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Looking back, looking forward and not looking at all

"Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past."
- George Orwell

This is the time of year around which we tend to look back on the year that went by, and try to predict what may happen during the New Year that lies ahead.

For those who still follow the case of the mysterious disappearance of Madeleine McCann, this last year started in a rather negative way: the injunction that had been declared by the Civil Court of Lisbon against Gonçalo Amaral’s book, preventing it from being sold, published or even discussed, was upheld by that same court in mid-February.

Nonetheless, as everything in life has a positive side to it (it’s just that sometimes it’s dreadfully hard to find it…), the court hearings that took place in January revealed a lot more about the Portuguese police investigation than the McCanns probably wanted. And more than simply opening a bit of the investigation to the public, the fact that those revelations were made in court allowed the British press to do something that they hadn’t done in this case for a very long time: to report in an accurate, unbiased manner. Well, some of the British press, anyway.

Most of those who had attended the court hearings came away with the impression that Gonçalo Amaral’s case had been proved beyond any doubt; but a few who had been able to see beyond the objectivity of facts and arguments, had noticed small signs in court of what would become public a month later: the judge upheld the injunction and the book ban remained firmly in place.

More than half a year would have to pass until the Appeals Court of Lisbon decided upon the matter – and issued a ruling that not merely overturned the injunction, but made a point of mentioning several aspects of the wider ranging case. In the end, no matter how hard some may try to deny it, that text was not only critical of the way in which the Civil Court judge had decided, but it also validated Mr Amaral’s theory as an alternative to the Prosecutors’ shelving decision: an alternative that was solidly based on his many years of experience as a policeman.

In the meantime, the McCann couple had come away from the Courts in Lisbon holding a thick dossier that they declared to be chock full of very significant leads that the Portuguese Police had chosen to ignore. A wide-eyed, visibly shocked Mrs Duarte spoke to the cameras outside the court, and the rest of humanity could hardly breathe, as we waited for the McCanns’ team of experienced investigators to act on those extraordinary leads, and to recover Madeleine from a secret lair in a remote village somewhere in the outskirts of Praia da Luz.

The year came to an end, and still we wait.

Meanwhile, the McCanns made on and off headlines, with a petition for example, whose actual utility and effectiveness we also wait to comprehend. So far, it seems to have produced as much as Mrs Duarte’s favourite dossier: nothing.

But enough of looking back. The New Year will bring The Book – not a book about Madeleine, I'm afraid, but about her parents’ struggle to find her. A book that will finally allow the McCann couple to tell us the truth about their daughter’s disappearance, begging the question ‘What is it that they have been telling us for over three years, then?’.

The New Year will also inevitably bring its fair share of the usual non-news: it’s already started with the incredibly relevant announcement that The Book will not be launched on the 4th anniversary of the Tapas Group’s arrival in the Algarve, but rather on the 4th anniversary of the day that the couple displayed their award-winning smiles at the Church in Praia da Luz.

Whether or not 2011 will bring us new ‘historical notes’ by WikiLeaks, or another series of court proceedings, or any new sightings or any of the old scapegoats, is something that we will have to wait to see. I don’t know what the future holds, any more than anyone else, except for one thing: We will continue to try to contribute to the global flow of information about this case. We will continue to try to uncover the Truth about the disappearance of Madeleine McCann. We will continue to give our best to help for Justice to be served, some day, somewhere, whomever it may hurt. What we will never allow ourselves to do, is not to look at all.

From the bottom of my heart: Have a Great Year!


  1. Exellent Article Astro.

    I wish to thank you ,Joana and all your contibutors for keeping us all here updated with this case.
    May I wish you and everyone A Healthy, Happy and Prosperous 2011 and beyond.


  2. Astro, although I believe that you know more about whats to come than us mere mortals LOL I thank you for this article, kind of missed your strong personal posts, so thank you and I hope this year brings you all the success that you so deserve. And please let us hear more from you!

  3. Now that Goncalo's book is free to be read and distributed, If anyone would be prepared to send me English copies - I will sell it old style door to door etc.
    It would be good to start on the day the Mccanns launch theirs....lets say it will help create a fair balance and at the same time use their marketing.

    I am serious so if it is possible to get the english version printed....Do not worry about UK bookstores not stocking it, I will sell it on weekends.
    Their are friends that would buy such a book....and i would also sell to neighbours.....door to door. carboot sales, Events, clubs etc

    I will not give up on Justice.

    Just let me know if the idea appeals !


  4. Obrigada Astro pelo Excelente articlo. Tudo de Bom para voces no novo ano que comeca.
    Uma coisa e certa, o novo ano vai cimentar mais o caracter ONZENEIRO dos Mccann. Praticamente ja esgotaram todas as estrategias para estorquirem dinheiro aos mais distraidos. E de repente, o ano de 2010 foi pobre em avistamentos. Desde aquele que irritou um pai e a policia Neo-Zelandesa, nunca mais ninguem viu Madeleine. E esta HEmm? Para uma crianca a quem juram nao ter acontecido nada de mal e estar nas maos de um pedofilo que a ama, e desgraca demais que o zeloso pedofilo nao a traga a ver a luz do sol. Pois e, Querida I Duarte e Ca, entre pagar um avistamento e os vossos honorarios, e preferivel apostar em voces antes que o Fundo se esgote e fiquem "a ver navios no alto de Sta Catarina".

  5. I urge everyone to fight their curiosity and not purchase the McCann book. Remember that your money will be used to further their interests, i.e. to profit from their daughter's death and to hinder those who are searching for the truth. Nothing of value will be revealed in this book. The theme of the book will be that the Portuguese police are incompetent and corrupt and that Paedophiles are rampant in Portugal. They obviously aren't going to confess that they committed a crime.

    The WikiLeaks snippet in which Mr. Ellis states that it was the English that developed the evidence could not have come at a more inopportune time for the McCann team. They are writing a book which condemns the Portuguese police for declaring them as suspects, but the English ambassador states to his American counterpart that the English were the driving force in forming a case against them, hopefully this will deter sales.

    A great year to you too Astro.

  6. Gerry Speaks to the Nation 3.1.11

    Prince William and Kate are an awful pair planning a wedding without a thought or care
    They alone are responsible for delaying the search for two more weeks to find Madeleine’s lair
    Of course, they should have consulted us before the Queen
    But they have no class and that can be clearly seen

    Its obvious, all the VIP’s would be at our book launch and leave William and Kate’s wedding without a single guest
    But we will be magnanimous and wish them all the best

    We knew as soon as we launched the book launch date, they would try to take the media spotlight off me and Kate
    This is the Queen’s fault, if she had any dignity, she would have changed the day
    But they are desperate for media attention so we as our normal gracious selves, have changed the launch to Madeleine’s birthday

    Prince William and Kate are a pair of chancers but what can you do
    We have told them to cut short their honeymoon and attend the launch do
    Prince William has personally apologised to us and we’ve agreed to cause no fuss

    I haven’t lost my dignity in the spat between Prince William and Kate
    But I’m sure all would agree they are responsible for prolonging Madeleine’s fate
    We know in our hearts no one would want to watch Royalty when Kate and I are speaking to our nation
    But we have been very reasonable in return for a large donation

    This must never happen again we have firmly told the Queen
    She will need written permission for staging events from our PR team
    This will avoid the Royal family overstepping their station in life
    As you know, no one is more important than me and the wife!

    So we will rise above it all and let William and Kate get whatever coverage they can
    But then you’ll be heartened to know that the next week, its back to the important news about Gerry and Kate McCann

  7. I wish all a great 2011!

    Now, about Mr. Amaral's book in english, until there is no printed version available, why not read it online? There are good translations available, thanks to some hard working bloggers. I recommend Anna Andresse's one:


    Pass the word to all your relatives, friends and acquaintances, to all with internet access, it's there to be read, wait no more!

  8. Insightful and inspiring as always, Astro. Thank you.

    (Belated Happy New Year to you and Joana.)

  9. mojo @3
    I do not think it is upto Dr Amaral, as the publication rights is with the publisher, I do not think he could go off and print it independently, otherwise I would tell him where I publish my books, he can be published in the USA without cost to him,only as books are sold is a commision taken, and the english version could be sold on Amazon and a few other principle bookshops. But I guess he has signed over publication rights, therefore his publisher or agent should be seeking an English publisher, as they reprsent his interests.
    Astro I think my comments have gone astray, I sent one for your previous post but it never appeared. A good new year for you, Joanna and the crew.

  10. Amaral said he had more things to publish about this case.
    Two more chapters
    Do we have to wait till May the 11th?
    I bet he will wait till the McCann's book is ready, corrected and then he will shout:
    I hope this will happen.

  11. If Amaral Publish his new book immediately after the Mccann's, we will see Kate and Gerry running allover the shops in UK to recover their books and change some sentences to avoid troubles with Amaral facts. Just remember what happened with Gerry fictional mocmentary in PDL.
    I hope Amaral will serve them that treat with cheers. I will buy his new version but not the Mccann's book. The Daily Mail and the Sun will be forced to publish for free the insane book in a desperate help. Mccann's book will be a disastrous selling in Portugal. I hope all over the world so.

  12. This was published this morning in the Daily Express (UK)

    **** **** BOOK
    04.01.11, 9:15am

    Chapter one
    Left our children alone and in danger in a strange unlocked apartment in a foreign country
    Chapter Two
    Madilien goes missing
    Chapter three
    It’s not our fault
    Chapter four
    Start a fund to raise lots of lovely money
    Chapter Five
    Sue all who say that it is our fault and make even more lovely money
    Chapter Six
    Write a book about good parenting to make even more lovely money

    • Posted by: LetterfromIberia • Report Comment

    Read more: http://www.express.co.uk/posts/view/220984Madeleine-McCann-book-delayed-for-royal-wedding#ixzz1A3ZKVh8F

    Letter from Iberia

  13. The negative comments on the Daily Mail article and the hundreds of approving 'green arrows' show that the tide has surely turned for the McCanns. Only a few comments try desperately to whip up some false 'poor McCanns' sentiment. The game with the public is up as I think the McCanns realize. The book will not turn the tide of public opinion that's against them, McCanutes.

  14. So, according to Clarence “The publication date for Madeleine has now been moved on to May 12 2011 in the light of the royal wedding and the subsequent media coverage that will generate."

    Are they worried that the wedding will distract attention from their own big event? Or do they think that the book will cause such a stir that it will take the shine off the wedding? For the benefit of which royal couple is this being done?

    Either way their arrogance is mind-boggling.

  15. The book publication has been delayed simply because they did not get any orders.
    Nobody wants to read it, people have heard enough from these two clowns.

  16. I have just sent email to transworld in London the Maccann publishers to ask if they are also publishing Mr Amarals book on the Maccann case as that, is the one I am most interested in, I await their reply with baited breath.

    Mary Liverpool

  17. McCanns afraid to clash with the future king of England?
    To come in conflict with him and to distract the attention of the public, attrackting the attention to themselves making the world forget the Prince?
    They are very nice people aren't they?

  18. To poster 6 - Brilliant, absolutely bl**dy brilliant!!!

    Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, love it!!!

  19. I can tell you exactly what dear Gerald is doing now .... he is on the phone and in a real temper to the Editor of the Daily Express demanding that the comments are withdrawn immediately. Bet ya.

  20. I bet the saintly Kate is having the biggest temper tantrum because the Express are allowing comments on the item regarding the book date change.oh well s.it happens.

  21. re the book launch,when ever i see that the mccanns are in the media
    spouting more crap i am taken back to the gasper,s statement and the tapas mob who are in this up to thier necks,the tapas bunch should have told the truth in the first place but they didnt so they get just what they deserve

  22. Happy New Year to Mr Amaral,his family and supporters, where ever they are in the world.

    Joana and co "MANY THANKS" for all you do. x x x

    An Englishman

  23. The comments on the Express article are demolishing!
    I would like to see someone post a comment there about Madeleine's status as a Ward of Court( I'm not registered with the Express and do not want to). Are the british readers aware that Madeleine was made a WOC and still is, as far as we know? Why no one is questioning the silence and lack of action from the responsible judge regarding the use and abuse of Madeleine's name by the McCanns? Since Madeleine is a WOC, the McCanns "lost" their rights over her, all decisions regarding Madeleine must be authorized by the judge, or am I mistaken? Why is no one raising this subject?

  24. And in Portugal the reaction from the public is the same. All papers showing very nasty comments against the Mccann's, against ASA and against I Duarte. ASA damaged his reputation by joining the dirty charade of the Mccann's. What was selling to them as a good business will end up as disaster. Remember, whatever the Mccann's touch went in disgrace, starting with their own childs.

  25. Wonder if the Mccann's are going to put their feet in Lisbon on the day they are launching the book. Bring an umbrella Kate and Gerry and your old wardrobe.

  26. Wonder if the British police will be forced to use the Low Copy T. to trace the ADN of who murdered Joanna Y. No good time for you Kate and Gerry. Imagine Eddie and Keela, as a rescue to help the police solving what appears to be a complicate and mysterious crime, even with a body available to give some forensic evidences to the police.

  27. @ 25 They don't need a brolly and their old wardbrobe, blue bag and blanket will.

  28. "Fluffy, worthless words" My suggestion for an alternative book title.

  29. "Kate and Gerry are very happy with the new date, as are the publishers, and it will still be very much tied into the fourth anniversary of Madeleine's disappearance." by C. Mitchell

    The Mccann's still commemorating the day their daughter went missing. How many parents in the world do events to commemorate the day they lost their child? I believe the launch of the book on May 12 will end up with a nice dinner and a huge party involving some VIP and people from the publisher company. That is really insane and an insult to all abandoned and abused childs that are growing up under the social care without knowing the exactly mean of Christmas and of having a warmly and care family.
    I would like to give an appeal to everybody that intend to buy Mccann's book: Control your curiosity because they are not going to reveal anything new or important ( that will lead to the case to be reopened, a situation that they will avoid with help of Mitchell and their lawyers, then no new revelations). Will be more of the same with you paying their good life and their lies. If you really have a spare money to spend on Mccann's book, use it to help a real child to achieve better education, food, medication, etc. Help a child from your country, your town. Choose a child institution near you and make a donation. Imagine how many childs could be more happy if people choose to help them instead of transferring or depositing millions on the Mccann's Fund, which was a complete waste. Let's use their book to start a chain of solidarity and help real childs. That could be the best slap on their faces and on their team of vulture lawyers and PR machine, specially if the chain reach some Media and become known.
    We can bring here a list of some official institutions in different countries that can be supported by who says NON to the Mccann's book but YES to the support of Childs really in need.
    I can start with an Institution in Portugal which according to what I saw in the Media is helping many abandoned childs: THE REFUGIO ABOIM ASCENCAO IN FARO.

  30. I see the Express still have the comments up,the majority don't like the McCanns at all,and someone has mentioned about Madeleine beiong a ward of court.

  31. If Madeleine, as a Ward of Court, is not anymore under the control of her parents means that when they used her to make the injunction against Amaral book, they committed an illegality that can be punished. If so, what a bouquet of crimes, this two become with help of their expensive lawyers.

  32. Excellent Astro
    We all are so grateful for all you,Jo and the team continue to do to get justice for Maddie,something her parents do NOT want ,
    Let us hope and prayer 2011 is the year Maddie will at last be able to RIP,and EVERYONE involved in what happened to her ,and who aided and abetted the cover-up get the just rewards they so deserve

  33. Nobody should given any money over to the McCanns until the McCanns can PROVE Madeleine was abducted.

    The truth is they can't, and that Fund of theirs is based on a lie being as how they are selling the abduction fairy story as a fact.

  34. I think you were quite right, Number 19 - Have Your Say is now unavailable for this article and all comments have disappeared!

  35. I have just this moment been on the daily express website. The story of the mccanliars' book delay is there for all to see with comments on display. My MY they are scathing, lets hope the net is closing in on these two truly terrible excuses' of human beings and ultimately parents""""""DISGUSTING.....

  36. 34 - I`ve just checked and there are still 22 comments showing, although I checked yesterday and they had been removed for a while then returned. Hopefully the Express are fed up with being dictated to by the Mcs.

  37. It`s so gratifying to see the Express allowing comments, although there are only 22 atm. What is Richard Desmond up to? I just hope he`s got a few tricks up his sleeve. Is he provoking some sort of action? I notice that in the comments, when the names Maddie and McCann appear, they have been ** out, but not the names Kate or Gerry. Methinks there are plans afoot.

  38. I hope Amaral is writing more, things we don't know and that are not on the DVD released by the police in 2008.
    There must be lots of things that can be consulted by the public and that we have not being told about.Too many files.
    He can select interesting issues for us, inside of the law and being correct.
    He can tell us about the day they missed the pink blanket.I think it happened when the dogs visited the parents'house.
    And this new book should be launched on May the 10th.
    Like we say in Brazil: throuwing sand on the food.

  39. This whole thing about postponing the launch of the book to the 12th May because of the royal wedding is pure bullshit! This is old news, I have no idea why it's now being "sold" as fresh news, like it's just been decided that way. Well, in fact it is not so, because in Waterstones.com it is announced as becoming available on the 12th May 2011, at least since the middle of December! Textusa posted an article in her blog about it on the 19th of December, you can see the Waterstones.com page for the book there, just go to Textusa's blog, it's the post titled "Really".

  40. There was much made of a cover-up of abuse at the Haut de la Garenne
    Children's home, Jersey, but eventually some justice has been handed down it seems as two former workers there have now reportedly been jailed. Witness evidence can be invaluable even after many years.

    Quote. "Morag Jordan, 62, from Kirriemuir, Angus, was given a nine-month term for eight charges of assault against four children in the 1970s and 1980s.

    Her husband, Anthony, also 62, was sentenced to six months, for eight charges involving two boys." Unquote. Source. BBC News online.

  41. Since this Family Division court hearing involving the MaCanns, have the McCann children left UK soil ?

    Court 20 Before MRS JUSTICE HOGG
    Monday, 7 July, 2008
    At 10:30 AM
    FD07P01121 McCann

    Could there be a restriction order in place on the children ?

  42. "At the heart of this inquiry is an innocent little girl. Our focus remains on doing everything we can to assist the Portuguese police to find out what has happened to Madeleine."

    At the heart of this inquiry is a pair of pathological liars liars.
    Our focus remains on doing everything we can to get the bastards and deliver them to both Portuguese and English police forces to insure that JUSTICE is made to Madeleine.

    What a pair of m**** f*****! they are so generous aint they? Postponing the publication of their loo roll for the sake of a royal wedding.....I would start watching my back if I were them

  43. I posted the item below which was accepted and published in the Daily Express today
    I can only assume from this is that perhaps the tide has turned and this Newspaper has at last decided to publish alternatives to the McCann’s mantra

    In The Family Division Court 20 and Before MRS JUSTICE HOGG
    on Monday, 7 July, 2008 at 10:30 AM IN OPEN COURT
    (Ref FD07P01121 McCann)
    Madeleine McCann was made and remains a Ward of the Court
    The Court is not seeking her safe return presumably as the evidence suggests that this is not an option.

    However her avaricious parents continue to hold out their ever open hands for even more donations to their PRIVATE fund that has in the past paid for their mortgage, funded, expensive international layers and spin doctors, together with expensive trips to the courts of Portugal all in an effort to silence those who do not accept their version of events.
    Enough is enough there is no need for money to fund so called private detectives, If they truly believe that their Daughter is alive all they have to do is to request the Portuguese Police to reopen the case.

    Letter from Iberia

  44. 41, is it forbiden to them to leave the UK?

  45. 41, the McCanns and their children went to Canada on vacation, some time ago.
    I believe Canada has nothing to do with the UK now.
    You can see it by looking at their flag.It changed.
    But perhaps there is still a connection with Britain and somehow it is considered an overseas territorier.

  46. "We have pushed back the release of our book to Madeleine's birthday. May 12, 2011. We need as much exposure for the book so we can get Madeleine home. Thank you all for your continuous support and love." By Mccann's.

    Ah! Ah! Like we all predicted, the objective of the book is only money. Marketing is what it is under the postponing of the book. Instead of saying "We need as much exposure for the book so we can get Madeleine home" they should say " We need as much exposure for the book to get more money in our Fund". The wedding and the Media exposure of the wedding is damaging their advertising of the book. They are so opportunist.....

  47. good point no. 41

    maybe they have been forbidden to take their remaining children out of the UK, in case they lose any more of them, by their carelessness (being kind with this word)

    aunty anti

  48. I am not British but could it be that the postponement of the book is an initiative from the royal family, because the royal family does not want to be associated with this despicable couple in any way. It will be the last thing the McCanns want to admit.

  49. Maybe the McCanns went and bought themselves a property out in Canada. Somewhere nice and quiet they can retire to when the Funding of the supposed search for Madeleine is no longer viable.

    After all, they sure have had plenty of money to do that.

  50. Well done, Letter from Iberia. The best way to get the important facts of the case into the UK public arena is in newspaper comments sections that publish them. What a nerve these parents have to say they that exposure for the book is to "get Madeleine home". This tries to imply that they know where she is and just need the plane fare, clever marketing indeed. The truth is very different of course, they need the money to fund their marketing of their version of events, and legal fees to silence the evidence against them.

  51. Hi 44, they did go to Canada on holiday but i think it was before this court hearing.

    Court 20 Before MRS JUSTICE HOGG
    Monday, 7 July, 2008
    At 10:30 AM
    FD07P01121 McCann


  52. Letter from Iberia,delighted to see the Express printed your comments re Madeline being made a ward of court,I also have made a comment re why I think the book has been delayed,and like you ,surprised but pleased they are allowing our concerns to be shown.Public opinion is definitly "seeing them for the shameful parents" they really are !!!!AT LONG LONG LAST !!!!

  53. To anon 44

    I live in Canada and we are proud to call Queen Elizabeth our queen. She is Canada's Sovereign. The Canadian government is modeled on the British government except there is no House of Lords but a senate of appointed senators. To visit Canada you do not need a visa but to stay here even British citizens need to apply to emigrate like anyone else. There is an extradition Treaty between the two countries. So the McCanns could not show up and just take up residence here, though like every other country, Canada welcomes immigrants with medical degrees and other professional degrees.

    The story of Madeleine hit the headlines here just as it did everywhere else in the world but has had only sporadic coverage since. I have followed this case from day one because I grew up in Liverpool before emigrating here many years ago. Most of the coverage I followed I got from Sky News and I believed the McCann's abduction story based on Sky News's reporting. Eventually I got suspicious and had to search the internet to start finding out the truth. If the McCanns ever came here they would probably find that they were largely unknown and most people would not know the truth about them. Also Canadians are very friendly and welcoming people. The McCanns could find a haven here if things get nasty for them over there.

    I hope they end up in jail long before that for what they did to Madeleine.

  54. 47, very good of you!
    All publications about royal weddings, funerals are archived for the future, specially by the administration of royal families.
    A better day the McCanns could not have because a large amount of people will buy the papers.
    I even expect the media to print a lot more than they usually do and spread them all over the world.
    A wonderful chance for the McCanns!
    But since Prince Charles did no let himself be fotographed beside Kate,in London,he did not talk to her, I now believe the Windsors don't want to get involved with riff raff people and they are right.
    And imo they demand two weeks all for themselves because there will be a lot of publications about the wedding.

  55. The McCanns returned from a trip to Kate's aunt in Canada just a few days after this hearing, on 11 July. We have certainly not been told of any other occasion since that time when they have taken the twins out of the jurisdiction.

    Some might even observe that when Gerry has a court case on that he knows he is going to lose, he absents himself. The McCanns made the application on 2 April seeking to force LP to disclose their file of papers. Mrs Justice Hogg responded by making Maddie a Ward of Court and setting the case down for a hearing in light of the opposition from SOCA, LP and even the Attorney General to letting them have the file. And so by the time they decided to clear off to Canada for three weeks they knew they were going to have to back down.

    I suppose when Gerry bounced off from Portugal he knew he was going to have to back down to Goncalo Amaral too, but being the up himself bigot he is, is does not stop him from getting on his high horse and trying. Umm well maybe it does now, what do they say, once bitten twice shy, good maxim, Gezzy, unless you want to the world to continue to find out the salacious facts... Maddie was made a Ward of Court, British Police and profilers were building a case against you, Lee Rainbow thought you fitted the profile, the Pt Prosecutor thought you could have been charged with kidnapping and trafficking Maddie, ummm, maybe he will think twice before he starts any more court actions!

  56. Who knows, the McCanns knew somehow that the wedding would take place on the 28th and choosed deliberatery for the 29th.
    Not that they have gotten friends among the royals but they could have heard from a servant of the palace,from a person who is helping make the wedding dress, the catering, organization of the cerimony, preparation of the choir, etc.

  57. The Express allowing these comments surely reinforces the fact that Donal McIntyre`s sarcastic skit on how Maddie went missing was shown to prove how ludicrous the McCanns claims were. Wish they`d do something similar as there is no way they can be sued if they do it in all seriousness but tongue in cheek.

  58. The McCanns say they need the help 'to get Madeleine home'.

    If the cops take those doggies around to their place maybe they will discover Madeleine has been back home all along.

    What kind of investigation is shelved before the property of the chief suspects is never even searched. Surely only those 'walk on water' McCanns would be able to get away with that.

  59. About books and wicked leaks...J. Assange"s book is on the the way already sold on to ten countries by Edinburgh publisher.
    Ô what a joy it would be if Assange"s book was published on the 29...

    "Canongate to publish Julian Assange memoirs
    Rights to Wikileaks founder's book already sold on to ten countries by Edinburgh publisher"

  60. Viv - didn`t the McCanns make the application for Maddie to become a Ward of Court just weeks after she went missing?

  61. 57 How do you know the McCanns property has never been searched?

    Do you think LP would tell you?

    I recall in the very early stages Gerry was forced to return home in company with Leicester Police to provide a DNA sample for Maddie, presumably due to him refusing to provide one in Portugal. It would be a very odd police officer who did not find that just a tad strange!

    UK sent out top coppers from the very outset and Kate and Gerry got the two "liason officers" the sack! Does that sound like LP were trying to protect them? Goncalo remarks about this and points out how those officers got replaced, I think, by English speaking Ricardo Paiva. Maybe they thought they made a smart move, but this nice Portuguese Officer who shared tea with them was present as the McCanns noted when they were arrested. He was also present to give evidence against them in their civil action. No police force is on the side of Kate and Gerry, they would have to be blind and stupid, which they are not!

  62. 57, you are not the first person, or are you?, who insinuates or even suggests Madeleine's body could be in England.
    OK, but how do you think her body could have been taken out of Portugal and hidden in the parents'home, without being seeing?
    Too risky.
    Like the sea would have been a too risky place to bury her at.

  63. Poster 55, or even Clarrie, wasn't he supposed to have got a job with the Conservative government. I'm sure David Cameron would have been advised some time ago when the date of the Royal Wedding would be and no doubt Clarrie would have had the McCanns on speed dial to tell them the latest news.

  64. Mr Amaral has said Madelaine never left Portugal, and the solving of this crime, can be found near to where she vanished from. I don't think her body is in Rothley, her remains are in Portugal, we are all jumping the gun and playing detective, because we all want justice and closure.
    The Portugese are not blameless in all this mistakes were made, why was the crime area not preserved in the beginning, why was the flat rented out again a few weeks after why was it cleaned. Portugal made mistakes and the Maccann's jumped on the Bandwagaon and it worked so far it has. IF Mr Amaral is not able to get this case reopened in the next 12 months, you can forget it the longer this goes on the slimmer justice gets. Its no use blaming Brown he has long gone, no the fault is firmly in the hands of the Portugese. I have every confidence in Mr Amaral, but he stands alone among cowards.
    The Maccann's are not superhuman they are a pair of evil twisted liars who have held Portugal to ransom for too long. They can be brought to justice and total humiliation.If Amaral can't do no one else in Portugal can or will.

  65. Anon @ 52 - Excellent post. May I add that Canada is a member of the Commonwealth.

  66. An invaluable book to add to the "Books/Livros" section on the McCann Case Joana :d

    “Framing abuse: media influence and public understanding of sexual violence against children” by Jenny Kitzinger


    This book is essential reading for anyone interested in theories of media influence, identity and social change or who wishes to encourage responsible journalism.

  67. Now I think the Buckingham palace made some investigations around the McCanns and I believe the royals know the truth.
    They don't want their festivities being connected with criminals and they know the McCanns take profet of every possibility in order to get attention and to give the impression they are important.
    Appearing on news papers beside the reports about the wedding, this was their dream.
    It is very strange they choosed that date in April and not in May the 3rd or inicially May12th.
    To me it is obvious that the royal wedding was their goal.

  68. "The McCanns say they need the help to get Madeleine home".

    Kate had a different opinion few hours after her girl been missing. She didn't went out of the flat to search her.

    Mat. Oldfield went to J. Wilkin's ( Wilkin's wife statement to the police) on May 4 around 1 O'clock (morning) and when the Wilkin's asked him if they should go out and help with search, he said "NON BECAUSE NOTHING COULD BE DONE".
    Why was he sure that nothing could be done?

    Since the beginning they know that she cannot came back home ( at least in the same condition that she went out-alive-) then why asking help after 4 years? MONEY, MONEY..... to pay expensive holidays, a nice villa and help their lawyers and Mitchell, to get the same.
    The Fund will be running out in 2011? Oh, poor guys.... Why they don't go out of their insane life style, fade and work as normal and honest people do? They are even lucky then most of the public- there is no crisis in the medical world, they don't have the risk of loosing their jobs and their salaries are much high then the majority of the public.
    They are really insulting the British citizens since with that book, their target is the pocket of people living in UK.
    People from UK need to do something to protect the less informed from that charade.

    SINCE MAY 3, 2007, EVERY TIME THEY DO SOMETHING OR OPEN THEIR MOUTHS IS TO KILL THEIR OWN THEORY. Is a shame that the portuguese justice let this 9 got away with their lies. I hope the next President of the Republic will take a strong position on that case to help Madeleine achieve some justice.

  69. I happened to look on Amazon and saw the book by Goncalo Amaral had been sold on there,but it had sold out,alas it wasn't the english version but still it had sold out,a Mr Crisp gave it an excellent review saying it was the true version of what really happened to Madeleine Mccann,hopefully Amazon will sell the english version once printed.

  70. #66,

    What puzzles me is why or waht for did Oldfield knock on Wilkins and O'Donnel's door?! Why did he wake them up for, if it was not to ask for their help and engage them in the search, or find out if they had seen Madeleine or heard something? He knocked on mere acquaintances door at that time of night just for telling them a girl had been abducted?! It would make sense to do that if those people were part of the holiday group, friends, or relatives, or if he was trying to get as many people as possible out there searching, in such moments even perfect strangers will most likely be willing to help, but why the need to inform someone totally unrelated of what had happened?

  71. Viv at 60

    Who is suggesting the LP are protecting the McCanns? Don't try twisting what I was saying in my post.

    We have been told by Sr Flores regarding the Wikileak that the UK police knew they were involved and were putting a case together against them. What information would they have revealed in court if the case against the McCanns had gone ahead? Then the investigation was called off and the case was shelved.

    The McCanns had personal access to those with much higher authority than the cops, with Kate McCann herself saying Gordon was phoning them at least twice a day.

    Dr Amaral believes there was intervention from much higher up on behalf of the McCanns from the get go, and he is the man with his ear to the ground.

    As for a search with the dogs at the McCanns' property, no way that would not have been reported, or been officially recognised as the search in PDL was, and unless Dr Amaral himself says otherwise, then we have to assume strings were pulled for them on that also.

  72. If the McCann property in UK had been searched, especially with the dogs, and NOTHING found, there is no way the McCanns themselves would not have been shouting this from the rooftops.

  73. Anon 68

    Wilkins says in his statements that he was told by Oldfield that Gerry wanted to know if he had seen anything.

    Why they didn't accept the offer of his help in searching is a mystery because surely the more people helping the better. For all they knew, Madeleine could have been lying injured somewhere and it might have been a race against time to get to her.

  74. ''We have been told by Sr Flores regarding the Wikileak that the UK police knew they were involved and were putting a case together against them. ''

    But that isnt true. this is why I am so against the type of spinning indulged in now, others are being misled to think it is fact!! It is NOT We know what was in Wikileaks and that was not part of it! I am so sick of seeing PT people now spinning like tops having watched pink team do same thing for years! Two wrongs do NOT make a right!

  75. Viv @61

    How do you explain the link to the McCann's website, complained about but never removed from the Leicester Police's official site? Why wasn't the link to the PJ?

    They are definitely involved in the cover up and Baggott is now head of the Police Service of Northern Ireland. If you do NOT think there is a connection, I suggest you are not looking carefully enough at ALL the players in the game.

  76. 70, even if they were not related, they become related during the Holidays. The circumstance is even more Odd if we think that Oldfield went to the Wilkins with the manager of the Ocean Club.
    I believe on the rumours that fill the portuguese papers at the beginning- The OC was a destination for swing holidays. That can explain the lies and the cover up of many guests and employers. It is impossible to keep a secret for so long if other characters have nothing to lost. They are all protecting their reputation and trying to hide what make a golfer addicted to spent one week playing tennis inside a resort. The tennis appears to me, to be part of the lie.

  77. Come off it Viv. Don't be naive. Please explain the link between LP and the Mccs fund. Maybe develop this on your blog? Teresa May wouldn't explain it to me either.

  78. It seems to be the latest craze in the UK to set up a fund raiser on the internet for a person that is beautiful and has died/disappeared in suspicious circumstances in another country:


    The country has to be "colonially inferior" to GB. With a justice system that is questionable and police that are supposedly incompetent.

  79. Poster #78 - As well as a P.R. spokesman.

  80. @ 78 I would remind you that Jo Yeates also hs a 'just giving' page. There is nothing suspicious about it all, people often do it for those who die young or just in remembrance for any lost loved one. I did it for my father. Am I colonialist?

  81. Emma Loach is ghost writing their book for them

  82. posters 70 & 73

    I agree it was a strange visit by Oldfield to Wilkins in the midle of the night. Seemingly for no purpose, if Wilkins wasn't asked to help in the, now infamous, SEARCH.

    I believe Gerry asked Oldfield to find out what Wilkins knew, and saw, and to be forewarned about what his reaction might be to the police.

    If necessary, they could weave a different lie, around what Wilkins saw - because Gerry was definitely up to something at around 9 p.m. when Wilkins clearly interupted him.

    Unfortunately, it appears that Wilkins noticed nothing.

    I bet Oldfield went back to Gerry saying "phew, we're OK, Wilkins didn't notice a thing"

  83. I think some people want to have it all ways. They want to rejoice about Wikileaks telling us what we plainly already knew, LP were developing a case against the McCanns, but then quite perversely want to tell us that LP were definitely involved in the "coverup".

    There is only one group of people who were involved in any cover up, not unsurprisingly that is the offenders themselves and their close friends as clearly pointed out by Portuguese Police and indeed our own media where we were told they are key to solving this case and needed to attend a reconstruction. They refused to attend that reconstruction, it would blow their cover up.

    The police rely upon recording intelligence in order to try and catch criminals. They are obviously aware of the extent to which the McCanns have tried to pervert the course of justice by contacting witnesses. The McCanns even made direct appeals during 2008, if you have spoken to Portuguese and Leicester Police, now speak to us. And so I would say that those who do not consider why LP are prepared to maintain the link to the McCanns webpage are the naive ones. Apart from gathering intelligence, Clarence Mitchell asked LP to put that link on their webpage, had they refused to do so, that is tantamount to publically naming the McCanns as guilty. Given the McCanns had already been proclaimed guilty in the worldwide media I am sure that is something LP would not wish to further, advancing the McCanns chances of then being able to state, we cannot get a fair trial.

    I think people need to accept that sometimes, with clever suspects, the police job is not an easy one, sometimes they just cannot get sufficient evidence together to prove their case "beyond reasonable doubt". When that happens should we be starting on the police or those responsible for the coverup, ie those they actually did it.

    We have another similar case in UK presently, are you suggesting the police should just take what they currently have, put Jeffries or the boyfriend on trial, lose through lack of sufficient evidence and make complete idiots of themselves/ waste tax payers money in the process, or do you think they should wait until there is no way the suspect can deny the weight of evidence against him, as in the case of the now convicted MP fraudster? A criminal court case is not some fishing exercise to get to the truth, it is about the prosecution saying we have all this evidence against you, now can you deny it, can you prove there is an element of doubt that is what you. Currently the McCanns would have no such difficulty on the basis of what we have been told, but of course there is likely to be more. I would say to do with the sexual abuse of children, I want children protected, not bloggers talking on the worldwide web about what they suffered and enabling defendants to just walk away from it in the process/ be forewarned as the police case, precisely what the McCanns have always sought to demand.

    Some of the simplistic assumptions in this case need to stop and people need to start thinking about how justice can really work and what is best for victims rather than the needs of bloggers.

    People also need to accept that just as soon as LP are in a position to arrest and charge those responsible, they will do, they have clear jurisdiction to do so. The McCanns lawyer wanted the matter re-opening in Portugual because Portugal alone could deal with a "stranger abduction", so if she had been successful in that she would have her clients declared "innocent". Gerry on the other hand just wants to see what is in UK agency files, his requests will continue to fall on deaf ears. He tried in 2008 with his application to Mrs Justice Hogg and it is about time he gave up!

    Re Wardship, please check the court order, Mrs Justice Hogg made Madeleine a Ward of Court on 2 April 2008, almost a year after the McCanns original application and so stop trying to suggest it was them, that is the last thing they wanted!

  84. On McCann Files there is a new interview with Clarence Mitchell, by Peter Levy, BBC radio.
    Mr.Levy refers to the "mystery"and at the end of the interview he asks Mitchell to give his best wishes to Kate and Gerry.
    Peter Levy does not wish them to find Madeleine alive and well, he doest not even say "I hope they will".
    It is obvious the BBC does not believe the McCann's story.

  85. Mitchell interview in BBC Radio- Mccannfiles

    It is again a lot of ummm, ernnn,...., all about money and Kate and Gerry. Not a single word endorsed to madeleine, to her pain, her feelings, if alive under the hands of her abductor.
    Again Mitchell repeating that the girl did not went to any harm. Only on the brains of that evils, fit the idea of a child been abducted without any harm for her. If she was not harmed, then leave the girl where she his. The abductor his so nice that he even did not set a Fund to raise the girl. He is working honestly and using his own salary to raise a child that was neglected by her parents(according to their own words).

    Interesting that part:

    "Peter Levy: No, I... I... I understand that to... totally. What... again, don't answer if you don't want to, but I know that every parent listening will be interested to know the answer to this. What do they... because it is a... the whole thing is a mystery; what... what do they believe, what do they think is the strongest possibility of... of what happened to little Madeleine?

    Clarence Mitchell: Kate and Gerry know Mad... know their daughter well enough to know she didn't wander outof the apartment as has often been speculated. The only assumption they can make is that somebody took her out of the apartment... That there is somebody, perhaps one, or just two or three people out there who know what happened and that there was an element of pre-meditation, pre-planning went into it. Possibly because of the location of the apartment; . Errm... Children would have been coming and going over months/weeks beforehand and there... it... the private investigation believes there was a degree of pre-meditation and planning, errm...."


    In most of the crimes, the truth is exactly in front of our eyes and told in the first person by the characters involved in the crime. Olegario de sousa, the spoke person for PJ said at one moment in the news that the crime was all British, involving British people and planned in UK. Mitchell is saying now, that the crime was planned. What if getting ride of Madeleine was well planned before to leave no stone unturned(no evidences). After all, the crime end up with a huge monetary compensation and according to the star charts evidence in Mccann's fridge, Madeleine was not a easy child. Her lovely face could be far from a lovely well behaved child. And when Kate went to PDL she was under maternity leave, then no place for her working at any clinic and meeting 6 cadavers to explain the death evidences found on the Cuddle cat and on her clothes.
    Come on Mitchell, you are a clever rat but one day, the truth will slip from your mouth. We are not stupids. When are you going to tell us the pain that Madeleine went trough during her short life?

  86. @81,if this true it should be the quickest book she has ever written
    cant think why it has taken her so long, unless she has had to start from scratch after the wikileaks.

  87. Mitchell talking about a plan, planned many weeks/months before, to snatch Madeleine. He forgot to explain where and how the abductor stayed in PDL during all that time waiting for his prey.
    If there was a plan planned so many time before and the plan went so well that no forensic evidences from strangers were left on the crime scene, means the abductor came from UK at the same time as Madeleine and was part of the people who use to live with her.
    Mitchell forgot a small detail- even on the best planned abductions, there is some parts that are completely out of the control of any abductor: THE REACTION OF THE VICTIM AND THE WITNESSES( the twins). Everything could be very well planned and end up in a disaster if the childs cried. He meet 3 children in the middle and dark night, at a strange environment, and none of them cried. What a detail Mr. Mitchell. Can we assume that Maddie and the twins know the abductor? three guys have been out of the table that night (according to their statements), Gerry and O'Brien and Jane. One of them or the 3, are the abductors. You are telling us something- The group that took Madeleine to PDL were the only ones responsible for her disapearence which I believe hapenned under other circumstances then an abduction. I don't believe that the Tapas dinner hapenned on that night. The Tapas was out of the holidays cheap package holidays. The Millenium was part of the package, but very little we know about the statements of the witnesses from the Millenium, maybe because they are more important for the police, the investigation and the truth, then they should be in the closed files.
    Mr. Mitchell, one lie creates another lie and from lie to lie grows up an avalanche. It is impossible to keep alive and tied an avalanche of lies. We can read between lines and your words are revealing more then what Mccann's wanted: It was all planned. Mccann's apartment could be choosed by them, due to the characteristics you said. The flat fits well the scenary of a fake abduction. Fits well the plan.

  88. Anon 74

    Says YOU that it isn't true, and how do you know that and how can you say that Sr Flores is 'spinning'. We have been asking this on the previous thread of Louise, and we would still wish to have an explanation.

    There has been no spin, go read again and remind yourself. Sr Flores knows much more about this than any of us could know. So who are you to contradict him? Just because you don't like this information, doesn't make it spin.

    Otherwise, if you know better than the people close to this case then you need to explain yourself. Obviously this information from Sr Flores really bothers you. Too bad. Get over it.

  89. In Levy's interview with Mitchell, CM talks his usual claptrap. Why do the BBC even bother? It makes me very angry to hear him getting away with intimating that any girl has ever been recovered unharmed by the experience of being abducted. As for Jaycee Lee Dugard, has Mr Mitchell conveniently forgotten that she was violated, held against her will and deprived of her human rights?

    I believe that, despite some British police officers being convinced that the evidence stacked against the McCann couple and their friends, every British government and civil serice institution was told to offer support, sympathy and protection. In 21st century Britain, adult egos and reputations have been valued more highly than the life of a British minor and it's evident for all the world to see. Someone is going to have to sacrifice themselves to solve this crime and no-one is willing. Regardless of culture, a child's life has not been seen to be worth much has it?

    Not looking forward to the hype around May 12th at all and certainly won't be buying the book.


  90. Another interesting snippet from the Peter Levy BBC radio interview:

    "Peter Levy: Why did it capture the imagination so much?

    Clarence Mitchell: Oh, how long's your programme? There are all sorts of reasons but essentially, errm... it... it played into the... every parental nightmare of losing your children whilst on holiday, errr... it raised the whole question of parental responsibility. Kate and Gerry felt they and their friends were mounting a perfectly correct and proper checking system on the... on the... given the... the lack of resources available to them, at the time, but they made a mistake and they... they got it wrong."

    Mr. Mitchell must think we are all stupid, blind, deaf, or have been living in the outerspace for the last 3 years! How easily he lies and distorts well known facts!
    It's a known fact that the Ocean Club did not offer a door to door "listening service", BUT it is also a known FACT that they had night babysitters available that the parents could hire to come and stay with the children in the apartments, and there was also the night creche! Both facilities much more safe, efficient and preferable to the unreliable "listening at the doors" service! And still, Mr. Mitchell boldly says:

    ..."Kate and Gerry felt they and their friends were mounting a perfectly correct and proper checking system on the... on the... given the... the lack of resources available to them, at the time, but they made a mistake and they... they got it wrong."

    Babysitters and a night creche available, and yet, for the Tapas group, according to Mr. Mitchell, there was a "lack of resources available to them"!!! And also, classifying what happened as a mere "mistake"! They will never come out and say they were neglectful, never, not in a million years! It's always a "mistake"!
    Someone from the PJ once referred to Mr. Mitchell as "the one who lies with as many teeth he has in his mouth", I cannot think of a better description myself of what this despicable man is and does!
    How can he live with himself and how can he look into his own children's eyes without feeling shame and guilt is beyond me!

  91. Clarence is a fool, he has admittes that the McCanns have no evidence that Madeleine was abducted. But nobody is going to publicly accuse the McCanns of hiding the body for fear of being Carter Rucked. But has anybody noticed, Carter Ruck have been very quiet lately and could this be because of the recent appeal court case in Lisbon where the three judges stated that Snr Amaral's investigation conclusions were entirely reasonable? I suspect that Carter Ruck and the McCanns know full well that they now don't have a chance of sueing anybody sucessfully because of this ruling, and the McCanns are just trying to keep this a secret too. All it takes now is one investigative journalist to ask the important questions we have been asking for years, for the charade to tumble completely.

  92. 84,A planned crime but how could they know it would work about becoming millionairs?
    It worked because they were lucky. But the fact that they started being friends of high placed people, this could have being their goal.Media, interviews, and they must have gotten strange information about those important people: videos, photos, etc.
    This is also a theory: to collect privete information about those people and to commit the crime, abroad.
    But I can't believe that. Too cruel. I believe in an accident.
    84, where did you see that interview of Mr. de Sousa, about the planning?
    Joana, where can I find it?

    I pray the Sousa was wrong. But the police would not have said this without any indication.

    If it is true, it explains why the body immediately disappeared.

    This last interview of Mitchell's shows he is changing, probably caused by Wikileaks.
    If Jane Tanner only saw one abductor, how come Clarence to the idea of 3 people?

    Kate, Gerry and Payne?
    It is true that the better way to acheave the attention of the media and from the government and diplomats, it would be committing a crime abroad, by the way chosen by Payne.
    But I still believe in an accident.

  93. No 81, surely you can't be telling us that they have lied about the authorship of the infamous book? I am shocked. Auntie Phil told us loud and clear that it was all being written by Mrs McCann herself, and that it would be truthful and scathing about the Porto Plods.

  94. If Madeleine's death was already planned much before, why did she die behind the sofa?
    She could have been killed in the bathroom, much easier to clean up, in case of blood.

  95. Madeleine was 90cm tall.
    Could she easely klimb up on the back of the sofa?
    Weren't her leggs too short for such a distance?

  96. Just read on Mc Canns files that the MC cCanns will be doing book signings who do they think they are, to me they are no more than lying child neglectors and I think people should demonstrate this at
    their so called book signings, if they come to my local shopping centre il be there to ask why they dont go back to Portugal and help the police and stop begging for money and tell the real truth!!!

  97. I noticed the repeat of kates mantra that online critics refer only to their chid neglect, they are desperate for people not to look up online forums so are dismissive of anything interesting being available to view. Clarrie also mentioned the Express in the next breath which is indeed full of comments focusing mainly on the lack of babysitters,maybe thats why the ever helpful Express is suddenly allowing comments, maybe posters should move off abandonment issues and talk about the dogs and the Gaspars and see how long the comments last

  98. Welcome back Clarence! We have missed you soooo much, and you must have missed being the mouthpiece for the McCann team too!

    Never mind, you will soon be able to bask in the reflected glory of the book launch - will you be at the signing to speak for the famous duo too? Try not to put your foot in it, as you did in the never to be forgotten interview with David (the famous tec) Edgar!

    And next the film to continue this saga ad infinitum.

    Poor Madeleine - she deserves justice rather than becoming the heroine of a book to make money and enhance the celebrity status of her parents who abandoned her to her fate and then couldn't even be bothered to search for her the night she went missing.

  99. Another interview with Mitchell in the BBC. More of the same spin and MEDIA ATTENTION to captivate the public for donations. Off-course, Maddie must be alive to allow the carry on of the Fund and the donations. A lot of people living under that donations. We don't see any campaign in the terrain searching or looking for the girl, to justify the money he says was spent in that campaign. What a lie. The money must be in their private accounts somewhere, to pay their daily luxury.

    Mitchell again, intimidating bloggers and people on the Internet. He says that the bloggers know nothing. Even if they know nothing, they don't buy the fairy tale of a fantasist abduction and they are looking for the truth. Mitchell perhaps, know allot if not ALL, and is on his interest to protect the Mccann's and help them hide the truth. He become part of the crime if the time prove that there was a cover-up since May 3 2007.

  100. Mitchell na BBC a perpetuar a mentira, a perpetuar o mito de Madeleine viva para justificar mais donativos, agora dissimulados na forma de livro. Claro que convem uma Madeleine viva para pagar os salarios principescos de alguma gente. Se ha poucas evidencias de ela ter morrido, nao ha nenhumas de que esteja viva. As duas situacoes anulam-se e por isso qualquer evento que envolva dinheiro, em nome da crianca devia ser proibida.
    Mitchell na BBC, intimidando, ameacando blogs e utilizadores da internet. Usando a BBC para mandar recados aqueles que ele considera uma minoria. Nao sao uma minoria. Sao a maioria. Basta ver o numero de Blogs anti e pro e o numero de comentarios em cada blog. Os anti ganham em larga escala. Se a estes somarmos os comentarios nos jornais, entao e grande a maioria e so um olhar manipulado nao ve.
    E por permitir este "mandar de recados" que a BBC tem perdido credibilidade. O caso Madeleine relegou para o lugar dos tabloides um dos veiculos de informacao tido como referencia de rigor e informacao.
    Continue Mitchell, que as suas minorias sabem ler as verdades que quer omitir, nas entrelinhas. Com que entao, tem de perpetuar o mito da miuda viva para continuarem a usar a desculpa de a procurarem para justificar peditorios milionarios.....

  101. AH AH Assange book to be released in later April will disturb Mccann's book. They will be forced to delay the book again.

  102. Joana and friends .... thank you so much for all that you continue to do to pursue the truth about Madeleine's disappearance. Let us hope that 2011 will be the year that sees a proper closure to this sad affair, and may 2011 also be a year that brings you peace and happiness. Best wishes.

  103. It is very interesting to read the comments here ... but do posters realise how much more weight the comments might have if they were not 'anonymous'? It is called having the courage of ones convictions.

  104. Lesly 102- Tell us who you are then! Lesly could be anyone and you could post under lots of names.

  105. 89 "Peter Levy: Why did it capture the imagination so much?

    Indeed, an interesting question, the more because I wonder why Levy asked this question. It is not about the McCanns, it's about public opinion. Sure Levy was very curious about Mitchell's answer, but unfortunately again not an answer, although imo robot Mitchell was out of balance for a brief moment, that contrived laugh, feeling the danger. I think each of us has asked that question her-/himself. As someone from abroad my answer to that question is that I felt there was something wrong from the very beginning, from May 4th, the McCanns first world appearance, but I want to give the McCanns the benefit of the doubt because the alternative was too hard to believe.
    So Mitchell, NOT 'how long is your programme' and NOT 'all sort of reasons', IMO the answer is short and simple: the decent public gave the McCanns the benefit of the doubt. The public has been cheated because of their decency.

    89 I totally agree with you. "How can he live with himself and how can he look into his own children's eyes without feeling shame and guilt is beyond me!"

  106. If Mitchell is now saying it was a planned abduction, surely these 3 abductors could have obtained a vehicle between them - there is a car park right outside as well?

  107. Post 94. Why should she climb up the 'back of the Sofa', why not the seat, the arm, then back, simples.

  108. Mitchell says that "bloggers know nothing". That's nonsense of course. Does Assange know nothing, or Wikipedia? The public comments know the PJ files evidence too. But Mitchell reveals in his silly insult that there is something to know that we do not yet know. What is that Mitchell, are you going to tell us and admit the truth?

  109. The omment of O. Sousa was not in an interview. Was in the RTP news, in July or August 2007, when the investigation was very active and after the first lab results. He even said that what hapenned inside of the 5A on that night(3) was very hard and very dramatic for who live it. Means this, that Madeleine was not alone when she died?

  110. @ 87 please do not insult intelligence! I have read on Guardian site what were the contents of the cables. We can see for ourselves. What Sr Flores has said is NOT correct, he goes too far and 'embroiders'. I know this is an uncomfortable fact for some, but needs to be said. Its not assiting discussion, because already some have believed it & now we argue about that instead of the real facts of the case. This is my point!

  111. Lesly makes a valid point-
    I would add that articles and blogs which resort to asterisks and banal insult are counter productive. The (Mccann) believers and even potential converts will simply skip over them and worse may miss a perfectly valid "telling point" as a result.
    No one knows better than I the rage that burns at the blatant hypocrisy, injustice and dishonesty that appears throughout this sad story. I also believe it is fuelled by the effective impotence that the stranglehold on press and courts has inflicted.
    However there are ways to fight back- to make even just a little dent in their complaisance and bad language is not the route.
    Far better the intellectual dissection of their actions and evidence, or the publicising even by word of mouth the truth to the UK public. Just one convert makes the effort worthwhile.
    How about adding a well reasoned comment to the Express?
    Or get every member of your family and friends to add to the petition.
    Lastly I would beg of Joana that she implements a “recommended by” or some other such mechanism- we all applaud and support her but reading the same endorsement 1000 times is a bit wearing especially when it is dear old anonymous- again.

  112. Pinky, like Gerry and their other associates are so `up` themselves that they really seem to believe that the whole population have no intelligence and that they can say any old tripe and get away with it. How deluded they are.
    I`m signing myself Louise with an extra `e` from now on as I believe there is another poster called Louise who posts on other blogs as well.

  113. [Anonymous said... (104)

    Lesly 102- Tell us who you are then! Lesly could be anyone and you could post under lots of names. ]

    Yes that is very true but I elect to place a link to my blog .... so you see I am not posting under a fictitious name or anonymously, - you only have to click on the link to find out who I am.

  114. "....given the lack of resources available to them......" In other words it is responsibility of others to ensure the safety of YOUR children who were left by their parents alone in a strange apartment night after night.

  115. Anon 110

    This has already been discussed in the previous thread 'Dirt' and you have the answer there, but you don't want to accept it because you think you know better, without actually giving any credentials as to who you are that you would know better than Sr Flores.

    You sound rather like Gerry McCann trying to convince everybody that the dogs are ludicrous yet providing no proof of that.

    You, and the pro McCanns, may not like what Sr Flores has to say about the Wikeleak but he is an honourable man whose word can be taken as truth. He knows what he is talking about being much closer to the case than any of us, and that includes you yourself. So stop trying to discredit this honest man. The pro McCanns are trying to delude themselves about the extent of what the investigators know, and so are you.

    No wonder they don't want the case reopened.

  116. 106, Louise,

    if there were 3 abductors and a waiting car outside, on that parking place, how come Tanner saw only one, crossing the street towards Murat's home and with Maddie in his arms?
    And the Smiths saw the same man walking down a street, about 30 minutes later?
    No car at all.

  117. Gamble is still winging about the role of the former CEOP becoming part of the new National Crime Agency, over which he has resigned as CEO. In the Times today. an article by Sean O'Neill relates Gamble's view that he was stonewalled by Theresa May when he asked her to explain heer rationale. (paraphrase) Yet he was invited to join the steering committee for the changeover. It claims that Gamble is the butt of a whispering campaign in Whitehall regarding him as pugnacious, on an ego-trip. A former CEOP senior manager said Gamble was seriously disliked by some Home Office senior mandarins.

    Could it be because he publicly took the part of the McCann parents too completely in their abduction wheeze?

  118. 109, it could be she was not alone at the few moments before her death and imediately after it.
    It could be that at least one person was present at the moment she died and this person left her on the floor.
    It could be a person who had some knowledge of forensics(traces of a crime),of cadaver(urine, faeces) and he/she decided not to replace the body and to cencentrate everything on the local of the happening.No bed, no bathroom.
    But the corpse was near or in a waardrobe for sometime.
    That was necessary in order to wash the floor, behind the sofa.
    "very hard and very dramatic"for who live(d ?) it.
    I think maybe it took a long time to plan the disappearence of the body, while it was lying down on the floor.

  119. Anon @110
    This topic has already been discussed in the "Dirt" article and your arguement didnt stand up to srutiny, accept that and move on and stop trying to re introduce it in this topic (surely its not you again Louise?)


  120. Hah,hah, hah, intending to publish the book on the 28th, hoping for an article on the 29th, the day of the Royal wedding, a famous day, with millions of copies of the papers, all over the world.
    Everybody will buy a paper on the 29th, to keep it as a souvenier.
    I love Prince Charles.
    Next life I will get married to him.

  121. 108,"the bloggers know nothing".

    How come Mitchell knows we know nothing?
    He is comparing our knowledge with his.
    If he knows better, we expect him to go to the police.

  122. The Prince of Monaco will get married soon.
    Will it be around Maddie's birthday?
    Did he ask permission of the McCanns?

  123. Lesly- sincere apologies from 102. Prefer to remain anon. for a reason, but if contacting Joana, I use real ID. Some bloggers get nasty threats when they hit the nail on the head. I wish you well and hope you don't get the same for being courageous enough to be open.
    Best wishes

  124. when we look at this case we can see that the Mc's have ran a very tight PR machine, all the moving of the book launch is just so they will max publicty and sales so max the profit ....then we will see an admision that poor M is not coming home ....they then retract from publicity..... heads down.....few months later ...move to Canada or where ever ......lack of evidence no re-opening loads of money .

    But .....................will G be able to leave the spotlight? one more chat show apearence sells a few more books make a few bob.


  125. Mitchell is talking about 3 abductors and a car, to let us forget the Smiths.

  126. another reason for keeping anonymous going is that it invites those who know something they can blow the whistle about and being perhaps known to the tapas group would not otherwise have the facillity to do so.

  127. Looking forward to the truth, looking forward to Madeleine being laid to rest!

    Proverbs 6:16-19 says, "These six things doth the LORD hate: yea, seven are an abomination unto him: A proud look, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood, An heart that deviseth wicked imaginations, feet that be swift in running to mischief, A false witness that speaketh lies, and he that soweth discord among brethren."

    Kate - please, please stop this charade and free yourself and Madeleine from this web of deceit. May god have mercy on your soul.

  128. Hopefully 2011 will be the year that unveils what is to me the main mystery in this horrible case:

    Why did the British government cover up the death of a child?

    Many are now pointing an accusing finger at the McCanns - and deservedly so, I'm afraid. But do we know how much they are tied to political interests? Are they still free to speak? Could they tell the truth if they miraculously decided to release their consciousness? May be too late now that they have become the puppets of a bunch of spin doctors.

    I can't believe that they got so much protection from the government just because they requested it. Something else was at stake. Something much stronger than their careers, their lives. Something that, in the eyes of some politicians, justified obstructing justice and disrespecting the memory of a little girl. What? I don't know.

  129. I see Jim Gamble was on sky news yesterday slagging off the government for merging ceop with another police authority,poor little Jimmy throwing his toys out of the pram because he can't get his own way with Theresa May as he did the labour lot,he has one big ego that man,i'm so glad that he has been put in his place,i'm quite sure he applied for another job last year but was turned down ,so his moaning seems quite hollow really,he clearly wanted to leave the ceop,he's now got his wish so byeee to another McCann sychophant.

  130. Quote Anon 128 - "Something else was at stake. Something much stronger than their careers, their lives. Something that, in the eyes of some politicians, justified obstructing justice and disrespecting the memory of a little girl. What? I don't know"

    That is the question we all wonder. I`m beginning to think David Icke may not be talking beyond common reality after all.

  131. For Lesly

    A link to a blog still does not proof that you are that Lesly, or even that that Lesly exist. You have to keep a decent amount of skepticism when it comes to internet identities. A good way to look at it is: nothing is what it says it is.
    Having said that, the last advice I would give anyone to give his real information out on the internet. Just don't, there are too many nutcases out there.

    As for signing petitions: if the creator is legit you can opt for the possibility to sign with your personal information so the receiver can review that, but your name is not displayed, or displayed as anonymous.

    LJ aka Rose M aka etc etc

  132. 125, next time Mitchell will talk about 6 abductors and 3 cars and, who knows, one bus.

  133. Anonymous #129 One of the worst paedophile rings the UK has ever seen happened under Jim Gamble's watch at CEOP. If it wasn't for the Greater Manchester Police, Paedophile Colin Blanchard and his perverted female co-conspirators would have never been caught and brought to justice.

  134. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1346371/The-million-pound-hound-Ellie-sniffer-dog-retires-uncovering-1m-drugs-guns-cash.html

    another "useless" dog

  135. # 130

    The Government did not order the cover-up, they are just puppets. The pharmaceutical company who paid for many doctors to be in PDL that week ordered the cover-up to protect their interests.

    It is no coincidence that Clarence Mitchell was working for Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and now Cameron.
    But who was paying Clarence?

    The reason no one can produce a credit card receipt, is that their holiday was entirely free, paid for by said drugs company. They are happy we are all looking the wrong way.

  136. @127

    What an amazing scripture. I have never before come across anyone that fulfilled all these transgressions. But G&K do.

  137. Blanchard was caught by a colleague, otherwise he never would have been. CEOP cannot catch individuals meeting on facebook and sending each other vile images via their phones, neither can any police force, that's a nonsense. It takes public vigilance and luck. On the whole CEOP have been a force for good in combatting child exploitation and I distruct those who make knee-jerk assertions designed to damage them. Who benefits from such actions? the answer is obvious.

  138. ''You, and the pro McCanns, may not like what Sr Flores has to say about the Wikeleak but he is an honourable man whose word can be taken as truth. He knows what he is talking about being much closer to the case than any of us, and that includes you yourself''

    You are deluding yourself. Flores can only know what is in the cables, that is what he is commenting on and that is what we can read FOR OURSELVES. Why would you believe anyone, however eminent, when they report wrongly on something which we have the original of? It isnt a matter of honour or who we believe, it is a matter of reading for oneself and using one's own brain. I have done so and it is clear that he spun the cables' content. I regard that as deeply unfortunate and I am not alone in this opinion.

  139. I've just watched the interview by the murdered Jo Yeates' best friend (it comes up on yahoo)

    you know what? she is obviously distraught, but she just tells it as it is. there are a few smalls gaps while she composes herself, but NO UMS AND ERRRS whatsoever. not even one.

    neither are there any of the, starting a word or pharase, and changing it half way through. e.g. Mitchel, in his latest radio interview, where he starts to say MADELEINE but stops at MAD and changes it to "eerrrr their daughter"

    You see, she is innocent of anything, she doesn't have to think before she speaks, she just urgently wants someone to come forward with information.

    What a marked contrast to EVERY SINGLE ONE of the TAPAS 9, and Pink Clarrie.

    the excuse can't be just because Jo's friend is more intelligent, because most of the TAPAS 9 were supposed to be doctors. Would you trust a doctor who said e.g. well, eerrr, phew, errr I think, errr phew, maybe you errr, have influen.... errrr gobbledegook, come back next year!

    aunty anti

  140. #134,

    Did you see this comment under the article you mentioned?
    There was much talk about the McCanns getting assistance/help from the local ex-pats, maybe this man was /is one of their "helpers":

    "The dogs are notoriously wrong Sandra.
    - Frederick Algernon Trotter, Praia de Luz (ex pat), 12/1/2011 10:53"

  141. Anon @138
    Your like an old dog with a bone who wont let go or a scratched vinyl record that keeps repeating itself.

    Accept your WRONG and get on with it, that topic is history now and once again may I remind you your Tuppence worth didnt stand up to scrutiny.


  142. 135 justcurious Excellent post. I don't know much about British politics, but I think you hit the nail on the head.

  143. Anon 138

    Do not delude yourself.

    What you say you wish to believe is of no importance compared to what Sr Flores and the others KNOW the wikeleak is referring to. He writes plainly about this and he should know.

    Too bad if you can't accept it. Get over yourself.

  144. No 135, do you know which pharmaceutical company it was?

  145. Two Quotes from clarence mitchells b.b.c radio interview.

    1."Kate and Gerry know Mad... know their daughter well enough to know she did'nt wander out of the apartment"

    2."Theres a very small vocal minority online who... attack them(mccanns)for being negligent,thats completely misplaced and entirely wrong"

    If Kate and Gerry knew Madeline well enough to know she had'nt wandered from the apartment that night,does it follow that they knew Madeleine well enough to know that she would cry for over 75 minutes non stop when they left her alone in an unlit unfamiliar bedroom on May 1st unchecked for at least 90 minutes?
    If they didnt know that was a posibility, then is it fair to say they did'nt know her well enough?
    If they did know there was a chance that she may become scared and upset and fret for them for over 75 minutes then not only is this Neglectful but gross cruelty to say the least.
    What puzzles me even further is the Fact that they left this poor infant alone again in the same dark unfamiliar bedroom on the evening of the 3rd of May DESPITE the fact that Madeleine supposedly told them that morning that she was crying for them the other night.
    Can any loving caring parent here, say they would leave the most precious gift in your life alone in an unlit unfamiliar bedroom unchecked for over 80 minutes?. I bet theres not.

    The Mcanns cant have it both ways either they Knew Madeleine well enough or they didnt know her well enough,which is it?

    So Clarence, NO Misplaced, but only entirely Correct comments here.


  146. Anon @116
    The Smiths did'nt see the SAME man as tanner walking down the street 30 minutes later, Because tanner saw pimpleman etc etc and the Smiths with a 60-80% certainty SAW Gerry carrying Madeleine in the direction of the beach.


  147. @135.

    Yes! Drug companies are running the world economy at this point. The vaccine industry is a fraud. It kills and injures thousands upon thousand every year and in the United States it is protected from prosecution. The cancer industry is a fraud. It keeps people sick and encourages doctors to diagnose and treat lumps that would go away by themselves if they were left alone. It is entirely possible that big pharma is rich enough and unscrupulous enough to cover up the murder/accidental death of a little girl and protect her parents. But what do the McCanns know that would make the drug companies protect them? They would not go to such lengths to protect just any doctor selling drugs for them. The McCanns know something that they don't want the rest of us to know. Was Maddie given an experimental drug for whatever reason? Is that how she died?

    Follow the money. Behind every great fortune there is a crime. And behind every great crime there is a fortune at risk.

  148. Lesly @102 Would this be an attempt by you to get traffic without providing any useful commentary? (see comments policy below)

    And druhodson @111
    With all your waffling in post 111, sure your as anonymous as I am.


  149. An involvement of the pharmaceutical industry is plausible in the light of the fact that the PJ has never been granted access to Madeleine's medical records. Was that to conceal leads to some kind of dubious medication?

    Also, it is worthwhile taking a look at this excerpt from the Madeleine Foundation's letter to David Cameron in October 2010

    "[...] it is understood that one of the major investors in the FSS, who, we are informed, did the analysis of the DNA and other evidence in the Madeleine McCann investigation, is a company called 3i. It is understood that 3i is a private equity company with strong links to both Brian Kennedy and Control Risks Group, a company brought in to Praia da Luz in the first days after Madeleine McCann was reported missing and whose role in the matter has been very obscure. We understand that the major shareholder in Control Risks Group is 3i Equity plc, and that the Chairman of 3i is Baroness Sarah Hogg, sister-in-law of Mrs Justice Hogg who of course was the judge who made Madeleine McCann a Ward of the High Court 19 days after she was reported missing."


  150. I would imagine that Tanner and all the tapasniks would have hoped they could just walk away from all this but their friends wont let them move on. One day ,the 7 children who survived will grow up and may have children of their own,only then will they realise the horror of their parents behaviour. One way or another they will be called to account, preferably in a court of law but if not they will have to answer to their own fammilies. The most despicable act of collective cowardice will have a price.

  151. #144,

    John McCann, Gerry's brother, works/worked for Astra Zeneca. The company let him out on unpaid leave (was it really unpaid?) to "work" for the fund.

  152. Anon 138 - agreed with what you say although Snr Flores is held in high regard by me - I think sometimes things get twisted in translations. Don`t be put off by some bad mannered commenters who cannot seem to put their points across without being rude and abusive.

  153. :q Excellent writing Astro! And pretty objective too - it says much without arousing susceptibilities and incurring the wrath of the gods...

    Happy new orbit to you, Joana et al.

    :k PJ Tipps
    At Kennedy Space Centre, Launch Pad 39A

  154. Why did Mitchell claim on the radio interview that Kate knew that Maddy wasn't the type to leave of her own accord? Presumably that's the version given in the new book. In fact it was reported that Ocean Club staff knew that Maddy had already run outside once from the apartment and it took the parents half an hour to get her back for bed. I look forward to Snr Amaral having a field day discussing the book on TV or even wrting a review of it in all the press and online. Hurrah.

  155. Anyone in the UK interested On ITV 7.30 the rise of the superinjunctions in the UK. Wonder if the Maccann's will watch you will also get it online at ITV player

    Rachel liverpool

  156. Anonymous #137 Who benefits from stereotyping online paedophiles as Jim Gamble did during his time as the head of CEOP? The answer to that is also obvious Anonymous #137. I distruct those who stereotype sexual exploiters of children because I know the men and women who hide behind computers, cameras and cell phones to prey on children can be ANYONE.

    How Detectives Catch Child Predators


  157. It seems that CEOP is to investigate methods of identifying any patterns of offending and vulnerability in the street grooming of vulnerable teenage children for paedophilia, and assess methods of acting to reduce risk, under it's new CEO. (Times 13/1/11). Obviously more illuminating than inviting McCann to give them a talk I would think.

  158. Normally here in Spain, the laboratories only pay if the doctor of the group is going on a conference although now, because of a new law they only pay for the doctor, and he pays for his family if they accompany him, and this is only if the doctor is attending a conference. Anything else would be seen as corruption. So Gerry was not attending a conference, niether his friends, and they did not mix with other doctors there outside of their group. So if they were all on a freebie supplied by the laboratory then this is classed as corruption. In order to push the labs medication or so. not legal.Classed as acceptance of bribes. We also have to remember Gerry is a heart specialist, but has no patient contact or very little, he reads and analyses the scans etc.

  159. anon@149 Louise or is that LouisEE

    Exactly like you,you meen.
    Excellent description of yourself.


  160. 84, It seems that Gerry helped Oldfield in the past, about something negelct in his profession.
    Gerry defended him.
    If I'm not mistaken, it was the first time he went on vacation with the group. Am I right or not?
    Could it be that Gerry manipulated him to come together because the McCanns expected his support, after the crime would be committed?
    After all it seems he had being somehow neglected towards a patient and Gerry saved him?
    Because Oldfield was not feeling very much comfortable on that McCann documentary.
    He was sure very unhappy, whole UK recognising him.
    If the crime was planned, it could not be only because she was a difficult child.There are otherr solutions for difficult children.
    It is known she would go to school for the first time in August or September.
    Was there a risk she would tell around more than her parents wanted?
    Did she experience things she was not able to forget?
    Is the treatment EMDR very well known in the UK?
    Activation of the brain to make people remember the past, specially children with traumas?

  161. 157, if the crime was planned, how do you explain the traces of splattered blood found on the walls? These strongly indicate that Maddie died after banging her head, which does not look like a plausible 'modus operandi' for a planned murder. Unless, of course, you assume it wasn't her blood.


  162. http://www.freindlyfirezone.com/index.php/component/k2/item/18-gerry-and-kate-mccann-are-still-guilty

  163. 158

    Where in the files are the wall stains referred to as blood?

    09_VOLUME_IXa_Page_2315 The area of the pillow of the bed from the minor disappeared was inspected with the intention to detect the presence of some smell [aroma] characteristic of volatile substances typical of chloroform or ether, this search proving negative

    There proceeded the search for possible blood traces in all of the apartment, using a variable- wave light source appropriate for the task.This search resulted in the detection of several spots having a red-brown tone that suggested blood, which were subjected to a "Kastle-Mayer" peroxidise test, the result obtained, in all cases, being negative.

    There also proceeded the observation and search for blood traces inside the apartment using a chemical product to find latent blood traces. In the application of the referred product no results characteristic of the presence of blood traces were found

  164. 158,Paul, this is also my question.
    I wrote "if the crime was planned"...IF.
    The police must have a reason to say that.
    One possibility could be somebody regreted his action and tried to resuscitate her, breaking her chestbones, wounding her lungs and she vomitted.
    Or another person arrived, saw the dead girl and tried to save her life, also through massage, and she vomitted.
    But not too much blood, I think, because the T-shirt of her pyjama had no blood spots.
    The only thing we are sure of is that we don't know what happened.

  165. How can Kate say that she knew that Maddy wasn't the type to leave of her own accord? She herself said to Fiona that morning that she was not sure to leave the door open so Madeleine could go and get them or lock them up.
    BTW Kate both choices are the wrong one: having someone take care of your expensive begotten children would be the only right choice.

  166. Maddie hadn't wandered from the apartment because she and the rest of the kids were with the nannies in the evening as they were with the nannies during the day. That's why Kate knows that what has happened to Maddie has happened under other circumstances. She knows because she was there.

    Mark Warner must be a discrete resort for adults meetings and lifeslyle activities but that doesn't mean that those adults were neglecting their kids, in fact is the opposite they are responsible parents. McCanns spend all the time telling that: "we're a responsible parents". At least that time they were telling the truth.

    The purpose of all of this is let us think they were irresponsible parents leaving kids all alone.

    THIS IS THE POINT: if they were not alone how can a kidnapping occur....???? That's right!

    Kids were taken care by OC staff. The staff did it well. Kids were OK. The only night nannies were dismissed was on May 3rd because there was an accident on that afternoon. Around 6 p.m. YES, that time Payne said was in the apartment for 30 minutes and Kate said it was no longer than 3 seconds. What a different... LOOK TO THE SIGNS!

  167. David Payne's Police statement states that he was in the apartment 3 min, 5 min max. Kate's Police statement states he was there for 30 seconds.

    So where does the 30 minutes come from? Is it reality or myth?

  168. @ 159 Well, TV News reported that there was a characteristic blood spray found as with a broken larynx. Blood was found under the tiles in the living room.

  169. Anonymous #137 A section of your comment, "On the whole CEOP have been a force for good in combatting child exploitation and I distruct those who make knee-jerk assertions designed to damage them." looks incredibly similar to this comment from UK journalist Helen Rumbelow - "But don’t let the shock of the uncommon blind you to who is a more likely threat to your child."


    Can you explain Anonymous #137 why the sexual exploitation of children should be a gender issue? Isn't the sexual exploitation of children equally important regardless of the gender of the child/offender? I am sure CEOP, the organisation as a whole, believes it is. Isn't it equally important in the name of child protection to educate parents (mother/fathers) about the threat of any risk to their child regardless of the gender of the child/offender? The sexual exploitation of children SHOULD NOT be a gender issue but unfortunately, for some children, people like you make it so. I can now see why Jim Gamble was such an important advocate to you. Lets sincerely hope for the protection of ALL children, regardless of their gender, that the new CEO of CEOP is not as gender biased as his predecessor was when it comes the important issue of child sexual exploitation.

  170. The bbc's Steve Kingston wrote of a laryngeal blood spray pattern on the walls of the McCanns apartment,it was taken off the bbc website on the day Kate McCann was made an arguida.

  171. A nice post from Dr. Roberts at Mccannfiles.

  172. Blacksmith Bureau com um post Pro-Mccann/ pro-Mitchell? Moita Flores nao merece os comentarios de quem parece ter entendido mal as suas palavras.

  173. I would like to ask who is protecting the mccanns? They are clearly guilty and still nothing is done about it. There are so many blogs and websites all with questions that need answering, why are they allowed to publish their book when madeleine has been made a ward of court?! should'nt justice Hogg be the one bringing out a book, not the suspects! What about Sr Amarels book? does it not make them appear more guilty seeing as his book was based on police records and yet they banned it.

  174. "Looking back, looking forward..."

    when are we going to get a new article?

    Again no anonymous?

  175. Regarding WikiLeaks. There are numerous secrets held by anonymous world-wide-agencies which never reach the public arena – they are protected. e.g. UFO agenda and military information. I believe the ‘leak’ was permitted as enough time has now elapsed to cover the embarrassment of those influential personalities who so eagerly and naively supported one ‘of their own.’ Beckham, JK Rowling, Gordon Brown. They and others have been very tight-lipped since the ‘ask the dogs Sandra’ fiasco.
    Kate repeats over and over, the phrase, ‘in all honesty’. I have heard these words so frequently in my work with young offenders and have found that this is precisely when they are not being honest. Kate also uses words such as ‘below’ and ‘under’.
    I do wonder though whether Kate was ignorant of the whole truth at the start and if so when was her Eureka moment?
    I cannot believe that the McCann’s would have just dumped their daughter anywhere. I am sure Madeleine would have been buried on consecrated ground.
    The Smith’s evidence is compelling and without malice. Where would GM have been running to? Towards a ‘friendly’ doctor or Priest?

  176. The following is a comment I added to the Express Newspaper UK blog.
    A newspaper asking for comments is a positive move.
    Published: Wednesday January 19,2011 by PoppyMeze2
    ‘No Contest’
    "What will be in the book that they have not already said? I would guess it is more likely a reaction to Goncalo Amaral's book,'The Truth of the Lie'.
    Instead of still travelling the world looking for elusive 'evidence' , Kate and Gerald **** would be better employed concentrating on the well-being of their remaining children and feel themselves lucky that there was no UK Social Services investigation after putting them at risk as they did nearly 4 years' ago."

    (You can find your way to the article via the link below and sign up if you want have your say)

  177. Speaking about the McCanns, our blessed Wikileaks is helping the British media.
    Express is publishing all comments, something they did not dare to do before.
    I wonder if the McCanns will sue that British ambassador.
    If they are consequent, they surely will.


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