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'Madeleine Case': British Police indicated the parents

The British Ambassador certifies to the US the accusations presented by the Portuguese police

by Miguel Mora

Only one among the 250,000 cables leaked by Wikileaks makes reference to the sad and tragic case of Madeleine McCann, the British girl who disappeared in Praia da Luz (Algarve) on the night of May 3, 2007 and whose fate is still no known.

The confidential cable was sent by Lisbon on 29 September of that year, only 20 days after the girl's parents leaft Portugal in haste after being questioned at Portimão's police station on suspicion of accidental death and concealment of Maddie's cadaver.

In the cable, the then new British ambassador in Lisbon, Alexander W. Ellis admits to his U.S. counterpart, Alfred Hoffman, that it was the British police who found the evidence against Madeleine's parents. According to what Hoffmann wrote, Ellis "did not go into details of the case" but "admitted that it had been the police of his own country who had developed the evidence."

The ambassador, Ellis, also told his counterpart that the security forces of both countries "were working in a coordinated way" on the case, and regarding the huge media frenzy, he said that it "was expected and acceptable, as long as the representatives of the Government maintained their comments behind closed doors."

Ellis recommends total secrecy, suggesting that their job is to keep the case secret with the Portuguese government. And above all, he admits privately what the spokesperson for the family and the British Government never admitted publicly, that the move of making Madeleine's parents, Gerry and Kate, official suspects [arguidos] was due to evidence obtained by the British police who was sent to the Algarve.

Many Portuguese and international media, amongst them EL PAÍS, told at the time what Ellis confirmed in secrecy: that it was the British police, with the help of the [CSI] expert dogs brought from England, who found the evidence of Maddie's likely death (cadaver odour, blood and residues of bodily fluids), both on the wall of the apartment to the trunk of the car that the McCanns had rented.

Those findings, together with some inconsistencies shown by the friends and Maddie's parents, prompted the Portuguese police to declare Kate and Gerry McCann as arguidos (suspects in the Portuguese judicial system) and to take their statements on September 6 for almost 11 hours.

Three days later, the McCann staged a spectacular escape, at dawn, from Praia da Luz to Faro airport and from there to England. On July 21, 2008, the Portuguese Attorney General decided to shelve the case and exonerated the parents for lack of conclusive evidence.

Source: El País

ID: 124011
Date: 2007-09-28 15:36:00
Origin: 07LISBON2527
Source: Embassy Lisbon
Classification: CONFIDENTIAL
Destination: VZCZCXRO1258
DE RUEHLI #2527/01 2711536
R 281536Z SEP 07

C O N F I D E N T I A L SECTION 01 OF 02 LISBON 002527




E.O. 12958: DECL: 09/25/2017


1. (C) On September 21, newly-arrived British Ambassador Alexander Wykeham Ellis informed Ambassador Hoffman that European concerns over Russia's aggressive energy policies and the need for market competition were the driving forces behind the third EU energy liberalization package. He suggested that Russia's position with its neighbors was guided by a self-proclaimed right to do "what it wants, when it wants" in its own neighborhood. Regarding Robert Mugabe's participation in the proposed EU-Africa Summit, Ellis said the UK would not discourage other member states from participating if PM Brown stayed away. He doubted, however, if the Dutch, Irish, or Swedish would attend in Brown's absence. Ellis also noted that it was the British police that developed the current evidence against Madeleine McCann's parents in the high-profile case that has captured international attention. He informed the Ambassador that former British Ambassador John Buck had accepted a private-sector position at a UK gas company and that his departure had nothing to do with bilateral issues. END SUMMARY

2. (C) According to Ellis, European concerns over Russia's aggressive energy policies and the need for increased market competition were the driving forces behind the third EU energy liberalization package. He called Russia the greatest threat to European energy security and described its energy policies as a "game that's coming to an end." He argued that Gazprom's sustainability depends on the European distribution network and that Putin, who is "always trying to make a point to Europe," knew and understood this reality. Quoting a statement he had heard elsewhere, Ellis described Russia as "too strong, too weak"; suggesting that it was a bipolar society divided by feelings of strength and empowerment and internal fears of national failure.

3. (C) When questioned about Kosovo and Russia's relationship with its neighbors, Ellis suggested that Russia's position (on Kosovo) was driven by a self-proclaimed right to do "what it wants, when it wants" in its own neighborhood. Ellis did not believe that Russia had high regard for Serbia or any of its other neighbors, but rather it feared outside influences in the region. Reflecting on his position as Director of the EU Enlargement Team in London (2001-2003), Ellis noted that completing the 2004 EU enlargement phase had been difficult, and hypothesized that if the Russia of now were the Russia of then, the process would have been nearly impossible.

4. (C) According to Ellis, the UK's position on Zimbabwe has not changed; if Robert Mugabe showed up, then Gordon Brown would not. However, he could not confirm if the British government would send any representatives. While he claimed that the UK had steered away from discouraging other member stated from attending, he noted the possibility that the Dutch, Irish, and Swedish leaders may follow Brown's lead. Regarding Chavez and Ahmadinejad, Ellis commented that Portugal's approach was centered on "engagement" -- even with the so-called bad guys. Ambassador Hoffman countered that "irrational people cannot be expected to behave rationally." While acknowledging that the US position was justifiable, Ellis responded that there were sensitivities at play for Portugal, especially regarding Venezuela. (Note: There are
approximately a half-million Portuguese living in Venezuela. End Note)

5. (C) Madeleine McCann's disappearance in the south of Portugal in May 2007 has generated international media attention with controversy surrounding the Portuguese-led police investigation and the actions of Madeleine's parents. Without delving into the details of the case, Ellis admitted that the British police had developed the current evidence against the McCann parents, and he stressed that authorities from both countries were working cooperatively. He commented that the media frenzy was to be expected and was acceptable as long as government officials keep their comments behind closed doors.

6. (SBU) Ellis, a former school teacher, joined Britain's

LISBON 00002527 002 OF 002

Foreign and Commonwealth Office in 1990 and moved progressively up the chain to Ambassador. Lisbon was his first foreign tour as a diplomat, followed by postings in
Brussels, Madrid and London. He has also served as Director of the EU Enlargement Team in London (2001-2003) and as adviser on energy policies and trade issues (2005-2007) under EC President Jose Barroso. He is married to Portuguese citizen Maria Teresa Adegas and has a nine-year old son. Ellis informed Ambassador Hoffman that former British Ambassador John Buck had accepted a private-sector position with a British gas company and that his abrupt departure in August 2007 had nothing to do with bilateral issues.


Watch: What Lies Beneath the Truth - based on the book written by the Portuguese Judiciary Police former Inspector-Coordinator Gonçalo Amaral, the officer who was removed from the investigation to the so-called "Maddie Case" (English Subs)

This documentary was censored in the UK and banned in Portugal, it was based on a book which was also banned in Portugal via an injunction filed by the McCann couple after more than one year had gone by since both documentary and book were, respectively broadcast and published. The McCann couple only filed the above mentioned injunction when negotiations were taking place to publish both book and documentary in the UK. The censorship of both documentary and book envisages their destruction, that is the ultimate McCann couple objective, as stated by their own lawyer. The McCann couple action is a clear attack to a fundamental and inalienable right as stated in Article 37 of the Portuguese Constitution, Article 10 of the European Convention on Human Rights and UN's Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Sign the Petition created by Citizens in Defence of Rights and Freedoms - Project Justice Gonçalo Amaral and help us restore Freedom of Speech & Expression in Portugal. International : http://gonaral.epetitions.net Portuguese Citizens & Foreign Citizens residing in Portugal please sign this Petition instead 'Petição Projecto Justiça Gonçalo Amaral' http://www.peticaopublica.com/?pi=PJGA Both Project Justice Gonçalo Amaral petitions will be sent to the European Court of Human Rights, the European Parliament, the Justice Ombudsman; the Portuguese petition will also be sent to the Assembleia da República in Lisbon. More information in different languages here: http://pjga.blogspot.com/

Note: the McCann's injunction on the book was overturned by a Superior Court ruling: Lisbon Appeals Court Decision on the McCann Couple Injunction

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  1. I feel the end is close do you agree Jo ?, please say yes !!!

  2. Apparently it is the first of two. Second one still amiss

  3. If the British Police know the McCanns are guilty of something why weren`t they more co-operative with the PJ? Why did they hold back the Gaspars Statements, why so unhelpful regarding bank statements, medical records etc.

    So this evidence that the British Police `developed` was just the dogs` findings I presume. Or did they find more?

    We need more than Wikileaks - we need some leaks from the Leicestershire Police force.

  4. If your puter is showing sign of slowness dont worry


    'Prepare for all-out cyber war'

    Read on

  5. @Louise 4
    Why dont you get in touch with wikileaks and ask for "more"?
    There is what there is and it is rather incriminating.
    The mccanns have beneficiated from "diplomatic immunity" which we have known all along.The only thing is we do not know WHY.

    Just in case more stuff will come out IF Julian is prosecuted and send to Sweden thanks to the brits

    Read on

    'Prepare for all-out cyber war'


  6. Jo, thanks for bringing us this information, but I have never been in any doubt that British Police are gunning for these two. If either our police or our politicians spoke of this case or the evidence against the McCanns it would prevent any future prosecution and so I am glad of the continuing silence. It is also a deafening silence for the McCanns when they demand "help", the Brits and the Portuguese know there was only one little victim who needed help and she is the only one who will continue to be considered in all of this. It is not about telling everyone in detail at this stage what the evidence is against the McCanns, it is about preserving that so they can face justice, in the end, for Madeleine, for the twins and for all abused and exploited little children.

    Thank you for all your hard work, I have watched the video of Goncalo speaking and just cannot wait to hear what he was actually saying.

    I hope this brings to Kate and Gerry the Christmas Hell they truly deserve, but as ever, my heart goes out to their remaining two little children who just do not deserve this.

    Carry on cashing in and writing your book Kate and Gerry, there is a place for people like you.

  7. I get a feeling that ambassador Hoffman was quite surprised by ambassador Buck's sudden departure, thus the need for Mr. Ellis' assurances that it had nothing to do with bilateral issues.

  8. Wonder which pressures the UK authorities are going to put today on Julien Assange trying to negotiate the silence of the wikileaks among British issues ( including the Mccann's)in order to let him out of Sweden and USA justice. I hope he resists. He become the new world hero and for the credibility of the wikileaks and his own credibility, their lawyers must advise him to resist and expose all the truth. At moment he and his site become the most powerful people in the world, without war, without conventional weapons. Obama was inducted into a secondary figure.

  9. A Belgium newspaper ( I think) Published at the time the letter sent by ambassador Buck to UK government highlighting that the crime could be different then what was told by the Mccann's ( no abduction) and the British authorities should be cautious with the support they gave to the parents. At the time looks like that he was forced to leave Portugal or he decide to leave to avoid being involved in the cover-up of the crime.

  10. @12 it wasn't the ambassador John Buck, allegedly it was Sheree Dodd, a former Daily Mirror [hack?] journalist and allegedly appointed by Tony Blair's Foreign Office to be on the McCann's PR team -> read: «The McCanns' early success with the press can be put down, in part, to the media experts they found working alongside them. The Mark Warner company, whose holiday apartments they had been staying in, already had a deal with PR company Bell Pottinger. That meant that Alex Woolfall, the company's crisis management head, was in Praia da Luz the day after Madeleine disappeared. When Woolfall left 10 days later, the Foreign Office stepped in. Media handlers arrived from London. They included former Daily Mirror journalist Sheree Dodd and, later, former BBC man Clarence Mitchell. Both Woolfall and Mitchell are remembered by reporters as key and immensely helpful sources as the McCann phenomenon took off.» in the Guardian and «Alex Woolfall is crisis management head at Bell Pottinger, the public relations outfit headed by the original sultan of spin, Lord Bell. Mr Woolfall’s main clients have included that other global brand Coca-Cola. For the first fortnight after Madeleine disappeared, he was on the spot in Praia da Luz, acting as go between for the family and the growing pack of journalists. “We were aware from the outset that there was a huge amount of media interest and they were very keen to see the media as a partner,” he said in an interview. “They find themselves having to ask themselves ‘What can we possibly do that means we will be able to sleep tonight, knowing that we have done everything today that we could have done?’.” In an unprecedented move, the Government took over news-handling on behalf of the McCanns. Sheree Dodd, a former Daily Mirror journalist and long-serving senior spokeswoman for the Government, was dispatched to Portugal. The Foreign and Commonwealth Office announced that she was being deployed as “press officer responsible to act as media liaison officer for the McCann family”. » in the Times - on that information leaked to the UK media read: 'British diplomat warned Foreign Office of concerns over McCanns' with a large pinch of salt due to the author of that piece of news.

  11. How unfortunate is the use of the word "developed" in this context. Someone commenting on the Daily Mail report asks if it is a synonym for "fabricated". If the other comments on that site are typical, that is how many of the public seem to be reading it. Another Mail poster thinks that this gives the McCanns good grounds for suing the British police! Sometimes I really do despair.

  12. A word has to be read and weighted within a context - perhaps the Dacre's Mail readers like the one you pointed out should have a on-the-side dictionary? ;)


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