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McCanns’ lawyer opposes the reopening of the process

Rogério Alves, the McCann couple’s lawyer, has told TSF that there is no new data in the documents that were revealed by Wikileaks that would justify the reopening of the process.

The McCann couple’s lawyer in Portugal, Rogério Alves, has said in a statement to TSF that he opposes the reopening of the inquiry into the disappearance of Madeleine in Lagos, in the Algarve, in 2007.

At stake is a telegram from the North American embassy that was revealed by Wikileaks, which indicates that it was the English police that presented the evidence that led to the McCann couple to be made arguidos.

The telegram, which is cited by British newspaper The Guardian, describes a conversation between the ambassadors of the United Kingdom and the USA in Portugal, shortly after Kate and Gerry McCann were made arguidos.

Nonetheless, Rogério Alves considered that these suspicions from the English authorities add nothing new to the process.

“That information is completely useless. It only contains a reference to a piece of evidence that the Public Ministry and the Polícia Judiciária (PJ) considered to be totally useless, which consisted of a couple of dogs that having barked, but being naturally unable to depose in a court room, would constitute some sort of indication against the child’s parents”, he said.

“To open the process, yes, when that contributes to finding out where the child is and what happened to her, [but] to open the process, no, when it is to review what was already seen by the PJ and by the Public Ministry, that correctly considered those indications to be absurd and inconsistent”, Rogério Alves added, justifying that “nobody in a democratic state can be taken to court based on dogs’ barking. That is absurd.”

The former PJ inspector, Gonçalo Amaral, has a different opinion. In a statement, he considered that there had been political interference in the process, and therefore he asked the Public Ministry to reopen it.

in: TSF, 14.12.2010


  1. As we have known for a LONG time the last thing McCanns want is the case re-OPENED, hope this is broadcast,They are in sheer panic, just as Maddie must have been when she was left alone night after night its called KARMA and it going to bite Kate gerry, Tapas, and ALL who have covered for them right on the ass and Im SO happy

  2. oh my what a stupid man,if the mccanns did the reconstrution i think you will find LOTS of new evidence it would certainly PROVE there was NO abduction.

  3. A reopening is needed NOW.
    Bloody McCanns should be behind bars.

  4. We always knew there was NO way they wanted the process re-opened. Time to put the begging bowl away and for Leicester Police to remove the link to the McCanns' private fund from their website. That in itself has always been scandalous.

  5. Hi Joana,

    If you can, can you please highlight for us what are the differences between reopening and review of the case? I think there is somewhere confusion between them.
    Why the Mccanns feels confident asking the review as this one can not compromise them?
    I think even if there is a review it can comprise them, because in the review i think they will look into the whole process which was done before and not just part of it.

    Thanking you for all your committement,


  6. The McCanns this Christmas 14 Dec 2010

    Kate took the twins to see Santa and they whispered in his ear
    And what they told Santa made Kate shake with fear
    What could it be that so shook Kate up?
    That the thing the kids most wanted for Christmas was a little pup

    Later that night after Kate put the twins away
    Drinking the third bottle, Gerry asked what Kate had done that day
    Well, in the hour that I allow the kid’s time with me, I took them to see Santa and sat them on his knee
    Gerry asked, it wasn’t Payne dressed up was it? as he likes to watch little kids at play
    No said Kate that’s when he came around, when I was alone the other day

    To change the subject, the kids want a dog, Kate blurted out
    Gerry went into a rage and began to shout
    No bloody dog will ever come in this front door
    It might start digging under the garden shed floor

    Give them Madeleine’s presents, those the idiot public gave
    She won’t be needing them and think of the money we will save
    Gerry said he wakes up in a cold sweat, dogs give him a nightmare
    He sees Eddie and Keela at the end of the bed giving him a hard stare

    Kate asked, will this be the last Christmas in our lovely Rothley home
    Gerry replied, it will be if you buy a dog and he digs up a bone

    We’re still getting Christmas cards from stupid well-wishers coming in
    But as they contain no cash they go straight in the bin

    How, in the season of goodwill can people be so mean, not to send us a pound or two
    They should remember the trouble and strife that Madeleine has put us through
    Its not been easy for Kate sitting on her arse writing a book and attending media events
    But we have an image to protect, so its money well spent
    Rest assured every penny of your cash will be spent on me and Kate
    Searching for Madeleine, as you all know, is 4 years too late

    We’ve never wanted a re-opening or even a review
    As it would clearly show what we have been up to!

  7. He behaves just like a lawyer for worried defendents, not a man trying to help parents achieve justice for their child.

  8. Will theirs be the only book to be pulped before it hits the bookshelves? Or are massive revisions being undertaken as we speak?

  9. Why were the SECURITY services involved?

  10. In all fairness, Rogério Alves couldn't say anything different! He is paid, surely very well indeed, to avoid AT ANY COST, the reopening of the process. So he is only giving echo to his masters' orders. But, his arrogant discrediting of Eddie and Keela's findings sounds bad....really bad. He is following Gerry's line: ask the dogs, Sandra.
    By the way, besides the British police, the British secret service was also ordered on to the scene. My question is: why the hell was the Britsh secret service sent to meddle into this affair in Portugal? What and who were they protecting? What, or of whom was the British government afraid of? What were they afraid of that the Portuguese investigators could find out and therefore had to be watched very close? This whole affair STINKS...
    All we can do now is continuing giving our support that incredible cop called Goncalo Amaral, and hope for the Portuguese judiciary to come to their senses and do the right thing: reopen the case!

  11. Kate and Gerry are trying to confuse the public - first they want the case reopened and then this Lawyer contradicts that.

    Does Kate ever wonder that if she had answered all those pertinent questions from the PJ's, something may have come to light as a result of her replies, or is she so stupid to think the Police can solve a crime without any help from witnesses?

    This couple are just revelling in all the limelight and making lots of lovely money on the back of Madeleine!! But then they will need it having at least three sets of lawyers! And those are just who we know about!

  12. I lost one of my gloves, blue, big and I hope Wikileaks will publish where can I find it back.Thank you.

    I believe that after September the 11, satelites became much sharper on controling coasts of the north hemisfer.
    There is the possibility that there are very sharp pictures of Praia da Luz and Luz made on May the 3rd.
    Exactly in front of a muslim part of Africa, very close to it,yes, there are probably pictures of Maddie coming home and being taken away to a secret place.

    I detest this Rogério Alves.I hate his front teeth.

  13. Is anybody going to ask him exactly WHY he opposes a reopening? The case has stalled after nearly four years of "searching", so what do the McCanns have to lose? (Assuming, of course, that they have nothing to hide....)

    And waffling on about barking dogs would not be a satisfactory answer.

  14. Ah, the dogs. Good old Eddie and Keela. They do seem to make the McCanns and their various legal representatives very irate, don't they?

  15. as gerry said not long ago(quote)the british gov know we can keep a secret or words to that effect(unquote) so it seems to me that the british goverment are the ones who stopped Madeleine getting justice
    and to leave the parents free as a bird to do and say as they please.
    how disgusting is that ,for the goverment to cover up the death of a 3yr old baby

  16. Well now I'm confused I thought they wanted the case opened? At least its creeping into the public domain that its not "Sardine munching, too many drinks over lunch, lazy cops" but two groups of hard-working Portuguese and British police groups who reached the same or similar conclusions.
    This is also the first time I've seen neutral reporting in the UK about the McCanns in two years so that's got to be good.

    Just to conclude why do we think the British Government was so involved? I can't help thinking that it's Gordon Browns ham fisted attempt to gain popularity. He was a complete control freak so I wouldn't be at all surprised to hear that he was bearing down on everyone, simply to try and tie himself into what he thought would be a popular cause. Much like a number of their wealthy benefactors.

  17. Oh dear what has happened to Madame Duarte who is on record saying the process must be re-opened, did she contradict the Gerry God just one too many times?

    Listen Madame Duarte what the Gerry God wants is sight of all the evidence in the British files against him, the British and Portuguese Police to ignore all of that evidence and review all his Hewlett/Posh Spice stuff, I mean he is not an unreasonable man, is he? Just difficult to work for I imagine, lol! I think Gerry means a "review of the rubbish that we paid hard cash from my Fund for erm sorry I mean Madeleine's Fund, just to see the sheer weight of it which obviously means we are totally innocent".

  18. I"ll put MY team on this
    News soon

  19. Fernis, Mr. Alves may even no longer be on the payroll of the fraudulent fund but most lawyers are not going to say anything bad about their former clients or go against their wishes, it's bad for business. In all fairness this guy is scum. He betrayed his country; no one put a gun to his head to force him to take the job.

    The barking of these dogs has revealed evidence that has led to a multitude of convictions.

    Mr. Alves has confirmed what many of us suspected; the McCanns don't want the case re-opened and they don't even want it reviewed. This petition about having the case reviewed is just another PR stunt. I would say to Mr. Alves that many cases are re-opened many years later without any new evidence and that according to Mr. Amaral many evidence gathering procedures were left unfinished.

  20. @11.thought that said blue bag at first lol,only it is said gerry lost one as well

  21. The Mccann lawyer's opposition to reopening the case is incontavertible proof that the McCanns don't want the case reopened because their lawyer is only acting for them, on their instructions. It is clear that the Mccanns don't want the investigation to continue. It is nonsense to say that they want to find what happened to their daughter without reopening the investigation. Their lawyer makes a living by 'dancing on the head of a pin'.

  22. Er, so whatever happened to leaving "no stone unturned"? You don't hear that particular little soundbite much these days, do you?

  23. http://www.thefirstpost.co.uk/72763,people,news,british-police-helped-build-case-against-kate-and-gerry-mccann-wikileaks

    Good article.....

  24. reproduction of actual cable


  25. Has Madame Duarte received the "kiss-of-death" from the McCanns...?
    Where has Mr. Rogério Alves been for the last months/year? Odd that he resurfaces again...poor Mr. Alves, I bet he still feels ashamed of the ridiculous figure he made when he affirmed on tv that "yes, of course, my clients WILL COME to do a reconstruction" and then...ok, thinking it over, he was right to a point...they did come to do a reconstruction...their very own!
    And, it seems that he has been talking to Philo McCann...he also thinks that just because "Lassie sniffed something", so what?!
    Eh,eh,eh...when the McCanns come tumbling down (and they will, sooner or later they will, if there's a GOD) they will take many along...

  26. The McCanns daren't have the case reopened.

    If it were to be reopened there is a good chance they would be made 'arguidos' again, if only for their own protection as regards the answering of questions.

    It would be very hard to spin on that either, because the UK public, via the UK media, have been told by the McCanns they have been 'cleared' of all charges, and they would then realise the McCanns were lying all along and they were still suspects in the case.

    That Fund of theirs would well and truly dry up then as well, and after all, according to them, they do have to support their 'extended' family from half of it, whoever that may comprise of.

    Everybody say 'Ah, how sad', no more money from the kitty for a while then. It being Christmas coming up and all, and this family sure do look like they are on skid row. Not!

  27. I see the McCanns' supporters are out in force commenting online and trying to dumb down the McCann Wikileaks story.

    Still attempting damage control all the way eh McCanns.

  28. RIPM at 6.

    Am still laughing at this one, the Christmas cards without the money in go straight in the bin.

    I bet you are hitting the nail on the head with this poem of yours.


  29. That guy is what we call in Portugal "um Chico esperto". When he said that nobody was taken to court because dogs barked, he deserves another sentence: "THE DOGS BARKED AND IN THE PLACES WHERE THE DOGS BARKED, EVIDENCES WERE FOUND AND SAMPLES WERE TOOK AND SENT TO THE FSS LAB. After being analysed the FSS lab issue a report that only sets on little brains with a very special and strange agenda"- Is exactly on that type of brains that this lawyer falls. I hope no any portuguese waste a coin by hiring this men because not everybody has the luck to be protected by power and have the case out of court by a secretary decision. In court he is zero, this is why he have to "promenade" himself in many TVS and radio programmes to grab some more money, repeating always the same cassette. He is a poor "deja vue".

  30. I David,
    The Mccann's don't feel confident with review. That word is just part of the spin and their agenda using the Media to pass the only message they want to pass: "DONATIONS, MONEY, PEOPLE FOOLISH TO MAKE MORE DONATIONS". If they really wanted a review, they just had to fill a form requesting it in UK or Portugal. To justify that decision, they just have to say that they want to do the reconstruction. They know what happened to the girl, then by doing that step they will sign the end of the Fund. How they survive without the easy incomes that the Fund represents? Wikileaks must leak now the destination of the money from the Fund. I believe there will be more hot news in the future.

  31. Anon at 25

    Maybe Ms Duarte hasnt been paid yet. The Express group paid all Carter -Rucks costs no doubt, as part of the out of court ssettlement. People too mean to pay for nbabysitteres are not likely to enjoy paying lawyers bills.

  32. Viv at 17

    Maybe Isabella is yet another casualty of the McCann curse.

    That would be a fine repayment for her dedicated loyalty to the McCanns, and her fight for suppression of free speech in Portugal.

  33. Mccann's have a lawyer for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and another for the rest of the week. Today was the day of Rogerio alves duty. He have to clean some of the s... The other day, was I. Duarte who stick on the mud.
    Wonder why a pair of innocent parents need a bunch of compulsive liars acting as their lawyers, if their girl was just abducted by a egg man and is resting in good care in a cellar near PDL?
    Laughable, this two lawyers and all the lies they deliver to cover-up a scandalous cocktail of crimes.

  34. Excerpts below from the article above where Rogério Alves says this about Eddie and Keela:

    "which consisted of a couple of dogs that having barked"

    Does Keela bark? I thought Keela sniffed and then when Keela has found what Keela is trained to find Keela's little tail wags. IIRC Keela did not bark whilst in the McC hire car. IIRC Keela sniffed around and when Keela found the source of the scent Keela is trained to find, Keela scratched then Keela wagged and wagged her tail. Am I right in thinking that Keela does not bark?

    RA: "nobody in a democratic state can be taken to court based on dogs barking."

    Well surely Rogério Alves, given his profession, realises that that would not happen. It would be the forensic evidence found where the dogs indicated that would be used in any court!

    The dog that barked and the dog that sniffed only barked and only sniffed at the McC accommodation, McC hire car and McC clothing etc. Perhaps Rogério Alves can explain that! What would Rogério Alves think if those same dogs only barked and only sniffed at anything relating to the non McC Arguido, RM? Would the McC's be perfectly happy for archival of the case if RM's accommodation, car etc were indicated by the sniffer dogs in the same manner? Would GM be saying these dogs are unreliable?

    I have not had time to re-watch the sniffer dogs video however if I am not wrong regarding Keela wags her tail and does not bark, then imo how ignorant of the above person for making such a public statement especially as imo he should know his onions! All I can say is pfft!

  35. There are text messages and mobile calls made the night of Madeleine's disappearance,which are damning, but they can't be used in restrospect. The reason for this, I believe is, permission has to be saught to use such information BEFORE a text or call is made, and not after.

    Also, has anyone seen the grainy photograph of a man carrying a child, alegedly on the night in question?


    Rogerio Alves the McCanns' new lawyer?

    Is this the lawyer who used to be the top-dog at the Portuguese bar association and is now involved in the scandal of having used university money to finance his election to the bar association? Oh! My! :p


    Having refused to obbey the decision of three senior judges (appeal) her chances of holding the McCanns chins up in the final round with Amaral were close to nil.

    Rogerio may try to avoid the KO or perhaps he is just there to "throw in the towel".

    Either way, if his first media pronouncements are anything to go by, he is likely to end up making a fool of himself, of his country and who knows... be sued by the McCanns. I feel sorry for the guy...

    One thing is for sure; Madame Duarte being sacked by The Fund, coupled with her loosing the presidency of the supreme council of the Portuguese bar(cough)was the "Christmas gift" you don't wish your worst enemy.


    :f I must wrap it up here, before I start crying...


  37. http://jn.sapo.pt/PaginaInicial/Policia/Interior.aspx?content_id=1734975

  38. Mail Online publicises today about Wikileaks and the McCanns.
    And it refers to the fact the McCanns were payed by news papers, because it was not true that the couple were involved in the disappearence.
    Wikileaks are showing now that it was true and English government knew it.

    By the way: Murat is sueing Tanner, O'Brian, Fiona Payne and Rachel Oldfield.
    See McCannfiles.

  39. Este fulano so pode ser um dos Boys do sistema, cujos casos quando nascem ja estao devidamente arquivados, em secretaria. Quando foi a ultima vez que o vimos aparecer num tribunal para resolver um caso mediatico? Assim e facil advogar com sucesso. Passa o tempo entre passeatas no Sporting e nos canais de TV e radio. O pior e que quando vai a RTP debitar lixo, e pago pelos impostos de todos nos.
    A RTP que e cada vez mais um canal publico a defender interesses dubios e privados, portou-se vergonhosamente na divulgacao dos leaks do Wikileak relacionados com os Mccann. Ontem no Telejornal das 8, tiveram a lata de dizer que a divulgacao mais importante do Wikileaks, relativa a Portugal, foi a oferta de espionagem do chefe do Millenium. Esta jogada privada que nao afectou ninguem e mais importante que os voos americanos a transladar prisioneiros ou o cover-up do crime dos Mccann. A PJ depois de ter feito um trabalho competente em tempo record, foi destruida e descreditada pelo governo do seu proprio pais. Mas ha um dos policias que foi seriamente afectado, na sua imagem, na sua dignidade, que perdeu o emprego, foi silenciado e a quem foi sugerido um divorcio para que a metade dos bens que lhe pertencem podesse ser roubada pelos Mccann com o aval do estado portugues. Se esta nao e a revelacao mais importante do Wikileaks a envolver Portugal, entao senhores da RTP abandonem os vossos lugares porque nao merecem salarios principescos pagos pelos contribuintes portugueses que voces ajudam a tramar.
    Quanto ao amigalhaco do millenium, ainda estou para ver como e quando e que ele vai processar o Wikileaks. Nao foi difamado. Vai processa-los por ter sido denunciado? Entao nao andamos todos a ser educados para denunciarmos, nem que seja anonimamente, quem nos trama ou trama o Estado? Ja sei, isto so e valido para o mexilhao miudo. Que hipocrita e a democracia destes senhores.

  40. Two lawyers, two different statements.
    The mccanns cant make up their minds or SIMPLY playing games?

  41. What is interesting is the photo used in the Ben Quinn
    Monday 13 December 2010 21.30 GMT article on the McCann affair in The Guardian (see McCannfiles).

    The McCann's are not portrayed in this photo looking like the quintessential handsome couple, as previously has been done in many articles. They both have very pained and stressed out expressions on their faces.

    This photo reveals a change of opinion and in the promotion of events in the press, I think.

    btw....I heard that the FSS is to shut down. Does anyone know what would happen to any evidence that they might have to support in a trial? Will it be taken over by another organization?

  42. Patrixjude at 41

    Do not worry about that. All samples pertaining to Madeleine's case were duly destroyed soon after they were analysed. FSS said at it was "standard procedure". Call it "collateral damage" if you prefer...

  43. 39 "Este fulano so pode ser um dos Boys do sistema, cujos casos quando nascem ja estao devidamente arquivados, em secretaria"

    :c Quem fala assim não e gago!

    Uma coisa me preocupa...ate onde chegara a influencia do "boy" no ultimo "round" com o Amaral?

    Sem duvida os McCanns estão a ser aconselhados pela Cláudia Nogueira da Lift Consulting - Consultoria em Comunicação, Gestão de Reputação, Relações Públicas e Assessoria de Imprensa.

    Leia-se: "Simulações de Cena, Lda."

  44. Izzy is in tizzy & Rodger the Dodger is back.

    Is it fair to speculate that Libel is off the table & criminal defense is de rigueur ?

    Fighting a war on both fronts is very expensive. Hard to imagine that the impoverished Fund Ltd could afford both.

  45. Anon. 43,

    Paramim a ajuda dos Mccann nao vem so da Claudia Nogueira, vem do Topo do Ministerio Publico e do Ministerio da Justica. Quem os aconselhou Pinto de Abreu ou Rogerio Alves, logo no inicio? So pode ser quem lida bem com esses escritorios de advogados- O Poder. A forma como eles se mexeram bem no mundo dos advogados, levanta-me outra lebre: tambem se mexeram bem nos suburbios da PDL para encontrarem o lugar e a pessoa ideal que os ajudou a libertarem-se do corpo.
    Engana-se quem pensa que eles nao podiam ter-se livrado do corpo porque bla, bla, bla, eram estrangeiros ha pouco tempo no Algarve.

  46. The FSS is going to be shut down? He! He! Portugal have seen an University being Shut down. What a method to clean up the mud in the life of some kind of people. They all learn from the same book- Corruption.

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