  159. jimuck

    The Gaspar statements must not be allowed to be swept under the carpet. When this information gets out who knows what other information will come to light.

    As for Payne, if he knows something he wants to tell the investigators about what happened to Madeleine he would be advised to go directly to the Portuguese and not rely on it being sent on from UK.

    To delay would mean those Gaspar statements cannot be stopped, and he must expect the worst from the media. Surely he remembers what happened to Murat because certain people, (one of them being his wife), friends of the McCanns, falsely pointed accusing fingers at him. Murat says his life has been ruined because of that, and no doubt.

    Gerry McCann can only hold back the truth of the investigation for so long, and that includes the Gaspar statements made by his doctor friends. Doctors who were so concerned when they heard Madeleine had disappeared they could not rest until they had informed the police of what they had seen and heard.

    Add this to Yvonne Mitchell and her concerns, plus Kate saying it was Payne who was doing the checking the night Madeleine was heard crying for so long but he told them everything was OK, and Kate saying 'Madeleine was afraid of pain', and the strange episode of Payne's visit to Kate and the children the day Madeleine was said to have vanished, then what is going on here.

    No, this should not be allowed to be swept under the carpet. Something should definitely be sounding alarm bells in certain quarters if they have not already.

    This case should to be reopened and investigated as a potential murder investigation because all possibilities must now be considered.

  160. Freedom of Speech is in the news worldwide with the release of Anng San Suu Kyi, her support for Freedom of Speech and that of David Cameron yesterday. The McCanns don't have any hope of successful appeal, and now ID has disgraced herself by witholding the books, she should be held in contempt of court.

  161. @jimuck 160

    It is our duty to make ensure justice is made to Madeleine and it will stop when justice is made to Madeleine,not before.

  162. There is no further mention of whether the McCanns wish to proceed with the defamation case?

    After what the three judges have said there is no chance they will win that one. They made it very clear Dr Amaral was not saying anything that could not be found already in the File. They also made the point that the McCanns had a chance of proving their innocence by cooperating with the investigation, but they and their friends chose not to.

    Predictably, the McCanns made the excuse that their friends would not return for the reconstruction, and that stopped them from doing so. We are expected to believe that if the McCanns had really wished them to return they would not have. Their friends certainly managed to get back to accuse Murat, and Jane Tanner could help with Gerry's very own reconstruction. The McCanns can always manage to get back if there is money to be had.

    I ask you, their OWN RECONSTRUCTION directed by Gerry, a suspect himself. Who on earth do these people think they are. They have got to be nuts.

    The real cops and investigators must be watching all these antics of the McCanns and shaking their heads in disbelief.

  163. @Anon 161

    CamOron : "Referring to yesterday, he said: "This is long overdue. Aung San Suu Kyi is an inspiration for all of us who believe in freedom of speech, democracy and human rights."

    Oh yeah? well start applying this in the UK then and make sure to get rid of CR,mccanns and the rest of them.
    Him and Obama make me laugh,litterally.They come up with speeches and the like over San Suu"s liberation while they havent moved a finger to DEMAND her release and she psnd the last 10 years without seeing her son nor does she know her little grand daughter Jasmine...
    Portugal,please take note and example: freedom of speech and JUSTICE, please,justice for a little child.Yes you can!
    (Joana sorry to use your space to comment on Aung San Suu Kyi"s liberation)

  164. @Anon 163

    "I ask you, their OWN RECONSTRUCTION directed by Gerry, a suspect himself. Who on earth do these people think they are. They have got to be nuts."
    They ARE nuts and not ashamed at all to spread it all over the world without any respect whatsoever for the twins.

    "The real cops and investigators must be watching all these antics of the McCanns and shaking their heads in disbelief."

    The real cops and investigators are watching them with an extreme patience because patience is a fundamental virtue for a cop but they know,they know and ....wait.One of these days,they will lash out without remorse nor pity.Wait and see.....

    @Anon 162 :q

  165. Letter from Iberia
    With Isabel Duarte who refuses to abide by the courts instruction to release Gonçalo Amaral's books is to become The President of the Supreme Council of Lawyers in Portugal on the 26th of November.

    I say again Justice and Portugal two words which are not compatible

    There will be no justice for Madilien McCann until those in authority within Portugal who believe in justice stand up and be counted, by putting an end to this disgusting charade and bring the McCann’s to account for their crimes against their daughter Madilien.
    The McCann’s by their actions insult the whole of Portugal and Portugal does nothing


    One side to the "one simple question" referred to in Joana's title above is that according to PJ files Brian Kennedy (the McCanns' Uncle Scrooge) contacted Martin Smith.

    Smith as you will recall claimed the man carrying a child in his arms was Gerry McCann himself - a critical byte of information that was at first withheld by British police.

    Now, when ex-Chief Inspector Amaral in that interview refers to the missing CCTV footage of "Estrela da Luz" - which by the way is owned by another Irishman... he may not have told the journalist the Smiths' were staying there, but he knows that.

    Amaral also knows Brian Kennedy's contacted the Smiths - another Irishman.

    What Amaral might not know is what sort of deal was struck (and presumably, what sort of footage was wiped out) but that is mere speculation. What he knows is that the McCanns' have appropriated the Smiths' sighting for their own ends. Think about it...

    I nearly forgot Gonçalo Amaral was rather successful in busting drug dealers; that drugs are often associated with high capital and capital with politics and that no connection is necessary.

    For all I know old Marx could have been right. Society is a pyramid with money on top and people (often children) at the bottom.

  167. Hmm...problem is that Mccann are working on what is in the book and not in the file - and vice versa. More points than many people think and Goncalo is going to have to prove that what he claims is in file but is not in our copies, is actually there. How is he going to do that? Would he be allowed to ask the court to look at 'all' the files?
    Am talking about main libel case of course.

  168. How is Murat going in his process against Tanner?

    If the McCanns ever go to an international court, I will get contact with the Dutch and Belgium media, asking them to follow it.
    I've gotten friends among journalists in both countries.

  169. My delight would be to hear ID has to pay 1000€ for each day she has kept the books in her possession :c

    @Guerra 165

    Portugal has started to revert to freedom of speech lifting up the ban.I agree that should NOT have happened in the first place but may be the lift is a step towards justice.....? Lets hope

  170. 166 ARE YOU THE WO/MAN FROM MENSA? You got me thinking now...

    Hmm...I don't think there was an a priori connection between the McCanns' and Brian Kennedy even if Brian's altruism is a mystery to me.

    I can understand Richard Branson's (all publicity is good publicity) but Brian's...

    So, why would Brian pull up his cheque book for the McCanns' sake?

    Why did Kenneddy phone Smith?

    Because he wanted Smith to play things his/the McCanns' way?

    Perhaps the Smiths' sighting never existed. It was made to exist for a reason and it is not difficult to imagine the most obvious.

    What we would have then is not one (Egg Man) but two (Smith's) false sightings for the price of one thus confirming the McCanns' "official version" of an abduction! Brilliant!

    The question is:

    Why would the Smiths' say it was Gerry McCann carrying the child? To make it more credible? Knowing the time window would not fit for Gerry? It is possible. As a matter of fact is fu**ing brilliant!

    I think I know what you are thinking...but why would Brian protect Gerry if they were not connected in the first place?

    Because Gerry McCann ancestry traces back to Ireland? "tribal loyalties"? Did I miss something here?

    Anyway just a couple of passing thoughts to make do with your brain-storming.

    Have a good Sunday and thanks for the "puzzle"...

  171. I just realized this interview took place at Madame Duarte's office in Lisbon. It is a gag!

    "You ask awkward questions you get sued". Madame Duarte's rules of engagement.

    I wonder what will happen when she becomes President of the Superior Council of Lawyers in a fortnight or so. Fingers crossed.

  172. Now we know the reason to prevent Gonçalo Amaral's book publication in the UK, just another marketorial strategy: McCann couple are supposed to launch a book...

    .... alleged by a Sky News producer Darren McCaffrey on twitter about an hour ago

    «Deals for newspaper serialisations and translations of the book are now expected to be negotiated. #McCann 2 minutes ago via web

    # Transworld has acquired the rights to publish the book - which is being written by the McCanns themselves and is currently part-complete 4 minutes ago via web

    # Gerry McCann: Our hope is that it may prompt those who have relevant information...to come forward and share it with our team. 4 minutes ago via web

    # Kate McCann: With the depletion of Madeleine's Fund, it is a decision that has virtually been taken out of our hands. 7 minutes ago via web

    # Kate McCann: My reason for writing is simple - to give an account of the truth....Publishing this book has been a very difficult decision 7 minutes ago via web

    #Announced by publishers Transworld - All proceeds from will go to the McCanns' official fund to look for Madeleine 18 minutes ago via web in reply to OriginalShuBob»

    Transworld as nothing on their site nor on their twitter - Darren is probably quoting a press release by Team McCann self-advertising the book, soon to become news today and tomorrow in the world wide media...


  173. Disgusting and disgusted

  174. Here we go, as I thought, a Team McCann press release: «Maddies» Eltern schreiben ein Buch über ihre Suche

    Von unsererem dpa-Korrespondenten
    London (dpa) - Die Eltern der vor mehr als drei Jahren in Portugal verschwundenen Madeleine McCann wollen ein Buch über die Suche nach ihrer kleinen Tochter schreiben. Die Dokumentation soll schlicht den Titel «Madeleine» tragen und am 28. April 2011, rund vier Jahre nach dem Verschwinden des Kindes, erscheinen, teilte der Verlag Transworld am Sonntag in London mit.

    Die Erlöse aus dem Verkauf sollen in den Fonds für die Suche nach «Maddie» fließen, den die Familie eigens eingerichtet hatte. Britische Medien hatten vor einigen Tagen berichtet, dass das Geld in dem Fonds - größtenteils Spenden aus aller Welt - kommendes Jahr aufgebraucht sei. Mehrere Verlage hatten um die Rechte an dem Buch gekämpft.

    «Der Grund, warum ich dieses Buch schreibe, ist einfach - um eine Beschreibung der Wahrheit vorzulegen», sagte Madeleines Mutter Kate McCann. «Für uns gibt es nichts Wichtigeres, als unser kleines Mädchen zu finden.» Ihr Mann Gerry sagte, er hoffe, dass das Buch bei der Aufdeckung des Falles helfen könne. «Unsere Hoffnung ist, dass Menschen, die nützliche Informationen haben - wissentlich oder unwissentlich -, sich melden und sie unserem Team mitteilen.»

    Die damals fast vier Jahre alte Madeleine war 2007 bei einem Urlaub der britischen Familie in Portugal aus einem Hotelzimmer verschwunden. Die Eltern waren an dem Abend in der Nähe essen gegangen. Eine von den Medien stark beachtete Suchaktion folgte. Der Fall wurde bislang nicht geklärt. Dem Ehepaar wurde mehrfach vorgeworfen, sie hätten die Entführung Madeleines womöglich selbst vorgetäuscht, nachdem sie das Kind tot in dem Appartement gefunden hätten. Die Familie bestreitet das.

    in Europe Online Magazine

  175. Anonymous 166, What interview are you referring to, the one by the Sunday Express? If that is the one I doubt very much that that interview took place. Correct me if I'm wrong, has Mr. Amaral confirmed giving any interview to English journalists lately?

    If the McCanns have appropriated Mr. Smith's sightings for their own ends, as you say, then it pretty much destroys all the work that was done in trying to make Tanner's sightings legitimate. The person sighted by Mr. Smith was seen going in the opposite direction to Tanner's abductor at around the same time.

    I'm sick and tired of people putting the onus on the Portuguese to solve the case. More evidence is needed to proceed forward with a prosecution, where are most of the sources of this evidence? Are they not in England? Did the English carry out all the investigative work that was requested of them? Why then should the Portuguese throw money at a case concerning foreigners, a case in which the main suspects live in another country and don't want to cooperate, a case in which the authorities of that country have not only been uncooperative but have intervened to protect the suspects. Why? What I wish the Portuguese would do is to stop giving this couple any attention, stop writing about them, stop interviewing them, in other words ignore them.

    I've said recently that the British people should demand an in depth investigation into the fund that is financing a large part of this circus. That is what you should be writing Mrs. May about; I believe that the fund, supported by British taxpayers, falls under her jurisdiction. How willing are the English to even do that?

  176. Did you see findmadeleine.com of last November the 3rd?
    The McCanns are selling things, including Maddie's holy photos.
    These people are sick.
    It makes me think of a "priest"who once showed up in my grandparents village, selling chairs in Haeven.
    My greataunt bought a sofa for herself and a kitchen stool for her husband.

  177. They are diversifying their business with new products, this time a book of fiction. I suggest that someone write a book in which he or she compares what is written in the McCann's book to what is written in the case file, or even compare all three, the case files, the McCann's book and Mr. Amaral's book. If this book does come out, the Portuguese police should examine it, to see if they are libeled.

  178. The impression of Mr Smith is that he held out against the McCanns and their sly approach to him through Kennedy, and was still willing to return to do any reconstruction requested, but then the case was shelved. He doesn't seem to be the sort of man who can be intimidated.

    Who does Kennedy think he is, interfering with witnesses here, there, and everywhere, supposedly on behalf of his pals the McCanns, and why wasn't he and his son charged when they were reported as stalking somebody in PDL. How many witnesses have been scared off or felt threatened by their tactics?

    What were Metodo 3 really up to? Who killed the family pet of Dr Amaral? What were the McCanns wanting Halligen to do for them? Will Halligen tell? Is that why Halligen has to be so discredited in the media that he will never be believed if he does tell, yet the McCanns have said publically he carried out the work for them satisfactorily.

    He is still referred to in the media as somebody who committed fraud against the McCanns. Halligen says it was the McCanns who cheated him. They can't have it both ways. What is the truth about the McCanns and Halligen?

    Are the McCanns still after names of other people who have given statements not yet publically released? Is that why they really want the information from the rest of the File, the vast majority of which is still kept under wraps?

    Have the McCanns been given information about the bank records of various people involved in this case so as to know if it is worth their while to attempt to sue them? If so, how did they get the information?

    Have the McCanns been privy to confidential information about people which is nothing to do with the disappearance of Madeleine? If so, how did they get it?

    Kennedy, Metodo 3, Halligen and all. All supposedly employed to help find Madeleine. Yeah, right. I think we get the gist McCanns. An aboveboard affair is the last thing it sounds like.

    They should call themselves 'NEFARIOUS NUTCASES INCORPORATED' and save the pretence.

  179. ERRATA


    My comment at 173 (theory that the Smiths' sighting was just as faked) was triggered by Anon 169 (title as above) and not as I mistakenly wrote 166.

    My apologies to any readers that might have read it.

  180. "Deals for newspaper serialisations and translations of the book are now expected to be negotiated."

    Why are the newspapers not printing excerpts from the real publicly released case file. It would be cheaper to get a copy and pay for translation. It would be real news. How much longer will this farce be enabled by the press? Especially the UK press!

  181. The McCanns are pathetic, but why are we surprised by this book. They are desparate to take attention away from Dr Amaral's book. They know they can't stop it in the courts, and they wont by doing this either.

    People are well and truly sick of them, and there will be groans all round to have more McCann bleating and begging coming at us.

    Kate McCann is to give an account of the 'truth'.

    If she is saying that Madeleine was abducted is the truth, then that is a lie for a start.

    The 'truth' according to the McCanns will be pure garbage. At least they will be staying true to form.

    How about you go back and answer those 48 questions Kate and ask for a reopening of the case, instead of sitting writing books. This is rather like when you went jogging, playing tennis, and having your hair done rather than helping to seach for your daughter with the others who had volunteered.

    Are you so desparate not to get the case reopened you want to try and distract continuously with all this rubbish?


    But the truth of the investigation will still come out and the death of your daughter will be revealed.

  182. Translation of the above via googlese, press release sent via APD http://www.apdigitalnews.com/language.html

    "Maddie's" parents write a book about her search

    From our APD correspondents

    London (apd) - The parents of Madeleine McCann who has been missing for more than 3 years, want to write a book about the search for their daughter. The book will carry the simple title of "Madeleine" and will be published on 28 April 2011, about four years after the disappearance of the child, said the publisher Transworld this Sunday in London.

    The proceedings from the sale will go to the fund to search for "Maddie", who has been specially set up by the family. The British media reported a few days ago that the money in the fund - mostly donations from around the world - would be depleted next year. Several publishers fought for the rights to publish the book.

    "The reason why I am writing this book is simple - to give an account of the truth," said Kate McCann, Madeleine's mother. "For us there is nothing more important than to find our little girl." Her husband Gerry said he hoped that the book could help solving of the case. "Our hope is that people who have useful information - knowingly or unknowingly - will report and share it with our team."

    The then nearly four-year-old child, Madeleine, disappeared from an hotel room when the British family were on holiday in Portugal in 2007. The parents went to have dinner that night in the vicinity. A highly mediatic search investigation ensued.

    The case has not yet been solved. The couple was accused several times, of the possibility of having simulated the kidnapping of Madeleine themselves, after they had found the child dead in the apartment. The family denies it.

  183. Hi Guerra!

    It really doesn't matter whether the interview existed. In terms of PR there is no difference between an interview that existed and one that did not, as long as a majority believes it did.

    In any case I don't think 169 (not 166) was arguing whether the interview was true or fake.

    His theory was (my assumption) that both sightings were fake and that the motivation behind them might have been one and the same.

    I thought it was a fu***ng brilliant point. I never thought about it myself. My reactions to Anon 169 posting are given at 173.


    Gonçalo Amaral could not have wished a better Christmas present!

    I don't think he will need to re-write a second version of "The Truth of the Lie". All he needs do is to sit back and wait for the book to be published and then re-write it from an expert's point of view - warts and all...

    Provisory title: "Madeleine McCann: An Insider's View". It will be a best-seller. Don't be surprised if the McCanns' steal the title!

    I totally agree with Joana that Isabel Duarte's temper tamtrum was a PR stunt designed to take the wind off Amaral's sails in the aftermath to the lifting of the injunction...

    Like Amaral said to his wife: "This couple leaves nothing to chance".

    Meanwhile Amaral is keeping a dignified silence. As they say in Portugal: "Saving the fireworks to THE PARTY"...or words to that effect.

  185. Anon 173

    Rest assured Mr Smith and his sighting are real.

    As for the time factor not fitting Gerry, that is not correct.

    There are at least two people who work at the Tapas who have said in their statements that Gerry McCann was missing for half an hour between approx 9.30pm and 10pm, and that when he returned that was when Kate got up and went and did her 'they've taken her' alert.

    It would be amazing if these two witnesses have not yet received a visit from Kennedy.

    As for Gerry's Tapas friends who are willing to say differently, these are the same people who comprise those who falsely claimed they saw Murat that night. Hardly the most reliable of people for the investigators to take notice of.

  186. Someone on another place made a pretty good point, something to add to the big list of McCanns really weird sayings & oddities, quote: «So Maddie won't be found by 28 April 2011 then Gerry & Kate?»

  187. What will the title be?

    Madeleine: It was our holiday too.

  188. Dacre's Mail: McCanns set to make £1m for writing tell-all book on their 'year of hell' since Madeleine vanished

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1017010/McCanns-set-make-1m-writing-tell-book-year-hell-Madeleine-vanished.html#ixzz15HgcyyK3

  189. guerra... Anon 169 point is a very good one. Tanner's sighting had been discredited much earlier remember? Another more plausible abduction scenario was needed.

    This is as plausible as it gets. I tell you (PJ) it was Gerry but you (PJ) know it could hardly have been. Then just to make sure that you (PJ) don't get it I make sure there are no CCTV footage to prove it. May be there never was.

    Another thing. No one else to my knowledge saw the "abductor" in that area. Only the Smiths' did.

    :d What's the matter with you today? A fine brain like yours?

  190. If Tanner and the others are found to have been conspiring in some way to make Murat the Patsy does that mean the reopening of the case can be requested by Murat?

    Will the supposed sighting by Tanner of bundleman be totally discredited and the Smith sighting be considered the only sighting worth considering?

    If so, maybe the reopening will not be too far away, whether the McCanns like it or not.

  191. Ah! Ah! Ah! And Mccann's book will be not written to make money? Yah, Mrs. Isabel Duarte?

    A book to overtake any shelf showing it and make all the books sharing the same shelf, a disastrous sale. Who is going to buy lies? THE SUN EDITOR, THE DAILY MAIL EDITOR. Even their ( no adjectives to describe) readers, will not buy it. Their poor literacy keep them out of books consumption. Better to offer the "LIE NOVELL", for free, inside their Tabloids.
    We will not spend a coin in their book. But if the book is true will be another step, having Mccann's signature, that lead them in to their own destruction. Amazing how deeply low this two parents can go to search money, not to search their girl. THEY DON'T SEARCH HER ON THE NIGHT OF MAY 3 TO 4, 2007 and on the days, weeks, months they spent in Portugal, then who they want to fool now? Mrs Theresa May, I guess, to avoid any reopening of the investigation.
    Will be great, 2011, after April. Full of jokes about Gerry and Kate AND THEIR COLLECTION OF LIES.

  192. £1 MILLION ONLY?

    How do they know that will be enough to pay compensation to Amaral and his family?

  193. 192

    In my humble view you have just made a very fine point.

  194. Anonymous 14/11/2010 18:07 I may have referred to the wrong number or the number changed, it's not the first time it's happened. Notice that your comment at 173 refers to comment 166. That is one reason people should pick a nick name or something instead of posting under anonymous.

    I'm sure it matters to many if the interview existed or not, that's why we are here, to counteract the lies or as you call it the PR.

    I believe that Mr. Smith's sighting was legitimate, that it was Mr. McCann carrying a dead Madeleine to a prearranged rendez-vous with the people who would keep her stored. Did Mr. Kennedy contact Mr. Smith before or after Mr. Smith claimed that he saw Mr. McCann carrying a child?

  195. @181
    You definitely have a good grasp of the kind of people McCann like to associate with. If you were a good law abiding citizen would you really want the search for your daughter being led by 'those guys' who would not seem out of place in a gangster movie.

    My questions are
    1. Before they went on the fateful holiday, did they have any connection to Kennedy at all? Did any of the Tapas mates know of him?

    2. Reading about Mr. Kennedy's business life, he does not seem to be the kind of bloke who jumps in to things that will cost and care about who will get hurt in the process. Not one of life's givers, shall we say. Yes, his name does crop up in charity matters, but we all know how that really works. So why did he get involved with this, and as you say intimidation has been mentioned with his approach to witnesses, and possibly a little loose change helped on occassion?

    3. Is Kennedy still helping the McCanns? If the McCanns were ok people before this with ok morals, do they realise yet that they will be paying back the favours for the rest of their naturals? Or did the private jets go to their heads and they no longer have any scruples for themselves or their remaining children?

    Please note if you are reading Mr Kennedy, that many people would like answers to these questions. If you are indeed only a kind-hearted kind of fellow then what does it feel like to be duped into the biggest scam on Earth? Perhaps you should have a talk with your policemen mates at any social function you are attending soon and perhaps write a statement or two, before you have a lot of policemen requesting an invite for a talk that will not involve the purchase of your double-glazing products. The British Press may be taken it lying down at the moment, but the worm always turns and I am sure they will find lots to write about whether you agree with it or not.

  196. Very well spotted- Mccann's are confessing, by publishing that book, that Madeleine will be not found until April 2011. Wonder from where came their absolute certainty. Wonder why they are always so confident, when they plan long term events regarding their daughter. Wonder the way they abuse and use her tragedy. They know, she no longer exists and she will never feel hurt by their actions after May 3. Poor twins. What Future can they live under the hands of that pair.

  197. Joana at 189

    How true that is. Not worth the effort to search then, so why do they need the money.

    If they know Madeleine wont be found by then, maybe they would care to tell us when she will be.


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