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Cliff concealed baby's bones

by Paulo Marcelino

The PJ believes that the bones that were discovered at a cliff near Beliche beach, in Sagres, belong to Alexandra, the 18-month-old baby that was taken by her father after he murdered the child’s mother at Canavial beach, in Lagos, on the 10th of July last year.

The skull and a femur were located on a cliff ledge, 15 metres away from the water and at a distance of 20 metres from the rock’s top. They were discovered on Tuesday evening, at around 11 p.m., by two fishermen who were descending a narrow path. Yesterday morning, vertebrae, ribs, a part of another femur and the lower jawbone were found, approximately 10 metres away from the path.

The dimension of the bones and the residues of black, curly hair point towards the baby’s mortal remains. The bones have been taken to the Forensic Medicine Cabinet of Portimão, where the body of Georgina Zito remains unclaimed. An autopsy and a DNA test will be performed in order to confirm the identity.

Gunnar murdered Georgina four days after the couple arrived in Lagos. He simulated a drowning at Canavial beach and fled with the little girl. The baby’s remains were now found 35 kilometres away, in Sagres. The man returned to Munich on the 15th of July and was detained, after which he opposed extradition to Portugal.

in: Correio da Manhã, 10.03.2011


  1. Poor little angel...It's a good thing the murderer opposes extradiction to Portugal, here he would have a joke of a sentence, 20 years at the most and would serve maybe about 10! I believe that justice for the mother and the child will be better served if he is judged and condemned in Germany, sentences are much harsher. Does he realize that...? I hope not, and I hope his lawyer won't tell him!
    Let him rot in a german jail!

  2. Monster! Anyone who murders a child is a monster, nothing more and nothing less. And anyone who denies a dead child a proper resting place isn't much better, either. This is the kind of people that make me question my anti-death-penalty stance. I think I could open an exception for this sort of beast.

  3. This little Angel can now be laid to rest, while Madelaines remains still lie undiscovered. The Maccanns will breath a sigh of relief this morning.

  4. Strange coincidence that Marcelinho Italiano, also from Angola was photographed with a picture apparently of Alexandra. Sadly enough he can now struck her off the list of victims of the "PJ paedophile ring" he was going to expose.

    In Germany we have a saying: I can't eat as much as I want to vomit...

  5. There were no posters of this little angel posted all over the planet...there were no green and yellow wristbands, no "Minute for Alexandra" video, hired PR person, no consular visits to the scene.

    May she rest in peace while the rest of the world goes on not caring about missing or murdered children whose parents are NOT the McCanns.

  6. Libel Reform Campaign seems to have been today in Parliament.
    Any news about it?

  7. HE true story of Madeleine McCann’s disappearance is set to be revealed in an explosive new book billed as the publishing ­sensation of the year.
    Four years on, Kate McCann’s emotional first-person account of her daughter’s abduction from a Portuguese holiday apartment will give a huge boost to the depleted fund to find her.
    The family doctor and her cardiologist husband Gerry have pledged to use every penny of the proceeds from the book, called simply Madeleine, to continue their desperate search for her.
    The 384-page personal account – which will cost £20 – will be published on May 12 to coincide with Madeleine’s eighth birthday, underlining the book’s central message that her parents are convinced she is still alive.
    Sources close to the McCanns say their belief that Madeleine McCann will eventually be found has been strengthened by the cases of American schoolgirl Jaycee Lee Dugard and Austrian Natascha Kampusch, abducted as children only to emerge alive years later.
    My reason for writing is simple – to give an account of the truth
    Kate McCann
    After signing the multi-million-pound publishing deal, Kate said: “My reason for writing is simple – to give an account of the truth.
    “Publishing this book has been a very difficult decision and is one that we have taken after much deliberation and with a very heavy heart.
    “However, in the last few months, with the depletion of Madeleine’s Fund, it is a decision that has virtually been taken out of our hands.
    “Every penny we raise through its sales will be spent on our search for Madeleine. Nothing is more important to us than finding our little girl.”
    The McCanns, both 42, from Rothley, Leicestershire, also hope the book may help the hunt for Madeleine in other ways.


    Gerry McCann said: “Our hope is that it may prompt those who have relevant information – knowingly or not – to come forward and share it with our team. Somebody holds that key piece of the ­jigsaw.”
    Publisher Transworld won the rights to the couple’s account of Madeleine’s baffling disappearance from the family’s holiday apartment in Praia da Luz in the Algarve on May 3, 2007.
    Details of the deal have not been released but it reportedly includes a “substantial” advance and “enhanced royalties”, giving the fund a bigger share of profits from sales of the expected best-seller. Bill Scott-Kerr, publisher at Transworld, said: “It is an enormous privilege to be publishing this book.
    “We are so pleased to be joining Kate and Gerry McCann in the Find Madeleine campaign.”
    The official Portuguese inquiry into Madeleine’s disappearance formally ceased in July 2008 but private detectives employed by the McCanns have continued the search for the missing child.
    Within weeks of Madeleine being snatched, just days before her fourth birthday as her parents dined with friends nearby, money from the public poured in to help fund the massive search for her.
    But it emerged recently that the fund had dropped from its £2million peak to less than £300,000. The McCanns have also sent letters to public figures asking for money to help continue the hunt for their daughter.
    Along with a conviction that their daughter is alive, the McCanns are angry they are not receiving more help from the authorities.
    Kate admitted to misgivings about writing her own account, fearing the effects on Madeleine’s brother and sister, six-year-old twins Sean and Amelie.
    “This decision has not been an easy one,” she said.
    “Many factors needed to be given thorough and careful consideration, not least the impact of such a book on the lives of our three children.” From todays daily express

    Read more: http://www.express.co.uk/posts/view/233879/Kate-McCann-I-want-to-give-an-account-of-the-truth-on-Madeleine-Kate-McCann-I-want-to-give-an-account-of-the-truth-on-Madeleine-#ixzz1GFqrTE9K

  8. Off topic relevant news....David Cameron has announced that Britain will do all it can to help the earthquake in Japan. Search and Rescue specialist teams will be deployed and will no doubt use Sniffer Dogs like Eddie and Keela to find the dead bodies. They are so reliable. Kate will be so pleased to know that all over the world, Springer Spaniel British sniffer dogs are used to find cadaver odour, they were used in Haiti and New Orleans of course becauuse they have a 100% reliability record and wherever search and rescue teams are needed. The News should highlight their role again.

  9. I see the mccanns have made the front page of the Express today advertising their book and pleading for more donations. I cannot believe people can still be taken in by them all they have to do is ask for the case to be re-opened and co-operate with the police there is no need to keep asking for money from the gullible public.
    This book seems to be written by Kate not the pair of them which is rather curious particularly as they are always holding hands etc whenever being interviewed I would have thought it would have been a joint effort, but maybe Gerry's earlier blogs would prove contradictory to the book so he's keeping out of it. The rubbish these two manage to get away with is beyond belief!!

  10. Just look at that photo of Kate in the Express, an obviously posed celebrity author or film star type photo probably even retouched for glamour. Now is that the kind of photo we normally see from worried mother's of missing children? The article attmpts to press all the sentimental buttons, and raise the status of the parent. There is a sentimental cute photo of Maddy. They are doctors, and they have dredged up some B celebrity support, all this to pull the heart strings of the gullable. But I have met anyone who believes them. Someone should email Kylie Mynogue and explain the facts to her. I had to laugh when it said that all the money would be spent on searching, and I thought it was spent on dodgy stories.

  11. No 5 - have you ever thought why no-one was interested in this child, no posters, no campaing to find her etc? Because her mother was dead and her father wanted her to be.
    I cannot see how that refelcts badly on the Mccanns, but then logic has become a bit of a stranger on this blog of late.

  12. Anon 9
    written by Kate only as they show a true mums feelings, great for manipulation of the public. They have no authoritys looking because they DO NOT WANT THEM, they are now sitting pretty, able to pay for Rothley Towers and thinking their image has now been bleached white as white. With other peoples money they have sued and threatened anyone who may get in their way. with all that money they could have paid a whole search to search all areas round PDL, but no they cant do that. The book will be a farce, just like the fund to pay their expensive lawyers, now just wait for the TV serial and movie. One day the twins will start to ask questions, which is what the police should be doing.

  13. The Lost Marketing Ploy: "The Story Of The McCann Book" http://t.co/QQc5hQF #satire

    "(Kate) She hopes her account will raise millions of pounds for the dwindling Madeleine fund, which will pay private investigators to continue the search.

    A friend said yesterday: “The book is taking up nearly all Kate’s time." (...)

    "The 38...4-page hardback Madeleine will be published on Madeleine’s eighth birthday, May 12, price £20."

    Read more: http://www.express.co.uk/posts/view/234197/Kate-McCann-s-helps-search-for-MaddieKate-McCann-s-helps-search-for-Maddie#ixzz1GROU5aou

  14. Kate digging her own grave. The businness associated with exploitation of her daughter Make them "MONEYHAOLIC" Shophaolic.
    Then...the leaflet of lies take her all the time. Interesting for a mother who did not spent a minute searching her daugher after raising the alarm. Too cold and too dark for such job. She left it for others more ouched by the disgrace of her daughter, more brave and more altruist. If on the other corner of PDL there was a bag full of Euros,that night, dear Kate will run( not jogging) to get it.
    She had no time to help the police with reconstrucion of the day her daughter disappeared, but she could spend the full day writing a fiction, because to be a true story she had to confess what happened to her daughter in PDL.
    I hope thousand of brave blogs publish her pile of lies in the Internet. Will be amazing to see her reaction and compare with what Amaral have done regarding his book. IS KATE GOING TO SUE EVERY BLOG THAT SPREAD HER LIES WITHOUT A COIN FALLING ON HER ACCOUNT? Guess, guess, my dear Shameful Mother....

  15. Good to see you back Joana. I hope everything is OK with you.

  16. i want to know if the tapas friends are getting any money out of all this for keeping thiers mouths shut as to what happend to Madeleine,because we all know they lied to save kate and gerry or themselfs and i cant see that lot hiding the truth for nowt

  17. Ainda bem que os Media portugueses nao dao tempo de antena a esta farsante.
    Como ja tem planeadas uma serie de entrevistas pela Europa a propagandear a mentira, pois sabe garantidamente que nao ha qualquer hipotese da filha aparecer ate la, espero que jornalistas com neuronios tenham a coragem de perguntar e confrontar Kate com as questoes que ela deixou por escrever/responder.

  18. Dear Joana 14,

    I don´t find: "The Story Of The McCann Book" http://t.co/QQc5hQF #satire" are you sure?


    So do I. But I'm afraid I'll be sued until my eyes pop out.

    The Express article is horrifying, by the way. Disgusting beyond words.

  20. Dear Joana,
    I don´t see my comment, why?

    14, I don´t find the address: http://t.co/QQc5hQF #satire, is it right?

  21. @16 thank you for caring, everything is fine :) best regards, Joana

    @19/21 the shortened url is correct, it links to a blog at http://thelostmarketingploy.blogspot.com/

    @18 Infelizmente não creio que os média Portugueses se abstenham de publicar não-notícias 'pastichadas' sobre o casal McCann, principalmente aqueles que ainda compactuam com a farsa - creio que não preciso de denominar quais os média. Ou aqueles, que tal como os seus análogos Ingleses, ainda têm o lucro(ou qualquer outra motivação) feito às custas da distorção ignóbil da curta vida de uma criança como um objectivo válido.

  22. Book going cheap on Amazon- under heading crime

  23. A couple of things for the Mc Canns Facts speak louder than words and give someone enough rope they will hang themselves come Mc Scams we are all waiting!!!

  24. I'd love to read Joana's views on Antonio Cardoso's account
    of the 3rd of May 2007.

    The ONE 'sighting' both the PJ and Metodo dismissed out of hand.

    The ONE 'sighting' on Portuguese soil by a bona-fide Portuguese gentleman-whose son was/is a) in the PJ b) has a colomba like Madeleine

    I shall wait but shan't hold my breath

  25. Infelizmente acho que tem razao joana @ 22. Muitos media ha muito perderam a dignidade. So olham ao lucro facil e a publicidade que alguns casos lhes proporcionam. E em Portugal, o casalinho tambem beneficia de um certo casamento que parece haver entre os seus advogados e alguns jornalistas. Um dia serao todos ridiculamente expostos.

  26. If I may suggest, I enjoyed reading this:


    Thank you

  27. 15-"Kate digging her own grave".
    At least one person of that family got to have one. That's why she is doing it.

  28. I suggest using this web address for Spudgun.

  29. When will all this S--- the Mcs throw out end, one day those twins will know the truth when they are older others will point them in the right direction. This book is being ghost written, kate could no more plan a 384 page fairytale than i could be the queen of england. Writin books takes a lot of time, planning revision, checking facts are correct etc. Using an old photo that was much younger than when she disappeared to grab the sentiments of other mothers.They should have answered the questions and assisted the proper enquiry before being permitted to write a book, the aguido shadow still looms as it was not an official clearance but mainly the case being shelved. Have you written in your book kate, the reason you did not answer those 48 questions? and why you left Portugal without your daughter, and why you would not assist in a police reconstruction, and why you ran to uk after being made arguido, better make sure all facts are correct, there no better evidence than that in writing. No I wont be buying your book, i will donate 20pounds to Japan fund, for those who really need money. After all your husband is on a very good earner.

  30. Amazon are offering 25% discount for early order of Kates fairytale book of lies, next stop bargain basement books at Poundland (buy one get 10 free !!)

  31. How ironic. A photo of a 3 years old Madeleine on the cover. Now the McCanns have the opportunity to bring an 'aged' Madeleine to the attention of a worldwide public and they don't. Well, mind you, nobody is searching, isn't it, except the continuing searching parents.
    How about 'my revenge will be sweet' instead of 'an account of the truth.


    If we assume that the McCanns are responsible for the death and concealment of her own daughter body then given all the PR that has been going on, they must also be pretty confident that the way they disposed of it ensures the body will never be found...

    But let us pause, think for a moment and imagine it was. It was found. Let's hold on to that vague possibility...

    Could you, just because you found a dead body prove the parents did it? How?

    DNA traces would not do it because they were in daily contact with her. It could perhaps determine the cause of her death...now... if the death was by trauma, how would you prove the parents did it?

    If the death was by a drug overdose how would you prove the parents administered it and not someone else's? Evidence? Witnesses? May be the child took it herself.

    The imagination is the limit except we have Eddie "The Dog" testimony so we know there was a death inside the apartment. But that is all we know. Even Eddie's super-nose cannot assert it was the scent of Madeleine's death. It was a scent of death alright but that alone would not work for the powerful McCanns'- nor indeed (given their resources)for any European court. It would have to be something completely foolproof - like a photo, a video recording, a confession. Incidentally I am curious about what will transpire in the MURAT vs TANNER hearing...

    The McCann's would never confess to any wrongdoing. They have a medical reputation to defend, two other children to bring up... nor would, I believe, their friends - all of which are highly educated and unlikely to disclose their secret to the public - which they probably regard as "inferior beings", NHS "patients".

    They have made that very clear from the beginning. It is part of the ideology they belong to. Even the Portuguese ambassador was addressed in terms of: "UP YOURS SENOR!".(up your ar**!). I mean, that says it all...

    Given the ideological overtones, the PR and the powerful diplomatic strings attached to the McCanns, I wondered if the case had gone to court would have gone anywhere...

    The Portuguese acted wisely by transferring the case to the court of public opinion where the McCanns were found "guilty" by public opinion. The release of the official PJ files ensured that.

    Where the Portuguese diplomacy went wrong was to use Dr. Gonçalo Amaral as a scapegoat and allow him to be humiliated in court by two obvious suspects. I say "suspects" advisedly since there is no conclusive evidence one way or the other.

    I would like to believe the McCanns are innocent but I am having problems with the facts...

  33. 28 "This book is being ghost written..."

    We must avoid bigotry and make wild statements of this kind.

    Independently of whether Kate is guilty or not do not, never underestimate a doctor's ability to write a book. You don't get through a medical course without intelligence - you certainly need a photographic memory. I tried it in my younger days and I gave up. I simply did not have the IQ even if I am quite good at chess.

    We are dealing here with extremely intelligent people. Obviously.

    Furthermore, I suspect this book has been a few years in the planning. It may have become necessary to publish it now to fund the Fund and of course pay Dr. Amaral compensation claims if the decision of the appeal judges is upheld as everyone assumes it will.

    Amaral compensation demands will be massive! The McCanns need all the money they can get their hands on to avoid having to sell their house :p

  34. Emma Loach has been named as the ghost writer, I don't know if this is correct, Can anyone confirm?

  35. Anon 31
    I sense a little agression in your comment, no one denies docto rsare intelligent, I am marrid to one and he says he could never write one. I have written two with the third about to publish. If it was gerry writing it yes possible, but Kate no. she did keep a journal especially for this purpose so I agree with what you say that it has been in preperation for a long time. Kate is probably providing her memories, but a ghost writer will be putting it together. Sorry If I offended you, but I never said doctors were not intelligent,I was talking of Kate as a person as she stands today. And we all know why its being written, as you rightly confirmed but I did not deny that either. Maybe you should re read my post.
    Joana, glad to see you albeit briefly, hoping youreturn real soon, I am sure we all miss you and your team.

  36. As the mccanns are still suspects, they have not been cleared, why are they allowed to re-write the facts of the crime they committed, that is illegal, they are attempting to defraud the public with more falsehoods regarding a case they are heavily involved in and for which at some later date will undoutedly stand trial.

    The fund, book and their relentless quest for donations should be fully investigated and the case re-opened.

    Thank you Joana and Astro.

  37. I don't believe the cover of the book even shows a three year old Maddie - that child is two at the most. The question is, why did they have this photo to hand at the time, but none of her taken during the holiday - at least until Dr G McCann returned to Rothley to find "the last photo". Some of the photos we have seen of Maddie show her looking at least a couple of years older and with much longer hair (eg Everton football shirt photo). They must have been much more recent and therefore much more useful to anyone looking for her. The McCanns just get away with pumping any old rubbish into the atmosphere, and God knows why. I am truly baffled by this case, and I'm not expecting to be any clearer about what happened once the famous book has appeared in print.

  38. Anon. #31,

    What has the intelligence one has got to have in order to become a M.D. got to do with the hability to write a book? To actually sit down at one's desk and penn a literary piece? One can be intelligent and able to study hard and be knowledgeble of all the sciences that are necessary to get a medical degree, and yet, be not so good at the correct use of the language and it's grammar, and master an extensive vocabulary, etc. .This is essential for anyone who proposes to write a book on his/her own, and frankly I do not feel that is Kate's case at all.
    If one is to judge Kate's writing "vein" by the single sample available to us of such hability, her "diary", then one cannot brush away the idea that the book must be penned by a ghost writer. or that at least she has been helped to. If she was "writing material" herself it would have shown in her diary, surely! She would have poured her heart out in an emotional account of her feelings and memories of the tragic days she lived in May 2007, wouldn't she? But what do we have instead? An amalgamate of almost "telegraphic" and sterile phrases, coldly and carelessly written down.
    Intelligent...? Maybe she is, but it doesn't show, not even in her interviews. Not very articulate, is she? And by the way, it is not just her, most of the Tapas9 are doctors, but, judging by their rogatory interviews, they "struggle" to put a coherent sentence together, so inarticulated, the whole bunch! If that's the way they usually speak, oh dear, I pity their poor patients!
    Maybe, just maybe, they are intelligent...but they do an excellent job disguising it!

  39. She will hang herself given enough rope. She already admitted she was not going to check that Madeleine was even in the room when she said she went to close the door....this book should provide more examples of her lies and lets hope that the authorities have not given up on Madeleine and will act at last to put away Gerald and Kate, whose names already sit comfortably alonside the names of Myra and Ian!

  40. I hope someone can provide a copy of her book for us to examine for clues - I refuse to pay for this evil womans book as I do not wish to fund her lifestyle.

  41. I would hazard a guess that this book has been ghost written. She tells her thoughts to someone else who puts it into book form. Having read many of her written words, her English leaves a lot to be desired.

  42. Anon at 36 and 37, very well said and well observed. I to have been observing the McCann couple (albeit from afar) and am convinced that they will become the rightful victims of their own arrogance. Whoever advised them to write a book and air their laundry in public must clearly have justice at the forefront of the thought processes. May I congratulate that person. Well done Joana and Astro on your first class blog.

  43. Kate's book first line ghost written: Yeah well, y'now we wasn't there y'now, not at that minute, whoosh clunk, then she was gone, she moved on y'now. Oh we've been so so worried y'now about runnin' out of money, y'now, but yeah y'r right it's all gone .... to charity of course, thank you thank you for your aupport.

  44. #31 - "Could you, just because you found a dead body prove the parents did it? How?

    DNA traces would not do it"

    Forensics! What if fibres/something collected from the hire car were found on a body or found on materials that had been in contact with MBM?

  45. I have seen no sign of intelligence in either kate or Gerry McCann. It is a fallacy that it takes intelligence to pass exams - it just takes a good memory. Kate can clearly be classified as a thick bitch. If she wrote the book it will be a scream and it will be incredibly revealing. COme on folks, lets get it on the web so we can all preuse it - no one should put money in their grubby hands! Money should go to Japan and any other worthy cause - not to pay for the McCann's lifestyle!

  46. 39 clearly, but not the ghost of her daughter - as she would point the finger at her parents

  47. In Anna Andress's blog (http://frommybigdesk.blogspot.com):

    "Gonçalo Amaral interview April 4th on W9 with Sidonie Bonnec and Paul Lefèvre,"

    W9 is a french tv channel (http://www.w9.fr)and the programme is "Enquêtes criminelles"

    If I recall correctly, there was a programme that was cancelled last year, and the presenters names look familiar to me. Was it this programme?
    Hope it will get online, I would love to watch it!

  48. Very interesting link http://watchingyouwatchingyme-steelmagnolia.blogspot.com/2011/03/gerry-mccann-warned-british-press-lives.html


    #42 "What if fibres/something collected from the hire car were found on a body or found on materials that had been in contact with MBM?"

    IF, but assuming MBM is dead and her body disposed of, after so many years you might not find a single fiber in her bones - assuming she is dead and according to the "official version" (cough) she is not...

    Even if you did find the fibers, old Mitchell would have an explanation for that...

    Like he says: "There is a wholly innocent explanation for any material the police may or may not have found".

    A statement like this, coming from someone like him in touch with the higher echelons of politics, says it all. You simply cannot beat what Althusser calls the Ideological State Apparatus...

    Only by doing a Tahir Square at Westminster and/or the Palácio de São Bento, but may be not even that as we recently saw with the student protests in London and the manifestations in Lisbon...

    Just consider the difficulty of doing justice to little angel Alexandra above. Even to extradite another piece of Nazi crap such as Gunnar is proving complicated and I bet he is going to say he is innocent. Ask Gunnar a single question (instead of 48) and you will hear crickets...

    It's complicated...

  50. Can someone help me out here, is it true that the Portuguese Police had photo's of the interior of the McCann appartment showing a blue holdall? I was assumed that the bag was a mystery item that couldn't be proved?
    I await comments with interest.

  51. Anon 31 sorry, total rubbish, how you say this, when reading the police files they can't string a sentence together, the lot of them.

    Anon 36 excellent, for 8 intelligent Doctors they diguise it very well indeed.

    Did anyone see that picture of the Tapas friends on the steps of the Court House in London (pretending they had just come out of the court room when infact they had never even stepped inside) when they received their payout from the Daily Express, the lot of them looked liked they had just been released from the nut house!!!!

  52. FAO #46:


    PJ Files: Apt 5A Photographs

    Just count down the photos, the ones of interest are #20/21. Through the semi-open closet doors of the McCanns bedroom you can see a large blue bag.

  53. I forgot to mention, also regarding the photos of the inside of 5A, in photo #6 there can be seen another item that, along with the blue holdall, also "mysteriously" vanished later on, the pink blanket, Maddie's comforter.

  54. To Anon 46

    "Can someone help me out here, is it true that the Portuguese Police had photo's of the interior of the McCann appartment showing a blue holdall?"

    So it seems. In fact two of the questions Kate refused to ask (she had the right to do so) were:

    "Did you search inside the bedroom wardrobe? (she replied that she wouldn’t answer)

    (shown 2 photographs of her bedroom wardrobe) "Can you describe its contents?"

    The photograph is all over the Internet and it is in this blog somewhere. Google and you shall find...wait...let me try it for you...at ramdom...here for example:


    (scroll down until you see it)

    Incidentally, if my memory helps, the McCann's deny its existence. In this context is equally thought-provoking to read Dr. Payne statement when asked about the holdall by the Leicester Police at the instigation of the PJ.

    I am quoting from memory so you better cross-check the facts. The holdall however is a fact. The photos you see (above link) are official and are part of the released files.


  55. #46

    Here. I believe this picture was taken by the PJ investigation team after the incident.


  56. 46

    My take on this is, if you are travelling abroad as a married couple, likely you will have matching suitcases. But the PJ photograph shows only one in the wardrobe. Martin Brunt is adamant that one is missing and I can understand the logic of that.

    IMO Maddie had to be gotten out of that apartment prior to them going out that night without anyone noticing. So if she was put inside a suitcase in an area where suitcases or tennis looking bags are ten a penny who would notice and of course she would easily fit. Handily, at 5a you can just walk down the steps and into a waiting car parked in the street (remember Gerry had ten texts the day before which he denies but they are a matter of record) and of course it was very quiet at that time of year. Suitcases are often used to even put adult victims inside - the only thing I cannot be clear on, was she dead or alive at that point. I ponder her being disposed of alive primarily because the McCanns put out all those confusing pictures and to this day rely on the red dress one, which is actually the apparent picture of Maddie, complete with red tinted hair that looks the very least like all the others. So, a picture of a two year old with red hair when you are actually looking for a four year old with dark blond/brown hair? Not very helpful. Why did they not used the tennis balls pic which is on the PJ file? That is the picture normal parents would use and cling to, isn't it!

    Some might even say that was odd behaviour for a couple who want their little girl found. About as odd as seemingly wanting her to get lost by erm apparently leaving the door open every night for her to toddle off to wherever the fancy may have taken her. That any loving parent could possibly do that, absolutely beggars belief! It also beggars belief that any loving parent (as opposed to a merciless cash grabber) would go on TV to brag about how she/they just went and done it again. Maybe it is a bit sexist of me, but as a mother &^*, I will never get over watching that woman sit on TV and say that (and get paid for so doing), or Gerry's stupid smug face.

    Come on Goncalo, you are too quiet of late, it is time to let this couple have a bit more of what they so richly deserve, this couple who lavished themselves with the most expensive lawyers and spinners money could buy, but lavished little Maddie with the crappest, most dishonest and absurd private investigators money could buy. It has always been about these two and just how much they can scam.

    Criminal psychologists explain that when an offender has been interviewed by the police but then released again, they cannot quite nail him, he becomes even more emboldened and aggressive. That is why he thought suing Goncalo was such a good idea, but it was a disaster and we can see just how angry that made him. This man who is or was so convinced that with enough lawyers he can just shut everyone up, but aha, not those Portuguese journos, bless them! I wish the same for this book with the little red dress and the oh so posed eyes on the cover, the so called mother of this lovely little girl. If she already had to go about Rothley hanging her head in shame, once that book gets released she is going to have to crawl.

  57. "Anon. #31, What has the intelligence one has got to have in order to become a M.D. got to do with the ability to write a book?"

    :h I must admit your argument is rather persuasive. I give you points for that...

    However, I would counter-argue that the fact one is inhibited in public does not necessarily imply one is the same in private. In fact Kate seemed to have been quite an extrovert during her days at University. David Payne was her colleague...

    If you look closely at Kate, she fits Sheldon's description of an ectomorphic type of personality as a glove (almost).

    These types tend (psychologically), to be self-conscious, private, introverted, inhibited, socially anxious, artistic, intense, emotionally restrained and thoughtful (see: William Sheldon. The Varieties of Human Physique: An Introduction to Constitutional Psychology. New York: Harper)

    I read somewhere that in order to become a doctor one needs an IQ of at least 115 (Superior Intelligence) but I am inclined to agree with you that IQ alone does not explain everything. Memory and upbringing definitely play a part. Like everyone else ectomorphs can make it to jail (think: drug addict) or to the presidency of the United States (think: Barack Obama). You would need to read "The Psychology of Human Destiny" by Dr. Eric Berne to understand that.

    Your observation about the diary is pertinent but we really don't know if the diary was doctored in the interim. As for their performances in public I agree with you but it may be wise not to discard her potential as a writer. According to Sheldon, it is there. I have one or two journalist colleagues that fit this genotype. Like Kate, they look like a mummy who has just walked out of a sarcophagus yet they writing is pretty good. They don't talk much either.

    OK, Kate may not be creative with words but she might be able to mind-map the book by herself. Certainly the McCanns' PR moves have the hallmark of a seasoned, ruthless "chess player" even if that could be Clarence's.

    No doubt she will have advisers (both creative AND legal) supervising her writing not least because she has no experience of writing "best selling novels"...

    Money to pay for this is not a problem as the Fund's money (if not the publisher's) will cover for the expenses. Money IS a problem for Dr. Amaral, because he has to defend himself, get by and feed his two children on his own meager resources and for all we know his assets remain frozen (including his home).

    It will be interesting to see what will happen in the final round.

    The McCanns have sacked Isabel Duarte and their new lawyer (Rogerio Alves) is even more shrewd than her. Alves has certainly been linked to allegations of corruption and "sleight of hand" and both of these skills are of critical importance in this case.

    Mind you there will be a revolution if the presiding judge overthrows the decision of the appeal judges - a strong possibility if the judge is a woman. Think for example of what happened to Carlos Cruz...




  58. @32.

    I am a professional writer and I can tell you that most people think they could write a book, but they can't. Even people who speak well, and Kate McCann does not, often cannot write well. I can guarantee you this book is being nursed and coached by a professional writer. It takes more than intelligence and a good vocabulary to write a coherent book

    Not that it really matters because the writer is not going to question the lies. She will simply write down Kate's words and then make them intelligible.



    "I am a professional writer and I can tell you that most people think they could write a book, but they can't."

    I have just sent her a copy of the "Write Your Own Novel - Professional" software with a card: "courtesy of @52".
    Don't worry, she won't get it...

    Darling, it doesn't matter whether she writes the best selling thing or not. You cannot prove it one way or the other...you should know by now that with the MCs you cannot prove a thing.

    :h Sorry! Sorry!

  60. Gunnar...where is the son of a gun? Do we have any update on the scum?

  61. @60

    If you are part of Team McCann, and I think you are, tell them, the game is up. The tables have turned-- and a few other cliches. They are very close to getting caught for what they did to that little girl and all the people they have scammed money off.

    Everyone thinks that because they can speak they can write. Most of us can sit in a plane, but it doesn't mean we could fly thing.

  62. @ 61
    Seems there are no updates so far...
    Anyway the Gunnar is currently undertaking charges in court, Munich. He still claims not to know about his toddler Alexander's death. It is now obvious that he wanted to settle with his girlfriend whom he met in the UK before he met Georginna (the late)


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