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by Francisco Moita Flores, university teacher

There is no politics, there is no private interest or of any other kind that can override the search for the truth

WikiLeaks has drilled through the USA's security system and has been publishing thousands of documents. One of them tells us what we already knew. The English ambassador reported that the English police had obtained evidence that Maddie's parents were involved in the death and disappearance of their daughter and that, for State reasons, that fact had been simply hidden from the Portuguese Justice.

The couple's spokesman did not deny it. He merely stated that this issue was history. It didn't matter. When one is protected, such arrogance is permitted. Nonetheless, it is also true that protection by the powerful serves the powerful but will never be able to hide the truth, which, as we all know, always surfaces.

And the truth is here again. Vigorous, without mercy, without pity for those who have always wanted to see a moral end to this story. From pitiful journalists who have refused to publish any other thesis apart from the truth that was sold and produced before time: the little girl was abducted, end of. Everything else was silliness and bad taste by the Portuguese police and those who have always understood how the famous adbuction was impossible. And that silliness was accepted by the Public Ministry, that ordered the process to be shelved, The investigation interrupted, the couple under protection, the formal, judicial truth hacked off without scruples. WikiLeaks tells us that the whole thing was well secured by the English government after all, and who knows where the evidence is being kept.

The truth is that the criminal investigation cannot live on prejudice. To demonstrate the nexus of causality between the victim and the perpetrator is, under any circumstance, the sole motivation that presides over police work. There is no politics, there is no private interest or of any other kind that can override the search for the truth. This works in Portugal. And every year parents kill children and children kill parents. Nevertheless, they are not protected by any specific government, neither in Portugal nor in any other country. Therefore, they are subject to the superior decision of the courts.

That was not the case of the unfortunate English child, whose disappearance remains unsolved due to the protection that surrounded her dear parents, who, by the way, have always been treated in an excellent way in Portugal, regardless of the suspicions that hung over them. From the media campaigns until the English provocation that insulted Portugal in the name of the parents' dignity. How much did that campaign cost? Maybe there is another WikiLeaks cable that informs us about the dirt concerning this subject, that we still have to learn.

in: Correio da Manhã, 19.12.2010


  1. An excellent article. Thank you, Astro. The truth will be known.

  2. A good article. For me there is no doubt that the team McCann's involvement with the Masons and others in positions of power, who are able to make sure they are untouchable, will keep them all out of the Courts unless someone who was there in PdL at the time knows exactly what happened and is unable to carry the guilt any longer.

  3. Just to see how the nights of the Mccann's cannot be for resting. Many people are searching Madeleine, contrary to what they want, contrary to what they pretend. Anonymous people, that work for free and still believing that one day justice will be served, because the democracy cannot fail just to serve the interests of a group, no matter how many connections they have with power. The power is a moving mud and the connections are easy to break. We just need to pull the right string. The right string could be the Wikileaks, one of the Tapas 7, or why not? A child from one of the Tapas 9. They are growing up holding some evidences. Imagine how much money one of that childs can earn if he/she sells the Truth to a paper? Mccann's, you cannot close so many mouths for all your life's and you already experience the devastation the members of your own family do, every time they show up in the media.
    Many people are reviewing facts and searching evidences to explain what is believing by the big majority of the public, as the TRUTH- THE DEATH OF MADELEINE BEFORE THE ALARM BEEN RAISED.

    From Sky News videos available at Mccannfiles:

    May 5, 2007, the video was recorded without the Mccann's knowing or requesting it: Amelie was holding the Cuddle Cat in such way that looks like the Cuddle cat belongs to her and not to Madeleine. Doesn't look like a toy that just few hours before was involved in the top stage of the scene of an abduction. Kate shows no interest in the Cuddle Cat. The way that Amelie carries it shows that her mother did not respect the memory or the belongs of her sister. A doctor must know the importance of preserving the Cuddle Cat for the investigation if he was really involved in the scenery of her daughter abduction. On May 5, there was no team of advisers yet. The Cuddle Cat was used after (by advising) to attract the Public and help Kate to pass the image of a victim, a careful mother that lost her child in dramatic circumstances. It works, because thousands of donations fall on their Fund in the first days. But now, any top judge can use it against her. The Cuddle cat was clearly a fabrication to sell a business. I don't believe it belongs to Madeleine. Any scent of her came after May 3, this is why the top dogs picked the scent of dead and the blood of Madeleine on it.

    May 6, 2007. It was Mother's Day. Kate was wearing the trousers from were the dogs picked the scent of dead and the blood evidences were recovered. Interesting that this clothes were wear ed few days after she been reported missing.

    May 4, 2007, 1:00 am. Mathew Oldfield knocked on the door of J. Wilkins to say that Madeleine was abducted. The wilkins ask him if they should go out and help with search, M. oldfield said "NO, NOTHING COULD BE DONE TO HELP". Interesting that they ask the world now to search for Madeleine and ask money for them to do it, but their friends, on the first hours and near the crime scene, said that nothing could be done.

    Also more or less at the same time, the owner of a bar in Vilamoura Marina received a call from one of his clients, Patricia P. ( a friend of Kate mother) from UK asking if he can help Kate and Gerry because their daughter was abducted and the police was doing nothing. He cannot close the bar, then he decide to call the police. The police said that they are already in the crime scene searching. When he call the number that Patricia gave to him, a British guy answered and contrary to what he was expecting, they don't ask any help, not even to have an open eye and see the movements in the Marina of Vilamoura, one of the most important in Algarve. What a shame, Mccann's that we can go back to all the knots you leave untied and out of your manipulation.

  4. 2011 will be the year the gruesome twosome are finally charged.

  5. It's time that intelligent people began to speak out. Moita Flores has made a cardinal error - he is misreporting what the Cables actually contain, what they say. This is pointless, interested people can read them for themselves. They do NOT say 'the English police had obtained evidence that Maddie's parents were involved in the death and disappearance of their daughter and that, for State reasons, that fact had been simply hidden from the Portuguese Justice'

    Let's have some honesty, some facts here please from all commentators. Someone like MF should not be repeating 'muck' like this, because it is indeed muck. I dont suppose you will publish this comment, but there are many who think the same way and are asking 'what on earth is going on?' when those they have supported for three years or more are indulging in the same sort of disreputable spin as those we rail against on Team Mccann.

  6. With this leak,the McCanns will be not able to sue people again.
    That is why they will depend on their book.
    I wonder what are the evidences the British police have.
    Some people think those proofs could be in their garden, in Rothley.
    The body?
    I don't think so, unless it travelled to England by diplomatic mail.
    Buried in the garden? Neibourghs could have noticed it.
    And what could have been the reason that Kate and Gerry went back to Praia da Luz, if the girl's body is in the UK?
    At least 10 people know she is dead.
    The ambassador Ellis knows it too: 11,at least.
    The American ambassador: 12.
    The person who delivered a box to put the body in: 13.
    And don't you think the PJ was watching airports and harbours, noticing big boxes? Even diplomatic ones?
    I think her body is somewhere in Praia da Luz, wrapped in that pink blanket.
    If there was a box or even a coffin, the blanket would not have disappeared.
    She could have been buried like a muslim or a jewish.
    But I still think she is in a freezer, somewhere, under control of a friend of the McCann's, very close to this friend.
    To bury her on a field, would be a reason for panic.
    Her parents would be extra nervous because a field is a public place.

  7. Hmm strange how people are starting to comment on these two child neglectors, this tragic crime is slowly unravelling.
    Im sure that wikileaks has more to bring us on this case......
    Drip drip, yes 2011 is going to be a bad year for all concerned not just the Mcs.

  8. Does Sr Flores have more information? I thought the Wikileak just said that the British Police had developed evidence against the McCanns. Or has the meaning got distorted in translation?

  9. Well written article Astro.
    One day the truth will out when the money runs out.
    Happy New Year Joana and Astro. May 2011 be Madeleine's year, I wish her peace and justice.

  10. Kate McCann herself said that Brown was phoning them at least twice a day.

    So how many other parents with missing children does he do that for. Then Dr Amaral is removed from the case and Brown knows about this ahead of time. It is what the McCanns wanted, and they, as usual, got what they wanted.

    Yet we are supposed to believe there was no political intervention. Please!!!

    As for the McCanns returning to PDL to do their little walk on the beach and visit to the Church. You are thinking exactly how you are meant to think. Red herrings all the way.

    Get the dogs round their place in Rothley, upstairs, downstairs, and in the ladies chamber! They should never have been given a pass on that search.

    So, why were they?? Was somebody doing a favour for them there as well?

  11. Anon @ number 4.

    Mr Flores is obviously a very well educated and highly intelligent man, who imo is entitled to use some artistic license in his posting ,after all mitchell and the rest of team mc cann have been using it including untruthful spins for the past 43 months so its high time that prominent intelligent people such as Francisco Moita Flores and Goncalo Amaral among others played team mc cann at its own game.


  12. how can evidence be developed if there is none ?...is the question that should be asked by some here?

    If they are talking about already known facts in the files such as the Dog alerts, then that was said to be indica, and not evidence without the forensics to back it up......so surely one can presume the ambassador was talking of something else that had been found.
    Anyway how do you develop the dogs indicating? theres only one way of that and that was whitewashed...IE the forensics.

    We were also told the british police only co-ordinated ...well that wikileak memo/statement as blown that out of the water- that in itself should set alarm bells ringing rather than this game of semantics been played out with some of the comments been made.
    It demonstrates LIES again....from official institutions.

    Is all this case about playing with words.


  13. Anon @ 4. No error at all. He is a very intelligent person and knows well what he is saying.
    The leaks show interference from politics in a issue that should belong only to the justice arena. How many childs disappear every day in UK? From that number how many have the interference of the Prime Minister? and from that number how many are so important that deserve comments from a British diplomat to an USA ambassador? And from that number, how many got Jim Gamble involved supporting the Parents? And from that number, how many parents were allowed to set a Fund and live at donations Expenses? NO ANY OTHER MISSING CHILD.
    Why the British authorities were so silenced during all this 4 years, if the parents were innocent? Why they don't stand up to clear help the Mccann's clean their image? Why they don't clear join their hypothetical search? Are you noticing how nasty are the British authorities if they really have no any evidence against the Mccann's? Why they don't join their search?
    The behaviour of the British authorities after the case been shelved is revealing a lot. THEY ARE HOLDING EVIDENCES. That is the only conclusion we can get from the cables. Nothing less, for the big majority of the people who follow that saga from day one, that behaviour is very suspicious.
    The British government dirty his face on that case. A serious step that a government just do to protect and hide a serious crime. Then, no space for an abduction done by a stranger or for an accidental death.

  14. @10

    Was about to say the same but don't need to now..

    Spin begets spin.


  15. Anon 10 - surely the spinning should be left to those who tell falsehoods. Truth seekers have no need to spin.

    No one can understand the true meaning of the cable until it is understood what the sender meant by the word `developed`. Admittedly it sounds ominous for the McCanns because the word `against` was also used.

  16. 11, it is not possible to hear everything that is going on at any police.The case is not yet solved, they keep their mouths.
    Take the example pink blanket.
    I believe the police made a list of all objects, clothes of 5a,when they started the investigation. They returned everything to the couple.
    I imagine that the police missed the blanket when the dogs went to the McCann's house in August 2007.
    They must have checked on their list of 5a and noticed that the blanket had disappeared.
    But they never commented it. Kate made a mistake, something the police was hoping for.
    I'm convinced they know a lot more than we suppose.
    Don't ever think they will tell around what they found out.
    Everything for sake of the good results of the investigation.
    And for sake of justice.

    It is their job, their task and their responsibility.

  17. Another one who has the courage and calls things as they are in a very very distinguished manner compared to Team McCann's yapping!

  18. Good article, and comments. Each time there is an article about the mccanns or Madeleine I try to get a comment on about the dogs Eddie and Keela or the Gaspar statements, they are never put on; but simple ones saying the mccanns should have looked after Madeleine and her siblings are. How can we get the truth out when our British papers are so obviously gagged?

  19. Anon @ number 4

    It takes intelligent people to read between the lines. That is exactly what MF did. That Wikileaks message says more than the mere words in the text. The cardinal mistake was yours, by criticising (maybe we know why)MF's article without using your brains first.

  20. I may be wrong, but to me everything points to Madeleine's body being weighted down and buried at sea. Gerry said quite vehemently - "find the body and prove she is dead", knowing full well she will never be found. If she was buried in PdeL or Rothley, there is always a chance that she could be found, but no chance if she was buried at sea.

  21. It is an absolute mystery why the British authorities have not at least had an enquiry as to why a British citizen can disappear, not in the least, because of gross negligence. They left as a family of 5 people and only 4 countrymen return to the UK! What about official records! here they are, these 'parents', living their lies, dictating and floundering, no questions to them about their responsibilities and liabilities, reigning from their villa and they are not held to any accountability as to the disappearance of this child. Where is the ACCOUNTABILITY! Why do the authorities let this slide, where is the judge, the charge of this child. Does she not miss this minor she is responsible for? Should she not have, by now, at least hold the two persons, who took her away, responsible for the missing child? Why does this protector of this little girl not fetch them to court to answer to this absolute, unbelievable situation, a missing child and now...? Instead the cover-up continues.......Why do the British authorities not at least, deal with the empty space this little girl left in the UK.

  22. I disagree with you on that one Louise @14.

    The gloves are off now in this case and fire needs to be met with fire, as I have said the mc cann team have been firing and uttering untruths since day one and its high time the lied against Goncalo Amaral and others were given ammunition (no matter how small or big)to fire back at these chancers.


  23. Anon 19

    There was a guy in US who killed his pregnant wife and weighted her body down and he thought he was home and dry, until their bodies came floating back up again.

    It is not a very good way to be sure a body is absolutely disposed of.

    Why would the McCanns want to dispose of their child's body in that way anyway if she could be taken back home and buried there? In all the years Madeleine has been missing, has anybody in authority ever searched there?

    No, they haven't.

    Seems like a very good place to hide a body in that case as it's the last place anybody is going to look. Why would they when they have all those red herrings to go chasing after, including dreams that had investigators searching up hills, photo with X marking the spot and all.

    Sad to say, but somebody has been having one great big laugh.

  24. Bravo bravo and a happy new year to each and all of you wonderful people on this blog.. I just have one thing to say and that is madeleine was put into the mccanns fridge and kept in the church and dispossed of in such a way her poor little body will never be found..the pet cemetry where she was cremated...just who and what are protecting this vile group of pondlife?

  25. It is an outrage and why, people from all over the world, are watching this despicable, manufactured story in disbelief! Thank you Astro for this posting and Mr Flores for this article. We have to express our disgust at these parents. This little girl does not deserve this treatment. She left with no trace? and the people involved will not come forward as they seem to have their story covered or not? Thankyou, WikiLeaks, also for your invaluable part you play to expose the vermin in the world.

  26. 11, the last thing the police do in every unsolved case is to tell everything.
    Every police keep a lot to themselves.We don't know exactly the role of the British police in Maddie's case.I remember a complicated murder in a forest near my home and the media was publishing about drugs as the reason.They were informed by the police.The victim was addicted to drugs but in reality it was a murder among married homosexuals.A relative of mine was working in the investigations and this happened nearly 30 years ago.It is never solved, as far as I know.
    By now the Portuguese police must know much more than they knew in 2007.Who knows more "Gaspars" showed up to tell what they know and directly writing to Portugal.
    I hope they did.I can't believe all police men in England are corrupt.Maybe they sent more information to the PJ.
    That's probably why Amaral is insisting on reopening the investigations, not only based on what we know.
    There must be much more.

  27. Did the Portuguese investigators never ask why it took so long for the LP to send on the Gaspar statements? Surely they should be given an explanation for the delay.

    Also, what else might the LP be holding back that was never sent on because the case was shelved?

    Could it be something the McCanns got to know about, and that is why they have been trying to get hold of the information the LP have. They wanted it so badly they even tried to get the Courts to make them release the whole of the Case File to them, though only the McCanns would try something as arrogant as that.

    Obviously, they think themselves to be so above the law that it can be changed at their request. This at a time when they are chief suspects themselves. It really does beggar belief, these McCanns are unreal.

  28. 19, how do you think Gerry would get a boat, carry the body in to it,leave the harbour without attracting the attention?
    Who would borrow him the boat? Whoever he would be, he would become Tapas so-much.
    Or would Gerry rent a boat, with whole Portugal recognising him?
    The body weighted down, where would Gerry find this weight also without attracting the attention?
    A strong sac, a weight, a borrowed or a rent boat, a harbour, leaving it, coming back.
    The easiest is a freezer at a home of an English man who protects the McCanns.
    Even a grave would be dangerous .Soft earth could attract the attention of other people.
    Besides is the ground in Algarve very hard.It is what Amaral tells in his book.

    The police files do not talk about earth or sand in the Scenic.
    The body came from a clean place before it was taken in to the car,imo.

    The church?

  29. A. Dubliner at 21. We`ll have to agree to disagree on this one - I don`t believe in sinking to their levels because it just makes the truth seekers look bad. Lets keep our dignity. Plus `two wrongs don`t make a right` and all that jazz .....

  30. @Fernis:

    It is inconceivable to me what MF could be referring to, other than making up parts of the Cable which clearly do not exist. I don't need brains for that, I find I am needing an increasing amount of forbearance to put up with what seems a mirror-image of TM manufactured spin and nonsense stories. 'Reading between the lines' and thereby misleading the public is no way to run a campaign for the Truth.

  31. 19, you are very good when using prepositions.
    You could come from the UK.
    To bury at sea, not in the sea.

    I don't know who you are but I have a feeling you are calling our attention to a burial at sea.
    And even trying to convince us she is in the Atlantic.
    No PdL, no Rothley.
    That "vehemently", an adverb ending in ly.
    Are you working for Wikileaks?
    Or are you that...person?

  32. The question is what makes this couple being to special to get the govern involvement? What's has happened on May 3rd to manipulate the forensic evidences and provide inconclusive results?

  33. welcome to 2011 jerry and kate

  34. @24.
    May i ask how long you have been following this case?
    Forgive me for saying but your post demonstrates that you have not seen what has been unfolding. The Responses from freedom of information has always been along the lines that the British Police have only been co-ordinating due to the PJ been the main investigators- This memo from wikileaks shows that is not the case....its one thing to say nothing and another to lie.
    You talk about the Gaspar statements ...are you aware they were withheld for 6 months before been passed to the PJ. ( please explain why you feel that procedures shoul not be adhered too ).


  35. Long ago I used to write on Anorak blog.
    There was a blogger there who was insisting a lot about Madeleine being buried in the sea.
    I had the slight feeling that that blogger was Gerry.
    Guarateeing the body would not come back.
    Just trying to manipulate us all.
    Wanting us to forget Praia da Luz and Luz.

    By the way, 19 above, you forgot to mention Luz.
    Luz could also be a place to hide the corpse.
    The church, an extra Edgar Allan Poe wall behind the altar...

  36. 12 July 2007
    Gerry flies to London alone to meet with the British police.
    At night he attends the National Police Federation Annual Bravery Awards and receives a standing ovation.

    14 July 2007
    Kate returns to the UK for the first time since Madeleine's disappearance, with twins Sean and Amelie - she is accompanied from Portugal by Michael Wright (husband of her cousin Anne-Marie Wright), who was returning to the UK for the christening of his own children.
    Gerry, Kate and the twins attend the baptism in Skipton, Yorkshire, where they stand as Godparents to the Wright's two children.


    Madeleine's symbolical funeral?

  37. Anon 33

    At one time, very early on, the Church would have been OK because everybody was still looking for the big bad abductor, and no way would 'he' have put Madeleine in the Church so that would be the last place anybody would have searched for her.

    But only until a final 'secure' resting place could be arranged. What could be more secure than under the control of the person who was hiding the body, so could remove it elsewhere if they got wind there would be a search.

    That is why those doggies are so dangerous and have to be discredited because they can still indicate where a body has been even when it has been removed.

    Anybody who wanted to hide a body would therefore do everything possible to try and distract attention elsewhere and that is what has been happening in this case.

    People have been encouraged to search for a 'live' Madeleine all over the world, and as for a dead Madeleine which the investigators have been searching for, there have been red herrings turning up all over the place. But, surprise, surprise, never at Rothley, or even in the UK at all. Yet, if this is considered, what parent would leave their child in some far off place if they could take them home, and if the McCanns couldn't manage that with all the resources available to them, nobody could.

  38. Louise @27
    I think you need to read over Mr Flores's article again,particularly the first two sentences "wikileaks has been publishing thousands of documents.One of them tells us WHAT WE ALREADY KNEW".This latter sentence being the key sentence i.e The British and Portugeese Authorities came to these conclusions in 2007(but lack of hard evidence etc etc)and repeated these conclusions in court last January at the injunction hearing.

    So no Lies,Spins,Unthruths or whatever word you want to apply to it, would you agree?


  39. "British Police had "developed" evidence against the McCanns. Or has the meaning got distorted in translation"?

    Imo, the correct word for that quote should be, British Police have "built" are "building" evidence against the McCanns, sounds much more sweeter.

    Health & happiness to Goncalo Amaral and family, also to all who have stayed along side him.

  40. Anon @ 34, Michael Wright Was the second person legally allowed to drive the Renault Scenic. Why, when they rented the car, they gave his name instead of Kate if she was in Portugal with the twins? Why the car increase the amounth of KMs when they are travelling to Europe? The way that some members of the family were dragged in to that story is so suspicious as the involvement of the anglicans priests.

  41. jmuck

    Yes, that sounds closer to the meaning, helping to build up a case against the McCanns, and why do I get the impression that the UK cops (or, at least some of them) were very surprised when the case was shelved. Some of them had obviously reckoned without the McCanns' pal Brown who had given them so much support.

    Who knows what the UK would have turned up if Portugal had decided to go ahead and bring charges against the McCanns. Did LP know or suspect that information was being leaked to the McCanns which it turned out it was? No wonder the McCanns tried so hard to get the LP to hand over their case file to them. If it took six months for LP to hand over the Gaspar statements, what else do they have tucked away there.

    Are they, or at least some of them, like the rest of us, waiting for the case to be reopened and charges brought?

  42. Yes, Dubliner at 37, I know all that. But, Sr. Flores article states:-

    "The English ambassador reported that the English police had obtained evidence that Maddie's parents were involved in the death and disappearance of their daughter and that, for State reasons, that fact had been simply hidden from the Portuguese Justice."

    Wikileaks states :-

    "Ellis also noted that it was the British police that developed the current evidence against Madeleine McCann’s parents in the high-profile case that has captured international attention. He informed the Ambassador that former British Ambassador John Buck had accepted a private-sector position at a UK gas company and that his departure had nothing to do with bilateral issues. END SUMMARY"

    Now surely the cable is saying that the British Police had developed the current evidence against Madeleine McCann`s parents.

    It is not saying that the English police had obtained evidence that Maddie's parents were involved in the death and disappearance of their daughter.

    That is my only point - that Sr. Flores has changed the wording, or, spun. As much as I respect and agree with the motives behind it, it does him, nor seekers of truth, any favours to go changing words around just to get his point across. Once someone starts spinning they begin to lose credibility.

    I really don`t mind if you agree or not.

  43. Brown certainly was not phoning the McCanns twice a day. To my knowledge he never spoke to them at all. They were offered a minor consular meeting, which they rejected.

  44. It is common sense to understand that the word 'developed' means exactly what Sr. Flores is saying.

    That is what the cops do, they 'develop' a case against somebody when they start to put the evidence together and they must have been receiving evidence pointing to the McCanns. Surely, nobody but a keen McCann follower could believe that the UK cops were trying to put a case together against the McCanns by manufacturing the evidence, though the McCanns have tried to say that the cops, both UK and Portuguese, have planted the evidence against them.

    Yeah, right Gerry, all the investigators were against you of course, and those 'ludicrous' UK dogs were brought in especially to stitch you up.

    But hey, look on the bright side, why should that bother you anyway, your pal Gordon made sure you knew he was there for you. Plus, the added bonus provided for you, you did have the one who 'lies through every tooth in his head' Clarrie, to spin your fairy tale version to the media.

    Also, all the millions from the Fund, which according to the small print, you can spend as you like, and half of it can go to your 'extended family' as well, whoever they are.

    The case should never have been shelved, and what's betting there were quite a few UK cops who were thinking that too. Yet how could they do anything when they have to take orders from those higher up.

    How disgraceful is it when those in high places are friends of the chief suspects in a case. Gordon Brown certainly broke all the rules there by getting too close to the McCanns. Let's hope that all of this interference in a criminal case is made public.

    It must have been almost like the cops were having to work with their hands tied behind their backs. They must have know that Brown was contacting the McCanns at least twice a day. This is according to Kate McCann. If she was telling that to the media, it would also have been known to the UK cops. It is a wonder the Gaspar statements ever turned up in Portugal at all.

    The rest of the evidence gathered will still be there, waiting for the case to be reopened. No wonder the McCanns tried so hard to get hold of it.

  45. Shortly after this case made news, I had a sense of the childs body being lowered down a deep shaft with pinkish gravel, possibly in Portugal or Spain, not sure where this kind of stone is to be found.
    It felt as if she was lowered down head first.
    If the dogs found traces in the car, surely there must be soil on the tyres caught in the tread which would help to identify a region.

  46. Now, assuming Madeleine's death has really happened and reviewing Pat Brown notes she said British police might investigate the McCann's residence (and the residences of friends and family of the McCanns) for the possibility that the body of Madeleine McCann might have been transported into England.

    Following Pat Brown thinking - It is far more likely that Madeleine's body is somewhere underground in Portugal or Spain or in the ocean. These are simpler places to bury a body.

    It may be that the body has just not yet been discovered.

    Maddie McCann will likely be found in a similar way (unless someone did one heck of a job of hiding her).

    If the investigation remains shelved the police cannot follow all leads and theories.( IF they do not find her soon, most of the evidence with the body or within the body may have been destroyed by time and nature. (It is a good reason for not asking the reopening I thought to myself).

    A search in Portugal and Spain and any other place one can think of. And, yes, search in England: Maddie just might be there. Would it really be possible for one of the McCanns to cart the body of their daughter back to England? Yes, absolutely (as Gerry used to say!). Because of the climate in Portugal, it is possible that should they have buried Maddie in a shallow grave in a sandy substrate, her body would have mummified. Mummification is a desiccation of the corpse where the fluids drain into the ground and the rest of the body dries up. There is relatively little odor associated with a mummified body.

    If this occurred, the body would be easier to transport; it would be lighter and drier and lacking the horrible smell of a corpse. Such a body could easily be placed in a sealed bag and placed in a suitcase.

    IF the McCanns were involved and IF Maddy's body was brought home, when this would have happened is another question.

  47. I agree with you Louise. It's important that those who are suspicious of the McCanns do not get carried away with hyperbole, it weakens our case. Bravo for pointing this out.

  48. Anon 43

    Brown was phoning them at least twice a day when they were in Portugal according to Kate McCann.

    It was only later that he tried to distance himself, no doubt after realising what an idiot he had been by getting so close to the chief suspects.

    Good try though.

  49. I also agree Louise.

    Keep up the good work and help stop this 'ludicrous spin' against the McCanns.

    Of course the cops were really trying to stitch them up, and there is absolutely no evidence whatsoever against them, and those dogs are good for nothing, in fact they they are less than ludicrous.

    Besides which all the evidence was planted anyway, and besides that Madeleine came to no harm whatsoever. Why do these people have to be so mean by saying she was harmed when it is so obvious she was not.

    Thanks again Louise



  50. Methinks these Wikileaks have the McCanns wetting themselves wondering what is going to be revealed next.

    That tangled woven web is surely unravelling.

  51. Louuse and Gerry, what you fail to realise is that the reason that the McCanns were made arguidos is because yhere WAS evidence that they were involved in Madelein's disappearence. There was forensic evidence found in the holiday flat, and the Renault hire car

  52. Anon 51

    Not forgetting the information that was given to the UK authorities by somebody close to the McCanns that is said to be able to harm relations between UK and Portugal if it is revealed.

    That certainly sounds like interference with a criminal investigation, and on whose authority was it recommended it be kept secret. Did the order come from Brown himself?

    In this day and age it will be difficult for them to keep that forever under wraps.

  53. Anon 51 - I certainly have not `failed to realise` that - how could anyone?

    This is an example of how people don`t read what`s said in reality and put their own interpretation on things.

    Once again, all I have pointed out is what was ACTUALLY said in the Wikileaks and how someone else has changed the wording to make it sound worse than the original writer intended.

  54. Louise at 53

    Good try, but only the pro McCanns are buying it. The UK police have the evidence they needed to be building the case against the McCanns. Nobody was trying to stitch up the McCanns, much as the McCanns want us to believe that.

    No wonder the McCanns don't want the case reopened, and the Wikileaks must be a nightmare to them, not knowing what is coming next.

  55. Anon 54 - Agreed, and yes I expect the proMcCanns would like it, and your point is ....?


  56. The point is Louise that if you want to bat for the McCanns there are plenty of their followers around who would love to hear from you, if they don't already.

    As to the comments you made regarding this article you make it obvious that you are trying to undermine and dismiss what Sr Flores says, and are hoping that we will also. 'One of them (Wikileaks) tells us WHAT WE ALREADY KNEW' says Sr Flores.

    As if you know better than he does, and who are you that you would. Perhaps you would like to give us your credentials.

  57. Louise @42 and 53
    In an earlier posting of mine @anon 38 I suggested you read MR Flores article again but you obviously felt you didnt need to (maybe because you cant Actually grasp it or do and realised your talking through your hat)
    In your previous posting you accuse other posters and indeed MR Flores of misreading and then writing lies in this article about what was actually said in the Wikileaks cable.
    Nowhere have I seen or read in this article has Mr Flores ACTUALLY SAID(as you put it) that was, what was said in the wikileaks cable

    So be a good boy/girl and re-read the article and we Await your appoligy(We wont hold our breadths)Im sure you understand.


  58. Anon 56 - sorry, but I really don`t get where you are coming from. If you cannot understand the point I made, you might get someone else to explain to you so you understand the difference between truth and spin and how important it is to `stay clean` at all times and not try scoring dirty points. It just works against you in the end. We cannot risk being accused of doing the very same thing that the McCanns do - the case for truth will lose all credibility.

  59. @20

    What about the catamaran sailing that was done by two men in Tapas 7. Remember, one fell overboard and had to be rescued by the other. Perhaps they were doing some 'burying at sea' hehehehehe.....?

  60. Louise @anon 53
    your quote "This is an example of how people don't read what's said in reality and put their own interpretation on things"

    You seem to be a prime EXAMPLE of that.
    In MR Flores article above I have read it a number of times and still cant find where he actually States that wikileaks stated all these things in the cable, He merely points out that everyone already knew in 2007 what this cable was referring to now .
    Please point out in this article where he ACTUALLY Tells people that the wikileaks cable said all these things.


  61. Dubliner - I am not getting into a petty exchange with you - you are becoming tiresome. Just read thoroughly my comment at 42, its all there. End of.

  62. 43 if what you say is true, then the McCanns are lying, or perhaps you haven't read what they said?

  63. Ah Louise, no need to get blousey with me just because I have a diffirent opinion than yours(reminds me of a certain couple we all know)
    I have read your post at 42 and judging by your last little silly comment @61 I realise you dont have the answer for me, maybe I should ask the dogs, bye now.


  64. Louise

    You should come off your high horse and apologise to Sr Flores for implying he is lying, no matter you use the word 'spin'.

    You can't explain why you say that being as he is a reputable man, who also knows far more about this case than we do, so can only conclude that it is wishful thinking on your part.

    As regards 'credibility', it is your credibility that is in question.


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