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Kate and Gerry McCann hunt for caller who tried to grab agent's phone records

By James Murray

Kate and Gerry McCann are furious after discovering attempts have been made to find out about phone calls they made to their spokesman, Clarence Mitchell.

Scotland Yard is trying to establish who tried to get information from Mr Mitchell’s mobile phone provider, while the McCanns are checking their phone records to see if they were also targeted.

The news comes just as the pair have signed a deal for a reputed £200,000 with The Sun, the sister paper of the News of the World, to serialise a book on the disappearance of their daughter Madeleine in Portugal in 2007.

There is no suggestion anyone from Rupert Murdoch’s News International has tried to use phone-hacking against Mr Mitchell. He said the first incident was in 2008, when a mystery caller claiming to be a court witness contacted Vodafone on February 29, seeking details of his phone.

Mr Mitchell said: “The operator lists it, saying ‘a gentleman called wishing to check the phone’ as he gets calls each night from the number wanting information and is a ‘witness on the CID trial for McCanns’. It certainly wasn’t me that made that call. There was no such thing as a CID trial for the McCanns.

“That appears to be a blatant attempt to get information about whose number it was and what was happening. Thankfully, the operator didn’t give them anything.”

A further call was made to Vodafone in July. Mr Mitchell said: “Basically, it [the entry] claims the person ringing, not me, received a text message claiming that a third party had been trying to access their voicemail but there was nothing on the account showing that. That’s because it isn’t true, I never got such a text. Somebody else is again fishing for information.”

This week Mr Mitchell will pass his phone records to Scotland Yard. Kate and Gerry, both 42, have found nothing untoward on their phone statements, but are re-examining all their records.

in: Sunday Express, 30.01.2011


  1. Mitchell handing over his phone records to be checked cos he has nothing to hide. Strange how the McCanns are only re-examining theirs! Come on Kate and Gerry - hand over those records! What are you afraid of?

  2. I thought the McCann's deleted all their records for fear of being found out

    it is high time they turned themselves in otherwise they will be for ever looking over their

  3. what is a CID trial?


  4. Could the fact that Gordon Brown recently asked Scotland Yard to investigate whether his phone had been hacked be connected to this? Interesting don't you think?

    Sick of the BS

  5. "Scotland Yard is trying to establish who tried to get information from Mr Mitchell’s mobile phone provider, while the McCanns are checking their phone records to see if they were also targeted."

    Pity that the Scotland did nothing to try and find out what happened to Madeleine! Mr. Mitchell's phone trouble is much more important than the fate of an innocent little child! For Madeleine, the local plods(Leicester const.)are fine, for Mitchell, only the Scotland Yard wiil do!

  6. Humm, has the book deal with the publisher failled? It seems so, because I don't think the publisher would let them also publish the book in "instalments" in a newspaper! The publisher would want exclusivity, I suppose.

  7. This is an extraordinary invented non-news story. The story is saying that the McCanns are furious as someone MAY (or may not) have hacked their calls, yet the McCanns have found NOTHING untoward in their phone records, and that Scotland yard are NOT checking THEIR phones, but only Mitchel's. The McCanns are desparate to appear to be celebrities who are important enough to have their phones hacked. Notice that the article is keen not to offend News International who are to publish their serial fiction book. These people are so transparent in their desparate opportunism it makes me laugh.

  8. It doesnt matter if the Mc Canns delete phone records because the phone provider has copies the reason I know is when my son was on trial for cutting his girlfriends hair off (high profile case a few years ago) they had been sending each other threatening texts but both had deleted them the police got copies though and it helped his trial. I see they have now sold out to the Sun is there no level these lying neglecting money grabbing people will stoop to??

  9. To anon post 4:

    I read about Gordon Brown's concern about possible NOTW hacking of his phone. He would be wise to leave this alone as, so far, the Murdoch empire has been supporting him in the McCann affair....

    Angelo Del Montello

  10. They are trying to check Vodafone about how they store the calls.

  11. Mccann's are affraid about what was recorded from their calls. A huge step on the investigation depends on the revelations hide inside that calls.

  12. Anon 6 - good point.

  13. 7,
    welcome in my life.
    I thought the same, before I read your comment.
    Express made up this story and now they are talking about the Scotland Yard.
    Mitchell has gotten more to do than to talk to or to talk about the McCanns.
    Madeleine is a cold case, at least for a while.
    I don't believe the McCanns sold their book to the Sun for such a lot of money, not even for 2 pounds to their neighbours.
    200.000,00 is a lot .
    Megalomanie, that is the case.
    And selfcentered.
    They are sick people and Express makes up stories as much as they want because the McCanns give them the opportunity to make them ridiculous.

  14. What are the McCanns afraid of?Is the gravy train slowly falling apart,the deluded pair think they are of such importance that their phones have been hacked,but then as Gerry said to loopey Lorraine Kelly "When you have celebrity status",Goncalo Amarals excellent book can now be sold,wikileaks whick showed that the British police believed the McCanns were involved in Madeleines fate,now phone hacking which might of listened into their private calls,,dear oh dear whatever next,could a whistleblower from the tapas seven open their mouths.Interesting times ahead methinks.

  15. Interesting times ahead we hope this pair have the luck of the devil, and as we all know the devil looks after his own.

    Mary Liverpool

  16. This is a non story, its the vile pair trying to be what they are not,
    no one is interested in them anymore, they are yesterdays news. Boycott the sun rag everyone in the UK. Kate may be on page 3 now that would be a sight not to miss.

  17. How come the Express is making propaganda for the Sun, helping the Sun to sell more papers?

  18. "Kate and Gerry McCann are furious....." They always seem to be furious when something is revealed which might be construed as putting them in a bad light - again.

  19. They are scraping the barrel to get more publicity, sold their story to the Sun ( the gutter press ) all they are interested in is money, they act like celebrities but are criminal suspects - why oh why does nothing ever get done about them.

  20. Who f*** cares anyhow?Isnt there MORE important things happening in the world RIGHT NOW that whatever happens to that sick pair of a***h¨**** and their croonies?????

    This is turning into an obsession.Havent you understood that they are so supported that the truth will never be revealed whatever action is taken?You are all wasting your time I am afraid.And they know that as long as people will be there to answer every and any of their antics,they will be sucessful and we wont get any near to know.Nor is Madeleine going to get any justice and this is the saddest thing of all.
    There are other ways to find out what really happened to this child...

  21. @mojo 3

    C= Criminal
    I= Identification
    D= Data


  22. Hi Angelo Del Montello poster 9, totally agree, when it comes to Murdoch, Brown should be very wary, please read , right to the end.


  23. CID officers are involved in investigation of major crimes such as rape, murder, serious assault, fraud, and any other offences that require complex detection.
    But in this case,there is no crime isnt there? therefore NO CID officers nor CID trial.....draw conclusions

  24. To post 20

    you say there are other ways to find out what happened to Madeleine - please spill the beans I am dying to know

  25. The PJ already had some of their messages, but they werent allowed to be presented as evidence, do not know why as I believe phone tapping in Portugaal is legal. And believe me there is a lot more phone tapping going on in the UK than people believe. Why are the McCanns so jittery about this? because theres information those texts that mwy prove detramental to them, in an ongoing enquiry, but they dont want Scotland Yard digging in case they uncover something. I see the money is rolling in for the fairytale, the publishers probably ok´d the serialisation, as snippetss to tempt the palette. It is truly disgusting and unbelievable the way the authorities in the UK and Portugal are handling this. Gerry should not be working at the hospital, his character has shown unstability.
    Gerry and Kate, you have sold your souls to the devil, Other people with missing children do not spin and beg and make money off the backs of their missing child, all in the pretext of a non existent search. If and when the truth is known and one day it will be, you will regret all you have done to prevent official police forces in their search.You think you are celebrities, I don´t think so, and if you are thinks of the reasons why? suspects, not officially cleared. As for Clarence he is just a pansy spinning around making money.

  26. There is no such thing as a CID trial, which is why no-one would have given out any information on the strength of such a claim.
    But I don't believe Mitchell would be saying this unless that is indeed what is in the records of the phone company.
    It's no big deal, half of the UK appears to have had their Voicemail hacked.

  27. The mccanns and clarence know there is going to be a compensation payout from the news of the world about this phone scandal everyday another celebritiy comes forward and says their phone was tapped they are all after money from the newspaper and the mccanns are no exception and it gives them much needed publicity and ultimately compensation money. They are a disgrace.
    News of the world should serialise Sr Amarels book so people can make comparisons and see the mccanns fairystory for what it is - utter rubbish.

  28. Poster 20 dont give up that easily, this is still early days on the path to the truth,, "Soon, very soon, the world will know the truth about the lie"

  29. A published author wrote of the McCann's... "Their unsupported testimony is the foundation of the abduction case"

    No proof, other than their say-so, of an abduction.

    However, the dogs findings, blood found in the apartment, bodily fluids in the hire car, childrens' crying at night whilst the parents were out, deleted phone records & the McCann's total lack of co-operation leading to the shelving of the case make for a different, more plausible answer.

  30. Why is it that whenever see the McCanns in the headlines they are always "hunting" someone, ANYONE? If this phone business really is a case of "the hunters becoming the hunted" I really have no sympathy for them as one reaps what one sows :a

  31. The McCanns were supposedly given a substantial amount of money in advance of their book being launched. I have since read that they are being paid £200k by the Sun who are serialising their book. Does this mean that there is no book launch in May?

  32. #23,
    Then, if the fund would come under an investigation, it would be up to the CID...?

  33. Lol Clarence should be careful what bandwagon he jumps on lol.

    What's that saying: be careful what you wish for?

    Seems twitter is awash with the news that contrary to previous testimony in court re the hacking scandal all the e-mail that were said to have been lost after being transferred to India or some such place were in fact NEVER sent anywhere and are stored and available in the UK?

    From 2005 onwards lol!

    We may find out all manner of things like how come NOTW believed they had permission to print Kate's diary's and who gave them to them.

  34. Even if the calls were deleted or not recorded by the operators, the places where the antennas were activated are very important for the police and the investigation. They can prove if the Tapas dinner happened or not, where could be Gerry and O'Brien that night and if Gerry was the guy the Smiths saw that night carrying according to my feeling, not Madeleine but, her lookalike Tanner daughter?
    The phone calls are holding important clues for the investigation. The liars are scared. The police and the public already found and know the inconsistencies on their statements. The calls will reinforce that inconsistencies. A strong step to get the case reopened.

  35. Isn't CID the old term used in the 1970s for detectives within a police force? Now they are called detective officers or some such. Has Clarence lost the plot or was this so-called hacker taking the p*** or is the Daily Express taking the p*** perhaps? I doubt that a modern journalist has ever heard of the "CID". As far as I know one doesn't need to speak to a phone company to hack a phone anyway as it's done digitally.

  36. @Anon 32
    Yes but this is unlikely to happen in the light of the article"s link posted by Jimuck @22.
    Naturally this is a personal view but Anon 20 might be (unfortunately)right:it is a massive cover up involving "big dirty bonnets".
    @Anon 26: correct.I believe something is up but they are trying once again to drown the fish.This time in very mucky waters....

  37. Does anyone find it interesting that shortly AFTER Clarence makes claims re phone hacking: the McCann's are given a 200,000 serialisation of their book?

    By the no1 perpetrators of the illegal phone hacking?

    How much more BAD publicity can News International deal with?

    Was Clarence using a little 'coercion' in order to obtain this for his clients?

    Oh I think so, nothing is beneath this man and as there wasn't many takers on Amazon: something had to be done to get the message across, perhaps the Newspapers were not interested and needed to be encouraged lol?


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