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There are no “new, credible and relevant” facts to reopen the McCann case – Public Ministry

by Cristina Cardoso (Lusa)

Lisbon, Nov 13 (Lusa) – The Attorney General’s Office considers that there are no “new, credible and relevant” facts in order to reopen the investigation related to Madeleine McCann, the English child that disappeared in the Algarve in 2007.

In a reply that was sent to Lusa agency, the Attorney General’s Office recalls that “it has been repeatedly stated that the inquiry may be reopened if new, credible and relevant facts appear”. Nonetheless, “so far all that has been known are opinions, abstract thesis, divagations, baseless reasoning and publicitary maneuvers, which is not enough to reopen the inquiry”, the note reads.

A telegram from the USA embassy in Lisbon, dated September 2007 and released on Monday, mentions the disappearance of the English child in May that year, pointing out that it was the English police that discovered evidence against the parents.

in: Lusa, December 14, 2010


  1. i wouldnt worry about new evidence ,the mccanns dont want it to be re-opened any way as we have just heard from lawyer Rogério Alves,what a sick couple the mccanns are not to want to help thier daughter

  2. I am sure that the McCann family will be very grateful to the Portguese Attorney General for the breath-taking swiftness of this response.

    Their Portuguese Lawyer, Alves, has stated categorically today that the McCann family do NOT want the case re-opened and clearly the Public Ministry are like minded.

    Shame though that they threw their own Country and the PJ to the wolves, when it was clearly known (see Wikileaks) in diplomatic channels that the UK Police were driving through the evidence against them.

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  4. Oh no!

    Poor Madeleine, and the parents sit back and do not insist on the re-opening

    Devils spawn, the pair of them

  5. This man is a criminal. His role is to protect the interests of the ruling government even if that means breaking the law. In making the following statement he discredits all the evidence that is in the case file.

    “so far all that has been known are opinions, abstract thesis, divagations, baseless reasoning and publicitary maneuvers, which is not enough to reopen the inquiry”

    Opinions, abstract thesis, divagations, baseless reasoning and publicity manoeuvres are what the McCann team is all about.

    The reality is that the evidence that exists, although probably not enough for a conviction, all points to the girl having died in the apartment, the parents staging the crime scene and disposing the body. No rent a cops or sleazy collection agencies are going to convince me otherwise.

  6. Cover up continues.
    Shame on them all.

  7. Besides claiming their lying fairy story of the abduction of Madeleine is a fact, the McCanns have worked hard at putting around two other big lies. These are that they were found to be completely innocent in the disappearance of Madeleine, and that the dogs are not credible so should be dismissed as 'ludicrous'.

    The discrediting of the dogs in particular is something they find very hard, if not impossible, to convince people of.

    That is why they had to resort to attempting to stop mention of the dogs being discussed in the media, and there was a time when newspapers would not print a comment about the McCanns if it also mentioned the dogs.

    Those times are now changing.

    The McCanns don't have the same hold they did over the media. The truth is leaking out and is building up speed. Who knows from which quarter the information will come, who knows who will spill the beans.

    The McCanns tried unsuccessfully to stop Dr Amaral's book and to silence him, but failed in that. That book of theirs will be a dud because we have heard it all before. All the bleating, all the blaming, all the begging, and so it goes on. Nobody helping them, nobody doing what they want, etc, etc. Plus, they have had countless millions given them to supposedly search for Madeleine. It is not convincing.

    Plus, those 'ludicrous' dogs are starting to snap even harder at their heels. Do they have nightmares about spaniels?

    The McCanns must be wetting themselves.

    Happy Christmas McCanns. Woof, woof!!

  8. Take a look at this just posted over on Discovery News:-

    Group Blasts Media Blackout on Child Abuse

    A new analysis from the National Coalition to End Child Abuse Deaths (NCECAD) shows how the American news media turns a blind eye to child abuse deaths while lavishing extensive coverage on deaths that occur less often.

    Journalists rarely cover child abuse cases unless they involve abduction and murder by sex offenders. While those rare (but sensational) cases make headlines, they are not the real problem.

    Who is murdering America's children? Abusive and neglectful mothers, mostly, and fathers. Some are killed in accidents, and a relatively rare few by strangers........


  9. But the Attorney General did not need new evidences. The old evidences were enough to reopen the case and arrest the perpetrators in almost all countries in the world. Only Portugal and the Mccann's are exceptions. No surprise for me. I don't imagine that guy doing anything to reopen the investigation. If so, he had to assume the error that was the early shelving of a crime that was not full investigated. He has no courage to do it. Reopen the case will be bad also for that guy. Madeleine have to wait for a new Attorney General to have a chance of having justice.

  10. I though that Mr Amaral had evidence that could re-open the case, so why doesn't he hand it over to AG then they would have good reason to re-open the case....end of.

    The chappy above looks very happy with himself, is he on a retainer too.

  11. I would like to ask.........

    What is really going on at the moment, something is!! we have the AG, The McCanns Lawyer and Clarence Mitchell all speaking out today.
    Mr Goncola Amaral speaking also, what has Wikileaks got planned next that Mr Amaral knows about, interesting times ahead imo.

    Time must be running out for these child neglectors, what is about to happen next.

  12. The continuous Spin and the FUND that was maintained up to now with the pair asking donations and selling all the stuf related with girl, are new evidences, if the girl is dead like a joint investigation point out. Pinto Monteiro is a shame to all the Portuguese.
    If we consider that Julien Assange was arrested with very weak evidences and the Mccann's still free after many crimes, we don't need more evidences to see the guilt of people that seats on powerful chairs. They have a dubious personality with inverted values.

  13. While the word 'accident' when referring to what may have happened to Madeleine is being idicated, barring somebody coming forward to say exactly what did happen, then NOTHING will happen. Certain people have got their heads well and truly stuck in the sand, and what is a little 'accident' between friends. It was, after all, cleaned up nicely thankyou.

    If people are told that all indications are that Madeleine died in the apartment and that a MURDER INVESTIGATION should commence, that will get certain people to sit up and listen.

    Sorry to say this but the enquiry should have started with the worst case scenario as to the death of Madeleine. It would at least have got the message across that she was dead.

    The word 'abduction' was much more thrilling a headline for the tabloids than 'accident' is, and that is the one they preferred to run with. It has suited the McCanns' purpose very well because that meant that nobody was paying attention to those doggies indicating Madeleine had died in the apartment where the cadaver scent and blood was found.

    Please people, we could go on like this for a long time. Please start requesting the case be reopened as a 'MURDER INVESTIGATION' (and after the information about Payne it certainly should have been), and at least get the message across that Madeleine is dead.

  14. I fear that if it would be openned, there would not be enough proofs to put the McCanns behind bars.
    Barking dogs are not accepted in Portugal as proof, I've being told.
    Liquids were inconclusive.
    Unless the police know a lot more and the Atorney General doesn't.
    Amaral continues insisting on reopening the case. Based only on what was on the files till 2008 is too little, imo.
    There must be a huge breakthrough, otherwise it would be wasting time and money.


    "...and publicity manoeuvres, which are not enough to reopen the inquiry”, the note reads..."

  16. Is this not a reply to Lusa on NOVEMBER 13TH and NOTHING to do with the new information from wikileaks exposed on the 13th of December or am I missing something here.?


  17. If the case were to be reopened as a murder investigation who knows what new information would pour forth.

    If the Gaspar statements were widely known about who knows what new information would turn up.

    So far, too many people have been distracted by the search for the 'big bad abductor' who has taken a live Madeleine off into the night.

    If it were to be made common knowledge that Madeleine died in the apartment there may be people who actually saw things relevant to this but did not put two and two together because of the distraction of the fake abduction scenario.

    It is the fake abduction story that has to be demolished before the truth can emerge. The McCanns have spent years now brainwashing the public so they think this version is set in stone.

  18. @ 15 and 16: no, it IS a new statement, and it is not aimed at the Mccann but at G Amaral, P Sargento and others.


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