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McCann spokesman Mitchell tells of phone security fear

By Jon Manel PM, BBC Radio 4

The spokesman for the family of Madeleine McCann says he will contact the police because he believes someone attempted to access information about his mobile phone account and voicemail.

Clarence Mitchell became the family's point of contact for the media after three-year-old Madeleine disappeared from the holiday apartment where her family was staying in Portugal in May 2007.

Journalists from dozens of news organisations around the world regarded him as a key to potential new angles.

Mr Mitchell asked his mobile phone provider, Vodafone, to check his account details after years of allegations about how some journalists got their stories.
'Blatant attempt'

"I was always concerned that if some journalists were up to this sort of thing that I might be a target but I had no proof," he said.

Mr Mitchell was told that records of calls made and received are routinely destroyed after about a year.

However, he was provided with some information including details of calls made to Vodafone about his account.

Two instances were drawn to his attention, the first one on 29 February 2008.

Mr Mitchell said: "The operator lists it, saying 'a gentleman called wishing to check the phone', as he gets calls each night from the number and wanting information and is a 'witness on the CID trial for McCanns'.

"Well, that doesn't make sense. It certainly wasn't me that made that call. I would never use that phraseology and there was no such thing as a CID trial for the McCanns. It's ridiculous.

"That appears to me to be a blatant attempt to get information about whose number it was and what was happening. Thankfully the operator didn't give them anything."
'Fishing for information'

Another call was made to Vodafone customer services in July 2008.

Mr Mitchell said: "Basically it [the entry] claims the person ringing - not me I stress - had received a text message, claiming that a third party had been trying to access their voicemail but there was nothing on the account showing that.

"Well, that's because it isn't true. I never got such a text. Somebody else is again fishing for information here. The Vodafone operator believed they were talking to me as the account holder, that's why they listed it as customer."

Mr Mitchell says he knows "absolutely" that he did not make either call.

On both occasions, he says, "thankfully" the phone company's security measures worked and no information was divulged.

To his frustration, due to the lack of other information now available, he says he cannot trace who might have done this.

"It is impossible to state with any accuracy who was behind these calls. Given the situation that I was in at the time and the amount of journalistic inquiry and traffic that I was receiving on that number, it would be naive of me to think that it wasn't journalistic in its nature.

"This was a cack-handed, pretty low level, amateurish attempt. I'm angry, I'm shocked by it but I'm not surprised."

Mr Mitchell also said that Kate and Gerry McCann, of Rothley, Leicestershire, had a "very dim view" of some sections of the British press and therefore had a "world weariness" about the situation.

"They're angered by this and will be upset, but again, like myself, in some respects not surprised that somebody could be so stupid as to possibly try this," he said.

in: BBC News, 20.01.2011


  1. As I said on the previous blog, something BIG is about to hit the fan, and I don't think it's the release of the BOOK yet !


  2. and when does the mccann book come out.......

  3. Could it be that this paltry fellow and his Mc_employers have the jitters because of all their countless maliciousness in the past, huh?
    Haha, they all are clearly suffering under paranoia, great!
    Today I believe McMafia and friends won't sustain the pressure in the long run, someone will break down or goes barmy.

  4. I can't believe this is one of the BBC website's top stories... it is NOT news. Clearly, a non-news story conjured up by K&G's mouthpiece.

    The Mouthpiece then goes on to say "This was a cack-handed, pretty low level, amateurish attempt." I thought he was referring to the private investigators they employed to pervert the course of justice.

    One day, Mouthpiece, you will be held accountable.

  5. The BBC is so willing to give platform to the whining CM and his phony employers. Now his phone, what next. He knows where he comes from and he knows how it works, he is treated with the tactics he applies

  6. As the mcscums publicity machine goes into overdrive, there must be as book launch on the horizon, publicity seeking scumbags.

  7. with respect I do not think the BBC story is so much about the Mccann's as about the ongoing police investigation into alleged illegal phone tapping by the British Sunday newspaper The News of the World which the BBC is very interested in.

  8. This guy gives a new meaning to the word "JERK"!

  9. Maybe the trial for damages against Dr Amaral is coming up, and hence they need more sightings to prove his theory wrong, or so they thing....something is afoot...

  10. Why has it taken him so long to divulge this 'high tec' information?

    Is it another red herring,like the recent George Harrison sighting, along with many more 'incidents' we will no doubt read about in the run up to the publication of the McCann's book.

    They are obviously intent on keeping Maddie in the limelight to make as much money as possible from those gullible enough to believe them and rush out and buy the book!

    When does filming start?

  11. Finally Mitchell has become a person of interest. If Mitchell wants to have an important political career he should understand that McCanns case was an handicap to his future and someone was using him to wash his hands off this serie B tragedy!

    Too late. Stigma has already been transferred to him. Can you get Mitchell divorced from McCann case? No? Of course not. Now, imagine when Mitchell's career goes down to the toilette when police closes the puzzle to understand what has really happened on May 3rd and who is implicated in this sordid affair!

    I can tell you that they are near to it and people over the world know much more about this case. Good and solid information not toxic information!

    On 2007 and 2008 the spin machine had information under control but those days are over.

    Calling the media was a very bad choice if their will was to bury the subject. They were caught in the reverse and the case is, today, more interesting than ever because people had free access to police files. Was a very clever move done by the police.

    "How to end speculation once and for all?". Release PJ files Part I.

    "How to keep Michell and Associates shut up once and for all"? Release the PJ files Part II (those files that all want to have free access and are Kate, Gerry and others worse nightmare. At this time I think we all know why is not on the best interest of the parents to reopening the investigation).

    Some people might be thinking they want their donations back. It's not too late to ask the money back is it?

    By the way, I just heard that Paulo Rebelo (the officer that has replaced Gonçalo Amaral) left the police. How long do you think he has to keep their mouth shut? One day? One month? One year?

  12. Is this spokeperson a compulsive liar? Why is he jumping on the journalists' phone hacking news bandwagon? Another of his stories that can't be verified to gain sympathy and play the victim again. To distract attention from what? Amaral's Lisbon court success? talk in the blogs about paedophilia? (so unimportant of course he says), or is it Halligen's extradition appeal hearing next? or their shaky Amaral libel case? or Jane Tanner's Calimony case? Whatever, it's rubbish as usual. He forgets that journalists know how to hack into mobiles they don't try and fail. He's lying.

  13. maybe the source of many of the "leaks" to the media is going to be revealed.also Mitchell denied making the call to Vodafone re CID etc but DID not deny making calls every nite to an unknown person looking for info.devil in the detail lol.

  14. THEY ARE ALL SCARED, INCLUDING MITCHELL. Not all media buy their tales. The amount of comments against, allowed in some media, shake and scare them.

    This is Mitchell sending a threatening message to some journalists trying to intimidate. He think he is Obama. What is the problem if there is fishing on his phone? he spent 4 years saying that the Mccann's told the true, have nothing to hide ( lying trough all his mouth) then nothing to worry.

    That ridiculous character, up to now, did not realise that nobody need to fish his phone to know his lies. But he is worried, by the possibility of a journalist getting the prove of the fake abduction and the concealment of the body, direct from his mouth.

    "Mr Mitchell also said that Kate and Gerry McCann, of Rothley, Leicestershire, had a "very dim view" of some sections of the British press and therefore had a "world weariness" about the situation.

    "They're angered by this and will be upset, but again, like myself, in some respects not surprised that somebody could be so stupid as to possibly try this," he said."
    They are angry? hen they must be angry with themselves. If they are on that position is their own fault. They created the monster, they feed it and now are complaining? PJ advised them about the risks and the nightmare that a media campaign could be. They choose to disrespect their 3 childs in favour of the money. Millions have rain on their Fund. WHAT A GROUP OF OPORTUNNISTS.

  15. Oh God, they are all so melodramatic, megalomanic. They really should be tested for syphilis.

  16. How come something as trivial as CM`s phone records being prised into is released as news, yet something as important as Goncalo Amaral winning his appeal is not.

  17. QUOTE Mr Mitchell says he knows "absolutely" that he did not make either call.UNQUOTE

    Which, in Clarence Cuckoo Land, means he did.

  18. Why is that git so worried if this is an "amateurish" attempt to.....? what?
    Sigh and boredom....a pink nausea is overpowering me

    I still love GA"s deafening silence,resisting all pink tsunami attempts coming from pinky rothley
    The saga continues but what is worryig them? more wikis in sights???

  19. If someone thought their phone was being hacked, I would think the first thing to do would be to go to the police - unless of course you wouldn't want the police to look into your messages. First of all Mitchell announces on the BBC about the possible hacking and then says he is going to call the police.

  20. The comments have disappeared on the Express! http://www.express.co.uk/posts/view/220984Madeleine-McCann-book-delayed-for-royal-wedding#ixzz1A3ZKVh8F

  21. Anon 11 asks is this guy a compulsive liar?

    According to the PJ, 'HE LIES THROUGH EVERY TOOTH IN HIS HEAD', and they should know.

    Unfortunately, he has got away with it for years, spinning the stories to the media. Hopefully, it will catch up with him soon. It is no less than he deserves if he has been lying and interfering with the course of an ongoing criminal investigation, and misleading the public.

  22. What are they scared of.....?


    Me and the McCanns against the big bad wolf of public opinion fed bytes of misinformation by hackers, etc. The subliminal reading is: "DON'T believe a thing of anything! Just what I and my clients say! Thank you." (self-applause).

    The timing was, off course, synchronized with the resignation of Coulson announced today. This kind of strategy is in any teach yourself PR manual...

    :a Next please...

  24. The question is, what triggered the phonecall by Jon Manel to Clarence?

    IMO it was Mitchell himself who placed the story via Jon Manel in the wake of the phonetapping controversy.

    But why? To spread speculations that his phone was hacked with which he committed possible crimes like leaking secret police information to the media?

    After all only two incidents got caught by Vodafone. Nobody knows how many attempts there had been...

  25. Wonder how long will take until Clarrie and his clients jump on the new story of the 23 years old lady that was kidnapped when she was a baby and got reunited now with her biological mother. Mccann's will not miss that opportunity to advertise their business and grab some money.

  26. Love the picture, ha ha. Mitchell is describing how big something is - can't imagine what though.

  27. Yes, this is our next opportunity to hear more about this case.
    Paulo Rebelo is leaving the police and I hope he will write a book too.
    Or help Amaral writing the next one.
    He must know a lot too.
    Bad news, McCanns, bad news!

  28. Isn't the picture precious? No, Clarence, all the lies are MUCH bigger than that!

    And this latest nonsense is simply jumping on the News of the World etc story to maintain interest to boost book sales, as many will realise. The McSinns (I meant to type McSpinns, but perhaps that is more appropriate) attempt to attach themselves to any current stories be it murder, royal wedding, or UFOs. Anything'll do. Perhaps they'll follow Jordan to Macca's divorce lawyer ....??

  29. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-481163/Portuguese-police-tapping-McCanns-phone-calls-emails.html

    things don't change do they?

  30. Well well well. Clarence Mitchell in the news once again.
    I met this man and looked him in the eyes and asked him a question.
    There is nobody I have ever met that can lie to me but hundreds have tried and you see it in there eyes. My opinion (perhaps not an exact science) is the man is a bare faced liar. He has made numerous statements to the media which were complete fabrication of the truth, so many in fact I do not have the time to list. He was without question installed as a protector of the McCanns for reasons which are under serious scrutiny. I can say with complete honesty this man is a total fake.

  31. It seems quite likely to me that Clarence has caught a whiff of the lawsuits being initiated against the NOW and he wants his share of the pot. He already sold his soul lying for the McCanns. Unlike them, he won't be able to create a "Fund" and beg for donations from the public to pay his legal fees when faced with the charges inevitably coming his way.

  32. I wonder what this piece of non news was supposed to distract from? Something new going to be 'leaked'?
    Sightings to promote interest in the book didn't work so maybe they are trying another avenue. The Mcs always have a hidden agenda so the public are supposed to look in one direction while they sneak out of the back door.

  33. @ johanna
    well said,i always believed he was one way or another responsible for a lot of leaks.i believe he set out to confuse everything by real bits and lies together in order that when details where revealed it got to hard to figure out what was what.

  34. No 26, love your post. Thank you for giving me a good laugh on this dull, grey day. You really have cheered me up!!

  35. I miss Joana. Where is she?

  36. Shouldn't the title be:
    phony security fear?

  37. @23

    At least in that case it was clear a kidnapping, and the parents were not the main suspects as in the Madeleine case.

  38. Mitchell may be coming out with this story as he may be going to try his luck with the new vacancy occuring in the Conservative Party as David Cameron's PR man is stepping down over the NOTW scandal. They are wanting someone with NO skeletons in the cupboard so maybe this is his way of saying although there may be a few episodes in his background that could be unearthed, he's not guilty - it was not him . Pre-empting the charges maybe. lol
    He would just love a nice little earner like this one and the kudos that would come with the role - would suit his inflated opinion of himself.

  39. Perhaps because the mccanns deleted all their phone messages Clarence is attempting to find out if it is possible that a network provider stores the 'deleted' information, he is using the News of the World story as a cover, he obviously could not ask the question directly without raising suspictions and he mentions 2008 if he was that concerned he would have said something at the time, I expect mccanns were also on vodaphone network and he is checking up on technology methods. The deleted phone messages would have been very relevant to the case. 'Mr Mitchell was told that records of calls made and received are routinely destroyed after about a year' - that's all he wanted to know.....

  40. Another thing that has just occured to me is the Wikileaks scandal the mccanns are not too sure about what information is out there regarding madeleine and once they publish their book if some whizz kid at Vodaphone or somewhere says 'I can retrieve all deleted phone messages etc..' they are being careful about what they write in the book because people will be scrutinising facts, so Clarence is just making sure that no deleted messages from 2007 can be retrieved. They are desperate for cash so this book could eventually prove to be their downfall.....'everything comes to he who waits'

  41. Long live Rebelo,

    he will tell us a lot more!

  42. Maybe Mitchell tells about his phone security fear to prepare us for new things.
    Such a fear is not of our concern, it is a police case.
    Fearing Wikileaks or fearing the Portuguese detectives who are leaving the Portuguese police?
    Fearing all of them!

  43. Anon #36

    There is however the risk that a Vodaphone employee, aware of the May 2007 events, would have made a copy of the records before they were destroyed.
    Wouldn't it be fun if these records were published all over the internet, say at the time of the book's release?

  44. I wonder whether the PJ in fact have known the contents of the mccann deleted phone messages since 2007. The PJ were prevented from entering the content in evidence by a judge because they pre-dated the investigation and therefore came under privacy legislation and were inadmissable. (astonishing really). Nevertheleaa, the mcanns would love to know whether this is the 'stand alone' evidence mentioned and what lies in those secret files.

  45. Annon 38

    I will not hold my breath, Rebelo had his chance when he came over to the UK in 2008, but let the lot of them slip through his hands.

    I remember on the old 3As posters were informing us that Rebelo was the best thing since sliced bread, he would carry on were Amaral left off and he would sort the lot of them out.
    If there is any protection agreed by Socrates/Brown, Rebelo will be well paid off to keep his mouth shut aimo

  46. :b Paulo Rebelo is leaving the PJ? Really? Oh! my! But who says he will be writing a book too? Hmm...will it be pro-McCann, anti-Amaral or some kind of objective tutti-frutti in between? Do keep us updated of any new developments.

    :h Has anyone interviewed him yet? Joana, Astro...could you please? Thanks.


    Paulo Rebelo leaves the PJ directory of Portimao not the PJ. He has been relocated to other, related, duties in Lisbon. Expect no book from him - at least for the foreseeable future...

    Mystic Meg


  48. Wikileaks is probably waiting till next May and they will come out with more information, I think.
    I wonder what.
    There must be more news about Madeleine.

  49. Dear Anonymous #44, according to an article in Correio da Manhã dated Jan 15, several high-ranking officers are leaving the PJ soon, including superior coordinator Paulo Rebelo. http://www.cmjornal.xl.pt/detalhe/noticias/exclusivo-cm/historicos-desiludidos-deixam-judiciaria-215534600

  50. Astro at 46

    You are quite right dear Astro. My crystal ball seems to have tuned into a much older news item (2008). My apologies for the wrong prediction.

    My prediction now (quite independently of the information you kindly provide) is that Paulo will probably write a book and the date of its publication will surprise everyone.

    Please reassure your readers that I have a new, imported crystal ball, and this one is bona fide.

    :p Mystic Meg

  51. Anon 21

    Fine comments and an astronomical sense of humour...

    Actually you made me think of something else. The conservative led government would not give in to the McCanns' demands of an "independent" review and by doing so have become persona non grata to Madeleine Corporation.

    What the gullible will read is: "The Conservative-led government has associated itself with people like Coulson, see... no wonder they wouldn't help us."

    On a difference angle perhaps all Clarence is distancing himself from Coulson: "Eh! I am not like him at all! I am a victim myself!" which could mean: "I am much worst!"


    "A Portuguese police union boss has branded the McCanns' spokesman a liar.

    Carlos Anjos said of Clarence Mitchell: "He lies with as many teeth as he has in his mouth."

    The president of Portugal's Police Federation accused the former BBC man of leaking police statements Kate and Gerry made within hours of Maddie disappearing last May.

    These were aired on Spanish TV last week.

    Anjos said the aim was to give the McCanns an excuse not to attend a reconstruction."


  52. Anon 28

    Interesting observation.

    I have always thought when looking at his eyes that it looks like nobody is home. Sort of like a vacant look. Merely a talking head.

  53. Interesting news today - former Prime Minister Brown concerned that his phone was hacked. The McCanns are very likely worried about the fact that Brown's as well as Mitchell's phone could have been hacked in 2007. No doubt Brown and Mitchell have joined the victim's club along with the McCanns. Please, someone tell these people Madeleine was the victim.

  54. I too do not expect any revelations from Rebelo. He will continue to keep a low profile, silence is golden...because...I have a sneaking suspicion that he was well aware he was brought into the investigation to "turn the lights off and lock the door", not to pick up the investigation where Dr. Amaral and his team had left it and complete the many diligences still to be made.


    Clary is not lying, he is doing his PR job even if in practice looks and sounds the same thing. It is of course the same thing but it is important to remember that a lie is not a lie if told by professionals (cough).

    The McCanns' never lied to the PJ, they merely doctored their statements - a variant of PR known in transactional analysis as "Doctor on Call".

    We tend to forget that whatever happened that night (or afternoon, or the day before) the McCanns' had to protect their other children's name, guarantee their upbringing, safeguard their egos, keep their professional images intact - all of which of course would have been impossible for the average Joe Bloggs but...

    ...a little medical status and a British passport goes a long way...

    And so the McCanns' were found innocent or, to be precise, not proven guilty beyond a shadow of a doubt, which is not the same thing - except of course in the realms of PR.

    With the removal of Amaral's gag and the couple warts and all (cough) forthcoming book, the case has been brought to a satisfactory, open-ended conclusion - which I suspect is as good as it gets.

    Rational minded people will feel they are guilty or at least hiding something but gullible Rosiepop sweat-shirts will always feel they are not. Surely Eddie "The Dog" knows what happened but...

    Where do we go from here? Indeed, who cares?

    For all we know Madeleine...Madeleine...I don't think there is a fancy way to put this... Madeleine is...Madeleine is what?

    - " Probably ****?"

    - "Correctomundo!"


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