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The McCann's Pastiche Appeal & the "Fluffy Worthless Words"

The McCann Press release published today in the majority of the UK media, subsequently recopied and republished in some of the foreign media, can be read in the following paragraphs:

«Kate and Gerry McCann today said they have had enough of “fluffy worthless words”, calling again for a full case review over their daughter Madeleine's disappearance. Exactly three-and-a-half years since Madeleine went missing, the couple said they want “action” and for “somebody to do something”. They launched a petition on Tuesday to lobby the UK and Portuguese governments for a joint or independent review of the case. “Essentially for the last three-and-a-half years the authorities have not been doing anything proactive to help Madeleine,” Mr McCann said..»

«Kate and Gerry McCann also accused Home Secretary Theresa May of offering “words, but no action” to help the search for their daughter. Mrs McCann said: “Reviews are done in all major investigations, at least in this country. The benefits of pulling together different bits of evidence can be enormous but, until that is done, we can't be sure what has been missed”. An independent report by Jim Gamble, of the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre, is thought to back the couple's demand for a review of all the evidence gathered by British and Portuguese police. The report was commissioned by Labour Home Secretary Alan Johnson but not completed until the summer, when Mrs May took office under the coalition Government. Yet the Home Office refuses to disclose its recommendations to the McCanns.»

«Mrs McCann said when they met Mr Johnson, who commissioned a “scoping exercise” by CEOP to see if a review would be helpful, they felt they were making progress, but now did not even know if the report had been read. “There has not been a formal case review and I think for such a serious case like this, and with the profile of it and international aspects, that should be carried out,” her husband said.»

«Madeleine was three when she went missing from her family's holiday flat in Praia da Luz in the Algarve on May 3 2007 as her parents dined with friends nearby. Portuguese police launched a massive investigation with the support of British officers, but the inquiry was formally shelved in July 2008 without reaching any firm conclusions about her fate. Private detectives employed by the McCanns are still investigating the case and as well as the petition, the couple are appealing for continued financial support for the official Find Madeleine fund - as it stands the fund will run out in spring 2011.»

«Private detectives employed by the McCanns are still investigating the case. As well as the petition, the couple are appealing for continued financial support for the official Find Madeleine fund. As it stands, the fund will run out in the spring of next year. Mr McCann said fundraising was a secondary objective to urging people to put pressure on the governments “to do what they should have done all along”.(…) She continued: “In the interim, we are carrying on, we're interviewing witnesses, dealing with new information and continuing reviewing the information available to us”. The couple spoke of how their family was coping. Mrs McCann said: “Sean and Amelie are great, they are doing really well, they seem to have taken everything on board and coped really well”.»

«Explaining how much the search for their daughter costs Gerry said £1 pays for a multi-lingual call centre for an hour, £10 pays for 1,000 posters that are distributed across the world and £50 pays for the running costs of a Portuguese investigation team for two hours. He said: “Without our investigation team it would be almost impossible. "If the money does run out there would still be a helpline manned by volunteers, email. But it would be very, very difficult. It would essentially mean that any kind of pro-active search for Madeleine would cease.”»

«A Home Office spokesman said: “The Home Secretary has met Kate and Gerry McCann and is deeply sympathetic to their situation.
The Government wants to ensure that everything feasible is being done to progress the search for Madeleine. The British authorities will maintain a dialogue with the Portuguese and continue to liaise with Madeleine's family on any developments”.»

sources: excerpts from the UK media here, here, here, here, here and here

Summing up the above: Kate and Gerry McCann - who have been since May 15, 2007 gathering donations in a Private Limited Fund with the “alleged” goal of supporting the expenses of a multimillionaire media campaign in order to help the search for their daughter Madeleine ever since she was “allegedly abducted” on May 3, 2007, whilst the Tapas 9 were “allegedly” having dinner in their alleged “back garden” about 120 meters away, from an “alleged locked or unlocked” apartment as the McCann Couple and their Tapas friends have incongruently and allegedly stated [read the G9 statements] - are now begging the public to donate again so that they can keep their “alleged” search alive.

All of this, with total disregard of the conclusions of the process, of the Operation Task - the joint Portuguese and British authorities conclusions, which state, black on white, that Madeleine Beth McCann died in all probability on the night of May 3, 2007 and that her parents are suspects of concealing her cadaver and simulating an abduction; and despite the fact that the donations were, “allegedly”, used to pay for the best lawyers, the best media spinners, the likely worst rent-a-cops, and were abusively misused in the numerous attempts to silence a former coordinating inspector, a TV channel, a book editor, a film production company, the media and printed press, to menace bloggers and sites, and to hinder the real and only official investigation?!

What the media and the McCanns themselves totally fail to mention is that the couple had and still have more than one possibility to reopen the criminal investigation into the disappearance of their daughter, Madeleine Beth McCann, for free! That's right: for free, without the need for a Limited Private Fund; for public donations; for media spinners; for backers; without the need for rent-a-cops or dodgy PIs, who according to the Portuguese Law cannot make private investigations in Portugal during an ongoing investigation; and especially without the need of fake MI5's who are currently being sought by the FBI.

A totally free and law abiding criminal investigation into their daughter's disappearance! Well, perhaps not so free-free because it would be paid by us the Portuguese people, again; and make no mistakes it would be gladly paid by the very same people who were portrayed as “stupid sardine-munchers” in the UK media if only it would end this farcical media circus, once and for all.

What the latest McCann media stunt fails to mention is that the McCann couple as (former) arguidos, (as citizens, as parents or as assistants if they had gained that status or continued that appeal) of the criminal investigation process into their daughter's disappearance have somehow missed the statutory legal deadlines to oppose to the Portuguese Public Ministry process archival and to apply (formulate a petition for) for the reopening of the instruction (finding of facts) pertaining to the investigative proceedings, as it was their legal right; clearly stated in the archival dispatch:

«Nevertheless, anyone who feels unsatisfied about the epilogue of the investigations, will have the possibility to react against it, having the possibility of eventually changing that epilogue, by prompting diligences based on new evidence, as long as that person has the legitimacy to request them and the requested diligences are serious, pertinent and consequent. They may do so in three ways: by requesting the reopening of the inquiry, under article 279º, number 1 of the Penal Process Code; by appealing hierarchically against this dispatch under number 2 of article 278º, or in another case, under number 2 of article 279º of the Penal Process Code, or by requesting the opening of the instruction under article 287º, number 1, item b, of the Penal Process Code.

Finally, it should be noted that an archiving decision may be a fair decision, although of the possible justice, and, especially, to underline heavily that the archiving of the present files does not equal a definite and irreversible closing of the process. This process, as long as the prescription deadline for the possibly committed crimes does reach its term, and if new evidence that justifies it, appears, can always be reopened, officiously or through the request of an assistant, again ordinate to a final decision of accusation or non accusation

The former arguidos video interview with Darshna Soni [watch the report w/ the edited interview and a few interesting extras as well] via Channel 4 at Youtube
Part 1

Part 2

The many victims of the McCann Media Campaign

Our reply to the McCann couple: 12 Reasons to Reopen the Madeleine McCann Case

note: the petition mentioned on the above video appeal was mysteriously wooshed in February 1, 2010

more to follow...

Exclusive Video: McCanns Press Conference
«The following video was recorded by a journalist, the only journalist who dared ask the McCann couple tough questions. You may have seen some of the footage broadcast on your own countries' TV channels, edited to suit the spin, and some even altered or omitted the fact that the McCanns only mentioned that they would like the archived process of Madeleine McCann to be re-opened or reviewed after the former PJ coordinator, Gonçalo Amaral, told the media a few hours earlier that he was evaluating the legal aspects to constitute himself as an assistant in the process in order to pressure its reopening, so the investigation into Madeleine's disappearance can continue.

The whole of the mainstream media also didn't make any reference to a press note distributed among the journalists during the court lunch break by 'Citizens in Defence of Rights and Freedoms - Project Justice Gonçalo Amaral' featuring an appeal to 'the English subjects, and especially to the English media, to pressure the police to open their archives' and that 'the world wants to know what really happened to Madeleine Beth McCann. Premature shelving is not an answer'.

In this video Gerry McCann says that he would be 'delighted' if the case is reopened. We eagerly wait for the McCann Couple to request the reopening of the case and for their participation in a reconstruction

Any Resemblance Is Pure Coincidence
«“From everything that has been exposed, it RESULTS from the Files THAT:

A) the minor Madeleine McCann died in apartment 5A at the Ocean Club resort in Praia da Luz, on the night of the 3rd of May 2007;

B) a simulation of an abduction took place;

C) in order to render the child’s death impossible before 22H00, a situation of checking of the McCann couple’s children while they slept was made up;

D) Kate McCann and Gerald McCann are involved in the concealment of the cadaver of their daughter, Madeleine McCann;

E) at this moment, there seem to be no strong indications that the child’s death was not the result of a tragic accident, yet;

F) from what has been established up to now, everything indicates that the McCann couple, in self-defence, doesn’t want to deliver the cadaver immediately and voluntarily, and there is a strong possibility that it was moved from the initial place of deposition. This situation may raise questions concerning the circumstances in which the death of the child took place. (Page 2601 of the process

The McCanns Strategy to re-open the Process - Allegedly
video only with added McCann rent-a-cop spin (in a UK media article)
«The Ulster detective leading the search for Madeleine McCann today reveals his most chilling theories yet, exclusively to Sunday Life. Hardened ex-RUC cop Dave Edgar told us he is convinced that little Maddie is imprisoned in a hellish lair – just like kidnapped sex slave Jaycee Lee Dugard.

He insisted the “back from the dead” reappearance of Jaycee – and the cases of Austrian cellar girls Elisabeth Fritzl and Natascha Kampusch – confirmed his suspicion.

And despite fresh leads taking his probe to Australia and Barcelona, the east Belfast man insists the golden-haired youngster is being held just 10 miles from where she was snatched in Praia da Luz two years ago.

But he warned that the sprawling wilderness where he believes Maddie is languishing is almost impossible to search completely


  1. :e WOW! No comments! You said it all...
    The McCann's franchise will hate you for this. Oh well...

  2. What a pair of liars, the portuguese police stopped searching after a few weeks. Only 300,000 oh poor things!! that would feed a lot of starving children. They only have to ask for the case to be reopened, The Sun must be stopped from printing this untruthful crap. You McCanns how sick and greedy are you once again with your begging bowls. we all should write to the PM and state all they need to do is ask for the case to be reopened...just that simple thing, and they wont be alone and acting like a pair of victims. Maddie is the victim here, youve milked it long enough McCanns.

  3. Send a copy to the uk periodicals

  4. Interestingly the Daily Mail and Mirror versions of this story are the only two that are allowing comments .... and those that are being posted are almost universally negative towards the McCanns - the tide of public opinion (and what the UK papers are prepared to allow to be said) has obviously changed, despite the slant of the media reporting itself.

    I think that this may be their 'step too far' and a serious misjudgement of the public mood in these fiscally difficult times.

  5. Yes it cost money, loads of it ... and so unnessasary. As I understand it, Kate and or Gerry could have asked for the case to be reopened at absolutely no cost to themselves or anyone else. If they co operated with the investigation and for instance answered all the relevant questions, then I can not see why they would have been in this situation at all. If the Portugese police suspected them and they gave the answers to all questions truthfully, then the most probable scenario would have been that the investigation would have gone forward. They led everyone police, public to believe that there is more to their story. If they had nothing to hide, why would it have been a problem to work with the police no matter from which country. One can not help to think they wanted to fund their own investigation because they want control over the outcome. If police were in total control they would not have the insight of all new things that came to light, and it seems as if they dont like this. Therefor they needed to get their own investigation going so that they can be in control of what they find and probably have control over the outcome. If indeed the fund was established because people wanted to donate, why not put all the money in a trust and depending on the outcome use the money then to help Madeleine in future if we were all lucky to get her back. If that never happened to use the money for other children in need. That way if Maddie was never found, her name would have been for always linked to hope.. helping other children where as at the moment you hear her name and you think oh yeah they want money to pay for detectives because they dont want the police actively looking for Maddie. Was her not answering the questions blatant arrogance? Well I must say very bad timing to have that type of attitude when your child is missing. Even worse if you are responsible for your children and you failed them. Is it possible that the lack of progress or the lack of awareness about any prgress are getting to them and they feel that they are loosing control over the situation? I suppose all it would take from them is to contact the police in Portugal and say right here we are, sorry for not working with you cause we were ignorant and the situation was overwhelming. How can we assit you in finding our daughter. I suppose thank you for all you have done so far after we have slipped up by not providing the care we should have given the children will also be in order. Think they should get of this rollercoaster of deceipt, courtcases to attack the people that helped them. They attacked everyone that did not conform to what they want everyone to believe, yet it is their own fault by their actions that people started to think hang on a minute

  6. I hope that if the McCanns won't request the reopening of the process, then Goncalo Amaral may be able to do so, as an assistant, which is something I think he or another person has mentioned previously. Could that be why he feels the case will be reopened soon? I do hope so. Forget about silly smoke and mirror 'reviews', just get the case re-opened & then there is no need for all this money begging.

  7. I do wish that the PJ would call the McConns bluff and re-open,not review,this case,everytime i see them on tv with their begging bowls i want to throw up.

  8. Kate McCann: "...because a little girl is still missing."

    That speaks volumes. Poor Maddie, she didn't stand a chance with these two manipulative liars and money-grubbers.

  9. how disgusting the mccanns are with thier begging bowl,i read that the mccanns family were willing to sell thier houses to raise funds,ALL LIE'S AS USUAL.

  10. Joana

    I hope what you have written above can be distributed to as many news media and Government officials as possible.

    This sums up perfectly what has been going on with these scam artists, and their Fund, and their lying bleats.

  11. @ 7
    Exactly what i am thinking. No review just plain and simple reopen. Is it possible for Mr Amaral to do this? That will be the best way forward I think

  12. "Analyse des Vermisstenfalles Madeleine McCann," by Daniela Prousa

    Published July 2010. Available from Amazon

    Daniela Prousa is a psychiatrist, who concludes that Madeleine McCann died as a result of an accident in her parents' holiday apartment in May 2007. I have not heard of any attempt to ban this book, but since Gonçalo Amaral, as a police officer with over 26 years of experience in criminal investigation, was judged to be qualified to express an opinion, so might Ms Prousa, as a forensic psychiatrist.

    The following is an extract from an excellent review of the book, which can be read in full on the McCann Exposure blog.

    Analyse des Vermisstenfalles Madeleine McCann is written by German author and psychiatrist, Daniela Prousa.

  13. That McCann guy talks like an uneducated moron trying to make good. I put a plate of soup on the cooker whilst he was trying to get that, "The vast majority..." out of his mouth. I was half way through it before he finished his sentence.

    These two make me sick.

    Fuck your petition. Get your arses back to Portugal and get the case re-opened.

    Why the delay?

    Got something to hide McCann?

  14. The pj will not reopen the case unless new evidence presents itself and as the T9 are not prepared to go back for a reconstruction of the night of 3rd May no new evidence is likely.

    I think today’s news is the McCanns swan song. The money is running out and it’s their last chance to say “it wasn’t us”. They can now whine we have tried everything but all to no avail there is no more we can do. Cough.

  15. Jane Tanner will identifie Home Secretary Teresa May as being the abductor.

    Joana, before the injunction, there was a show ( I think SIC) where Amaral and Paulo Sargento were interviewd and that pig from Belgium spoke through the telephone, saying he was just back from Germany, where he had spoken to a attorney(Achen?).
    On that show, Sargento said wisely "the McCanns can not stop.Clarence Mitchell can not stop..."
    Where was that and can you maybe place it again?

    It is what is happening now. They can not stop, they have to do something, answering the three judges.

    An they don't mind to insult people who tried to help them.

    They now have concentrated themselves on Teresa May.

    I wonder if a Home Secretary spokesman really said what I read above.
    If he said that, why not tell us his name?

    News like: "a friend of the family""a source" "a spokeman"...

  16. It wouldn't surprise me if Dr Amaral doesn't know a thing or two that could reopen this case.

    The McCanns can never relax for fear of that. It's the last thing they want.

  17. Nevertheless, despite national authorities assuming all measures to render their trip to Portugal viable, for unknown motives, after the many doubts that they raised about the necessity and opportunity of their trip were clarified several times, they chose not to attend, which rendered the diligence inviable.

    We believe that the main damage was caused to the McCann arguidos, who lost the possibility to prove what they have protested since they were constituted arguidos: their innocence towards the fateful event; the investigation was also disturbed, because said facts remain unclarified.

    The Republic’s Prosecutor

  18. Unfortunately without the cooperation of the McCanns and their friends, reopening the case would be futile, which is why it was archived in the first place.

    The only question answered by Kate McCann after she was made an arguido was,

    "Are you aware of the fact that by not answering these questions you may compromise the investigation, which is trying to find out what happened to your daughter?"

    Her reply:
    "Yes, if the investigation thinks so".

    And that is quite simply the crux of the matter.

    Calls for a review, recriminations in the direction of the police forces of both countries and their governments that they are doing nothing, online petitions, staged searches by crack detectives, reviews by the soon to be notorious Jim Gamble and so forth are diversions. But the recurrent attempts to get their hands on the rest of the information held on file by UK and Portuguese police so that they can disseminate it in the public domain at will and thus compromise any prospect of a conviction in either country, are an afront to legitimate authority everywhere.

    In light of this, the calls for donations to fund 'the search' are disingenuous as are the attempts to flog more tat online, and reporting by the UK media has registered a new low.

  19. Their so-called petition is fraudulent.
    They have been editing contents, altering names and comments non-stop since last night.
    Emails are not verified.
    One can sign hundreds of times.
    Where / to whom can this fraud be reported?

  20. Madre mia
    I can't believe those two. Someone, somewhere please end this farce.

  21. The trouble with the McCanns is that they are arrogant, and think they are above the law, and wanted to be in control of the investigation, so Dr Amaral had to go for a start.

    As they managed to get the investigation shelved because of their uncooperation, they got their wish.

    Since then they have attempted to lead one and all down the garden path and will allow no opposition to their lying spin.

    What's it like thinking you are God Gerry?

    Well, make the most of it because you are really going to be throwing your toys out of the pram when the plaster starts crumbling and all gets revealed.

  22. Thank you Joana, for all your work, your insight and your refusal to allow this injustice.

    Stay strong.

  23. If I'm not mistaken, the PJ (police) cannot make the decision to reopen the investigation, just as it has not made the decision to archive it. That responsibility/power belongs to the "Ministério Público"(public prosecutors/magistrates, the PJ can only investigate, and is under the control of the MP. The enquiries/investigations are "owned" by the MP, they "call the shots".
    Most of the times it must be really frustrating to be a PJ inspector! They do the "dirty" work, they are the ones doing all the "digging" and cracking their brains to solve cases only to have the MP denying them the authorization to do this or that diligence (such as phone tappings), or to see the MP archiving the cases. The final decision if the cases go on to court or get archived, dumped in a shelf gathering dust belongs to the MP, not the PJ.

  24. T4two

    People can be arrested and charged whether they cooperate or not.

    The McCanns know that. That is why they don't want the case reopened.

    The investigation was called off (why??), and shelved, not closed.

    If the case is reopened and the evidence is there, they are cooked.

  25. How can the media be party to this obvious money grabbing sham?
    They have a duty to keep the public informed in a fair and balanced manner, yet they fail to report on the overturn of the book ban and the fact that the McCanns have been left to pick up a hefty bill in court costs and lawyers fees. That is the reason for this new appeal - money - and the public are being duped into donating again with the full blessing of the UK media. What a disgrace.

    The public are being outrageously scammed by the McCanns and the media are deliberately allowing it - no one speaks out and calls their bluff. As you say Joana, all the McCanns had to do was ask the Portuguese police to reopen the case and they would have a new investigation for FREE.

  26. Anon 19

    No surprise.

    Fake, like so much else.

    Now why do the creche records come to mind!

  27. A Leicestershire police spokesperson said: "The investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann is a Portuguese led one.

    "Our role from day one has been, and continues to be, to co-ordinate and complete any UK-based enquiries and to action those tasks that have been requested by the Portuguese authorities to be completed in the UK."


  28. No coincidence that the McCanns are seeking publicity and sympathy from the public right after Goncalo Amaral's book ban has been overturned. Sour grapes of course and running scared that many of those who thought they were completely innocent in all of this, might just believe what his findings were! And judging by the responses in the Daily Mail, the public will not be sending in their hard earned cash this time! What audacity those two have. It just beggars belief.

  29. My brain is obviously running on 'slow' today ... the penny has only just dropped as to why the begging bowls are out in such force again!!

    When the ban on Sn. Amaral's book was overturned the appellant (Sn Amaral) was awarded full costs - which the McCanns now have to pay.

    Having spent vast quantities of the fund on suing all and sundry, not only do the McCanns not have the funds to pay these costs but they must now realise that there is little chance of them receiving any 'libel damages' from the Portuguese Courts now that Sn Amarals book has been deemed to be a fair summation of the investigation.

  30. Steel Magnolia -looking for the Irwins. Ms N and Ms Brigid Elisabeth-it's in the OC lists.

  31. @19
    Anonymous said... 19
    'Their so-called petition is fraudulent.
    They have been editing contents, altering names and comments non-stop since last night.
    Emails are not verified.
    One can sign hundreds of times.
    Where / to whom can this fraud be reported?'

    Yes, I've noticed - will they get away with it? Probably. They've gotten away with everything else. Anyway, everything about this case is fraudulent but there's no one in authority to put a stop to it. It's ok to scam the public in the UK - MP's, bankers, benefit cheats and the McCann's - they all do it.

  32. There is Kate looking more frail and thin than ever.

    Seen it all before.

    No doubt when the cash flows in, she will be back to her glamourous self again in no time.

  33. looks like it,s down to portugal to stop this pair of money grubbing low life as the uk dont give a dam what they do and even encourage them to make a mockery out of thier daughter Madeleine as we have seen for the past 31/2 years.
    the petition and all the interviews today are a red herring,some thing else is a foot.

  34. But this was aall a smokescreen, organised by Mitchell, to cover up the appearance of Halligen in court.
    It seems he has got the timing wrong, as I am led to believe that Halligen is appearing tomorrow, Thursday 4th at 10am. Can anyone close to Horseferry Mags confirm this from the list ?

    So there is a chance that a reporter or two might be there. And a chance they might report anything he said,

  35. The McCanns are definitely a job for the Mythbusters :c

  36. I have just read headline front page of the Sun that the mccanns are asking for more money as they fear the search for their daughter cannot continue because the fund only has £300,000.00 from an original 2 million. If Madeleine had been abducted to which there not one shred of evidence that she had - all the mccanns need to do is ask for the re-opening of the case and to co-operate with the Portuguese authorities, but they do not do this – I wonder why?
    I recently e-mailed the BBC and asked why they did not cover the news story about Sr Amaral having the injunction lifted on his book as this was an important victory for freedom of speech and also considering the discrepancies in the mccanns and their friends statements and their being so uncooperative with the authorities why was this not being investigated and reported on in our newspapers - of course I did not receive a reply. Why is it that two suspects who are obviously involved in the disappearance of their daughter allowed such newspaper coverage and to ask for more money. They do not need money to look for their daughter how many other cases are there whereby suspects are allowed to hand around the begging bowl so they can pay expensive lawyers to preserve their reputations whilst being uncooperative with the police refusing to do a reconstruction and never ever physically searching for their daughter. There is sometime seriously wrong with our justice system I despair at the audacity of the mccanns but until someone stops them this farce it will continue.
    I have e-mailed Waterstones and W H Smith to order a copy of Sr Amarals book ‘The Truth of the Lie’ and of course they are not stocking it – I think the world has gone mad. The re-opening of this case must come from Portugal because the mccanns have the UK twisted around their little fingers, nothing is going to come from UK so Portugal GET THIS CASE RE-OPENED, we owe it to Sr Amaral he has stood up to these people and deserves recognition for not being afraid to speak out in the name of justice. Thank you dear Joana for all your work, I know eventually there will be justice for Maddie.

  37. @23 isnt that just the same as it works in th u.k

  38. Here's hoping you are right PeterMac, and their timing was wrong. They wont be pleased about that.

    Or, will they be pulling some other stunt tomorrow?

    They have such a need to control everything, and who knows what Halligen may have to say.

    Didn't he say something about the McCanns previously that was hard to make sense of. Perhaps he could clarify this time.

  39. These pair are disgusting liars, sell your house and raise some money. You dont need or deserve a mansion. Stop begging from people with no funds, old people. sick people, unemployed people all on pensions. " million pounds have almost slipped through your fingers, you only have 300,000 left. poor you. There are people without food to eat. The power of finding Madeliene is in your hands, all you have to do is ask the PJ to reopen the case, not the uk for a review so you can manipulate it. I hope no ones gives anymore to your fund, I think you are more concerned with whose going to pay Carter sucks, as you have wasted all the money on suing people. As for you Gerry I dont actually think you are a heart surgeon,only a specialist its different, you should not be allowed near patients until this case reaches its long awaited end.

  40. The McCanns have supposedly only had two million in their Fund!

    Yeah, and the rest.

    What about all the payouts to their Tapas friends and themselves which were supposedly given over into the Fund. What about the fees they will have received from the media interviews, the money from their celebrity friends, and so it goes on.

    It has been estimated that it is more like seven million they have received.

    The McCanns can say anything and they know it will be believed becaused nobody questions it.

    I would like to know if it is true they have bought other properties since first using the Fund to pay their mortgage, including a flat in London.

    No doubt unless somebody from their inner circle comes forward and spills the beans, as happened with those first payments they made for their mortgage, we are not going to know the truth.

    The McCanns can spin all they like about the Fund, the same as they are doing with the abduction fairy story. They can make it up as they go along and nobody is any the wiser.

    It is disgraceful that this is allowed to continue.

  41. @ 24

    I appreciate what you are saying but the case was archived in Portugal, for the logical reason that without the McCanns' and Tapas' cooperation, it cannot go any further. Just what are the Portuguese police supposed to investigate? An abduction? They already did and found absolutely no evidence whatsoever to support it. In fact everything indicates that the child died in the apartment, but they do not have sufficient evidence to build a case, because the evidence has unfortunately been destroyed. That is why they will not reopen the case unless new evidence comes to light; there's absolutely no point in doing so.

    I think you'll find that if any more information was released into the public domain in the UK and charges were brought against the McCanns in England based on that information, that their lawyers would get them off in no time at all. Therefore if an investigation was started in the UK it would have to be done without the release of any information whatsoever. IMO this is why the McCanns are so anxious to learn what else is in the Portuguese and interestingly though, in the UK police files too. There is no doubt in my mind that in the unlikely event that the McCanns were given access to that information that they would release anything pertinent into the public domain for discussion and thus render it useless for building a case against them in court. They would do it of course whilst blaming the media and 'internet scum'.

  42. A bit off-topic, but I just thought of it now.
    When the PJ investigated 5a after the 'disappearance',there were signs that the walls and floor had been washed. If bleach was used to remove bloodspots, it would have to be bought right there and then. NO holiday apartment has such dangerous liquids included in the letting arrangement.
    The Baptista (spelling?) supermarket was just opposite their 5a apartment. It would be the nearest and quickest place to get bleach (or anything else) in an emergency.Probably far too late to go through the cash-till records now.
    But what time did the shop close? at 8p.m. or 9p.m. or whenever? We have no info that Kate or Gerry or anyone dashed off in a car that fateful evening to buy bleach or dishcloths or plastic bags. Whatever they needed that evening had to be obtainable nearby and by going on foot. They could not have waited until shops opened the next day - that would have been far too late...

  43. Hi PeterMac, a reliable UK journalist did mention that Halligen's (lost the count) 10th/11th? extradition hearing was postponed for tomorrow.

  44. Thank you Joana et al for all your work and research.

  45. Right maybe a little of topic, but I just watched the news and in the bulletin they showed the apartment the little boy fell of the balcony after being left with a little sister of the age of 3. Up to this point I was just like OMG I hope the child is ok, but then it got stuck in my mind, little baby left in care of 3 year old, AND ecpesially this THE PARENTS ARE BOTH DETAINED BY POLICE FOR NEGLECT!!!!!! I know this happened in France and than God the child was cuaght by a man(DR). But why would they detain parents in France and yet we all stuck with the Mc Canns after all these years?

  46. I think that this new appeal for money is made - among other things - to cover up that they get money from a "big boss" involved in this case so that nobody will be able to backtrack where the money is coming from. Furthermore I believe that whenever the Daily Mail allows negative comments on the McCanns this "big boss" will show the McScums their limits because they always demand more and more, roughly speaking because "he" is blackmailed by this inbelievable pair. Just a thought...

  47. I wanted to belive that the UK media had made a right cock up at the begining of this farce and were trying not to make another one by not reporting things as they happened. After todays debacle on digitalspy.co.uk I am convinced that they are all scared of being CarterRucked in the courts. I hope that Germany is allowing free speech because it is a total fallacy that it exists in the UK. It shames me to say this but I am ashamed of being British and living in Britian.

    Thank God for sites like these that will allow free speech

  48. T4two @ 41

    "without the McCanns' and Tapas' cooperation, it cannot go any further."

    Of all the crazy, incomprehensible aspects of this case, I think this is the one I really have most difficulty getting my head round, and I always will. Since when did a police investigation (above all where a possible death is concerned) depend on the "co-operation" of suspects, witnesses, interested parties, whatever? Admittedly, a lot of my knowledge of police procedures comes from TV cop series, even so, isn´t it the case that if the police want you to co-operate, you flaming well have to cooperate? You can´t just say, "well actually I´d rather not". Can you?

  49. on sky news noticed reporter wearing poppy.checked and Ceop video release interview on sky last year was at the same time of year maybe even same day!strange.

  50. Joana, have you heard of the child that fell of a balcony in France after being left alone with a three year old sister? The child was caught by a passerby and is ok. The parents however were taken into CUSTODY.
    ..Toddler survives seven-floor fall in France
    PARIS (AFP) – An 18-month-old boy survived after falling seven floors and bouncing off a Paris cafe awning into the arms of a passer-by, witnesses said Tuesday.

    "My son saw a little boy on a balcony. He had gone right outside the railing... I said to myself I mustn't miss him," the toddler's saviour, local doctor Philippe Bensignor, told AFP, recounting Monday's drama.

    "I had time to move from side to side to get in the right position," he added. "The little boy was fine. He cried a little bit but calmed down straightaway."

    An official involved in investigating the incident said the boy had been left alone in the family apartment in northern Paris with his sister by their parents, who were taken into custody afterwards.

    "It's a real miracle," said the cafe's barman, who gave his name as Gaby, pointing to a small tear in the awning where the toddler bounced off.

    "We were closed yesterday but the mechanical device for closing the awning wasn't working."

    Does this mean that there is Justice for children all over the world but not for Madeleine? This can be used to compare what happened to Madeleines parent... nothing but yet these parents in France is where they should be in Custody?

  51. #49 - November 3rd is the half year anniversary - does anyone remember Nov 3 in 2007 when they had the service at Rothley and special prayers at 9.30-9.45 because that was the time they beleived Madeleine had been abducted. As usual, the Mccashs changed their tune later.

  52. At every end of a year, the McCanns announce they only have enough money till the following Springtime.
    Usually they talk about 300.000 pounds.
    Shame that Kevin did not spend the rest.

    And how did Kevin go today?

  53. This story above:
    Is it a coincidence with Kevin or are the McCanns trying a cover up?

  54. Why are the McCanns asking for more money? Everest Double Glazing boss Brian Kennedy pledged his fortune to them until the day he dies. Why then, do they need further donations from the public? Kennedy must still be on-side because his lawyer Ed Smethurst remains on the FindMadeleine Board of directors. Presumably Kennedy just wants to keep a low profile & maybe that's because he has questions to answer:
    Why he was so deeply involved in the case?
    Why did he involve his son Patrick
    Why was he visiting witnesses?
    Why did he visit the 3rd arguido, Robert Murat?
    Why did he offer Murat a job?
    It has never been suggested I know, but could he be related on KM's side - her mother and uncle are Kennedys. I'm asking because, if they are strangers, I cannot understand the reasons for his involvement - even going to Portugal & personally interfering in the investigation - and the media never query anything where this case is concerned.

  55. The petition is worthless, its being adjusted, and people without giving their names, just a lot of bull s---. Emailed Dail Mail to ask why there has not been any honest reporting on this case e.g. The turnover of the banning Snr Amarals book? bet no one replies.

  56. @33 and @36

    I couldn't agree more with you both.

    I utterly despair at the one-sided reporting that is going on in my country. TM are made out to be Portuguese Pariah's and hard-done by the PJ and Rebublic of Portugal. They've had £2 million pound from well-meaning donors and STILL they complain. They've had more air time for their missing child than ANY other child that I can remember. The entire planet has been searching for this wee child.

    I notice in 'The Sun' article by that awful AL individual, that there was NO MENTION of the expensive lawyers Carter-Ruck. No mention of all the websites closed down by TM. No mention of the constant threats towards AB and his website. No mention of the money 'scammed' by Halligen. No mention of the money used for expensive lawyers and libel tribunals. No mention that TM wanted Dr. Goncalo Amaral out of his house, his wife and he divorced and his children left penniless. EVIL individuals. PURE EVIL. How GREEDY can they be? How much more do they want?

    No. Not a word about any of this in 'The Sun'. Nor how they endagered THREE children's lives that night (if one buys their ridiculous 'abduction' fairy tale). The useless article in 'The Sun' did mention how KM likes to 'pray' (thereby obtaining favour with believers in God).

    I too hope Portugal will not stand for this farce any longer. I'm sure those with the power must read Joana's fine blog? I think the 3 judges in Lisbon FINALLY had the guts to stand up for one of their own citizens. If I thought for one minute that TM were badly done by, I would stand by my countrymen. But I don't. I don't believe them and never have - though I gave them the benefit of the doubt. They could end this by having the case reopened - AND IT WOULDN'T COST THEM A PENNY.

    Something ain't right here. Ain't right at all.

    May the truth one day be known.

  57. Is the petition a joke? Only good comments for the Mccanns, and the bads I saw disappeared!

  58. What a pair of very sick and arrogant clowns!
    Pointing the fingers out now to both Portuguese and British governements for NOT finding Madeleine....I almost admire them to be able to tell such blatant lies for so long.Unbelievable!
    Nothing has changed.They are making stupid claims and the mantra is the same.We can notice that for once they are not threatening anybody.
    I suspect they need cash to pay Gonçalo and obviously not to look for Madeleine...

  59. Why aren't the authorities in UK and Portugal making a case that as, at the very least, a crime of neglect and possibly deception was committed and therefore the perpetrators of the neglect, the parents, (via their agents, or investigtors) are potentially perverting the course of justice by interviewing witnesses?

  60. Anon 45

    Don't you realise there is 'NO EVIDENCE WHATSOEVER THAT ANY HARM CAME TO MADELEINE', even though the McCanns keep telling us over and over she was abducted.

    According to the McCanns, being abducted does not constitute harm.

    As for Madeleine having died in the apartment because the McCanns were not there whenever whatever it was happened to her, it means the McCanns were not responsible for her demise.

    So to all intents and purposes Madeleine killed herself while her parents were out for the night. Naughty little girl. So how can we blame the parents if Madeleine had an accident while her parents weren't there.

    As for who removed her body. That's an easy one as well. She obviously picked herself up and went and buried herself somewhere.

    The Prosector messed up big time by not charging them with anything at all, and letting them skip town.

    Thankfully, the case can be reopened and they can still be charged in connection with the death of Madeleine in the future. Maybe they will end up wishing they had been charged with neglect after all.

  61. A bit off topic but I bet Theresa May isn't a happy bunny today. Wasn't today her first national security 'terrorist' speech.

  62. I was fascinated by the body language, all the wriggling in the chair when Goncalo was mentioned, the daggers Kate shot the interviewer,Kate failure to look up ,or look the lady in the eye, Gerrys ear pulling (yet again)Did anyone else notice Kate has had her teeth done? i wonder where the money came from ? ,Good interview ,the best in the UK ,

  63. 56 May the truth one day be known.

    Excellent post.

    'The useless article in 'The Sun' did mention how KM likes to 'pray' (thereby obtaining favour with believers in God).'

    Exactly, disgusting this 'pray' exhibitionism.

  64. Every interview is like gold-dust. How I wish they would do more. Today we have learned that the new Government has turned off the supply of information that Gerry McCann previously relied on. And we have seen more evidence of what the police already knew - that Kate McCann struggles to contain her temper and contempt for anyone (aged 3 or 43) who dares to question her.

    Kate McCann's temper is Gerry McCann's biggest problem. I fear it was Madeleine McCann's, too. There's no need for petitions, funds, private investigators, 'celebrity' backers or wristbands. The case is shelved because the parents of the missing child and their friends who were there with them refuse to co-operate with the police who are trying to find out what happened to her. Kate McCann won't answer their questions, and both her parents and their friends don't want to return to Portugal to help the police with a reconstruction of events. Until they do this, I shall forever doubt them.

  65. @57
    Is the petition a joke? Only good comments for the Mccanns, and the bads I saw disappeared

    The petition, as with everything else to do with the case, is dodgy as hell. I signed 3 times just to check if they woud all go through, and they did. They must have volunteers or paid helpers non-stop signing.

  66. Watched the full interview on channel 4 at 7pm, it did not go all the Maccann's way. It was the probably the only uk interview, where the Maccann's were asked questions they were uneasy with.
    The Amaral book came up and the lifting of the ban, also what have they done with all the money, and the Kevin Halligan court case was mentioned after the interview, It was not the usual adoration of the Maccann's interview. but you cannot trust the UK media as we all know.
    I thought Gerry Maccann looked uncomfortable, you could tell he was lying, but her she is the cold calculating, one, he may under pressure crack, but her no she will live this lie with every breath in her body. She has the power of Satan. Madelaine is better off without this pair. A blogger wrote Madelaine is in the dark, she is not she is a very bright Angel. Its her parents who are in the dark, the darkness that only evil can bring.
    Jacinta UK

  67. Those who say they are Christian, and who know what did happen to Madeleine yet remain silent, are fooling themselves.

    Jesus may have said 'go and sin no more'. What he didn't say was 'go and carry on telling lies and fooling people'. That is just as sinful. That person had better be hoping they don't die in the night with no confession of their sins.

    So many innocent people have been damaged because of the actions of a certain person/people. There has been terrible suffering and still is. Murat says his life has been ruined by this. What about his child? His innocent child did not deserve this. Dr Amaral, who was simply doing his job, and his family, have also suffered because of what somebody else has done but wont confess to.

    Obviously somebody who has no conscience or is a great coward, is behind this, but may be fooling themselves they are Christian.

    It is about time they really did confess (not only to a priest either), and faced up to the consequences. It may be a hard thing to do, but the alternative will be far worse.

    If it really was 'a moment of madness' it will be understood and may be forgiven. To remain silent and let other innocents be drawn into this and suffer is not forgivable. It borders on wickedness.

    It may be a struggle to do it, but better to confess and start to be truthful, even though you may be telling yourself that you can't do it because you have to protect those you care about from the truth. Would those people you are thinking to protect really want you to live a lie for their sakes, even though it will destroy your own soul? No, they wouldn't.

    To confess really will be good for the soul. It takes guts, but to carry on sinning and knowing it is wrong means there will never be any rest, but no doubt you know that.

    I feel sure a priest would tell you the same.

  68. Lets take a good look at the type of people who kidnap & rape little girls for real shall we Gerry & Kate?

    Meet 19-year old Stephen Graham-Wright & his 20-year-old girlfriend, Kayla Kristen Grillo

    Take a good look at their Facebook photos because they just look like a normal young couple who you would not suspect in a million years.


    Do you you see how dangerous and incredibly irresponsible it is to "stereotype" abductors of young children Gerry & Kate? I hope you do for the safety of all our children.

  69. i see our vile disgusting british press are protecting these two, well you the press and media you are as guilty as the gruesome twosome, you stinking filthy gutter press shame on you, and i hope you all have trouble sleeping at night while you all stick together keeping this vile couple out of jail!!!!

  70. I was listening Radio 5 Live this morning and on the show chaired by Nicky Campbell and aired at 09:00hrs, the topic being discussed was the McCanns latest campaign.

    Every caller that spoke, was a sychophantic supporter of the McCanns. Nicky Campbell is also a supporter of the McCanns and he threw a hissy fit, when Mark Williams-Thomas a child protection expert, said that the McCanns should return to Portugal and cooperate with the police.

    Mr Williams-Thomas, also said he believed that Madeleine walked out of the McCanns apartment and was picked up.

    I also saw the McCanns being interviewed on the Channel 4 news programme. Well done to the interviewer who put the "gruesome twosome" under pressure. I feel that if she had more time, she would have asked them, a lot more uncomfortable questions. Including the 48 questions that Kate McCann refused to answer in Pria da Luz.

  71. If some one can collect all the McCanns' public videos from day one, that's great for the truth.

  72. Oops I should have said Praia da Luz in my post. (70):h

  73. @36
    I too complained to the BBC about their failure to report the lifting of the ban on Amaral's book and got this complete shit back today:

    Thanks for your e-mail to the BBC.

    I understand that you are unhappy that there has been no coverage of the lifting of the ban on Goncalo Amaral’s book on the BBC.

    Choosing the stories to include in our news reports, online and elsewhere, the order in which they appear and the length of time devoted to them is a subjective matter and one which we know not every viewer and listener will feel we get right every time.

    Factors such as whether it is news that has just come in and needs immediate coverage, how unusual the story is and how much national interest there is in the subject matter will all play a part in deciding the level of coverage and where it falls within a bulletin.

    Essentially this is a judgement call rather than an exact science but BBC News does appreciate the feedback when viewers and listeners feel we may have overlooked or neglected a story.

    Feedback like your own helps to inform the discussion about our programme’s content. The reactions of our audiences are closely studied by programme makers and their senior management to ensure the right judgement is being made about what’s acceptable to the audience in general.

    I'd like to assure you that I've registered your complaint on our audience log. This is a daily report of audience feedback that's circulated to many BBC staff, including members of the BBC Executive Board, programme makers, channel controllers and other senior managers.

    The audience logs are seen as important documents that can help shape decisions about future programming and content.

    Thanks for taking the time to contact us.

    Finally, I have attached an invitation from BBC Audience Services' Head of Communications & Complaints, asking you to participate in our customer survey. We would welcome your views on our service.

    Kind Regards

    Mark Roberts
    BBC Complaints

  74. Germanfan, you are close to the truth, blackmail is involved, but the blackmail is on a much larger scale involving many individuals. I think it has something to do with Britain being awash with paedophiles.

    If I were a journalist and you threatened to sue me if I wrote objectively on a case, I might decide to heed your warning and not publish what I know. However, would I publish your lies? Could you take me to court if I didn't? The Carter Ruck explanation doesn't cut it.

    That multi-lingual call centre reference is amusing. Shouldn't the local police be contacted first? I'm sure they would know what to do with the information; they would forward it to the authorities responsible for the case.

    No need to worry about Mr. Halligen, he will live a long life in England in an endless loop of extradition hearings.

    The Home Office has been a valuable ally of the McCanns in the past. Is this article an attempt to bring Theresa May in line with the circus? Perhaps they are trying to give Mrs. May the impression that the British public is on their side; maybe it's not an impression, maybe they are.

    Anonymous 48, Apparently, this couple can do what it wants because Britain says so. If the McCann's home was in Portugal perhaps it could be searched. If their credit records were found in a Portuguese financial institution then perhaps the police could review them. If Madeleine and her parents were Portuguese then perhaps the authorities could have access to their medical records. If the Tapas gang also resided in Portugal then perhaps it would be more difficult to avoid a reconstruction of the events of May 3, 2007, etc.

    "He insisted the “back from the dead” reappearance of Jaycee – and the cases of Austrian cellar girls Elisabeth Fritzl and Natascha Kampusch – confirmed his suspicion."

    Hilarious, how can events unrelated to this case confirm his suspicion? Evidence related to the case is what confirms or not confirms one's beliefs. If a true detective read this passage he would believe Mr. Edgar is an idiot.

    "But he warned that the sprawling wilderness where he believes Maddie is languishing is almost impossible to search completely."

    There you have it, Portugal is another Afghanistan. Bin Laden take note.

  75. I think the cameraman was trying to show us something.

    Look how many times he pans in on Gerry and Kate's eyes. e.g. 2.06 & 5.00 ~ They have HUGE dilated pupils. Now, with bright studio lights on them, they should be pin prick pupils.

    at 5.00 there is even a point when a brighter light seems to be pointed at Gerry and the camerman immediately pans in on his eyes - but they remain dilated.

    dilated pupils can be a sign of lying
    dilated pupils can be a sign of drug taking

    talking about lying.... look how many times Gerry scratches his head/face... see 0.10, 1.57, 2.33, 4.07, 6.38, 8.21.....

    and PERLEEEASE, STILL holding hands at interview after 3 and a half years? still talking about "the search", and still saying "we've been working incredibly hard"? Can't they vary the script a little bit?

    aunty anti

  76. They know the body no longer exists, therefore they feel they have nothing to fear. I saw the vile pair on RTP International today. It seemed to me that Mr. McCann was on the verge of laughing as his wife spoke and made all sorts of gestures. He brought himself under control by casting a glance away from his wife and scratching his Adams Apple.

  77. The petition mentioned above that got swiped, who started it and did they complain when it went missing?

  78. The UK media are better informed about this case than most of the general public. As journalists they have had privileged access to the Portuguese case files. They must therefore be aware that there are compelling grounds for serious reservations as far as the McCanns are concerned and that the legality of the fund and its promotion is therefore questionable.

    Unfortunately the UK media does not consider that it has a duty to its public, particularly children, pensioners and other vulnerable groups to protect them against possible fraud.

    On the contrary, the UK media seems to think that its duty to the McCanns is more important and actively supports the McCanns in promoting this possible or even probable fraud without question.

  79. More likely the UK media lackeys who have been reporting on this story are too lazy to get off their backsides and go do some serious research like reading the File, preferring to sit back and be fed the story from the likes of Clarence.

    They are none of them 'journalists' in the true sense of the word. After all, they have a deadline to meet, and another 'story' churned out.

    They run with the herd. When the tide flows in the opposite direction, so will they. But the story will have to be right up in their faces first.

    The majority care nothing for the McCanns. It is nothing personal, except for a few exceptions who no doubt get invites to Rothley and are completely taken in by the spinners of fairy tales.

  80. guerra

    About the laughing. You are right, and in the beginning there were a number of interviews where it looked like Kate McCann was trying hard not to laugh.

    Plus, Gerry always looked nervous in case she said something she shouldn't, always ready to jump in just in case.

    If only there was a body language expert who would take all those videos and analyse them, that would be very interesting.

  81. http://www.channel4.com/news/madeleine-mccann-search-fund-low-on-money

    this is well worth a watch - good to know channel 4 are watching the fund

  82. I wanted to puke when I read the article in the Leicester Mercury. I felt physically nauseous.

    They have no shame these evil, conning. conniving people. We all Know what sort of personality disorder that applies to !

    Everything about them is false and planned and once again they are true to form. They need to pay Dr A's costs so get the begging bowl out so they don't have to sell their house.....there again who would want to buy it...just like 5A. Their publicity coincided with Halligen's hearing to sideline what he might reveal. I do hope he doesn't suddenly 'fall iii' or have an 'accident' as I'd like to hear his spin too and where the money went that he was paid. I wonder if it went through the WASHING machine?

  83. Pais de Maddie respondem aos leitores do i - Diz o 'i' que os mccann vão responder às perguntas dos leitores, de todos? Não, de dez cuidadosamente seleccionadas por causa das providência cautelares e advogados - Perguntinha deixada à menos de 1 minuto no twitter: @itwitting está-se mesmo a ver.. pff.. já agora quem é que traduz para McCannish? E o k é que vocês recebem em troca pelos artigos lambidos?

    The following Portuguese newspaper online 'i', which has since loosing the best editor and editorial team they had turned into a sycophant copier of McCann press releases states that the McCanns themselves are going to answer questions posed by their readers, not all questions will be answered just 10, and of those 10 we can be sure that they will be as much ass licking as they latest articles were. Oh, and we very much doubt the couple to answer to any question made by the real vox populli. Urgent McCannish translators needed, please contact the mccann lawyers and/or their Portuguese PR team, obrigada.

    E também podem ler uma entrevista ranhosa ao Gerry McCann -aqui- que diz "Os pais de Madeleine McCann acreditam que no processo que foi arquivado está a chave do mistério do desaparecimento da filha" - pois... também nós Gerry, também nós.

  84. mayt@parliament.uk is the email address of mp Theresa May. The Brits reading this can send mail and object to the daily abuse of this couple of everyone they get into their claws, using means to justify their cause, their begging from all and sundry, their petition that should be called into question and the pathetic way in which the last government aided this unbelievable pair who relentlessly continue this farce.

  85. Lost for words at their brass neck and arrogance.

    Hope they get their review or reopening and the verdict went against their abudction theory and they're jailed for crime against Maddie.

  86. well done channel4, darshna soni interview made martin brunts interview look like a wet lettuce,and he calls himself a crime correspondant,hahaha

  87. Gerrys body language says it all, lies lies and more lies,conceited B------. But Kate now is far more confident, not so many umms and eers. As GUERRA 76 rightly says, they know the body no longer exists, of that they are confident, so scam scam scam.
    I always thought the police could demand the witnesses and subjects return to Portugal. I dont know why Portugal is allowing them to continue slating the PJ, or why no jounalists ask them directly why have they not asked for the case to be reopened. The no movement in this case is very frustrating, something must break soon, because if the MCs get to read all the secret information they can rehearse their lies accordingly.They are getting very bold, but becareful you might fall. Also yes Kate has her teeth done, she was also wearing a new pandora bracelet the other day, gives her something to fiddle with apart from the fund. The press should be advised that the petition is a scam and being altered. Gerry continues to look as though he has a bad smell under his nose.

  88. A few links for today: Bren and jjp gathered all the media stunt videos and made a transcript of the C4 interview here, Winnower(newsoutlines) suggests for *everyone* discussing the #McCanns interviews to read @navarrotells [That's Joe Navarro, former FBI] article, H. at The McCann Gallery has a Napoloesque witty critique of a "Button" that fits like a glove into so many different hands. There is also an urgent appeal to help the Nige at The McCannFiles site, as you all know it's the only site, along with Pamalam's, that has unbiased and factual information regarding the McCann case since 2007, an invaluable source of information for all of us. Every little help counts to keep the McCannFiles online, thank you.

  89. I can see they are very worried about the files held by both police forces/governements.They really want to know what is in them and what could be incriminating,they badly want these files

  90. The police are no way giving them the files without first seeing them in Court.

    They had it coming if they think they can get police to jump the hoop.

    They are so confident Maddies remains will not be found...I hope someone in the PJ becomes assistant and ask for the case to be reopened. Reinstating their arguido status will make them shut their gob.

  91. At least the Channel 4 interview revealed something to the public. While GM claimed that the "vast majority" of the fund has been spent on search fees, Channel 4's own checks revealed that only £250,000 of the £2m was recorded as in the Search category, less than 13% and certainly not the 'vast majority' of it. But it failed to point out that the Mccanns have an enormous bill for court costs as the injunction appeal hearing went in favour of Dr Amaral (which is what this appeal is all about).

  92. Hi Poster (84) I emailed Theresa May, to register my disgust at the meeting she had with them. I wrote quite a long email to Mrs May and although I never expected a reply, I hoped she would read my email and not discard it.

    I did have a reply not from Mrs May herself, but from her department. I was told that although Mrs May had read my email, she couldn't comment on this case. I was quite satisfied with that explanation, Mrs May read my email and that is what I wanted to happen.

    The McCanns are publicly criticising Mrs May, so I can only assume that their meeting with her, didn't go as they planned it to go. I am also assuming that if Mrs May didn't criticise the McCanns to their faces, her body language might have shown them that she held them responsible for whatever happened to Madeleine.

    Gordon Brown distanced himself from the McCanns, some time ago. John McCann and Douglas Skehan have resigned as directors from the fund. I firmly believe that the rest of the McCanns "friends in high places" are fading into the background.

  93. 91, I really hoped that this would have been clarified by now: there is NO big bill following the Appeals Court decision. There is a bill, but it's nothing special, as the parties who have filed the Appeal had to pay part of the costs with the filing itself, for example. The McCanns will not be paying the major part of this because in Portugal most of the court costs are paid in advance.
    I'm sure that they have high bills to pay to their legion of lawyers, media liaisons, advisors, etc. But as far as the Appeals Court decision is concerned, there are no major direct expenses.

  94. @Anon 90

    Of course the police is not giving them anything.They took the Leiscester police to court in 2008 and walked off with....crumbs.
    It amazes me how that pair of idiots still believe they are the navel of the world and how they come up with incredible demands.
    I would love to see Gonçalo becoming an assistant if the case is to be re-opened but I trust he will tread very carefully as always.

    @KathyBella 92
    Well done! I hope Theresa May also takes good notice of their tantrum and attack on her.If they had a hope to be "helped" they just shot themselves in the foot.And thats right: many of their faithful or earlier supporters are in via of exctinction.

  95. They have got a petition going now for the case to be reviewed and loads of idiots are signing it! Mailonline.

  96. This has turned into a reality show or perhaps we can name it a soap opera, the main characters, when they're not speaking, setting the jaw in a relaxed pose so that the mouth is slightly open (I distinctly remember bill clinton doing this), so they have been taking notes on how to strike the right picture for the cameras, especially our main, wounded, female character, watch her how she manoeuvres the mouth. but - How in the hell can we believe you!!!! Madame Kate, when you speak. We sense your betrayal of your child. Are you going to 'invest' in body guards next? -

  97. @94,redherring,if they were really serious they would have used the no 10 petition

  98. It wouldn't be surprising to find out they have police assigned to them to guard them night and day, precious as they are.

    Just like Royalty.

    All courtesy of the tax payers.

    Can't expect the McCanns to pay for anything for themselves can we.

  99. I have sent a long email to channel 4, giving them a well done at least on a little unbiased reporting, and that maybe they should look deeper into the fund, for as they there is little to substantiate the amounts spent. i also asked why they never ask Gerry and Kate, why they just did not return to Portugal and reopen the case and answer the question, and do the construction, as many parents would have done a long time ago. I also suggested maybe C4 should ivestigate how the private detectives work, especially in Portugal where their work is not legal. I finished by saying I thought the coverage of the overturn of the of Dr Amarals book should have more air space, allowing an unbiased opinion for viewers, especially as the McCanns have used the fund to try to destroy his and others lives. I did say I would be interested in their response, but I am not holding my breath. But well done C4 anyway.

  100. Hi Joana,

    I hope you put this edited version of the full interview show on C4 at 7pm on 03.11.2010 on your blog for the world to see:


    I cannot believe this was a UK interview! I watched the edited interview on C4 news it was excellent imo it is the best UK interview thus far. It showed Halligen and it focused three times on the word 'money laundering' and focused on the word wire fraud in the text below his picture. Whilst scrolling over the Fund accounts the reporters voice over says:

    Channel 4 news has been investigating the Madeleine Fund which is independently audited.

    The reporter then goes on to explain to the viewer about the money collected and also the reporter informs the viewer that the accounts don't detail every transaction.

    I also notice in the second part of the full interview @ 4.00 he seems rattled when asked if there had been a fallout with his brother as the Board had changed!

  101. What were the 48 questions that Kate McCann refused to answer?

  102. Just a thought. Why not set up an ipetition aimed at trying to influence the portuguese to reopen the official investigation? There can't be a person in this country who wouldn't see that as the best way to proceed for Madeleine. Come on, call the Mccanns bluff! Numbers signing up would be interesting.

  103. I wish the Portuguese authorities would just make a public announcement (inviting global news channels, especially British ones) stating that they have seen the McCanns publicly asking for their daughter's case to be "reopened" and have decided to grant them their wish; and that they will be writing to them immediately to ask that they and their travelling companions return to Portugal promptly for interviews and to take part in a reconstruction.
    At the press conference, the authorities should reiterate the findings of the investigation so far, explaining that they are keen to allow the McCanns the opportunity to clear themselves from the investigation as the findings currently all point to their child having died in the apartment and them concealing this. It should all be done as loudly and noisily as possible, so that British news agencies can no longer simply brush it under the carpet.
    Of course, the McCanns would then have to explain why they and their friends can't find the time to help with the enquiry and what the difference is - in their opinion - between a 'review' and a 'reopening' of the case. I would be very interested to hear their explanation.

  104. Look what garbage the US is given! Good to see journalist Emma Ward is well acquainted with the case, NOT. Still, I suppose she is just doing it for the pay cheque, so why bother checking the facts? It sums up the whole situation....just say whatever you like regardless of the truth.

    Hmmm! I wonder how much the Mcs get paid for doing these articles? Do these payments go into the fund or are they considered 'expenses'? Of course you need hairdo's and clothes, travel, hotels, meals etc etc to do them so possibly not recorded in the fund. I hope everything like this is cleared with the taxman!


    Though it has been more than three years, since Madeleine McCann disappeared in Portugal, there still have been no signs about where Madeleine could possibly be. Her parents, have yet again, asked for assistance from authorities to look into the matter and help in tracing down their daughter.

    Mr. and Mrs. McCann have already held a meeting with the Home Secretary Theresa May to pressurize the law enforcement authorities of both the countries to look into the matter. While talking about the disappearance of his daughter and the pathetic attitude of the authorities, Mr. McCann has announced that it was the duty of the police officials to look into the matter.

    He further rued, that the officials have not done anything voluntarily to find out what had happened to Madeleine McCann. Rather it was only when he and his wife approached them that they made some efforts.

    Mrs. McCann also expressed the same opinion and said that it was gutting to see that nobody was willing to help them. She further stated that something needed to be done, to at least find out what happened to their daughter and stated that if the authorities would provide some help, there would be a better chance to know the whereabouts of Madeleine.

  105. Post of Chaos Raptors. Looks like proof that the petition is being spammed.

    "The petition is going really well. I have put my name on 13 times already and will keep on adding more to get the numbers up."

  106. If this pair of child neglectors want the public to care about Madeleine and pressure the government to do something, then let's show them and email the Home Office warning Theresa May that this pair should not be given any scope to see unpublished police evidence. They tried this once before and Leicestershire Police refused to give it to them. Now they want to con the public into helping them. These people were suspects and will be again when the case is reopened when new evidence is presented. They are not cleared. Let's stand firm behind Theresa May in refusing to give them what they want, which is only the sight of the evidence that can help to bring them to trial in the future. Emails could point out the false nature of the petition. They know that such a No 10 petition would not be accepted. They do appear to be on some relaxant (pupils) or training to appear calm and composed.

  107. @106,done,lets hope many more email Teresa May

  108. mayt@parliament.uk
    Protect the weak-minded and the older citizens against money scams.
    Investigate the fund before allowing all the lies to go to the public domain. The McCann's fund is daylight extortion and people should be protected against sending money to something based on lies. There is no proof of an abduction.

  109. I just copied part of this post from the Missing Madeline site

    Libel Trial coming up - that too will be at their expense as they are effin doomed and WILL NOT win a single friggin penny from the Chief Gonzalo Amaral, the McCanns will have to prove that the book is hindering the search in order for them and the twins to get their 1,2million.

    Its got me thinking have they shot themsleves in the foot (again). They are saying that nobody is looking for Maddie (yesterday) but the libel trial has to be on the basis that the book is hindering the search. So which is it, the book or is there nothing for the police to follow. Myself I think lack of a reconstruction is hindering the investigation.

  110. This petition is just another diversion tactics by the McCanns. They know very well that both authorities, Portuguese and the U.K's won't give in (or a damn) to their demands for a review of the case. This is purely another "veiled" way of taking the gullible to give to the fund. Money, money is their problem! They are down to their last 300 mil and they cannot lower their standard of living. Oh no!
    It is just sad that it is taking some people too long to realise how vile and cunning this pair is?

  111. 101


  112. @ 102

    An EXCELLENT idea.

    Something else I´d like to see would be widespread distribution on every park bench, bus seat, supermarket trolley etc. etc of that 4th birthday photo with the grieving parents grinning from ear to ear. It would need no comment, just the date and circumstances, so that people could make up their own minds. This would be more effective than any leaflet or lists of reasons in my humble opinion.

  113. I have just mailed Theresa May.

  114. @Anon 97

    I am only too aware this an other redherring! they have now a real unvaluable collection of them.
    Now,of course people are free to send a petition to Teresa May but I personally believe it will not get anywhere as she probably have no time to spare for that pair of idiots and she is also probably well aware of the insult thrown at her,at the UK governement and both police forces.She has already shown she has washed her hands off them and their pityful moaning.T.May KNOWS what they want and she also knows they are not going to get it or they will if they formally ask the portuguese authorities to re-open the case which they wont.....so....?
    Gosh! they are really sick in the head.
    Pass the sick...bucket please

  115. Astro @ 93
    I'm surprised you say there are no major costs to pay. In this jurisdiction (i.e.Anglo-Welsh) on a civil matter, the losing party would have to pay the other side's costs when so ordered whether the winning party had already paid their own lawyers or not. The paying party would also have to pay the costs incurred on issue of the originating application (i.e.the court fees) to the winning party. The paying party also has to pay their own lawyers, of course - so in effect, 2 sets of costs. While the winning party might wait to see if a further appeal was to be lodged (which court might reverse the costs order below) before enforcing the costs order in their favour - if that order stands they are entitled to be paid, subject to assessment by the court as to reasonability etc.
    If such a matter went to appeal in this country (and appeals to the Court of Appeal are very expensive) then each sides costs would potentially be in the 100s of 1000s. I can't see that Portugal would be very different to the UK or that "costs" has a different meaning and that this decision isn't potentially very expensive for the Mccanns (even if they were on some form of contingency fee).

  116. Zodiac

    I tried to watch the link and I get a message saying the page is no longer available. Any idea how I can find another link to view the Channel 4 news you posted earlier?

  117. A petition is worthless if there isn't enough information on it to distinguish that the signatures belong to different individuals.

    My advice to British citizens is that they contact their government and express their concerns as to the validity of the fund. The fund is within Britain's jurisdiction. Be concise and focus only on the fund, don't mention the evidence in the case files, i.e. shutters, fingerprints etc. Exposing this fund for what it is should be the main objective of Britons.

  118. Wiil the names on their petition count? If so why is people that knows that the two can't be strusted, why are they putting their names on? Sorry I dont understand. Cant we just get a petition going that we ask Mr Amaral to open the case? What if their petition counts and we all put our names their and help them review instead of re open?

  119. @105 - liar.
    Why do that? pathetic!

  120. Did you see we can comment on Sky news on the story on latest blog on Madeleine

  121. Is it really sensible to publicly denigrate the Home Secretary, from whom you are trying to wheedle favours, as using "fluffy and worthless words" ?
    What part did Mitchell play in the crafting of that phrase, or is it another of Kate's of the wall, um, er, y' know, un-thoughtout remarks, for which she may receive another series of severe upper arm bruises ?

  122. Have those so called 'investigators' of the McCanns actually done any searching at all of the 'sprawling wilderness' where Madeleine is said to be?

    Or is it too 'sprawling' for them to even contemplate searching?

    If so, that is certainly a good excuse for them not to be out there turning over any stones at all. Good excuse for Kate and Gerry not to bother either.

    Poor Madeleine. No chance of the McCanns finding her at all then!

    So why do they continue to need all that money?

  123. anonymous #96
    "This has turned into a reality show or perhaps we can name it a soap opera"

    On another blog, I have suggested calling it "Desperate Arguidos"

    A private detective who allegedly conned the McCann family out of £300,000 faces an anxious wait after a judge sent his extradition case to the Home Secretary for a final decision. Security consultant Kevin Halligen, 49, is fighting extradition to the United States over claims he cheated Dutch company Trafigura out of £1.3million by offering to secure the release of their employees from an Ivory Coast jail.


  125. The well heeled McCanns have no shame in begging for more money when there they sit in that great big house, never dreaming of using their own money.

    They are beggars, plain and simple.

    They are on a par with those who sit by the underground in London with their dogs, to get people to part with their dosh.

    Brainwashing, bleating, begging, threatening, McCanns. Not nice, any of it.

    The public need protection from them.

    When are they going to be stopped.

  126. Joana 124
    You really are on the ball ! And many thanks from me and from many others for your tireless work.

    I really love the bit about "allegedly conned the McCann FAMILY out of £300,000". Not the Fund, the Family. Which might ultimately amount to the same thing of course.
    Particularly if he was merely employed to launder Fund money back into other persons' accounts, as one of the theories has it.
    And the timing is perfect. The file will land on her desk with the papers in which the McCs call her decisions "fluffy and worthless".
    I wonder if Mitchell will also have bruises on his upper arms tomorrow, He seems to have lost control.
    Or do we simply expect another sighting. Or the web site Babel-fished into Ukrainian.

  127. Maddie 'investigator' awaits extradition decision

    An Irishman whose firm helped in the search for missing Madeline McCann is waiting to hear if he's to be extradited to the US for an alleged $2.1m fraud.

    Oakley International's Kevin Halligen was employed by Kate and Gerry McCann in 2008 to look for their daughter after she went missing from an apartment in Portugal's Algarve.

    The company, which is based in Washington, was paid around £300,000 for its services over a six-month period.

    But it later emerged the 48-year-old businessman was wanted in America by prosecutors accusing him of attempting to defraud a London law firm of the equivalent of £1.32m.

    They claim money taken from Dutch company Trafigura, as part of a deal to secure the release of executives under arrest in the Ivory Coast, was instead spent on purchases including a mansion and a present for Mr Halligen's girlfriend.

    He was arrested on November 24 of last year at an Oxford hotel, where he had been staying under an assumed name, and his assets were frozen.

    Following Wednesday's hearing at City of Westminster Magistrates' Court in London, Mr Halligen was remanded in custody to await the decision of Home Secretary Theresa May.

    source: Press Association press release, also published in here

  128. @119

    Look at Chaos Raptor blog. Someone posted that they had signed the Mc's petition 13 times and intended to keep on doing it. Their petition is a scam as well, that's how they are getting so many signatures in support of the Mcs. Let then them do it, the more pressure the government gets takes it one more step nearer re-opening the case rather than a review.
    My bet is they have been told there is no chance of a review so they have got very brave and pushing their luck. I winder who they intend to give their petition to?

    If this leads to a reopening...maybe we should support them?

    You are right....it is pathetic!

  129. 125 'They are on a par with those who sit by the underground in London with their dogs, to get people to part with their dosh.'

    Shouldn't that be 'without dogs'.

  130. I have to say that I never thought that I would see the day of a UK online newspaper, in particular Dacre's Daily Mail, allowing the full freedom of expression of the British Vox Populi as well as some International opinions. I just came from there and am totally at awe, in a good sense obviously, with the insight that the majority of the people have demonstrated to have regarding this case. Someone said, a few days ago that Daily Mail would be the barometer to “measure” the awareness of the great British public.

    This three year old missing child case that was so distorted by the media in general, and by Team McCann PR tactics since May, 3 2007; a case which somehow ended up being transformed in the parents media campaign to wash up their own image whilst their daughter's case remained archived in some bureaucratic prosecutor's office...!

    I am absolutely elated to see that the common efforts of so many, of brave people weren't in vain at all - that all of us who have given everything or almost everything to be in here daily, working long exhausting human hours, loosing our own money in the process, some who have even lost their health and other likewise important assets not quantifiable in money terms (some of you may not understand it), gaining grey hairs and futile or deranged enemies who attempted to harm us for defending the only victim in this case - and the forgotten ones, children and families with tragic stories amongst those victims who were targeted by the couple's machine during the last three and a half years - it is a strange, but good feeling to finally be able to read, even if briefly, even if those comments get deleted, that what we did, drop by drop, has finally reached across the sea. At last. Yet, none of this is enough; it seems, to make Justice for a little dead child.

  131. Post 116 - if you do a Google search for:

    youtube, mcanns channel 4 interview

    it's about a third of the way down the page. Just click on to the youtube video and it will start playing.

  132. This petition is fake. They can allow as many signatures as they want from any ip address. In fact they can manipulate it however they wish. No wonder they didn’t use the No.10 petition site. This is nothing more than a PR stunt. The petition is worthless because they have people signing over & over again. I wonder if the media will check it out? Maybe not.


    How do I make sure the signatures I collect are authentic?

    iPetitions is alone among Internet sites in offering a range of tools to authenticate signatures. With our tools, you can filter out duplicate names and email addresses, and you can limit the number of signatures allowed from any IP address within a given period of time. You can also protect a petition with a password—this is a great option for limiting access to signers from a particular company or group.


  133. Sorry to say but I'm fed up with this pair of liars. Stop this circus once and for all!!!
    Little Madeleine deserves JUSTICE!
    Hope the truth to be known soon. :q

  134. I have just emailed Theresa May, hoping that she will stand her ground and make the right decision re Halligen. If she does not read the emails herself, she will be told about them and will maybe understand that the public has made the connection between the McCann's and Kevin Halligen.

    Thank you, Joana for what you have personally done. I posted a comment on the Daily Mail site but they did not publish mine - they never have and yet my comments are always polite. Urging people to read the case files and Sr Amaral's book is obviously still one step too far.

  135. 116, 131 the edited news piece/interview video broadcast last night is available at Channel 4 page and was already linked in the blog article, there's another video extract of the McCann's interview in that page as well as the Darshna Soni's article. The full unedited version is already posted as you can clearly see above, via (with thanks!) Channel 4 on youtube. If anyone has problems watching the Flash based videos, verify and update you Flash player version accordingly to your operating system [Windows/Mac] and browser [FF, IE, GC, etc.] at Adobe (it's free and secure).

  136. Just searched the BBC for their absolutely unbiased coverage of the McCann case... :c And came across this radio programme... a call in asking "would you give money to the McCanns..." by Mark Dennison or some such. Enjoy.



  137. I have also e-mailed Theresa May about Halligen and the Mcs connection so I will post if there is a reply from her department as she doesn't respond personally unless you live in her constituency.
    She must realise that the public have sussed out what went on.

  138. From Sky News interview:
    ..."An independent report by Jim Gamble, of the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre, is thought to back the couple's demand for a review of all the evidence gathered by British and Portuguese police.

    The report was commissioned by Labour Home Secretary Alan Johnson but not completed until the summer, when Mrs May took office under the coalition Government.

    Yet the Home Office refuses to disclose its recommendations to the McCanns."

    WHAT??? Their good friend and supporter Gamble did not give them a copy of the report? (all very hush-hush, under the table, of course...)
    Can't believe it...

  139. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  140. :m @36 in general and @73 in particular

    For me the most important element in the BBC reply was the byte:

    "how much national interest there is".

    As I have pointed out in a previous posting British audiences (particularly "Middle England" e.g. those who read the "Daily Mail") are staunch nationalists in a bad old Victorian sense. I suspect the vast majority of the middle classes in the UK support the McCanns'.

    There are of course many, many exceptions such as those of no-non-sense British people who can see clearly through the inconsistencies and lies and are rightfully suspicious of the middling McCanns.

    Now, one cannot blame the BBC for knowing its audience (...)

    Had the appeal been rejected it would, no doubt, have been reported by the BBC. The BBC did not tell you this but you can take my word for it.

    Anyway, consider yourselves lucky for a reply. I never got one myself but then my e-mail address could have given my nationality away.

    :e Bubble-Gum

  141. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  142. Petitioner #28:

    "Name: Anthony Bennett on Nov 2, 2010
    Comments: I wish these sad bloggers would stop unfairly hounding the McCanns ."

    Surelly not THE Tony Bennett!!!
    This petition thing stinks to high heaven!

  143. Think whatever you might think of the McCanns this is a brilliant piece of PR by them!

    Look at those sad faces, those staged tears ("Cut the onion NOW!").

    They are using Amaral's technique or what they might have perceived as a technique. Amaral' tears were spontaneous. Theirs seem acted. They did not shed a tear (on camera) when their daughter disappeared. Now three years later they do - soon after Amaral breaks down (almost) on camera? Crocodile tears!

    I have noticed this pattern again and again. Whenever Amaral hits the media trail. Their PR counter-attack is swift. You have to give credit to Clarence "Spin" Mitchell.

    :j Infomaniac

  144. jimuk sorry but your comment has to be factually sourced before making such a serious accusation, otherwise... your placing the whole blog at risk, and us... going to remove it.

    @141 thanks, that petition has the exact same validity as the McCann one, which is none whatsoever. The petition started by the alleged Madeleine Foundation was posted under a anagram of the former PJ coordinator Gonçalo Amaral, besides we don't like people who use the work of others, like our translations without a previous request, warning or permission, distorted by extra TB commentaries to make profits.

  145. How can Halligen be said to be a 'McCann fraudster' when the McCanns said they are satisfied with the work he did for them? (What work was that one wonders? Perhaps Halligen would care to tell us).

    It is Halligen who is not satisfied with the McCanns. He says they were supposed to give him £500,000 for the work, and only handed over £300,000, so he was not able to pay those he had contracted to work on behalf of the McCanns.

    Something definitely not making sense about this business.

    Does the McCanns' Fund account show £300,000 was handed over, or £500,000?

    Metodo 3 was also said to be angry that the McCanns were saying they were paid much more than they actually were given.

    It appears as if there is some sort of subtle threat against Halligen by using the media lynch mob against him by using this 'McCann fraudster' allegation.

    Almost as if to tell him to keep quiet or it will get worse, because somebody has the power to feed the media these lynch mob stories to control him. They definitely don't want him talking.

  146. :m

    I think you are all missing the point! What the McCanns' are really saying is that they have lost hope of pulling off that £1 million heist (minus/plus) they were planning on the "sardine munchers".

    The poor things now desperately need money to help pay for compensation, costs, etc. The Law of Karma has caught up with them.

    As the song goes...

    "Then I guess she had to crash
    Valium would have helped that bash
    Said, Hey babe,
    Take a walk on the wild side
    I said, Hey honey,
    Take a walk on the wild side
    And the coloured girls say,
    Doo do doo do doo do do doo"

    :e Lou Reed alias Bubble-Gum

  147. Anon 145

    No doubt they have to give the best performance they can.

    There is a lot of money at stake.

    They are still hammy actors though.

  148. I just did a post and lost it, I don't know where it went!!

    I did say that I was poster 131 and with apologies to Joana, I posted in haste and hadn't checked whether the videos at the top of this blog were still working or not before I mentioned doing the Google search for the Channel 4 interview.

  149. I've written again to Theresa May regarding this affair... I'm afraid it's a long letter, maybe too long to read! But she has people to do these things...

    I must say that I believe in her judgement, having had dealings with her while she was in opposition and living in her constituency. I know the last time I said that, many of you came back with some marked scepticism and said that time would tell. Perhaps now time is telling... the McCanns are turning on her, so surely she can't be all bad! :l

    Here's the text of what I sent. I'll post the reply on the latest thread when I receive it.


    To the Right Honourable Theresa May:

    In regards to the McCann affair.

    I have seen in the media that the McCanns and their media spin machine have now accused you of "words, but no action" in the search for their missing daughter, which they assert has been abducted from their holiday apartment in Portugal 3.5 years ago.

    I am sure that you have briefed yourself well on this case (despite the complete lack of objective journalism in the UK press), and are now aware that their attempt to ban a book written by the detective originally in charge of the disappearance case in Portugal, has failed and has been overturned by a Portuguese appellate court. The book reported factually on the conclusions drawn by the police investigation into their daughter's disappearance in Portugal, in particular noting that the child most likely died, perhaps of a tragic accident, in the holiday apartment, and that the parents concealed the cadaver.

    {con'd -- Trismegistus}

  150. part 2 {Trismegistus, letter to Theresa May}

    In particular, I can quote from the appellate court decision:

    "What is certain is that since the start of the investigation there were incongruent and even contradictory situations concerning the witness statements; the telephone records of calls that were made and received on mobile phones that belonged to the couple and to the group of friends that were on holidays with them; the movements of people right after the disappearance of the little girl was noticed, concerning the state in which the bedroom from where the child disappeared from was found (closed window? open window? partially open window?) etc., and the mystery would only become even thicker due to the clues that were left by the already mentioned sniffer dogs."

    The appellate court decision goes into considerable detail as to the findings of the sniffer dogs. These findings, as I'm sure you know, involve the finding of both cadaver and blood odour in the McCann's holiday apartment, on their rental car, and conversely on none of the control locations.

    The appellate court decision further mentions that the failure of the McCanns and their associates to cooperate with the police request to participate in a reconstruction of the events surrounding the disappearance of their daughter, in an attempt to resolve these inconsistencies, led to the shelving of the case and, "We believe that the main damaged party were the McCann arguidos, who missed the possibility to prove what they have protested since they were made arguidos: their innocence towards the fateful event; the investigation was also hindered, because said facts remain unclear (…)."

    The McCanns are now putting a story into the media, which no doubt you have seen, claiming that they have been wronged by the inaction of official bodies in the search for their daughter, and appealing for more donations to the private company that they have set up to receive donations. Said private company is represented as being exclusively for the search for Madeleine, but in fact in the company articles have a much wider scope, among other things "To provide support, including financial assistance, to Madeleine's family."

    One of the last statements in the judgement of the Portuguese appellate court (which came out only a couple of weeks before this new appeal) reads as follows:

    "Costs to be paid by the appealed parties." [the McCann couple and their three children]

    The McCann's public statements in the press of the last few days, that they are being neglected by the authorities and have to appeal yet again for donations to keep up the search for their missing daughter require some scrutiny.

    The case was shelved in Portugal, at least in part, because of their refusal to cooperate with the police. Mrs. McCann refused to answer 48 questions put to her by the police (the 48 questions have been published in the public domain) and the McCann couple and the friends that accompanied them on holiday refused to attend a reconstruction of events when asked to do so by the Portuguese police.

    If they were to cooperate in these matters, it is likely that the investigation by the Portuguese police would be reopened. This would be at no cost to the McCanns or their private donors (however at considerable cost to the taxpayers of Portugal.)

    {con'd - Trismegistus}

  151. One of the last statements in the judgement of the Portuguese appellate court (which came out only a couple of weeks before this new appeal) reads as follows:

    "Costs to be paid by the appealed parties." [the McCann couple and their three children]

    The McCann's public statements in the press of the last few days, that they are being neglected by the authorities and have to appeal yet again for donations to keep up the search for their missing daughter require some scrutiny.

    The case was shelved in Portugal, at least in part, because of their refusal to cooperate with the police. Mrs. McCann refused to answer 48 questions put to her by the police (the 48 questions have been published in the public domain) and the McCann couple and the friends that accompanied them on holiday refused to attend a reconstruction of events when asked to do so by the Portuguese police.

    If they were to cooperate in these matters, it is likely that the investigation by the Portuguese police would be reopened. This would be at no cost to the McCanns or their private donors (however at considerable cost to the taxpayers of Portugal.)

    In other words, there are means at their disposal to pursue the investigation without appealing for additional funds from private sources.

    With apologies for a lengthy letter - will you not ask them to take these steps? Will you not ask them to truly "leave no stone unturned" in the search for their daughter Madeleine? They should ask for the investigation to be reopened (not a meaningless "review") and they should fully cooperate with the police, which is most likely the best hope that they have of finding out what actually happened to their daughter, Madeleine Beth McCann. She is the only thing that really matters in this case.

    I have faith in you to do the right thing, Theresa!

    Respectfully yours,

    -- Trismegistus

    {sorry for multi-part post ... it was a bit wordy.}

  152. Kate McCann refused to 48 questions. Neither would I if I knew I was innocent.

  153. Jimuck at 143

    I seemed to have come across an identical allegation elsewhere can't quite pinpoint where. Could it have been you?

    Again you (?) failed to provide supporting evidence. The link you did provide did not show what it promised...so either this was/is a massive conspiracy theory by some to hide the truth (or whatever) or more likely a devious assumption, a malicious daydream of yours. Sorry. No animosity implied.

    That sort of information (if it was true) would be worth quite a sum to some media outlets. I suspect even Murdoch's "News of the World" would be willing to pay you good money for "the evidence".

    The other question is, knowing this to be a powerful allegation, and a potentially defamatory one at that why would you post it here and there? Just asking...

    Now, without making any allegations could you (Joana permitting) just post the link to the evidence and refrain from writing anything that might be "cartered" or "rucked" as libelous.

    Good night and good luck!

  154. infomaniac, I've always said that the McCann people were running a political type campaign. I know much of this nonsense that appears in the media is Mr. Mitchell's doing, he even took credit for it, however, I wouldn't describe his work as brilliant. It would be quite easy to run such a campaign when the people that oppose you are not allowed to express themselves. Imagine an election in which you control the media, in such circumstances your opponents would have little if any chance of winning.

    The articles that have appeared in the British media insult my intelligence and I'm certain that many Britons feel the same way. These latest antics by this rabble bunch may appear clever but I believe it will result in their undoing.

  155. Bubble-Gum at 142

    People are not so stupid.

    The majority of people in the UK are sick of the McCanns, well and truly sick of the sight of them and their bleating.

    Just because they don't write in to the BBC to say so, or switch off the TV, means nothing. Like so much else, they endure it but still groan, or ignore it.

    As for the McCanns begging for yet more money, they have gone to the trough one time too many. People are starting to wake up to their bleating scam.

    To say they already have £300,000 in their Fund, but still want more, was just plain crazy. To most people in these hard financial times that is a fortune already, and people know they are rich doctors and live in a big house.

    No doubt there will be those who are too soft hearted to refuse and will hand over their money thinking it will help find Madeleine.

    Innocent, unsuspecting and vulnerable people who care about a little girl, but don't realise her parents have already been told by the investigators that she died in the apartment and was never abducted.

    There is no way the McCanns are going to pass that information on to them, and have gone out of their way to stop anybody else from doing so.

    The McCanns must be stopped and the truth told. They have had millions given them already from people who would never have handed over their money if they had known.

    The public has to be protected from them.

  156. T4two @ 18 and 41

    Excellent comments!

  157. To Astro @ 93

    (un)fair enough but no doubt they will have to pay for damages when the time comes. That much Amaral has promised. Ouch!

    They are already saying that the money will run out early 2012...

    Meaning they are no longer counting on that million heist. They shall have to make do with a simple expenses take-away.

    More sardines to come...

    :j Infomaniac

  158. Have you read this?


  159. Anonymous #140 Lets just suppose for a minute, as some would hope, that the independent report by CEOP's Jim Gamble sided with the McCanns in that that their daughter was most likely abducted by a paedophile. In that case any inquisitive member of the public can simply download a document from the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children entitled "Child Molesters Who Abduct: Summary of the Case in Point Series" for personal reference.

    In this document it clearly states on page 27 that, "The homicide rate for children is highest between birth and age 4 and between the ages of 13 and 17. From the ages of 0 to 4, the most likely perpetrator is a family member and the least likely is a “stranger.”

    From the ages of 13 to 17, the most likely perpetrator is an acquaintance and the least likely is a family member (Finkelhor and Dziuba-Leatherman, 1994).


    As you can see, unless Jim Gamble is personally prepared to cover-up a homicide or accidental death of a child on behalf of the child's parents, which I very much doubt, it is IMPOSSIBLE for Jim Gamble's independent report to RULE OUT the possibility of parental involvement based on this information from the National Center for Missing Exploited Children.

    Given these facts it is completely understandable, in my opinion, why the Home Office refuses to disclose Jim Gamble's independent report recommendations to the McCanns.

  160. I understand Kate and Gerry's answers on the two videos above but I don't understand the questions of the journalist.

  161. This petition is just a PR exercise ahead of the libel trial or ahead of something about to happen.

    No doubt their lawyers been giving them advise on strategies.

    Its strange the media is still panthering to them yet wont report the ban overturned. We shall see what the media do when the tide turns...no doubt the media has no loyalty to anyone and when that happens they mccanns are going to be slayed big time by the same sword.

  162. mayt@parliament.uk the more the home office receives complaints about this couple the better, even if they do not read all, if the subject line reads McCann they will obviously? file it accordingly, for the record, surely? somebody will take note! If we are passive the government will never get the message, so bring to them the message that this is sooooo out of line, to protect and aid the behaviour of two people, plus a whole 'gang', these British citizens, who would 'normally' vote for human rights and justice for all. Isn't it wonderful how the tides are turning. We are so grateful to this forum and others who are keeping us in touch with this unbelievable affair with the public and the justice system, which will surely find its way into the law books and law history, two people and how many more? evading and bamboozling all for 3 1/2 years now. Joana and team, because of your ever so hard work we are trusting that we will celebrate more and more victories for
    Dr Gonçalo Amaral and his family and all working to have this charade exposed. Sit up and take notice mrs Theresa May, these people should not be allowed to leave the country and travel freely, take their rights away to start off with, the rights of a little girl is being denied, was she treated in her short little life the way she is being treated now? Money is the centre of interest, not the sweet, innocent child who has disappeared off the face of the earth. What would you have said to your parents Madeleine, if we could have asked you to give us your perspective of events?

  163. I still couldn`t see that full unedited version of their interview and I updated my Flash player version. :b

  164. Is there direkt link to see full unedited interview????

  165. I posted yesterday that I had sent an email to channel4 news re the fund and the McCanns. I have recieved an answer as posted below, ok it does not say a lot, but at least they made a response and said they would pass on my comments.Answer below.
    Dear Patricia,

    Thank you for contacting Channel 4 Viewer Enquiries regarding CHANNEL 4 NEWS,

    I am glad that you found the report interesting and I shall pass your comments on to our news team.

    Thank you again for taking the time to contact us here at Channel 4 and for your interest in our programming.


    Dylan Redmond

    Channel 4 Viewer Enquiries

    For information about Channel 4 have a look at our FAQ section at www.channel4.com/help

    The message I sent was :

    Original Message Follows: ------------------------
    I thought your programme on The McCanns Fund was interesting, it is a bout time someone took a closer look at it. Why has no one asked the McCanns why they simply just dont request the PJ to reopen the case, answer the questions,and take part in the reconstruction. This is free and readily available, and does not incurr thousands of pounds in Private Detectives,who legally cannot work in Portugal. Well done channel4 I would like to see a more unbiased view of this case,we have to remember the McCanns tried to destroy Dr.Amaral the ex policeman, a Portuguese court has just overturned the ban on his book,they want 1,000,000euros from him.Where is this news?

  166. Todays news, the McCanns are bragging Daily Mail they have 9000 signatures on the ptition already, how many are false, they did not say!!

  167. Anonymous @ 158,

    Guess you are right. If Amaral's damages demands are of the same magnitude as their was, they will have to beg for a lot more of money....or sell their house! Will Amaral demand that they separate too?

    Waiting for more sardines :a

  168. On twitter McCann followers are bragging that there are 23,000 signatures on the petition, 23,000 in nearly 3 days with all the publicity it got? hardly worth bragging about is it? None of the signatures are verified ,Some have signed 15 times ,Can anyone tell me if a petition where you do not have to verify your signature is legal and worth the paper it is write on ? Thank you

  169. Anon @ 153

    Why not answer the questions if you were innocent? By not doing so you would merely make yourself appear guilty.

    Or do you ask this because you really think there was a danger of Portugal, with the world´s eyes upon them, locking up two innocent people simply to provide scapegoats for the crime? Sorry, I can´t buy that.

  170. for info
    the daily mirror is reporting that k halligen is to be extradited to the usa and has 4 weeks to appeal

  171. down to the last 300k ...that was a mistake, telling all the old dears etc that they have such an amount will surly reduce the chances of people donating.
    The differring amounts of what was spent from the fund may well be their down fall as THE TAX MAN will be very intrested in this private company (fund??) remember Al capone was to clever to be caught by the police but the TAX MAN still got him
    As i understand it the murate tanner case is a criminal on civil one
    meaning a re chance of a prison sentance.

    if this is so it will be a real test of "friendship"


  172. @153 who is important here, the child or the mother? The mother will answer the questions because she would want to, with all her heart and strength, find her child!!!! We are talking about a missing child!!! The mother will give it her all to have her precious child found!! This is supposed to be a mother!!! and her missing child! Don't you get it?? So what has she achieved in the last 3 1/2 years without facing the music?

  173. Anon 125

    I'm not experienced on court cases expenses, but on the single case I was in Court for, and it was a civil one, which was decided on my benefit; the court expenses that I had payed in advance, my lawyers's fees and the indemnization attributed calculated by the judge, were all payed by the counter-party. Nevertheless, the values are fixed by law and they are very insignificant (I had to pay my private lawyers 10% of the indemnization, apart from their normal fees).


  174. I don't care if they have a million signatures on that petition. A million signatures is of no practical effect whatsoever if they do not file a request with proper authorities to review or reopen the case. I think that even after all this time, people fail to realise that there is one VERY IMPORTANT thing missing on the McCann side: ACTION! They talk and talk and talk, but they never ACT on what they are talking about. Never once did they act on anything that they spoke about.
    I'll cut a deal with anyone here: On the day that these two actually DO something that has any kind of practical effect with any legitimate authorities, I'll shut up for good.
    But until I see any sort of action whatsoever being undertaken by this pair, apart from fluffy, empty promises, I'll keep repeating this: they never DO anything for their daughter - DOING as in taking action with any legitimate authority.
    The petition is just more smoke and mirrors to keep the public distracted and to artificially sustain the abduction myth.
    I'll wait for proof to the contrary.

  175. Thank you very much Joana - és a nossa estrelinha mais brilhante do mundo, pfff..., que digo eu, da galáxia...ná, do Universo!

    This is a fabulous work! Bigada.


  176. The Maccann's seem to have shot themself the foot, with this recent appeal, the amount of people against them in the daily mail comments,was more than ever, A few were for them I admit, but not many. It is all about control and information,they are seeing control in this case slipping away, Mr Amaral said this would happen, I have just emailed Teresa May regarding the fund.

    Mary Liverpool uk

  177. http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2010/11/04/earlyshow/living/parenting/main7021395.shtml

    Mr.Moura might get a C-R letter !

  178. @ 171. I completely agree with you it's about begging playacting and spending on creating an image for themselves only. I have emailed Theresa May about the petition and the fund.

  179. Post 152

    Fantastic letter to Theresa May. I imagine she will take note of what you have said.

    (ps - I wish I had you around when I have important letters to write!)

  180. I was so reluctant to listen to their interview but decided to try it and what a frighten thing to do...it's so painful to listen their contrived nonsense.

    They looked scared to death. I cant believe they blame every government for not doing enough for them?
    Who the hell they think they are?
    Should all the guardians of missing children blame the government for not doing enough?
    They are bloody ridiculous...they even said the HO has told them there's plenty sensitivities ..meaning the HO knows the case is not straight forward, that there abduction story was not what it seemed.

    I think they are worried to death with that statement...their fear of being exposed must be hell....so why the hell are they doing this interview to bad mouth the government?

    Something is about to break.

  181. A petition about which people are boasting that they've signed multiple times is not a petition at all.
    It's a FRAUD and a FAKE.
    But then what else would we expect from this shower of **** and their cult supporters?

  182. Joana, sometimes when I try to post here, it goes wrong and my text disappears on the way to this blog.

  183. @Anon 179

    wow....recommanded reading! Thanks

    It will be very interesting to see if Joseph Moura AND CBS news get a letter.
    If the above people do not receive a letter then something is afoot and certainely not in the mccanns" favour imo.
    Wait and see

  184. This is important. May I suggest that people emailing Theresa May do so at this address.
    This is the official contact address guaranteeing your email will be read.

  185. 185 same problem for me.

  186. 175 and others. Agree.

    'New hope: A search petition to help find missing Madeleine McCann has been signed by 9,000 supporters' (Mail Online)

    Indeed smoke and mirrors. I think most of them are ill-informed Madeleine supporters, not only McCann supporters. Their 'friends' and anyone involved have to sign, there's no turning back on the road, several signatures by the same persons, anti's that see through their game and take the opportunity to post a comment and to draw them out for checking if their comments are tolerated and despite all of this a low number regarding the world-wide publicity of this case.

    Why they don't DO something? Nothing can be done anymore imo, it is more than three and a half years too late.

  187. Thank you @187 for this address! This will help us to protest and appeal for action against this mockery by two people of truth and justice.

  188. @162, indeed the sound of the interviewer is very low on the unedited videos - turn the volume up, or read the transcript in the link already provided at comment 88.

    @165, the only thing I can do is to try to help you, step by step, however I 'll need details of your browser and operating system, please email me or use the contact form available in this blog linked under 'About us', above.

    @166 the videos are embed in the above blog post?

    @171/@174/@178 comments were meant for @154 (comments were again sent automatically to the blogger native and very new spam 'catcher' due to being anonymous just like real spam comments are - read here).

    @150 no need for apologies ;)

    @155 there was no link, just a comment, which without concrete evidence to support is, in my opinion, exactly what other bloggers supportive of the McCann couple have done to defame politicians and several well known people from both UK and Portugal. There are other places to debate certain 'sensitive' issues in a less public manner and there are certainly other manners to debate those issues without making accusations.

    @185/187 please read here and in here it is a common ongoing problem, for example if a blog post title is too long you'll end up on a white error page after clicking the 'post comment' button, if your browser doesn't allow JavaScript or cookies you'll end up with an empty comment box, if your comment surpasses an x number of characters, above 4000 you could end up having the same problem [divide the comment like Trismegistus did above]; as you see there can be a number of reasons. Best option to prevent that problem is to comment with any of the available options given by blogger except anonymously; or my personal advice, write your comment in the notepad/wordpad and paste it - at least in that way you'll have your comment saved elsewhere.

  189. video of mr moura on cbs


  190. * last comment was meant to @188 not to @187, the second 'here' link was badly formatted, sorry: http://www.google.vu/support/forum/p/blogger/thread?tid=3c8fc566625014e6&hl=en

  191. This kind of signatures are on the petition too.

    Name: Jon on Nov 3, 2010
    Comments: You leave your poor child alone to go out and enjoy yourself, then expect everyone and now our government to help.

    And what is this?

    Name: Anonymous on Nov 2, 2010
    Comments: Please delete Mike Nov 02 comment. Were you in PdL on 3rd May, Mike??? If not, you have no right to accuse anybody of anything, least of all the victims of a heinous crime. BTW, if you were in PdL ON 3rd May, then hand yourself into the Police and come clean with your knowledge and/or actions of that night.

    Name: Nigel Nessling on Nov 2, 2010
    Comments: Ignore the ignorant haters who don't know what they are talking about Kate, you know the vast majority of people support you.


  192. @ 187 thanks for that,

    Have posted on another forum, hope you dont mind!
    Justice for Madeleine is coming, lets hope we can get thousand of emails to Theresa May. It would surely create and impact.

  193. 475 (petition)

    Name: Belinda Carlisle on Nov 3, 2010
    Comments: Why is there no email confimation for the email address given? All those people on here could be the same person. Very strange.

  194. 641 (McCann petition)

    Name: DR Amaral on Nov 3, 2010
    Comments: I am delighted if this case is reopened as the facts will PROVE there was no abduction and that the truth of the lie is that , THE TRUTH OF THE LIE .

  195. to Guerra @ 156 and @ 157

    Points taken. The British media are pretty much aware (through conditioning) that ideology is welcome by most of its readers. In other words it sells. Ideology is embedded in any Collective Unconscious. The growing numbers in that petition (even assuming a large number are puppet sockets) demonstrate my point.

    Refer here to C.G. Jung (C.U.) on the one hand, and Michel Foucault ("prevailing discourses") and... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Teun_A._van_Dijk
    ... particularly, on the other.

    Give you an extreme illustration:

    Years ago, I had a bicycle stolen in Canterbury by same vagrants (who happened to be British). I called the police and pointed the culprits (about 5) and my bike out to the police. The two cops looked at the vagrants, looked at me, did a U-turn and disappeared from the scene without a word! The vagrants walked away with my bike gloating.

    I was incensed and went to see the chief of the Police Station who was instantly ill at ease. Their superior then told me: "What stopped you doing a citizen's arrest? My officers were busy going after someone who had a wallet stolen, bla-bla-bla." This was in the days I was too naive and trusting. The days before I had a PRESS card...

    What happened then?

    What happened was the criminals were British and the cops ideology immediately kicked into place. In other words, the cops felt protective towards the criminals because they too were British and I was a "foreigner". It did not matter these people were thieves, what mattered to them was they were British and I was not. I was from an inferior caste (as perceived).

    The very same principle applies to the McCanns and even more so BECAUSE doctors occupy the highest place in any ideology.

    This explains why Portuguese politicians, authorities and judges were extremely tolerant and lenient towards them. Indeed even allowed the McCanns' to walk out of the country free... and later (surprise! surprise!), allowed them back to sue...sue...sue :c

    Balding Clarence Mitchell on the other hand is a master of a special type of discourse: "lacunar discourse" (Althusser): "A number of propositions, which are never untrue, suggest a number of other propositions, which are. THE ESSENCE OF LACUNAR DISCOURSE IS WHAT IS NOT TOLD (BUT IS SUGGESTED)".

    :e Bubble-Gum

  196. “fluffy worthless words”
    They are biting the very same hand from whom they ask for "help".

    Lest see if this weekend they will grace us with more of their very own “fluffy worthless words”!

    Meanwhile,the mccanns fluff and puff, I just observe and totally appreciate the wonderful discretion coming from Portugal, specially from GA.Very peaceful and dignified on all fronts.
    Spot the difference....

  197. :m Just a moment! Did Dr. G. McCann says £50 will pay for an hour of detectives work? That's "Tapas dribble"! Let me set the record straight...

    Naturally, I am not going to tell you how much I charge per hour but I can tell you it is not peanuts. Not £50! Please! That much charges my acupuncturist!

    Actually my office is just a short walk away from the McCanns' detectives firm (Nigel Brown's) in Landsdowne Row (Berkeley Square). I have in the past referred minor cases to him so I happen to know how much my distinguished colleague charges...

    Let me help you. My young solicitor "Madonna", a grade C earner, charges me (when I need her) £190 per hour. So how much do you think a grade A detective like me and/or for that matter, Nigel Brown (a grade B) charges per hour? Do we charge more (much more?) or less (much less?) than a grade C solicitor?

    I suppose if Dr. Gerry McCann told a journalist how much he actually pays a detective per hour that might shock potential givers to "The Fund". "Go and rob a bank!" - they would say!

    NB The figures you might arrive at DO NOT include overheads!

    Sorry! The pizza boy is at the door! RUUUUUUUTH!

    :k P.J. Tipps
    "Respected by many. Feared by a certain few."


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