1.Everyone shall possess the right to freely express and publicise his thoughts in words, images or by any other means, as well as the right to inform others, inform himself and be informed without hindrance or discrimination 2.Exercise of the said rights shall not be hindered or limited by any type or form of censorship Constitution of the Portuguese Republic, Article 37.º

Wikileaks: Madeleine Mccann talked about in US Embassy cables

Around 100 suggestions an hour are coming through from readers suggesting subjects to search for in the cables database. We've set up a small team to go through them and so far the results look promising. Several people suggested searching for information on Madeleine McCann, the British girl who went missing in Portugal in 2007, for example. She is indeed mentioned in at least two cables from the US embassy in Lisbon. No clues to her fate, unfortunately, but some interesting observations on the involvement of British police, which we'll relay once we've checked them out. Similarly, lots of interest in the murder of Russian journalist Anna Politkovskaya, who was killed in 2006 and is mentioned in around 70 cables. Other popular requests for more infomation include the private security firm Blackwater (mentioned 159 times in the cables) and several themes that have already been trawled over by Guardian journalists such as Bosnian war crimes, but which may be worth returning to on the basis of more detailed search suggestions. Please keep the ideas coming by sending tweets to @gdncables (preferably with details of dates and locations) and we'll try to respond as quickly as possible and keep you updated on the 'you ask, we search' exercise via this blog.

via Guardian

On the Side (still on the Matter of Freedom of Speech & Right to Information)

The 'formerly banned by the McCann couple' book, whose trustee, Isabel Duarte, the couple's lawyer affirmed that “nothing will force her to return them”, in spite of a Superior Court ruling which obliged her to deliver the books to their rightful owner; have finally been returned to Guerra & Paz Editors. We, in this blog congratulate Guerra & Paz book publishers as well as the book author of “Maddie - A Verdade da Mentira”, Gonçalo Amaral, for fighting and for standing up against the machiavelic censorship attempt by a couple of former arguidos.


  1. RE wikileaks could this be a breakthrough Joanna? i pray it is

  2. I have no idea without reading them but I don't think so. The most we'll get is a confirmation (another), probably, of the interference of the UK cops in the investigation. We have to wait...

  3. Until now there's only one cable originating from the US embassy in Lisbon - at least from a site that is mirroring Wikileaks going to check others.

  4. i wonder if they mention new names on the interesting obs re Madeleine from wikileak
    i do hope so,the more we find out about the british police interference in this sad case(for Madeleine it is) hopefully more people will take notice,i for one am keeping my fingers crossed we learn something new.

  5. 02/12/2010 10:50
    Jo said... 54 Good riddance Mr.Ellis

    "I have contacted Wilkileaks over the mccanns.Dont know if they will answer but the info has been sent.We can understand that the mccanns are nothing compartively to the rest or may be just a part of the capitalist ideology: with power and money one can do anything,right? killing is one of the "things""

    More popular enquiries are coming in:people want to know what their governements are cooking without any transparency and now the general trend being supression of freedom of expression

  6. Joana,we owe you so much,your input into "fighting"for justice for Madeline is breath taking, is it really true Mr Armarals books have been "returned??????" great news .I wonder if he will play the ace card ,and sue that obnoxius pair ,with the right legal "team" behind him ,he will,I hope get his rightful day of justice ,as well as Madeline.

  7. Hi Joana, Maybe something positive will come from the wikileaks regarding Madeleine, this case will eventually be solved and the breakthrough will come from something which seemingly appears unconnected, in the meantime Joana thank you for all you and your team do for Madeleine, we log on everyday you are inspirational and one day there will be justice for Madeleine and Sr Amarel. xx

  8. Assange gets some help from UNO:

    "Le Point.fr - Publié le 09/12/2010 à 16:30 - Modifié le 09/12/2010 à 16:58

    L'ONU s'inquiète des pressions sur WikiLeaks
    La responsable des Droits de l'homme des Nations unies dénonce des pressions qui peuvent s'apparenter à de la "censure".

    L'ONU s'inquiète des pressions qui pèsent sur WikiLeaks © Bertil Ericson / AFP

    Par Source AFP La haute commissaire aux Droits de l'homme de l'ONU, Navi Pillay, s'est dite inquiète jeudi des pressions exercées sur les compagnies offrant des services au site WikiLeaks, qui a diffusé des milliers de documents secrets de la diplomatie américaine. "Je suis préoccupée par des informations faisant état de pressions exercées sur des compagnies privées, dont des banques, des sociétés émettrices de cartes bancaires ainsi que des fournisseurs de sites internet, pour qu'ils ferment leurs lignes de crédit pour des dons destinés à WikiLeaks", a expliqué Navi Pillay, au cours d'une conférence de presse. Elle a également dénoncé des pressions pour cesser d'abriter le site.

    Ces dernières "peuvent être interprétées comme une tentative de censure contre la publication d'informations, et pourraient constituer une violation du droit à la liberté d'expression de WikiLeaks", a-t-elle ajouté. Le site, dont le fondateur de WikiLeaks Julian Assange est en prison, publie depuis le 28 novembre des milliers de télégrammes diplomatiques américains repris par les médias du monde entier, mettant dans l'embarras nombre de gouvernements, à commencer par la Maison-Blanche".

  9. Now that everybody is reading Wikileaks, it would be nice if we would officially know who exactly helped the McCanns in London and it is possible we will hear more about Maddie's death and about where her body can be found.
    The fund is a fraud, people in the UK got to hear it.
    If important people knew the child was dead and allowed the fund as being honest, allowed the parents to hide the body, allowed Murat being made arguido,they committed a crime as well.
    I hope an anonymous will send imformation to Wikileaks.
    I hope there are British cables from Portugal to England.

  10. WikiRebels: Rough Cut

    A coming documentary on WikiLeaks from Swedish national television.

    STOCHOLM (Rixstep — Swedish national television SVT will air a new hour-long documentary on WikiLeaks in their 'Dokument Inifrån' series on Sunday evening at 20:00 local time.

    You can view the rough cut here now.


    Six Months in the Making

    From the summer of 2010 until now, SVT have been following the elusive WikiLeaks and their enigmatic founder Julian Assange.

    Reporters Jesper Huor and Bosse Lindquist traveled to key countries where WikiLeaks operated, interviewing top members including Smári McCarthy, Kristinn Hrafnsson, Iain Overton and James Ball at the Bureau of Investigative Journalism, Daniel Domscheit-Berg, Birgitta Jónsdóttir, and of course Julian Assange himself.

    57 minutes 25 seconds; in English with subtitles when necessary; highly recommended.

  11. the source for the above http://rixstep.com/1/20101209,00.shtml

  12. Don't hope for too much we all get are hopes up and then nothing for months. It really is too much to hope for.

  13. 13, I agree with you.
    The UK must be informed that there is corruption in their country, authorities are hiding a strange death of a child, people are being cheated, the British police are corrupt.
    I pray somebody will succeed to publicise it.
    Wikileaks will be happy to tell how much corruption there is in the UK.

  14. Whilst we wait for the US embassy cablegates related to the McCann affair to be published, here's an interesting talk given by Daniel Ellsberg: Secrets - Vietnam and the Pentagon Papers

  15. for reference: Portugal nos documentos da WikiLeaks http://www.jppereira.com/2010/11/portugal-nos-documentos-da-wikileaks/

  16. for reference: http://www.google.com/search Brown OR Blair OR Algarve OR Buck OR Ellis OR Lisbon OR Algarve OR Portuguese site : * use AND whenever...

  17. Thank you Joana for all the work you and your team bring to this blog to keep us informed and the support for Gonҫalo Amaral, Madeleine and freedom of speech!!! What a week! It has been soooo exciting and we hope for real action to unfold and the unmasking and the undoing of our infamous couple. Down with the protection of neglectful parents by the so many corrupt people they have around them!! Down with the false face of the justice system with their policing. Three cheers for freedom of speech and those who are not afraid to face the bullies who expect us to join them in their lies and false governing of our world. Thinking success in our quest for the truth!! United for the whole truth!

  18. @Joana 19


    "Where's the viz?

    The interactive content that usually shows here could not be found. It may have been removed or renamed. Please check back soon".

  19. I wonder if the Tapa$ 7 are sleeping soundly. Or the trustees of the "Fund".
    Now is the time for one to turn "Queen's Evidence"

  20. Great blogging Jo.

    Thank you for the documentary link, I would have described it as both interesting and informative, until that was, the appearance of the footage from the helicopter gunship, it then shifted from interesting and informative to must watch. You might guess that this is first time I have viewed footage of these murders.

    Many many thanks.

  21. I bet team McCann will all be wearing brown pants!!

    I can't imagine they will be getting a preview of what comes out this time....

    tee hee
    Aunty Anti

  22. Even if the cables do not provide any new clues regarding Madeleine's fate, I am hopeful that they will do an important thing: PROVE that Goncalo Amaral was correct in his observations regarding the interference by the British authorities into the investigation.

  23. Q&A: Wikileaks and freedom of expression


  24. I hope trough Wikileaks the world will get the truth about what everybody who follows Maddie Saga suspected- THE MANIPULATION OF THE FORENSIC EVIDENCES BY THE FSS LAB, at the request of somebody who has the rule and power to protect the children. Maybe we will know the true face of Mr. Gamble, the CEOP and Clarence Mitchell.
    Why the Mccann's Fund was allowed without the world knowing exactly what is the objective and the nature of that Fund? Why a single judge in Lisbon, decide to interdict a book even after all witnesses having testified that the book was nothing else then what was disclosed by the PJ in 'Pj Files', regarding a joint investigation that points out the death of the girl on her holiday flat.
    Pay pal is clearly seen on Mccann's site. The same pay pal closed the donations to wikileaks. The Mccann's inundated the TVs of the world, asking donations and playing a victim roll. I never saw anybody from the Wikileaks asking for a single donation. WHY THAT HYPOCRISY?
    This is why for every election, grows the number of people who stays at home and did not choose any candidate. The politicians become the first enemies for us honest citizens. We don't believe on any of them. They are all corrupt when they seat at the chairs power. No matter which ideology they defend, at the end they are all the same. This is why Cameron has no balls to stop what was one of the biggest frauds in UK- MCCANN'S FUND ( It is abusive calling it Madeleine Fund. The girl will never ever benefits a single coin from that Fund). This is Why Assange was kept captive under the biggest joke that an accusation could be in our days: Rap in a consented sex affair that end up with a broken condom. Seriously? That Sweden lady must sue CONTROL instead of bringing her country in to a mock position with their politicians bending on their knees under the power of USA. Obama is going down.

  25. It is a whistleblower in the UK that will blow the case on the McCanns.

    We have been informed there is information that was given to UK authorities by somebody close to the case, that if revealed would be disastrous for relations between Portugal and the UK.

    Have the UK been able to keep the lid on it?

  26. #Hi to all, there's nothing yet on Wikileaks regarding the McCann case, I've posted a request on twitter as explained on the Guardian:

    Simply tweet @GdnCables with the information you're interested in. We're working with a search engine, remember, so it would help greatly if you could give us:
    • Search terms
    • Rough dates (the main archive runs from 2005 to Feb 2010)
    • The likely embassy involved ( eg 'Moscow', or 'Kampala')

    So you might say @gdncables Oil Spills June 2003 Angola. Our resources aren't infinite - but we'll do our best, so please be a little patient!

    Perhaps mine wasn't the best choice of search terms, if you have other ideas tweet them accordingly to the above example, it may help to have others asking for the cables where Madeleine or her case is mentioned, to be published.

    #Winnower started a new blog » Truth be Told - on the journey to justice - wish you all the best blogging success.

    #Meanwhile, tomorrow in Lisbon a meeting to support Wikileaks & freedom of speech will take place: «Gathering to support #Wikileaks http://goo.gl/QcyCu December 11, 15h in Largo of Chiado, Lisbon, Pt. http://twitpic.com/3eo1wj #iamwikileaks»

    beijinhos to H. and all

  27. @22 that viz was either created by the Guardian(there's still one for reference that you can download at the online newspaper) or by another user via copy/publish, there was another one by Sunshine Press at the same place, you had to download the Tableau Public software to be able to watch them - unfortunately this happened on the 2nd of this month: Why we removed the WikiLeaks visualizations - read more here: http://flowingdata.com/2010/07/28/process-mapping-war-logs-for-the-guardian/

  28. wowwww....I've been busy (sort of) this last week acompannying the saga about this WikiLeaks attack from the dirty western self appointed ruler of the world. It's great to learn that there's some (even if very tiny) hope that those cable exchanges among embassies may carry some information.
    I just remembered that there was a mention about the presence of MI6 in the Algarve prior and during the events surrounding Madeleine's case, and there is also the satellites, that I suppose are both for US and UK's use (ref. http://tiny.cc/ksgsf ), maybe this is easier to trace back.

    Thank you so much Joana. I'll be there tomorrow for FREEDOM OF SPEECH.



    Glad to hear Madame Duarte has, at long last, obeyed a court's decision. She really had no excuses.

    I did write to the minister of Justice and other election candidates (supreme council of lawyers) at the time, pointing out the negative impact her election for president would have on the image of Portugal abroad - bearing in mind her refusal to obey a court decision and her involvement with two high profile suspects.

    I mentioned this here at the time so perhaps other people wrote too and that could have had an impact on the fact she lost the election and released the books.

    Pity we do not know the exact terms under which she released the books... how much the Fund will have to pay the publishers in compensation for the PR stunt... :o

  30. Don't expect too much from the Guardian. For all we know the McCanns' PR tentacles reach everywhere in the UK and elsewhere - including (may be) the Guardian. Ultimately, it all boils down to a sense of "tribal loyalty" or, if you prefer, genetic resonance.

  31. twitter via Guardian Wikileaks Cables aka @GdnCables: "Thanks for all 'you ask, we search' suggestions. We aim to publish first batch on Monday, so keep following ..."

  32. #32
    I know nothing about the satellites, however it is a fact that MI5 had a major investigation going on in the Algarve related to the Real IRA's use of the Panda Grill in Alvor to fund weapon purchases. The RIRA trials took place last year in Belfast. I don't know whether any undercover agents remained in the Algarve after the arrests were made, however it seems entirely possible that they were still present in 2007.

  33. I see Leicestershire`s acting Chief Constable has been suspended for allegations of fraud related to an overseas property deal. Maybe no connection, but when I hear any murmur of corruption linked with Leicester Police I`m never surprised.

  34. Have you ever worked to obtain justice in other cases.

  35. http://www.algarveresident.com/story.asp?XID=39253

    Madeleine support
    Updated: 10-Dec-2010

    "Members of the Helping to Find Madeleine (HTFM) organisation are asking people to support the campaign to continue the search for the missing girl by attaching stickers to Christmas card envelopes.

    The stickers feature a picture of Madeleine from the time of her disappearance in 2007 and an age progression picture."

    And just who will be selling those stickers...? Will the money be going into the McCann "living expenses" fund???
    Better put whatever money you can spare to good use for a worthy cause, the "AJUDA DE BERÇO" houses, who are in desperate need of financing!




  37. 40 já nem digo nada... excepto, do apoio incondicional e exacerbado do tablóide SUN(news corp/murdoch) para o do Portugal Resident (um folhetim) - os tempos mudam de facto, e ainda bem que assim é.

    39 what's your concept of 'work', translating Portuguese articles and media, blogging as a free citizen in order to divulge a case using free tools, releasing that information for free to whomever wishes to read/watch and to be informed? This is not 'work', nor a 'job' - it's the only way I could find to share the information that was/is available to those who do not speak Portuguese and were being 'fed' biased news originating in the UK mainstream media(repeated worldwide in a nauseating copy style), and on the PR/media spinners hired by the McCann couple.

    41 Do you still wonder why Wikileaks didn't choose BBC to publish the cables?

  38. Here is the comment that I post in THE GUARDIAN, in the news "WikiLeaks cables: Russia 'was tracking killers of Alexander Litvinenko but UK warned it off":

    "What about Madeleine Mccann investigation? Which game the British authorities played with portuguese justice? What was the roll of the British police in a joint investigation? Why they want us to believe that the truthful dogs, used in many top investigation with success, failed on Madeleine death evidences? Why a Fund was allowed and donations still allowed if in a court in Portugal, witnesses stated that the investigation was shelved with the police convinced that the girl is dead? The witnesses are polices in charged of the investigation. Why the British police was not allowed to testify in the portuguese court, even after a formal request? WHAT MADE MADELEINE, A GIRL THAT DISAPPEARED FROM A SMALL VILLAGE IN PORTUGAL, BECOME A STATE ISSUE IN UK?
    When are you going to publish what the Wikileaks found about this issue? We, citizens from the world believe that this case had a diplomatic interference in all work of the portuguese police. Be brave, Madeleine and all the childs deserve the truth. The honest people from UK and Portugal deserve the truth."

    I hope many people do the same to warn the paper about the interest of the Public in one of the most 'mediatic' and bad explained crimes in our days. We have to highlight that we don't buy the abduction theory. We want the truth and serious papers must keep an effort in bringing the truth to day light. The Guardian have that opportunity, to show us the Truth and to show the readers that they are far away from the bunch spin that became their tabloids brothers, The Sun, The Mirror and The daily Mail.

  39. REF: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-11047811


    ...I should have added...

    If we discount the "subliminals" there is a lot of interesting information (not necessarily derogatory) about Julian Assange.

    The BBC? I don't think the Guardian was the perfect choice either.

    It was more like a test; a "one up" on the Daily Telegraph (MPs expenses). Something the Guardian could not have refused.

    Julian Assange - a mathematical genius, knew exactly how to "hack" (as it were) the mainstream media. His was a perfect "trojan".

    "Hack" and "trojan" used here as metaphors...



    Dear 43,

    You are assuming "one truth". True, Eddie barks are difficult to dismiss on the basis of a deadly fart, but Reality is rather complex and full of surprises. Hold your judgement.

    Personally I stand for freedom of information and opinion (Amaral/Assange) and an open-ended approach to criminal investigation (PJ).

    I stand by the re-opening of the PJ investigation so that we can make sense of the lies (window, timetables), the sightings (Tanner's and Smiths'), the Gaspar's statements, FSS use and destruction of all forensic samples, Eddie's barks, etc. I doubt the McCanns' book will explain it to my heart's content but one must be tactful least we all be perceived as bigots...

    No animosity implied.

  41. Do you work to obtain justice in other cases?
    Apart from questioning my concept of work what other missing person cases have you put your efforts into in order to obtain justice for the person?

  42. Worth seeing WikiRebels: The Documentary


  43. Assange Lawyer: U.S. Wants to Get Their "Mitts" on WikiLeaks Founder


  44. Wikileaks - the Game

    The previously posted above WikiRebels - Rough Cut documentary is already widely published at Youtube Parts 1, 2, 3 and 4, in here ( with French subs) and in here as well.

  45. Have you translated other articles and media, on other cases in Europe? Have you imparted your information to others who are unable to translate the foreign languages for themselves? As a free citizen have you blogged on other cases of missing people where justice has not been achieved yet? In the interest of people who have been 'fed' biased news from media worldwide will you be adding other cases to your Madeleine McCann blog? If not, I think you could provide alternative viewpoints on many other important cases. This could provide people with a balanced, non-biased, fully informed view of the case. Is it just this case you are interested in ? I feel from reading this forum that the views expressed combined with all other information and other viewpoints I have also read I have a balanced view of the case. It certainly helps to see things from all angles. It enables me to open my mind and see the opinions reached by different people. It throws up all sorts of speculative argument which I can choose to believe or not to believe. I have seen this from both sides now. I am grateful to you for that. I thank you for letting me choose to agree or disagree with you.

  46. http://wikileaksrilanka.blogspot.com/2010/12/nuclear-bunker-where-wikileaks-now.html

  47. Joanna re post 36 : do you think anything Maddie linked will come out,or do you think Carter Ruck have jumped in again ?

  48. It's now in the Guardian that the case against the McCanns was 'developed' by the UK police, contrary to popular view.

  49. At last!


  50. If you read the book and read the chapter about the infallible sniffing dogs (their British by the way), you will change your mind and wonder How is it possible for someone do such monstrosity and still be able o perform such mediatic soap opera....

  51. To who is questioning that blog:

    Have you seen any other parents of a missing child that refused to do the reconstruction and answering important questions to the police? Have you seen those parents setting a Fund, walking free and spreading into our TVs their theory without providing a single evidence, while asking donations and documenting their VIP party's with pictures of people they manage to fool? NOT!

    If NOT, that answer your questions and explain why Madeleine case is different and why raised the interest of people that dedicate their blogs to a public service- persecuting the truth in order to achieve justice.

    Many childs disappeared every day. Most wonder by themselves and return to their families voluntary. A huge amount were victims of parental abduction or family abuse. Few, are victims of family friends in a revenge issue. Very, very few one are victims of strangers. This is why families are investigated by the police. When they have nothing to do with crime, they collaborate in FULL with police and were quickly dismissed. If they start playing with police they become suspects.

    Many parents who played like the Mccann's, were arrested and later confess confirming the suspects of the police. Mccann's have to thanks the the Portuguese government for walking free until know. In any other country, they will be arrested long ago and the crime solved. Yes I'm assuming that there was no abduction by a stranger since, after more then 3 years, nobody provided a single evidence to support the abduction. Their private detectives earning millions a month, fail with evidences.

  52. Whenever there is anything negative in UK media on BBC news or similar about the Mccanns it seems to disappear very quickly that would indicate there are higher forces at work. Clearly there is more to the Mccanns that is being covered up and we need to stand together and force the matter further to stop a coverup and make the truth come out the system is corrupt as ever.

  53. To post 56 from post 50

    Of course not every case mirrors that of the Madeleine McCann. I was speaking about other cases. There are cases of injustice. They may not match this case in terms of events, details and actions but they are only like this case because justice has not been obtained. I am not attacking anyone for having a voice, a view expressed. I would like to see other cases of injustice being given the same attention as this one. I just feel that Joana Morais has the skills to do so.

  54. The books have not been returned.
    Thaks for confirming what we knew anyway.


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