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The Sun: "Madeleine McCann is in America – and I know who took her"

This article is posted here today with a personal comment: Anyone who knows the most basic facts about the Casa Pia case is able to see through the maneuver that is being attempted here.

As usual, this is exclusively for British comsumption. The British public has no knowledge about the Casa Pia case, and is therefore largely unable to distinguish fact from fiction. This is not the first time that someone tries to link Madeleine's disappearance with the Casa Pia scandal. I think it is important to stress that within the Casa Pia case, several prominent personalities have been accused and found guilty of abusing young boys from a social institution (the "Casa Pia") - appeals have been filed, therefore the sentences are, in fact, suspended until further ruling from higher courts.

There has never been a case of abduction within the Casa Pia investigation.


From Emily Nash and Jon Clarke in Huelva, Spain

An investigator has told cops Madeleine McCann was taken to the US - and he has named two key suspects.

Marcelino Italiano, 36, said she had been snatched by an Algarve-based paedophile ring. The amateur sleuth added: "They can get away with anything."

Maddie vanished in Portugal in May 2007.

Angolan-born Italiano said the gang of influential and dangerous perverts had hunted children in the Algarve before smuggling them out of Portugal.

And he told how he had to flee for his life when his investigations threatened to unmask them.

The 6ft 4in nightclub bouncer said: "I know these people were involved and I have been told that Madeleine may now be in America.

"I can't say how, but I have known these people and believe they can get away with anything.

"I think there have been over a dozen children kidnapped. They prey on the weak and vulnerable."

Italiano, 36, said the ring was based in Faro and Albufeira, but had high-level contacts in Portugal's judiciary and links to a legal practice in London.

He added: "They are ruthless. I have been attacked twice for trying to investigate it and even lost my front tooth in one attack.

"I am prepared to go to any length to reveal the truth about these sick people - they need to be exposed."

Italiano has handed a dossier of information he uncovered to police in Huelva, south west Spain.

He says it includes the names of two prominent Portuguese businessmen and provided photographs of them at a birthday party in the Algarve.

Officers have passed the information to Portuguese cops while private investigators hired by the Find Madeleine Fund - set up by her parents Kate and Gerry - are also looking into the dramatic claims.

They chillingly echo the case of the Casa Pia paedophile ring, which involved the abduction of youngsters from state-run orphanages.

In September six men including a solicitor, a former ambassador and a TV presenter were jailed for sexually abusing 32 children living at Casa Pia homes across Portugal.

One of the chief witnesses, former resident Paulo Namora [Pedro Namora not Paulo], told the trial that many of the group's wealthy members were based in the Algarve.

Last night a lawyer acting on behalf of Italiano told The Sun her client had a "credible and believable story".

She added: "He told the police he believed Maddie was taken by the gang and he believes she may now be in the US."

A spokesman for Kate and Gerry, of Rothley, Leics, said: "We are grateful for the information.

"As with any information of this nature the man concerned has done the right thing by informing the Spanish authorities.

"Clearly it will be a matter for them and the private investigators currently searching for Madeleine to investigate further."

Maddie was about to turn four when she disappeared from her family's holiday apartment in Praia da Luz on May 3, 2007.

Bungling Portuguese police named her parents as suspects before clearing them.

In 2008 detectives looked into suggestions that Maddie may have been taken "to order" by a child smuggling ring based in Belgium.

Scotland Yard intelligence officer John Shord sent Leicestershire police an email reporting: "Somebody connected to this group saw Maddie, took a photograph of her and sent it to Belgium.

"The purchaser agreed that the girl was suitable and Maddie was taken."

Some of the information, which came from an anonymous source, was dismissed as not credible.

And both Portuguese police and Interpol were unable to unearth further details. Meanwhile the McCanns' team of investigators have interviewed hundreds of witnesses, received more than 1,000 phone calls and dealt with more than 15,000 emails from people from across the globe.

Sightings have been reported across Europe and North Africa and as far away as Canada, Tasmania and Dubai.

in: The Sun, 18.02.2011


  1. "They prey on the weak and vulnerable."

    So they chose a group of UK Doctors, who have Government officials as their friends..........yer right

  2. Someone else wanting his five minutes of fame! Still it gets the McCanns back in the headlines which is precisely what this is all about! Shame on them all. How anyone can use a defenceless missing child as a cash cow is beyond me!

  3. This has to take the cake as the most ridiculous article so far!!! As Joana says, there was never any kidnapping involved in the Casa Pia case and they were young men. The McCann toadies are not even bothered by printing out and out lies.

  4. This article is one of the most xenophobic that I have ever read within this case. It is packed with lies about the Casa Pia case, which is a horrible story and I believe the trial has only scratched the surface... but it involved sexual abuse of boys in an institution, not "abductions" of tourists in the Algarve! Plus, show me ONE case in the Algarve, in the whole of Portugal, where a little girl has been abducted by a stranger. There is absolutely NONE! We are far from a perfect country, and we do have pedophiles and crimes are unfortunately comitted against children in Portugal, too. But a pedophile ring that abducts little girls?! This is so ridiculous it is beyond classification. As a Portuguese, I am deeply insulted by this "news story" and I feel disgusted beyond words. This is the kind of stuff that promotes hatred between countries. And right now, I hate the Sun and the UK journalists! I just don't hate the UK people in general because they have no knowledge.

  5. Now the daily mail has the twaddle, and of course some readers are falling for it. Poor Mccanns!



  6. The circus must go on. They found it difficult to be out of the front page of that rubbish paper(Sun) for long. Amazing,the world shrink and PDL suddenly become close to USA and Dubai.
    What the top private detectives have to say about their claim one year ago- Madeleine in a cellar 10 miles away from PDL? This Angolan guy is part of the game, payed by the Fund to get is 5 minutes of glory in a rubbish paper and try to help the Mccann's sell their book in USA in 2 months. Marketing, poor and rubbish Marketing with stamp of mr. Spin.
    Hello Kate and Gerry, if Madeleine is in USA why don't you take that opportunity to ask Oprah and the FBI o have a look on the claims of that guy?
    Laughable the connection with Casa Pia:
    - First Casa Pia is a case based in Lisbon, not in Algarve. Because C. Cruz was caught on the way to Algarve when the police was running after him, did not change the case and Elvas ( where one house was marked by the investigation) is in the Alentejo, not Algarve.
    -Second, no any child was abducted or disappeared from Casa Pia. They were took by Bibi( according to the news) and return to Casa Pia after been abused by portuguese personalities related with politicians and show business, lawyers, doctors and ambassadors. Those people were not waiting in PDL, like what Mitchell pretended the public to believe on his last interviews, for a little British child, targeting her and waiting for the best opportunity to snatch her.
    -Third, the abusers of Casa Pia wanted teenagers boys, not baby girls. The abuse falls in a ring of Paedos and gays tendencies.
    -Fourth, when Maddie disappeared all the people connected with Casa Pia and the all case was already under the hands of the police. What the Sun wants with that innuendo? ... the public to believe that Madeleine abduction had the cover-up of the portuguese police? We know, how the Mccann's tried to frame the police directly involved in the investigation.
    -5, remember the British guy who published an article few weeks ago, about Casa Pia? A great supporter of carlos cruz against the police or the judges? We know how the criminals try hard to connect unsolved cases and get some personal profits. those connections are not innocent. There is a business behind it. Some people involved in Casa Pia tried during the last months to shift the case to London and spread some ideas. I believe, this has the hands of the portuguese lawyers ( Mccann's/ Casa pia).
    What Mr. Marinho Pinto have to say now? A great supporter of the abusers in casa Pia and a supporter of the mccann's against PJ? Shame on all those people who use the victims to do their business and earn very dirty money.
    This guy is another liar payed by the Fund to spread news that serve two cases, Casa Pia and the Mccann's. Why not connecting the case with mariluz? Yesterday her killer open the door for the mccann's to pay him and connect him with case. Mccann's lost that opportunity. Too danger yah? since Judges are already in touch with mariluz case.
    Amazing, The Angolan fail again to name his sources. Like always. More of the same... to fool the British readers. Poor Uk, they believe, they live in a democracy... In fact they returned to the dark time when information was controlled and manipulated by a minnory.

  7. As much as I wish that Madeleine McCann was alive and "findable" and was actually recovered... this has to take the Annual Award for the Greatest Amount of BS in a Single Newspaper Article!
    These people should be arrested for a) mocking the memory of an innocent child, b) abusing the British public's general ignorance, and c) wasting trees to spread the most ridiculous story of all times.

  8. Em tempo de crise, vale tudo para ganhar umas coroas. Este artigo deve-lhe ter rendido uns euritos que ja dao para gastar numa disco Algarvia este fim de semana. De repente, lembrei-me da musica de Rui Veloso'.... o negro do radio de pilhas...'. O que nao se faz, por umas pilhas.

  9. Just a small question that answers all the story?

    - What makes an angolan guy who speaks portuguese to choose a British rubbish paper to publish his delirium about a case related with portugal?

    I got the answer- Any portuguese paper will slap the door directly on his face. Guy, you can mock the British Sun readers with help of that rubbish paper. The portuguese are hard to be mocked. They don't believe on Santa, Mermaids or Fairy's.

  10. This article is a construct designed to serve many purposes.

    - start the campaign for the book also in the US
    - implicate Amaral and other judicial personas, hinting at the birthday party
    - connect the "abduction" with the Casa Pia case to show that all Portugal is again a "haven for paedophiles"
    - as a warning for amateur sleuths that even a 6 foot 4 basketball player can lose a tooth when investigating too much...


  11. What's with Sky these days? They used to be all over this kind of "Breaking News" in no time... I guess they aren't buying this kind of BS any longer... Clarence made them do too many live press conferences for nothing, I suppose.

  12. I thought it was April 1st when I read the 'news' this morning! All Fools Day but this item was so ridiculous even an idiot wouldn't buy it. Spaghetti trees are more believable.

    My guess is it's because the Mcs want a free trip to America and what is left of the fund can be used to thereby justifying it is used in the search for Madeleine.

    I feel ashamed that British journos have sold their souls for this rubbish.

    How much did this bouncer get paid and by whom?

  13. The Guy lost a tooth. This explains trough where he lies. Mitchell lies trough all his mouth. This, only trough a small part. An amateur liar could be caught easily then an handicap men.
    Well spotted Johanna- The Birthday Party. Another clairvoyant from Madeira also claimed to have problems with a Birthday Party. They seems to be connected.
    Maybe the place where a certain type of Paedos meet each other ( not the ones from Casa pia) is the OC with their master center in UK, Rothley or Leicester. Between lines, the guy is highlighting the truth. The Sun got lost in translation. A shame and a a risk when a rubbish paper use cheap freelancers to act like journalists. Why Gamble and the CEOP got in touch with that group? Because they are Santa relatives, yah? delivering gifts to little childs.
    Marcelino go to a dentist to fix your problem.

  14. Assorted British media are reporting that the Portuguese police is investigating this lead. This means that THE CASE HAS BEEN REOPENED - because the PJ cannot investigate a shelved case. There has to be a formal reopening by the Public Ministry for the police to investigate this. Upon reopening, the McCanns and Murat are automatically arguidos again, until that status is formally lifted (and not merely shelved, as it was).
    So according to what is being reported by the UK press this morning, one can only conclude that the Maddie case has been reopened and the McCanns are arguidos again.
    We await confirmation of thses news from the official Portuguese authorities at any moment - it is great news and very, very important! Worldwide attention would again be on the Maddie case and the Portuguese authorities!

    I'm going to pick a very comfortable sofa while I wait for this to happen...


  15. If it appears in any of the UK red tops then THAT is a clear sign that NOTHING of this news will have any tangibility whatsoever.

    Britain is full of this crap and the red tops have been getting a way with it because the Brits are a dumbed-down nation. If you thought Americans were stupid you ain't seen nothing yet. I don't mean to be harmful in my comments here as I am actually (and embarrassingly) a Brit citizen but the McCanns have no chance if they think they can drum up support from the USA with this trumped-up article.

    It is not important anymore that the dumb, the ill-informed and the unenlightened can be duped; it is more important that the informed and the critical-thinking members of society can spread the truth. If the dumb-asses want to be left behind and get their pockets dipped by the McCanns then let them...more fool them!

  16. Well it's been nearly four years now, and I never cease to be amazed at the never-ending queue of avaricious exploiters and exhibitionists from all walks of life who will jump at the chance to boost their pension fund, pay their mortgage and make a quick buck on the back of this poor, dead child.

    How many evil creatures have willingly danced on her unmarked grave and spat on her memory - from pretendy witnesses to PR/media truth destroyers, from the dodgiest McCann PIs to her own flesh and blood and their toady friends ... no heart, no soul, no morals, no conscience, not any of them.

    Still, I was wondering in recent days where I could purchase a reasonably-priced, big, smelly, steaming pile of manure for my vegetable garden.
    And lo, the answer came as if by a miracle.
    I just go out and buy a copy of today's Sun ... that'll see me through until May 12th when I can go to the book shop and buy an even bigger pile ...

  17. Latest news in America today:-

    Sex offenders are more likely to be family members, not strangers

    First published Feb 17 2011 09:07PM

    Updated 6 hours ago Updated Feb 17, 2011 10:54PM

    For the second time in months, a high-profile Utah family is in the news with daughters’ accounts of sexual abuse.

    But the story of the Brown daughters — Desirae, 32, Deondra, 30, and Melody, 26 — may be even more startling to some than Elizabeth Smart’s harrowing testimony of near-daily rapes by her abductor, Brian David Mitchell.

    This week, the Brown women confronted their abuser — not a stranger who laid in wait outside their family home, but the man inside who was supposed to keep them from harm — their father. Keith Brown pleaded guilty to sexually abusing his three daughters as children.

    “It illustrates the reality of what sexual violence in Utah does look like,” says Alana Kindness, executive director of the Utah Coalition Against Sexual Assault. “People are surprised because they have an idea in their heads of what a sex offender looks like.”

    But very few victims of sexual assault are attacked by a stranger — 13 percent, according to a 2007 survey of 1,800 women by the Utah Commission on Criminal and Juvenile Justice.

    It’s much more common for the offender to be a family member. The survey found that was the case in 40 percent of child-molestation incidents.

    “We can’t make a difference in holding offenders accountable if we’re unable to recognize and unable to accept that family members are committing these acts on the vulnerable children that they have access to,” Kindness says. “The fact that [Desirae, Deondra and Melody Brown] recognized the potential threat to other children and chose to come forward to make sure there was some accountability there was very courageous.”

    In the state survey, nearly a third of Utah women said they experienced some type of sexual assault in their lifetime and for most — 79 percent — the first incident occurred before they turned 18. Only one in nine incidents was reported to police.


    Do try and keep up with the media monitoring Clarence :o

  18. "Sightings have been reported across Europe and North Africa and as far away as Canada, Tasmania and Dubai"

    There was also one on the UK South Coast. My word that child certainly gets around doesn't she? Thia tripe is fit only for the recycle bin as usual. That's what it is, contrivrd recycled rubbish. Somebody is very afraid and it's the last desperate throw of the dice to influence the British public. The article doesn't stand up to scrutiny in many ways, the nature and timing of the Casa Pia investigation is wrong. This is for Brit consumption only to soften up people for the book. Why isn't the FBI mentioned?

  19. Why is The Guardian regurgitating this rubbish?

  20. Why America?! "A 19-year-old man has been remanded in custody charged with the sexual exploitation of a school child amid a major probe into abuse in Devon and Cornwall..."!! Is this degenerate from Devon is not good enough for the role of Madeleine's kidnapper?! He is one of the gang of paedos. Why not to offer them some cash... .
    How long this cynical circus is going to continue?!

  21. Shouldn't the Portuguese tourist board or Algarve regional government be suing The Sun for lies and scare-mongering. The claims that paedophile rings are rife in the Algarve is deeply damaging to the Algarve Tourist industry.
    Angelo Del Montello

  22. Yeah, and get this Anonymous #20 - He is INNOCENT.... according to his mum.

    Mother defends 'sex abuse' teenager


    Must be really difficult to have to accept the harsh reality that someone you know and love may be a paedophile mustn't it?

  23. I mean guys! do you really believe this guy who has been beating up (so he says) would have his face spread all over the place? I dont think so.
    THIS IS JUST AN OTHER SAD SPIN because they are not in the news that much nowadays.Other dictators are falling down and they dont like it

    Asto:"Anyone who knows the most basic facts about the Casa Pia case is able to see through the maneuver that is being attempted here."
    Too bloody right!but I must admit that it is very surprising that they hadnt exploited the Casa Pia case already(unless I miss something,in that case please correct me).

    So now whats REALLY cooking behind the screen that they are "agitated" all of a sudden??Btw are they in Portugal YET to meet this fantastic man?

  24. At last! This NEWS!! - a real reason to REOPEN the investigation!

  25. Anyone who has been through US Immigration; been barked at by officers and told to get behind the line knows what a load of rubbish this story is. With tight Homeland Security and anti-terrorism measures in place, the US would be the least likely place to take her. My disgust at the perpetrators of this hoax and those who publish it is beyond an attempt to quantify it.

  26. Even The Sun readers at my local pub(nobody buys it)take absolutely no interest in these "sightings", no-one I have ever spoken to about this case believes the child is alive, no matter what their opinions on how it happened and the majority don't warm to the McCanns,to say the least. Those of us bothered to read the files have all come to the same conclusion. She died in the apartment.

  27. I bet lots of bouncers have broken teeth!

  28. Joana, you should organize a poll for the worst sighting ever concocted. This must be on a par with "stolen by gypsies", "disguised in a black wig", "being treated like a princess" " a lair in Praia da Luz", Morocco-seemingly becoming popular again , for some reason....ad nauseam.


    I understand "The Sun" is to serialize the suspect dyad's much awaited book with their "official version" of events. A bit of marketing makes perfect sense.

    It is all very well for us truth-seekers to cry "foul" but remember Murdoch's "Sun" caters for a pretty-ugly gullible crowd. The bas-fond of British readership. Think: Rosiepops...

    In terms of Critical Discourse Analysis (CDA) the thought provoking bytes are phrases like:

    "Bungling Portuguese police"..."
    "But had high-level contacts in Portugal's judiciary."

    It is pretty easy to see where the "journo" (Emily Nash) is pointing her naughty finger at. It is known in CDA as "ethnical bias", "racism" or as Emily herself might say: "geese bashing".

    For more info on CDA see here: http://www.discourses.org/


  30. Oh please, Himself at GQW, do come back for a pop at this one. I know you left us with your great McCann parodies-a modern Gilray. Can we tempt you? "Aah,go one!",as Mrs Doyle would say.


    If we were to ignore Eddie "The Dog" legendary nose and place the hypothesis that Madeleine was abducted (a far shot) then, it would make more sense to imagine she had ended up in Russia or Africa. Why?

    There were road works going on nearby at the time and a number of workers were Russian or African. I am assuming they would take her but one could have killed her - accidentally or otherwise and bury her under the tarmac. Why would they do that? Don't know...s**t happens...

    What does not happen is for a dead body to leave imprints where it did...the road works were outside not inside the apartment.

    What was I thinking about?

    :b Who barked?

  32. It's funny whenever people on the blogs start discussing Dr Fiona Payne in detail, we immediately have a major distraction.

    What could the reason be?

  33. McCanns Cast Doubt On US Abduction Claims

    Pink One speaking here http://tinyurl.com/62fr54t
    After all this new spin was not a good idea! :c

  34. I sense a McCann holiday trip to America is on the cards now the weather has perked up the publicity generated will help launch the new fairytale book a few more dollars in the 'bank of McCann'.
    Personally I despair at this lothsome pair but its the gullible public that keep forking out for them.

    Maybe one day somebody with some common sense will get the case re-opened, we can but hope !!

  35. Mitchell, as always, lying through his teeth on Sky News!
    He says this man, if he indeed is in possession of any information, has done the right thing by going to the police, and that, "that is EXACTLY what Kate, Gerry, himself, and everybody else helping them, HAVE BEEN SAYING FOR THE PAST 3, 4 YEARS"!!!
    The McCanns and Mitchell, advising people to contact the police with information?! When? Where? NOT EVEN ON THEIR WEBSITE! Did we miss something here? Anyone recalls any of them urging people to share their information with any police force? I certainly do not!

    "Have you seen these people?"

    "If you have, please contact our investigation team at: +44 845 838 4699"

    •Fill in our anonymous form >
    •Email: investigation@findmadeleine.com
    •Investigation Line: +44 845 838 4699

    (Find Madeleine site)

    WHERE do they advise people to contact the police, WHERE???

  36. Now there's an article on Sky featuring Clarrie denying everything... classic ploy. Plant a story, grab headlines, then deny it, grab more headlines...



  37. In the 50s, my widowed granny was so poor she used newspaper cut into squares, in her outside toilet. I remember hoping she would be able to afford proper toilet rolls. Now I am considering a similar use for The Sun, in spite of the discomfort. Squares with stories like this.

  38. Just how long were the McCanns and their cohorts planning this? Madeleine's health records would be so revealing, wouldn't they?

  39. Yes, Sabot, the article is now in Correio da Manhã and in other Portuguese media. But as we have no censorship - unlike the British media - the comments are open and they are absolutely scathing for the McCann couple.

  40. another load of b***** from the sun,jesus what sort of people believe what this crap paper prints apart from the mccann supporters that is

  41. its a shame these papers that dont print the gasper,s statement
    and FACTS from the official files,now that would be really worth reading

  42. I've just been shopping in my local supermarket and the only newspaper left on the shelves was The Sun - all the others had sold out - people just do not buy this rubbish anymore.

  43. a pure PR piece designed to drum up support for their book

  44. So when this yet another supposed lead to Madeleine falls into oblivion like the rest have, it is one more nail in the coffin of credibility.

    How many people commenting in The Mail are asking why would this be reported so alerting the abductors before the child has been rescued. How many people are yawning at all this 'here we go again' rubbish. The yawn is because they know what the outcome will be. Like the abduction fair story the McCanns spin, it is merely another load of rubbish, and somebody trying to make money from their twisted, sick, lies.

    Disgusting, vile people, the lot of them.

  45. @Anon 38
    No! dont do that! do you want to dirty yourself then?

  46. http://www.republica.es/2011/02/16/santiago-del-valle-dice-que-no-tiene-ni-idea-de-lo-que-le-ocurrio-a-mari-luz/

    This is the first mention of Madeleine, note the date 16th. And when did this new story first appear in UK press, the day after! Quick off the mark aren't they?


  47. A lot of people "named two key suspects" almost four years ago.

  48. @43.quite right too,if the sun can put these pair of child neglectors(at the least) on the front page and praise them to the hilt then there is no hope for the real truth getting in thier paper and perhaps people are fed up with reading about the mccanns and their never ending sightings that never come to anything and begging bowl forever out in front with thier funds SUPPOSEDLY running out(so say the mccanns)yep i think people are just plain sick of the pair of them.

  49. The Mccanns really are pure evil - I feel so sorry for those poor, poor twins what have they ever done to deserve such wreched parents.
    God bless you Maddie.

  50. http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk/feedarticle/9508282

    Breaking news on Guardian Online site.


  51. "Bungling Portuguese police named her parents as suspects before clearing them"

    Straight from the pen of the pink ponce.

  52. So they are off to US of A to be close to Madeleine, on the proceeds of the book.

    What next? A film of the book?

  53. Well it looks like the PR push for the s**t book of lies is starting shame on the sun-daily mirror and all the rest of Rupert Murdoch's protecting newspapers for advertising this vile couple and helping to fund them, shame on the journalists who write sympathy stories i hope you disgusting lot never ever sleep at night knowing you are protecting this dreadful cold couple, shame on you all!! the only time i have is for Joana and Amaral the only two who seem to do anything and everything to get justice for a innocent little girl.

  54. Mitchell Lying again. The guy did not contact the police. If so, the police will advise him for not publishing what he knows in any paper. The secret to solve a crime is the low profile and the secrecy. Mitchell has childs. If I was one of his childs I will do whatever I can to hide from others, who was my father. He don't dignify the life of any child. Shame on him.

  55. I can't stop laughing. The idiot Sun labelled the picture of Kate and Gerry with this sentence: "Hunt ... Kate and Gerry McCann".

    That is the best of the rubbish paper- a suggestion or an invitation? Somebody in the paper is going to be Carter-Rucked.

  56. Thank you for your comment Astro. I also wonder if this new revelation is to promote interest in the U.S. market. With the book coming out, I'm sure the McCanns would not say no to a return visit with Oprah Winfrey (who now as her own TV network). In my opinion, Oprah appeared skeptical of them last time so she may not be interested but with all the "connections" the McCanns have, they probably could arrange an "invitation" from Fox News which is owned by Rupert Murdoch.

  57. :o The next thing this Italiano will know is that he is being sued by the McCanns' for attempted extortion. Wait! Does he have any money? No? Lucky Italiano!

    There could be something in this story, though.

    Italiano could be after the reward money... could easily have knocked at the wrong doors and lost a tooth or two in the process except what he says does not compute.

    The McCanns need not be involved in this one. It could be the "Sun" publicizing ahead of their serialization of the McCanns "official version" of events.

    Not quite clear how Italiano pops up. May be he just cross paths with Emily Nash (the Sun's journo) in some bar in Spain and told her what she wanted to hear...

    Another thing... note that the Italiano (whose first language is Portuguese) goes to the Spanish police not the Portuguese police but this could be a misunderstanding (slur) of the Sun. Some "educated" British still think Portugal is a province of Spain...

    :o Next please...

  58. At first I suspected that Father Pachoca was responsible for the disappearence of the body.But now I think that it could have been somebody of the Ocean Club, trying to avoid an eventual scandal.This person could have waited for Gerry, near the church,in his car, and left to an empty apartment, with a freezer.
    An apartment in Praia da Luz itself, even belonging to the Ocean Club.

  59. Bungling Portuguese police named her parents as suspects before clearing them??????
    Not being charged isn't cleared.

  60. There was a headline on the BBC teletext news this afternoon that a mother had been accused of strangling her 2 and a half year old child, but before I had a chance to read it, it was "wooshed".

    Hmmmmm, it seems that not all mothers seem to be cut out to be "mothers".

  61. This remark in the SCUM newspaper says it all!

    "Bungling Portuguese police named her parents as suspects before clearing them".

    Due to expensive clever lawyers, paid for with public money, Public money given to the parents to help find their neglected missing child,

    There has been NO trial!

    It has been reported, Clarence Mitchell,sent out by ex British Prime Minister Gordon Brown to be the PA for the McCanns. Lies with as many teeth as he has in his mouth. Clarence used to be the head of the Government media monitoring unit, and did control what came out in the media. Now it appears we have a toothless clown cashing in.

    To the shame of the British Media and gutter press, the circus rolls on with ring master Clarence Mitchell once again centre stage.

    Is this sham, nothing but a marketing ploy to sell the McCanns book?

    An Englishman

  62. Anonymous #61

    County Durham mother admits strangling two-year-old son


    :f RIP little one :t

  63. I would suggest the detectives working for the McCanns to resign immediately. So, a bouncer turned investigator working without the Fund's help, discovers Maddie's whereabouts? What the hell have you been doing, you lazy morons! Now, as with the infamous Método 3, it's a question of time (may be by Christmas) before we have Maddie back with her loving parents.

    Anyway, what a load of bull....!

  64. Just wondering when the McC's are getting their book published Stateside...

    But really if this was a credible lead the PJ would have reopened the case, and until they do any 'sightings' 'leads' are up the garden path to the book.

  65. Anon #59, at first there was no car involved at all, if there was a car why didn't they take the body out of Praia da Luz ?

  66. Is mitchell 'boxing clever' when he distances himself from the claim that Madeleine was taken to the USA? He's saying that he didn't initiate the story, but how did it get into the Sun Clarence? Or has he read the blogs and realises how preposterous the story is, linking it with Casa Pia? He has previously distanced himself on radio interview from the 'abduction' idea itself, saying it is an 'assumption' and a 'hypothesis' as though not a certainty. Does he fear for his future if the authorities take charge?

  67. A friend of mine asked me why this case is taking so long, why the evidence that is being looked for is so slow in coming from Portugal she is meaning, and why the Amaral and Tanner case has not yet seen the light of day. I had no answer. Can anyone answer me please.

    Mary Liverpool

  68. Just another obvious publicity stunt - from Dubai to the USA in the blink of an eye. Expect more of the same. The Sun has paid the McCann’s a large sum of money to serialize the forthcoming book so it’s in both their interests to keep the story in the public eye. The media coverage of this case (as in many others instances) is misleading, biased and dishonest. It is not, and never has been, in the interests of Madeleine McCann and has nothing to do with finding her.

    Unfortunately, the worlds mainstream media is controlled by a few individuals who decide what we are told, how much we are allowed to know, and what our opinions should be on any given subject. The same old pundits are ritually wheeled out to reinforce whatever the agenda is and the truth is irrelevant unless it suits that agenda. However, the public are wising up fast, hence the media’s rapid decline. Yesterday, an American university professor said that the public have had enough of the corporate media. Commenting on the situation in Egypt, he said they (the media) were, with the odd exception, very slow to report honestly on the crisis and only did so after a few reporters got duffed-up by Mubarak’s henchmen. (No, sorry we can’t duff-up Sun reporters)

  69. Just seen they are now reporting this load of rubbish on Fox news, and showing the same old photos of Madeleine.

    Obviously, the McCanns keep a close hold over this kind of thing, bringing it out at certain moments when they feel they need to. Hey look, see Madeleine is still alive.

    Could there be something detrimental to them that is about to appear, and they have to do some sort of deflection like this. If I remember rightly they have done this kind of thing in the past at times like that, but of course, that bloody load of rubbish book of the McCanns is about to come out so maybe they are just preparing the public to think in terms of Madeleine still being alive.

    Those poor, bleating, begging, vile McCanns, as usual selling the lie of Madeleine having been abducted as a fact, when they have no proof whatsoever, and the people who actually worked on the case came to the conclusion that she was dead and requested the handing over of the cadaver from them. And those vile parents know it.

    It is impossible to feel nothing but utter disgust for them.

  70. could be Mcs set up against Goncarlo, it was probably a photo of his birthday, or someone he knew,nothing surprises me with th Mcs.
    The only thing is he has handed all to proper police, not pretendy police.
    And Joana, do not be itimidated by these morons, publish in the press the threats the monkeys have made!!

  71. Mitchell seems to be saying in effect, Well I'm sceptical about this US link, so it can't be me or the McCanns that started the story, but it might be true.

    Just like the 'George Harrison' suspect, Oh we're not saying he took Maddy, only that we want to find this man in case he knows something. Ah the power of 'suggestion'. It simply means that you can't blame us for anything, believe what you like, smoke and mirrors.

  72. If that guy, to investigate one time lost one tooth... imagine team David Edgar, they lost the all mouth.
    I can't stop laughing with all bunch of monkeys the Mccanns grab to their lifes.
    I'm going to send an e-mail to Clown Tiririca, the Brasilian new deputy. Since Madeleine is a global issue, Tiririca must have a go on that case, in the name of all children in the world.

  73. in the irish edition of the star spanish police know nothing of this.
    will try find online

  74. This article from the rubbish paper is the SUN and the Mccann's testing the public to see the acceptance of their leaflet.
    Will be a sell disaster. Dear SUN, this time you supported the wrong horse. You are going to serialise a lie which is also a crime. The public loves fiction stories and will not forgive the way you played with people sentiments and the way you insulted a little girl and the public in general. Trying to foolish with misinformation, the public who was aware about the truth and had access to accurate information in many blogs, was an error. You, dear Editor, stop on the time but the time never stops. The public is far away from the point you wanted it to be stuck-ed.
    200.000 to serialise a lie is immoral. No any coin from honest people will fall on your pockets.
    When was your last support of a cancer or diabetes campaign to help children? NO MEMORY....

  75. Here is a photo of the guy showing his documents regarding the declarations he is stating.


    Can someone identify the in the photo who those 2 children are ? Are they "missing children" ?

    Full article here :


    He insists that the group has high level contacts in Portugal’s judiciary and links to a legal practice in London.

    He told detectives that he got much of the information from the ex-wife of one of the businessmen and has photographs of the group.

    “I know these people were involved and I have been told that Madeleine may now be in America,” he said. “I can’t say how, but I have known these people and believe they can get away with anything.”

    He confirmed that a possible link to the high-level ‘Casa Pia’ paedophile ring was not being discounted.

    In September six men including a solicitor, a former ambassador and a TV presenter were jailed for sexually abusing 32 children living at Casa Pia homes across Portugal.

    According to the main witness Pedro Namora, who is now a lawyer, there were many wealthy members on the Algarve and they regularly used houses down there.

  76. I am of the opinion that Goncalo Amaral, Paulo Pereira Cristóvão and possibly other friends of Amaral might soon be subject of more obvious attacks. Most probably via the book, the spoilt brat which calls herself Kate the Infallible will pour her hate over the one man who found her out. She will put forward the ludicrous theory that Maddie was abducted by the mentioned paedo ring in which the named persona are involved. Equally furious Marcos Aragao Correia will have provided her with fake evidence and pictures of Amaral's birthday party and with the help of the british scum press will claim their theory has the same or more credibility as the facts collected by Amaral against her.

    Be warned, it will get really dirty. The only way to counter this would be a reopening of the case.

  77. To poster No. 4 - if the Portuguese are so perfect, whey did they botch the investigation in the first place? Maybe you have the correct answer for that.


    "Meanwhile the McCanns' team of investigators have interviewed hundreds of witnesses, received more than 1,000 phone calls and dealt with more than 15,000 emails from people from across the globe."

    I am not surprised. The sleuths probably charge per task/per hour. The more they "investigate" the more they earn. Obviously.

    My mid-scale solicitor used to charge me £180 per hour/ per task and in London that is cheap.

    He did win the case for me but I went into overdraft as a result.

    Six-months later I am still selling the "Big Issue" and rummaging through rubbish containers...

    :b Any donations?


    TROLL ALERT! TROLL ALERT at number 78!

  80. I mean y now you know when this type of spin turns up it IS because is cooking up and probably NOT in the mccs favour for sure.Strings are being pulled in the background.I bet soon the PJ will say something like: this is pure BS :c
    The attack on the PJ is just so sick it is not even worth commenting.(shame there is no puking emoticon!)

    I have ONE question tho": why has this guy who (apparently) works in Portugal gone to the SPANISH police to HUELVA?
    Nothing to do with Spanish cops is there?What IS pushing the Scums to take this course of action/spin? and the Pink Ponce saying: dont believe in it too much.....mmmm...spin and counter spin.

    @Anon 78
    YES! I have an asnwer for you: Get a pair of glasses or are you totally blind? if you only need a pair of glasses,well, we will set up a fund,no problem, but if your blindness is irrevesible then....there is not much we can do).

  81. 200+78

    "If the Portuguese are so perfect, whey did they botch the investigation in the first place? Maybe you have the correct answer for that."

    Wake up friend! That is a myth that has been spread by the McCann's PR machine and the racist gutter press in the UK.

    If you wish to delve into the details of this case and make up your own mind, use any of the links in the "Madeleine McCann Discussion" on this blog and stop relying on Rosiepops for bona fide information.

    Start with the PJ files, say. Gonçalo Amaral's version of events remains a good read but you might wish to wait for the expanded second edition that will follow the McCanns' "official version" of events.

    Union Jackall

  82. I read the article that #76 gave the links for and I loved the readers comments, this one in particular was very good:

    February 18th, 2011 12:16 pm

    Why shouldn’t we be expected to believe this ?
    We have been expected to believe that shutters had been forced, that Madeleine had been abducted, that Tanner had seen a faceless man going to the left, AND to the right, that Madeleine was taken to Barcelona on a hyper-fast yacht, and is at present in Australia, and simultaneously that she is in a hellish lair within 10 miles of PdL.
    And that although she was taken to order by a pae*** ring, she has come to no harm.
    All of this has been stated as incontrovertible fact by the McCanns themselves, or by their mouthpiece, or by their No 1 Private Detective.
    In short we have been asked to believe ludicrous nonsense, but most importantly we have been exhorted to give generously to a fund which is supporting the family, and funding very expensive libel lawyers in their attempt to keep people from asking the important questions about what actually happened.
    Strange that the list of ‘sightings’ and theories always coincides with another fund raising campaign. .
    And how odd that he wants to give the information to the Private detectives, rather than the proper authorities.
    I hope you got the opportunity to ask Mitche££ some penetrating questions when you spoke to him."

    I suppose this Olive Press is for british expats in Spain, well, they don't seem to be buying the McCann tales any longer!

  83. Ah well, if this is true, we can expect some arrests to be made soon and Maddie to be found within the next few days.


  84. Anon 78

    The only thing the Portuguese botched up was allowing the British government and media to manipulate the investigation. The Portuguese should have had the courage and determination to stand up to the British bullies. The damning evidence garnered by the Portuguese police(and British)would have been enough to convict. Scandalous.

  85. What has a birthday party got to do with anything? Has someone been supplied with dirt by the Mcs and trying to pass on a message?

  86. To poster 78
    If you believe all you read in the tabloids, you come up with stupid comments like the bigotted one you just posted.


  87. The Portuguese investigation wasn't 'bungled' it was brilliant, and the British developed evidence too, woof woof, but it was so good so spot-on that it had to be subverted by the interested parties. It just awaits reopening.

  88. 66=why did they not take the body out of Praia da Luz? Because the Ocean Club has many apartments there and they could have used one of them. Easy to hide in it because they are not permanent for every person that rents one.It does not attract the attention because every tourist stays two or three weeks and he leaves.The sorroundings are always changing.
    And who said there was no car at all? There could have been a car, near the church, waiting for the body to be brought by the "abductor".And Tapas 10 could have driven back to the resort, through another street.
    The easiest solution would have been getting rid of the body in the resort itself, if the "abductor" was supported by somebody of the OC.
    I notice that millions of people took place in this story, Brown, Blair, Gamble, Socrates, the priest, the Anglican minister,Mitchell, the nannies, Mrs. Healy, the McCann family, Amaral,the egg man, the Pope, etc etc.
    But the McCanns never attracted the attention to the board of directors of the OC.
    I never read an interview with any of them.
    This is my opinion. I'm just wondering.

  89. @78 they did not "botch" the investigation at all they got too near the truth and the people involved had to have the PJ stopped at any cost, hence the press, media(UK) and the Goverments intervention to protect this vile, cold, disgusting creepy couple who to this day have sponged off their poor dead daughter(my heart breaks for that child) why they are not up for fraud(yet)to name one thing they could be jailed for i will never know!!!

  90. Anonymous 78, 19/02/2011 19:01

    Anonymous 4 did not make any claims that the Portuguese are perfect. He simply pointed out the obvious, that this is another xenophobic piece of fiction coming out of Britain.

    With regards to the investigation the Portuguese police (PJ) did make mistakes but so do other forces around the world. In that part of the country procedures did not exist to handle a case of this nature because unlike the British media would have you believe, this is not a common occurrence in Portugal. However, I find it hard to criticize the PJ when I take into account the extreme measures that were taken by British politicians, authorities and the British media to discredit the investigation.

    Do you remember how concerned Gordon Brown was with the investigation? How many detectives and police came over to Portugal in the first couple of months, was it a couple of dozen? Then, surprisingly, they all left as soon as the McCann couple departed for England. Were they really concerned about what happened to Madeleine? The girl is a British citizen; she is still missing; were is the concern of the British authorities and politicians now?

    I wonder if that legal practice in London refers to a firm that has been contracted by Mr. Amaral.

  91. Anonymous #79 - Maybe the Portuguese didn't botch the investigation. Maybe, just maybe they were on the right track with the investigation because in the harsh and sometimes tragic cruelty of the "real world" what a difference a day can make in the Sun.

    How can a loving mum kill her little Princess?


    Sometimes, in our society, there are no choices but to ask ourselves the most difficult and painfullest of questions Anonymous #79 and those who truly do care about what really happened to missing Madeleine McCann, whether they are Portuguese or British, she never be made to feel guilty or ashamed of asking those difficult and painful questions if it is the the TRUTH they seek.

  92. MISLIDING INFO - Madeleine was abducted on 3rd May, but not pedophile ring, which is in the Portugal, but there is and was another reason of abduction if PJ will really start reopen investigation case I could be there. Miss Joana know.

  93. 78,

    -At the hands of the British, starting with Tapas 9 and the B. Ambassador.
    Where have you been during those 4 years?

    Have a look at a missing case which is going on now, in Switzerland, with 3 top polices from 3 European countries searching 2 twins with their mum helping and assisting the police in all steps of the investigation...
    Now imagine, if who spent the last hours with child, contaminate the crime scene, avoid to help the police, leave 48 vital questions without answers, refuse to do the reconstruction, set a Fund to Pay lawyers specialised in extradition cases, call the Media to deliver strategic fairy tales, discredit the police, pass the message to the world that they manage to get the help from people connected with UK power.
    They are innocents yah? And the police has a easy job to found and link evidences.

  94. "He insists that the group has high level contacts in Portugal’s judiciary and links to a legal practice in London." @ 76.

    Then the high level contacts in Portugal judiciary must be Mr. Pinto Monteiro and the legal practice in London, must be Carter-Ruck. OH MY GOSHHH... the guy is involving the Mccann's on the abduction of Madeleine. They travelled to USA trying to foolish Oprah. It was a travesty flight with Oprah being the mirror for them to hide Madeleine somewhere.
    Now, we can understand why Mitchell jumped on the Sky(news) trying to distance himself and his employers from that guy. SEE MITCHELL, THIS IS WHAT HAPPEN WHEN YOU CONTRACT CHEAP AMATORS TO DO SOME JOBS. Don't tell me that the guy came to you trough the hands of M3 or Marcos Aragao Correia. The story about a Birthday Party and some photos remind me another episode of that saga done by another amateur. BTW, IS the last amateur trying to fix the street holding is father name, in Madeira? He fade long ago. Poor father, even after dying could not rest with such son hanging around to shame his name.
    Marcelino keep an eye on your teeth... some more are at risk to fall off. The Vets. could provide you some good protection for that.

  95. #91 who wrote: "Anonymous #79 - Maybe the Portuguese didn't botch the investigation. Maybe, just maybe they were on the right track".

    I appreciated your educated and thoughtfull comment but were you referring to my comment at 79 or 78 above? Thanks.

    Did you consider leaving a donation for me? I was seriously joking...


    To Anon 94 "The Vets. could provide you some good protection for that."

    Dear Anon. May I suggest you mind your choice of nouns?

    Independently of whether Italiano (formerly known as Português) is after his 15 minutes of fame or not (remember Andy Warhol?) he is a human being. He may need a doctor but not a vet. - unless of course he is having problems with his sniffer dogs.

    Tenho Ditto

    Optional reading:


  97. A 4 year old girl in Greater Manchester UK was found dead at home with stab wounds, the mother is in hospital with cut wrists and police are not looking for anyone else. BBC News yesterday. This tragedy is not related to Madeleine McCann but parents can harm their children. The thing is that there is no independent or forensic evidence that Madeleine McCann was abducted or that an intruder entered the PdL apartment.

  98. The child in that photo appears to be this one



    Some analysts believe that the McCanns by allowing everyone to trample into apartment 5A before the GNR and PJ arrived and/or for that matter calling CNN TV before alerting the authorities themselves, seriously jeopardized the investigation.

    By doing so they contaminating the crime scene and unnecessarily exposed Madeleine to their abductors (if any).

    It is true to say that errors were made. The Chief Co-ordinator admits that much even if he does give details.

    He is probably referring to that CCTV footage outside that hotel were Gerry (apparently) was sighted by the Smiths'. It should have been retrieved before it was accidentally or strategically removed but it is important to remember that the Smiths' testimony was not made immediately after the event...

    I don't think anyone outside the McCanns circle, thought at first Madeleine could have had an accident inside the flat and her body disposed of which is of course bona fide speculation.

    Well wishers (including the PJ) probably thought she had wondered into the night through a door which was left accidentally opened - and remember, her room's window was perfectly accessible from the public road nearby - one only needed to climb those stairs...

    The investigation went as far as it could within the media, PR and diplomatic constraints placed upon it.

    It, nonetheless uncovered damning contradictions and very suggestive forensics. To my mind the British dogs findings - Eddie's in particular, are pretty suggestive.

    There is more than sufficient evidence that the McCanns' friends (think Jane Tanner for example) perverted the course of justice and that the MCs themselves are guilty of abandoning their children to their fate - quite aside from the strong possibility that they may have accidentally killed her and cover it up for the sake of their status, their future and their other children.

    The question is:

    Are you more inclined to believe what the data is telling you or to uncritically accept the one-sided version of events publicized by the McCanns?

    A. Commentator

  100. ERRATA

    Where it reads: "By doing so they contaminating", read: "By doing so they contaminated". The tense is past rather than progressive.

    Where it reads: "even if he does give details.", read: "even if he does NOT give details."

    Where it reads: "her room's window was perfectly accessible from the public road nearby", read: "the children's room was adjacent to the main door perfectly accessible from the public road nearby".

    That's about it, I think.

    :p A. Commentator

  101. Guerra at 90

    "Anonymous 4 did not make any claims that the Portuguese are perfect. He simply pointed out the obvious, that this is another xenophobic piece of fiction coming out of Britain."

    Very intelligent comment, yours.

    Juiz de Fora

  102. #84,

    You see, our judiciary had their hands tied from day one. The british had(have?) our government(one person in particular) by the bul...ks...
    It's bound to happen when ones house has skelletons in the closet and glass roofs!

  103. May be they have been warned not to spin the abduction story anymore OR they themselves dont believe in it anymore :c
    RIP Madeleine :t

  104. Very interesting analysis - I mean VERY interesting indeed: http://www.examiner.com/criminal-profiles-in-national/madeleine-mccann-u-s-a-profile-of-the-possibility

  105. ANON #87 - In essance you have captured all that needs to be said!!!

  106. The Mccanns and Mitchell are not looking for Maddie they only look for the money coming in from different stories that keep coming out.Mitchell keeps quiet for a long time while waiting for a new story to emerge, he is the biggest liar with new stories. What has happened to the woman who saw in the sea a man in a little yellow boat who she said dropped something in the sea,there was also a man who saw the same thing. Mccanns always used to say they will never find maddie,she knows where she is and that is in the sea. The whole world wants the case opened to find out what happened to that poor little girl.

  107. Julian Assange, Shrien Dewani and Kate & Gerry McCann should all return to the respective countries where the crimes were allegedly committed and answer the police questions that they have so far failed to answer.
    I’ve no idea if any of them are guilty, or not, but the way things are at the moment it would appear that if you are suspected of committing a crime abroad you can simply employ expensive lawyers to dodge the law regardless of whether it’s rape, murder or even the death of a child. And you can always count on the xenophobic UK media to fight your corner.

  108. Assange is a darling.
    And I don't believe he committed any crime

  109. Interesting.

    Ocean Club manager George Robin Crossland was inquired by the police twice.
    I had already noticed that he, on the first time, replied to the police(I guess it was a reply) that on May the 3rd he left the O.C.at 7pm and stayed the evening at home(Lagos), alone, till he got a call about the girl.
    This"stayed alone at home"could be odd.It calls my attention.It seems the police wanted to know what did he do, after leaving the O.C., and not only what did he do during the day when he was still working.
    Some later he was inquired again about the O.C. and the amount of apartments.
    I don't believe the police published all interviews all compleet.

  110. @Anon 108
    Julian Assange has committed NO CRIME
    THe ONLY ones who have committed a crime here are the mccanns:they left THREE babies ALONE and one DIED

  111. Anon 111
    Handling stolen goods ?

  112. Finally, a way to discuss the McCann case on US radio talk programs. I've got a contact and intend to set up a call in time. More later when this transpires. Needed the US link and finally have it.

    Don't worry, the Americans WILL hear about Eddie, Keela, the activities of the British officials, the Smith sighting, the inconsistencies in Tapas 9 statements etc. If the McCanns want to get back in the US media, we'll be happy to counter their lies with the facts.

  113. What kind of intelligent people would leave 3 infants under4 alone, in a dark unlocked apartment in a strange country. Those that feel their children are a burdon to their own enjoyment of like, so its holidays kids! in the crech alday like backhome, and pyjamas and bed really early, more so than back home. Some holiday, why couldn´t they do what most continentals do take them with them to eat in the restuarants, enjoy time on the beach with them, like normal people. And why not take your nanny on holiday with you, she could have cared for them. They do not sound such much wanted children. How was the nights at chaplains, someone did see them their I read a post on this site somewhere, someone who lives in Luz???
    No word from the PJ on this latest sighting, be just like the Dubai one all went quiet when they realised you iris recognition to enter the country and spot on security, the USA also has very strict controls, so with the good marketing ploy eyes Maddie could hardly enter. If anyone took that little girl they would have got rid of her immediately with such marketing skills by Gerry. So you could still be responsible in another form, ignoring police advice to protect your child, and blundering ahead to open a fund, with begging bowls in bars so soon after she went missing, you were pretty sure she would be gone a long time.
    Come on PJ ....new evidence...OPEN THE CASE NOW!

  114. Those looking after the McCanns are and have been for 3 years clearly trying hard to pin the blame on Portugal, LOL
    That is so obvious it's laughable.
    The truth will always be the truth and Portugal will continue to have their heads high.
    Are we to believe that this 'angolan' has been gathering information about Madeleine but ONLY NOW decides to move to Spain and pay a visit to the Huelva police ?! If he is angolan he must speak 'pretogues' which the spanish wouldn't understand, LOL so why not go to the PJ instead who would have a better chance of understanding ?
    I think that the McCanns's book coming up in April or May has nothing to do with the new revelation, of course :)

    Abracos de Londres, Joana

  115. The only people that would be interested on helping the McCanns would probably be people of the O.C.
    Tapas 9 plus 8 children were very good clients of that concern.Very important to keep them as clients, in the future.And no death, please!Abduction because the parents were neglect, and still the hope Madeleine would be found back, alive and well.I'm convinced the McCanns manipulated high placed people of the O.C., telling them it was an accident.I observed also that a cleaning lady who cleaned the apartment on Wednesday, did not have enough time to pick up the garbage on Thursday, at 5a, and they are used to pick it up on Thursdays.On her statement, she told the police she starts working always at 10 am.There was time enough to block her, giving her extra work.Such an expensive apartment and no time to clean it propely, and according to the rules!The O.C. could have sent another cleaner instead.Not too much work. One or two little containers with dirt.Maddie was alredy dead and the McCanns were nervous. The cleaning lady would have noticed it.Speaking about the document signed by Kate at 5.30pm on the 3rd, somebody of the OC could have brought it to her, very fast, or could have helped her to cheat the nannies, at some moment.I believe more and more that bthe OC is involved in the disappearence.
    It is true that it looks like the police asked that manager where he spent the evening after he went home, in Lagos, and even if he had an alibi, I suspect, because he explained he was alone.
    None of other employes explained what they did, after they went home.

  116. I think the portuguese judiciary in the latest tale is meant to infer those unhelpful appeal court judges who overturned the banning of Snr Amarals book are involved in a paedophile ring-desperate desperate measures IMO

  117. I have been following this case from the beginning. On all the forums etc. Reading everything I could lay my hands on.
    Disgusting couple, starving for attention etc.
    But one thing makes me sit up and question did the McCarty have anything to do with the release of this information.
    Because as with that Australian yacht woman, it backfired so badly on team McCann.
    As with the Raymond Hewitt saga.
    What I am essentially questioning is who is making them look worse than they already look.
    Who is ensuring that they will lose the support they already hold on to tenaciously.
    Each piece of bullshit such as this published makes even the most stupid person question them.
    Why would they continually create questioners when they could just retreat.
    It is not about the fund anymore, it really isn't.
    People clever enough to dispose of a child under such a strong light would be clever enough to withdraw into the background.

    I am beginning to suspect there are different levels of involvement here and Kate and Gerry are at the bottom and will be the first on the food chain.

  118. I would not take what 'The Sun' says seriously.
    'The Sun' is the less serious and the most tabloid of tabloids in England.

  119. hail for the truth tellers ..Julian Assagne.

    down with bare faced liars....Mccanns and co.


  120. Anon 78

    McC TOSSA!!

    Woof! Woof!

  121. Su (118)
    Interesting post, thank you.

  122. If Kate Mccanns book contains rash allegations or even veiled insinuations that either the PJ or members of the Portuguese judiciary were in any way corrupt, I have little doubt that the Mccanns would be called upon to prove these allegations by providing the evidence that they have to make such allegations, in court if necessary. I think the expression is "bring it on" PLEASE.

    I expect that any allegations of incompetence will also rebound upon them very publicly.

  123. You know what it could be right.
    You know how everytime they bust these huge rings they are cops,lawyers etc so how are we to know the police werent involved too.
    I dont really care what happened i just want this poor little girl found to give her family some peace.
    I never once thought the parents killed her and still dont.

  124. Su - 118.
    I tend to agree with you and think there is far more to this and think they`re between a rock and a hard place. Something dodgy was obviously planned to happen during this holiday, but it didn`t turn out as planned. I sometimes even think they sound so desperate and keep on and on and on `looking` for her that there is something in that. Yes, you`d think they would have cowered away by now - even they must know the majority of people have sussed that they aren`t telling the truth and funds won`t be available from a gullible public. I`ve often wondered if the young kids were part of a plan (devised by CEOP) to lure and catch paedos but it all went wrong - the paedo organisation got the better of them. And because the McCanns and their friends know full well who is involved in the paedo organisation, their daughter has been taken as security against them spilling the beans. In this case, she could actually still be alive. It would explain the `they`ve taken her statement` and David Payne expecting something to happen `but not this`. But it doesn`t explain the cadaver odour.

  125. Over the time is becoming clear the involvement of the OC in the cover-up of something that could not be just an accident or if so, there was another issue behind the accident, which need to be concealed from the public eyes and the police. I still believing that the truth falls somewhere in the "Swing world" with the Resort trying everything to avoid being investigated for 'WHAT WAS GOING ON INSIDE THE RESORT', 'WHICH KIND OF ACTIVITTIES THEY PROMOTE'. I really don't believe the Swing is legal in Portugal. One thing is you practicing it inside your house or inside your private friends comunnity. Other thing is having a Resort open to the Public with permission to do one type of business and at the end, promoting another one which borders could be quickly mixed with prostitution. And on top, promoting such adult activities in a place where childs are accepted.
    I believe what happened inside the OC was a big trouble for the Tapas 9, but was also a big trouble for the owner of the OC. Everything had to be cleanned in a rush, this is why the Mccann's were lucky and got the help of some important persons, even in PDL. The cover-up and the pact of silence is well explained under the swing activities.

  126. 124: "I dont really care what happened i just want this poor little girl found to give her family some peace."

    Her parents do know what happened to her. Perheps they are OK with everything as long as they can go free. I think McCanns should leave other people in peace and stop lying.

  127. The OC are covering up the fact of who was paying all of the bills of the Doctors group there that week. More than 30 Doctors on a relationship building week not a team building week running around playing paint ball etc.

    The host paying all the bills is a major pharmaceutical company who encourage Doctors through freebies and other enducements to prescribe the most expensive treatments.

    This is still continuing and they control what they wish the government to do.

    Would you really pay £4,500 for a swinging week and take your mother and kids with you or is it more likely you would go on a holiday entirely paid for by a major drugs company even though its illegal and against NHS and GMC rules. All the Doctors need to lie to preserve their right to practice

  128. It is now 4 days since the publication of the story in the national press, and probably more from the date of the report to the Spanish police.
    How long does it take to phone the FBI, and for them to raid the address where Madeleine is being held, and to recover her, unharmed ?

  129. I can remember reading about a dog that led the investigators to an empty apartment close to the one the McCanns had, and there was a fridge there. This was at the beginning of the search when they were still looking for Madeleine and the abductor.

    Remember Payne and his saying the McCanns had a fridge in their holiday apartment that broke down some time before Madeleine disappeared. He mentions it in his statement, yet no mention of it from the McCanns or the staff at Warners, although they mention the shutters.

    So what happened to that fridge? Payne was never asked to tell more of this incident.

    Could it be that Madeleine did die on a day previous to the one she was said to have vanished, and that fridge in the McCanns apartment was merely switched over to another in an empty apartment close by.

    Might it still even be there?

    Dr Amaral did say they believed a fridge was used at some time because of the forensic evidence they had found in the car.


    #115 "If he is Angolan he must speak 'pretogues' which the spanish wouldn't understand, LOL so why not go to the PJ instead who would have a better chance of understanding ?"

    Although I understand and sympathize with the points you made the one above is inexcusable.

    What has Italiano ethnical origin to do with it? Why do you use the term "pretogues" - which is clearly racist? Just because the McCanns (and the Brit pack press) are racists we don't have to follow their example, do we?

    Italiano as a person, may or may not have been after a purse and his "15 minutes of fame" but... it could have been anyone. He needed have not been "pretogues" (as you put it). He could have been a Scot with a melanin deficiency...

  131. 125-I can't imagine Gerry or Payne swinging with Mrs. Fenn.Besides Mrs. Fenn lives all by herself, no male partner to offer to Kate or Jane. I don't think the Ocean Club is a place specially for swingers and where would Payne get this information from? Not from internet.I think it is a regular holidays concern, very well organised, etc, and they were unlucky because a girl died in one of their apartments, probably victim of violence.They were told it was an accident but they are British people, believing in ghosts, it was better to help concealing the body, giving the impression the girl was abducted.I don't see any other explanation for the efficient disappearence of the body but by somebody of the Ocean Club.There must be rumors inside that concern. How could they allow Murat being crucified, if they know the truth?

  132. Anonymous #124 - Sometimes they catch some very sick parents involved in these sickening paedophile rings too :l

    Crime & Punishment

    Hollie Beston, God-Awful Human, Sentenced to 29 Years in Prison for Videotaping Obese Husband Raping 4-Year-Old Daughter


  133. This article is part of the McCann team's strategy to promote their book. It's marketing that's all it is. It targets the largest English speaking market in the world, the United States. Most likely they have been told that the demand for their book is far from what they expected, therefore they have resorted to this kind of sensationalism to arouse public interest. Don't kid yourselves, this is their doing. The Sun would never have published this nonsense without their approval.

    A McCann family member told us that the book would deal primarily with the incompetence of the Portuguese police. The WikiLeaks tidbit about the English ambassador who had revealed to his American counterpart that it was the English that developed the case against the McCann couple was obviously very bad news since they were writing a book that denigrates the Portuguese police. This article is an attempt to once again plant in the mind of the public the notions of the bungling, corrupt Portuguese police and a nation with rampant paedophile rings. The article also implies that their private detectives have accomplished more than the Police.

    A trip to the States could soon follow.

  134. Anything to do with paedophilia is a red herring. The child was loved, neglected, died and a cover-up to her death ensued.

    The crime committed was not murder - the Portuguese police have never indicated they believe Madeleine's death was anything other than accidental.

    There was no abductor, and every story involving a lone paedophile or a ring of paedophiles is playing into the McCann's hand.

  135. Anon @124 is that you Lurraaine Kell -eh??

    Anon@ 125 Yeah Right, as if anyone would sacrifice their children to Paedos because the "CEOP wanted to Lure/catch paedos"and leave their children alone in an unsupervised apartment for at least 75 minutes??

    Yours has to be the DUMBEST theory yet!


  136. Anon @130 There was indeed a news item about a fridge that had broken down and which Gerry took to the local tip,he allegedly also wrote about it on his blog but has since deleted it,the thing is if you're on holiday and one of the appliances breaksdown wouldn't it be usual to contact the owner of the dwelling you're renting from.

  137. Its quite the norm for drug companies to pay doctors conferenec fees, but any other members of the family here in spain its illegal, not freebie worth more than 20e, this law was made because some abused it such a lady doc in the north of Spain who was getting all her luxury cruises paid!! Sounds like a docs male bonding week and for sure all expenses paid. I am not sure that this is allowed either in the UK. as if leaves doctors open to corruption. A Relationship building week, well I suppose if they all learnt to get on so be it. But in general things have dinners arranged etc. I know this because my husband is a doctor, and here the pharm companies are open to huge fines if found out. Ca´t imagine what doctors could learn from paintballing each other, but then if you look at the likes of McCann...no more to be said.
    I think with the latest information and the PJ not making any statement about what could be an important lead, It was all whitewash, organised probably by the private detectives hidden in Portugal on gerry´s instruction...got to stay in the limelight that Maddie has been seen, because for sure the Amaral trial is about to come up.

  138. Swingers and pharmaceutical companies are just Red Herrings IMO, just like Gerry's Sea Bass. Stick to the evidential facts.

  139. Poster 136 how can you use the word "loved" and "neglected", in the same sentence, a neglected child is not a loved child .

    You also said "the Portuguese police have never indicated they believe Madeleine's death was anything other than accidental "

    Well if the Portuguese police believed it was murder, well they certainly are not going to tell us that , well not at the moment, maybe in the future they will.

    Also dont right off the child abuse senario either, the beautiful wife of Goncalo Amaral ,Sofia Leal directed a quote at the MaCanns it went like this" we would not invite paedophile(S)into our circle of friends ".

    Hi A Dubliner poster 124 does seem to sound like LK.

  140. On the fridge subject:


    "On Thursday an unnamed police source said detectives believed Kate McCann accidentally killed Madeleine in the couple’s holiday apartment while her husband played tennis. The child’s body was then stored in a fridge before being transported and disposed of in the hire car."

    (Could the forensics on the fluids found in the car have shown that those fluids came from a body that had started to defrost...?)

    On some sites (3Arguidos, for one) the subject was discussed at lenght. Some swore they had read about in Gerry McCann's own blog(now extinct). It seems that Gerry blogged about how the fridge in the accomodations they rented in Luz (was this the villa?), after they left the Ocean Club, was faulty and he had took it to the dump ang bought a new one. The said entry on the blog soon vanished, as soon as they were made "arguidos", it was "wooshed-clunked", so to say...and it was said that the owner of the place told a newspaper that he was very surprised to hear about the whole thing, that he would have replaced or repaired the fridge at his own expense, if he had been asked to.
    I have no idea if this is true or just another forum myth, I never read it on the blog myself, as I never read any newspaper article about it. But...an old portuguese saying pops into my mind:
    "onde há fumo, há fogo"( were there is smoke there's bound to be a fire")...

  141. definately all a BIG cover up, everything all red herrings,, including the nights out and checking, all to COVER-UP the bigger picture the Mccanns totally up to their necks to save their own sorry arses, that child died long before this was all given to the public arena, BUT WHY???????????????????????

  142. 13 ...... ''There was no abductor, and every story involving a lone paedophile or a ring of paedophiles is playing into the McCann's hand.''

    Sofia Leal would disagree with you here. She is married to the man who was in charge of the investigator. I would rather believe her.

  143. PeterMac 129
    How long will it take to call the FBI?
    Well at that rate another 4 years surely!
    In any case Madeleine is kind of safer in the US than in Libya or Cairo so far...
    Poor poor little child :t

  144. Interesting that a guy who according to Mitchell, went to the Spanish police to provide his statements about Madeleine in USA, deserves not a single word from any Spanish newspaper.

    Are the Spanish papers big losers? They decide to stay aside from one of the stories that sold more papers in Spain?

    Mitchell, you lost the plot. How much money from the Fund went to the hands of that guy? I believe he is a cheap monkey ( my observation has nothing to do with skin colour). Monkeys and clowns, all cheap with all colours, have been very reproductive on mccann's circus.

  145. Newsweek by Janeen Interlandi
    January 10, 2009:
    "Not Just Urban Legend
    Organ trafficking was long considered a myth. But now mounting evidence suggests it is a real and growing problem, even in America.
    (Page 1 of 4)

    By the time her work brought her back to the United States, Nancy Scheper-Hughes had spent more than a decade tracking the illegal sale of human organs across the globe. Posing as a medical doctor in some places and a would-be kidney buyer in others, she had linked gangsters, clergymen and surgeons in a trail that led from South Africa, Brazil and other developing nations all the way back to some of her own country's best medical facilities. So it was that on an icy February afternoon in 2003, the anthropologist from the University of California, Berkeley, found herself sitting across from a group of transplant surgeons in a small conference room at a big Philadelphia hospital.

    By accident or by design, she believed, surgeons in their unit had been transplanting black-market kidneys from residents of the world's most impoverished slums into the failing bodies of wealthy dialysis patients from Israel, Europe and the United States. According to Scheper-Hughes, the arrangements were being negotiated by an elaborate network of criminals who kept most of the money themselves. For about $150,000 per transplant, these organ brokers would reach across continents to connect buyers and sellers, whom they then guided to "broker-friendly" hospitals here in the United States (places where Scheper-Hughes says surgeons were either complicit in the scheme or willing to turn a blind eye). The brokers themselves often posed as or hired clergy to accompany their clients into the hospital and ensure that the process went smoothly. The organ sellers typically got a few thousand dollars for their troubles, plus the chance to see an American city."

    In the USA or in Europe?

  146. Bored last night, I decided to read the "quick" version of Goncalo Amarals Book, very interesting.....


    For anyone who wants to refresh, it does reads better the second time round

    George UK

  147. Another faked abduction. The Cape Town mother who claimed her child was abducted from his bed when she left the house for 15 minutes to go shopping has been arrested in connection with his disappearance.

    Cape Argus
    23 February 2011

    HIS MOTHER has been arrested and is set to be charged in connection with her baby son’s disappearance – but there is still no sign of seven-month-old Dewandry Stanley.
    The baby went missing from his Macassar home a week ago, and yesterday police said his mother, Shamiela Stanley, had been arrested.
    Stanley spent about half an hour yesterday with police officers in a stand of bushes near her Macassar home, pointing at different spots. She was followed by police photographers, and police tape crisscrossed the area, keeping curious reporters and neighbours at bay.
    Police spokeswoman Captain Anneke van der Vyver said Stanley had been arrested, but had not yet been formally charged with any crime.
    Little Dewandry went missing from his Ring Avenue home last Tuesday night.
    Stanley told police she had left her son asleep in the room with his cousin while she went to a shop. When she returned about 15 minutes later, Stanley said, Dewandry was gone.

  148. 128 Justcourious - Quite agree - It is quite possible this holiday was paid for by a Pharmaceutical Company because I once worked for a company that stocked the 'freebees' given to the pharmaceutical reps, who in turn gave them to doctors and pharmacies in order to promote their drugs.
    These drugs had a 20 year patent so it was important to get doctors prescribing them ASAP, some GP's refused to see the reps, but most gladly took the free gifts and these ranged from small items for use in the surgery to golfing holidays and the like.
    As there were so many doctors in PDL and considering they did not all live within close proximity to each other, it would be quite plausible to assume this was indeed a 'free' holiday given as an incentive but for what!!

  149. Some food for thought:

    The Tanner/O'Brien/Oldfield group could have been threatened to cooperate with neglect charges in relation to a dead child. They were all tied to the "pact" from the beginning with false incriminating statements that did not allow them to retreat. Jane with the abductor's sighting. Matt with the non-existent check. Russell with the check on Sunday that did not happen. They were also given two days per couple at the apartment during dinner due to the fake tummy-bug to reduce neglect.

    But the Paynes did not have reason to partake in any pact since they had brought their baby monitor. They were not involved in any false statements at the beginning. The only false statement was in David's second interview that conveniently disappeared from the files. He came out of it smelling of roses. So why did HE agree on the cover-up. He must have had a different reason than the other group and one that none of the others suspected. And what threads did he have to pull to get his statement deleted from the published files?

    There might have been more than one reason to different parties for a cover-up.

  150. Cross reference the OC guest lists, flight records, electoral roll and the GMC medical register and you have an evidential fact of a large group of people, all Doctors gathered in one place.

  151. I know the Tapas and Mccanns say they have all known each other for years, but if a pharmaceutical company paid for this holiday it is possible they could all be strangers, as Gerry said I’m not here to enjoy myself. Another said ‘we knew something was going to happen etc’ The one undisputed thing they all have in common is that they are all doctors (so many of them in one party of friends!!!)
    Strangers would only holiday together if somebody else was paying, especially out of season.
    The Paynes could have taken the mother-in-law so she could babysit in case they didn’t get on with the rest of the group.
    I do not believe swinging took place, considering the children and mother-in-law were present.
    I also do not believe they left their children alone every night; they used the ‘negligence’ to back up the abduction theory.
    The Gaspars statement re-enforces the ideas that they were all friends mentioning previous holidays together, and also puts the finger of suspicion over Payne as does Yvonne Martins statement (another oddity).
    Outside the court Jane Tanner appeared at Kate’s side to show unity (to the rest of the Tapas!!) also Clarence carelessly admitted ‘some of the Tapas had had a meeting in a Hotel’ again another warning to ALL the Tapas.
    Payne has been left with the finger of suspicion and Paedophilia over his head; he was the one that wanted to add something to his original statement. Did he ever really go to Kate’s apartment after Tennis or just provide her with an alibi and compromise himself saying he saw Madeleine alive!!
    I do not believe Leicester Police are as incompetent as to withhold the gaspers statements for so many months, these were brought in at a time of ‘unrest’ amongst this group and they put the frighteners on ALL of them. They were told to remain silent, no TV interviews nothing.
    The hapless Kate and Gerry why do they still bother, it’s not about the fund, or the book it’s about a huge cover up and they are a small (very small) part of it.

  152. Still no omment from PJ, can the Ms allow their private investigators to interview this man if its being looked at by the PJ. could be classed as further interference of witnesses until proved otherwise. I really thought the PJ would use this story toreopen the case....why aren´t they?

  153. Anon 141

    It sounds like there was/is a fridge somewhere amongst it all, and Payne making mention of a broken fridge is something that should be looked at again.

    The McCanns account of which apartment the fridge was in and what happened to it should be taken with a pinch of salt. Like so many other things they have said, the name of the game being spin should not be discounted, with a heap of distraction thrown in. Payne said the fridge was in their holiday apartment. The one Madeleine disappeared from, not any other. Why some people hang on every word the McCanns speak as Gospel is the mystery.

    What is the real story of the fridge? What's betting it wont be told by the McCanns, if they have something to hide that is the last thing they would do, but no doubt there was such a fridge. What really happened to it, and is it still around somewhere four years later, that is the question.

    The investigators at one time were searching for a fridge/freezer. Did they ever find it?

  154. #143

    You are right, of course. There is good reason to consider the Gaspar statements. It should be pointed out, though, that Sofia is not referring to a paedophile ABDUCTOR and all stories or speculation regarding paedophiles outside the group on holiday, paedophile "rings" etc. are red herrings.

  155. Anon 136 - dear deary me - whoops. Has poster 125 touched a nerve? What else could cause such an over reaction and rudeness eh? Just makes me think that poster 125`s wonderings have an element of truth to them - even though they are just that .... wonderings... not theory.

  156. Well done Astro on your brilliant article. Thanks

  157. In time criminologists will use the Mccanns as examples of how people attempt to 'cover up' their crimes but their body language always gives them away.
    Peeling back the layers it is apparent that a much wider circle of people are involved but the question we should be addressing is 'how did Kate and Gerry Mccann ever become involved in the first instance with such people'.
    I firmly believe a Pharmaceutical Company are heavily involved. Pharmaceuticals are a lucrative business.
    So much is suppressed we read what we are meant to read, I believe Madeleine died before the 3rd - they waited until 10pm before raising the alarm, but they did not contact the police until 10.40 first they contacted SKY and the news channels - this was premeditated and has been well organised since 3rd, and the 'fund' who's idea was that exactly?

  158. #125,136,156,


    Confidential CEOP manuals in possession of Gerry McCann!
    Did Gerry "work" for CEOP and Gamble...?

  159. At times parts of this discussion becomes silly, do we not all want justice for Madeleine then we must try to stay together. Ceop for sure would not use children in this way, I believe gerry only got friendly with Ceop after the so called disappearance, however ground work may have been done before. These doctors could call themselves friends but only meet up on any freebie provided, hence aquaintences more than friends. I believe Maddie was fractious one night and the mother just lost it, not intentionaly, but creating many problems..the beginning of the end. Medication was administered, but because she may have been injuredthe medication was excessive, and she stopped breathing. Panic causing many attempts at revival, to no avail. No paedo rings, no abduction,no abuse, just a case of a possible difficult child, an unable to cope, or jealous of her husbands attention to the childs mother, and an attempt to calm the situation that went wrong. So all made a pact to assist the mccanns. Checking and all these other things did not exist either for the child had died earlier than is told.This would however not excuse the fund and all the fantasy afterwards, better that the truth was known from the beginning.The hiring of such high profile lawyers from the beginning, and the quick installation of the fund and collection boxes, show the parents were scared, and if they were scared then why???The body was moved on the night of the 3rd from the church but she died earlier than was reported. A pact because all are afraid.

  160. Well written poster 160.

  161. Johanna 150

    Payne's first statement is a pack of lies from the start when he said he organised and paid for the holiday.

    They were implicated before even arriving in Portugal, hence the pact.

    His wife said Robert Murat came up to me and said "Hello I'm Robert Murat" and shook me by the hand.(see police files) No doubt no mistake but if she was proved wrong the Payne's careers would be down the toilet, so the pact of silence and lies must continue.

    Neither he or his wife smell of roses, both have lied from the very start and unlike most jobs, both need a licence to practice so are easy to control.

  162. Poster 160 My thoughts exactly.

  163. There's no reason for wild speculation here. No drug company would approach a medical practicioner and offer illegal unlicensed medication. No medical practitioner would condone that and would report them immediately. None of the parties would have anything to gain by doing so. Now if an overdose of a licensed medication was applied, then that's the fault of the parents not the drug company. What happened here was IMO unexpected loss of control that they couldn't admit to.

  164. #159

    "Confidential CEOP manuals in possession of Gerry McCann!
    Did Gerry "work" for CEOP and Gamble...?"

    It is more likely that Gerry (or someone from the McCann family) was known to Gamble - not due to Gamble's work for the CEOP but in his previous position as head of the Northern Ireland anti-terrorist intelligence unit in Belfast.

  165. Even for my best friend I would not cover up the death of a child. The Tapas friends all jumped on board to lie for the McCanns, even making up elaborate stories about abductors and how many times they checked on the children in order to establish a timeline.

    This is more than just friends helping each other out. I tend to think the story is simpler than CEOP pedo operations. But there is something deeper than just friends protecting each other going on here. Something serious is binding these people together. There is a secret they all share and exposure will put all their careers and freedom in jeopardy. The answer is hidden among them.

  166. 160, you have it in a nutshell, people are all getting carried away because of the time, and the slow Portugese justice system. I believe Mr Amaral and his version of events.He is the one who will crack this case. The Maccann pair are not fit to tie his shoes.

    Our Beloved devout Kate no longer attends Mass, no surprises there then, that also was a farce, no devout Catholic has IVF. I believe while Mr Amaral is still around the Maccann, pair will always have to look over their, shoulders.

    Liverpool Lou

  167. Anon @160
    Yes I could go along with you on most of your theory and from day one I thought that perhaps Madeleine was given an accidental over dosage of sedatives and the consequences for the accident were too devastating for the Doctors/parents to tell the truth so the abduction creation was by far the better of the two evils.

    But having read and heard more and more about the case an accidental death does'nt tally with Kate and Gerry MCCanns behaviour or demeanour, for example gerrys "f**k off im not here to enjoy myself" comment to David Payne at the begining of the holiday and the mccanns joyous and happy facial expressions on the way out of church 9 days after Madeleine disappeared and many more examples over the past 44 months. I have never got the impression the mc canns were grieving the LOSS of Madeleine and thats why accident doesnt ring through with me.


  168. No. 160 I doubt very much that the situation is as straightforward as you describe. If the violent incident was purely domestic, no other doctor had any reason to be scared whatsoever. I believe that most doctor friends finding themselves in that awful situation you describe would have urged their friends to tell the truth. In the case of the McCanns refusing to tell the truth, a doctor friend of theirs with a conscience would have told the truth. I don't believe that people behave like this in the name of loyalty to friends.

  169. "Ceop for sure would not use children in this way"

    "For sure" ? You say this with some authority so will not question how you know for sure, but JGs history is somewhat suspect to say the least.

  170. Poster 160 you maybe correct in your theory that Kate MaCann ended Madeleines life in a vicious assault, its not my theory though , but the medication senario is "silly".

    IMO ,this assault is not the reason the childs body was disposed off, or the reason for the PACT.

    IMO ,the reason for the disposal & PACT, enter Yvonne Warren Martin, Arul & Katerina Gaspar.

    Go and take a serious look at the precious family photo of Madeleine with the make-up on , tell me what you see , a happy/smiling child, i dont think so .

  171. Found this and its quite good.


  172. I do not believe Madeleine was ever placed in the church, the church was used as an 'office' away from prying eyes to get the fund up and running, contacting the media etc - all done from the church.
    They knew no microphones were inside and once the locked the doors - that was it they were free to do as they pleased, and they did !!

  173. When Kate said she said to Madeleine were you upset you did not go to the beach today.. and also when she said Madeleine asked 'why did you not come last night when we were crying'...Madeleine IMO was already dead.

    Kate introduced these passages to place Madeleine as still alive, that is the only purpose they serve.

    Madeleine died before 3rd - there has been a huge cover up by quite a few people officials as well as Tapas - but why do the Mccanns continue with this farce they know, that we know its rubbish. Clarence even admitted on radio the 'abduction ' was a theory that they were following, there is no evidence in fact nothing to support the abduction.

    Funds must have dried up, nobody is interesting donating anymore, Kate and Gerry are reduced to a laughing stock, even on the most basic of forums the public accuse them of neglect stating it is all their own fault, so why do they carry on with it. Even their body language is uncomfortable almost as if they are doing something they are told to do.

  174. I don't understand why the Tapas decided to 'help' Kate and Gerry if they were aware that Madeleine was dead even if it was accidental why compromise themselves, their careers and families for a couple that they only met every now and again - unless they were forced to support the mccanns. It is so easy to go into the realms of fantasy with this case, most homicides are straightforward cases involving jealousy, sex or money so which catagory does this one fall into ?

    Remember they returned the money from Express Newspapers..

  175. Smiling family in photographs, tales about nice holidays abroad. Our McCanns, successful doctors who took us to creepy world of theirs.

  176. @174,they carry on because they have to since they told the first lie(jemmied shutters)there was no going back,then the ££££££ started rolling in and they were hooked,the mccanns and tapas friends are all pure evil to let this go on for long as it has.
    i would say Madeleine is in a better place where ever she is away from these parents.


    "We are asked to mistake the structure of somebody's else mind for our own".

    Louis Althusser on "interpellation".

  178. Annon 159 said
    "Did Gerry work for Ceop?

    Very good question, did he I wonder????, it certainly would make sense why Gamble was so involved with helping Gerry and Kate.

  179. I agree that the mCcanns never looked as though they are grieving a child, thats probably because she was difficult maybe and the parents had had enough, certainly the twns seem more loved in my eyes.The night Madeleine supposedly went missing, Kate already had a photo frame draped with a black ribbon, postcard sized photos were ready to go, probably bought with them. The EOP manuals by the bed I am sure was a red herring, Gambles relationship with Gerry was probably an aquaintence base (Masons maybe) The fathers magic moment of seeing madeliene lying in the recovery position, says a lot. It a strange thing to compare your daughter with unless they had to an emergency trachiometry on her. But she was dead before this day. I believe others may have been involved in a revival and it all went wrong. The others too possibly administering a sleeping drug. Remember gerry normally has no orlittle patient contact, he reads scans, which is why his remark is more perverse.Gerry was obsessed with Kate following her to New Zealand. I think Maddie demanded much attention and gerry didnt like it.

  180. Anon 160

    Great post!!

    Anon 167

    Good post, yes I bet there is no more mass, just like pre May 3rd 07 normal service resumed....for now, until the PJ re-open the case, then it will be back mass again for them .

  181. A Dubliner 168
    If Kate lost it and went into a rage, she could have killed M,remember bruises on her arms, or intentionally done so because she was a drain on her and gerrys private time, hence nurseries and nannies. The exit from the church 9 days after was exactly what they felt relief. It mayhave been thought of before the holiday.

    Liverpool Lou 167, kates mother has said that kate was not a devout catholic and was surprised when she was calling for a priest, we know why, hence the photo with the black ribbon.

    Anon 169 There may have been a distant connect between GM and JG(Masons) not through CEOP, but after the event they became friends. I think the government pulled CEOP in under another wing to keep more of an eye on it.As for the rest there is involvement somewhere, resusitation, hiding the body helping the storyetc, doctors tend to think of themselves as a family, they would have be done for covering up evience.
    Anon 170
    Definately no involvement from CEOP itself, I have heard rumours of JG, but never read anything. It was a strange career move for him.
    JMUCK 171 Yes I have seen the photo, and it was a sad photo too, look into the eyes of the others,Maddie I believe had problems, and that did not suit anyone.

  182. Its a charity sale of designer bags now on the McCanns list,obviously kate needs some new ones. But these are not kates signed old bags these are scrounged from the likes of gucci or what to pay legal fees. POOR MADDIE Will this charade never stop, the bag sale for them is preferential to getting out there and searching around PDL. What a low down disgusting pair.

  183. off topic.

    Are there any legal eagles among us here who can enlighten us as to how Julian Assainges extradition to Sweden has been ordered so promptly, only taking a couple of months and Halligans extradition sought by U.S.A still dragging on over a year now??


    Check this out and tell me what you think:


    If all these facts are accurate the couple have a lot of explaining to do in their much awaited (publicized) book.

    Good night and good luck!


  185. The only people of Taps 7 who did not point to Murat were Oldfield and Mrs. Webster.
    The other 5 were prepared to lie and now they can not tell the truth because they took part in a false accusation and that is a serious crime.
    I have the impression that Mrs. Webster was not informed about the death of Maddie because she told the police that she had tried the shutters from the outside of the apartment and she did not manage to open them.
    If she was told about the abduction before she went to the Tapas that night, she would not have been honest to the police.
    I wonder why the mother-in-law of Payne's has not been told the truth.What could have been the reason?
    It looks like they kept her out of the story, at least for some time.If my intuition is correct,why hide the truth from her?

  186. The clock is seriously ticking away for the Mcs now,every thing they do now come across as desperate, yes they do look and sound very uncomfortable,WHY?
    Imo the PJ have left this case, knowing that one day ALL the support/finance for the McCanns will END.
    This day will come and this is when the PJ will take control.

    slowly slowly catch child neglectors


  187. Anon 174

    Great post, my thoughts entirely.
    Once the funds dry up they are screwed, nobody wants to know about this case anymore, their supporters must feel very uncomfortable when watching and listening to these two, their body language is very bad. The public must feel the same because they are not donating money anylonger.
    I'm sure they dont have the Government/celebrity supportn now.

    The future is looking very gloomy for Team McCann, and I for one do NOT feel sorry for them, I hate them for what they didnt do for Maddy.....

  188. Anon 179 - I do wonder if the connection between GM and JG stems from Operation Ore. Were GM and his maties, DP in particular, on the Landslide list? Had they been downloading child porn? And were they willing to do anything not to be prosecuted by JG? Did this put them all in debt to JG?

    Something was supposed to happen on that holiday. Kate didn`t really want to go and it seems Gerry didn`t either. They took postcard sized photos of Maddie with them. DP said in his statement that they were expecting something to happen but not this. Is this the connection with RM?

  189. Anon 172 - thanks for the link. Yes, this is an excellent piece of work which highlights everything which does not make sense in this case. Every item listed is what a thorough police investigation should include. It sets down all the hundreds of confusing issues in this case and what needs to be followed up.


    Thanks to Anon 172 for a thought-provoking link!


  191. I see the sunday star are running another headline tomorrow about some "child smugglers" with MADDIE headline, proberly has f**k all to do with the Mcanns but they are making sure the poor little girls name is dragged up to keep more funds coming in from the simpletons who still believe there was an "abduction" when will this vile, cold creepy couple, be arrested?or at least the case reopened? come on PJ pull the rug from under their feet along with our goverments press and media the whole stinking lot who are protecting them!!!!

  192. Very important development on the case of missing Rui Pedro Teixeira!
    The main suspect(and who has been "arguido" on and off) is being charged with kidnapping 13 years later!


    Sorry, article in portuguese, my english is not enough to make an accurate translation, but it is more or less this, a new team of investigators from the Porto PJ has gone back and made a reconstitution of the facts that happened on the 24 hours that followed Rui Pedro disappearance and that the Pj team that investigated back then did not follow the correct procedures on the crucial 48th hours after the events, which led to weeks, months and years of no progress.
    The mother of Rui Pedro, Filomena, who NEVER gave up looking and fighting for her son, has suffered a great shock with this news, and is not able to comment for the moment. (Filomena is a distraught but very brave woman, she has been in and out of hospital with nervous breakdowns over the 13 years Rui has been missing)
    Rui Pedro was last seen on the 4th of March 1998, in Lousada, when he was 11 years old.

    New developments 13 years on! Watch out McCanns! The Pj may seem innactive, but one day...
    "Still waters run deep"

  193. Another excellent article from Dr. Martin Roberts at McCann Files:

    "So, talk me through it"


  194. ...looks like we're back to Raymond Hewlett as prime abductor (according to the News of the World)...

    Marcelino Italiano's 15 minutes of fame apparently expired.

    "Maddie's mother asks widow of dead paedophile to break her silence on snatched daughter"


  195. There is a new article on the McCann Files(Martin Roberts) very interesting. He analyses what some people of Tapas 9 said, including Russel O'Brian. Very good.
    By now Tapas 7 must be fed up of all of the blogs, we are all commenting everything all the time. The Paynes must be extra fed up, I think.
    What about Murat versus Tanner? I hope all those four liers will get an enormous invoyce, to the point that they can negociate with Murat, offering the truth instead of paying.
    If they are innocent in this case, why sacrifice themselves in order to protect the McCanns?
    Unless they are all guilty in something.If they are not, they could better tell the truth instead of living the rest of their lives with a cloud of suspicions above their heads.They are all recogniseble, everybody has seen their photos in blogs and papers.

  196. Mum to mum... please tell me
    News of the World
    Kate McCann asks widow of a dead paedophile to break silence on snatched Maddie
    I'm sick to death of hearing about Maddie McCann!" Madeleine's parents Kate and Gerry desperately want Mariana to shed light on Hewlett's links with ...

    Daily Star
    By Jonathan Corke MADELEINE McCann's parents hope a major police breakthrough against human trafficking in Portugal's Algarve might lead them to their missing daughter. We can reveal how, in a huge bust earlier this month, 12 men were arrested on ...

    He will also ask people to remember Madeleine McCann and other missing people. Mr Lawrence has had to deal with many financial problems on behalf of his daughter. Through his work with the charity Missing People he knows of the problems faced by others ...

  197. Rui Pedro case, finally some good news - Suspeito acusado de rapto do jovem Rui Pedro http://aeiou.expresso.pt/suspeito-acusado-de-rapto-do-jovem-rui-pedro=f634678 (title: 'Suspect accused of kidnapping Rui Pedro')

    more here:
    Ministério Público acusa de rapto o único suspeito no caso de Rui Pedro

    Rui Pedro: MP acusa Afonso Dias de rapto

    "Pode ser que agora se saiba o que aconteceu" ao Rui Pedro

    Principal suspeito acusado de rapto de Rui Pedro foi acusado

  198. Daily Star news http://www.dailystar.co.uk/news/view/178759/NEW-MADELEINE-MCCANN-HOPE/ comes from Expresso (or other pt newspapers with added spin) http://aeiou.expresso.pt/sef-desmantela-rede-de-trafico-de-mulheres-em-aveiro-e-faro=f631113

  199. @197,re the news of the world article,any one with a brain would know that hewlett had nothing to do with Madeleine,my suggestion to kate mccann would be LOOK CLOSER TO HOME and STOP THIS FARCE NOW


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