1.Everyone shall possess the right to freely express and publicise his thoughts in words, images or by any other means, as well as the right to inform others, inform himself and be informed without hindrance or discrimination 2.Exercise of the said rights shall not be hindered or limited by any type or form of censorship Constitution of the Portuguese Republic, Article 37.º

A Voice for Madeleine

Maddie's olfactory memory was washed off from her favourite plush toy, cuddle cat - 
image based on a real photograph from the Process Files Volume VIII, page 2098

The McCann couple wants to review the case? Well, let's help them, not merely to review the case, but to reopen it!

Surely, the McCann couple's ultimate goal with their 31 000 plus, unverified, easily hacked and multiple signed petition is to have the case of Madeleine, their missing daughter, reopened?

Undoubtedly, the couple's latest interviews alleging that their private and costly rent-a-cops are «the only ones looking» for Madeleine - where they have also complained over the «depleted» fund, at least, in the UK media and «not so quite depleted» in the Portuguese media - have the ultimate goal of pressuring the authorities, specifically, the only Police that has jurisdiction and the permission to investigate criminal cases in the sovereign country of Portugal - the Portuguese Judiciary Police - to continue the search for their daughter?

Unquestionably, the fact that the McCann couple are writing a new book to fill the private limited company fund coffers, a book that is to be published in April 2011(?) of which they have already received an «advance» shows in their own peculiar 'McCann way, that the couple are truly willing to do something more active than the usual media spins - who knows, they might even be willing, this time, to answer the questions left unanswered back in 2007 or to finally do an official reconstruction as asked by the police, so the criminal investigation into their daughter's disappearance can be resumed.

So, let's help the McCann couple, let's help them by asking, as it is our right, for the Portuguese Public Ministry [the Attorney General] to reopen the investigation into Madeleine's disappearance - not for them. For their daughter!

How? Let us use the power that we have as citizens, our voices together in a real petition, united for a real purpose, with real and validated signatures, intended to do one thing alone: to reopen a missing child's case. A case that was archived due to the poor cooperation of some people, namely the child's parents and the child's parents' friends; and due to the political and economic interference and interests, of certain people from both the United Kingdom and Portugal.

Three and a half years ago, a couple left three young children with a combined aged of seven, alone in an apartment whilst they went out to have dinner with other seven adult friends in a restaurant about 100 meters away; from that restaurant none of the group of nine people, pictured above, could keep their children safe in sight, nor hear them, nor help them in case of an emergency; - a three year old child, soon to be four, mysteriously disappeared in consequence of those irresponsible, and criminally punishable actions.

Three and a half years later, the investigation case files are well known to many - to those who took the time to read them; and so are the diligences that a hasty archival prevented the Judiciary Police of concluding.

It is our right to demand the reopening as tax paying and as law abiding citizens, who share a common public interest - to stop the farce that has been affecting both our countries' relations, in spite of what an oblivious demissionary Ambassador has said and a non-demissionary one has written; a perverse mockery of Social and Justice systems, of shared common values and ethics, something that certain unscrupulous people would rather see dismissed under a big carpet; and also to prevent other children being abused by Team McCann PR spins and a equally abusing world wide voracious media - I recall the deceased Mari Luz Cortés and her family as the most damning example.

Above all, it is our right to demand the reopening of Madeleine's case, simply because it is inadmissible for a missing child case, independently of colour, religion or nationality, to be archived when the Police clearly believes that there are further steps to be taken!

It is time to speak for those who can't. It's time to speak up for Madeleine.

Take Action! Sign the petition: A Voice For Madeleine · Uma Voz Por Madeleine · Une voix pour Madeleine · Eine Stimme für Madeleine · Una Voz para Madeleine · Een Stem voor Madeleine·

All information regarding Madeleine Beth McCann disappearance should be forwarded to the only official and criminal Police force that can investigate crimes in Portugal, not to rent-a-cops or dubious organizations, nor to Police forces that withhold vital information for more than 5 months. Please forward any information that can help re-open the archived investigation of Maddie's disappearance to the Portuguese Judiciary Police to:

Directoria Nacional da Polícia Judiciária
Rua Gomes Freire n.º 174 1069-007 Lisboa
T./P.: +351 21 864 10 00
Fax: +351 21 353 73 37
E-mail: biad.sipc@pj.pt

Departamento de Investigação Criminal de Portimão
Rua Pé da Cruz, nº2, 8500-640 Portimão
T./P.:+351 282 405 400
Fax: +351 282 412 763
E-Mail: dic.portimao@pj.pt

A small rhetoric question to the McCann couple's lawyer, Dr. Isabel Duarte: since the arguments sent to the Supreme Court of Justice to oppose the Appellate Court ruling that overturned the book ban and gagging of a Portuguese citizen - a censorship ban that was filed by your clients, resembling other times of a more greyish quality - and those arguments are based partially, as far as one could read in last week's press release, on the allegation that Dr. Gonçalo Amaral's book was «made to make money» - here on this blog the editors were wondering if the McCann book is going to be freely distributed world wide, without having profits in mind? No? That's precisely what we thought.


  1. bravo joana ,justice for madeleine

  2. Letter from Iberia

    At last maybe we will see the begining of justice for madeleine
    Please do as I have sign the petition and tell the world about it

    Thank you Joana

  3. Perfect timing!
    Excellent...where is the petition? :q
    Now,now,Joana! if you talk about the cadaver smell on the soft toy you dont give them a chance to do it themselves dont you? tut tut

  4. Sorry for this, I'm feeling very stupid but...how do I sign the petition, please? I only see one can leave a comment, but I've not seen any place were to sign the petition.
    Please don't think I'm joking or being a nuisance, it's for real, I really don't see where I can sign.
    Thank you.


  5. Roseanne
    The link to the petition is just above M"s picture: The Voice for Madeleine is in blue ink
    I just signed

  6. Thank you for your help Letter from Iberia and anonymous @1, a hug from Lisbon :)

    To Sign the Petition: click here - register on the site [Change.Org] with your email and name, and sign in. The petition as you can read on the site, the Portuguese version, will be sent to the authorities and politicians mentioned on the petition, via email automatically. Thank you.

  7. I'm Roseanne,

    Thank you Joana and Anon. 21:55 for you answers, I didn't realize I had to sign in/register on the website, silly me!
    Going to do it now!
    Thank you once again!

  8. We must let them know we have started a petition because they did ask the public for help havent they? the only slight difference is that we want the case to be re-opened not merely "reviewed" but thats ok.
    I am sure they will like it and pray for us and ask their god to bless us for it :c

  9. It's Roseanne back, you must be fed-up with me by now,lol!

    Now I understand my difficulty in finding out how to sign the petition. When you click in the links above, in blue ink, where it says:
    "Take Action! Sign the petition: A Voice For Madeleine · Uma Voz Por Madeleine · Une voix pour Madeleine · Eine Stimme für Madeleine · Una Voz por Madeleine · Een Stem voor Madeleine·",
    you obviously get directed to the site:


    and the link to the petition itself (on the Change.org. site) it's in the last paragraph of the explanatory text, in the underlined words "assine esta petição"/"do sign this petition".
    I did not notice it when I first read it that it was a link to the petition.

    Thank you for bearing with thickheaded me!

  10. Petition signed - thank you Joana x

  11. I apologize Roseanne :) you were right, the links to the Petition site itself have now been added with bold characters on the 6 different languages petitions texts and also on the site's side bar at A Voice for Madeleine - thank you so much for taking the time to search, ask, sign and help xx

  12. Thank you for your e-mail of 05/11/2010 addressed to the Home Secretary regarding Madeleine McCann. Your letter has been passed to me for a response.

    I am afraid that the question of fund-raising by organisations or individuals is not a matter in which the Home Office has a role. The Government’s primary concern in this case is the well being of Madeleine herself.

    The Portuguese authorities retain the lead in this case, and we continue to liaise with them as appropriate and in response to any new developments. However, it would be inappropriate to comment on the specific details of the case.

    Yours sincerely, This is the reply from the office of Teresa


    Linda Robinson Mary Liverpool UK

  13. It's becoming apparent that the new British Conservative government wants no part in cases such as this - unlike the outgoing Labour goverment whose most Senior members (Brown and Milliband) had direct interaction with the McCanns.

    In the early weeks of Theresa May's ministry she was placed under pressure to personally intercede in the Phone hacking allegations case involving Cameron's communication chief. Theresa May did not baulk and firmly decreed it a Police Matter - not a goverment one.

    Today, we have revelations that the Labour government, MI5 and MI6, were complicit in the scandalous torture of Guantanomo Bay detenees. As a result the British goverment is now facing multi million pound compensation claims from these detenees.

    The McCanns have protested about Theresa May's and Cameron's muted response in the campaign to find Madeleine. My considered opinion is that this government wants to be extraneous to the events in Praia da Luz and wholly entrust the Police. In doing so, this present government is judiciously 'immunizing' itself from being eventually accused of covering up and perverting the course of justice in a case that has the definite whiff of scandal. A scandal that definitely involves child neglect and possibly child abuse, and worse, paedophilia.

    I'm sure if Theresa May is worth her salt (and I think she is) she would have read the PJ files and sundry hitherto. In doing so, she probably decided that she wouldn't touch the case with a barge pole and leave the case to natural justice and negate the threat of another British scandal - certainly whilst she's in office.

    This McCann case has been a slow burner. Mainly because the huge McCann juggernaut fuelled by the Madeleine fund and the previous goverment flattened everything in it's path. With the absence of Labour support and diminishing funds this juggernaut is grinding to a hault. As a result, natural justice can now start to prevail and gather speed.

    I'm sure this case will soon escalate and involve International Courts of law. The full facts of the case will undoubtedly be aired. Some of these facts will be the aforementioned Labour government involvement ie Brown and Milliband complicit in spin, obfuscation and cover up.

    Angelo Del Montello

  14. Eh! Eh! Marinho Pinto already out of control in Pros e Contras. The guy is a shame for portuguese justice and again came Leonor Cipriano and the way he hate's PJ ( Goncalo Amaral, more exactly, I can read under lines).

  15. Joanna, on another site a poster is saying a reconstruction will not reopen the case, as all evidence that has gone before is no longer admissible and I quote.

    "No crime, no suspects from the current evidence,

    This means the case cannot reopen from where it left off, as the investigation into death and concealment has been discounted by the legal conclusion. For the anti's to demand revisiting the 48 questions and doing a reconstruction to help the death and concealment enquiry, is forwarding a futile request, as that thesis is no longer relavent.

    Therefore the only new evidence will be evidence from the future tense. The only option to get the police active in helping invite information or finding overlooked information, is a complete review of the case.

    Re opening to continue where it left off is not an option. Re opening with a review and inviting further information Is the only option."

    Is this how the legal process works in Portugal, has everything that's gone before now become inadmissible?

    Thank you in anticipation

  16. O psicopata é como o gato, que não pensa no que o rato sente. Ele só pensa em comida. A vantagem do rato sobre as vítimas do psicopata é que ele sempre sabe quem é o gato. - Robert D. Hare

  17. Surely the McCanns' lawyer, Isabella herself, and all the McCann supporters would want to sign a petition to 'reopen' the case. That is far better than a 'review'.

    Otherwise, what are they bleating on about?

  18. "A Voice for Madeleine"

    How come this appeal is not signed?
    It is, on McCann files.
    It was signed by Paulo Sargento.

  19. I hope we will all succeed.

  20. With the Gaspar statements arriving, (much too late in the day) the case should never have been shelved.

    Because of those statements, a whole new slant could have been, and still could, be put on the investigation.

    No need to be searching for an unknown 'abductor', but the suspicion would strike right at the heart of those directly involved who were there with the McCanns.

    It is not enough that McCann would vouch for these people (he is a suspect himself, so who is he to be believed), or that they were all giving alibis for each other (they were not believed by the investigators), or that they are doctors. So what? Were they given a pass because of that.

    Always were this party of people pointing away from them. A new investigation should bring the spotlight directly back to them, McCann and all. The Gaspar statements require no less than that.

  21. Anon 16

    The excuse for a 'review' does not make sense then because the evidence to be reviewed in order to reopen the case would be the same information that is already held. So how can that be new?

    This information has already been dealt with. No doubt this is a new slant on why a 'review' is needed that Gerry would approve of, so they can get hold of the hidden Files they have been denied.

    Dr Amaral has already said it is possible to reopen the case, and has said nothing about a 'review' of the kind the McCanns want is needed first.

    The last thing the McCanns want is a 'reopening' or they could have requested it. Why don't they want the case reopened? Could it be because there is a great possibility they will be made 'arguidos' yet again. The McCanns can hardly risk that now can they? It may not be so easy to skip town next time.

  22. Anonymous @19 the petition text was indeed written by Dr. Paulo Sargento, the petition to re-open Madeleine's case has a Group of Citizens, of petition promoters, as it is stated under each text. I am one of them.

  23. Thank you, dear Joana,

    if Paulo Sargento wrote this text, it is very much ok with me.
    he is a very close friend of Amaral's and I bet he knows a lot we still don't know.
    he would never take the risk to write such a petition, knowing it would be useless and even risky for the Portuguese police.
    he really knows what he is doing.
    I wish I was his servant, cleaning his office and his house, and listening behind all his doors.
    I'm terribly curious.

  24. Hi Joana, thank you for your hugh effort for Justice for Madeleine.
    I've just finished reading all comments. Will sign the petition right after I commented here. My petition comes from Far EAst Continent where I am based ,would that be considered valid?

    Also one poster said reconstruction is not enough basis for re-opening..what constitutes valid basis?
    Can someone requests to become assistente to reopen the case?
    If all avenues were exhausted hence shelving, where's new evidence that qualifies a re-opening going to come from?

    I noted your good question to ID. She'd shot her own foot with the money making comment. I wonder what she has to say about her client making money from their book? Someone should send her office a letter asking her that.

    Also someone should inform the UK press this legal and valid petition is now being collected, unlike Mccanns phoney one (of course you omit the 'phoney' comment to the press).

    Everytime I see those photos of them laughing at Maddie 4th/b/day walkabout I see red. Anyone writing another book about Maddie sbould title their book 'missing madeleine'(or something like that) and have that superimposed over that photo and make it the book cover.

    Well enough rant now. I will go sign the petition.

  25. Hi its me again,

    I went to the petition to sign in but they dont list my country or maybe they did but I cant scroll down beyond Blangadesh so I tried to fill it but the field disallows fill in.
    Why dont they allow fill in the that field instead of prelisted the countries for selection?

    What should I do? Help..I shall try again bit later.


  26. Arrgh, still cant go past Blangadesh to get further down the list of countries and so cant sign in because of this missing field. Anyone can get past Blangadesh?

  27. Is Kate and Gerry already signed reopen petition??? :d Without doing it they really look guilty.

  28. Thank you Joana ... I too will sign the petition after I have commented here and will make my family and friends aware of it's existence.

    Slightly off topic, but am I the only one to have noticed that the announcement of the McCann's book has been ignored by many of the mainstream UK papers? In particular the Mail .... could it be that the responses to their recent McCann stories (via comments) has finally shown them which way the wind blows with the general public?


  29. May I please know how people from UK can sign the petition, because I tried again and again,and still go beyond Blangadesh.....I am at a lost..

    I want to sign but cant. That field is stopping me progressing.

    BTW out of curiosity, how many signatures are needed for the PM to consider the reopening? Will they consider it without the new evidence even with enough signatures?

  30. 29
    Molly That's what I thought, but found news about Mccann's book
    on page 3 Daily Mail 15/11/2010 Sorry to contradict

  31. Dear Joana, Thank you for this petition. We hope for many, many signatures and support! Thank you Dr Paulo Sargento for being part of this effort. We so appreciate your presence and support for Dr Amaral. Justice will prevail. The slow but sure progress will see a favourable outcome for Madeleine. Trusting it will be sooner as it took over 30 years in the The Eugene Zapata Case,USA, where he confessed that he killed his wife after the dogs confirmed cadaver after more than 30 years of his hiding the body (dogsdontlie.com)The mccanns were snookered when he confessed.
    One foot in front of the other. We will get there! We want a re-opening of the case in Portugal and see the infamous tapas nine in court 'with bells on'. I trust the Portuguese system and all the faithful, trustworthy, hard-working investigators putting together their findings as they will stick to the truth and do their job as a crime was committed on their soil and all evidence has to be proved and lies disproved, destroyed! Without a proper trial this matter will never be settled and we will have lost all hope if anything like this mccann couple's sordid history repeats itself.

  32. Thank you Joana for all that you and your friends do for Madeleine. Signed the petition and passed it on.

  33. How can anyone contemplate writing a book about their missing child. It leads me to believe, more than ever, that they know that Madeleine will not grow up and be able to read it one day.

  34. If the case isn`t re-opened quickly & that lot made arguidos again, we will be allowing them once again to benefit from their extremely likely crime.
    Writing a book with all this hanging in the air, should not be allowed.IMO.

  35. @Angelo 14

    I subscribe to your analysis of the situation in the UK in general but T.May"s main argument is that this case is under the Portuguese jurisdiction and the UK cannot do anything about it,which I totally believe,independently of the other reasons.
    I like you am sure she has read the files and didnt like very much what she read....

  36. Anon @ 31 ... Ahhh well - I did only check online rather than contaminate myself with the actual paper ;) I thought it was too good to be true!

    Anon @ 26 .... If you left click on the 'Countries' display box, then you can use your mouse scroller wheel to scan down the list beyond Bangladesh :)


  37. Petition signed.

    There are times when i despair that this charade will never end. I think of that poor little girl and i feel so sad and angry.

    So thankyou Joana, for giving me a place to come for news, information and solidarity.

    RIP Madeleine.

  38. Inside Out - The Madeleine Foundation BBC East Midlands

    Inside Out - The Madeleine Foundation

    Next on:
    Monday, 19:30 on BBC One (East Midlands only)

    What happened to Madeleine McCann remains a mystery. Her parents were cleared of playing any role in her disappearance, but a controversial group continues to campaign in support of a discredited detective who claims Kate and Gerry McCann covered up the truth. Inside Out investigates the members and motives of the Madeleine Foundation. Also tonight, they call it the fourth utility but thousands of people in the East Midlands struggle with slow broadband speeds. Spencer Kelly from Click investigates what can be done and meets the villagers digging their own superfast broadband network.

    TO BE BROADCAST: Mon 22 Nov 2010, 19:30 - BBC One (East Midlands only)


  39. Petition signed and passed on!

    A belgian mother

  40. Joana @#12, oh, please do not apologize to me, there's really no cause for it, I should have been a bit more attentive, it was easy to spot the link. And, no need to thank me,
    it was my pleasure (and duty) to sign this worthy petition.
    THANK YOU, and Astro, and Dr. Paulo Sargento, and Dr. Gonçalo Amaral, and all those who have been fighting for justice for Madeleine.

    Um caloroso abraço da,


  41. I believe a reconstruction could reopen the case, if, in during the reconstruction it would become evident that the previous accounts of what happened on the night of the 3rd, given by the Tapas people to the PJ, did not fit. If it would show the discrepances and the impossibility of what they told matching the timelines and many details, like the open/closed window, locked/unlocked doors, Tanner seen/not seen by Wilkins and Gerry, Oldfield seeing the "green curtains" in the childrens room, which in fact were blue, etc.
    I believe the reconstruction would show they all blatantly LIED, "with as many teeth they have in their mouth", and if that alone is not reason/evidence enough to reopen the case, then I do not know what it will take!

  42. I see the prime minister José Sócrates is not included in the "targets" of the petition, but maybe he should be! Wasn't he the one who "spoke" with Brown about the case during the Lisbon summit?

  43. If Murat wins the case against Tanner and Co, does that mean it will be possible for him to request the reopening of the case being as he was also an 'arguido' and Tanner's supposed sighting would be discredited.

    Also, would it be possible for Murat to bring a civil case against the McCanns using the information released in the File, e.g. the evidence of the dogs.

    In civil court in the UK it is only lesser requirement of 'on the balance of probabilities' that is used to judge the outcome, not 'beyond reasonable doubt' which criminal cases use.

    Am thinking of the case against O.J. Simpson in US where in criminal court he was found 'not guilty' of killing his wife and her friend, yet when the families of the victims sued him in civil court, he was found to have been responsible for their deaths.

    Sounds crazy because he was found 'not guilty', but that is how it is. An action in the civil court is still a possibility even though a criminal case may have failed.

    Don't know if Portuguese law works along these lines, but if so, maybe there is a chance for Murat to sue the McCanns, because on the lesser civil requirement of 'on the balance of probabilities' and the fact that the investigators believe the McCanns are involved in the disappearance of their daughter because of the dogs, and their 'stand alone' evidence and whatever else they may have, plus the refusal of the McCanns to cooperate with the investigation, there is a very good chance he could win damages against them. No doubt considerable damages at that.

    In a civil court case the indications of the dogs may actually be allowed to be considered as well, though not used as evidence in a criminal case.

    If Murat has been following this case, and the twists and turns of it, and it may be possible for him to do this, maybe it would be worth trying.

  44. Joana,petition signed with a huge sigh of relief that maybe this time we will see the press reporting a positive rather than negative report in seeking justice for Madeline,without the usual drivel about her neglective parents.PS Have the books been returned ,as requested last week ?????


    Brilliant! This petition should call the Mac's bluff...now... the interesting thing is their petition was mentioned in the British press. Prof. Dr. Paulo Sargento et al, forensic psychologist based at the University of Lisbon (Lusófona) is not.

    TransWorld (Dan Brown/Da Vinci Code publishers) signs the McCanns, does not sign Amaral...

    There is still so much ideology and prejudice in the world, is there not? No wonder we will end up all speaking "broken Latin"... :o

    Another thing occurs to me.

    The book will be published in April 2011 - to coincide I suppose with the so-called "defamation" trial.

    So, in case Amaral is definitely acquitted and publishers know it is safe to publish his book (in English, say) the McCanns' already have pre-empted such move. Madeleine is on the best-seller's list. If Tony Blair autobiography sold by the same logic theirs will too. Clever twits the McCanns'...

    WAIT! On second thoughts... they need the money to pay costs and compensation to Amaral and his family! That's why! - which means Amaral does not need to publish an extended version of his own. He just collects the proceedings from the McCanns'. Karma always rings twice...

    One thing is worrying me though... The prospect of Isabel Duarte becoming the president of the Supreme Council of the Portuguese Lawyers Association. The Portuguese might have to bring in the Armed Forces again to do for another 25 April. The all scene starts to look too "Salazarean"...

  46. Ireland's economy in deep trouble. Anglo-Irish Bank. No suprise when you find out how much they lent to certain developers in certain places. We'll hear more about this in due course. It's relevant to this situation.


    The problem you suggest could be from your side. I just signed it. No problem. Clicked "Other country". Scrolled down to: UK.

    Please note UK is listed at the top! Not on alphabetical order.

    I signed it with the Google "Chrome" browser! Are you using Internet Explorer?


  48. Their book will be very thick.

    Erm...erm...there is an abductor out there erm...erm...thanks to all the supporters...erm... erm...we love money...erm erm erm, Spain, Portugal erm erm North Africa erm erm erm...

  49. @26 please go the petition site at http://criminaljustice.change.org/petitions/view/a_voice_for_madeleine.

    There choose NON-US, press select, allow the small pop-up with the world wide countries list to appear, whilst having that small window opened place the cursor [the arrow] with your mouse inside that window and then press a corresponding keyboard letter to your country: let's say "P" as an example.

    The first entry for "P" is Pakistan so in my case, to select Portugal, I just need to use the keyboard down arrow until I get to my country, 10 positions bellow Pakistan. So, next step after choosing the first letter corresponding to your country, remove the cursor from the window, use the keyboard arrows up or down accordingly, click to select. That's all.

  50. If this book is to be written by the McCanns - and especially Gerry McCann - then I can safely put money on it the book will be full of grammar and punctuation errors. I doubt he will allow it to be edited by anyone.

    He is not a writer. Writers have expression - he has none.

    He is also not very clever. People have this false illusion that the McCanns are bright but they are not. Any two-bob schmuck who is backed by propoganda and spin can appear clever and become succesful - all you need is an idiot audience.

    Bye the way, I signed the petition. Thank you, Joana.

  51. Para quem não viu o espectáculo (in)edificante da Ordem sem Ordem, ontem nos P & C - na RTP http://ww1.rtp.pt/icmblogs/rtp/pros-contras ...

  52. Signed... with the greatest of pleasure.
    Thank you for all you do

  53. Joana, I am about to sign the petition too...

    ...it's funny, you mentioning the Cuddle Cat. If one reads' Sara Payne - A Mother's Story' by Sara Payne, p.148, she had something very interesting related to this. I can't write it here, because of copyright - but anyone who has the book and reads the first paragraph on this page will understand.

    May the truth one day be known.

  54. We all know there was an application by the MaCanns in the Family Court in 2007 after Madeleine disappeared.

    But what some may not know is ,there was also an application made in the Family Court in 2006, a year before Madeleine went missing.

    Does question 41 of the 47 Kate MaCann refused to answer come to mind.

    Strange very strange.

  55. Paulo Cristóvão and Gonçalo Amaral speak about the Internet and Missing Children

    The former Judiciary Police inspectors Paulo Pereira Cristóvão and Gonçalo Amaral are going to speak on «Internet and Missing Children - Challenges for parents and children», in a talk scheduled for November 19, at 21h00, in the Cultural Center António Aleixo, in Vila Real of Santo António, Algarve.

    On that occasion, Paulo Pereira Cristóvão will also present his most recent book “Levaram-me” [(I was) “Taken”], inspired in missing children real cases.

    Both former PJ inspectors were involved in the most mediatic cases of children who disappeared in Portugal - the Joana case and Maddie case.

    in Barlavento [Regional newspaper] 16.11.10

  56. #47 Intriguing comment. This is a complicated case of enormous consequence. There is no doubt it reaches far beyond the McCanns and it is good to read "hints" like you have given.

  57. @Anon 42
    I believe a reconstruction would take place witht the reopening of the case and it has keyrole a reconstruction is a must in a criminal
    investigation.The mccann know it. They never wanted this to happen.

    @Anon 44
    Thank you for explaining the possibilities Murat has to get compensation. The question is : does he really want to "go for it"?

    @Anon 47
    Thinking in these terms too

    @Anon 49 :c

  58. Long time lurker here. I read the comments avidly (mostly daily) so thanks to all commentators. A special thanks to Joana for keeping this site going.

    I have signed the petition ....... I can't find where it says the running total though?

    Love to you all for keeping in mind justice for Madeleine Beth McCann

    Jules x

  59. jimuck at 56

    I hope this information was given to the investigators.

    Maybe Madeleine was placed on the 'at risk' register before they went for that holiday, and that is why there is secrecy at Government level.

    If so, that would be VERY IMPORTANT to the investigation and a total failure in not passing it on.

  60. If Jane Tanner had seen a man carrying a child across his arms as shown in the drawing made, then why was he referred to as 'bundleman'?

    Where did the idea of a 'bundle' come from if she could see a child with legs and pyjamas as she says she did?

  61. Mrs Fenn says she heard a child crying for over an hour on the night of the 1st May, and this continued to get louder until she heard the door open and the 'parents' return and then it stopped.

    Then we get Kate McCann saying of the night of the 2nd May that Madeleine had asked her next morning where had she been when she had cried, and Kate McCann said she had no idea the children woke up, and thought she must have gone back to sleep after she had cried and didn't think any more of it.

    Well Kate McCann, being as there was a child crying on the 1st May until the door opened, and presumably the parent (you or your husband came back), how could you not have known she didn't cry that night also, being as how you must have walked right in on the crying.

    More bloody lies from the McCann camp, and never have I heard anybody pick them up on it.

    These people say what the hell they like and get away with it.

    So, that is two nights we are told a child, or children, cried, and yet they still went out and left them on the night of the 3rd May as well.

    But, so we are told, they then upped the checks, involving all the others as well in the checking of their children.

    Not very effectively as it turns out, because one of them went missing that very night they supposedly had done even more checking than usual.

    Would you Adam and Eve it. What a load of contradictory rubbish, it does not even make sense.

  62. "We have tried in vain to get the authorities to play their part but our requests have seemingly fallen on deaf ears. It is simply not acceptable that they have, to all intents and purposes, given up on Madeleine. We need the authorities to do more."

    Thanks gerry! Spot on! Here we come,get your answers ready

  63. http://www.algarveresident.com/story.asp?ID=531

    you mean like this #47?

  64. I wrote a comment on the petition for Maddie.
    In this case, did I automatically signed it or do I still have to do it.
    I could not find any other possibility.

  65. @jimuck 56

    48 questions
    nº 41 is the following:

    41- Is it true that in England you even considered handing over Madeleine’s custody to a relative?"

    I really do not understand why kate did not answer.Where is the problem? It is not a crime to hand over a child but it certainely is a great trama for both child and parents and not advisable surely! but this is not an incriminating question more like a "routine" question.

    By the way did you sign the petition to re-open the case?

  66. My daughter wrote a novel that was very well accepted by an editor.
    Very well written, excellent grammar, style, and a very different story.
    Writing a book is a terrible lot of work. She did all the corrections herself.
    She works 10 hours a day and she wrote her novel in the evenings and week-ends. It took her one year to write it and a couple of months to check on everything.
    Reading is her hobby, it has always been.
    I don't believe any of the McCanns will be capable to write anything, correctly.

    They will probably record the story and give it to somebody else to write it for them.
    I hope this somebody else will be very expensive and also the person who will correct it.

  67. Could someone explain the significance of post 47 please?

  68. jimuck at 67

    It might have been a problem if the reason it was being handed over to a relative was because it was considered the child might otherwise be in danger.

  69. Poster 69,, the post 47 i believe is confussion , remember what Mr Gerry said "confussion is best", or maybe im wrong.

    Poster 67, yes i did sign the petition, may i ask ,why you enquire.

    Poster 67 did the MaCanns try to hand over Madeleines custody to a family member or did that family member try to take Madeleines custody.

  70. What happened to the book that Rosiepops wrote about the McCann case that was supposed to be sold in supermarkets? Not a best seller then, no surprise.

    By the way, has Rosiepops been arrested yet for threatening behaviour? Or is that being saved for later!

  71. 67, as far as we have been told, it was probably an accident.
    What should that accident had to do with the question "...handing over Madeleine's custody to a relative?"
    Could the police have associated Kate's eventual impatience, aggression, tiredness, irritation not only at that moment but through the years and the dosis of Calpol she gave the child that night?
    And who said it was Calpol? It could have been some other medicine.
    I wonder if the sofa was high enough to cause her death.
    I think of the possibility she fainted and vomitted and was suffocated in her own vomit.Or she was half-asleep and she did not know how to clean her throat.
    I don't think she could have died by only falling down behind the sofa.She was nearly four.She was small, but not weak.
    other things happened at that moment and they were fatal.

  72. Estou com problemas na assinatura da Peticao. Ja tentei 3 vezes mas nao recebo nenhuma mensagem a dizer se foi assinada com sucesso ou nao. Devo estar a cometer qualquer erro que ainda nao descobri.

    Relativamente a peixeirada do Pros e Contras de ontem, 2 saidas hilariantes que representam bem quem as proferiu:

    "A Dra. Leonor Cipriano", by Marinho Pinto

    "Os advogados nao mentem", by Rogerio Alves

    E assim vai a vergonha da nossa Justica.

  73. Just went to had a read at the Sky News blog Life of Crime, "Madeleine McCann and a new appeal" to see if anyone there mentioned the petition. They had not! I just cannot believe that at least some of those who post there are still not aware of the petition. I know that some posters visit Joana's blog too, so why hasn't anyone mention it, why isn't it being discussed...? Weird...
    I decided to post a comment and let them know all about it, but at the same time I was not expecting my comment to be posted by the moderator(s)...well, surprise, surprise, it went through! Let's see for how long it will last though...

  74. The pro Mc sites have gone silent about this petition....what a surprise....it might lead to re-opening the case! Now they don't want that to happen.

  75. So, that is two nights we are told a child, or children, cried, and yet they still went out and left them on the night of the 3rd May as well.

    But, so we are told, they then upped the checks, involving all the others as well in the checking of their children.

    Not very effectively as it turns out, because one of them went missing that very night they supposedly had done even more checking than usual.

    Would you Adam and Eve it. What a load of contradictory rubbish, it does not even make sense.

    Great comment and such common sense. Spot on!

  76. Anon 73

    It takes about one and a half hours for cadaver scent to emit from a cadaver for the dog to alert to it.

    The dog did not alert to the child's bed. It alerted behind the settee where the blood was.

    The timeline the McCanns give for the last sighting of Madeleine in bed by Gerry, and Kate's alert to her missing at 10pm does not add up.

  77. 007 #39 and others

    If you want to complain to the BBC about the "discredited detective" etc allegations, you can do it here


    PS I signed the petition

  78. In Gerry's arguido interview, when asked, he says that the only medications they had were Losec(omeprazole), for stomach complaints, and Tefernadine, for allergies.
    Found this about Tefernadine:

    "Terfenadine. Is it unsafe?"


    "The Committee on Safety of Medicines in the UK has decided that this widely used antihistamine should be available on prescription only, and not by direct purchase from pharmacists. The reason is that deaths have occurred from its use when it has been taken together with some other drugs or in people with a particular group of heart problems.

    Should you stop taking terfenadine? And what is the best alternative?"

    Tefernadine is dangerous for people with heart conditions...I read that people with colobomas also have heart problems in many cases.
    Were they using Tefernadine on the children instead of Calpol Night? It was Kate's father who mentioned Calpol, wasn't it? Not them...


  79. Kate & William, The Royal wedding will trow the Mccann's to the insignificant spaces of the British tabloids. Are they going to change the year to launch "MaCCpenny" book?

  80. There is a British consulate in Portimao, 20 km from Praia da Luz.
    Did the police check its building and inside of the houses of the employes of that consulate?

  81. They don't expect Madeleine to be found any time soon.

    If anyone wishes to make comments on the retailers' sites already pre-selling the McScams 384 page true lies:



    (to make comments, create an account with a throwaway address)

  82. O Sr. Mario Pinto comporta-se mais como um cao de guarda de que um advogado, nunca ouvi tanto ladrar na minha vida.

  83. Once upon a, yer know, er, time, there was a, a, um family of er five, who er, er, er, went on holiday, to Portugal.
    The family of er, er, four, yer know, came back

  84. And on Amazon, the book, still unwritten, is already discounted to 17 pounds sterling,

  85. Looking on the bright side, if and when this book is published there will be numerous reviews. Book critics are generally literate, and some have sharp, analytical minds. They also have a licence, no, a duty, to criticise where merited. And Clarence can´t do all the reviews.

  86. Letter from Iberia
    I have just left a comment on the Amazon web site in the book section (see below) why not do the same

    I was looking for the book about how the parents of Madeleine Mccann who left her and her sibblings alone and in danger so that she is now missing and dead then they raised lots of money in promoting this and have never said sorry
    But i dont expect that you would sell such a book

  87. When are we going to be FREE from this famous ugly pair?
    No news about the kidnapped books?
    No news about their petition?
    No news about their appeal?
    Only news about how much they are cashing on what they call a book,an unwritten book.They already have forgotten their petition.

    Anyway to know how many have signed ours yet?
    Thanks in advance

  88. Why does it matter who claims ownership of the petition? I suppose there's no harm in people signing ALL petitions. This is a battle over discursive territory, for the ownership of the rhetoric of justice.

    But let's be honest: there's a good deal more chance of the McCann's petition working simply because the it performs under an intense media spotlight. And because of that it will put pressure on BOTH governments to pull out all the stops - valid signatures or not valid signatures. Call the McCanns bluff and sign both petitions and keep banging out emails to the British Home Office and its Portuguese counterpart AND keeping it in the media spotlight.

    Perhaps Joana could help by posting the email or address of the Portuguese version of the British Home and Foreign Office or the Portuguese Justice Secretary?

    Applying pressure on the governments sounds like a good idea to me - whether it uses real or fake addresses.

  89. 88, an editor is not moralizing, I think. As long the parents are not proved guilty they can publish it. Even if they are, they can still publicise it.
    Freedom of speech, also for the McCanns.
    Let them publish it.
    The police will read it with pleasure and take notes of more inconsistences.

  90. jmuck @ 56
    How do you know about this other application to the family court? and what evidence is there to prove it?
    If the PJ did not know this it may be considered as the new evidence needed to open the case.

    The Mcs are very confident that Maddie will never be found, and why is the judge that made her a ward of court not stepped in and ask for the case to be reopened? After all she has control not Kate and Gerry. Justice Hogg needs to act on this one.


    'Kathy Rochford:... Now... it's been two weeks tonight that Madeleine was taken from her parents apartment... today was Madeleine's Scottish grandmother and I spoke to her.... and she told me that she had just spoken to her son, Gerry, in Portugal. This is what she said about him...

    Eileen McCann: Feeling a lot brighter and better in his voice and I think us being here with the family, and the fund starting, that's uplifted him. And his doctors from the hospital, especially Doug Skehan - who's his immediate boss - he's been just wonderful. Good uplifting news...

    Kathy Rochford:...I'm joined now by Madeleine's great uncle, Brian Kennedy, and he's going to tell us about the fighting fund. Errm... What's been the public's response to it, Brian?

    Brian Kennedy: Well, it's been very good, so far, but a lot of people have said they're not quite sure how they can give money, so may I tell them?..... you can go into any branch of the NatWest or The Royal Bank of Scotland and just say that you would like to make a contribution to the Madeleine Fund.
    ....I would just say this is not an appeal; the family haven't made an appeal. We've just set up a mechanism for people who said they wanted to do something and contribute, so that the money can be used, errr... for all sorts of reasons but probably, mainly, for legal expenditure.

    Kathy Rochford: And, of course, there is the video and you want that to have saturation coverage, don't you?

    Brian Kennedy: We do, it's, errr... gone out and it's very widespread already, errm... we're particularly concerned that it should reach as many countries as possible.

    SOURCE: Mccannfiles ( Latest News)

    That interview hapenned few days after Maddie went missing. Brian Kennedy was at the time already a member of the Fund, means he already gave up his job for a more rentable job (A vitalice Fund).
    Gerry uplifted by the easy money that reach the Fund in a so short time. His happiness was so transparent that can be feeled by his mother, Kms away, in other country, just using a phone call. ANY OTHER PARENT OF AN ABDUCTED CHILD WILL BE DESTROYED, WILL HAVE NO MIND TO SET A FUND AND NO MIND TO COUNT OR ENJOY THE MONEY, EVEN IF RAISED BY OTHERS. They want the case to be spread to many countries to raise more money. MORE COUNTRIES, MORE DONATIONS.

    Will be interesting to compare what the Mccann's are going to say in their book with what was already recorded and available, as facts. They will fall direct inside the Cat's mouth with their desperation for money to cover their lies.

  92. NOTE: The US government is not tolerating potentially SCAM funds....this is related to the Zahra Baker case...she was reported missing but it is now a homicide. Parts of her body were found all over the place. It looks like "the parents done it"

    Fund for Zahra search shuts down after scrutiny of group
    2010/11/04 WBTV.com
    CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - A group raising money in Zahra Baker's name canceled that effort Wednesday, citing negative publicity about the fund. At the same time, the North Carolina Attorney General's office announced concern about the fundraising .

    A week after the 10-year-old was reported missing, the Spiritual Counseling Network set up its fund and raised money at WalMart and online.

    The group raised $712 which it planned to use to help in the search and to offer counseling to the police involved in the investigation. Police told WBTV they never knew or approved the fundraising on their behalf.

    The Spiritual Counseling Network's co-pastor, Brandon Greeson says the group is cooperating with the Attorney General office's inquiry. Greeson says the Attorney General's office wants to see their paperwork on donors, donations, charity status and tax records. Greeson says all of the money raised in Baker's name will go to charity.

    Meanwhile, the Attorney General office wants to hear from people who donated.

    Call their Consumer Protection Hotline at 1-877-5-NO-SCAM.

  93. Boycott the Mccann's book. Stop feeding their ego by enlarging their bank account.
    Leave them without no choice then post their book on their blog for a free download.
    Lets watch their behaviour if the book become a disastrous sale.
    Lets see if they are going to save their faces and publish the book on their blog for free.

    If the aim of the book was searching Madeleine and help her,then must be free. Because official polices( the only one that can search and find her) are available for free.
    Lets see if the only reason for the book was not ONLY MONEY. King MIDAS was already drying his fingers to count the bills. BOYCOTTE THE BOOK, if you really respect childs rights. Let the publisher waste his money in a rubbish stuff. THE BEST WAY TO FIGHT THE LIES IS NOT BUYING THEM.

  94. The McCanns petition will fall on deaf ears. They already got the answer from Theresa May: the Portuguese have jurisdiction! And if I translate it correctly it means: go to Portugal, answer the 48 questions, do the reconstruction, and tell the truth to the police!

    As to "Madeleine" book, we can be pretty sure there will be no mention of the names Gaspar, or Smith, or the cooked up checking timetable, erased phone records, or Calpol, or Robert Murat, or of a misterious bag, admission of bad parental skills, the official files, etc. etc. And if this book is as good as Gerry's directed video, it is all said.

    And to you Joana a big thank you for being such a wonderful person, and for giving us space to speak out our rage. Kindest regards from Finland.

  95. Sign both petitions, contact your governments, apply pressure - don't buy the book.

    It's that simple.

  96. Jimuck

    "But what some may not know is ,there was also an application made in the Family Court in 2006, a year before Madeleine went missing."

    Very interesting. Do you have the official link for the source of that byte?

    It is not about Gerry being on the register as a paedophile, is it? You were going on about that the other day...

    I find that farfetching. The media would have made a feast of it and they did not. You may be right though... but where the hell is the proof?

    A lot of dummies like me come to this blog to get informed. Now if you withholding information (sources) that is not of much help to us, is it? We leave more confused than when we arrived...

    Kindly provide us with the source/fact. Merci beaucoup!


    Isabel Duarte, the McCanns' barrister candidate to the presidency of the Supreme Council of Portuguese Lawyers gives her web address (?) in her Facebook as: http://www.idlei.com. See profile at the end.


    If you try to navigate to this website (idlei.com) from the link provided in her Facebook page... you will get a warning from Google advising you not to proceed!

    Could this be a case for the Cyber Police?
    Just asking...

    Another thing that left me wondering... except I don't quite get it through the Google translator. Could someone translate this for me in "non-legalese" English? It could help to explain her profound dislike of Gonçalo Amaral - a man...

    "Aprendi uma sexualidade incipiente mas feérica à custa das proibições de contacto de género vividas no Liceu estritamente feminino, D. Filipa de Lencastre".

    How interesting...

  98. Anon 91: If the McCanns were proven guilty, in most countries they would not be allowed to write a book and profit from their crime. Freedom of expression does not go so far as to allow criminal to make money from their misdeeds.

  99. Could anybody please tell me what the legal position is regarding giving witness statements, both to the Portuguese and the British Police?

    Fiona Payne and Jane Tanner have both given statements proven to be untrue, so is this not perjury, trying to pervert the course of justice and wasting Police resources? Were the statements given to the Portuguese and Leicestershire Police given under police caution and if not why not?

    If you can say anything to the Police with no redress, what is the point of taking statements.

    Help to this query would be appreciated.

  100. Anon 101


    They are sticking to their testimonies which means it is their word (doctors) against the circunstancial evidence we all know.

    I suppose it very much depends on the quality of their barristers.

    What you pay is what you get and as the old saying goes: "Money buys anything!".

    Some say it doesn't but those who say that are usually the ones who don't have it...

    Tanner can only be "pinned down" if the PJ is asked to testify in court. Tanner positively identifies Murat as the "Egg Man" from inside one of their vans. The PJ can prove that and their word should be above Tanner's.

  101. Just how much did the Anglo-Irish Bank pour into Oceanico and it's Algarve resorts like Estrela da Luz? Millions? Billions? Damned hedge funds. Now Ireland has to suffer all over again. Who would want the European Commission to bail them out? There's two sides to all this. Portugal doesn't want another scandal, Ireland and the UK want a return on their investment and the McCanns just want our money. Nobody wins.

  102. To 99


    "Aprendi uma sexualidade incipiente mas feérica à custa das proibições de contacto de género vividas no Liceu estritamente feminino, D. Filipa de Lencastre". (Isabel Duarte's bio in her Facebook page).

    "I acquired an incipient but fiery sexuality at the cost of the prohibitions placed in "gender contact" in what was a strict feminine Lyceum - the Dona Filipa de Lencastre."

    Her wording is rather abstract (legalese in fact).

    You could infer that she developed a fiery sexual appetite for her fellow student girls and/or boys. She does not make that quite explicit.

    The information I have from my father, which is Portuguese, happened to be born same year as hers and knows her former lyceum well is that sexuality in her days was highly repressed. Out of marriage sex regarded as sinful. The 60's do not hit Portugal until the 70's - particularly after the carnation revolution of the 25 April 1974.

    Durex was not the brand it is today and the contraceptive pill was not fashionable. "Osculation and palpation" was, according to my father, as far as a torrid teenager's affair went...

    She probably meant to say she indulged in lesbianism - just in case some old witness surfaces just before the presidential elections... but she has three children so she did not turn out to be strictly lesbian (assuming she ever was) as a result of her early peccadillos (if any). She must have been bi-sexual at some stage. Logically.

    I am inclined to agree with you that her lesbian experiences (if any) could perhaps explain her hatred of Gonçalo Amaral but then it could be mise en scène - she is being generously paid by the McCanns' to perform...

    I hope this helps.

    Jorge Ferreira

  103. jimuck,

    If that were true about Gerry McCann, would he still be allowed to have access to his children?

    Having said that, there are plenty of kids left in homes that are deemed risky for them to be there, that is why they are placed on the 'at risk' register.

    The sooner the case is reopened and the investigators get this sorted the better.

    Little Madeleine is believed to have died in the holiday apartment and a criminal investigation was set in place. It is a disgrace that so much information was witheld from the investigators by the UK authorities.

    Was Brown behind that, doing a favour for his pals the McCanns, who Kate said used to phone them several times a day. What was Bozo Brown thinking of to be getting up close to these people who turned out themselves to be suspects no.1.

    Whatever it was, even if it was deemed not relevant to the investigation, it could still have been kept in confidence and not released in the Files for the public to see, just like so much else that has been kept confidential.


    Still on the subject of the book and the Fund here is a pertinent observation that appears today on McCannFiles.com:

    By Nigel Moore
    16 November 2010

    Brian Kennedy was appointed as a director of Madeleine's Fund on 16 May 2007, just the day before this interview, so we must assume that he is speaking here from a position of some authority.

    During the course of the interview, he unequivocally states two things:

    1) The new fund "...is not an appeal; the family haven't made an appeal", and

    2) The fund will be used "for all sorts of reasons but probably, mainly, for legal expenditure".

    More details here: http://www.mccannfiles.com/

  105. JK

    To give false information is taken seriously in both countries, but the Portuguese system comes down with much harsher warnings and penalties for doing so, including possible imprisonment.

    In Portugal, it is considered that people must be VERY SURE of what they are saying before they open their mouths to point a finger at somebody.

    There was a difference between Mr Smith's statement that he was up to eighty per cent sure it was Gerry he saw carrying Madeleine that night, whereas Jane Tanner said categorially at the time that it WAS Murat she saw, just as the other Tapas friends also said it WAS him. This turned out not to have been true.

    Those accusations would be taken VERY SERIOUSLY by the Portuguese, as the accusers allowed no room for error and so accused Murat falsely, with very bad consequences for his state of mind, and while he was being crucified by the media.

    Murat must have been put through hell as an innocent man having to face these accusers shouting him down.

    His accusers were all friends of the McCanns, so this has more than the whiff of conspiracy about it.

    Murat would have been the perfect Patsy, and terrible consequences could have resulted for him if it had not been proved they were lying, and if they had subsequently gone to court and given evidence against him.

    In such a case, imprisonment is no less than they deserve for putting an innocent man through such torment. Afterwards, they changed their story when it was revealed they were wrong and could not have seen him after all.

    Thankfully, Dr Amaral and the other investigators are much cleverer than McCann and Co. and got to the truth of the matter so an innocent man was not convicted.

  106. Anon 93

    Very interesting.

    So even from the start they were talking about needing the money for legal expenses.

    What parent, whose child is supposedly abducted and in the hands of a paedophile would be thinking about money for legal expenses.

    What legal expenses are they meaning?

    I have seen the looks on the faces of Kate and Gerry when the cash donations were being sent them, and how ecstatic they look. Sheer delight on their faces, and poor little Madeleine gone in the night and still missing.

  107. As poster 47, I can assure jmuk that this is no attempt to confuse. I have a lot of facts and am working on them now. I have signed the petition to RE-OPEN the case and will be sending my information to where it can be most usefully disseminated. Like-wise jmuk, can you produce any evidence of wardship proceedings in 2006? I have some knowledge of such proceedings and may be able to decide whether there is anything to go on ; if you have anything, that is?

  108. 100 If people have "done time" for a crime, they often do write books about it to make money eg Frankie Fraser. However, they usually admit that they did commit crimes and have served their punishment. Some of them would be also be very unforgiving about crimes against children.

  109. The bbc's Steve Kingston wrote about a laryngeal blood spray pattern on the wall,but this was taken off the BBC website on the day Kate McCann was made an arguida in sept 07.

  110. 92 & 98 take a close look ,a very close look ,,,,

    Court 20
    Monday, 7 July, 2008
    At 10:30 AM
    FD07P01121 McCann
    Applications/Summonses in Court as in Chambers

  111. The more I think about it the more I beleive this fund has been essentially set up to fight extradition.
    B.Kennedy own words: "Appeal and Legal expenditures"."they didnt make an appeal yet".
    Did they also planned their multiple court suits for this and the other? was this "part of the package"?

    @Anon 110
    I remember this: bad news and so bad it was taken off the media,yes.
    What would provock a "laryngeal blood spray pattern"
    Slit throat?
    Re-open the case

  112. http://glasgowunihumanrights.blogspot.com/2010/11/madeleine-mccanns-parents-sign-book.html

    worth a read

  113. @Anon 113

    Thanks.Worth a read, yes....no fluffy words here.
    It will be very interesting to compare the books although I can anticipate there will not be much to be compared: one book,GA"s, is based on the facts of a criminal investigation,the other,the mcc$$"s,on......what?

  114. Thank you 102 and 107 but you have highlighted the problem.

    102 You say they are sticking to their testimonies,

    107 states they have retracted their statements.

    But 102 Tanner is not a Doctor and never ever positively identified Murat from inside a van and

    107 when and where did Tanner and Payne retract their statements?

    Fiona Payne could not just have thought it was Murat, her statement is "he walked up to me, shook me by the hand and said, I am Robert Murat" but as he wasn't there, is this not attempting to pervert the course of justice.

    It could not have been a simple mistake.

  115. Signed the petition, why do people keep trying to associate certain conditions with colobomas?? Anon at 80 my son has colobomas in both eyes and he has not been linked to any other conditions. Colomobas occur when the baby is in the womb and the eyes do no form properly it can be hereditary and has in my sons case to have in both eyes very rare.My doctor has never told me it is linked to any heart conditions or anything else.

  116. Anon 102

    There is a criminal case involved here so presumably the PJ will be able to testify in court.

    It has also been said that Dr Amaral is one of the witnesses.

    What I don't understand is why all this is being kept under wraps since Clarence Mitchell has already made reference to Jane Tanner and her being innocent and all, so we know there is a case to answer.

    Clarence was trying to put his spin on it, but didn't sound too convincing.

  117. jimuck at 112

    That is dated 2008.

    Is there one for 2006?

  118. 122, told you to take a close look at it , it took me a bit of time also , so here goes.

    Court 20
    Monday, 7 July, 2008
    At 10:30 AM
    FD07P01121 McCann
    Applications/Summonses in Court as in Chambers

    FD 07 P01121

    FD 06 P01276

    Previous Family Division case files, this should clear it all up ,if it does not, i will go into more detail if required.

  119. The all Mccann's family live at the Fund expenses. This is why for all of them what is important, is the Fund.... the money. Madeleine was just the product they are promoting, using, selling, to got money. And that seems to be a business that NEVER END... UNLESS THE BLIND PORTUGUESE ATTORNEY GENERAL DECIDE TO STOP THE CHARADE AND REOPEN THE CASE, AS A CRIME.... A HOMICIDE.

  120. There are anonymous comments on here advocating signing both petitions. I don't think it would be wise to sign the McCann's petition. I believe the McCann's petition, besides being a ploy to make the public believe that they want Madeleine found, is an attempt on their part to show the British government and the general public that they still have a lot of support. Don't sign the McCann's petition.

  121. Jimuck at 112

    You could have told us to have a look here!


    I don't get the paedophile connection in the court summons. I did get it from the Gaspars' statement. I understand that this is very much your theory. You mean like in Textusa's theory or in some other peculiar way? What facts made you arrive at such? Anything you could share here?



  122. To 104

    Thanks! Very instructive! :o

    From 99

  123. 16


    It might transpire in the forthcoming case Murat versus Tanner that she (Tanner) deliberately lied. Why did she lie can be construed as a new piece of evidence but where would you go from there besides the PJ already know she and other two lied about Murat.

    Given the PR connections of the McCanns' and their influence at all levels I doubt the Portuguese would wish to play legal games with them unless they had an ace in their hands that no barrister could possibly counter-argue. Their best cards were the DNA samples and FSS burnt them all (...)

    The PJ have given it their best shot - in fact no other case to date has mobilized their resources to such an extent and they were not praised for it. The PJ position must be: "You know best don't you? So do it yourself - but make sure you don't get arrested in the process..."

    There will be no review. No re-opening either. Et amen.

    PS Yes I have signed Prof. Dr. Paulo Sargento/Joana's petition in case you wonder.

  124. PDF Document Link - Madeleine McCann Ward Of Court: Judgement of Mrs Justice Hogg at the High Court, Family Division, RCJ, London, 7th July 2008 in Open Court

    extract: «On 17 May 2007 Madeleine’s parents invoked the jurisdiction of this Court under the Inherent Jurisdiction of the Court, and The Child Abduction and Custody Act, and the Hague Convention.

    They sought various orders and directions aimed at ascertaining the whereabouts and recovery of Madeleine.

    I became involved with the proceedings shortly afterwards. On 2 April 2008 Madeleine became a Ward of this Court, and since that date has remained a Ward. »

  125. Hi Joanna post 123 ,what about the hearing in 2006, a year before Madeleine went missing.

    Merci you said"I don't get the paedophile connection in the court summons" Jimuck never said there was.

  126. Do a search for "neglecting your child" on Amazon.co.uk [link below], see where you end up!


  127. Background Information Kate and Gerry McCann

    «Cartas Rogatorias Vol III
    Page 26

    Leicestershire Police Force

    From: DC443 J.N. HUGHES
    To: SIO, Operation Task
    Department: Main Criminal Unit
    Date: 16th May 2008

    Ref: Background Information– Kate McCann

    Dear Sirs,

    In response to your letter of request, I can provide the following information regarding the above-mentioned subject.

    Kate McCann was born on March 5, 1968 in Merseyside.
    Her maiden name is Healy, which she still uses in her clinical practice.

    She is the bearer of British passport number **************.

    She lives with her husband and children at Orchard House, 5 The Crescent, Rothley, Leicestershire, LE7 7RW. The house is subject to a mortgage for the amount of GBP 323.493 with the Northern Rock bank.

    There is no report or statement of bank credit cards listed in the research carried out. However I was alerted to the fact that if an individual maintains an account open with the same bank or credit card accounts for a long period of time, these details do not appear in this kind of search.

    She works for the local NHS as a GP in Latham House, Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire. She is currently on maternity leave.

    Her phone number is ******* and she has a T mobile phone number ********.

    There is no record of either of her surnames on the National Police Computer.

    The search reference is NE84/0053/4.

    A check of the location of the crime and information system is negative.

    Inquiries made of local social services are negative.

    Searches made of the local section of child abuse investigation shows a registration number 19309 in CATS (system of action location). A consultation with the DC Soand from the department in question confirms that this is just a file reference, but as a complement to Operation Task system for the purpose of reference, if any investigation should be necessary by the department. No work has been done on the basis of this file.

    An examination of all other police files using a search system does not reveal any information about her.

    Submitted for your information.»

  128. Background Information Kate and Gerry McCann

    «Cartas Rogatorias Vol III
    Page 27

    Leicestershire Police Force

    From: DC443 J.N. HUGHES
    To: SIO, Operation Task
    Department: Main Crime Unit
    Date: 16th May 2008

    Subject: Background Information- Gerald McCANN

    Dear Sirs

    In response to your letter of request, I can provide the following information regarding the above-mentioned subject

    Gerald McCann was born on June 5, 1968 in Scotland.

    He is the bearer of British passport No **********.

    He lives with his wife and children at Orchard House, 5 The Crescent, Rothley, Leicestershire, LE7 7RW.

    The house is subject to a mortgage for the amount of GBP 323.493 with the Northern Rock Bank.

    There is no report or statement of bank credit cards listed in the research carried out. However I was alerted to the fact that if an individuals maintains an open account with the same bank or a credit card for a long period of time, these details do not appear in this type of research.

    He works for the NHS as a cardiologist at Glenfield hospital.

    His previous address was 14 Queniborough Hall Drive, Queniborough, Leicestershire, LE7 3DZ.

    His phone number is ******** and he has a mobile phone Vodafone No **********.

    He is the owner of two vehicles registered in the PNC, a light blue Volkswagen Passat - R119 and a green BVV VW Touran, FM54 CXR.

    No record was found in the National Police Computer. Search reference NE91/0031.

    A search of the crime location and information system only indicates that Mr McCann was the victim of a theft of golf clubs from inside his car in the drive way to his home on 01/04/2006. Criminal Reference NQ/010145/06-9

    A search of the local section of the child abuse shows a registration number 19309 in the CATS system. A consultation with the DC Soand from the department in question confirms that this is just a file reference, but as a complement to Operation Task system for the purpose of reference, if any investigation should be necessary by the department. No work has been done on the basis of this file.

    An examination of all other police files using a search system does not reveal any information about him.

    Submitted for your information.»


    "Ward of court:
    A minor (under 18) who is the subject of a wardship order. The order ensures that the court has custody, with day-to-day care carried out by an individual(s) or local authority. As long as the minor remains a ward of court, all decisions regarding the minor's upbringing must be approved by the court, e.g. transfer to a different school, or medical treatment." What I think Jimuck was suggesting indeed stating was that Madeleine was made a ward of court prior to her disappearance. It can't be. Can it?

  130. I believe attention is being drawn to the FD 06, which may suggest that earlier contact was made with the McCann Family with regard to a incident that somehow fell under the umbrella of Family Court. This may be why one of the questions unanswered by Kate McCann was along the lines of 'Is it true you had asked a family member to take over the care of Madeleine?'

    I am only expressing my intepretation of Jumuk's post,have no idea if I am correct.


  131. Karen @ 117,
    why get so upset/defensive about the subject?! It's marvellous that your son does not have any health issues associated with his colobomas, but many aren't so fortunate! By the way you you reacted one might think that there are absolutely no medical conditions linked with the presence of colobomas of the iris, that we are inventing it, for whatever reasons or devious purposes, and that is not the case!
    Count your blessings and consider youself lucky that your son is in all aspects healthy, that not even his eyesight is impaired (the most common complication).
    Don't know if you read portuguese, but here's a link to a medical site, and of course, there are many more in english available, just google it.




  132. JK @116


    Jane Tanner may not be a doctor but she was the partner Dr. Russell O'Brien - you are not suggesting she was an escort are you? So I don't get that smirk of satisfaction in your face for pointing out my "mistake" :o I didn't say she was a doctor. I used the plural...

    The other thing is: Tanner is on the record as identifying Murat from inside a police van (Bob Small's) whether you like to believe it or not: (quote/unquote)

    "Tanner was taken by a Leicestershire Police Officer, Bob Small, into a police van with darkened windows, from where she could see passers-by. Amongst those who walked by whilst she was hidden with police officers in the van was Robert Murat. She instantly identified Murat as the probable abductor she had seen a few nights previously. Crucially, Robert Murat has poor eyesight and wears glasses all the time. However, when Tanner was asked to give a description of the abductor she claimed to have seen, she did not mention his wearing glasses."

    The trial will happen unless Jane Tanner settles it out of court with a little help from The Fund - say. Just a little joke...

    "...According to Portuguese Journalist Frederico Duarte de Carvalho's twitter, the case which is still at the inquest phase and under the secrecy of justice, is taking place at the Criminal Court of Lagos, in the Algarve, and apparently Mr. Amaral has already testified. Jane Tanner has not yet been constituted as an arguida, nor has she appeared in court."

    More here.


    Good night and good luck!
    From: 102

  133. thank you, Joana, for posting this relevant information in post #132:

    "A search of the local section of the child abuse shows a registration number 19309 in the CATS system. A consultation with the DC Soand from the department in question confirms that this is just a file reference, but as a complement to Operation Task system for the purpose of reference, if any investigation should be necessary by the department. No work has been done on the basis of this file."

    This is very strange...the explanation given for the existance of such a file sounds lame, does not convince me! Is there any way to find out if this is standard practice in England? Is it common practice for child abuse units to open a file for every child that disappears "just in case..."? It was made to look like it is routine practice, but I have my doubts...

  134. Could it be that Kate's so-called 'disappointment in Mrs May' in public was a PR stunt to draw attention to their petition and that the petition was meant to test the potential support (buyers) for their 'book'? 384 pages, I assume the book is finished, the possibility to pre-order, the timing, too much coincidence.
    Or is this too far-fetched?


    To pay compensation to Dr. Amaral and his family. They desperately need the book to sell. I will buy it if that helps Dr. Amaral...

    "The house is subject to a mortgage for the amount of GBP 323.493 with the Northern Rock Bank." (see Joana at 132 above).

  136. Thanks Anti-Philo at 134. Were is this FD 06. Link?

  137. Hi Joanna, could you post this one please, sorry for the mix up.

    FD = Family Division
    06 is the year that the application was received - this cannot be backdated or forward run at all it is totally computer generated so at the turn of midnight in the year 2007 it will roll onto the next and new number assigned for 07 - it cannot be backdated because the computer won't allow it!

    01276 = the amount of applicatins of the number assigned (again cannot be jumped the computer automatically gives it the next number on the list).

    So, there was an application made in 2006 at the Family Court. When Madeleine went missing a further application was then made hence the 07 number and that the 06 application was consolidated with the 07 documentation but the 06 number has had to have been kept for cross refererencing of files and other relevant Court documentation/bundles!

  138. Thank you for that informaton Joana.

    How come Kate McCann was on maternity leave at that time? Was she also on maternity leave at the time she was said to have attended the deaths of six patients the week before the holiday? If so, was this another lie.

    If she had been back at work was it ever checked out that she did attend all those deaths, and not just take the word of those other doctors she worked with either, but checked it out with the register and the doctors name on the certificate.

  139. 135 not getting upset and defensive by the way are you a doctor?

  140. #113,

    "What would provock a "laryngeal blood spray pattern ?"

    An emergency tracheostomy...? One done in haste...?

  141. Applications/Summonses in Court as in Chambers

    FD06PO1276 -the 06 = 2006

    GOT IT!

    If only we could know the contents of that application or summon...

  142. Poster 123, Yvonne Warren Martin a child protection worker within Social Services with 25 years experience had concerns, just as i do.

    Yvonne Warren Martin declares "that one of her main aims when she wrote the anonymous letter was for the British police to check the paedophile or child abusers registers and whether David Payne was on that list"

    We will move on the the Gaspar statement tomorrow night.

  143. To 136

    I wrote about two people by name, Fiona Payne and Jane Tanner. One is a Doctor, the other is not. No Smirk just a fact and only facts will ever solve this case.

    Then you repeat Tanner is on record as identifying Murat from inside a Police van.

    Instead of getting angry substantiate your claim.

    It never happened.
    It is a myth.

    It is untrue so what is your reasoning for diverting attention away from Fiona Payne's involvement.

  144. The FD06 is definitely thought provoking.

    What is the Family Division?

    It is a division of the High Court that has the jurisdiction to deal with all matrimonial matters:

    * The Children Act 1989
    * The Child Abduction and Custody Act 1985

    It also deals with:

    * Matters relating to Part IV Family Law Act 1996 (Family Homes & Domestic Violence),
    * Wardship and adoption applications,
    * Declarations in medical treatment cases,
    * Final Dissolution matters (Civil Partnerships)

    So there are a number of possibilities, however bearing in mind the question by the PJ regarding handing over the care to a relative then it could refer to that. Domestic violence a possibility, they do seem 'furious' a lot and remember the bruises Kate had over her arms the night of the alleged abduction.

    Confused as to why Justice Hogg then gave a statement saying how awful the family must feel and that her sympathies were with them!

    Makes Clarence Mitchell's vomit-inducing spin even more incredulous as he would have had to have know that surely?

    Probably getting too carried away with this revelation so shall rein it in, as we really need more evidence or proof before we go any furthur with our thoughts.


  145. To Karen, #143,

    No, I am not a doctor(I am a veterinarian nurse though), but by not being a doctor in medicine does not necessarely mean that I cannot have some knowledge of medical issues, or that I am not able to look for information on diseases and health conditions! Of course that one must not believe all information available on the net, but there are many reliable sources one can trust.
    And, about some rare diseases/conditions, sometimes not even doctors (family physicians/general practitioners) are well informed or knowledgeble about.
    I'll tell you one such case I and my husband experienced:
    About 20 years ago, my husband started to have stomach troubles, he had persistent heartburn and our GP prescribed him antacids and caution with certain foods, etc. He went on like this for about 3 yearswhen I came upon an article about an australian doctor who had "discovered" a bacteria that was present in almost every case of stomach ulcers, gastritis, and GERD: - the HELICOBACTER PYLORI. My husband had GERD, so in the next appointment I told the doctor about what I had read and he looked at me as if I was talking martian or klingon! Never heard about it, in his book gastritis and GERD were caused by stress, a faulty stomach sphinchter and spicy foods, and that's it!
    I would not settle for it, so I urged my husband to go to a "gastro", and the specialist performed an endoscopy and took a biopsy of the stomach lining, and...guess what...? There it was, the good old H. Pylori, deep incrusted in hubby's stomach, "snug as a bug in a rug"! After a course of ranitidine and antibiotics, goodbye heartburn and acid reflux! ...and no, I'm not a doctor, but I can read and reason...

  146. I don't think there was anything physically wrong with Madeleine. She looks and sounds like a little girl bounding with energy. In the photo of her riding her bike she looks like she had lots of energy, and in the park with her dad.

    Maybe she was hyper active, or maybe she was often wanting attention, (after all she was competing with two others) and so was more of a handful then, but whatever, taking care of three small children all at the same time is very hard work. It doesn't sound like Kate found it at all easy.

    Karen at 117, I knew a young boy with same in one eye and he was OK, no health problems with his heart or whatever.

    I doubt that whatever happened to Madeleine was anything to do with her health. If that had been a a factor in her death why try to hide it?

  147. If Madeleine was going to be adopted by a relative, surely that is a drastic step to take even if it was difficult to cope with the child.

    Kate was getting a lot of help with the children, they had a nanny, and creche to put the children in, and other members of the family who would visit at weekends to help with the children. Was this all a bit too expensive?

    But where did the idea of Madeleine being adopted come from? Why was that question asked?

  148. Madeleine McCann ------- The Scriptures According to the McCanns «(...)I have often been asked, what the most important factor is in my unease over the case of Madeleine McCann.

    What is it, I am pressed, that makes me so uncomfortable about their demeanour, their behaviour and their actions? Why, in the absence of any conclusive or irrefutable evidence, should I so be critical of them? (...)»

  149. Jimuck are you playing some kind of stick-and-carrot game with us?

    Remember to copy and paste the links! S'il vous plait. FD06P012? Where is that?


  150. I have the impression Kate was all by herself looking after the children during that holiday, in the evenings.She could have gotten nervous and impatient and have made a mistake with the medicine.

  151. Anonymous 151
    "But where did the idea of Madeleine being adopted come from? Why was that question asked?"

    The question was asked, like most questions are asked of suspects by decent detectives, NOT to find the answer, but to test whether the suspect is telling the truth.
    The investigators knew the answer.
    The question then is - how did they know ? Who told them ? Just like the question of who put the video on YourTube and why they did so.

  152. @Anon 144
    "What would provock a "laryngeal blood spray pattern ?"

    An emergency tracheostomy...? One done in haste...?"
    Could well be but in any case WHY hide it?
    WHY hide the fact you tried to save your child"s life?
    They are doctors and I would expect a doctor (several in this case) to do the impossible to save a life in an emergency.
    So WHY all this ongoing circus?
    Domestic accidents happen,even if we agree they shoudnt happen they do happen but they didnt need to do what they have done so far,WHY did they?
    Unless the case is re-opened and thruth known,we wont know what has really happened to Madeleine.
    And the fund was created to essentially provide for their defence: their legal expenditure and appeal like B.Kennedy said.
    Appeal? for what? Extradition springs to mind....Pinochets lawyers are extremely expensive

  153. Have a look at this before it gets swiped - priceless, especially the
    "related products".


  154. Remember the STARS ON THE FRIDGE DOOR IN ROTHLEY? A premium for every good night Madeleine gave to her parents.

    Most of us are parents. How many of us used such kind of strategy to educate our childs? And all the childs, one day or other, one night or other, gave us hard time.

    Something was very wrong with that child and her parents before going to PDL. With or without a Physical disease, she had a behaviour problem and her parents had some problems to dealt with it. This is why I believe when she went missing, for her parents was a solution, a relief for what they went trough since she was born. That's why they feel no pain or anguish by setting a Fund a live at their daughter tragedy expenses. THEY ARE NOT ONLY A CASE OF POLICE, THEY ARE A CASE OF PSYCHOLOGY STUDY. THERE IS A PATHOLOGICAL BEHAVIOUR INSIDE THIS COUPLE and this put all their childs in danger.
    The Stars did not came trough any interview. Were found by the Social service that went to Rothley to check their house and find signals of negligence. The stars show that there was no negligence ( perhaps there was excess of care and sometimes when we exacerbate the care that become itself a problem and very dangerous). After knowing about the stars and the time line they did on Madeleine's book, I don't believe on any negligence in PDL. The story of negligence was made to allow the abduction to be possible. With many errors, many failed details. It was the care of Madeleine that went wrong... Perhaps it was already wrong and whatever happened in PDL, just happened there due to an unlucky moment to Portugal. Could happen in UK or whatever at any time.

  155. Interesting piece from glasgowunihumanrights.blogspot.com

    Dear All

    One of the things about Gerry McCann, formerly of Glasgow University which always impressed me is the length he will go to acquire money.

    If only he had shown the same zeal the night his daughter disappeared.

    He never went out and searched for her.

    Maybe he had a training injury or it was turning a bit chilly and he didn’t have a woolly hat.

    The latest money making scheme by Gerry and Kate McCann, a multi-million pound book deal.

    And if there is a book, then we can expect Maddie the Movie is somewhere in the pipeline and serialisation in the papers.

    Synopsis, two qualified doctors go on holiday repeatedly abandon their kids in an unlocked apartment, don’t use in house babysitting service and then refuse to answer Police questions before fleeing the country.

    So, what exactly are they going to tell us?

    How much they loved their daughter and it wasn’t their fault?

    There is no evidence to support the McCann’s version that Madeleine Beth McCann was abducted.

    Kate McCann said:

    “My reason for writing is simple - to give an account of the truth”.

    Will see reveal why she reused to co-operate with the Portuguese Police?

    Will she publish the answers to the 48 questions she refused to answer?

    Kate McCann added:

    “Every penny we raise through its sales will be spent on our search for Madeleine. Nothing is more important to us than finding our little girl.”

    Well something must have been more important for Kate McCann for her to refuse to help the Police find her daughter.

    Gerry McCann said:

    “We are hopeful that this book may help the investigation to find Madeleine in other ways too. Our hope is that it may prompt those who have relevant information - knowingly or not - to come forward and share it with our team. Somebody holds that key piece of the jigsaw.”

    I wonder why he didn’t say that any information should be passed on to the Portuguese Police.

    Why only Team McCann rent a mob?

  156. Jmuck @ 120

    If this document exists it shows that the application to make madeleine a ward of court, was 2006, and obviously the waiting time for the hearing took it over to 2007,when it would be issued a new number, but keeping the 06 number as a reference.
    for sure the PJ would have known this.

  157. @Anon 158

    They cant say "any information should be passed on to the Portuguese Police".They simply cannot say this for the simple reason they have never colaborated with the PJ and are certainely NOT going to start now,are they?
    In the same vein,they are NOT asking for the re-opening of the case,they have even dropped the idea of "reviewing" the case.Thats the last thing they want and there is a very simple reason tho this: they know Madeleine is dead.
    I wonder how they can sleep at night.I am convinced that their recent activity to refill the fund is to pay for their hudge leagal expenditures.Thats the only "sighting" there is.
    Anyway,their will be a boring book.I wonder if they will expalin why they never noved their arses when there was a "sighting".How will they justify their complete passivity in that regard? (read Spudgun article).
    Their book will be highly "interesting" that we like it or not...and their will not be an easy task at all.
    Meanwhile I bet GA is writting an other book or amending his last and hopefully it will be on the market before theirs.
    I love GA"s silence.

  158. oh please,as if any right minded person would give ANY INFO to their team, the mccanns are taking the pi** and laughing all the way to the bank,and there are some scum who are letting them get away with it,how could any one cover up the death of a little child .sick,sick,sick

  159. Anon @ 157,

    Amazon was caught selling on-line a book that was a manual for Paedos.

  160. Another interesting piece by George Laird:
    Glasgow University’s Gerry McCann ducks opportunity for free investigation into Madeleine McCann’s disappearance, hardly impressive stuff
    The public isn’t digging into their pockets for the McCann’s anymore.

    Other people have done the real work while they have got on with their lives in Rothley.

    Dear All

    Fresh from their defeat in a Lisbon Court against trying to gag Gonçalo Amaral, Team McCann faces a new blow.

    The public isn’t digging into their pockets for the McCann’s anymore.

    The Find Madeleine Fund has dwindled from £2million to £300,000, they say that by Spring they will run out of cash.

    Kate McCann said:

    "It will be just me and Gerry left looking for her."

    That will be unusual for them since on the night that Madeleine McCann went missing, they didn’t search for her themselves.

    Is Glasgow University medic Gerry McCann seriously going to have a go playing detective?

    The McCann’s like to portray the image that they have searched tirelessly for Madeleine on the night of the search, they failed the test.

    Other people have done the real work while they have got on with their lives in Rothley.

    But Kate yesterday admitted that for the first time she fears they may never find her.

    The latest gimmick in their ‘search’ is to launch an online petition asking the public to back them and demand the British and Portuguese governments do more to find Madeleine.

    Again other people doing the real work on the ground, not them.

    When are they going to do on the ground searching?

    As well as asking the public for money, they have sent out "begging letters" to sponsors, including author JK Rowling, tycoon Richard Branson, comic Jack Dee and other high-profile celebrities asking them to contribute to the fund.

    When faced with the prospect that they might have to work on the ground themselves, Kate McCann said:

    "When the money runs out we will not be able to pay the investigators helping us to find Madeleine. It will be just me and Gerry left looking for her. I just can't contemplate that."

    Gerry McCann said:

    "No parent would ever give up on their child”.

    Would they wander off and leave three under 5 year old children alone in an unlocked apartment?

    Perhaps Team McCann should show some commitment publicly by answering in detail the answers to the 48 questions put to Kate McCann by the Portuguese Police.

    And when are the McCann’s going to call for the Portuguese Police to reopen the case instead of a review?

    Finally bear this in mind the latest McCann media stunt fails to mention is that the McCann couple have somehow missed the statutory legal deadlines to oppose to the Portuguese Public Ministry process archival and to apply (formulate a petition for) for the reopening of the instruction (finding of facts) pertaining to the investigative proceedings, as it was their legal right; clearly stated in the archival dispatch.

    Maybe they can explain why?

    Could it be they want to shut the Portuguese Police out?
    Edited for posting here

    (George Laird
    The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University)

  161. For commentators, if you are going to make any allegations on this blog, either use the case files and provide a link, or use material as provided in the media and also provide a link; may I also remind you that this blog is not a forum, there are other places where certain hypothesis can be debated thoroughly, if they haven't already after three and a half years, thank you.

  162. Hi Guys I've just checked the number of signatures on the petition to "Re-open the official polic investigation in Portugal". So far there are 342 signatures with a target of 5000. So there's a long way to go. I'm going email this link to my friends to draw the existence of the petition to their attention...


    Joanna could I supply you with a graphic/ button (I'll ask my designer to do it, I know your very busy) that you could display on your homepage that will link directly to the petition and help move the numbers on. You probably have more relevant traffic than most sites. It's only a suggestion. Thanks Regards Brian

  163. Thank you Brian, any help is welcome and very much appreciated, do email me, please [joanamorais at gmail dot com].

  164. JK at 147

    What is your case, morning grace?

    Is it a myth? or has it been spinned as such?

    Your turn to substantiate your claim... s'il vous plait...



  165. As regards that mortgage of the McCanns' of £323,493, could anybody reveal whether they have paid it yet, being as how they were using the Fund money for their mortgage payment from the start.

    Has it been a case of 'start as you mean to go on' then McCanns?

    Have you had your house all bought and paid for by the generous people who thought all money sent would be used to help find Madeline?

    You are always saying that every penny will go to find Madeleine. That can hardly be the case if it has also been used to pay your mortgage.

    It can hardly be the case either if half of it is being used to support your 'extended' family, which you say it does, whatever that means.

    I hope somebody is keeping a very close eye on this Fund of yours.

    What would supporting your 'extended' family have to do with finding Madeleine? Aren't your well heeled family able to support themselves then? They could hardly be said to be on skid row, any of them.

    Frankly McCanns, nothing you say makes any sense as regards finding Madeleine. It all sounds like another excuse to bleat, beg, and scrounge from people far less wealthy than you or your family are.

    Disgraceful. You should be ashamed, but so far there is no evidence of that. It is always somebody else you put the blame on, even for your begging.

  166. Someone at Amazon is clearly well clued up. Hope they don´t lose their job. This is from the page where you order the book:

    Tags Customers Associate with This Product

    neglecting your child(7)
    easy steps to riches(2)
    making your first million(2)
    celebrity child neglectors(1)

    the medical mafia(1)
    child neglect(0)
    litigation made easy(0)

    setting up an online shoppe for beginner...(0)
    true-life crime(-1)
    Agree with these tags?


  167. @Anon 167

    I am sure it has been paid in its totality by the fund.
    Be reassured that yes people are having a close look into it.

  168. Um artigo que Isabel Duarte e os Mccann nao devem ter gostado. Que haja mais vozes nos Media Portugueses a realcarem a estrategia vergonhosa dos Mccann, para enganarem distraidos e enriquecerem facilmente.

    "A dor dos McCann"
    O ‘Caso Maddie’ alimenta apaixonadas discussões entre experientes investigadores da PJ.

    Por:Manuel Catarino, Jornalista- Correio da Manha

    "Todos passaram a vida a cheirar a morte: carregam 30 anos na Secção de Homicídios, lidaram com centenas de assassinos, ouviram arrependidos e matadores sem pinga de arrependimento, interrogaram quem se achava com razões para matar e quem matou por coisa nenhuma.

    Até conheceram quem roubou uma vida por um azar, um descuido. Sabem muito sobre homicídios – mas estão divididos sobre o que se passou no apartamento 5A do Ocean Club. Gonçalo Amaral foi afastado da investigação quando suspeitava de que Maddie morreu na casa. O processo foi arquivado e o casal McCann bate-se por uma verdade: a filha foi raptada.

    Tenta encontrar rasto da menina com detectives privados e milhões de libras doados. Iniciaram agora uma petição on-line para obrigar o Ministério Público (MP) a reabrir o processo. Os assuntos sérios devem ser tratados com seriedade.

    Esta cruzada dos McCann pela recolha das 100 mil assinaturas é um folclore lamentável. Se têm dados novos sobre o crime, devem levá-los – já! – ao MP. Caso contrário, estão a ser cúmplices de qualquer coisa."

  169. I don´t think the McCanns would like the tags used for their book on Amazon!! drop the tag button and see, not good publicity.

  170. Anon AT 137. Yes it is routine to open a file on the CATS system in the case of missing children-just in case there is a welfare issue arising, Operation Task is the code name given to the Madeleiene McCann case by Leics police, There is nothing significant or sinister about the reference though its one of those forum. red herrings that can be disproved and has been around for a while. There is more than sufficient verifiable evidence in the files and in the circumstances to show the lone abductor theory is nonsense there is no need to look for what is not there.

  171. Imagine the process, investigations are open:
    the police comes up with leads, strong ones,
    inconsistences(we know already), the pink blanket(we kow too), no abduction(also),
    Duarte gets hysterical, Kate keeps her mouth, Gerry mistrusts the dogs
    and the rest?
    they go back to England and justice shelves the case again,
    and we all re-start signing, demanding for justice for Madeleine?
    Is this getting boring?

  172. @ Jimuck.

    I think you need to tread very carefully here.

    If you look at the Daily lists for the Family Division courts, you will see that usually more than one case is listed for the judge to hear or give directions on.

    Without seeing the daily list for that day, or a screengrab of it, it looks to me very much like the case denoted by the FD06 designation is the NEXT case the judge had listed for that day, AFTER the matters involving the McCanns were dealt with.

    I suggest people visit the HMCS site and look at the daily lists for the Family Court division, you will see what I mean.

    If that is the case, Jimuck, you are passing around an untruth. You need to produce a screengrab of the document in question, otherwise I am inclined to believe you have made a schoolboy error.

  173. @Anon 170

    Thank you for the article.Surely the mccanns and their lawyer taste wont like this,no.

    "The pains of the mccanns"
    (Or "the mccanns,a pain in the neck" better said)
    In any case,it smells of death yes...

    Thats right: GA was removed from the case the moment it was said Madeleine had died in the flat.

    Thats right:shameful with their funky online petition asking the MP to re-open the case(?) and their pityful 100.000 signatures

    Serious? an other word which does not belong to their vocabulary.
    Adding to this that any information or if they knew anything it should be communicated to the PJ and noone else .Yes a pityful folklore and nothing else.....but they are now ennerving people beyond their own imagination and thats GOOD....

  174. #170,
    Manuel Catarino got one thing wrong...very, very wrong!
    "Iniciaram agora uma petição on-line para obrigar o Ministério Público (MP) a reabrir o processo."

    "they(assuming he means the McCanns)iniciated now a online petition with the aim of FORCING(!) the MP to REOPEN(!) the process"

    How did M. Catarino get this so, oh but so wrong?!
    Unless he considers that asking for a REVIEW is equivalent demanding the REOPENING of the case...M. Catarino must have been very distracted lately!

  175. Enviei um mail ao CM relatando a "imprecisão" do Sr. M. Catarino e aproveitei para dar a conhecer a "nossa" petição". A ver vamos se surge algum artigo sobre ela!
    Não faltava mais nada que um jornalista do CM "ajude" os McCann a propalar o seu embuste de tentarem fazer crer que a petição deles pretende reabrir a investigação!

  176. Anon 169. Please expand a little on your post, which gives much hope to us all. Do you know of an official interest in the use of the money, and in the real motives behind the Fund?

  177. The Laz Word....on Kate and Gerry McCann...., 18 November 2010

    The Laz Word....on Kate and Gerry McCann.... Liverpool Confidential

    ...and the book of the nightmare

    By Larry Neild
    Date Published: 18/11/2010 16:42:17

    WILL I be queuing up in WH Smith's to buy a personally autographed copy of the book about to be written by the parents of Madeleine McCann? Of course not. I have only once in my life got in line to buy a book hot off the presses and that was the final volume of the Harry Potter series.

    The reaction, judging by some of the comments on the internet to this week's decision by Gerry and Liverpool-born Kate McCann has been mixed, with a huge helping of outrage, disgust even.

    Perhaps the fact that there was a so-called bidding war to win the prize of the McCann signatures on a contract prompted some animosity. Perhaps it's because details of the financial arrangements have been kept under wraps arouses ill feeling.

    All we know is the couple will be receiving a substantial advance and enhanced royalties once the £20 tome is on the bookshelves.

    The proceeds from the sale of the book, according to statements, will all be going to the McCann's official fund set up to look for Madeleine.

    Kate McCann says the book will give the family the chance to give a truthful account of the disappearance of Madeleine during a family holiday to Portugal on May 3, 2007. Madeleine was nearly four when she vanished from the family holiday apartment in the Algarve as her parents dined with friends near by.

    The McCanns are currently fighting a legal battle against a former Portuguese detective over his book alleging Madeleine died in the apartment and that her parents faked her abduction. It's an allegation they have always strongly denied.

    You have to admire the way the McCanns have somehow managed to keep the story of their little girl in the worldwide spotlight, never giving up hope of a miracle that will one day see them re-united with their missing daughter.

    Some of the critics are unforgiving for the way the McCanns were dining out, while their children slept, even though it was just a very short distance and they kept a regular watch on the bedroom.

    Perhaps sympathy at times did transform into sickliness when 'official spokespeople' for the McCanns popped up on television screens making pronouncements, in the way celebrities have spokespeople.

    The McCanns may be savvy in the use of modern media, generating publicity, giving interviews, opening their lives to a world more eager than ever for real-life drama, as opposed to docu-soap trash.

    What are they expected to do? Sit back and pray for 'closure' or never give up hope? If the proceeds of the book help to keep their hopes alive then good luck to them.

    I wonder what the reaction will be when the next chapter happens, the film of the book?

    The flack taken by Kate and Gerry McCann, while distressing, is a small, but unfair, price to pay for their continuing mission. My bet is they would sacrifice every halfpenny they possess for the return of their child.

    The book, Madeleine, is to be published next April close to the fourth anniversary of the youngster's mystery disappearance.

    London-based published Transworld has acquired the rights to publish the book - which is being written by the McCanns. They have already put pen to paper.

    Transworld boasts among its stable, best-selling authors, including The Da Vinci Code writer Dan Brown and fantasy novelist TerryPratchett. The book is predicted to be a top seller.


  178. Penso que o Manuel Catarino escreveu de proposito "a reabertura do processo". Em Portugal nao ha "Revisao do processo", so reabertura. Interessante que ele tenha frisado o numero de assinaturas requerida pelos Mccann- 100.000. Todos sabemos como e dificil recolher 5000. Imaginem 100.000. Mesmo com muita fraude e muita falsidade, jamais sera atingido este numero. E realmente, o folclore no seu melhor. Para reabrir o processo, bastavam duas assinaturas, a de Kate e Gerry e um desejo- o de que o filho de Hewlett fosse ouvido pela PJ. Ah? AH!? Nao lhes interessa nao e? Morria a nascenca uma das grandes mentiras que tem alimentado a fraude, nos UK, nos ultimos tempos. Afinal acabam de nos provar que os detectives privados tem andado a gastar dinheiro em pistas nao crediveis. Nao servem como dados novos para obrigar a policia a serio, a reabrir o caso. So servem para encher as paginas dos tabloides ingleses e levar os desinformados a contribuirem para o Fundo.
    Interessante o livro ja estar a venda na Amazon, antes de estar lancado. Significa que vai ser impresso com dinheiro dos compradores. Encontraram realmente a formula de enriquecer facilmente, a custa da desgraca de uma crianca. Numa epoca em que se condenam tantas coisas na sociedade, em geral, e se tenta moralizar consumidores devido a uma crise economica transversal a varios paises, estes pais e as autoridades que fecham os olhos, passam uma mensagem vergonhosa ao grande publico: NEGLIGENCIEM, MINTAM, MANIPULEM, PRESSIONEM, ENGANEM PORQUE ESSA E A FORMULA PARA ENRIQUECEREM E COMBATEREM A CRISE DA VOSSA CONTA BANCARIA. Quem falou em Prestacoes em atraso? em Credito mal parado? em retraccao da economia? Sigam o exemplo dos Mccann. Que vergonha para a justica portuguesa.

  179. Nao vejo a Peticao "A voice for Madeleine" publicitada nos Media portugueses. Sem essa publicidade vai ser uma cruzada dificil, a reuniao de assinaturas. A lift Consulting e Isabel Duarte estao a pressionar os Media para evitarem essa publicidade? Algo tem de ser feito para passar amensagem para o grande publico e tornar a Peticao mais facil de ser assinada.
    Mandei e-mails a amigos a dar conhecimento da Peticao e a pergunta e sempre a mesma: porque e que nao esta nos jornais portugueses?

  180. Joana, do you think that it is possible to put in a link of Gonçalo Amaral's appearance on TVI yesterday? From what a poster has written on another site, he said that Guerra e Paz is taking ID to court in order to get the books back.

  181. Maddie was already dead before they left for dinner.

    So there is no issue of child neglect on May3rd. They staged the checks to give abductor window of opportunity.

    There were children neglect everynight on their holiday, except May3rd. jmo.

    Too many movements during dinner period and if Maddie had an accident no one was in room long enough to know, let alone move her away before alarm. Matthew didnt event look in. Jeff spent too much time talking to JW. Also I dont think any parent (even evil ones) could find a child falling from an accident and immediately snap into action to bundle it away for burial, then collude with friends at short notice to stage everything.
    So it would be interested to know how KM is going write about how she disappeared, from when I wonder?

    I hope the book backfire on them because they dont know where to draw a line. They are tempting the devils.

  182. Five years ago a 19 old American girl, Natalie Holloway, disappeared on a beach of Aruba at 2.00 am.
    The Dutch Joran van der Sloot, who recently murdered an young woman in Peru, was the only and prime suspect.
    He refused all the time to confess what happened to Natalie, claiming his innocence.
    Last week tourists in Aruba found a jaw on the beach, near to the place where Joran and Natalie were for the last time together.
    The media say the jaw belongs to a young woman and it is sent to Holland for forensics.
    I hope it is Natalie.
    Her parents are desperate to find her body and to give her a grave.

    And not all parents are, are they?

  183. Poster 182

    I think you are right. There was child neglect (almost) every evening except May 3rd. Their previous neglect was a great opportunity to fool the world.

  184. Because of the so called 'absolutely positive' identification of Murat by the friends of the McCanns, plus Jane Tanner with her 'bundleman' identification as him, a lot of investigative time was wasted.

    What those friends of the McCanns did is really very serious, not only to Murat since it turned out to have been false, but also because it was a complete red herring, and red herrings always cost time and money to pursue.

    As for Jane Tanner, if she has made up her 'sighting' so as to take suspicion away from her Tapas friends, especially her husband who had been missing from the Tapas that night, then she should be put inside. She was responsible for completely skewing the investigation, until the dogs were brought in and no doubt confirmed mounting suspicions, yet the McCanns are still running with the abductor story, and rolling her out as a witness.

    She, in particular, has done a lot of harm with her ever changing story of what she supposedly saw which morphed with the telling.

  185. @Anon 182
    I agree with you: there has been neglect every night except on the 3th....
    Yes Madeleine died well before they went out.
    Their every 5 minutes checks is stretching far too much any credibility because nobody on earth could have possibly taken her IF people were checking that often.It is just impossible and as much as you I guess I am wondering how kate is going to "stage the abduction".
    "An account of the truth",this being carfeully said,the truth we will know one day but it certainely will not be theirs and not written by them.
    Dont holfd your breath: this book will be scrupulously checked over before its publishing rightly to avoid what you are after: backfire

  186. I also think that they paid their entire mortgage...just a thought....

  187. @Patrixude

    So do I! Their little house has been totally paid by public money and their leagal expenditures well cushionned.Just in case....

    Now the mccanns are very stupid I think,although I knew it, I never realised to which heights.If I understand well ,they are writing a book to tell "an account of the truth"?? Does this mean they did NOT say the truth to the portuguese investigators???
    It also strucks me they have signed for the book just the day after they stated and moaned about the fund,asking...no,sorry,begging up to Famous & Celebs.Amazing greed,truly amazing
    The pie,the cream and the cherry on top...one of these days they"ll choke on it

  188. Anon 184

    If the jawbone turns out to be Natalee's after all, then the beach does not appear to have been searched as well as it could have. Joran van der Sloot did take them back to the beach he said he last took her to.

    Maybe they thought it would be too obvious a place for him to have hidden her and went to look elsewhere.

    That's why the McCanns' place at Rothley should be searched with dogs and all.

  189. @190
    I think a poster of the 3As mentioned a hedge of significance had been planted in the Rothley garden. The significance had something to do with remembrance or resting in peace (sorry I have forgotten which shrub). Perhaps these parents have closure, unlike Natalie's mother, precisely because they DO know where her body is, either in the sea, under the hedge, in the animal incinerator, in the acid fields...they seem to have few regrets.

  190. Dr Christian Ludke mentions Munchaussen by proxy,usually carried out by a female carer,ie a mother,the perpetrator usually has connections to the medical profession,it usually ends in two ways,either when the child starts school, and can carry on with a younger sibling,or it can end in death.Was Madeleines medical records ever sent to the pj?.

  191. Have your say.


  192. 180@ o filho do Hewlett para que? A tal carta, se é que existiu alguma vez, foi queimada pelo próprio filho, Wayne, antes de ele ter vendido a histórinha, convenientemente após o falecimento do Hewlett, ao SUN, um tablóide da News Corp, do Murdoch. O Raymond Hewlett, falecido, é só e apenas mais um spin da Team McCann - mais um «suspeito» para adicionar à imensa lista de suspeitos mediatizados pela Team McCann, que foram ao longo de três anos e meio surgindo atempadamente sempre que era necessário "ofuscar e/ou confundir" algo que a Team McCann [relações publicas, etc] pretendia ver "apagado". A histórinha, que é capaz de ter rendido uns cobres extra, «vendida» por um filho que alega odiar o pai - não tem cabimento nem é plausível.

    Murdoch's Scum gets even more scummiest: Dead Paedophile's Ghost “knew” who took Maddie

    McCann Case: Media Vultures, Waiting On Death

    Brit Tabloid Exclusive - Raymond Hewlett : “I didn’t kill the McCann girl”

  193. @ Jimuck

    I don't require any clarification thank you. Although you clearly do.

    That second case number, with an 06 designation does not refer to the McCanns. It refers to a later and different case listed to be heard by the same judge, after the McCann hearing was completed.

    I double checked with the daily cause lists. You can go right on claiming it if you like, but I'm afraid you're wrong. It's an unconnected case.

  194. Links to the original articles:

    170@ Correio da Manhã opinion article, by Manuel Catarino: A dor dos McCann and on the article posted by @179 - Larry Neild another one justifying...: «I really must turn off my google alert for Madeleine McCann, not because I am not interested but because I am sick of reading the justification for leaving children alone in a vulnerable situation.

    Again Liverpool Confidential columnist Larry Neild, makes a remark that does not speak out against leaving children but reads as if he is justifying the McCanns actions that night for leaving their children. There is no justification, there is no situation where leaving 3 children under the age of 4 in an unlocked apartment in a foreign country is justifiable and acceptable.(..)»

  195. comments without links to base allegations were removed, repeated comments as well - spam and traffic attempts also.

  196. @182 going to check if there is any video available.


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