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The Sun: Maddie 'seen with suspect' in Dubai

Cops are probing claims missing Madeleine McCann has been seen - in Dubai.

by Tom Wells and Dan Sales

A girl looking like Maddie was spotted with a man "identical" to an artist's impression of a suspect seen close to where she vanished in Portugal in May 2007.

An unnamed 35-year-old businessman told police he saw the girl with the man and two women outside a shopping mall in Dubai in November last year.

He said: "The guy looked very like the suspect because he had a scary face, a moustache, and was very skinny.

"The woman with him was also very thin. Behind them I saw a little girl, about seven or eight years old, with a black woman in a veil.

"The girl looked so similar to the younger Madeleine. She had light brown hair. But it was her nose and eyes that made me think it was the missing girl."

Interpol and private investigators hired by Maddie's parents Kate and Gerry are probing the sighting. Maddie was three when she vanished on a family holiday in Praia da Luz.

in: The Sun, 20.01.2011


  1. The Sun never ceases to surprise us! Now Dubai to add to Maddie's travels!
    But wasn't it so that Jane Tanner recognised Robert Murat, from inside the police car, as the abductor? Does this man look like Robert Murat? Or do I need eyeglasses?

  2. Good grief... WHEN will they come up with something new? The usual suspect(s), the usual circumstances, even the usual MO: weeks, months go by until the person who allegedly sees "Maddie" contacts the police. This is now so boring, it's not even funny anymore. At least the pretendy McCops got themselves a nice trip to Dubai - a welcome escape from the cold & damp British weather! Go Dave Edgar! LOL!!!

  3. I always thought the photo fit was Kate with a mustache.

  4. Comment 2

    I thought the PIs were based in Lisbon? At least they were when K Mc last went to Portugal but she obviously had no time to visit them, she must have been busy looking for her daughter and didn't want to disturb their holiday!

    Sightings are always publicised when some other news about the Mc comes out. The public response to her forthcoming novel has not been what they hoped. It was probably a shock to their narcissistic personalities that not only no-one would buy that intended work of fiction but that it will be their downfall. Or maybe it's anticipation of the next Wiki leak?

  5. Yet again, we have another unnamed person who saw Madeleine and knows what she`d look like 4 yrs later and does NOTHING??? Not one of these so called sightings to my knowledge was ever referred to police immediately.
    Anyhow, didn`t the McCanns & The Sun claim a while ago that that particular artists impression was Raymond Hewlett ????And as we know, Mr Hewlett passed away.

    But we have to remember, theres a book coming out and the abduction scenario has to be enforced.
    Shame on them for allowing this mockery of their child, in an obviously made up tale.

  6. Clarence Mitchell was in Dubai.


  7. Wait a minute...hasn't this particular suspect's sketch previously been identified with the late R.Hewlett?! Has this "unnamed"(how convenient) seen a ghost...?

    Interpol is looking into it...didn't the McCanns say that there is NO police force helping them in the search for Madeleine?

  8. "The woman with him was also very thin. Behind them I saw a little girl, about seven or eight years old, with a black woman in a veil."

    A black woman in a veil! The nanny?

  9. And the circus just keeps rolling into town.

  10. Ooooooooooooooh skinny people! Sounds suspicious indeed!

  11. Another own goal McCanns! You have INTERPOL searching for your daughter, now try and say no-one is looking for Maddie. Make your minds up, which is it? An international agency actively searching or no-one looking?

    It's a very pathetic attempt to deflect attention or is it because the fund has run dry, maybe even concern about Snr Amaral suing?

  12. We can expect to hear lots more of these phantom sightings in the next few months, along with other publicity stunts, in an endeavour to get the public's attention fully focused on their forthcoming book and the dwindling Madeleine Fund! All red herrings of course!! Rather than use these useless pretend cops, they should offer the money they pay them as a reward for the return of their daughter - something they have failed to do since day 1. But then they know that would achieve nothing because it's all a cover up.

  13. Oh God, here we ago again. More of the McCanns boring, made up tosh just to get some new headlines. They are so desperate for attention they will do anything to get on the front pages of the tabloids, even if it means knocking the murder of Jo Yeates off the front pages.

    Come on McCanns, why does the businessman have no name (funny that the people who have "spotted" Madeleine never seem to have a name). Put your money where your mouth is, advertise the reward for the return of Madeleine, or don't you really want her back? It seems to me that you don't. The poor sod has got to wait until your book is released in May, if it is ever released. If she ever comes back let's hope she's in a fit state to lead a decent life, but who knows after 4 years in a hellish lair, waiting for Mummy and Daddy and the highly paid PIs to come and rescue her.

    The McCanns, Clarence Mitchell and their hangers on really are truly despicable people.

  14. Come on Sun, you cannot do it better. Mocking the Mccann's hummm? I live in Dubai and never heard such piece of fabricated news. No any media here pay attention to the Mccann's tales and their poor media supporters. Skinny people yeah? We know who use to say that skinny people are ugly and unable to get the sympathy of the public ( small bobbies, if they are big...)

    Laughable, the pair and the girl were with a lady with veil. Who invented that shows that know nothing about Dubai and the Arab world. How they got here from PDL? Swimming , is the only possibility available because all the others are controlled by borders and by the police. The control of the passports is done with eye detection. Are you, the Sun, trying to insinuate that somebody here helped the abductor to bypass all the control and get the most known missing girl in a cosmopolitan town visited by many well informed people? The skills of that journalists are very poor and the way the Mccann's tried to connect the all saga with Arab people show racism and xenophobia.
    I hope one day they will get serious troubles with all the lies. Gerry already feel the angry of the New-Zealand police but his desperation to connect the crime with somebody else, always speaks louder. Get a life and see if next time you come with something new and more truthful- a confession.

  15. The lady with veil could be Clarrie Mitchell, only. The girl, Jane Tanner daughters and the skinny pair, 2 guys cheap payed to play a new chap on the circus. Only who don't know the rules in Dubai can buy that piece of misinformation. What a joke for UK internal consumption, made exactly to feed the poor skill readers of the Sun. Guys don't forget to spare some coins for the Fund, because that is what is really important for Mitchell, Mccann's and their useless detectives.

  16. I'm sure it is Maddie.
    She was abducted by 13 sultans.
    I expect the McCanns to land any moment in Dubai.

  17. The Sun is a rag, ask anyone in Liverpool about the Sun it was burnt on the streets of Liverpool in 1989 after the lies about the Hillsbrough Disaster and its sales have never recovered in the city, to this day. No one takes any notice of anything the Sun says its a red herring.

  18. We knew they would be up to something and here it is, a 'new' sighting. The liars and corrupt minds just have to keep it up as the truth is out there and the bloggers are managing to, piece by piece, get this story to unfold. Every day we have more information and the mccanns find the situation becoming more and more suffocating, so guess what, seen in Dubai! You con artists, so this is how you spend the money you just recently begged off the British people! Two people with elephant skins and relentless fabrications. Don't you just have to retch when you look in the mirror or are you long past that mccanns!!
    And thank you Louisee, with the two ees for letting us know who you are and changing your spelling because the other one certainly tried to get answers on the back of your name.
    Keep up the pressure here and on other blogs Don't let these two 'parents' off the hook! They have to be exposed. Anyone out there with more information, anything, anything that is remotely connected to mccann and co. work on exposing this scam for once and for all. mccanns should not be allowed to get away with it. Look how others are trying to follow and copy-cat these people in any way they can. The truth is taking shape whether they like it or not, whether they holiday in Dubai or not.

  19. Poor missing Madeleine, poor little girl, if it wasn't for her fate, this whole thing would be a comedy.

    How blind and stupid can some people be?

  20. Could someone please tell the McCanns and Mitchell that the Pantomime Season is over?

    Thank you

  21. The McCanns are afraid that nobody will buy their book. They read the blogs and know how people have read the evidence in the police files, now reinforced in the public's eyes by the fact that the British police helped to gather it (Wikileaks). Clarence's radio interviews have bombed, and the fund is running dry. There is more on the police files than they know as it's reported that one police witness in the Lisbon court hearing said it has been added to. Snr Amaral's book DVD and TV discussions and documentary are now free to distribute as the latest Lisbon hearing overturned the injunction and said that Snr Amaral's theory conclusions were reasonable and representative of the police view. So the privates have been trying to whip up some Sun readers with new tales of the unexpected, except that we do expect this sort of rubbish. Nice try but no banana.

  22. Well, something is about to happen ! That's for sure. This is their normal Modus Operandi before something BIG is gonna hit the fan.


  23. They sold the British public the abduction theory because they knew that the British could not understand what was wrong with their fantasy. The Portuguese know why Maddie could not have been abducted from Praia da Luz. Just the same, now they try to convince the British of this sighting in Dubai. The British will buy it because they cannot understand why this could not happen in Dubai, at least not in the way that is being described in this article. The British will continue to buy the McCanns fairytales from abroad because they cannot see what is wrong, the geography, the social customs, etc. There was never a sighting of Maddie in the UK, and there will never be. And for good reason.

  24. Don't tell me... the abductor pay more attention and spent more time and money with girl then her parents who dumped her on a crap creche everyday. He took the girl to nice malls, 5 star hotels, Ferrari world, Atlantis aqua Park, the big indoor aquarium in the world etc, etc. Amazing, the SUN... THE SKINNY UGLY PAIR HAS A WONDERFUL HEART AND ARE RAISING THE GIRL FAR FROM THE SICK CELLAR 10 MILES AWAY FROM PDL. Then, why bothering your readers with a happy girl that went to no harm at all?
    There is a cue, in the all sub-world, of little childs praying to be abducted by that pair.

  25. Next time an age progression image of the abductor?

  26. So, let me get this straight. The man seen in Dubai with 'Maddie' died over a year ago? Who we gonna call?...


  27. They must of got a whiff of something about to come out about them and their phoney abduction. I still believe there is a chance that if Maddie is dead she was cremated at the local pets cemetary and her ashes taken to Rothley. This is only a thought, of why they are so confident Maddie will never be found, even in 4 months time in time for the book release. What a pair.

  28. This is the most stupid comment I heard in the last days made by a stupid and ignorant person that does not know the rules in Dubai.

    It is even more notorious if you know Dubai as I do.

    The silly news tells us about a couple, a foreign couple followed by a women with a veil and a CHILD - THAT CHILD we all know has die on May 3rd.

    A foreign child is not followed by a women with a veil as if she was a Nannie or else.

    The locals use veil but they are the mistresses and they do not mix with foreign people, they do not follow them like waiters or something.

    If fact the locals are the owners of everything around. Even if you want to make a business there they owned 51% to have the majority of the deal. That's the power of the money for waking every day with more money (fuel) than yesterday.

    Arabian women do not work for foreign people. Foreign people go to Dubai to work for locals. That's the way it is morone!

    The idea that a foreign couple is followed by a waiter in veil with a little girl that does not resemble to the very old photos of Madeleine Mccanns before she die is really stupid, unprofessional even for a silly spinner. Means that everything can be done and told by those and there is not a ending lower steps for their purposes.

    You can hardly find a mussel woman working for foreign people, people from abroad. Dubai is not a country for women from good home to find a job like that (poor or rich) it is a country for men to get money.

    How low a couple can go. At least have a lessons about culture and etiquette about the countries you want people believe you have sightseeing!!!

    The only women I saw almost naked and drunk in a swimming pool were two English women - two toys for Arabian man to play a little and deliver them straight to the airport or to the red light house. It is because if this amoral behavior that Arabian man think that occidental women are all the same. But who cares about what they think, anyway?

  29. The participation here and the comments are so appreciated, one and all, I grunt and gripe and laugh with you all, and thank you so much Joana and Astro and team for this space.
    It is no doubt safe to say that the way this little girl is treated now, for the last 3 years 8 months by these parents, is obviously the way she was treated when she was still part of that family. When you also consider that even the little items that belonged to her were not even respected. There was no thought for the memory of this sweetest child and they are still using her. This callousness just continues! You do not act like a mother, kate! We will NEVER believe you. If this was a fairy tale you would be the wicked stepmother. It is amazing how you let your daughter down, again and again! Can only be described as calculated, callous and inhuman. Yes! It is amazing too, that you know in advance that your daughter will not be back.......are you off to Dubai now? Keeping up with the lies and more and more lies.....Sorry, Madeleine! So sorry!!

  30. So it's the return of Cooperman,...in Dubai...in November ... and it's news! ... mid-January... in The Sun... really!?

    Reading the posts on Sky from last night, something caught my eye:

    Posted by: Adult Miller on January 19, 2011 10:17 PM


    7.00 pm
    D. Payne returns to tennis courts. He leaves to go back to apt. On his arrival kids playing on the sofa with Kate. 15 minutes later kids taken to bedroom and they all sat on Madeleine’s bed to read a story
    If they all sat on M's bed for the stories, K must have forgotten to mention she made the bed again before M went to sleep.
    How else could that bed look almost unslept in, let alown sat on by all, when the police took photos of it later that evening?


  31. Does anyone know what happened with that alleged letter Hewletts son was supposed to have recieved when Hewlett died,it's really beyond farcical now,something really ought to be done about the whole scam,if Mr Amaral or anyone else for that matter knows anmything else then they ought to put it in the public domaion.Put an end to the McCanns and their cronies.

  32. The stories go on and on, mccanns are bent on confusing everyone, they started a fire on their doorstep and there is no way they can put it out so to distract they try to light other fires; they will continue to do so, they have to; because of the internet connections and through the interest of millions waiting and watching and writing, we are keeping this truth alive about this child and will not allow the mccanns to write this child off with their misleading story!

  33. Stupid comments?

    What about CM's latest in his radio interview?

    The 'abductor' had been watching the apartment for weeks and MONTHS! Why when the resort had just opened for the season? He must have been psychic knowing a little girl would be arriving. How convenient her parents would leave her unattended for 15/30 minutes and his plan to 'abduct' a child would be so easy.

    This comment should be filed under 'You Couldn't Make It Up' in the section of the files headed 'Stupidity'.

    I suppose when the story is on it's last legs desperation takes over ALL reasoning.

  34. Macaans ,how do you feel hearing that the re-construction of the evening lovely Jo Yeates went missing have provided the "missing clues",that might now have "found" her killer??? You and your "mates" could still do yours,plus a few unanswered questions Kate !!! Why hesitate any longer if they will help solve this "crime",what have you got to lose ????????

  35. Tom Wells, along with his pal Antonella Lazzeri, has written accurate and non-biased articles about the McCanns.

    Examples of his stellar work: "Maddie slur cop piles on the pain", "Vile cop: F*** the McCanns" etc.

    Perhaps he is looking to replace Clarence Mitchell as chief disinformation officer?

    At any rate, I hope he ends up on the losing end of a libel suit when Goncalo Amaral finally gets around to holding the UK media accountable for their lies about him.

    The Dubai story is beyond ridiculous and will only result in more people waking up to the McCann farce, fraud, and lies. So well done, Wells, you've outdone yourself this time.

  36. I would have thought that anyone with these distinctive features and with such expertise as to time the snatching of a little girl to coincide with the miniscule amount of time, which according to the Tapas friends, she was left her alone, would surely have at least enough wit to change his appearance!

  37. Anon @ 35

    Just imagine if they tried to do a reconstruction, whose 'script' would they use? As each of the group has produced a different one it would take one helluva Director to make any sense of the production. How many times do we see reconstructions on TV that go into the fine detail to jog witnesses memories? The T9 can't reproduce anything they did otherwise they would be exposed.
    The 'mockumentary' was a feeble attempt to pretend they were complying with the requirement and the actress who was to play K MCann didn't even get to play a part. If the main character has to be written out what was the point if it?

    Complete farce!

    They can't possibly do any sort of reconstruction unless a completely new script is provided and the only one that would work is the one that repeats exactly what each of them were doing that day.

    Maybe the film/reconstruction will be based on the 'truthful' book?

  38. After two years of believing in the "Maddie sightings" it was the Victoria Beckham looka-like sighting, by, on that occasion, "two unnamed businessmen" that alerted me that the McCanns were lying fraudsters. With any luck the bullshit metres of the people who have believed the McCanns until now will start screaming Alert! Alert!

    The publication of the book is imminent and this latest diversion is to generate interest and sales.

  39. To Madeleine: Well Madeleine, they say they are looking for you and now they say you are in Dubai, yes, they chose a sunny part of the world. They are surfing the globe, seeing the world, because they will not tell how they lost you. Yes, they call you Madeleine now although each one of your family who mentions you says Maddie. It is a mystery that they are in denial even about your name. We will find the truth yet..........

  40. I would have thought this scruffy looking individual would not have been allowed into Dubai. And if the security is checked through eye recognition surely Maddie would have been discovered,gerrys trademark made sure of that, evryone know about her eye. Sorry Sun newspaper I think you produce rubbish articles.

  41. What a joke and such a distasteful one,very much "à la mccann"....of course NO ONE believes this.Its just to put "an other chapter" in "the" loo roll theyre writing because there will be a whole chapter called "The" Sightings......how fregging boring they are

  42. Here we go .- nobody has respect for these two lost souls.

    That's the price they have to pay for not assuming their responsibilities. And it not about abandonment, because kids were well cared all day and evening. Ocean Club staff has done it well.

    Is about other thing that has happened under certain circumstances. Ask Kate, she was there and knows more than you do!

  43. My word, this blog has suddenly attracted a lot of people who live in Dubai!

  44. No name of the 35 year old businessman says it all!

  45. 39
    "The publication of the book is imminent and this latest diversion is to generate interest and sales".

    Probably true because the feedback on pre-sales hype must have worried them. I doubt it will ever get published, if it does it will be 'vanity publishing'. The book was announced before print for a reason, to test the water. We can all get a book published if we finance it. I suppose the fund could struggle to print a few copies.
    Who in their right mind would spend a penny on a novel written by an amateur based on the diary she was advised to start so early on, (nothing like a bit of pre-planning) heavily edited by a legal team but now with some truth which has been held back?

    We all know what happens with the internet so there won't be any trees wasted.

  46. Anon. 44,

    Dubai is part of the world well informed, then no surprise that people living in Dubai read that blog and post here exposing the lies of the Mccann's and their supporters. I live in Dubai and I'm portuguese. the big majority of people living in Dubai are foreigners high educated that follow that case since the beginning with a high pinch of salt, not believing the abduction tale. Here, there is rules, police and laws. Childs are well respected and nobody was allowed to live here or travel without a visa or without proving with real passports that the child belongs to he/she. For a child to travel without their parents, the parents need to sign a permission.
    Only a poor skilled journalist or the desperate Mccann's can connect the abduction of that child with Dubai. They think that here is another world with people bad informed. They are very wrong. Even little childs know Madeleine and don't believe on any abduction. No way to have Madeleine in a mall in Dubai without people calling immediately the police and I'm not talking about the unnamed business man who claimed to saw her. All the malls have CCTV and will be very easy for the police to check the sight. This is a lie fabricated by the Mccann's or the Sun to raise publicity for the Mccann's. They cannot leave without being in the news, no matter if the news are rubbish news.
    Mitchell and Edgar were looking for holidays in one of the most luxurious and fashionable destinies at moment-Dubai with his mistery, his 5 stars hotels and his ambitious architect projects and Madeleine tragedy will pay that holidays. On top, they get away from the chill UK at the winter.

  47. What a job for Kate, she have to add a new chap on her book afer having the book ready( according to aunty phill)- the Dubai sight. And she was forced to bring two ghosts to life-Hewlett and Maddie.

  48. Two "stories" in two days - Madeleine is seen in Dubai and now Mitchell is ranting about his phone being hacked - it almost makes me think there must be a book coming out. How stupid do they think we are?

  49. Are we to expect yet more of this abduction rubbish as a lead up to that book of tripe they want people to buy.

    Still trying to convince people Madeleine was taken off by a stranger and is alive somewhere in the world. Meanwhile, there they sit begging bowls at the ready.

  50. Anon 28

    I doubt the McCanns are at all confident that Madeleine wont be found.

    There is such a thing as BLUFF, and notice those little expeditions to PDL, and the church, and the walks on the beach. What distraction value this has. All attention distracted back to PDL or anywhere else will do. Never Rothley.

    Get those dogs round to Rothley investigators, which is where they should have been taken before the case was shelved. When the investigators were in UK that is the only time I have ever seen pictures of the McCanns looking really scared, and Kate skin and bone. How they changed when the case was shelved and Kate then suddenly glammed herself up. If any physical evidence connected with the death scent of Madeleine had been taken back to Rothley the dogs would alert to it, and the McCanns know it. That scent can't be washed away so easily, even though it may have been put UP HIGH.

  51. Speaking about internet, there are thouwsands of Wikileaks cables about my country.
    Many people are not feeling very comfortable about what is being made public.Let them feel uncomfortable, in case they did something deliberately wrong.
    A serious crime.
    Who knows we will get to know what the British ambassador to the US might have written to the US government about Gerry,when he visited Washington.
    I believe every foreigner that goes to the States must be controlled, specially after 9/11 and every ambassador is responsible for his own citizens.
    I also believe that Kate's presence in that country is a danger because she makes too many mistakes(erm erm the Soviets just landed, erm erm...).

  52. AOL have a news portal about Maddie and most of the comments are scathing about the mccanns, people have had enough of them and their lies.....http://news.aol.co.uk/discuss-feed/mccann-phone-hacking-attempt-claim/1528573#gcpCommentsWidget%5Bp%5D=2&gcpCommentsWidget%5Bs%5D=new

  53. Anonymous 46
    "No name of the 35 year old businessman says it all!"
    Shame on you for doubting Mitchell's word. It is the same one who was on the marina in Barcelona.

  54. Maybe the trial for damages against Dr Amaral is coming up, and hence they need more sightings to prove his theory wrong, or so they thing....something is afoot

  55. I wonder if this information has been passed on to the PJ, I doubt it, in case the case got reopened. The PJ should use this as new evidence to open the case

  56. Petermac... Silly me,- 46- I forgot about that! It's so difficult to keep up with all these sightings and the way the "abductor" keeps changing sex. If they had a transvestite suspect, he could make it all fit. Damn.. now I've given him another idea!

  57. "Pigman flees Portugal disguised in Burqa.!

  58. Oh huh I have been waiting for this sighting, Maddie with the Arabs, following Kate explaining why we had an image of Maddie looking about twelve with brown skin. To think Team McScam spend a year dreaming this stuff up before it gets released to The Sun readers (Gerry's favourite). It is all fantasy stuff, I have never known such a fair skinned child go that shade of brown whatever country they are living in, and I have never known a 7 year old look twelve either. Then again, I have never known a nearly four year old look two.

    I have to say that reading some of the above comments has been extremely amusing, I mean what can you say? If they stashed Maddie in Dubai just bring her home and give her to Justice Hogg and stop messing about, oh right the book and the millions they are going to make. What? Like the million they got off Goncalo. Clarence had to admit they spent quite a bit of dosh there speculating to accumulate, serves them right!

    What is it with these witnesses of sightings for Team McScam anyway, did none of the "businessmen" (I know what a business) have the nous to think aha, I just saw the most famous missing kid in the world, I will ring the police this very minute. I mean, why do they have to wait for months to do that? Weird or what?

    Someone above said Liverpudlians were burning The Sun in the streets, what a great idea!

  59. ABC News - Jan. 21, 2011

    Carlina White Case Highlights the Face of Child Abductors


  60. now they are appealing for help with the arabic posters, they only need to view the shopping malls cc video to see if this really was Madeliene. but oh no now the big alert over snatched by arabs, this I believe is going to cause some very sour feelings within the Arab community,they are in general honorable people who care for their children unlike some we know. Still for sure Kate and Gerry needs a break in the Paris of the east Dubai. Such scams.
    Anyone know whether it was true the Mcs and Tapas all went to chaplins bar after eating everynight, I read this somewhere by someone who lives in PDL who saw them there. This would make further trash of their statements and timelines.

  61. Blame Gypsies, blame Muslims, blame anyone.

  62. No doubt this is preparation for the release of the McCann book. Actually I can't wait to pull their book apart, my only problem is how to get the book without giving the fraudsters any money.

  63. Madeleine's passport must be almost full by now. Someone is going to have to apply for a new one fairly soon


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