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"I haven't lost my dignity"

The former inspector spends Christmas with his wife, his daughters and his parents-in-law. He tells ‘Nova Gente’ that he will not give up on finding out “the truth” about Maddie.

by Alexandra Ferreira

For a year, he was silent due to the injunction that had been filed against him by the McCann couple, for all copies of ‘Maddie – The Truth of the Lie’ to be taken off the shelves in bookshops. Nonetheless, he never gave up and appealed to the Appeals Court, which in October overturned the prohibition to sell the book and the video that was produced from a TVI documentary, because “it does not offend the McCanns’ fundamental rights”, further stating that Gonçalo Amaral’s freedom of expression is protected by the European Convention on Human Rights. At the time, the English couple also demanded compensation in the amount of 1.2 million euro, over statements that they consider to be libellous. For the former PJ coordinator and his wife, Sofia Leal, those were months of suffocation that forced them to make some changes, namely to perform cuts to their family budget, in the education of their daughters, who left the school where they were studying due to the financial difficulties that the couple faces.

“The exile that I was subject to is coming to an end, I have not lost my dignity or my integrity and I feel strong enough to intervene, in a more active way, in the search for truth and in the performance of justice”, Gonçalo clarifies, adding that this was a complicated year. “It wasn’t easy, actually nothing has been easy since I retired from the Judiciary Police and decided, at my own cost and risk, to affront instituted powers within the search for the truth”, he mentions. “The seizing of assets remains unsolved because it took place outside of the injunction. The losses, financial and others, have yet to be counted, there has been extensive damage, but we continue to believe in justice. We have been living with the support of family and friends, who have never abandoned us”, reveals the former police officer, who resides in a rented apartment in Portimão with his wife, his daughters and the cat, Bolachinha [Cookie].

Gonçalo Amaral and Sofia Leal defend a family Christmas and insist on keeping the tradition of the ‘Presépio do Menino ao Alto’ [Nativity of the Child on the Height] alive, which dates back to the Middle Ages. “In the Algarve, it’s he who brings the presents and it’s to the Child that children pray every day of the year. On the 8th of December, the day of ‘Nossa Senhora da Conceição’ [Our Lady of Conception], the ‘searinhas’ [little corn fields] or ‘cabeleiras’ [wigs] are sown. Those are wheat seeds, which are placed in small containers, under the bed, where it’s dark and warm. Nine days before Christmas, a chest of drawers is ‘dressed’ with the finest needlework that one owns and a stepped throne is built. Then, the ‘cabeleiras’ are placed, symbols of abundance, as well as the oranges and the pomegranates. Finally, Baby Jesus is placed on top of the throne. It’s a very emotional moment, where the family all comes together. While my father says the prayers, my mother and I finish arranging the throne, the girls place the fruits and in the end Gonçalo places Baby Jesus. On the Kings’ Day, we take the ‘cabeleiras’ into the field and sow them into the earth. That’s the Algarve’s mixture of the sacred and the profane. We also build the common Nativity, as it was created by St. Francis of Assisi, but with a very Portuguese touch: with clay figures that are placed on a base of cork and moss, with water streams, fountains, sheep and a little rock”, the wife of the former PJ coordinator explains.

The season has almost always the same taste to the Amaral family. “Christmas Eve supper and Christmas Day lunch are the most important meals in the year. Therefore, on the 1st of December, the women in the family gather to decide on the menu, the dinnerware, the linen, the details…”, she says, adding that they spend Christmas in Portimão with her parents, her sister, her brother-in-law and the neighbours.

In a conversation with ‘Nova Gente’, Gonçalo said that the McCanns continue to attack him: “What they are trying to do to me is not only to limit my civic and constitutional rights. They try my civil assassination, to destroy my life, not allowing the exercise of any licit activity, or for me to comply with the existing compromises and those of my family”, he explains, stressing that “while limiting my freedom of expression, they have destroyed the firm that I had created, they tried to forbid my access to the Lawyers’ Orders’ stay, and they have seized assets and income sources”, he says, justifying that everything was done “under the banner of searching for a mysteriously disappeared child, who is probably dead – as the Public Ministry says -, people and their relatives are being destroyed. One has to say that this is not catholic at all, coming from people who say they are so religious and pious. This is not how they will find the child!”

Gonçalo Amaral says that he will wait to read the book that the McCanns are writing. “It’s being said that the book is an aid to find their daughter. As it will only be published towards the end of April, we can conclude that until then, their daughter won’t be found.”


The Appeals Court agreed with Gonçalo Amaral, and that was a “beautiful moment” that was used to plan the future. “The books remain illegally with their keeper, the McCanns’ lawyer, and I doubt that they still exist. Now, it is up to Guerra e Paz to ensure that the Appeals Court’s decision concerning the book ‘Maddie – The Truth of the Lie’ is fulfilled.” All in all, “over 120 000 copies have been sold”, and the book was translated for France, Italy, the Netherlands, Germany and Denmark.

in: Nova Gente, 20.12.2010 (paper edition only)


  1. Quote of the year :)

    Gonçalo Amaral says that he will wait to read the book that the McCanns are writing. “It’s being said that the book is an aid to find their daughter. As it will only be published towards the end of April, we can conclude that until then, their daughter won’t be found.”

  2. What a lovely family Mr Amaral and Mrs Amaral are,for all they have been through at the hands of the mccanns and the british media they still are trying to help Madeleine.god bless you.

  3. From a non-religious person: May the God that you believe in, Mr Amaral, assist you in your quest for Truth and Justice. And may the friends that you have all over the world (those that you know and the many thousands that anonymously support you), stand by your side throughout this ordeal.
    A Happy New Year to the Amaral family, to Joana and Astro and everyone who works so tirelessly in the pursuit of Justice for Madeleine.

  4. I look forward to reading this article in the British press, shall I hold my breath until then? .

    Please keep up the pressure Snr Amaral.

    As we used to say in the forces, Nil Carborundem Illigitimi, Dont let the ******** grind you down

  5. wouldnt it have been lovely if Madeleine had had a loving family like Mr,Mrs Amarals

  6. What a nice family. They radiate love, compassion and peace. The sort of peace that some other people will never find, until they tell the truth. It is clear that Mr Amaral is not afraid, because he is telling the truth and he has nothing to fear. I wish him and his family an excellent New Year. I hope that 2011 is the year that will finally bring justice for little Maddie. Thank you for bringing us this beautiful, optimistic article.

  7. Mr Amaral, congratulations for being the Man that you are. You have a wonderful family, filled with love. You show respect and dignity. I am not religious at all but I loved the details about the Portuguese Christmas traditions. This is a great way to close off the year. I wish Goncalo, his family, his friends and everyone who writes and reads this blog a Happy New Year!

  8. What a lovely family, and a lovely account of how they celebrate Christmas.

    As for 'loss of dignity', that is not the territory Dr Amaral resides in.

    It is the McCanns who live there, begging and bleating, begging and bleating, begging and bleating. Constantly down, yet again, to their last half a million, and half of that to go to their well off 'extended family', not even used to actually search for Madeleine. Shameful, when they themselves are already rich but don't use their own money for any of it.

    Willing to take money from old age pensioners and children alike, people much poorer than themselves, in a supposed quest to find their daughter based on the lie that she was abducted was a fact.

    This, when they were informed by the investigators, both UK and Portuguese, that the investigation concluded Madeleine died in the apartment and they request the McCanns to give up the cadaver.

    They have not informed the public of that though, nor will they, since they are using Fund money to try and stop the public from knowing about it. Meanwhile, trying every which way to try and discredit the the dogs.

    May this New Year be the Year that Dr Amaral and the rest are vindicated, and the McCanns' Fund stopped and the begging bowls smashed. Here's hoping the McCanns end up having to pay back every penny they have been given by people who were not informed that their 'abduction' fairy story was not based on fact. It would not be too soon. They have had millions over these years, so much money that nobody but themselves really does know, and why would they be telling. Even if they did, why would we believe them when their Fund is based on a lie in the first place.

  9. What a lovely family! Thankyou so much! Lovely to hear about their Christmas celebrations. We wish for them to stay strong and healthy. Many are looking towards them and their courage, perseverance and integrity. They set such a wonderful example and we are grateful that Mr Amaral has not allowed this mccann case to go to sleep and may they have a wonderful 2011 and the same to you Astro, Joana and all!

  10. What a lovely optimistic article. It confirms everything I have always thought about Goncalo and Sofia and their lovely, truly Catholic family. Please could I beg our Portuguese friends, especially Joana, to let us British people know if there is any way we can support the Amaral family financially (I mean aside from the defence fund which I have paid into several times). I am horrified to hear that the girls have had to leave their school and would love to have helped pay any fees that were due. The McCanns are utterly disgraceful, and as has been pointed out know for absolute certain that Maddie will never be found either dead or alive. Please let us know how we can help Goncalo's family personally, assuming this would not have tax implications etc for him.

  11. what a wonderful natural photo of the great man and his loving family...
    Goodluck for 2011 MrAmaral

  12. Dear Anonymous at Nr. 10, Mr Amaral has never accepted any donations to support his private expenses, nor will he ever do so. He is deeply thankful to all that have contributed to the legal defense account that has been created by Projecto Justiça Gonçalo Amaral. He is also deeply thankful for all the messages of support that have reached him, both directly and through this blog and through other locations on the internet. I assure you that he is very much aware of the good will of so many who have been supporting him. Nonetheless, Mr Amaral will only accept financial aid in terms of his legal defense costs - and that aid has been very much appreciated and put to adequate use, as recent results have shown.
    Thank you so much and may I take the opportunity to wish you an excellent New Year!

  13. What a wholesome and wonderful family, may God bless you and protect you against the evil that threatens you, for evil it is. We all pray in your support and admire you.

    Why did Gordon Brown interfere in the case? Was it simply to court popularity or was he protecting someone in the group? Who was Tapas 10? and was it a matter of national security because the interference compromised both governments' reputation?

  14. I want to wish Goncalo Amaral and his family all the best for the future,i sincerely hope this honourable man is vindicated in the very near future,i'm glad that he knows that many many British people have faith in his belief and knowledge of this crime,and we know that the truth will inevitably come out then the perpetrators will be put where they belong.Please could Joana or anyone who knows Goncalo ask him if he will be seeking to have his book published here in Britain.I would personally like to buy a few to give to faqmily and friends.

  15. Joana,
    Feliz Natal e um ano novo feliz
    Do we know anything about the court costs of the failed case against Snr Amaral ?
    How muchy they have to pay, how long they have to pay it, and so on.

  16. So the books were not yet returned? How come?

  17. I understand Amaral can not use his own money yet.Why is this issue taking this long? The cause of the injunction was the book.The editor and Amaral won it.In this case, the assets had to be freed.
    What is going on?
    Thanks to God, Wikileaks spoke about the truth. Better than the English ambassador it would not be possible.
    An English ambassador accepting the conclusions of the police, Brown and Mitchell not protesting against it.
    And that happened in 2007, when Murat was still an official suspect.
    The English government did nothing to protect him, knowing he had nothing to do with the girl.

  18. I wonder if the McCann’s have regrets - Kate especially - on how they broadcast their accounts of Madeleine's disappearance. They maybe misguided, frightened, even liars but I don't believe they started out as the mercenaries they now appear. The path to truth is through love. I feel empathy for them - they cannot turn back the clock - 'You will find the truth when you seek the truth with your whole heart and the truth will set you free.' Madeleine has the truth and will lead us to it.

  19. There is an article on McCann Files where the McCanns comment that Wikileaks are "deeply hurtful".
    It makes me think of my daughter, when she was only 2, who was sometimes lazy to warn me she needed to go to the toilet.
    And when I was telling her she needed clean diapers, she would reply me:
    -Don't say that: it is deeply hurtful.

  20. I pray Mr. Amaral and his beautiful family had a Blessed Christmas and wish them only the very best in the coming year.

  21. poster 18
    I doubt very much that McCanns have regrets ,EVERYTHING that has happened as been their CHOICE ,I feel no empathy for them at all ,they knew EXACTLY what they were doing ,everything that has happened as been of their own doing

  22. McCann Files, articles about Wikileaks:

    Why are those two articles only addressed to the Portuguese media and not also to the British media?

    It is a British cable, from a British ambassador, refering to a vanished British girl, daughter of British parents who just adore to be on every news.

    What is wrong with the McCanns?

  23. Anon @ 20,i too have no empathy for them,from day one it has only been about them,their protection,the way they have blamed everyone else for Madeleines disappearance,when in reality they are responsible,and now that their little empire is slowly crumbling their vindictiveness toward Goncalo Amaral is obvious to see,and if we the public can see their arrogance and vindictiveness then the worlds media can see it too,but the British press are a paper tiger press and hasn't the backbone to print what they know is the truth,and i 100% believe the British media know the truth,but would rather take the money that this continued saga brings.I hope they all rot.

  24. Dear Astro, I am Number 10, and thank you so much for your speedy reply. I am not at all surprised that Mr Amaral will not accept personal donations, and I will go on supporting the defence fund. As you say, that seems already to have had some gratifying success. I am also so pleased to hear that the family are aware of the support for them from Britain, and that they know we are not all tarred with the same brush over here. It is enough for me to know that the Amaral family don't feel isolated and alone in their battle to get a just outcome for themselves and for poor Maddie. God bless them.

  25. Letter from Iberia

    Gonçalo Amaral
    You are in every way an honourable man, my best regards to you and your family, may you all prosper in 2011.

    Thank you for what you do. it is so good to know that there are people like you in the world that are a beacon for justice.

    Happy new year to you all

    Letter from Iberia

  26. @21
    you forgot to say it was the British police which, according to the ambassador, found or have the evidence against the McCanns.
    Though, both articles are only addressed to the Portuguese media, as you said.
    The McCanns don't want to attract the attention to them, in Britain, connected to Wikileaks.

  27. If the McCanns KNOW their daughter is dead and yet ask people to give them money for a 'search' for her, there are no two ways about it, and they may try and convince themselves they are doing it for the best of possible reasons, but they are THIEVES, plain and simple. FRAUD of this kind is just a sophisticated form of STEALING.

    The McCanns say they are Christians.

    'THOU SHALT NOT STEAL' says one of the Ten Commandments.

    If they persist saying they are Christians and yet know Madeleine is dead, then they are fooling themselves, and better hope they do not die in the night, because according to the Bible there is no way they would enter the 'Kingdom of Heaven', nor would they be with Madeleine. They would die in their sins and so disqualify themselves from entry. Surely they must realise this.

    Or do they think the laws of God will be changed for them?

    As the saying goes 'there is not a hope in hell' of that happening.

    It would be best to CONFESS now while it is still possible.

    To live under such an enormous lie must take its toll, and at the end of it all how can it have been worth it.

    The truth is, it's not. It would be better to CONFESS and put an end to it and take the weight off their minds.

    If they have KNOWN all along that Madeleine is dead, to CONFESS is the best advice they could follow as it is basic Christian teaching.

    This would also apply to anybody else who is hiding the truth that Madeleine is dead and knowing a fraud is being perpetrated, and innocent people are suffering by being caught up in that lie. It is all wrong and not what is expected of a Christian who surely knows the right thing to do.

  28. I wish all the very best for Goncalo Amaral and his lovely family, may 2011 see the truth prevail and justice for Madeleine.

  29. Mccann's book is another prove against them: It mean's that until April 2011 the girl will not be found and what is amazing is that they know that fact with so many months in advance. Their hability to plan big events, always many months ahead, is really, realy interesting and far away from two innocent parents.

    Congratulations Sofia Leal. You, with less money achieve to wear a beautiful dress and jacket. Very different then the "sopeira" style of Kate with millions on her Fund.

  30. 18

    Unfortunately empathy for the McCanns won't help neither Madeleine nor the innocent people who are to suffer for the McCanns' self-styled 'search'. The path to truth is through common sense IMO.

  31. Quao diferente da dos Mccann, e a forma de G. Amaral festejar o Natal.
    Se os Mccann nos descrevessem o seu Natal, la vinha mais uma vez o lugar de Madeleine vazio na mesa e as prendas dos gemeos, forcados a precocemente deixarem de acreditar no Pai Natal. Tudo servido com um romantismo tao milimetrico que transforma o desaparecimento de uma crianca num acontecimento benefico para os seus pais. Este ano nao houve a MC'HISTORIA DE NATAL. Porque sera? Diferentes ventos a turvarem o humor em Rothley... Ja nao chovem donativos para aquecer o frio Natal e nao tardara a vermos no ebay, vendidas ao melhor preco, as prendas de Madeleine mesmo que na realidade nunca lhe tenham pertencido e ela nunca as tenha conhecido. Quao perversa foi a 'sorte' desta pobre crianca.

  32. The people who participated in this cover-up should be ashamed; whether individuals, lawyers or government representatives of both countries. What motivated these actions against such an honourable man must have been potentially explosive. I would be grateful if my best wishes could be conveyed to the Amaral family. I am doing my best to make sure what I know is passed to those best equipped to help Mr Amaral's cause.

  33. BIG ROCK!

    "I have not lost my dignity!" - of course not "Big Rock"! The people of Portugal (and not only) thanks you for that...

  34. 29

    The Truth has its own nuances...

    "The reason to dislike those who hold to one extreme is that they cripple the Way. One thing is singled out to the neglect of a thousand others." (The Texts of Taoism).

  35. "The speculation of the Wikileaks forced us to take a position", Say's Team Mccann, many weeks after and after the expensive advise of their team of lawyers.

    Only a serious speculation deserves such reaction, maybe because was not speculation at all. If it was speculation why not ignoring it and let it fade without many waves? The speculation force you to repeat the same lies and opened a wide door for you, Kate and Gerry, to criticise once again, Mr. Amaral by repeating the same unfunded accusations. OFF-COURSE THE LEAK OF THE WIKILEAKS DID NOT HELP TO BRING YOUR DAUGHTER BACK (O'OPS, why back and not home? back, means usually back to life). And about that, only you know...
    But the leaks had the merit to bring to first stage old suspicions about you, suspicions that never disappeared from the brains of persons with a pinch of intelligence. The case was shelved not solved or closed. You never face the trial of a Court or the questions of a judge. The evidences were never checked by any Court or by a Team of independent forensic experts. THEN NO ANY COURT DECLARE YOU INNOCENT. PRESUMING THAT SHOWS YOUR ARROGANCE AND YOUR PROBABLY GUILT. You are worried and this was what force you to react against the leaks of the Wikileaks- THEY TOUCHED THE TRUTH. After more then 4 years and millions of pounds and Euros at the hands of your lawyers you still at the same point: FIRST SUSPECTS.

  36. Happy New Year to everybody here.

  37. '...For the former PJ coordinator and his wife, Sofia Leal, those were months of suffocation that forced them to make some changes, namely to perform cuts to their family budget, in the education of their daughters, who left the school where they were studying due to the financial difficulties that the couple faces...'

    '...Gonçalo said that the McCanns continue to attack him: “What they are trying to do to me is not only to limit my civic and constitutional rights. They try my civil assassination, to destroy my life, not allowing the exercise of any licit activity, or for me to comply with the existing compromises and those of my family”, he explains, stressing that “while limiting my freedom of expression, they have destroyed the firm that I had created, they tried to forbid my access to the Lawyers’ Orders’ stay, and they have seized assets and income sources”...'

    '...people and their relatives are being destroyed...'

    And all this with the help of the UK and Portuguese governments, UK authorities and institutions, i.e. the FSS in Birmingham, Leicester police. And the UK media of course!

    Please support Sr. Amaral:


  38. Good that people talk about 'empathy.'
    If the McCs want Sympathy they will know where to find it.
    It is in the dictionary - between sh** and syphilis

  39. I thought the books had been handed back - if not - why aren`t the McCanns being charged with disobeying a court ruling?

    I notice GA is living in rented accommodation - did he and Sofia have to sell their home and other assets after all? I read some time back that the McCanns were demanding the Amarals get divorced so their assets could be split in readiness for the McCanns to seize Goncalo`s half. It was all so far fetched, yet maybe it did happen after all.

    All the best for 2011 dear Goncalo - and to all who search for truth.


  40. I hope 2011 is the best year for the Amaral family.

    I would like to help make it financially better by buying copies of Dr Amaral's book. Is there any news about it being published in English in the UK? I did wonder whether this publication is intended to coincide with the Mcs book.

  41. Here's just hoping and trusting that someone, somewhere, will show up, who is familiar with- or involved in the mccanns corrupt, polluting practises, who will ensure the beginning of the end to this family's robbery and unstoppable, unmentionable invasions; they seem to have a bottomless source from which to draw their seething lies and continue with their tricks. Their lawyers do not mind the income so they do not give a hoot, life is probably good to them. Who will deliver this final blow, pop the mccanns little bubble ?....
    Keep up the support for the Amaral family, post here so that we can find hope and keep up the pressure for action and miracles to solve this now worldwide familiar story of mccanns and co., the small business that is supported by crooked governments and cover-ups.

  42. Anon 39 - I know there are lots of us waiting for GA`s book to be published in English, but it seems it means waiting for an English publisher to dare to take on the task. They are all too scared of being sued by the McCanns. I suppose the same goes for outlets that are prepared to sell it - would they get sued as well. Its probably possible for a Portuguese publisher to publish it in English or even the USA, but it still comes down to which retailer will risk having it on their shelves.

  43. A wonderful homely, timely piece from the Amarals. I wish them a Happy and Prosperous New Year. They truly deserve it and should be very proud of their calmness through adversity.

  44. Post 20 22.
    I acknowledge your feelings and I’m sorry if my words offended you.I appreciate you may have been part of this discussussion for some time.My interest in Maddie was renewed after a recent dream.
    My comments on empathy were formed from my observation of Kate's eyes and my consideration of both McCanns’ body language as well as their childhoods and attachment figures-my words were in no way meant to excuse them - I also feel anger, repulsion, and vengeance.
    In my work as a therapist and my life experience I have found that even the most violent people can have an element of compassion about them. My theories are based on the strength of 'love' not in an emotional, sentimental way - more of an energy - it has a freeing capacity - many of us have done things which we would not want others to know about but may open up to someone whom we trust. When we are hounded and treated with anger the best form of defence is attack - all the time we or the McCann’s have someone on whom to vent our anger we are 'fed' by it. They probably loved their daughter-even if not perfect parents and she loved them. If they allow themselves, in their quiet moments, to reflect on that it must fill their minds with torment even madness, what a relief to be able to let it go.

  45. My wish for the New Year is that Dr Amaral is succesful in getting the case reopened,and presenting new evidence. That the McCanns libel case against him is thrown out of court and he is awarded damages, that his book is released in English the same day as the McCanns. That the British police start to investigate the fund, That Gerry is suspended from work as it should be, and the British press grow some b-lls.I wish all of this so Dr Amaral can stand bold as he always has known what happened to Maddie.
    2011 sucess for Dr Amaral
    2011 Truth is discovered and justice for Maddie.
    2011 The McCanns scams are revealed and they and others bought to justice for whatever part they have played in Maddies case.
    This has to be the year to make it happen,
    peace and happiness to all in this New Year

  46. The backgrounds of many people on "holiday" that week explains why there is a bottomless pit of money available. The main problem is finding some explanation for the public and media as to where it is coming from.

  47. Louise @41

    The Mccanns have no money left to sue anyone, they would take a huge risk of bankrupting themselves. As Dr Amaral's book has been re-released there is no reason why we can't have an English version. It could be sold directly from a Portuguese website so there is no need for a UK publisher or bookseller to be involved.

    I hope the intention is to publish the same time as the Mc book although I feel their book will never be published and the pre-sale adverting was to judge public opinion before taking the gamble of going to the expense of printing a single copy. By the time the legal editors have removed the damaging phrases there won't be much left....."err, to be honest".

    I think the feedback the publishers have received about the possible sale of their book will show them it's not worth doing.
    Does anyone know of any other book that was advertised before it was written?

  48. Anon 41

    There is no risk involved in having the book published and/or distributed in the UK.

    It is not a banned book, not in the UK, not anywhere, and it is based on the Case File which is already in the public domain.

  49. What has been done to Goncalo and his family is unforgiveable.

    But rest assured his day and the day we are all waiting for will come - truth and justice for Madeleine Mccann.

    However this will be the beginning, not the end of this sorry state of affairs.
    We have in our hands the ability to track down every single person who has supported this lie and by doing so inflicted a most serious attack on the principles of truth, justice and decency.

    I for one want all the malicious supporters to be held to account.

    Over the last 3 1/2 years the replies from freedom of information requests - media statements made by various spokes people from all major institutions etc .... is all on record and logged.
    There is no stone for them to crawl under that we cannot overturn and expose them and that is exactly what should be done. Quite frankly, all this national security rubbish and excuses of endangering effective Government is claptrap of the highest order. By routing out these morons we in effect aspire to better security and more effective government.... period!

    So i pray that the determination stays strong with everyone, that we come together to eradicate the evil that is slowly bringing people to their knees in an unjust malicious manner.

    Let now these moronic supporters worry and stress themselves about what they have done, for that is a form of poetic justice. One could say that it even has a religious foundation within it...an eye for an eye.

    onwards and upwards .....let the fight begin.


    ps Happy new year everyone.

  50. Maybe Dr Amaral should put on the cover of the book a notice informing people that it is 'THE BOOK BASED ON THE TRUTH OF THE OFFICIAL CASE FILES', and 'THE BOOK THE MCCANNS TRIED TO BAN'.

    It would not be hard for most people to connect the dots.

  51. Anon @ 44,i second everything you have written.

  52. A very Happy New Year to all of you and thankis to Joana & Team for their excellent work.
    All my best wishes to my dear Gonçalo and his lovely family.

    Little Madeleine,one year hhas gone again without knowing what happened to you but slowly we will get there and justice will be made to you.
    You and Gonçalo Amaral are two little shinning stars in this never ending darkness

    RIP Madeleine

  53. "Anonymous said... 45
    The backgrounds of many people on "holiday" that week explains why there is a bottomless pit of money available."

    Anon #45 the apt in the link below is the McC's holiday accomodation. It is imo NOT where people with a bottomless pit of money available would choose to spend a week on holiday. Imo it looks like a cheap budget out of season holiday. Quite the opposite of the accomodation the Fund now pays for when they return for court hearings etc.



  54. Anon 46 - I truly hope you`re right about that. It would make my day to see it in our bookshops, particularly in Leicester.

  55. A Happy New Year to All Those who want justice for Madeleine, and the truth revealed, and may this New Year be the best yet for Dr Amaral and his family.

    May 2011 be the Year these things happen.

  56. Mr. Amaral's book can be sold thrpugh Amazon, then anyone in world can access it. He could sell it through Amazon himself. You do not need a publisher in order to sell through Amazon.

  57. Happy New Year Dr Amaral to you and your family - may the quest for the truth come to fruition in 2011.
    Best wishes to Astro and Joana for 2011. xx

  58. "Na Literatura, a ASA é hoje uma referência incontornável no panorama da edição portuguesa: novos autores, portugueses ou estrangeiros, de excepcional qualidade pautam a nossa oferta editorial."

    (From the website of ASA)

    Ha, ha, ha..."new authors, portuguese or foreign, OF EXCEPTIONAL QUALITY mark our editorial offer".

    Kare and Gerry McCann, exceptional quality authors?!
    Better change your presentation words, ASA...how embarassing, to publish a "quality" work, full of "humms, ermms, I mean..., I did..., to be honest", and no doubt, full of "hurtful, unhelpful, disgraced this, disgraced that..."

    I checked ASA's authors' list and sadly they hold some of one of my favorite author's works...Christian Jacq. What a pity, want the books but I don't fell like buying from ASA!

  59. I'm not sure, but I think I "lost" one of my comments, didn't follow through all the steps to posting it. If this comes up twice, please forgive me, or please do not publish, Joana.(Comment not exactly the same, did not save it, so, different wording)

    I read in Correio da Manhã that the McCann's book is to be published by the portuguese Edições ASA! It makes me so angry, such an old well established and respected(till now) publishing house will sell the twisted "scathing truths" of those two #$%*»&#s!!!
    I feel like pulling hairs from my head in rage, to think of how easily they got a PORTUGUESE publisher to sell their garbagge and to this day, Mr. Amaral cannot find a british publisher for his book and still is not in possession of the portuguese copies, free for sale in the book shops!

    I'm afraid I won't be buying any books from ASA from now on, unless they will prove impartial and publish any new books from Mr. Amaral...unlikely, I feel that Mr. Amaral will have nothing to do with ASA...
    Thank goodness my son is past his school years, most of his school manuals were from ASA, and those I would have to buy! Makes my blood boil, to think how much of my money went into that publishing house over the years!

    Shame on you, ASA!

  60. Sorry, where are my manners?!(I'm the one from the ASA comments)
    I forgot to wish everyone a:


  61. I wonder, is there a reason why the McCanns are receiving assistance with their book from a successful writer of scary fantasy fiction stories?

  62. Above all, Dr Amaral's family is a decent, loving, reputable family.
    I am sure it has been incredibly hard yet I am certain Dr Amaral can live with himself knowing he did not participate in the cover-up of a child's death.

    Can the McCanns live with their daughter's death? And with the harm they have inflicted to so many innocent people from so many walks of life, putting their own fear and struggle for survival above any ethical or moral concerns?
    I believe fear is their only constant companion, always lurking in every post, every article in the media, every interview, every piece of news, which they turn into hatred towards the one man who stood by his profession as a policeman with honesty.

    I will not buy the McCann's book if it is ever published because I have already seen the film :a and more partial, inaccurate and inconsistent accounts of fictional events are of little interest to me.

    My sincere best wishes for 2011 to Dr Amaral and his family in every possible way.

    My wishes of a Happy New Year also to Joana, astro, Kaz and everybody who has worked tirelessly to find justice and undo so many wrongs in this case. Also to bloggers and posters who continue to discuss the case and keep it alive on the Internet, one of the best ways to "leave no stone unturned".
    A turning point was reached when the ban was lifted on Dr Amaral's book - may the case be re-opened, the official investigation resumed and the truth finally known.

  63. Rachel (Everton) LiverpoolSaturday, January 01, 2011 1:01:00 pm

    Happy healthy New Year to all on the blog,justice for Maddie and Mr Amaral in 2011. The Maccann's are not sorry or regretful for anything, their daughter has long gone and that is that. When you need to self preserve as much as they have you don't regret anything. The only regret they may have is Murat is not in Jail and Mr Amaral is still swimming when they have tried with every beat of their heart to get him to sink. Never feel sorry for a Maccann its a wasted emotion.

    Unhappy new year Kate and Gerry you deserve it.

  64. A very Good New Year to Joana and her team and the greatest of thanks for all they do. To Goncalo Amaral and his family - what a lovely family picture, he must be so very proud of his children, and they him - the very best of wishes for 2011.

    Best Wishes for a healthy, happy and prosperous 2011 to one and all.


  65. If the News in Correio da Manha are true, ASA is another Editor that I will ban from my shop list. I will not buy the Portuguese version of Kate's Book and I will not buy any other book that was published by ASA. Before I use to choose only the book looking to his/ her author, now I will look also to the Editor. If is from ASA, I will not buy it, no Matter if the author is Dan Brown or any other that I like. My money will not help or support publishers that don't respect the people and the Country to which I belong to. My money will not be used to pay the cover up of a crime against a child which memory is used and abused by her parents who just care about their image and the expenses they have with their luxurious life. The search of the girl can be done at Zero cost for them with the best polices in the world. They just have to help with reconstruction and the answer of the police questions. For Madeleine, her parents team of top lawyers, detectives and PR advisers, are useless.
    It is a shame that a Portuguese publisher joint the dirty charade of the Mccann's and will be involved in the spread of many lies that destroyed the reputation of Portugal all over the world.
    I hope all the portuguese people ban Kate's book and boycott ASA. Let's make the book a sale disaster in Portugal, even if the price drops down. We need to keep some respect to ourselves and start showing how we disagree with the way that the Justice is used to serve the interests of private groups. The perversion went too far and this editors have to learn that some times is not only the money that is important. A book like that could be a serious disaster for the image of the Editor and will take years to recover and rebuild their reputation. I really regret that, as a teacher, in the pass I choose some School books from Asa to adopt in the School I used to work. From Asa, no more. Unless they stop publishing Kate lies. If she have something to say, she should show up at any PJ office and say that she want to answer the 48 questions that she left behind and do the reconstruction. That will help her daughter to recover some dignity and rights. It is time to end the manipulation of the public opinion. After more then 4 years, everybody is aware about the crime and the lies. Most of us believe that the police was on the right track. Why was the police investigation interrupted with a ridiculous "shelve", is the question. ONLY A SERIOUS AND TREMENDOUS CRIME INVOLVING WHO WAS INTITLED TO CARE AND PROTECT THE CHILD, COULD BE THE ANSWER.




  67. Why shouldn't ASA publish Kate's book?
    Reading it, we could find out more terrible lies and mistakes and help the police, judges, etc to condemnd them.
    Let the book come, we can comment it on blogs.
    Their reconstruction of that night was a fiasco.They even had to change it, after the tv broadcasted Amaral's DVD.
    Allow them to make themselves more ridiculous.
    They have the right to.

  68. I can hardly believe what I am reading here - that a respected Portuguese publisher is going to publish the book "written" by Kate McCann? While no publisher will sell an English translation of Mr Amaral's book which is based on the actual police files? Does Portugal actually have any self respect, or respect for its decent citizens and police force, at all? This is not what Mr Amaral deserves after everything he has been through at the hands of Team McCann and their disgusting hangers-on. I am shocked to pieces, and hope desperately that this is just an untrue rumour.

  69. Sorry 67, their book is a fraud. I will just read it if they post it for free in the Internet. They become so predictable that we all can guess the lies that Kate is writing... "bla, bla, bla, nobody is helping us, erm. ummm, we need money to look for her.." She is advertising the book trying to create some suspense. What a disgraceful lady, perverting and trying to sell a fraud. There will be no new information in the book ( too risky since any new information coming directly from a first suspect will lead the investigation to be reopened). Then she is selling a fraud. She thinks that the public is so stupid as her advisers. They need money, then they will try whatever they can to stole money from naif people. We don't need her lies, in fact most of us don't care anymore about her feelings. She and her husband are so false that even their childs cannot believe on them.
    Wonder if she is going to explain how comfortable she feels by leaving the twins inside the creche belonging to the Resort from where her daughter was abducted. That behaviour tells more then all the words she can write on her leaflet.
    Wonder if she is going to dedicate a chapter to Eddie and Keela. Will be amazing to see again that wonderful explanation of the 6 cadavers with Cuddle cat to add some emotion.

  70. I echo what 68 has said above. But perhaps one person could buy Kate's book in Portugal and publicly burn it? or would they be had up for destroying a work of art?

  71. I can't stop laughing. Just now I realise where Correio da Manha posted the news about Kate book and ASA... In the Cultural section. They are mocking Kate and the Portuguese justice.

  72. Anon 56 - you need someone to print it and that`s what publishers do. I don`t think Amazon print books.

  73. Is anyone here going to actually buy the McCann`s book - this means you will be handing them money for their lies.

  74. Anon 61 - apparently there is quite a lot of masonic symbolism in the Harry Potter books. If not masonic, its occult, and there is definitely something very `occult` about the whole M affair.

  75. One of the issues Isabel Duarte used to protect the McCanns was the fact that Amaral's book is an aggression into their privete lives, which is very painful for them.
    And now the McCanns themselves will write a book about their little family, Maddie's case, etc.
    They are specialised in inconsistences, aren't they?
    And they must love pain.
    And Paine.

  76. Happy New Year to all!
    For the Amarals: I hope the new year will bring justice for Madeleine and for you .

    As far as the book goes, if it is in any way as Kate's diary it should be in the comedy section. man that was laughimg when that cr@p "accidently got published. Somehow I suspect Kate won't be able to produce anything better than the nonsense she utters on tv, or on the web, or on paper.
    Sad really to think that no doubt society put money in having such a zero become a doctor, something she, like parenthood, screwed up royally.
    Go on Kate, pile failure on failure, what a deplorable inheritance for the twins to discover one day.


    Of course there are numerous people in Portugal who support the McCanns! Their demographics? Probably the well-to-do middle upper-classes who read the weekly "Expresso" - as opposed to those more down to earth who read the tabloid "Correio da Manha".

    Sure proof that class, ideology and/or hegemony...neo-colonialism if you prefer...is a universal constant.

    It says much for a dog's nose that it will not be fooled by the presence or absence of perfume unless it is the odour it is after. Nature never ceases to amaze me. You can only wonder what sort of wondrous beings we would become (eventually) if we got rid of all these gadgets...

  78. The Portuguese justice system provides no justice for an innocent child who has disappeared and is probably dead
    The Portuguese justice system bows to the pressure of the United Kingdom to not prosecute the parents of the child that they abandoned and placed in danger
    The Portuguese justice system ruined an honourable and innocent Portuguese man for seeking the truth

    And now a Portuguese publisher is to publish a book produced by Kate McCann the mother of the abandoned child which no doubt will once again vilify everything Portuguese

    It would appear that Portugal has no pride, no morals and no dignity, what was the revolution for

    Letter from Iberia

  79. Annon 75

    Yes they must love Payne alot!!!

    Let ASA print the book in Portugual, the more this book is read the better especially by the PJ.

    Mr Amaral will win his court case, this book by Kate will only cement his case.

  80. No 78

    ""It would appear that Portugal has no pride, no morals and no dignity!""

    The UK Government Media/Papers are laughing at Portugual for laying down and rolling over so easly, Portugual have had so many chances to correct this and do not.

    I dont blaime the UK I blaime Portugal 100%

    A Man Among Men

  81. The McCanns' book should be put where it belongs, in the 'Fiction' Section.

  82. Letter from Iberia, I am puzzled by your posts.
    You keep vociferating against Portuguese institutions (which admittedly had a dubious role in this case) but what about British institutions? What do you think about Leicestershire's police link to the fund, delaying or withholding evidence and information requested by Portuguese police, etc.?
    Why is your anger directed at the Portuguese alone?

    As for the McCanns book, whatever, I won't be buying it as I have no interest in it whatsoever.
    After years of PR they are forever tainted, what different will it make.
    They are linked to every notorious murder case from Amanda Knox to the Dewani case --- just do a quick google. What a dreadful way to live your future...

  83. Anon 73

    I am going to buy the McCann`s book for sure. I am exciting to read it and see what are they going to tell there. I somehow want to know more about this sad case and they side of story too.(I have read files already, Amaral `s book and everything else I think).

  84. Kate Speaks About Her Book 1.1.11

    Erm….. You know, to be honest, I’ve spent months with me crayons drawing up me book
    So the least our fans can do is give us £20 to take a look
    To be honest, I can’t give too much away or it might harm our massive payday
    But McFans here is a hint of what I have to say

    To be honest, you know, erm….. I started with chapter 1
    This is about being wonderful parents who have done nothing wrong
    The rest of the book is in the same vein
    Its everyone else’s fault and we are not to blame

    To be honest, people forget Madeleine was 3 years of age
    Well past the need of a babysitter stage
    Erm….. remember Madeleine took me for girly lunches and adult chat
    She always drove how many other 3 year olds can do that

    To be honest, I’ve added a chapter on how to abandon your kids for nights on the booze
    And finance tips on clearing your mortgage if you’ve a spare child to lose
    There will be lots of pictures of me and Gerry
    Meeting celebs like that fat bird off the telly

    You’ll like the book cover, Madeleine’s name written very small while ours is in large bold type
    I think that will show we have our priorities right
    For the 5th anniversary we intend to remember Madeleine by buying ourselves a luxury yacht
    And would welcome any spare cash that you have got

    The boat builders have told us constructing it will take a year or more
    But once its finished we promise to start the search for Madeleine with a world tour

    Rio, Acapulco, the Bahamas, Monaco
    These celebrity spots are where Madeleine is likely to go
    Our dopey private dicks have told us that this is so
    To be honest, obviously we need to look the part
    So as soon as you, our fans, give us enough money

    We will make a start

  85. Zodiac - just check out the guest list, if you don't already know?

  86. Off course, the portuguese justice is the only one to blame, They band their spine to everything that comes from UK. When I say the Portuguese justice, in fact I'm talking about 3 persons: The Prime Minister, the Attorney General and the Minister of Justice, because I believe all the other characters dealing with justice, specially the PJ Inspectors and the judges disagree with what was done in Madeleine case.
    No surprise that who have power wants to discredit the police. Very convenient isn't? The number of cases involving justice and people with power in Portugal, is telling everything. The Mccann's are just another ones playing on the same team.
    It is about us to stop that charade refusing to buy a booklet of lies or burn it in front of the portuguese parliament.
    If Kate has something new to say, she must go to the police and do it. If not, she must stay on her corner because the case still under investigation according to the UK home office and any other version of the facts different then what was written in the PJ files, is a fraud and a crime punished by law. If her book is the same as what is in the PJ files, then can be used as confession to assume that the girl is dead and any donation asked on the behalf of her been alive, is a crime. If the book is different, then means she hide information from the official police or she is lying to pervert the investigation. Any of the situations is very dangerous for her and can lead to the investigation to be reopened and be in Court. If after the book, nothing happen, means that an important person in Portugal has is b.... framed by the UK government and the Mccann's can play all the dirty games they want, abusing the memory of their child. BUT WITHOUT OUR MONEY. Not a single Euro from me will go to support their circus. It is time for Anty Phil, Pat Mccann and the Hubbards to come forward and buy the book of lies to help their friends and relatives carry on the abuse of a little girl.

  87. Anon 83, good for you. Wonder how many times you turned over your face when a legal campaign to help legal institutions that deal with disabled or ill childs, was in the street that you cross. By buying their book you are supporting their life style and telling all perverted parents to "go ahead and do the same as the Mccann's". They create a new job, living under the donations grabbed from the pain of a missing child.
    It is really a shame that after more then 4 years, and after they have lost a case court in portugal, some people still believing that they have something important to be said in a book. The book is just their new version to ask donations and fool people that will deliver to them money to perpetuate their good and easy life. They were forced to choose that way because have been criticised by thousand of people in the Net and in the papers, when Gerry stole a cancer event to raise money and every time they show up in the papers to ask donations and sell their fake search. If they really wanted to search their daughter they will have fill the forms to reopen the investigation, long ago. Only a legal police with the support of taxes money and the knowledge of top CSI methods can search a missing person with some success. Anything out of that scenario is just Circus and a way of living.

  88. Dear Salsa @ 82
    Thank you for your comments. you say that I am vociferating against Portuguese institutions and that the British institutions have a part to play in prosecution of the demonic duo.

    It matters not what has transpired since the McCann’s were given a VIP exit from Portugal
    The facts remain that the Portuguese police allowed and encouraged the McCann’s to leave Portugal with unseemly haste and with no charge, not even that of leaving their children unattended levied against them.
    The Portuguese institutions removed an honest Portuguese policeman from the case in such a manner as to leave him little option but to resign his position leaving him almost destitute.
    The Portuguese institutions allowed the McCann’s to return to Portugal to pursue their attempt to gag the truth and extract financial damages against the same honest man with the view of ruining him financially, and when on the several occasions they have returned to Portugal in conjunction with this and other money making schemes. The Portuguese authorities did nothing that could be remotely construed as an attempt at bringing justice to a child lost in Portugal

    No mater what is discussed on here ref dogs, British police etc, the facts remain that Portugal and only Portugal has jurisdiction on the case and only Portugal can issue a European warrant for arrest of the McCann’s and demonstrate a desire to bring justice to an innocent child

    As far as the fund is concerned I believe it is a sham and could be illegal but as I am not British and indeed not Portuguese I can do little or nothing about what appears to be a matter for the civil courts of the United Kingdom.
    I am not by any means anti Portugal but the peoples of Portugal (apart from a minority who mainly contribute to this site), those remaining by their non action (look at the low number of persons who signed the petition) condone what is happening now and what happened in the past.

    The fact remains only Portugal can bring justice to an innocent child and yes I am very angry for as so much time and opportunity has passed I do not believe that Madeleine McCann will ever receive justice from Portugal

    Letter fom Iberia

  89. RIPM, as usual, a lovelly poem telling the truth about Mccann's Circus.

  90. Dear Letter from Iberia, thank you for your reply, but I was left even more puzzled by it, because it is more of the same.

    Yes I know you loathe Portuguese institutions (which your post again reiterates) but my question was, why is your anger directed at the Portuguese *alone*?

    What about the British institutions? Madeleine was a British subject --- do you believe there is nothing the UK can do?

  91. In fact Letter from Iberia, do you believe that British institutions are blameless in this sad affair?

    If not, why do you not criticise them (not as far as I remember anyway)?

    For example, what stops them from initiating their own review/investigation? What do you think about the role of Leicestershire police? (please see my post above).

  92. For sure no one really thinks Kate Mccann is writing this book? looking at her rammer skills it would be impossible. In reality shes probably just writing down her thoughts and a professional ghost writer is producing it. I am glad this book is being written, and before you all jump on me I will tell you why..the memory/mind is a clever thing. Something could pass in this book from her subconscious memory that to those such as Dr Amaral, will open questions and further thought on the disappearnce of Maddie. Clever people will read between the lines, comparisons will be made against original statements, some small error on the McCanns side could blow this whole thing open. The printed lies will remain evidence forever, even if gerry thinks he cleverer than most. I wont buy it, but I will read it,as I am sure certain police officers might,british and portuguese. The McCanns are taking a huge risk in the name of money,sometimes the guilty (if thats what they are)end up hanging themselves.This book will be torn apart word by word and compared with the official files, and all other information printed before,and eventually piece by piece their fantasy abduction will break down. Silly people, just remember there are people out there more intelligent and specialised in their own fields just waiting......I love Dr Amarals comment, about the Mcs being sure that Maddie won´t be home before the publication.

  93. Salsa post 90
    I believe letter from Iberia has explained, he probably like myself lives in Spain, that I do not know...but like myself cannot get the fund investigated as we do not live in UK. The case remains in the jurisdiction of Portugal, They and only they can iniciate the reopening,until they do the UK can do nothing...apart from investigate the Fund, but this requires UK based citizens to start to report it as a scam. so yes whilst I agree the UK needs some critiscism, over its delay in passing evidence etc no one can can do anything until portugal acts. It appears there is corruption on both sides, and I am not anti Portugal, I love the country. I hope this helps see Iberias point.

  94. Dear Sulsa @ 90
    I have not said that I loathe Portuguese institutions (you make assumptions) many are good and well respected but in this case justice is not served
    Yes the child WAS a British Subject, British police DO NOT have jurisdiction outside of the UK unless invited

    No there is little the UK can do the until a European arrest warrant for the apprehension of the McCann’s is issued by Portugal as the CRIME took place in Portugal not in the UK.
    Only then can the UK assist by NOT apposing the warrant

    I Say again
    No mater what is discussed on here ref dogs, British police, funds etc, the facts remain that Portugal and only Portugal has jurisdiction on the case and only Portugal can issue a European warrant for arrest of the McCann’s and demonstrate a desire to bring justice to an innocent child

    Letter from Iberia

  95. "Para Richard Webster, que reclama para si a "perspectiva distanciada" que não o deixa "confundir a árvore com a floresta", aquilo que se viu "no processo Casa Pia nos últimos sete anos foi mais do que um caso de 'pânico moral', foi uma caça às bruxas moderna". in DN.

    Mais um livrito e um autor do Reino de Sua Majestade a "bater" na justica portuguesa e a ajudar os Mccann a desacreditar a PJ. Pois Mr. Richard, eu ca da minha perspectiva distanciada tambem nao confundi a arvore com a floresta e fiquei com a sensacao que houve "gente protegida" que devia ter sido julgada e nao foi. Nos portugueses sempre soubemos que a Casa Pia havia de acabar com dois maus da fita, o Bibi e os miudos abusados que tiveram a coragem de dar a cara e denunciar alguns intocaveis. Os criminosos protegem-se uns aos outros e por vezes nao e facil a tarefa dos juizes que lidam com esta estirpe. Basta vermos como houve personagens condenadas a prisao efectiva e continuaram livres para dar entrevistas e quem sabe( estou so a alvitrar) fornecer dados, verdadeiros ou nao, a este sr Webster para ele poder publicar um livrito em 2011.
    Tenho feito um esforco para acreditar que MADELEINE FOI UM ACIDENTE DOMESTICO CASUAL mas a medida que vejo surgirem no palco certo tipo de actores como Jim Gamble e agora Richard webster, comeco a acreditar num cenario pedofilo cujos contornos podem nao se esgotar entre os Mccann e seus amigos ou entre a PDL e outros palcos de ferias. Ha provavelmente outra gente envolvida no mesmo esquema e por isso interessa descredibilizar juizes e policias.
    Tambem acho que ha uma caca as bruxas, so que as bruxas estao na PJ e quem tenta caca-las nao se coibe de fabricar e furjar fotos sobre presidiarias espancadas, silenciar livros e arquivar investigacoes inacabadas...
    Entao o Carlos Cruz nao ia publicar no seu site uma lista de nomes? Onde estao? Mudou de ideias? Ummmm, porque sera? Porque e que e a foto dele que aparece associada a noticia do livrito do sr Webster? Ummm, que ha bruxas ha, e so quem for parvo nao as ve.

  96. O Post 77 a proposito dos portugueses a apoiarem os Mccann e dos leitores do Espresso serem de classe media alta, so pode ser para portugues rir. Estara a referir-se a falta de classe de Miguel Sousa Tavares? E que tirando este "specimen" e o advogado bruxo da Madeira, ainda nao vi outro portugues a apoia-los publicamente que nao fosse pago para isso.
    Caro(a) comentador(a), sempre que leio na imprensa portuguesa noticias relativas aos Mccann ou que com eles se podem relacionar so vejo comentarios negativos e coisas muito feias escritas pelos portugueses demonstrando o pouco apoio que os Mccann tem na terra de Camoes. Basta ver hoje o que se escreve na noticia sobre o livro do sr. Richard Webster. Mais um autor a abater na minha lista. Na Casa Pia, so os miudos merecem o meu respeito e o meu dinheiro.

    If you are not a portuguese, dear 77, go to Google translation and read what the portuguese are saying about the Mccann's in Espresso and other papers. I can't stop laughing about the readers of Espresso belonging to the middle high class and because of that being supporting the Mccann's. Who publicly support the Mccann's in portugal is recieving money to do it.

  97. RIPM

    Great and spot on.

  98. Will Kate explain in her book why she refused to answer the 40+ PJ questions and why she agreed that not answering harmed the investigation? Why she washed Cuddle Kat, containing the smell of Madeleine? Why she said she didn't search for Madeleine that night? Why she left the little girl alone again, to dine out, after she had cried? Why only her fingerprints were found on the window? Why there was no forensic trace of an intruder? Why there was cadaver scent on her clothes?

    Will the book answer the truth to these questions the public want to hear?

  99. Sadly the words from "Letter from Iberia" are spot on! Hard to read, hard to accept for me as a portuguese person, but they portray the uncomfortable truth: Portugal has bent its spine to Britain (once again! what else is knew...? just have a look at the historic events between the world's oldest "allies" over the centuries, the "mapa cor-de-rosa", etc.).
    It's a fact, nations/governments have to "swallow a few frogs", this time it was Portugal who "enjoyed" the "delicacy", but look at what went on with the UK in the Al-Megrahi case...all in the name of british economic interests in Lybia! Who cares for justice for the Lockerby victims and their families? What is their suffering and outrage compared with the multi-million pounds of business to be made with Khadafi!?
    That's the reality of our "democratic" countries, and that's why I have been voting "blank" for a number of years now.

  100. #94,

    Lembrando as palavras da Exma. Sra. Dra. Catalina Pestana (que Deus lhe dê vida e saúde), aqueles que foram julgados/indiciados são só a "guarda avançada"...porque o grosso da coluna anda cá fora, por aí, impune...mas há documentos que os desmascaram...e estão bem guardados, até um dia...

  101. Kate Mccann don't forget to add on your book a chapter about Madeleine blanket which disappeared after you raised the alarm. Oprah was not clever enough to explore your answer. Which way the abductor used to enter back the flat and pick the blanket?
    Ummm, don't forget that trough your own words you don't leave the flat that night to physical search your daughter. Then adding 2+2, you meet the abductor.

  102. Wikileaks leaked a news that a country in the Middle East is preparing a war.Imo, they all always are, this is no news.
    This news seems to come from 2009.
    I wonder if this is a new leak.
    It would mean that Wikileaks is still working well.
    This makes me hope that we will get more leaks about Madeleine.
    Let us hope and let us hope somebody wrote Assange, asking him to do his best to solve this problem.
    Satellite pictures, we could see the egg man, wonderful.
    For a while it seems they are very much concentrated on the USA.

  103. Drawn to Astro's previous post Dirt, I soon realised that it was the strong cadaver smell coming from the last comment @49 addressing Louise. He loves your post, Louise! Thinks he has found a pro mccann here! He not only contaminates this blog with his poisonous presence but also leaves his mocking footprint. Wait mccanns, you will get what is coming to you. We will remain patient and wait for justice!

  104. There really is no need to buy the McCann's book. It will be sold as an exclusive to a popular newspaper, i.e. the Daily Mail or some such, so anyone can read it for the price of the paper. The McCanns will receive a handsome enough sum for the privilege, to assist in their non-search for Madeleine!

  105. 101, unfortunately I don't believe Madeleine could get some support from the Wikileak leaks. Assange is in UK and he will work hard to save his own skin from an extradition to USA. Then he will try to keep all uncomfortable issues involving UK under the carpet. Unless another guy outside let the leaks to happen. The El Pais can help since Spain in some way was connected by the Mccann's with all the evils and the public from Spain did not buy their fantasist story.

  106. Salsa @ 91
    You request my opinion with respect to the possibility that the UK could initiate its own review of the crime.

    The fact that your use the specific word REVIEW in your text leads me to wonder if the manipulative hand of McCann is infiltrating here.

    Letter from Iberia

  107. Daily Mail reporting that the McCann book has gone back two weeks to May 12 - because of the Royal Wedding

  108. www.//dailymail.co.uk there is an article today about them delaying the book release. Left my comment about not going to be found before then. I think it must be a bit of a slow news day today if they are having to fill the papers with this old news.

  109. It is a wonder the McCanns aren't bleating that the Royal Wedding date should be changed because it clashes with the launch of their book.

    How could the Royals be so inconsiderate as to interfere with their plans.

  110. Letter from Iberia @105, I see you are becoming increasingly irritated as you are now insinuating you can see the "McCanns hand" :a

    Now, my simple question to you (many posts ago and you still haven't answered):

    you made your views about Portugal and Portuguese institutions very clear.

    What do you think of the British and British institutions, like Leicestershire police? Apologies if I have missed it, have you ever expressed an opinion about that, or is your anger and criticism directed at the PORTUGUESE alone?

    Are they the only ones who have failed Madeleine?

  111. Bill at 107, Re the Mail article

    Was in the process of reading the readers comments left when they were whooshed away and am left wondering if they were mostly negative and that is why they were removed.

    Does anybody know?

  112. I see the comments are back on the McCann article in the Mail again, and yes, they are mostly negative.

    People are really getting sick and tired of this couple.

  113. @106.107.the mccanns must have something if they can be put beside
    prince william and kate.money grubbing f******.where ever Madeleine is she is well out of the way of this pairs harm,thank god.
    if this book is about slagging of the pj and Mr Amaral i hope they
    sue them and get this fairy story BANNED

  114. Do not support trash, because that is all the mccanns have produced since we heard about them since May 2007 and that is all their book will stand for. They can only repeat what they are, they have nothing more to offer and their intention is to spread that which their polluted minds are compelled to spread as often as the gullible people will allow this epidemic these ex doctors have started, their lowering of everything, everyone in their wake, see the copy-cats popping up.

  115. Salsa @ 110
    In reply, as you are plainly unable to comprehend the English language I am not prepared to pander to your stupidity

    But I say to YOU
    A fool can ask more questions than a wise man can possibly answer

    However just in case you are not English I will write in my native language that you may better understand (see below)

    En respuesta, ya que son claramente incapaces de comprender el idioma Inglés no estoy dispuesto a complacer a tu estupidez

    Pero yo les digo a ustedes
    Un tonto puede hacer más preguntas que un hombre sabio, posiblemente, puede responder

    Sin embargo en caso de que no se Inglés voy a escribir en mi lengua materna que puedan entender mejor

    Letter from Iberia

  116. Dear Salsa, Dear Letter from Iberia, I would like to respectfully ask you to put an end to a discussion that, to me, seems rather fruitless at this point. Thank you very much for your understanding.

  117. Does anyone know if Goncalo Amaral has approached any publishers at all,if British publishers are to yellow to publish could he not get the book published in Portuguese and sell on amazon?.The mail is still showing the comments,which the majority are not enamoured of the McCanns,i left a comment but it wasn't printed,perhaps because i accused the British press of being yellow.

  118. @ 111 I have written twice on this article today. Niether article were insulting or blaming anyone just asking what if she's found by the release date, niether of them have appeared. I did see one that asked the question will this book get an injunction like Snr Amarals, pity they never mentioned that the injunction had been quashed.

  119. @Anon 65
    may be a book burning session in ASA would be an answer??

  120. Bill at 118

    I think they have printed yours since then.

    Mine was not printed, no surprise, as it was suggesting an investigation into the Fund being as how only a small percentage of the money actually goes to 'searching' for Madeleine, and that the public should be informed that the investigators concluded that Madeleine died in the apartment, dogs also alerting to, and there never was an abduction.

    Also reminding them that the McCanns were using the Fund money to pay their mortgage, and raising the question as to whether they had paid their mortgage by now, presumably thanks to the Fund.

    Knew it wouldn't be published, but hoping somebody will read it and get the message that the info the McCanns give out about the fairy story abduction is a load of unproven tripe.

  121. Ah, Ah, What the Royal wedding have to do with you Kate and Gerry and your booklet of lies?

    They really lost the plot and have no idea about the world they belong to. The narcissist always end up behaving so ridiculous that they don't realise how the society mock them. This two and their team remind me the story of the "naked king".
    No surprise if we saw them behind a stall, near the church or the palace where the Royal ceremony is going to happen, selling their book. Who sells a book in pre-order before been written can do anything. Money, Money, £££££,$$$$$$$.

  122. I tried to post in the Daily Mail article. It says Technical problems. The big majority of the comments were not good at all for the pair. But they will swallow everything for money.

  123. #120,

    The fund seems to be a "sensitive" issue for the english media and authorities, they do not want to touch it, not even with a barge pole, it's like the fund is akin to the bubonic plague! And it seems it was alredy an "inconvenient" issue to the british police back in 2007...

    From Mr. Amaral's book, chapter 18,


    During a more relaxed moment at one of these meetings, I come out with an ill-judged comment. Inopportune or undiplomatic, but this is my reasoning: thinking about the kinds of crime that may have been committed if the McCanns were involved in their daughter's disappearance, something occurs to me. If they were involved in one way or another, then a crime of fraud or abuse of trust is a possibility concerning the fund that was set up to finance the search for Madeleine. Donations have reached nearly 3 million Euros.

    If such a crime exists, Portugal would not have jurisdiction to investigate and try it. The fund being legally registered in England, it would be our English colleagues who would deal with the case. Our English colleagues then realise a hard reality: the strong possibility that they would have a crime to investigate in their own country, with the McCann couple as the main suspects: a prospect that does not seem to appeal to them. I notice a sudden pallor in the faces of those British people present."

  124. The Mail don`t seem to like it when I mention Goncalo Amaral`s book - they haven`t put my comments up.

  125. O Sr. Webster tambem ja escreveu outros livros sobre casos de pedofilia na Gra-Bretanha em que ele critica as tacticas usadas pela a policia. Parece-me que quando ha uma investigacao sobre redes de pedofilia, o Sr. Webster mete o nariz no assunto e declara que tal investigacao e uma caca a bruxas, muito estranho.

  126. I've been thinking to myself...this writer, a Mr. WEBSTER...just a coincidence that he shares the same surname as Dianne WEBSTER...? Is Dianne Webster's husband a Mr. WEBSTER too...? Or is Webster Dianne's maiden name and she has kept it after married?
    I recall that David Payne, in his rog. interview, mentioned his father-in-law as being a very helpful person in a crisis, someone who offered good advice, etc., and that he had called him on the early hours of the 4th May just for that reason. He never mentioned his father-in-law's name though...nor did the interviewer ask that person's name, I wonder what's Fiona's father name, can we assume he's a WEBSTER...? Any relation to this Richard Webster?

  127. I have the feeling that Bin Laden will arrive in London, on May 11th.
    Driving around, standing on a open limousine, waving to people.
    He intends to visist the Queen.

  128. Happy New year to Dr. Amaral and is darling wife and two lovely daughters.
    This sad and tragic case has made many people victims, not only little Madeleine. It is impossible that God isn't on your side.


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