1.Everyone shall possess the right to freely express and publicise his thoughts in words, images or by any other means, as well as the right to inform others, inform himself and be informed without hindrance or discrimination 2.Exercise of the said rights shall not be hindered or limited by any type or form of censorship Constitution of the Portuguese Republic, Article 37.º

Portuguese President Cabinet reply to "A Voice for Madeleine" Petition

The email header

Portuguese President Cabinet reply received by email, on December 2, 2010

The email contains a reference text, the petition text in Portuguese and a PDF attachment [see bellow].

Please find enclosed letter No. 7382 of November 29, 2010.
DSDA - Office of Correspondence of the Portuguese Republic Presidency

Hon. Sir/Madam

I acknowledge the receipt and thank you for sending the exposure made by Your Excellency, requesting the reopening of the case concerning the disappearance of the minor Madeleine McCann.

Albeit understanding the reasons that motivate the referenced exposure, which, in the ambit of principles, reveals a highly commendable concern for the fate of a minor, I hereby inform you, that the matter in question does not fall within the competence of the Portuguese Republic President, a legal and constitutional framework that enshrines the separation of powers, that is, the independence of the
judicial function and the autonomy of the Public Ministry.

Yours sincerely.

The Chief of Staff to the President

José Manuel Nunes Liberato

Petition text [sign here, read here]

update on 6 December 2010
Alternative PDF host since the scribd account was deleted without warning.

13 December - it has been restored, thanks to the scribd team


  1. Só é pena que este «empenho» não sirva rigorosamente para nada enquanto os políticos e os que detém o poder Judicial continuarem a negar a Justiça a uma criança, aliás, a negar a reabertura do processo de forma a que a investigação criminal seja concluída, para que a Justiça seja feita em nome da memória de uma criança - sem mais interferências e palhaçadas mediáticas absolutamente desnecessárias.

  2. Keep trying Joana ONE DAY Maddie WILL get justice and be allowed to RIP ,bless you for all you do for her x

  3. There has been too much complicity by both governments on this. The Anglo Irish Bank, one of a number, has brought Ireland to its knees with reckless loans to propery developers. The Irish people are now paying for this. You don't need to be a rocket scientist to work out where some of these loans were made and the prestige projects involved. Follow the money...The media seem to have been paralysed with regard to a proper investigation of the facts. Instead, we get "churnalism" and wild stories of "sightings", which are anything but.

  4. Hello Joana.

    Thank you from me too Joana for your " highly commendable concern for the fate of a minor" MADELEINE McCann. Yes, it is a pity as you say, but your effort is what counts.

    Kind Regards. Sandra Ryan.

  5. Ok then lets send the petition to the Public Ministry.No problem....or is there something I dont get?

  6. It's already being sent there... and to the Ministry of Justice and to the Portuguese Parliament.


    Very diplomatic of the Presidency to say so, but nothing stops Prof. Cavaco e Silva to have a teaching conversation with so-and-so on the other side of the divide.

    On second thoughts...who do I think informed the McCanns' of the best Portuguese lawyer locally available (read: one with the greatest influence in the Judicial, etc. aka Madame Duarte). Mr. Ellis possibly but who informed Mr. Ellis? Good questions. Are you asking me? No! No! I wasn't thinking of the president...warm...keep guessing...

    PS Good omen for you Joana. The president is aware of your blog and our voices too. We shall overcome.

    Justice for Gonçalo Amaral! Justice for Madeleine!

  8. Letter from Iberia
    It would appear that the revolution was for nothing.
    Portugal and Justice two words that are not compatible

    The statement from the Presidential office only confirms that there will never be any justice for Madilien McCann from Portugal, a honest and honorable ex detective who wants nothing other than the truth to be known will be ruined by the efforts of his own countries judiciary.
    Two or more criminals will not only go free but will be well rewarded for committing the most horrendous of all crimes.
    Shame on you Portugal your justice is corrupt and your children are not protected

  9. Thank you for that, and everything else you do Joana

  10. O comentário n.º 1 é meu e a Sua resposta é verdadeira infelizmente.


  11. Joana,

    Thank you for all that you do your work and time that you give to keep us all properly informed is appreciated.

  12. Interesting speech on libel reform from David Davis in Parliament


  13. Thank you Joana, your hard work WILL get justice for Madeleine one day, very soon.
    Reading between the lines IMO that was a very polite reply, and they respect you dear Joana.

    Georgie UK

  14. Another popular friend to the Mccanns!


  15. Thanks for the compliments. Just to clear things, the above reply has already been sent to those who have signed the petition early on, - in Portuguese (see here) - that's why I've translated and used my «copy» as an example, so those who don't read Portuguese can understand the contents. I imagine that everyone who has signed will be sent the same email and the same/similar attachment.

    Iberia@9 though I agree with the "meaning" of your message on the middle paragraphs, but do try to avoid that kind of continuous style of «shame on you!» - please read the statistics on missing children, in fact of missing teenagers and young people in Portugal; be better informed before making that kind of accusations. Read here and here to start with.

  16. 'reading between the lines' I am more inclined to believe the 'Public Ministry' have absolutely no intention of re-opening the case. Especially at such a critical time for the Portuguese economy.

    How on earth did they manage to get away with shelving it after just 12-13 months anyway? Surely keeping it open would have applied a constant and niggling pressure on their chief suspects (and quite rightly, perhaps) the McCanns and Robert Murat. Pressure tends to lead to mistakes being made. More often than not, those who are not trained to deal with it, frequently cave in after a time. However well briefed the McCanns are, they don't have the skill or capacity to tolerate that kind of pressure over a sustained period.

    And this is why I think it was shelved. Had they kept it open they would have blabbed eventually - embarrassing no shortage of people who helped in the intitial phases.

  17. The reply to the petition refers to a highly commendable concern for the fate of a minor. Not hurtful and unhelpful internet scum as Mitchell, McCann or Isabel Dewarte would have the world believe then, but people with a highly commendable concern. Recognition from the office of the President; a small step in the right direction.

  18. also meant to add that it was very decent of you hiding their email address. wouldn't having your legion of loyal campaigners make personal requests to have it reopened better suit your interests - rather than serve a fairly benign and rather sterile online petition? I remember forum members being more than happy to post the email of senior british mps on the old mirror forum. and I think it had an impact for a time, especially in terms of alienating the mccanns in the political sphere. the press don't care either way, but politicians don't like risking the wrath of the public whatsoever. signatures don't have the same impact as real emails from real people.

  19. @19 what exactly is your problem? If you follow the links to the President site given above you can see the site in English and there and then write a message to the President - furthermore the email address is available to those who have signed the petition, why don't you sign it and see for yourself before making contemptibly stupid accusations?


    Anon 19

    Although your comment was not directed at me I cannot help piggying-in...

    Nothing is ever fairly sterile! Take the "Da Vinci Code". It did not sell for a while and then bingo!. Of course a petition is not a book but the same indeterminacy applies.

    You have only to sign it, wait and see.

    Of course the petition has not, so far, reached the inflated numbers of the McCanns'. Why?

    Well, there are less "cheats" and "jokers" in it and neither the British nor their Portuguese media counterparts publicized the "Voice for Madeleine" petition as they did for the McCanns'- even if the petition was written by a Professor in Forensic Psychology of Lisbon University as opposed to two middling doctors from nowhere. Again ask yourself why?

    I have in the past written directly both to the President and the Minister (Justice). More recently alerting them of the danger (to Portugal's image abroad) to have a suspects' lawyer which has herself problems in respecting the law (Isabel Duarte) being elected to the presidency of the supreme council (of lawyers) in the eventuality the McCanns' managed to get away with the £1 million legal heist they have carefully planned (Amaral et al).

    It might have been a coincidence, but Madame Duarte was NOT elected.

    Mind you, she did manage to come second which still raise the question of how the McCann's, two foreigners, were able to upheld an unconstitutional injunction in the first instance? It took three seasoned, senior judges to overthrow it as preposterous and unconstitutional - or words to that effect.

    Now go and sign the petition of your fancy (if you haven't already done so). :d

    :p Sweaty Dago

  21. #17 wrote:

    "How on earth did they manage to get away with shelving it after just 12-13 months anyway?"

    Well...it was "the solution" for the case! I remember watching with disbelief the statement of the PGR (Attorney General), Mr. Pinto Monteiro, in front of the tv cameras, a few days before the archiving. When questioned, he told the reporters that soon, very soon, probably "next Monday" "there would be A SOLUTION to the case"!
    I felt instantly that the case was going to be archived, that that was "the solution" found! I commented with my husband how could that be?! How was the archiving "the solution" for a case of a missing child, without knowing what became of the child, if dead or alive?!
    Many other cases of missing children (in Portugal) are still active, despite the many years gone by. I'm thinking about the case of Rui Pedro Teixeira, about 20 years have passed and as far as I know, it was not archived yet, no "solution" there...and, the main suspect, a neighbor of the family, was made arguido on and off, that is, he was "arguidoed" and after a while the status was lifted for lack of evidence, and later on he was made an arguido again, etc., etc.,...the case has been "in a coma" for lack of evidence or new leads for a number of years, and yet, the Public Ministry never decided to "solve" the case by archiving it. Unlike this case, Madeleine's still had a long investigative road to run, many diligences to be fulfilled, lots of stones to NOT be let unturned, and yet...it was solved by a premature archival!

  22. 9 Letter from Iberia,

    In your posts you constantly point your accusing finger towards Portugal. Really boring. Change the tune, please!

  23. well done Joana for sending the petition ...'if at first you don't succeed', eventually we will get there we must stay positive, the wheels of justice move slowly, but they are moving. Thank you so much for all you do for Madeleine you are truly inspirational.

  24. May I point out to the "Portugal bashers" above that the actions of a few ethically challenged individuals does not tar a whole nation.

    By the same rulings we as English would be judged by the actions of the Mccanns or by the standards of Blair/Brown fine examples of the classic masonic moral vaccumn. All share the same miserly money grubbing tendencies.

  25. You are absolutely right, Dru - it was on that very same concept, of prejudice and racism, that the McCann spinning campaign was able to thrive and grow, supported by an equally xenophobe media that pushed the story of a missing child as if it was a soccer match between two countries. Fortunately, through forums and blogs, and other social tools we were able to dispel the ignorant racism spoon fed to us, the constant inexact biased churnalism and we have learned to respect each other's cultural differences, manners of thinking, of acting - and the funny thing was, we all, independently of where we came from, had a similar vision and opinion regarding the McCann Affair.

    I've made more than a hand full of enemies for blogging on this case, but I've made real friends for life, from the UK to the US - and that is so much more worthy than the pyrrhic victories of those who have only spread hatred, bullying, legal menaces, censorship... pitiable people.

  26. Or otherwise as long as you ask the President of Portugal to do something fore you then they are gonna send you back into the jungle of burocratie.

    I think they are forgetting in Portugal that they are in danger by not willing to solve a crime no matter who that is.

    Greetings Hans


  27. 17 & 19 - don't forget that the McCanns have friends in very high places and a lot of pressure on the Portugese judicial system to shelve the case. There must be some very dark secrets that have been buried by all this deceit and spin and cannot be allowed to come to light. I still stand by what I said in another of Joana's blogs that Gordon Brown signed the Lisbon Treaty, against what most of the UK population wanted, on the proviso that the McCann case was shelved.

  28. Anon 22 -

    Another very reasoned thought i.e. " How was the archiving "the solution" for a case of a missing child, without knowing what became of the child, if dead or alive?! " Yes, it all seemed a bit too convenient and very odd.

    And ... ties in with Anon 29`s thoughts that a deal was made between governments.

    The McCanns must have been involved in something pretty seedy and could dish the dirt on a few `high ups` for this to have happened.

    And things like that always come down to the human weaknesses of sex and power. So take your pick.

  29. Distance Lends Perspective «(...) The media carnival, so noisy, melodramatic and self-important at the time, has vanished into insignificance, reminiscent of those weighty obituaries of one of their own by newsmen and broadcasters to an indifferent public before they are forgotten for ever. There is general agreement that it was initiated by the McCann family but it is doubtful if it was a critical factor: if decisive forensic evidence had been found to incriminate the McCanns, or forensic traces of an outsider to exonerate them, then no media campaign at that time – in contrast to their defence campaign from the safety of England - would have made any difference to their fate. (...)»

  30. Nothing to do with this but we are dying of cold in Holland.
    This is very early in the season.

    Very good, Joana, keep doing your work.
    We will always support you.
    Any news about the editor and are the books back in the stores?

  31. Louise ...30
    And things like that always come down to the human weaknesses of sex and power. So take your pick.

    You forgot to include Money

  32. PeterMac 33 - "You forgot to include Money" -

    True, don`t know what came over me - maybe I was automatically thinking it belonged with power as does religion, cult and ritual etc.


  33. Apologies for going to other sites (!) but I was reading about the Jon Benet case. Found murdered at age 6 in her parents' cellar. Her parents also managed the McCann mixture of selective silence and publicity.
    Later, their housekeeper came up with more clues. This shows that there is a cast of other people waiting in the wings with evidence that joins up the dots, even if they do make their announcements years later.

  34. My comment - no. 29 - should have read "a lot of pressure was put on the Portugese judicial system to shelve the case".

    Sorry, I was typing too quickly and my brain was lagging behind!!

  35. Lou 30 and 34
    In this case we have
    Power (high officials in Government, the Pope, the White House,)
    Apparent influence in the minds of the public - not the same thing (famous authors, celebrities,)
    Sex - who knows - there have been rumours and conspiracies
    but most of all
    MONEY. A multi-million fund, squndered with indecent haste on various people, the endless pandering to the very rich, - Branson, Rawlings, Kennedy for more and more
    Religion - sudden outburst of devotion from people described by their own families as not very devout
    Cult - "Believers" in the irrational abduction myth must by now surely be deemed to be a cult.
    Ritual - we see KM returning to the church, the repetition of carefully rehearsed phrases by members so the cult, - "There is no evidence that she has come to harm". "I believe in the Holy Ghost, the Holy Catholic Church...", I believe she is being held in a "Hellish Lair", I believe she is giving someone her tuppenceworth, There is no evidence that we were involved in here death,
    If you say these things for a thousand years or more, some people will accept them without actually thinking about what they mean or imply.

    So it is a potent mix, that only someone with an agnostic mind can begin to dissect

  36. Too much Mason handshaking, and calling in favors on this case. Gerry McCann seems to pull all the strings. We should not insult Portugal, politically their hands have been tied. Also remember Dr Amaral is Portuguese and he has put everything on the line,including his family for Maddie. I think we have to thank him, he is the only thorn in the McCanns foot. All else gerry can whitewash. I was one of the first to sign the petition and I am surprised that the votes have not reached a higher figure, given the amount of feeling on the web. The UK has been kept in the dark, as far as damaging facts are concerned.I sadly believe we have a long way to go before something moves on this case. Many children bodies are never found, and The McCanns are sure Maddies wont be, that why they have that egoistic arrogance. They care not for anyone only themselves, unlike most of the people here who care dearly what the truth was. Joana you are marvellous for all you hard work and assistance, thankyou.
    Justice for Madeliene

  37. It demonstrates clearly that the Portugal establishment is as corrupt as the British one!
    It demonstrates that democracy is a myth and that the agenda of the elite is forced on people using stealth, lies,misinformation,cover-ups,spin,brainwashing,violence.
    It demonstrates that the people really have no say and are insignificant sheeple to be hurded.
    It demonstrates how the media's capacity is a tool of propaganda and that truth and freedom of expression has been oppressed.
    It demonstrates what a shitty world we live in.
    It demonstrates what a tight network of crooks have infilterated high office.

    I would rather die on my feet a man...than on my knees as a slave.
    bring on the revolution.


  38. 19 Years after he staged a double murder to look like a suicide, a deeply religious dentist to the stars and forein royalty with many connections in high places in Ulster , confessed to his heartless and heinous crimes. Even the most evil minds are sometimes tortured by their past deeds.They are seldom motivated by remorse,more a desire to confront their fear of discovery by getting it over with. In the case of the dentist ,it is alledged he had a solitary accomplice who also had a vested interest in hiding the truth but the fear that they might confess was likely a contribution to his decision to get his mae culpas on record first. Tick Tock time will tell,just hope I live long enough to hear the inevitable recantation from one or more of the bit part players in the ongoing Madeleiene saga.

  39. Anon 40
    "Even the most evil minds are sometimes tortured by their past deeds."
    Criminals often return to the scene of the crime. They are driven by the forces you mention. There are many cases where a body which had not been found was then moved to a place where discovery more likely.
    "his decision to get his mae culpas on record first"
    Indeed. Only the first person to break ranks can plead any convincing mitigation. The rest are left high and dry.
    KM keeps going back to PdL. Why ? Simply to have tea and bisciuts with the vicar ? She says she is drawn to the place, and prays in the church. For forgiveness ?
    Trustees of the "Fund" are baling out one by one.
    And so on. I still think it will unravel, but we need to keep picking away at the tangled web to see if we can see that loose end.

  40. wikileaks.ch their new website address, will not help us at the moment as they are reorganising but this may be a serious connection for us, as someone suggested here, to consider for inspiration to get these two people nailed for all their lies and clever little acting- and media stunts. On the other hand I do not underestimate the Portuguese Government and I'm hoping, that while we are wracking our brains and keeping the details of this human tragedy alive to all who care and who want to see justice done, the Portuguese authorities are also working on a strategy to bring these people and their co-conspirators back to Portugal to answer the many questions as to the trail of this little girl as, as investigations point out, her life stops in the apartment 5a. Then there is Dr Amaral who knows and he knows what he knows and he will have more details since we last heard from him.

    Maybe we need the Ulster Police as they have just solved a double murder. How do we get them involved to investigate in England?

    Thankyou Joana for writing to your Government and we are so grateful for their reply, a sign of life that we are being heard. We do so hope they find the time and finances to continue probing and pressing to re-open this disaster. Amazing as it is, now 3 1/2 years, we will continue pointing out the farce of the British justice system, who at the moment, as the McCann fiasco is allowed to continue, looks non-existent and partial to a new fashion, viz. protection of certain elements. Why, British Government do you not get these two people and their chums to face certain enquiries, what is wrong with you, what is happening with your thinking? Have you lost your teeth?

  41. http://dn.sapo.pt/inicio/portugal/interior.aspx?content_id=1728193

    Dear Joana, could you please let us know what this article is reporting?

    Many thanks!

  42. Love the David Icke-friendly Freemason nonsense. That should keep internet forums occupied for a wee while yet. Only thing is, there's been literally of dozens of senior freemasons jailed over recent years.

    Remember this case? Richard Taylor of Peterborough in the UK was exposed as a paedophile following an incident on a family holiday in 2006. He was then jailed.

    He was a Grand Lodge Officer.


    Thing about Freemasons is - they're pretty tight until the shit hits the fan and they just fall apart completely (except on TV shows).

    Mitchell was devious enough to pick up on all the daft internet gossip and have the couple photographed in front of pyramids and bedded down at that Rothely Court Hotel. Much better to have folks chasing shadows and tilting at windmills than have them sniff around the real - far more grubbier - story.

    Also: Kenneth Noye? Famously jailed for the 1996 murder of Stephen Cameron. Another influential freemason. He was a member of the Hammersmith Lodge in London.

  43. I am sick and tired of hearing about the Maccann's I long for the day when this pair are a distant memory, and their daughter is laid to rest with justice. They have made their own flesh and blood a joke a little girl has now become a laughing stock the joke's on the web about this child are dreadful and who is the cause of all this her ever loving parents, who forced her birth, and caused her death. I have no sympathy for this vile couple and never will have.I have never in my life known a so called mother to disown her own child the way Kate Maccann has, Madelaine to her parents is worth more dead than alive and well they know it.
    The pussyfooting around in this case needs to stop get them in court
    enough is enough. We are all sick of it. Portugal and the UK hang your heads in shame you have the blood of a little girl on both your country's hands. God Bless all who are fighting for this child God Bless Mr Amaral.

  44. @44
    google chrome will translate for you at the click of a mouse.
    I hope this is helpful.

  45. Joana it says 'document deleted by user' on the upload of the letter above?

  46. 49 yep, just noticed that too, my account was deleted from scribd. How unsurprising...

  47. It's the first time I had my account on scribd deleted, had it since 2008... So it's not again. Regardless, already sent an email to the scribd support team asking their reasons to delete my account and which document or documents exactly caused the instantaneous and unwarned account "deletion" - got a 9 thousand Ticket Number email reply from them....

  48. The Portugese government should open the case against Mccanns after all Mr Amaral has all the evidence necessary.Every country in the world would like to know what happened to poor Madeleine.The Portugese will be sorry one day,people will refuse to go there on holiday as they are afraid the government will not solve this case and they worry for their children.The Mccanns have given Portugal a bad name as they have in Britain. They are not doctors anymore and are involvew with crooks who give them a bad advice.Maddie died in the flat and Mr Smith saw her being carried away. Australia.

  49. That's very strange. It can't have been that innocuous document that upset them. And why are they claiming the user deleted it? Fibs!

  50. I watched Julian Assange being rolled away in the police van. Why did I get the sinking feeling that that was the last we will ever see of him.

  51. Will Assange meet up with Halligen?

  52. Hi Joana,

    Keep up the good work! Don't give up! Out of interest - and slightly off topic - haven't been in this blog for a while, but did Goncalo Amaral get his books back yet? If not, what is being done about it?

    May the truth one day be known.

  53. Hi there 58, I have no idea if the books have been delivered yet by the mandatary of the McCanns, their lawyer, Isabel Duarte, to Guerra & Paz book Editors as per the orders (ruling/19th October) of the Appellate Court Judges. I'll try to find out. best regards, JM

  54. @58 Yes, the 'formerly banned by the McCann couple' books have been delivered to Guerra & Paz!!

  55. @Joana - I am 58.

    That is wonderful news! Wonderful! Many thanks.

    May the truth one day be known.

  56. Se serait honteux que justice ne sois pas faite pour une chose pareil!!! Nous sommes tous à pour vous vos jumeaux et Madeleine !!!


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