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Maddie case: "Portugal has a feeble government in face of English 'friends'"

This Thursday, the former Judiciary Police inspector in the case of Madeleine McCann, Gonçalo Amaral, has again pointed his finger at the Portuguese government, after last week's 'WikiLeaks' revelations, that showed that it was the English police itself that found evidence that incriminates the McCann couple in the disappearanca of their daughter Madeleine, on the night of the 3rd of May, 2007, in Praia da Luz, in the Algarve.

Gonçalo amaral told Efe agency that Portugal "has a feeble government in face of English 'friends', servile and submissive, and the shelving of the investigation into the mysterious disappearance of Madeleine McCann is a shame for our country and for the Portuguese judicial system".

The former inspector, who had already told Correio da Manhã that he believed that the British police didn't tell the PJ everything, is convinced that London pressured Portugal in order to remove him from his post and in order to avoid any accusations against Kate and Gerry McCann.

Gonçalo Amaral is confident that the case will be fully clarified, but he says it is necessary to restart the police investigation and to review the process.

"Madeleine McCann deserves to have justice done. Her likely death and her mysterious disappearance cannot depend solely on the political will", he says.

in: Correio da Manhã, 24.12.2010


  1. Dear Joana We thank Gonçalo Amaral for his tenacity and true spirit of an investigator who wants to see justice done and is prepared to pursue the investigation and questions outstanding. We are all so grateful for his ceaseless participation and engagement. Wishing him and his family wonderful, happy holidays and may the transistion into 2011 bring them fun and laughter and a year of health and wealth! And to you and your team, thank you for all your hard work to keep us informed and up to date. Wishing you too compliments of the season and happy holidays and success in all your undertakings!!

  2. Dr Amaral must be feeling so frustrated but never loses his dignity. He has waited a long time to vindicate everything he has said. I hope is new book is available soon. I did wonder if the McCann are publishing their novel to coincide with the release of Dr Amaral's?

    Joana would you mind if I quoted from the above piece for a newspaper comments section? One UK paper is allowing very libelous comments about him.

  3. "Gonçalo Amaral is confident that the case will be fully clarified, but he says it is necessary to restart the police investigation and to review the process"

    Hear hear mccanns! the "case will be fully clarified" just what you always wanted isnt it?
    I am very confident too the b*** will see the end of their "nightmare" soon.

    An other year is folding upon Madeleine"s memory.

    I cannot wait for the day justice will finally be made to her: she deserves it even if her parents are opposed to it because this is what they are doing: they oppose the ONLY person who is trying to make justice to THEIR daughter.

    Merry Xmas all

  4. I must add to my post at 2 Dr Amaral's BOOK. The FACTS!

  5. "Madeleine McCann deserves to have justice done. Her likely death and her mysterious disappearance cannot depend solely on the political will", he says.

    Justice must be done political will or not.And it will against all odds.
    Madeleine"s "story" is not ending here:there will be more and justice will be the final ending.It cant be otherwise.
    Merry Xmas to all and a special thought for the Amaral Family

  6. É este o nosso governo, fraco com os fortes e forte com os fracos.


  7. I hope Goncalo knows how many like-minded people there are in Britain who long to see justice done for Madeleine McCann. May God bless him and his family as they celebrate the birth of their Saviour, and thank you Joana for all you do to achieve a just outcome to this shocking case. Happy Christmas to everyone!

  8. Write to the Portuguese Attorney General Fernando Jose Pinto Monteiro while you are in the mindset to write.

  9. Perhaps throwing not sand but snowballs at this paper would be a good idea.

  10. Surely this "we will also not tolerate personal attacks, be it against other commentators..." I think a more accurate wording would be "we will also not tolerate personal attacks, be it against other commentators provided they agree with everything that Joana Morais believes and people who agree with her. Everyone else deserves personal attacks and abuse. This would be the way this forum treats people and is an honest assessment of how this forum is run. Comment policy does not seem to be adhered to. It looks very welcoming but is not a true reflection on how one is treated if they express alternative views.

  11. One of Gerry's sister gave an interview about Kata and Gerry(McCann files).
    At least we know now how they are feeling.

  12. I cant understand why the mccanns dont want the same for Madeleine as Mr Amaral does,they are fighting him all the way instead of helping him to get to the bottom of what happend to Madeleine. The mccanns are on a downward slope now and they know it,but because of all the lie,s they and the tapas have told they have to keep this charade up,they are just clinging on by thier finger tips.

  13. I respect the judgment of the portuguese attorney general in this case.

  14. I am afraid to say despite Amaral's will and determination, he's facing a mission impossible. Unless there's new evidence, just citing political interference without proof is going to be veryt difficult to get the right authority to listen. They will deem he reads too much into the wikileads. There may well be political interference but imo the wikileads didnt refer to that. It may just plainly be the dogs evidence and crime profiler that the UK diplomat was referring to.

    For the Public ministry to reopen there has to be a very strong feasible and viable reason showing hindrance previously that compels the reopening,otherwise just on Amaral's belief (even if true) he's facing uphill struggle.

    Imo short of a miracle, like one of the T7s breaks rank because pissed o with ththe mccanns for continued unnecessary charade and money making scheme gone too far or maddie's remain resurfaces, otherwise just on Amaral's will and one-man battle it's going to be tall order. jmo.

    Of course I hope something unexpected will happen soon, I am pissed off with mccanns annual xmas message. It isnt enough they read the message to the loyal supporters they even wheel out their family member to do it. This patricia cameron bit is disgusting. I am shocked the papers even waste space on that dribble.

  15. I wish Goncalo Amaral and his family all the best for the future,i hope he will be vindicated and i hope the british press have to apologise to him for the way they have castigated him.

  16. "Gerry is the baby of the family"(Patricia Cameron, McCann Files).
    A lucky baby that survived and is now 42.
    Not every baby grows up till it becomes an adult...
    It depends of the sense of responsibility of his parents.

  17. I'm sure Mr. Amaral is aware of how much he is appreciated by all his friends from all around the world.

    It's my time to say to you all (maybe I am already late for Australia, NZ and others, sorry...) have the merriest Christmas ever and a Happy New Year (but I'll be here to celebrate 2011 with you).



  18. Happy Christmas to you Jo and all who are working for justice for this child, and may God speed justice in this case, God Bless the Amaral family, and for the Maccann's no peace in lies only utter torment.

    Maddie is a little angel this Christmas in heaven away from hurt, and selfish parents she is now out of their reach.

  19. Marry Christmas, dear Joana and all the team! The best wishes to Dr Goncalo Amaral and the family! GOD! PLEASE! Bring the Justice to this case! It's time to send all this perverts to prison!
    Marry Christmas and a very Happy New Year to all!

  20. Hola todos!

    Desde Argentina , quiero decir que cada vez admiro mas al Sr. Amaral por su honradez, valentia, conocimiento,en fin ,un monton de valores que no son tan faciles de encontrar en una sola persona con jerarquia alta dentro de la Policia. Tambien,quiero agradecer sinceramente a Joana Morais por su dedicacion y por sus agallas tambien!
    A traves de estos tres años y medio,uno va viendo y conociendo un poco en este website a todos los participantes y notando sus ganas de participar siendo muchos de ellos ingleses inclusive.
    En mi caso,vengo siguiendo esto con mucho interes y deseo por sobretodo que MADELEINE obtenga JUSTICIA!
    Vivimos todos en este planeta y sin distincion de paises y/o credos estamos luchando como podemos por una misma causa.
    Felices Fiestas para todos!

  21. Merry Christmas & a Happy and healthy New Year Joanna.


  22. Merry Christmas Joana and thanks for all your work and all the best for 2011 xxx

  23. Kate and Jerry seem to be exhausted(McCannfiles, Patricia McCann Cameron) and I can understand it.
    Their tension must be terrible, specially after Wikileaks publicised about them (and now Jerry's sister Patricia says something like Jerry"became more serious").Who knows she means "more responsible".
    Those publications are more than a reason to re-open the investigations and the British ambassador is obliged to cooperate with the law.Even the Prince of Wales was interrogated in Diana's inquest and he cooperated with the police.Very correct.
    The ambassador, Brown and José Sócrates will have to answer questions.At least 48 each, in order to give a good example to Kate.
    If they would have confessed the death of the girl, by now they would been out of prison.And if it was an accident, maybe no prison at all.It seems that their political power is not enough to save them from punishment.In this case, maybe it was more than an accident.
    And speaking about "Jerry more serious", this could help Kate during a criminal process.
    I wonder how his former patients feel when they read their cardiologist is more serious now.If he would be a dermatologist, a ophtalmologist,ok, but a cardiologist?
    Let us all pray for Jerry's patients.

  24. Is it just me? Actually I'm feeling TM is weakening whilst Sr. Amral seems to gain strength.

  25. As the mccanns no doubt often check back to read Joana's blog, here a message:

    "Just as surely as distress must follow self-deceit, healing must
    follow self-honesty." ~ Vernon Howard

    .....so make 2011 a year in which you and your conspirators make the decision to 'tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth'
    for everyone's sake. You act like people who can hide behind your two hands thinking at the same time that no-one can see you. By now everyone knows what you are up to. It is really painful to see you insisting on the lies and thinking you still bluff anyone. See that your little game is over.

  26. Merry Christmas to Joana and Co, also to Mr Amaral and his family, love and best wishes for 2011 to you all.

    Justice will come and it will be in 2011.

    G. UK

  27. G. Amaral is the only one really searching for Madeleine and he don't ask any donations or set any Fund to finance it.

  28. "Gerry has changed. He is more serious and he is always exhausted"

    (McCannfiles, Patricia Cameron).
    If you become more serious after your 39th year of life, it is indeed exhausting.
    Not used to it before.
    He is learning and that is good news for the siblings and for his pacients.

  29. Goncalo Amaral must be pretty sure of his facts to be pursuing this case so relentlessly. I think the Tapas 9 must be very, very worried, hence the McCann's continuous attempts to silence him and smear his name at every opportunity. I have a feeling we won't have to wait too long before he gets the justice for Madeleine he has strived for so long.

    My compliments of the season to Senor Amaral and his devoted family.

  30. Madeleine Mccann aunt explains how the search was a charade and why it is always all to serve Kate and Gerry... To pay their mortgage, promote their image, bring them to the stage of fame (even without any popularity).
    Not a single word endorsed to Madeleine, to her feelings and pains after more then 4 years out of her family. Or there is no pain at all? Which child miss a family like that? Madeleine image and tragedy was explored until we feel vomiting. No any other child was explored in so many ways by her own family. THEY ARE ALL LIVING AT MADELEINE EXPENSES. THEIR VOLUNTARY CONTRIBUTION, ALWAYS HAVE A POUND, EURO OR DOLLAR AT THE END.
    Dear Aunt it is time to start foolishing your young brother and leave the public out of your business.

  31. I was wondering why they dont sue Julian Assange.He is himself writing a book to face leagl expenses to tell the TRUTH,a documented truth as it is.....

    I never knew that telling the truth was a crime but it looks this way on the mccanns planet....

    .-"Julian Assange to use £1m book deals for legal fight

    WikiLeaks founder says he had to sell rights to autobiography to cover legal costs and keep website afloat".-


    (Joana I am wondering if my comments do not appear because of the links I "tinyurl"??.Thanks for telling me)

  32. That is an unbalanced game: Kate and Gerry know where is the body, Amaral not. Without a body, Pinto Monteiro will not reopen the game. That's Why Kate and Gerry still playing with public their dirty game, asking donations, launching fake petitions, pretending to reopen a case that lies on what they are holding- The body.
    I believe, A dog search on their properties, in UK, will bring to light very important clues about what happened to the body. Their travel around Europe was to open the way to bring the body back home. Why the Renault Scenic increase so much the Kms, when they were out of Portugal? Why Kate Cousin was the second name entitled to drive the car? Why a truck with Madeleine's outdoor arrived to PDL exactly when they start their travel around Europe and was drove by two guys hired by John Mccann( Madeleine uncle)? ( Go to the News available at Mccannfiles and just add 2+2).
    Some movements that appear to be not related and just coincidental, could be in fact, very well programed and paid by the first donations in the FUND. The way that the truck was bring to PDL was very suspicious. Was the truck searched by the police or went and got out of Portugal without been checked? And the two soldiers that went to PDL more or less at the same time( one died in strange circumstances and was cremated after having his life completely turned over)with the apparent commitment of helping with search, were they searching or helping to hand over the body? Their accounts, movements and phone calls need to be checked by the police.

  33. Dear Joana
    Very best wishes for the New Year. Any chance of asking wikileaks if there is any info.on Kevin Halligen and his court case in Washington? IMO he knows a lot about what happened. It's gone deathly silent on his extradition and at this rate, he's on his way to another year in prison- unless he's already gone. The Guardian has challenged the courts to provide more information on extradition proceedings, but has been rebuffed. I wonder why?


    :h Hopefully, the case will come to an open-ended conclusion during 2011.

    G. Amaral's will be found not guilty of defamation and free to publish a second, expanded version of his factual account of his case, while the McCanns' will publish a best-selling doctored version of events. Welcome to ideology.

    The McCanns' book beats Tony Blair's autobiography sales figures but falls short of Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code. It is unlikely G. Amaral will be published in the UK for the very same ideological reasons.

    For those of us who wish to see justice for Madeleine by having the McCanns' stand trial and spend a sojourn in prison that, I am afraid, will never happen. Sorry to disappoint.

    It is not so much as a lack of political will, the truth is given the demographic profile and status of the parents you would need more than inconclusive circumstantial evidence to prosecute them successfully. You cannot by-pass the Law's dialectic process (prosecution/defence/jury) and flog an opinion based on the facts as we see them. The defence would see them too (but from a different angle).

    The Portuguese judicial system has known that from the very beginning thus their decision. It was the image of the country that was at stake. You don't make a fool of yourself by prosecuting someone with evidence that would not stand against a multi-millionaire defence team and "experts' opinions". No way.

    So instead, the McCanns will be judged by the court of public opinion. Some will believe they are innocent. Some (the majority, perhaps) will believe they are not.

    The truth only Madeleine knows but...

    Mystic Meg

  35. Annon 27

    Carrying guilt is VERY EXHAUSTING, that is why they look so bad, instead of time healing, it is eating them away from within.
    They will not be any piece until they tell the truth and nothing but the truth

  36. 30, I don't think the McCanns travelled around, by air, with the body.
    The Faro airport would be confronted with a smelling bag.
    I believe they were attrackting the attention out of Algarve, for some reason. I think replacing of the body.
    The media were concentrated on them in Spain, Germany and Holland. and Praia da Luz was empty.
    And they did not go to the UK, afraid of being arrested for child neglect.
    I also believe they rent the Scenic one day before they went to the Vatican in order to replace the body from the church.
    They invited the whole media present in Praia da Luz to join them in that trip,on that plane, and somebody replaced the body during their and the media abcense.
    And the police must know it.

  37. 30, increasing the amount of kilometres: to confuse the police.
    Imo, the body is still in Praia da Luz or Luz.
    Too risky to drive around with it, specially for an English man who is used to drive at the left side of the road.

  38. #12,

    Can you respect an attorney general that archived a case in the middle of the investigative course?! An attorney general that announced to the media a few days before, that soon there would be a "SOLUTION" for the case...and he "solved" the said case by cutting/stopping the investigation and leaving lots of loose ends, avenues to explore, people to question, etc.?
    Who else do you respect? Hitler, Bin Laden...?

  39. 35, I don't believe they increase the Kms to confuse the police. At the time they were not aware that few months later two expert dogs are going to search their belongs. The Scenic for some time was used to store and carry the body. Why they rented an isolate Villa? They were not afraid of a Paedo to come back and kidnap another child, but they were very afraid of neighbours eyes spoting at what they have to hide.

  40. #34,
    As far as I know, the Faro airport did not make the McCanns go through all those security checks that we, common mortals, have to submit ourselves to when travelling by plane. I'm referring to their return/escape home, after being made arguidos. They were treated like VIPs, escorted directly to the runway and into the plane. I suppose this extraordinary treatment happened under the protection and the demands of the british diplomatic services in Portugal. Of course, I'm not saying that they had Madeleine's remains with them at the time, but, with the obvious assistance they had from the british authorities since day one, and the subservience from the portuguese authorities, it would not be too far fetched...

  41. Gerry McCann was off back to UK in no time at all.

    Their property in Rothley should be searched. All the rest of the so called 'clues' have been a load of red herrings with the message look everywhere investigators but don't look back in UK.

    The investigators have been looking ever since and have found NOTHING. Do you honestly think real 'clues' would be left behind.

  42. One day the truth will come out. A crime like that cannot be kept forever.
    If by telling the truth at 2007, they will got a suspended sentence, after all the crimes/frauds made after, somebody will end up in prison. no time to rest, kate and gerry.

  43. ...yes, the mccanns and co are in stress, tired, run down, exhausted, what do they expect? they have to stay ahead of their story and devote their time and energy in their now experienced, manipulative frame of mind, staying on the defence, cooking up their next, never-ending concoction of dung and more crap, their relentless quest to contaminate all with what they dish up and anyone who will swallow their sh...
    Yes, their stuff stinks alright, all the way from PdL. When will they stop saying they are looking for their child when everyone knows......

  44. no place set for Maddie at the dinner table, no talk of more presents, no stocking for Maddie. She has been betrayed by the people who are supposed to care for her. Let down by parents,family and friends of the parents. Somewhere that little girl awaits a peaceful resting place and blessing. How can you continue to earn money on the name of your child, lining your pockets with her sadness. Using her defect as a publicity machine, you parents should be ashamed, you continue to let her down in your quest for money. I hope something turns up very soon to ignite this case once more.

  45. Some people think the McCanns feel guilty that's why they are exhausted and stressed,i don't believe for one minute that they feel any guilt at all,rather they are full of fear because justice is closing in on them,that's why they are stressed,it's nothing to do with guilt.

  46. 36 The only opinion I don't respect is yours.

  47. You need a conscience to feel guilt. A sociopath has no conscience.

  48. I also think Maddie`s remains are no longer in Portugal & that everyone to do with them here in the UK should have a visit from the dogs.
    Who was it that hired a big van to bring all their things home as they had acquired too much to take on the plane? Was it Michael Wright? I know I read that, so what if that was when Maddie was brought home?
    Kate is brazen enough ( IMO ) to go walkabout in Portugal every now & then to give the impression that Madeleine is still there.
    I, as a mother would not have left a child behind, dead or alive.


  49. I have wondered for a long time why it is assumed that Madeleine supposedly disappeared within the timeframe stated..i.o.w. somewhere between 09.30 -10.00? It seems to me, as much as i have studied the whole case reading every word of the investigation that there REALLY isn't any reliable information of anybody but the McCanns having seen her as from the moment onward that Kate picked her up from the creche..and certainly not anymore after 07.00 pm. As none of the other witnesses are credible just based on the sheer fact of contradictions they have come up with in their statements, and not in one statement have i ever seen one of them mention that they SAW Madeleine sleeping in her bed when doing the checkup rounds..it rather seems to me that none of them actually entered the apartment and the whole disappearence scenario should be rethought, disregard the s.c "witness" statements of a lot of people that apparently are only out to cover their own backs and wanting to look like responsible adults and parents (when they were not). Therefore, my personal investigation (if i could do one) would start at rethinking the moment of Madeleines disappearence..it could have happened MUCH earlier!! The finetooth comb investigation should be focussed at WHAT HAPPENED between 06.30 - 08.45 in apt 5A??..just hoping that the investigation will continue some day somehow, in order for justice to be done for Madeleine.


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