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Philomena McCann: “They think about what they can do to help themselves”

Philomena McCann talks to the media as she carries a picture of her missing niece Madeleine McCann as she visits Parliament on May 16, 2007 in London. | image via LIFE

Missing Madeleine book is ‘truthful and scathing’
Relative of little girl may find mccanns’ account of disappearance ‘too upsetting’ to read

By Mel Fairhurst
Published: 25/11/2010

An aunt of missing youngster Madeleine McCann has described a new book about her disappearance as “truthful and scathing”.

The girl’s parents, Gerry and Kate, have secured a multimillion-pound deal to write an account of their search for their daughter, who vanished from a holiday apartment in Portugal in 2007.

Money raised by sales of the book, entitled Madeleine, will be used to pay for their ongoing hunt for the child, who was aged four when she disappeared.

The couple, who are both 42 and have five-year-old twins Amelie and Sean, revealed recently that their search fund was dwindling.

Mr McCann’s older sister Philomena McCann, 46, who lives at Ullapool in Wester Ross and is head of social subjects at the local high school, said Kate had finished writing and the book was being edited.

Ms McCann said: “Kate is mainly doing it and I know she has written some very truthful and scathing things relating to the Portuguese police.

“When Madeleine went missing we thought it would be really important for Kate to keep a detailed journal and she felt it was important to keep an account of everything and some of it has been used for the book.

“I don’t know if I will be able to read it myself. I have been thinking about it but I think I may find it too upsetting.

“Kate and Gerry feel a real responsibility that they don’t want to continue asking the public to support them, and that support has allowed them to go on.

“They think about what they can do to help themselves and they came up with this idea.”

The book will be published on April 28, 2011 – to coincide with the fourth anniversary of Madeleine’s disappearance from the Praia da Luz resort.

Ms McCann said the family, who live in Rothley in Leicestershire, were regular visitors to the Highlands and “loved” travelling north with their children.

She added: “They will be spending Christmas at home, but we will meet up with them at my mum’s after Christmas. Amelie and Sean are amazing, most of the time the family just get on with things as much as they can but sometimes they just can’t.”

On their website dedicated to Madeleine – www. findmadeleine.com – Mrs McCann says: “There are several different reasons as to why I finally came to the decision with my husband Gerry to write and publish a book. My reason for writing is simple; to give an account of the truth.

“Publishing this book has been a very difficult decision and is one that we have taken after much deliberation and with a very heavy heart.

“Every penny we raise through its sales will be spent on our search for Madeleine. Nothing is more important to us than finding our little girl.

“We are hopeful that this book may help the investigation to find Madeleine in other ways too. Our hope is that it may prompt those who have relevant information, knowingly or not, to come forward and share it with our team.”

in The press & journal

*Note to Philomena McCann spins, or to be correct, to her false media statements - The police cannot offer jail sentences for confessions, the mere presence of Dr. Carlos Pinto de Abreu, the McCann's couple defence lawyer during the inquests would prevent any kind of breach of the Law. Furthermore, the windows shutters in apartment 5A were not «jemmied» as alleged by Gerry's sister and other McCann family members.

On the "scathing" attacks made by the McCann family and PRs, regarding the CSI dogs (and on the Portuguese Police) - brought to Portugal on the advise of the British NPIA's Homicide Experts - the only traces of cadaver odour, human blood and human fluids, inconclusive but compatible to Madeleine's DNA, were found on the McCanns' car, on Kate McCann clothes, on Madeleine's plush toy, on other McCann family belongings and inside apartment 5A.

After three and a half years, there isn't a single evidence to state that Madeleine was abducted, in fact, all the investigation to Madeleine's disappearance made by several police forces in cooperation with the Portuguese Judiciary Police, point that:

1) The child, Madeleine McCann, died in the Ocean Club Apartment, in Praia da Luz, on the evening of the 3rd of May, 2007;
2) A simulation of an abduction took place;
3) Kate Marie Healy and Gerald Patrick McCann are suspected of being involved in the concealment of their daughter’s cadaver,
4) The death may have been the outcome of a tragic accident;
5) There are indications of neglect regarding the guardianship and security of the children.


  1. So she's blaming the Portuguese police. I'd like to say that's a surprise, but it's not. It's exactly what was expected. I have never known such a pair of ungrateful morons in all my life.

    Regardless of whether mistakes were made or not, huge efforts from many people, were afforded to this missing little girl.

    It's time they were a little bit more humble especially given the fact that they were the ones who left this child to her fate in the first place.

  2. So, after some time of blessed relief from her outpourings, Phil opens her large facial orifice and lets the cat out of the bag.
    This book isn't about the 'search' - it's all about trashing the very people who gave up holidays and family time to search for her niece.
    And this from the same creature who called the PJ 'imbeciles'.

    Well done Phil, and the rest of the ungrateful McCann ****s. When you're all in a hole, you really should stop digging. Especially as a book can be used as a legal document which can be produced as evidence in court.

  3. Philomena McCann (third video, 0:15) "....... and took Madeleine from the SAFETY and SECURITY of her family"..."

    You couldn't make it up, is this woman for real?

    "I don’t know if I will be able to read it myself. I have been thinking about it but I think I may find it too upsetting."

    We do understand Philomena. Only one question: How do you know Kate has written some very truthful and scathing things relating to the Portuguese police, if you are not able to read the book.

  4. But they ARE still asking the public to support them, just in another guise. What nonsense. Who's going to buy it then? Who bought the good quality wristbands & t-shirts and had to pay to download posters (!!) and I think the holiday packs.

    God I can't bear the money-grubbing. And the public get legal and spin bills for all that... Horrific.


  5. I hope she is blaming and insulting the police and Portugal.
    It will irritate us much more than they did till now.
    And it will work against them.

  6. so the mccanns want to help themselves because they dont like to keep asking for donation,s,so is this book going to be free or are they hoping some mugs will waste 20 quid only find out that thier truth is nothing like whats in the official files,i think this book will be about (cough) how they suffered at the hands of the pj who did not beleive there fantasy abduction and other trifling crap which has no bearing on the actual case.

  7. They blame the PJ constantly, what greedy money grabbing morans.
    It was the McCanns who made the biggest mistake by leaving their children.
    Their second big mistake is to carry on blaiming the PJ by writing a book. Team McCann final mistake..... Auntie phil says, the book is FINISHED, it was only half written so Kate said last week, they just can't stop lying, utter fools.
    The PJ, Leicester Police and Mr Amaral must be desperate to read this book, it should be their book that is called........

    George UK.

  8. What a load of cr@p!

    Quote Philomena McCann:
    ‘…Kate and Gerry feel a real responsibility that they don’t want to continue asking the public to support them, and that support has allowed them to go on….’

    The public cow isn’t milking anymore, huh?

    Quote Kate McCann:
    ‘…Every penny we raise through its sales will be spent on our search for Madeleine. Nothing is more important to us than finding our little girl…’
    ‘…Our hope is that it may prompt those who have relevant information, knowingly or not, to come forward and share it with our team…’

    Most of the money will be spent to pay their army of lawyers, PR-guys and dodgy detectives in the UK as well as in Portugal!
    And they need to pay their PIs in trying to prevent potential witnesses from passing on information to the regular authorities.

  9. Kate McCann is not all there. A visit to a mental institution and professional help would do her the world of good.


  10. Finally Kate decides to tell the truth.
    If she is saying that, she admits the truth has not been told uptil now.
    It is never too late...

  11. The Return of Fat Phil 25.11.10

    So Fat Phil is back on the scene
    We’ve all been wondering where she’s been
    We knew she couldn’t stay away
    Now she has smelt the money of another bumper payday

    Is slagging off the PJ really a useful thing?
    And what benefit exactly to Madeleine will it bring
    Ask your brother why just three weeks ago
    He was begging for money with another appeal
    When he knew he had already signed a multi million pound book deal

    Your brother and his wife are two of the biggest liars and fraudsters the world has ever seen
    That your family allow it to continue in Madeleine’s name is truly obscene
    He told you the shutters were forced
    And you still believe him of course

    Philomena ask yourself why they never offer a multimillion pound reward
    Their celeb pals would add to it, its something they could easily afford
    But then the entire search is a farce
    Kate and Gerry prefer counting their fortune whilst sitting on their arse

    Tell your sister in law to answer the 48 questions the police need an answer to
    It would be more helpful than spending weeks making up a version of what is true
    I’ll pay their airfare to Portugal to answer the questions the police want to put to them, you can go too
    Then we may actually find out what is absolutely true

  12. @ No 7 Shouldn't that be the "Lie of the Truth"

  13. @No 10 If may just correct your post, Finally Kate decides to sell the truth

  14. And the story goes on...

    There are no lengths this family will stop at.

    The book is the final nail. This book will be a flop and it will backfire on them because the McCanns will surely have painted themselves right into a corner and open themselves up for all sorts of libel prosection from Portugal.

    The game is up. We know it and the McCanns know it.

    All I Want For Christmas is for these two cunts to get banged up.

  15. The thing that has impressed me most from your video files was the priest. Was the first time I saw him and I could tell! He was having a bad time not because of the McCanns but because he felt the police near to what really happened and to whom might helped them to hide the body. He could not look directly to the camera because he was to afraid of the last developments brought from this hard investigation. I guess praying has contributed for the results... for now... for now...

  16. So the book is another shot on Mccann's cocktail of crimes.

    Look at this wonderful sentences:

    "Kate and Gerry feel a real responsibility that they don't want to continue asking the public to support them, and that support has allowed them to go on."

    "They think about what they can do to help themselves and they came up with this idea."


    Dear fat lady, we can read between lines, under lines, etc, the message that you are passing to the public:

    Since May 3 2007, it was always ideas to help and support them. Everything they do is for themselves. NOTHING FOR MADELEINE.
    MADELEINE was just the name of a product used, abused, rejected, discharged or recovered according to the moment and the agenda of her parents.
    She was rejected, discharged, when Kate left 48 questions without answers at the police office and when her parents and their friends refused to do the reconstruction
    She was used and abused to set a Fund and an on-line business store.
    Her name will be recovered in April, next year, to launch a book that they, in advance, think will be a best-seller with a lot of stupid people foolish to deliver money direct to their accounts and let them go on. Maybe they and their publisher will got a surprise on that. The book could become a sale disaster. You know, the public is very volatile and in fact you Mccann's, inside your narcissism, you refuse to see what is growing day after day in the public feeling- Tiredness regarding all the things having your names... almost vomiting.
    Mccann's book and the fat lady words, show us the success of blogs like Joana Morais, Textusa, etc, and the public who read the files, Amaral book, and get well informed. So many times we questioned the rules of the Fund, so many times we questioned their agenda. So many times we criticised them and their strategies to achieve their agenda, that they got worried. They are really concerned and worried with possibility of having the case reopened and the Fund investigated. THIS IS WHY THEY DECIDE TO HAVE SOME WORK AND STOP LIVING AT THE PUBLIC EXPENSES. THEY DECIDE TO STOP ASKING DONATIONS. NOW THEY WILL GO ON, SELLING A BOOK THAT THEY CALL "THE BOOK ABOUT THE TRUTH". They have a different dictionnaire because for people like me, will be a book about the tricks: " The truth about the tricks or the tricks about the truth".
    The Mccann's do everything about themselves and their agenda. We do everything about Madeleine. AND THE BEST THINK THAT THE PUBLIC CAN DO IN THE NAME OF MADELEINE, is NOT BUYING THE BOOK THAT ABUSE HER NAME. LEAVE THE BOOK ON THE SHELVES.
    If you have some spare money that you don't need, give it to organizations that really care about the childs. Help cancer, HIV, Diabetes, etc, Fund raising. Your money will help a child to survive and live a little longer with a great smile.
    Kate is your time to go back to real life and work like any other mother that live at the expenses of her own salary. You are over.

  17. Says aunty Phil:

    “They think about what they can do to help themselves and they came up with this idea.”

    Well Phil, you are not telling us anything knew. Helping themselves it's what they have been doing all this time: mortgages, cars, family, entourage, etc.
    Of course we know your poor relatives have a lot of expenses and in these days of economic crisis one has to be creative. And creative they have been ok!

    Get a life...

  18. Negligent parents, negligent parents, negligent parents.....Sorry. And then a nasty smile. Thanks Phil!

  19. who let her back out of the box?

  20. The fat Phill, no matter her XXXXXXLLLL size, got ignored by her brother who left for her just the smell of few coins. This is why she kept her lie machine close for 3 years.
    Now, she wants to feel the bills. Then she decide to raise to the surface and deliver very interesting sentences just to remind blind Gerry. She is saying that everything was for them and not to search the girl. She is saying that most probably she is not going to read the book. If the book is indigest for Anti Phill, why should the public buy it? A collection of lies, all already available and spread in British tabloids. Kate just have to compile them and pile them in a book. This is why she took only one week to write the last half of the book. What a piece of sh...

  21. There have been many investigations and prosecutions into scams of people making money based on false pretenses. Fund appeals for fake philanthropic ventures are exposed and prosecutions and even jail sentences have been meted out. Preying on the good will of the public, many of whom are elderly.
    My unanswered email to Teresa May was related to the above. It was something that the UK could address. How can these people ask for money to find a person THEY say was abducted when there is not a shred of proof of an abduction. They are currently committing a crime in the UK and getting away with that scott free.

  22. RIPM at 11

    Great summation.

    As regards Aunty Phil, what a MOUTH that woman has on her. Trust her to turn up again. Might have known her silence was too good to be true.

    Am I the only one who gets the impression that this family would always be first in the queue no matter what. Not for searching for Madeleine though.

    Are Phil and Gerry, those two PUSHY BIG MOUTHS, twins by any chance? They are so alike.

    Regarding that Fund of theirs, and half of it going to the 'extended family' of the McCanns, does that include Aunty Phil as well?

    The whole lot of them make me sick, with their bleating and excusing of the child neglecting McCanns. Poor little Madeleine, and not one of them has even turned out to search for her. It was strangers who did that being as how the McCanns were too busy playing tennis, jogging, and having highlights put in.

    Besides that, they have always got time to open their big mouths and pour out a load of rubbish and lies. How many times have they received 'donations' to that Fund of theirs for doing that then?

    How many millions has that Fund of theirs really received so far? It has got to be much more than the two million reported. That is besides the money sent through the post that nobody can account for because it was in cash.

    All in all, a nice little earner.

    Here's hoping that somebody in authority has been keeping a very close eye on that Fund of theirs.

  23. Joana, by choosing a headline which deliberately takes the rest of Philomena Mccann's speech out of context, you have simply reproduced one of the bad practices of the printed media which you claim to so despise.
    Is this the brave new media we are supposed to laud? It looks the same as the rest to me.

  24. Phenomilomena needs a facial ffs! kate do something for your sister will ya?surely you can afford it.She must scare the twins I am sure!

    So this litterary chef d"oeuvre is really and exclusively meant at slaughtering Portugual,Portuguese and the PJ.Thats their "account of the truth".
    I believe that blogs and bloggers will have an earful as well.Thats going to be fun!
    In the preface she will write thankful words to rosiepoop jajajaja for "her" unconditional support...and remind us of "her" heroic search in the damned dam...
    Also they are going to talk about the search....which one ? Because it wont be the one related to Madeleine will it?
    I took this for granted a loooong time ago,so it can only be the search for money-money to make sure to have a packet in reserve not only to pay their dodgy team but also all related legal expenses....err...yeah...they will need it.In the future,a near future.

    “I don’t know if I will be able to read it myself. I have been thinking about it but I think I may find it too upsetting."

    Thats right Philo: dont read it.Repeated lies are a health hazard.

    Can someone correct me please? Wasnt Madeleine "disappeared" on the 3rd of may 2007? so why does the 28th of april come back in each and every single article as the date to "commemorate" the whoosh clunk event?
    I am glad the book is launched on the 28th of april tho" as it will be totally over shadowed by the monarchic wedding and people will just forget about it.Something is something.

    Dear FatherXmas
    The only thing I want this year is that you make this 2 %$*# DISAPPEAR for EVER.

    PIP 11
    Brilliant prose.Claim copyright.You never know what kate will use in her book!

  25. Kate, if your book is about the truth, let me guess what you tell on it:

    - How happy, you and your husband, feel on your daughter 4 birthay. We have seen your pictures in PDL Church showing a great smile typical for people who are enjoying the moment. If somebody told me that this pictures were from a couple who just lost their child, one week ago, I will say " give me a break and go mock with somebody else" But was true, really true.

    - How you manage to go jogging when anonymous and the police were searching your daughter with anguish, thinking that she could be in danger under the hands of evil people.

    - How you manage to fool the Pope. He even touch the picture of your girl. But you don't show up when he visit UK just to wave at him and say thank you.

    -How hard you tried to fool the parents of Mariluz Cortez.

    - How heavy and huge were the posters that you promise to be delivered in Spanish and Portuguese supermarkets. They were invisible because after 3 years, nobody saw them.

    - How you manage to get double payed for rubber bands, good quality t shirts, holiday packs and Maddie posters. They were already Payed by donations and when everybody was expecting them available for free... Voila... you ask money again.

    - How you spent almost every minute of your day looking for rubbish detectives, expensive lawyers and fake witnesses, to buy sights and threaten people who disagree and don't buy your lies.

    - How you elected the police that really search your daughter, as YOUR ENEMY NUMBER ONE.

    - How you jump and sell your soul just to have your minute of glory inside Oprah Mccshow.

    - How the dogs became your ENEMY NUMBER TWO and a PET TO AVOID FOR MANY REASONS.

    -How Catholic you are. Your faith raise suddenly in the PDL and suddenly disappeared when you return to UK. "God and you must know why". You told us that out of Lisbon Court.

    - How Amaral book was written for him, to make money using Madeleine. And yours is available at Amazon many months before being launched, in pre-order, at a good price and already in sales what it is? Was not free. Then should I say... Was abusing Madeleine?!?...

    -How you manage to fool VIP with VIP dinners. All laughing to the Media. all enjoying good and a lot of wine, all dancing and enjoying themselves. In the name of Madeleine. Mocking the disgrace of one of your childs.

    You really deserve a place in the ZOO. A special place to store some kind of rare specimens with high risk to be extinct. Fortunately for the childs there is not much specimens like you, available. But your family provide a good number.

  26. The only good by-product of this book will be the book reviews and articles based upon it.
    I have been astounded at the silence from the up-market Uk papers - The Independent, The Guardian, The Telegraph, The Times over this case. It is only the tabloids who have covered it -and look how the Express was treated when it strayed from the McCann line.

    The journalists who take it in their stride to criticise the expense claims of the Members of Parliament (for instance) have followed a 'hands-off' policy wherever the McCanns are concerned. Not for them the non-jemmied shutters, the cadaver odour or the disappearing fridge!
    Under the guise of reviewing the book, these lily-livered journalists will be able to bring up relevant points at last. If not, I shall be asking why.
    Also, the Royal wedding the week of their publication will scotch their publicity.A perfect day to bury the bad news!

  27. 23 It's not out of context, it's exactly what Philomena says in the "press release" article, removing “they came up with this idea” from the blog's post title does not take nor add to the real meaning of this McCann «propaganda» article. What's more, titles in blogger need to be short in characters otherwise upon pressing the «post comment» button the commentator will get an error page. So please, do engage your brain before posting silly criticism - or go back to your site, blog, forum, whatever - stop wasting my time.

  28. Letter from Iberia
    The constant barrage of anti Portuguese rhetoric will spew forth from the despicable McCann team.
    They are all so determined to maintain the high moral ground and they are succeeding in maintaining their appearance of being the innocent parties, rather than the abandoners of children and outright liars and charlatans that they are.
    They are doing an excellent job of transferring their guilt on to the Portuguese police and establishment

    No mater how much lies and rubbish pours forth from their mouths, about what a bad job the Portuguese police did and are doing, and how every thing in Portugal is third world.
    The Portuguese police, judiciary, media, justice system and most of the Portuguese population do nothing other than soak up more punishment

    Until Portugal becomes proactive in dealing with this continuous outpouring of anti Portuguese propaganda and grows some testicals there will never be any justice for Madilien McCann from Portugal and two or more criminals will not only go free but will be well rewarded for committing the most horrendous crime.

    Grow the testicals Portugal be brave. Issue an arrest warrant and bring the McCann’s back to face trial for abandoning their children and see where that goes.
    You will see all the McCann backers fall away and the British Government bury its head in the sand.

    Only Portugal can right this wrong.

  29. 23... Piss off brainless worm!

  30. Joana,did "the un-banned books"ever get back to their rightful owner????.Regarding the drivel,the Macaans have written,do you think they managed to write it still holding hands??? Having been married for 50 years "that loving act"of theirs still makes my stomach churn!Pity they didn,t give their little girl as much attention every night they walked out of their holiday apartment "to-gether" ahhhhhhh pass the sick bag please!

  31. @Anon 23
    Whats wrong with you? cant you read properly?The only thing I see being out of context is YOU :c

    @Anon 25

    In a zoo???? oh NOoo please! poor little animals

    @Iberia 30
    I am with you but right now I believe Portugal has something much more important to deal with that the INfamous mccanns.But their turn will come.I am sure of it

  32. She's been very quiet for a while. Trouble is, I would have thought that there would be a strong possibility for another libel case, if Kate is less than measured about Senhor Amaral - British libel laws, remember - it is certain to be published in the UK. They're making more rope to hang themselves with.

    It never was about Madeleine, was it...

  33. PS - can someone throw a cake in that cavernous orifice, for all our sakes...

  34. Let us not be nasty to Philomena. (Greek, for love of food)
    Was it not she who managed to stop eating for a moment to give the world the very first notification of the lies that were to unfold. The one about the jemmied shutters and the open window.
    I particularly love the split screen format in the news report, which shows the forensic scientist despairingly trying to find some evidence of an entry through the shutters, whiist Aunty Phil is being interviewed. That is priceless.
    Her total 'non sequitur' about not reading the book, but knowing it is truthful and scathing is just par for the course. Kate does the same thing, saying she doesn't bother reading the lies on the internet.

    I still think that one day a family member or a Tapasnik will say something innocently which will blow it all apart.
    So don't discourage them.

  35. Is the book to be banned and the author silenced due to her lies and the poor quality of her spellings? remember the despicable mother writing on her blog Madeleine's name with a spelling error? The lady don't even spent time revising her posts or using the "google spelling check". How is she able to write a book? A pamphlet, maybe. Or should I conclude that she is going to copy and paste old articles from her good friends Antonella "lieZ..." and J Parsons.

  36. What a whale, thanks that she don't jump in the ocean when in PDL. The Atlantic will be empty.
    Remember the lady complaining against the Lisbon airport authorities who don't let the two Lady's( Phill & Kate) that don't search the girl, post Madeleine posters inside the airport? Wonder why the airport police refuse their first steps to bring up what becomes a huge charade. Airport police was already aware that the abduction was impossible. Better if the whale joint her sister in law in the jogging. At least she can profit something from PDL.

  37. This is what I said the book would be about, an attack on the Portuguese police and about a search that neither they nor their shoddy detectives ever undertook.

    "The girl’s parents, Gerry and Kate, have secured a multimillion-pound deal to write an account of their search for their daughter, who vanished from a holiday apartment in Portugal in 2007."

    So, what's the book about? It's about their search for their daughter. Did they search for their daughter? No. So, what type of book is it? It's a fictional book.

    In his book, Mr. Amaral points out the errors that were made by the Portuguese police and the McCanns will be certain to dictate a few chapters to these errors, along with their libelous accusations.

    Aunty Philomena, hasn't read the book but apparently she was given a summary of the book's contents. The book deals with much the same subject matter that has been covered by the British media, i.e. the cruel, incompetent Portuguese police and the adventures of the McCann employees.

    “Kate and Gerry feel a real responsibility that they don’t want to continue asking the public to support them, and that support has allowed them to go on.

    “They think about what they can do to help themselves and they came up with this idea.”

    Aunty Philomena who are the McCanns trying to sell the book to, is it not the public? So in asking the public to buy their book are they not asking the public to continue to support them? This is why I strongly urge everyone not to purchase this book.

  38. Did Kate write the book because Gerry's fingers were out of action due to him thumping the walls when the injunction on Dr Amaral's book was lifted?

    He certainly looked to have bruised knuckles.

    Kate also thumps walls we are told, so wont mind at all.

  39. The 28th of April is not the date that Madeleine McCann went missing. It is not the anniversary of the disappearance. May 3rd is the date. Why is this date seen as significant. It is just a ordinary day of the year in the context of Madeleine McCann's story. Every one knows she disappeared in the same month as her birthday.

  40. so aunty phil said they think about what they can do to help themselves,well i thought thats what they have been doing all alone,ie the fund.Wonder if they will ever get to HELP MADELEINE.
    will they be going back to portugal for a re-construction and answer the 48+ questions to help thier eldest daughter.some how i dont think so.

  41. Perhaps the reason the 28th of April is chosen is because the book launch will be over before the actual anniversary itself. If that is the case it should be stated in such a manner. It is irritating to say the book date in April is to coincide with the anniversary when this is clearly not the case. Even people will little knowledge of the case three and a half years on would know that it was a few days before her fourth birthday in the month of May that the child disappeared.

  42. It is very rare for a child to be abducted from inside their home, unless maybe for ransom, normally it happens with oppounity outside.
    Now McCanns I will tell you why I do not like or respect you.

    When I was 11 a man tried to force me into his car to take me for a ride, it happened in a small town, I was walking to school, I got away because I made a fuss and he was afraid of attention. Within 24hrs my father accompanied me to do an identity parade, the man was not in that line up, I carried on walking to school alone,a few weeks later the man return as I was walking home, it was winter and a darkish day. He made a mistake as he grabbed me I scratched the side of his face,once more he panicked and got into his car and drove off. Iremembered more about him this time, and when the report was made to the police, they also took more details even the scratch. About 4 days later, my father had a phonecall to say he had been arrested, and the scratch saved me from the identification. He was wanted for several other crimes against young girls, and is still probably in prison. My parents continued to allow me to walk to school alone. I was afraid, and did not understand why they allowed this. And if I hadn´t been lucky? How would they have felt.
    The same for you McCanns, its the same, if Maddie was abducted, and there is not one shred of evidence to prove this. ITS YOUR FAULT! YOU DID NOT PROTECT HER. she was younger than me, you left her night after night,My parents did not protect me either. Dont give us your s---, Take responsibility for your actions and open the case for her sake...not yours. You owe her big time.

  43. The McScums' book will no doubt be an attempt to counter all the information in Dr Amaral's book before it is published in the UK.

    The McScums are afraid of Dr Amaral and all they have left is to try and ridicule and undermine him, and the conclusions of the investigators who worked on the case.

    They are pathetic people and their bleating, begging and blaming everybody but themselves is wearing thin. So thin, that nobody cares to hear it any more.

    Get lost McCanns, you are spouting a boring load of tripe with that abduction fairy story you keep trying to sell. As the case information continues to leak out, it is the truth of the investigation the people are waiting to hear about, and they know they wont be getting that from you.

  44. The McCanns dont like asking for donations, excuse me while I laugh, what were they doing 2/3 weeks ago...holding out the begging bowl.They want to raise money themselves, HaHa.This couple are comical, ok they need more than donations to pay their hefty mortgage and legal bills.Twats, going by Kates use of grammer, the book will need much editing, well if they are slating the PJ,as the old trout says,then I hope it causes the PJ to take action.Unknown authors in a multi million pound publishing deal, the worlds crazy..these were arguidos suspected of having something to do with Maddies disappearence.For sure the publishers will have it legally edited before publication. When are you going to do something that isnt for you McCanns??when...what about Maddie. The power lies with you.

  45. @

    Was not the 28th April 2007 the day the McCann's first set foot on Portuguese soil with their young family?

    If so the book will be launched on the 4th Anniversary of their 'landing!'

    No doubt Kate will have written something to ties in with this to make it somehow significant! Always an ulterior motive behind their calculated acts!


  46. Peter Mac at 34

    'Philomena is Greek for love of food'. So funny.

    Now they have seen and heard Aunty Philomena it has also been deemed in Scots and Irish to have the meaning 'BIG GOB'.

  47. What's that saying...ah, "it isn't over till the fat lady sings"!
    Well, the "fat lady" has made a come back, she's "singing" again, after a looong absence...the end of the "operetta" is very near, the curtain is dropping, dropping...

  48. If nothing is more important to the McCanns than finding Madeleine, and they say that every penny raised by the book will be spent on searching for her, then how come they give half of the Fund money to their 'extended' family.

    Who are these people? Are they on skid row or something that the McCanns feel the public should subsidize them? Even if they were, why should the unsuspecting public be made to pay for them?

    Those McCanns are nothing but bare faced beggars, selling the public an abduction lie they can't prove, and doing everything possible to stop them from finding out the truth on some pretence that it is to help Madeleine.

  49. IMO the book launch will be changed, there is noway that these two will be out done by the "Royal Wedding", you wait the date will be changed at last minute.

    Why doesn't the media ever stop and question these to child neglectors,surely they can't be sued for asking questions can they, the Mcs try and stop people from writing books about the case, they then write a book themselves.....you couldn't make it up could you!!!!!

    This book will be their last crack of the whip, thats for sure, Fatty said this book was their own idea, well lets wait for all the mistakes and lies, I for one can't wait

  50. With the royal wedding taking place on April 29th, I don't think the McScum's book will get a look in.

    Perfect timing for a wedding!!!

    An English Lady

  51. McCann's need money. They have done from day one. Call that 28th April 2007 or 4th of May 2007. That much is clear.

    The money they have had so far has shown no obvious results. It may have helped pay off the mortgage, paid a detective or two, or three, maybe even lined the coffers of some of their family through fund wages. The money that has come in has far exceeded the needs of the above.

    And it hasn't yielded any results.

    So why would they continue to need more? Despite the lack of return and the clear exhaustion the exercise continues to show on their faces.

    Except maybe there has been a return, just one that is not so obvious to the quizzical. It's a return we can't see, a flow of funds laundered through intermediaries by the McCann's to a few people in the know.

    The lack of response to their recent call for more search funding has probably necessitated the book. A last resort but a good message to send those who listen and hear the 'millions' advanced.

    Also a good message to those who are nervous of the McCann's and their antics.

    Oh well, watching your back eh, such a high price.

  52. So Kate is to confess at last.
    Evidence, to be upheld in Court.

    To begin with: april 28th now formally admitted as the day the child disappeared.
    Not may 3rd.
    Did she arrive at PDL at all? Are we sure of that?
    To put it bluntly: is there any evidence of her having been at PDL AT ALL?

    And the money coming in? Dr. Amaral: I salute you and I advise you from lawyer to lawyer to seize it in reparation for the evil these people did to you and your wife and daughters.

    The book launch should be hilarious.

    " When me and Tapas so and so many were boozing along, Nouia Checkaya pushed herself and my daughter through a 10 inch shutter and whisked her away to her next post at Warners Greece/Thailand/Cloud `cuckoo land' etc etc.

    Dream on, dream on, all.

    Terrific posting by Textusa today, regarding mrs Fenn by the way.

    Keep up the good works.

  53. This is good news.
    Scathing towards themselves and
    truthful, telling us what really happened to Madeleine.

    This word "truthful" destroys what the McCanns have told before.
    Otherwise this book would not be necessary.

  54. In the South Wales Evening Post. A young mother has been found guilty of "... neglect and abandonment and so exposing to harm," three children under six years old left at home alone for about twelve minutes while she went out shopping. She was sentenced to two months prison, suspended for a year. The children were put on the 'at risk' register for protection. Why did this not happen to the Mccanns?

  55. Are the McCanns going to be at the Royal wedding? If not, why not?

    There was a time when they could easily have got one of their pals in high places to pull a few strings for them, just like these child neglectors did when they got to visit the Pope.

  56. What a difficult English she speaks.
    Joana, perhaps you could post "Why don't the English...speak"sang by Professor Higgins, My Fair Lady.

  57. I actually think they were saving the book deal till a little later, but when they read peoples disgust at their begging, and more "like what happened to the fund"? they thought they would announce it now so that those complaining, they could smoothover with...look at us good guys, selling our story to continue the search for Maddie. But the book, the film, the TV series is already under wraps. Portugal....why are you not acting and opening the case, before these people tell the world that Portugal doesn´t know how to run a police investigation, which I am sure they do, so go for it.

  58. About the date they plan to release the book, I wondered about what's behind that particular choice of date too, and I had alredy posted a comment about it in a previous thread:

    "The book will be released on April 28th to coincide with 4th aniversary of Madeleine's disappearance?! Didn't Madeleine "disappear" on the 3rd of May...? The 28th was the day the holiday began, not the day Madeleine disappeared! Shouldn't the book be launched on the 3rd of May, if it is to signal the 4th aniversary? Why choose the 28th? Is the 28th the really important day for them...? Because it was on that day that the "wheels" of a planned strategy where put in motion? Was it all (meaning, whatever happened) planned and decided before they left England? It's a possibility...thinking about Kate's pre-holiday "premonition of doom", the "we knew something was going to happen, but not this"(was it Payne who said it, or O'Brien? not sure), and of course, Gerry McCann's "f#$*ck-off, I'm not here to enjoy myself!"!

    The 28th IS the significant day, why...?

  59. @ 47

    Bravo! Yes, when the fat lady sings...

    But, how come she started singing again? Who let the fat lady out?

    If I recall correctly, it was Clarence Mitchell who shut the fat lady up very quickly in the first place, right after he'd been made Supreme Commander of McCann PR in fact.

    So has McGerry re-instated his first secret propaganda weapon? Is McGerry running the show again? Setting the agenda? Does the re-emergence of the fat lady mean that Clarence is no longer in control, or God forbid, no longer has anything to do with the McCanns whatsoever?

    With Clarence gone, who will keep us entertained until the Macs are safely behind bars? The thought is too much to bear. So should we be saying, "Clarence come back - all is forgiven", or PJ, "Please reopen this case and put these people behind bars"?

    If you don't mind, I'll go for re-opening the case and putting an end to this farce. In fact, I'll go for anything actually - just shut the fat lady up for Christ's sake! I can't take anymore ...

  60. For what it is worth. I dont think endless references to Philomenas weight add anything to the quality of debate. I do wonder ,however ,whether the editors notes will advise Kate to write a little bit more about Madeleines plight and rather less about her own suffering.

  61. So Auntie Phil is back - they want to help themselves - what else is new? It's always been about them. It's never been about Madeleine. ."

  62. @48
    The public should not have to support them. They have created an illegal scam and should be investigated for this (if not for anything else). Please take a look at my post number 21. The UK authorities have the power to investigate their requests for money based on the myth of the "abduction". The UK authorities should investigate whether their request for money from the general public has been honest. Investigate the fund...Moreover they gave up their rights to Madeleine when they made her a Ward of Court.

  63. So, the book is being edited at the moment. I don't envy whoever has that laborious job err, err, err...... whoosh clunk.
    What is it about the McCann family that bring out the worst in me.

  64. @poster, 45, 52 & 58

    There is a big significance for the 28th. IMO this is when the planning of so called abduction was set in motion. Gerry's F***k off I'm not here to enjoy myself speaks volumes.

    Notice the same events every day, same time in and out of creche, for all 3 children, a pattern emerges. Why was the child not abducted on the 29th, 1st - why on the night before leaving for UK?

    Something fishy for sure.

  65. Embaixador britânico em Lisboa cessa funções
    24 Novembro 2010 | 12:13
    in http://www.jornaldenegocios.pt/home.php?template=SHOWNEWS_V2&id=455527 and in http://www.observatoriodoalgarve.com/cna/noticias_ver.asp?noticia=40809

    Quick synopsis the Ambassador Alexander Ellis, who writes an opinion column at the Expresso, Portuguese weekly newspaper, titled "Um Bife Mal Passado" - a silly pun, perfect for his column - will leave the post of British Ambassador to Portugal, following his appointment to the position of Ministry of Foreign Affairs Strategy Director in London (Foreign Office), in December. This is the same Ambassador who has kept a link to the Limited Company Fund owned by the McCann couple in the British Embassy in Portugal site' front page; Ellis replaced John Buck, the Ambassador who provided (rather more than the usual) consular assistance to the McCanns back in 4 May 2007. http://joana-morais.blogspot.com/2010/09/looking-backon-mccann-case-british.html

  66. Good morning Joana

    Link to the story in English
    (Although we are 26/11, the article is dated 27/11)


  67. Anonymous 60
    "EDIT I do wonder ,however ,whether the editors notes will advise Kate to write a little bit more about Madeleines plight and rather less about her own suffering."

    I doubt it, and I don't really see how she can.
    They have been telling us for 3 years that there is no evidence that she has come to any harm.
    They can't suddenly change that and tell us she is being rap*** and bu***** every day by a gang of Pae******.
    The "hellish lair" has never been mentioned again, even though I think it was said in Mitchell's presence. They have never organised a search for it, though a 10 mile radius is not too great, given that half of the circle is in the sea, and they have had 3 years to do it. If they had even altered their daily jogging route each day they could have covered a lot of ground in their 3 months extended holiday.

    So I think they are stuffed. They have to keep on saying there is no evidence, (of harm, not of the abduction, obviously) and that we are all looking for a charming, well developed, intelligent, mature 7 year old, who will just slot back into normal family life between giving TV interviews and appearing on Celebrity Game shows.

    [By the way, has ChaosRaptors folded or been shut down ? ]

  68. #15
    Sometimes churches are left open for worshipers to come at any time. In the past it was like this. In a small village like Praia da Luz it might have still been like this.

    Maybe the priest gave the McCanns the key for the church so that they could
    1) lock the body in
    2) take the body out
    and not for prayer or comfort at all...

  69. 66 naturally Portugal News, whose director is Mr. Paul Luckman [an honourable British guy, who speaks a very good Portuguese in my opinion], is published weekly, on weekends - thus tomorrow's date.

  70. 68 for a long time, throughout Portugal all churches and small chapels, even in small villages, are locked, except when there are masses, funerals, baptisms and weddings - due to possible vandalism and theft of Sacred Art. By the way, when you say priest, you should specify Haynes Hubbard, the Anglican priest - the McCann couple' pal in Praia da Luz.

  71. Anon-1!
    Why are you so sure that Mccanns "left this child to her fate"? One of them could just kill the girl. Ms Gasper, blood stains on the walls... . Hysterical Kate, aggressive Gerry. Only the REOPENING THE CASE could answer The Question!

  72. #61 I agree with you...there is an old adage "attack the ISSUE, not the PERSON"....I think it is GREAT that Philomena is speaking.....may she speak more and more and more.....the more these people speak, the more there is to analyse......the more they dig a hole for themselves. The deeper they dig the hole, the more that will fall into it....then I hope we can bury them....the sooner the better.....

    What amazes me is how people get away with murder these days. there are just so many loopholes in our justice systems.

    Further - how come Portugal has not held an INQUEST into the disappearance of Madeleine. In the case of Azaria Chamberlain they never found a body, but they held an inquest...the first inquest found that she had been taken by a dingo but her remaining babygrow had been interfered with by someone. And thereafter-continued a huge injustice to the Chamberlain family.

    But if Portugal would hold a public inquest...with witnesses being questioned.....then the findings could be announced in the press and not hidden in an archived file.

    Does anyone know why an inquest was never conducted? Is this not possible or required in Portuguese law?

  73. #60 - sorry my last post meant to refer to #60 not #61 - and it was commenting on the fact that fat lady is mentioned.

  74. @Anon 62

    "Moreover they gave up their rights to Madeleine when they made her a Ward of Court."

    Absolutely.I wonder how Madeleine could take GA to court(ref:defamation and the crap ongoing court cases in her name).How comes we never ever hear from the hogg woman?

    @PeterMac 67
    "So I think they are stuffed"
    Me too.(Rubbing my hands in anticipation)
    Just lets be a little bit more patient.

    So they do not want anything from the public? No Xmas appeal nor begging bowl then?

  75. Petermac

    I presumed Chaosraptors was closed down to clear out all the garbage the Mcs promoted as it will contradict what is going to be in the book.

    The puppets there are totally out of their depth and only spout what they are told by HMV and team. I wonder what the 'benefit' is to them as they couldn't be called extended family? Fund running out so it's nothing being paid out for support blogs?

    Shame really as it's the only thing remotely funny about this sad case, I will miss my daily laugh. There are many jokes about the part of the UK these people are mainly based, to do with interbreeding. Could explain the shared brain cell.

  76. Oh dear fat Philly opens her mouth again, Pity Jabba wouldnt say why Uncle John had been booted out the fund.

    I didnt know the Portuguese Police or PJ ran a babysitting service, oh they dont !

    Well Philly you sanctimonious fat cow I dont see the blame pointing anywhere except your sainted brother and his mad bint wife .

    Pity the dogs agree with me

    Rev Green

  77. Bought the McCanns book and its so realistic.
    Put it down while I went out on the piss
    and now I can't find it anywhere.

  78. If Kate McCann intends to tell the truth about what happened, she should head to the PJ in Portugal to furnish it to the official investigation, rather than write a book. She owes this to her missing daughter.

  79. Interesting the day they choose to launch the book and the justification they gave- 28 April, to commemorate the 4th anniversary of Madeleine disappearance.

    28 April was the day they travelled to PDL. Seems to be a lucky day for them. Was the day they travelled to a new life dimension: FAME, MONEY, VIP CONNECTIONS, GOOD LIFE, 5 STARS HOTELS. Who forgot the day that a jackpot happen?

    Then there is a perverted doubt raising inside my brain: If 28 April is a very important date to be signalised, could this means that what happened to Madeleine was planned in UK and went so well that deserves a commemoration with something they believe will give them a passport of more money?

  80. Joana

    I am inclined to think that although Team McCann have advisors as regards how to phrase statements to the media - they must think we are stupid.


    “Kate and Gerry feel a real responsibility that they don’t want to continue asking the public to support them, and that support has allowed them to go on.

    “They think about what they can do to help themselves and they came up with this idea.”

    It’s a great idea – it’s very much what the government does – it helps itself to our money.

    So what can the Team McCann do to prise our money away from us?

    They have tried asking for donations – obviously didn’t work - so how can we get them to contribute:

    Right - lets publish this Book – hype it up – get Aunty Phil out and stir up some interest. We can follow-up with other media hype as well later.

    We will say we wont publish till next year we will suggest a date that creates interest – especially if it’s inaccurate. That will make them discuss it amongst themselves and wonder why this date – ergo they will be desperate to get their hands on the Book.

    We can advertise on Amazon with pre-order facilities – this will gauge interest

    Then we will bring forward the launch and people will go mad to get their hands on it after all the hype and - hey presto!

    The unique: MCCANN TAX

    But don’t forget there’s the serialisation in the newspapers, the film.

    Who knows what else – however long we live we can continually rehash with Book I, II, III, IV …………..And then there’s the Film: Maddie I, II, III, IV …………….


  81. well now we know what this book is all about now thanks to phil,i wonder why gerry and kate got her to tell all and sundry about the pj bashing,why didnt gerry and kate tell us all,because they are cowards to the end.i dont think gerry likes his sister very much other wise he wouldnt get phil to do his dirty work

  82. “When Madeleine went missing we thought it would be really important for Kate to keep a detailed journal and she felt it was important to keep an account of everything and some of it has been used for the book."

    I think Philomena (AKA Silo) has always been extremely good at letting the cat out of the bag.

    I am sure I am not the first one to think that journal of Kate's was started with this book in mind that we know they were planning in early 2008 but at that time was unattractive to publishers due to their Arguido status.

    Cashing in for millions, that is what it has always been about.

    No problem blowing about three million, they knew there was plenty more where that came from.

    To say they make me sick would just be a bit of an understatement.

    I can only hope the public treat this book with the contempt it deserves rather than further lining this grasping pair's pockets.

    Kate gave up work long before Maddie went missing.

  83. Catholic priest, how could you, how could you how, could you""""""""""""simples you know more than you are letting on"""" in fact covering your arse"" GOD FORGIVE YOU, you are a man of the cloth, do not fool yourself then, if not in this life then for all eternity in the next with GOD judging you, there is no escape.

  84. a childs body was found, today in spain. Police believe the child had been dead for 3 years. police attempting identification, and looking at missing children files.
    Sorry no more on this, it was a news flash but I cannot find anymore details at this moment.

  85. Jo @ 24
    "In the preface she will write thankful words to rosiepoop jajajaja for "her" unconditional support..."

    Funny you mention that. I was reading the other day the comments to the McCann's book story in the Sunday Express and I came across a comment by Rosiepops. She said that the McCanns had gone too far by writing this book.. She said she has been giving them her unconditional support from the start but that now she had to draw the line, or similar words.. And the rest of her comment sounded quite negative against the McCanns. I couldn't believe my eyes, having read many of Rosiepop's posts in the Express in the past. I literally sat there reading her comment with my mouth open. Pity I didn't copy paste her post, because by the next morning all the 'Have your say' comments had been pulled from the Express.

    BTW Did Rosiepops have anything to do with ChaosRaptors? I've never been to that site, but was wondering since some people have mentioned that that site seems to have closed down.

  86. For over three years we have seen the British media attempt to sway public opinion toward supporting the McCanns and against having any "trust" in the capacity of the PJ to solve the crime. The McCanns appear to actually believe that public opinion is in their favor, that the public see the Portuguese police, most specifically Goncalo Amaral as "disgraced" (the favorite adjective used by the Press to describe him).

    Well, think again, Gerry, Kate and Auntie Phil. Think again Russell, Jane, Fiona, David, Dianne, Matthew and Rachael. The British media is no longer relevant - they are a thing of the past and they have not helped your lies to be accepted by your countrymen or by those of us watching from all over the world.

    The only people who will go down in history as "disgraced" are YOU - ALL OF YOU and you *will* be held accountable for your crimes, your lies and the FRAUD your "Madeleine Fund" truly is.

  87. Considering they have so many media-savvy people advising them, I never fail to be amazed at the McCann's seeming inability to take a step back and see how they are perceived by the wider public.
    I honestly do think that they imagine the only criticism of their behaviour comes from a dedicated few on the internet.

    If so, they are in for a big surprise.

    As a nation, we have a hard enough job tolerating the ''It's not my fault'' mentality they display. Add a healthy garnish of ''Don't blame us, blame them'' to the mix, and i promise you, people will look upon you with revulsion.

    If this book focuses upon Kate's small-minded and sneering criticism of the PJ officers who were trying to help find her child - ''surly,dressed in casual clothes, smoking, failing to offer refreshments, typing too slowly, driving too fast'' - then the McCanns will find that the criticism of them will rise exponentially.

    They are already seen as grasping, manipulative people who steadfastly refuse to take responsibility for their own actions. If the book is, as Philomena McCann appears to suggest - a hatchet job on the very people who were trying to find their daughter - I can guarantee it will not be well-received by the general public.

    When they attempt to shift blame to others they succeed only in chipping away at any support they currently enjoy. I think many people regard them as a bit of an embarrassment, and just wish they would go away now, or at least stop these attacks on others.

    Sooner or later the penny will drop with them. They have been on sufferance all this time. Those who gave them an easy ride because they had lost their child will soon run out of sympathy, faced with the incessant''it's not our fault, blame them'' McCann machine.

    As an aside, can I just echo the person who was uncomfortable about personal criticism levelled at Philomena McCann, and in particular references to her weight? I agree. It is not necessary, it's very rude, and reflects badly on the site in my opinion.

  88. @Anon 83

    Chaos Raptors is visible in caché.
    My question is :do you really want to visit this site?
    You might have a bad day! and the mccanns fans accuse us of nastiness? Have a look but you are being warned.

    Shame you didnt keep the rosiepoop"s comment because if somebody like him/her said such thing then the mccann are losing and fast speed although I am not waiting for this type of unsympathetic comments but it is still a good sign that even their supporters are starting to be fed up with them.

    I agree with Viv 81:I want to see them in a court of law and not judged and condemned in the internet world.This has lasted long enough now.
    I believe this is coming.The new year might bring surprises and justice for Madeleine


  89. #83,
    Can you really believe that it was "the" Rosiepops that wrote that comment?! Just because it was posted under that name it doesn't necessarily mean it was his. The other day I posted a comment in an article in a portuguese newspaper exposing the fact that the McCanns petition to review the case was dodgy, that one could be signed more than once, there was no verification, etc., and someone posted a comment directed at me, a very agressive and foul-mouthed post, signed by...Gonçalo Amaral! Did I believe it was really Mr. Amaral who wrote it...? NOT for a second, NO way!

  90. When Philomena McCann apologises for calling the PJ 'imbeciles', I'll stop calling her a loud-mouthed lard arse ...

  91. Person @ No. 42, thank you for sharing your story on Joana's blog. You don't say how old you are now but you have had an awful lot to work out and I am sure many questions remain. Believe me, you are strong, resilient and have good judgment and these things will be invaluable for you as you go through life.

    Very Best Wishes

  92. When publishers make an advance to authors, do they have to pay it back once the book is published? What will happen if "Madeleine - an account of the truth" doesn't make multi millions? Its not that I really care, it just seems to me that people are still taking risks of McCann's behalf.

    I am also being led to believe that something was planned in UK before the holiday - something to do with medical research - the holiday was a front and the parents have been given free rein to take what advantage they can out of the situation. Its all a hoax and a scam but the truth will come out because some people in the know want it to.


  93. Anon 83, I saved some of the Express posts before they were "whooshed". I didn't believe at the time it was Rosiepops but someone being naughty and posting in his/her name -

    21.11.10, 1:31pm
    Through three years of ever-increasingly bizarre behaviour and bottom- of-the- barrel fundraising gimmicks I have kept faith with the ****, defending them against slights and smears even to the extent that I was called mad in some quaters but Im afraid even for me this book is a step too far. If JK has recommended her publisher for this literary fiasco then I really do question her judgement which has, until now, been exemplary. Please Kate and Gerry for your sake and all your supporters who are trying very hard to keep faith with you abandon this folly. If you really do have to tell the truth please tell it to the only people who can actually use that information, the Portuguese police. If you have nothing to hide,you have nothing to fear.

    Rosiepops1 formally known as Rosiepops x
    • Posted by: Rosiepops1 • Report Comment

    I did laugh when I read it though, the McCanns must be seething. Good!!!!

  94. K Mc said on her own website that only the ROYALTIES from the book will go into the fund. What about the huge advance and the payment for it being serialised in the 'newspapers' as well as the advance for worldwide publication?

    Think positively! That means it will be in the Mcs own bank account ready to pay Dr Amaral when he sues them....how ironic that the Mc supporters will compensate GA.

  95. @94

    Yes - very ironic - to repeat an old saying:

    Money just goes round and round and round and round .................it's just a pity it will go through their Bank account first.


  96. So Teflon Kate is once again trying to deflect any responsibility or blame of what happened to her daughter, she is going to tell the world in a book the truth ???? so what truth is this all about????
    Jemmied windows that were not jemmied???? Her belief that her child is with pedophiles but has not been harmed ?????????????
    the fund is to find her missing daughter, not to pay for expensive lawyers???? is she going to write about the findings of the dogs????? tell everyone why she refused to answer questions????
    Did not agree to a re-construction????

    Or is this book all about Kate and money ???????????????

  97. Angelique

    At least they will see what they have lost when they have to pay legal bills and costs. It will be seized when they are prosecuted so the other saying "better to have loved and lost than never loved at all" will not apply to this.

  98. Why didnt they think of that from the outset?

    Sell their house and when they have nothing left than maybe get outside help. Its call integrity, pride, and dignity.

    Not milked the public then when that collected fund is low find other ways to milk money off the money. Penning a book full of lies to get money off the public is just another con method, and GM wanted to run the fund like a small company. Bloody hell is that (fund) supposed to be a lucrative business?

    So, come on, philo, engage some brain cells (if you have any) and tell us how your priceless and shitless little brother had done to help himself that does not involve the public money?
    His style is called educated fraud, no different from low life scams, because it's still scam.

    So come on, pants on fire philo, dont tell porky pies.
    You are supposed to be an educator, lead by example. We dont want a future generation full of the kind like you shitty brother, liar, schemer, scammer, fraudster, hypocrite, arrogant, evil, just to be list a charitable fews.

    If he were my brother I would wring off his neck and throw it to the crocodile.

    I hope to you your precious lying evil brother and sister in law get their deserved justice for neglecting their children and for what they did to Maddie. Oh come on, you know what they did. Dont bullshit us. That is why they are not looking (never did, not even after raising alarm) neither you nor the expect her to be found even by April 28th...tell us where you hid her?

    Tell us the truth what your brother plan to do with the money? Legal defence or more image consultant? Or is it to buy new pants for you lot because your lot keeps peeing in your pants each time someone knocks on your door? Well, the police will come one day..

    Is that their idea of ways to help themselves.

  99. As an aside, can I just echo the person who was uncomfortable about personal criticism levelled at Philomena McCann, and in particular references to her weight? I agree. It is not necessary, it's very rude, and reflects badly on the site in my opinion."

    To an extent I agree.
    But was she not the one who described the person who might just have come forward with information which could theoretically have saved or recovered Madeleine as "greedy and unscrupulous" ?
    "It needs only one greedy, unscrupulous character to come forward," said Philomena McCann.(Daily Mail 28/07/07) (referring to the reward on offer)

    She seems to be out of control. Her blabberings in the early days exposed the McCanns initial lies, and it is clear that she and the rest of the family were closed down by TM, and probably by CM fairly early on. They have hardly been heard since.
    But now we have this extraordinary, and ludicrous nonsense about not reading the book but knowing its contents, and total incoherent drivel “Kate and Gerry feel a real responsibility that they don’t want to continue asking the public to support them,..." which one presumes is some sort of unformed sentence, but from a teacher could be quite worrying.
    Someone once said that apparently sloppy language may in fact be very precise language indicating sloppy thinking.

  100. did laugh when I read it though, the McCanns must be seething. Good!!!!

  101. I did laugh when I read it though, the McCanns must be seething. Good!!!!

  102. Fat Phil Bounces Back 28th Nov 2010

    I described Philomena as fat
    Its an accurate description, so what can be wrong with that
    Why do you think its ok for fat Phil to call a member of the PJ an imbecile
    How do you think this makes them feel?

    She is fat in both body and head, just take a minute to listen to all the crap she has said

    If all the McCann tribe had given accurate and truthful descriptions this saga would not still be going on
    And Madeleine would have a place to rest, can that be wrong?

    My description is not personal its simply a statement of fact
    I ask again what can be wrong with that?
    Their aim is confusion by saying black is white and fat is thin
    That’s how the McCann’s have sucked people in

    Philomena is the McCann‘s rabid attack dog, to divert attention from what more and more people are beginning to see
    It doesn’t mean she lives in a kennel and pees against a tree

    Accurate and truthful, I ask again why is it wrong?
    If Tanner had given an accurate description
    This farce would not still be going on

  103. Yes I agree leave the personal Insults out of any comments, it really can lower the tone, and shows more about the person who comments, than the actual comment. Also the Maccann, loving pastor is not a Catholic Priest, as were most of the services, the Maccann's attended in Portugal, this man is no more Catholic than Kate and Gerry are.
    I did read the Catholic Priest will have nothing whatsoever to do with the Maccann Pair, and has left this part of Portugal 3 years ago due to the stress of this case. Kate has been trying to contact him but its a no no.


    In terms of Public Relations theirs was a brilliant move. PR is what this case has been about ever since the Portuguese public prosecutors decided the McCanns' were technically "innocent" as they could not be proved guilty beyond a shadow of a doubt.

    Their tactics have been to wipe out any doubts about their presumed innocence by playing a very expensive legal game (with other people's money)...

    And their main target, psychologically and otherwise, has been the man who led the investigation and begged to differ from the official, doctored version of events: "Big Rock" aka as G. Amaral.

    In the best interests of PR the man had to be destroyed and indeed nearly was - and for all we know might still be IF the final decision is left to another immature or patsy judge...

    Since chances are the defamation case will be overthrown, the McCanns' have pre-emptied any attempts of G. Amaral to re-launch his book by releasing theirs first. It is unlikely any deal for a translation of Amaral's book into English will be signed until the case is cleared.

    From a psychological (and financial point of view) it was a brilliant move by the McCanns' albeit a cowardly one. G. Amaral's hands are legally tied up...

    The other point is that the number of McCann sympathizers - those large masses of uninformed and/or prejudiced people which have taken PR and spin at face value, far exceeds those of Amaral.

    You can always count on "tribal loyalties" and ethnical prejudice to sell books and biographies tend to sell particularly well in the UK. Even if you are as infamous as Tony Blair...

    PR and prejudice is what drives the McCanns. Their search for Madeleine merely an excuse. Did I need to write anything else?

  105. What is truly puzzling is why it has taken nearly 4 years for Kate to get round to telling "the truth". It isn´t as if she hasn´t had plenty of opportunities via newspapers, tv interviews etc. to do so before now. Is she admitting that up till now it´s all been lies?

  106. Madeleine has become the 'cash cow' for these money grabbing parents. Whilst urging people to pay to their Fund and selling the tackiest stuff imaginable, they were already lining the book up, which will inevitably be followed by a Hollywood movie!

    They will become rich beyond their wildest dreams and the hangers on will be singing their praises and interviewing them endlessly to hear more of their lies. Poor Madeleine. Will she ever get the justice she desserves?

  107. Yes Philomena, 'helping themselves' is exactly what they have been doing since the day Madeleine supposedly disappeared. You couldn't have said a truer word!!

  108. 106 spot on best comment for a long time. Please God the attempt to outwit and bring down Mr Amaral will fail. The Macccann's and their lawyers have been very very cunning in the best way to do this. Get rid of Mr Amaral you will hear no more of Kate and Gerry while he is around they are not safe and this they know.

    Mary Liverpool UK

  109. Anon 104 great post!!!

    Auntie Philly is fat and she lies that is not been rude or nasty it is the truth...end of.

    Justice for Madeleine is not far away now.

  110. Shiela @93
    Thankyou for your comment, This happened in the later half of the sixties, when things were more or less safe, leaving aside Myra Hindley etc. It did leave me with psychological problems, Anorexia being one. That is why This McCann case gets at me, they stroll around like they havent done anything wrong.And as for saying there is no evidence that Maddie has come to any harm, how do they know?How would my parents have known. We have children through choice and it is our responsibility to protect them, I did with mine.My what happened to me ,stays with me, and the worst thing was, my father was a policeman,he should have known better or told my mother children left alone whereever is dangerous, and he was very proud of me when they caught the man, through my observation, but it wasn´t about that. Maddie was only nearly 4, what chance would she have had to claw and fight...but I do not believe she was abducted..given away more likely. Thankyou anyway, I wasn´t sure if I was doing right for me by posting my experience, but I did it anyway. Maddie where ever you may be god bless you.

  111. What will it take to get this case re-opened. The mccanns court publicity, refuse to co-operate with the police, statements are full of all their inconsistencies and lies, they sue the chief police officer in charge of the investigation because he wrote a book based on actual police facts, sue the media for hundreds of thousands, now they are writing a multi-million pound book based on nothing more than fiction - this whole saga is disgusting the mccanns are greedy b"£$%^ds and the justice systems in Portugal and Britain both need a swift kick up the backside for allowing the mccanns to get away with this.Well done Joana on your truthful blog and research.

  112. I have wondered if the Mccanns did in fact give Madeleine away in a ruse to start the Fund and collect money and plan to retreive her at some later date when they have made enough money and become famous enough to suit them. But then here is the forensic evidence. I also think Kate was suffering postpartum psychosis.

    What I do not understand is how they have got away with this and continue to exert power over so many years, especially against police agencies. What or who do they have working for them to keep up this level of abuse-of-power? How did they get that power. Why are so many people still fooled by them?

  113. A Filomena britânica precisa de uma banda gástrica para o estômago e uma banda bem insuflada para o cérebro (para limitar a circulação de pensamentos comprometedores e comentários inoportunos).

    Tiros e mais tiros e mais tiros nos pés.


  114. How are the Mccanns so certain that maddie won't be found before april ??,come on Kate/Gerry answer that

  115. I have wondered if the Mccanns did in fact give Madeleine


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