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Rui Pedro Case: News Updates

The leads that allegedly connected the case of Rui Pedro to paedophile networks were closed

The leads that were supposed to connect the disappearance of Rui Pedro, 13 years ago, to international paedophile networks were closed during the investigation, which passed into the hands of the Central Department for Penal Action and Investigation (“DCIAP”) in 2003.

“Now we reached indicia that the Public Ministry considers to be sufficient, as the other leads to international paedophilia have been closed, the leads that had to be explored until exhaustion have been closed. This happens now because we already had enough indicia for an accusation”, Cândida Almeida, the DCIAP’s director, said in a statement to Lusa today.

The main suspect in the disappearance of Rui Pedro, who was last seen on the 4th of Marcho f 1998, has been accused of the crime of abduction. Afonso Dias was notified of this accusation on Saturday.

Today, Cândida Almeida recalled that “the process was handed over to DCIAP in 2003” and “at that time, an entire investigation had to be started all over, as if the process was new”.

“This kind of process is very complicated. There were several circumstances that delayed it, that prevented a swifter judgement of suspicion, as would be desirable. There were rogatory letters send abroad, several leads that were followed up and that had to be closed”, she said.

According to the Public Ministry’s magistrate, the process would have prescribed in 2008 “if nobody had been questioned”. “But the arguido had already been questioned, therefore the deadline was suspended”.

Cândida Almeida explained that “during 30 days, both the assistant (Rui Pedro’s family) and the arguido may request the instruction of the process”.

The accusation “will eventually be subject to instruction or will be evaluated later on during the trial, where this arguido’s guilt will either be proved or not”.
It will only be during the instruction phase that “eventual coercion measures against Afonso Dias will be issued”.

The DCIAP’s director added that the formal version of the accusation is dated February 7, but that they knew there would be an accusation brought forward since January.

To Cândida Almeida, this accusation is “half a justice”.

“We wanted to go until the end of the world. Whomever sees the process will see and understand that there were highs and lows. But the paedophilia lead, there is no indicia whatsoever, all of the suspicions were closed and the rogatory letters were carried out”, she stated.

The magistrate stressed that “it is also important to safeguard the arguido’s rights”.

“We at the Public Ministry think that there is enough indicia, but that is subject to a judge’s decision”, she said.

Rui Pedro was seen for the last time on the 4th of March, 2008, in Lousada, at the age of eleven.

in: SOL, 27.02.2011

Rui Pedro: Cândida Almeida has a «tranquil conscience»

The DCIAP’s director stresses the work that has been carried out in the case until na accusation against Afonso Dias was reached, but denies new evidence about the boy’s whereabouts

This afternoon, Cândida Almeida spoke to TVI24 about the new developments in the case of “Rui Pedro”, the teenager who has been missing since 1998. Nothing is known about the boy’s whereabouts yet, but the Public Ministry has accused Afonso Dias of abduction. The director of the Central Department for Penal Action and Investigation (DCIAP) said that “there was almost a “reinvestigation” until this accusation was reached, but that there is no new data concerning Rui Pedro’s whereabouts.

“All the leads were followed up. Nobody ever gave up. On the contrary, the family’s cooperation was requested, as well as the cooperation of Dr Ricardo Sá Fernandes [the family’s lawyer], and therefore, everyone together, managed to never give up”, she stressed during a telephone contact.

Concerning the leads that were followed in order to try and find Rui Pedro, “they all proved to produce no results”, she said, praising “the exceptional work and the capacity of resistance and dedication and the technical and human qualities of the magistrate, Mr Vitor Magalhães, and of the PJ’s team, who were tireless, who followed up on every lead, who sent several rogatory letters abroad”.

The DCIAP’s director devalued the time that it took to produce an accusation against Afonso Dias. When questioned about whether or not she thinks that it took too long, she stated: “No, I would say the contrary. We have managed to obtain enough indicia. Both at a national and at an international level, there are processes that are shelved, others have taken years”.

Cândida Almeida denied the existence of new facts about the case, explaining that what happened was a re-evaluation of all the existing data. “The PJ’s team, together with the magistrate, made a sort of reconstitution of that day and the days that followed”, she said. “There was almost a re-investigation until this accusation was reached”.

Concerning the statement that was made by the head of the Lawyers’ Order, Marinho Pinto, who criticised the delay in producing the accusation and demanded na explanation from the Attorney General, Cândida Almeida merely said: “If the Attorney General thinks he should make a statement, it will bem very clearly made, without problems”.

“We do not have a heavy conscience, quite to the contrary”, she added.

in: TVI24, 27.02.2011


  1. After 13 years the PJ are still busy with this case.They are trying again, they did not forget the little boy.
    Neither did we.
    This means that within 9 years, Kate will still be writing books, to distract the attention of the British people.
    Again investigating what happened to Rui Pedro is bad news for the McCanns.
    I know the police are always busy to solve unsolved crimes.
    My father was a public prosecuter and I remember police investigators coming to our home to talk to him. Sometimes cases that happened before I was born and I remember that I was already at the secundary school.My father always said that Justice is never ready with an unsolved case.It is its duty to continue investigating, although they don't tell it.

  2. Bom dia!

    O vídeo, embora em português:


    E, muito obrigada!

  3. http://www.blogger.com/post-edit.g?blogID=8937644279173427493&postID=2910020803723278291

    GA e Rui Pedro .


    Rui Pedro:


    Rui Pedro e M. R. de Sousa:


  4. Caso Rui Pedro


    27 Fevereiro 2011

    Caso Rui Pedro

    Olá! Só agora, é que dizem na televisão, aquilo que eu disse muitas vezes, na altura em que a pequena Maddie desapareceu. Eu sempre disse que a PJ não fez grande coisa, em 1998, quando na altura se soube que existia um suspeito. E hoje, ouvi na televisão, que na altura não se fez muita coisa, relativamente á Investigação.

    O Dr. Gonçalo Amaral, disse e com razão, que se deveria ter feito em 13 horas, o que se andou a fazer nestes 13 anos. O que eu gostava, era que isto tivesse um final feliz, e que o Rui Pedro, voltasse para os braços daquela Mãe, daquela família sofredora, que já passou por tanta coisa ( desde que o petiz desapareceu ). Será que a Pj, não tem meios para fazer o suspeito falar?

    Também, se disse na televisão, que quando a Pj e o Ministério Público trabalham em harmonia, tudo corre ás mil maravilhas. Parece que esta equipa fez um bom trabalho, mas deveriam ter trabalhado assim em 1998. E não acredito, que isto se tenha passado assim, por existirem melhores ou piores Polícias ( quanto aos agentes da Pj ), pois sempre ouvi dizer, que a Pj é considerada a melhor Polícia, a nível Mundial. Oxalá, exista um final feliz para este caso. Há que ter esperanças! Eu em cima, disse que a Pj não fez muita coisa em 98, em comparação ao caso Madeleine McCann, mas é óbvio que a culpa não foi só da Pj...

    Uma boa semana

    Publicada por Nuno Medon em 2/27/2011

    ( MariaC)

  5. Fantastic news. The McCann couple will be worried, that's for sure. And what a contrast, the dignified posture of Rui Pedro's parents with that of the arrogant McCanns. The PJ won't forget Maddie either.

  6. Thankyou Astro and thankyou for the comment #1. This makes us so hopeful that sooner or later justice will be done. That we have real people at the helm who have the determination, passion and compassion to see that criminals are brought to justice. Hopefully this little boy, who by now will be 14, is well and that he will be home soon. Unfortunately that is more than we can say about Madeleine, whose parents are so determined to be false, deceptive even with the whole world staring the truth of this story in the face. We may not have the 100% flow of the death of this child but we know that she is no more. Thankyou Portugal for your patience, to the people who comment on this blog, keep it up we have to participate, we have to keep this story alive also for the sake of other missing children. Thankyou Joana and your team for this space, we are thinking of your wellbeing and safety.

  7. See #6.....no the boy will now be a man of 24 years old, somehow I misread the date of his disappearance.............so hope you are well young man and that you are able to read these words.........

  8. The case of Rui Pedro was reinvestigated using the existing evidence and the PJ was able to come to a conclusion. Also, this case was never shelved after 13 years. So, why can't the same be applied to the Maddie case? Why does that moron Pinto Monteiro keep insisting that the case will only be reopened when new evidence comes to light? How do you obtain new evidence if you don't carry out an investigation?

  9. Gonçalo Amaral on the recent news about Rui Pedro:


    And Moita Flores:


    The RTP1 news anchor man opened the talk with M. Flores with these words: -"the same suspect, 13 years later, without any new evidence"
    This is proof that there is no need of new evidence or new facts to reopen a criminal investigation or to charge someone, as it has been claimed in the McCann case. If this man can be charged 13 years later with kidnapping, based solely on the same circumstancial evidence of 13 years ago (mainly witnesses statements, who said they saw Rui Pedro in the man's car), then why is it different for Maddie? Why will her investigation only reopen with NEW evidence, when there is plenty of evidence of foul play in the process which was never fully investigated and clarified?!
    Maybe it's because the suspect in Rui Pedro's case is a portuguese nobody(what the americans call "white trash"), does not speak english, is not a doctor and has no acquaintances in poiltics...
    The mind boggles...

  10. Do we really think this will frighten the Maccann pair they are as hard as nails, any woman who can dispose of her child, the way Kate Maccann has is afraid of no one, not even God.(she thinks)We are not dealing with a normal couple here, but a pair of Monsters.
    Kate Maccann had to get in on the Claudia Lawrence vigil in York yesterday, she asked could she attend, is there a book coming out soon, this monster cares for no one only herself, she is abnormal.

    The article is in the daily mail its been moved to the yesterday headlines at the moment it was front page last night, but other actors in Hollywoood have taken its place Kate will be heartbroken she has been moved into the background not what she intended at all.

  11. And of course this child was 12 years old, in the age group of paedo abduction. Madeleine was not anywhere near the age group.

  12. #9..... it is also the media who left us in the lurch, yes, they betrayed us, left us with either no reports or lies, the media we depend on to bring us news as it is not what is going to be popular with the government and their cronies, or what the rich boss expects. If it hadn't been for this blog and many others who are doing their own investigations we would have nowhere to turn to and we would be left with m b and the likes of him who at one stage was keeping us up to date with the events and the next thing, turned tail and yes, we couldn't believe our ears, whitewashing. The mccanns will get what is coming to them, we can sit it out, matters played into their hands as they obviously had the time to plan their strategy, their 'pact', their attack on anyone who crosses their version of events. In the interest of ?? who, we still do not know, they had so much help but it is running dry! They cannot be ahead anymore as we can also sense their desperation, clutching at any bit of news they can take advantage of. Hopefully the end is nigh as they say in the classics. We are not under-estimating the Portuguesa authorities. We trust that justice will be done, in the above case, in the mccann saga and for every child who wants to be heard.

  13. Depois de ter passado anos pulando miudinho para entender a pronúncia do Amaral,à qual já me acostumei, pulo agora para entender a do Moita Flores.
    Para brasileiro às vezes é tão difícil mas o Português de Portugal me soa sempre bonito.Bem mais bonito do que o Português do Brasil.(Quem vai agora corrigir-me, dizendo que é dialeto?)Dialeto ou não, sou orgulhosa de descender da cultura portuguesa.
    Coisa mais triste a vida da família do Rui Pedro, tanta esperança falsa, coitadinhos.
    Que Deus os abençoe.

  14. Anon 4


    Ter meios teria, só que seriam ilegais (se e que foi nisso que pensou) mas repare... a PJ nem sequer precisa disso. Basta acusar que a juíza concorda.

    Provas, como vimos no Caso Carlos Cruz, não serão precisas. Seriam precisas (e muitas) se se tratasse dalgum McCann ou de outro estrangeiro de gabarito com padrinhos no corpo diplomático.

    Não acredita? Leia para crer...



    ... Feito e certo no contexto de outro caso (Carlos Cruz/Casa Pia), mas que não deixa de ser potencialmente interessante neste.

    Trata-se de uma opinião da Dra. Teresa Ribeiro, psicóloga, formada pela Universidade do Porto e pela Universidade René Descartes de Paris.

    "a) MP não conhece a palavra investigação, inventa para justificar as suas decisões tomadas a priori, à partida, antes da investigação começar, e depois tudo o resto - provas fornecidas, testemunhos, etc., tudo é adulterado, suprimido e construído para chegar ao desfecho por si previamente determinado;

    b) TIC a mesma coisa, até desaparecimento de provas dos processos permite;

    c) Tribunal, ipsis verbis: as provas objectivas e testemunhais que não interessam para a decisão previamente também tomada, são totalmente desvalorizadas, não contam, só a dita "prova testemunhal" da parte contrária conta, nem que seja contraditória, de forma que, como imagina, a sentença que sai só dá como provados os factos que nunca se passaram na realidade, e todos os factos verdadeiros não são considerados provados pelo Tribunal..."


    Agora procurem encaixar isto no caso dos McCann's. Como? Comecem pela inversão dos a prioris por exemplo...


  16. Now we read in the Mail that Mrs Mccann has been to church and lit a candle,was this to pray for forgiveness for what she caused to happen to Maddie.Now they want to go to Germany to get support from Mrs Hewlett for their story of abduction.The German people will not make them welcome to come and make trouble. Germany.

  17. I also saw the online article in the Daily Mail, but I reckon it has been downgraded to yesterday's news because Kate McCann didn't like the fact that Mr Lawrence said that she had asked to attend, rather than that he and Archbishop Sentamu had invited her. Of course she had to muscle in on the occasion of Claudia's 37th birthday, even though there is no connection between the two cases whatsoever. Mr Lawrence is a sensible educated professional man, and I'm sure he saw straight through her but was too polite to refuse her request (demand??) but how disgraceful to do such a thing on a day that was just for Claudia. The McCanns are completely shameless, but where was our friend Gerry?

  18. This is a brilliant article Astro, it shows that the PJ does not give up, however many years it takes I pray that one day there will be justice for Madeleine.

  19. Anon @ 9 & 12 - Totally agree with you.

  20. Just seen the photo of Kate Mccann in the Mail lighting her candle and she looks fake, hard and so cold, one day soon Kate you will have to answer for what you have done. We all know so much more than we first did when you started your ridiculous abduction fairystory.
    PJ will re-open this case sooner rather than later.
    Thanks Astro et al.

  21. Money will buy off the widow of hewitt, or so they think...case closed. No NO McCanns, very soon something will spill out,very soon we will have that arrogant grin off Gerrys mug. Lets hope it is not so far away. I really cannot understand why the polce sit back and watch their manipulations, but maybe they are not sitting back completely.
    Kate is attempting to clean up her image, and become a patron saint of missing children.

  22. I did not see any online article on the Mail.

  23. Good Evening everybody!
    Could I recommend you SO! actual reading please? It's 3.5 years since, but GOD how it's actual today!!
    = http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/world/europe/article2422967.ece =

  24. At the moment the mccanns case has been 'shelved' but eventually it will be re-opened, otherwise the PJ would have made more of a statement and officially closed the case and that would have been that, BUT he did not at the time there was much interference from UK and this made PJ job very difficult, but with the passing of time, more facts have emerged and most people are now of the opinion that the mccanns are involved in their daughters disappearance, the fund has dried up, perhaps a change of office in Portugal and the case will be re-opened, I do not believe people will now stand up for the mccanns as they once did, especially when one considers the Gaspars statements, we never knew any of this in 2007 but now 2011 a very different picture has emerged, so it must surely only be a matter of time before events take their natural course and the case is re-opened and this time properly investigated.
    Thank you Astro and Joana for keeping us informed you are both wonderful, and one day Madeleine will have the justice she so deserves.

  25. Anon 18
    Agree Kate one day WILL have to answer along with her husband, the picture of Kate that I saw lighting the candle was awful, her face says it all, she looked full of guilt.....and they both should, for what they are doing.

    The truth and justice will come.


    This is all about money, Gerry and Kate will pay for what they did and what they are doing now.

  27. Thinking of Rui Pedro and his family.

  28. Thankyou!! The site is all back to normal! Hope it will be a lot more difficult for the hackers next time!! They managed partially but not completely to sabotage your site but it is a lot more disturbing that they managed a foot in the door! I notice Textusa's page is also back to normal. Her entire page was plastered with the frog in the cube,you couldn't see the page from the frogs! We are certainly up against a very hostile enemy. What will they attempt next? Thank God you are strong and obviously well prepared! Kind Regards to all!

  29. every one is free to have an opinion, I was not aware your site had been hacked but I sorry it was. It seems to me a certain group of people only want the world to have their opinion.Terrorising and threating behaviour to wards bloggers or people who do no fall into line with their opinions is a criminal act. The police should be involved and these people brought into the light. The people I speak of have absolutely no right to behave like gorillas, they just show their true colours. Of course people will have an opinion if you do not assist in police enquiries, reconstructions or ask the case is reopened. Reveal thesepeople now.

  30. just in the news was a case in ireland where about 20 years ago two people who became lovers conspired to get rid of their spouses so they could be together.they both now have been convicted of murder after all this time... the man could no longer live with the guilt and went to the police to confess.The woman maintained her innocence right until the end verdict.It does illustrate how truth can come out in the end and comparing that with maddies case where there are quite a few people who have to continue living a lie it gives hope that this mystery will be resolved. i did notice that the woman going to court wore a cross on a chain round her neck...probably just as kate hopes that being seen to be religious will sway a few dumb people to believe she must be innocent

  31. What are the legal implications with the McCann’s book, they are the ‘arguidos’ along with Murat, presumably the book will attempt to influence readers of the McCann’s innocence and highlight the Portuguese Police incompetence according to McCann. Eventually there will be a court case but this book could possibly influence jurors considering how the McCann’s have manipulated the media. When they ‘fled’ Portugal, there must have been restrictions on their ‘arguidos status’ similarly if someone is bankrupt there are restrictions, or on probation there are always restrictions, so surely it is illegal for them to write this book as they are involved. It will be biased and purely based on what McCann’s want the public to believe, therefore perverting the course of justice.
    There is also the fund to consider, and the on-line store, have proper records been made of all donations received? When for example Mitchell suggested the public send their donations to Kate and Gerry, Rothley were these recorded, also funds that they obtained from taking part in Charities fund raising events, this must have raised a considerable amount of money. Also to appoint Kevin Halligen of Oakley Int, was a curious choice to search for Madeleine when he has no experience whatsoever in this field, but plenty of experience in the money laundering business, he was paid £500,000.00 for producing absolutely nothing. Another point for concern is Brian Kennedy the multi-millionaire business man supporting the McCann’s who has allegedly intimidated witnesses preventing them from coming forward to give evidence in this case. http://www.madeleinefoundation.org.uk/Brian%20Kennedy%20not%20to%20be%20investigated.html, why would he do that if his intentions were to find Madeleine?
    There is much more to this than a child disappearing, her parents involvement is obvious there are important issues that need to be addressed concerning the judiciary system in UK and Portugal, if money laundering is involved then this case needs to be dealt with sooner rather than later. The Tapas group should all be re-investigated their discrepancies’ in statements clarified. The police should get to the bottom of this case and start doing the job for which we pay them and that means re-opening, re-investigating and finally justice for a small 3 year old who seems to have been forgotten along the way.

  32. I think Kate should not have asked to attend what to me was a private tribute to Claudia Lawrence,it was an intrusion into her families grief, and in an Anglican church?? Kate the devout catholic that, no longer attends Mass, seems to be drawn to Anglican priests, Vicar Hubbard was another non catholic. Losing my Religion....


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