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Mari Luz Cortés case: Trial started in Huelva today

The trial of the suspects in the death of Mari Luz Cortés, the little five-year-old girl who disappeared in January of 2008, started today in Huelva, under strong security measures.

The main suspect said that he confessed the crime under coercion, adding that due to the pressure that was exercised on him, he could even have confessed to being responsible for the disappearance of Madeleine McCann (the little British girl that disappeared in the Algarve in May of 2007).

Santiago del Valle stated that he had "no idea of what happened to the little girl" because he was not with her "at any time".

The accusation demands 23 years in prison for Santiago del Valle (20 for murder and three for sexual abuse) and 17 for his sister Rosa (for murder).

Mari Luz Cortés disappeared in January of 2008 and was found 54 days later in the river in Huelva.

in: SIC, 16.02.2011


via SIC 16.02.2011

(addendum by JM)

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  1. I expect the Mccanns will jump on this one and blame this man for the disappearance of Madeleine now it has been suggested that would fit nicely into their agenda and tie all their lose ends up!!!
    Thanks Astro

  2. :b They all deny, don't they?

  3. Astro:

    se eles se colaram naquela infeliz altura do caso Mari Luz Cortez........ agora também mas de uma forma insidiosa .

    ..... " “Llegó un momento en que creí que había cogido a la niña, e incluso creí que era culpable también de la desaparición de Madeleine”, refiriéndose a la pequeña Madeleine McCann, la niña desaparecida en Portugal en 2007, .......... "

    PUBLICADA EL 16-02-2011


  4. Anonymous #1 I suspect the McCann supporters will be all over this like a rash especially Rosapops & friends (pardon the pun). If Rosa del Valle gets 17 years for her part in the murder of this poor young child it will be just like old times in the McCann/Cipriano support camp.

  5. If the Ocean Club took part in the cover up,it could be out of fear of having a murder in one of the apartments. Better an abduction than a death by accident or otherwise.
    Imagine such a death, that could have happened(and it did)in an English concern, the soul of the girl always around, haunting people, screaming for justice.
    Very bad for the business.
    If she died, she died in Moroc, Nigeria or South Africa.
    Now that an anonymous came up with that theory (colaboration of the Ocean Club), who knows one of its employés could be Tapas 10, the person that hid the body.
    No scandal, please, it is only an abduction.
    If this person exists, it must not be too difficult for the police to follow him.
    But this is my opinion. It does not have to be the truth.
    Just wondering.

  6. 5, this is not a crazy idea.
    The McCanns and the Ocean Club could have had interest in helping each other.
    None of them could change the situation, they had to look forward.
    And Gerry, PHD in Manipulation, could have convinced somebody of the O.C. to help them.
    A terrible accident when the parents were away, poor parents, they would loose the twins, it would mean the end of Gerry's carrier and, don't forget, a GHOST.
    The peaceful O.C. haunted by a spirit.
    The last thing the clients would like to hear about.
    No corpse in the O.C.
    No death.
    That was the best they could have done, all together.

  7. maybe Mitchell & his cohorts' dirty dealings will finally be exposed via this case...

    let's hope so

  8. Anon 5 and 6 - I think you are both quite right in your observations, a murder would have ruined the trade for OC and also K & G would have lost the twins and their careers.
    The Symington family own the OC not Mark Warner and Robert Murat is related to the Symington family and he did say 'he was part of the biggest *** on the planet' or words to that effect, he could have been involved somehow, there was a strange episode over his car where he lent it to someone then hired another. Then they tried to blame it all onto him. There was only ever the three suspects him, Kate and Gerry.

  9. Mariluz, DEP. Al menos sabemos donde estás.

  10. "...due to the pressure that was exercised on him, he could even have confessed to being responsible for the disappearance of Madeleine McCann..."
    Don't you think this guy is sending the message to Mccanns trying to get some money. He is going to prison anyway!
    Any thoughts?

  11. Anon 8-I believe Murat has nothing to do with this case. Tapas 9 used him, that's all. He could have told what he knew about it and where the corpse could be found.He had no interesse in covering up the crime because it would not make any difference for him.
    Tapas 4 pointed to him because they knew he knew nothing and he would not be able to incriminate the group.

    The O.C., yes,a crime in the one of the apartments, a death that could even be a murder,a premeditate murder, yes, too bad for its image.
    In this case, there were at least ten people at the O.C.that day,that were very much interested in getting rid of the body.
    That person of the O.C. did not expect that terrible mediacircus, had no idea the McCanns were preparing an endless show and probably did not realise the case could run out of the hands.
    Imagine if Kate would have gotten hysterical and would have told the truth and the name of Tapas 10.
    And Tapas 10 belonging to the Ocean Club? At first I suspected the Catholic priest Pacheco as being the 10th person but now I only wonder if he knows more,through a confession of a person who knows who Tapas 10 is.
    Besides, I think the McCanns got contact with a British of the O.C., not with the Portuguese Father Pacheco.
    Like Murat, the priest had nothing to loose and that was not the case of the O.C.
    This could be the explanation of the vanished body.

  12. The Sun Maddie has been taken to wait for it ------- The USA, and they know who took her there. Must have been Mick Mouse. he is the Abductor, under our nose all the time.

  13. ‘Maddie is in America’: Private investigator claims he knows identity of British girl’s kidnappers

    Is this spin because the focus in on late Mari Luz?Or because all of a sudden the Arab world isnt that safe for a sighting?

    ‘I can't say how, but I have known these people and believe they can get away with anything".

    So this man knows the people and NEVER said a thing in 3 years???

    "Mr Italiano, a 6ft 4in bouncer in the Algarve, recently fled Portugal and handed his dossier of claims about Madeleine's disappearance to police in HUELVA, Spain, on Monday"

    These people are really SICK.They wont leave the Cortes alone and are grabbing MARI LUZ "sad fate to their own ends AGAIN.


  14. This latest sighting diverts attention from other events that are going on. Their book is not due out until May so its rather early to start having 'sightings' we will get them in April, so something else must also be going on.

    Comments posted today on the media websites have been very hateful towards the McCann couple so I feel people have had enough of them and their lies and spin.

  15. The Father of little Mari Luz is an example to everyone, throughout his pain and anguish he has tried to control the hysteria surrounding the case. I saw him talking on TV yesterday and even now you can visibly see the emotion and sadness, that he trys to contain.
    Unlike Gerry McCann, who wouldn´t understand the word emotion.Shark eyes, no tears no sign of pain. False
    Mari Luz´s father has earned a lot of respect in Spain, and without a private fund.

  16. What the? after two long years of disappearance and the case just started right now? how come?


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