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Maddie Case: “Political Influence demands an Inquiry”

The G9 or as the media named them, the Tapas Nine

Maddie: WikiLeaks reveals the conversation between the British and North-American ambassadors

“Political Influence demands an Inquiry”

Gonçalo Amaral, the former coordinator of the investigation to the disappearance of Madeleine McCann in Praia da Luz, on the night of May 3, 2007, is not surprised with the Wikileaks disclosure of the cable sent by the US ambassador in Portugal, Alfred Hoffman Jr, to Washington.

by Paulo Marcelino / J.F. / R.R. with agencies

In that letter, of September 28, 2007, the diplomat reported on a conversation with his UK counterpart, Alexander W. Ellis, in which the latter said that the “British police had obtained evidence against the McCann couple”. The former coordinator of the Judiciary Police admits that he felt “political pressures during the investigation” and is now asking for the creation of a commission of inquiry in the Portuguese Republic Assembly, alleging that political interference in a criminal investigation undermines the Rule of Law.

“There was political influence as to the direction of the investigation and in the process archival,” said Gonçalo Amaral to the CM. The former coordinator of the investigation - removed from it at its final stage - further adds: “Before the passivity, and almost complicity of the government [Portuguese] still in office, it is imperative, within the Portuguese Republic Assembly, the creation of a commission of inquiry, in order to investigate the influences and political manoeuvring which have led to the discontinuation of the investigation and to the process archival. At stake is the Rule of Law.”

As to the disclosure that it would have been the British police to have gathered evidence against the couple, Gerry and Kate McCann (the missing girl's parents), Amaral is peremptory: “They didn't gather any evidence”. The former coordinator acknowledges the good cooperation of the English police officers sent to the Algarve at the time, but adds that “whomever was in England had other ideas.”

And he gives examples: “The English police even held back the statement made by Katherine Gaspar [read here] about a potential paedophile [David Payne] in the group at holidays in Luz”. And he recalls that David ended up being questioned in England without the PJ's inspectors presence. It should also be remembered that the credit information requested by the Police never received a reply. And Amaral also says that “there are strong suspicions” that the FSS lab results in England were manipulated. And that they were well known at the date of the cable. The laboratory [in]conclusions devaluated the evidence that were found in the apartment and in the couple's car by the British dogs, specialized in sniffing blood and cadaver odour.

Scent of Death
They were first offered in May and then provided with some reservation back in August 2007, the dogs 'Eddie' and 'Keela' signalled the cadaver odour and found blood traces in the apartment from where Maddie disappeared and inside the trunk of the car rented by the McCanns.

Abduction without Proof
Gonçalo Amaral says that there is no evidence of abduction in the process other than statements of Jane Tanner, who was on holiday with the McCanns in Praia da Luz. “She recognized several people as the perpetrators of the abduction and she lied blatantly,” said the former PJ coordinator.

“I Felt Pressured”: Gonçalo Amaral, former coordinator of the Portuguese Judiciary Police

Correio da Manhã – Did you feel political pressures during the investigation?
Gonçalo Amaral – I did, yes. I was confronted, by way of the national PJ directory, with a question that coincided with the thought of the Attorney General's Office, at the time, that not all processes have a conclusion.

- How do you explain the political interference?
– The initiative started by the McCann couple, trough their family contacts, in order to defend themselves.

– Does the cable disclosure surprise you?
– No. I only hope that the Portuguese Justice hears both ambassadors. They are potential witnesses.

Couple creates a new investigation team
A new team of investigators hired by the McCann couple and constituted by Portuguese and English elements, headed by a former UK cop is already in the Algarve according to TVI. The couple alleges to be interested in reviewing the constant sightings that appear in the process. But Gonçalo Amaral dismisses them: “These parents aren't searching for their daughter. They only care about their own image.” And he argues that, otherwise they would ask for the reopening of the process, as he himself defends. “Just a letter. They would only and solely have to pay for the stamp price,” ironizes the former coordinator of the investigation.

[Note the article continues with more information related to the WikiLeaks releases, something that is being covered in the world media, that has nothing to do with the case at hand, therefore I've chosen to translate as a second part the opinion article written and also published today by Correio da Manhã's assistant director, Eduardo Dâmaso]

Back to the Maddie Case

by Eduardo Dâmaso

What is the worth of the WikiLeaks disclosure on the Maddie case? It is truly worthy. Firstly, in the foreground, it shows that British police was convinced of the credibility of the evidence that involved the parents in the disappearance. And then, that the matter was the subject of conversation, at State level, between the English and the US diplomacies.

That is, for some reasons which persist to be yet clarified and that may be related to some work by Gerry McCann to the British government, the issue had a clear political dimension. It was a dossier managed with all the political cautions, as it is understood by the reference of “secrecy” that the matter demanded from the British.

Today, one can also realize that it was none the credibility of the information provided by the U.S. to the request of the investigation regarding the images collected by an U.S. satellite positioned to the south of Portugal and North Africa. At the time, the Americans confirmed the positioning of the satellite, but said that on the night of the disappearance it was directed to Africa, and therefore, it could not have seen a man carrying a child, which latter was said by a witness to be Maddie's father.

If the McCanns truly wished to reopen the case, now it would be a good time. But is it that really their convenience, in face of the facts? It doesn't seem to be...

in Correio da Manhã article and Opinion


  1. I hope Mr Amaral gets his wish. He was a public servant who was just trying to do his job and his employers (the Portuguese Government) have victimised him because of this. I hope the case goes to the European Court of Human Rights. The Portuguese and British Governments both seem to just want it to go away, so I think it should be looked at by parties who do not have a vested interest in sweeping it under the carpet.

  2. Something is going to come out of all this leaking. The McCanns must be quaking in their jogging shoes right now.

  3. I am wondering if, at a diplomatic level, the English asked the Americans not to give the satellite images to the Portuguese authorities? If so, I hope that this comes out in the Wikileaks. Why else would this case be discussed between the ambassadors of the UK and USA?

    Maybe the Americans did this favour but refused to hand them over to the Brits and for this reason, the McCanns hired Halligen because they were desperate to get their hands on the images. What a stressful life they must be leading, always trying to keep one step ahead of events. In the end, it would have been much better if they had admitted to everything right away and maybe they would be getting on with their lives now.

  4. I hope this culminate in an Inquiry and justice restored to Amaral.
    And most importantly, Justice given back to Madeleine and whoever responsible for her fate punished. All the facts about and surrounding the case should be put out in the public domain to prevent the mccanns from peddling their lies and conning people's money.

    This needs closure properly. People needs to know what political influences were involved, to what extent, was the decision to shelve politically influenced. Allegation against DP needs to be clarified for the public for his sake as well as the public.

  5. Good morning Joana,

    Someone in a previous post mentioned that Hernâni Carvalho was adressing the "McCannLeaks" in his "Registo Criminal" in SIC's "Companhia das Manhãs". It is available online in SIC's site, I've just watched it, it's quite interesting. H. Carvalho, together with Paulo Sargento and Paulo P. Cristóvão discussed why on earth would the british ambassador make revelations about the Maddie case to the american ambassador, and more, why would the american amabassador feel the need to report the conversation to Washington!
    This is a question that I had alredy asked myself... why was this subject discussed with the american ambassador, of all people? Was there any particulat interest from the americans in the case...?
    Well worth posting the video in your blog, if you have the time, please!
    Thank you!

  6. Sorry, forgot to give the link to the SIC video:


  7. From the start the clever McCanns used everybody they knew who had connections in high places, including Brown himself.

    That idiot got too close and personal to the McCanns (wasn't it Kate who said he was phoning them at least twice a day), and he had come out batting for them because he thought it would be a popular move, and was then afraid there would be an arrest of one or both of them and he would have been stuck with egg on his face.

    One of the main concerns of Brown was his image with the public because he demonstrates a lack of self confidence, and he would have been shown to have no judgement whatsoever by having got himself so closely involved with a couple who became the chief suspects in a criminal case.

    No doubt the shelving and sweeping under the carpet of the case served him well. Somebody did him a big favour by doing that.

  8. Thank you Joana for your excellent articles.

    Dr Gonçalo Amaral has his voice back and he is making people aware of the Gaspar statements. The day I read mention of the Gaspar statements in the UK press is the day I will know that justice is forthcoming.

    It is interesting that both ambassadors could be potential witnesses. Imo the Daily Express should be showing great interest in the recently leaked correspondence!

    Go from strength to strength Dr Gonçalo Amaral!

  9. "The former coordinator of the Judiciary Police admits that he felt “political pressures during the investigation” and is now asking for the creation of a commission of inquiry in the Portuguese Republic Assembly, alleging that political interference in a criminal investigation undermines the Rule of Law."

    Thats all what I wanted to hear.Perfect.

    The Cables have not releaved anything new,merely confirmed the political will and then yes (@anon 5) why on earth would the US have any interest in this specific case of all of cases ? Why has the US been informed? initially Madeleine"s "disappearance" happened in Portugal and dealt with accordingly to portuguese laws.
    It has gone well over the portuguese "borders"....

  10. Zodiac. I agree, The Express should take a great interest.
    Hopefully they will soon go to court & claim back all that money they gave that lot under false pretenses.

  11. "political interference in a criminal investigation undermines the Rule of Law".

    This is exactely what is happening to Julian Assange.

  12. Thank you Joana for this article - it is so good to know that Goncalo Amaral is now vindicated and everything that he has stated has been the truth. He is to be admired for his patience and passionate belief for what is right. Justice will prevail!

    I agree an inquiry into the political pressure which brought an end to the investigation is essential. We would then see who/what influenced this investigation once and for all.


  13. As regards the involvement of Brown with the McCanns, it would be interesting to know how many phone calls in all he made to them and the amount of time he spent talking with them. That also applies to his wife.

    And whether it is true that a close family member of Brown's is also a friend of Gerry McCanns.

    Just what was Brown's involvement with the McCanns that he could put a word in for them into the right ear so as to get Dr Amaral removed from the case which is what the McCanns wanted.

    What a bloody disgraceful piece of shady, hole in the corner, business this is if it is true that top politicians have been interfering in a criminal case on behalf of suspects who are friends of theirs, or of members of their family, and it certainly looks that way.

    It would also be interesting to know whether Brown spent the same amount of time phoning other people who found themselves involved in criminal cases abroad whether they were involved or not.

    What's betting the answer would be ZILCH.

    So please explain Gordon Brown, why did the McCanns get all that special attention, especially as you were supposed to be running a country at the time and must have been very busy.

  14. * just for reference, and for those who don't know - it could be somewhat relevant as far as connections and friendships go, and to shed some light regarding Dâmaso's article - having friends in the right places and all that....

    Gerald P. McCann did at one point work for one of the medical subcommittees advising the Committee on Medical Aspects of Radiation in the Environment (COMARE) http://www.comare.org.uk/comare_members.htm and http://www.comare.org.uk/12thReportPressRelease.htm

    PDF: MEDICAL PRACTICES SUBCOMMITTEE Dr G McCann BSc MB ChB MRCP MD Glenfield General Hospital, Leicester pages.78/79

    Also, according to the process files statements, Gerry had already been in Algarve, previous to May 2007 - this is for those who continue to say that the couple had no opportunity or sufficient knowledge to, for example, conceal something...

    «When asked he says that he had been in Portugal previously in 1994, staying in an apartment near to Albufeira. This is the first time he has returned to Portugal.

    His desire to know Portugal in 1994 was due to the fact of playing golf, as our country is known for the excellent conditions for practising this sport. On this occasion, the trip was proposed by one of his friends who accompanied him, David Payne, who upon searching in Internet, made a reservation at the OC, P da L, Lagos, for the witness, his wife and the rest of the group, a total of nine adults and 8 children, including his daughter Madeleine, this group consists of people he has known for 5 or 6 years.»

    in Process Vol I Pages 34 – 39

  15. So, Dr. Gerald McCann is keen on golf...funny...he didn't go golfing in Luz...only jogging and tennis and more tennis!

  16. Polícia britânica mantém que investigação a Maddie cabe a Portugal

    British Police states that the Maddie Case investigation belongs to Portugal

    The British police refuses to comment the reference made to Madeleine's disappearance on the US diplomatic cables divulged by WikiLeaks, alleging that the investigation belongs to the Portuguese authorities.

    "The investigation to Madeleine's case is lead by the [police] Portuguese", stressed a Leicestershire police spokeswoman to the news agency Lusa, who refused to comment what was the contribution made by the British officers in this case. (...)

    The rest was already translated - Ellis - Hoffman - cable story and then:

    (...) The Leicestershire police, who coordinates the liaison of the cooperation with the Judiciary Police, since it is in that area that the McCann family resides, does not confirm the content of the cable nor considers itself relevant for the reopening of the process.

    "Our role since the first day, has been, and remains, to coordinate and complete and investigations in the UK, and to provide clearance [follow-up] for any steps that might have been requested by the Portuguese authorities to be carried out in the UK", said the same source to the news agency Lusa.

  17. * addendum to above , last paragraph: 'Our role since the first day, has been, and remains, to coordinate and complete the investigations in the UK(...)'

  18. I hope somebody will ask Wikileaks to find satellite pictures of Alagarve, specially of Praia da Luz, 2007.
    Where was the body taken to and where was it taken to when the couple hired the car?

    Those ambassadors are obliged to accept a police interrogation because it was a crime.Every person is obliged to colaborate with the law.

  19. Congratulations to Murat.
    He is now suing 4 of the Tapas 9, probably supported by publications of Wikileaks.
    I hope those 4 will become as poor as a church mouse, paying him a lot of money.
    I hope also Express will sue the McCanns and the rest.
    And Murat will sue the McCanns as well.
    I can't wait.

  20. It isnt true they only made enquiries on behalf of PJ. Supt "Hi Stu" Prior was taking instructions on the direction of the investigation directly from Gerry McCann as is clearly shown in the e-mail trail in the released files. He pushed the cooperman farce on Gerrys orders. When Mr Amaral complained that the Leics Police seemed to be being led by the parents he was 100 per cent accurate.

  21. 19, how do you know that?
    "He is suing 4 of the Tapas" or he will do it?
    Thanks for your answer

  22. Joana

    Can Dr Amaral succeed?
    Is there a precedent?

    In England the procedure is called a judicial review- where the conduct of officials and there actions can be reviewed.
    I have been trying to get to a uk solicitor to advise whether this can be done in regard to the actions of the Leicestershire Police.

    Could any duly qualified person reading please comment?

    reply to info@allthetruth.info

  23. You and your spooks keep spinning joana. it would be interesting to see how you fare in the field. not quite so comfy out there. you have really gone into overdrive, haven't you? Really looking forward to wiping that smug grin off your face in the new year. How's the ecomony at the moment?

  24. The satellite images - if they do exist, would surely be welcome news to the McCanns and their supporters? Have any of the pro sites indicated that they are happy that there may at last be an identity for Madeleine's 'abductor'? ;)

  25. Number 9,

    To strengthen the diplomatic interest of Maddie's case there was the presence of the British secret services in PDL at the time. Just a coincidence? Guess not!

  26. Didn't the dogs alert to scent and blood where Madeleine's DNA were found? I know the dogs cannot testify in Court but surely the DNA speaks for itself.

  27. Anon 18

    That is what is so handy about large bags and covered buggies, both of which the McCanns were said to have had vanish while they were on that fateful holiday. Nobody can see inside such things.

    But, with a bit of luck there may be satellite pictures of the night the man who looked like Gerry McCann was seen carrying the lookalike Madeleine and where his destination was.

    What a turn up that would be.

  28. Given this particular cadaver dog's track record, the alerting by it to cadaver scent in the holiday apartment and hire car should be allowed to be presented in evidence.

    This little doggie is top notch and cannot be faulted. To lump all cadaver dogs together as being the same is nonsense. Each cadaver dog needs to be treated on its own merits and past record, just like human beings are if they are giving evidence.

    Some are believable, some are not. It would be for the judge and jury to decide.

  29. #9 and #24:

    "I heard that a PJ officer had been surprised to find a member of MI5 at a UK meeting about the case, and this made him suspicious that shadowy forces could be at work. "

    This quote is from the article "Kate and Gerry McCann: Beyond the smears" by David James Smith published in the Sunday Times on December 16, 2007.

    In my opinion, the article is basically pro-McCann *rubbish*, an attempt to discredit the cadaver/blood dogs etc. That specific quote, though, may be of interest to you...

  30. For whatever reason individuals' have been silenced, why??????????????

  31. Hi Joana and thank you for all your research - Why is this case not being fully investigated, Wikileaks has mentioned it, there are many discrepancies there is also the dogs dectecting cadavar in the mccanns apartment and only on items handled by them, also the mccann couple attempting to sue Sr Amaral for his factual book, why are they allowed to write a book which is based on nothing more than their fairytale story of abduction - since the child Madeleine first 'disappeared' many new facts have come to light especially the indescrepancies of the Tapas 7 statements and Kate and Gerrys reluctance to co-operate with the authorities - this case should be fully investigated.

  32. Boas

    Só para desejar um BOM NATAL para todos.
    Este é um blog que não perco diariamente.

    BOM NATAL :s


  33. Blacksmith Blog crtical of Mr Amaral saying he may be harming his defence in a libel trial with his recent comment's on Portugese TV is it right of wrong anyone please.

  34. 21, yesterday or this afternoon I read it on McCannfiles, on those sentences that are moving around(news), home page, but they disappeared this evening.

  35. As far as I know, Eduardo Damaso says the satellite was turned towards Africa but who said that?
    If I remember it well, that fat Belgium(Duarte Levi)made up this story. He is a pathological lier.

  36. I really hope Murat is suing those 4 people.
    If it will cost them money, they could chose for telling the truth.
    Who knows Mrs. Webster will tell, in order to protect her daughter Fiona.
    A full confession,the body, instead of money, would Murat appreciate it?
    This is going to cost a lot of money to Tapas7.
    Murat is only the beginning.
    When he wins, and he will, Tapas 7 or even Tapas 9, will get more invoices: tv stations, news papers...
    Do Tapas 7 think it is worthwhile continuing protecting the McCanns? Till they start living like poor people in Sumatra, after the tsunami?
    This is going to happen to them.

    Selling their homes, their cars,etc, to pay everybody around. For the rest of their lives.
    Only because they let themselves be manipulated by the McCanns, that fatal evening, and they got in trouble.
    Madeleine was not their responsibility and they are paying for a crime they did not commit.
    But there was the crime of pointing Murat, as being the abductor.
    Oh, yes, they will pay for their false statements.

    The McCanns will always save themselves and always swim in money.
    Tapas 7 will not.

  37. To the people who have been sending death threats and others against my person, your comments, and your IP addresses, will be forwarded in a criminal complaint against unknown people to the Portuguese Judiciary Police.

  38. I wouldn't worry too much Joana. I am quite sure the senders of those alleged threats you mention are more accustomed to threatening & intimidating children than they are actually carrying out death threats on adults. :d

  39. Joana 23 & 30 are the rats feeling lonely on the sinking ship and all those who threaten you, well it can only be at least two because all other rats have left too, are just having their last death jerks in the game of their miserable existence. It is getting lonelier and lonelier as the food supply is low and truth is threatening their dishonest front. We will ignore their toxic presence and treat them as these villians treat others. They have preferred to join the scum of the earth and they no doubt want to stay there.

    Come, our infamous crowd, stop being con artists - it is time to "tell the truth. Don't try and hide even the smallest detail.....cooperate with the law" quoting from another site

  40. I am glad to know you are taking that action, Joana. It will hopefully result in their internet providers being required to disclose the identities of the people involved. Intimidation of bloggers, forum moderators and website owners has gone on far too long, and it is imperative that anyone receiving threats of any kind report them to the police. That it is happening to you is not a pleasant thing to hear, however, it is further proof that there are questions to be asked about the people trying to silence those speaking the truth. Stay strong and please know you (and your "team") are very much appreciated for your translations, your commentary and your absolute commitment to justice in Madeleine's case.

  41. @23.still doing the mccanns bidding i see,fool

  42. Joana,
    They are merely proving that they have nothing else to fall back on. No cogent argument nor compelling evidence. They are struggling and panicking.
    As soon as someone resorts to the "argumentum ad baculum" you know they know thay have lost.

  43. Re: Joana @ 36

    I would urge everybody who has been threatened and intimidated by these sick and despicable people to do the same as Joana where possible, and ensure that they save and cut and paste all online threats and make hard copies. The police in all countries need to see the level of threats that have been made on behalf of the McCanns by the very few people who still believe their abduction story.
    It will be interesting in the end, to see how these few people are connected to the McCanns and their friends, and what has driven their hatred and disgusting behaviour to such dangerous levels. The Portuguese and British police should be tracking these individuals down for the sordid way in which Senhor Amaral and his supporters have been treated throughout this case. The McCanns and Clarence Mitchell should have told them to stop this when it started, but they didn't, so it looks like they must condone it and welcome it as supportive action.

  44. To understand the polital aspect to the case,it is important to know what was going politically and diplomatically between the 3 countries: Portugual,USA and UK as this had a tremendous influence on the investigation and it could well be the mccanns have been used in a sense.
    This does not alter the fact that it is widely exposed they are directly involved in Madeleine"s "disappearance".
    Is it the PJ that "offered a deal" to Kate McCann during the 11 hours questionning?
    We have the timeline of Madeleine"s disappearance and the dipolmatic influence on the case started almost immediately with "assistance" dispatched to the mccanns as immediately."Assistance" which had no part in the actual investigation: secret police.
    Then Yvonne Martin....long time not seen.

    Here is a link to a Cable which gives an insight into the political setting in those days.
    The Cable start with this title in english: "Cable del embajador Hoffman a Condoleezza Rice: "Portugal es un firme aliado" but the Cable is in English.

    "Alfred Hoffman, U.S. ambassador in Lisbon, write to the Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, praising Portugal and recalls that the Portugal Governement opened air and sea space to support U.S. military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan"


    In my next comment I will post an other link about John Buck,previous embassador in Portugal around Madeleine"s tragic story

  45. You're not the only one receiving threats at the moment Joana. I have every admiration for you and contempt for these shadowy forces. Any wonder that certain witnesses felt intimidated? the fact that they are stepping it up means we're really hitting home.

  46. anon 32
    I believe Blacksmith is advising Amaral to refrain from saying too much publicly , especially as regards possible "government cover-up".

    I agree Amaral needs to be very cautious. He doesn't need any more ennemies than he already has and he must stay focused because his opponents have lots of money to spend on the very best legal team.

    Força Amaral!

  47. Quite right, Jo. Report these bastards. These idiots are scared and probably come from the McCann camp. Liars and scammers hate being exposed.

    Well done to you for your outstanding work.

  48. Goodness gracious me! Death threats?! It has come to that now?
    "Someone" is getting pretty worried/desperate...

  49. Joana,
    Good for you, don´t allow people to threaten you, for sure they are just idiots but never the less, it is not nice to recieve this kind of thing. There was a case about 2 yrs ago and the person making threats was hauled into court by the police, they take this kind of thing seriously. Thanks for all your hard work.

  50. @21 & @33

    The report was as follows:

    Expat is to sue Tapas Bar friends - Daily Express

    By Daily Express Reporter
    Friday February 19,2010

    BRITON Robert Murat, wrongly labelled a suspect in the Madeleine investigation, is taking legal action against four of the McCanns' friends, it was revealed yesterday.

    The estate agent has lodged a "criminal complaint" against Jane Tanner, 39, who claimed she saw a man carrying a child near the McCanns' holiday apartment on the night Madeleine vanished.

    A second complaint has been made against Ms Tanner's partner, Dr Russell O'Brien, and Fiona Payne and Rachael Oldfield, also members of the so-called Tapas Seven.

    It is understood that the complaints centre on allegations that the four gave evidence to Portuguese police which led to them making Mr Murat, 35, a suspect in the investigation.

    The expat, who lived in Praia da Luz at the time, was found to have no involvement in Madeleine's disappearance.

    Details of the allegations, lodged at a court in Lagos in the Algarve, are unclear because under Portuguese law the parties involved cannot discuss them.

  51. @37 I would like to say I agree with you but unless you've received death threats before it isn't that easy to brush off.

    Joana is fully correct to report these people to the appropriate authorities.

    I guess when you expose the McCanns their supporters are gonna come out to play.

    I do hope the threaters get arrested.

  52. Things must be going on that is not in the public domain, regarding this case and the reopening of it. Portugal and its justice system would be pretty stupid, if things were not happening, there is now too much out in the open regarding the lies of the Maccann couple and their friends that night.
    I trust Mr Amaral we have to wait and see. Who would want to be in the Maccann's shoe's this Christmas. Have a Unhappy one Kate and Gerry your time is almost up. You have caused all this by your pride and arrogance, all things come to they who wait.

  53. http://joana-morais.blogspot.com/2010/10/criminal-record-kate-mccann-in-praia-da.html

    Is this still a work in progress - it makes for fascinating reading and worth revisiting!

  54. Joana at 36

    It sounds like something is really getting them so rattled they have to issue threats.

    Something here is really hitting the mark. Maybe we should expect more revelations in the near future via the media. People who have something to hide and know there is official confidential information about it must be wetting themselves wondering what is going to come out next.

    In this day and age NOTHING can be kept secret.

  55. It is really ashamed that every time the things get hot on Mccann's A.... the Pro's start intimidating people like Joana or textusa. That make me think about the real motives behind this actions. They cannot be people like the big majority that posts on blogs like this one, honest and just looking for the truth. Who intimidate others on cases like that, is scared, and if is scared is because they have something to loose or to be exposed. They are part of the gang. The gang start with 9 but now is a huge company with all living at the expenses of the little girl. They are all scared. A crime like that never fade, never go away. IT is just a question of time, and the all saga will be exposed.
    The Wikileaks open the way. Now who know or have seen something just need a little courage to come forward and tell the police everything they know.
    The Daily Mail highlight's on his article, the last court session in Lisbon with inspectors stating that most probably Madeleine died in the apartment. The same paper recall the report from the British police saying that the Mccann's must be investigated for homicide. And they recall the money earned by the Mccann's after suing some papers. The time could be changing. I hope so.

  56. They are cornered, Joana! And the only thing they can do out of their rage is threaten you. They are completely desperate. Stay firm!

  57. The threats are simply the sound of restless,ennoyed and fearful people: the truth hurts.But I do agree:Joana is absolutely right to report,no doubt about it.
    The "mccann"s empire" build on a sand castle is crumbling down and they know it.

    @Anon 35

    I agree: Dr.Amaral must not speak too much and he never did really but now more than ever it is best to keep even silent,although I understand this is difficult considering the recent events.

  58. Thanks Nige for your answer, I am 21

    Thanks Joana for all these informations.

  59. Let us all hope for an indapendant inquiry into the uk governments roll in a missing child case ,also lets hope that the Portugues demand the case to be re-OPENED for Maddie ,she deserves the right to RIP nd kate & Gerry are blatantly guilty if not why not want the case re-OPENED ?"no stone unturned"???????????

  60. Poster 44 ,I too have had threats on twitter as Jo is aware of ,I have been told to expect"A knock" and my real name and town I live have been pasted on twitter ,there are 3 or 4 DESPERATE people on there who day and night post Pro McCann rubbish ,IMO these people are SO desperate to cover the truth they are in some way connected to mcCanns or tapas group

  61. Part of what Ellis said in cable leak: "He commented that the media frenzy was to be expected and was acceptable as long as government officials keep their comments behind closed doors."

    This statement conveys to me that the US and UK governments were not happy with the media frenzy, and that it would be in their power to curtail it, should the need arise. So Ellis feels it necessary to assure the US government that the UK are OK with the media frenzy as long as GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS keep their mouths shut.

    So what are all the things that government officials would be tempted to tell the media? What were all the government officials discussing behind closed doors? Why would a criminal case be so interesting to government officials?

  62. Poster 59 from 44
    I have every sympathy for you. There are some really nasty people around. I would report it to your local police, assuming they're not Leicestershire or the Met. Even if they can't do anything at the moment, you can inform your tormentors what you have done. What sort of circles do the McCanns move in? I think I know.
    Please feel supported by your friends here on the blog.

  63. @patrixjude 60

    "Why would a criminal case be so interesting to government officials?"

    3 countries are involved and they took the opportunity of that case to preserve thier transatlantic "alliance".It is not the criminal investigation that "interests" them nor the mccanns as such but the politics and how to show off in front of each other.
    Because of the presence of the US in Portugal and their ongoing support to the US.
    .-Section 27.1.a (1)Information is exempt information if its disclosure under this Act would, or would be likely to, prejudice—( a) relations between the United Kingdom and any other State-.

  64. Very sick

  65. WikiLeaks: the emperor wears no clothes

    Now WikiLeaks has laid bare the lies and collusion, we pledge to not just witness but actively participate in its fight for democracy

    "Power is abused in our name by governments and transnational corporations around the world: they fight illegal wars; abuse and kill people; pillage property and planet.The powerful accumulate wealth and force the majority – the rest of us – to pay for it: with our health, our freedom, our time, our money and with our lives. For a long time, we have been deceived about the reasons for this: it is our right for the truth to be known. Without that right, democracy cannot and does not exist. The current assault on WikiLeaks is yet another instance of democracy-hating by elites."


  66. Deaththreats: They threaten Tony Bennett, they threaten Joanna Morais. They also drive a wedge between Tony Bennett and Joanna Morais because they are terrified of what may happen if there is unity in the McCann-sceptic camp.

  67. @ 60 Patrixjude.....

    So what are all the things that government officials would be tempted to tell the media? What were all the government officials discussing behind closed doors? Why would a criminal case be so interesting to government officials?


  68. Anonymous 32, I read the article by Mr.Blacksmith to which you refer. Much like everyone else Mr. Blacksmith has his own theories as to the meaning of that short summary of the conversation between Mr. Ellis and his counterpart from the USA. And the deductions that Mr. Blacksmith draws from this small WikiLeaks revelation seem to me to be influenced by his belief that there was no political pressure applied by Britain on this case. In his article he refers to the "non-existent British political pressure on the investigation." I'm inclined to believe Mr. Amaral when he says that political pressure was exerted, after all Mr. Amaral led the investigation and not Mr. Blacksmith. The following is taken from that article:

    "what had been a dramatic story about a missing child had now moved into the legal arena and it was clearly imperative that members of the UK government – whatever their personal opinions – made no public comments pro or con and allowed the legal process to take its course."

    At the same time that Mr. Rebelo, who took over the investigation from Mr. Amaral, went to England to interrogate members of the Tapas the McCanns left England for the European parliament in Belgium flanked by British politicians. I pose this question to Mr. Blacksmith: In accompanying the McCanns to the European parliament and making it appear that the couple initiated a child welfare cause isn't the British government implying that the couple is innocent? Is this not detrimental to the legal process?

    Mr. Blacksmith makes it sound like the poor British media had no other recourse than to accept the opinions of the members of the McCann team. I would remind Mr. Blacksmith that the accusations that the Portuguese police turned on the parents without any evidence still persist.

    And to conclude, Mr. Amaral has the potential of making a small fortune in libel claims in England, unfortunately, no English lawyer will take up his cause.

  69. The documents will give people around the world an unprecedented insight into US Government foreign activities.
    The UK AND Portugal are bending to the US protecting their interests in being "freinds" with US for warship reasons: they get something out of it,either personally or for their respective countries.
    Mccnnas were pawns,used to suit the diplomatic manipulations.Of coursr this does not alter the fact their are totally responsable and the perpetrtors of Madeliene"s death,this is not an issue anymore,we all knwe this before the Cable leaked out.
    The whole thing is being assessed you can be sure of this behind our backs of course but mark my words: the moment Portugal,US and UK agree the mccanns are not useful anymore then the investigation will be re-opened.
    Naturally I hope Dr.Amaral will be able to re-open it but he wont be successful unless the political will is lesser than it was and it might well be when we read the nature of ALL the cables related to the US: not nice
    In both cases,the mccanns will be used.If they had any sense they would stop the damning story ,owe up and DISAPPEAR for good....

  70. Was Blacksmith the guy who ran off with the info about the posters on 3A?

    Sorry to say this but I do think there are people who are appearing to be anti McCann but are really there just to throw a spanner in the works.

    It is called manipulation, and am left wondering where these people are really coming from.

    Dr Amaral knows what he is doing and is well aware of what has been going on.

  71. 49, Nige, darling,

    Februari 19th 2010?
    On the day Ramses II was born?
    But it is still good news.
    I'm sure Murat will make it.
    Thank you!

  72. Anonymous 17/12/2010 15:10, why should you be sorry for stating the truth. There are bloggers whose sole purpose is to defend British institutions, to deflect any suspicion of improper conduct away from them. Then there are those bloggers who either intentionally or unintentionally, (I'm still not sure), resort to such convoluted theories that, although they still maintain that the McCanns are guilty, they end up discrediting every witness whose testimony is troublesome for the McCann couple.

  73. Poster 69, I think what you mean is that Blacksmith suffers from "verbal diarrhoea" - in simple terms meaning that he is "too full of his own self importance and likes the sound of his own voice". Whether anything he says has any relevance or not, he is just speculating to make himself sound important. He is much in the dark as you or anyone else on the planet as to what has been going on with the McCanns for the past 3 years (except the PJ of course). Just ignore him.

  74. I love reading Blacksmith! He's never boring like some of the bloggers, especially those who berate him. He writes beautiful English and he knows what he's talking about. Perhaps he gets too near the truth for some people.

  75. Anon 73

    Well said Blacksmith! Nothing like blowing one's own trumpet.

  76. I read Blacksmith on occasion when his articles appear on other people's blogs. I agree that he is entertaining, however, just because he is entertaining does not mean that we have to blindly accept everything he says as the gospel truth.


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